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Thank for your positive feedback on the first issue. It is great to know readers have found the content inspiring and that the magazine is loved not only by the youngsters, but also a hit with parents too! The Senior Editor at WGSN for kidswear Erin Rechner, cites Tangereene as one of her favourite online magazines to come out in 2018, calling us one to look to for inclusivity. The theme for this issue is ‘Tomorrow Land’, which explores how youth see our future, particularly with concern to the environment. A must read this issue is the interview with Sammy, a teenage refugee living in a camp in Greece. His words will bring tears to your eyes, so go get the Kleenex ready! Sammy’s story is incredibly inspiring, and considering his circumstances he remains very positive about his future. If you are a budding artist or know someone who is, we have an amazing design competition you may be interested in submitting artwork too. For further details see page 74 or click HERE. We now have a new instagram account, follow us here: @Tangereenemagazine I will leave you there to enjoy our second issue.




KICKS P h oto g r ap h er : DE AN B E LC HE R A rt D ir e c t io n + Sty ling: B E CKY SEAGER Ha i r + M ak e u p : Rac hel Louise Jones Re to u c h in g : LO U IE B ELC HE R P h oto g r ap h er s Assistant: Jade Danie lle S mith M ode ls: B ail ey, Ejiro + Hec tor @ K ids London


H e c tor : JU LIAN Z jac ket + tro us e rs , R AG G ED PR I ES T t-s hi rt.



H ec tor : JU LIAN Z jac ket + tro us e rs , R AG G ED PR I ES T t-s hi rt, R EEBO K t ra i ne rs . E jir o: DW F c o at, CDG tro us e rs , COS t-s hi rt, DR MARTEN S f oot w e a r. B ailey : MASH or iginal rave te e, G ABR I EL NOUCH I tro us e rs , R AE BU R N coa t , DR MARTENS f oot w e a r.



Bailey : LE VI’S denim jac ket + j e ans , NO MOR E H ER OES t-s hi rt, N I K E t ra i ne rs . H ec t o r : TDT Top, G- F ORCE archi ve tro us e rs , R EEBOK trai ne rs . E jir o : STE LLA MCCARTNEY t racks ui t + t-s hi rt, N I K E Trai ne rs .



Bai l e y: PAM FOR CAR H ARTT o ve ral l s , N I K E t ra i ne rs . H e cto r: R OK I T fl yi ng s ui t, R EEB O K t ra i ne rs . Ej i ro : R OK I T fl yi ng s ui t, N I K E t ra i ne rs .



Hec tor : SED ITI ONAR I ES archi ve s hi rt, I S S EY MI YAK E ME N t rous e rs . B ailey : D R MARTE NS ar chiv e jumpe r, CAMDEN MK T tro us e rs , DR MARTENS f oot w e a r. Ejir o: D R MARTENS archi ve j umpe r, CH I LD OF TH E JAG O t rous e rs .


Hec tor : 1X1 jac ke t, DR MARTENS t-s hi rt x N EW OR DER , CD G t rous e rs . Bai l e y: DWF j acke t + tro us e rs , UN DER COV ER t -s hi rt . Ej i ro : MA I S O N K s ui t .



Ba i l e y : C OT T WE I LER t- shir t, NO MORE H ER OES j acke t, DWF tro us e rs , DR MARTEN S s hoe s . Ej i ro : G -FOR CE archi ve s w e ate r, R AEBURN t rous e rs . H ec tor : LE VI’S tr ouser s , H AR I N G FOR J OS EPH j umpe r, DR MART EN S s hoe s .


G UA R D I A N O F 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s solo protest outside Sweden’s parliament in August 2018 to draw attention to the Climate Crisis struck a chord with many young people around the world and inspired them to rise up and hold their governments to account and demand radical change. On the 15th February 2019 thousands of UK students took to the streets in a nationwide protest to demand the government declare a climate emergency and take active steps to tackle the problem. We spoke to three young people who took part in the event in London to find out their views on the environmental crisis - Tom, Isabella and Anna (pictured right):

