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At Tangereene our aim is for every child to see themselves, their community, and their friends authentically reflected within the pages of our magazine. Families come in all shapes and sizes, with many parts that make it a whole. This issue we share some amazing features; children, parents and siblings share their personal stories and allow us a glimpse into their lives. One of our editorials features Bartholomé and Pandora, a brother and sister who share an extra special bond.

Alongside family features we have our usual inspiring fashion editorials and our regular features. This issue these include a Guardian of the Earth interview with one of our regular contributors, Tze Ching Yeung and family, and Being A Teen visits South Africa where we learn about daily life for three siblings. If you are a tween/teen that loves reading, The Book People have compiled a list of essential reads on the theme of ‘The Family’. Are you a budding artist or know someone who is? Enter our design competition and see your work of art printed on t-shirts sold worldwide - more info on page 152. Follow for updates on Instagram @Tangereenemagazine. Enjoy our fourth issue.

Edi tor: R O M AI N E C O O N GH E

S OUN D OF THE SUB UR B S Pho t o g r a p h y : DEA N BELC H ER Styli n g : B E C KY S EAGER Hai r + M a ke U p : RAC H EL CA RTER E AGLE TON M o de l s : R AC H AEL, DA NN Y, ISA BELLA, CONNIE , D OLLY + E LVIS


El vi s : s tyl i s t’s o w n to p + t rous e rs . Co nni e : NOÉ & ZOË coa t + dre s s . Do l l y: PETI T BATEAU co at, I L G U F O dre s s . I zzy: BOBO CH OS ES s ki rt, s tyl i st ’s ow n t op.

Elvis : B O BO C H O S ES top, VE LVETEE N top, PETI T BATEAU ye l l o w tro us e rs . Do l l y: B O BO C H O S ES top. Co n n i e : G D SM @ ALE X AND ALE XA dr es s . I z z y : B UR B E R RY @ ALEX AND ALE XA dr es s .



Dol l y: T U T U D U M OND E cr y stal leotar d, MER I MER I fl o w e r he ad d re s s . El vis : N O É & ZO Ë jac ket, KENZO tr ousers .

Co nni e : G DS M @ ALEX AND ALEXA dre s s . I zzy: BUR BER RY @ ALEX AND ALEXA dre s s . Al l s ho e s mo d e l ’s ow n.


Do l l y: TUTU DU MON DE crys tal l e ot a rd, MER I MER I fl o w e r he addre s s . El vi s : NOÉ & ZOË j acke t, K ENZO trous e rs . Co nni e : TUTU DU MONDE d re s s + ca pe. I zzy: TUTU DU MONDE dre s s . Iz z y : C AR OL I N E B OSMANS @ ALE X AND ALEXA d re s s .


I zzy : GU CC I @ AL E X AND ALE XA dr ess.


El vi s : BOBO CH OS ES j umpe r, s tyl i s t’s o w n t rous e rs . Do l l y: I L G UF O dre s s . I zzy: MAR N I @ ALEX AN D AL EX A dre s s . C o n n ie : MARNI @ ALE X AND ALEXA s hi rt, BUR BER RY @ ALEX AND A LEX A s k i rt .



Do l l y: VELVETEEN s k i rt + t op. Danny: LOVES I CK a l l cl ot he s . Co nni e : MI N I R ODI N I @ ALEX AN D A LEX A dre s s . El vi s : PETI T BATEAU to p, K EN ZO t rous e rs . Rachae l : LOVES I CK a l l cl ot he s . I zzy: G UCCI @ ALEX AND A L EX A dre s s .

How do you manage to juggle family life, the kids activities, castings, and your business, LovesickLdn?

What does family mean to you?

Rachael: As of this September all kids were in full time school, woohoo!! This will help!

Dan: No peace or time to yourself lol.

Rachael: It’s my world!

Izzy: Family is everything. Izzy currently does jujitstu, private singing lessons, acro and musical theatre and guitar lessons. Connie’s main passion is to dance. She takes musical theatre, contemporary/ jazz, tap, ballet, acro classes and has private singing and clarinet lessons. Dolly and Elvis do tap and ballet. It is full on in our house, life is never dull, there is always laughter.

Connie: Everything. Dolly: Everything. Elvis: Nothing (currently sitting with the hump on stairs ha-ha). What are your favourite family activities?

Can you tell me a little more about the family business, LovesickLdn? Rachael: Lovesick was established in 2013. It was just started with Dan buying one t-shirt and posting pics to Instagram. It was inspired by London living and street culture. The brand was built by family and usually everyone we meet and shoot with become family to us. We always love getting the kids involved. Izzy is Dan’s sidekick and loves helping him.

Rachael: We love walks in woods, cinema, caravan and visiting Dreamland in Margate we have yearly passes! We also love nothing better than watching a film and snuggling up on the sofa! Dan: Cinema when everyone is quiet for 5 minutes or bowling. Connie: Sofa snuggles. Dolly: Being with my whole family. Izzy: Movies and pizza time. Elvis: When we go to the woods and have ice cream and go cinema and eat sweets.


Are there any funny family moments you care to share with us? Rachael: There are lots as you can imagine! When we go out with the kids, we usually get comments about our 4 girls! Elvis is such a pretty boy! You can usually hear us coming before you see us. The younger two, the babies as I call them, Dolly and Elvis are so loud! Dolly and Elvis are super friendly and literally will go behind the counter in Tesco’s and cuddle the cashier or a waitress in Pizza Express.

Every day is a show day! Connie is the boss and has a very strong creative mind and is always making up little shows and the babies follow! Connie loves to dance to contemporary music and Elvis loves Horrid Henry songs. Izzy is double-jointed so has a few party tricks! The children love to entertain.

You can find LovesickLdn on Instagram at @lovesickldn

The children’s names are always topic of conversation. We were recently at the doctors with Connie and the nurse came out and said her name so loud and proud! She then went and introduced her to all the docs and nurses! Ha-ha!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch now on YouTube at www.bit.ly/SoundoftheSuburbs




Pho to gr a p h y : I SA BEL P INTO Styl i n g: N A D I A R O N CH I r e pr e s ente d b y ZARA RONCHI Mode l s : OS CAR + OLIV ER @ S U GA R KIDS

Oscar (10 years) and Oliver (8 years) AKA @the_bailey_boys_official, are well known in the kid’s fashion scene and are both represented by Sugar Kids’ agency in Spain. The boys have featured in fashion campaigns for Massimo Dutti, Mango, Childrensalon and many more. They have also featured in kid’s fashion editorials in magazines like Bazaar Kids and Marie Claire Italia. Reflecting a natural authenticity, the story captures the brothers free spirited nature reflected by the familiar setting of their home.


O liv e r + Oscar : SOME TIME SO ON j acke ts , N E X T DIRE C TORY KIDS fl o ral s hi rts , ZARA KIDS tro us e rs .


Oliv er + Osc ar: H &M K I DS l e apo rd pri nt s w e ats hi rts + p uf f e r gi l e t s , B ELLE RO S E tro us e rs @ S MALLABLE. COM, Z AR A K ID S t ra i ne rs .


O l i ve r + Osc ar : N E XT D IRE C TORY KIDS s hi rts , MAR I E CH AN TAL s ui ts , MOLO ber e ts , Z AR A KI D S wellington boots.



O s c ar : SOM E TIME SOON animal pri nt s w e ats hi rt + s al o pe tte s , Z AR A K I DS pl a i d s ca rf. Oliv er : NEXT DIRE C TORY K I DS fl o ral s hi rt, S OMETI ME S OON s a l ope t t e s .


O sca r: H &M KI D S pink polo shir t + jumpe r, S OMETI ME S OON j acke t + tro us e rs , ZAR A K ID S wellin gton boots. O l i v e r: Z AR A WO M AN faux leather top + l e o pard pri nt tro us e rs , Z AR A K I DS b o o ts, T h e A n i m als Ob s e r v ator y belt, sty list’s o w n turtl e ne ck + vi ntag e l e o pard pri nt s ca rf.


Can you tell us a little bit more about who makes up your family? Oscar and Oliver’s mum, Gabi: There’s just the three of us at home together. We live in a little house out in the country with our dog Miles. Oscar and Oliver argue at times like all brothers do, but they are extremely close and have a very special bond. They rarely do anything on their own at home and are usually found sat together playing a game or doing something outside together. Although there is nearly two years between them, they seem more like twins due to the amount of time they spend together. Both boys are very close to their grandma, who they call Yak Yak, and their grandad. They have always spent quite a lot of time with them due to me working full time and it only being us. The boy’s grandad unfortunately suffered a brain injury a few years ago and receives care now. The brothers absolutely adore him and often help with anything he needs, and I often find them getting him up out of bed, giving him a shave or pushing him around in his wheelchair. They are so sweet with him. What does family mean to you? Oscar: Family means always having someone by your side. There’s always someone there you trust if you’ve got a problem and want to talk about it. Mummy works hard to make sure we have food and our home. I also have a cool ‘Yak Yak’ who my friends love because she high fives them all at the school gate. Oliver: Having lots of hugs and kisses and having lots of people who make you feel special.


