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June 2020 Volume 9 | Issue 3

Table of Contents 3 Letter from

4 Note from the

the Governor Get the latest update on whats going on in the Southwest District

Read the official SWD statement, find resources and links for how to help


A quick word from the bulletin editor and what to expect

9 Pride

5 Black Lives Matter

Bulletin Editor

A spread of appreciation and support to the LGBT community


Summer of Service Get the inside scoop about some ways clubs are continuing to serve this summer


Registration The latest update and information on CKI NEXT

17 Directory

Need to reach out to a board member? Find their contact information here!

15 Chants

Learn the Southwest District chants

Live to serve Love to serve

Upcoming Events WNMU Event 07/16 NAU Event 07/11

for more details, pg. 12


CKI Next


Letter from the Governor CKI has been doing a lot this last month. The District Board has been working hard to plan for the potential of an online Fall Semester and potentially virtual Fall events. This means a bigger challenge for member recruitment and Fundraising efforts, so we will be coming up with new and creative solutions to the problems facing us. We have decided to create a new chair position, the Social Awareness Chair, that will in the long term focus on educating members on events like Black History Month, Pride Month, National Military Appreciation Month, and educating members on societal issues. We have also decided to start implementing a Policy Code Update for our code of conduct of board members surrounding what is appropriate to post on social media. We have realized that our board members do definitively represent our organization at all times online and in person, and how what they say can affect people's view of the whole organization. We have decided on a policy code change so that it is easier to change in the future if people feel their free speech is too restricted, while maintaining guidelines. Through all of this we have found the courage at an international level to hold onto a particular part of what makes CKI CKI which is ingrained in our Pledge. The specific section being, “to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of humanity's potential.� We have seen that there is too large of a group within our society and our own communities that cannot realize their full potential. As a result, both the SWD and International have decided to fully support the Black Lives Matter Movement as a humanity issue that is violating basic human morals, which is not political. We cannot sit by as we see atrocities committed on our own citizens and the inequalities to go unaddressed. We have seen the faults within the system and have decided to lend our voice. I encourage you all to do the same, and to work on researching these issues to form your own individual opinions. The SWD of CKI cannot operate without members, and the members are the most important part of CKI. If any of you have any ideas for the upcoming year or just in general please feel free to reach out to anyone on the board and share these ideas!


Joshua Burgett 2020-2021 District Governor

Note from the Bulletin Editor Hello everyone! Like other months have shown, a lot can happen in a short amount of time. This last month was exactly just that. In this bulletin, I recap all of that alongside other things that have happened in the district as an update for everyone. Also, something that I personally wanted to do with this bulletin was push my design skills to create something better. What has come out of it is this bulletin that I am excited to share with you all. It is no where near perfection, with room still to grow and ideas already racing through my mind for what the next bulletin can have and improve by. As I continue to learn and practice each day, I am excited for what I can create next for you guys. We are a quarter of the way through this CKI year already, but there is still so much to happen and do. Until next time,

Lauren Vargas

2020-2021 District Bulletin Editor


#BLACKLIVESMATTER The beginning of this month brought upon the rapid development for the demand of change after years of injustices came to a head and couldn't be allowed any further. Enough people had lost their lives. Things couldn't stay the same any longer and change had to happen. In the Southwest District, we recognize the power in our voices and actions. Thus, while we take our own action by signing petitions, donating time, money or resources, and educating ourselves, we encourage you to do the same.

Listen, learn and share Read the district's full statement on the next page or on the website, swcki.org



Advocate for the change you want to see in the world.

Resources: Donate

secure.actblue.com/donate/bail_ funds_george_floyd Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund Black People’s Justice Fund - Metro Phoenix

General links blacklivesmatter.com colorofchange.org eji.org


JUSTICE to 668336 FLOYD to 55156 ENOUGH to 55156

Take the steps to help how you can.



More resources: Text

demands to 55156 RESIST to 50409


(can be found on change.org)

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Justice for Alajunaye Davis Justice for Breonna Taylor


Note: There is always more to learn and more that can be done to help. This is not an expansive list. Take time to branch out to learn and help more outside of what we share.