What is Global Climate Change and how does this effect you? Tom: Climate change is the issue that we face in this generation where the temperature rises and falls more than expected, which causes glaciers to melt and in turn our sea levels rise causing Icebergs in the oceans that are home to many species to melt and then those species don’t have a safe habitat anymore. This will affect my generation as many species, not just animals, will die out and eventually cities close to the coast will be underwater. Isabella: Climate change is literally the change in climate of the earth’s atmosphere. It does happen naturally but has majorly been accelerated by modern human activity. The problem has only really come to light recently from our technological advances in the ability to measure the diminishing ice caps and other indicators because of our excessive use of fossil fuels. When I’m older I would like to have freedom in my choices and live a healthy lifestyle without constantly worrying. This means taking action now, if we don’t start 10

planning the future there will not be a future. The people in charge currently are the generation who will die out before the earth’s environment collapses so they don’t have enough motivation, compared to the youth who want something to live for. Anna: Global climate change is the average temperatures around the world changing by either getting warmer or cooler, which can lead to a negative effect on the planet and therefore everything that lives here, plants and animals alike. It affects me because I’m one of those animals. For example, climate change primarily effects the weather but secondarily it effects agriculture, it’s the largest cause of extinction of both plants and animals in this century because even with small temperature changes of a degree or two ecosystems can function. In heat waves and times of below average temperatures farmers crops are dying and therefore they are losing money and food prices go up. In an effort not to go on, I hope I have explained well enough that it effects every part of our lives however big or small.


e p isode 2 C limate chang E march


2. What were your reasons for taking part in the March on 15th Feb 2019?

3. How did it feel to be part of the demonstration?

Tom: To show the government how, if they don’t listen to us and deal with our concerns, more and more people will start to strike, with teens taking the day off school and work, and if they care about the economy and children’s education then they will take action.

Tom: It felt like I was part of something huge and monumental.

Isabella: Well, I’m going to be straight with you, to be honest I initially just wanted a day off school… obviously is was for a good cause and all, so why not!? After deciding I was going, and convincing my parents to let me, I thought I should actually do some research about it. I watched a few videos and read some articles and it really flicked a switch within me about devastating effects of climate change and I also fancied making a poster instead of my homework. Anna: What if nothing happens to combat climate change, our government continue to put it on the back burner and the situation we have put ourselves in gets worse? I didn’t want to be the person that stood on the sidelines and did nothing. I wanted to be the person who exercised her voice and showed people, not only the government, that even though we are young, that we can have strong opinions and we can want to be heard and that we really didn’t stand for what’s happening to our planet. My generation are the ones that are really going to be suffering in the future and clearing up the mistakes of the previous generation, who in my opinion, did very little.

22 6

Isabella: At first on my way I thought it would be very few nerds, not that there’s anything wrong with them but that was what I was expecting in all honesty. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find a massive crowd of teens all chanting. It was quite amazing and breathtaking to see so many people come together and essentially make history. Anna: I felt empowered, strong and, after seeing all the news on the march that night, I felt heard. Although we may have been heard, that doesn’t mean governments are leaping into action to change the situation on hand. So on reflection, I suppose we have been ignored.

4. What can people do to make a difference with regards to climate change? Tom: It all starts with small, simple actions, such as turning off lights when you leave a room, taking public transport or walking to places instead of driving and swapping a meat meal for a veggie option. Isabella: What the average person can do to in regards to climate change lies in mainly the subtleties in life. For example using public transport, walking or cycling instead of driving, or changing lightbulbs to more efficient types and if you really have the luxury then investing in renewable energy forms of producing energy such as solar cells or small scale wind turbines. Anna: I suppose the biggest thing a person can do is make an informed and educated decision on how they can help and be more conscious of their footprint. People can start by making changes by buying simple things like a reusable straw or cutlery and not using plastic ones or when they are buy a car getting an electric or hybrid model.

5. What are your hopes for the future with regards to our planet? Tom: I hope people change their ways and companies start to produce products that benefit the environment instead of ones that damage the environment. Isabella: I hope in the long term future that the entire human population of earth can turn to green energy. In order to get to that point I think we all need to get on board and believing in ourselves and that it isn’t too late. Anna: I hope everyone educates themselves and begins to work for the planet and not against it. We don’t have to wait for the government to come up with new climate change based legislation. We can do a lot as a community, such as not using one use plastics, recycling, composting, using renewable energy, teaching climate change more readily and extensively in schools. I hope with people taking charge of the planet for themselves and their children, that the earth can begin to ‘heal’.

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7. What are your opinions on lowering the voting age to 16? Tom: I think lowering the voting age to 16 is a good idea as it would mean society starting to give responsibility to younger people, who would then get to vote on things that affect their future. Isabella: I know A LOT of 16 year olds - they are absolutely NOT to be trusted...with the responsibility of a vote. Teen’s views are so easily swung it would just be stupid to give them that power. Despite this I do believe the government should involve the youth parliaments or councils therefore giving the youth a voice. Anna: I believe that it would be a good idea. I feel that some 16 years olds would not take it seriously and they will not bother to vote or abuse it. However, for the 16 year olds out there who are educated on the issues at hand and would like to exercise the right to vote I think it would present an amazing opportunity, especially as the youth are the ones that are going to be feeling the hard hit of some choices older generations have made, such as Brexit and climate change.

