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2012 Progress Report Creating a 500-mile corridor of interconnected river towns, trails, parks, river access areas, and conserved lands to link people with the natural and cultural heritage of the Susquehanna.

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

Making It Happen: Community Revitalization Environmental Stewardship Clean Water Outdoor Recreation Healthier Places, Healthier People

A Message of Thanks to Our Members, Friends and Donors As 2012 comes to an end it is time to reflect on our accomplishments and look towards the future. With this Progress Report you can see and appreciate the significant role that the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership plays in creating places where people are connected to the natural and cultural resources of the Susquehanna and can live active, healthy lives. The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership envisions a balanced regional economy, where we conserve productive farmland and forests, where local businesses thrive, and where river towns are centers of commerce, culture, and community activity. With your support the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership works in the 22 counties along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. We help local leaders and citizens take stock of their community and envision improvements for a more sustainable future. We assist communities with planning and securing resources for building parks and trails, and increasing public access to the River. We look for new uses for historic buildings and abandoned industrial sites. We help create a community that is attractive to business and we advocate for protection of our water resources, and conservation of farmland and forests. In short, we are building Pennsylvania’s largest greenway – a green corridor of connected river towns, parks, trails, working farmlands and conserved areas. This is no small task and we cannot do it without the help of local partners and the contributions from people like you who care about our lands and waters. By making a financial contribution you are becoming an important partner in the future success of the Susquehanna Greenway. Because of your investment we are a stronger champion for the Greenway and are able to conserve, revitalize, and connect Susquehanna communities through our successful River Towns Program and our effective Education and Outreach Programs described in the following pages. Whether you are a new member or have been on this journey with us from the start, please make a donation to the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership today, and know that your gift creates clean, connected, and revitalized Susquehanna communities. From the Board, Staff and Partners of the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership, we thank you for your support! Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Board of Directors

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Staff

Jerry S. Walls, FAICP, Chair

Trish Carothers, Executive Director

Dee Alwine, Vice Chair

Erin Pierce, Program Coordinator

Marty Walzer, Treasurer

Bridget Kane, Membership & Volunteer Coordinator

Susan Browning, Secretary

Barbara Bogle, Program Assistant

Suzanne Lee

Susquehanna Greenway Regional Partners

Wayne Kober

Tom Grbenick, SEDA-COG

Teri MacBride

Alice Trowbridge, RLA

Timm Moyer

Janie French, Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Cathy Curran Myers

Phil Swank, Endless Mountains Heritage Region

Marel Raub

David Buck, Endless Mountains Heritage Region

Peter Smith

Dale Freudenberger, D & L National Heritage Corridor Mark Platts, Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area Jonathan Pinkerton, Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area

Photo by Chuck Haupt

Liz Deardorff

Creating Pennsylvania’s Largest Greenway Since 2001, the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) has been working with many dedicated partners to create the Susquehanna Greenway – a 500 mile corridor of interconnected river towns, trails, parks, river access areas, and conserved lands to link people with the natural and cultural heritage of the Susquehanna River region.

BALANCING THE NEEDS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW The Susquehanna Greenway promotes conservation of the environment for sustainable living, and supports revitalization of healthy and successful communities. The Susquehanna Provides:

Drinking water to 6,000,000 people 50% of water for the Chesapeake Bay Power generation Wildlife habitat Scenic beauty Recreation The Susquehanna Greenway includes:

A 500-mile corridor of river and land 22 counties 70 towns 1,301 islands

Susquehanna Watershed and Greenway

Br Photo by Doug

ker uba

Photo on front cover: Susquehanna RiverWalk in Williamsport, an Early Demonstration Project of the Susquehanna Greenway. The Riverwalk has been planned, constructed and maintained through collaborative efforts of the business community, non-profit organizations, municipalities, county and state agencies.


