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Target is by now a well-established designer collaboration powerhouse, but does the galacticmeets-DIY-chic aesthetic of Eddie Borgo’s accessories line live up to its predecessors? Editor-in-chief Caroline A. Wong investigates the festival-ready collection. She accompanied Fashion and Beauty Editor Breana Powell to Culver City to photograph Borgo’s boho pieces. Check out the cover story to see if it was a collaborative win or a fashion miss.

Transitional dressing doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate. We’ve got your autumn wardrobe all set for you in ten easy tips, all curated straight from the runways by our talented Fashion and Beauty Editor Breana Powell. Fall for fall fashion... because it’ll have you looking gorgeous! It’s all in “Share Your Wear”! Maybe you’re going on vacation. Maybe the last thing you’re thinking about is whether you can fit your yoga mat in your luggage. Well, Rachel McCormick is here to prove that you CAN maintain your fitness schedule, even while you’re traveling. After all, she jetsets across the globe for a living so she is a bonafide expert when it comes to advice for hotel exercise and workouts on the go. Get your #fitspiration from her piece, “Fit on the Fly”!

Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015



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HORS D’OEUVRE Contributors: Who’s who in this issue Things We Love: Editor picks for August/September From the Desk of the Editor: Feeling Fallish


BEAUTY & WELLNESS Fit on the Fly: Keeping fit no matter where you go {Beauty} Trick to Try: Don’t be fooled by falling temps The Skinny on Health: Keeping your center in a crazy life

ARTS & LEISURE For the Love of Food: A creamy sweet dessert Puppy Diaries: Pups...are they worth it? Made: Reduce, reuse, recycle...DIY style



Share Your Where: A dip in the Turkish baths Share Your Wear: Your guide to the fall fashion trends You+Me: Is Eddie Borgo for Target a win or fail?

Always end with something sweet

CAROLINE A. WONG Editor-in-Chief

BRANDON GAMBLE Creative Director



ARTS AND LEISURE Arts and Leisure Editor EMILY VAN GUILDER Arts and Leisure Writers ERICA MAU & SARAH KALB

ART Photography Director ALEXANDER HERMAN Assistant Photographer HAIL NOWAK

Super talented Fashion and Beauty Editor Breana Powell wears so many hats for Tastevin that we hardly have room for her title. This issue, she not only photographed the cover story, she also rounded up an essential list of fall fashion must-haves! What would we do without her?

Brandon Gamble mans the Tastevin offices in New York and designs the layout for each issue of the publication. This issue he shares an interior design recommendation in “Things We Love” that combines his never-ending love for white marble with the sophisticated hue of antique brass. 2

Arts and Leisure Editor Emily Van Guilder takes both art and leisure quite seriously... and she gets serious about recycling too! Her latest Lazy Sunday project reimagines a craft she shared with you in the April/May issue. If you’re looking for a quick, fun DIY venture, you’ve got it made with this one!

Features Editor Amanda Chi gets down and dirty...and then she gets clean again! For this issue’s installation of “Share Your Where” she recounts her experience at the Turkish baths in Istanbul. Get ready to dive in!

Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

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7 6 2015

You’ll be peachy keen over this camembert peach tart that Sarah Kalb has prepared for you in her column, “For the Love of Food.” With the perfect balance of sweet and creamy, this dessert will be the star of your autumn parties. Or you can just eat it yourself...Kalb promises not to tell!

Wellness Editor Lisa Eberly gives you the skinny on getting fit and staying healthy. As a student of nutrition, she’s no stranger to a busy, multitasking lifestyle, and she’s sure you can relate. This issue she gives you her key tips to keep focused in the midst of craziness. Once you do get focused, be sure to check out for more wellness strategies!

Things We Love Caroline A. Wong / Editor-in-Chief Prosciutto Brie Sandwiches “I recently moved apartments and started going to this local café with amazing prosciutto and brie sandwiches. They started getting a bit expensive for an everyday lunch, so I make my own now! I picked up a baguette, fig butter spread from Trader Joe’s, a wedge of brie, and a packet of amazing prosciutto. It’s tastebud-tantalizing and I eat it nearly every day!”


Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

The Tastevin editors share their monthly obsessions

Colette Choi / Beauty Editor e.l.f. Setting Spray “There’s nothing I hate more than having to touchup my makeup and go through a pack of blotting papers. With this makeup setting mist, I don’t have to worry about my foundation shifting after an hour outside! Plus, it’s amazingly affordable ($3, I recommend it for use with liquid foundation and no powder setting.”

