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A New Earth Now — Respect for Medusa’s Slay • Expect Magic — Before or After Awakening Wellbeing Through Nutrition — Your Body Knows Best • Numerology — Get Ready Our Great Awakening Conversation with the PLUS Power of 8! The Great Awakening — Death of Masculinity Awakening to Enlightened Parenthood Self-love & Self-Care Rituals: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit 2024 = 8! Inner Voice
Issue 48 – May/June 2024

supernal [soo-pur-nl]

adjective Being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine. Lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc. Being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.

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FEATURE STORY: Anthony Kilner


CONTRIBUTORS: Catherine Avon, Ilse Botha-Siligi, Louise Clarke, Eileen Curd, Sarina Coventry, Tracy Dallow, Stewart Dalton, Melanie Dufty, Catherine Gee, Arty Indigo, Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot, Michael Davyd (Ney), Freya Savitri Sampson, David Starlyte, Sue Williams

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We call on the over-soul of Supernal Magazine; we call on Supernal’s unconditionally loving team of guides, teachers and friends in spirit. We call forth the elements of creation and the essence of creation — geometries of light, sound and unconditional love. We call forth the flower of life and our soul family to co-create with us the most extraordinary Supernal Magazine possible, in service to the unfurling Divine Plan. So Be It!

Giving of Thanks

We give thanks to all those in Spirit who have been with us throughout this creative process, to all those in-body who have selflessly contributed and to all those who read Supernal Magazine.

May you be blessed! In Lak’ech.

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Issue 48 • | 3

14 The Great Awakening – Death of Masculinity

Anthony Kilner considers, “What is it to be a ‘Normal Male’ these days? Is there such a phrase?”

22 Power of 8!

ShirleySienna explains the ‘World of 8’ and how 2024 is a year that will be filled with surprises! 24 Self-love & Self-Care Rituals: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit

Sarina Coventry explains how we can change our lives immensely with some self-love.

27 Conversation with the Inner Voice

Can listening to our inner voice really help us move forward?

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4 | • Issue 48 CONTENTS

28 Awakening to Enlightened Parenthood

Ilse Botha-Siligi reflects on her journey into motherhood with six very different children.

32 Threads of Unity: Navigating Division, Resilience, and Empathy in Modern Families

Arty Indigo explores relationships and awakenings within diverse family groups.

36 Our Great Awakening — What does it means to me?

Eileen Curd walks us through her journey into awakening through art and meditation.

40 Personal Awakening’s

Our ‘Great Awakening’ can only begin within. An up-close and personal, spiritual experience. ShirleySienna asks some friends about their awakening paths.


48 Reflections

The Great Awakening. Jane Offer reflects on the real meaning behind ‘The Great Awakening’.

50 Beyond Being Human

A Crystal Vision. Michael Davyd (Ney) recollects and shares his quest into the world of crystals.

52 Expect Magic Before or After Awakening. David Starlyte explores “What is ‘awakening’ and what do we do after we awaken?”

54 Divine Time Impeccable Divine Timing. ShirleySienna realises the world of Impeccable Timing in Divine Time!

58 Wild Gaia Timeless Wisdom Enlightened Human Pt I. Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot considers the topic of enlightenment after a conversation about eating animals compared with bugs and lab grown meat.

62 A New Earth — Now Respect for Medusa’s Slay. Melanie Dufty takes us to Algol in the stars; possibly “the most evil star in the heavens.”

64 Wellbeing Through Nutrition

Your Body Knows Best. Catherine Gee is a Certificated Natural Health and Diet practitioner who loves sharing her knowledge of food for the Body and the Soul!

67 The Seekers Guide — Our experts answer your questions! What is an aura and how do I know if I have one?

Acknowledgment Of Country

We acknowledge the Booja (country) and it’s Traditional Custodians — The Aboriginal peoples of all countries and tribes.

We call on the Ancestors, past and present, Earth and star, who love us unconditionally. We call on the good spirit to be present with us as we journey Supernal Magazine.

We call on the Rainbow Serpent and the Dreaming Serpents of each Aboriginal Country.

Thank you for being with us and for your blessings and guidance.

Freya Savitri Sampson – Custodian Eartheart

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Issue 48 • | 5 CONTENTS

Letter from the editor

ABOVE: Our own Great Awakenings take many different routes

WHAT a time this is to live on this magnificent planet revolving through the solar system, supposedly with a beautiful heart deep within her core. How unique is Mother Earth in how she sustains the fragility of life on her land, in her skies, and within her seas! Planet Earth is nothing short of a miracle for every living being!

So, it does make you wonder what the hell is going on inside the minds of war-mongers, politicians and self-righteous billionaires whose greed knows no bounds! What about the dictators that think genocide is a good thing and that controlling the population with AI, surveillance in every aspect of our lives, from what we eat and drink to where we visit?

“Every story offers a way forward into a very personal journey of self-awareness, coming from the all-loving heart and awakening to their authentic self.”

These elites want to control the media, the skies and the weather. They want to kill off the elderly and people who struggle with intellectual, mental health and physical issues. They want to keep people sick with the use of pharmaceuticals — the list goes on, right down to the bloody 'wongness' about 'wokeness' that is destroying the family unit. What the HELL is going on with people?

I could bang on about governments and councils creating pain and hurt through money mismanagement. Imagine that you could find a government body run as a business, making money from the work they did, rather than continue to steal and misappropriate funds from the general people, who are working their butts off and trying to create a family unit.

Now hang on, I hear you scream! You can’t say that, you might hurt someone’s feelings! These are genuine issues, so why get caught up in the negative aspects of life? Why not become consciously aware and see the truth before screaming at another person you disagree with, either rightly or wrongly?

Becoming consciously aware and participating in Our Own Great Awakening is the best way to find our


authentic selves and change our lives. We can come from a place of love, start healing ourselves from anger and frustration and, in doing so, help those around us heal.

To that end, we have collated some fantastic stories in this issue, far too many to list. Every story offers a way forward into a very personal journey of self-awareness, coming from the all-loving heart and awakening to their authentic self. We know these stories will provide you with some valuable insights into that journey!

In such uncertain times, when the world appears to be going to pieces, we wish you all the best and sincerely hope your awakening this year leads to a happy and healthy life as you move forward. S

Anthony Kilner


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Astarte Diana on Astrology Pt2 Freya Savitri Sampson, Deputy Editor of Supernal Magazine Australia interviews Astarte Diana regarding The Ages, Collective Consciousness and general themes around Astrology. This is Part 2 of a 4 part series. This is Part 2 of a 4 part series.

Astarte’s ( interview appears in the June/July 2021 issue of Supernal Magazine Australia.

Check out the list of fascinating interviews covered by the team at

Supernal Podcast

Bee Conscious — Regenerate Australia the Documentary, by Radio Media PTY LTD

From That Sugar Film, to 2040, and now a short and no doubt thought provoking documentary Regenerate Australia, Damon Gameau applies the cause for change, from the ‘inside to the outside’, ‘the microcosm and the macrocosm’. In this very open and candid episode, Damon talks us through Regenerate Australia and the importance of bees in our environment. Regenerate Australia will be shown around the country from around February 2022. Look out for details through Supernal Magazine and other outlets.

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8 | • Issue 48

Quote of the Month

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.”

Image credit: people/julian-assange

Julian Paul Assange (ne’ Hawkins), Founding Director and Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks, born July 3, 1971

Townsville Qld, Australia. Infamous for being accused of releasing government secret documents, and the many years of arrest, incarceration, trials, and assassination of his person and reputation.

We have all heard some of his story at least, his birthday numbers tell me he is here to communicate. He has access to, and is a holder of secrets, a truth speaker, a communicator, deep thinker and writer and has an ear and antenna tuned into a higher truth, the cosmos. Both logic and Psychical facilities apply. Looking at his personal kin, it says it all!

Julian is Kin 151, Blue Galactic Monkey: I harmonize in order to play Modelling Illusion I seal the process of Magic With the Galactic tone of Integrity I am guided by the power of vision I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.

I’m Ivy, a graphic designer. Nice to meet you :)

I specialise in helping small businesses and startups get off the ground with branding, websites, social media and marketing collateral.

I’m currently offering Supernal readers 25% off website design. Email for info.

“Ivy is a visual artist who deeply understands the crucial role that visual communication plays in engaging audiences and winning hearts and minds.”

— Strategic Communications & Engagement Director, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre ABOUT ME

10+ years experience. Award winning. Visual storyteller. See some of my work at, or

Issue 48 • | 9


Get Ready

GET Ready! ‘May’ all your dreams come true, and your soul glimmer with potential in the light of the full moon in June.

May (2024) is humming numerically to the number four, like a spinning top — creating a base ready for lift off.

June’s (2024) specially equipped solstice rocket number five, will take off, as Gemini this year embraces both the sun and moon’s involvement in the involution of the human ‘be(com)ing’.

Jupiter (numeric 3) is worth mentioning. In its once-upon-a-time descended form as Jesus, this planet has had our backs for literally ‘ages’, during our continuum of solar returns. The revolving doors of incarnation, still open, albeit appearing like we have been eternally preparing (prepping) to be in tune and alignment with the divinely correlated time frame, portal entry or new landing that is ‘the promised land’. A higher paradigm-density!

It appears we have five eclipse’s in 2024; two solar and three lunar, I would look closely at my personal energy in numeric alignment with certain planets that are majorly affecting ours at any given time around any eclipse, full moon, or solstice/equinox time. I’d also check which planets are powering up in similarity around my birth chart aka design and consciousness and check their numbers. Make it a bit of a project and track your emotional, mental and physical shifts and feelings.

Defining the Numbers

We are the Stars, the Suns, Moons and Planetary Beings incarnate. For example: Birthday, Birth Month and Birth Year. 12/09/1960 = 3/9/7

Add to full sum total and reduce to single digit (unless master numbers such as 11, 22 or 33).

Find the number of planets moving around your birthday this year, or the eclipse times, and check their numbers, which are frequencies.

It’s a good year to play, in order to learn, grow and expand — 2024 = 8, has infinite potential, as do you.

Remember there is no rule or boundary when discovering your potential, just delight in what appears and the magic that happens when you take a discourse from your normal route, the epitome of May and June 2024 – 5, 6 and 8, which ultimately adds to a one, enhancing the vibration of new beginnings! S

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 10 | • Issue 48 NUMEROLOGY

BE aware! Update on Food Quality that is becoming worldwide. There have been two pieces of information that consumers should be aware of, regarding food content over recent months.

Artificially produced meat: Reuters have reported that a factory in Holland 3D prints off 500 tonnes of steaks a month. The redefined meat company will supply German restaurants with printed fillets. About 110 German restaurants are already buying ‘meat’ from the synthetic redefine meat. This is set to be a global trend.

Alongside this, there are now at least 16 lab-grown meat companies actively using stem cells, the building blocks of muscle and other organs, to begin the process of creating the cultured meat. The cells are placed in petri dishes with amino acids and carbohydrates to help the muscle cells multiply and grow. Once enough muscle fibres have grown, the result is a meat that resembles minced beef.

Bill Gates is a major investor in the food industry. If he has his way, the food of the future will not resemble what is on our plates today. Gates and his agribusiness industry partner are proposing to transform our food and how it is produced.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently gave two startups permission to sell lab-grown chicken. GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food

Meat Just Ain’t Meat

technology company Eat Just, Inc., and UPSIDE Foods will be able to sell their products, which have been cultivated from real animal-cells.

Spain also has startup, BioTech Foods, while JBS Australia is Australia’s largest beef and lamb processing company, operating ten processing plants and five feedlots is owned by Brazil’s JBS, the world’s biggest beef processor and exporter.

JBS bought Australia Meat Holdings in 2007, Tasman Group in 2008, Rockdale beef and Tatiara Meat in 2010, Andrews Meat and Primo in 2014 and Rivalea and Huon Aquaculture in 2021. JBS the biggest meat packers in the world, has been accused for buying cattle raised illegally in the deforested Amazon rainforest, supplying meat to Coles, Woolworths, MacDonalds and Aldi

Introducing Bugs

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation released a report stating that by 2050, the world will need to feed 2 billion extra people. Given the jump in population growth, one of its solutions is to eat more protein-rich bugs, which, if they become part of the mainstream global diet, they say could benefit the environment.

Permission has already been granted for the inclusion of certain insects to become part of many food products They include dried Crickets, official

“There are now at least 16 lab-grown meat companies actively using stem cells.”

name Grillodes sigillatus already found in tortilla chips, protein bars and all-purpose flour that apparently has nutty undertones, whole ground mealworms, official name Tenebrio molitor, whole ground grasshoppers, official name Locusta migratoria and whole ground crickets, official name Acheta domesticus

As this all gains a ‘food hold’ in Australia, make certain you check the small print on food labelling before you buy or use one of the apps discussed in the March April Issue. S

Catherine is a Certificated Natural Health and Diet practitioner and loves sharing her knowledge of food for the Body and the Soul!