What are your favourite family activities? Oscar: Baking with mum, especially cakes, making dens in the garden and cooking on the fire pit. Oliver: I keep my drums at Yak Yak’s house, and she lets me play on them really loud whenever I want to. Spending Saturdays in my onesie watching films together with the curtains shut and with a fire. Oscar and Oliver: We love where we live, especially the cornfield next door which is like a giant maze in the summer, and we have a long country lane that we ride our bikes down. We also have fun family holidays together with mum, Yak Yak, Grandad and our Auntie. We also like playing with our dog, Miles, and taking him for walks on the beach. You can find Oscar and Oliver on Instagram at @the_bailey_boys_official

Osc ar : M ARIE C HANTAL cashmere s w e ate r, Z AR A K I DS tro us e rs + w e l l i ng t on boot s . Oliv er : B OB O C HOSES tro us e rs + turtl e ne ck, Z AR A K I DS w e l l i ngt on boot s .


MÉ, MYS E LF + I Ph o to g r a p h y : R OS S BOLG ER r epr e s en t ed b y ANGE LI & CO St yling: M IC H E L L E P IERRE CA RR Mo de ls : PA N D O R A @ KIDS LON DON + BART HOLOMÉ @ ZE BE DE E M ANAGE M E N T

Models Bartholomé (19 years) and Pandora (12 years) have a very special bond. Not only are they siblings, they are also best friends too! Bartholomé has Down Syndrome and is non-speaking. It can be difficult to “read” Bartholomé because of his difficulties in expressing his feelings but Pandora instinctively knows how to assist her older brother and is always patient, helpful and puts his needs first. The siblings love to do activities together. They go horse riding, skiing, bake, play cards (their favourite game is ‘Cheat’), and watch TV together (their favourite shows are Britain’s Got Talent, Catch Phrase and X Factor). Pandora also reads to Bartholomé before he goes to bed each night. The children have two older brothers, Sebastian and Benjamin. Bartholomé is called Mé by his family.

You can find Pandora on Instagram at @pandoraamh and Bartholomé at @bartholoamh


Mé : PR I MAR K parka j a ck e t . Pand o ra: OWA YUR I K A coa t .


Pand o ra: MOLO cro p to p, A MON DAY l e g g i ng s . Mé : PR I MAR K parka j acke t + b l ack te e, UNAUTH OR I Z ED j acke t

Mé : UN AUT H OR I ZE D pants. Al l s h oe s m o d els own.

“Me and Mé are very close and his Down Syndrome doesn’t get in the way at all. We love play fighting and we are always playing together. Sometimes it’s more difficult with Mé because he has Down Syndrome, but it just makes whatever we are doing even better. Life is good with my bro.”


Pand o ra: Z AR A de ni m s hi rt . Mé: Z AR A che ck ho o d e d o ve rs hi rt, UN AUTH O R I ZED t e e.


“Mé has a unique way of communicating his needs and it takes a thoughtful person to understand him. Pandora is that person, a wonderful sister who takes her time to support, care and love for her brother. In return, Mé is calm and responsive to her and comes out of his shell. Not just siblings...but best friends.” - B IG B ROTH E R, S E B ASTIAN

M é : P RI M A R K jac ket, MOLO r ed chec k b o tto ms , MOLO to p. Pa n d or a: P R I M A R K headband, MOLO ja cke t, A MON DAY ho o d i e, OWA Y UR I KA b o t t oms.

Pand o ra: Z AR A de ni m t op, Z AR A g re e n j o g g i ng t rous e rs , PR I MA R K re d ba g.

“Pandora is like a magician she always knows what Mé needs and makes it happen as if by magic. Pandora and Mé are truly best friends, and they have evolved a unique, special relationship through kindness, love and understanding.”


Pand o ra: PR I MAR K re d hat, MO LO che ck co at, Z AR A d e ni m d ung are e s . Mé : A MONDAY card i g an, Z A R A s hi rt , Z AR A b e i g e tro us e rs . Mé : UN AUTH OR I Z ED j acke t.

“Mé has a great personality, is very humorous and loves to tease. Without the ability to talk verbally, he has found a unique way of communicating which at times can be difficult to understand which requires patience and time. Pandora has a unique way of communicating with Mé, due to her kindness and patience towards her brother. With this outlook, this opens a whole new light to Mé that brings the best out in him which shows his loyalty to those who choose to share their time with him. Pandora is one of those lucky few people.” - B IG B ROTH E R, B E NJAMIN 38

Mé : PR I MAR K parka j acke t, UNAUTH OR I Z ED pa nt s . Pand o ra: OWA YUR I K A co at, A MON DAY l e ggi ngs . Al l s ho e s mode l ’s ow n.

A FEW WORDS BY MUM & DA D ALL ABOUT BARTHOLOMÉ A STRONG BOND Bartholomé had a difficult birth and we think the lack of oxygen at birth affected his speech. As a result, he also has additional needs and is non-speaking. He is a little miracle as he was given 40% chance of survival. He spent a month in hospital and was in and out of hospital for the first 3 years, but he is strong and healthy now. Barthlomé was 8 years old when Pandora was born. The age gap has been perfect! They played a lot when they were younger. They have a unique bond. Holding his hand, putting her head on his shoulder or a hug when he is upset or frustrated is enough to make him feel better instantly. If Mé does not know how to occupy himself, she does not hesitate to sacrifice her time to start an activity with him or to include him in whatever she is doing (cooking, football, badminton). Bartholomé is very popular with his peers and teachers at college and Pandora is his best friend. Pandora and Bartholomé share a love of acting/ singing/drama (they both go to Stagecoach on Saturdays). Both siblings also play the drums; Pandora is in a band and Bartholomé plays an amazing solo. The siblings go riding and skiing together and Bartholomé is now a member of the GB Special Olympics and he is doing selection in Switzerland for the next Special Olympics World Winter Games that take place in February 2021 in Sweden. Who knows?

Pandor a: M OLO j acke t.

ABOUT BARTHOLOMÉ BartholomÊ has a great sense of humour. He can say a few words and uses Makaton signing. He never complains, he is very easy going and does everything with the family. We are a busy family, we travel a lot (take a look at The American Road Trip shot by their brother Benjamin and published by Junior Style Magazine), we go sailing, mountain walking, riding and skiing. He is sporty, he does street dance and drama with the amazing company Blue Apple. Founded in 2005 and based in Winchester, Blue Apple is an inspirational and ambitious theatrical company that supports performers with learning disabilities to develop and present high quality productions for the widest possible audiences, nationally and internationally.


INCLUSIVITY In return Bartholomé teaches us how to be mindful, patient, kind and grateful. I took Bartholomé along to a shoot with Pandora who has been modelling since the age of 6. He so enjoyed it posing effortlessly, such a natural and now he is a model/actor with Zebedee Management who are so much more than a modelling agency. He is still very new with the agency but has had one job already and several castings. Thanks to social events, castings and jobs it is so wonderful that he will now have the opportunity to meet other models/actors and create new friendships. For us parents and siblings it is great to be able to meet other families like us. After all there is no need for words, there is an unspoken understanding and we are one big family that we are proud to be part of. Life is not always easy with a young person with a disability, but we would not change anything for the world. We feel lucky that Bartholomé was chosen to be with us and we are going to make sure he has a happy and fulfilling life. Bartholomé now has a platform and will contribute to change people’s perceptions about ability and disability, there is nothing he cannot do given the right support! Bartholomé is at college now and off to a performing college in The New Year - a specialist college that increases the confidence and skills of young adults with special needs through the performing arts.

Pandora : P R I M A R K cr op top.


Pan d o r a: MOLO c r op top.

THE FUTURE The future is bright! Blue Apple, Zebedee Management, college, Stagecoach, the Special Olympics, traveling — a busy life now and ahead. 43

MY KIDS MY HEART MY WORLD Pho to g r a p h y + Di r e cti on: G LYNIS CARPE NT E R Styling : JE S S I CA ZIN DREN H air + M a ke U p : CLELIA BERG ONZOL I @ UTOPIA

Single parent Aliya and her family reside in New Jersey, not far from Philadelphia, USA. Jazmyn, Aliya’s eldest daughter, has her own home nearby with son, Jaedyn, but is still very much involved on a day-to-day basis with family life.


Jayd an: VANS s hi rt + te e, LEVI S j e ans , PLAE s hoe s . Jazmy n: H&M pants, TI MBER LAND b o o ts , G AP turtl e ne ck, Z AR A s hi rt . Aliya: H &M d re s s , Z AR A b e l t, SAM EDELMAN s hoe s . Be nj ami n: Z AR A j umps ui t, NI K E s hoe s . M a dison: AQUA sweater, ANDOR I N E pants , S TELLA MCCARTN EY s hoe s .


Jaz m y n : C H LO E shoes, ZARA skir t + ho o d i e, G AP turtl e ne ck, S UNS ET + S PR I NG j a ck e t . Ali y a : H& M d r ess, 7 F OR MANKIND tur tl e ne ck, MADEWELL s ho e s . M a di s on: KI D P I K shir t, MOLO jacket, STELLA MCCARTN EY pants , VAN S s ho e s .

