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Three years ago, I had just completed my annual mammogram and needed more tests. My suspicions were true; I had breast cancer. My family and friends gave me hope when I needed it most. The Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center helped turn that hope into a reality through surgery, weeks of radiation therapy, and even a few laughs. Now, I am overjoyed to be in remission. I can focus on the activities I love, like cruising the back roads with my husband.

Gail McDonalD

431- 4226 Affiliated with 2  t a l l a h a s s e e

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Refresh. Reveal.


T a l l a h a s s e e

Larry L. Harper M.D., F.A.C.S.

Alfredo A. Jeffrey M. Rawlings, Paredes, Jr., M.D. M.D., F.A.C.S.

Plastic Surgery Clinic & Physicians’ Skin Care Clinic

Celebrating 35 years

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. We accept most insurance plans. Financing Plans available.

(850) 877-2126 •


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r a c s t r o p S d e R

Come in today for a test drive and try it on for size. T H E B E S T I N P R E - O W N E D LU X U R Y AU TO M O B I L E S Audi | Range Rover | Lexus | BMW | Jaguar | Mercedes Acura | Porsche | Mini Cooper | Infiniti | Special Orders

Locally Owned for 30 Years

1 9 3 8 Vi l l a g e G reen Way AND Capital Circle, N E ( n ex t to Te d ’s ) | 8 5 0 - 5 t9a7l l-a8h7a1s s0e e |woTh e Pre s t i g e G a l l er m a n • D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 5



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Living Well and Loving Life!


December 2013/January 2014 Volume 8 | Issue 6

Publisher Kim Rosier


Editor Heather Thomas

2014 Annual Awards

Advertising sales Director Lynn Solomon Advertising sales Jennifer Stinson Tallahassee Woman is proud to announce the first annual “Women Who Mean Business Awards.” These awards will recognize dynamic women in the business community. All accepted nominees will be shared in a feature section of Tallahassee Woman. Nominees and guests will be honored at a luncheon and awards program in April, when the winners will be announced. Winners will be recognized in a special feature in the June-July issue of Tallahassee Woman.

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Sponsorship opportunities and nomination details coming soon. More information to follow on Tallahassee Woman’s Facebook page and Twitter.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Make Your Skin Glow This Winter Season


lthough the temperatures of the winter months are a welcome change from the sweltering heat of Tallahassee summers, the cold can also wreak havoc on your skin. Lisa Mergel, owner of Kanvas, shared some tips for winter skincare from head to toe. 1) Exfoliate. As we age, dead skin cells start to accumulate making our complexion appear dry and dull. Exfoliating works to remove these cells making your skin look fresher and able to more successfully soak in moisturizers. Lisa recommends exfoliating your entire body once or twice a week, followed by a quality moisturizer. 2) Hydrate. Use a quality moisturizer daily as well as a few drops of hydrating serum if needed. In addition, a hydrating mask once a week is a great routine for dry skin in the winter. 3) Switch it Up. Like changing from sandals to boots in the fall, it’s important to switch the kind of facial cleanser you use when the temperature drops. Lisa advises that gel and foam cleansers are important for managing oily skin during the summertime, but a milky cleanser will add the moisture needed in the winter. 4) Pucker Up. Avoid getting stuck under the mistletoe this year with dry and chapped lips. Despite cold wind and dry air, lip conditioner provides long-term moisture, unlike balm products which may only provide temporary relief.

5) Under Cover. Heels and hands often suffer in winter months by becoming rough and cracked. A helpful way to prevent this is by covering them with moisture gloves (or socks) at night. Once you wake up, your skin will be replenished and ready to brave the cold. —Allison Clarke 10  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

Share your beauty tips with us on Twitter #TWMBeauty for a chance to win a $50 gift card.



Monday-Saturday 11AM-7PM, Sunday 12PM-5PM extended holiday hours

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G i r lta l k | c e l e b r at i o n s

How will you ring in 2014? All across the globe people will be counting down to 2014. Here are some fun celebrations happening here in town and far from home. In Town Downtown Tallahassee. If you want an exciting atmosphere without having to drive too far, head to Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahassee. This year the New Year’s Eve festivities will include live music from Tobacco Rd Band and Little River Band along with food, drinks and the ball drop on a big screen. Road Trip-Worthy Music City. For country music fans, Nashville is quickly becoming a favorite destination, and the New Year’s celebration won’t disappoint with Hank Williams Jr. as the featured musician. Instead of a giant crystal ball, there will be a music note drop accompanied by fireworks and confetti cannons.

12  t a l l a h a s s e e

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• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

Orlando. If you’re in the mood for a magical getaway this New Year’s, then Disney World packs in just the right amount of spectacle and fairytale. There will be parades, light shows and fireworks lighting the sky behind Cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom. For the Jetsetter London. If you want to take a British spin on the New Year, London is sure to put on a show. Hear Big Ben chime at midnight and watch fireworks explode along the River Thames. On New Year’s Day, there will be a parade going through the streets of London showcasing marching bands, colorful costumes and even the Queen’s horses. Sydney. The Land Down Under won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop to celebrate the coming of 2014. On a boat or by the coast, watch an impressive firework display light up the sky around Sydney’s famous Opera House. If the view wasn’t enough, there will also be aerial —Allison Clarke acrobatics, a light parade and much more.



Thank You Tallahassee

For Making 2013 A Great Year for North Florida Women’s Care

25 2013


Robert Ashmore, MD

A.J. Brickler, III, MD

Kenneth McAlpine, MD

Arthur Clements, MD, Ph.D

Vikki McKinnie, MD

David Dixon, DO

David O’Bryan, MD

Alex Franz, MD

Lori Rosenberg, MD

Andrea Friall, MD

Christopher Sundstrom, MD

1401 Centerville Road, Suite 202 Tallahassee, Florida 32308

850.877.7241 t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

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G i r lta l k | W e l l n e s s

Is Your Handbag Making You Sick?


he thought of the amount of germs hiding in your purse might be surprising, but we do, after all, take it wherever we go. According to a 2006 ABC News report, women’s purses, especially the outer bottom, hold anywhere from tens of thousands to 6.7 million varieties of bacteria. Most of the bacteria are coliform bacteria, which are responsible for colds and viruses that cause diarrhea. The bacteria will travel with you right onto your kitchen table. As scary as that may seem, it doesn’t even touch the number of germs inside your purse. When you use the public restroom, your purse walks in right along with you. Then, you have two choices: place it on the hook of the door or place it on the floor beside you. If you choose the latter, according to research, the restroom you’re using is filthier than the men’s restroom. Just when you think you’ve ran away from it all, the germs are right there in your office. It has been shown that women have three to four times the number of bacteria in their office space than men. Why is that? Women tend to be around children more often than men, and children carry more

bacteria. Women also carry more items such as makeup, tissue, pens, and money in their purse, which then transfers over to their desks. Women also tend to store food in their office area. Cellphones are also filled with makeup and sweat which produces bacteria. Apprehension about using the public restroom is valid since a lot of bacteria are stored in each bathroom stall. However, we each go into our office every weekday without a thought about the bacteria that lurks on our work surfaces. The office holds 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Having bleach wipes handy might be advised—you never know where germs —Jenissa Azard are hiding.


