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July 2020 Volume 9 | Issue 4

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Get the latest update on whats going on in the Southwest District

CKI Next Recap

Note from the Bulletin Editor A quick word from the bulletin editor and what to expect

Everything that happened from CKI Next and what to look forward to for next year

International Board 2020-2021

Southwest Summer Service Pt. 2

Finishing off on what clubs have done to serve their communities this summer


Meet all the newly elected International Board and find out a bit more about them

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Summer of Service DIY edition


Chants and Birthdays

Learn more service ideas you can do from home

District Calendar Outlined are all the upcoming events to look forward to


Learn the Southwest District chants and the district board members who had a birthday this month

Want to reach out to a board member? You can find their contact information here

Live to serve Love to serve


Letter from the Governor

Hey Southwest, Wow, July is over already, it feels like spring break was just yesterday. While it may feel like time has flown by, a lot of hard work has been done in the meantime by both your District and by Circle K International. This will be a short letter, with mostly updates about what has been going on. I wanted to reiterate that the SWD of CKI and Circle K International has decided to back the Black Lives Matter Movement, and I encourage all of you to work on becoming more active and engaged citizens, however that looks to you. Next, the SWD Board has been hard at work planning for a fall semester, and for fall events. While no one knows exactly what this will look like, we have been planning for multiple scenarios and are excited for a semester of Service, Leadership, and Fellowship. The International Council met after CKI Next and elected the new International Board. We have a lot of great people serving on the board this year, and I am excited to see what they all do. International Policy Code and Bylaws were amended and approved at this meeting as well, with some amendments to the Bylaws only being endorsed for the House of Delegates at next year's CKIX. If you wish to see what the current bylaws and policy code for International you can find those on the CKI website under the resources tab. Finally, I am excited to announce that the next CKIX will be held in Austin, Texas and I am excited to see you there!

Joshua Burgett 2020-2021 District Governor


With the school year starting up soon life will only be getting busier for many of us. This means full schedules, but more to share and update on in future bulletins. I am excited to share this bulletin with you all,

Until next time, Lauren Vargas

Note from the Bulletin Editor

Hello everyone! I feel like summer has flown by so quickly with everything that's happened each month and all of the behind the scenes for what is being planned for the future. This past month has been no different with lots of exciting updates to share from CKI Next and what the district's done to serve this summer!

2020-2021 District Bulletin Editor




"It will fully bloom when we realize that we are not the leaders of tomorrow; we are the leaders in this world, TODAY." IMMEDIATE PAST INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT BILLY HACKETT ON CKI'S FUTURE

Two weeks ago now was the beginning of CKI Next and what a fun weekend it was! As mentioned in the agenda for the event, there were workshops, awards, guest speakers (one who is a part of the Southwest District, too), as well as time for a bit of service and fellowship! The guest speaker opening session of CKI Next was Neil Giuliano, former mayor of Tempe, Arizona, current Kiwanis member, and President and CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership with a touching speech by Billy, Immediate Past International President, to end off the weekend.


This weekend was similar to other events and different in many other ways. Technical issues, a new normal with any online event, alongside tears, hugs, and laughter now through screens. Different in the distances between all of us, but together in all the people around the world to join as one. As one last announcement to the weekend, it was revealed that the next CKIx will be at ..... *drum roll*... Austin, Texas! It will be July 25-28, 2021 and we are excited about what will be planned for then. But before that will be CKI week from Oct. 12-17.


CKI NEXT RECAP 2020 For those who couldn’t attend this year's CKI Next you’re in luck! Everything was recorded and will be uploaded free to watch soon! Make sure to follow us on social media for further information about when they will be up and where you can watch them.

One other fun thing that happened over CKI Next was District Dinner. Here in the Southwest, it was a bit too early to eat dinner, so instead, we took the time to hang out together on a Zoom call and play sketchful.io. The premise of the game is similar to Pictionary, the only difference is it's online! It was a great time to bond over quickly drawn drawings and incoherent guesses either because of not knowing how to spell 'satellite' or fast typing misclicks in trying to correctly guess first. Playing sketchful.io is a great game to play and would highly recommend that you play it for your next fellowship event!


One workshop event that occurred that weekend was all about networking and internships. This is definitely a workshop you’ll want to watch once it’s available to watch to truly get all the helpful information and insight that was shared. A quick tidbit from that workshop is to expand your bubble. Nowadays lots of hiring occurs through word of mouth. This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to get hired through a "cold" application, but knowing someone in the company, either as a friend or someone you were friendly with at a networking event, improves your chances of being hired. That was one big takeaway that I took out of that workshop.

As mentioned before there were awards presented at CKI Next! Three of our own members were recognized for their hard work and dedication. Two recipients were Kajal Dave and Joshua Burgett! They were recognized for their work in the Global Development and Service Committee, respectively. Also recognized was Sara Al-Midany for the Opal Award which is one of the awards given out by the International President.


International Board 2020-2021 One other thing that occurred during CKI Next was Caucus of the Whole where Circle K members were able to meet and get to know more about the candidates running for International positions. Two days after CKI Next, the International council met and voted on the new board. From this, here is the International Board of 2020-2021!

