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The Fiestas de Taos 2019 Royal Court in front from left: Princesa Alexia Trujillo, La Reina Sheyenne Torrez and Princesa Marissa Griego. In back from left: Princesa Kimberly Appa-Cortez and Princesa Moniqua Gonzales.

Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO



Enjoy Dinner & Drinks in the

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The Fiesta Council


Fiesta Council Invitation


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2018 Reina's Farewell


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Historical Parade Grand Marshal Stella Mares-McGinnis


Children’s Parade Grand Marshal Tony Struck


Fiesta Council Honoree Linda Medina


Royal Pageant Judges


The Royal Court


Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos 2019 Sheyenne Carleen Cecilia Torrez


Princesa Kimberly Dawn Rosa-Maria Appa-Cortez


Princesa Moniqua Chauntae Lorena Gonzales


Princesa Marissa Mallory Griego


Princesa Alexia Vanessa Andrea Rose Trujillo


The Royal Lineage of La Reina

ON THE COVER: The Fiestas de Taos 2019 Royal Court In front from left: Princesa Alexia Trujillo, La Reina Sheyenne Torrez and Princesa Marissa Griego. In back from left: Princesa Kimberly Appa-Cortez and Princesa Moniqua Gonzales. Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

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575.776.3333 sabrosotaos.com Located on Ski Valley Road, 470 State Highway 150 in Arroyo Seco 22

TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

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JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


Estimados Taoseños and guests of Taos: Personalmente y en nombre del Consejo de Las Fiestas de Taos es con todo cariño que les recibimos con un gran abrazo - fuerte, we welcome you with open arms, as we celebrate our centuries-old, annual festivity of Las Fiestas de Taos. We thank God for His many blessings over the years and pray for His grace and continued blessings as we move forward. El sabor de nuestra gente, the flavor of our people and community, is of our greatest charm. Whether it be our devout spirituality, local hospitality, juicy conversations, delicious cuisine, multifaceted culture, time-honored traditions, long-standing customs, deep-rooted history, exquisite art, inimitable fashion design, the occasional Spanglish slang; we place essence in everything we say, we do, we create — we are Taos. This year’s theme: Once a Taoseño, Always a Taoseño; Una Vez un Taoseño, Siempre un Taoseño, is our way of expressing you can leave Taos, but no one can take Taos out of you. When you are blessed to have been born and raised in this community, this small piece of God’s amazing creation, it remains with you for life no matter where you travel, where you live or work, where you end up. In some cases, you need to leave in order to appreciate what you have always had or realize what you have left behind. Fiestas means many things to different people, but it is truly a time of fellowship and to enjoy one another’s company. I encourage everyone to take the time to truly visit with and appreciate one another, breathe our fresh mountain air, listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy our beautiful landscapes and architecture and look up into our clear skies. Additionally, I specifically invite our visitors to enjoy the many museums, art galleries, shops and historic cultural sites throughout Taos County and, of course, partake in the many festivities of this year’s Fiestas de Taos.


TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

Feel free to spend and charge as much as you like while in Taos, we are not shy. Our Fiestas de Taos Plaza entertainment is of the most talented that New Mexico has to offer: Spanish flamenco, troupes performing dances from various regions of Mexico, traditional mariachis, Northern New Mexico artists performing rancheras, polkas, cumbias and salsas, country, oldies and the list goes on. We have local favorites and musicians from surrounding communities and throughout the state, and this year debut performances by Un Pobre Nomas, Roberto Griego and Grammy Award-winner Michael “Miguel” Martin Murphey. Join us under the stars for the Gran Baile de Las Fiestas on the Historic Taos Plaza, Saturday (July 20) from 8 to 11 p.m., will be a tribute and celebration of Ernestine Romero featuring New Mexico recording artist and award-win-

ning band Red Wine. Also, special guest appearances by Darren Cordova, Dynette Marie and Roberto Greigo who will be honoring Romero. No need for cover charges or babysitters, this is a family event, open to the public, with a large dance floor and incredible music. We look forward to welcoming you and participating with you again this year. ¡Dios les bendiga! ¡Que Vivan Las Fiestas! Cariñosamente,


Photos courtesy Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

The 2019 Taos Fiesta Council: Back row left to right: Philip Ortega; Emilio Garcia; Derek Silva (Auxiliary); Mike Medina; Hon. Don Francisco Trujillo II, president; Anthony Trujillo; Mary Thelma Montez, vice president; Annabella Garcia-Noga; Ruby Ann Alaniz; and Monique Cisneros (Auxiliary). Center row left to right: Melecia Ortega; Renee Medina Lavadie, secretary; Kathleen Branchal-Garcia, treasurer; Joshua Herrera; Charles Lane; and Marlene Rael. Front row left to right: Bernadette Trujillo; Donna Jo Martinez; Theresa Trujillo; Liz Medina; Elma Vigil; Hon. Judith ‘Judi’ Cantu; Sonya Torres Vigil; and Isabel Chacon. Not pictured: Manuel Medina; Tina Jo Martinez; and Auxiliary Members: Christina Rose Martinez; Tiana Martinez; Durin Medina McCash; James Valerio; and Wilbert Vigil. Royal Pageant Committee: Elma Vigil, chair and Sonya Torres-Vigil, vice-chair. Committee members: Bernadette Trujillo; Ruby Ann Alaniz; Liz Medina; Mike Medina; Renee Lavadie; Melecia Ortega; and Annabelle Garcia-Noga.

98years C E L E B R AT I N G

L A S F I E S TA S !

The Randall Family has cherished the traditions of Las Fiestas de Taos for 3 generations. ¡Que Vivan Las Fiestas! ¡Que Viva Taos!