Brandon Gamble / Creative Director Marble-Topped Pedestal Coffee Table


“The brass trend is still going strong, and white marble has always been a favorite of mine. This new coffee table ($599) from West Elm combines both trends in a stylish, sophisticated, and affordable form that looks great in a modern home. ”


from the desk of the


Fall is one of my favorite times for fashion. Of course, there’s fashion week (and that’s no joke!), but what inspires me more is the plethora of options that opens up when the weather allows for more layering. Sure, anyone can throw on a dress...but style happens when you pair it with something fabulous. Autumn reveals complexities in dressing that you don’t necessarily encounter when you’re sporting a summer bikini. And yes, those nuances of cold-weather dressing can be intimidating (“omg is my scarf draped just right??”), but they can be immeasurably rewarding. Think when you do nail that scarf drape or when you find the best knee-high boots to go with your skirt/tight combo or when you take off your pea coat to reveal yet another astonishing ensemble. It’s like always having two outfits to show off...and for me, that moment of reveal is breathtaking. Our undeniably stylish Fashion and Beauty Editor, Breana Powell, is our queen bee this issue. Not only did she stage and shoot the cover and photos for the cover story, but she also compiled a thorough list of fall must-haves to round out your autumnal attire. Check it out in the Fashion section toward the back of the issue. And on your way there, be sure to get (or stay!) healthy with jetsetter Rachel McCormick and wellness extraordinaire Lisa Eberly. They’ll share tips to keep your body and mind fit so you can focus on what to wear!

As with every issue, we’ve filled this one with easy-to-digest info (literally, in the case of Sarah Kalb’s “For the Love of Food” column!) for your fast-paced lifestyle. We know life can get crazy and sometimes the last thing on your mind is posting your #OOTD to Instagram. We hope we’re able to help you get focused in a fast and fun way! So while you’re reading our issue, wherever you are, relish for a moment in the crisp opportunity of the August and September months. And let us know how you’re doing via Twitter or Facebook! : )

@tastevinmag 6

Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Fit Fly on the


Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Water Water WATER When flying, staying hydrated is crucial. You are literally trapped in a metal, dehydrated tube for hours with re-circulated air, and your body is desperate for hydration. Yes, you can’t take over 3.5 ounces of liquid through airport security, and an airport bottle of water costs way more than you would like to pay. My trick: take an empty bottle through security, then fill it up at a water fountain. Voila.

Grub on the Go

Let’s be honest—besides the prices, airport and airplane food’s nutritional value is less than impressive. Why would I pay $20 for a less-than-satisfying meal that is going to do nothing positive for my body? My number one travel essential food that I have in my bag 24/7? Oatmeal. The Quaker’s individual packets will do, but I prefer make my own. That way, I know exactly what is going into it and I can avoid artificial sweeteners, sugar, and other yucky ingredients. All you need is some plain oats, plastic baggies, an all natural sweetener (mine favorite is Stevia), and whatever else you like in your oatmeal— cinnamon, nuts, etc. Oatmeal is such a winner



e’ve all been there. You’re headed on that amazing vacation or work trip, and you may indulge, not eating as healthfully as you do during your normal routine at home. But, you tell yourself, you WILL workout, I will let myself eat carbs, but I will darn sure work them off. You are determined that you will not return home five pounds heavier and mad at yourself. So you make it to the hotel, put on your favorite workout gear, lace up your Nikes, and put your ear buds in to rock out to your favorite workout jams. You swing open the door to the hotel gym and all of a sudden, all your motivation goes out the window faster than you downed that cheap wine on the plane ride over. The gym is smaller than your walk-in closet at home, complete with one treadmill, a StairMaster that looks like it’s straight out of the 1950s, and six free weights. All you can hear is the dead silence of this tiny, depressing room and WOMP WOMP playing loudly in your head. I know the feeling all too well, as my job happens to be to travel, and I have stayed in more hotels than I can count. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying fit and healthy while on the go.

by Rachel McCormick

for on-the-go hunger because it is healthy, satisfying, and easy! Just add some hot water and you’re all set. Some of my other favorite foods to have on hand when traveling are: • Quest Protein Bars • Beef Jerky • Almonds • Apple Slices • Baby Carrots • Rice cakes • SkinnyPop Popcorn

Try It There

Yes, we already discussed how hotel gyms can be total motivation suckers the instant you step foot into them. But do you know why they’re amazing? Often, you will have the whole gym to yourself, which gives you the freedom to do and try whatever you want. Been following your favorite fitness inspo page on Instagram and dying to try out some new exercises you’ve found? Often, your crowded gym at home can be intimidating for trying new things, simply because of the amount of people around and the fear that maybe you won’t do it right and everyone will look at you funny. Hotel gyms are my favorite

places to try new things, master them, and then perform them with confidence in my normal gym at home.

