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F LUIDI TY I S S UE youth crusad ers FASH IO N ED ITO R IA LS B EING A T W E E N I N E GY PT IN TERVI E W WI TH William F r a n k lyn -M iller SU M M ER R EAD S . . . . . . A N D M O R E

CO N T E N TS Editors Note .............................................................................................................................. 5 Typical Girls ............................................................................................................................... 6 Fashion Editorial Desmond is Amazing .............................................................................................................. 20 Feature Article My Top 6 Instagram Accounts: Celai West .......................................................................... 26 Becoming Colin ........................................................................................................................ 30 Feature Article LGBTU Glossary + Trans Glossary ......................................................................................... 36 Interview with Wrestler Izzie Brunson .................................................................................. 40 Feature Article Typical Boys .............................................................................................................................. 50 Fashion Editorial Interview with Actor William Franklyn-Miller ...................................................................... 62 Feature Article Inlet ............................................................................................................................................ 68 Fashion Editorial Changing Room Teen .............................................................................................................. 82 Feature Article Guardian of the Earth: Jacques Tagholm ............................................................................. 86 Feature Article Ten Top Summer Reads .......................................................................................................... 90 Being a Tween in Cairo, Egypt ............................................................................................... 94 Feature Article Competition .............................................................................................................................. 98 A-Z of Brands + Boutiques ..................................................................................................... 100 Get Involved .............................................................................................................................. 105 2


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Tangereene your bumper summer read!

Our aim is for every child to look through the pages our magazine and see themselves, their community and friends, authentically reflected back at them. We really appreciate the wonderful feedback from our readers and the industry and to hear that we are actualising our vision.

The theme for this issue is ‘Fluidity’ which we explore in terms of gender, identity, and subverting expectations in a series of interviews with queer artist Colin, Desmond is Amazing, and female wrestler Izzie Brunson. We love to see youth fighting for causes. We meet environmental activist Jacques Tagholm, and interview @changingroomteen Jemima who is trying to change negative stereotypes of the LBGTQ+ community in her Rainbow over Awareness campaign. If your tween/teen loves reading, then dive into our book feature in collaboration with The Book People and check out our 10 top reads for summer! Our amazing design competition is back - budding artists get the chance to see their design made into t-shirts, with all profits sold for Refugee Support. For further details see page 98 or click HERE. Enjoy our third issue.



P h oto g r ap h er : DE AN B E LC HE R A rt D ir e c t io n + Sty ling: B E C KY SEAGER Ha i r + M ak e U p: Sophie Moore M ode ls: Ava Valentine + Isabella Mae


I sabella: B U RB E RRY c oa t @ ALEXANDALEXA, Ro ki t to p + ti g hts + boot s . Ava: I MOI MO K I DS d re s s , TOPS H O P ha t .


Ava : ICE B E R G ju m per, B U RB E RRY dr ess @ ALEXANDALEXA, DR MARTEN S s ho e s . I sa b e l l a : M AR N I sh ir t @ ALE XANDALEXA, LI AM H s ho rts , DR MARTEN S s ho e s .


I sa b e l l a : M AR N I jac ket, U NAU THORISE D tro us e rs , DR MARTENS s ho e s . Ava : ACN E ST UD I O S jumper @ ALE XANDALEXA, NO MOR E H ER OES tro us e rs , DR M A RTE N S sh o e s.

Is a b ella: N O M ORE HEROES t- shir t + ve s t.


Isabella: B U RB E RRY co at @ ALEXAN DALEXA, Ro ki t to p + s o cks + boot s . Av a: IMOIMO KID S dre s s , AMER I CAN APPAR EL tro us e rs , TOPSHO P ha t .

Ava : RO K I T b lo u se, THE MIDD LE DAU GH TER s ki rt, G UCCI AR CH I VE s ho e s . I sa b e l l a : M AR N I d r ess @ ALE XANDALEXA, DR MARTENS s ho e s .



Ava: I S S EY MI YA K E t op.

Isabella: ONE T EAS POON j umps ui t, H &M s o cks , DR MARTEN S s hoe s . Av a: ONE TEASP OON s hi rt, UN AUTH OR I S ED tro us e rs , CP COM PA N Y gi l e t , PENFI ELD hat, s tyl i s t’s o w n ve s t, DR MARTEN S s hoe s .

I sa b e l l a : N O M OR E HEROES shir t, C ARA MEL s ki rt, DR MARTEN S s ho e s . Ava : S K V I N TAG E skir t, D R MARTENS sho e s .



Isabella : TH E MI DDLE DAUG H TER d re s s , DR MART EN S s hoe s . Av a: AC NE S TUDI OS card i g an @ ALEXAN DALEXA, I CEBER G s k i rt , DR MARTENS s ho e s , CH R I S TOPH ER S H A N N O N ha t .


Desmond is Desmond Napoles (or Desmond is Amazing as he is known to his fans) is a twelve-year-old boy who is breaking the boundaries of gender identity and helping others with their own forms of self-expression. At the age of seven he dressed and performed in drag for the very first time. He is now an LGBTQ+ advocate, an accomplished runway model, fashion designer, actor and author (to name but a few of his many Amazing attributes!) With the motto “Be yourself, always,” we asked Desmond a few questions to find out how he manages to stay utterly amazing at all times.

What is important to you growing up? The most important thing about growing up is to have fun! I also think that it is important to just be yourself and express yourself the way that you want to. If you do that then you will be happier and will have an easier time with bullying because you will show self-confidence. Otherwise you will be very sad. How do your childhood experiences and the people around you shape you as a person? I feel that I am very lucky to have the experiences that I have had. I am very grateful for all the things and opportunities that have come my way. I am very thankful that my parents support me 100%. How does it feel to be able to openly be a drag kid with many people supporting you? It feels amazing! What does being a drag kid allow you to do or express when you are performing that you wouldn’t do normally? I think that it tells people that anyone can do drag and perform in drag. You can do it no 20

matter your age, race, gender, identity, orientation, the amount of money you make, your abilities/disabilities - nothing should stop you. Even a dog can do drag. I’ve seen drag dogs at Pride. Do you feel happier when you have the opportunity to express the feminine side of yourself? Definitely! But even when I am in drag I still feel like a boy. I am just putting on a character like in the theatre shows. I still use he/ him/his in drag. Some drag queens like to go by she in drag but I don’t. I actually sometimes feel like a boy in a dress and a girl with short hair at the same time in drag. I do a lot of celebrity impersonations whilst in drag so I don’t always feel like I have a unique drag persona because I am channeling someone else’s persona. Do you identify more as a young man or a young woman or is your identity fluid and free from restrictions? I identify as a boy. However, I also like to play with being androgynous and being gender fluid. I look up to David Bowie, especially his Ziggy Stardust years. That’s how I feel. I am a boy but I like to add female aspects.