Whitfield Chiropractic is highly experienced in treating spinal misalignments that can occur as a result of lifestyle, auto accidents, sports injuries, chronic spinal pain, and degenerative conditions. Adjusting Tallahassee with hands on chiropractic care since 1976. Dr. Whitfield has dedicated his life to providing his patients with the BEST of Chiropractic and natural healthcare. CRYOTHERAPY NOW AVAILABLE


• Faster athletic recovery • Boost the body’s immune response • Decreases inflammation & muscle soreness • Weight loss (burns 500-800 calories per treatment) • Gives you more energy • Releases endorphins • Overall skin improvement • Tighter skin and cellulite reduction • Increases Blood Circulation • Eliminates Toxins • Decreases Anxiety and Stress

1216 MICCOSUKEE ROAD TALLAHASSEE, FL 32308 (850)878-6233

50% OFF

50% OFF








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e all love our smartphone devices, but do we know all that they can do? Here are five tricks that will help you navigate your way through accidents, apps and everything in between.

1) Take a Screen Shot. For iPhones, press down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously. For Android phones, hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. The image should be saved in your camera roll or captured images folder. 2) Save Your Wet Phone. If your phone takes a swim, all hope is not lost. First don’t try and turn it on. Instead, place it in a container of rice overnight. If the device has a removable battery, take it out and place it in the rice as well. The rice acts to remove moisture and will hopefully result in a fully-functioning phone. 3) Find Your Phone. For the moments when you’re searching your purse, pockets and car for your phone without any luck, thankfully, there is “an app for

Expert physicians. Quality medical care.

that.” For Apple users download “Find my iPhone” and for Android users download “Where’s my Droid” to help recover your lost or stolen device. 4) Not sharing your location. This simple trick is helpful for the times that you don’t want to share your exact location when you post a status or a picture on social media sites. For iPhones go to Settings and then Privacy Location Services. For Androids, go to Settings and then Location Services to change your privacy settings. 5) Scanner. Whether you want to find the price of an item, cash a check or save a receipt, there are many different apps that have made scanning with smartphones accessible and simple for everyday use. —Allison Clarke

Edwardo Williams, MD • Graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine. • Interned at Duke Fayetteville Area Health. • Board certified in family practice. • Experienced in treating many different illnesses.

Services: Routine physical exams Treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes Treatment of colds and sore throats

Treatment of minor injuries Flu and pneumonia vaccination Annual pap smears Specialist referrals available

(850) 878-2637 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Capital Regional Medical Group-Southwood accepts Capital Health Plan and most other insurance carriers.

1910 Hillbrook Trl., Suite 2, Tallahassee, FL 32311 | CAP-4822-Southwood Ad 7.5x4.875.indd 1

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

10:06 AM • D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n7/16/13 u a r y 2014 15

G i r l t a l k | B e a ut y

e l g n A t s e B Find Your

Beauty may be skin deep, but that does not mean that you can’t enhance what is on the outside. Finding what flatters you the most is essential to emphasizing your natural beauty. Just like finding the perfect hairstyle for your face, it’s also important to find your best eyebrow angle. Shaping your eyebrows to your face allows your natural beauty to shine


It’s best to wear your eyebrows softly rounded. Because your face is already angular, you need a softer rounded arch to take some of the attention off of your angles and draw them to your softer features. Be careful not to make them too round since you wouldn’t want to wake up to a rainbow on your face.


Your best brow is the high arch. Your eyebrows need to be angular since your face lacks definition. The perfect angled brow can bring emphasis to your bone structure—the higher, the better.


Your perfect eyebrow is the extended arch. Because your face is naturally vertical, extending the arch of

16  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

the brow horizontally will emphasize your horizontal features and create a balancing effect. Extend the arch a little further past the corner of the eye, but sculpt it perfectly to avoid the droopy-eye look.


Your best brow is groomed. It is important to keep your eyebrows well groomed since they are the first things everyone will see because you have a petite jaw. However, that is not to say to go thin either. The idea is to have it well done and never bushy.


You need to have a slightly arched brow. Your brow is already well-proportioned so the general rule of —Jenissa Azard thumb is enough for you.

Scan now to see more on this beauty topic.

Did You


Now Carries

Bras Lingerie Loungewear In addition to our Cosmetics, Skincare, Spa Services and Unique Gifts 850-224-7467 •

823 Thomasville Rd

Massage Lic. #MM20936

(Midtown across from Tropical Smoothie)

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 17

G i r l t a l k | T R EN D S

Champagne & Chocolate OPEN HOUSE

Saturday, December 14 | 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Indulge in a glass of champagne and fair trade chocolate while you shop!

1415 Timberlane Road Suite 322 at Market Square Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM, Sunday 1PM-5PM (Dec 1-22 only)

850-906-9010 /tenthousandvillages.tallahassee

300 of the finest artisans from around the country feature everything from fine arts to charming stocking stuffers.

18  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

The Trend Spotter Upcycling is a new trend that has environmental and creative appeal. It is a spinoff of recycling, but reuses old materials for a new purpose in fashion and home décor by adding embellishments and other enhancements. Join the upcycling movement and check out more designs from Jordan White of Sincerely JuJu by e-mailing

Is your overactive bladder a problem? Do you have to go to the bathroom often? Learn more about a medical research study assessing two approved medications and placebo for overactive bladder. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria: 

You must be 18 years of age or older

You have the need to urinate frequently throughout the day and experience a sudden urge to urinate for at least the past 6 months

You must be taking or previously taken at least one oral medication for your overactive bladder and not done well with it

Other criteria will be assessed to confirm if you can participate. For additional information, please contact

2000 Centre Pointe Boulevard Tallahassee, FL 32308 850-201-0411

Look Your Best for the Holidays Silhouette Laser & Raydiant Skin Care New Services To Meet Your Cosmetic Needs.

Nancy Grissom, Medical Aesthetician Advanced Medical Skincare Customized Medical Facials Microdermabrasion

850-459-9636 *Now treating many skin irregularities

Jolynn Greenhalgh, Owner DNP, ARNP, CME FL License #EO-896

Laser Hair Removal Botox®

850-402-9044 *Evening appointments available

1233 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL | t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 19

5. 6.


9. 8.

Shirt by Robert Graham $228 Nic’s Toggery 1455 Market Street (850) 385-0156 212 Monroe Street (850) 222-0687


Oulm Quartz Watch $45 Spriggs Laid Back Luxe 6800 Thomasville Road (850) 765-0630


Will Leather Goods in Rust Duffle $250 Dopp Kit $70 Cole Couture 1240 Thomasville Road (850) 553-3327


All in One Executive Travel Mate. Canvas with Leather $140 My Favorite Things The Pavilions, 1410 Market Street (850) 681-2824


Patagonia Synchilla Vest $89 Patagonia Trucker Hat $29 Trail and Ski 2743 Capital Circle NE (850) 531-9001


Sump’n Hot Gourmet Sauce $7 Available at Whole Foods, Connie’s Hams, Tomato Land


Russell Zephyr II Zipper Boot in Bison/Chamois $412 Kevins Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel 3350 Capital Circle NE (850) 386-5544


MOVA “Motion Within” Globe in Cobalt and Silver $160 Grab and Go Travel Grooming Accessories $35 Kanvas 823 Thomasville Road (850) 224-7467


Grande View Bronze Patina Birdfeeder Thermometer (17.5”) $40 Tallahassee Nurseries


2911 Thomasville Road (850) 385-2162

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 21

Nice Legs!

Introducing Women’s Apparel

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic issue; they can be very painful and cause leg fatigue. NOW there is a minimally invasive office-based solution that is covered by most insurance plans including Medicare.