People have always been drawn to the majesty of the Su river and its towns are the foundation of our regional ec and commerce, have played a significant role in building vibrant as they once were. The migration of businesses opportunities for many who live in these towns. Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) staff and greenway coordinators help communities to create parks, trails, river access points, and events. SGP staff pictured above: (L to R) Program Assistant Barbara Bogle, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Bridget Kane, Program Coordinator Erin Pierce, and Executive Director Trish Carothers.

To revitalize our river towns, while saving our farms and and businesses back into our towns. The Susquehanna Susquehanna River and to promote our historic downto

Revitalizing Susquehann

Meeting Comm



The purpose of the program is to provide communities the help they need to attract investment. We do this by:

Armstrong Township


Athens Township

Loyalsock Township

yy Creating River Town Revitalization Teams



yy Conducting River Town Assessments







yy Community Visioning and Goal Setting yy Planning for Parks, Trails, River Access, and Green Infrastructure



yy Helping to Secure Project Funding

Hemlock Township


yy Promoting River Towns and Their Events

Jersey Shore


Loyalsock Township

Shickshinny Mayor Beverly Moore credits the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership with “providing a vision and tools for how Shickshinny can not only survive, but thrive in the midst of inevitable floods�

The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership has helped Shickshinny plan and secure funding for riverfront park improvements and a new river access.


usquehanna River and its great capacity to sustain life. The conomy. River towns, as centers of manufacturing, industry, g our nation. Yet, today many of our river towns are not as to suburban and offshore locations has resulted in reduced

forests from sprawl development, we need to attract people Greenway Partnership helps our communities embrace the owns as assets for economic development and for healthy living.

na Greenway River Towns

munity Needs

COMMUNITY BENEFITS yy Attracting Business and Jobs – Riverfront parks, trails and street trees can improve the quality of life in our river communities, and make them more attractive places to live, play or start a business.

“SGP helped the Borough of Jersey Shore plan and secure funding to create a public river access. It has been a pleasure working with a group of people that care about the community. With SGP’s assistance, we now have a River Town Revitalization Team of 25plus people committed to making our community better. We are looking to move forward on other projects in our downtown.” — Wm. Dennis Buttorff, Mayor, Jersey Shore

yy Tourism - Tourists are drawn to areas that have a mix of amenities to enjoy. Greenway systems can return $3 in revenue for every $1 in expenditure invested. yy Increased Property Values and Tax Revenues – Residential properties on average, realize a 10 to 20% gain in value the closer they are located to greenways, parks and trails. yy Improved Water Quality – Greenways purify runoff by trapping sediment, fertilizers, pathogens, and chemicals before they reach the nearest waterway. yy Healthier People - Lack of exercise has contributed to the obesity epidemic. Parks, trails and greenways provide the opportunity to integrate physical activity into our daily lives.

In 2012 the Pine Creek Rail was extended through town to the River and Jersey Shore became a Susquehanna Greenway River Town. (L to R) SGP Exec. Director Trish Carothers, Jersey Shore Borough Manager Joseph Hamm, Borough Council Members Janet Barnhart, Mary Greene, Marguerite Dyroff, Mayor Dennis Buttorff, Borough Council Member Ken Sheesley, SGP Board Chair Jerry Walls, DCNR Secretary Richard Allan.

“In 2010 our river sojourn camped in Jersey Shore where the people were very welcoming. They told us they wanted a community river access and ever since we have been working together towards that goal, planning and raising over $400,000. Just $50,000 more is needed for the river access to be constructed in 2013.” — Trish Carothers, SGP Executive Director

Outreach, Education and Promotion

Photo by Chuck Haupt

Creating a Susquehanna Greenway Community

SUSQUEHANNA EDUCATIONAL SOJOURN In 2011 SGP was successful in getting the West Branch Water Trail designated as a National Recreation Trail. National Geographic named the West Branch a “Best Adventure Destination for 2012. ” To celebrate these designations, SGP and a local planning committee hosted a six-day, 85-mile river sojourn in May from Curwensville to Renovo. The sojourn guided over 70 participants, speakers, and volunteers through the breathtaking natural beauty of the Susquehanna River’s Upper West Branch.

