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1103 PASEO DEL PUEBLO NORTE, SUiTE 1 - EL PRADO, NM 87529 (575) 758-3587 WWW.TAOSCRATiNG.COM 6 •

Yellow Star 24" x 36" painted copper

Studio Gallery

939 Kit Carson


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The UPS Store

“I spend a lot of time in my “mailing ministry” of sending out books and icons. I appreciate the exceptional service from Jeanne at The UPS Store.™” –Father Bill “I use The UPS Store™ exclusively. Jeanne is great to work with, I would not use anyone else.” –Sigrid Long of Natural Accents Gallery

Make us your resource for: • Shipping Services • Next Day Air • Mailbox/Fax Services • Signs/Pet Tags • Business Cards

• Packing Services • Office Supply • Copying & Binding • Laminating

We’re Experts in Packing & Shipping of Artwork, Collectibles, & Your Valuables… Your Shipping Source Locally Owned, Nationally Known

Historic mural by the famous caricature artist Arthur Allen Jones on permanent display at The UPS Store.™ Features notable Taos characters from more than a quarter century ago.

The UPS Store™ 1335 Paseo del Pueblo Sur • Taos, NM 87571

575-758-8647 • (fax) 575-758-8667 New Location Between Days Inn and Super 8 10 •

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Paintings Glass Art Jewelry Photography Furniture 575-751-3260 115 EAST PLAZA #4 TAOS, NM 87571



Art and Music

119A Kit Carson Road, Taos


MELODY TIME RANCH Campfire Concert Series Call for Schedule



Jivan Lee – “Pedernal’s Evening Song” 36 x 58 Oil on Canvas


Second Solo Show • Fall 2014


Evelyne Boren, Nicholas Herrera, David Michael Kennedy 119C BENT STREET • TAOS • 617.947.9016 • WWW.HEINLEYFINEARTSW.COM 15 •

16 •

Angie Coleman Studio/Gallery

River Village

16" x 20"

140 East Kit Carson Road 575-779-4658

Reduction Woodblock Print

Edition of 8

2014 17 •

18 •

H. Ann Wyndham’s

Koala Colours Studio

The Shawl Dance 24 x 18 in.

Summer Portal Geraniums 10.5 x 16.5 in.

Rio Grande at Pilar 11 x 8 in.

Works by Ann Wyndham, Diane de Fremery & Kathleen Smith Watercolours, Acrylics, Caseins, Drawings, Pastels, Encaustics, Fibre Art, Original Cards, Photographic Works Saturdays & Sundays 1:00 to 5:00 PM


15 Camino Campana, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557 19 •

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Suzanne Betz

“Fluid Ebony” 24 x 36 Mixed Media

Wilder Nightingale Fine Art 119 Kit Carson Road Taos 575-758-3255 21 •

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Nature’s Beauty and Form


Iron in the blood:


By Tara Somerville

Photos by Tina Larkin

After my tiny sample of forging, I scan the layers of shelves and projects underway in this 2,000-square-foot studio she shares with Christian Ristow, her partner and co-collaborator. Massive steel feet and a shoulder ball joint for what is going to be a 30-foot-tall robot dominate his half of the studio.

“No way. I’m chicken,” I say as Christina Sporrong offers me a rod and beckons me to the metal forge, roaring at 2500 degrees. I’m happy to watch from a distance as she slides the rod into its blazing cylinder. After one end turns red hot, she plucks it out, places it on the anvil and hammers the fiery end to a point. Scale (metal bits) fly about. “You only have about a minute,” she explains. Then the metal cools back to solid and if you want to continue shaping and bending it, it must be reheated in the forge. Curiosity trumps fear and now I’m whacking a blazing rod of my own into a twisted scepter. Resting it on the anvil’s varied edges, I can create a curve or an angle or begin a spiral. I place it aside to cool and it singes a nearby rubber hose. “It’s serious heat,” says Christina, whose dexterity and ease around these daunting machines has roots in a deep respect for the trade, its methodology and dangers. She was first introduced to metalwork in the late 1980s. Linus Coraggio posted a flyer at Parson’s School of Design in Brooklyn where Sporrong was attending college. It was a ripped off piece of notebook paper with “Welding?” and his phone number scrawled on it. His shop on Ave. B and 2nd St. had an entire welded wall of bike and car parts, plumbing fixtures, “anything he’d find in New York City,” says Christina. “I walked in there and my heart ... was like this is where I want to be.” When she arrived in Taos in the mid-’90s, Les Michel, a master blacksmith from El Rito, helped her set up her studio of antique tools. “I’m the Old World tool person,” she says.

