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A Resolution Revolution Origins of New Year’s Eve Resolutions

PLUS Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique — A Personal Story! Looking Ahead: 2024 Page 11 News Sacred Site Damaged? Kariong/Gosford Glyphs Banks Behaving Badly?

Divine Time — Blending Time • Reflections — Looking to 2024 Expect Magic — Buddhist Response to Race and Racism Pt II Wild Gaia — A Regenerative Story Pt I • Sacred Sites — The Naming of a Soul

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In this issue JAN / FEB 2024


Ed’s Letter


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Quote of the Month Steve Irwin


Page 11 News Sacred Sites Destroyed, Gosford Glyphs NSW


Page 11 News Big 4 Banks Behaving Badly!




Origins Of Series: New Year’s Eve Resolutions Anthony Kilner investigates the humble beginnings of New Year’s Resolutions, from Babylonian days to modern day psychology behind resolutions, both positive and negative.

4 | • Issue 46



Looking Ahead: 2024 The Supernal team of regular writers, headed by our newest team member Arty Indigo, offer a reflective and predictive view on where 2024 will take them personally. They also offer insights into the future, both here in Australia and globally.

30 Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, A Personal Story! Freya Savitri Sampson explores the origins of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique started by Gary Young of Young Living Oils and taken to an all-new level with Artemis. It includes a great video interview between Freya and Artemis.


Acknowledgment Of Country We acknowledge the Booja (country) and it’s Traditional Custodians — The Aboriginal peoples of all countries and tribes. We call on the Ancestors, past and present, Earth and star, who love us unconditionally. We call on the good spirit to be present with us as we journey Supernal Magazine. We call on the Rainbow Serpent and the Dreaming Serpents of each Aboriginal Country. Thank you for being with us and for your blessings and guidance. Freya Savitri Sampson

– Custodian Eartheart



38 Sacred Sites — The Alchemy The Naming of a Soul. Freya Sampson explains how the Soul is the first self, as individualised from Source and, in and of itself, is therefore, a sacred site!

40 A New Earth — Now A New Power Rises, Pluto in Aquarius. Melanie Dufty offers some deep insights into how Pluto and Aquarius will impact our lives.


Wild Gaia Timeless Wisdom A Regenerative Story — Part 1. Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot ponders the eminent collapse of the systems set up to enslave the greater population of this Earth.

21st Century Parenting The Opportunity Behind the Mistake is the last column for Olivia, who explores how “…a mistake is a single incident, while a thinking error is making the same mistake over and over again”.

56 Divine Time Blending Time. ShirleySienna explores a unique way of looking at life, as we enter the Gregorian year of 2024 and continuing forward into the halfway cycle of the Thirteen Moon White Overtone Wizard Year.

50 Reflections


Looking to 2024! Jane Offer reflects on societal use of Tarot, astrology, intuition and other means to predict the future, starting with Nostradamus.

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Expect Magic

62 Business Cards

Buddhist Response to Race and Racism Pt II. David Starlyte continues his deep exploration of karma, the philosophical Buddhist idea of ‘non-self’ and introduces readers to the philosophy of Nietzsche, whilst continuing to expand on Buddhist-purification.

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from the editor by Anthony Kilner

HE NEW YEAR IS HERE! As this magazine goes out, countries across the world will have spent millions of dollars on fireworks and other celebrations to usher in 2024. We hope that it’s a magical new year ahead where we all find some peace and clarity and direction! To start the year off Supernal has delved into the world of New Year’s Resolutions. This was an interesting journey, a history as far back as the Babylonians — and I am sure, much further. It’s about the creation of

“Imagine that, Mother Earth being dictated to by whimsical and controlling men?”

calendars to mark a year, including the seasons that suited men’s desires over the evolving and revolving seasons this planet has. Imagine that, Mother Earth being dictated to by whimsical and controlling men? Who’d have thought? On a brighter note the world is changing, slowly and execrably towards a destiny not known or understood. That in many ways makes it interesting times to live in — not easy mind you — just fascinating! I read in a book a few years ago where one character was wondering about the wars, loss of life and more, in a negative way. The response to him was along the lines of: ‘Well, many people live their lives without

seeing any change around them. Some, like us, who are in the thick of it, get to experience everything that life is about, including death. If I had Wishing you all the best for a happy 2024!

a choice I’d choose momentous times and a life lived well regardless of how short, over a life of just existence!’ This conversation was more detailed however the understanding has stayed with me for years. Every time I start to feel negative it pops up from the depths of my memory and gives me something to ponder. There is always more to life, and a reason for our existence. We can just hope to find out what it is before we die rather than after, when all is revealed. Ah the folly of humankind eh! We allow others to rule our existence through fear instead of love. We are lied to from birth and it perpetuates a life of lies through conditioning. To break the condition means breaking the barriers of our very existence — of everything we are taught to think, or not think — as the case really is.

6 | • Issue 46


In the words of my most beloved band, Pink Floyd: ‘break down the walls. Break Down the Walls!’ I for one, along with Supernal am going to start doing that in 2024. Break down some walls. Dispel the lies and ‘BS’ in our lives and help those seeking to find truth and a life within it — can YOU handle the ride? Do YOU even want to journey along the path of awareness? If you

“There is always more to life, and a reason for our existence.”

do, why not shoot me an email of the topics you’d like to have Supernal delve into. What thoughts you might have to change the way Supernal is reflected in every issue. Where do YOU want to see Supernal head? Email and let us know.

This Issue There’s a bit going on in this issue starting with a new look and feel by Ivy, our new Art Director. Ivy has met and conducted a great planning session with nearly all the supernal team in Melbourne and that information is going to start flowing through the magazine from this issue. I hope you love it! Yours truly delves into the Origins of New Year’s Resolutions on Page 14. The Supernal team have written a page each on what 2024 looks like to them. I found this fascinating indeed. This read starts on Page 18. Page 11 News looks at the Big Four Banks and their treatment of everyday Aussies, and who owns both the banks and apparently the Aussies. This is a shallow dive with more to come! We’ll also feature a couple of pages on some savage destruction of the Kariyong Glyphs in NSW on Page 11. As usual this issue has some thoughtful columns and potentially challenging stories and we know you will enjoy them!

Anthony’s Antics While it’s not in my nature to be a super promoter of myself I’m enjoying the amount of TV coverage I am getting on Chanel 31. There’s the on-going series of interviews with Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Show every Friday at 5.30pm on C31, and now after five odd years, Chronicles X as a series is being realised. Chronicles X is a destination and travel show based through the Golden

Anthony delves into the origins of New Year’s resolutions on page 14. Also catch him on C31 on Chronicles X

Plains Shire near Geelong. Myself, Gary Sullivan from Forever Haunted and Haunted Australia TV Series and Elysia Janssen are the main hosts and we enjoyed many days travelling and filming in the shire. Check out the shows at CTV+. They are live every Wednesday evening at 9.30pm We wish you all the very best for 2024 and that your very own personal journey is one of love, fulfilment and joy!

A n th o n y K il n e r



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Freya Savitri Sampson, Deputy Editor of Supernal Magazine Australia, interviews Astarte Diana regarding the planetary timelines to now and beyond Pluto into Capricorn. This is Part 4 of a 4 part series. Astarte’s interview appears in the June July 2021 issue


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Supernal Podcast Hoody’s World By Radio Media PTY LTD Graham Hood has had an amazing life from a young child living in a dysfunctional family to living his dream as a pilot. Hoody as he’s called, is now a face of Freedom in Australia. He’s passionate, he’s real and he’s a saint for the thousands upon thousands of people needing support here in Australia and abroad. This is a powerful interview that has to be listened to, to appreciate this man’s passion for his country.

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8 | • Issue 46

Quote of the Month


have a message for my fans. Whatever you want to do in this world, it is achievable. The most important thing that I've found, that perhaps you could use, is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction that you choose in life, and you'll be a winner.

Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter)


the environment.

Feb 22, 1962 – Sept 4, 2006. Born in Upper Ferntree Gully Melbourne, Steve led a life others could only dream of with dedication, focus and great passion! His unexpected, tragic and early death shocked the world — speared by a Short Tail Sting Ray in the waters of the Batt Reef (Queensland). Steve knew the risks. He had been known to say he may not be around for the long haul and was under no illusions about the dangerous nature of his work! Loved and respected worldwide, Steve was famous for his quirky nature, intrinsic to his mission and ethics regarding wildlife and

Steve’s was a life well lived, explored, thoroughly enjoyed and in conscious service to a greater good.

by ShirleySienna

Image credit: www

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Earth Walker. Keep Striding.

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Kariong/ Gosford Glyphs Destroyed? by Freya Savitri Sampson


EPORTED first on Thursday, 14

until that time, had no conclusion. Thus,

December, 2023, Jake Cassar

the authenticity of the Kariong Glyphs

visited the site on 17 December, after

was proven and the development was

countless people contacted him about

stopped. For a time!

its destruction. Watch the video — Kariong Hieroglyphs being Under Fire.

An ancient and mysterious GuriNgai people sacred site — in the Sacred Bambara Forest in northern NSW Central Coast region, has been attacked.

In 2020, we interviewed Colin Hayter about the glyphs. Read that article HERE. Further, Colin shared the connected site, Lion Island, a two part article: PART I and PART II.

Gosford Glyphs Translated Since their discovery in 1983, even without the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) advertising the glyphs, tens-of-thousands of local, national and international visitors have frequented this site for tourism and

This site has been the focus of

spiritual purposes. See a translation of

developers for years. Development

the Glyphs.

was stopped by a five year stay to determine the authenticity of the glyphs.

A local spokesperson who wishes to remain anonymous explained,

Much misinformation was spread across

“Subsequently Darkinjung Land Council

the internet, including articles from

purchased 1000 parcels of land, one

well-known publications, claiming to

being nearby the Kariong Glyphs,

have ‘debunked’ the glyphs. However, this is not the case. At the end of the five year stay, Colin made a monumental discovery. The Kariong Glyphs were the completion of the famed Prisse Papyrus which,

10 | • Issue 46

“Development was stopped by a five year stay to determine the authenticity of the glyphs.”


Left to right: Destruction that can only be described as vandalism; Geovert boxes found at the site; claims no explosives were used by contractors, only hand tools.

from the NSW State Government at a peppercorn price. We assumed the area was under the jurisdiction of NPWS, yet it turns out to be Crown Land. This parcel has been proposed for development for fifty large houses.” The NPWS employed a specialist to carry out testing on the Kariong Glyphs site for potential rock movement. Their findings were that a section of the site was deemed ‘unsafe’. The works at the glyphs were slammed by local spokesperson Jake Cassar and the CEA (Coast Environment Alliance).

