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Financial Aid “I know that Sulam is the very best option for my child, but how can I afford it?”

At Sulam we strive to make an inclusive special education possible for every child who needs it. Parents should not be put in the position of sacrificing their child’s inclusion in their community school due to financial constraints. For this reason, the Scholarship Committee at Sulam is committed to granting the maximum funds available to families in need. Scholarship funding is provided by generous donations and gifts from community members and significant fundraising and development efforts. For Sulam to achieve its fundraising goals, it is imperative that parents and students of Sulam support these events. Support can be in the form of time commitment, positive advocacy, volunteer work, donations, and active participation. Please apply for financial aid at the time of application to Sulam. Families are required to submit a Private School Aid Service (PSAS) application for scholarship, if needed. All financial information provided is protected as confidential information.

Our goal is to work with families to make a Sulam special education a reality for your child. For more information about obtaining a scholarship or financing your child’s special education, please contact Mrs. Marilyn Lifschitz at 301 962 9400 ext 5241 or

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