“He’s the robot guy,” says Sporrong, And her great inspiration. “He taught me to drive a forklift and a crane truck. He taught me hydraulics ... he’s been enabling of the big stuff. Between the two of us there’s not much we can’t do.” Christian has a few weeks left to complete the robot for Coachella, a music and art festival in Palm Springs, Calif. Sponsorship through grants from such festivals is what makes these large projects possible. The couple staggers their proposals so that only one large-scale project happens in the studio at once. “Heron,” a crane which extends to 32 feet with its beak and hosts aerial acts, was Christina’s honorarium project at Burning Man 2009. It also flew acrobats at a local preview show and at arts festivals in New Orleans and El Paso. Sculpture ideas usually come to her in dreams and then she constructs models as the idea gestates. Because acrobats would be hanging from the Heron, several at a time, she consulted regularly with an engineer during construction to ensure safety. Christina’s 2010 Burning Man installation was “Caged Pulse Jets.” Five handmade pulse jets (jet engines without moving parts) of varying sizes suspend and whirl in a cage creating a fire show. Each size of pulse jet makes a different pitched percussive sound so the piece is also a musical instrument, which the audience gets to play by controlling speed and amount of propane.

28 •


29 •

Large-scale pieces take a few months to a year to complete and rely on a steady crew of assistants. Her current brainchild, pending funding, is “TaranTula.” Sixteen feet high, its legs will have gaps inspired by the look of dried Saguaro cactus. She grabs a piece of cactus and shines a flashlight through.  “It will always be casting cool shadows. It’s almost more about the shadows,” she explains. A rope web on the side will support climbers who want to lie in its body and watch the stars.

“I usually think up pieces that I have no idea how to do. Process is everything,” she says. “(Pulse Jets) works with the right balance of oxygen fuel and sizes of tubes. It’s a mathematical equation that has to be just right for it to work,” says Sporrong. The jets showed most recently at Maker Faire in the Bay Area in 2013.

Stepping away from steel and aluminum for a moment, Sporrong and Ristow’s most complex and consuming creative project yet is arguably Kodiak, the couple’s 3-year-old son. Back in the living room of their homemade house, his fingers poke through the head of the TaranTula model. “It’s really tall. Can you hang on it?” he asks.  “One day, Kodiak,” says Sporrong. “One day you can hang on it.”

As she brings these projects to fruition, it’s the visceral experience of metalwork that keeps her passion burning. “I have a core connection to (metal.) Like Tom Joyce, one of my inspirations, says: It’s part of our composition, part of our blood ... I love the way it smells,” she says.  “Welding is such a private experience, you wear a helmet, it’s all dark and just you and the metal. It’s all about perfecting the trade. You go to a space where you lose space and time and forget about food, I’ll go for eight hours without drinking water.” 30 •

“Welding is such a private experience...” - Christina Sporrong

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Showing early Rod Goebels

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33 •

Tracy Turner Sheppard

“On the Stagecoach Trail” 30"x30" oil on Canvas

The Ranch At Taos

119A Kit Carson Road, Taos 575.741.0052 34 •

35 •

E.I. Couse (1866-1936)

“Call to the Dance”

29’ x 24”

Oil on canvas

ROBERT PARSONS FINE ART Early Southwest Paintings Antique Navajo Blankets 131 Bent Street, Taos 575.751.0159 36 •

Jerry Jordan

“The Dream Still Lives Here” 30” x 40”

Oil on canvas

PARSONS GALLERY of the WEST TRADITIONAL TAOS ART Also FeAturing: WAlt gonske • JuliAn robles • Don brAckett • Don WArD MAry Dolph WooD • ron bArsAno • trAcy conchA

122 Kit Carson Road, Taos 575.737.9200 37 •


Fifty-two years and counting

By Teresa Dovalpage

Photos by Tina Larkin

Rena Rosequist didn’t imagine, the day she set foot in Taos for the first time in 1960, that she would be managing an art gallery here for over five decades. Mission Gallery is, in fact, the oldest gallery under continuous ownership in New Mexico. It was founded by Ivan Rosequist in 1962 and Rena became its first manager. She had the right background for the job, having studied art and art history at the University of North Carolina and later at Black Mountain College, near Ashville. “I have always been interested in art,” Rosequist said. “Though I never wanted to be an artist, I have had many friends in the artistic community. I like dealing with them and helping them sell their works.” She and Ivan Rosequist got married in 1970 and they continued to run the gallery together until his death in 1993.


When clients are interested in something she doesn’t have, Rosequist directs them to other galleries where they can find what they are looking for. “This is not a cutthroat business,” she said. “For me, it’s very important that my customers don’t wake up the day after they get a painting with a bad case of buyer’s remorse. I want them to enjoy their purchase.” After all, she said, buying a work of art isn’t the same as buying a refrigerator. “You don’t actually need a painting,” she said, “but there is a spark of the creative force in every well-done work of art that speaks to people’s souls. My secret, if we should call it that, is guiding people so they can get in touch with this spark.” That being said, there are some basic rules that every gallery owner should follow.

Keeping a business alive for such a long time isn’t an easy task. I asked Rosequist if she had a personal formula for success.


“Actually, I have no business secret or selling philosophy,” she said. “I know it may sound cliché, but I don’t just try to sell a painting or a sculpture. I am here to help people discover the kind of art that they would be happy seeing every day in their homes and to introduce new artists to the public.”