Room Service

Maybe you forgot a workout essential: sneakers, headphones, sports bra? The gym might be difficult without these things, but you can get your sweat on in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room. YouTube is chock full of amazing, easy to follow home workouts from cardio circuits to pilates to yoga, with no material required except for your body. Some hotels will even deliver a yoga mat, elliptical, or StairMaster to your room at your request. An essential that never leaves my suitcase: the workout band. This thing is your travel best friend. Not only is it extremely compact and will take up virtually no room in your carryon, but you can also work out any part of your body you want with its help. Take it from a frequent flier, traveling is no excuse to give up your fitness routine. Stick with it, and you’ll feel better about all those little vacation indulgences!


{Beauty} Trick to Try

By Colette Choi The fall cometh. The leaves may be turning and there might be a slight chill in the air (or, if you’re on the west coast, you might not be noticing any change at all). Regardless, your skin knows the difference, and all hail the skin! Taking care of your skin is the secret to looking healthy and youthful year-round, so don’t be fooled by cooler weather...sun protection is still key, maybe even more so with those tricky reflective clouds. Don’t skimp on the sunscreen just because you’re not wearing your bikini!

There you have it. A simple, convenient, and fall-ready way to keep your skin protected even when you think the sun can’t get ya. Trust’s watching!


So are you that lady who doesn’t slather on the SPF unless she’s sitting poolside? Or maybe it was a cloudy morning and the last thought on your mind was the sun, let alone sunscreen. Maybe you put on your makeup without thinking to apply the most important part of your skincare routine, sun protection. It’s cool. I have your back. Try using mineral SPF! The powder goes right on over your regular makeup and even acts as a foundation setter and oil-absorber. Throw it in your purse and apply it on the subway or keep it in your desk drawer and touch-up after lunch. Regardless, you’ve just lost any lame excuse for reapplying sunscreen. It’s not going to ruin your makeup and a lot of formulas come in travel-friendly styles with the powder built right into the brush handle, like Peter Thomas Roth’s Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral Powder SPF 30 [$30,].

12 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

by Lisa Eberly


How to Keep Your Center in a Crazy Busy Life


ellllll…..I’ve been busy. I’ve been working my usual 7:30-5:30 in the hospital. Then on my way home from the hospital I stop by the cancer research center to work on my research for the night. Once I get home around 10-11pm, I make a healthy dinner, shower, and sleep. I’ve even dropped my workout on week days—and that’s saying a lot. Instead of working out Monday to Friday, I’ve just been working out for a 2-3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays…not ideal. I’m sure most, if not all, of you have crazy(ier) schedules, but it’s definitely been an adjustment for me to lose my down time. In the past month, I also welcomed a new family member a little ahead of schedule! My new nephew, Alexander Cole, was born five weeks early, perfectly healthy, and so. friggin. cute. So, when my sister went into labor so early and needed me, I booked a flight to LA on a Saturday night (left my place around 4:30 am), and flew back Monday morning at 6 am, went straight into work, and got home around 10 pm. Yikes, right? How do I keep my engines running on that productive-high energy-healthy setting when life gets a little crazy? 1. drink tons of water. How much water should you be drinking? Take your weight in kilograms (divide it in pounds by 2.2)— that’s aroundddd how many ounces of water you need daily. So, if you’re 100 pounds, that’s 45.5 kg, amounting to 45.5 oz of water per day. 2. I take my gummy vitamins every day. I use Airborne multivitamins plus immune support (the Airborne Everydays!) and totally swear by it. It has this combo of vitamins and herbs but is in a form you can take every day to support your immune system.

3. I am active every day! This supports my immune system and I try get my walking in during the day. 10,000 daily steps or bust! So, even if I’m not at the gym or on a run, I’m standing at my desk, walking through the halls, and biking or walking to work!