Useful links

What is lab-grown meat?

NY Times on deforestation

Crickets as food

Foods you didn’t know include insects

Edible cricket farms

Issue 48 • | 11 PAGE 11 NEWS

Digital ID & Who is Behind its Creation

THE notion of consolidating all our information as a centralised digital identity is intriguing, particularly in light of numerous recent hacking incidents, compromising individuals’ personal details. It prompts us to assess both our own responsibility for our safety in this domain and the motives driving this trend.

With this in mind, it was interesting to see the report in the creditable publication Biometrics News, dated 18 April 2024 that “EY, a big four consulting firm, has won a $10.7 million contract to build a digital ID register that will act as the foundation for Australian Government’s Digital ID System (AGDIS). The contract was awarded under a ‘select sourcing’ tender process that was initiated at the end of 2023, according to Innovation Aus.”

later reverting to Capgemini, a company founded by Serge Kampf in 1967, headquartered in Adelaide, Australia.

Capgemini has many major investors, the largest holding of which is Massachusetts Financial Services Co. Their biggest investor is Microsoft. The top three global Institutional Shareholders hold the majority of Microsoft’s shares, approximately 69.2% of total shares, as of March 2024.

These top three are Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street Corp. Vanguard is the empire created by the Rothschild world banking family, Blackrock is owned by Rockefeller, who crushed his competition to create the monopoly in the oil industry and State Street Corporation is a global financial services and bank holding company.

“How far can we trust these organisations and the Digital ID system the Australian government has placed in their hands?’

First thought, ‘Who is EY?’ EY is the trading name for Ernst & Young Global Limited, a multinational professional services partnership, one of the largest professional services networks in the world. Along with Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, it is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Second thought, ‘Who owns EY?’ In May 2000, Ernst & Young was the first of these firms to fully separate its consulting practices via a sale to the French IT services company Capgemini for $11 billion. This created the new company Capgemini Ernst & Young,

Across time, EY has been involved in many accounting scandals: Bank of Credit and Commerce International (1991), Informix Corporation (1996), Cendant (1998), One.Tel (2001), AOL (2002), HealthSouth Corporation (2003), Chiquita Brands International (2004), Lehman Brothers (2010), to name just a few. (Source: Wikipedia).

My final thought on reading this is, ‘How far can we trust these organisations and the Digital ID system the Australian government has placed in their hands?’

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431 168 027.

12 | • Issue 48 EXTRA EXTRA
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The Great Awakening — The Death of Masculinity

14 | • Issue 48 FEATURE
“I know this story might upset some in the community, yet I also know if the right men read it; it might help them to understand themselves a little better.”

What is it to be a ‘Normal Male’ these days? Is there such a phrase? It appears on the surface that all the normal males are defined as blokes who have a genuine heart, empathy and yet get on and do the job as needed. They are great dads, partners, husbands, grand-parents, work mates, friends and more in some cases.

Yet, many struggle to communicate, hide their pain both physical and mental, live a life that’s not in line with their heart and soul’s journey and are expected by community standards to live a certain way. They are required to conform to rules and when they ultimately rebel, there is a reaction. We wonder why crimes rates are up, suicides are up, domestic violence is up and drug and alcohol dependency is on the rise. Where are the role models; where is the song that empowers men to be men?

This story is about my own personal understanding, as seen from a young boy growing up in a mixed up family, struggling to understand how to communicate on multiple levels and somehow find a way to still be masculine, be strong, to have an opinion and most importantly — be heard!

There are some generalities involved, some personal thoughts and some definite questions. I also think I am a fairly balanced male these days, with a keen understanding of life and the desire to explore as many facets of life as possible.

I know this story might upset some in the community, yet I also know if the right men read it; it might help them to understand themselves a little better. We can be strong, masculine and balanced beautifully between our feminine and masculine energies. We just need to understand how!

I’ll add to this by stating that diverse cultures, ethnicity, religious beliefs and more are all factors in each person’s life. The understanding of this will require a journey of exploration, different to another’s. It’s the journey to find one’s soul and authenticity that defines the man you are or will be! »

Issue 48 • | 15 FEATURE

In the Beginning

The traditional roles in many cultures involved the men doing the ‘big’ game hunting and protecting their tribe. The women were the healers, hunter gatherers and cooks. The mums, who bore and raised the children, created the community.

Women were taught life skills, communication, empathy and colour, while men were taught to fight, hunt and survive. We were never taught to cry, deal with emotions or understand their innate nature to find balance. We were taught that the strongest lead the pack, controlling the movements of the tribe.

Of course, with that said, many men were challenged in their roles and, like all animals on this planet. survival of the fittest, strongest and smartest prevailed.

Well, I might challenge that last statement of smartest a wee bit. The history of the world really does show that ‘weak and frightened’ rulers can became powerful rulers through their fears and, of course, we need strong fearless leaders to oppose them.

The pendulum has now swung away hugely from a matriarchal community to a ‘war driven’ male egotistical side.

In the world today

A quick jump to 2024 and look at how the world is imploding yet again. The cause of religion, power, human rights and ethnic cleansing is rife. Leaders of these countries are using every excuse under the sun to maim, kill and subjugate people under each dictator’s own righteous beliefs.

I would challenge everyone reading this story to take a dispassionate look at each leader on every level and work out what their drive is to start and continue current the wars. Question why they feel ethnic cleansing is a good thing and then consider who profits from these bloody, useless wars?

16 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

It’s not just the wars, it’s the individual governments, Federal, State and local, that are also causing pain and killing good, honest people, many through suicide, because of greed and the agendas of others. While it has become painfully obvious here in Australia, especially in Victoria, however, it’s a global issue.

Back to the past!

The Recent Feminine Movement

The pendulum begins its opposing swing.

For centuries women were treated as second class citizens. They couldn’t vote, they had to stay inside and raise the kids and somehow keep their men on the straight and narrow. In public, women were expected to behave and be the perfect host, while behind closed doors they were different, with many having a voice to ensure the man understands what’s really going on.

This subjugation of women has changed a lot in some countries. However, in others, just being a woman means being raised by male tyrants dictated to by corrupt religious beliefs.

“The traditional roles in many cultures involved the men doing the ‘big’ game hunting and protecting their tribe.”

For many western countries however, there was a change that saw women rise up, cast off their bras and become empowered. Helen Reddy’s 70’s song

— I am Woman Hear ME Roar became a huge tool to empower woman, which is still used today.

Before and since the Suffragette days, women have fought for equal rights, equal pay, the right to vote and the ability to work in what was classed as a ‘traditional’ male’s role. In many cases, they could do things better than men because of their empathy; the very thing that makes woman special people!

One does wonder though, if women weren’t very subtly manoeuvred into this state of almost false freedom. I believe it was Rockefeller »

Issue 48 • | 17 FEATURE

who advocated for schools to be created for the universal education of children. Put your kids in school and we’ll teach them to conform to the society we want to see. Universal education will be the future. We don’t want critical thinkers out there to challenge the status quo, just the ability to control people’s thoughts from birth.

Let’s send the mums out to work, we can then tax them and generate more wealth. Let’s create wars so that they are manipulated into supporting the men giving up their lives on the battlefield.

Let’s create an independent breed of woman that will stand up to men, call out the troops to arms against male dominated businesses and create a war of division between the sexes!

Loss of Direction

And now the pendulum swings in a different arc.

Much to the disdain of many male figures out there in high profile business, women have started infiltrating the world of men! They are becoming CEO’s; they are leading by example and teaching women that they can be anything they want and to empower them to ‘look at me’!

There have been, and are, some amazing role models for young women, and men, showing them that they can achieve and excel in places that used to be male dominated. You just have to dare to be different. Be strong and resilient and, because we have empathy, we can stop toxic masculinity from ruling the world. We can stop corporeal punishment, ban the negative way we bring up kids, change the rules on discipline and really show our community that we care!

We are going to force men to get in touch with their feminine side; we are going to say to them, if you want kids, go have them because I’m busy getting noticed and rising up the ladder. Imagine the song Father and Son by Cat Stevens, written as Mother and Daughter! I’ll have kids in my 40’s and you, ‘dear man’, can stay at home and do the parenting, cook the meals, clean the house and deal with all the domestic duties while Mummy goes off to hunt with the big boys!

We see the rise of toxic femininity! We see the rise of women dominating men, expecting them to conform to their way of thinking and acting. A gander at social media these days

18 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

highlights this point. To understand their way of empathy, thinking and communication. Women do it differently in many ways; however, it’s still subjugation all the same. How can any bloke live up to that standard?

As you can see the ‘woke’ pendulum has swung hugely in its arc.

In simple terms, this is the breakdown of society in so many ways. The rise of minority communities being placed above all others and gaining a power that has added to the breakdown of families, workplaces and has led to the ultimate betrayal of people across the globe: this is political correctness and wokeness over common sense!

Just consider some of the gender-neutral terms being used these days: chestfeeder versus breastfeeding, birthing people or people with uteruses, parenting versus mothering, pregnant persons or pregnant partner — the list goes on. Am I the only male that totally respects women for their ability to co-create a life within their body? At the risk of being offensive to some readers, while scientists have created ways to clone people, create birth in a test tube and grow a meat, there is nothing more sacred than a woman’s ability to nurture a living soul within her body and give birth to a baby that is loved unconditionally!

Is there a toxic masculine reason to take away that ability to be called a mum?

No-one can say what they really think without being judged a bigot, toxic male or female, racist, anti LBGTQI+, anti-religious, anti-feminist, anti-SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy), anti-war monger — the list just goes on.

You are labelled a bad parent because you want to discipline your kids. This has led to kids having little or no respect for anybody.

You are labelled a bad parent if you don’t get your kid on drugs for their behavioural issues. And on the other side of that coin, you are a negligent parent for letting your kids find their place in the world and discover what it is to be male and female. Boys and girls do grow up at different rates and require different stimuli. They are not meant to be forced to conform in a classroom and told to toe the line. »

“We see the rise of women dominating men, expecting them to conform to their way of thinking and acting.”
Issue 48 • | 19 FEATURE
“…by working on finding my authentic self I have gained a voice, I have empathy, I have heart and I have the ability to empower myself.”

Consider the bullying that occurs when kids and parents dare to be different. I was bullied mercilessly during school because I was different. It was soul crushing yet I did learn some resilience.

The LBGTQI+ movement is just one area that has had an enormous impact on people globally and, of course, this pendulum has swung hugely too. Just look at the laws and other changes that can see a child exploring the masculine and feminine balances, get education on transitioning and alternative pronouns, in such a way that it is creating its own judgement issues on others. In some cases, equally as bad as they have previously been treated!

by working on finding my authentic self I have gained a voice, I have empathy, I have heart and I have the ability to empower myself.

Has it been easy? No. Has it been worth it? Yes. Am I less of a bloke because of it? No. I still have my quirky sense of humour, even though I know it’s not politically correct – poor dears who read this and take offence. I am a male who loves life and is becoming more balanced every day. I’m a man who tries hard not to judge anymore and tries to understand the state of play within others, which is not always easy.

I heard a statement recently from a War Veteran and I’m paraphrasing it here. ‘Myself and my mates fought for the freedoms of this country. Many did not come home! We get one day to celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly of war, whilst other communities get a month and much more, to celebrate their freedom to be whom they want to be!’

And the pendulum swings!

Balance is the Answer — A Way Forward

It’s that bloody pendulum’s fault you know. If that didn’t swing the natural balance of life might be too perfect.

In my journey to understand what it is to be a middle-aged white man in a supposedly free country, where freedom of speech used to be applauded, I look upon the world with very different eyes these days.

My spiritual journey in life has not always been easy. There’s been the breakdown of family units, bullying, lies, anger, hatred, fear and this has led to making some poor choices. Yet,

The key to understanding life is to find balance in oneself. To find role models to look up to and learn from. With the removal of masculinity from society, young men especially look for causes to join; they look for strong leaders to replace the ‘father figure’ they don’t have. They look for ways to release their frustrations and therefore, we see the riots and destruction of non-conformity in society.

The path forward is to create balance within the sexes, create balance with the way we bring up our kids, create balance in the workplace and governments and get rid of agenda-based egomaniacs and zealots who run our country and those around the globe. Stop feeling hurt and traumatised just because someone has a difference of opinion. Learn from it, gain some resilience and help guide people in the right direction. Is that too much to ask?


If you want facts and figures, there is a lot of data available on trends in mental health, substance abuse or gender disparities, to illustrate the impact of societal norms on individual well-being.