To find out more on #FridaysForFuture the movement that began after Greta Thunberg’s protest and further youth strikes, click here: www.fridaysforfuture.org PS: We are by no way encouraging children to skip school as there are lot of ways to get involved and take action individually. Photographs + Video: Liz Sheppard.


Tween sisters Audrey and Holly live in Copenhagen, Denmark. As well as keeping up with the latest trends and what happens on the internet, the sisters enjoy sports, roller-skating andtravelling. Sisters Audrey & Holly are the Tweentown tweens - Mother Anya publishes TWEENTOWN magazine, a magazine for tweens and their adults. Audrey and Holly share their five favourite Instagram accounts, some you may like to follow too! You can find Audrey & Holly on Instagram on @anyaincopenhagen


My Top 5 instagram



Hannah Shaw, known as the Kitten Lady’, rescues kittens. We adore cats!

@Milliebobbybrown The Stranger Things actress is just the coolest young lady;-)

@NailsbyNicky We love nail art and Nicky is great at it.

@Pusheen We love this cute cartoon cat. Everyone needs a Pusheen!

@NatGeo Amazing images and inspiration from around the world. It is so important to find out more about our World.

Interview with Jaden Grey Intervi ew er: g emma d’ silva Ph otograp h y + A r t D i r e c t i o n : pi ot r mot yka Styl i ng : yva d ne y dav is, A s s i s t ed By : alice go dfr ey Gro omi n g: Chr ist ina C o r way Di g i tal O p erat o r : sy lv ia h on g Li g h ti ng A ssi st a n t : ma r cin k uncew ic z



STACEY WALL j ac ket, AS OS hat .

C A RAME L ja c ke t.

Seventeen year old Jaden Grey, from London, is currently studying ballet at the English National Ballet School. The inspiring young dancer shares with us what his life is like now that he is heading for a career in dance. Jaden’s story is one of dedication and an ambition to succeed. With an increase of boys taking ballet classes and rejecting the stereotypes of ballet as we know it, we find out what advice Jaden has for others who would love to follow in his footsteps.


How did you become interested in ballet? I discovered ballet via one of my friends who was taking weekly ballet classes at the school I was attending, around the age of eight, and I decided to join the classes with her. Ballet still didn’t interest me at that point, I was more interested in talking with her during the classes! It was when I began auditioning for schools that specialized in dance that I started taking more of an interest. When did you realise that dance was more than just a hobby for you? Being accepted into the Royal Ballet School when I turned eleven years old gave me the incentive to begin taking training seriously by being very disciplined and working really hard so I can achieve my goal of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Since joining the English National Ballet School I am getting closer to my end goal. How supportive are your family and friends and what was their reaction when you told them you wanted to be a ballet dancer? My family were all supportive about it. They all find it cool that I am studying something different. To begin with friends I decided to tell were quite shocked, but once I showed them a few tricks they were really into it. Aside from ballet, which other styles of dance do you enjoy? 32

I like my own style of dance! When I hear a song I like I just start grooving away. I also enjoy hip hop, street dance and capoeira. What was your experience of studying at The Royal Ballet and how does the English National Ballet School compare? Studying at the Royal Ballet School was a huge transition from primary school. I had to grow up fast and learn quickly. I began to understand just how important the skills I was learning are for a dancer. The English National Ballet School isn’t much of a contrast. As a young adult at the English National Ballet School you must take responsibility for yourself. How difficult was it studying for your GCSEs whilst training at The Royal Ballet? It was hard to maintain the quality of my dance whilst using every single minute of spare time to revise for the next exam coming up. Luckily, I got through it and my efforts did pay off. How often do you train and what does your average day look like? I train six days a week, which I feel is really beneficial to becoming not just a good dancer but a great dancer. My schedule is never the same. Typically, I have around 1.5 hours - 2.5 hours of dance class and then a mix of academic classes related to dance and other dance classes throughout the day. I usually finish around 6pm.

M ARR LONDON coat , CARAM EL j um p er, m od el ’s own leot ard.

C ARAME L ja cke t.

AS O S top, M A R R LO N D O N t rous er s .

C A RAM EL j ac ke t + tr ouser s , STACEY WALL shawl.