I n terv iew er: gemma d’si lva I m ages: Desmo nd I s Ama zing





When you are in drag, what is the key piece of clothing and/or make-up that makes you feel particularly amazing? The piece of clothing I like the most are shoes! I think they can complete an outfit. I like platform shoes the most. I am very picky so if I am doing a celebrity impersonation I need to make sure it is 100% exactly right. I am most proud of my Gwen Stefani, David Bowie, Divine, and Madonna impersonations. What do you hope to achieve in your role as an LGBTQ+ advocate? I really want to show kids that it is okay to do drag and be out in the world and be visible. Because it is okay. You don’t have to hide at home to do it. You can show the world your drag. I also think that the younger members of the LGBTQ community don’t have the same rights and support as the LGBTQ adults. How important is it for you to be seen as a positive role model? That is THE most important thing for me. If you could alter any misconceptions that people have about you, which ones would they be? I hate that people say that I am stripping or they give me and my family a bad time because they say I take money from people. I don’t strip or do any sexy moves so I don’t know why they say that and that bothers me. People have called ACS on my family hundreds of times but I am NOT abused. I am happy. I love doing drag. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I love performing and I love the applause that comes afterwards! I enjoy being an advocate for the LGBTQ community and I want to do it for the rest of my life. However, I also want to go to college and study ornithology. My favourite animal is the rock pigeon. You know, the ones you

see walking around everywhere. I love them. They are like little New Yorkers. What are your future aspirations and goals? I want to keep doing drag and LGBTQ advocacy work. I also want to start a magazine, a cosmetics line and a fashion line. I have all kinds of dreams! I think you can do anything you want to if you just believe in yourself. I wrote a book called ‘Be Amazing’ which is going to be out in 2020. It is published by Macmillian Children’s Publishing Group. I also have a music single coming out soon. How do you still retain a scene of childhood and carefree adolescence? What do you do when you are not Desmond is Amazing? I go to regular school and I have many friends there. I also have some fans there! When I am not in drag I’m just a regular kid. I like to play with Hot Wheels cars and play video games. I collect Thomas Minis. I also like to draw maps. I love making funny photos of my mom on Snapchat but she hates it. I like to feed pigeons in the park even though I’m not supposed to feed them! Can you tell us something about yourself that we don’t know or couldn’t find out online? I always sleep with a stuffie. I also have chores that I have to do every day. Finally, how can we all be a bit more AMAZING in our everyday lives? Just do you! My motto is “be yourself always no matter what anyone says and pay the haters no mind because they will never be as fierce as you and I.”

You can find out more about Desmond at www.desmondisamazing.com 25

Eleven-year-old Celai West, pronounced “sah-LAY’ is a child model and actress. Celai has featured in both New York and Los Angeles fashion week runways shows and is a keen YouTuber sharing videos on hair styles for Afro-textured hair and natural hair care. This inspirational young lady loves watching reaction and funny/meme videos on YouTube but when she’s not, Celai loves artsy, crafty, foodie, science and makeup vids. Celai shares with us her six top instagram accounts:


My Top 6 instagram


@craftfactory I love all the crafty videos they have.

@diplycrafty I like their videos because they show you how make things. I have never made any items from the videos, but I have lots of great ideas and stuff I would like to make….one day!

@blossom I love their crafty ideas.

@5.min.crafts They show super cool and easy crafts I can do myself. Watching the videos helps me to be creative. It’s like they keep my creative juices flowing, as mom says!

@foodys I really like food and cooking, so I like this page.

@physics I love science stuff, so I watch their videos a lot. They have all types of videos the ones I usually see are considered “oddly satisfying” and really cool like this one.

10 Year Old Celai West Opens For Ugochi Iwuaba during NYFW

Ph otograp h y: J u l ian J P eep l es

3 Hairstyles Inspired by Black Panther | Kids Natural Hair Tutorial

Are there any Hair Youtubers other than yourself that you can recommend? Yes! I really like watching @naptural85 and @naturallytemi because they both have hair like mine. I really try to watch YouTubers who have the same texture as mine because it helps me know how the style will look on me better. How much time do you spend on social media on average per day and which is your favourite social media platform and why? I really spend time on YouTube but not every day because mom usually doesn’t let me have my phone during the week. Now that it’s about to be summer, I definitely plan on spending more time on it. You can find Celai West on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/celaiwest Celai West will be in the UK in September for @worldafroday’s Big Hair Assembly as she goes global to end discrimination towards Afro-textured hair at World Afro Day 2019, on September 13th. World Afro Day is a global day of change, education and celebration of the beauty of Afro hair, culture and identity Register TODAY! www.WorldAfroDay.com

B ecoming With the theme of the issue being Fluidity, we felt it appropriate to include features around gender. On researching organisations which support youth I came across Allsorts Youth Project a project founded by Jess Wood MBE at a time when there was np support services available in Brighton. Allsorts Youth Project listens to, supports & connects children & young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/ or gender identity. You can find out more about the services Allsorts offer here. One of the young people the project has supported, agreed to share their story of identifying as trans.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Colin, I take they/them pronouns, I’m 19, I’m currently studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, I grew up in Brighton and now live in London. How would you describe your gender? I don’t really know If I identify as gay, I prefer using ‘queer’ as a reclaimed word to describe myself because it makes me feel more connected to my community and feels like a slightly less strict box to put myself in. When did you first come out as trans? I came out as trans when I was fourteen, although I kind of came out as soon as I started to realise so it took me about six months after coming out to actually refer to myself specifically as trans. I kind of presumed my whole life that I was queer in some way and growing up in Brighton with really accepting parents meant I didn’t really spend much time worrying about it until then. 30

I don’t completely remember what it felt like because it feels such a long time ago, but I remember it felt a bit all-consuming, like I needed to figure it all out before I could think about literally anything else, in the end I realised that I’m probably never gonna figure out absolutely everything about myself and I’ve just gotta get on with my life! How did you come out to those close to you? I kind of came out as soon as I started to question my gender because I find it easier to figure things out when I talk to the people in my life about it, so when I was first coming out I wasn’t quite sure what it was that I was trying to tell people, thus they didn’t completely know either. Ultimately though I received an overwhelming positive response. When I sat my mum down to come out to her, I think she already presumed I was gay, so it was a bit of a plot twist when my gender came into it!

C ol in

I n terv iew er: ROMAI N E COONGH E I m ages: COL I N LIEVENS



How did your friends respond to you identifying yourself as trans?

If you could speak to your younger self what would you tell them?

A lot of my friends at school were figuring themselves out at the same time as I was so it felt like we were all sort of in it together, everyone was really supportive of each other, and I think in the end they got a bit bored of me going on about it so much while I was first starting to figure things out, they saw me through a lot and I’ll always be grateful to have had them around me at that time.