Systemic Racism Explained VernÄ Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them - TED Talks What Black Lives Matter Means (and Why It's Problematic to Say "All Lives Matter") - goodhousekeeping.com What happens when I try to talk race with white people - pbs.org


What exactly is a microaggression? - vox.com When Calling the Po-Po is a No-No - npr.org New York Times 1619 Project



PRIDE PRIDE July is Pride Month! This month celebrates the LGBT community and furthers education about issues that still occur. We support any member who identifies in the LGBT community and want them to know that they are loved and accepted here with open arms.


Fun Facts The largest pride parade held to date was in 2019 with the WorldPride Parade in New York City which had 5 million attendees

Pride month began as a day to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in 1969 and it has grown to the month long celebration it is now


Each color of the pride flag represents something

healing sunlight nature serenity/harmony spirit


t s e w t h s t e u w o SSouth e c i v r e e c S i r v r e e m S r e SSuum m m The arrival of summer marks a break from school for many members, but it doesn't mean CKI takes a break from helping the community. Each club in our district has planned a fun service and/or social event for this summer. At this point now at the end of the month, some schools have already held their event, while others are soon coming up. For the other Summer of Service events follow on social media for specific details and links to join!


07/11 07/16


@wnmu_cki @nau.cki

Clubs that have held a Summer of Service event already include ASU, ENMU, and UNM. To give a quick refresher, here is what each did:

Arizona State University On June 20th, they held a social and played jackbox games together.

Eastern New Mexico University On June 28th, they held a small social playing games together and afterwards packaged small goodie bags for those in need.

University of New Mexico On June 6th, they held a small service and social event which started off with Free Rice and Never Have I Ever to end it off. There was even a guest, Grishma from Nepal CKI, who some members got to meet.


Registration for CKI NEXT is open! It will be July 18-19th, and the deadline to register is July 6th. This is the first-ever, organization-wide online member event held by CKI. In fact, it is a free event open to all members across the globe! There are lots of presentations and workshops planned catered for members along with award ceremonies and time for a bit of service. With great speakers to hear from, workshops, trainings, unique fellowship opportunities with your CKI family and other fun surprises, this is not something you want to miss out on! Save the date and register to join us!

Register at circlek.org/ckix



why should I go?

JULY 18-19

Meet other members from all throughout the globe Learn skills and knowledge in different topics ranging from CKI to life Get to ask questions of the International candidates Complete a bit of service with other members


Have you learned them yet?

"Hey Southwest! We bring the heat you can't beat We're the district you can't defeat We're like horse on their feet Southwest What? Southwest What? SOUTHBEST!"


This month marked the first birthday in the SWD CKI board member family!

Rachel Griffith Birthday: June 2nd Home club: ASU How might you know her? She's this year's DCON Chair! This means she's in charge of District Convention. From the decorating plans, where it will be at, to the fellowship and service that will occur, she is the main person in charge.


Happy Belated Birthday Rachel!

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world

Howard Zine 16

Contact the Board Governor






Joshua Burgett

Amber Luu

Cielo Barrios

Bulletin Editor

LTG Recruitment

LTG Retention




Lauren Vargas

Alissa McIntyre

Frida Moreno

ASU President

ENMU-R President GCU President



Jordan Marshall

Estefani Trieles

Kai Osife

NAU President

UofA President

UNM President




Kenna Conley

Niki Woods


Kathryn Masten

WNMU President

DCON Chair





Ariana Medina

Rachel Griffith

Steph Floe

Fall Rally Chair

Fundraising Chair Service Chair



Livia Calugaru

Kiwanis K-Family Chair

Bre Anne Springer

Derek Wirachowsky

Nicole Inocentes

Key Club K-Family Chair

Laws and Regulations Chair

Alaya Alshemari

breannespringer@hotmail.com alaya.kfam@gmail.com


Promise Lattimore


District Administrator

Assistant District Administrator



James Phelps

Bob Carson

Profile for Southwest CKI

June 2020 Southwest Sun  

Inside you can read the Southwest District's statement on BLM, know more about what is coming up for the Southwest District in the Governor'...

June 2020 Southwest Sun  

Inside you can read the Southwest District's statement on BLM, know more about what is coming up for the Southwest District in the Governor'...


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