Outrage At Remedial Works Over Glyph Site We have been unable to locate any

divulge contractor information; however,

“Do not be triggered and allow the

they did say that explosives were not

chaos to wash around us is imperative,

being used on site, only hand tools.

as we are holding the energy of the

This opens up another line of inquiry into, what can only be described as vandalism. The destruction caused on or around 14 December, would have required vastly more than hand tools to carry out. With the battle to preserve the Sacred Bambara Kariong Forest, the Glyphs and all the Sacred Sites in the area, the local elders recently had this to say: “Save Kariong Lands.” I concur with Central Coast NSW local, Vicki Burke, who encourages anyone who has the ability to do so, to act as a ‘quantum activist’. She asks we use our alchemical gifts to do our own inner work, come to peace, then offer healing to the area and situation.

official publication by NPWS about

Ms Bourke states, “Comfort zones are

the site works. When contacted on 18

no longer the norm, as we find new

December about the destruction of

ways for new challenges. There is no

the glyphs, an NPWS spokesperson

denying, our world is rapidly changing

said, “They weren’t meant to touch the

and, for those who ‘feel’ the changes,

glyphs.” However, they would provide

we are gaining momentum and going to

no further comment or information.

places we’ve never been before.

Further info can be found here.

“Many of us are gaining new ways of

Geovert tool-boxes were photographed

approaching these situations. How we

at the site, although they have not

know what to do seems to vary for many

officially been confirmed as site

of us, but we all know we are going

construction management. When asked,

somewhere very important and we have

a NPWS spokesperson refused to

specific roles in our communities.

New Earth. We create the New Earth by living it. Living the New Earth means not doing things in a duality-based way anymore. When we see it with a vaster perspective, we understand that all is exactly as it should be, for a much greater purpose. “How do we deal with this? We must, as we are One with All and, because we are authentically loving Beings, it is imperative that all we do comes from the heart with big love!” Supernal Magazine Australia would like to encourage anyone with information on the events at Kariong on or around 14 December, to contact us about these unprecedented events. Email Stay Tuned S Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming™, The Liquid Crystals anda range of holistic services.

To show your support for the preservation of what’s left of the Kariong Glyphs and the entire area, there is a small window of opportunity to lodge your objection at Save Kariong Sacred Lands.

Issue 46 • | 11


Big Four Banks Behaving Badly? by Jane Offer When we investigate who owns the most shares in all the Big Four and, more especially, who owns the *issue bonds, it tracks back to American giants, Vanguard, Blackrock, Norges Bank and UBS Group. Norges Bank owns UBS Group, Vanguard is owned by banking giants Rothchild and Blackrock is owned by Rockefeller. Vanguard and


Blackrock are major investors in each HERE is growing dissatisfaction

other, so it is important to combine

with the ‘Big Four’ banks, as

their listed share percentages to see the

Australians are being affected, not

full picture. This means that the major

only by the 13 rate rises inflicted by

ownership of the Big Four are American

the Reserve Bank of Australia, but also

investment corporations, holding a

the increasing rise in bank closures in

great deal of leverage over financial

rural Australia. Many people in the rural

happens in this country.

communities are outraged at being forced to travel up to 30 minutes or more, to access face-to-face services.

With this in mind, maybe it is time to vent our feelings and make a submission to the government, backing

The Facts *Issue Bond ownership means that a company has made a loan to the bank and, should the bank go into liquidation, they as creditors receive payment first, in preference to shareholders. See Details HERE Since May 2022, there have been 13 rate rises with rates currently standing at 4.35%, a 12-year high. See Details HERE Over the past five years, 677 rural and regional bank branches have been

Currently, there is a Senate Inquiry

this proposal. This could ensure that

into these closures, upholding strong

rural communities receive fair service,

advocacy for a government-owned

we ring-fence our hard-earned money,

See Details HERE

bank, operating through post

and we preserve Australian autonomy in

offices, to force the Big Four to truly

our future.

Investment details of UBS

compete. Australia public banks were privatised in the 1980s and 1990s after lobbying pressure from private banks, complaining that having to compete with public banks was unfair.

The Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee have reopened submissions to its inquiry into bank closures. If you want to make a submission, CLICK HERE to add

Over the year-long hearing, the

your voice to the call for a public Post

appalling private bank behaviour has

Office People’s Bank. S

been evidenced to Senate inquiry, including testimony from the Licensed Post Office Group (LPOG). They, along with the Australian Citizens Party (ACP), are strong supporters of a public bank.

12 | • Issue 46

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431168 027.

closed, a reduction of 29%.

Group, See Details HERE Bank Investors ANZ, See Details HERE CBA, See Details HERE NAB, See Details HERE Westpac, See Details HERE


Numerology by ShirleySienna

Smile! Tis the beginning of a new season — according to our mainstay calendar!


ANUARY is straight faced and

Stay on track. Allow the magnificent

careful with our thoughts and auto

February is holding space, ready

energy of the feeling and healing

pilot reactions. Try to use it instead

and waiting to bring a curve to the lips,

abundant figure of its sum of 8

to bring focus and intuition into play,

upward pointing smiley mouth.

glimmer like an eight-sided Asscher

then you have all bases covered.

cut diamond.

January (1) plus 2024 (8) gives us the

Remember to find your personal

impression that one must remain poker

Adding 2024 (8) to January (1) and

or current year blend for 2024 just

faced. This number nine combination is

February (2) brings illumination

add your day and month of birth to

logical in outlook, and isn’t seeing the

and mastery. Legs 11 will stand you

2024 (8) and the sum is your answer,

humour in much at all.

in good stead, give you strength,

reducing numbers to single digits

stamina and opportunity all the way,

unless 11, 22 or 33 arise — master

with the reminder that Life is what You


February (2) plus 2024 (8), hastens to add itself to the mix early, feeling like

Make It!

the year is ready more than ready to

For example, my own personal year;

move forward. Reach out, broaden

This eleven-elevation can however,

Sept 12, 2024, would be 9 plus 1 plus

your scope of perspective and find the

can reduce itself very quickly back to

2 plus 2024 = 20 reduces to 2.

humour in all situations.

number 2, which can bring in some

One, Two, Three — Go! Through January and into February, it’s important to be consciously

There you go, I’ll have to make sure I

flat feeling down time if we are not

stay aware, conscious, intuitive and focused! S










aware of your attitude of gratitude, behaviour and expression. Allow the










to raise its vibration within you, to










uplift you and to remind you to smile









beginning of 2024’s number cycle

through thick and thin.

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

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A Resolution Revolution: Origins of New Year's Eve Resolutions by Anthony Kilner 14 | • Issue 46


Ah, the time-honoured tradition of New Year's resolutions; a phenomenon that has us all promising to hit the gym, eat more vegetables and finally learn to play the Ukulele. Because, why not? I know I’ve made many over the years and well, I haven’t really followed through with them.


from and how did it evolve into the spectacle of

The Feast of the Circumcision meets Resolution

self-improvement we know today? Buckle up,

The Middle Ages brought a touch of divine

OWEVER, where did this quirky tradition come

because we're about to take a rollicking ride through time, exploring the weird and inspiring origins of New Year's Eve Resolutions.

intervention to the resolution game. January 1st became associated with the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, a holy day where folks

Babylonian Resolution Makers

reflected on their sins and pledged to do better.

Our journey begins in ancient Babylon, a bustling

resolutions serving as the mop to wipe away

metropolis that knew a thing or two about throwing epic parties. Around 4,000 years ago, in 2,000 BC, the Babylonians threw a shindig known as Akitu, to celebrate Spring and the New Year. Picture this:

It was like a spiritual spring cleaning, with the sins of the past. This holy twist added a layer of solemnity to the tradition, giving

fireworks, feasts and ceremony lasting 12 days!

people reason to take stock of

Here's the kicker. These party animals also engaged

change. Imagine knights in shining

in a bit of goal-setting. The Babylonians made promises to their gods, vowing to return borrowed farm equipment and pay off debts. You see, even back then, the deities were basically divine debt collectors. Nothing says divine favour like returning that ox you borrowed for your ploughing spree.

their lives and commit to positive armour taking the Peacock Vow every year at the end of Christmas, solemnly swearing off dragon-slaying binges as their New Year's Resolution.

The Romans join the Resolution Evolution

From Religious Rites to Secular Self-Improvement

Fast forward to Ancient Rome, where Julius Caesar

As time marched on, resolutions

decides, ‘Hey, March is so last year. Let's start the new year in January!’ And just like that, January 1st 46BC became the official kick-off for the New Year. Enter Janus, the two-faced god who looked both backward and forward. Janus became the symbol of transitions, choices and more, so making promises to him seemed like a celestial insurance policy for a smooth year ahead. So, Romans jumped on the resolution bandwagon, promising to be better, do better and probably wear more laurel wreaths. Janus wasn't just the God of Doorways; he was the original life coach, guiding

Janus symbolically looked backwards into the previous year and ahead into the future.

evolved. The Renaissance saw a shift from religious rituals to a more secular approach. People began focussing on personal improvement rather than divine appeasement. It was the era of enlightenment, both figuratively and literally. The enlightenment in this case being the light bulb moment that said, ‘Maybe I should resolve to stop wearing tights under my doublet’. »

Romans through the maze of self-improvement.

Issue 46 • | 15


According to a report conducted by Michelle Hutchinson, in a 2014 report, 35% of participants who failed their New Year’s Resolutions admitted they had unrealistic goals, 33% of participants did not keep track of their progress and 23% forgot about them; the remaining respondents claimed they made too many resolutions. A 2007 study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people


of those who set NY resolutions fail



Resolutions Go Global

showed that, 88% of those who set New Year

The tradition of making resolutions spread across the

study’s participants were confident of success

globe like wildfire, adapting to the unique cultures of different societies. From Japan's traditional Oshogatsu to the Scottish Hogmanay, each culture put its own spin on the New Year's resolution extravaganza. It was like a worldwide collaboration of self-improvement, with each country adding its

resolutions fail, despite the fact that 52% of the at the beginning. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in goal setting, wherein resolutions are made in terms of small and measurable goals. In conclusion, the origins of New Year's

unique flavour to the resolution pot!

resolutions are a delightful blend of ancient guidance. From Babylon to Rome, from medieval

admitted they had

New Year, New Humour: Resolutions Get Funny

set unrealistic goals

Now, let's fast forward to more recent times, where

of participants who failed their NY Resolutions

New Year's resolutions have taken on a whole new level of humour. The internet is rife with memes and jokes about failed resolutions. We've all seen the ones that say, ‘My New Year's resolution is to follow through with my last year's resolutions’.

traditions, celestial whimsy with a dash of divine feasts to the global celebration of today, the evolution of resolutions is a testament to the enduring human spirit of self-improvement. So, as you embark on your own resolution adventure, remember the laughter, embrace the quirks and toast to the promise of a new year, filled with possibilities, growth and, maybe, just a touch of

It's as if the collective consciousness has decided

divine intervention.

that resolutions are meant to be broken, with the

Happy Resolutioning! S

laughter as the real prize.