M A R R LO N D O N c o a t , m o d e l ’s o w n l e otar d .

What have you had to sacrifice in order to fulfil your dancing dreams? I would be say as a dancer the three sacrifices you have to make are 1. Giving up a lot of your spare time. 2. Understanding that life as a dancer is different to that of your friends who do not dance. Unfortunately, I can’t always do everything my friends do. 3. You have to avoid taking part in activities outside of dance that could potentially cause an injury. Who would you say has influenced you in your career so far? In my dance career it would be my first ever dance teacher; the teacher I had at the Royal Ballet School who mentored me through my time there. I am also inspired by the many dancers I see on YouTube performing great solos. Have you had to overcome any prejudices in your life so far as a dancer? No, thankfully I’ve never come across anything like that. What does your daily diet consist of? Do you eat junk food? I’m a vegan so as long as I have enough of what I need then my daily diet is great. I do have cheat days at the weekend which consists of vegan junk food!

Some questions just for fun. What was the last film you watched and what is your favourite track on your playlist currently? What was the last book you read? The last film I watched was Wreck It Ralph 2 which had a great concept to it. My favourite track on my playlist would be Ohh Child by The Five Stairsteps, it’s such a vibe! The last book I read was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Where do you see yourself in ten years? In ten years I see myself starring in main roles and touring around the world as a guest artist with great companies. What worries or concerns do you have with regards to the future? I am concerned about climate change and the fact that we are running out of water and there is an supply and demand imbalance, which is a real issue. I think it could get to a stage where wars could actually be for water if we don’t think of a solution to this problem. Finally, what advice would you give to any young, aspiring dancers out there who are afraid to do what they love for fear of being judged? I would simply say don’t be afraid to be judged, the person judging you probably is not doing what he or she loves to do and you are, so that makes you 10 steps ahead of them!

What interests do you have outside of dancing? Travelling is something I seriously enjoy!

You can fnd Jaden on instagram @jadencandance 37

P h o t o g r apher : D E AN B E LC HER A r t D ir ection + Sty ling: B ECKY S EAG ER H air + Makeup: Rac hel Louise Jones + S hamirah Ret o u c hing: LOU IE B ELC HE R P h o t o g r apher s Assistant: Jade Danie lle S mith M o d e ls: TEA @ Mini Models Agency + Tamsin


Tea: MOLO to p, S COTCH R ’ BELL E s ki rt, S ONDI CO s ock s . Ta m s in : M E A D HAM KIRCHOF F ar c hi ve j umpe r, TOPS H OP tro us e rs , H YS TER I A s ock s , N I K E t ra i ne rs .


Tams i n : G C D S @ ALEXANDALEXA top, M ALAN B d re s s , BATH I NG APE trai ne rs .

Te a + Tams i n: PR EEN a rchi ve.

Ta ms i n : K E N ZO @ ALEXANDALEXA top.


Tea: SAC AI X N I K E top, MONKI shor ts.

Tams i n: CH AMPIO N hoodi e.

Tea: P RE E N ar c h iv e top, STELLA MCCARTNEY @ ALEXANDALEXA s ki rt. Ta ms i n : P R E E N ar c hiv e top, CASSE Y GAN tro us e rs . CHA M P ION + SAM GREE NB E RG VINTAGE s w e ats hi rts o n fl o o r.

Tamsin: PETER JENS EN archi ve t-s hi rt, TOPS H O P t rous e rs . CH AMPI ON + LAZ Y OAF s w e ats h i rt s i n f ront .

Tea: K E N ZO @ AL E XANDALEXA sweatshi rt.

Tams i n: SACAI X NI K E to p, MO N K I s hort s .

Ta ms i n : R O K I T f ly ing suit. Tea: UN AUT H OR I SED @ ALE XANDALEXA b o i l e r s ui t, BOBO CH OS ES hat. LAZ Y OA F sweat s hir ts in fr ont + bac k.

Tams i n: R OK I T f l yi ng s ui t . Te a: UNAUTH OR I S ED @ ALEXANDALEXA boi l e r s ui t .