“The most important thing is being knowledgeable about your product,” she said. “Educate yourself about the artists’ work, their style and influences, the mediums they use, and the larger art world. Artists will share all this information with you, since they are often happy to talk about their creations.” Pricing is another essential issue. In the beginning, works

artwork: column 1: Pura Desa by MarkAdair, column 2: The Bishop’s Chapel by Louie Ewing 38 •


39 •

of art should be priced in a way that allows artists to keep their self -respect, yet not so outrageously high that it condemns the piece to an eternal life on the shelf. “You have to be realistic,” she said. “As pieces start selling and the artist becomes better known, I can raise the prices. But I can’t lower them after they have been set.”

“I met Mark Adair many years ago, when she owned Clay and Fiber Gallery, which was one of the best arts and crafts galleries in town,” she said. “Once I saw one of her paintings at a restaurant and I thought it didn’t belong there. I called her, asked her to show me her work and I have been selling her paintings for 14 years now.”


Record-keeping is a key to business success, too. Rosequist carries an old fashioned ledger for customers’ accounts. “When we started the business, over 50 years ago, there were no computers or credit cards,” she said. “I prefer to use ledgers, anyway, because they don’t crash and nobody can hack them. Totally safe!” She does her own bookkeeping and enjoys it. “It’s like doing crossword puzzles,” she said.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ARTISTS Rosequist doesn’t follow any artistic trends. She doesn’t have any artistic concept that she adheres to, either. “At this time of my life I have chosen to work only with people I like, not just in terms of the artistic value of their work, but also their personality,” she said. “I don’t have time for uncooperative or difficult people, but I value and respect the artists I work with.” That’s probably the reason she has worked with the same artists for so many years, establishing a mutually beneficial partnership.

Rosequist sees a bright future ahead for Taos artists, especially in terms of educational opportunities for younger generations. “It’s wonderful that they can take art classes at UNMTaos with very well-known artists,” she said. “I have also noticed a growing interest in art among young people and that is very encouraging for all of us.”

FEAST AND FAMINE Rosequist has come to accept the fact that the art market is a fluctuating one. “There will be feast and there will be famine,” she said matter-of-factly. “In good times, I know it is going to get bad. In bad times, I know it will get better. And in the end, I can’t tell the difference.” This Zen-like approach to the world of sales may be Rosequist’s secret, after all.

Mission Gallery is located at 138 Kit Carson Road, Taos, NM 87571 575-758-2861

artwork: column 1: Pueblo Creek #3 by Jill McElmurry, Chiefs Blanket by Eddy Shorty, column 2: Moonbow Our Mountain by Stephen Quiller 40 •

“After all, buying a work of art isn’t the same as buying a refrigerator.” - Rena Rosequist 41 •



A SOMOS reading in the Encore Gallery of TCA.



The go-to source for art and cultural goings-on. Art openings. Exhibitions. Literary events. Dance. Theater. Film. Workshops. No other online community calendar paints the whole picture of the northern New Mexico art scene like

Published by Webb Design Inc. and Featuring user-submitted events along with calendar feeds from the Harwood Museum of Art, Taos Center for the Arts, and SOMOS.

W 42 •

award winning handmade designs

18K Yellow Gold, 58 Diamonds. (3.5cts D-E FL-VVS, Ideal) Stripe® Ring 18K yellow and Pd white golds (1-2 Ct. dia.)

Men’s Wrap® Ring Platinum engraved, “Fire Rose Pear Shape” dia. (Fancy Brown 1.86 Ct.) Cut by Gabriel S. Tolkowsky. JA Premier Award, NMJA Enchantment Award

Stripe® Ring 18K Yellow and PD White Golds (1.68ctw White & Fancy Deep Yellowish Orange Diamonds) NMJA Award

Stripe® Ring 18K Pd. White Gold, (1-2 Ct. total) JA Premier award and First Place NMJA

Emily Benoist Ruffin GOLDSMITHS

119 Bent Street, PO BOX 1510, taos, new mexico 87571 575-758-1061 | 43 •

Earth and Spirit Gallery Hand-painted drums & artwork by Shari Ubechel

132 Bent Street, Taos 575-770-3390 • Taos Paintings • Jewelry • World and Local Crafts • Guitars • Local Body Products

a Retreat • a Tribute • a Sanctuary Discover our newly remodeled eight distinctive guest rooms celebrating the legacy of the remarkable women of Taos.

575-758-4777 |405 Cordoba Road 44 •


Hand crafted German and Austrian shoes, custom modified to fit each foot. Superb materials, impeccable leathers and perfect proportions are built into every shoe. When you enter TaoShoes, you know you’re in a different kind of shoe store. In fact, you’re not in a “shoe store” at all – you’re in a high-level Euro-Pedorthic facility. Visit us on Historic Taos Plaza and start on The Path to Foot Health.