I would say don’t rush, I know right now feels like the only time you have, but you’ve got a really long time to figure everything out, and sometimes not knowing is okay too! And maybe tell your mum you love her more often? She does do quite a lot for you! Who are your role models?

Have you experienced any discrimination and how have you dealt with situations that have arisen?

I take a lot of inspiration from my friends, since starting university and joining the LGBT Society I’ve tried to learn as much as I can from the friends I’ve made there.

Ultimately, all LGBT people have experienced discrimination of some kind, which obviously sucks. I’ve been really fortunate to have only lived in really safe and inclusive areas so have mostly been safe in the real world. However, I’m really vocal on the internet so I do sometimes get horrible messages and comments from people online, but usually I just ignore it, it’s not my job to change everyone else’s opinions of LGBT people, it’s my job to keep myself safe and happy.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and Eugene Lee Yang from the Try Guys has really inspired me in the way he thinks about how he represents his communities, plus Daniel Howell came out recently, I’ve been watching his videos on and off for years but I’ve honestly been so impressed by how he’s handled coming out to such a huge audience and clearly waited until he was completely ready to share this part of himself with the world.

How has your life changed since you came out?

Plus, I try to follow a lot of really amazing LGBT people on Instagram like Jeffrey Marsh and Travis Alabanza.

Since I first identified as trans I’ve felt so much more able to be my most authentic self, it sounds like a cliché but being able to share this part of myself with loved ones and the world has just made me a much happier and more open person. It has also led me to make so many amazing LGBT friends and feel connected to this amazing community all around the world. Obviously being visibly queer does make me less safe, and often people think that my identity is a barrier stopping them from wanting to get to know me, people often call me brave for being out and proud but this is just who I am and I can’t really imagine not being me!

What advice would you give to anyone considering coming out or anyone struggling to come out? I would say take your time, if you feel safe and ready to come out then do, but ultimately remember that it isn’t really anyone else’s business. Plus coming out doesn’t happen just once, I come out almost every single day, it’s normal and boring to me now.


What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

What is the most recent box set or series you have watched on Netflix?

In terms of my own future, I’m currently really focused on becoming a good artist, I want to work with young people to make contemporary art more accessible, I want to curate exhibitions, I want to be a lecturer, but mostly I just want to work somewhere in the art world and be happy. If you want my hopes and dreams for the future of the whole world, I really don’t know, I just want us all to be having slightly more nuanced conversations and hopefully learn to be a bit nicer to each other.

I just finished re-watching ‘Special’ for the millionth time and I absolutely love it, each episode is really short, and I love how Ryan O’Connell’s life is presented as actually quite normal and boring.

How has the Allsorts Youth Project helped you? Allsorts has helped me in more ways than I’m able to explain, but ultimately, they were a really big part of making me a much happier and more confident person. I’m more confident in my identity, I’m more confident talking in front of an audience, I’m more confident in getting on with my normal boring life. Allsorts has been a rock for me for five years now and has always made me feel part of something and like I have something to contribute to them and to the rest of the world. Just for fun, what are your top 5 tunes on your iTunes playlist? - Boys Will Be Bugs by Cavetown - Foreign Object by The Mountain Goats - Laugh by The Monkees - The Comic Sans Song by Gunnarolla - Bagel Fruit Water by Coping Skills What are your top five IG accounts to follow? @nonbinaryportaits @transnormativity @littlepineneedle @alokvmenon @janerichsen


Is there anything else that you would like to tell us about yourself? I set up the LGBT Club at my secondary school and I’m now the president of the LGBT Society at UAL, in terms of activism I guess a lot of my artistic work is based in activism, there’s more info about that here https://www.instagram.com/colinlievens/ and here https://colinlievens.weebly.com/


LGBTU Glossary Words: A l l s o rts Yo u t h P r oject

Ally (Heterosexual Ally, Straight Ally) Someone who is a friend, advocate, and/or activist for LGBT people. Androgynous Term used to describe an individual whose gender expression and/or identity may be neither distinctly “female” nor “male,” usually based on appearance. Asexual A sexual orientation generally characterised by not feeling sexual attraction or desire for partnered sexuality. Asexuality is distinct from celibacy, which is the deliberate abstention from sexual activity. Some asexual people do have sex. Biphobia The fear, discrimination, prejudice or bullying of a person because they are bisexual or perceived to be bisexual by others. Biphobia is considered a Hate Crime. Bisexual, Bi An individual who is physically, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to men and women. Bisexuals need not have had sexual experience with both men and women; in fact, they need not have had any sexual experience at all to identify as bisexual.


Coming Out The process of telling others about your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Someone may come out as transgender. Gay The adjective used to describe people whose physical, romantic and/or emotional attractions are to people of the same sex (e.g., gay man, gay people). Avoid identifying gay people as “homosexuals” an outdated term considered derogatory and offensive to many lesbian and gay people. Homosexual Outdated clinical term considered derogatory and offensive by many gay and lesbian people. Homophobia The fear, discrimination, prejudice or bullying of a person because they are gay or lesbian or perceived to be gay or lesbian by others. Homophobia is considered a Hate Crime. Lesbian ‍A woman whose physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction is to other women. Some lesbians may prefer to identify as gay or as gay women.

Openly Gay Describes people who self-identify as lesbian or gay in their personal, public and/or professional lives. Also openly lesbian, openly bisexual, openly transgender.· Outing The act of publicly declaring (sometimes based on rumour and/or speculation) or revealing another person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without that person’s consent. Considered inappropriate by a large portion of the LGBT community. Pansexual Used mainly by those who wish to express acceptance of all gender possibilities including transgender and intersex people, not just two.

Sexual Orientation The term for an individual’s physical, romantic and/or emotional attraction to members of the same and/or opposite sex, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and heterosexual (straight) orientations. Straight/Heterosexual Used to refer to individuals who identify as a heterosexual, meaning having a sexual, emotional and/or physical attraction to individuals of the “opposite” gender/sex. The term “straight” sometimes has a negative connotation within the LGBT population, because it is suggested that non heterosexual individuals are “crooked” or “bent”.