Building Families, Building Relationships, Building Taos. 3 1 5 PA SE O D EL P U EB LO SU R | 5 7 5 -7 5 8 -2 2 7 1

Paula Randall and younger siblings Pam and David as kids during the fiestas in the 60’s.





JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO




Fiestas de Taos EVENTS:


Fiesta Mass & Coronation

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church/5:30 p.m.

Opening Ceremonies Historic Taos Plaza/7 p.m.


Children’s Parade

Enos Garcia Elementary to Taos Plaza/10 a.m.


Historical Parade

Paseo del Pueblo Sur/Noon Parade begins at the Taos County Complex heading north and ending at Garcia Street.

Closing Ceremonies Historic Taos Plaza/7 p.m.


Radio – Las Vegas

Taos Fiesta Council, Inc.

KNCE 93.5 FM

Taos County

KSWV 810 AM & 99.9 FM Radio – Santa Fe


The Taos News Amigos de Las Fiestas Ace Hardware – Dennis Coca B&D Industries, Inc. Camino Real Taos, Inc. Centinel Bank of Taos Copy Queen of Taos Dave’s Digital Domain – Dave Cordova

TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

Linda Medina LMNOC Broadcasting Lucy Archuleta New Mexico Mounted Patrol New Mexico State Police Orlando & Yvette Ortega Randall Lumber & Hardwarew, Inc. Sean Kelly Portraits by Chuck McLaughlin Taos Candle Company

Elegante Florals – Mercedes Valdez

Taos Center for the Arts – Todd Richie

Gorge Bar & Grill

Taos County EMS

Hawk Media – High Country Magazine

Taos County Sheriff’s Department

Hotel Don Fernando de Taos

Taos Fire Department

Howie Roemer

Taos Police Department

H&R Block – Gabriel Antonio Jacquez

Thomas E. Gutierrez – Farmers Insurance Agency

Hillcrest Bank

University of New Mexico – Taos

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative



Taos Net, LLC

US Bank

KCEI 90.1 FM

Viva Sports



JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


Bienvenidos damas y caballeros de Taos! ever by holding my hand everywhere I went and dancing

To Elma, thank you for for always putting everything to-

with me every chance you got.

gether, no matter what. You were always there to support

Thank you to my little sister, Andrea Romero, who gave me the inspiration to be the best at everything I can. Also to my older sister, Ashley Gaillour, and her wonderful family, who have been there to support me every chance they got. Both of you have always made sure that I am proud of everything I do and know that you are always there with endless support. To my grandma, Anna Herrera, who has been my biggest supporter in everything I do. Thank you for making sure I knew where I needed to be, when I needed to be there and most of all making sure I never forgot to look

I had the biggest honor of traveling and creating amazing memories alongside my beautiful, intelligent and all together wonderful princesas, Katrina and Jazmine. But like all good things, my year as La Reina de las Fiestas de Santiago y Santana por el año dos mil dieciocho y diecinueve will soon come to an end. I start with the biggest thank you to my dad, Andres Romero, who supported me and traveled with me everywhere my reign took me. Another huge thank you to my mom, Soveida Garcia, who helped me


TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

always knew that the Fiesta Council was standing right alongside me. You have made this journey exactly what I dreamed it would be like so, again, thank you.

for helping me achieve my goals as well.

To Serbie Veo, who was the most supportive person out

To all the little girls I have met along the way, who have

To my great-grandma, Erlinda Herrera, who unfortuyou were always watching over me made me feel safe and how proud you are. You were my best friend who always made sure I knew I was strong enough to follow my dreams and achieve the goals I set. Thank you for being my angel and protector always. Thank you to all of my caballeros who have been there for me throughout my year. Most of all, thank you to my caballero Connor Kasper, who has been there for me no matter what. I always knew if I needed someone you would drop everything to be there with me. You made sure I was happy and always smiling. To my princesas and their caballeros, thank you for creating life-lasting friendships with me and making crazy, fun and unforgettable memories. To Jazmine, thank you for the laughter and inside jokes we share — you are

prepare for all my events to make

such a fun person to be around. To Katrina, thank you

sure nothing was forgotten and

for always making sure I’m laughing by telling the great-

that I was always laughing. You

est jokes. You are truly a beautiful soul. I am so lucky to

two have made this the best year

time dream of being La Reina de Taos. All of you are my biggest supporters. No matter what event it was, I

who helped me get here.

nately was unable to be right next to me, but knowing

and cultural beliefs in a positive way throughout my year.

of you, I would have never been able to fulfill my long-

To Mayor Barrone and the people of Taos County —

forget. Thank you for treating me like your own family.

distinct honor of being able to represent my community

upholding this wonderful tradition. If it weren’t for all

without you, the Fiestas would be nothing. So thank you

truly came in with undying support that I will never


tion, you made me feel welcome. You made me feel like I was family. Thank you to the entire Fiesta Council for

this dream and made sure I was grateful for everyone

me decorate the float to look as beautiful as it did. You

y year has been filled with lots of happiness, laughter, memories and the creation of friendships that will last forever. I had the

dedication is. From the second I turned in my applica-

the best I could. You have always helped me strive for

there. Thank you for traveling alongside me and helping

Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

me and my Royal Court. You have taught me what true

have been given such an amazing court.

looked up to me, smiled and talked to me, thank you all so much. You girls are the reason that I strive to be the best role model possible. And it’s important to me that I was able to show you that as long as you set your mind to it, you can make anything happen. Most of all, thank you to God because if it wasn’t for you, I would not have the confidence to do the things I do. God has given me the ability to be the person I am today and to continue to be as strong as I am. I have learned through having the presence of God in my life, that you have all the support in the world. Finally, I would like to say good luck to the incoming court. Make sure you treasure every minute of all the fun. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am.