The VNUS Closure procedure is: • Minimally invasive • Excellent Clinical Outcomes • Clinically Proven with minimal discomfort • Cosmetically Appealing

Call to find out if VNUS Closure procedure is right for you. Capital Surgical Associates J. Patrick Neal, MD, FACS

Board Certified, American Board of Surgery


2910 Capital Medical Blvd . 850-656-2926

My Favorite Things -Family Owned since 1985 Beautiful Gifts for every occasion – Accessories for your home –Bridal Registry Stationery and Invitations – Personalized Gifts

In the Pavilions ~ 1410 Market St. • Mon-Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (850) 681-2824 • Toll-Free (800) 983-2266 •

Expert physicians. Quality obstetrical & gynecological care. Jolita Burns, MD, FACOG

Stephanie Cruz Lee, MD, FACOG

Michael Douso, MD, FACOG

Specializing in: • Comprehensive OB/GYN care • Robotic hysterectomy • Advanced laparoscopic procedures • Urinary incontinence surgery & treatment • Pelvic floor reconstruction

• Urogynecology • Office hysteroscopy • Menopausal Health • Infertility evaluation • Procedures for endometriosis

(850) 877-5589 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Capital Regional Women’s Health accepts Capital Health Plan and most other insurance carriers.

2770 Capital Medical Blvd., Suite 110, Tallahassee, FL 32308 | CAP-4728 Women's Heath Group Ads 7.5x4.875_L2.indd 1

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

2:40 PM • D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u7/15/13 a r y 2014 23

h a ut e h a p p e n i n gs

A Simply Sinatra Christmas December 13–14, 2013 Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

Jewelry Clothing Accessories Gifts Home Decor Purses and Bags Baskets Baby and Children Unique Finds

The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra will be holding a concert celebrating the sounds of the season. Music will include a variety of holiday jazz and swing standards for all to enjoy and will feature Steve Lippia, acclaimed Sinatra interpreter. For more information about reserving a seat, visit online at or contact the Fine Arts Ticket Office at (850) 644-1160.

Society of Arts & Crafts Annual Christmas Show & Sale December 14, 2013 Dorothy B. Oven Park

The Society of Arts & Crafts is holding its 45th Annual Christmas Show & Sale. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. shop from a variety of craft vendors and enjoy refreshments in the festive and beautifully decorated Dorothy B. Oven Park. There will also be a collection of canned and staple food items for a local charity. For more information contact Marcia Singleton at (850) 539-5318.

Elf Night

December 19, 2013 Dorothy B. Oven Park Come out and enjoy cookies and hot chocolate with your family as you stroll through the grounds amid the twinkling holiday lights! Elf Night will begin at 5:30 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. Parking is available at Thomasville Road Baptist Church and in the parking lots on Oven Park Drive.

Holiday Tours Monday -Friday 10a-6p • Saturday 10a-5p 114 S. Broad St. • Thomasville, Ga 31792 229-985-5141

Earthlover is a Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation 24  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

December 26-27, 2013 and January 1-3, 2014 Knott House Museum Experience a piece of Tallahassee history by visiting the historic Knott House Museum this holiday season. Enjoy music and vintage decorations while learning about the rich history held within the walls of the Knott House. There will be tours held every hour from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free for individuals and $1 for groups of ten or more (with reservation) For more information, call Beatrice Cotellis at (850) 922-2459.

GWTC 30K/15K January 11, 2014 9002 Bradley Road

Lace up your tennis shoes and head down to the beautiful Old Centerville Road for this favorite distance running event. The race starts at 8 a.m. with a course that will take participants along a hard-packed dirt road underneath a scenic canopy of oaks. There will be awards for top runners and refreshments served after the race. For more information, visit the Gulf Winds Track Club website at or call Jerry McDaniel at (850) 591-0081.

Cycling for a Cure January 14, 2013 Sweat Therapy Fitness

Happy Holidays from


Work off those holiday sweets while supporting a good cause in this indoor “cycle-a-thon.” Proceeds support JDRF, a leading global organization that funds research on type 1 diabetes. Register as an individual or as a team and enjoy food, entertainment and special guest appearances. For more information and to register, visit 850.294.3300 •


Tallahassee Fitness Festival January 25, 2014 Leon County Civic Center

Join the fitness fun while learning about how to live a healthier lifestyle. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be over 150 vendors offering free health screenings, product samples and information on living a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to vendors, there will be an interactive Kids Korner as well as door prizes awarded every thirty minutes. Admission is $5 per person and free for children under the age of 12. For more information, visit the website at or call (850) 222-0200.

Cattle Baron’s Ball

eclectic home&couture

February 1, 2014 North Florida Fairgrounds

The American Cancer Society is holding this western-themed event in order to raise money for the fight against cancer. There will be food, live music, gaming and dancing for all who attend. Tickets are $125 with table sponsorships also available. This event will be held from 6:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. For more information, call Tracey Thompson at (850) 251-6020.

2030-5 Thomasville Road

850-727-4834 Hours:

Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 25


Connected Health

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” —Thomas Kinkade

The Marriage of A Mind, Body, and Spirit

s women, we tend to focus on the little things. We know exactly how long a basket of dirty clothes has sat in the laundry room, we know where our children’s favorite toys hide, and we can feel when our spouse had a bad day. We are intuitive creatures; we are a perfect harmony of mystique and simplicity, flexibility and resolution, charity and honor. Not only do we nurture and raise our children, but also bring them up to fly away, successful on their own paths. Women make the world go around.

By Jessica Burchfield

When a woman is “put together,” she is successful because she has effectively balanced her limitations and her goals. She knows when to take a break, when to push harder, and when to observe. On the contrary, when a woman is out of balance, she feels defeated, unloved, and uninspired. The true harmony of mind, body, and spirit is essential to a woman’s overall well being. We all know that treating the symptoms of a disease is not as beneficial as addressing the cause; similarly, an unbalanced life will leave us ineffective and less than what we can be. William Shakespeare humorously describes the imbalance of physical strength in his play, Measure For Measure (Act II, Scene II), “O, it is excellent to have a giant’s strength; but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.” How do we achieve balance? Very simply—appreciate and nurture the union of body, mind, and spirit. Exercise to strengthen your body, learn to grow your mind, and seek to find balance in your spirit. Get involved in the community; volunteer at a charity; attend a church. The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, woven together in a fabric of faith, hope, and love. A pursuit of all these things will balance a life and bring contentment. Four Simple Changes to Bring About Balance 1. Get Moving! Yes, that chair, blanket, book, and cup of cocoa are calling your name, but so is the crisp holiday air. Comfort is easy—courage takes work. Choose to make a change, determine to be healthy, and set out to transform your thinking. It’s never easy to step out of your comfort zone, but it is necessary. Take a walk. Take the kids to the park. Take your spouse to the mall and enjoy the togetherness. Get moving! 2. Make Community Connections. Without a sense of belonging within a community, individuals become closed off and out of touch. By focusing solely on oneself, the natural 26  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

philanthropic womanly nature is squelched and can become a source of stress and ostracization. The principle “give and it shall be given to you” goes much deeper than finances. When women give of themselves to the community, they find a purpose and a drive to better themselves and their families. Find a project. Get involved. Be a champion for a cause. Make a difference.

Specializing in the Treatment of Sleep Disorders.

3. Find Your Inspiration. Whether you attend a church, take up an artistic hobby, or develop a new friendship, find something that inspires you on a spiritual level. Becoming involved in a church or a faith-based organization assembly can bring new meaning to life and help inspire balance; art can be a release of emotions and a soothing balm for pain; new friendships can motivate spiritual reflection and growth. Inspiration is in everyday. Seek to find it. 4. Set Goals and Meet Them. Often times we think that it’s better to not set a goal (or a New Year’s Resolution) because we know that we’re not going to lose those 20 pounds or give up chocolate. The problem is not setting the goals; the problem is the goal itself. Set realistic goals and meet them. Don’t swear off all chocolate for an indefinite period of time; rather, decide to limit your sugar intake as a whole. This also applies to life. Work for balance daily. Reach for the prize one step at a time. Share your tips on living a balanced life on Twitter #TWMHealthyLiving.

