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JUNE 2019

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WELCOME FROM THE GOVERNOR Hello Southwest! I hope you are all having an amazing summer so far! This past weekend we had out District Officer Training Conference! Your district board is full of amazing, hard working people, I know we are going to have a great year of service this year!  We voted on our Governor's project this past weekend, it is called To Write Love On Her Arms. This is a nonprofit  organization that directly funds treatment and recovery for those suffering depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. I encourage you all to read more about the organization later on in this month's bulletin. With that, we also chose a district initiative. We will be working to help foster kids this year! Foster kids do not deserve to come into this world already down on their luck. Let's work together and make a child's day this year! CKIx is happening at the end of this month in Orlando, Florida! We have 11 members going, which is amazing! I cannot wait to report back to you all what we learn and who we meet! Also, it is not too late to go! You can register on site for $350. Please reach out to myself or Sara Al'Midany for more info!  Aside from that, your district board has been working hard! We have approved our budget, your LTGs (Josh Burgett and MAriah McMurren) have been working hard to prep your presidents for an amazing year, your presidents are planning out some awesome semester plans, we have a new sticker design coming out at the end of this month for sale, DLSSP, Fall Rally, and DCON are all in the works of being prepped, and much more!


Hello Southwest and others! Well for those of you don't know me, my name is Hannah Broyles! I am going to be a Senior at the University of New Mexico, where I will be receiving my bachelors in Speech and Hearing Sciences this May! I love pineapple on pizza, hockey, wearing socks with sandals, and the Balloon Fiesta! I am so excited to be your SWD Bulletin Editor this year and can't wait to see all the new and exciting things that I will complete in my term and together as a whole on the district board as well as with the SWD Club Bulletin Editors! A few things will change this year on the bulletins, but I am hoping that all the changes you see will peak your interest! If you have any photos or suggestions to improve things, feel free to reach out!

"DOTC is a time of learning about what CKI is really about, the Officers and Chairs that went learned but at the same time bounded. Therefore it was a great success and will be a great year." -James Phelps, District Administrator

It's still not too late to go! Contact Steph Floe ( for more information!



GOVERNOR'S PROJECT: TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS The story: Founder, Jamie Tworkowski, didn’t set out to start a nonprofit organization. All he wanted to do was help a friend and tell her story. When Jamie met Renee Yohe, she was struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicidal thoughts. He wrote about the five days he spent with her before she entered a treatment center, and he sold T-shirts to help cover the cost. When she entered treatment, he posted the story on MySpace to give it a home. The name of the story was “To Write Love on Her Arms.” You can read the whole story on their website! The Mission: To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and invest directly into treatment and recovery.

How you can get involved: Check out the website and find ways to involve yourself in the organization: sign up for email newsletters, share your Fears vs. Dreams (found online), connect a friend, volunteer with the crisis hotline, or purchase any merchandise from their store. I also encourage you all to show up for friends, family, and strangers. Everyone is going through something so always be kind, and spread love. Fundraising: This year we want to raise $4,000 as a district to support TWLOHA. This organization uses this money to point people to credible national, local, and community resources which address a variety of mental health issues and illnesses, create a positive community that believes in the reality of recovery by providing encouragement and inspiration through creative campaigns, online media, and events, promotes education and awareness through merchandise, speaking, tours, social media, and various programs, and offers grants to organizations and treatment centers and support counseling through scholarship funds. They have given more than $2.3 million to treatment and recovery so far, let's help with that!

DISTRICT INITIATIVE: FOSTER KIDS Ways to get involved: Find local centers or homes that could use volunteers, have a drive in your club or school to get foster homes and kids the supplies they need, or have a service project at a meeting (you could make the kids bracelets or cards that will make their day)! Supplies foster kids need:  -Back pack and school supplies  -New toys -Crafts -New books -New and gently used clothing (newborn-teens) -Full size toiletry items -Birthday and holiday wrapping paper -Birthday in a bag! (cake mix, cake pan, frosting, candles, streamers, balloons, birthday card, small gift)

OUTSTANDING DISTRICT BOARD MEMBER JOSH BURGETT AND MARIAH MCMURREN Josh and Mariah have been working so hard this summer. They have provided endless support and assistance in all my needs. They have both been there in anything I need regarding DOTC, they have been putting work into making sure CLE is amazing this year, and ensuring the presidents are feeling ready for their term! I feel so lucky to have them on the district board this year, and I know they're going to continue serving the district to the best of their ability. They are true example of CKIers that #livetoservedietoserve! OUTSTANDING SOUTHWEST DISTRICT MEMBER UNM- KI PATTERSON Ki Patterson, is UNM’s newest OREO Officer. She has been working hard since the beginning of the summer recruiting people at our New Student Orientation. We are really lucky to have her and excited to see everything she will do in the upcoming year!

CONTACT THE SOUTHWEST Taliah Gorman Steph Floe SWD Governor Amber Luu SWD Secretary, Vincent Huber SWD Treasurer Hannah Broyles SWD Bulletin Editor Mariah McMurren SWD Recruitment LTG Joshua Burgett SWD Retention LTG Isabelle Zamora Northern Arizona University President Frida Moreno Grand Canyon University President Alexis Mendez University of New Mexico President amendez18@unm.edu8 Tim Wysocki Ottawa University President Kajal Dave Arizona State University President kajal

University of Arizona President Estefani Trieles Eastern New Mexico University- Roswell President Bre Anne Springer Western New Mexico University President/ SWD KFamily Chair Caitlyn Kachelmeier SWD Fundraising Chair Anna Barrett SWD DCON Chair Cielo Barrios SWD Fall Rally Chair Selena Richardson SWD Laws and Regulations Chair Alissa McIntyre SWD DLSSP Chair Sarah Montano SWD Service Chair James Phelps District Administrator Bob Carson Assistant District Administrator

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June 2019 Southwest Sun  

Your first letter from the Governor and Bulletin Editor! Find out what the District Administrator has to say about DOTC, the Governor's Proj...