Odin is a 12 year old self-professed computer geek who lives in London, UK. His interests include coding, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Lego and Marvel superheroes (so yes, his eyes are generally glued to a screen or his head is stuck in a book or comic). He has compiled a list of his Top 5 Gaming YouTubers:


My Top 5 youtubE

channels for gaming 1. Dan, The Diamond Minecart or Dan T.D.M. My favourite Youtuber is he, hmmm? The answer is yes and so he is at the top of this list, obviously. I would personally recommend his earlier videos before he started playing Fortnite (or as I call it, Two Weeks). He is the trustworthy source from where I got all 500 of my Minecraft mods (before I transferred them to a rectangle of knowledge, which then disappeared). 2. Stampy the Longified Nosed, shortenable to S.T.A.L.I.N. (That was a joke.) or StampyLongNose. He stopped doing Minecraft now so now I do not watch him. The last video I heard he did was a King’s Quest video. 3. Game Theory, Live or G.T. Live. This is the live-streaming channel of Matthew Patrick, the person who also owns Game Theory, Film Theory, both of which being the places where Shouty Man’s Knowledge Vessels (Austin’s videos). are portrayed and submitted to. 4. Element Animation. I respect this channel too much to give them a comedic name. They are an animated channel about talking eggs and Minecraft but they do not post much so if you subscribe you will be given superb videos once a quarter of a decade, if you are loyal enough to be subscribed for that long. 5. Children’s British Broadcasting Company or C.B.B.C.’s YouTube account. On C.B.B.C., there is a show called Technobabble. I like it. It is useful.


I n terv iew er: Danie l Ranson S p e c i a l T han k s: E ve Linier es + Pau l Hu tch ings I m ages: Re f ugee S upport


Sammy was born in a refugee camp in Iran after his parents fled from Afghanistan. Seventeen years later Sammy and his family are now living in a camp in Katsikas, north west Greece which is supported by the NGO, Refugee Support that offers humanitarian aid, #aidwithdignity. Camp environment is overcrowded, impersonal and conditions are harsh, yet despite this Sammy has a very positive attitude. Sammy shares with us what it is like to be a teenager living in the camp in Katsikas and why he is determined to become a professional football player.

Can you describe your journey from your home country to the refugee camp in Greece? My family are from Afghanistan but had to leave because of the Taliban. I was born in a refugee camp in Iran and we lived there as a refugees for 14 years. My family didn’t have enough money to live there and I know school fees were really expensive. So we left Iran to travel to a European country. The journey from Iran was hard with my mother, sister and brother. Sometimes we slept without cover in the mountains or in forests. Our food ran out fast and we didn’t have anything to eat. We arrived onto the island of Lesvos and were put into the Moria Camp, or “Hell on Earth” as it was nicknamed. It was so full of refugees and we were quarantined without any proper place to sleep. Some nights I had to sleep next to the toilets. Would you mind telling us a little about your everyday life back home? In Iran I was studying from 7:00 in the morning until 12:00, I would then go to my job in a little factory that made shoes until 18:00. I would rest for an hour before going to my English class in the evening. Every day was very busy and It was hard to find time to revise. People in Iran are unkind to refugees, and often they treated us badly. There are some good people though, like my English teacher, who I think is just the best person and I learnt a lot from her.

Are there any positive stories or memories you have of your home country? I don’t have many, because I was always working or studying. Maybe meeting up with my best friend, which is always positive. He is still in Iran though. How would you describe the first few days in the refugee camp? They were the worst days of my life. I had no food, no place to sleep, no chance to shower and I was exhausted. After 10 days we found a 1x1 tent to live in which we stayed in for the next three months. Have you made any new friends since arriving? Yes, I have friends here. Some from Africa and I have some friends from Greece that I made at school. They are becoming my best friends. How have you overcome any language barriers? For me it isn’t hard to communicate. I can speak Turkish, English, and I am learning Greek at school. I am a very social person. How is life different now? Now, I think life is better for me. I am going to school and learning. I have soccer practice every day and I don’t have to work to survive. I can do what normal teenagers do! But living in a camp is hard. 55

What is your typical daily routine? I go to school every day of the week. There is no school on camp so we are taken by bus to the city to learn. When I am not at school I study with friends. From 3pm to 6pm I have soccer practice with other boys from the camp. There is nothing else to do. What are your favourite subjects at school? I enjoy history and math.

Do you have a favourite band you like to listen to? My favourite band is one from Iran called Macan Band. I like rap music too and listen to Eminem and 69. How do you feel about your future? I think I will have a good life with my family. I hope to become a soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo, and I can because I believe in myself, and it depends on believing in yourself.

What are your hobbies? My main interest is playing soccer. I play everyday. It is my ambition to play for my favourite team, Real Madrid. I have always supported this team.


Where would you like to see yourself in ten years? I see myself in the future playing for Real Madrid, I am famous and I have a good life that lets me help people that are like myself - a refugee.