Pulmonary Disease Specialists

Our physicians offer state-of-the art diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary diseases such as: COPD • Asthma • Emphysema • Pulmonary Hypertension Respiratory Infections • Lung Cancer • Bronchitis J. Daniel Davis, MD Clifton J. Bailey, MD F. Ray Dolly, MD Carlos E. Campo, MD David Y. Huang, MD Alberto L. Fernandez MD Simha V. Jagadeesh, MD Joseph M. Gray, MD Praful B. Patel, MD Muhanad A. Hasan, MD John S. Thabes, MD


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st y l e & G r a c e

Winter’s Mix up

Great Winter Fashion Looks From Local Boutiques to celebrate the Season By Kayla Sims | Photography by Christie Meresse

Prints along with fur and metallic embellishments re-enter our fashion lives season after season and emerged again from the runway for winter. The connection of colors, patterns and metallics bring new life to an ensemble. Leopard makes for a chic, professional option with an inkling of fun. Nothing says winter like luxurious, bold outerwear. Layer your prints with a faux fur coat to add another element of texture as well as warmth. These pieces can be the topper to any outfit for a connected flow. Whether your style is for eye-catching accents or bold prints and colors, these statement pieces are the way to make any stylish woman look amazing this season.

28  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

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Chameleon Tallahassee’s ONLY Boutique for Tweens

Market Square 1415 Timberlane Rd. 850-597-9319 Monday-Saturday 10-6 Sunday 12-3


Whether you are celebrating indoors or out, these are great looks for the family holiday gathering or a New Year’s Eve party with friends.

LET’S FIND A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO GET LOST from denim to lace and everything in between…

These looks and more available at Cole Couture.


t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

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1433 Market Street (850) 765-0630 6800 Thomasville Road (850) 894-2630

Giving Tallahassee a Reason to Smile Richard J-P Bastien, DMD

Boots are always in fashion, especially when paired with an eye-catching top, jeans and vest.

From Abby & Taylor’s vintage collection.

Scan pp. 28-31 to repin these great winter looks on Pinterest.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry • Same Day Crowns Latest Technology • Professional and Caring Team 2621 Mitcham Drive,Tallahassee, Fl 32308 • 850-425-1300 • Hours: Monday: 8am – 5pm, closed (12pm to 1pm), Tues – Thurs: 8am -4pm, Friday: Closed

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wo m a n

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Making the

Connection By Heather Thomas Photography by Adam Cohen

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain We are living in the digital age and are more connected than at any other time in mankind’s history. For many, however, there is an internal disconnect and circumstantial divides that seem impossible to bridge. Despair and loneliness can hide behind our digital devices and the doors of our neighbors, friends, and our loved ones. The poverty that comes from a disconnected spirit can bankrupt all of us of a better tomorrow, especially for our community’s children. The joy of the holiday season and the inspirations to be found in the New Year bring us closer to understanding why lifegiving connections are so important. Tanya Wilkins is taking an active role in helping to unite lives so that everyone can get connected to what matters most.

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

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his is in part a story of a girl who—at just nine years old—knew that if she continued living in her current circumstances she might end up not being alive at all. After years of neglect and abuse, she bravely called her grandparents and asked them to pick her up so she could live with them. Packing up her meager amount of clothing and beat up possessions that looked as worn and neglected as she did, she started a new life, learning how to love and trust again. As Tanya Wilkins, an advocate for underprivileged children for over 17 years relates the story of her mother’s childhood trauma she says, “I see my mother when I look into a young person’s eyes that have lost all hope, and only lives in a survival mode of worry and fear. She was that girl, but she vowed to be someone different for me and my brother. Through my grandparent’s unconditional love she was connected back to hope. I’m a product of a cycle being broken, so my mother’s testimony is part of my testimony too.” Possessing her own unique blend of compassion and resiliency, not to mention a Kentuckian drawl that you could listen to all day, Tanya came from a humble background but was raised in an environment that was much different than her mother’s. Her supportive foundation was shaken when her parents got a divorce when she was in high school. “I know how youth can feel when their stability has crumbled, and the hopelessness that came from that caused me to make some poor life choices.” Amidst this time of uncertainty, Tanya had life-changing navigators who stepped in and connected her to better paths, chief among those being the path to her faith and to helping disadvantaged children and families. “I had always prayed that the Lord could use some of the mistakes I made for good and for helping others,” making the redeeming connection of turning her mess into her message. Being a trauma nurse for five years was one of the many, “stepping stones,” as Tanya calls them, to what she feels that she was born to do. In her tenure as a nurse she would see youth who suffered from abuse and neglect. “The common thread connecting all of them is that they had lost hope. It always comes back to that. What I kept seeing was hopelessness and they just don’t know where to turn or what to do and many turn to all the wrong things for them because they feel like they are not good enough for anything better.” Feeling the pull again when she and her family—husband David and three daughters (newborn, and ages three and six at the time), moved to Tallahassee in 1996, they all became involved with the Florida Baptist Children’s Home (FBCH). “I walked in there with my newborn and said, ‘I 34  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

don’t know why I’m here, but I know that I’m called to be here.’” Tanya and her family have worked with FBCH on and off for over sixteen years, and the same restlessness that drew her there continues to propel her onward. “I learned that it’s OK to feel restless. We all feel it. I wish someone would have told me that early on in my life. The restlessness is a longing for a deeper purpose for your life. Too often we fill that restless void with the things that aren’t good for us.”

“Anyone can be a life connector. If you look around you can always find someone that can use your gifts, no matter where you are. Your mission time isn’t just at Christmas, but at your kid’s ball game, a friend who is going through a divorce, or cleaning the house of a neighbor who has cancer. It’s wherever you are and when you are. If the community surrounds them then they have the hope to move forward.”

Bringing home youth through the FBCH sponsor program became a monthly occurrence. “We learned that the trust that comes from building a relationship over time is so important in making real connections.” The other aspect was the internal change going on with their children. “What I desired for my girls to realize was that the children that we were mentoring were no different than them. Connecting children to ways that they can help other children is incredibly powerful and they see needs that we adults don’t. They learn that it’s not all about them and it’s not all about our family. It’s about teaching them what we can do to bring everything together to give to the community and to make the world better.” When Tanya’s husband David became Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, Tanya was later appointed by Governor Rick Scott as the Advocate for Foster Care and Adoption for the Governor’s Office of Adoption and Child Protection. “I realized that the years of working with children and families in foster care had literally connected us to doing this.” Their positions with the state were more temporary than expected and a sense of loss and confusion about what to do next set in. Tanya’s faith told her to look at her experience and the networks made as an advocate in government as a way to help others even more. “David and I wanted to get back to the power of one. We are glad to be “the one” now and build those one-on-one relationships and change a life for the long term.” With that goal in mind, Tanya and David recently started a non-profit foundation called Life Connectors which will connect disadvantaged young adults to navigators, along with

H o m e & G A R D EN

Tartan and Traditions Bring It All Home By Lynn Solomon

36  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

Photography by Shems Hamilton


here’s a little history in the plaid you’re decorating with this holiday season. The plaid design, also known as tartan, dates back to 3,000 BC. However, in Scotland, this cloth pattern has gained cultural significance as the different designs of colors and stripes represent different clans. With tartan plaid laying the foundation for your holiday gathering, family silver, linens and china connect generation to generation. What to pair with plaid? Roses, feathers, twigs, berries, boxwood, other greenery—even cymbidium orchids—bring the holiday look together. A collection of Nutcracker dolls nestled in a corner cabinet are a reminder of holidays past. Originating in Central Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, handmade wooden doll creations were sold all over Europe. A holiday table setting was not complete without a bowl of holiday nuts and one of these early handsome doll wood creations standing beside it.