Queer Traditionally a pejorative term, queer has been appropriated by some LGBT people to describe themselves. However, it is not universally accepted even within the LGBT community and should be avoided unless someone self-identifies that way. Questioning The process of considering or exploring one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


Trans Glossary Words: A l l s o rts Yo u t h P r oject

Agender A term used by people who don’t see themselves as fitting anywhere on the gender spectrum. Agender people often use ‘without gender’, or ‘genderless’ to also describe what being agender means to them. Assigned Sex/ Sex The sex you were distinguished as when you were born based on ones genitals, chromosomes etc. Cisgender A person whose assigned sex and gender identity match up. A person who is not transgender. Coming out Processes by which a trans person will tell people in their life how they identify themselves in terms of their gender or that they feel that they are trans. The term is also used in regards to the wider LGBT community. Cross Dresser / Transvestite An individual of either sex that likes to wear the clothes commonly associated with the opposite gender, but are otherwise happy with their sex assigned at birth. Cross Dressing is not the same as being trans. Deed Poll/Statutory Declaration The document used to legally change a person’s name. FTM/ trans man/ a transgender man Someone assigned female at birth and identifies as male. 38

Gender Dysphoria A recognised medical term that refers to the physical, mental and/or social discomfort of the mismatch between a person’s gender identity and their assigned sex. Gender Expression Gender expression is the way in which an individual expresses their gender identity, both in terms of self identity, and how others perceive them. This can be through the clothes they wear, or behaviour for example. A person’s gender expression isn’t always the same as their gender identity, and can change depending on things like situation, place, and time. Gender Identity How a person feels or experiences themselves in regards to their gender. E.g. male/ female/ neither/ both. Gender Fluid A term used to describe a person who feels that their gender identity is not fixed and/or fluctuates or changes over time. Genderqueer A term sometimes used by people who feel their gender identity does not fit into the standard socially constructed ideals of male and female. This can include feeling like you are outside of the binary of male and female, or somewhere in between. Genderqueer as an identity is often very subjective and individual to the person using that word and as such can have a variety of different meanings attached to it.

GIC Gender Identity Clinic: a service which provides specialist medical care for trans people. Intersex/ Intergender An individual born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, sex hormones, or genitals, that are determined as neither exclusively male nor female, or which combine features of the male and female sexes. MTF/ trans woman/ a transgender woman Someone assigned male at birth and identifies as female. Non-binary To identify outside of the common binary understanding of being exclusively male or female. Oestrogen The female sex hormone often prescribed to trans women who wish to undergo medical transition. Pronouns He/ him, she/ her, they/ them, hir/ zi (gender neutral) Sexual Orientation Attraction to people of a certain gender i.e. gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual etc Testosterone The male sex hormone often prescribed to trans men who wish to undergo medical transition. To gender/ misgender To presume someone else’s gender identity/ to presume incorrectly.

Top surgery A term that trans people may use when referring to surgeries designed to produce a male or female shaped chest. Transition The process of a person changing from their assigned sex to the gender they identify as. What constitutes as transitioning may be difference for every trans person. Social Transition This refers specifically to the aspects of transition that are not related to a change in physicality. Examples of social transition are: a change of name/ pronoun, use of toilets or gendered facilities, wearing different clothes or make-up. Every trans person is different, so an individual may choose to make all or some of these changes at some point, but deciding not to make these changes does not invalidate a persons trans identity. Medical Transition This refers specifically to the aspects of transition that are specifically related to a change in a persons body/ physicality. Examples of social transition are: hormone blockers, hormone treatment, surgery, voice therapy or laser hair removal. Every trans person is different, so an individual may choose to make all or some of these changes at some point, but deciding not to make these changes does not invalidate a persons trans identity. Trans An umbrella term used to describe an individual or group of people whose gender identity is not aligned or fully aligned with the sex they were assigned at birth. Transphobia The fear, discrimination, prejudice or bullying of a person because they are trans or perceived to be trans by others. Transphobia is considered a Hate Crime. 39

Interview with Izzie Brunson Pho to grap hy + Directio n : E lliston Lutz Sty lin g: Ant heny Raiy Hair + Make U p : Debo r ah Br ider us ing Kev in Mu rp hy, Bio derm a + La Ro che-Pos ay Mo del: I z z ie Brunson Traditionally wrestling has not been seen as a sport for girls. However, with the USA Women’s Football team winning the World Cup for the second time, the girls are showing the boys how it is done. This little lady, inspired by her father, didn’t let her fellow students put her off pursuing her favourite sport. Thirteen-year-old Izzie Brunson from Nevada, USA gives us an insight into how she combines her love of wrestling and her modelling career….and her schoolwork.

At what age did you realise you wanted to take up wrestling? I was 9 when I joined my first wrestling club. What got you into wrestling? My dad was my inspiration. I found his senior year bracket with his picture and his wins and wanted to be like him. I gave up Diamond Excel Level Gymnastics to be a wrestler. There are three types of wrestling, which is the style you practice? I compete in all three. At most national tournaments, it is Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Folkstyle is more popular on the west coast. My favorite style is Freestyle. Who is your favourite female wrestler of all time? Amy Fearnside.


Who is your favourite male wrestler? Jordon Burroughs – he is a 4x World Champion. How supportive are your family and friends and what was their reaction when you told them you wanted to take up wrestling? My mom and dad will always support me in my endeavours. While my family was cool with it, my friends were shocked. They were shocked because I walked away from 5 years of Level Gymnastics where I took the podium at most of the events. They couldn’t believe that I would leave a sport I excelled in to a sport I barely knew. My dad helped me my first year of wrestling by being one the coaches for my club team. He has continued to coach when he can. He is always willing to give me advice. He gave me the confidence to be my best.

with W restlER nson

w re s tl i ng s i ng l et , he a dge a r, Adidas w re s t l i ng s hoe s ( al l m ode l ’s ow n)


Adriano G oldschmied d e ni m j a ck e t , w re s tl i ng s i ng l et , he a dge a r, Adidas w re s tl i ng s ho e s ( al l m ode l ’s ow n)

Tressy C lub sweater


Have you received any bullying as a direct result of taking up the sport? How have you coped with comments about girls wrestling etc? I never was bullied but some of the boys would make comments about me wrestling especially if we wrestled in the same tournament and they placed, and I didn’t. They would say “What, you can’t even make a pin?” or “Really, you let that boy beat you. I could have won that match.” I didn’t let it bother me. It just gave me more fuel to be my best. I know the stereotype is boys for wrestling but that is changing! I know some people don’t believe in girls’ wrestling just like that don’t believe in male cheerleaders, but I believe you do what you love, and forget about the rest. There needs to be platforms for male and female athletes in all sports. How often do you train and what does your average day look like? Some weeks, I will train up to 10+ hours a week while others maybe 5. It depends on if there are any tournaments or if I need to complete homework.

You are also a model; how did you get into modelling? I attended a photography shootout that my mom’s friend asked if I would participate in. I had so much fun that I asked my mom to help me pursue a modelling career. She made connections with some awesome photographers which helped to build my portfolio. She submitted tons of pictures to get me agent representation. I have had so many opportunities thanks to my mom’s perseverance and dedication. Which models inspire you? And why? I love high fashion and editorial models such as Kate Moss, Milla Jovovich, and Karlie Kloss. What is the best part about being a model? I get to be someone else. I am not a wrestler, a sister, a daughter, a student, or a kid. I get transformed into another place and time. What is your favourite modelling job to date?