4. I get lots of sleep. Sleep is totally key for healthy living and keeps you running on high energy all the time without wearing you down. Get seven to nine hours nightly, no matter how early you have to get up! 5. I also eat Greek yogurt every day. Yogurt has probiotics in it which help improve the health of the bacteria in your gut, promoting positive, healthy bacterial growth. The bacteria in your gut play a huge role in the way your body functions, including your weight, disease risk, and food cravings, and current research is working hard to determine how this works. If I don’t get yogurt, I’ll take a probiotic. 6. I listen to happy music in the morning. Music stimulates dopamine, which enhances your mood and makes you feel all gooooood and ready to start the day. My gotos in the morning are The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones.

These are just some ways I try to navigate my ridiculous schedule. What’s your mustdo habit to keep your body on track? Do you swear by a special food that always keeps you healthy? Zinc? Vitamins? Water? Mom’s chicken soup? A particular morning stretch or workout? Spill!!! I want to learn all about how you all stay healthy! Tweet me @xoxoTSOH and be sure to check out for more exciting updates!


love food for the


Story and photos by Sarah Kalb

16 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

CAMEMBERT PEACH TART I was asked to make a Banana Cream Pie for a friend’s birthday and had plenty of leftover filling from the online recipe. It was a dreary afternoon and I was playing French Café music to the lull of plastic window covers slowly swaying. I looked into the fridge for lunch ingredients and a small package of half-eaten Camembert Cheese jumped into my hands. I’d been trying to stomach the Brie cousin, but it was ever so slightly too strong for my American palette. However, “It would be marvelous in a sweet cheese custard” the music taunted. Voila! A few sniffs, two raised eyebrows, and a pleased cream-soaked finger to the tongue produced a perfect Summer Dessert. Bon Appétit!




• • • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

1 ½ cups (gluten free) flour ½ cup almond meal 2 tablespoon flax meal 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup water coconut oil


1 ½ cups (gluten free) flour ½ cup almond meal 2 tablespoon flax meal 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup water coconut oil

1 ½ cups (gluten free) flour ½ cup almond meal 2 tablespoon flax meal 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup water coconut oil




In a 9x9 glass baking dish, rub the coconut oil with your fingers, letting your body heat melt the oil. Cover the surface of the dish. Mix the dry ingredients. Add the water and knead on a floured surface until a firm dough forms. You may need to add more or less water. Either roll out the dough into a square and place into the bottom of the dish, or press the dough evenly into the bottom with your fingertips. Prick with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, or until crust is golden but not too dry. Let cool thoroughly before adding filling.

Meanwhile, whisk yolks, sugar, arrowroot powder, and salt in a medium saucepan, off heat, until smooth. Gradually whisk in milk. Whisking constantly, bring to a full boil over medium heat and boil until thickened, about 1 minute. Remove from heat and whisk in butter, vanilla, and cheese. Let cool slightly. Pour filling into prepared pie crust, cover with plastic wrap, and chill until firm, at least 3 hours and up to 1 day.

Beat chilled heavy cream with sugar and vanilla until firm peaks form. Return to the refrigerator until peaches are done.

Arts & & Leisure Leisure Arts


DIRECTIONS In a small saucepan combine the peaches, arrowroot powder, honey, and salt. Over low heat cook the peaches until soft and syrupy, about 10-15 minutes. If peaches are having a hard time breaking down, add 1-4 tablespoons warm water. Let cool slightly. Spoon the peaches over the filling and the cream over the peaches. Grate nutmeg over the cream, about five seconds worth of grating. Serve immediately.


18 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Puppy Diaries Photos and Story BY Erica Mau

20 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015


onestly, sometimes I wish I didn’t have any dogs. I think this, usually, while sitting at work, writing lists on lists of chores (half dog related) that have to be done, sighing from tiredness (mostly dog related), knowing I won’t have the time or energy to get it all done when I want to (all dog related). Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to fold a load of laundry without all the socks getting stolen by a quick little rascal? Can you imagine just relaxing in the backyard, not worrying about someone digging holes or someone else eating (what’s left of) the foliage? Let’s not even broach the subject of trying to get a full night’s sleep without interruption from non-stop barking or the results of a sensitive tummy issue. #diarrhea #TMI Another reason I sometimes wish I didn’t have any dogs is that I’ve been put into an “obsessed with her dogs” category. You know it’s happened by little snide comments made by coworkers, when they start sending you Buzzfeed articles about dogs, or when they say that anything remotely associated with a dog reminds them of you. It’s a bit belittling. I mean, I’m not a Crazy Old Cat Lady with 50 crates in her living room, two to a bed. Having dogs is not the same as having a silly obsession with The Real Housewives or everything leopard print. Nobody makes “joking” comments about new moms who talk about their new babies and, aside from the fact that I did not push Teddy Rex or JB out of my womb, puppies take a lot of time and energy just like babies do. And I’m not even the dog mom who dresses her pups in tiny matching sweaters and boots! My Facebook profile picture has humans in it, too, okay? Get off my nuts! Don’t get me wrong, there are so many times I can’t imagine having a life without the Tedster and the Jaybster. At the end of the day, I leave my cave of an office, see my pups’ smiling mugs and fall in love all over again, every day. I love our family dance parties on the bed, both dogs picking up our cues to jump on their hind legs and hop around the room with mom and dad. I (really) love family nap