My suggestion would be for men to find their empowering song. One that is strong, positive and extols the virtues of what a good masculine man could be; what a good soul should be. I am Man, hear me roar! S

Anthony Kilner lives and breathes spiritual work and has been facilitating Intuitive Development, Meditation and various workshops for 15 years plus.

20 | • Issue 48 FEATURE
Issue 48 • | 21

Power of 8!

The year we are referring to as ‘2024’ is, without doubt, historically inaccurate on many levels. It is short-sighted that most of our busy and unaware western cultures interpret and focus solely upon the aspects of our currently used and recognised calendar. We also tend to do the year the injustice of shortening it, such as ’24 instead of 2024, without taking advantage of the full value of its numeric frequency.

JUST another year gone by too quickly, we tend to take no notice of the fact that many other countries and cultures of the world use descriptive terms or year bearers, along with their own source of appropriate, evaluated and historic numerological year to date vibration, since it and/or we all began.

However, keeping it simple and utilising what is given, number is frequency, being the rate of vibration in a complete cycle. In this manner we can account for and comprehend what is likely to be seen, felt and experienced in 2024 globally and for the individual, based upon their own numbers, aka vibrational frequency chart.

2024 adds to 8, which heralds in a dynamic of possibility and infinite potential. At the very least, 2024 appears to be a year of solution, resolution and conscientious awakening.

This powered up total sum of mastery and vibrational 8, is utilising a number frequency of master 22, along with

the foundational base energy of 4. Such extremely integrative, supportive energy offers to assist in the rise and expansion of consciousness, vibration and compassion to enable a deeply required nurturing effect on the people of Earth.

It encourages true heart and mind connection, a sense of practicality and a new and vast realisation process amidst the chaos that only the Goddess, Mother of all mothers, can pour forth for and upon you - for your own good! This simultaneously protects, provides and supplements us with all that is required to ‘let go and grow’ through it.

Number eight is great, will ‘open the gates’ and is associated with real-estate, business, hospitality, caregiving, humanitarianism, healing and wellness. Ruled by Saturn it also denotes the ‘tone’ of integrity.

If you are influenced by the Saturnian energy, as we shall all be in some way, shape or form this year, take note to make yourself accountable, credible and be prepared.

Lead is the metal associated with 8, an abundant available resource with many applications — flexibility, malleability and easily refined, so use this as a metaphor for your 8 vibe this year.

Citrine is a crystal associated with 8, a positive influence on resources and health and healing this year.

The body has a variety of systems such as circulatory, immune, skeletal, excretory, reproductive, muscular, endocrine, exocrine, integumentary, digestive, nervous, urinary, and respiratory. The pattern of frequency of the 2024-8 vibration is excellent at working around matters of body balance, a good year to focus on ‘healthy self’ — ‘heal thy self’ and remember you have to ‘feel it to heal it’!

22 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Number eight, represents balance and integrity in both the material and spiritual sense. It resonates with the thoughts, ideas and manifestation of good luck, prosperity and abundance. It supports and enhances success, advancement, achievement and brings forth infinite possibility and opportunity.

Of course, all coins are two sided, so a great deal of pressure may be hidden in the circumstance and a ‘loop the loop’ if one doesn’t heed its warnings, its protocols and circumspection where and when required.

It is the luckiest of Chinese numbers indicating wealth. In Arabic eight is the number of angels carrying the throne of Allah in heaven and in Australian Indigenous culture there are eight stages of life, infant, toddler, child, youth, young adult, parent, grandparent and elder/traditional teacher. So, eight tells a story in many ways around the world. It is a road map of past, present and future coming together to allow and encourage a ‘Great Awakening’.

To find your personal power number code for this year, add your day, month and year of birth to number 8 (2024). For example: If your birthday is 15th October 1976 is 1+5+1+0+1+9+7+6 =30, reduce to a single digit 3 and you would then add this to 8 = 11 personal vibe.

So, whatever your birthday, plus this year’s eight vibe adds to, do a little research and meditate on it. Get a gist of what the total sum of number may mean as far as your personal development and understanding, beyond your current knowing. It is not about predicting your future, simply understanding the energy that may surround you over this year. S

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

“Number eight, represents balance and integrity in both the material and spiritual sense.”
Issue 48 • | 23 FEATURE

Self-love & Self-Care Rituals: Nourishing Mind,

Body and Spirit

24 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Some of you may be familiar with the lifestyle of constant rush, overscheduled calendars, the silent invasion of technology and constant hum of feeling like you need to do ‘more.’ Although this may fit into the mainstream prescription of ‘success,’ within this lifestyle we tend to abandon ourselves, leaving our mind, body and spirit hungry for love, care and nourishment.

AS a health practitioner, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of supporting people to prioritise their wellbeing, and ultimately re-build a relationship with their mind, body and spirit.

Self-love and self-care are intertwined, involving nurturing and prioritizing one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Self-love entails appreciating oneself, acknowledging strengths and weaknesses, and treating oneself kindly.

Self-care, I believe, is the practical application of self-love, involving deliberate actions to maintain health and reduce stress. It includes activities like rest, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, seeking help when needed, setting boundaries, enjoying hobbies, and nurturing supportive relationships.

Through the acts of self-love and self-care, we start to explore and understand the world within us, not just outside of us. Throughout this article, the rituals, practices and insights shared will support you to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself. Not only does this begin nourishing your mind, body and spirit, it makes space to be more present and grounded in your daily life.

Nourishing The Mind

Our minds are powerful instruments that shape our perception of the world and ourselves.

To nourish the mind through self-love and care, it’s crucial to engage in practices that promote mental well-being. However, to do this, we must quieten the external ‘hum’ so that we can turn our focus inward.

The book First, We Make The Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson suggests that humans often seek more time, yet continue to fill it once acquired. Instead, she proposes that what we truly need is space, where we can listen to our mind and body. Here are some techniques for creating this space.

Midfulness activities such as meditation and deep breathing exercises, are invaluable tools for cultivating a sense of space, inner peace and clarity. By taking time to quiet the noise of everyday life and tune into the present moment, we can reduce stress and anxiety while fostering a deeper connection with ourselves.

A tool that I regularly encourage clients to practice is to sit in a quiet, relaxed space and create a five minute, meditative ‘body scan.’ This involves bringing your awareness to your feet, and slowly scanning up your entire body, ending at your head. Notice any sensations or feelings, whilst quieting your mind to the present moment. Self-awareness is another cornerstone of mental nourishment. Understanding our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs allows us to cultivate resilience and emotional intelligence. Through practices like journaling and self-reflection, we can gain insight into our inner workings and develop healthier coping mechanisms for life’s challenges. Purchase a journal and reflect on the things that brought you emotional distress or peace throughout the day. You may be surprised by the insights you gain doing this ritual daily. »

Issue 48 • | 25 FEATURE

Nourishing The Body

Our bodies are temples that house both our minds and spirits. Nourishing the body involves multiple factors as it is our body that allows us to move, digest, detox and reproduce, to name a few. Adopting self-love and care practices involves prioritising physical health through proper nutrition, exercise, and restorative practices.

Nourishing the body with nutrient-dense whole foods, benefits your health on all levels. Prioritizing these foods supports optimal functioning, making it easier to think clearly, move with energy, and handle life’s challenges. As a nutritionist, educating clients about food choices extends beyond physical effects such as weight, to encompass overall well-being, including energy levels, motivation and vitality.

Clients learn to recognize how different foods affect them, identifying those that bring vibrancy versus those that leave them sluggish. I invite you to take note of which foods leave you energized and which deplete you? This is an incredible way to learn how to love and care for your physical body.

Whether it’s yoga, strength training, or walking, regular physical activity benefits both body and mind. It boosts energy, fights illness, enhances mood and sleep, and encourages healthier eating habits. Finding an activity that brings you joy such as dance, running clubs, or anything in between can create a sustainable and fulfilling self-care routine.

Rest and relaxation are equally important. In today’s hustle culture, downtime is often neglected. Recognising fatigue and taking time to rest is self-love. Prioritising sleep, taking breaks, and relaxing with activities like reading or soaking in the tub are essential for recharging our mind and body.

Nourishing The Spirit

To me, supporting your spirit is not just the practice of daily prayer or meditation. It is deeply personal and often involves seeking meaning, purpose and fulfillment beyond the material world of possessions and ‘titles.’ How we obtain this can exist everywhere and in everything from the way we make our bed, to the way we cultivate a relationship with ourselves. To acknowledge your

spirit is a form of self-love, whilst partaking in rituals or activities that cultivate connection to your spirit, is a form of self-care.

Building a yoga or meditation practice can support you to connect and acknowledge your spirit. By intentionally quieting your mind and tuning into your body, you can discern what it needs to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment, thereby nourishing your spirit.

Self-compassion is perhaps the most profound expression of spiritual self-care, as treating ourselves with acceptance opens our hearts to receive forgiveness and love in return. Embracing the understanding that imperfection is universal, self-compassion grants us the grace necessary when things don’t go as planned, diverge from our expectations, or mistakes are made.

Acknowledging a deeper purpose and believing in a higher intelligence, such as the Universe, often cultivates compassion and forgiveness, especially during challenging times. Regardless of how you perceive this higher power, simply acknowledging its existence can be profoundly impactful. In order to support your spirit, seek activities, rituals, community, creative expression and time in nature to foster a deeper sense of connection to something greater than yourself.

In a world that constantly pushes us to do more, I encourage you to take a step back and note where you can implement more self-love and care. Begin by creating space to connect with yourself, tuning into your body’s needs, and recognising what it may be asking for. By prioritising our well-being and honouring our needs, we cultivate deeper self-awareness, resilience, and inner peace.

I hope you can adopt some of the above practices so that you can create a deeply fulfilling life that supports your mind, body and spirit. S

Sarina is a Women’s Health Nutritionist (BHSc) and Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner, offering 1:1 consults online via

26 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Conversation with the Inner Voice

Me: Hey there.

Voice: Hello...

Me: I feel like my life is falling apart. Can you help me put it back together?

Voice: I don’t think that is a good idea.

Me: Why not?

Voice: Because your life is not a puzzle. It is an architectural design to help you know yourself and the situation around you is being redesigned to suit you at your soul level.

Me: But what about all the pieces of my life that are falling away?

Voice: Sometimes parts disintegrate for a reason. It gives you time to reflect on their usefulness and benefits to your soul journey. To know whether you want to restore them or rebuild them differently.

Me: This is a real struggle because I don’t know what life will look like if I let it go.

Voice: Realise you’re not falling apart. You’re breaking through into a new level of understanding, as you let go of what is holding you back. Relax, take deep breaths and release with gratitude what doesn’t fit anymore.

Me: Why must I be grateful?

Voice: Because these are the circumstances, events and the support offered that have carried you to this point. Now is the time to embrace a new strategy and what you allow to remain are the best parts of you.

Me: I’m so afraid of all this change.

Voice: Reword it — it is not you and your life path that is changing, it’s simply you evolving into a new state of being.

Me: Evolving into a new state of being. What does that mean?

Voice: You are realigning to who you were designed to be. You’re destined for more than just clinging to a superficial material world. You are of light, radiating love and hope to all who cross your path. So, embrace this new phase without fear and honour who you were created to be.

Me: More is falling away.

Voice: Just let it go. Keep moving forward. You are embodying the truth of your being, so embrace your be-coming with joy! S

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431 168 027.

Issue 48 • | 27 FEATURE
“I am older, definitely wiser, more confident within myself as a woman, parent and wife.”
28 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Awakening to Enlightened Parenthood

Globally, there appears to be a ‘Great Awakening’ looming as the Post-Covid Pandemic establishes itself. For me, my Great Awakening has been in the form of personal growth and parenting.

Iam a mother to six very different children: two teenagers, two primary school-aged children and two ‘Pandemic babies’. Culturally, I have been influenced to parent and behave a certain way that has been prescribed to me since I can remember. “Girls do this… Boys do that.”

Even when I was married to my first husband and returned to my country of birth for a funeral, I was expected to behave a certain way. I vaguely remember my grandmother calling me at my male friend’s home after 10pm, asking why I thought it was okay to be out and about as a married woman without my husband. It wouldn’t have been very respectful of me if I had replied with what I really wanted to say, however, I returned to my grandmother’s house soon after.

Thus, I have been exposed and raised within a very stereotypical and prescribed behaviour in relation to the role I play in my household, in

society and within the cultural setting in my wider family. I was born into a middle-class, coloured, Christian, South African family. A very loaded description right there!

With the birth of my eldest two children about 17yrs ago, I was unhappily married to a very traditional South African man. It felt claustrophobic and this transpired into my parenting, even though I knew, deep down, that I wanted to break free from the traditional roles. Their father had the final say regarding everything in the household, even after we got divorced and had my own family backing him.