OUTREACH AND EDUCATION HIGHLIGHTS yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy

40 presentations reaching over 700 people 15 tabling events reaching over 20,000 people Radio interviews reaching over 10,000 people 70 newspaper articles on the Susquehanna Greenway 3,751 reached by e-Connections newsletter Nearly 600 events promoted on our web calendar 8,900 new visitors to 114 new members and sponsors 138 new volunteers Over 300 entries in our Photo Contest 8 Traveling Photo Gallery locations Hosted our first Photo Gallery Reception Susquehanna Greenway Sign Guidelines updated 19 new interpretive signs installed Created our first Geocaching Trail 1,180 hours of volunteer time for flood clean-up Repaired 1 mile of flood damaged rail-trail Cleaned 17 miles of river

yy Cleaned and improved 150 acres of public parks

SUSQUEHANNA CONNECTING TRAIL CELEBRATION SGP worked collaboratively with the Chesapeake Conservancy, DCNR, PFBC, Bucknell University and Native Americans to secure designation of the Susquehanna Connecting Trail to the Captain John Smith National Historic Trail in May. Members of the collaborative partnership are shown above at a ceremony in Annapolis. This national designation could help to conserve critical lands along the river and improve river access.

SOURCE WATER ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION With support from the Water Resource Education Network, SGP worked with the Columbia County Conservation District, DEP, and Pennsylvania American Water to create a Source Water Environmental Education Team in Columbia County.


Jeremy and Audra dePrisco

Barbara Baldwin

Jesse Ergott

Chandler Ballentine

Alyssa Fiorentino

Megan Baskerville

Richard Fitzsimmons

David Bauman

Emily Goblirsch

Bruce Bishoff

Cody Goddard

Cynthia Bower

Edie Good

Caroline Brady

Cody Hanke

Susan Browning

Chuck Haupt

Doug Brubaker

Sarah Hoffman

Jonathan Butterfield

Von Holguin

Keith Conner

Rebecca Holler

Daniel Corman

Carol Hubler

John Cosgrove

Jaclyn Johnston

Matt Dallos

Daniel Jones

Liz Garland Deardorff

Kay Jones

Jeffrey Kane Mike Kane Wayne Kober

Harriett Perez

Murray Kohan

Eric Probert

Suzanne Lee Cassandra Lewis

John and Terry Proctor

Jan Lokuta

Ally Ramirez

Michael Lombardo

Marel Raub

Teri MacBride

Charles Schoffstall

Laura Marjorie MacLean

Lamar Seger

David and Lynda McCracken

Melanie Simms

Matthew Messer

Patrick Skovira

Caleb Meyers

Peter Smith

Tracy Tran

Victoria Mosher

Samantha Spotts

Ben Tripoli

Timm Moyer

Nella Storm

Jerry Walls

Cathy Curran Myers

Arlene Taylor

Marty Walzer

Diane Peresie

David Tillman

Kelly Williams

Pho to by Chuck Haupt

“To make a greenway is to make a community.� Charles Little, Greenways for America THANK YOU TO OUR CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS: Diane Alwine