time, where everyone falls asleep in the living room for an hour or two in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. I love family car rides when the Tedman sits on the passenger’s lap and JB intrudes through the two front seats, front paws on the center console. Let’s not forget family fun time in the yard playing keep away with the tennis ball, humans vs. dogs. And, of course, summer edition, with puppy pool time, complete with pool toys and beach chairs. What would I do without these moments? It’s truly a vicious cycle. You know how they say that pets prolong your life by lowering your blood pressure and helping you relax?

"Wouldn't it be nice to fold a load of laundry without all the socks getting stolen by a quick little rascal?"

Well, they conveniently forget to mention that the reason you’re stressing out to begin with is because your pets are batshit crazy. Bat. Shit. Crazy. It’s like… Barks incessantly at the neighbor’s cat!


Arts & Leisure


Licks moms face until she’s had too many kisses. Eats palm fronds and costs hundreds in vet bills trying to barf them up! Smiles with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth until mom gives in and laughs. Chews through expensive Apple chargers! Spoons with mom all night and keeps her warm. Makes so much diarrhea on the pee pad that the toilet floods the bathroom after cleaning! Jumps up on mom for hugs and leans head on her tummy innocently. See what I’m dealing with? Do you even see? It’s truly a labor of love, no getting around it. But the times I truly appreciate the pups are those days when humans never cease to be irritating humans. You know, like when rude drivers don’t quit, or people cut in line, or McDonalds just can’t get

22 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

your order right. Those days when your coworkers don’t get it and you hold doors open and nobody says ‘thank you.’ It’s those days that I come home to the love of my dogs and smile to myself. Yeah, sometimes they poo where they aren’t supposed to, or chew up a shoe, but there’s an innocence to their naughtiness – they’re just dogs having fun, being dogs. After a ridiculous day, coming home to the hugs, kisses, and cuddles of a Teddy Rex and JB, it’s easy to know: my family is complete.


e d a M

Reduce Reuse Recycle Edition Story and photos by Emily Van Guilder

A few months ago, I showed you how to make a door hang out of driftwood for spring. Since that season has come and gone, I didn’t want to just throw away what I’d made, nor did I really want to store it for a year. I decided to repurpose what I’d crafted into a hanging necklace holder, thereby giving it new life. 24 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015


Supplies Needed:


Driftwood slabs (1-2) Vintage drawer knobs (I got mine from Anthropologie, but I’m sure you’d be able to find them at a consignment shop). Drill (ensure you use the same gauge as your drawer knobs) Chalkboard paint & chalk Paintbrush Twine

Drill holes in your driftwood slabs where you intend to place your drawer knobs, being careful not to split the wood. I drilled two holes on both pieces and tried to stagger them a bit, so no holes were sitting directly on top of each other. Repaint the driftwood using chalkboard paint. Apply at least 2 coats, or until you have nice even coverage. Note: let dry 45 minutes to 1 hour between each coat.

After painting, the chalkboard paint will look glossy. Scribble with chalk lightly over the entire surface and then wipe it away. This “primes” the surface and it should now have a matte finish. Decorate chalkboard slabs as desired.

Screw drawer knobs in and touch up any chalk writing that may have been smudged.

Use twine to loosely tie the slabs together and create a hanger for the wall.