“…the origins Science Says: The Psychology of of New Year's Resolutions resolutions are As we chuckle our way into the present, let's take a delightful a moment to peek into the fascinating world of psychology. Studies suggest that the act of blend of ancient making resolutions is deeply ingrained in our traditions, psyche. The beginning of a new year provides a celestial natural opportunity for self-reflection and goal whimsy with a setting. Psychologists argue that setting specific, realistic goals and having a support system are dash of divine key factors in achieving resolutions. So, go ahead, guidance.” share your resolution recipe with a friend, it might just be the secret sauce for success. arious studies have shown that resolution rates aren’t that great. No surprises there, really. We are human after all. These are just two mentioned in Wikipedia and there are multiple sources on the net. 16 | • Issue 46

Anthony Kilner lives and breathes spiritual work and has been facilitating Intuitive Development, Meditation and various workshops for 15 years plus.

Tips to Make Your Resolutions Stick BE REALISTIC. No, you won't become a trapeze artist overnight, yet maybe you can start by joining a circus fitness class. BREAK IT DOWN. Instead of trying to write a novel, start with a paragraph a day. HAVE A LAUGH. Life is too short to take your resolutions too seriously.

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Looking Ahead 2024 Supernal staff discuss their predictions for 2024

Arty Indigo Arty looks at the world through a different lens and pulls no punches when it comes to discovering the truths behind the lies of humanity.


HAVEN’T the ability to predict the future, especially about specific

directions Australia may take in 2024. Predictive work is a complex task riddled with uncertainties and influenced by a multitude of factors. It is shaped by elements such as economic landscapes, political choices, worldwide occurrences, social shifts, and the agendas of influential groups.

Australian Predictions for 2024 Economic Recovery Australia is expected to continue its economic recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccination mandates dropped, tourism, hospitality and retail are likely to rebound, contributing to overall economic growth — providing companies employ unvaccinated people rather than imported workers who are vaccinated! There are now companies being sued (in Australia and globally) regarding forced vaccine mandates. If these are as successful as some reported overseas cases then that will have a huge impact on Australia’s economy, and may well send businesses here into receivership. 18 | • Issue 46


“Artificial intelligence, 5G technology and advancements in biotechnology will be prominent… None of which will benefit humanity for millennia to come, if ever!” Renewable Energy Expansion

Cash The global push to remove cash from

Technological Advancements

Significant strides in renewable energy

society is an agenda that will continue.

Breakthroughs in technology will

are likely, due to the government's

There must be a solid pushback to

continue to shape aspects of our daily

commitment to reducing carbon

avoid a total breakdown in our society.

life. Artificial intelligence, 5G technology

emissions and increasing investment in

Cybertech and hackers have proven

and advancements in biotechnology

renewable technologies. This will lead

that. See Optus and Big Bank hacks!

will be prominent, influencing industries

to a boost in solar and wind energy

While Supernal doesn’t condone the

from healthcare to manufacturing.

projects. Whether people like it or not!

act of hacking, it sure does prove that,

None of which will benefit humanity

There is a bigger agenda in forcing

if the world is corrupted electronically,

for millennia to come, if ever!

homes to be all-electrical and gas free.

society will break down into anarchy!

Technology and Innovation

Global Predictions for 2024

The Australian technology sector is anticipated to thrive, with its focus on innovation and digital

Post-Pandemic Recovery

transformation. Increased investment

Globally, nations are expected to recover

in research and development will likely lead to breakthroughs in areas like artificial intelligence, biotechnology and cybersecurity.

further from the COVID-19 pandemic, notwithstanding the very high rates of unexpected deaths. Vaccination

Geopolitical Shifts We can anticipate changes in geopolitical dynamics with realignments in global alliances and partnerships. Nations may reassess their relationships, impacting international trade and diplomatic strategies. Of course, warmongering, money laundering, child trafficking

campaigns and a supposedly improved

and elitist agendas will do this.

Climate Change Action

healthcare infrastructure will contribute

Cybersecurity Challenges

The Australian government and

international travel gradually resuming,

businesses will intensify efforts to address climate change. Stricter environmental regulations and a shift towards sustainable practices will impact various industries. All the while ignoring the real facts about climate control and effects of geo-engineering!

to a return to relative normalcy; with and providing you have a digital passport in your arm. This will help to aid the creation of a digital certificate

As technology advances, the threat of cybersecurity will also evolve. Governments and businesses will face increased challenges in protecting

for the world to be controlled.

sensitive information, leading to a

Renewable Energy Dominance

measures and international

greater emphasis on cybersecurity collaboration. The push for a digital identity for all humans means a more

Healthcare Advancements

The global push towards sustainable energy sources will continue, with

effective way of tracking and hacking!

The healthcare sector will continue

emphasis on reducing reliance on

While these predictions provide a

to focus on preventive care and digital health solutions. Telemedicine and health tech innovations will become more integrated into the healthcare system, determining the demise of complimentary therapies and natural medicines, while increasing MRNA type vaccinations for every disease on this planet.

fossil fuels. Investments in solar, wind and other renewable technologies will escalate, driven by both economic and environmental considerations-despite the cost to the planet of producing these renewables and the lack of publically available facts.

glimpse into potential developments, it's important to note that the future is inherently uncertain (for 99.9 percent of people on the planet) and unforeseen events can shape the course of events in unexpected ways. Maybe some tongue-in-cheek might impact the way the world changes? »

Issue 46 • | 19


Anthony Kilner Anthony Kilner lives and breathes spiritual work and has been facilitating Intuitive Development, Meditation and various workshops for 15 years plus.

Truth be told, I found myself getting depressed. I recalled the fun times and, in some instances the not-so-fun times, I lived with these people. I found it depressing because many of them were younger than me and I realised

Life is too short!


O much has been happening within myself personally, among those

around me, and within the broader picture from the state level to Australia as a whole and globally. It's truly interesting to contemplate what 2024 will herald for both me and the planet. Reading our amazing contributor’s

the extent of what they would miss from the physical world and how much their loved ones would miss them! Possibly the biggest reflection was watching my father dying in palliative care. My last words to him, before he became non-verbal, were that “I loved

him.” It was the first time I had said it since being adopted by him, nearly 45 years ago. It might seem strange how those words changed me and seeing his

views on 2024 and its direction has

smile was priceless.

been pretty cool. Such varied responses

My resolve, since then and moving into

to the simple question, “Where do you see yourself and the world in 2024?” If I could sum up my experiences and learning over the last few years it would be, “Life is Too Short!” This has been a

2024, is to live my authentic self. To find what serves me from unconditional love and release with love, anything that doesn’t! It seems so simple yet, I know in my heart it’s going to be hard. Hard only

reality check indeed.

because I’ll be breaking the conditioning

Early in 2023, I came up with the idea

pain of loss and hurt still impacts the

of writing down the names of all my friends that had passed away in the last few years and, more importantly, what they meant to me. It seemed a simple way of remembering those people in a positive and happy way. The outcome wasn’t quite what I had in mind!

20 | • Issue 46

I’ve had since birth. Hard because the mind, body and spirit. Yet, the sparkle of joy is that I’ll find the truth of me in that process and that will benefit all with whom I come into contact. I wish your journey into 2024 is filled with love and new experiences! »

“My resolve, since then and moving into 2024, is to live my authentic self.”


Freya Savitri Sampson Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming™, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services.

Whilst nourishing our spirits during the

are supposed to be inward focused,

2023 DOT in the UK, my partner and I

attending to our inner landscape for the

collaborated with Crop Circle makers to

coming growth cycle.

manifest geometries which would pull us into our aligned purpose. The circle makers graced us with not one, but two

Into view comes 2024 and, if you are a person who is working in alignment with ‘natural time’, then you’ll be aware that as 2024 Gregorian calendar begins, we are almost halfway through the 13 moon Mayan Calendar cycle. The Liquid Crystals (TLC) is my preferred system.


N this cycle, there are four mini cycles of 72 days and one of 77. This

means that the first seven months of 2024 are about walking those cycles. This

“It’s time to prune and weed the garden of the mind…”

formations, within which we were able to offer sacred ceremony. Crop Circle Video HERE. This, and the ‘DOT Retreat’ that we facilitated, started a life overhaul, which is still underway — Frequencies of Forgiveness, divine timing, letting-go, boundaries, simplification, focus, foresight, consolidation, organisation, attention to detail, are all themes set to continue until the last moon cycle beginning late June 2024. The sensation of inevitable change and significant movement, and travel underpins our drive to prepare.

It’s time to prune and weed the garden of the mind, in readiness for the next spring into growth. So that, by the time the next DOT arrives, we will be ready to step confidently on our next manifestation path. Looking ahead for 2024, these three crystals emerged from the pack. Overarching theme — Citrine — SP: Abundance. The remainder of the cycle, until DOT 2024, is Tiger Eye — SP: Personal Power in Action. After DOT, the New Year begins on 26th July, where the magnetic Lodestone — SP: Earth Embrace overarches the journey, balancing masculine and feminine. Magic and Miracles in 2024! »

In the Southern hemisphere, the new Mayan calendar year begins in the depths of winter. During this time we

begins with Larimar — Simple Purpose (SP) Service, and then pausing to reflect on day 72 — Black Obsidian — SP: True Self. Leading towards completion of that year with the ‘Day out of Time’ (DOT) on July 25th 2024 Garnet — SP: Manifestation of Purpose. This aligns us to the process of Soul growth.

Issue 46 • | 21


Jane Offer Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. She is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431168 027.

Embracing a new beginning


OLLOWING years of speculation, uncertainty and enormous upset in

the considered equilibrium of the world, it appears that 2024 will bring the settling down and settling in of a

Apart from one month in November 2024, this remains in place until 2043. I feel 2019 to 2023 has been the ‘Chaos Theory Experience’, where seemingly random events are interconnected, each happening as a result of another. We had little understanding of what was happening behind closed doors, as the

new calm.

power lords engineered their agenda.

We have seen the breakup of

energy of people power grew, we saw

families and friendships, lost income, business closures and an increase in

Over time, it was questioned and, as the inevitable conflict ensue.

with the responsibility of our life path resting in our own hands. Providing, of course, we as individuals are brave enough to take that step.

an escalating situation. However, the

“2024 is an eight year, heralding the energy of self-empowerment.”

bonus is that people have been forced to

We are now ready to move into a new

the architects of our own future; what

era with an informed and resilient

we believe is what we create.

homelessness and debt. Systems are at breaking point and the governing bodies seem incapable of bring resolution to

review their vision of their life and many have made changes, taking them back to a more natural way of life. Astrologers would say this has been due to the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, respectively the epitomes of power and governance. Pluto moves into Aquarius, the sign of people power and community groups, in January 2024.