Who makes up your immediate family? My daughter Jazmyn is the eldest child and is creative, crafty, spunky and a mother to 9-year-old Jaedyn, my grandson who is a ball of energy and as cute as a button. Benjamin (Ben) is 14 years old and a very tall, calm cool kid who loves reading, music creation, learning music history and dancing. My youngest daughter Madison is 8 years old and is a miracle child. Madison is a helpful social butterfly, who loves reading, writing, learning, dancing and modelling. Madison has been modelling/acting since she was 10 months old and is represented by Teri B Talent & Model Management and Reinhard Agency. My kids are all mixed with my ethnicities, but Benjamin and Jazmyn are also half Caucasian and so is Jaedyn. Madison is African American, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cherokee. An inclusive accepting world is a better one.

then I was born and mom lost me too. She just couldn’t stop. I’m thankful my grandma was able to look after all of us and keep the siblings together. My mom went through so much, in and out of trouble, homelessness, and had suffered heart problems and strokes toward the end. She passed away at 42 years old. My dad married another woman and had three children after me, I love them all despite not growing up together. I saw my dad sparsely over my early years, however we have reconnected since I had my children. I have the ability to appreciate the good in people. My mother was a strong, good hearted and creative woman who had some struggles, but she gave the world a lasting contribution; her children, grandchildren and even a great grandchild. I wish more people would understand no one’s perfect, judgement isn’t the answer and nor is giving up on your loved ones who suffer from low self-esteem and substance issues — they need extra support and love.

What was your own family life like? My parents met in the projects of Newark, New Jersey. My mother I call a ‘street angel’. Mom would give a meal and shirt off her back to people who needed it, even though she hardly had anything. My mom grew up with without her father, he passed before she was born. She had self-confidence issues, however she taught me that no matter what, love yourself, and it is something that took me years to learn.My mom was a social butterfly and gave me love and confidence when she was sober, taught me to stand up for myself and how to defend myself. Mom thought having kids would give her someone to love her, but we weren’t the answer as she was struggling with substance abuse. She could not cope with looking after her children and lost my older siblings first,

What was it like being raised by your grandmother? My grandmother raised me with my two siblings and removed us from the city to give us a better life in the suburbs. We lived a very humble lifestyle on a limited income. Life was running at a slower pace and there was no social media. We played outside and helped garden. It was good growing up with my grandmother, she listened to great music and loved good manners. We gardened a lot together and had lots of fresh veggies. She was a great cook and was very kind to support us all and shopped at thrift stores which taught me the value of making wise choices to stretch money as she was very frugal. My grandmother was stern, yet I know she loved us because raising three grandchildren at the same time was selfless. 47

How did you get on with your siblings? I got along great with my siblings. Both are older, with one having mental disabilities and the other very musically inclined and creative. We loved watching TV, playing video games, and going outside to play together even though there was an age gap of five years. In their teen years I wasn’t as cool to them and they hung out with their friends, lol! What things did you do together as a family? My grandma taught us horticulture, the family sales business at the flea market, and gardening. She took us to the beach, the amusement parks and to Disney World. My grandma did the best she could for us, and I appreciate her. Rest her soul. How has life changed since being a mother? I was a teen mom so it changed my life and made me grow up faster. Being a mother has showed me a love I never knew before — one of a mother and child. Jazmyn was an adorable little one and taught me so much. Many years passed before my next two and I learned one of life’s main purposes through them — “My Kids, My Heart, My World, My Motivations, My Reasons Why.”I have been determined to be there for my kids and to provide a good life for them, in a safer area than I was born in. I had to find a career where the job would offer some flexibility so I can be there for my kids.


How do you combine your work, being a mother, and family life? My work choice is for them, so it had to be flexible since I am a single mother. I have to be able to be there for them, share quality time, bond with them. The smalls things like helping with school work, watching tv/movies together, getting them to friends houses, mall trips etc, all matter. I am an award-winning real estate agent and have been in the industry for 14 years. My clients understand the importance of my family, and on occasion my children have had to attend work with me. I also handle the overall management and logistics of Madison’s talent career as well as her social media content creation. I am a super busy mom involved in multiple industries and a creative person created from the mix of different ethnicities; African American, Cherokee Indian and Puerto Rican. I believe in being kind to each other and this is one of the reasons I have helped my daughter, Madison, advocate for natural hair awareness. Madison was bullied several times over her big red hair but I taught her to love herself exactly the way she is no matter what others say. I tell her that her hair is her crown, wear it with pride. We all should embrace each other’s uniqueness, if everyone was the same this world would be boring. I like seeing beyond and going beyond the norm. I have been a member of SAG-Aftra for over 20 years and I have worked with some amazing people on screen. Recently I have been getting called to go back into acting as I had a hiatus from the film industry for over 15 years so I could focus on the kids. It’s ironic that my miracle baby Madison has ended up being such a bright light, it’s like she was meant to shine her light on the world and has ended up following in her mom’s footsteps.

Aliya: H &M d re s s , Z AR A b e l t, SAM EDELMAN s hoe s . M adison: AQUA sweater, ANDOR I N E pants , S TELLA MCCARTN EY s hoe s .


Do you feel being a single parent has held you back in any way?

Which child has the biggest character in the family?

It has made things harder at times, sure, but as a single mother I still moved forward towards positive, loving environments, enriching for me and my children. Certainly it would have been nice to have extra help, time and finances. But it did not hold me back, if anything it made me stronger, more caring, wiser, determined and filled with purpose. It propelled me.

Madison is a huge personality; she is very inquisitive, active, a tomboy/unicorn/queen, and loves everyone. Her unique red hair has caused ups and downs so we have advocated to encourage others to embrace their natural hair. Madison inspired me to finally go back to natural hair, something I did not know too much about personally as it was different when I grew up; Afro hair out was considered unkempt hair, unacceptable and needed to be tamed or straightened. My kids don’t know that era all they know is to love their natural selves, and they do.

I have had so many blessings in my life as a single parent. I think it is really about the determination and character of the particular single parent. I was raised by a strong selfsufficient person, so I know nothing but to try to do well and provide a good lifestyle. I achieved so much because my kids motivated me, and I wanted to achieve for them. The adversity of my upbringing and being a single mom has made me who I am today, and I love it. Hey, I’m 41, there’s still time for a wonderful Mr Right to come along and share some life with. Do the older siblings help you out within the home and the family? Jazmyn helps with both her siblings and is the cool older sister. My eldest daughter collects her younger siblings from school. Jazmyn will take care of her brother and sister if I have to work late and she is great at advising her teen brother since he is nearing high school. Ben helps with his little sister too and takes Madison to the playground, watches her, keeps her occupied when I need him too! lol!

What does family mean to you? Aliya: Family is everything to me a sense of where I came from, what I am a part of and have been blessed to continue to carry on into the future. Jazmyn: To me family means comfort, the people who you are totally comfortable to be around and be your true self. Family can be your sister, co-worker, your best friend or team mate. Through ups and downs family stays your comfort zone. Madison: Family are the most important people in the world to me. Benjamin: Family means to me a group of people that support each other, and that is what my family does. Jaedyn: Family is everything. What are your favourite family activities? We all love going to the movies to see new films, eating together (Jazmyn and Jaedyn live in their own home so its special to have us all together to have meals here and there) and we enjoy visiting cool places, like most recently Time Square.

J a yd e n : L E VI S pants, P LAE shoes, AQUA s w e ate r, N I K E ho o d i e. M a dis o n : ST E L L A MC C ARTNE Y sweate r + s ho e s , MOLO l e g g i ng s .


Do you have a favourite inspirational or motivational quote? “Things that have never happened before, happen every day.” It gives me motivation I am enough and can accomplish great things no matter what odds are against me. Being a teen mom I had to deal with the stereotypes and adversity all of which I overcame with self determination, positivity, compassion and being helpful to others. At 41 years old I have overcome and learned so much as a young mother. I learned to love and embrace my natural hair which empowers me and look forward to helping many more people, reaching new heights with my family in tow. When the opportunity came up to do something all together we happily agreed as a show of solidarity and love as a family.

Can you let me know a little more about your role and Madison’s as an advocate for natural hair? We started the Redlilmissy Instagram account around four years ago to share a look into Madison’s life and career as an afro textured, red-haired child who is full of personality. She had been bullied in connection to her hair. I refused to allow my child to be hair shamed because of the way it grows naturally. Instagram gave me the ability to share its beauty and encourage other naturals. The account seemed to grow organically, and I began to share tips, products, techniques to help people to wear their natural hair. Madison is proud of her hair and the bigger the better! Madison loves it when her afro is out and huge and feels so free spirited. The Instagram account is our way of advocating it is ok, it is natural and should be accepted and not called Broccoli hair, cloud hair, it’s a wig, etc. Madison has been featured in several magazines regarding her natural hair and taken part in interviews over the years on embracing your natural hair. You can find Madison on Instagram at @Redlilmissy


B enjamin: Z AR A s hi rt, H &M ho o d i e, UNI QLO j e ans , NI K E M ad ison: KID P IK shir t, MO LO j acke t, S TELLA MCCARTN EY pants , VA N S J a zm y n : C H LO E shoes, ZARA skir t + ho o d i e, G AP turtl e ne ck, S UNS ET + S PRI N G Jay den: MOLO s w e ats hi rt, Z AR A pants + b utto n d o w n, PL A E Aliy a: H&M dre s s , 7 FOR MAN K I N D turtl e ne ck, MADEWEL L

s hoe s . s hoe s . j a ck e t . s hoe s . s hoe s .