L ife At Camp



Get Involved: The Refugee Support provides services that help people get back on their feet, restore some dignity and help them to rebuild their lives. Refugee Support are always looking for volunteers but you need to be aged 18+. The operation at Katsikas (where Sammy is) costs about ÂŁ5,000 a week so the organisation is always looking for funds, however, just as important as volunteering and that donations are, campaigning for better treatment of refugees is also very important. Life was so dangerous that these people have had to make a very difficult decision to leave everything behind and take extreme risks to save their lives. These people deserve an opportunity to rebuild their lives and with this we will all benefit. Refugee camps are not a long term solution. Find out more here: www.refugeesupport.eu 59





Model Name: Daeun Lee Instagram: @qaz7700 Tell us little bit about you? Hello. I am Daeun Lee and I am 11 years old.

What is your favourite food? Korean kimchi steak.

What is your favourite subject at school and why? I like art because I like to draw.

What is your favourite film? Along with the Gods: The Last 49 days (Korean movie).

What do you do in your spare time? I like to play games, use the app TikTok and dance.

lf you could change anything in the world what would you change and why? I want everyone to be nice, because I feel people seem to bebecoming less caring.

Do you play any sports? No I do not play sports. I like to dance. Do you have chores at home? Washing dishes, laundry and cleaning the house. What is it like being a model? I love it. It is fun and exciting. What are your favourite apps? TikTok. 62

What is your biggest dream? To be an idol. What is your biggest worry? Study. lf you could have and 3 wishes granted what would they be? 1. Be rich. 2. Buy an iPhone. 3. Meet BTS (Korean boy band).

Daeun L ee




Model Name: Ain Kim Instagram: @sybubble Tell us a little bit about you? Hello I’m Ain Kim. I am 13 years old and I am a middle school student. What is your favourite subject at school and why? My favorite subject is physical education because I can play with my friends. What do you do in your spare time? I usually make videos using an app called TikTok. I enjoy expressing my feelings and thoughts using this app. Do you play any sports? I don’t usually play sports, however I do like to ski in the wintertime. Do you have chores at home? I clean my study room. What is it like being a model? It’s fun. I like that I can express myself in front of the camera.

What is your favourite food? Hamburgers, chicken, pasta and Korean tteokbokki. What is your favourite film? Frozen. If you could change anything in the world what would you change and why? I would really like to have a pet dog, however I am not currently allowed. What is your biggest dream? To be a YouTuber. What is your biggest worry? My height. If you could have any 3 wishes granted what would they be? 1. To be tall. 2. Grow my following to 100k in TikTok. 3. Dye my hair in rainbow colours. 65

K-pop has made the headlines again recently, but what is it and why is it so popular? To find out more we spoke to 14 year old fan Elsie, from London, UK:

WHAT IS K-P O P ? Over the past few years K-pop has become more and more popular all over the world. The music is a mixture of several types of western music including hip hop, pop, rock and boyband pop. The bands take on many serious topics and their videos often tell a story in a fun way. Often there is a quite a bit of choreographed dancing, which fans will try to learn and emulate. A lot of K-pop is sung in Korean which I find fascinating and am trying to learn. One of the first K-pop songs to become popular outside of Korea was PSY’s Gangnam Style back in 2012, but it was the younger bands that have helped spread it overseas. Bands such as BigBang, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls were the most popular in the beginning - nowadays the most popular bands are BTS, EXO, NCT, Twice, and Blackpink amongst others. I love the overall aesthetic of the music and visuals. The concerts are just fantastic and have a very family atmosphere - the bands really make you feel included and want you to have as much fun as possible, it’s just a great experience. In the last few years I have been lucky enough to see concerts by EXO, G-Dragon, and BTS, and i’ve just managed to get tickets to see BTS again this month which is just so exciting. Here are my current Top 5 K-pop songs:


My Top 5


1. Spring Day - BTS

4. Days Gone By - Day6

2. Touch - NCT 127

1. Spring Day - BTS 5. Get Cool - Stray Kids

3. Butterfly - Loona

summe r t r end s ed it

sunn y yel low

The biggest colour trend for Spring-Summer 2019 filtered down from adult collections brings a beaming ray of sunshine to the coming seasons. Mustard, classic or lemon, sunny yellows all bring an instant happiness.

