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Stop by the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership pavilion and enter a raffle to win a Perception Joyride 10 kayak valued at $729! 1

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Education Tent

Sponsored by:

Live Birds of Prey Show: 10:30 AM Live Bird Presenter Maggie Miller will be showcasing five birds of prey including Red-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Harris’s Hawk, Eastern Screech Owl, and Great Horned Owl. This presentation allows attendees to experience these birds up-close while providing an educational component to educate about what makes these birds so incredible. Sponsored by Cole’s Hardware. Native Americans Speaker: 11:30 AM

Paddlers of the Susquehanna Panel: 1:45 PM

Sid Jamieson is Haudenosaunee, the six-nation Iroquois Confederacy, and lives on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. In this presentation he will discuss the importance of the Susquehanna River to his cultural heritage.

Paddlers of the Susquehanna’s 444-mile main stem and 228-mile West Branch will share their stories and answer questions for future paddlers interested in taking on this feat.

Under the Susquehanna Panel: 12:00 PM

Susquehanna River Native Plants: 2:30 PM

A diver, an underwater photographer, and an environmentalist discuss what goes on underneath the Susquehanna River.

Influenced by massive floods and ice scour events, the Susquehanna River is a dynamic ecosystem that is home to many unique plants and plant communities. Jaci, Ecologist with the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, will be giving a brief overview of the rare plants, common plant communities, and ecological challenges of the Susquehanna River.

Climbing Advocacy and Conservation in PA: 1:00 PM Join a representative from South Central PA Climbers to learn about the many rock climbing areas available in PA and how climbers are good stewards of the land. SCPC has partnered with State Forests/Parks, Counties, Townships, and Private landowners to assist in climbing management, climbing education, and climbing conservation. SCPC is a volunteer powered non-profit (501c3) group of climbers from PA.


Van Wagner Musical Performance: 3:15 PM Join folk singer Van Wagner for an acoustic concert of songs celebrating the cultural and natural heritage of our region.

Pavilion Programs Intro to Climbing: Rope Skills: 11:30 PM

Nature Photography Workshop: 10:30 AM

Join Levitation Climbing to meet AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) certified instructor, Ryan Shipp. With 20 years of guiding and teaching experience, Ryan will share some introductory skills, answer questions about the many types equipment that is used in climbing, and share some personal climbing stories from traveling the world as a climber. Levitation Climbing is a LLC based out of the Harrisburg area.

Photographer Michael Kinney will lead a workshop teaching attendees how they can take up the hobby of nature photography with a specific focus on underwater photography and his experiences documenting hellbenders.

Enviroscape: 1:30 PM

Intro to Kayak Fishing: 3:00 PM Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fish from a kayak? Now is your opportunity to learn. Join the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) staff for this kayak fishing presentation, designed to introduce you to the basics of kayak fishing! The program includes the following topics – * Safety on the water * What you need to know before you go kayak fishing *Types of kayaks, paddles * How to retrofit your kayak for fishing * Types of fishing kayaks, advance kayak gear * Fishing from a kayak* and *Where to find fish.

The Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association will provide an Enviroscape presentation that demonstrates how a watershed works and how different types of pollutants can infiltrate our waterways. It is a hands-on presentation for all ages that will end with a conversation and question-and-answer session on how people can make a difference in their own corner of the watershed (kid-friendly!)


Demo Areas How to Build a Tarp Shelter: 12:00 PM Led by SGP’s Greenway & Trails AmeriCorps Assistant, his program will teach participants the basic knowledge and skills needed to construct a tarp that can provide protection from wind and precipitation. The program will include background information, necessary equipment, knot tutorials, and the methodology behind constructing the shelter. These shelters have an advantage in that they are relatively cheap, reducing the need for campers to purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment. Log Raft Demonstration: 2:00 PM

Photo by Peterson Studio

Van Wagner, songwriter, historian, and Pennsylvania logger has developed a program celebrating the past and present of the Pennsylvania timber industry and heritage. This program covers how timber was harvested over the past several centuries and most importantly WHO harvested it. Wagner will demonstrate dozens of tools spanning 200 years of logging history. The program also focuses on the rafting days when millions of board feet of Pennsylvania Timber were assembled into various styles of rafts and piloted down our streams and rivers. A little bit of music, a little bit of laughter, and lot of culture make this unique educational program a reminder of why we should be proud to be from the Timber Country of Pennsylvania.

Boat Launch

Signup at Booth #33

Paddling Lessons: 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM Always wanted to explore the waterways by kayak but are nervous about your level of skill? Join Susquehanna Outfitters with one of their skilled guides and instructors on the Susquehanna River to get the ins and outs of kayaking and build the skills and confidence necessary to master the art of paddling! The program will provide life vests, paddles, instruction before getting on the water, kayaks, and dry bags. Each session is limited to 4 participants; first come first served. Signup at Booth #33.