The story behind the tartan and nutcracker dolls is a great reminder this holiday season of staying in touch to the clan in our own lives and creating our own unique traditions and memories. Floral designs by Ed Blissard of Purple Martin Nurseries in Crawfordville and Purple Martin Outpost in Tallahassee. Repin these images on Pinterest and visit our Pinterest board/HolidayPlaid to get more inspiration for decorating ideas.

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Family Time Is Now—Five Fixes to Break Technology’s Spell By Summer Brooke Gómez


s women we can, and should, be proud of our multitasking prowess. Plan a party, keep the bills paid, and steer the family through a major loss? We’re on it! Can we take on enough to make ourselves the MVP at the office and keep that spiritual fire burning bright enough to maintain a sense of purpose? You’d better believe it. The modern era has furnished us with a breathtaking array of technological assists, too. Still, we are all entangled with a society that unflinchingly expects us to be in several places at once. We routinely accomplish this feat in our pajamas, from the passenger’s seat, or at our son’s recital. Our capacity for productivity may be at an all-time high, but when the ideal of keeping up keeps us tied in to our technology at the expense of some of life’s most precious moments we are working against our own best intentions. It’s time to take charge.

Engaged Living

Want to join the engaged parent or partner movement? It begins with the regular practice of engaged personhood. This means an unwavering commitment to spending a reasonable percentage of your time fully present and doing just one thing—even when you could be doing more.

Try on some of these healthy habits today:

Sacred Time. Upon awakening and again prior to bedtime, back away from the electronics. Instead, take a moment to be grateful. Make breakfast before

38  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

anybody is up, read the kids a bedtime story, or meditate. Reflect and reconnect. Common Senses. Cultivate mindful participation and savor every detail. From the healing power of touch to the smell of fresh cut grass, your senses are the very essence of engagement. Family Tradition. Holiday meals. Movie nights. Quirky victory dances. Take enthusiastic responsibility for keeping those unique traditions alive and you’ve ensured a more cohesive and connected family. Listen. Never underestimate the value of your undivided attention. This goes double for kids! Put the phone down. Make eye contact. Do you remember the last time somebody made you feel heard? Pay it forward. Embrace Imperfection. You may have to trade some productivity for quality time with your family. Do so. It’s a worthwhile trade.

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Set the Standard

Changing your own behavior is about more than just modeling healthy habits. Every time you choose to truly engage as a partner or a parent, you’re reminding that person why it’s important to look up from their own electronic isolation. So, talk to your family about carefully selecting technology that enhances your life, as opposed to dominating it. Set limits about what’s appropriate and when, and then follow your own advice. Staying connected today means mindfully finding the right balance between being present via technology and in person. Maintaining and exemplifying that balance means sharing your values in a way that facilitates a deep, sustainable impact for generations. So get started now! Time waits for no woman. Summer Brooke Gómez, MSW is the Social Media Director for the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a doctoral candidate in Marriage & Family Therapy at Florida State University. She can be reached at (850) 421-1260.

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Bus i n e ss & C a r e e r

7 Tips for Networking Conversation Comfort By Angelina Campos


hether you like it or not, you have to talk to people. And as a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s essential that you talk to people, so you might as well get used to it and learn how to do it well. Yes it’s true, some people are better conversationalists than others, however, it’s not a matter of being a better person or being smarter, it’s simply a matter of skill. Some people seem to have an easier time with conversation than others. But for others it’s a difficult, challenging, and sometimes a scary thing to do, especially when it comes to talking to people they don’t know in an unfamiliar environment. Even if a person has the gift of gab it doesn’t mean that they have great conversation skills. It just means that they can talk! Their only advantage is that they don’t have to overcome insecurity, intimidation or some of the other gut wrenching feelings their shy counterparts frequently experience. If you’re naturally shy, networking can be an overwhelming experience and you may choose to avoid it altogether, which is just not a good thing for your business. But there’s good news! You probably don’t have bad conversation habits to break so I bet you’ll get really good at it! As I stated earlier, being a good conversationalist is a skill, and as with any skill you can learn it. Here are seven tips to make your conversations more comfortable and even enjoyable. 1. Make the other person the topic of conversation. 2. Ask questions you’re truly interested in hearing answered.

40  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

3. Keep the conversation relevant to what they’re talking about, don’t go off on a tangent (or you’ll kick yourself later for it). 4. Be yourself and be personable. 5. Find common interests, either personal or professional. 6. If the conversation shifts to talking about your business, share a client success story instead of your sales pitch; it’ll feel more authentic and comfortable for both of you. 7. If you connect with the person ask them for a business card so you can follow up (and then follow up!) And remember, it’s just a conversation with another person who either has the gift of gab and won’t stop talking anyhow (so you may have to practice the art of a graceful exit); or who is in the same boat as you, feeling a bit shy or intimated and you’ll be a breath of fresh air! By following these easy steps you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable and authentic with your conversation and people will remember you for it. And that makes good business sense. Angelina Campos is the founder of Own Your Ambition, formerly Campos Coaching. Known for her amazing insight and natural knack for understanding, she has the unique ability to help others discover and focus on their untapped potential to create otherwise unimaginable success in business. Visit to schedule an appointment with Angelina. Article Source:

Select one of our gorgeous Fraser Firs today and have it delivered when you want it. Ours are displayed in water so they never dry out. Bring your stand and we will fasten it on for you. Available in 4'to12'.

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YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE • Tax Implications • Support Calculations • Lifestyle Analysis • Financial Planning

Barbara Pople, CPA, CFP®, CDFATM (850)383-1907 • 1382 Timberlane Rd., Suite B

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mo n e y ta l k s

Credit Connect How to Manage Your Credit Health By Tracy Lightfoot


hose of us who have purchased a home, car or that splurgeworthy pair of heels for our last high school reunion know that credit is a beautiful thing. It helps us bankroll larger purchases and gives us freedom to shop without the limitations of cash or checks. When we’re mindful about our credit usage, we’re repaid with a high credit score and strong likelihood we’ll be extended credit again in the future. But once we’re on the slippery slope of mounting debt, it’s hard to keep from going under. Being in debt and behind the eight ball on our payments is more than just intensely stressful. A less-than-stellar credit score impairs our ability to secure a favorable interest rate on a loan—now and maybe even in the future. Beyond that, cell phone providers, utilities companies and even employers use credit scores to evaluate a candidate’s worthiness. Credit scores reflect a person’s payment history, amount of total debt, length of credit history, new credit and types of credit used. They top out in the mid-800s, but generally, a 720 or above qualifies for the best interest rates and repayment terms. Here’s how to get—and to stay—there. • Pay your bills on time to avoid the sting of late fees and a hit to your credit score. If you just need some help keeping track of what’s due when, automatic bill pay services are a great tool. • Keep your credit card balances low—and always pay the most that you can or at least the minimum due. For larger purchases, have a plan to pay it down. • Budget before you borrow. Run the numbers in advance and make sure you will be able to cover your monthly payments. Create a budget and stick to it. • Be prepared for the inevitable rainy day. Emergencies happen. Start a savings account and fund it regularly so you can continue meeting your obligations in the event your financial situation changes. • Diversify. Reporting agencies like to see a variety of credit types used: credit cards, installment loans and retail accounts, among others. • Request a copy of your credit report annually—and make sure it is correct. Forget the catchy jingles for credit reports that you hear on television and go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website, • Consider a secured credit card if you’re building or reestablishing credit. A secured credit card can help you amass the positive payment history you need.