FAM I L I A Pho t o g r a p h y + C once pt: ISA BEL P I NTO Ar t D i r e c t i o n + Styl i ng: C H RISTINA KAPONGO fo r KAPOAND CO Pr o d u c t i on : SA RDINE&KA NGA ROO M o de l s : P I N E L A FA MILY - EDUA RDO, NAZARÉ + E D UARDO JR

Eduardo, Nazaré and Eduardo Pinela live in a stone built, rustic house close to Sinatra in Portugal. Eduardo Snr. and Nazaré, the parents of Eduardo Jr, both work in a tattoo studio and Eduardo also DJ’s. The rock’n’roll music lovers are compulsive collectors with a love of anything from the 40-60’s and avid recyclers. Nazaré says “Back in the 80’s people would look at us like weirdoes, now people in Portugal are a bit more open minded but we are still misfits as we never follow trends and fashion.” Their family home reflects their life, tastes, inspirations, their past and other peoples past also. Nazaré says “We believe future has to be done in the present with a anchor on the past.” The Pinela’s love to travel around the world, ride all together in their 46 Buick, throw parties at home with friends and support each other in their own pursuits.

Edua rdo J r : B E L L E ROSE coat, Y P ORQU E t-s hi rt + tro us e rs . N a z a ré : B E L L E R O S E coat. Edua rdo: m o d el’s own c lothes.

Ed uard o J r: TWI N S ET out f i t . Nazaré + Ed uard o : mo d e l ’s ow n cl ot he s .

EDUA RDO JR “I am Eduardo Jr and I am 13 years old. I like to chat with my friends and my favourite subject at school is maths. My hobbies are boy scouts, skating, surfing and gaming. I love my family, they are cool. If I have a problem I would go to any of them. I have an older brother which I love very much. I love traveling around in vacations with my family.” 55

Edua rd o: m o d el’s own c lothes.


Ed uard o Jr: TWI N S ET out f i t .

Nazaré : BELER OS E co at, CELES TE MOG A D O R broche.


E d u ar d o J r : B E LLE ROSE coat, Y POR QUE t-s hi rt + tro us e rs . E d u ar d o : m odel’s own clothes.

Eduar do Jr : B OBOLI s hi rt + s w e ate r, TOMMY H I LFI LG ER sw e a t s hi rt , K AR L LAG AR FELD tro us e rs , TI NYCOTTO N S boot s . Ed uard o Jr: TWI N S ET o utfi t, BELLER O S E boot s . E duar do Jr: YPOR QUE mas c cap, COS TUME BCN sw e a t s hi rt , TWI N S ET t rous e rs .


Eduar do Jr : TH E KOOPLES s w e ats hi rt + tro us e rs , BOBO L I s hi rt . N azaré : mo d e l ’s o w n cl ot he s .

Creative team Feli & Pepita travelled to nine different locations to photograph and interview children in their rooms. The subjects of these portraits describe what family and youth mean to them, in their own words.

P ho t o gr a ph y : F ELI & PEPI TA Fa s h i on : VA N S, LEV I ´ S, TI TUS, R ASP BE RRY P LU M, VOLCOM, RE D BU BBLE , Z A RA ,P E R K S A ND MI NI , BER SHK A , CON VE RS E , P U MA, FORVE RT, P.LE IS U RE IN DU ST R I E S , LEE. Tha n k y o u : LI AM, FA NNY, TONY, V IN CE N T, LIS FRAN CE S, LAPO, S OP H IA, PAU L , L EON E + M O M O- K I DS.


Family is everything to me. Football is my life! My favorite place in my room is the gaming chair.



My role model is my father. - Liam, 16


Family is always there for you, always loves you, and supports your dreams.

- Fanny, 16


Family and football means all to me! - Tony, 14




Love, solidarity, doing things together, trust and respect, that means family to me. - Vincent, 14 71


I love neon colors, I want to show myself, I want to stand out! My role models are: firstly my mother, secondly Beyonce, and thirdly Rihanna. - Lis Frances, 11 73

Be yourself! Don‘t always go by other people!! My family gives me security and is always there for me.. I want to be an actor. 74

- Lapo, 14

Family for me is love, security and the place where you can be yourself. I’m dying to go to New York. - Sophia, 12 77

Music is important because it can be the voice of a generation. To be young means to have many possibilities. I‘ve got my whole life left in front of me. - Paul, 17 78


M A MA +

EVA N G EL INE Ph otog rap h er: C HRIST EN HOL LY S e t Desi g ner + Styl i st: MIC HE LE RO SENTHAL

DJ and Dorothy are a same-sex couple living in New York and raising their daughter, Evangeline. We ask them some questions about family life, surrogacy and parenting as a same-sex couple.

M OM & MAMA Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you started your family. Evangeline was conceived using a sperm donor and a surrogate. When Evangeline was born I (DJ) adopted her. Shortly after Dorothy also cross adopted her. In our eyes this means that Evangeline is both double-adopted and double-loved. Dorothy and I were both in same-sex relationships before we met each other 11 years ago. We just weren’t with the right women until we met one another. I work in advertising and Dorothy is a professional hair and make up artist. What is family life like? Our family is no different than any other family. We do experience a few issues around lack of acceptance from others and from those who do not understand our family dynamic, but our family is normal. We go to work, we go to school, we live our life to the fullest and we do it happily together. Have you faced any challenges in regard to you being a same-sex couple? Living our life as a same-sex couple does have its challenges because unfortunately not everyone is accepting and open. I do get remarks about the way I dress as some think I dress in a masculine way, but our daughter usually combats this by reminding me that they are probably just jealous as my sense of style is far more dapper than most men! Luckily, we have never experienced any hatred directed towards our family. 82

Have you faced any additional challenges, above and beyond the challenges we all faceas parents, when parenting Evangeline? Thankfully, we have very supportive friends and family that surround us in New York City. We live a very ‘normal’ life and face everyday challenges, such as parenting a hormonal pre-teen, in the same way as any other family would. What does family mean to you? Family means having someone to love you unconditionally. Family is being loving and supportive of one another. It means being the best person you can be so that you can inspire your loved ones. Family shouldn’t see colour or race; it should see your heart. Family isn’t always about being connected in a biological sense because it understands that other things bind us. Evangeline was not born of my body, but she was created in my heart. My family is everything to me. What are your favourite family activities? We love to do anything and everything as long as we are together. Evangeline is a competitive dancer. She is technically trained in many styles of dance and competes on a national level, and we love to support her as a family.


EVANGELINE Do you miss having a male role model in your life? No, I don’t feel like I am missing out on something that I never had to begin with. Besides, I have male influences in my life like my Grandpa, Uncle and Brother. What do you call DJ and Dorothy? I call one Mom (DJ) and the other Mama (Dorothy). Do you face bullying or discrimination as a result of your family dynamic? No, I have never suffered any form of discrimination in my 12 years of life. Everyone is supportive of my family and I’m thankful for that. What do you think are the benefits/drawbacks of having two mums? Having two moms means double the love and double the affection. My moms are different so I can go to one for certain things and my second mom for other things. There are really no drawbacks except for when I have to communicate with my parents as I always have to do it twice because moms like to know about everything! How do you describe your family unit to others? My family is just as normal as every other family. The only difference is that I don’t have a dad. We are a supportive and loving family. What does family mean to you? My moms love and support me, and I love and support them. Through thick and thin my family is my everything. 85


Pho t o g r ap h y: E L LISTON LU TZ Ha ir : D EB OR A H B R IDER us ing KEV IN MURPHY, BIODE RMA + LA ROC HE POSAY B ea u t y : E L SA u s i n g ORIB E H AIR CARE + IT C OSME T IC S Stylin g : ME L I N DA VAN ATTA Mod els: H A L STO N VAN ATTA @ CES D TALE NT in LA + New Yo rk+ JE F F VAN ATTA


H al s to n: BUR BER RY d re s s , vi ntag e LEV I S s hi rt . Jeff: v i ntag e MONTG OMERY WAR D o ve ral l s , VAN S s hoe s .

Halston is a 10-year-old model and actress who lives in Los Angeles with her mother, Melinda and father, Jeff. She is well known on the kids modelling scene and has modelled for a number of high street and independent kid fashion labels including H&M, Old Navy, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Harrods. She has also featuried in editorial work in Harper’s Bazaar Kids, Hooligans Magazine and Junior Style London. She enjoys acting and has featured in several commercials and tv shows. In her spare time, you can find Halston skateboarding in Venice Beach with her dad, or going for a ride in one of her dad’s cars - a favourite family activity. It is well documented that a strong male role model is important in a boy’s life, and it is equally important for girls too. A father’s influence and involvement in his daughter’s life can help shape her self-esteem, self-confidence, and her self-image. ‘My Father’s Daughter’ encapsulates the very essence of this special relationship.

Ha l s ton : B U R BE R RY dr ess, v intage LE VI S s hi rt, DI OR S o cks , G OLDEN G OOS E s nea k e rs . Jef f : v i n tag e M ON TGOME RY WARD ov eral l s , VANS s ho e s .

H al ston: JU ICY C OU TU RE cape, POLO d e ni m j acke t, S COTCH R ’ B EL LE s k i rt , vi ntag e w e s t e rn boot s . Jeff: vi ntag e PI ER R E CAR DI N l o ung e w e ar, UG G s l i ppe rs .


Hal s ton : G UC C I d r ess, U GG slipper s. Jef f : vi n t ag e W E S TERN shir t, TO M FO R D su n g las ses.

Hal s ton : J UI CY C OU TU RE cape, POLO de n im jac k et, SCOTCH R ’ B E L L E skir t, v i n ta g e w e st e r n b o ots. Jef f : vi n t ag e P I E R R E C ARDIN loungewear, U GG s l i p p e r s .