Even though he was verbally and psychologically abusive, I listened to what my son and daughter wanted, yet never had the guts to act on their behalf and advocate. Mainly, I was scared to be shunned by the family, which I kind of was anyway! I had to ‘do the right thing’ as seen by the family, as I was considered the rebel for divorcing such a lovely, caring and loyal man.

I was expected to be the traditional, submissive, subservient and obedient wife. It was expected that I didn’t ask or question my husband. I was really struggling with this and couldn’t fathom being a stay-at-home-mum. My kids went to day-care from six months and I had to be career-driven to keep my mind from feeling as a failure.

Now, I am married to a more modern and forward-thinking Polynesian man. He is still based in traditional values yet with a more relaxed approach to our parenting, as he likes being involved with the kids. It could be that as this is a second marriage for both of us, we want to ‘fix our previous mistakes’.

All I know is that it ALL stems from love, healing and acceptance. This is probably the ONE good thing that came from the Scamdemic, when we were forced into teaching our children at home and online, forced to be in each other’s face 24/7, so we had to learn how to set boundaries and mark our space. »

Issue 48 • | 29 FEATURE

I am older, definitely wiser, more confident within myself as a woman, parent and wife. I have learned to accept my body even after weight-loss surgery. Ironically, during my last two pregnancies I have regained all the weight that I had lost with the surgery. I am confident enough to advocate for my children, ask for their opinions and discuss relevant topics with them. I feel that they have a voice, when my voice was not heard because I wasn’t allowed to speak up.

Through all this growth, I also felt that my marriage was falling apart because we were just not agreeing on parenting and it appeared that our values didn’t matchup anymore. In the few months that we were separated, I rediscovered myself by finding ways to relax; deciding what was important to me and what were boundaries for me. We remained friends because we wanted to co-parent and be amicable whilst doing so. We actually started liking each other again.

“My husband and I parent differently to the way we were raised and live a more balanced life with our blended family.”

duties, which again frees up mental and emotional space for me to just BE in the moment with my kids, wherever they are on their journey.

My school-aged kids are allowed one mental health day per month with no questions asked. I feel that with all the new pressures tweenagers and teenagers are facing, mental health is more on the decline, as a lot of parents are not able to be present for their kids. Today is one of those days and they are all in pyjamas, just watching TV, laughing and then fighting. It might be selective memory for me; however I don’t recall having this kind of freedom when I was at school. Despite being a day off, they still have to do their chores.

I had to learn to let go, not to be the solo-parent that I was geared up to be, having raised four kids on my own. I just had to give; be more vulnerable and more approachable to my husband. Be a team. Understand where we both were coming from; take our life experience — and inexperience — our cultural differences and different approaches into consideration. In turn, this gave me room and freedom to move and reconsider the parent my kids needed.

Because my husband and I have navigated this journey together in the last four years, I am able to show up for my kids in the way I have always wanted to, something I felt I was lacking before. I am now a stay-at-home-mum, raising our 3yr old and 1yr old daughters. I am present for their first words. I am present for their naps. I am able to just be present.

The girls and I even started attending playgroup last week, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. Finally, I feel like I am in a team with my husband because we are now sharing parental

Informally, I try to teach them personal responsibility and hold them accountable. My husband and I parent differently to the way we were raised and live a more balanced life with our blended family. However, we don’t expect to correct all the mistakes our parents made and we cannot claim to doing the job perfectly. However, our aim is to minimise the damage we could cause, while still ensuring they have a voice. We also practice being more patient, which is challenging when a 3yr old is crying or a 16yr old is talking back and you are struggling to hold your cool and just want that knee-jerk reaction.

THAT is the unconditional love and bond I signed up for when I became a parent.

My children have woken up the parent in me; woken up the parent I always needed and wanted to be — The awakened parent. S

Ilse Botha-Siligi, 44yr old mum of six and married to the Love of my Life. I have a work background in disability services. My passions revolve around advocacy, people’s rights and women’s issues.

30 | • Issue 48 FEATURE
An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith Book trailer and buy links at She led the fall of the feminine. Now she leads the rise to unity. ‘IamLilith, andthisstoryismine.’ Issue 48 • | 31

Navigating Division, Resilience, and Empathy in Modern Families Threads of Unity:

In the heart of a bustling city, where skyscrapers towered over bustling streets and the echoes of political discourse reverberated through the air, lived the Anderson family – a microcosm of the societal divisions plaguing the Western world. As they navigated the complexities of modern life, they found themselves confronted with challenges that tested the very fabric of their familial bonds.

AT the centre of it all was Emily Anderson, a passionate advocate for social justice and equality. With her parents, John and Rachel, by her side, she had grown up in a household where empathy and compassion were valued above all else. However as political tensions reached a fever pitch and societal divisions deepened, the Anderson family found themselves grappling with the harsh realities of a world torn apart by mistrust and resentment.

As the media bombarded them with sensationalised narratives and political polarisation seeped into every facet of their lives, the Andersons struggled to reconcile their own values with the divisive rhetoric that surrounded them. John, a staunch conservative, found himself at odds with Emily's progressive ideals, while Rachel, a moderate, attempted to bridge the gap

32 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

between her husband and daughter, longing for the days when political differences were seen as a point of discussion rather than a source of division.

The Andersons soon discovered, the erosion of familial bonds was not just a product of external pressures — it was also a reflection of the internal struggles each member faced. Emily, fuelled by righteous anger and a desire for change, clashed with her father over his conservative beliefs, unable to comprehend how someone she loved could hold views that seemed so antithetical to her own. John, in turn, felt alienated and misunderstood, his attempts to engage in civil discourse met with hostility and disdain.

Caught in the crossfire of their family's ideological battleground was Rachel, who found herself torn between her loyalty to her husband and her unwavering support for her daughter. As tensions reached a breaking point and the Andersons teetered on the brink of collapse, Rachel realised that if they were to weather the storm, they would need to confront the underlying issues tearing them apart and find a way to reconnect as a family.

And so, armed with empathy and a newfound determination to bridge the divides that threatened to tear them apart, the Andersons embarked on a journey of self-discovery and reconciliation. Through open and honest dialogue, they began to unpack the root causes of their differences, acknowledging the impact of external pressures on their family dynamics and recognizing the importance of empathy in fostering understanding and unity.

As they worked to rebuild their fractured bonds, the Andersons discovered that resilience was not just about weathering the storm – it was about finding strength in vulnerability, compassion in conflict, and love in the face of adversity. And as they emerged from the darkness stronger and more united than ever before, they realised that the threads of their familial bond were woven not just from shared experiences and cherished memories, it was also from a deep-seated commitment to empathy, understanding, and the belief that, in the end, love would always prevail.


While there may not be specific data to back up this fictional story, it draws upon common themes and experiences that many families face in the midst of societal divisions and political turmoil. Research in sociology and psychology often explores the impact of external factors on family dynamics, the role of empathy in bridging divides, and the resilience of familial bonds in the face of adversity. These findings can provide valuable insights into the complexities of modern family life and the challenges families face in navigating divisive societal forces. »

Issue 48 • | 33 FEATURE
“…the erosion of familial bonds was not just a product of external pressures – it was also a reflection of the internal struggles each member faced.”

Indeed, the issue of societal division and the erosion of familial bonds is a complex and multifaceted one that resonates deeply with many people across the Western world. One angle to consider could be exploring how external factors, such as political scandals or societal pressures, impact individual families and their relationships.

For example, you could delve into the effects of media sensationalism and political polarization on family dynamics, illustrating how constant exposure to divisive narratives and misinformation can breed mistrust and resentment among loved ones. Additionally, you could examine how economic disparities and social inequalities exacerbate tensions within families, as members grapple with competing ideologies and conflicting priorities.

Another angle could be focusing on the resilience of familial bonds in the face of adversity, highlighting stories of families who overcome challenges and reaffirm their commitment to one another despite external pressures. This could involve exploring themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the power of empathy in bridging divides and fostering understanding.

Ultimately, the key is to approach the topic with empathy and nuance, recognizing that there are no easy answers or quick fixes to the issues at hand. By delving deeper into the complexities of familial relationships and societal dynamics, it offers Supernal readers a thought-provoking exploration of a topic that is both timely and relevant. S

Arty looks at the world through a different lens and pulls no punches when it comes to discovering the truths behind the lies of humanity.

Home of the Energy Enhancement System and PEMF Use the code SUP90 for a special price of $90 for a 2 hour session in our EE System lounge (normally $120) 26 Tortice Drive Ringwood North 3134 Phone 0426 267 622
34 | • Issue 48 FEATURE
Harmonise Your
EMF protection at home, work and on-the-go. Technology is a part of everyday life. But did you know that this exposes you to harmful radiation? Our products neutralise over 30 noxious energies. Clinically tested. Health practitioner approved. David
Mental health consulting available as well as online healing, counselling and psychotherapy sessions, mindfulness & meditation instruction. Click Here to Contact us Trauma - informed Spiritual Healer , Teacher & Counsellor B.H.Sci ( Naturopathy ) , MA ( Mental Health ) Issue 48 • | 35

Our Great Awakening — What does

it means to me?

Throughout my life I have had a slow and steady awakening to who and what I am. I know that I am not this body. I am spirit experiencing life in a body, with all that entails. Living a life in this body for life experiences, for the growth of my soul.

ILEARNED early aged 22 that when person you love dies, their soul still exists on another level. Call it what you will - Heaven? With God or Creator, if we are open to it, we can still communicate with our loved ones. They are around us when we need them most.

At this time in my life, 66 years young, the most important thing to me is to be in tune with my soul, my spirit guides, God, creation and cosmic inter-galactical species. There is much I have to learn for the growth and expansion of my soul in this lifetime.

I have learned that I am always in connection with my Soul, my higher self, my guides, my creator-God, whether I feel it or not.

My relationship to all of this, to my Inner life, connection to all that is, is my passion. I am constantly learning more about myself and this plane on which we live and what is beyond in other universes.

My busy life can sometimes take me out of this zone. I quickly realise this by the drop in my energy levels and my emotions. It is the reminder to tune back in to what is real. Often, to walk in nature or a quick dip in the ocean brings me back to my core. Having this awareness is so crucial to my well-being.

Meditation, Reiki Healing, Yoga and my Spiritual Circle meetings are vital at this time when the world is so confusing. These practices keep me balanced and aware.

To me it is so important to keep up my practice of meditation to soothe and calm my body and mind, to keep that all important Soul-God/ Creator connection. When I meditate, I feel these connections strengthen. I feel a shift in my personal energy and my perception. This shift in my perception aligns me with my higher spiritual self and my guides. »

RIGHT: I am inspired to paint my visions.
36 | • Issue 48 FEATURE
Issue 48 • | 37 FEATURE

In meditation, I am more able to perceive messages from spirit, as with that higher vibrational connection I am more able to make sense of my visions. Where did they appear from?

I have visited other places in the universe in my meditations. I have felt the loving arms of beings from another place of existence. The oneness of it all is very healing. Many times, I have felt the loving energies of our Great Spirit Creator God, feeling the oneness and blissful energy. A place so beautiful you do not want to leave, yet leave you must, because you have work to do on this earthly plane.



I continue to paint, which is my passion. The flow of creating takes me to another place.

Conversations with our loved ones who have passed are a constant in my meditations, which brings me great peace and joy.

I have recently been receiving visions of past and ancient civilizations, just out of the blue. These tend to be when I am sitting quietly and not expecting it. I feel it may well be me visiting another timeline or space in this enormous cosmos.

I am inspired to paint my version of these visions and it is just one way of bringing these energies and pictures into my daily life. In that way, others may see the paintings and also experience a connection.

Big Questions

I have had visions of beings not of this earth. I have always felt that I am in a place that is not my home. Is my home somewhere else in this vast universe? Why am I here? How many lifetimes have I lived?

I find myself pondering big questions like; are we humans a product of interplanetary coupling?

An evolution of souls from other planets? I believe that the indigenous peoples of our world have witnessed the star people come to our plane and teach us their wisdom. All over the world there are remnants of their carvings, inspiring us to look deeper into our creation.

Perceived gods in the ancient stories of the Mayans and the Egyptians. Were they of this world, or did they visit us from the stars in their flying machines?

From these experiences, I have become aware that there is so much more to life that we cannot see.

I feel that those ‘in power’ have hidden our true beginnings and have told us false stories from an early age. It’s not until you receive a glimpse of something that you don’t understand, or have an experience with spirit, that you realise there is more.

I feel what has been hidden from us for an eternity is slowly being revealed. We need only to be open to seeing beyond the stories we have been told through religion, education and world governments.