• Be cautious of co-signing arrangements. Co-signing can be beneficial to the primary borrower, but know it can be risky for the co-signer. Payment history—whether it’s positive or negative—will be reported on both parties’ credit files so both signers will take the hit should the primary borrower default. • Build a working relationship with your banker. When your banker knows your financial situation and your goals, he or she can be a great help whether you’re trying to maintain your credit or work your way back from a slip-up. The most important thing to remember about credit scores is that they are built on credit history, which doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be sucked in by people who claim they can “fix” your credit report and beware of debt settlement. No one can legally remove accurate negative information from your credit history, and settlement actually hurts you, since you’re paying less than you owe. Time and a pattern of consistent payments are the only sure-fire ways to improve your score. We live, work and play by our credit score and should be ever mindful of its importance. If we’re to enjoy the lifestyle of our choosing, we need to work to maximize our score so it, in turn, can work for us. Tracy Lightfoot is the market service manager of the Capital City Bank Office on Bradfordville Road. A career banker, Tracy has been serving her clients’ financial needs for three decades. She is an avid volunteer with the Junior Achievement program and partners with Deerlake Middle, DeSoto Trail Elementary and Chiles High schools. Tracy also participates in the annual Heart Walk and March for Babies fundraisers.

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

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S P O R T S & F I T NE S S

Early Girlz

A Community on the Run By Allison Clarke


n Tuesday mornings at 5:30 a.m., you’ll find a group of women (and men!) finishing a few stretches and making jokes before starting their usual five and a half mile loop. On this particular Tuesday, I woke from my usual college slumber and joined this group known as the “Early Girlz.” As the daughter of an Early Girl and veteran cross country runner, I’ve come to find that the benefits of working out with a group go far beyond safety and staying accountable to a workout regime. Started in 1991, the Early Girlz formed when four women came together to run in Waverly Park. They chose an early hour to get in a workout before their jobs started or their kids woke up. Despite the name, the group is now comprised of men and women. Throughout the

years, the Early Girlz have traveled throughout the country to compete in races, triathlons and any other kind of outdoor adventure that interests them. They also compete in several local races throughout the year and, during the holidays, take part in their annual Pajama Run on their midtown route. While the Early Girlz have their fair share of quirky personalities and traditions, they also are highly dedicated in supporting each other. Founding member Bonnie Wright states, “Like any tight knit community, we share our dreams, problems, successes and failures on the run. Support comes from being there for each other to celebrate the good things and grieve the tough things together.” This group shows how community can

come together for a common interest and grow into something much more. I experienced, first-hand, the group’s camaraderie and support as my mom battled breast cancer this year. From daily cards of encouragement to a life-size poster of the group hung on our back porch, the Early Girlz showed how the benefits of being in this particular running group were so much more than simply staying in shape. Connie Clarke states, “I always knew my EGs were a special group of runners and friends. After my diagnosis earlier this year they were rock solid. Now, they still awe me with their continual stream of support and genuine care.”

Kay Dorian, ARNP-C Anne-Marie Singleton, ARNP Jane Owen, CNM Carol McNut, CNM Sheridan Skarl, CNM

44  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

The Early Girlz show how a running community can keep you motivated to keep pushing in the long runs and the challenges in life with many laughs in between. With the amount of trails and local races in Tallahassee, group running is a popular way to get connected with those in the community. Started twenty-two years ago, the Early Girlz show how a running group can be a long-term investment in your health, the community, and the bonds of friendship.

My passion is creating simple, beautiful environments where my clients and their guests can relax in style.

Virginia Bell 850-723-5209

For more information on local races or group runs of all different levels, visit online at Gulf Winds Track Club at

Tallahassee’s Best Health and Fitness Blogs By Jenissa Azard

A new year means New Year resolutions— most of which will have different versions of getting healthy as number one. Health and fitness are essential to living longer and being the best version of you, but having a support system could help you reach that goal quicker. Blogs can be helpful in the process—best of all are blogs by the people you see and do business with every day.

H2U (Health 2 You) Women Capital Regional Medical Center Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Health Library

Meet you at the Barre! Join us to SCULPT lean legs, FIRM your core and LIFT your booty, with a variety of the fitness industry’s most popular ballet inspired workouts! No dance experience required.

Sweat Therapy Fitness

RenuU Medical Spa

Boot Camps To Go

Develop strength, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness in a fun and energetic group environment! Health and Wellness Center of N. FL Scan now to view these blogs.

1122 Thomasville Road, Unit 10 850.222.1781 • t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

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t’s here—the most wonderful time of the year! December dances its way into our world each year bringing presents, parties and poinsettias aplenty. Being surrounded with seasonal celebrations and spending time with loved ones helps you wrap up your year on a sweet note while spreading good cheer to those far and near. Escape the cold weather and cozy up in your kitchen by cranking up your stove and creating confections that are so good, they will make Santa want to swap his cookies out for a sample! This holiday season forget the fruitcake and make merry with friends and family by preparing petite Chocolate Fudge Pies in mason jar lids. Package these precious little pies up in a bag, tie a bow with baker’s twine and you will have a homemade holiday gift to present to people with love.

Mini Mason Jar Fudge Pie Pass out Mini Mason Jar Fudge Pies to your co-workers or the hostess of a party you are attending and prepare for grins and gasps of excitement. The recipients of these delicacies will be delighted and will surely show gratitude for a homemade gift that offers a sweet treat to enjoy over the holidays. When ready to eat, release the pies, push up on the bottom of the lid and hold on to the ring. Out pops a petite pie filled with chocolaty fudge. This recipe makes about 16 pies, so you will need that many lids.

Ingredients 1 stick butter, melted ¼ cup self-rising flour ¼ cup cocoa 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup sugar 2 pie crusts

Directions To make the pie filling, stir first six ingredients together with a fork until combined. 1. Take a mason jar lid and put the disk and ring together. Turn it upside down and grease with cooking spray. 2. Unroll the pie dough and use the mason jar lid as a template to cut 16 circles, 1 centimeter wider than the lids. Press the dough into lid and gently cover the bottom and sides. Use a fork to prick the dough a few times. 3. Add one tablespoon chocolate pie filling and spread with back of a spoon. 4. Place pies on a pan and bake at 300 degrees for forty minutes. Let cool.

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 47

t a l l a h a s s e e wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014 49

Co m m u n i t y | org a n i z a t i o n s

Help Us Help Christmas Connection By Jeníssa Azard


emember as a child waking up on Christmas morning filled with excitement and anticipation of finding out what presents you had waiting for you under the tree? As children, we had an endless faith that despite everything else that was going on somehow there would be a brand new present waiting for us. What if you received nothing because there wasn’t any money and your parents weren’t working? Or, what if your greatest wish was to have electricity and heat, or food and clothing? To make the connection between the business community and helping those in need Brien Sörne of Alcom Marketing & Advertising, Inc. partnered up with Christmas Connection, an initiative of Catholic Charities, fifteen years ago to help families when “need is felt most heartily.” The campaign is “Help Us Help Christmas Connection” and is aimed to assist those who need it the most during the holidays. During the season Christmas Connection makes an effort to not just give food and necessities to families, but works with them to help reestablish self-sufficiency. The initiative, which started in 1979, is to connect needy families with individuals

or sponsors that agree to adopt the family and provide the needs listed. Sorne supports that belief. Drawing from his personal experience of seeing lives changed through the Christmas Connection, he says, “The best way to help those in this program is to bring more awareness to Christmas Connection and therefore attract more help from sponsors and individuals and connect everyone together.” The Christmas Connection initiative is governed by Catholic Charities, an organization that aims to provide help, create hope and serve all—despite race, ethnicity and religion. Catholic Charities also offers services such as emergency assistance, immigration services, refugee resettlement, mental health services, and pregnancy and adoption services. Christmas Connection is run by MSW social workers who are knowledgeable about the families in need of the charity’s services. Individuals and sponsors may volunteer their time, donate food, toys, clothing and money, or choose to adopt a family. Christmas Connection has already grown from helping 25 families in need to 600 to 800 families in the Big Bend area each year. This year’s title sponsor for the Help Us Help Christmas Connection campaign is Burger King, and each restaurant has a red donation box where unwrapped toys, clothing, and nonperishable food items can be donated. When asked about the motivation shared by his sponsors and Christmas Connection, Brien says, “Sometimes people think, ‘what difference does it make if I don’t donate a toy?’ It’s huge if you are that one kid who didn’t get that one gift you wanted to make you feel like someone out there cares.” For more information about the campaign and all sponsored donation sites visit and the Help Us Help Christmas Connection Facebook page. For more information about Christmas Connection, go to