Tim Fitzgerald

David and Theodora Jansky

Robert and Dorothy Angeli

James and Elizabeth Flannery

Erik Johnson

Stephen Artman

John and Anne Freas

Milford Johnson

Todge Aumiller

Rosaria Gabriele

Robert and Joan Johnston

Kenneth and Norma Jeane Bachman

Brian and Beverly Gallagher

Daniel and Kathleen Jones

Kenneth Beam

Donald Gallagher

William Jordan

Thomas Gehret

Jennifer Joyce

Lisa Gibson

Jeff and Bridget Kane

William Gibson

Joseph and Susan Kirk

Robert Gilson

R. Stefan Klosowski

Sylvia Gleason

Wayne Kober

Galen and Janet Good

Mike and Jill Komar

Dennis Goodlin

Leo and Rita Kopetz

Valerie Grahn

Michael Kubishen

Ronald and Polly Grimm

Mike Lasher

Bob Guldin

John and Debra Latsha

Pamela Haines and Chuck Esser

Cole and Suzanne Lee

Donald and Linda Hall

Teri MacBride

Kat Bendt Thomas and Gail Blass Richard Bloom Marilyn Bok Kevin and Debra Boyd Alison Stone-Briggs and Richard Briggs Steve Brown Susan Browning John and Sarah Bruch Jonathan and Sally Butterfield Alan and Trish Carothers Bill Cole David and Sally Craig Liz Garland Deardorff John and Carol Anne Doering Diane Donato Mary DuBois Victor and Mary Engel

Scott Harvey Debra Hempfing Mark and Melanie Heuer Barbara Horst J. Andrew Hubbell Michael and Carol Hubler Paul and Caprice Huffman Donald James

James and Connie Lewis Christina Major Jason Godeke and Cristina Mathews

R. David Myers and Cathy Curran Myers

William and Debra Shipp

Nathan and Kayly Newcomer

Ralph and Kathleen Smith

Jeffrey and Janet Nokes

Peter Smith

Frank Orlevitch

David and Betty Jean Staebler

Gregory and Sydney Otte

Eric Stout

John Palmer

Karen Thompson

Carlos and Harriett Perez

Mike and Amy Toole

William and Suzann Pharr

Richard and Alice Trowbridge

William and Katherine Pickering

Gary Tuma

Merrily Pierce

Bob Veleker

Allan and Betsy Quant Marel Raub Daniel and Rose Reeder Dustin and Sandra Rhodes George and Barbara Rizzo Jerome and Alice Rizzo Ruth Rode Linda Ross David Sapak Charles Schoffstall

Stuart Olinsky and Judith Meyers

David and T. Schultz

Gautam and Mridula Mishra

Peter and Linda Schultz

Patricia Morris

Ernest and Susan Schurer

Nina Tober and Richard Morrison

Blair Seitz

John and Carole Schultz

Chalmer Van Horn Robert and Rose Ann Wallace Jerry and Joy Walls Marty and Cynthia Walzer Barb Weikle Stephen Weiland Matthew and Janet Weir Robert and Marie Wheeler Susan Wheeler Glenn and Mary Ann Williams Pat Zaborsky Barbara Zeiders Alan and Tana Zeigler Edward and Amber Zygmunt

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership Financial Report Fiscal year July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 Revenue Contributions and Grants Program Service Revenue Investment Income Total Revenue Expenses River Towns Program Expense Education and Outreach Program Expense Water Trails Program Expense Management and General Expense Fundraising Expense Total Expenses Net Assets as of June 30, 2012



11% 43%

366,790 12,094 19 378,903 37%

155,090 135,493 38,493 13,947 18,667 361,690 71,505

Expenses: River Towns Program Education and Outreach Program Water Trails Program Management and General Fundraising

THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS: Bitting Recreation

Jersey Shore State Bank

Susquehanna Life

Bob’s Army & Navy Store

Larson Design Group

Susquehanna Trailways

C & E Containers

League of Women Voters

The Hershey Company

Chesapeake Bay Commission

Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corp

The Peter Herdic House Inn & Restaurant

Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network

Little Pine Resources

Weeping Willow Inn

Chesapeake Bay Trust

McTish, Kunkel & Associates

Weis Markets

Citizens’ Electric Company

Nittany MinitMart

West Pharmaceutical Services

Clearfield County Historical Society

PA Organization for Watersheds and Rivers

Woodlands Bank

Courtyard Counseling Center

PPL Corporation

First Community Foundation Partnership of PA

Process Control Specialties, Inc.

Foundation for PA Watersheds

Santino’s Italian Cuisine


Service First Federal Credit Union

Haas Landscape Architects

Skyline Motor Inn

Jersey Shore Area Lioness Club

South Avis Realty, Inc.

Riverside Campground

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources — w w 201 Furnace Road, Lewisburg PA 17837 — Phone: 570-522-7211 Fax: 570-524-44913

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