When is your next competition? My next big event is the Pan American Games in Panama City in November. I might have a few smaller tournaments in between this event but this will be the biggest platform that I have wrestled since I started wrestling. How are you preparing for your next competition? I am attending off-season practice and hitting the gym with my MOM!

I love all my modelling gigs. Each job brings different feelings and experiences. The most fun job was the KidzCon photoshoot. I was on set with kids with different challenges to overcome in life. It was a memorable experience. The best part was that I had to balance a glass bird cage on my head. How do you combine both modelling and wrestling, alongside your studies? I delegate the appropriate amount of time and I let my mom control my calendar.

Have you had to overcome any prejudices in your life so far with regards to your sport? I am girl. I am model. My looks are deceiving. Some people think I can’t win a match until I walk on the mat and grab the win. 45

What things have you had to give up to be able to model and wrestle?

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Time. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. There have been times where I have had to give up modelling gigs because of wrestling.

Wrestling for a good college with a scholarship. Still Modelling. What are your hopes and dreams?

What was it like on the shoot for Tangereene Magazine? What were the highlights of the day? The shoot was fabulous. I got to work with an amazing photographer and stylist and hair and make up artist. I got to play at Santa Monica Pier beach and walk down the street at Venice Beach. I was able to be my self with playing on the monkey bars, wrestling in the beach sand, and parading around in the cheetah coat down the street. It was the most FUN. I even got to play NINJA WARRIOR on the Rings. I made all the way to the last 2. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given in the wrestling business and who gave it to you? Amy Fearnside gave me the best advice for being nervous before a tournament. Amy said “Your body treats nervousness the same way it treats excitement.” What’s the best piece of modelling advice you’ve ever been givenand who gave it to you? Don’t judge yourself if you don’t get the casting. Casting already knows what they are looking for in a role before you even walk through their doors. Love yourself and never give up trying! Who is your role model?

Olympics for wrestling. Runway or Editorial Model in NY. What are your concerns for the future? I would like to see more resources for parents with children who are obese. I think we have epidemic with childhood obesity. I think food resources need to be better and readily available to schools, grocery stores, and homes. I think we need to have nutritional in classes in school and home economics to help us cook. If you could have three wishes, what would they be? I want a car that is paid in full. I want to be either living in California or New York. I want an unlimited amount of shopping sprees to the mall. Just for fun, which are your 5 favourite Instagram accounts? - Hooligans Magazine - Slams Women Wrestling - Zara - Billie Eilish - Tangereene Magazine What was the last movie you saw? I saw Secret Life of Pets 2 with my mom and little brother.

My mom! She is amazing. Mom sacrifices a lot for me and my brothers. You can find Izzie Brunson on Instagram at @izzie_brunson 46

Vintage Gap coat, Zara shir t.

Nike shir t

Vintage Gap coat, Zara shir t, Habitual jeans , v in t ag e boots (model’s own)


Izzie’s Previous Tournament Stats:

Z ara o vera l l s hort s , Cat & Jack s hi rt , Converse s hoe s .

Turf Wars Western State Championship June 22, 2019 3rd in Folkstyle 14U 85 pounds (Izzie weighed 71) 1st in Greco-Roman 14U 79 pounds 1st in Freestyle 14U 77 pounds Women’s National Freestyle Championships Qualifier for the Pan American Games May 11, 2019 2nd 14U 72 pounds Beehive Brawl November 2018 1st Folkstyle 14U 70 pounds


Z ara s w e ate r + s ho rts , Converse s hoe s .

What is Wrestling? The sport of wrestling is practiced by two competitors. It consists of forcing an opponent to touch the ground with some part of their body other than their feet; forcing them into a certain position, usually supine (on their back); or holding them in that position for a minimum length of time. The three styles of wrestling are Freestyle, Folkstyle, and Greco-Roman.

Freestyle In Freestyle wrestling athletes are allowed to grab opponents below the waist and use their legs for both attack and defense. The main objective is to tackle an opponent and place their shoulders securely on the mat for a couple of seconds – which is known as a “pin” or “fall” and will result in a win. An athlete cannot lock their legs in a leg fashion to the head, neck or body of their opponent. Scissor moves on the legs or arms are allowed.

Folkstyle Similar to Freestyle, the main difference is that in Folkstyle wrestling moves are allowed from the bottom position. To get a pin the opponent must be held on their back for two seconds. A wrestler can lock their hands when attempting the pin or takedown, but it is illegal to lock their hands, or clasping, when riding. A competitor can lose a point for fleeing during the match, if they have already been warned.

Greco-Roman The oldest style of wrestling is thought to be Greco-Roman. Competitors need to use their upper bodies to carry out a variety of different moves to pin their opponent and/or score points to win the fight. Their legs cannot be used in any way to achieve a fall, and holds cannot be taken below the waist. Courtesy of www.britannica.com / www.rulesofsport.com / www.sportlingo.com



C he: MALAN B jac ket, AMER I CAN APPAR EL tro us e rs , R AG G ED PRI ES T t -s hi rt . So r en: AP RIL7 7 jac ket, NO MOR E H ER OES t-s hi rt, AMER I CAN APPAR EL t rous e rs .

Pho to g raphe r: DEAN BELCHER Art Di re cti o n + Styl i ng : BECKY S EAG ER H ai r Styl i ng : Brooke Ne I lsen Make Up: Anna Langley Models: C he @ kidslondon + S oren @ graceandgalor



Che : MALAN B j acke t, AMER I CAN APPAREL t rous e rs , R AG G ED PR I ES T t-s hi rt, BUR BER RY s hoe s . S o re n: APR I L77 j acke t, NO MOR E H ERO ES t -s hi rt , AMER I CAN APPAR EL tro us e rs , L EV I ’ S boot s .


So re n : M O LO t u r t le nec k, MALAN B tr ous e rs , JULI A s carf.

So re n: H ELEN AN TH ON Y s hi rt + tro us e rs , L EV I ’ S boot s .


So re n: NO MOR E H ER OES j acke t + j e ans , H& M t -s hi rt .

Che : HE LE N AN T H O NY suit, B E YOND RETR O s hi rt.

S o re n: R OK I T j a ck e t + t op. Che : H ELEN AN T HO N Y coa t .


Che : M A L A N B jac ket, RAGGED P RIE ST t-s hi rt. So re n : A P R I L 7 7 jac ket, NO MORE HEROES t-s hi rt, AMER I CAN APPAR EL tro us e rs , L EV I ’ S boot s .