Dimitri James




30 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Share Your Where The Turkish Baths


Story and photos by Amanda Chi 31

Fashion & Features



fter a 14-hour flight and days of wandering around Istanbul in 80-degree weather, you start feeling a thin layer of dirt and sweat building on your skin. Even though you take your obligatory shower of the day, you still feel as if the beating sun and your travels have taken their toll. My amazing remedy to this problem: the hamam, or what is also known as a Turkish bath. If there’s one thing you should do in Istanbul, other than seeing the gorgeous mosques, the Hagia Sophia, and Grand Bazaar, it’s to spend a luxurious and relaxing afternoon in a Turkish bath. With scrubbing and soap mixed in with some culture and history, it’s a great place to experience a tradition that has been done for centuries. Originally modeled after the Roman baths, the hamam was a place of physical and spiritual cleansing, as well as a space to socialize with others. During the days of the Ottoman Empire, men would congregate to discuss sports and politics while the women would gather to arrange potential marriages. Living in an Islamic country, all women wore headscarves and covered themselves until the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923. In order to see and talk to one another in a public space without headscarves, women would gather at the hamam and arrange marriages for their children. The bathhouse still separates men and women today, but there is a coed area for fully clothed individuals to mingle. The use of the hamam was extremely popular during the Ottoman Empire but fell out of fashion during the 1900s. One of the most opulent bathhouses was even used as cheese storage in the 1980s! Now that its popularity has increased, there are many historical Turkish baths that cater to tourists. They revive the old traditional scrub and massage combo in buildings as old as 1556, many of which were designed by the renowned Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. But if you’re looking for luxury instead, hotels offer Turkish baths as well. For all those with extra cash to spend, you can make a reservation at the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton and have two people massaging you at once. I opted to find myself a traditional spa experience at one of the historical hamam. Judging by its clientele, it certainly is highly frequented by foreigners, 32 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015


Fashion & Features


“It’s a very intimate experience as you lie in a room full of naked women and are scrubbed in your most private crevices.”

but as it was my first time at such an establishment dated over 400 years old, I didn’t mind. Others may try and find something more local and less touristy, but prices were clear-cut, displayed in both Turkish lira and Euro, and they mostly understood what I was saying in English. Bath package prices may differ between each hamam. For example, the Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamamı was perhaps 50 euro more expensive than the Çemberlitaş Hamamı. As both places were designed by Sinan and had his signature dome within the facilities, I decided to opt for the Çemberlitaş Hamamı. With an incredibly unassuming façade, the Çemberlitaş Hamamı doesn’t seem like much until you walk inside. Right by the entrance is the reception desk that lists the various services offered. You 34 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

can choose between self-service, the traditional bath, or other styles. Self-service is essentially self-bathing and use of the facilities. Though it’s the cheapest, it didn’t seem sufficient as a first-time experience. Other styles included Indian head massage, aromatherapy oil massage, reflexology, and a clay facial mask. I went for the traditional bath, which was in the mid-price range and included a scrub, wash, and massage for 15 minutes and an oil massage for about 30 min. Overall, the process took 2 hours, but you can lounge around as long as you’d like. Once you choose your service, you’re given tokens to signify which treatments you bought, a pair of underwear (for the ladies), a cloth for crotch coverage (for men), a scrubbing pad, sandals, and a peştamal (checkered cloth to tie around yourself). As

my male cousin turned left into the men’s section, my sister, cousin, and I turned right and walked into the camekan, a middle courtyard with levels of wooden cubicles where people relax and drink tea. You’re directed to a locker room where you change out of your clothes and wear nothing except a pair of black underwear, sandals, and peştamal. Chatty Turkish women will then direct you through the soğukluk (cooling room) and into the hararet, a large circular steam room covered by Sinan’s signature dome. A large marble circular heated platform called the göbektasi takes up majority of the room as fountains spewing warm water line the sides. Your first striking sight: almost two dozen topless women wearing only black underwear lie on top of their peştamal on the large marble platform.

Hefty Turkish women clothed only in black bras and underwear directed us to any space they saw available on the marble slab. The peştamal was still wrapped around me like a towel, but that was soon brusquely yanked off by the attendant who told me to lie on the marble table. You lay there for a solid 15-20 minutes, relaxing and profusely sweating until one of the attendants motions you to the edge and unceremoniously dumps a bucket of warm water on you. She takes a look at the tokens you have and proceeds to scrub you with the cloth you received at reception. It’s a very intimate experience as you lie in a room full of naked women and are scrubbed in your most private crevices. After she scrubs the dead skin off your body, she returns from the fountain with a bucket of warm soapy water and a cloth. Using the 35