On Taos Plaza

575.758.4711 133 N. Plaza Taos 45 •

46 •

47 •

jill mcelmurry 48 •

Mission Gallery 138 Kit Carson Rd Taos 575.758.2861

49 •

w at e r color ar t is t

Lynn McLain www .l yn n m c l a in .c om · 575-587-1625 S a g e F ine A r t G allery · T ao s Plaz a · 575 -7 5 8 -9 3 9 6

50 •

Laurie Celine


“Enchanted Mesa,” 20 x 16, oil on canvas

“Before the Bloom, Dixon,” 18 x 14, oil on board


Laurie Celine Balliett By appointment: 508.237.9499 PIONEER ING SOUTHWEST IMPR ESSIONISM

51 •


Studio: (575) 770-7826 Ammann Gallery Taos, NM

52 •

53 •

Linda Rauch Gallery 246 A Ledoux Street Taos (Next to Harwood Museum) Impressionistic Floral Fantasies and Landscapes 575-751-3149 “FOOTPRINTS”


LIVING LIGHT GALLERY Celebrating 16 years of Honoring the light, the land, the people of northern New Mexico   107 kit carson rd 575-737-9150 54 •

55 •

ENVISION GALLERY C O N T E M P O R A R Y art & sculpture gardens

3 miles north of Taos Plaza @ the Overland Complex 575-751-1344 Kinetic Wind Sculptures by Lyman Whitaker

56 •

Millicent Rogers Museum Presents


Featuring never-before-seen treasures borrowed from private collections and the Harvey family.

1504 Millicent Rogers Rd. 575-758-2462 57 •

Jameson Wells Creating and exhibiting Fine Art in Taos since 1979 42”h. x 78”w. Mm/canvas

Contemporary Paintings & Sculpture



Sage Fine Art 10 great artists 1 great gallery Barbara Bartels Troy Brown Joe Ciaglia Bob Cooley Sal Giglio Marian Jackson Elizabeth Jose Lynn McLain R. J. Pfammatter Doug Scott 115C E Taos Plaza • 575 758 9396 • 58 •

59 •

DEBORAH RAEL-BUCKLEY Large-scale Narrative Ceramic and Mixed Media Sculpture Studio Quemazรณn open for tours and demos by appointment Commissions Accepted 505-681-4914 60 โ€ข

61 •



3 under 35 By Savannah Rodriguez

Photos by Tina Larkin

Three upcoming artists of Taos, each under the age of 35, who give us a peek into their Taos experience, including when they first knew they were an artist, to breaking into the Taos scene and making it their home. 62 •


Aspen Party



Pat Woodall Fine Art A Unique Gallery Of One Mans Fine Art Oil Paintings, Monotypes, Pastel & Watercolor 207 Paseo del Pueblo Sur-Taos, NM 87571 575-758-3320 email: Gallery ServiceS: SouthweSt FramerS • SouthweSt collectibleS art leSSonS • accommodationS

63 •


3 UNDER 35


Havu Gallery in Denver, Colo.

At the young age of 4, oil painter JIVAN LEE sat on the couch next to his mother in a small house in Woodstock, N.Y. and watched her in amazement as she painted incredible pieces of art out of thin air. When he first tried to paint, he became frustrated and could not figure out how his mother did what she did. During his freshman year of college, Lee decided to take an oil painting class. After four months of attempting to paint something cohesive, his professor placed him in an advanced painting class the next semester. While following in his mother’s footsteps, Lee started to see the world as a painter, and “after that,” Lee says, “I was hooked.” Today, at the age of 29, Lee has a gallery on Bent Street called Heinley Fine Arts. He also displays work in the Meyer East Gallery in Santa Fe, the Galerie Kornye West in Fort Worth, Texas, and the William

Lee specializes in oil paintings with a central focus on direct observation — painting what is right before his eyes. After having a dream about Taos, a place that he knew nothing about, Lee came to Taos. He decided to make Taos his home after driving around Taos Pueblo and seeing the sunset light hitting Buffalo Pasture and the Taos Mountain. It was at that moment he felt he had found his home. Taos has these “big spaces that encroach on humanity’s hustle and bustle,” says Lee. “Everything is so open, and so expansive. His inspiration for painting comes from other artists, his friends and family, and dramatic weather, “but mostly, any moment that catches my attention. Something has to ‘pull’ me… it’s surprising, it’s unexpected, it’s spontaneous.”

64 •


3 UNDER 35

Taos potter LOGAN WANNAMAKER, originally from Durango, Colo., was first introduced to the art of clay when he was 15. His love for clay was immediately sparked by the meditative qualities of the wheel and just the simple act of pressing his hands into the wet earth.

Wannamaker focuses on the functional craft of ceramics, specializing in atmospheric firing. Because his work is not glazed, the decoration comes from the serendipitous nature of the kiln’s atmosphere. In order to create these environments, he often uses table salt or baking soda in the kiln throughout the firing. Wannamaker’s many different styles and techniques depend on the various types of kilns he uses. Since 1997 Wannamaker has resided in Taos, opened a respected ceramics gallery and established a summer workshop program offering ceramic classes to locals and tourists. After hosting many workshops in his studio, Wannamaker says his style is greatly influenced by the many different artists he has worked with. “I am just now starting to determine my actual voice in clay,” says Wannamaker. Much of Wannamaker’s inspiration comes from the Taos landscape, “the virga on the horizon after a summer rainstorm, snow covering weathered adobe … the smell of sage and smoke, the firing of a kiln on the mesa.” “I was drawn to the culture,” says Wannamaker, “Taos exudes raw beauty. The rugged attitudes of its inhabitants, historically and now, make me feel part of a spirit that I like to think embodies the West.” “I like that the pottery has always been a part of the culture of the Rio Grande Valley.” 65 •


Now 34, Wannamaker owns Logan Wannamaker Pottery, located downtown just north of the Taos Plaza across from the Taos Inn.