22 | • Issue 46

mindset. 2024 is an eight year, heralding the energy of self-empowerment. It generates true soul understanding, reminding us that what our soul knows to seek, it will surely find. We each can gain balance and a sense of achievement, leading us into a time that is more spiritually and holistically based,

For so long we have been taught that we are being ‘looked after’ and that is what we needed. No longer does that hold the power or any credence. We are

I believe the keywords for 2024 to be courage and strength. The courage to take on the responsibility for our own future on every level and, the strength to stand resolutely for our individual right to do so. Welcome to 2024! »



from being determined, forceful and proactive. As such, it has enabled an

ShirleySienna facilitates events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development. Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

aggressive approach of intentional negative control to create a downturn of viability for humanity, the creatures and the environment. The world is not the Planet, it is the body on which we exist. The world is what we We create a focus and frequency that enhances global wellbeing and spiritual awareness, thus living in accordance with our original reason for existence. The year 2024 vibrates to the frequency

Personally, I don’t feel 2024 is heading in any specific direction, rather it’s a year of personal perception!


of the number eight! Eight opens the gate to what is manifest. All possibilities are already covered, as all possibility is an infinite. Infinity is the cooperative and speciality of eight. It’s important to make some staunch decisions, deliberating on the science

OW we, as individuals, wish to see

of creating. The effects of creation and

this year pan out; how we think

realising it’s not beyond us, it is because

about ourselves, our attitude toward others and our general behaviour, action and reaction are the seeds that we will sow, reap and harvest in 2024 and beyond. By 2029 more people will be aware of the power of mindful consciousness, of lessons learned from

of us. Decide to be a positive participator in life, non-passive and, may I dare suggest, positively aggressive. To be seen as aggressive is frowned upon by society and ‘authority’ to deter people

make of it. The energy of the programme we are living and creating in each moment, is not governed by gods but by our own undisciplined nature. We are, by design, a consistently flexible flux of shifting particles. There is, or was originally, a grand design, a divine plan, with details so ancient, they may now be nearly wiped from our cellular memory. Eons of history and civilisation built, has fallen, deconstructed and disappeared time and time again. The plan is within us, evolving as we evolve and, unfortunately, devolve. My decision in 2024 is to make my world my own. To endeavour to imagine it as I would like it to be, as far as my field of dreams can expand and become tangible. Therefore it will be! In Lak’ech ala’ kin »

previously succumbing to a passive/ submissive mental attitude. Manifestation is a natural occurrence. All is manifest in alignment with our personal and collective consciousness. The effort we put into the manifestation process is wasted when it’s not felt inside. By harnessing and utilising the power of our thoughts, we begin actively building upon and continually raising our own vibration.

Issue 46 • | 23


Charles SnellekszMathelot

“...instead of refocusing on achieving my goal, I would collapse into victimhood and spiral all the way into defeat.”

Charles has trained with earth wisdom keepers, spritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide.

I used to be an all-or-nothing kind of being, making New Year’s resolutions only to break them two to three weeks into the year and taking no responsibility for my decision to give up on my goal. I hated that about myself and, instead of refocusing on achieving my goal; I would collapse into victimhood and spiral all the way into defeat. If I couldn’t do it all, I wouldn’t do any of it!


NE year, I resolved to create

off course and I became enraged that

to meet my real life needs, rather than

better health for myself and I

I had to adjust my schedule to take care

staying fixated on my perceived needs,

decided to: 1) wake up at 5am. 2) have

of unforeseen events. I couldn’t walk for

I could have continued to work on

a cold glass of water. 3) 5:15am do

the two hours I planned for each day,

my goal and achieved a favourable

morning pages. 4) 6am walk for two

so I stopped walking altogether. Some

outcome for my health.

hours. 5) 8:30am cold shower. 6) 9am

nights I couldn’t go to bed at my desired

breakfast. 7) 9:30am start work.

time of 9:30pm, so the next morning, I

8) 3pm second meal for the day. 9) 5pm

didn’t wake up at 5am and that day, I

family time/dinner. 10) 7pm yoga and

didn’t take any steps in achieving my

meditation. 11) 8pm cold shower.

goal for better health and wellbeing.

12) 8:30pm reading. 13) 9:30 pm sleep.

As I continued down the road of all or

I began the year well and for two weeks

nothing, I failed to see that, I was not

I kept to my programme and then, my

achieving my goal for better health

soul brought challenges into my life

and wellbeing, in fact, my health was

which I needed to include into my days

getting worse. Had I been flexible with

journey. I allowed myself to be taken

my thinking and adjusted my schedule

24 | • Issue 46

As a result, I have learnt to be real with myself, taking take whatever little or big step I can to stay on purpose with my life. »


Melanie Dufty Melanie Dufty is a taroist, an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, I Am Lilith.

The People’s Revolution Picks Up in 2024


RECENTLY saw the film Napoleon, directed by Ridley Scott and starring

uber Scorpio, Joaquin Phoenix. This made me wonder how our current so-called elites might feel, watching

“‘We are One’ is a great catchcry for 2024…” Freedom loving rebel Uranus, is the

We are more likely to embrace a more

modern ruler of Aquarius and carries

balanced respect for one another and

the same essential energies, as was

our differences. Better able to see

evident in the 1960s hippy free love

through separation attempts hidden

scene. That era arose due to major

behind false virtue, rabble-rousers won’t

Uranus transits teaming up with

have the same influential power, as our

both power-player Pluto and spiritual

Aquarian sensitivities increase.

idealist Neptune.

As people are pushed deeper by Plutonic

common people taking back power in

These historical eras give us a sense of

extremes, there will be more realisations

the French revolution.

the changes the Aquarian and Uranian

around what’s been hidden in the

energies can bring, as they pick up

underworlds of deception and power.

momentum this year.

Additional issues will surface to align

The planetary zeitgeist of that time is back! Power is being built from

with the principles of fairness and equity

January 2024, marked by the return of

We will see further challenges for many

transformational heavyweight Pluto to

including financial strain and the testing

the same sign placement for the first

of moral compasses. This will push

See this edition’s A New Earth Now on

time since.

us to become more responsible for

Pluto’s move into Aquarius to learn more.

As Pluto moves fully into the radical ‘power to the people’ air sign of higher love, Aquarius, it further establishes

our actions and to make courageous decisions in the best interests of the freedom and wellbeing of the collective.

the fledgling Age of Aquarius or the

Aquarius knows we are ‘One’ tribe

New Age. This brings deeper and wider

and, with its renegade energy

awakenings around reclaiming our

amplified by Pluto, it will help us

personal and collective power.

identify and refuse control.

demanded by the Aquarius influence.

‘We are One’ is a great catchcry for 2024 to keep us on the higher road of the Pluto in Aquarius journey towards a more unified future. »

Issue 46 • | 25


David Starlyte David is a Masters Degree graduate of Australia’s only Buddhist university, Nan Tien. As a mental health advocate, David’s writing is informed by the pursuit of recovery, healing and wholeness.

“According to The Buddha, the primary causes of suffering are craving, attachment and desire.”

Virtue-driven Wellbeing/ Spirituality

yearning? Is addiction sourced in not

that foments the seed of either

feeling whole? Or is this an innate

separation or liberation. Dissolution of

human condition of seeking to become

personhood and removal of grasping

whole? Grof describes it as a “prevailing

for self-centred motivations, clinging to

emptiness”, an insistent inner stirring to

ideas of the ‘self’, offers a portal toward

seek oneness or union.

happiness and inner peace.


According to The Buddha, the primary

The idea of Star Mental Health was to

causes of suffering are craving,

engage with stakeholders to improve

attachment and desire. The Buddha

the delivery of workplace wellbeing,


realised that it is self-absorption that

offering not programs, but actual

brings suffering; the idea of self, arising

results. This, in the form of education,

via conditioned phenomena, being

meditation, mindfulness, counselling

purified to remove the defilements

and consulting. My strengths are my

shrouding tathāgatagarbha

creativity, life experience, research

(Buddha-nature) to the ultimate nirvāṇa.

and writing skills. I am still seeking


FRAGILE life-form, were it not for its ingenuity and technological

nous, precariously placed with a scarcity of innate physical advantages, the human beings’ precarious search for certainty in an uncertain environment. A predominant human quest to find direction, meaning and purpose in an inscrutable world, implies a sense of emptiness or lack that drives this perennial yearning for meaning and wholeness.

Buddha-nature is equated with the complete enlightenment of the

dharmakaya. The un-manifested, ‘inconceivable’ element of a

to tide me over and engaging with people seeking great content-writing or research would be very helpful.

Buddha that he/she returns to after

In 2024, my goal is to step forward in

disintegration; and from whence

a productive and efficacious way to

buddhas originate. Each being

communicate virtue-driven wellbeing

holds the seed or potentiality of

and spirituality in a way that connects

buddhadhātu, the Buddha-element.

people inwardly to the source of their life stream.

Jung’s depiction of “spiritual thirst of

If one’s self-conceptualisation dictates

our being for wholeness” raises several

the largest proportion of suffering,

questions. What is the source of this

then it is the realm of the imagination

26 | • Issue 46

some sort of regular consulting income

See you in 2024! »


The value lies in: 1. The one-on-one time. There’s a fine line of balance on weekends and in holidays between ‘getting stuff done’ and attempting to spend quality time

Olivia Sinco Olivia has extensive experience of working with children and supporting parents to introduce and develop techniques that create positive and effective strategies within the home. Olivia works with children, has raised three children of her own and is now the grandmother of her first grandchild.

together. So, finding contentment together in de-cluttering, folding washing ‘Marie Kondo’ style and basic

The concept of minimalism for kids has a run-on effect in so many other areas. Health improves because there is less stress in an organised space. The connection between you and your children is regularly maintained and there is a feeling that home is a safe, peaceful place.

tidying is real connection. As is the

At my work, the single biggest challenge

way with space clearing, emotional

I see is how weighed down the kids

issues surface and the kids often

are with busy life. Moving forward, the

find themselves bringing up what’s

benefits of minimalism, space-clearing

happening or processing past events.

and general home maintenance could

2. Teaching life skills. Being capable of cleaning and tidying is an underrated skill and childhood is the right time to learn. Relationships with other people

be life changing for them, bringing balance and grounding, with the benefits reaching far into their futures. Enjoy 2024 with your family! S

are based on respect and this can carry through to respect for our home and cars too. Regularly reinforcing respect for their space and belongings, on a regular basis, led my kids to let go of a lot of junk. Seeing the change in their focus has been quite remarkable.

Minimalism & a Meaningful Life While travelling to visit my Mum, I found a copy of ‘Minimalism — Live a

Meaningful Life’, left by someone at the

“…when I discovered how well my kids responded to space clearing and minimising, it became part of our regular routine.”

train station. It was a ‘right time, right place’ moment! This book has slowly changed how I view buying and keeping stuff, which relationships I devote my time to and what really matters in my life. Once I started following the protocols for myself, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can relay the principles to my kids. The barriers of time and energy are always a factor for me. Yet, when I discovered how well my kids responded to space clearing and minimising, it became part of our regular routine.