Casting Zone Fly Fishing 101 with Brian Wilt 11:00 AM Join Dr. Brian J. Wilt for an Intro to Fly Casting. Learn about casting tools (rod, reel, line, leader, fly), parts of the casting stroke, try your hand at casting, plus time for Q&A. Limit 10 people; first come first served. Euro-nymphing Clinic with American Fly Fishing 1:00 PM Join Jamie SanFilippo with American Fly Fishing Company to learn how to build euro-nymphing leaders. This will include proper materials, length, diameter, and taper. Participants will also participate in a euro-nymphing demo and short on-water skills session where they will learn the importance of nymphing angles, fly selection, strike detection, and casting. This clinic is for adults, 18 years and older. Limit 8 people; first come first served. Fly Fishing for Beginners with TCO Fly Shop 2:30 PM Join the TCO Fly Shop team for a crash course on fly fishing basics. This class is perfect for the beginner or the curious angler wanting to learn more about fly fishing. We will discuss what equipment you will need to start out, as well as basic fly casting techniques and tactics. Also feel free to join us at our booth through out the day where we will be tying some flies and answering all of your fly fishing questions. We will have extra tools with us if you would like to learn a little about fly tying as well.


Performance stage

Sponsored by:

Emily Berge & Family - 11:30 - 12:15 PM The Berge Family has been making music together since the girls were able to hold a mic and sing harmonies. Although they mostly play together at Crossroads Nazarene Church, they are excited to play this summer at various community events and festivals. Emily, a 13 year old singer songwriter and the youngest member of the Berge family, was selected as one of the winners in the 2022 Songs of the Susquehanna Songwriting contest. You will be sure to sing-along with a family mix of your favorites.

Rosi Hibbard - 12:30 - 1:15 PM Influenced by folk music of the 60s and 70s and inspired by local history and culture, Rosi Hibbard has been singing and writing songs most of her life. A native Pennsylvanian, Hibbard’s original works speak to the small town simplicity of life experiences and values, and often leave the listener with something more to think about. Hibbard believes the lyrics are the most important element of her music, and says the songs are taken to a new level when accompanied by harmonies and the added baritone voice of long-time friend and singing partner, Gene Hubbard (not a misprint—different last names). The Hibbard-Hubbard duo will perform some of Hibbard’s original works as well as some traditional folk and familiar folkish-country music.

Larry Lawson - 1:30 - 2:15 PM Larry Lawson has lived in the Susquehanna Valley almost his entire life. As a young boy, he fished for carp and catfish. Later he canoed with friends down long, lazy stretches of the river. More recently, he has kayaked with family and canoed the Susquehanna with his wife, daughter, and grandson. As a songwriter, he looks for those moments in life that inspire joy and wonder. He is very proud to have had a song included in both volumes of Songs of the Susquehanna. His performance will include a number of original tunes, all of which celebrate the delights to be found in our relationships with family and friends, as well as in the abundant life around us.

Richard Findlay - 2:30 - 3:15 PM


From Lewisburg, PA, Richard is a lifelong keyboard artist who has traveled and performed in many different parts of the U.S.… from Boston to Hollywood, Vermont to North Carolina. As a child, he loved his basic classical piano studies, but his interests took off in the mid 1970s when he first heard synthesizer music in a movie score. He thought: “I just have to have more of that! What is that instrument?” About 6 years he could afford his first synthesizer, and there was no looking back! Richard now works with Yamaha’s flagship keyboard, the Montage 8. He aims for a full rich sound with lots of surprises. During his live performances, Richard’s music is not recorded or over-tracked, but it is all live right out of his instruments. Typically, his music is not sequenced and is true to the classical tradition in form, but the colorations are very special and unique.