¡Que Vivan Las Fiestas! ¡Muchas gracias a todos ustedes y que Dios les bendiga a todos! Con mucho cariño,

Alicia Marie Romero


A mis~ queridos Taose nos, bienvenidos a Sus Fiestas de Taos! T

o visitors and guests of our community, my warmest welcome to the Fiestas de Taos!

I begin with a sincere thank you to everyone for their continuous love and support throughout the initial period while I competed for the title of La Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos 2019. I am very thankful and blessed to have been afforded the privilege to be Reina de Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana de 2019 and to be able to represent my community, culture and family. Growing my education within the Catholic faith in order to better represent my community as reina locally and throughout Northern New Mexico is one of my priorities. Also, I hope with this experience I am able to learn more about my culture and religion. I am extremely excited to see the smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance as we continue these amazing customs with our various traditions and our beautiful Royal Court. It is truly a blessing to have this opportunity to be a role model for the

Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

younger generation and encourage them to follow their dreams and hopefully inspire many to maintain our beautiful Hispano culture and traditions, as well as keeping alive the Catholic traditions, especially through Las Fiestas de Taos. Taos is filled with beautiful people, a mix of cultures and various traditions — unique in so many other ways, too. I am blessed to live in a community with remarkable and beautiful cultures, and the traditions that go along with these cultures. It will be exciting to participate in different local events, as well as around Northern New Mexico throughout the upcoming year. To my Royal Court, las Princesas de Taos, I congratulate each of

time and commitment, because this is truly their passion. Thank

so that this whole undertaking we have obligated you to can

you to the Fiesta Council for doing so much for Taos and us girls,

come together successfully. In honor of the theme of this year’s

and for working diligently to ensure every aspect of Fiestas is just

Fiestas de Taos, “Once a Taoseño, Always a Taoseño,” I challenge

right. From the beginning we were welcomed with open arms

everyone and their families to truly bring out the Taoseño in you

and support, and it truly feels like a family already. I thank each

and show it at this year’s Fiestas de Taos. I am ready to experience

of my sponsors for their support and generous donations. Thank you most especially to my entire family for all their love, support and advice. Truly, I could not have done this or continue to do this without you all.

an incredible year as reina and to represent my community and culture of Taos to my fullest with honor, dignity, love and respect.

¡Que Vivan las Fiestas!

munity together as a team and we will have lots of fun doing it. I

reina’s family. To the families of my Royal Court, las Princesas

Sheyenne Carleen Cecilia Torrez

acknowledge the Taos Fiesta Council members for their unselfish

de Taos, thank you for loving and supporting your daughters


you and am thrilled to build and develop an unbreakable bond this year that will last a lifetime. In just the short time we have spent together so far, already I can tell we will represent our com-

To my mom, dad and brothers, I love you and thank you for supporting me and taking on this huge responsibility of being the

JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


Welcome Bienvenidos! Taos County It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Las Fiestas de Taos, an annual celebration of the community’s patron saints Santiago and Santa Ana, which Taos County residents have been celebrating since the days of the early trade fairs. This year’s theme, “Once a Taoseño, Always a Taoseño,” incorporates the colorful parades, music and dancing at the plaza, which have historically been a part of this community celebration. The Taos County Board of Commissioners, county assessor, county clerk, county probate judge, county sheriff, county treasurer and Taos County staff invite you to have a great time in our wonderful community and to help us celebrate this annual event. On behalf of those who proudly serve the people of Taos County, I would like to thank the Taos Fiesta Council and all of the volunteers for their countless hours organizing and planning this historic and time-honored event we call Fiestas. We look forward to seeing you at Fiestas de Taos from July 19-21, 2019, on the Historic Taos Plaza.

¡Que Vivan Las Fiestas de Taos y nuestra gente!



TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

Welcome from the Mayor's Office Welcome to our beautiful Taos community. We, the mayor and Town Council of the town of Taos are proud to host the 2019 Fiestas de Taos in the heart of our community on the Historic Taos Plaza. Our Fiestas are a time to reunite, to share memories and to have opportunities to be involved in our local traditions. We participate by designing and building floats for the parade, hosting a booth or sharing musical talents. This is a time when Taoseños come together to support one another. The Taos Fiestas provides something for everyone — dancing, music and good food. It is a time to make new friends and new memories with old friends. Our theme for 2019 is “Once a Taoseño, Always a Taoseño.” The Taos Fiestas is a celebration of religious, agricultural and Hispanic culture. The Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana brings us all together in one place to celebrate our rich, beautiful heritage. There is no place like Taos, New Mexico. We would like to give thanks to the Fiesta Council and the many volunteers and participants that help make the Fiestas such a spectacular event. Thank you to La Reina de las Fiestas de Taos y Las Princesas del año 2019 and their escorts. We are proud you have chosen to represent all Taoseños.

¡Bienvenidos, nuestra comunidad es su hogar! Welcome, our community is your home.

Mayor Dan Barrone and the Town Council

Celebrando Fiestas de Taos Contigo!

View our website and social media.


Open 7 days - 7:00am to 2:30pm 304-C North Pueblo Road Taos, New Mexico Phone (575) 758-4178 JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


Welcome from Roberto ' Bobby'' Gonzales State Representative This year’s Fiestas theme celebrates our community’s openness and diversity. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, once you have been to Taos you are transformed into a Taoseño. Fiestas are that special time of the year when our community is embodied with the lingering smell of fajitas cooking, dazzling colors of the folklorico dancer’s dress and the trumpeting of mariachis from our plaza. It is these memories that bring people back to the Taos Fiestas year after year.

¡Que Vivan Las Fiestas y Que Vivá Taos!

Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales STATE REPRESENTATIVE

Welcome from Carlos R. Cisneros, State Senator Taoseños and visitors from near and far, welcome to the annual Fiestas de Taos spanning over a three-day period. The Fiestas de Taos is a centuries-old celebration of the gathering of generations to enjoy delicious cuisine, traditional music and fellowship while honoring the cultural uniqueness of Taos. This year’s theme, “Once a Taoseño, Always a Taoseño” or “Una vez un Taoseño, Siempre un Taoseño,” speaks of the many generations in the community we are so proud to call home. The Fiestas celebrated in the Historic Taos Plaza preserves the rich tricultural way of life that has developed in Taos over the last four centuries. Enjoy the festivities and be safe.

Again, bienvenidos!

Carlos R. Cisneros STATE SENATOR


TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

Funeral Home of Taos

“Where Families Come First” Familia Primero

NOW OPEN TO BETTER SERVE YOU WITH Compassion, Dignity, Care, and Affordability


Northern New Mexico’s Newest, State of the Art, and Welcoming Funeral Home Being born and raised in Taos, we understand the importance of our heritage and culture.




Be ready for

Back to School Installment Loans from

$300 to $2,000* 1033 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur Ste B Taos NM 87571

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Rick Romancito/The Taos News

Top: 2019 Taos Pueblo Governor Richard Aspenwind. Bottom: 2019 Taos Pueblo WarChief Bernard Lujan.

Welcome from Taos Pueblo

The Taos Pueblo Governor and WarChief wish to join the neighboring communities of Taos to welcome visitors and friends to the annual town of Taos Fiestas on July 19, 20 and 21, 2019. This celebration is in honor of the patron saints Santiago and Santa Ana. This is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of the cultural diversity that Taos is well known for. Also to bring friends, relatives and visitors together to enjoy the blessings of the patron saints. It is the hope of Taos Pueblo that the cultural traditions are sustained in honor and respect of the surrounding communities and patron saints.

*All loans are subject to credit limitations and our underwriting policies, including verifiable ability to repay. Actual loan proceeds may vary based upon loan terms. Dollar amounts are rounded to the lowest whole dollar and are subject to change. Military Lending Act Notice Due to changes in the Military Lending Act regulations, we regret that we are no longer able to make loans to members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty or active Guard or Reserve duty or the Spouse or Dependent of such a person. If this applies to you, please disregard this offer. We support and are grateful for the service and sacrifice of all service members.

Viva Life! Providing FREE & Confidential Services of the following:

Pregnancy Testing Limited Ultrasounds Prenatal Information Individual Parenting Classes Fatherhood Program and much more

May we be blessed with peace and happiness during the Feast of Santiago and Santa Ana.

Governor Richard Aspenwind WarChief Bernard Lujan 34

TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

575-758-2899 Monday - Thursday 10 am - 5 pm 210 Bendix Dr., Unit 4, Taos


Hablamos Español

JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


Entertainment FRIDAY (JULY 19)



Noon-1 p.m. Northern Revolution

9-9:30 a.m. Spanish Soundtrack

1-2 p.m. Lluvia Negra

9:30-10 a.m. Fandango

2-3 p.m. The Blue Healers

10-10:30 a.m. Children’s Parade

8-9 a.m. Spanish Fiesta Mariachi Mass at San Francisco de Asís Church, Ranchos de Taos with Mariachi Sonidos del Monte

3-3:30 p.m. Niños Bailadores

9-10 a.m. Mystic dance

3:30-4:30 p.m. Legacy of Santa Fe

10:30-11 a.m. Mariachi Sonidos del Monte and special guest Chantel Brumfield-Vigil

4:30-5:30 p.m. The UZ Band

11 a.m.-noon Baile Español

5:30-6 p.m. Mariachi Sonidos del Monte and special guest Chantel Brumfield-Vigil

Noon-1 p.m. Gustavo Rodriguez Band (Austin, Texas)

11 a.m.-noon Gustavo Rodriguez Band (Austin, Texas)

5:30-6:45 p.m. Fiesta Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Procession following Mass with Mariachi del Monte.

1-2 p.m. Emi Arte Flamenco 2-3 p.m. Fun Adixx 3-4 p.m. Baile Ilusión

10-11 a.m. St. Francis Choir

Noon — Historical Parade Noon-1 p.m. Dance Divas 1-2 p.m. Grupo Tesoro

6-7 p.m. Catalina Río Fernández y Flamenco Nuevo Mexico

4-5 p.m. Stash

2-3 p.m. Roberto Griego with Mariachi Sonidos del Monte

5-6 p.m. Mystic Dance

7-8 p.m. Opening Ceremonies on Historic Taos Plaza

3-4 p.m. Al Hurricane Jr.

6-7 p.m. Dynette Marie

4-5 p.m. James Valerio with mariachi Sonidos del Monte and special guest Sarae Alise Tafoya Garcia

8-9 p.m. Dawn Luz Padilla y Los Cantus with Aaron Trujillo 9-10 p.m. Dave Maestas Band 10 p.m. Taos Plaza closes



TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

7-8 p.m. Antonio Reyna con Mariachi Sonidos del Monte 8-11 p.m. Gran Baile de Las Fiestas on Historic Taos Plaza featuring a tribute and celebration of New Mexico recording artist Ernestine Romero

5-6 p.m. Severo Martinez y Fuego

11 p.m. Taos Plaza closes

7 p.m. Closing ceremonies

6-7 p.m. Michael “Miguel” Martin Murphey, Grammy Award-winning recording artist and songwriter

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*All loans are subject to credit limitations and our underwriting policies, including verifiable ability to repay. Actual loan proceeds may vary based upon loan terms. Dollar amounts are rounded to the lowest whole dollar and are subject to change.