Issue 46 • | 27


Your Water

Kangan water is possibly the healthiest restructured water available on the planet. There are a range of machines and products available to suit all countries, interest free terms (conditions apply) and Enagic’s distribution network is global making it easy to get a machine in your home in virtually any country! “The world is using almost 500 Billion plastic water bottles every year, the majority of which end up in our landfills and oceans. Transforming ordinary tap water into structured, hydrogen rich, electrolysed reduced water essential for health and wellbeing is the answer to this staggering problem.”

“Our Earth is a giant container of water, from which all forms of life arose. And every living thing is itself essentially a container of water. Like the Earth, we are 70 percent water. It follows, naturally, that the health of the Earth is directly proportionate to the health of ourselves.”

“Not only does drinking and utilising Kangan water for cleaning and toxin removal purposes create a healthy life, there’s a unique business opportunity that allows people to live a lifestyle that is financially rewarding as well.”

If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke

An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith


She led the fall of the feminine. Now she leads the rise to unity.


‘I am Lilith, and this story is mine.’



Book trailer and buy links at

Estate’Design Group

0418 338 559 Award Winning


0402 249 024 inneratlascoachingAU

Lia Estate’ 0408 398 303


Quantum Energy Healing Medical Intuitive Wellness Facilitator Quantum Matrix Energetix Reiki / Spiritual Healing Art Therapy & Creativity Corporate & Personal care

Architects & Interior Designers Eco-Sustainable Residential / Multi Residential Commercial Retail / Hospitality


Issue 46 • | 29


Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique A personal story!

by Freya Savitri Sampson

30 | • Issue 46


When Supernal decided to cover ‘Body Cleansing Birth Till Death’ — Issue 43, I had just completed training in a new modality focused on emotional clearing.


URING our planning session, Editor, Anthony

As a result, I live by the principle of listening to

Kilner and I discussed our personally

my body. As the wise woman Annette Noontil

observed effects of body cleansing in our

coined in the title of her book, ‘The Body is the

lives. The result of emotional cleansing that

Barometer of the Soul’, it really is!

occurs in tandem with that of the physical body and how, conversely, clearing emotional trauma from the cellular memory can, at times, catalyse physical healing. I also shared with Anthony the profound experience I had just been through in the ‘Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique’ (EECT) training.

Personally, if I become aware of something going on in my body, then I start seeking the multidimensional reason for that. By multidimensional I mean, that which my soul is communicating to me through my other bodies: mind, emotion, etheric and physical. Likewise, when I encounter something that

I have been constantly in awe of the seemingly

makes my whole being light up, then I listen to

miraculous results that my own clients have

that too!

experienced. These are permanent and lasting, once we have cleared deep seated, unconscious trauma from their cellular memory during the modalities I facilitate. This repeatedly proves to me the importance of clearing the core emotional trauma, to facilitate profound transformation. These experiences have also shown me that, what is a trauma for one person is water off a duck’s back to another.

That was the case when I heard about EECT, which was shared with me on becoming a Young Living member. Instantly, I knew I was going to undertake that course! I waited patiently for five years for the stars to align… Finally, I was going and I was ready to dive deep. During the training, which is both technical and experiential, I was able to access this lifetime’s emotional trauma, deeply suppressed by a drug-induced state. »

Issue 46 • | 31


From my perception, there were multiple factors that contributed to this release; the course process leading up to my session, the technique itself, the Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. Additionally, the calibre of my facilitator Melissa Woodroffe, who I know well and trust. Then there was my own intention and readiness to release. I had been aware of certain sensations in my body which I had been attempting to unlock without success. After the session, they were gone!

“I had been aware of certain sensations in my body which I had been attempting to unlock without success.”

Whilst receiving the anointing of the essential

The profundity of my experience inspired me to be

oils, I felt very safe and supported, suddenly the

brave and share my story in the hope that it will

memory came flooding back in. I did not want

help others.

to feel it. I did not want to remember it. It was

Around 25-years ago, my then partner and I, for personal reasons decided we were unable to go through with a pregnancy. At the time, I had some reservations about this decision, although I had not yet developed the skill to honour my truth, so kept them to myself. After the procedure I remember waking up feeling like all the light in life was gone. I decided that I would not repeat this

undeniable, unstoppable and what I needed to release most in the world. Within that moment, it made sense out of everything as I realised what had really happened. My body reacted to the memory by attempting to protect itself, as it had been unable to do when the violation occurred. I howled and sobbed as I felt the profound pain of loss.

experience, come what may. For months, layers

I remembered, I was ready for day surgery

of feelings overwhelmed me. Numbness, violation,

and, whilst waiting for the nurse to finish her

fear, anger, irrationality, confusion, depression

preparations, I had an overwhelming knowing that

and grief. So much so, that our relationship did

I did not wish to go through with the procedure.

not survive very long after that

It was in the last minutes, before the operation, that

This is how I would have described my memory of the experience, until the session I received

I became absolutely clear. I said, ‘Stop, I’ve made a mistake, I don’t want to go through with this.’

from my friend during the EECT course. We had

Her response was, “Don’t worry, everything will be

prepared for the technique by working with some

okay.” I repeated my statement, trying to get off

special cards; one with a word and one with an

the bed. However, she put her hand on my shoulder

image. Immediately I saw the cards I had pulled

and said, “The anaesthetic will be taking effect

from the decks, I knew it was related to my

soon. Just relax.”

previous experience and I described it from my perception to my facilitator.

As the drug started to hit my brain, I cried out, “Noooo!” Fighting to maintain my consciousness and, as the anaesthetic began to take me under, I become more panicked crying, “Noooooooo!” again. The nurse said, “Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing.” …and the rest you know.

32 | • Issue 46

FE ATU RE Clockwise from left: Artemis (founder of EECT) teaching; Releasing suppressed trauma can be intense but oh so beneficial; Annointing of specific essential oils is integral to the EECT. Image credits: Aromatica

No other modality I have since studied and taught

What can be done? Nothing, except to

over those 25 years has been able to release that

be courageous and share my experience.

suppressed trauma. Honestly, it was a profoundly

I wonder, given the gravity and sensitivity of

cathartic experience: I cried for a full day and

the decision one has to make to under these

night. Throughout this enormous grief release, I

circumstances, how many other women have

utilised numerous wellbeing tools, as well as having

been violated this way?

exemplary support from Natalie, one of the course assistants. I was also fed and cared for by my bestie and my mum, who were also my classmates. I even received a spiritual healing from my partner Christian. How blessed I am! I experienced the inability to speak my truth sooner, violation by the nurse and the memory loss from the terrorised state in which I was anaesthetised. Also, I unconsciously carried fear and distrust until that EECT session and the promise I made to myself not to repeat

“As the drug started to hit my brain, I cried out, ‘Noooo!’”

Whilst I was able to release much of the trauma from that time, it has taken me six months to come to the point of being able to write this article from my heart. Yet still through tears. Emotional clearing is not always intense. My experience is an extreme example. However, it illustrates clearly how important releasing emotions in a supportive way really is. Large or small, conscious or suppressed, it is vital to our wellbeing. »

this experience. Due to these multiple factors, heartbreakingly, I do not have children. Issue 46 • | 33


“…he believed that the frequency at which everything done in life is paramount to creating the best possible outcome.”

which was not open to the public showing him a wall covered in hieroglyphs. This included a graphic representation of a person lying on a table being anointed with essential oils by two priests wearing Egyptian god masks. Gary was allowed to photograph and film the panels, which he later had translated. This translation caused enormous excitement among the people who assisted Gary, as they told him that not even the Egyptian people were able to access that room! The translation described the process as removal of demons from the flesh, given only to priests prior to their next level of initiation. It was also given to priests and Pharaohs at the time of their Above: Temple of Isis; Gary being called to follow a man to sacred knowledge; Heiroglyphs showing a person undergoing a clearing ritual, which inspired the Technique. Image credit: Young Living Essential Oils

The Origins of EECT

passing. The process took three days, beginning and ending with immersion in water at the sunrise

EECT’s deepest roots are thousands of years

and sunset. During the rest of the process the

old. Gary Young, the Founder of the company

person fasted and only drank water.

Young Living, had a calling to create a range of therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-infused

Gary Young’s Legacy

products that are world class, and which honour

This profound knowledge, gifted to such a humble

the vitality and health of the plants that go into

man, allowed him during his lifetime to change

making them. These oils are the only ones that can

our world in truly extraordinary ways. Gary passed

be used in an EECT session.

away a few years ago, after living an incredible life.

Some decades ago, Gary was on a visit to the Temple of Isis in Egypt, when he was approached

Thankfully his legacy continues to thrive, helping to transform life on Earth.

by a man. He said to Gary, “Come with me. I will

Gary’s relationship with life was amazing.

show you what you have come to see.” Gary

He became wheelchair bound and by taking

had been warned about potential hustlers so he

charge of his wellbeing, he transformed himself

was wary and shooed the man away. The man

and walked again. He went on to develop his

approached him three times and finally Gary,

relationship with the plant kingdom and creating

through his divine connection, heard a clear voice

the essential oils.

say, “Three times and you are called.”

What makes Gary so amazing is that he believed

Gary, being a devout Christian, took this to be

that the frequency at which everything done in

a direction from God and called the man back,

life is paramount to creating the best possible

agreeing to go with him. He took him to a room,

outcome. The essential oils are the product of that

34 | • Issue 46

FE ATU RE ideal and process. For him, this meant everything from the planting of the seed to sealing the bottle; hence Young Livings’ term ‘From Seed to Seal’.

How EECT Came to Be After his experience in Egypt, Gary went on to perform what he called ECT’s — Emotional

When Gary discovered a plant, he researched and

Clearing Techniques — upon many willing

found where it grew best in the world. Gary did

volunteers. They received them on stage at the

whatever he could to grow his own oils, and when

Dallas Convention in 2000 and in various other

he outsourced it was to partner farms or to Seed

group settings and privately.

to Seal suppliers. He then sourced his own land in that area, or worked with established farms that were aligned with his principles of care for the plant, and the use of only natural compounds on the plants (i.e. no chemicals).