Interview with

Wi l l iam F rank l I n terv iew er: Mic helle Pier r e-Carr Pho to grap her: E llisto n Lutz Sty list: Alexey Lutz Mo del: W illiam F r ank lyn- Mil ler

Fifteen-year old actor, William Franklyn-Miller best known for his roles in Medici, Arrow and Jack Irish had a chat with Tangereene’s Michelle Pierre-Carr on his hopes and dreams for his future and the planet.

What is your Nickname?

How did you get into acting?

Will or Willy Bob

My modelling agency sent me on an audition when I was 5 and I loved it, so I’ve kept doing it. But I started off in modelling.

Where were you born and where do you live now if different?

What is your biggest achievement to date? I was born in Barnstable in Devon and moved to Australia when I was 3 years old, but because my Dad is in the military we have always lived between Australia and Ireland. We are now actually moving back to the UK to Somerset at the end of August. How are you feeling about the move? Somerset is nice but I’m not sure yet as I have always lived in City areas and Somerset is in the country, so we have to wait and see. How does all the travelling affect your schooling?

Getting a role in Medici The Magnificent which is coming to Netflix later this year. I got to film in Italy for 5 months and work with some amazing actors. Who is your character and what is Medici about? I play Giovanni de Medici, the son of Daniel Sharman and it’s all about the wealthy Medici family’s rise to power during medieval Italy. It’s on RTE in October but will hit Netflix in Jan 2020 as the third series.

For the past year I have been home schooled to help with travelling overseas and auditions. You just log on a Skype call and learn in real time and if you have to go on set or are away, they record the lessons, so you never miss anything. 62

Bellport Auto Body t -s hi rt

with AC TO R

ly n -M i ll er


Saint L aurent f la nnel LS shir t, C otton Citizen S S t-s hi rt, G allery D epartment jeans, Moscot s ung l as s e s .


C otton C itizen S S t-s hi rt, Moscot s ung l as s e s .

Bellport Auto Body t -s hi rt , Champion s hort s , Vans s o cks + s ne a k e rs .

What lessons has your character taught you? My character wants to be an artist but ends up not becoming one as his family wants him to get involved in the church. So, learning from that I believe you should be who you want to be. What do you do for fun when you’re not acting? I’m actually a competitive swimmer and I swim about 12 hours a week and go to the gym too. What is your favourite stroke and gym routine? Front crawl and I train with a PT 2/3 times a week on free-weights when I can. How would you describe yourself? Easy going and I think I’m pretty funny at times, haha. Who inspires you? I love Tom Hanks. He has played some amazing roles and is different in every single one. Tom Holland is also pretty cool too. I met him on my first audition in The Impossible where I got down to the last two boys. What inspires you? People who never give up chasing their dreams. Tom Hanks has talked about this recently in an interview where his friends gave up when they were all new in the game, but he never gave up and look at what he has accomplished. So, I’m hanging in there. 65

What don’t people know about you? I have 1.4 million Instagram followers and that is down to a Japanese girl who posted a picture of me when I was 12 on Japan’s equivalent of Instagram and the picture went viral and I was invited to Japan and LA and did a shoot as one of the most good looking kids for Russian Vogue. I have never been able to find the girl to say thank you. How would you make the world a better place? Get rid of all plastic bottles in order to save the environment, because everytime I go surfing or head to the beach there is plastic everywhere which is really affecting the wildlife. I believe if everyone could use glass or cartons it’s a small thing that can make a big difference. How do you inspire your peers? By just showing them that hard work and never giving up can get you what you want. I’m going to keep working hard and training to be the best actor I can be. What up and coming projects are you apart of that we should look out for? As well as Medici I’ve also got a small part in a feature film called Four Kids and It, coming to cinemas next Easter. I play a teenage heart-throb. What are you hopes for the future? I really hope I do make it as a successful actor, but in general I hope to always be surrounded by people who I love and support me in anything I do.

You can find William Franklyn-Miller on Instagram at @william.franklyn.miller 66

Vintage mi l i tary S S s hi rt, Cotton Citizen S S t -s hi rt , G allery DepartmenT j e ans , Moscot s ungl a s s e s .


P h o t o gr apher : Jay F enwick St y list: Anna Morris H air + Make U p: Sheila C arton P h o t o gr apher ’s Assistant: Patrick S pilsbury D ig it al Tech: Jo B urrows M o d els: F elix Anderson + Flynn S tone + Esme Cook @ K ids London Amile Nina @ Ray & Robin


A m ile: Armor Lux jumper, Stella McCartney K ids s ho rts @ childrensalon . com. E sme: Stella McCartney K ids j umpe r @ childrensalon . com.


Flyn: Z adig&Voltaire jac ket @ childrensalon. com, Cheap Monday j e ans , Farah S tein t - sh ir t , Novesta tr ainer s. Feli x: E d H ardy L S top, Kenzo Kids je ans @ childrensalon. com, BoboC hoses so c ks, Novesta shoes.


Es me : Diadora j acke t @ childrensalon . com.


Flyn: Tommy H ilfiger hat, Little E leven Paris s w e ats hi rt b o th @ childrensalon .com, W eekday jacke t ro und w ai s t, Cheap Monday j e ans . Feli x : A rmor Lux sweatshir t, Kenzo Kids j e ans @ childrensalon. com.


Es me : Diadora j acke t @ childrensalon . com.


Flyn: A rmor Lux t- shir t, C heap Monday j e ans , Novesta s ho e s . Fel i x : B urberry Kids jeans @ childrensalon. com, Dr Martens b o o ts .


Fe l i x: Weekday j acke t + rugby s hi rt , B urberry Kids j e ans @ childrensalon. com, Dr Martens boot s . A mi l e : W eekday jacket, Stella McCartney K ids d ung are e s @ childrensalon . com.


Esm e : D iadora J ac ket @ childrensalon. com.


Es me : Vivienne Westwood Anglomania s w e a t s hi rt , Tommy Hilfiger j e ans @ childrensalon. com, Converse t ra i ne rs . Fl ynn: Barbour j a ck e t .


Flynn : B arbour jac ket.


F e lix : P etit B ateau jac ke t @ childrensalon. com, Tommy H ilfiger t -s hi rt .


Esm e : S tella M c C artney Kids jumper + s ki rt @ childrensalon. com.