where to go and

what TO DO taosnews.com/calendar

JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


True Taos treasure Historical Parade Grand Marshal, Honoree Stella Mares-McGinnis BY SCOTT GERDES


ife is a dance for Stella Mares-McGinnis. Her world twirls like the traditional Hispanic waltz and polka that she could perform in her sleep. And her soundtrack better have “a helluva good fiddler.” Mares-McGinnis, 76, will be onstage in a different way Sunday (July 21) as the Fiestas de Taos Historical Parade grand marshal and an honoree. She is excited about being a part of this community tradition. As a life-long Fiestas attendee, Mares-McGinnis is one of the few Taoseñas who still adorns herself in customary Fiestas attire such as a broomstick skirt with a laced or embroidered peasant blouse accented by a squash blossom and concha belt. This Taoseña’s ties to Fiestas goes back decades. Her parents, Felipe and Lucy Mares, danced during the annual festivities for many years. Thanks to her parents, Mares-McGinnis learned the steps at a young age and later helped teach friend Tim Romero the ways of traditional Hispanic dancing. Together, they danced during Fiestas and at the New Mexico State Fair, winning an award at the latter. Tradition is near and dear to her heart — “You don’t take that away from me.” Most of the pair’s dancing these days is mostly performed during the grand march at weddings. And while she is heavily involved with the Fraternal


TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

Scott Gerdes/Taos News

Order of Eagles and New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees (her late husband, Joseph, was a teacher), her list of community volunteerism has been shaved a bit. She spent many years running from organization to organization and event to event, but felt she needed some time for herself. “Community work is what it’s all about,” she said. “I’m the Energizer Bunny, but it’s time to let the younger folks take over. We’ll teach them.” Her community involvement has not gone unnoticed. “She has been and continues to be an active member of the community who is proud of her heritage and history and reflects it in her persona,” said Fiesta Council President Don Francisco Trujillo II. “She is a proud family member of

the famed Padre Jose Antonio Martinez lineage, and for decades has led more marchas in Taos than I have for weddings and other special occasions.” One thing Mares-McGinnis hasn’t hung up are her hairstyling sheers. She has been creating beautiful coiffures for 54 years. Presently, she’s a hairstylist at It’s A Small World Salon & Boutique in Taos. And always arriving with a list of deserving peers, for more than 10 years she has participated as an Unsung Heroes committee member for the Tradiciones publication of the Taos News. “Stella truly believes in maintaining our various Northern New Mexico traditions,” Trujillo said. “And it comes from the heart. The Fiesta Council feels that she is deserving of the public acknowledgement as one of our true Taos treasures.”

Lifelong Fiestas fan inducts a new member Daughter of Children’s Parade Grand Marshal Tony Struck gets front row seat John Miller/Taos News



ony Struck, co-director of the Taos Youth and Family Center, remembers visiting the Taos Fiestas with his family for the first time when he was a young boy. He remembers playing with pop guns and invisible ink with his older brother, and sharing festival food with his neighbors and family, all generations. He remembers the steady cadence of the mariachi band and the chop of the salsa dancers’ feet. Little has changed in the decades since and this year, Struck’s young daughter, Amaya, joins him as a firsttime participant in the Fiestas.

“I’m sitting with the Fiestas Council,” Amaya Struck said excitedly, describing where she will be in the Fiestas Children’s Parade.

Marshal. He will lead his daughter and other young people, who will all dress in bright and colorful Spanish clothes for the multiday festival.

Her father says that while the Fiestas are rooted in Spanish tradition, the event welcomes and incorporates all of the cultures that converge in the state.

It’s one of many fiestas that takes place throughout New Mexico this time of year, but for people like Struck, the Taos Fiestas is special – an annual reminder of why he still calls Taos County home.

“For me, it’s more of a family kind of deal,” Tony Struck said, “bringing the community together and really be out there for the music in the plaza, the different booths, the vendors, the food. It’s just great to be out and about with everyone.” This year, Struck will hold the position of Children’s Parade Grand

“It’s something that was passed on to me,” he said. “We’ve done it my entire life. It’s definitely marked on our calendars as something that’s fun and good for the kids to be at. It’s something the community looks forward to every year.”

JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO


The needle and thread behind Fiestas fashion Fiesta Council honors retiring seamstress Linda Medina

Courtesy photos



inda Medina’s work is known throughout Northern New Mexico and has been carried by fiesta queens and courts for over three decades. The Taos seamstress retired this year as the woman behind the clothing for the Taos Fiesta Council and the royal court’s traditional dresses. She is letting someone else piece together the intricate fiestas fashion. “Linda is one of the few people who, as a seamstress, has the talent and the art to make Northern New Mexico attire,” said Fiesta Council President Don Francisco Trujillo II. Medina began her craft many years ago and has perfected the art. After one of her aunts taught her the art of the dress, she began turning out her own pieces and maintained the traditional style seen across New Mexico. The traditional white dresses with colorful additions are worn each year by


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fiesta queens and their court as a symbol of the culture and heritage of Northern New Mexico. Each dress is handcrafted to fit the girls. Each member of the royal court must wear one outfit for ceremonial appearances.

dresses continued to be seen on floats, fiestas and events across the state.

Over the years, Medina has sewn dresses for Taos and Santa Fe fiestas and has become the envy of the state in her designs and patterns.

“All the neighborhoods get together,” she said about the fiestas. “Its just a very special time and everybody wants to look their best.”

“I just wanted the girls to look really good,” she said. “I wanted everyone to say, ‘Wow, look at the girls from Taos.’ ” Most of the time, Medina would even sew the dresses for free just so the girls would be able to wear them and not have to worry about the financial side of it. “It’s just something I wanted to do for my community,” Medina said. Medina added that she never wanted to be onstage with all the court and instead, avoided the spotlight by sticking to her craft. Over the years, people became keen to her talents and the

Each year she sits back and watches the parade go by with her dresses worn by court after court.