To learn from Gary, a woman from Australia named Artemis saved every penny she had to go to these presentations, which were most often in America. Artemis went on to enhance Gary’s process into its present formula which she renamed ‘Egyptian

He didn’t ask them for the cheapest price, he was

Emotional Clearing Technique’, incorporating

interested in knowing what the farmer would need

more aspects of the ancient Egyptian ritual into

to meet all of his family’s needs.

this modern technique. Artemis has registered

At times he approached entire communities of farmers, eliminating competition between them. On another occasion, Gary asked two different farmers what they would do with the money they earned from farming with him. He chose to

the technique with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT), enabling more people to facilitate and experience its benefits. Now it is a gentle, supportive experience which lasts only hours. How lucky we are! S

work with the farmer who said they would put the money back into education for their children. Gary’s methodology meant that the farmers were happy, thus ensuring they imbued the plants and the soil with love. He truly believed that the love would then be in the bottles of essential oils, enhancing their benefits as they were utilised. Gary’s knowledge of different plants was incredible. For example, in the case of harvesting Melissa which is a very rare plant, the oil results were very poor due to being left on the ground in the process. Not to be dissuaded, Gary developed a mechanised way to harvest the plant and

ABOUT ARTEMIS AND EECT I was blessed to have the opportunity to interview Artemis. In this video Artemis elaborates on the benefits of essential oils and how they can support our life journey and even that of our animals! In this link you can read about how Artemis worked with Oprah the Camel using Young Living essential oils to release the trauma of losing her calf. Artemis can be contacted via: or 0455 888 262

learned the best time to harvest it and gained amazing results. This is detailed in the book,

D. Gary Young The World Leader in Essential Oils. At the time when crude oil was discovered in Oman, and became the focus of their primary income instead of Frankincense, Gary predicted there was only 10 years supply of Frankincense remaining with the current demand. At the time Gary won the contract with the Omani Government to farm Frankincense, helping them to re-forest the area ensuring the sustainably of Frankincense for generations to come. These are only a few examples that merely scratch the surface of the incredible legacy that Gary Young left us. May he be eternally blessed and rest in deep peace.

Image credits: Aromatica, Young Living Essential Oils, Freya Sampson Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming™, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services.

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The Naming of a


by Freya Savitri Sampson

At 23 I underwent my awakening. In brief, I met my team in spirit who love me unconditionally, downloaded my life blueprint and activated my Rainbow Light Body (RBL) during that initiation. 38 | • Issue 46


“The Soul is the first self, as individualised from Source and, in and of itself, is a sacred site.”


NE being in my team, who I did

Over years, both within and since

not know, transmitted a name

my time at Shanti Mission, I came to

of which I had no conscious

deeply comprehend that the entire

understanding of its meaning or

Hindu philosophy is based in high

purpose. The name Savitri, echoed

tantric concepts. Not tantra as in the

through my consciousness. I came

basal exchange of sexual energies

from a non-practicing Roman Catholic

between a couple, more referring to

background and had absolutely no

the nature of the Divine. Simply put

mental framework concerning Hinduism.

Shiva, masculine and Shakti, feminine

Ten years later, I received some confirmation of that aspect of my inner-plane experience, when I was again given this name by my second

or Consciousness of Creation and Power of Creation. Consorts and counterparts, both required, for the alchemy of creation to occur.

Spiritual teacher in body; Shakti Durga.

Savitri means ‘One with Nature’, the

This occurred during an initiation from

‘God Head’ or receptacle into which

her, when I was studying at her spiritual

consciousness was first poured by

school, Shanti Mission in NSW. She had

Brahma, the Creator aspect of Shiva, an

no knowledge that I had already been

equivalent to God. He has three primary

named Savitri during my RLB initiation,

forms: Brahma the creator, Vishnu,

by the still unknown being that gifted

the preserver and Shiva, the destroyer.

it to me. Whilst the school was heavily

Shiva’s counterpart is Durga and her

Hindu based in its methodologies, it was

three primary forms are Saraswati, the

multi-faith, recognising that all pathways

creator, Lakshmi, the preserver and Kali,

lead to the same Source. Not all the

the destroyer.

names gifted by Shakti Durga to her students were Hindu in origin: many came from other traditions.

Savitri, a form of Saraswati, is the consort of Brahma and is a name of the Sun; specifically the dawning light,

How did I come to study with Shakti

the awakener. She is a manifestation of

Durga? I had asked my team where I

Prakriti, the original or natural form or

could study in depth about the workings

condition of everything, the original or

of the chakra system. Whilst there, I

primary substance.

also learned the purpose of a spiritual name and how it is helpful.

Prakriti is a key concept in Hinduism. It does not refer to matter or nature;

A spiritual name is gifted by a spiritual

instead it includes all the cognitive,

teacher to their student, through their

moral, psychological, emotional,

Divine connection. It is to help them

sensoral and physical aspects of reality.

grow into their highest potential as,

These five panchamaahabhootas are:

being called by this spiritual name, pulls

Akasha - Spirit/Aether, Vayu - Air, Agni

the aspirant’s consciousness towards

- Fire, Jala -Water and Purthvi - Earth.

the attainment their full potential. Also,

Another key and complex concept is

the name change moves us from all

Purusha, the counterpart of Prakriti,

the worldly ideologies; the person that

meaning cosmic being, pure awareness

the self or others have wanted us to be,

or metaphysical consciousness and

judging us from a limited perspective.

universal principle.

So vast is Savitri that the longest poem in the world was written in her honour by Sri Aurobindo. Her mantra is the Gayatri Mantra, which, it is believed, that when one chants this alone as their spiritual practice, enlightenment can be attained. She is also the embodiment of devotion, explained in her tale of outsmarting the god of death, Yama. Read more about the Legend of Savitri and Satyavan HERE. So, has this name served me in this lifetime? Yes, enormously so, and it will continue to do so until I am able to truly embody the wisdom in its entirety… and yes, this may take more than one lifetime! How is this related to Sacred Sites Alchemy? The Soul is the first self, as individualised from Source and, in and of itself, is a sacred site. This name has served as a tool that has pulled me too many sacred places or sites around this world and this process is The Alchemy. S Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming™, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services.

Image credt: Pexels, Wikipedia Issue 46 • | 39


A New Power Rises

Pluto in Aquarius By Melanie Dufty

From January 20, we go a little deeper on the transformational dive of Pluto into revolutionary air sign Aquarius, where it will transit for the next 20 years. What are you sensing or seeing in your life now that hints to your themes of profound change?


ET ready, as the area of life

We can expect to expand our

or natal house in our personal

reverence for equality and tolerance

astrology charts where we carry the

for one and all, with hierarchical

water bearer, Aquarius, is getting the

structures and demands for compliance

Pluto treatment. This will push us below

and conformity no longer accepted

the surface to dismantle what no longer

as dominant forces.

serves, creating space for rebirth. Pluto is associated with the phoenix rising from the ashes, because the changes it brings are intense and life-altering. They centre on themes for life of power, control, sexuality, and the psychological depths of our subconscious. When in authentic Aquarius, Pluto connects us to deeper ways of expressing our truest colours, while allowing others to do the same in the collective tribe of many colours.

Reflect on Nuance The influences and shifts brought by Pluto are mysterious and nuanced, although how it all unfolds often brings major life events at the surface level. Sometimes it’s only when we reflect on how we’ve changed that we sense the magnitude and depth of

Plutonic Power. It’s not about mere adjustments; it’s about permanent shifts in the rolling undersea currents of self and society that bring more authentic power up for integration.

40 | • Issue 46


Due to retrogrades, through 2023 and

I witnessed myself standing in truth.

2024, Pluto moves back and forth

No doubt the soul of my mother was

between Aquarius and Capricorn, the

part of this heightened event.

latter as the sign it’s transited for the last 14 to 15 years.

I believe the frequency of how it felt to truly express registered in my energetic

Pluto made its first foray into libertarian

field and will further develop over the

Aquarius this year in late March, then

next 20 years.

went back into authoritarian Capricorn from June, moving again into Aquarius from January 20, 2024. There will be another retrograde into Capricorn from September to November 2024, after which Pluto will stay in Aquarius

You may also be able to identify a feeling or a theme experienced between March and June that indicated the essence of what you will further develop through the Pluto in Aquarius transit.

until 2044.

A New Earth

The retrogrades into the late degrees

The Age of Aquarius continues as our

of Capricorn help us wrap up as best

earthly backdrop theme for the next

we can the major changes made in

2,200 or so years, with the Pluto in

our relationship to authority, worldly

Aquarius era getting things established.

success, and structure.

Your Theme During the first steps of Pluto into Aquarius between March and June 2023, something new began to emerge in us. The ground was broken in that entry period, preparing us for the deepening that the full transit will bring in alignment with our astrology charts. In my chart, Aquarius is in the 3rd house ruling how we speak, think and write, and there was a shift experienced in these ways as I gave a eulogy at my mother’s funeral in May. Her death was the biggest event of

This shift is progressing the human race based on Aquarian themes of freedom, egalitarianism, futuristic development, and ‘one tribe’, as we no longer accept separative systems of authoritarian control and greed. Beyond this shifting of the zodiacal ages, Earth is now rising into unity consciousness in a larger galactic cycle known as the Grand Precessional Cross, developed by the late astronomer and astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza. It sees us fall into separation before we inevitably rise again in unity, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of light and dark. In doing so, consciousness will evolve! S

that timeframe, and it was during a few moments of speaking that the shift occurred. There was a peaceful sense of empowerment with the knowing I was seen, felt and heard by myself and

Melanie Dufty is a taroist, an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of the metaphysical fantasy novel, I Am Lilith.

others. I felt one with my soul as

Issue 46 • | 41

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A Regenerative Story Part 1

by Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot

44 | • Issue 46


As I ponder the emanant collapse of the systems set up to enslave the greater population of this Earth, I realise why expiry dates are so important in our society. We have been programmed into believing that everything will eventually grow old, break down and expire, just as humans will.


HIS disposable mentality has

informs lifespan and the hallmarks that

at greater quantities and cheaper

rendered humanity into a state

contribute to aging can be reversed

than pre-industrialised food. Wow!

of panic at the prospect of our own

with lifestyle, food and supplements.

Sometimes I wonder if, as a species, we

obsolescence. We have very little sense of our true permanence, because we have become so obsessed with rooting ourselves into a materialistic, consumer-driven identity, which we fail to hear our innate voice of wisdom. We are lost and we are being corralled into a paradigm that could see us, as a species, obsolete.

“In this more nuanced view, aging and the diseases that come with it are the result of multiple ‘hallmarks’ of aging: • Genomic instability caused by DNA damage • Attrition of the protective chromosomal endcaps, the telomeres • Alterations to the epigenome that controls which genes are turned on and off • Loss of healthy protein

“We live in a disposable, 'cast-off and

maintenance, known as proteostasis

throw-away' society that has largely lost

• Deregulated nutrient sensing caused

any real sense of permanence. Ours is a

by metabolic changes • Mitochondrial

world of expiration dates, limited shelf

dysfunction • Accumulation of senescent

life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing

zombielike cells that inflame healthy

is absolute.” – Myles Munroe

cells •Exhaustion of stem cells • Altered

While nothing is absolute, death doesn’t need to be premature and the pathway to death doesn’t need to be paved with low grade inflammation and chronic disease. We have been manipulated into accepting the normalcy of the human body’s decline with age; when in fact, Australian born and Harvard Medical School geneticist, Dr David

intercellular communication and the production of inflammatory molecules. Researchers began to cautiously agree address these hallmarks, and you can slow down aging. Slow down aging, and you can forestall disease. Forestall disease, and you can push back death.” – David A. Sinclair, Lifespan: Why We Age

— and Why We Don't Have To.

are at all smarter than some species of yeast or mould, spreading all over our environment and smothering it, just to fulfill our need to survive. What happens when the environment collapses under our greed?