Esme: Stella McC artney K ids j umpe r + s ki rt @ childrensalon . com, Tommy H ilfiger ha t ,


C hanging Room Images: J emima Camp b e l l

Jemima AKA @changingroomteen has fast become a Teen Fashion influencer who has been featured in magazines and newspapers. Jemima has collaborated with high street brands and uses @changingroomteen to share with followers her style and best finds from cool high street stores by taking mirror selfies in the changing rooms of the store. Jemima shares with us how she is using social media to help give her a voice to raise awareness of her campaign @_rainbow_over_awareness_

Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Jemima Campbell, I am 12 years old. I live half the time in Wandsworth with my Dad and half the time in Cobham, Surrey with my Mum. I spend free time skateboarding and writing music with my best friend Megan for our band ‘Not What I Expected’. I play the Ukulele and sing. I love creative writing and art. What lead you to start the Instagram account @changingroomteen? I came up with the idea after doing a selfie in Urban Outfitters for my Snapchat story. I loved the outfit so much I thought I should share it beyond my friendship circle and influence young teens like myself. What do your posts feature on @changingroomteen? My posts review current seasons fashion for teenagers in high street store changing rooms. What do you like about fashion? I like how I can express myself with just a few items of clothing and how much fashion can say about a person. 82

Which Instagram accounts are your go-to for fashion and trends? Harris Reed, Billie Eilish but beyond that, I don’t follow fashion, I have my own style. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? My collection of Beanies, without them my outfits would be incomplete! What lead you to start a LGBTQ rights campaign at school? In homeroom we were discussing LGBTQ and there were a lot of negative reactions, such as “if they don’t want to be bullied, they need to pretend to be straight”. This really upset me. How has the school supported you in your campaign? A friend and I decided to start a campaign to educate and raise awareness and understanding in my school about the LGBQ+ community. We went to the head of year who gave us permission to do a presentation to our year group.

oom T een


How did your fellow students respond when you started your campaign at school? I got mostly negative feedback. I was bullied and accused of being a lesbian. This won’t stop me from standing up for what I believe is right. What do you hope to achieve with your campaign Rainbow Over Awareness? I want the LGBTQ+ community to know that there are people out there who support, love and accept them for loving whoever they want to love. I want to try and change homophobic people’s perspective. What type of posts can one expect to see on @_rainbow_over_awareness_ Inspirational illustrations, quotes and information on LGBTQ+ history and current affairs. How does social media help give you a voice? I literally don’t know I single person who doesn’t have social media. If you want to be heard, you need to create an online presence. Statistics say 1 billion people use Instagram every month. There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world (and some of them are babies!!) that’s a LOT of people using Instagram who are easily reachable. If I wrote a book on LGBTQ+ I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have heard of me and no one would be reading this! Isn’t that sad?! What are your future aspirations and goals? There are so many more causes I would like to raise awareness for. Such as mental health issues, euthanasia, child abuse, fostering and adoption, poverty and teenage homelessness.


What are your passions? Helping people and psychology. Making people feel better is a big one for me because it makes me feel better! What is your biggest dream? The same as most people’s biggest dream, ridding the world of hatred, chaos, war, hunger and poverty. Is there anything else you would like to add? I’m just really grateful for people and publications like yourself who are giving me a voice to help other people. My message to ALL Teens - ’Stay true to yourself, follow your own sense of style, don’t be swayed by what others think and always and forever celebrate your own unique individuality’.


G UA R D I A N O F e pisode 3 Jacques Tagholm Int erv iewe r : T ze C h in g Yo ung

The Guardian of The Earth series was created as a way to highlight young, passionate people on a mission to save the world. The decision makers have failed the next generation, in regards to protecting the future of the people and the planet and countless young activists are (peacefully) fighting back. They are fighting to be heard and they are fighting for decision makers to take notice of their wishes and their demands, to make saving earth a priority.

Today, we speak to 18-year-old Jacques Tagholm from Wiltshire. Jacques has been involved in climate action since he was a young child. He was raised in a house where revolutionaries were looked at with praise. Jacques’ dad had countless books on the likes of the Bolsheviks, Che Guevara and Rosa Parks and his parents used to regularly partake in sit ins and protests for what they believe in. Jacques environmental activism started when he turned vegan in 2016 and became truly aware of the environmental impact of countless seemingly innocuous actions. Also in 2016, Jacques, together with his team, won a The Global Entrepreneurs’ Challenge by introducing the idea of creating sustainable fuel by using previously wasted products, such as peanut husks to people in Gambia.





How old were you when you started using your voice, and what was the trigger? There wasn’t really one point where I started using my voice, I’ve always been a loudmouth when it comes to my opinions! Was there a particular issue or event that you felt you couldn’t ignore. What was it that inspired you to become an activist? Obviously the climate crisis is the single biggest issue facing our species and planet at this moment. I became an activist for Extinction Rebellion when I joined their International Rebellion in April, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. What do you think is the biggest environmental threat today? Big corporations (BP, big pharma, Shell, supermarkets) without a doubt.

What is the one thing that you think everyone needs to start/stop doing right now to help the environment? Flying. What are some of the environmental projects you have been involved with? I’ve attended two Youth Strikes for Climate, three major Extinction Rebellion protests, and as the Actions Coordinator of the Chippenham Group, I’m always coming up with ideas for new projects for our group to get involved with! What has been you biggest success / most proud of moment? Every time I talk about Extinction Rebellion and educate people on the climate crisis. I can’t choose one moment, every moment protesting against the warming planet is my proudest one.

Do you think the government is doing enough to give importance to deal with these issues? Absolutely not. I think Theresa May’s target of zero emissions by 2050 is not ambitious, and not urgent enough. We need zero emissions by 2025.

If you know of any young activists that are doing a great job at guarding the earth, please send us an e-mail at Tangereene@juniorstyle.net Follow Jacques on Instagram: @jacquestagholm @xr.chippenham 89

Ten To p

S ummer reads Here’s a holiday library in collaboration with The Book People of the top reads for 9-15 year olds. While away those summer days reading adventure stories by Michael Morpurgo through to the high action story ‘Alex Rider: Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz.

Running Wild

by Michael Morpurgo (9+)

An adventure story covering contemporary issues including the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest and illegal animal trafficking. Set in the Indonesian rainforest.

Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth


A story of hope and survival set in the Himalayas.


Stargazing for Beginners

by Jenny McLachlan


Moving story on following our dreams and supporting your family.


by RJ Palacio (11+)

An inspiring story about a courageous 10-year-old named August, a boy who was born with severe facial disfigurement. Uplifting novel.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle


Sci-fi, out-of-this world adventure for those who loved the film. A great read for young fiction fans aged 11+ who may have at some stage felt like the odd one out!


Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz (11+)

High-action, exciting read.

Dark Matter: Contagion

by Teri Terry (12+)

Thrilling dystopian series for anyone who loves The Hunger Games.

See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng (12+)

Moving story about the unforgettable Alex.


The Lie Tree

by Frances Hardinge (13+)

Costa Book of the Year Award winner, this is a chilling read for any thriller fan.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


Powerful novel about inequality and police brutality.