Medina is being honored for her countless contributions over the years. She said it could not have been possible without the past and present Taos Fiesta Council members. “Even through the most trying of times for her, she insisted on making the outfits for the girls,” Trujillo said. She currently lives in Albuquerque and said driving back and forth would be too much. Instead, the torch has been passed to Lucy Archuleta—someone she said is talented and able to continue the tradition of the look of the fiestas.





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2019 Royal Pageant Judges CRYSTAL HERRERA - AUDITOR Crystal Herrera is the procurement bureau chief and chief procurement officer for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (DPS). She ensures that the purchase of goods and services made by the DPS follow applicable state and federal laws. She manages all formal procurements, contracts, purchasing, as well as the agency mailroom and warehouse. She provides assistance and customer service to the staff, co-workers and outside vendors. Most importantly, she provides assistance to the New Mexico State Police in all procurement matters necessary to conduct daily operations. She graduated from the Vogue College of cosmetology in March 2012 and is currently working toward a degree in business administration with an emphasis in management.

PATSY DEFNET - JUDGE Patsy Defnet was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She and her husband, Joseph, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past December. They are blessed with a son and three daughters, seven grandchildren and one great-grandson. Both their parents celebrated the great traditions of the Santa Fe Fiestas with them and they look forward in continuing that tradition with their children and grandchildren. When their children were young, they performed on the Santa Fe Plaza with the Mariachi group Los Niños Cantores and their


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youngest daughter was a court jester for the Fiesta Queen. Defnet was honored to participate as one of the judges for this year’s Fiestas de Taos Royal Court Pageant and wishes each contestant the best of luck.

is the youngest of eight children.

director of administrative services

She is mother to three children and

at the New Mexico Corrections Department. Rodriguez enjoys visiting places outside of New Mexico and is overcoming fears of international travel. He was honored to be a judge in the selection of the 2019 Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos.

has been married to Pete Olivas for 42 years and counting. The Olivas family participated in many aspects of the Santa Fe Fiesta where Pete served actively on the Fiesta Council for over 20 years. Olivas and her husband were part of the Santa Fe

CAROL HERRERA - JUDGE Carol Herrera has been a member of the Santa Fe Fiesta Council for 28 years and served as chairman of the Queen & Court Committee for eight consecutive years. She established, along with Mariachi Tenampa, the Youth Mariachi Workshop and Youth Mariachi Concerts for five consecutive years as part of the Santa Fe Fiestas. She has also served and worked on many other committees within the Santa Fe Fiesta Council. Herrera worked for Mountain Bell and Quest Communications Telephone Company in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and retired with 25 years of service. She worked in the New Mexico State Legislature as secretary to the House Sergeant at Arms for 15 years and has recently retired for the second time. Herrera was born in Mora, New Mexico. Her family moved to Santa Fe when she was 2 years old. She has been married to John Herrera for 35 years and they have five children, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has a passion for Fiestas and was very excited to be judging the Fiestas de Taos Pageant.

business community running their print shop for 10 years. She began her final career holding more than seven positions with Nambe, LLC (they have a store currently located


on North Plaza in Taos). She retired

Romero is a New Mexico native born and raised in Santa Fe, and a graduate of Santa Fe High School. Shortly after graduating from high school, Romero decided to start a career in corrections. He began his career as a correctional officer in 1994 at the Santa Fe County Detention Center, which was operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). In the corrections field he rose through the ranks from correctional officer to the highest level in a corrections facility as warden. His tenure with New Mexico Corrections Department includes a stint as the administrator of the Security Threat Intelligence Unit overseeing both public and private prisons within the State. Romero’s most recent promotion came in 2011 when he was promoted to deputy director of adult prisons, the position he remains in today. Romero has served as a board member on the Human Services Committee with the City of Santa Fe and is a licensed boxing judge with the New Mexico Athletic Commission. He judges professional boxing matches across the state in his spare time and is an avid fisherman. He is a father of two, daughter Alexandra (26) and son Merced (20).

after 30 years of dedicated service in 2018. Olivas appreciates the invitation and considers it a great honor to be part of a very important role as judge in selecting the 2019 Royal Court for the Fiestas de Taos.

PHILLIPE RODRIGUEZ - JUDGE Phillipe Rodriguez was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He attended Capital High School and graduated in 1998. Rodriguez started a family early in life and experienced many of life’s challenges as a young and inexperienced father. Rodriguez learned the value of hard work at an early age working two to three jobs to support his son, Sean. Rodriquez relocated to Albuquerque in 2004 for the conveniences of a metropolitan area with the feel of a small town and the beautiful landscape that New Mexico has to offer. At the age of 30, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and began a late

GLORIA OLIVAS - JUDGE Gloria Olivas, a native New Mexican born and raised in Santa Fe,

career in government finance. Over the last 11 years, Rodriguez has risen in the ranks of government from a budget analyst to the acting division

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¡Que Vivan las Fiestas de Taos! Guadalupe Credit Union is proud to be a part of the Fiestas de Taos celebration and the Taos community! ¡Guadalupe Credit Union se enorgullece de ser parte de la comunidad y de la celebración de las Fiestas de Taos! 575-758-3899 | guadalupecu.org 630 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite 140 Federally Insured by NCUA



Santiago Alberto

& Carlos Medina

Mariachi Tesoro de Tucson Mariachi Nuevo Sonidos del Monte Jovita Enriquez 7:30 p.m. Saturday, August 31, 2019 at The Santa Fe Opera

Call a friend. Buy your tickets. Plan a tailgate. Tickets: 1-800-280-4654 or 505-986-5900


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The city of Española cruises into a new era with Northern New Mexico College president Rick Bailey. At the wheel is Bobby Chacon of Chimayo driving his ’61 Impala.