“Halston and her dad spend a lot of time together and share a very special relationship, they are “attached at the heart.” They share a deep bond that cannot be displayed in words, but definitely felt and seen by others.” - M E LINDA, H ALSTO N’ S MOM

“Having the whole best mom and the whole best dad in the whole best world! I know they will always be there for me, in good times and bad. And, all my animals too!” - W H AT FAM ILY ME ANS TO H AL STON

Ha l s ton : B L E ACH E D GOODS shir t, GU C CI j e ans , CR EWCUTS s l i ppe rs . Halston: B RA NDY MELVI LLE to p, vi ntag e CH R I S TI AN D I O R pa nt s .

H al s to n: G U CCI dre s s .


Ha l s ton : G U CC I sweater + knic ker s, U GG s l i ppe rs . Jef f : v i n tag e YSL pants, VANS shoes.


“Family is the unconditional love you share each and every day. Family is the commitment you make toward providing opportunity, happiness and well-being. Family is teaching strength, courage, and wisdom on the Journey of Life. Family is giving of yourself without expecting anything in return.” - J E FF, H ALSTO N’ S DAD

R O BI N JU STI N + K AYD I N P ho to g r a p h y + D i r e cti on: G LYNIS CARPE NT E R Styl i n g : JE S S ICA ZINDREN H ai r + M a ke U p : CLELIA BERG ONZO LI @ UTOPIA M o de l s : R O B I N , J U STIN + KAYDEN

Justin: H &M j acke t + s hi rt + pants , BAN AN A R EPU BL I C s hoe s . Kaydin: HU D SON jeans, VANS s ho e s , WEE MON S TER t-s hi rt, G AP de ni m s hi rt . Ro bin: SANC TUARY jumps ui t, AS TR s w e ate r, TI MBER LAN D s ho e s, ZA R A be l t .


Activist and model Robin Shaw lives in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with husband Justin and two-and-a-half-year-old son Kaydin. The family love spending time exploring the outdoors, including visits to the park and taking their dog Nya for regular walks. We interview Robin and Justin on all things family and find out a little more on Robin’s activistism. Robin has been modelling for 15 years, and while she has always strongly believed in being positive and making choices that will benefit others and the planet, she recently decided to become an activist and advocate. Having Kaydin made her realise how now more than ever it was important to be a voice for change. Striving to learn about climate and social justice issues and take action wherever she can, Robin hopes to inspire others to do the same.

How do you combine your modelling career, being a mother, family life and your role as an activist? Robin: It’s definitely a balancing act juggling being a mom, model and activist. I lean on Justin during the busy times, and we have also found several part-time nannies for when things get crazy. It sometimes feels like I live completely different lives, I’ll come home from work or an event in the city and I’ll strip off the cute outfit and heels and put on ripped jeans and a T, so that I can be the human napkin my son thinks I am. Who are your role models? Robin: My parents, who taught me to love deeply. My Mom is an incredible, loving woman who is definitely an inspiration for me as a parent. I’m in constant admiration of my husband Justin who is noble, compassionate, and a brilliant problem solver. And recently I’m incredibly inspired by people like my friend and changemaker Cameron Russell, who creates opportunities for others to use their powers for good and create positive change.

Justin: My family is the reason I work so hard. It drives me to be better as a person and an entrepreneur, and to do more than I ever thought possible. I started my own digital marketing agency when Robin was pregnant, and it’s been a battle managing my own work and family life. But coming home to see Kaydin running towards me with a smile and a hug is everything I need to double down and make it happen. What was your own family life like? Robin: My parents have been part of a yoga community for over 40 years and that is a huge influence in my life. There is a saying that all the world is my family and the entire universe is my home. I believe that and want to teach my son to feel the same way. Justin: My mom was a hard-working single mother and I grew up with my sister in downtown Toronto. My aunts and uncles played a big role in how I experience family, which helped when my mom and I were not in a good place. Once I became a parent, I had a much better understanding of what she was going through and we have worked to have a stronger relationship now.

What does family mean to you? Robin: I come from a small family so to me family is your home base for love and support, and that can come from chosen family as well as relations.

Jus ti n: MC Q s w e a t e r, Z AR A b utto n d o w n + pa nt s + s ock s , COLE H A A N s hoe s . Ro b i n: Z AR A s hi rt + j umps ui t, WH AT F O R s hoe s . Kayd i n: Z AR A s hi rt, G AP j e a ns + boot s .

How has life changed since the arrival of Kaydin?

What were your favourite family activities when you were a child?

Robin: I realise how much time I wasted before having a child. I used to just hang out and do whatever but now I’m on a mission to make my dreams a reality and to help change the world. The only thing is that being a parent means I have way less time to work! It’s a balancing act and I regularly have to bring my focus back to the present moment, so that i can soak up these precious moments with our son while he’s still so little.

Robin: I loved swimming when I was a kid, I have fond memories of going to a lake near where we lived or going sailing with my dad. My dad was also a helicopter pilot and he let me fly a few times which was amazing!

Justin: Having a child has brought on a deeper exploration of myself, to continuously improve so I can be a better parent for Kaydin. I dreamed about being a father when I was young. Most kids are dreaming about being an athlete or rockstar, I wanted to be a great dad. Being a parent is more challenging than I ever could have imagined, and I work hard to learn and grow so I can be closer to the parent I’ve always wanted to be. Robin: I definitely dreamed of being a rockstar when I was a kid. And Justin, you are an amazing dad. What are your favourite family activities? Robin: We spend a lot of time outside; we love going to Prospect Park for a picnic where we can kick off our shoes and throw sticks for our dog Nya. Seeing Kaydin laughing away while Nya chases after sticks is the best! Kaydin also travels well so we love going on adventures, either to see family or to show him something beautiful in our world. When we took Kaydin to Costa Rica at 6 months old he loved it! He loves swimming, the ocean, playing in the sand and hearing all the amazing animal noises. Our favourite place to be is in nature of some kind.

Justin: We used to visit my grandmother north of the city over the summer and I remember picking blueberries for hours. Afterwards we would eat the best blueberry pie you ever tasted. Can you tell us a little bit more about your role as an activist? Robin: I am an activist and advocate. I use my platform to raise awareness about social and climate justice issues and I’ve created events and spoken at events in an effort to inspire others to take action too. When we work together, we are capable of anything. The world needs us to come together now more than ever and learning about the important issues and how we can help is the first step. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? Robin: If I could change one thing in the world it would be to increase the empathy that all humans experience. When people open themselves up to deeply understand what someone else is going through, they are more likely to make choices to help that person, animal or cause. A lack of empathy allows people to ignore serious problems that they could actually help to improve.

Kay din: Z AR A hat + j acke t, H UDS ON pants , VANS s hoe s . Justin: ZARA pants + s hi rt + j acke t, BANANA R EPUBLI C s hoe s . Robi n : SAM E D E LMAN shoes, GAP pants , LEVI S j acke t, Z AR A hat, AMOUR VERT t -s hi rt .

ALL IN THE MJ FLOWERS 10-year-old actor MJ from Brooklyn, New York, loves tech and is working hard at school to achieve his dream of becoming a computer scientist and engineer. What does family mean to you? “Family means to me a group of people they’re all related and connected, it’s people that always look out for each other and helps them grow.” Find MJ Flowers on Instagram at @mj_the_dancer


Image credit Shauna Carr

FA MI LY ZOE 10-year-old model and actor Zoe from Toronto, Canada, is well known in the kids fashion arena. Alongside mum, Jo, the pair create content for cool independent kids fashion labels. Zoe has been featured in magazines such as Vogue Russia, Elle Vietnam & Milk Korea. What does family mean to you? “Family is the most important thing in the world! They are the ones who you celebrate all the important moments in life with and they’re also the ones who help you when things are tough, and you need advice or a shoulder to cry on.” Find Zoe on Instagram at @zoe.b3an


KATJA 18-year-old singer/songwriter Katja from New Jersey, USA, is currently taking a gap year to work on her professional music career as well as taking some courses as NYU. Katja is currently recording her own music and also collaborating with other recording artists. Stay tuned for her first single which will be released before the year ends! What does family mean to you? “Over the years, I’ve come to learn that family is a spectrum. Everyone needs a family, whether they are blood-related or a couple of friends you’ve made along your journey of life. To me, family means love and unconditional understanding. It means having someone stand by you, no matter if they agree with you or not. This is because empathizing with you is second nature to them. However, family will always try to lead you in the right direction, and that can be in your mentality or your physical life.” Find Katja on Instagram at @katjalarssen


Image credit Julien Nelson

SINCERE International host/reporter Sincere Quinones is 13 years old and from Brooklyn, New York. He enjoys presenting ‘Kids Want to Know,’ his award-winning show where he interviews celebrities and up and coming kids. Sincere also likes playing sports and video games. What does family mean to you? “Family means a lot to me. It’s like when I’m around family I have good vibes. Family to me is a strong and special bond that sticks together through thick and thin. Family is special and sacred to me. But remember family doesn’t mean we are related.” Find Sincere on Instagram at @KidsWantToKnow


TALLULAH 12-year-old Tallulah lives in Ibiza and is an Ambassador for @Dyslexia_uk. In her spare time she blogs on kid’s fashion and enjoys fitness, dancing, running and having pool parties with friends! Tallulah is a supporter of sustainable fashion and loves giving garments a new lease of life. What does family mean to you? “Family to me means people who you love, and I love them no matter what. They make me feel confident and very happy. A sense that we are together even when we are not in the same room.” Find Tallulah on Instagram at @tallulah.wren


Image credit @hellocollabstudio

LEX Lex Gibbon, is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter and curve model from the U.K. This young lady is taking the world by storm with the release of her first official single ‘Sample Size’, which has a message, ‘it’s ok to just be you whatever you are and not to listen to other people’s negativity’. Lex campaigns to raise awareness of body confidence and as a model she has recently walked the runways in London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York Fashion Weeks showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Watch out for her follow up single which will be released early 2020! What does family mean to you? “Family means everything, nothing matters more to me. I feel so lucky to have such supportive parents who believe in me and support everything I want to do. I have been raised to believe I can be whatever I want to be and the only person who can hold you back is yourself. I have also been encouraged to chase my dreams and not the dreams of my parents and I am so grateful to them for everything they do for me.” Find Lex on Instagram at @lexgibbon

Image credit @bearandpine



Kayla: F ITH dr ess @ TRICO FI ELD, CALVI N K LEI N kni t hat. A mir a: REE B OK coat, ANOTH ER MAN ’ S TR EAS UR E te e, CARRERA goggles.