3 UNDER 35


3 UNDER 35

DARES TO BE DIFFERENT “There was never a point when art entered my life; it was just always there,” says 33-year-old painter and printmaker, CHRISTY SCHWATHE. Originally from Aurora, Colo., Schwathe grew up in a world of crafts, oil paints, bronze sculpture and woodwork. Schwathe’s work is exhibited at the Taos Artisan Gallery on Bent Street as well as in a little studio in the spare bedroom of her Costilla home. She is currently working on her paintings, and “honing the skill for depicting the human form and face … I’d have to say that people are my specialty,” says Schwathe. Schwathe says she tends to be brave with her art much more than in her own life. She enjoys using materials that cannot be controlled and is excited with whatever she ends up with. Her work starts off with thin lines and textures, starting loose and bold, then working tighter until the piece is finished.

Schwathe has lived in Taos for 14 years now. When describing what is special about Taos she says, “I could tell you all the usual things that slap you right in the face as soon as you pull into town — like the mountains, the interwoven cultures, the light, the art, the Gorge, the pueblo etc.—but what is special to me are the things that take a while to appreciate. I like places that are rough around the edges and the type of independent spirit these places create.” Given her nontraditional style of art, she struggles to break into the Taos art market with work she feels is not typical for this region. She says there is a lot of art not represented here and there is so much potential for new work while still maintaining the historical and traditional subjects. “To my own surprise,” she says, “I’ve also been finding new inspiration in almost all things Southwest, which has opened a whole new exciting world of subjects and ideas for me.”

66 •

“Two Voices, One Mountain” “Yellows of October”

Ouray’s Fine Arts

103 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte • Taos • 575.737.9292 • 575.758.1132 Be sure to visit our memorial museum featuring items collected by Ouray’s parents Ralph and Rowena over the last 100 years. 67 •



Exhibiting at the Mission Gallery Since 1984

Transparency of Shadows

23" x 33 1/2"

Water Media


69 •

The Historic


Locally Owned... Globally Unique 20 locally owned shops line a beautiful pedestrian walkway linking Bent Street and the historic Taos Plaza.

70 •

Lyn Avery Photography

A Sign of Respect Lamu Town, Kenya 2013 ©Lyn Avery

Lyn Avery’s “One Family Collection”, with its newest addition from Lamu Town, Kenya, offers us an opportunity to see beneath the obvious differences of race and circumstances. The goal - to inspire us to live and act with love, compassion and responsibility towards all beings. Call for appointment (575) 776-3221 71 •

Culinary Delights

Dining Out

72 •

RANCHO DE CHIMAYÓ RESTAURANTE A Timeless Tradition. For the taste of New Mexico, come to the ORIGINAL Rancho de Chimayó – serving New Mexicans and visitors for 50 years. OPEN 7 Days • MAY - OCT OPEN 6 Days • NOV - APRIL (closed Mondays) Breakfast on Weekends

505.351.4444 or 505.984.2100 Reservations recommended.

THE RANCHO CHIMAYÓ COLLECTION GALERIA “Over 11 Generations of the Best In Tradition and Quality” We provide the best works of Native American and Spanish art in your ideal price range. From authentic pottery, historic rugs, paintings, jewelry and more!

Call us for details • 505.351.4455 Joseph P. Sisneros, Owner (Located inside the Rancho de Chimayó Restaurant.) 73 •


HC 80 Box 17 • Cundiyo, New Mexico 87522 (505) 351-2175

McGuire has lived in New Mexico since 1943 and his home in Cundiyo in the northern part of the state since 1969. He has been sculpting since he moved there and loves to portray people and animals of the southwest.

74 •

75 •

Pueblo Avenue, TAos, 36 x 48 oil

Sally Delap-John Gallery

OPEN YEAR-ROUND 87 County RoaD 75, tRuChaS nM 87578 SallyDelap-John.CoM ∙ 505 689-2636 76 •

77 •

78 •

Masterpieces of Spanish Colonial Art 132 COUNTY ROAD 75 TRUCHAS, NM 87578 505•982•0820 or 505•689•1082

Masterpieces of Spanish Colonial Art 132 COUNTY ROAD 75

Celebrating 25 Years PO BOX 408 TRUCHAS, NM 87578

Grace Maria Garcia Dobson Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe 505·982·0820 or 505·689·1082

Celebrating 25 Years

Grace María Garcia Dobson Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

79 •

80 •

81 •

82 •

Intricately designed wire baskets made by Zulu weavers in Africa

Plus 1,954 other items you’ll find nowhere else...