GUCCI Mini Me logo flip-flops £159

PAUL SMITH JUNIOR Graphic T-shirt £48

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Embroidered organic cotton dress £90

IKKS Small shoulder bag with fancy beads £25

PAADE MODE Auguste wide leg pants trousers £115

PETIT BATEAU Iconic oilskin £67

MOQUE Paige dress in gingham mustard yellow £105

GUCCI Embroidered short-sleeved sweatshirt £345

DIESEL Mini Me hoodie £53

DKNY Half-length pleated skirt £68

summe r t r end s ed it

T he B lues

A denim jacket and pair of jeans are a staple in most young people’s wardrobe. From vintage to distressed denim, skinny to boyfriend, embroidered to embellished, all with a fresh spin, making them of-the-moment.

PEPE JEANS Tied jean sandals £50

RALPH LAUREN Fancy chambray shirt £48

CHLOÉ Mini Me cropped jeans £95

WOLF & RITA Jean jacket £57

MONNALISA Daisy embroidered denim shorts £100

LITTLE MARC JACOBS Boy loose fit jeans £90

LES COYOTES DE PARIS Embroidered chambray blouse £115

PEPE JEANS Jean jacket £51

CHLOÉ Mini Me embroidered jean top £109

SCOTCH & SODA Printed jean overalls £71

summe r t r end s ed it

E xpress yourse l f Bold statement piecesfeaturing graffiti or paint splats were must haves on the adult SS19 runways. Bring out the Artist in you with these key styles!

MSGM Stone-washed jean shorts £136

ELEVEN PARIS Printed tank top £28

REEBOK Leather high top trainers - Hi Reebok x TAO £63

MARNI Graphic T-shirt £70

DOLCE & GABBANA Mini Me small handbag £228

DOLCE & GABBANA Mini Me milano jersey zip sweatshirt £195

MOLO Printed T-shirt £32

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Half-length printed skirt £76

MSGM Girl slim cropped jeans £179

ELEVEN PARIS Printed shorts £63

C o m petition D esign a t-shirt

with Shoreditch shorties Shoreditch Shorties is a grassroots community movement sharing profits directly with the street art and graffiti artists involved in creating artwork for the business. Many of the designs push boundaries and express stances on social and political issues, encouraging youth to ‘Be fierce, be Urban’! We are collaborating with Shoreditch Shorties in a unique competition and looking for the young artists out there! Get creative! Put down those iPhones and get designing for a chance to see your original artwork printed onto T-shirts sold via Shoreditch Shorties. The winner will also be entitled to 2 T-shirts featuring their design. All profits from the sale of the T-shirt will be donated to Refugee Support.

how to enter The design theme is ‘Tomorrow Land’. How do you feel about the future? Take a look through the magazine, what inspires you? How would you like to use your ‘voice’ in your design? All paintings/digital art/drawings/collages welcome. Please submit a clear photo of artwork. Entries to be submitted to shoreditchshorties@gmail.com by Friday 12th April 2019 with the name and age of the child. Open Worldwide. For ages up to 17 years. Full Terms & Conditions HERE. To Find out more about the work of Shoreditch Stories follow @shoredtich_shorties_london or visit the website here https://linktr.ee/shoreditch_shorties_london 74

Dom’s Story Via Junior Style we have been following Dom for a number of years and when his T-shirt designed to help bring awareness to Plastic Pollution popped up in our Instagram feed, with theme for this issue being ‘Tomorrow Land’, the team felt it was appropriate to feature this young man with his great cause. Nine year old Dom loves the beautiful planet we live in and is deeply concerned that we are destroying the environment around us. ‘We have created a plastic planet and it makes me very sad. If I can help change the world in any way then I really want to make a difference. I saw someone talking about how rubbish it was that some companies had changed from plastic straws to paper straws because the paper straws don’t work as well and it really made me upset. I thought at least these people are trying to make a change!’ Out of his frustration Dom decided to make an Instagram story about plastic pollution. After seeing the story Janie from Shoreditch Shorties (Hyperlink) contacted Dom and suggested that they work together to create aT-shirt for charity. Dom’s T-shirt depictsthe ocean awash with plastic and displays the ice caps melting and washing away. All the profits from the sale of each T-shirt go towards raising funds for @plasticoceansuk and @surfersagainstsewage. Dom’s T-shirt available via Shoreditch Shorties HERE and you can find him at @fontaine.boy



A Andy & Evan Brand Quality Stylish an Practical clothing for boys & Girls 0-7 yrs. www.andyandevan.com | @andyandevankids Anyware Brand Designed to grow with your child, anyware encourages you to buy smarter and wear for longer. By Jessie Ware and George Reddings launching Spring 2019. www.anywarekids.com | @anyware_kids B Bebebebe Brand Cool Korean kids clothing for children label from 18 months – 11 years, with some adult styles! www.bebebebe.co.kr | @bebebebecompany Bobo Choses Brand Fun and comfortable clothing for kids. Designed in Spain, Bobo choses uses storytelling to narrate each of its collections and has a mission to educate children about the world we live in. www.bobochoses.com | @_bobochoses_ C D Devon’s Drawer Brand Beautiful clothing for everyday wear. Handmade in Los Angeles. www.devonsdrawer.com | @devonsdrawer 76