We have been led to believe that riches are in what we ‘have’; a big house, cars, money. Yet true richness lies within, beyond material things. Connection to our Soul and to all that is; the connection to the Inner Life of Soul/Spirit/God/ Creation Source is where we find true happiness, Love and Truth.

I have been blessed with beautiful mentors in my life, who gave me a slight push when I needed it and advice when I asked for it. They planted a seed of knowledge and wisdom for me to grasp onto and explore. I continue to pursue this ancient knowledge that has been hidden from us.

“My most earnest prayer is for humanity to become aware of the bigger picture and what is true.”
38 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Knowing what I know, I live my life the best I can. I feel what we give out in life we receive back, so be nice.

There are people in my life who don’t agree with my perceptions and that is quite okay. Everyone is on their own path and journey. It took me a long time to realise this. It’s important to me to continue to just be me and be present, ready to assist others if and when needed. I feel this is one of the reasons I am here at this time.

I continue to paint, which is my passion. The flow of creating takes me to another place, which makes me smile. Hopefully I can inspire others to follow their creative paths.

I will continue to explore where my awareness takes me. No expectations. Just living in the flow of Grace. I am grateful for every day and each new experience. We all have good days and not so good days, so having the means to navigate through is key.

“We have been led to believe that riches are in what we ‘have’; a big house, cars, money. Yet true richness lies within, beyond material things.”

My most earnest prayer is for humanity to become aware of the bigger picture and what is true. To live our lives in peace and harmony, sharing resources and living as the one family that we are. This would bring Unity to all, regardless of race or religion. The world we live in and upon Gaia, Earth is in much need of peace. Wars have taken its toll on her and all her animals and plants. We are all connected and what one does, affects everything else. So please, be kind.

I am so aware that there is so much of which I am unaware! S

Eileen Curd, lives in Bittern, Victoria, and is passionate about exploring inspired art and anything which takes her closer to her soul path.


I’m Ivy, a graphic designer. Nice to meet you :)

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10+ years experience. Award winning. Visual storyteller. See some of my work at, or

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“Ivy is a visual artist who deeply understands the crucial role that visual communication plays in engaging audiences and winning hearts and minds.”

— Strategic Communications & Engagement Director, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Issue 48 • | 39 FEATURE

Personal Awakening’s

40 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

Our ‘Great Awakening’ can only begin within. An up-close and personal, spiritual experience. A pre-ordained plan for soul growth, recognition and awe!

The outer world is the reflection and, when we find ourselves wanting to heal the planet, renovate our home and clean out our closet, it is time to do some inner personal work and discovery: healing, readjustment, recalibration and realisation. I have invited some fabulous people to share their own ‘Great Awakening moments’. – ShirleySienna

Catherine Avon

I have only recently ‘knowingly’ begun my spiritual journey, my ‘awakening’. My younger sister was very spiritually inclined since she was a teenager and my siblings and I thought she was crazy.

I met a friend in my 30’s, who introduced me to Tarot cards and crystals. I was instantly mesmerised and, as Karma would have it, my now ex-husband and two sons used to laugh and poke fun at me, so I put this interest on the backburner.

In May 2023, an acquaintance posted on Facebook asking whether anyone would like to join a ‘spooky group’. My instincts kicked in and I joined ShirleySienna’s Circle, where I was quickly introduced to new and amazing spiritual experiences.

The first time I was asked to ‘tune in’ to someone in the group, I was extremely nervous. I had not been aware of receiving messages for anyone prior to this. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do it. Shirley reassured me that I would and I closed my eyes, asking God for direct guidance and assistance.

I usually don’t get images in my mind’s eye, yet immediately, I received vivid images of several scenes from the 1800’s in America. The person confirmed that I had accurately described two different past life recollections of hers. Needless to say, my mind was completely blown! The images I received were as clear as a movie scene!

Another fascinating aspect is connecting with loved ones passed to the spirit world. I’ve had my father, grandfather, uncle, ex sister-in-law and teenage boyfriend ‘come through’. I’ve never had any of these experiences prior to sitting in a development group.

The person, who has ‘presented’ the most, is my father. I find this incredibly beautiful and poignant as, in life, he was very strict and intimidating. As a result, we did not have a close relationship; I just spent my time being a good girl, avoiding getting into trouble.

I knew he loved me yet was unable to show it, as he grew up in an orphanage in Ireland in the 30’s and 40’s.

I have learned how to tap into his energy and I feel him around me every day. He gives me signs now, so I know he is around, such as the fan and light in my kitchen rangehood coming on without warning. This can be very disconcerting, especially when it happens at night, since I live alone. »

“The first time I was asked to ‘tune in’ to someone in the group, I was extremely nervous.”
Issue 48 • | 41 FEATURE

My landlords live right next to me and they have three cats. Whenever I think about my dad, one cat in particular suddenly appears at my door. It’s freaky how often it happens!

Signs and synchronicities are becoming a huge part of my spiritual journey; I have been consciously aware of them since around 2017. As I allow myself to tap into this more and more, the frequency and volume increases. I’m now at the stage where a totally random word or phrase will pop into my heart space and I will hear or see it in the outside world almost instantaneously or certainly within a couple of seconds.

When I’m praying or thinking spiritually, birds will suddenly fly past, often in threes, sometimes incredibly close to me. I can be sitting at the beach, watching hordes of seagulls standing on the sand for ages and, as soon as my mind drifts into such a moment, the whole flock will immediately fly up into the air, moving as one unit.

I’m enjoying the bonds and friendships of my new ’spiritual family’. I look forward to ‘seeing’ where this new world and awakening takes me (Pun intended!).

ShirleySienna: The beauty of being a part of other’s awakenings, regarding their own spiritual path, potential and ideas, is positive fallout!

My own inspiration is reignited and I see new ways of expressing myself, expanding my views and discovering new ways to engage, as I facilitate space, interact and observe.

So, as of this moment, in the here and now, myself being in my own true form, I am pressed for thoughts on awakening. I sit here in a park — Ibis meandering, the fountain trickling in the distance. I try to gather my thoughts and silence the ‘monkey chatter’.

There are so many ways to centre yourself, to be at one with your surroundings and enjoy the ambience of it all. Find a space where the negative thoughts of the day and the misapprehension of another can slip by.

Realising that we cannot change the past, yet we will be provided endless opportunities by the universe, should we choose to embrace them, focussing on the positive.

There will ALWAYS be pain and darkness and there will ALWAYS be joy and light. To be able to look beyond the one dimensional view that has been ‘taught’ or dare I say, ‘indoctrinated’ into us as human beings.

I compare myself to a domesticated horse wearing blinkers. Could we ever understand what it would mean if this animal only knew a life outside of the harness and the blinkers? The endless trekking, working the field day by day - other than eat, sleep and serve? What would happen if one day,

“There will ALWAYS be pain and darkness and there will ALWAYS be joy and light.”
42 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

by some sort of universal blessing, the horse is set free, put in a massive field of flowers, trees and a babbling brook that cuts thought the land. Would or could the horse have ever contemplated such a wondrous world existed?

Such sensory overload would be shocking. I believe it would take a long time for this horse to shake off the ‘regime’, the ritualistic routine that was cast upon it. In time, it will accept the universal gift of water, food to graze on and freedom to move. A peaceful existence to the end of its days.

Sometimes the changes we are wanting feel unattainable. Could that which is so different, exist on the same piece of earth on which we now stand? I know and understand that as long as I exist, I should look forward to each new day.

I am only an ordinary man making his way through life. The past is the past and even though you find it hard to let go of it, the sooner you embrace the right to exist as you would prefer, the sooner the universe will be true and respond.

ShirleySienna: Life is a spiritually-based, enhanced physical experience. Our soul plans for and expedites our experiences, as life is short, no matter how long we live. Sometimes it takes extreme ups and downs to grasp as much as we can before we pass from this realm.

Our great awakening has been happening throughout our lives, from the moment we exit the womb. I see many people now consciously focusing much more on a vibration of positive awareness. Embracing the fact it is within their reach, was always there, waiting to be utilised and appreciated. We tend to forget that we are body, mind and spirit.

We focus on the material and judge and applaud ourselves, or denigrate ourselves, celebrate our achievements, our successes and mourn our disappointments without seeing the ‘whole’ as our journey. We can be so stuck in a desire for instant gratification; we don’t give ourselves a chance, creating more misery than necessary on the way. When all is not ‘seen’ and appreciated, we cannot properly unfold and expand as we could if our understanding was sprinkled with inspired seeds of spiritual magnification.

Issue 48 • | 43 FEATURE

Tracy Dallow

This year, 2024, is a year of positive vibration as we embark on new beginnings and leave any negativity in the past.

A year for building strong foundations, having the power to achieve greatness, believing in ourselves and encouraging those around us. It’s a year for sharing love, peace and prosperity and embracing our spiritual alignment.

When I was young, my Nan and Mum would often talk about UFO’s, reincarnation, signs and visits from deceased loved ones and many other unexplained entities. I loved hearing about their trips to mediums and clairvoyants and, as I grew up, we all shared a love for the supernatural.

One of many insights they shared was that everything happens for a reason - what is meant to be will be. Just have faith. In May 2018, my beautiful Nan grew her wings and set off on her next adventure. At that time, Mum and I were feeling a great sense of loss. In June, I went to a luncheon hosted by Shirley. By chance she was talking about a spiritual retreat in Bali she was planning.

Bali was a destination that my mum would never entertain however, I couldn’t stop thinking how wonderfully it would be. I gave mum a call and told her that if we can get flights Shirley has two spots left so would she go with me. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

To my absolute delight she agreed. This retreat was life changing for us both. It was truly a wonderful experience. We were a small, intimate group with a great connection. Every day was filled expanding our spiritual knowledge, learning about numerology, meditation and many other fantastic activities,

along with some awesome sightseeing. We came home with a new, profound outlook on life and a great sense of positivity.

In Dec 2021 I lost Mum and, as she set path on her next adventure, I was left with an unbelievable feeling of loss and aloneness. My two earth angels were gone. Fortunately, I was still blessed with my loving partner and two beautiful daughters and they kept telling me I needed to do something for myself, which I would enjoy. Yet what, I thought?

Shirley had posted, saying she was hosting an evening based on letting go of the past and entering into new 2024 energy. This was exactly what I wanted to do. I booked my spot immediately.

The night was tremendous. Shirley began by giving us inspiring information and insight into 2024. Then we sat in a circle and had a powerful meditation together as a group. I have always enjoyed meditation and been able to relax totally, yet this was very different. It really was like a ‘Great Awakening’ inside of me. I saw things in my meditation which I had never seen before. I was able to see things on a much higher level. It was so inspiring.

This meditation was followed by another, performed by Anthony Kilner along with his drums. Wow, this was next level. I had never heard the drums before. That meditation was different again and I felt the drums roll through my entire body. It truly was a wonderfully night. I left feeling so inspired that I couldn’t wait to get home and share my experiences with my beautiful family.

I have since secured myself a spot in Shirley‘s Friday morning class, which is full of kind, caring and thoughtful likeminded people. Every week we are taken on a different journey of growth and

“One of many insights they shared was that everything happens for a reason — what is meant to be will be.”
44 | • Issue 48 FEATURE

fulfilment I feel myself learning and growing, seeing things I never thought possible. I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful circle and I am excited to see where 2024 takes us all on our journey of spiritual growth and personal greatness.

ShirleySienna: My personal great awakening this year, 2024, is allowing this dynamic frequency to provide and uplift. Regardless of my personal highs and lows’, it is showing me clearly that unfoldment in all manner of ways - physically, mentally, emotionally - germinated seeds and are budding. Now I have grown flowers that precede the fruit.

The best is yet to come, trickling forth on a moment-to-moment basis. Life is the journey and I’m happy to say I have a while until I reach my destination. However, I can feel just a little of the place set before me, where I can submerge myself in deep waters, without fear. I remind myself too simply and easily to rise to the surface. As I let go, I float as I embody what I have learned.

Each moment is divinely designed to enable both a personal and global ‘Awakening’ – the Holon. S

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

“Life is the journey and I’m happy to say I have a while until I reach my destination.”
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46 | • Issue 48


For seekers of the truth, philosophers of the profound and keepers of a compassionate heart. We invite you to journey into self-discovery, with shared stories of extraordinary lives.
Learn: ENQUIRE NOW book@aromatica
0455 888 262 Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Issue 48 • | 47
net au

The Great Awakening

We hear the term ‘The Great Awakening’ increasingly often these days which, for some, means the reawakening of the Christ Consciousness, for others the way of the Buddha and, in non-formalised circles, used as a term to encapsulate the realisation that we can own a great deal, yet we seem to miss out on a deep and satisfying happiness and joy. In this case, our answer seems to be to strive for more, leading to increased stress, often creating physical ill-health, emotional discord and mental chaos.