Exhibitor Information 1. Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association: Hands-on educational topics like macroinvertebrate search and ID; invasive species such as the Rusty crayfish; hellbender information. 2. Department of Conservation & Natural Resources: Maps & information on the state parks of the region. 3. Pennsylvania WoodMobile (PA Department of Agriculture): Interactive museum on wheels about our forest, the sustainable forest products industry, how products are made, and threats to our forests like invasive insects and plants, diseases and white-tailed deer. 4. Lumber Heritage Region: The LHR is a 15-county region in North West/North Central Pennsylvania that accentuates the importance of the lumber industry for the past, present and future. Sponsors of Van Wagner’s log raft demo. 5. Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation: PPFF is a statewide non-profit organization with a mission to inspire stewardship of Pennsylvania’s 121 state parks and 2.2 million acres of state forest. This work is fulfilled by our 48 chapters around the state through public engagement in volunteerism, education and recreation. 6. Friends of R B Winter State Park: Volunteer organization of PPFF with a mission to conserve, support, and protect the park’s resources by promoting education, responsible recreation and stewardship for present and future generations. 7. DiscGolfPark: Learn the ins and outs of disc golf, the equipment, how to throw, and opportunity to try it yourself! Demos on the half-hour; 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30. 8. Pennsylvania Native Plant Society: The Pennsylvania Native Plant Society advocates conservation of native plants and their habitats and promotes the increased use of native plants in the landscape. 9. Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy: Land trust devoted to conserving and enhancing the lands and waters of Northcentral Pennsylvania to support the environmental well-being and recreational needs of local communities. 10. Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace pioneers science and provides proven, research-based solutions for the protection of the natural world. 11. Columbia Montour Visitors Bureau: Regional tourism bureau serving Columbia & Montour Counties. Visitors come to the area to enjoy attractions like Knoebels Amusement Resort, Ricketts Glen State Park, historic covered bridges, and most especially - fantastic outdoor recreation. 12. Gilson Snow, Inc.: Designs and builds the most advanced Snowboards & Skis in the world. 13. VARGO: Manufacturer of backpacking / outdoor equipment. Camp stove demos at booth. 14. Represent PA: Apparel that represents PA and Susquehanna River pride. 15. Keystone Trails Association: KTA is the statewide voice of Pennsy​lvania’s hikers. Our mission is to provide, protect, preserve, and promote recreational hiking trails and hiking opportunities in Pennsylvania. 16. Sierra Club Otzinachson (North Central PA): The oldest environmental organization in the country. Sierra Club has been fighting to protect the planet since the 1890s. 17. South Central Pennsylvania Climbers & Levitation Climbing: SCPC is a Non-Profit Volunteer powered Climbing Conservation Organization AND Levitation Climbing LLC is a small climbing guiding business in PA. 18. Clinton County Visitors Bureau: The Clinton County Visitors Bureau promotes the area’s outdoor recreation assets, as well as events and attractions, working to bring visitors to the area. 19. Pennsylvania Master Naturalist: Train and engage citizen volunteers in natural history education and conservation service. Learn about Pennsylvania ecology! 20. Bald Eagle Mountain Bike Association (BEMBA): This non-profit club is dedicated to mountain bike advocacy, education, access, and trail building. Join them for events & monthly rides!


21. unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley: Premier gravel bike race held in October in the Susquehanna River Valley and the Bald Eagle State Forest. 22. Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau: The Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau promotes the Susquehanna River Valley [comprised of Snyder, Northumberland and Union counties] and its outdoor recreation amenities to outdoor enthusiasts both within the region and nationally. Sponsor for the Education Tent. 23. PA WalkWorks: Collaboration between the PA Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center. The program promotes walking and biking to everyday destinations as a way to increase physical activity and improve public health! 24. River Poets: Poetry group based in Bloomsburg that features poetry prompts, typing created poems, some readings; all inspired by the Susquehanna River. 25. Michael Kinney Photography: Freelance wildlife, nature and underwater photographer. 26. Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance: Clean-up efforts & educational opportunities for people in the watershed to learn about Abandoned Mine Land issues, and restore Abandoned Mine Lands to a condition supportive of commercial and residential development and recreational uses. 27. American Fly Fishing Company: Professional fly fishing instruction and guiding services in Central PA. Will be providing a euro-nymphing clinic at 1:00 PM. 28. PA Fish and Boat Commission: The mission of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is to protect, conserve, and enhance the Commonwealth’s aquatic resources and provide fishing and boating opportunities. Will provide an intro to kayak fishing at 3:00 PM in the Pavilion. 29. United States Coast Guard Auxiliary - Division 20: All-volunteer part of the United States Coast Guard, part of the Department of Homeland security. The Auxiliary’s primary responsibility is recreational boating safety. 30. Susquehanna River Basin Commission: Information about the resources of the river basin and the work that SRBC does to maintain the integrity of the resources of the basin. 31. Susquehanna River Trail Association: Manager of the Susquehanna River Trail Middle Section, a 50-mile long water trail with 23 primitive island campsites from Sunbury, PA to Middletown, PA. 32. Rich Port Adventure Company: A mobile outfitter based out of Muncy, PA, offering kayak, canoe, paddle board, river tube, and bike rentals. We supply three retail locations in Williamsport, Watsontown, and Hillsgrove. We also sell our in house brand of paddle boards, PA’s first and only paddle board brand. 33. Susquehanna Outfitters: Rentals for kayaks, canoes, and Stand up Paddleboards in the Harrisburg area. Hiking and backpacking programs on local trails in the area. Special events, such as Fireworks Float, Full Moon Floats, Brewery Floats, Sunset Floats, and more. 34. Evangelical Community Hospital: Learn about the importance of skin protection outdoors. Visit their booth to get tested on their skin scope machine to view changes in skin health. 35. Artists’ Guild of Lewisburg: Watch as rotating artists paint the beauty of the venue in plein air. 36. Merrill Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy: The Linn Conservancy’s mission is to protect and preserve our natural environment and to promote public engagement in enjoying and appreciation of nature. 37. Buffalo Creek Watershed Alliance: The purpose of the Alliance is to encourage ecologically responsible stewardship of Buffalo Creek, its tributaries, and the environment within its watershed. BCWA is part of The Merrill Linn Land and Waterway Conservancy. 38. Long Level Marina: Provides boat sales, parts, rentals, service, and storage on Lake Clarke in Wrightsville, PA. Will be showcasing a Carolina Skiff boat at their booth. 39. River 444: Information on paddling the entire Susquehanna from Cooperstown, NY to the Chesapeake Bay and about the 444 Club. 40. Shank’s Mare Outfitters: Retail shop located on the Susquehanna River specializing in sales, rentals and