Disco Panda Kids Brand Los Angeles-based Disco Panda is a modern, bespoke and hand-made children’s clothing label made with an affection for peace, kindness and unity. www.discopandakids.com | @discopandakids E F Feather Drum Brand Feather Drum is a beautifully crafted and curated collection of future classics for women and girls, centring on high-quality natural fabrics, modern and timeless pieces. www.featherdrum.com | @featherdrum G H Hello Simone Brand A Parisian label for cool and effortless chic children. www.hellosimone.fr | @hello_simone Hey Babe! Brand Hey Babe! a collection of salvaged denim jackets customized with patches and pins - each jacket being a one off. Wearable Art by Natascha Snellman. www.heybabela.com | @heybabela I Infantium Victoria Brand Exclusive Avant Garde Designer Clothing. www.infantiumvictoria.com | @infantiumvictoria IMOIMO Kids Brand Romantic kidswear for the holidays and beyond. www.imoimokids.com | @imoimokids J K L 77

LANEY Clothing Brand LANEY is made-to-measure, unisex clothing. www.laney.clothing | @laneyclothing Little Rags and Riches Boutique Chic European Luxury Children’s Clothing Boutique. www.littleragsandriches.com | @littleragsandriches Little Red Planet Boutique An ethical kidswear boutique for tots to tweens, curated by fashion stylist Mindi Smith. www.thelittleredplanet.com | @thelittleredplanet_ Loud Apparel Brand LOUD Apparel reflects an amalgamation of British creativity and the minimalistic Italian design. www.loud-apparel.com | @loudapparelofficial Lulu Stars Brand Lulu Stars is a fun label for girls aged 2 – 12 years. Designed in Byron Bay. www.lulustars.com | @lulustars_ M Maison Mangostan Brand Cool shoes for kids made with high quality products and great craftmanship. Made in Spain. www. maisonmangostan.com | @maisonmangostan Manuela Kids Design Brand The style is shortly described as “decorative minimalism” where the Scandinavian puritanism meets the Hungarian decorative and colourful floral culture. www.manuela.hu | @manuela_kids_design Mayaya Brand 100% designed and manufactured in Israel, Mayaya creates modern and creative clothing for free-spirited children up to size 14. There is also a capsule collection for ladies available. www.mayayakids.com | @mayaya.kids Melijoe Boutique Over 150 boutique, designer and luxury brands - Melijoe is the ultimate kids’ fashion destination. www.melijoe.com | @melijoe.paris 78

Molo Brand Molo is all about making quirky and unique designs for the kids. www.molo.com | @molo N O Oaks of Acorn Brand Oaks of Acorn creates colourful garments for children up to age 10. www.oaksofacorn.com | @oaksofacorn Orange Mayonaise Boutique Orange Mayonnaise is an online shop with Design & Urbanwear for babies, kids & teens. www.orangemayonnaise.com | @orangemayo P Paulinka Kids Brand Children’s clothing crafted by hand, in limited editions. Paŭlinka is designed in California and handcrafted in Belarus. www.paulinkakids.com | @paulinkakids Q R Raspberry Plum Brand Premium kids’ fashion without compromise. Designed in London and ethically produced in Europe. www.raspberryplum.com | @raspberryplum Rockahula Kids Brand Fun Accessories for Kids. www.rockahulakids.com | @rockahulakids Roses and Rhinos Brand Easy to wear, colourful prints for kids 1-10 years old – Bold Fashion for Fearless kids. www.rosesandrhinos.com | @rosesandrhinos


S Smallable Boutique A unique selection of Fashion & Lifestyle Designers - Retailer www.en.smallable.com | @smallable_store T Tinono Kids Brand inspired by nature, simplicity, and freedom with loose shapes, kid-friendly materials, original artist-drawn prints, and soft pastels juxtaposed with darker colours for kids ages 12 months-12 years old. www.tinonokids.com | @tinonokids U Unauthorized Brand Founded in 2017, UNAUTHORIZED is a Copenhagen based fashion brand offering a blend of streetwear and athleisure for style-conscious big boys. www. unauthorized.dk | @unau_thorized V W X Y Z


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