THE term ‘The Great Awakening’ referred to a series of Christian revivals that swept Britain and its North American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s. Rather than moving people away from the power of ritual and dogma towards enlightened thinking, it shook the core of society and created division.

“The term ‘The Great Awakening’ referred to a series of Christian revivals that swept Britain and its North American colonies in the 1730s and 1740s.”

American historian Alan Taylor states that Evangelical preachers “sought to include every person in conversion, regardless of gender, race and status.”

In his opinion, this statement was used to force Christianity onto the African slaves, especially in the southern states.

In England it was known as the Evangelical Revival, the major leaders of which were three Anglican priests, the brothers John and Charles Wesley and their friend George Whitefield. Together, they founded what would become the Methodist Church, spreading throughout the United Kingdom.

The modern-day Great Awakening is far from the structure and stricture of the old religious orders, where the Source of our being was externalised, warning us that it is ever watchful and often dissatisfied with our efforts. The purpose in today’s thinking and teaching is to bring us closer to our own knowing, to trust our intuition and listen to our inner guiding voice; a process designed to encourage us to embrace our own autonomy and sovereignty of self.

Our own great awakening is not merely a destination; it’s a journey — a journey of growth, expansion and evolution. Neither is it a competition. It is more a testament to the resilience of the

REFLECTIONS 48 | • Issue 48
“...for our own Great Awakening is a gift, a precious reminder of the truth that lies within every one of us.”

human spirit and the power of the soul to transcend adversity and soar to new heights.

As we meet and overcome the challenges our life brings, we recognise our own resilience and resourcefulness. We reach a point of profound revelation, where we clearly feel that, in part, the life we have no longer serves us well. This moment provides the opportunity to enter the next stage of our own uplifting journey of self-discovery and spiritual renewal. This is our personal Great Awakening, a change creating new boundaries and opening us up to a new vision.

In the depths of our being lies a spark waiting to kindle the flames of our awakening, guiding us along the path of self-realisation and self-acceptance. As this transformative journey unfolds, we understand and release the layers of teaching and expectation from others that have clouded our self-perception.

With each step forward, we feel the life force energy coursing through our veins, filling us with renewed vitality and sense of purpose. We are no longer bound by the constraints of fear or doubt, as we have found the courage to embrace our true selves, to live authentically and slowly we embrace the truth of our being with open arms.

As we see the world through fresh eyes, we understand the delicate balance and rhythm of the natural order, demonstrating the interconnectedness

of all elements of life. We realise that we are not separate from the Universe, rather a unique and integral part of its grand design.

Gratitude floods our newly opened mind, as we embrace the power of love and compassion. We know it is through these virtues that we can transform our world by recognising we are all one, with the same essence of similarity residing within each of us. We no longer see others in the differentiating framework of gender, race, skin colour or language; we simply recognise that we are each on their own journey to self-discovery, individually experiencing challenges in their own timing.

We find peace in the beauty of the present moment. We let go the burdens of the past, the worries of the future and our narrative changes to a positive claim of our right to be free. We find joy within, celebrating the miracle of our existence and the endless potentiality that lies ahead.

So let us embrace this moment with open hearts and minds, for our own Great Awakening is a gift, a precious reminder of the truth that lies within every one of us. And, as we continue along this path of self-knowing and spiritual renewal, may we shine brightly as beacons of hope and inspiration, illuminating the way for all who seek to awaken to the truth of their own special and unique nature. S

Jane Offer is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431 168 027.

Image credits: Pixabay

REFLECTIONS Issue 48 • | 49

A Crystal Vision

Greetings again. Last issue I wrote of the angelic encounter which ‘changed my life’ and led me on this voyage of discovery... a mission of service exploring our multidimensional nature. As I reflect nowadays, many transformative experiences are resurfacing. Let me continue here and, in subsequent articles, to reveal these personal events... glimpses behind the veil, unusual insights and visions. Many readers may have experienced similar, so it’s not so unusual yet isn’t it heartening to know you’re not alone?

HARKENING back to early 1980's, I participated in a two-month spiritual expansion program in Sydney; called ‘Openings’ led by Adam Davis. It was more than a meditation course – more an initiation and powerful spiritual expansion. One of the final processes involved an intense day of meditative healing with community helpers accompanied by various styles of music. I do remember Kitaro.

The attendant healers focused energy on each of us. The powerful flow came in waves and the expansion was almost overwhelming. We afterwards discovered the music had been turned off midway through the session, yet all the initiates recalled it playing for the entire time! This was celestial music,

“The attendant healers focused energy on each of us. The powerful flow came in waves and the expansion was almost overwhelming.”

orchestral, choral at times, rising and falling, evoking various emotions, yet indistinguishable from usual music.

The ‘flow’ of energy was similar to that which I experienced in the angelic visitation. I suppose, due to this first experience decades before, similar to re-birthing, I was familiar with the feeling of power. Therefore, I wasn't alarmed when it came again, although

I was deeply surprised by the angel's presence. By the way, since the previous article in Supernal March April 2024, I've heard from people who had similar experiences. They confirm experiencing the 360-degree vision when taken out of this dimension. Phew — I’m not crazy!

Back to the Initiation

After the main session, we went upstairs to a large hall where the many people we'd invited were patiently waiting. Then began the final meditation, it was a decent community gathering of about 150 people. We found our ordinary-looking seats seemingly charged with catalytic spiritual energy — peaceful and loving. I suppose I was very tired and don't remember much of that particular session. This was

BEYOND BEING HUMAN 50 | • Issue 48

my ‘graduation’ group, so now let's jump forward to when I attended the following year's graduation.

This is the deeper purpose of writing this memoir. Let me firstly say that, up to this point, I had next to nothing to do with crystals. I'd seen people wearing them and saw displays at market stalls, yet crystals had never captured my attention before. Little did I know what was about to transpire!

During this meditation, an intense experience in itself, having again spent the day immersed in healing and ‘awakening’ energy, I settled into a visionary state and suddenly found myself inside an enormous, tall quartz crystal cathedral. I felt small in there, with six sides forming the walls with space enough inside to potentially contain many people.

As I moved around in this space, I looked up at the apex of the crystal high above. Clearly and slowly, a vibrant rainbow came to land on the crystal point. As it did, the colours flowed down through the expanse of the room, into my visionary being standing there. No further memories are retained now; I just stayed in that space till the end of the meditation.

Following this experience, I had the urge to seek out these magical beings — crystals. I found one of the few people who were importing a range of gemstones and quartz. After first meeting at a market, I visited his flat near a beach in Sydney and perused

a small selection of various types — amethyst and mostly clear quartz. I resonated with a couple of these and bought them and that led to a long journey, which included my becoming friends with Naren as he was known then. He later established The Crystal Castle in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

Skipping many experiences and discoveries, a year or so later in 1985, I was living in Byron Bay and was inspired to start a magazine called The Crystal Visionary. It included thought-provoking studies of the many practical, esoteric and beneficial uses of quartz crystals. It included legends from Aborigines, American Indians and ancient Greek traditions with detailed discussion about other minerals and related topics and more! I also embarked on a teaching tour, which developed in The Crystal Initiation.

That period was a flurry of interest and activity. The magazine arrived with gusto and grew exponentially over a few years, eventually being compiled into the book, The Crystal Visionary, available on the web. I’m pleased to announce those seven magazine issues will also soon be on the web, expanded into an online publication.

Read more here. S

Beyond Being Human by Michael Davyd (Ney) explores mystical realities and our multidimensional nature. Michael is a filmmaker, photographer, digital media producer, publisher, and author.

“I settled into a visionary state and suddenly found myself inside an enormous, tall quartz crystal cathedral.”
“I suddenly had the urge to seek out these magical beings — crystals.”
Image credits: Michael Davyd (Ney)
BEYOND BEING HUMAN Issue 48 • | 51

Before or After Awakening


is ‘awakening’ and what do we do after we awaken?

MANY in the awakening community have experienced small or big shifts such as satoris or kundalini awakenings. Many authors have discussed their experiences, a noteworthy one being Eckhart Tolle (born Ulrich Leonard Tölle). “When you recognize that there is a voice in your head that pretends to be you and never stops speaking, you are awakening out of your unconscious identification with the stream of thinking.” Tolle expounds on his own recognition of this voice and false ego-identification and experience of transcending the small ‘self’, expanding to the greater ‘Self’, the droplet meeting the ocean.

We are all awakening and invited to experience the boundlessness of the ‘ocean’. Awakening is a continuum and a continuation, just as one could imagine or compare a small candle versus a large candle and the Ultimate infinite candle (Source). The journey is ongoing. Light as an intelligent Emanescence expands, connects and multiplies. Hence awakening leads to more awakeners!

“Tolle expounds on his own recognition of this voice and false ego-identification and experience of transcending the small ‘self’, expanding to the greater ‘Self’, the droplet meeting the ocean.”

Parts of humanity continue to suffer in karmic cycles, learning their lessons, which are offered like seeds of possibility. We must water and fertilise these seeds to grow them into budding life, just as we must confront and liberate the lessons we are here to learn. We wouldn't be here if there wasn't a purpose. We chose these incarnations of increasing intensity, as we knew this was the moment to cultivate our capacities into new luminous creations and creativity. Ultimately, everything dissolves into all space and the whole universe is within The Great Spirit.

Our perception of humanity, the subject of humanitarian solutions, encompassing compassion, being responsible for our own health and healing from the inside out, the topic of abundance and, most of all, expanded awareness and consciousness! All is chosen, pre-chosen, post-chosen, yet stands on the brink, the abyss of unhappening. Still, it is up to us as individuals to choose our path, our way. Destiny only beckons yet never defines us. It is up to each one of us to take the final step in our liberation.

A helpful tool to expand, or switch on the awakening process, is meditation. Meditation is not the only tool for awakening, yet perhaps the most widely known and practiced. Patanjali, the great Indian mystic and yogi, portrayed meditation as an inward mental phenomenon that allows one to be in touch with the ‘over-shadowing cloud of spiritual knowledge’, as well as the ‘raincloud of knowable things’. This essentially means that we gain insight of both knowable and unknowable, both the felt sense and the imagined.

52 | • Issue 48 EXPECT MAGIC
“When we hear the invitation, not just to love, but to be love, not just to meditate, but to be meditation, we can allow awakening to unfold.”

Meditation experientially broadens the mind to unfathomable possibilities by touching the infinite space of sunyata (emptiness). The Buddhist term, sunyata, is the spaciousness of All Creation. Sunyata encompasses the infinite mystery, that which plays the symphony of life, all stories told and untold, completed and in-potential, all harmoniously inclusive of the whole. Both boundless and unbounded, sunyata is infinite, filled with both noise and silence, both masculinity and femininity, nothingness and everythingness.

Hinduism holds that moksha (liberation) can be achieved by bhakti (devotion), gnana (knowledge), karma (selfless service), and raja (meditation). These holy pathways towards the ultimate state of awakening require self-realisation, freedom from the rigid or self-limiting small self, in surrender to the Great Self, the Awakened One.

Rūmī, the beloved Sufi poet, is said to have become enlightened by whirling, a form of dancing based on surrender. Nothing like the endless stillness of The Buddha. Rūmī emphasises love as the ultimate surrender to wisdom, opening the heart to self-discovery. His mystical odes of unconditional lovemaking to all Creation, embrace the universal.

“I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple.”

– Rūmī

The elation and sweetness of Rūmī’s poetry is a signpost pointed toward the heart, striking the collective consciousness and reminding each one of us that we inhabit the Beloved when we invoke sacred consciousness. As human beings, we are able to transcend our limited forms and evoke the heart of this Beloved in every breath — especially between breaths.

Beyond the Thought or the Thinker, is the Awakened One. She waits patiently, always present with limitless love. When we hear the invitation, not just to love, but to be love, not just to meditate, but to be meditation, we can allow awakening to unfold. This concept of awakening means we are not just conceptually awakening, we are embodied awakened beings, ready to carry out our mission. Hence, we wake up beyond the seeking of anything. We simply become awake; we are that which is awake. S

David is an Australian Spiritual Teacher and Mental Health Consultant and author based in Queensland, Australia.

Image credit & Artwork : David Starlyte

Issue 48 • | 53 EXPECT MAGIC

Impeccable Divine Timing

I am writing this edition’s Divine Time column on Anzac Day, 25th April 2024. As I sit awaiting guidance and inspiration, the actual sitting to write has been drawn out literally to days before publication. As usual it has to be in the just the right moment when the synchronicity abounds and I realise it is of course another example of ‘Divine Timing.’ I then call Anthony/Editor to say it’s done, and what does he say? He says, “Your timing is impeccable.”