programs for kayaking (rec, touring & fishing) and hiking gear and accessories. Their booth will feature a new, unique fishing kayak, The Apex Tyre, as well as their Go Play Outside goods with a portion of those sales going to the Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper. 41. Bass Pro Shops: Bass Pro Shops is North America’s largest Outdoor and Sportsman retailer with a mission to inspire everyone to enjoy, love and conserve the great outdoors. Visit their booth for a live Bass fishing demonstration, what lures / reels / rods can lead to greater success along the Susquehanna for Anglers this summer. (had to cancel) 42. Blue Mountain Outfitters: A canoe and kayak paddlesports store that offers a wide variety of new inventory, rental trips, shuttle services and boat repairs. Will have a few boats on display. 43. ROAMbler: Roambler is an online platform designed to connect guides and adventure seekers in Pennsylvania. Roambler aims to become the #1 place to book guided experiences in PA. Casting and Fishing pole set up for basic river fishing. 44. The Bloomsburg Children’s Museum: Exhibits that inform people about all of the wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities our region offers. We have a geocache onsite to encourage families to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Crafts and green screen photo booth! 45. TCO Fly Shop: TCO’s vision is simply to be the best, most trusted and respected fly fishing retailer on the planet with extended focus on ideas and concepts that facilitate growth of the sport and in turn the industry. Casting and fly tying. 46. Real Taste 570 (food): Mexican street food. 47. Butch’s Smokehouse Fixx (food): Various smoked food items and BBQ. 48. Hewlett’s Hot Sausage (food): Hot sausage, cheesesteaks, burgers, and hot dogs. (had to cancel) 49. Susquehanna Council Boys Scouts of America: The Susquehanna Council is home to Camp Karoondinha along Penns Creek. Each summer they provide programming to Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers. Visit their booth for more info and explore their campsite exhibit. 50. Stinky Balls; Baitcrafters LLC: Promoting their “eco-friendly” water-activated scent dispersant technology to target your species of fish is their sole mission. 51. U.S. Army Corps Engineers, Baltimore District: Learn about how USACE is celebrating their 175th anniversary; serving Chesapeake Bay Basin and the Susquehanna and Potomac river watersheds.

Susquehanna Greenway Partnership: Your host and organizer of the Susquehanna Greenway Outdoor Expo, SGP is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the mission of the Susquehanna Greenway—a 500mile corridor of parks, trails, and communities that allow people to walk, bike, or paddle from town to town along the Susquehanna River within Pennsylvania. Visit our pavilion for information about the Expo, view the map and exhibitors list, learn about hiking, biking, and paddling opportunities, and enter to win the raffle: a Perception Joyride 10 kayak, plus other great prizes from REI and Patagonia!

SUSQUEHANNAGREENWAY.ORG @susquehannagreenway




Top outdoor

recreation in the Susquehanna River Valley Cycling · hiking · kayaking · camping · fishing · and more

VisitCentralPA.org 13


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What is the Susquehanna Greenway anyway? The Susquehanna Greenway is a connected corridor of paddling, walking, and biking trails, boat launches, conserved lands, and communities that runs along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna Greenway and the Susquehanna Greenway Outdoor Expo are projects of the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP). The Shikellamy State Park Marina was chosen by SGP as the location for the event due to its central location within the Greenway geography.

The Susquehanna Greenway Outdoor Expo was financed in part by a grant from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program Environmental Stewardship Fund under the administration of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation.