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PORTADA: Foto: Drew Heald Playa: Pipeline, North Shore. Surfer: Kiron Jabour Dirección, Edición y Fotografía: Luz Marie Castillo Zarco. Diseño y Diagramación: Virginia Cruz. Dirección de Arte y Diseño: Jimena Rodríguez. Coordinación de Medios Digitales: Jimena Rodríguez, Virginia Cruz Redacción: Tiziana Billy Prem Traducción: Teresa Zarco. COLABORADORES: Drew Heald I Kiron Jabour | Chloe Iwalani | Kahaia Howard | Lacy Looney | Gregory Siff I Julia Muniz I Rebecca Faria. IMPRESIÓN: Visión Digital. TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS. PROHIBIDO LA REPRODUCCIÓN DE TEXTOS IMÁGENES Y FOTOGRAFÍAS. Todas las fotos son por y de exclusividad de Luz Castillo, Guatemala Copyright 2016. SURF ART, SURF.ART, @SURF_ARTMAG CONTACTO: Surf Art. www.elsurfesarte.com Si quieres anunciarte escríbenos: the.surf.art@gmail.com

EDITORIAL We can feel in the environment the changes that nature brings us. The climate has become warmer and the colors too. Flora and fauna are disturbed by a desire to activate because the spring season is about to start with the arrival of the March 20 equinox. Just as climate, animals and plants adapt to these changes in order to be fruitful in the cycle that begins, we also need to accommodate our dietary intakes and our activities so that we can be abundant in all our projects and in our health throughout the year.

Chloe Iwalani

En el ambiente podemos sentir los cambios que la naturaleza nos trae. El clima se ha tornado más templado y los colores también. Fauna y flora se inquietan en un deseo por activar porque la época de primavera está por inaugurar con la llegada del equinoccio del 20 de marzo. Así como el clima, los animales y las plantas se adecúan a estos cambios para poder ser fructíferos en el ciclo que comienza, a nosotros también nos conviene acomodar nuestras ingestas alimenticias y nuestras actividades para que podamos ser abundantes en todos nuestros proyectos y en nuestra salud durante todo el año.





I was born and raised in waialua on the north shore of Oahu. I first learned to surf when I was 4 or 5, but it was never anything serious, just a way for me to have fun. If you grow up on the north shore the ocean is almost always part of your life, even if you are not a professional water man/ woman. Now I am pretty serious about having a surf every-morning if possible, otherwise I get grouchy. How did you get started? My grandmother always documented everything. She has tons of photo albums filled with photos. She got me into taking photos of my own. I used to buy those disposable film cameras in elementary school and would dress my friends up in my moms clothes and makeup and do “photo sessions”, She was pissed. Then when I was 15 years old at my high school. My uncle made these little under-

water point and shoot cameras so I would take those to the beach and film my friends swimming and playing in the beautiful ocean. I loved mixing portraits with the beauty of the water. Now I shoot a lot for swimwear and clothing brands and do a few weddings on the side. Any favorite books, songs, podcasts, shows? The alchemist is one of my favorite books. I love reading anything that makes me think about my life and happiness. I love Hawaiian music and Hawaiian reggae :) the Hawaiian culture was once almost completely lost, Now you see younger kids speaking fluent Hawaiian and making new Hawaiian music. It’s refreshing and beautiful. Where do you get your inspiration? I get my inspiration from my home. I don’t know if I would have gotten into photography if I didn’t grow up in Hawaii. Almost everything at home is so beautiful and perfect.

/ chloceann | www.chloeganahl.com




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“Just lost in time with this feeling the barrel gives”.

Mit Suteru Kamio


Virginia BartolomĂŠ / sofiadecente






KIRON JABOUR Photo: Drew Heald Find more about his work on the next page 11




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Reutilizar materiales puede convertirse en un cómodo y práctico taburete con un alijo, reciclando una llanta, madera e incluso ropa vieja.

De los neumáticos se deposita en vertederos sin ningún tipo de tratamiento.


Botones para ajustar el asiento.

Llanta vieja lavada

60m de cuerda

Dos bases de madera

Hule espuma o ropa vieja

Tela, hilo y 4 botones

Pegamento de silicona

construc c i ón cobertura

Pegue la punta de la cuerda a la parte superior de la llanta, procurando hacer un círculo, se puede guiar con el mismo contorno de la llanta.

Hule espuma envuelto en tela.


Botón de ajuste

Utilice el hule espuma o ropa vieja, envolviendo el material con la base de madera y pegando la tela. Puede utilizar los botones para afianzar el asiento.

Base de madera envuelta en tela. Envuelva la base y péguela

Recubrimiento, de cuerda u otros materiales reciclados.

Continúe pegando hasta cubrir todo el contorno de la llanta exceptuando la base. La parte interior quedará como un alijo para guardar cosas

Lave la llanta y quite cualquier residuo.


Clave o pegue la base de madera a la parte inferior de la llanta, esto servirá como la huella del sillón y fondo del alijo.

Base de madera ligeramente más grande para el fondo.

| guatemala_beach_conservation #makethechange



Gabriel Medina

Benji Brand #makethechange


Barron Mamiya

Drew Heald This was my second winter shooting on the north shore of Oahu where I currently live. Originally I grew up in the Northeast where I learned to surf from my older brother. Being a photographer was never really planned I was simply looking to move west and live a life revolved around the ocean. After some time in Monterey, CA I ended up on the Big Island, Hawaii. I first picked up a camera shooting my friends underwater as well as landscapes along the Hamakua Coast. Being a surfer myself, eventually I got a more serious water housing and decided to see what I could do around the northshore. Photography is a second job for me however it is my greatest passion. To travel around the world, make new friends and document my experiences in nature is what excites me the most about photography. Eventually I hope to shoot full time and work for a company that supports my creativity. I am currently inspired by the talents of Rambo Estrada, Corey Wilson and Christa Funk. This coming year I plan on traveling to Portugal, Spain and back to Tahiti.

Flynn Novak 15

/ heald www.drewhealdphotography.com



Can’t seem to get it up - on the surfboard? Pilates can help! By Lacy Looney

Pilates is a system of functional exercises that strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles of the core and will help with balance. Surf clients that I’ve worked with felt more confident and secure standing up on the board and riding the wave. Balance is crucial, not only for remaining upright and steady during everyday activities, but for extreme sports. Strong and responsive stabilizing muscles like the transverse abdominals, internal/external oblique, spinae erector, and multifidi are key to balancing on the board. Pilates will help you understand how to move from the inside out, all the while, building six pack abs to show off at the beach! A few Pilates exercises worth adding to your fitness regimen to improve balance include: the Hundred, the Roll Up, Leg Circles, and the Teaser.

The Hundred Lay flat on your back with arm bones by your side, legs lifted into a table top position and squeeze the heels of your feet together. Curl chin towards the chest, lifting your head neck until you reach the shoulders, and push your legs out (in external rotation from the hips) as high as you can keep your lower back on the mat. Start to pump your arms up and down about two inches as you stretch your arms from your shoulders.

Inhale for five counts and exhale for five counts until you reach 100. As you breath and work your arms continue to reconnect “midline connections” by squeezing your glutes, pulling the belly button to spine and drawing the wingtips of your shoulder blades in toward the spine. 100 COUNTS

Roll Ups

Lengthen one leg perpendicular to the hip, creating a straight leg and lengthening through the foot. Externally rotate from the hip as you circle your leg in the air, using your glutes and abdomen to keep the hips still. Make five circles then reverse the circle and switch legs.

The Teaser

Lay flat on your back with your legs together, feet dorsi-flexed, and arms straight above your shoulders. Create “midline connections”: squeeze your butt, pull your ribs into the mat, draw the wingtips of your shoulders in to the spine. Exhale as you peel the spine off the ground starting at the crown of the head and round forward until reaching the tips of your fingers to your toes. Inhale as the spine curls into a c curve, draw the ribs up and away from the hips. Exhale while rolling down the exact same way you lifted into position. 6 - 8 REPETITIONS

Leg Circles

Lay flat on your back, legs extended forward together in external rotation with your arms reaching from the shoulders towards the ceiling. Reach your arms to 45 degrees as you curl your head from the floor while peeling your spine off the floor vertebrae after vertebrae until you reach your back ribs and start to lift your legs. Balancing on your hip in the “Teaser” position, eyes should be in line with toes. To lower reach arms above shoulders near ears, keep legs reaching from the hips as you descend backwards into the mat and imagine releasing one vertebrae at a time, resting the torso and head. 3-5 REPETITIONS

Lay flat on your back, grounding the shoulders, ribs, hips and arms planted firmly into the mat. / laycilates 17

Amber Mozo Model: Júlia Muniz

By Rebeca Faria

/ detoxmassagela

Main benefit: A health regimen that affects the way you look What’s Detox Massage? It’s a 100% safe holistic massage treatment developed by Rebecca Faria. It combines lymphatic massage with body contouring massage.The method aims to kick start the lymphatic system by driving out toxins and minimizing water retention to clean the body. All the toxins are directed to the urinary tract so it can be eliminated. Without the water weight the skin becomes smoother and muscles more toned. The Detox Massage difference lies in getting rid of the bloat improving skin texture with visible results that can be seen during the first session. Why do I need a Detox Massage? Most the stuff we eat has preservatives, food coloring, additives or toxins – like alcohol or raw vegetables that may be packed with pesticides. In an attempt to protect us, our body tries to filter these chemicals through our lymphatic system by throwing water on it. But, the lymphatic system cannot filter everything out. It gets overpowered by the excess water and toxins, causing us to get bloated. The body is now clogged up with impurities which may slow down digestion, metabolic and lymphatic functions. This may even promote inflammation, which on the skin, #makethechange

becomes cellulite. Detox Massage fixes all those little kinks clearing the lymphatic system and helping drive out those toxins and excess water. What’s different about this massage technique We came up with our own technique after years of practicing various methods to find a unique combination of strategically performed maneuvers that work effectively on all body types. Our method involves manual therapy, blood flow stimulation via light topical suction, endermologie and cupping. What should I do after I get a Detox Massage? Within the next 3 days our bodies continue the natural process of drainage that got kick started by the Detox Massage. During that period, we ask that you drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and/or alcohol. That way the body can optimally flush out toxins. So what are the benefits? On the short term You will see instant results. The bloat significantly goes down after the first session. We will take a picture, mid-session and you will see impressive results. In the following days, you will feel the signs. Your metabolism is getting faster, and you will feel your body working to get rid of more 18

toxins. Do not worry if you go to the bathroom more often – it only means it’s working! On the long term When you come to Detox Massage regularly, you will see that your body has gotten into a better shape, is more toned, cellulite is minimized, and your skin firmer. When combined with healthy foods, water drinking, routine exercises, and the health benefits will be more and more visible! Not only you will have a healthier body, but you will see and enjoy the beauty benefits too. Who is it recommended to? Anybody, who wants to get a healthier body. Please check with your doctor if you have been going through any recent procedures, like medical or plastic surgeries or other health concerns. If you are currently or have experienced health threatening systemic illnesses, obesity, skin issues or/and circulatory problems, please check with your doctor first, as Detox Massage may not be recommended to you. Does it hurt? It has the same pressure of a regular / firm massage – so generally it does not hurt, unless you are a very sensitive gal. Talk to your therapist prior to your session. Some redness is common since we are massaging to stimulate the blood flow to help the healing process begin.





PRIMAVERA Por Vivian Baak

Para estar alineados con la naturaleza y aprovechar la energía de la germinación es necesario que hagamos ciertos cambios en nuestra dieta, con la intención de balancear las energías del ambiente con las nuestras. La Medicina China recomienda la ingesta de alimentos templados en esta época y que dejemos atrás los alimentos cálidos o yang que fueron necesarios en la época fría que está terminando. Ejemplos de estos alimentos son el arroz, la avena, las verduras, la carne de ternera, el pescado blanco y el pollo; la fruta principalmente la de temporada. Llegó el tiempo adecuado para una cerveza, el té verde (pero con medida) y el té de menta. Ahora empezamos a dormir un tanto menos que en invierno, ya que la energía que hay en el ambiente por los rayos del sol que comienzan a intensificar nos permiten obtener una recarga mayor para nuestras actividades cotidianas.

