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Frequently Asked Questions WHAT SERVICES WILL YOU PROVIDE FOR MY HOME? Our management services include marketing and promotion of rental occupancy, trained and motivated reservations staff, 24 hour front desk services, complete housekeeping, maintenance, hot tub service, and monthly accounting of rental income and related expenses.

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL ADVANTAGES TO OWNERS? Our owners are able to enjoy many benefits of being an owner at Suncadia. Being an owner entitles you to 20% off at a few of our select dining areas including Portals, Gas Lamp Grille, and 56 Degrees Lounge as well as 20% off any treatment or retail items at Glade Springs Spa. Being an owner also gets you 25% off the Best Available Rates at other Destination Properties. If you are into golf, owners receive $10 off peak time games (8am- 1pm) every day of the week.

WHAT ARE THE MANAGEMENT FEES? Depending on what type of rental you own, the management fees are different. For our Lodge condos, there is a 13% sales and marketing fee as well as a 41.5% house commission. If you own one of the homes on property, there is a 10.5% sales and marketing fee, along with a 31.5% house commission. WHAT ARE THE UP-FRONT FEES? We provide linens and terry for all our rental properties. Owners will be charged for “three par” linens upon joining the rental program. A “three par” linen replacement fee will be charged annually after the first year. There is also a one time fee for replacement of the front door lock to one of our resort lock systems. Each of our houses has a smart lock that will result in a one-time lock and installation fee. Every month after that, a small monitoring fee will be added to your monthly statement.

DO YOU PROVIDE MAINTENANCE? Our team of trained maintenance engineers responds to a variety of guest and owner service calls. For a flat monthly fee, the Minor Maintenance Program covers the cost of maintenance labor for items like light bulb replacement, toilet plunging, guest information calls, and spring/ fall home checks. Specific information on cost and coverage is available from our Property Management team.

HOW LONG IS THE RENTAL CONTRACT TERM? The initial contract term is for three years with automatic renewals on a year-to-year basis. The agreement may be terminated with at least 90 days notice. Owners are required to honor existing guest reservations after termination if the booking can’t be relocated to other accommodations.

WHAT IS YOUR ACCOUNTING CYLCLE? Each month we will provide owners with an accounting of income and expenses. Statements are sent by mail 15 days after the end of the month.

WHAT ARE THE FEES FOR OWNER AND FAMILY OCCUPANCY? There are no rental fees when you use your home. This applies to the actual property owners as well as their children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren. The owner will be responsible for the departure cleaning fee.

WHAT ABOUT MY FRIENDS OR OTHER GUESTS? Occupancy by a friend or guest that is not part of your immediate family as described above is subject to a departure cleaning fee. These guests are able to enjoy all the guest benefits offered by Suncadia Resort. Cleaning fees are established based on the number of bedrooms and size of the home. The nightly minimum rental charge will be approximately 25% of the rental rate for the period.

Frequently Asked Questions HOW DO YOU ESTABLISH NIGHTLY RATES AND OTHER RENTAL POLICIES? Our revenue management team closely monitors market trends, and sets nightly rates accordingly. Our yield management techniques seek to maximize rental revenue based on demand. We also establish minimum length of stay and deposit/cancellation policies.

WILL MY HOME BE PART OF ANY SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PROGRAMS? We may offer special packages for your home to achieve more revenue. Examples include promotions such as: one free night on a multi-night stay, golf packages, spa packages, etc. We may also use up to seven nights per year on a complementary basis for promotional purposes, or to fulfill donation requests. These nights are typically used when it is expected that the home would otherwise be vacant.

DO WE HAVE TO RENT OUR HOME OUT THROUGH SUNCADIA? By choosing to privately rent out your home, the guests staying will not be entitled to some of the basic benefits of staying at Suncadia, such as the use of the Swim and Fitness Center, our inter-resort shuttle service, front desk service, etc. Choosing to rent through Suncadia allows your guests to use all services that we provide.

ARE ALL HOMES PET FRIENDLY? Our guests at Suncadia are allowed to bring their pets to the resort, however as an owner it is your choice as to whether or not you would like to allow pets into your home. Choosing for your home to be pet-friendly requires that your home be kept up with more often due to regular wear and tear from allowing pets into your home. This is one of our most asked questions and is usually a selling point to families that would like to bring their pets.

ARE ALL HOMES NON-SMOKING AREAS? Our guests are allowed to smoke on property at designated smoking areas, but all of our homes and condos are smoke free zones.

HOW DO I CONTACT THE PROPERTY MANAGER? The best way to get a hold of our Property Management team would be to e-mail them at

HOW DO I MAKE RESERVATIONS? As an owner you make and alter your reservations, a few different ways. You can email our Owner’s Reservation Team at or you can call them at 866-904-6300. We have also created an Owner’s Portal where you can log in to the portal using and owner-specific login that allows you to make reservations and manage your home.

Suncadia Vacation Rentals - FAQ's  
Suncadia Vacation Rentals - FAQ's