"I joined CKI because I wanted to make a difference in my community, but I stayed because it showed me I can make a difference in the world" TANA EARLY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT 2020-2021

International President Tana Early


Alabama District

International Vice President Joey Cain New York District

In order from left to right, top to bottom:

Ethan Arredondo

Kaitlyn Carroll

Tyler Kearns

Maria Landrom

Hannah Spargur

Mackenzie Steele

Tommy Thach

Austin Underwood

Texas-Oklahoma District MinnesotaDakotas District

Florida District

West Virginia District

New York District

California-NevadaHawaii District

Florida District

Ohio District



t s e t w s h t e u w SSoouth e c i v r e e c i S v r r e e S m r m e u SSumm Last month began Southwest Summer Service and in the last bulletin there was a quick recap of what some of the Southwest District clubs had done so far. Thus continues what the rest of our clubs have done.

One of the first events that occurred next was hosted by our GCU club. This was July 6th at 6pm PT where it was a social.


Afterwards, the next summer of service events was hosted by WNMU. This was not too long after on July 11th. During this event, it started off by writing letters to essential workers. They are doing a great service to everyone in their communities and it was only appropriate to recognize that and take time to write letters of appreciation to them. After that, it switched over to Kahoot where we played quizzes about Tik Tok videos and Disney. There were some technical difficulties with being kicked out early, trying to figure out links, and failing collectively over arguable “wellknown� Tik Toks.

The last summer of service event to wrap up all the service and social events planned was hosted by NAU. This was on July 16th at 6pm PT and the focus was making letters for the elderly with music jamming in the background. It is a great service opportunity to do at any time. To learn more about how you can do this service project you can find more information here: lovefortheelderly.org

SUMMER OF SERVICE DIY VIDEOS Service projects you can do at home! Southwest Summer Service was a great way to start serving the community while on break from school. From what’s been recapped here and before from other Summer of Service events it's been shown that there are many ways someone can still serve their community. With that being said though, one other thing that has been prepared and shared already are Summer of Service DIY videos!


This was organized by Nicole, our Service chair, to help provide different ways members can do service projects at home. Of the service projects that can be done, they include making No Slip socks, Kindness Rocks, Homemade Cards, Dog Toys, Place mats, and so much more! More details about how to do each service project can be found on our social media!

Overall, this is a great list of different projects to do to still serve our communities since we can’t do so in the ways we used to before.



You can email Nicole, our Service Chair, at swdckiservice@gmail.com




CKI Southbest Social Social August 7th, 2020

End of August, 2020

5pm PT

Stay tuned on social media for when more information is revealed

RSVP with the link on our social media

Kiwanis VCON

Sustainable Discussion

July 31st-August 2nd, 2020

August 19th, 2020

For information to join, go to rebrand.ly/vcon


Find more information on our social media

DLSSP 2020

Other upcoming events to Fall Key Club look out for: Reception September 26th, 2020

Election Day November 3rd, 2020 Go out and vote! (safely!!)

Fall Rally 2020

DCON 2021


March 27-28th 2021

Have an event you want to include in the next bulletin? Email the details to Lauren, the Bulletin Editor, at lev49@nau.edu



"Hey Southwest! We bring the heat you can't beat We're the district you can't defeat We're like horse on their feet Southwest What? Southwest What? SOUTHBEST!"



Joshua Burgett

Cielo Barrios

Kathryn Masten

Birthday: July 17th Home club: ASU You know him as our District Governor! He is in charge of making sure everything is going smoothly and being the voice of the Southwest to International.

Birthday: July 24th Home club: GCU You'll know her as the District's Treasurer. She is in charge of all of the finances, making sure we have enough money for everything we want to do now and in the future.

Birthday: July 30th Home club: UNM She is UNM's club president this year. She is in charge of making sure her club is running smoothly as well as voicing her club's voice to the rest of the district.

Happy Belated Birthday to everyone whose birthday it was this last month!

The time is always right to do what is right

Martin Luther King Jr. 18

Contact the Board Governor






Joshua Burgett

Amber Luu

Cielo Barrios

Bulletin Editor

LTG Recruitment

LTG Retention




Lauren Vargas

Alissa McIntyre

Frida Moreno

ASU President

ENMU-R President GCU President



Jordan Marshall

Estefani Trieles

Kai Osife

NAU President

UofA President

UNM President




Kenna Conley

Niki Woods


Kathryn Masten

WNMU President

DCON Chair





Ariana Medina

Rachel Griffith

Steph Floe

Fall Rally Chair

Fundraising Chair Service Chair



Livia Calugaru

Kiwanis K-Family Chair

Bre Anne Springer

Derek Wirachowsky

Nicole Inocentes

Key Club K-Family Chair

Laws and Regulations Chair

Alaya Alshemari

breannespringer@hotmail.com alaya.kfam@gmail.com


Promise Lattimore


Social Awareness Chair

District Administrator

Assistant District Administrator




Aisha Raji

James Phelps

Bob Carson

Profile for Southwest CKI

July 2020 Southwest Sun  

Inside you can read all about what happened during CKI Next, meet the new International Board, learn more ways to serve your community, and...

July 2020 Southwest Sun  

Inside you can read all about what happened during CKI Next, meet the new International Board, learn more ways to serve your community, and...


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