Fashion & Features


“In order to talk to one another without headscarves, women would gather at the hamam and arrange marriages for their children” cloth, she lathers you with an inordinate amount of bubbles and washes you from head to toe. Then using the scrub and soap, she’ll really make sure that all that dead skin is coming off your body. Don’t worry, it’s not painful. After the scrub and wash, she gives you an amazing massage and when she’s done, she’ll seat you next to the fountain and dump more buckets of warm water and wash your hair. Once you’re done in the hararet, you cool off in the soğukluk, which is just outside, until another attendant shows you to your masseuse. My masseuse was yet another hefty Turkish lady, but more fully clothed this time around. I wouldn’t call my overall experience pampering or gentle since the lady really knew how to crack backs and dig into your knots. After 30 minutes, I came out of the cubicle with incredibly smooth skin and feeling amazingly relaxed. It’s typical to give your masseuse a 10% tip. As my male cousin experienced, sometimes they might follow you and demand their tip if it’s not

36 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

given. His experience certainly sounded more harrowing and he was initially worried about the scrubbing. For men, they’re given a small cloth to cover the genitals and it’s neatly tucked in order to expose as much skin as possible. However, my cousin did describe lots of moving and cuppage as a large Turkish man uncomfortably and awkwardly scrubbed him in intimate places. Baths are usually open from 6am til midnight and if you have a tan that you’d very much like to keep it, I suggest going earlier on during your trip. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos while inside the bathhouse, especially on account of the half-naked women walking around. But I have to say that visiting a hamam may either be one of the most relaxing experiences or one of the most uncomfortable, but it definitely makes a trip to Istanbul more memorable.


share your WEAR

Fall Right In: Your Guide to 2015 Fall Trends

38 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Though summer is arguably the best season for wanderlust and adventure, fall is when the real fun begins—at least when it comes to dressing up. Here’s your quick guide to some of our favorite trends. From flirty hems to big, bold earrings, the runways were filled with plenty of inspiration.

by Breana Powell

GO BIG OR GO HOME Statement yet ladylike jewelry is going to be everywhere. Prada and Balenciaga included vintage-inspired brooches in their collections while big, art scene earrings were showcased in shows from Marni and Balmain. (Now might be the time to raid mom or grandma’s old jewelry.)


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STOMP TIME Is fall even fall without boots? This season, designers have incorporated the staple in a couple of ways. For one, black, biker chic boots that hug the ankle were spotted at shows from Paul & Joe and Wes Gordon. These pieces are entirely versatile and can toughen up any ensemble. Another boot-style fave was the slick, thigh-high boot—an edgy, modern look that never ceases to elongate those gams. Sonia Rykiel and Emanuel Ungaro went uber tall with their creations.

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NEON WITH A TWIST We can’t help but think ‘80s aerobic video when considering neon from head to toe. Instead, we love the idea of juxtaposing neon pieces with neutrals as executed perfectly in designs from Delpozo and LaQuan Smith.


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WAY UP High-waisted pants aren’t slowing down anytime soon. They were styled on models walking in Isabel Marant and Rodarte. Why are they so popular? They shape the body beautifully and can be paired with both crop tops and long blouses. Want to combine two Fall 2015 trends into one look? Try highwaisted flares. The ‘70s favorite is making a comeback. 42 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015


A unique of shows Celine, a sleeves t perfect c manicur


ue trend that was displayed in tons ws—such as Nina Ricci, Kenzo, and Chloe—was bold, oversized that hide the hands. Hey, it’s the choice if you haven’t gotten a re in a while.


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HOLD ON Thick, stand-out chokers are the new way to adorn your neck. Emilio Pucci and Marc Jacobs presented their luxe designs, which are certainly more grownup versions of the plastic chokers we all loved in the ‘90s. Try pairing them with scoop neck sweaters and slicked-back hair.

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DAINTILY STACKED Your feet will thank you if you decide to opt for a stacked kitten heel this season. As seen on models strutting down Maison Margiela and Chanel runways, these shoes are a more daring choice for some. But there’s something so enticing about that chunky heel‌ 45

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FLIRTY WORKS Tuck away your airy, summer skirts and experiment with new silhouettes. Perfect for work events or upscale gatherings, flounce hems shined at Louis Vuitton and Mary Katrantzou. Dazzling mini skirts, which are great for balancing out long cardigans and chunky knits, appeared in Carven and Saint Laurent shows. Lastly, who would have thought that a car wash could inspire one of fall’s most exciting trends? The car wash pleat is all about crisp, playful shape which Christian Dior and Salvatore Ferragamo had fun with.