Te de naranja y anis

Es la época en que los animales se aparean porque la actividad propicia es la fertilización y en las plantas la germinación. Nos sentimos enamorados en primavera. Llevemos a cabo actividades que nos alegren, que nos hagan sentirnos vivos, hagamos aquello que nos gusta, enamorémonos de la vida, este es el mejor momento para ello.

INGREDIENTES: 2 vasos con agua 1 anís estrella machacado Cáscara de una naranja cortada en trozos

La sabiduría de seguir el Tao es que al acomodar nuestras vidas a las energías imperantes en la naturaleza y sus cambios, todo se acomoda al ciclo de la abundancia y de la salud. Puedes ser próspero porque la ley en la naturaleza es la multiplicación y la expansión.


PREPARACIÓN: Todo se pone a hervir a fuego muy lento durante 10 a 15 minutos. Esperar que enfríe un poco y beber antes de dormir. Esta bebida depura el hígado y produce la energía adecuada para primavera.


/ pakaloloheladeria

KEITO MATSUOKA Considered the best barrel rider of the whole contest of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.


Tyler Newton


"I have always dreamed of winning an event at Pipeline. My goal was to get one good wave every single heat,


and it worked out. This is crazy!

1. Tyler Newton, 31.83

What an honor"

2. Jamie O'Brien, 29.50 The surfer from Kauai put on a clinic perfor-

3. Keito Matsuoka, 28.84

mance throughout the event and landed the

4. Shota Nakamura, 28.66

highest three-wave total. Newton earned

5. Bruce Irons, 28.00

himself $40,000.

6. Kala Grace, 28.84 7. Seth Moniz, 27.01


Balaram Stack

volcom pipe pro 2019

Barron Mamiya



Jack Robinson



Gregory Siff He creates his iconic “storyboards” with each image representing an emotional or creative state of mind the artist considers to be a meaningful fragment of his life.

Artist Gregory Siff was born in

ring students across the United States

Brooklyn, New York in 1977.

to embrace their creativity.

Gregory lives and works in

His artworks are included in Swizz Beatz’s Dean Collection, Deitch Projects, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Moscow Museum of Art, Soho House New York and the Google HQ, to name a few. Siff’s exhibitions include “Happiness Dealer,” Samuel Owen Gallery - Nantucket (2017), "Portrait of an American Ice Cream Man," 4AM Gallery (2016), Art Miami: Gallery Valentine (2016), “Walls,” Pacific Design Center

/ gregorysiff www.gregorysiff.com

His hand-painted Vans were on view at

Los Angeles.





“Matter of Time,” Gallery Brown (2012), “There & Back,” Siren Studios x The Art Reserve (2012). Siff has touched all areas of the art world with pieces on display in the Museum of Modern Art’s MoMA PS1 for Klaus Biesenbach’s group show “Rockaway!" as well as a mural in the ACE Museum for non-profit The Art of Elysium with Christie’s Auction House. He was selected by Vans Custom Culture to be one of their “Art Ambassadors” inspi-



the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has done commissions and installations for Mercedes Benz, Helmut Lang, adidas, Soho House, Marc Jacobs with Louisxxx, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, The Standard, Sotheby’s, Warner Bros. Records and Pyer Moss. Painting in a purposeful yet playful manner, his work exhibits meaning that is literal yet open for interpretation of nostalgia and childhood. Capturing happy moments while also tackling more serious topics, like the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. His work has been seen in The New York Times, Hypebeast, Andy Warhol’s Interview, Treats!, The Wall Street Journal and W Magazine. Most recently Gregory collaborated with luxury fashion house Saint Laurent, bringing his imagery to the new Winter YSL 2017 Women’s and Men’s Ready to Wear Line.

Profile for Surf Art Magazine

Surf Art Magazine #45  

En el ambiente podemos sentir los cambi- os que la naturaleza nos trae. El clima se ha tornado más templado y los colores también. Fauna y f...

Surf Art Magazine #45  

En el ambiente podemos sentir los cambi- os que la naturaleza nos trae. El clima se ha tornado más templado y los colores también. Fauna y f...