Moxie Fair Trade & Handmade 216B Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos 575-758-1256 · 83 •


Abblett Ginny Abrums Gabriel Adair Mark Adams Kenneth Miller Adee Sharon Agius Jim Alexander Lorraine Alishan Allen Sean Anderson Carolyn Andrzejewska Anita Anglemire Geraldine Appleleaf Martha Archer Amber Archuleta Floyd Arnett Joe Anna Arvid Thomas Asher James Atkinson Chris Avery Lyn Baker Bill Bakos Joseph Balliett Laurie Celine Barker Claudette Barker Jim Barlock Carolyn Barsano Ron Bartel Barbara Batson Robert Batterton Robert Baucom Margaret Bauer Christian Baumann Gustave Beard Guy Beilfuss Kevin Bell Larry Benrimo Thomas Berninghaus Oscar Berry John Bieniak Beata Binette Dawn Binger Bill Bisttram Emil Black Elizabeth

83 55 68 36 76 2 13,35 43 56 2 5 76 55 13 56 16 61 16 76 16,71 16 36 51 14,34 21 2 37 58 16,24 16 16 43 36 43 2 5,60 68 36,60 16 5 83 24 22,36,68 9

Artists listed alphabetically by surname. Corresponding number represents either the gallery representing the artist or the artist’s personal advertisement.

Blackman Kathryn Blaustein Sharyn Bleifeld Stanley Blumenschein Ernest Boone Birdie Boren Evelyne Borts-Medlock Autumn Boyd Bruce Brackett Don Bradford Suzan Brennan Kathleen Brett Dorothy Breuning Briner BJ Britt Meredith Brown Sweet Marcie Brown Troy Bryer Diana Buckman Anne Marie Bunn Timothy Bunt Cathlene Burciaga Ernesto Burnam Julie Busch Ruzina Bustos Hector Byrne Jenny Cafazzo Robert Calhoun Magi Cameron Sheena Candelaria Doug Candyce Garrett Carey Cathy Carlson George Carter Catherine Cartwright Kate Castagnet Alvaro Cecchini Stefan Chatfield Kim Cheama Family Cheng Paul Chernoff Lisa Ciaglia Joe Ciancio Ron Marchese Cobb Stan

76 56 2 36,60 12 15 16 4 37 16 16 36,68 43 21 14,34 3 16,58 72 56 3 43 76 56 76 16 43 22 56 13 9 43 14,34 2 24 56 2 61 56 23 2 14,34 58 56 4

84 •

Cochran Jeff 16 Coleman Angie 17 Collins Charles 3 Coming Jonathan Warm Day 47 Concha Tracy 37 Cone Bill 2 Contreras Susan 61 Cook Jim 23 Cook Howard 36,68 Cooley Bob 21,58 Copeland Michael 61 57 Coriz Nestoria Coriz Rodney 57 Corning Alice 68 Couse E. Irving 36,60 Craft Sharon 9 Crumbo Woody 47 Curtin Laura 16 Curtis Edward S. 68 Daggett Ken 13,35 Dahl-Bredine Chris 16 Daniels Michael 43 Daniels Lori 9 Dasburg Andrew 36,68 Davis Audrey 9 Davis William C. 9 Davis Jonan 13 Davis William 5 Dawson Doug 2 Day Stephen 21 De Fremery Diane 19 De Nicola Issa 16,61 Dukepoo Michael & Cassandra 57 DeKeuster Joanne 92 DeKeuster Keving 92 Delap Sally 76 Denison Debbie 76 Disbrow Rene 16 Dixon Deby 16 Doolittle Mary 14,34 Dunton William Herbert 36,60 Durland Garret 76 Durland Tracy 76 Eagle Black 16

85 •

Elliott Ken Ellis Fremont F. English Kim Epp Phil Evans Sally Evans Keith Ewing Charles Ewing Gifford Ewing Louie Faires Jerry Farbach Ruth Farnsworth John Febland David Fechin Nicolai Fein Elaine Fender Eric Fick Jorge Fitch Robert Flecha Carlos Forbes Ann Foster Lenny Frates Dennis Freyne Maureen Fullbright John Garcia Lydia Garcia-Gonzalez Juliet Garel Leo Garnier Charles Garoutte PJ Garrett Dan Gaspard Leon Gendler Robert Giglio Sal Giron Claudia Glanz Daniel Goldman Richard Gonske Walt Gonzales Barbara Gonzales Cavan Gonzales Damien Gootgeld Steve Gotay de Anderson Zulia Gott Susan Graffy Ann Grant Coni Graves Valerie

2 36 2 21 61 67 13 61 68 57 76 5 56 36 56 55 68 16 48 57 16,54 16 76 16 57 76 36 43 21 9 36 5 58 76 2 16 37 57 57 2 13 67 61 23 21 21

Green Lance Greg Moon Guillerm Philippe Gusterson Leigh Guthrie Arlo Gyovai Joseph Hadaway Ed Hahn Dave Haight Cathy Hall Lane Haller Helga Hamil Joyce Hanrahan Mary Hansen Peter Hargis Nancy & Mark Harrington Roger Harrington Sandra Hawely Tupper Hawley Richard Hayes Arlene LaDell Head Debbie Heartwell Lee Heckman Andrea Hegener John Heitzman Roger Hendrix Brenda Hennings E. Martin Herrera Nicholas Hettinger David Hewitt Rick Hicks Kent Higgins Victor Hileman Mark Hilton Robert Hoback Priscill Hockenberry Mary Hoeksema Mary Hoeksema Ron Hoffman Frank B. Hollingshead Mat Horik Stefan Horst Mark Howarth Katrina Huarrancca Edmundo Hustito Sylvester Huston Ann

13 26 61 59,78 3 67 91 16 9 2 16 9 16 21 9 49 49 67 67 13 61 9 16,48 56 9 9 36 15 2 91 9 36,60 43 76 91 76 68 68 36 21 61 9 13 48 23 16

86 •

Hutson John Immel Peggy Immel Steve Jackson Jay Jackson Marian Jacobs Dan Jacobsen Patricia James Jonna James Kino James Rebecca S. Jaramillo Bernie Jarrell Deedra Jasper-Vogel Lynda Jessup Brandi Jirby Inger Johnson Douglas Jojola Tony Jones Paula Jonson Raymond Jordan Jerry Jose Elizabeth Joy Elizabeth Kachina Vintage Keffer Jim Keheley Kristine Kennedy David Michael Kilgore Rosa Kitchens James Kobayashi Milt Kremer Marty Lacroix Pascal Lambridis Cathleen Lambert Justin Lamkin JK Landau Jeremy G. Lapatina Deborah Latham Barbara Launer Ali Lawrence Edward Leard Ronald Leary Allen Lee Jivan Leffel David A. Leustig Issy Leustig Jack Liang Weizhen

24 21 21 43 58 67 9 14 16 36 76 48 61 12 91 61 13 21 68 37 58 16 22 13 56 15 14,34 61 2 5 43 57 12 2 24 56 36 61 43 76 24 15,16 2 16 16 2

Liu Huihan Llampl Dorothy Lockwood Ward Lomayesva Gregory Lopez Kate Lostetter Al Lovelace Suzanne Lujan Antonia Lujan Ira Lujan Lee Luplow Eric Lury Caroline Mabe Dean Machaud Al Mackrill Perry Macpherson Kevin Madden Geody Maestas Bianca Maestas Huberto Mahka Ron Maho Garrett Maine Connie Mallegni Jacqueline Malott Lori Mangat Terrie Mannschreck Rebecca Manzo Tony Mapes David Markeson Bobbie Marquez Christa Marshall Jill Wyatt Marshall Jake Martin Agnes Martinez Matt Martinez Armida Martinez Maria Marvin Moon Marx Nicki Mayer David McAfee Ila McCarthy Lynne McCarthy Kay McClellan Scott McCullough Susan McCurtain-Blair Karen McDermott Kevin

2 21 36 23 68 21 14 23 57 55 76 76 16 16 24 16 43 21 21 68 57 43 13 67 57 9 16 5 9 24 16 16 60 56 56 23 26 50 2 36 61 67 12 21 61 4

McElmurry Jill McGivern Peggy McGuire Frank McKellar Jerry McLain Lynn McNeil Ted Medina Clarence Mehaffey Jacques Mercuri Liz Messick Scott Messmer Reto Meyers Ouray Michaels Patricia Mieshiel Miller G.L. Miller Charlotte Miller Shiela Mills Seamus Milosevich Deborah Miro Michael Mitchell Mike Mondragon Concha Mongiello Ginger Montez Ray Moon Marvin Moore Jan Moore Jeri Moore Marion Morris Iva Moulthrop Matt Moulthrop Philip Murraye Cookie Mynarcik Jill Nance DR Naranjo Sharon Nes Margaret Neumann Jeffrey L. Nichols Richard Alan Nichols Jean Noble Tom Norman Bruce Northcutt Charlotte O’Connor Paul O’Neil Ken Okonkwo Nmamdi Osborne John Phillip

48,68 9 74 61 50,58 16 20 24 16 14 56 67 57 56 9 4 76 5 21 61 5 76 16 79 21 9 9 11 9 9 9 4 21 23 55 21 16 61 76, 83 18 16 16 16 48 9 2

87 •

Parsons Pamela Parsons Sheldon Pascarella Paul Pasquarelli Susan Peina Claudia Pena Amado Perkins Jeffrey Perret Etienne Peynetsa Anderson Pfammatter R.J. Phillips John David Phillips Bert Geer Pintki Piper Lydia Ann Porter Dean Potter Joan Prades Jacques Prescott Fredrick Price Ken Prince Victoria Sojourn Prokos Michael Pryor William Pulos Cris Quam Family Quandelacy Family Quiller Stephen Rael-Buckley Deborah Rane Bill Rauch Linda Ray-Mel Cornelius Reed Doel Reina Reynolds Robert Rickert Paul Riedel David Rivera Elias Robertshaw Gloria Robles Julian Rodriguez Anita Rohm Bob Rohrig Mark Roller Gary Romero Dulce Romero Mary Jane Rosetta Jeremy Roy Jean Claude

16 36 16 16 57 3 68 43 23 58 2 36,60 56 9 68 2 43 91 16,60 16 12 68 21 23 23 68 60 16 54 13 68 16, 52 4 2 2 61 24 37 16 23 61 14,34 76 76 57 61

Rudy Sandra & Steven 76 Ruffin Emily Benoist 43 Rusnell Elizabeth 68 Rusnell Wesley 68 Russell Sally 67 Ryan Teena 9 Sadler Tom 61 Salin Wendy 9 Samuels Camille 43 Samyn-Werbrouck Dominique 61 Sander Sherry 2 Sandifer Rosie 2 Sandoval Ed 16,61 Santacroce Robert 5 Sawyer George 43 Saxe Hank 5 Schaller Thomas W. 2 Schlien Lily 13 Schneider William A. 2 Schoonover Beverly 68 Scott Raynard 43 Scott Doug 58 Scully Jenna 14 Seeley Alice 48 Segura Juanjo 16 Senkarik Mikki 21 Sharp Joseph Henry 36,60 Shimonek Mick 21 Short Stephanie 56 Shorty Eddy 68 Shroyer Charlotte 4,52 Sice Troy 57 Sievers Holly 22 Silverman Burton 2 Simpson Renee Steger 23 Sisneros Joseph 73 Smith Cletus 9 Smith David 5 Smith Geraint 16,90 Smith Jack 5 Smith Kathleen 19,21 Sobol Jonathan 21 Solomon Lindsy 16 Sparno Rosemary 76 Speakes Rebecca 83 Spellman Steve 13

Spencer Ken Sroka Elsa Standish Miles Stapper Cindy Steber Larry Steinbach Robbie Stern Pamela Stonn Gak Stratton Mary Stribling Judy Ann Stroh Earl Stroh-Miller Judith Suazo John Sullins David Summers Richard Swiatek Vicki Talardo Frank Taos Founders Taos Moderns Tatom Michael Teeguarden Adrienne Teitelbaum Adam Thomas Katie Thompson Cami Thompson-Smith Shirley Tibbs Maureen Tobey Rebecca Toole Narrie Track Bernadette Track Dawning Pollen Traynor Pattie Treiber Kim Trujillo Lisa Trujillo Carlos Trujillo Vivian Two Hawks Brian Ubechel Shari Ubechel Norbert Ufer Walter Valencia Alejandro Valencia Adrian Valencia Gloria Vanessa Moon Vaughan V. Viles Pat Vinella Ray

2 9 43 13 16 21 56 16,48 24 67 68 21 57 24,56 76 9 56 68 68 43 91 56 83 16 2 14 2 4 23 23 21 14,34 77 78 76 91 44 44 36 56 56 14,34 26 9 15 21

88 •

Wagner Jim Wagner Rory Walbye George Waldis Venja Wallis Scott Wannamaker Logan Ward Don Warner Mary Ann Wasowski Sally Watson James Welch Sarah Wesley Ron Wheeler Thom Wheelock Seymour Whitaker Lyman White Chris Wilbanks Mary Wilde Teruko Williams Cheryl Williams Roger Wilms Jurgen Wilson Jay Winchester Jan Windor Lynne E. Winnubst Hubertus Q. Witkop Mary Wood Mary Dolph Woodall Katie Woodall Pat Woods Jack Worman Dinah Wright Peter Wu Zhaoming Wyatt Veda Wyatt Kenneth Wyndham Ann Yates Marilyn Yazzie Angie Yeager Doug Youn Seung Youngwolf SD Zalenski Joan Zaring Barbara Zeldis Lou

47 21,61 67 68 21 12 37 9 16 43 24 57 7,13 9 56 23 56 2 56 13 2 68 9 61 56 23 37 56 63 67 9 5 2 16 16 19 2 23,57 21 67 56 74 2 43


12:08 PM

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one man show Church at San Pedro, CO • 14” x 18” • O/P

Walter Ufer, The Land of Mañana, 1916. Collection of Union League Club of Chicago.

gonske walt summer guide07

Taos Art Museum & Fechin House presents

Walt Gonske “Paintings of the High Desert” Sept 21st – Oct 28th, 2007 • Artist Reception: Sept 21st • 4-7pm A Full Color Hardbound Catalog Available September 1st 227 Paseo del Pueblo Norte • Taos, NM 87571 • 505.758.2690 •


Read Northern New Mexico’s Premier Arts Guide online at


90 •

Inger Jirby “Dazzling Garden in Arroyo Seco” 12” x 13”

photo credit: Dan Morse

INGER JIRBY GA L L E RY · S C U L P T U R E G ARD E N G UE S T H O U S E S E XPR ESSION IST IC PAIN T INGS W IT H EXT R AORDI NARY C OLOR 2 0 7 LED OUX ST RE ET, TAOS , NM 87571 5 7 5 -7 5 8 -7 3 3 3 FAX 5 7 5 -7 58-3002 jirby@ne w w w w.jirby.c om 91 •



and mile markers 268 & 269 575-737-9640

92 •

Taos Gallery Guide 2014  

The Taos Gallery Guide is your source for information and locations of that focus on the gallery scene in the Taos area. This issue also in...

Taos Gallery Guide 2014  

The Taos Gallery Guide is your source for information and locations of that focus on the gallery scene in the Taos area. This issue also in...