“Our human bodies are a fractal expression of what we have done to the Earth, our home.” “The food that came out of the [industrialized] system was artificially cheap - the price was subsidized by the environment, our wildlife and aquatic life, and our bad health. We just couldn’t see those hidden costs - nor could we grasp how future generations would inherit the effects of our extractive, intensive farming methods. When you add up all the ways the bill is coming due, it takes the shine off the glittering promises of postwar industrialized food.” – Will Harris, A Bold Return

Sinclare states that research shows that

Our human bodies are a fractal

there is no biological expiry date to how

expression of what we have done to

to Giving a Damn: One Farm, Six

long a human body can live.

the Earth, our home. The promise of

Generations, and the Future of Food.

Dr Sinclare claims death is a biological disease influenced by the external and internal environment the human body

low cost, industrialised food to feed the human species has come at a much greater price to our planet.

Postwar industrialised food and medicine is a match made by corporate families only concerned

is living in. He explains that there isn’t

We have cut, burned and poisoned

with power power secured through

a biological law present in our genome

our way through the Earth’s body to

profit. The degradation of our soils and

which dictates the of our lifespan.

uphold the promise to feed humanity

our human bodies are purposefully

He says, it is our epigenome that

good food that is readily available,

executed for their gain. »

Issue 46 • | 45

WILD GAIA — TIMELESS WISDOM When the environment collapses under human greed, we will also collapse,

be able to forget our place in the web

because we are sustained by nature

of life that unites everything. We could

on every level of our being. Life on

never again indulge in mindless

this planet does not happen without a

consumption of materialistic pleasures,

healthy and vibrant planet!

without guilt. We will forever, even if it

We cannot eat dirt and expect to thrive as individuals and as a species. We do not make the oxygen that every in-breath brings into our body, which enlivens every cell with life and gives us information of our external environment. We need healthy

“The Earth is aging faster than it needs to because industrialised humanity has separated us from our planet.”

connection to our planet, we will never

ecosystems that create clean fresh air

is subconsciously, question the impact of our actions upon the Earth. What we do to the immune system of the Earth, the soil, we do to our human immune system, our gut. Science is now telling us that the link between our health and the health of our soil is deeply connected. It all comes back to soil!

for us to breath. We need living soil if

“Firstly, everything comes back to soil,

we are to have living nutrient dense

secondly, connecting people to soil is

food to eat and thrive. The Earth is aging faster than it needs to because industrialised humanity has

like opening a door of possibilities that can never be closed again.” – Nicole Masters, For The Love Of Soil.

separated us from our planet. As we

We are at the precipice of another

continue to extract the very essence of

extinction event of the human species

life from her body. We have been taught

and the planet as we know it. I am

to think of the Earth as being beneath

excited as I write this article, because

our elevated status as enlightened

I can see it and therefore, I can do

humans. We do this to exploit her, just

something about it. We have begun

like we, as an enslaved race, are being

our regenerative story. The door of

exploited by the corporate families.

infinite possibilities has been opened

I feel we are afraid to open our eyes and see the connection we have to the Earth, because once we see our intrinsic

by visionaries like Dr David Sinclair and Nicole Masters. They are inviting us to step through the doorway and be inspired to become responsible for the constant regeneration of our planet and our own bodies. S Charles has trained with earth wisdom keepers, spritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide. Check out Charles’ blog on Gaian Wisdom here.

46 | • Issue 46

Issue 46 • | 47


The Opportunity Behind the Mistake by Olivia Sinco

I was listening in! Four 16-year-old girls were indignantly complaining about events that had happened yesterday after school. They were caught vaping at a bus stop by the principal.

It’s ludicrous when put plainly; girls who have been at secondary school for over three years, are aware of the rules, yet still break them. They then believe that they don’t deserve detention and that their principal has done a far worse wrong by not forming


an emotional bond with them. Difficult when there are 1200 plus students and

ESPITE school being finished for

reasoning? Because she had no

the day, the fact that they were

personal connection to any of them.

wearing school uniform meant that they

One girl kept repeating “she’s never

were handed detentions. Also, a couple

even spoken to me before!”

some sort of authority over the principal

What interested me was that at no time

how did they end up at their age, with

of the girls had facial piercings and one was wearing non-regulation school shoes. They were given detention for those violations too. In a classroom, one of the more ‘approachable’ teachers was copping an earful, doing her best to be diplomatic in her responses. The girls took this as verification that what they

did any of them hint at: “Well I guess we were breaking the rules…” Of all there is to know and practise

fantasy-like, suggesting that they have and her role. I believe the question is, such a chronic lack of responsibility? The behaviour brings to mind seven and eight-year-olds.

about parenting, I find that teaching kids values is the hardest road. This is mainly because can be hard to ascertain how much integrity they’ve assimilated from us. Also, how much

were saying was reasonable. The tone

they may have lost to social media and

of their rant reached a crescendo, where

peer influence until incidents like this

it was clear that they truly believed

occur. We see their reactions and hear

that there had been an injustice and

the complaints and then we need to use

the principal was in the wrong. Their

the opportunity created by the mistake.

48 | • Issue 46

over 50 staff at the school. It’s almost

“…put plainly; girls who have been at secondary school for over three years, are aware of the rules, yet still break them.”


There is a difference between teaching our kids to pretend and having them really learn

“…I was only focusing on correcting his actions, without understanding that discipline is a holistic thing…”

In 2019, the website,, published an article detailing five common thinking errors that kids make, along with practical examples of how to address them. The difference between

I was building integrity in his foreground

a mistake and a thinking error is

and it is no surprise that it collapsed

explained as “…a mistake is a single

incident, while a thinking error is making the same mistake over and over again”. In the case of these four girls, we have ‘Thinking Error: The Victim Stance’ where, instead of owning up to their mistake they see themselves as being wronged. The article goes on to highlight the importance of confronting kids once thinking errors are recognised.

“This type of confrontation is what leads to change”, emphasising that, to be effective, the confrontation needs to be positive and without hostility in expression and tone.

pretend and having them really learn. When I was a young mum with my first son, I didn’t really know the difference. I felt I was doing the right thing when I showed him how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and to behave well when we were out. It stuck for a while, probably because I was using ‘time out’ and

when I relaxed and stopped watching him. He sensed no one was watching and therefore, he wasn’t required to keep up my manner coaching. Think of using a computer to work on a project and each time neglecting to save the work. Teaching integrity to kids and young people can be summed up as ‘doing

recording his behaviour on a chart.

the right thing, even when no one is

However, there was always a point

instil values; they can only uphold

at dinner with visitors, where I began to relax and he would misbehave. I see now that it was because I was only focusing on correcting his actions, without understanding that

There’s a difference between a normal

discipline is a holistic thing. Also, I

reprimand and a deliberate effort we

was not explaining my values, simply

need to apply to instil values. This is the

processing his behaviour with him to

difference between teaching our kids to

make a change.

watching’. Unfortunately, schools can’t the rules and model school values. The teaching of values must come from the parents and caregivers. S Olivia Sinco is an Education Support Worker, a parent of 3, grandparent of 2 and artist.

Issue 46 • | 49


Looking to 2024 by Jane Offer

For millennia, every culture has its methods for predicting the future. Whether it be by intuition, astrology, divining, asking the Delphi Oracle or using Tarot cards, each society indulged in wanting to know what would befall them next week, next year or in the decades to come.


OSTRADAMUS is probably the most famous seer, with his

prophecies, revered by some and ridiculed by others, still the subject of debate. Born in France in 1503, he worked as a doctor without a medical degree. He began his prophecies about 1547, which he published in a book entitled Centuries (1555).

in 2022 and that Charles would be king, albeit for a short time. Apparently, he will abdicate around 2024, due to his

Nostradamus gained notoriety during

unpopularity, to be replaced by ‘a man

his lifetime as some of his predictions

…, who was never expected to be King’.

appeared to accurately manifest. As a

An idea that provides much speculation.

result of his fame, he was invited to create horoscopes for the children of Catherine de’ Medici, the Queen Consort of the French king, Henry II.

50 | • Issue 46

“Nostradamus is probably the most famous seer, with his prophecies, revered by some and ridiculed by others…”

More famous predictions were those by the Mayans for 2012. Many have come to pass, with the most notable science-based statement being that

His predictions have been noted in

the planet would cease to wobble on its

modern times, including The Great Fire

axis on 21 December 2012. Scientists

of London, World War I, World War

had also predicted the same date

II and the rise of Adolf Hitler. He also

with their very advanced equipment.

predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth

And it happened! So, how did they

REFLECTIONS manage that, especially as we are led to believe that these cultures were not as advanced as we are now? So, without doubt, some members of

“…some members of society have the desire and gift to see into the future, yet how beneficial is it?”

society have the desire and gift to see into the future, yet how beneficial is it? While it has staggering implications in the field of technological advancements, socio-political landscapes and impact on individual decision-making, it is a double-edged sword. It may well drive the progress in innovation and technology yet, individually, it can also produce a reliance that breeds complacency, hindering the exploration of unforeseen opportunities and restrict openness to change.

least. However, moving into 2024, apparently, we will experience new beginnings, with the opportunities to redefine our goals and undergo transformational shifts. This would be in line with the Mayan predictions

Think back to five years. What did your

of humanity moving into an

life look like? Had you have seen a

enlightened state of being, ready

cameo of your life of today, would you

to be experiencing the real Age of

have dwelled on what was inevitably

Aquarius in 2030.

to come, with no knowledge of how you would arrive there? Imagine all the circumstances and people who are no longer part of your life. Would you have been afraid in that knowledge? Of course, you would!

Maybe the starting point for this will be the total solar eclipse over the USA on April 8, 2024. A total eclipse happens when the Moon crosses in front of the Sun from our perspective. Creating what is known as a ‘Ring of

Our life evolves one step at a time on

Fire’ or a ‘Diamond Ring in the Sky’.

our journey through the years and, as

These eclipses always occur on a new

we experience our daily life, we grow

Moon and are known to bring unique

and learn. We find the strength to

opportunities, fresh starts and destined

overcome loss and disappointment,

new beginnings. This takes us back,

while understanding the levels of

full circle. So, do outside influences

pleasure and joy that are also available

govern our lives or do they offer us

to us. We become wiser and more

the opportunity to make the available

resilient in the process.

changes for ourselves?

