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at Berman Hebrew Academy Our Mission At Sulam, our team of special educators

provides every student in K-12 with a highly individualized educational program—in a

unique combination of inclusion in general education classrooms and targeted

instruction—to help ensure maximum learning potential for a lifetime.

Our Vision The vision of Sulam is to ensure that a high

quality education is available to every child in the Greater Washington area irrespective of learning differences.

At Sulam we believe:

+ Every student has the right to a

rigorous Jewish education alongside his/her peers.

+ Every student can be a contributing

member of the Jewish community and society at large.

+ Every student has strengths and wants to be successful.

+ Everyone benefits from an inclusive

classroom environment in which there are diverse learning styles.


Who We Serve

Sulam at Berman Hebrew Academy is located

Sulam at Berman Hebrew Academy supports

in Rockville, Maryland. We are a school within a

students with mild to moderate learning disabilities

school that specializes in supporting students in

including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gifted

Kindergarten through 12th grade within the general

and Talented Learning Disabled (GTLD), language-

education classrooms at the Berman

based disabilities, and social and emotional

Hebrew Academy.

challenges. Sulam students graduate from Berman with a high school diploma and continue on to two and four year colleges. They typically participate in a one year study abroad program after graduating.

Inclusion and Targeted Instruction Sulam and Berman have enjoyed a highly collaborative and successful partnership over the past 15 years. Sulam students are welcomed into the Berman general education classes where they learn alongside their peers. Our goal is to integrate our students completely, giving each student an equal advantage in academic, social and Judaic settings. The mutual philosophy of Sulam and Berman faculty is that we are a community of diverse learners, and the strong partnership between schools is at the core of our success. Sulam students access content across curricula with the support of instructional assistants, special educators, and therapists. Targeted instruction in English, math, science, and Judaics is provided to Sulam students as needed. Special educators employ strategies that support learners with a wide range of abilities. Students in need of reading or math remediation benefit from the expertise of the Sulam Reading Specialist

Admissions Process

and Math Specialist.

Extra Curricular Activities

1. Contact Lianne Heller, Director of Sulam,

All Sulam students are encouraged to participate fully in all Berman extra curricular activities. Many have excelled in

to discuss whether Sulam may be the right

and physical therapy testing, and current

program for your child. Call 301-962-9400, ext

report cards.

5207 or email

the arts, the Berman drama program, the Berman Beats — accapella group, and athletics. In addition, Sulam students

2. Schedule a time to meet with Lianne Heller to

are included in many extra curricular activities such as art,

discuss your child, tour the school, and learn

ceramics, photography, auto-mechanics, and health, sports,

more about Sulam.

and fitness.

3. Complete a Student Application Form and

Sulam Upper School students at Berman have participated

Scholarship Application (if warranted).

in the Mission to Israel, a two week trip in which all students

These will be provided at the preliminary

are given the opportunity to learn about Israel by visiting and

meeting with Lianne Heller. Alternatively, the

experiencing the land in person.

Social Skills and Counseling


A fully licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified

Sulam Upper School students who are diploma bound receive

behavior specialist are available to meet with students

a Berman Hebrew Academy Diploma with Sulam classes

individually and in small groups to address social, emotional,

noted. All Sulam students are required to take the appropriate

or behavioral challenges. Therapists provide and model

number of classes to graduate high school with a diploma.

consistent language and behavior to students and educators to facilitate the development of strong social skills

language evaluations, occupational therapy

Application Forms can be found on the Sulam website at 4. Forward all relevant evaluations and documents to the school. These may include: Psycho-educational testing, speech and

5. Schedule an appointment to meet with the Sulam multi-disciplinary team to discuss possible placement for your child. 6. Provide permission to your child’s current school for Sulam to observe him or her. 7. Bring your child to the school for an informal evaluation and to visit the classrooms. 8. Provide permission to all relevant professionals who have worked with your child to speak with Sulam personnel. 9. Lianne Heller will be in contact with you regarding acceptance of your child into the Sulam program.

Sulam at Berman Hebrew Academy  
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