The Book People’s Bedtime Story Competition Are you aged 5-11 and love making up stories? Enter The Book People’s Bedtime Story Competition for the chance to see your story published as a real picture book and illustrated by top children’s book illustrator Lucy Fleming! You have until the 8th November 2019 to enter your story on the theme of feelings so get writing! For more info and full T&Cs, check out www.thebookpeople.co.uk/bedtimestory. The Book People’s Bedtime Story Competition is open to full time UK residents only 93


Can you tell us a little about who you are and where you live?

What are your favourite subjects at school and why do you like them?

My name is Salma Ramy Youssef and I am 11 years old. I live in a suburb around 25 kilometres away from Cairo in this suburb there are many gated communities.

My favourite subjects are P.E, art and drama because I really enjoy them, and I find them easy. From my point of view, there’s only one subject that I’m not keen on which is ICT because I find it pointless and I think I know what I need to know for life. You are on summer vacation currently, how long are your school summer holidays?

What does an average day look like for you? I wake up at 7:00 my mum drives me to school and the bell rings at 7:50 in the morning and we then sing the anthem, unpack and get to our lessons. We have three lessons and then break time. At break time I have a snack, play games and mess around with my friends. After that we have three more lessons and then another break where I have my main meal from my lunch box then 2 lessons and we finish the day at 2:55 or 3:00.

For summer vacation we get two months but most of the time I’m training in rhythmic gymnastics. The hours here are very different than in foreign countries. I train 4 times a week - once 4 hours, once 3, once 2, and once 2 hours and thirty minutes. In those two months I get two weeks of holiday from training. What do you do in your spare time?

Can you tell us how does the school system works? I just finished year six. My school follows the British system but the school system in Egypt is divided up as follows: 6 years of primary, 3 years of preparatory and 3 years of secondary. Unfortunately, the public schools in Egypt are not that good. In the Egyptian public schools, they also finish at eighteen and then they go straight to university. 94

I either play with my brother, sister, dog or pay football. Sometimes, I read or just hang around and do stuff. I play football and train rhythmic gymnastics. Do you have any chores at home? I don’t have any chores in particular but when someone needs help around the house I help.

IN Cairo, E GYPT


Do you help with cooking at home? What is your favourite food?

If you could change anything in the world what would you change?

I’ll help if my mum is baking because I really enjoy it. I like Sushi and Koshary (Egyptian Dish), Macaron and cakes my mum makes at home.

There are so many things I really can’t choose, but some of them are: stopping poverty, pollution, sexism, and the pay difference and fame difference between men and women, especially in football.

Do you have a smart phone? In a way I have an old iPhone 5, I use it sometimes, but I don’t use social media. What are your reasons for not using social media? I don’t use social media because it’s addictive and very bad for the brain especially at my age. I don’t watch television every day, but the maximum is around three hours, which equals two football matches because I really enjoy watching it, oh and just for fun my favourite club is Liverpool! What’s yours? What are your concerns for the future of the planet? I’m worried about the marine life, land animals, desertification, pollution, poverty, starvation and global warming. What worries you or makes you upset? Being all on my own, upsetting people, people being annoying and family members or pet getting hurt or upset. What is your biggest dream? Meeting Mohamed Salah and being able to play professional football with boys. 96

If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be? Meeting Mohamed Salah, having any powers I want, and having endless wishes come true. Just for fun, what is your favourite film? Who is your favourite musician? What is your favourite song from your current play list? What are your favourite apps on your phone? My favourite movie is The Passage (an Egyptian movie about the 6th of October war). My favourite musician is Billie Eillish, my favourite songs are “Bellyache”, “Sucker” and “Ocean Eyes”. My favourite apps on my phone are Camera, Photos, a game called paper.io2, and YouTube. Who do you admire? The person I admire and truly love is “Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian king”. Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time? What is your goal? I think I might live out of Egypt and work as a teacher doctor or a professional football player. In ten years’ time I would like to have a job, even if it is short term, and be sure of my future.


C ompetition D esign a t-shirt

with Shoreditch shorties Shoreditch Shorties is a grassroots community movement sharing profits directly with the street art and graffiti artists involved in creating artwork for the business. Many of the designs push boundaries and express stances on social and political issues, encouraging youth to ‘Be fierce, be Urban’! We are collaborating with Shoreditch Shorties in a unique competition and looking for the young artists out there! Get creative! Put down those iPhones and get designing for a chance to see your original artwork printed onto T-shirts sold via Shoreditch Shorties. The winner will also be entitled to 2 T-shirts featuring their design. All profits from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to Refugee Support.

how to enter The design theme is ‘Fluidity’. Take a look through the magazine, what inspires you? How would you like to use your ‘voice’ in your design? All paintings/digital art/drawings/collages welcome. Please submit a clear photo of artwork. Entries to be submitted to shoreditchshorties@gmail.com by Friday 23rd August 2019 with the name and age of the child. Open Worldwide. For ages up to 17 years. Full Terms & Conditions HERE. To Find out more about the work of Shoreditch Stories follow @shoredtich_shorties_london or visit the website here https://linktr.ee/shoreditch_shorties_london 98

Last Issue’s winner : Kayleigh We are really happy to be able to share with you our first Shoreditch Shorties x Tangereene Magazine Design A T-shirt competition winner, Kayleigh, wearing her T-shirt design. Help spread world peace by buying Kayleigh’s T-shirt HERE. Proceeds from the sale of the ethically produced t-shirt will go to the charity we are supporting Refugee Support. Can you tell us a little about you? I live in Cheltenham and have just turned 15 years old. My favourite subjects at school are PE as I like being active and having fun. I came 2nd in the 1500m at sports day this week! I have always loved maths because I enjoy new different maths techniques and of course I love art. I also enjoy gymnastics and dance outside of school.

You are the winner of the first Tangereene design competition, how does that make you feel? Being the winner of the first Tangereene Magazine design competition makes me feel proud of what I did and to come this far makes me feel very happy. I love drawing and artwork. I normally draw when I’m watching Netflix or YouTube and I really enjoy it as it relaxes me.

What worries you or makes you upset? I dislike bullies and any kind of animal abuse. What are your concerns for the future of the planet?

I am so grateful, and I absolutely love that my design is on a t shirt and is available to buy. It will be fun to see the t-shirt on friends and family and to know that the design will help to raise some money for Refugee Support.

I worry that if we don’t make drastic changes, the planet will suffer. My dream is that we all help one another, be kind and all do our bit to make changes with regards to the use of plastic, etc If you could change anything in the world what would you change? Things I would like to change in the world would be to put a stop to animal abuse. I hate to see animals suffer; I love animals so much. Bullying and cyber bullying needs to be stopped too, the world would be a much nicer place if it didn’t happen. People just need to respect each other and be kind. If you could have any three wishes granted what would they be? If I had three wishes, I would wish that everyone in the world had food and water, to put an end to bullying and animal abuse, and for everyone to have a good future, whoops is that four!



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