As we look forward to this New

Ultimately, while predicting the future

Year, 2024, what will happen to us a

offers immense potential, it’s crucial

community and as an individual? Will

to balance reliance on forecasts with

Charles be replaced? Will the unrest that

adaptability, creativity and ethical

rises around the world come to an end?

mindfulness. Embracing uncertainty

Will we learn from our past mistakes as

with foresight fosters resilience,

we move a few more steps toward the

innovation and a more holistic

Age of Aquarius predicted so long ago?

approach to shaping our collective

Who knows?

tomorrow. All we can do is be kind to

From an astrological point of view, 2023 was a time of growth, self-discovery and learning, which usually means the lessons are challenging to say the

if it will be our last on this Earth.

Jane Offer is available for Counselling, Soul Mastery and Dynamic Healing Sessions. Please ring for an appointment 0431 168 027.

Here's to 2024! S

Image credits: Pixabay

ourselves and others; to experience each day fully with love and joy, as

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Buddhist Response to Race & Racism Part II

by David Starlyte


N Part I of ‘Buddhist Response to Race

as it generates dissatisfaction.

and Racism’, I explored how The Buddha

According to The Buddha, everything

and Buddhist-project (Buddha-dharma)

causes duḥkha, including ‘not getting

viewed self-realisation as the primary aim of

what is wanted’. The more the craving,

Buddhist-endeavour. This construction views a

the more the suffering!

person’s pathway towards enlightenment as the I will discuss karma, the philosophical Buddhist

Guilt, Resentment and Compassion

idea of ‘non-self’ and introduce the philosophy

When the enslaved are freed, how is the

of Nietzsche, whilst continuing to expand on

suppressed anger expressed and how


do the oppressors cope with their guilt?

ultimate in purification. As the discussion continues,

Karma and its consequences reveal that prior behaviour is directly responsible for the physical conditions within which we find ourselves. Furthermore, transcending the delusion of selfishness stimulates actions that purify one's karmic results. Prejudice along racial lines is the result of ‘psychic residue’ accumulated from previous battles with opposing ethnic or tribal factions. Karmic retribution is the ‘fruit’ of actions. Interdependent co-arising, applied to racism implies that nothing is independent of itself: racism is changeable, relative and non-substantial. Whilst the utmost goal of the Buddhist project is to eclipse saṃsāra (particularly in the Theravāda tradition) toward nirvāṇa,

saṃsāra is interchangeable with duḥkha,

Nietzsche's framing of morality as the by-product of hatred resulting from oppression, confronts both the scarring of enslavement and the multiplicity of psychological wounding. Nietzsche notes the dangers of building a society on suffering and seeking to blame others for the evolution of its suffering. The landscape post-oppression can easily break down into a morass of wounded victims vying socially and politically for redress. How does one calibrate the line between vengeance and justice? The Nietzschean concept of resentment sets up the wounds of domination and persecution as an anthropological context for further alienation: oppression generates the resentment that needs somehow to be discharged.

“…transcending the delusion of selfishness stimulates actions that purify one’s karmic results.”

For Nietzche, resentment tears at wounds long since healed, as the line between justice and revenge is tethered. According to Spinoza, compassion is the opposite of resentment, responding to the suffering versus

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success of others. As part of ‘The Four Immeasurables,’ the cultivation of

karuna, compassion first towards self and then extended to others, promotes both development of positive virtues and neutralising jealousy, hatred and cruelty. Furthermore, practising self-compassion leads to increased

“…resentment tears at wounds long since healed, as the line between justice and revenge is tethered.”

From left to right: Ongoing reformation is essential to provide equal opportunity; Neitzche notes the dangers of a society built on suffering and blame.

happiness and aids the liberation of inner turmoil and guilt.

Non-self “Each of us, first as a child and then as an adult, clings to an irrational belief in our specialness.” – (Yalom 1980, p.96).

clinging to the ‘self’ is the ultimate


delusion that The Buddha-dharma

This essay contends that whilst ongoing

nullifies. Dependent origination, the theory of Pratītya Samutpāda, is a Buddhist ethical position that views everything as a manifestation of

The idea of separateness is a worldview,

interconnected causes and conditions,

deeply etched in the Western mind.

fomenting both personal and collective

Freud proposed the ego as an internal

responsibility. Dharmadhātu reveals

formation or map of consciousness,

that, whilst Buddha nature may be

based on causes and conditions.

concealed by saṃskāra, it is our

Western societies, particularly, via

intrinsic essence. Regardless of one's

capitalistic policies and technologies

perception of anattā, perspective

such as social media, have trended

frames worldview. A Tibetan Dzogchen

towards individualism. The shadow

poem highlights how all things arise

side to this sense of separateness may,

from the self (non-self): “Everything, just

instead, incentivise victimhood, running

everything, emanates from me.”

counter to Buddhist virtue.

Masao Abe's equivocal description

Buddhist ‘no-self’ proposes a

of ‘non-self’ as “Nothing but the

radically different doctrine to Western

true nature or true Self of humanity

individuality, proposing emptiness,

which cannot be conceptualized at all

impermanence and dependent

and is beyond the self and no-self.”

origination as the building blocks of

expresses the conundrum of trying to

a Buddhist morality. Holding on or

understand non-self.

social and legal reformation is essential to provide equal opportunity and a level playing field for all, regardless of race, ethnicity or social caste, the promotion of any race or racialisation as a focal point, uproots the purity of the dharma. Buddhist-dharma teaches purification of the mind as the pathway to uproot all conditioning, both innate and adopted, ensuring both the oppressed and their oppressors receive are offered the same dharma. This dharma, at its pristine core, is both nonracist and non-racialised, fostering the ultimate in equanimity, purity of thought and action! S David is a Masters Degree graduate of Australia’s only Buddhist university, Nan Tien. As a mental health advocate, David’s writing is informed by the pursuit of recovery, healing and wholeness.

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Blending Time

by ShirleySienna


T gives us a unique way of looking

Melding the influence of the industrial and money fuelled calendar of the western world with that of the ancient and galactically inspired wisdom of the traditional Maya, introduces people into the Law of Natural Time and the Dreamspell calendar, bringing us into a new world.

at things as we enter the Gregorian

Mystery, is symbolised and nurtured

year of 2024, and continue into the

within the trees, and blown by the

halfway cycle of the Thirteen Moon

winds (the breath of spirit), out to all

White Overtone Wizard Year.

whom are willing and ready to listen.

The Verse of this particular kin you may like to think of as a guiding affirmation of empowerment and activation. It assists you in developing an effective and spiritually minded form of cognitive enhancement. Write it down and recite it as regularly as possible, perhaps keeping it by the bedside or somewhere likely to be easily noticed and read out loud, or expressively in your mind, is a good idea.

She blows the leaves to the ground and the seeds outward across the lands to give nurture, food, protection and life force energy – to build healthy eco systems within the environment, for all creatures and humans. We all know (or have we forgotten?), that trees provide oxygen, through the process of photosynthesis. By pulling in the carbon dioxide and water, using the suns radiance to convert into chemical compounds and sugars as

“I empower in order to enchant

energy to feed the tree, the by-product

Commanding receptivity

of that reaction is oxygen — the air

I seal the output of timelessness

that we breathe.

With the overtone tone of radiance I am guided by the power of spirit.” 56 | • Issue 46

The wizard kin, the keeper of the Great


“To honour all ancestors and ourselves in present ‘time’, perhaps think about beginning the New Year with awareness and intent.” This continues even though we, in our ignorance, continue to destroy and un-plant the seeds of creation. If we remember we are nature, and focus on our own sacredness and breath, understanding our energy flows within as does that of our cousins and wisdom keepers - the trees; we may again feel safe in surrendering to the power of life without trying to control it from the outside in, rather than align with it from the inside out. Breath is sacred; the frequency of healing is very

The Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions

strong as we drift on the wind’s currents into 2024.

José Argüelles (Valum Votan) gives us words of connection,

The method of sacred breath is a pathway to

intent and manifestation. It’s particularly powerful to use before

expanding consciousness and enabling one’s self to

any event, gathering or time of wisdom keeping and sharing.

experience and take up transformative measures and

Read about José Argüelles in our July/August issue HERE.

healing on many levels. Changing the rhythm of the breath, just as the trees and all plant life changes during the cycles of nature can instigate change within the physiological structure of the body, and beyond. Practising sacred breath techniques can bring calm, peace and clarity to the mind and the emotional body, slow the heart rate and stimulate the Vagus

From the East, House of Light May wisdom dawn in us, so we may see all things in clarity.

From the North, House of Night May wisdom ripen in us, so we may know all from within.

From the West, House of Transformation May wisdom be transformed into right action, so we may do what must be done.

Nerve which runs from the brain stem to the

From the South, House of the Eternal Sun

abdomen and is part of the parasympathetic nervous

May right action reap the harvest, so we may enjoy the

system. It positively affects and influences the

fruits of planetary being.

endocrine system, brain and other organs, ensuring the necessary metamorphosis and mitochondrial functions of the cells. Sacred breath is the correct and correlative function responsible for the secret wisdom, the memory and akasha within - programming the holy trinity of body, mind and soul - the divine blueprint of ‘Human Being’. To honour all ancestors and ourselves in present ‘time’, perhaps think about beginning the New Year with awareness and intent. A gift to the self, to discover

From Above, House of Heaven Where Star People and Ancestors gather, may their blessings come to us now.

From Below, House of Earth May the Heartbeat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war.

From the Center, Galactic Source Which is everywhere at once. May everything be known as the light of mutual love.

and practise the art of Sacred Breath and Divinely

Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Orientated Prayer. S

Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho! Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

All Hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature! In Lak’ech ala’ kin

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Olivia has extensive experience of working with children and supporting parents to introduce and develop techniques that create positive and effective strategies within the home. Olivia works with children, has raised three children of her own and is now the grandmother of her first grandchild. Therefore, she has had a wide range of opportunities to use and perfect her knowledge and expertise. With sensitive observation, she guides parents to implement simple changes in approach to improve emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in the family as a whole. Olivia is now sharing her in depth knowledge with parents who are struggling with issues in today’s busy world. Helping you to develop a natural love and mutual understanding between you, your child and the rest of the family. Read Olivia’s blog linked above.

ShirleySienna Coventry, Medium, Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry ShirleySienna is recognised throughout Australia and around the globe, by her clients and peers as a highly perceptive and accurate Psychic Medium, Tutor, Speaker, and Demonstrator. Proficient in many modalities of Spiritual and Galactic communication and connection, ShirleySienna’s passion and international acknowledgment as a Crystal Skull Caretaker and Earth-Spirit Wisdom Keeper, has enabled her to travel and integrate a diversity of unique teachings and experiences into both her personal and professional life. In turn she assists others as they endeavour to access and understand the many areas of their own ‘Divine Soul Symmetry’. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

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