The city of Española cruises into a new era with Northern New Mexico College president Rick Bailey and Taos County Commissioner Candyce O’Donnell. At the wheel is Bobby Chacon of Chimayo driving his ’61 Impala. TNRGHNA COLLECTION. PHOTO BY LELAND CHAPIN



land water people time 2019-2020

In our upcoming Land Water People Time magazine, we meet with Española’s Mayor, Javier Sanchez and learn how the lowrider capital of the world is slowly becoming a destination city.

LAND WATER PEOPLE TIME Find your copy in this week’s edition. JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO





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HEYENNE IS A SEVENTH-GENERATION T A O S E Ñ A . She is the daughter of Simon Torrez Sr., and LisaAnn Torrez of Ranchos de Taos; paternal granddaughter of Michael and Sylvia Torrez of Ranchos de Taos; maternal granddaughter of the late Marcella Gallegos-Farris and the late Robert Farris of Albuquerque; and the great-granddaughter of Agapita Santistevan and the late Antonio Santistevan of Ranchos de Taos. Sheyenne is a descendant of many surnames that are the soul of Taos history, such as Martinez/Valdez, Romero/Gonzalez, Santistevan/Cortez and Torrez/Romero. She is 16 years old and a junior at Taos High School. She carries a 3.9 GPA to include AP and honors classes. Sheyenne has been on the Varsity Cheer Team since eighth grade and has been competing on cheer/ dance teams since she was 4. During the three years on the Varsity Cheer Team, she and her teammates have won two state championships. Sheyenne is a linebacker on the Taos High School football team and has been playing the game since she was 7, and is also on the Taos High School softball team. After high school, she hopes to pursue her higher education by obtaining an athletic/academic scholarship where she plans to study the fields of math and science to become an engineer or enter the medical field. When she is not busy with schoolwork and going from practice to practice, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her three brothers who test her toughness every day.

SHEYENNE CARLEEN’S SPONSORS Michael Gallegos Alicia Garcia Daniel Gallegos, Jr. Dominic Gallegos Shawn and Terri Hester Danny and Connie Gallegos Pita Santistevan Michael and Sylvia Torrez Jesus and Santana Montes Philip and Melicia Ortega Herman and Christine Miller George and Benny Montoya Eloy and Diann Montoya Merida Construction, Felipe Santistevanw AC Towing and Transport Services Peralta’s Cleaners Start To Finish Orlando and Beti Santistevan Celso and Denise Torrez Isaac and Neveah Torrez Christine Santistevan Diego Santistevan Andy and Agnes Garcia Nonviolence Works, Inc. BeYoutiful Salon Restored Auto and Glass The Beauty Boutique Andrea Suazo State Farm Ricky’s de Taos Restaurant Matt Romero JULY 18 – 24, 2019 | TEMPO





IMBERLY IS 16 YEARS old and will graduate with the Taos High School Class of 2021. She was born and raised in Taos. She loves swimming, reading, photography and going to church. When she was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with uveitis and later went blind. As she learned how to read and write in Braille, she grew up to have sight in her right eye. She had the opportunity to teach Braille to several children around the state while attending summer camps where she is learning the ways of the blind and visually impaired community. Kimberly is also actively involved with St. Michaels Youth Group and a newest member of the Guadalupanas. She is part of the student council, swim team, band color guard, photography club and proud Tigers basketball fan. After graduation, she plans to attend New Mexico State University to earn a degree in special education. She is the daughter of Eric Cortez along with her paternal grandparents, Ernest and Rose Cortez. She is proud to have her great-grandmother, Tranquilina Pacheco of Arroyo Seco, in her life as well. Her wonderful aunt, Yvette Cortez, is like a mother to her. She has many siblings whom she loves dearly. And, like many Taoseños, she has many cousins. Kimberly’s family is very supportive of her, and she is extremely thankful to have them. Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin


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KIMBERLY DAWN’S SPONSORS Sandra Montoya Johnny and Isabel Duran Cathy Vigil Eileen Voight Marian D. Gusdorf Ed Sandoval Gallery Taos Vapor Express Ricky and Carla Garcia The Uz Band Leon and Tami Martinez Marisol Trujillo Yvette Cortez Jason’s Thrift Store Betty’s Magic Mirror Pearl S. Madrid Margaret Martinez Linda Martinez Taos Guadalupanas Martha Lujan Christine Autumn Jacqueline Graham Anita Rodriguez Lovato Cement Francella Garcia Silva’s Enterprises Inc. Aida Chavez Ernest and Rose Cortez Bardo and Michelle Trujillo Amos, Esther, Peggy, Eddie, and Amy Cortez Taos Aviation Services Yolanda Romo Daniella Romero George and Maida Vigil Chuck and Doris Jeantete Bobby and Cleo Duran Sharon Martinez Nicky and Danny Martinez Julian Romo, John and Natalie Evans Angela Mondragon Stash: The Band Carol Lavadie




O N I Q U A I S 1 7 Y E A R S O L D and a graduate of Peñasco High School. Her passion is dancing, and she has been dancing since she was practically a newborn. Moniqua danced for the Taos Middle School and Taos High School dance teams up until her sophomore year, when she transferred to and graduated from Peñasco High School with two cords of honor on May 25. She is planning to attend college in Las Vegas, New Mexico, to pursue a career in the neonatal field or forensic investigative field at Luna Community College in the fall of 2019. She plans to reside on campus at New Mexico Highlands University to obtain the “full college experience.” Moniqua is the daughter of Heather Marie Lane of Taos and Jason Adrian Gonzales of Peñasco. Her maternal grandparents are Maysel and Santiago Castillo and Margaret Virginia Lane of Taos. Her paternal grandparents are Anival Gonzales and the late Mary Evelyn Gonzales of Peñasco.