SI ST ERS IN MUSIC Ph o t o g rap h y: M E G STACK E R K I N G St ylin g + Pro d u ct io n : BARBA R A E I SE N Hair: D’ANGE LO AL STO N Makeu p : HIRO M I AN D O Mo d els: AM IRA + K AY L A


Watch now on YouTube at www.bit.ly/DJsAmiraandKayla

13-year-old twin sisters Amira & Kayla are making a name for themselves around the world as famous DJs. The girls are lighting up social media with viral videos seen by millions of people, making appearances on major television shows like the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Deejaying for some of the biggest celebrities and hottest parties in the world, spinning for major sporting events, boasting corporate clients like Google, and appearing in national campaigns for Reebok.

Kay la: W E G O TOYKO b l o us e, VOLCAN & APH R ODI TE de ni m t op, ACDC R AG pants , ECLECTI C JEWEL RY e a rri ngs . Amir a: STY LI S T’ S OWN j acke t, AN OTH ER MAN’ S TR EAS U R E t uni c, N I KOLI A to p, N I K E l e ggi ngs .

A m i ra : A N OT H E R M AN’S TREASU RE coat , te e + b race l e ts , DENI M DUNG AR EE s ki rt @ T R ICO F I E L D, KI D P IK pompom, RE P U BLI C OF PI G TAI LS hai r acce s s o ry, R EEBOK s hoe s . Kayl a G O TO H O L LYWOOD coat @ TRIC O FI ELD, N I KOLI A s hi rt, A NOT HE R M AN ’ S T R EASU RE tulle skir t, R EEBOK s ho e s .


Am i ra : Z E R O KI D S shag jacket, NAU TICA s hi rt, G AR AG E s w e ate r, G O TO H OLLYWO O D j e a ns @ TRIC O F IELD, RE P UBLI C OF PI G TAI LS hai r acce s s o ri e s , J. ADA M S boot s . Ka yl a : C M M N SW D N denim jac ket, AN OTH ER MAN’ S TR EAS UR E te e, G O TO H O L LYWO O D j e an s @ T R IC O F IE LD, EC LE C TIC J EWELRY e arri ng s , S TOR M R I TTER N YC pa i nt e d ha t , R EPUBLI C OF PI G TAI LS b arre tte, J. ADA M S boot s .

Am i ra : ZE R O KI D S shag jac ket, NAU TIC A s hi rt, G AR AG E s w e ate r, G O TO H OLLYWO O D j ea n s @ TR I CO F I E L D, RE P U B LIC OF P IGTAI LS hai r acce s s o ri e s , J. ADAMS b o o ts . Ka yla : C M M N SW D N denim jac ket, ANOTH ER MAN’ S TR EAS UR E te e, G O TO H OLLYWO O D j ea n s @ TR I CO F I E L D, EC LE C TIC JEW ELRY e arri ng s , S TOR M R I TTER N YC pai nte d ha t , REP UB L IC OF P I G TAILS bar r ette, J. ADAMS b o o ts .

Your rise to internet celebrity has been swift. Do people recognize you on the street yet?

Ka y la: M U Ñ E CA MU LLINS denim ja cke t @ Z E RO KIDS, AC DC RAG pants , W E GO TOY KO s ho e s . A m ir a: ST Y L I S T’S OW N jac ket, ANOTH ER M AN ’ S T R EASU RE tunic , NIKOL I A to p, N IK E leg g in g s , HARAJU KU MARKET s ho e s .

We get recognized a lot when we are in public. People often approach us and ask to take pictures with them. They tell us they enjoy our videos. Some people will mention they have seen us on different TV shows and tell us how inspiring we are. We travelled recently to Japan and one of our supporters recognized us on the street and wanted to take a picture. We are thankful for the all of the support we get from around the world. We appreciate people wanting to take pictures with us and encouraging us to continue doing what we do. What has been your most memorable brand collaboration to date? We have collaborated with a lot of different brands in the past but we recently shot several campaigns with Reebok. This was special to us because our campaigns were in stores nationally. We had several bill boards with our picture in NYC Time Square. It was nice for us to walk into a Kids Foot Locker and see our picture hanging in the window. Many of our supporters would send us pictures of our campaign they spotted in their local stores. We appreciate Reebok for giving us the opportunity and we look forward to many more campaigns in the future. Your style is so unmistakable and amazing. Do you style yourself or do you get input from mum and dad? Our dad is our stylist and Dadager. He’s always looking for clothing and talking to different designers to make sure we have a constant supply of gear for shows and events. Our style changes depending on the type of event we are deejaying for. Sometimes it’s more street wear and sometimes it’s dressy. Fashion is about individual taste there are no rules. You could always mix things up which we often do. 115

Ami ra : A N OT H E R MAN’S TREASU RE coa t, te e + b race l e ts , DEN I M DUN G AR EE s ki rt @ TRICO F I E L D, KI D P IK pompom, RE P U BLI C OF PI G TAI LS hai r acce s s o ry, R EEBOK s hoe s . Kayl a GO TO H O L LY WOOD coat @ TRICO FI ELD, NI KOLI A s hi rt, ANOT H E R M AN ’ S TRE ASU RE tulle skir t, R EEBOK s ho e s .


Kay la: STORM RITTER NYC j acke t + te e, WE G O TOYKO s ki rt, LAR UI CCI ne ck l a ce, ANOTH ER MAN ’ S TR EAS UR E l e athe r cap, R EE BO K s hoe s . Amir a: REE BOK d re s s , & OTH ER S TOR I ES s o cks , R EEBO K s hoe s , AN OTH ER MAN’ S TR EAS UR E s equi ne d ca p.

Who are your favourite celebrities? We love Beyonce and what she represents. She’s incredibly talented and follows her own creative spirit. We love Rihanna for her music, business skills, and she follows us on Instagram. We love Oprah because everyone loves Oprah and we would love to work with her in the future. What fashion magazines most inspire you? We love any magazines that combine fashion and music. We love to see a variety of different styles and ethnicities represented. How do you balance school and work? It hasn’t been a problem for us to balance school and work. School is our main priority. We have been on the Honor Roll every year since first grade. When we travel and miss schoolwork our teachers provide us with any missed assignments for us to make up. What does family mean to you? Family means everything to us. Our family is our support system. Our mom and dad provide us with love, encouragement, and constantly reminds us we could do anything we want to do. What is your favourite family activity? Our favorite family activity is traveling. We love to explore new places and see other cultures. Travelling is exciting and brings us a lot of joy as a family.

You can find out more about Amira & Kayla at www.instagram.com/djsamiraandkayla


Kay la : F ITH dr ess @ TRICO FI ELD, CALVI N K LEI N kni t hat, ACDC R AG l e ggi ngs , & OTH ER S TOR I ES s o cks , AD I DAS s hoe s . A m ir a: R E EB OK c oat, ANOTHER MAN’ S TR EAS UR E te e, DEN I M DUN G AR EE/ G R A M I CCI pant s @ TR I CO FI ELD, CAR R ER A g o g g l e s , R EE BO K s hoe s .

Thank yo u Dr. S ue Ei s e n fo r l e nd i ng your s pa ce.

At just 13-year-old, Vanessa Sam AKA Inspiring Vanessa, is the youngest motivational speaker in the UK and an international motivational multi award-winning speaker, presenter and model. Vanessa is on a mission to inspire children and adults around the globe and hopes to motivate people and encourage them to believe in themselves more and have the courage to be who they want to be. YouTuber and author of a book of quotes titled ‘The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success,’ Inspiring Vanessa has been trained and mentored by some of the top International speakers. Vanessa shares with us her go to Instagram accounts and her favourite YouTube accounts.



@zendaya She is an incredible role model to me and other girls, and she posts about what she’s doing and seeing what she has achieved is very inspirational. @kingnahh He is a 13-year-old motivational speaker from the USA and he is extremely wise for his age and his content shares his messages and other people he has recognised who are also doing amazing things. @thebutterflyphotographykids I love photography and would love to study it in the future, and I adore her work and would love to have a photoshoot with her!