TODAY as I glimpse the Dreamspell kin code, I notice its Kin 187, Blue Overtone Hand.

‘I Empower in Order to Know Commanding Healing

I seal the Store of Accomplishment With the Overtone tone of Radiance I am guided by the power of Vision.’

We are gliding through a Blue Night Wavespell; ‘The Dreamer ’— Abundance, Dreaming and Intuition.

Although this will be a moment passed/ past by the ‘time’ you peruse this piece, I hope you will have had a review, awakening to the antics of what is affecting your immediate world, and to who and what conspires to create chaos in the world at large. I hope that you are inspired and empowered, to pray for peace, to behave in a peaceful manner and to be focused and vocal on the importance of solution and resolution becoming embroidered into the fabric, the weaving of this world.

“Our diversity is extremely important in the short and ongoing, relived, and replayed life experience on the Earth, Plan-et that we call home.”

It isn’t about perfect order, more the theory and practice of how to build a world where our very existence is filled with the mindset that all cultures, creeds and differences are the epitome of ingredients purposely designed to encourage and enable us. Our diversity is extremely important in the short and ongoing, relived, and replayed life experience on the Earth, Plan-et that we call home.

DIVINE TIME 54 | • Issue 48

Loving and Forgiving — Moving forward…

‘Come what May’, a metaphor, and using lines from the song. As we cry out to ourselves - “Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place. Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace. Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste,” and God responds in like — “Come what may. Come what may. I will love you. I will love you. I will love you.”

We are animated and encouraged!

May 2 begins a new ‘Spectrum of Liberation’! The eleventh, Spectral Serpent moon of Liberation comes to elevate our species, encouraging us to ‘rise up’, ‘speak out’, and celebrate the fact that we are engaging with our true nature. Our ability and tenacity begin to transform old thought patterns emanating from the global population that create the ‘noosphere.’ Is the deep sleep that has us lulled into acceptance ending? Kin 194, White Crystal Wizard whispers to us.

‘I dedicate in Order to Enchant Universalizing Receptivity I seal the output of Timelessness With the Crystal Tone of Cooperation I am guided by the power of Death.’

Fear is being released, and replaced with a wider (global) sense of responsibility and accountability in order to feel free and able.

June is the month of preparation, with the Solstice — summer and winter depending on your hemispheric L-attitude!

The 12th Moon, the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation is a catalyst in humanities quantum leap into severing old attitudes and ties to a paradigm that no longer makes sense, nor has any real power.

Tuck in your hems, pull up your trousers. The only way for negativity and low vibe to enter and survive, is for us to bring it in. It can’t survive without a host, so be inhospitable to war and strife, do some deeper research into what seems to be relayed on the surface by media and do some deep in your heart digging, into the cellular memory inside and trust your strange and undeniable inklings.

After ‘finding’ it within us to enjoy the wonders of change that emerge under the tone of ‘cooperation’, there will be a grand finale of sorts shifting into July’s vibe. For many, July is just ‘half way through the year’, however within the natural law of time we complete the current year cycle, become one with the stillness for a ‘Day out of Time’, and prepare for the incoming year, Blue Rhythmic Storm - promising to change the world in and around us, purifying and transformative

“It is for the planetary kin, equal and free, to create a path of power for the rainbow nation that is completely liberated of all institutions, money, war, poverty.” From The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology — Dr Jose Arguelles.

‘Lest we Forget’

In Lak’ech ala’ kin. S

“Tuck in your hems, pull up your trousers. The only way for negativity and low vibe to enter and survive, is for us to bring it in.”

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

Image credit: Pixabay

DIVINE TIME Issue 48 • | 55


For seekers of the truth, philosophers of the profound and keepers of a compassionate heart. We invite you to journey into self-discovery, with shared stories of extraordinary lives. For rates, information and enquiries,
56 | • Issue 48


Click to listen to the Supernal Podcasts via DRN1

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Enlightened Human Part 1


Recently, I was having a conversation with someone who through eating a carnivore-animal only diet, has successfully healed herself from chronic inflammation. She is now free from symptoms which included joint pain, brain fog, restlessness, back pain, bloating and gut discomfort.

IASKED her how she felt about the deforestation of land to accommodate cattle lots and the amount of water used to grow cattle feed. She said that she didn’t agree with that practice and didn’t feel that it was necessary to mass produce meat on such a mammoth scale. In her opinion, humans eat more than the body requires. We both agreed, that the way humanity consumes food, is pure gluttony and, the feed lots were created by human greed from the attachment to material wealth and power.

I also asked what she thought about alternate forms of protein, like insects and lab raised meat in order to regenerate our soil health, regrow our forests and clean up our water ways? She explained these alternate forms of protein would not be the same; they would be inferior and not the healthiest option for the human body. She explained the benefits of fatty red meat, informing me that animal fat is a great source for fat-soluble vitamins. She continued to tell me how good red meat fat is for our brain, heart, liver; for the health of our whole body really.

I eat a plant-based diet with minimal animal products like ghee, butter, some cheese and home raised eggs. It doesn’t work for me to wilfully kill an animal for food when I know that I can thrive without eating animal flesh. However, I understand why she feels that insects and lab grown meat would be a poor food source and a bad match for the human body, especially the lab meat. We don’t have any evidence that lab meat would be compatible with the human body. This is an experimental solution to be tested on humans and we may not know what harmful effects lab meat may have on the human body, for years to come.

This could be a damaging and costly experiment for humanity. After all, lab processed meat is not flesh obtained from a naturally raised animal that creates natural vitamins and fatty acids which are naturally compatible with the human body. I get that! With that said, what about the cruel conditions BigMeat enforces upon the animals in their care?

We both agreed that industrial raised animals are not cared for; they are just money bags on four legs!

This article is titled, Enlightened Human and, while I want to keep exploring this explosive topic on alternate and in some cases, questionable, sources of protein, I want to first explore the concept of enlightenment. You see, the woman I was speaking with, doesn’t consider the proponents for lab meat to be enlightened. I have chosen to look at the definition of enlightenment found in the Cambridge Dictionary and to explore the Theravada Buddhist path to enlightenment.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, enlightenment is: ‘the state of understanding something’ and ‘in Hinduism and Buddhism, the highest spiritual state that can be achieved.’

In Theravada Buddhism there are four stages of enlightenment: The first stage is known as the Stream Enterer (Sotapanna) which marks a person’s entrance onto the path of spiritual awakening. At this stage, a person realises that everything in life is impermanent and changing, that there is no permanent self. Our core is constantly changing and evolving. »


The second stage is known as the Once-Returner (Sakadagami). At this stage a person has achieved further insights into the illusion of this material world, and they experience a weakening of sensual desires and inner feelings of negativity towards anything, and any living being. The Once-Returner does not hold onto negative feelings and emotions, they experience more internal peace and calm which allows them to experience life with greater composure and compassion. People in this stage of enlightenment are said to return to the Earth for one last human life, so that they can obtain full enlightenment.

The Third Stage is known as the Non-Returner (Anagami) who has achieved a more expansive realisation of the impermanence of life, and has freed themselves from craving sexual or sensual pleasure. They are peaceful and content with no experience of attachment and suffering which are the foundations of the human experience here on Earth. The Non-Returner has relinquished all negative feelings and emotions. They live their lives with constant kindness and compassion

“I have discovered that enlightenment is about letting go of all the fetters that live within us as beliefs, fears, other people’s expectations of us…”

towards all life, whatever the situation may be. Non-Returners, will not return to Earth, they live in realms beyond the Earth where they continue to grow and achieve Nirvana.

Finally the fourth stage is the path of an Arahant and it is the final stage in the path to enlightenment. An Arahant has liberated themselves from the following ten fetters:

• Attachment to a personal self

• Scepticism and doubt

• Attachment to rules, rites and rituals

• Sensual and lustful craving

• Ill will

• Desire for material and corporeal existence (attached to form)

• Desire for incorporeal existence (attached to what is formless)

• Conceit

• Restlessness

• Ignorance

“There is a simple way to become Buddha: When you refrain from unwholesome actions, are not attached to birth and death, and are compassionate toward all sentient beings, respectful to seniors and kind to juniors, not excluding or desiring anything, with no designing thoughts or worries, you will be called a Buddha. Do not seek anything else.” Dōgen, Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dōgen

I have discovered that enlightenment is about letting go of all the fetters that live within us as beliefs, fears, other people’s expectations of us, cultural imprints, religious and social dogmas, negative feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. We are wrapped up in so many attachments that we cannot see beyond them.

Join me in Part II of this article, when we explore the good, the bad and the ugly of alternate proteins and the not so enlightened humans! S

Charles has trained with earth wisdom keepers, spritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide. Check out

Charles’ blog on Gaian Wisdom here.

Re-Wild Your Water

Kangan water is possibly the healthiest restructured water available on the planet. There are a range of machines and products available to suit all countries, interest free terms (conditions apply) and Enagic’s distribution network is global making it easy to get a machine in your home in virtually any country!

“The world is using almost 500 Billion plastic water bottles every year, the majority of which end up in our landfills and oceans. Transforming ordinary tap water into structured, hydrogen rich, electrolysed reduced water essential for health and wellbeing is the answer to this staggering problem.”

“Our Earth is a giant container of water, from which all forms of life arose. And every living thing is itself essentially a container of water. Like the Earth, we are 70 percent water. It follows, naturally, that the health of the Earth is directly proportionate to the health of ourselves.”

“Not only does drinking and utilising Kangan water for cleaning and toxin removal purposes create a healthy life, there’s a unique business opportunity that allows people to live a lifestyle that is financially rewarding as well.”

If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke

Respect for Medusa’s Slay

May until August is a prime time to contemplate our Medusa archetype as liberating Uranus passes the fixed star Algol, known to embody the snake-haired gorgon.

THE ancients regarded Algol as the most evil star in the Heavens — unfortunate, violent and dangerous. They originally called the star Lilith, the demonised first wife of Adam.

Medusa and Lilith are both held in myth as powerful and beautiful women who were villainised, exiled and turned into objects of fear. They have been used to project our own shadows onto as we fear and deny them in self.

Algol was later associated with Medusa’s decapitated head, partly because it’s located in the constellation of Perseus, named after the demi-god who killed her in the Greek myth. Further, its regular eclipsing spooked the ancients so they called it the ‘Blinking Eye of the Demon’.

Algol is actually more than one star: it is a binary triple star system, with two main stars orbiting each other and a third at a greater distance. This causes the cluster to regularly eclipse itself appearing like a pulsing blink.

62 | • Issue 47
“While we are still in the process of unifying and Algol is prominent, it’s wise to give extra focus to ‘keeping our heads’.”


Myth Decodes

In the myth, Medusa began as a beautiful and pure oracle goddess. Among the myth’s variations, she was raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple. Athena transformed Medusa into a monster whose gaze could turn people to stone. Athena’s motivations aren’t clear — perhaps misplaced anger at the defilement of the temple, or a strange jealousy.

In a positive interpretation, it may have been to give Medusa self-protective power to turn those that attacked her to stone.

We then have to consider that Athena helped Perseus chop off Medusa’s head, so it could be used for protection in battle to petrify their opponents.

The symbol of decapitation can be seen as losing one’s mind in a negative sense with mental illness, and of general misfortune. In a positive light, the loss of the head symbolises releasing the illusional lower mind.

The ancients said Algol represents the centre of Medusa’s head, her third eye, which is the terrain of the pineal gland as the gateway to higher consciousness.

In light of these understandings, Medusa’s story can represent our fall from Heaven into the hell of dense duality — from goddess to gorgon — then the ability to return again through the release of the lower mind and subsequent access to higher consciousness.

Medusa is known for her powers of protection, and in shadow she can use them in a retaliative way that’s hard as stone.

Actually, just like Lilith, Kali and other dark goddesses, she is pure love and her style is to slay all that is illusional and keeping us from the salve of ultimate truth.

The highest form of protection is this truth. We know we are one with all and thus no ‘separate to self’ threat can truly harm us. We carry a high level trust of self that brings security even from our own negative outputs.

In her evolved dark goddess energy, Medusa destroys illusion, so those projecting their fear upon her find she petrifies it. Her protective mechanism is the slaying of illusion, yet in our egoic and unintegrated states, this seems like annihilation.

Blast for Freedom

Algol sits at 26 degrees of Taurus for the long term, as fixed stars do not move much over time relative to the Earth.

If your natal chart has planets or points between 24 – 28 degrees of Taurus, you may feel deeply stirred by the stories of Medusa and/or Lilith. These points are stimulated every year from May 15 – 19 when the sun passes Algol.

This year is exceptionally stimulating, as we have freedom-busting Uranus passing from May to August, peaking mid-July when it joins feisty Mars

on Algol. This brings a radical and rebellious, unpredictable, and martial blast to our archetypal Medusa.

If used well this can bring liberating effects, as we can detect and eclipse what’s fear-based and replace it with more of our true state of unity and the higher expression of protection that comes of it.

While we are still in the process of unifying and Algol is prominent, it’s wise to give extra focus to ‘keeping our heads’. We can watch our mental health or repetitive or obsessive thoughts keeping us in fearful, raging, sorrowful, or other expressions of separation consciousness.

The choice is there to refresh Algol’s reputation and see we can be offered blessings with its connection through the third eye and pineal gland to the realms of higher truth. S

Melanie Dufty is a taroist, an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, I Am Lilith.

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Your Body Knows Best

The body is a truly resourceful interconnected system that provides prompts for its own needs. We just need to take note of the requests!

CONSIDER the sense of taste for example. As we eat, our taste receptor cells are stimulated, sending signals through three cranial nerves to the brain’s taste regions, then through the thalamus, which relays sensory information to other brain regions, stimulating their activity. As we age however, the number of taste buds in the tongue decreases as those remaining begin to shrink.

Our sensitivity to the five tastes often declines after age 60, affecting cognitive function. As a result, our usual diet seems somewhat bland and our body’s natural process creates the desire for more spicy foods to protect and stimulate our brain cells. Research has shown that using certain spices in cooking can provide benefits to maintaining brain health.

Health Benefits of Spices:

Cinnamon: Reduces inflammation, improves memory, attention and cognitive processing. Sprinkle over yellow-green banana for a healthy mind boost, as bananas contain high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid, which converts to serotonin. Do not use bananas that are over-ripe as they harbour bacteria and bugs.

Nutmeg: Research suggests that a nutrient found in nutmeg helps slow cognitive decline.

Cloves: A natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent, a local anaesthetic and has antifungal properties A compound found in cloves has been identified as 29 times more powerful than aspirin in helping to prevent blood clots.

Ginger: Reduces nausea, control inflammation, counters the activities of cell-damaging free radicals, acts as a blood thinner and helps protect brain cells from deterioration.

Cardamom: A relative of ginger and turmeric, cardamom has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that protect brain cells from free radical damage.

A study published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics found that consuming just one half a teaspoon a day for three months along with a healthy diet helps normalise blood pressure and lowers risk for stroke by relaxing the arteries and the muscles of the heart.

Black Pepper: The plant element Piperine is high in antioxidants, contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents, increases good cholesterol, has anticarcinogenic properties, controls sugar levels and boosts brain activity.

64 | • Issue 48

Make your Own Chai Spice Blend

A simple and delicious homemade chai spice blend made with seven common spices:


• 3 Tbsp ground cinnamon

• 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp ground ginger

• 1 Tbsp ground cardamom

• 1½ tsp ground allspice

• 1½ tsp ground cloves

• 1 tsp ground nutmeg

• ½ tsp ground black pepper


Add all the spices to a bowl and mix until well-incorporated. Transfer to airtight container or jar and store in spice cabinet until ready to use!

Nourish your Body and Maintain your Health

As the nights draw in and the weather cools, we can look forward to some warming comfort food to cheer up our days. Spiced Sweet Potato Soup is a favourite, containing many of these beneficial spices.

It is an easy recipe as the sweet potatoes can be pre-cooked, saving time. Also, cooking and then cooling starchy vegetables breaks down sugars, slowing blood sugar rise, while providing fibre which nourishes gut bacteria for better digestion. When cool, they can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator overnight.

“Our sensitivity to the five tastes often declines after age 60, affecting cognitive function.”

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

• 4 medium sweet potatoes

• 1 white onion

• Tbsp of crushed garlic or 4 cloves of garlic

• 1/2 tsp group cinnamon

• 1/2 tsp. ground ginger

• 1/2 tsp ground cardamom

• 1/2 tsp ground coriander

• 1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

• 1/8 tsp black pepper

• 4 cups organic vegetable stock

• 1 can full-fat coconut milk


• Preheat oven to 220°C.

• Cut the sweet potatoes in half lengthwise. Brush each cut side with coconut oil and sprinkle with a little salt. Place them, cut side down, on a shallow roasting tin covered with baking paper. Roast for 50-55 minutes, or until easily pierced with a fork. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 1 hour. When cool, remove the skins.

• Sauté the onion in butter or coconut oil in a pan until translucent; about 7-8 minutes on medium heat.

• Add minced garlic and sauté for 1 minute, stirring frequently.

• Add spices and combine with onion and garlic for 1 minute, stirring frequently until fragrant.

• Add vegetable stock and stir. Scrape to deglaze the pan to add flavour.

• Roughly break the cooled sweet potatoes into the mix, stirring to combine. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 8-10 minutes, until sweet potatoes are thoroughly heated through.

• Remove from the heat and puree the mixture until smooth.

• Return the pan to a low heat and add the can of coconut milk, retaining a small amount for garnish. Combine thoroughly, until heated fully.

• Serve the soup garnished with the drizzle of coconut milk.

Any leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. S

Catherine is a Certificated Natural Health and Diet practitioner and loves sharing her knowledge of food for the Body and the Soul!

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Travelling the Highway of Turbulence

In the July August issue of Supernal Magazine, we look at how we are Travelling the Highway of Turbulence and Separation within family, community and country, and discuss ways of regaining and creating connections, empowering ourselves and others!

Supernal will look into the various topics of how to expand our perception of what is, what could be and what is going on within that reflects without! On a deeper personal level as well

as on a global scale. This will enable readers to find harmony, alignment and balance within their lives!

It will be a Supernal read for sure!


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I am new to the concept of spirituality and I have been told I have an aura. I don’t really understand what that means and the more I research, the more confusing it becomes. Please explain it simply to me.

I Have a Question!

A: Hello, Angela. Welcome to a new and fascinating world of seeking insights. You may have seen old pictures showing saints and other religious figures with a halo around their head as a sign of their spiritual nature. Similarly, the aura is the measurable and subtle field of energy radiating from all living organisms, notably humans. It can be imagined as a bubble containing our physical body and encompassing our personal space. Within this bubble are layers of subtle vibrations, resonating to different colours and reflecting our varying emotional states, cognitive patterns and physical well-being.

The aura works like an antenna, receiving information from our surroundings, passing it inwards through our internal energy system — chakras — into our autonomic nervous system, activating physical, mental and emotional responses. These reactions, in turn, reflect outward through the aura into our immediate surroundings, affecting our response to those around us, our personal world and their/its response to us.

Our aura reflects the interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit, acting as a metaphorical bridge between the tangible and intangible realms. It offers insights into the subtle energies that permeate our reality as, while invisible to the naked eye for most of us, some can see the aura and interpret its influences.

Further Reading

In 1920 a respected physician Walter J Kilner, we don’t know if he is related to our illustrious Editor Anthony Kilner, wrote a book that explores the concept of the human aura and how it’s related to our health.

Are you a Seeker? Are you new to this path and find yourself confused by conflicting information? Are you looking for down-to-earth information that makes sense in today’s world?

Please email your questions to and one of our experts will supply an answer.

The Kirlian photographic process was invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian and reveals visible ‘auras’ around the objects photographed. Read more about Kirlian Photography here.

Over the years many authors have written about the auric field and how they work. Some are very practical and aimed at beginners such as yourself. Others are so in depth it can be very off-putting. We wish you all the best as you explore this amazing phenomenon of energy and our auric field! S

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THE ROADMAP is a step-by-step fully comprehensive online training course teaching business development, branding and marketing to help you set up a complete business online Tailored to Beginners

THE COMMUNITY is the cornerstone of this business, a space of collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking We believe in collective wisdom and our vibrant ecosystem supports ideas that Make the Future

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business online
Earth Walker. Keep Striding
out how: 68 | • Issue 48
‘bush girl’ from Africa set up a
to fund her Adventures ~ and how you can too!



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David Starlyte, Spiritual Teacher, Naturopath, Mental Health Counsellor

David is a spiritual guide with a background globally as a healer at some of the world’s most beautiful locations including Maldives, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, and Mauritius. After an extensive inner journey of suffering, David was able to transmute pain. This informed his approach as a psychotherapist and coach. His work is holistic, focused on the whole person, informed by Buddhist mindfulness and compassion, and follows his dedication to fulfilling his soul purpose to awaken people. David is a Masters Degree graduate of Australia’s only Buddhist university, Nan Tien. As a mental health advocate, David’s writing is informed by the pursuit of recovery, healing and wholeness. In his spare time, he enjoys creating original artworks (available for commission). See:

Freya Sampson, Earthart Custodian

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulted her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.

Jane Offer, Sub Editor

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. Through family illness, Jane became fascinated by the holistic approach to wellness, founding Spectrum Health Trust UK in 1991, facilitating life empowerment workshops, meditation, healing courses and health management programmes, helping many people to explore their potential. In 2007, Jane relocated to Australia opening The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte Victoria and launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia continuing her passion of promoting personal empowerment. “I believe that everyone has infinite potential, which remains undiscovered when the pain from the past overshadows the present. We are amazing and unique with a definite purpose in life and, when fear and uncertainty are swept away, our possibilities are limitless. The joy and privilege of watching a person rediscover their own power touches my soul every time.”

Want to become a contributor at Supernal Magazine? Email: 70 | • Issue 48

Lia Estate, ARMIT MDIA QMi

Lia is an award winning Interior Architect/Designer, Furniture/Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience utilising intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional and supportive. As an artist Lia explores her creativity with drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia assists her clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to reveal insights, viewpoints and a creative perspective in real world realms. Lia is a qualified Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia utilises voice, tone and sound in her vibrational healing work. With over 12 years in practice and a life time of intuitive experiences, Lia is an empath who assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing wellbeing and happiness.

Louise Clarke, Earth Walker, Crystal Dreaming® Practitioner

Louise was born in South Africa and has spent the majority of the past decade traveling the world to feed her passion for Sacred Sites, Indigenous Wisdom, the connection between Wilderness and Wellbeing and Walking as an Art of Healing. A dedicated advocate for freedom, Louise co-founded the global liberation movement in 2011 called Ubuntu Planet and currently actively contributes on the executive committee of Wirritjin Peggera:lin - a movement of unity in Australia. Louise is unapologetically a ‘bush girl’ and spends much of her time in nature. Walking 400km in a month in Mozambique in 2021, she was inspired to create an online store showcasing the life art of rural artisans, so connecting them to the global market. She is also a Crystal Dreaming® practitioner.

Melanie Dufty, Astrologer

Melanie Dufty is an Astrologer, Tarotist and Writer, Melanie is a Federation of Australian Astrologers qualified astrologer and author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Based in Perth with her husband and two teenage sons, Melanie previously spent nine years in London and Sydney working in corporate communications (banking and retail), and highly sceptical about the non-material realms. During the homebirth of her first son, and in the year that followed, she hit the spiritual road, becoming passionately interested in the soul’s journey and energy medicine. Melanie began with Pranic Healing, and the last 10 years has been devoted to Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) energy medicine. Reconciling light and dark has been a big theme in Melanie’s life, leading to a quest to understand duality and to embody the truth that transcends it - unity.

Michael Davyd (Ney)

Michael Ney is a filmmaker, photographer, digital media producer, publisher and author. His first documentary, Earthwalk, records the gathering of many indigenous elders in 1989 held by Earth Repair Foundation. Michael is a pioneer in web development through early internet provider, Pegasus Networks. With four decades experience in both creative and project management roles, he offers documentary consultancy to select clients. His documentaries include Peace Angels — first steps, Baba’s Birthday and Crystal Waters — 30 Years On, among others. Michael also conducted experiential shamanic and crystal workshops in 1984-88, which led to the magazine, The Crystal Visionary, which is soon to be revived online. A keen photographer, he regularly worked for magazines such as Nature & Health, Simply Living, Rolling Stone, Sonics and others. His current inspirational documentary, Beyond Being Human, is developing alongside online publishing.

ShirleySienna Coventry, Medium, Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine


ShirleySienna is recognised throughout Australia and around the globe, by her clients and peers as a highly perceptive and accurate Psychic Medium, Tutor, Speaker, and Demonstrator. Proficient in many modalities of Spiritual and Galactic communication and connection, ShirleySienna’s passion and international acknowledgment as a Crystal Skull Caretaker and Earth-Spirit Wisdom Keeper, has enabled her to travel and integrate a diversity of unique teachings and experiences into both her personal and professional life. In turn she assists others as they endeavour to access and understand the many areas of their own ‘Divine Soul Symmetry’. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

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