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Why Support Sulam Your contribution will change the lives of our students. Each child deserves to be embraced within the fold of their community, to access special education resources in an inclusive setting, and to have the opportunity to become contributing members of society. Often our students have struggled in schools that have been unable to meet their needs, and Sulam offers their only chance to receive the special education they need within their community school.

Please help Sulam in its mission to help our children become productive and contributing members of our community.

The cost of raising a child with special needs is staggeringly high. Families are

faced not only with the struggles of a child with special needs, but with the additional costs of special education. Parents should not have to remove their child from their community, or sacrifice their values due to financial constraints. Every child counts in our community, and it is a communal responsibility to help the most vulnerable.

The cost of special education far exceeds full tuition. At Sulam we refuse to

compromise on providing the highest standard of care. Students with learning differences require small classes, one-to-one instructional support, special educators, regular assessments, and curriculum adjustments. Full tuition does not cover the actual cost of educating each student at Sulam. In order to sustain this vital service to the community, Sulam relies on significant funding from generous donors.

The cost to society when students are appropriately educated results in huge savings. Sulam students are taught to

function in the real world and become contributing members of society. Whether they attend college, work, live in group homes and volunteer at job sites, their success is predicated upon the development of skills during their school years. The long term benefits of this success are not only socially desirable, but financially responsible.

1. Make a donation online at: 2. Donate toward a particular need at Sulam. Contact Development Manager, Sara Hourwitz at or 301-962-9400 x5208 3. Send a donation to the Sulam business office at 13300 Arctic Avenue, Rockville, MD 20854 4. Leave a Legacy — include Sulam in your estate planning and leave a legacy in your name.

Income | 2015-2016 Tuition


Fundraising 64% Grants






Expenses | 2015-2016 Educational 72% Admin


Fundraising 9.3% Rent






Why Support Sulam  
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