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LeMoyne Celebrating 50 Years of Bringing Art to the Community Contributed by Taylore Maxey

The LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts is celebrating its 50th year of providing exhibitions and art education to the Big Bend area. The celebration kicked off during the Annual Holiday Show in November, then will move into a myriad of amazing 2014 exhibitions-including the Chain of Parks Art Festival, and end with the Art & Soul Gala September 2014. Sponsorship opportunities for the 50th Anniversary are available for those who would like to support the arts. “We would like to thank the Tallahassee community for their continued support of LeMoyne and the arts these past 50 years,” says Ann Kozeliski, Executive Director of LeMoyne Center for Visual Arts. “Because of the support of the community and LeMoyne members, the future of LeMoyne is brighter than ever.” LeMoyne provides fine art exhibitions, year-round art studio classes, and special art-related cultural events for the citizens of 52  t a l l a h a s s e e

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Where Ordinary becomes...

a n i r d y r ! o a r t Ex


Tallahassee and surrounding areas. For almost 50 years, LeMoyne has been known as Tallahassee’s oldest and most prestigious art gallery and art education program supported primarily by memberships and generous donations.


Glam Your Bath for the Holidays

Today, LeMoyne’s membership is at an historic high. In 2010, the center had approximately 560 members. Now membership totals approximately 850 members, the largest membership in the region. Art lovers can find several of LeMoyne’s pieces hanging in local businesses around Tallahassee including Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Temple Israel, Hotel Duval, Visit Tallahassee, and the Four Point Sheraton. There are also future plans to display artwork in the Leon County Courthouse as well. For more information about LeMoyne, including membership, sponsorship opportunities and 50th Anniversary activities, visit online at or call (850) 222-8800. You can also “Like” LeMoyne on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter @LeMoyne_Art1.

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AROUNDTOWN Special Events • Speakers • Benefits • Activities


Cards for a Cure



The 8th Annual Cards for a Cure breast cancer fundraiser was hosted at Tallahassee Automobile Museum. The event that benefits Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s Cancer Center included a live auction, entertainment and hors d’oeuvres. This year’s honoree and champion was Erin Petscher whose inspirational story helped emphasize the importance of never giving up hope.









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1. Judy Hughes, Ashley Jackson, Jasper, Pat Hughes 2. Alva Striplin, Bill and Stephanie Ragans 3. Kathy Brooks, Michelle Dickson, Chase Dickson 4. Christy Oberste, Kelly Hutchinson, Shari Kerrigan, Jim Slack 5. Paula Fortunas, Robert L. Moore Jr. 6. Sophia Terrelonge, Octavia Whitley 7. Kelly and Tony Green, Ami and Doug Wheeler 8. Jennifer Peters, Michelle Wilson, Ali Campbell, Stephanie Ragans 9. Star and Yazdan Ghiaie, Joan and GaryStout 10. Judi Taber, Aaron Kinnon 11. Erin and Yaachov Petscher 12. Heather Thomas, Jennifer Stinson, Lynn Solomon 13. Kaitlyn Pesquera, Jenissa Azard

Sarah Presents Her Signature Smile G

Medalis d l o t


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Over 1,000 people joined Elder Care Services, Inc. at its 15th Annual Oktoberfest, Elder Care’s signature fundraising event held at beautiful Mission San Luis. All proceeds from the event will benefit programs and services offered to seniors in Tallahassee and the surrounding counties. The fun-filled evening featured authentic German cuisine, beer tastings, silent auction, photo fun booth, traditional biergarten and music. 1.






1. Terry Forrest, Dave Sagaser, Min Zhang, Karlene Forrest 2. Ericka McKibben, Ashley Cranston, Rob Tozier, Amber R. Tynan, Chuck Goodowns 3. Sherry and Aren Moncrief 4. Kimberly Campbell, Narja Campbell 5. Matt O’Brien, Kristina Birard, Michaela Birard, Vanessa Demeter 6. Marlee Bazell, Jonathan Bazell, Laura Clark, Jim Clark 7. Jamie Muscato, Sonya Muscato, Patrice Talbott, Steve Talbott 8. Diana Oropallo, Scott Maddox, Sha Maddox, Ricki Maddox, Charlie Maddox, Denise Schuck


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Theatre Tallahassee Award ceremony Theatre Tallahassee (formerly Tallahassee Little Theatre) hosted their Annual Award Ceremony. The ceremony honors the shows, actors and volunteers of the theatre from its previous season of shows. 1.



Visual Perfection P A I N T I N G 4.

We live up to our name! Joseph J. Di Marco

850-544-2712 1. Theresa Davis, the Executive Director of Tallahassee Little Theatre, and Brian Davis, Artistic Director, begin the evening’s festivities. 2. Naomi Rose-Mock receives the award for Best Director of a Coffeehouse or Special Event. 3. Laura McKiernan receives the award for Best Actress. 4. Theresa Davis, Brian Davis, and Michelle Nickens

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Suits and Salads


Dress for Success Tallahassee hosted their Suits and Salads Luncheon at Goodwood Museum and Gardens. Those who attended enjoyed lunch and a speech by keynote speaker, Candi Fisher, as they learned about how Dress for Success Tallahassee is empowering women in the community. 2.



5. 6.





1. Kari Rowe, Kate Simmons, Kristi Bullock 2. Kimberly Dixon, Freda King, Wendy Hedrick 3. Cari Evans, Marcia Catherine Mason 4. Wanda Harris, Pam Krohn 5. Belinda Cato, Laura Bryant, Tracy Morales 58  t a l l a h a s s e e

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6. Andrea Parker, Zuleika Perera, Kara Palmer, Brenda Davis 7. Tim Vause, Scott Jenkins, Robbie Kinney, Dan Hedrick, Keith Bell 8. Molly Lord, Tami Fillyaw, Anna Alexopoulos 9. Hollee Bollman, Tracy Michael 10. Pamela Johnson, Wanda Harris

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Helen Ervin

Connecting Children to Forever Homes By Amy J. Hartman | Photography by Front Porch Photography


elen Ervin has spent much of her life making connections. Her office walls are lined with photos of children of different ages and races, all of whom share one thing. For each of them, Helen helped provide the gift of family. Helen began working for the Children’s Home Society of Florida (CHS) North Central Division in September 1968. She only worked there five years before “retiring” to raise her own children, but she was hooked. During her “time off,” Helen spent sixteen years serving on the Division’s Board and eight years serving on the State Board, as well as countless hours volunteering. She returned to the Division as an employee in 1992, working her way up to Adoption Program Manager. Though she lost track long ago, Helen estimates that throughout her many years with CHS she’s been involved in over 450 adoptions. Children’s Home Society of Florida was established in 1902 as an adoption and foster care agency. Over time, the number of children needing permanent homes grew, along with the need for additional services. Today, CHS helps thousands of children and family members annually through fifteen divisions across the state. Though adoption and foster care services remain at the heart of each division, additional services are also offered and vary based on the needs of children in each area. The North Central Division, which serves eight Big Bend counties, opened in Tallahassee in 1964. The Adoption Program provides services to families adopting both domestically and internationally, option counseling for birth parents, and search and reunion services. 60  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