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ALL-GREY, ALL GREY Grey isn’t boring. Grey is power. Grey is chic. Grey is best served in a suit that’s tailored and perfectly loose all at once. Giorgio Armani, Theory, and Stella McCartney shared their versions of the new fall suit to try. Throw in a bold lip for a look that’s all business and pleasure.


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WE’RE TIGHT From shredded to patterned, tights and hosiery made their way into shows from Rebecca Minkoff and J. Mendel. We love styling tights under, well, everything that will allow it. Dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it. They’re an easy way to add interest and texture to simple garments.


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Target is the industry leader when it comes to designer collaborations, but its newest accessories-only partnership with designer Eddie Borgo is a departure from past collections. Is it a welcome change? Caroline A. Wong joins you in this fashion search. Photos by Breana Powell

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hen I first found out Target’s latest designer collaboration would be a line of mix-and-match clipon accessory pieces, I was intrigued to say the least. Most of the retailer’s past partnerships have been clothing-oriented, with a few accessories thrown in almost as afterthoughts (Lilly Pulitzer for Target string lights, we’re looking at you). Designer Eddie Borgo’s imaginings for the next Target release seemed fresh, almost out-of-this-world (if the galaxyinspired prints weren’t indication enough)...but would the collection appease the well-oiled machine that is the Target collaboration-shopper masses? I curated a selection of pieces from the lookbook to prep for our cover shoot. Certain accessories automatically appeared more luxe and expensive, namely the white marble prints and the gold-tone jewelry. The other beads and clip-ons had the effect of being plasticy, which can easily direct a mix-and-match collection into summer camp craft territory. t After the July 12th release, I wanted the instore customer experience. How would choosing the different clip-on options translate from the lookbook to the store? The answer: it didn’t. Whereas past lines have featured prominently at the front of the retail establishment (in order to provide easier access to the fashion-starved), the Eddie Borgo collection was hidden away toward the middle of the location I visited and, to be honest, was just plain sad. Racks of clothing take up more space and might seem like a grander selection of goods, but the measley cardboard display for the Borgo line surely couldn’t hold up to several fashionistas (let alone dozens) fighting over the designer’s signature geometric offerings. Well, maybe it didn’t have to... the resale value of Borgo x Target is minimal at best and the selection of goods marked up on eBay and 52 Tastevin Magazine August / September 2015

Padlock necklace, $30; triple stone pack, $30; black bead totem, $17; gold slider cuff, $20; silver-gold puzzle beads, mini backpack, $35, all Eddie Borgo for Target. White mesh dress, $75, Banana Republic. Rose gold crystal mason ring, $32; rose gold level ring, $28, both BaubleBar.


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fashion-for-sale apps like Poshmark is limited (and primarily consists of handbags, not jewelry). Ultimately, I’m not impressed.

“The whole point of a designer collaboration is to get lowprice pieces with a high-design mentality, so accessories that are one step up from your standard kids’ macaroni necklaces are not really the direction you want to go.”

The collection recalls three-daysdirty Coachella festival-goers and Kesha back when she still had the dollar sign in her name and last week’s glitter in her hair. One of my own examples of the disappointing quality happened while we prepped for the shoot and the black-tone dangling clip-on accessory with the interchangeable beads unscrewed. A shower of plastic fell to the ground, much to the amusement of our Los Angeles office cats. It was a frustrating start to our already time-crunched shoot, and it didn’t do much to change our opinion of the cheap-looking line. Sadly, we have to say Borgo has a fashion miss here. We’d say post your pieces on eBay, but with the low resale interest, you may be out of luck...

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Something (Bitter) Sweet

An Eye-Opening Look at the Global Impact of the Fashion Industry by Caroline A. Wong

The New York Times calls it “a portrait of exploitation.” LA Times calls it “staggering.” Directed by Andrew Morgan, The True Cost undoes the stitching of the fast-fashion industry, revealing how the impact and frenzy for low-cost items extends beyond our wallets. The documentary unveils the dangerous and abusive conditions of factory workers and the lack of responsibility of big name brands that don’t employ these workers directly and thus escape accountability. The True Cost will have you rethinking not only what you wear, but also how your perceptions of shopping are shaped by the media, even by publications like our own. If there is a launching point for leading a more thoughtful, intentional life, this bittersweet documentary is it. For more information about The True Cost, watch the documentary on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes and visit


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