MONIQUA CHAUNTAE’S SPONSORS Rayne Medina Montes Chow Cart Randall Lumber & Hardware, Inc. Lovato Concrete Charles Lane Margaret V. Lane Maysel and Santiago Castillo CDO Technologies Consuelo Cordova Ruiz

Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

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A R I S S A I S 1 6 Y E A R S O L D , born in Albuquerque and raised in Taos. She is currently entering her junior year at Taos High School.

In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball. She also enjoys listening to music and horseback riding. Marissa is currently employed at Dr. Jane Compton’s office part time. Along with her job, she spends most of her Sundays at Mass either at the Santa María de la Paz Parish in Santa Fe or at Holy Trinity Parish in Arroyo Seco. Currently, Marissa is attending classes toward her First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Her future goals are to complete high school along with her associate degree and move to Phoenix to attend EMS University. She wishes to pursue a career as a paramedic. Marissa is the daughter of Sandra Villalobos and stepfather Eric Cebada. Her father is Paul Griego. Her paternal grandparents are Dorothy Gallegos and Paul Griego Sr., and her maternal grandparents are Maria and Jose Galindo.

Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin


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MARISSA MALLORY’S SPONSORS Edward & Lupe Martinez Hillside Garage Highway 64 Metal Roofing-Mike T. Smith Lovato Concrete Robert Medina & Sons Arched Roberta Voight Jane Compton Eddie Ruby Alaniz Louise Fernandez Pablo & Monica Irlando-Wildman Affordable Gutters Della Coca Alicia and Jacob Manuel Medina Kit Carson Electric Midtown Market




L E X I A I S 1 9 Y E A R S O L D and is currently attending Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado, pursuing a major in secondary education. She hopes to earn her license in order to teach history and eventually become a counselor. Alexia graduated in 2018 from Taos High School. In high school, Alexia was a three-time varsity athlete in basketball and softball. Along with athletics, she fully participated in student government as the costudent body president. During the summers, she volunteered with the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps where she worked with a crew of five to obtain her education award. She is currently volunteering as an assistant supervisor working toward her second education award. Alexia is the daughter of Edward and Carla Trujillo of Taos. Her paternal grandparents are Henry and Priscilla Trujillo of La Loma and her maternal grandparents are Jose and Rose Cintas of Cañon.

ALEXIA VANESSA’S SPONSORS A&R Collision AC Towing Alonzo Visarraga Andrea Suazo Anthony Vigil Atira’s C. Sisneros LLC Darrells Auto Repair Diana Duran Dominic J. Duran Construction Edwina Gonzales-Valerio Eli’s Paint and Body El Taoseño Restaurant Gordon Bond Gwendoyln Romero I Love Taos

JNG Cycle Enterprise Kenny Varos Kit Carson Electric Laurie Gonzales Mantes Chow Cart Marcella Gonzales Marcus Montoya Michael’s Kitchen Moises Martinez Questa Credit Union Ray Rael Ricky’s Restaurant Ruby Ann Alaniz Smoke & Mirror’s Salon The Enchanted Florist Unique Styles Sean Kelly Portraits/Charles McLaughlin

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The Royal Lineage

Las Reinas throughout Las Fiestas de Taos history 2018 Alicia Marie Romero 2017 Savannah Renee Rose Mary Romero and Mariana Fatima Jimenez-Gonzales 2016 Marissa Josette Vigil 2015 Maria Ernestina Elena Archuleta 2014 Jenna Rose Louisa Amelia Peralta 2013 Angelica Esperanza Rodrígues

2007 Ana Alicia Romero 2006 Micayla Corral-Jeantete 2005 Maria Elena Martínez 2005 Elena Villafranca 2004 Stephanie Romero

1997 Monica Tafoya

1985 Erlinda Sánchez

1996 Crucita Roberta Medina

1984 Wenda Martínez

1995 Roxanne Anderson Pérez

1983 Judy Suazo

1995 Evelyn Trujillo 1994 Karina Gallegos 1993 Santana Tafoya 1992 Leandra Medina

1982 Carmen Vigil

1970 Carla Martínez

1959 Elizabeth Naomi Varos

1957 Martha Martínez

1936 Alice Martínez (Knight)

1967 Carman Mares

1979 Natalie Padilla

1966 Teodora Vigil (Medina)

1954 Stella Martínez

1965 Lupe Valerio (Dominguez)

1953 Lucille Trujillo

2002 Contessa Trujillo

1990 Gina Varos

2011 Anna Eloisa Vásquez

2001 Sonya Francesca Romero

1989 Albertina Espinoza

1976 Gina Ortiz (Osburn)

2010 Desiree Briana Apodaca

2000 Crystal Martínez

1988 Denise Jeantete

1999 Maya Martínez

1987 Fatima Suazo

1975 Veronica Romo (Miera)

1998 Samantha Gallegos

1986 Stephanie Córdova

1974 Bernice Sandoval 1973 Carman Ledoux

1964 Sylvia Struck (Roybal) 1963 Frances Cohn (Miller) 1962 Gleecy Martínez (Buttler) 1961 Maida Mares (Martínez)

1949 Lucille Ortiz 1948 Porferia Valerio

1980 Darlene Vigil

1978 Diana Valerio

1952 Cecilia Martínez y Salazar Torres

1958 Diana Rael

1956 Manuelita Mondragón (Mullins)

1977 Grace Coca (Chávez)

TEMPO | JULY 18 – 24, 2019

1971 Stella Lucero (Hokanson)

1960 Rosalie Otero

1981 Lorraine Romero

1991 Katrina Lucero

2009 Angelica Lydia Salazar

1972 Christine Mondragón (Vargas)

1968 Yvonne Santistevan

2003 Jessica Quintana

2012 Juliette Elizabeth Rebekah Peralta


2008 Amogene Olaya Martínez

1927 Marcia Anaya (Wheaton)