The Division also offers child and family counseling, services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays, forensic assessments for suspected child abuse or neglect, emergency shelter services, licensing and supervision of foster homes, and pre-school education. For Helen, it’s all about placing children in warm and loving homes. She says the best part of her job is the day of placement, placing a child into the arms of his or her “forever family.” But she says people often forget the heartache that proceeds that special day, because for every happy ending, there has been loss. “People look at what I do and think it’s all warm and fuzzy, but there is a lot of grief too.” Yet it’s clearly a job she loves. What keeps her going is how gratifying it is to see the children she placed in adoptive homes doing well and giving back. A prime example is Leslie Smith. Helen placed Leslie and her brother with their family years ago. Today, Leslie works down the hall from Helen as Director of the Rotary Youth Camp of North Florida. Helen also keeps in contact with many birth parents that placed their children for adoption. She says it’s equally

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

gratifying to see those parents move on and do well, knowing they did what was in the best interest of their child. After a long and rewarding career, Helen decided to retire at the end of 2013. In her retirement, Helen plans to travel and spend time with her ten grandchildren, as well as volunteer with CHS. In other words, she won’t be able to stay away. When Helen’s husband, Tom, a prominent Tallahassee lawyer, passed away four years ago, she had the scales of justice etched on his headstone. On that same stone, she had the Children’s Home Society logo etched under her name. “CHS is and will always be part of me,” she says. And, in turn, Helen is part of so many. For more information on the Children’s Home Society, scan now or visit online at




Whitney Pickett has joined Moore Communications Group as Communications Coordinator and Executive Assistant. She will oversee project scheduling for the organization’s Digital Design department.

Jamie Fortune has been promoted to Managing Director with Moore Communications Group. With the organization for seven years, Jamie has been an integral member of their advocacy and healthcare teams and is the lead for the organization’s healthcare practice, MCG Health.

Katie Spillman has been promoted to Senior Account Executive with Moore Communications Group. With the organization since 2009, Katie demonstrated her knack for strategic, creative ideas on behalf of clients.

Madeline Boissiere has recently launched a new online business called The business features fashions for women.

Carrie Zimmerman recently received the lifetime achievement “Legend” award at the World Acrobatic Society. As an inductee into the ‘Gallery of Legends,’ Carrie was joined by Olympic greats Nadia Comaneci, Dominque Dawes and Russian eight-time Olympic gold medalist Valeri Liukin.

Allison Harrell, of Thomas, Howell Ferguson, P.A., has been appointed to the American Institute of CPAs Governmental Audit Quality Center Executive Committee.

Beth Shankle Anderson, a local attorney and radio talk show host, was recently crowned Mrs. Florida Galaxy 2014. This August, Beth will represent the State of Florida in the international Mrs. Galaxy pageant with her platform, “Legislative Activism: You Can Make a Difference.”

Rebekka Wade, Director of Finance of the Tallahassee Museum, was recently named the 2013 Outstanding New Professional by the Florida Association of Museums for her service and accomplishments since joining Tallahassee Museum in May 2012.

Donna Smithey, owner of In Tents Events is celebrating her company’s 14 year anniversary. In Tents Events has won the Tally Award for “Best Party Rentals” every year since 2007. A Dandi Award winner, Rotarian and philanthropist, Donna was inducted into the Tallahassee Democrat’s first class of “Top 25 Women in Business” in 2007.

Alexandra Posz has joined the dermatology practice of Pamela S. Kennedy, MD, P.A. Alexandra is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University’s School of Physician Assistant Studies and provides general dermatology and aesthetic services.

Belinda Webb Yarosh, local nurse and small business owner, recently came together with Dr. Teresa Bowling to hold the First Annual Casa Chiaro Breast Cancer Fundraiser. This event was held at Casa Chiaro Aestheticians’ Skin Care & Permanent Cosmetic Clinic and raised money to provide supplies and services to those affected by cancer.

Send us your announcement: Women To Watch is a listing of women with new jobs or promotions, business openings and celebrations, and awards and appointments of women who are reaching out and making a difference in our community. E-mail information and a highresolution image (300 dpi) for Women to Watch to

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FunnyGirl. Holiday Recovery Spa By Cheryl O’Donovan


ost moms do the shopping, the cooking and mailing the holiday presents. We battle angry human masses to find the perfect gift. We circle in a desperate holding pattern three miles from the mall until a guy from valet parking sends up a distress flare that can be seen in Pensacola.

“Hmm... a real bad case of Blunt Force Mall Trauma,” Evelyn says. “First, head over to our Acupuncture Studio, where you’ll puncture the simulated faces of pushy sales clerks.” Then Evelyn pages another specialist on staff. “Nasal Passage Renewal… your two-o’clock is here.”

We gain ten pounds sneaking in bites of gingerbread—raw or cooked—and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” in a glassy-eyed stupor.

Another woman enters the spa wearing earmuffs and claims to have bludgeoned her husband with a remote. “Anything that’s loud, he watches,” the woman shouts. “Deafening football games and reruns of guy movies, ‘Armageddon,’ ‘Terminator’ and anything with Steven Seagal in it. My husband’s even wearing a slicked-back pony tail and a leather jacket now, that’s how bad it is.”

By the time January 2nd rolls around, we’re ready to renounce our U.S. citizenship and go live with Tina Turner. Post-holidays, what we moms really need is a Holiday Recovery Spa. Imagine the possibilities. At the welcome desk might be spa director, Evelyn de Mood Ring, in a white lab coat. One woman staggers in, clutching a broken meat timer. “Ah,” Evelyn says. “Had to chisel the innards from a half-frozen turkey?” The bleary-eyed woman nods. “After seeing gizzards and dripping parts in plastic, I swear I’m becoming a vegetarian.” Evelyn snaps her fingers for a spa associate. “There, there,” Evelyn croons. “After your Wonka chocolate facial, you’ll be fine.” The next woman holds a ‘Returns’ bag and useless receipts from the past decade. She has been ambushed so many times by cosmetic counter clerks, that she’s been declared a walking biohazard. Still re-living the nightmare, she snarls and waves her arms uncontrollably. “Stay away from me with that atomizer!” 62  t a l l a h a s s e e

wo m a n

• D e c e m b e r 2013/J a n u a r y 2014

Evelyn shudders and directs her down the corridor. “Third door to the right. Eardrum rejuvenation.” Another woman limps to the reception area, her bare feet strung to tiles from the factory outlet. “None of my regular shoes fit. My feet are the size of Hindenburgs,” the woman says wearily. “I dragged all over the mall, looking for an Obamacare Elmo.” “The podiatrist and pedicure package.” Again, Evelyn summons a technician. I park in the lot, amble up to the spa desk, tap on the bell for service. Evelyn approaches, her eyes widening in surprise. “I think I’m getting a flattering hair style for our annual Christmas photo,” I explain. “And I wind up with this. Give me a headband and I could star in ‘Duck Dynasty.’” The hairstylist standing behind Evelyn tries to hide her horrified expression. “Right this way, Chewbacca, I mean, madam.”

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The December/January issue of Tallahassee Woman features Tanya Wilkins on the cover. Plus winter fashion, business and financial savvy topic...

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