@skaijackson Her style, personality and her accomplishments are something I enjoy a lot about her account and I also draw a lot of inspiration from her sense of style. @prince_ea His YouTube videos and instagram content are one of the most amazing set of videos I’ve seen. His content is so unique becuase of the way his videos are set out. The topics he speaks about are influential and have definitely made an impact on the ways I would like to create videos.

Watch now on YouTube at www.bit.ly/InspiringVanessa You can find Vanessa Sam AKA Inspiring Vanessa at www.inspiringvanessa.com



Sydney Serena Her videos have a variety of skits, vlogs and more. I look up to her as a YouTuber because she makes similar content to me and she is still very young. Merrell Twins Their names are Veronica and Vanessa, which funny enough is the same as me and my mum,. We’ve met them twice and they are the sweetest and their videos will always put a smile on your face. Liza Koshy Although Liza doesn’t post as much anymore, she has always been one of my absolute favourite YouTubers! She was one of the first mixed YouTubers, I had seen, so in a way I saw myself in her. Luhhsetty Lisette is a YouTuber who has curly hair like me! I love watching her videos about hair tutorials and the different products she uses. It is super helpful to watch hair tutorials by someone who has a similar hair texture to me. The Ace Family I love watching their videos with my mum, their energy and their vlogs never fail to keep us happy and entertained! iiSuperwomanii/Lily Singh She is a ‘bawse’, Lily has accomplished so much and is now has her own late night show called ‘A Little Late with Lilly’. Her videos constantly remind me that anything is possible and to never give up.


Tze Ching is the founder and creative director of Jake + Maya, a sustainable kids fashion brand created and driven by the love of her children and the need to protect them from a world which is being ravaged by the effects of fast fashion. Tze Ching is also the driving force behind the initiative Re:fashion My Town — community based projects which promote the recycling and upcycling clothing. We wanted to understand the driving force behind her work and how she manages to sustain a healthy work/life balance.

TZE CHING Could you tell us a little bit about your business Jake + Maya? Jake + Maya is a forever evolving project that I work on. It started in 2007, the same year my kids were born. The main aim of the company has always been to provide more sustainable clothing solutions for kids. Starting out, we focused on using organic cotton and remnants to create our locally produced collections. A couple of years ago, we introduced the idea of zero-waste designs (in standard manufacturing up to 30% of fabric is wasted) and design features that enable kids’ clothes to grow with the child and last longer. We aim to bring awareness to the textile waste created in our industry and to encourage parents and kids to help reduce the textile waste going to landfills. 124

How important is it to you to maintain a balanced life between being a mum and a businesswoman? It is very important. I try to work only when kids are at school or asleep because when I try to both parent and work at the same time both end up being compromised. As the kids grow, their needs change and so my schedule is adapted accordingly. However, it doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t feel completely frazzled, forget to buy food for packed lunches, wash kids PE kits or miss work deadlines — because I do! Every now and then though, when I start to feel drained, I make sure to take a day or at least a few hours off to do something that is just for me. This is vitally important. I need to re-charge enough in order to manage everything that both life and work throws at me.


12 5

What inspiration do your children give to you and your business? When I became a mother, my world changed. My focus changed from being quite insular into something which encompasses a much wider world — a world that is beyond just myself. It triggered something in me. I wanted to make a positive impact on the world that we live in; for future generations. The ethos behind the company is inspired by that. Do you design clothes with your children in mind? Yes, I do because quite often my collections try to solve problems that I have encountered when dressing my own children. Take for example unisex clothing. I started designing unisex clothing because I struggled to find anything nice when my kids were little (I have girl/boy twins). It is a little better now but over 10 years ago, there was predominately only pink, blue and white clothing available for babies on the high street. Most of my collections today are largely unisex because it also makes sense from an environmental point of view. Clothing should be more gender neutral thus making it 50% easier to pass on to younger children. How important is it to you to dress your children insustainable clothing? I do my best and I am always conscious of what I buy. If there is a choice, I will always go for the more sustainable option. For me, not buying anything is always the best option, next comes second hand and then after that I may buy something new. 126

Sustainability isn’t just about how sustainable the garment is in itself; it is also about volume. Even the most sustainable garment becomes unsustainable, if it is wasted. Do you believe the future of apparel is sustainable? Until we stop consuming and waste the way we do, clothing will never become sustainable. What was one of the last things you bought for yourself or your children which would be considered environmentally or socially sustainable? I very rarely buy anything for myself nowadays and the same for the kids. I have been trying to find a nice, warm dressing gown for months and I finally found and bought one at a pop-up shop by Re:fashion My Town which is a community project that I launched in September. I also bought a pair of jeans for Jake there. For Maya, the last thing I remember buying was a jacket that she picked out at Frome Wardrobe Collective. I didn’t technically buy it, as it was a clothes swap but I did have to pay to get in. If you could make one change in your industry to make it better what would it be? I think there needs to be stricter regulations on how our clothing is produced. We need total transparency in the supply chain. How are people supposed to choose wisely if they don’t know all the facts?

12 7


What are your hopes for the business going forward? We are currently on a production break because I just don’t feel comfortable producing more clothes in a system that is so obviously broken. My hope for the future is that we can find a way to contribute to a positive change within the industry in a more meaningful way.

Finally, do you allow your children to choose their own outfits and if so, how successful are their choices?! Yes I do. Thankfully, they have quite a practical approach to clothing and aren’t too fussy about what they wear but as they are approaching their teens this may change.

JAKE + MAYA What is it like helping your mum with her business?

Jake: There isn’t anything that I don’t like. No.

Maya: I enjoyed helping out in her pop-up shop. It is a lot of fun and I love modelling for her.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Jake: It is fun to be able to do different workshops and fashion shows with her. Do you give your mum design ideas? Maya: Yes, sometimes. I love art and design and show her anything I come up with. Jake: I don’t usually give my mum design ideas. She already has a lot of great ones.

Maya: For me, sustainable fashion is all about us making an effort to help the environment and save our world. Jake: Sustainable fashion is where you don’t use materials that damage the environment or take a lot of fossil fuels to get. How can other families help protect the world we live in?

Is there anything that your mum has designed that you didn’t like? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell her!!!)

Maya: Using second hand clothes, remembering to turn off your lights. Use renewable energy from things like solar panels and wind turbines.

Maya: I don’t think so, no. I love most things that she makes.

Jake: People could bring their own reusable bags instead of buying or using plastic bags.

Sustainable fashion from Jake + Maya is available at www.jakeandmaya.com Find out about Re:fashion My Town at www.refashionmytown.org 12 9

F R EE YO UR S E L F Pho to g r a p h y : ISA BEL P IN TO Ar t D i r e c t i on + Styl i ng: C H RISTINA KAPONGO fo r KAPOAND CO M o de l: W I L L IA M SA N TOS Lo c ati on : SAR D I NE & KA NGA ROO FARM, PORT UGAL

B OBOLI t-s hi rt, AN DOR I NE hai r cuffs , DK NY ca pe, K A R L LAG ER FELD tro us e rs , NI K E s hoe s .

Inspired by conscious living and the absolute awareness and conscience on the climate choices we make, the creative team Isabel Pinto and Christina Kapongo wanted to create a story highlighting plastic pollution.

The facts are taken from Plastic Oceans UK — experts on plastic pollution. They are the creators of the award-winning documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’, a film which sparked mass consumer awareness. Having engaged its audience, the organisation is playing its part to help solve the crisis by wanting to encourage the change of attitude and behaviours of people towards plastics. Plastic Oceans UKs’ solutions lie in community challenge programmes to educate people on reducing their plastic footprint. Keep up to date with details on events and new updates from Plastic Oceans UK at www.plasticoceans.uk

WILLIAM Meet 12-year-old model William from Lisbon.

What is your biggest dream?

What does family mean to you?

To be a professional model or a worldknown basketball player.

For me nothing is as important as feeling and living with the people who are of our blood and heart. Family is not just a beautiful word. She is also special and has a very own meaning, the meaning of love.


What is your biggest worry? Waking up and not having the people I love (family).

If you could change anything in the world what would you change and why?

If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be?

I would change the lack of love to the neighbor, because with each passing day the atrocities have been bigger.

Health for all children worldwide plus schools, and would end child exploitation.

LITTLE C REATI VE FACTORY w ate rpro o f, AN DOR I NE fur j a ck e t , T HE KOOPLES cap, TOMMY H I LF I G ER boot s .



B ELLER OS E s w e ats hi rt + co at, TOMMY H I LF I G ER pa nt s .


B O B O L I t - sh ir t , AN DORINE hair c uffs, D K NY cape, K AR L LAG ER FELD tro us e rs , NIKE s h o e s.


COS TUMEBCN s tar j acke t, TH E KOOPL ES t rous e rs .




L I T T LE C REATIVE FAC TORY w ate rpro o f, BELLER OS E w o o l + tro us e r s l a b j a ck e t , TOMMY H I LFI G ER boot s .



T EN TO P R EA DS Love reading? Delve into these Ten Top Reads encapsulating the very heart of our theme for this issue, ‘The Family,’ and a few books on topics which may be of interest.

National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz

by National Geographic Kids (8+)

With 1,000 questions about science, history, nature and our world, this book is fun for all the family. Full of trivia that will astound every age.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

by Jeff Kinney (9+)

Average American schoolboy Greg Heffley has an embarrassing family. Greg starts a new school where the other children seem to be much taller and meaner. Can Greg rely on the ‘support’ of his family to get through this troubling time? 1 40

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (11+)

This powerful novel by Patrick Ness covers the important and difficult subject of terminal illness as a lonely 12-year-old boy tries to come to terms with the impending loss of his mother. A monster shows up just after midnight, but it’s not the one Conor’s been expecting… Instead, it’s something ancient and wild and it’s going to help him through this traumatic time.

Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott (10+)

Louisa May Alcott’s classic Little Women is a touching tale of the March sisters, which follows the family as they grow up and start to deal with life’s issues including sickness, financial struggles and an absent father.

See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng


All 11-year-old Alex wants to do is launch his iPod into space to show other species exactly what life is like on Earth… Alex has a long-dead dad, a troubled mum and a mostly not-around brother so he’s always struggling to figure out where he comes from and where he belongs. Will a remarkable road trip help him find a new family? 141

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (14+)

Harper Lee’s novel is seen through the eyes of 6-year-old Scout, whose lawyer father Atticus Finch is defending a black man who has been accused of a serious crime. As Scout’s family deal with growing hostility, the young girl’s eyes are opened to the injustice that runs through the American Deep South.

Looking After Your Mental Health by Alice James


A book that will help you talk about your feelings with parents, guardians and grownups in an honest and constructive manner. The book offers practical advice for dealing with many common issues, including family fall-outs.

The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson (9+)

The classic book by Jacqueline Wilson introduces 10-year-old Tracy Beaker who lives in a care home. She longs for a family to call her own, however she still manages to make friends and have fun, wherever she ends up. 1 42

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian (9+)

Deprived child, Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside at the start of the Second World War and quickly forms a bond with the kind old manwho looks after him. However, when Willie’s mother summons him back to war-torn London, Willie wonders if he’ll ever see his friend again…

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


A thought-provoking and award-winning YA novel about what prejudice looks like in the 21st century. Starr is a 16-year-old girl who lives a double life – one with her family in the poor neighbourhood where she was born and the other in a posh school in the suburbs. These worlds collide when Starr is the witness to an act of police brutality…

All books available at The Book People.



This issue we go to the metropolitan city of Johannesburg, South Africa and meet 14-year-old Naledi, her 17-year-old sister Tshwaragano, and 18-year-old brother Tshegofatso. The Seshibedi family live in a suburb of Ruimsig in the west of the city which is known for the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, home to a Black Eagle family that have lived there for more than 40 years. The siblings attend a public school called ‘Hoerskool Roodepoort’ in Afrikaans language (Roodepoort High School). South Africa has 11 official languages, and the family all speak fluent Northern Sotho, Zulu and English.




NALEDI I am Naledi, a 14-year-old girl that lives and goes to school in Roodepoort. What does an average school day look like for you?

What is your favorite film? Harry Potter.

It looks great depending on the event or situation at school. What are your favorite subjects at school and why? My favorite subject are natural sciences and creative arts because creative arts makes me feel chilled and calm – natural sciences makes me think about my life and nature.

What does family mean to you? Family means a lot to me but in my mind, I think that family should listen to each other whether you’re young or old – family should consider each others feelings. What is your favorite family activity? Going out together.

What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time I could be creative – making something out of recyclable materials or making different fragrances.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? I see myself in a doctor’s office waiting for patients to diagnose.

Do you play any sports? Yes, I play soccer. Do you have chores at home?

If you could change anything in the world what would you change and why?

Yes, I wash dishes, clean and feed my baby brother.

I could change my talents because I recently discovered my talent of enjoying writing books because what is the use to love writing but don’t enjoy reading.

Do you help with cooking at home?

What is your biggest dream?

Sometimes when I want to learn how to make a certain dish.

I see myself as a doctor. What is your biggest worry?

Do you have a smartphone? What are your favorite apps? Yes, I have a smart phone my favorite apps are games,WhatsApp, the internet, and YouTtube. What is your favorite food? Pizza. 1 46

I don’t think I have worries at the moment. If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be? To have a really good phone, to go to gold reef city and to have a certain shoe.

TSHWARAGANO I am Tshwaragano, a 17-year-old girl who loves to sing and write poems and lyrics. I love music. I’m a very bubbly and I am a people’s person. What does an average school day look like for you?

What is your favourite family activity? Travelling to Durban with my Aunt Bonnie.

An average school day for me is meeting up with friends in the morning then heading down to the quad for the morning announcements. After that I move from class to class until break. I spend most of my time in the library because my prefect duties are in the library. What are your favourite subjects at school and why and what are the subjects you are not so keen on and why? My favourite subjects at school are history and business. History is a favourite subject of mine because I love learning about the past and how the world has changed or evolved. And business is my favourite subject because I love unpacking the different factors in a business.

What worries you or makes you upset? My biggest worry is not living to fulfil my dreams and goals. What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream is to be successful in the entertainment industry. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? In ten years’ time I see myself with my own family, living somewhere overseas. I see myself being a successful business woman. If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be?

Do you help with cooking at home? Yes, I do. I cook two to three times a week sometimes even more. My favourite food is oxtail. Do you have a smart phone? No, I do not have a smartphone, but my favourite apps are Instagram, Snapchat and Smash hit. What does family mean to you?

If I had any three wishes I would wish for discrimination to disappear. For people to treat each other with respect regardless of them being a girl, boy, woman, man, child, disabled or injured. I don’t really know what else I would wish for but that would be my number one. Just for fun, what is your favourite film? My favourite film is The Last Airbender and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Family means everything to me. I love my family. I don’t have the same amount of love for everyone, but I love my family, nonetheless.


TSHEGOFATSO My name is Tshegofatso and I live in Roodepoort. I am a very unique 18-year-old. I am an outlying introvert. What does an average school day look like for you?

What is your favorite film? The Steven universe movie.

Absolute boredom. What does family mean to you? What are your favorite subjects at school and why?

People that I love.

Life sciences and Business studies. I am somewhat interested in how life works. The fact that we were made from a single cell is simply astonishing. It is amazing to learn about how a business operates from the inside.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

What do you do in your spare time?

If you could change anything in the world what would you change and why?

Running, writing, making music, reading and occasionally gaming.

A best-selling author, a successful audio technologist and a successful record producer.

Do you play any sports?

The schooling system. Our schooling system was designed during the first industrial revolution. It needs a few adjustments.

Yes, athletics.

What is your biggest dream?

Do you have chores at home?

Being the best sci-fi author in South Africa.


What is your biggest worry?

Do you help with cooking at home?

I don’t have a biggest worry. There is no point in worrying.

Sometimes. Do you have a smartphone? What are your favorite apps? Yes, Word, YouTube (YouTube studio as well), Cross DJ, Vlog it, Instagram, flipa cam, Google play music and band lab. What is your favorite food? Lasagna. 150

If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be? Assuming that the butterfly effect has no negative effects on these wishes. (i) The power of telepathy. (ii) A state of the art home studio. (iii) Learn how to play the guitar.



WITH SHOREDITCH SHORTIES Shoreditch Shorties is a grassroots community movement sharing profits directly with the street art and graffiti artists involved in creating artwork for the business. Many of the designs push boundaries and express stances on social and political issues, encouraging youth to ‘Be fierce, be Urban’! We are collaborating with Shoreditch Shorties in a unique competition and looking for the young artists out there! Get creative! Put down those iPhones and get designing for a chance to see your original artwork printed onto T-shirts sold via Shoreditch Shorties. The winner will also be entitled to one T-shirt featuring their design. All profits from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to Refugee Support.

HOW TO ENTER The design theme is ‘The Family’. Take a look through the magazine, what inspires you? How would you like to use your ‘voice’ in your design? All paintings/digital art/drawings/collages welcome. Please submit a clear photo of artwork. Entries to be submitted to shoreditchshorties@gmail.com by Saturday 4th January 2020 with the name and age of the child. Open Worldwide. For ages up to 17 years. Full Terms & Conditions HERE. To Find out more about the work of Shoreditch Stories follow @shoredtich_shorties_london or visit the website here https://linktr.ee/shoreditch_shorties_london

LAST ISSUE’S WINNER: LEON We are really happy to be able to share with you last issue’s ‘Design A T-Shirt’ competition winner, 8-year-old Leon Fried from New Orleans, USA. Leon has dyslexia and sometimes finds schoolwork a little challenging. He loves drawing, designing and creating things, skateboarding, riding his bike and reading comic books. Leon says “I got the idea because some people feel like they don’t fit in, so I was thinking the shirt shows that if you be yourself, ‘you fit in yourself.’ To be happy, you should truly be yourself. People will like that about you. Just you, being you.” Leon is wearing his T-shirt design on the theme of ‘Fluidity’ in the images below. You can buy his T-shirt at Shoreditch Shorties HERE. Proceeds from the sale of the ethically produced t-shirt will go to the charity we are supporting, Refugee Support.

G E T INVOLV ED Tangereene is very much for the ‘Youth of Today’ and we would like to encourage you to be involved in the next issue of Tangereene. There are many ways to get involved.

Do you have an inspiring story to share that could help encourage others? Please email Tangereene@juniorstyle.net To be involved in our Style The Shoot Editorial, where you can be part of the creative team behind an editorial shoot or a model. Please send ask your parent or carer to send an email to FeatureMe@juniorstyle.net with why you would like to be involved in an fashion editorial and whether you would like to be considered as a model or part of the creative team. Please also make sure you send a link to your Instagram account. (Please note if you are under 16 please make sure you seek permission from your parents or carer when submitting work or a request).

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