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Jet Clean Center

High Pressure Water Jet Deburring and Parts Washing

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We have humble and hardworking roots that trace back to Japan in 1938, and now span the globe with locations in 40 countries. Our exhaustive research and development has fueled many innovations throughout our 80 years as a professional engineering company. These innovations are the result of collaborating with our customers and helping them solve the toughest problems manufacturers face today. We believe that listening to our customers and being transparent with them is the foundation for the many strong relationships we have built.

The commitment behind our brand icon.

Sugino’s logo is based on the “!” symbol, and stands for the surprise and delight customers feel when they experience our Super Technology Solutions. Sugino stands for exceeding expectations, and being an innovative partner to our customers around the world.

Explore the JCC (Jet Clean Center) series for the deburring and cleaning of all parts with high pressure water up to 245MPa. Since the JCC’s inception in 1998, it has been highly regarded both in Japan and overseas. To date, we have delivered more than 6,000 JCC machines in more than 30 countries around the world.

The cleaning and deburring method developed by Sugino is an energy-saving technology that reliably and accurately removes foreign substances such as chips with a minimum of energy. In addition, our original energy-saving package — JCC-eSmart — is installed asstandard, and effectively reduces CO2 by 50% or more compared to the conventional model.

As a leading supplier of deburring and parts-washing machines, we solve customers’ problems in all aspects of quality, safety and environment.

Cleaning technology that contributes to a carbon-free society.
Complete solutions for deburring and cleaning parts. In addition to our best-selling Open Air and Sub merged systems, Sugino offers complete solu tions including parts dryers, cleaning liquid purification units, and more. A total solution for your production challenges. INDEX Product Lineup Open Air Systems Submerged Systems Ultra High Pressure Systems Strengths and Features Equipment List | Options Fluid Cleaner and Separator Vacuum Drying eSmart Energy Saving Specifications / Dimensions Global Locations PAGE 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 16 17 18 20

Advanced Air Blow Option

Deburring and Cleaning CNC Turret-Type High Pressure Water Parts Washer JCC 104 WIDE / JCC 303 TT A deburring washer that removes chips and burrs remaining inside the workpiece with high-pressure water of up to 50 MPa. High pressure water cleans while deburring, consolidating the deburring and cleaning processes. JCC 204 WIDE (with 1 Station) JCC 303 TT (with 2 Stations) Dramatically Reduce Cycle Time Reduce CO2 Emissions by 50% or more with eSmart By improving the performance of the XYZ column and circular table, the cycle is higher than that of the conventional machine. Fast forward speed up 25% Acceleration 70% higher Compared with conventional model The energy-saving package JCCeSmart is installed as standard. By adopting a servo motor drive, the cleaning pressure can be freely changed from the program. It can be cleaned under the optimum conditions according to the tar get, suppresses excessive power generation, and reduces power consumption by 50% or more compared to the conventional model.
Cycle Time Reduced by 30% A robot with an air nozzle moves around the workpiece freely to achieve high-precision, targeted drying. It is more efficient than the conventional nozzle block method and saves energy. Deburring cross holes Work material: SCR415 Pressure: 50MPa 7 Transmission parts, e-axle parts, ABS housing beake caliper, etc.
Robotic Arm
U-Jet Immersion Specifications

Ideal for workpieces with complex shapes Supports underwater and open air cleaning

Ultra High Pressure Cleaning




8 9 JCC Series Before Cleaning Cylinder head, cylinder block, hydraulic manifold, etc. JCC 403 U-JET / JCC 421 UT Submerged Cleaning
with JCC eSmar t The underwater washer removes chips via the combination of high pressure water and cavitation. Ideal for workpieces with many holes and taps. JCC 403 U-JET(1 Room Type) JCC 421 UT(2 Room Type) Air Deburring Cleaning Underwater Cleaning Applications Cleaning samples/ cylinder headwork Material: ADC Pressure: 5MPa
A highly efficient and precise washing machine that is capable of transferring, washing, and drying — all within a single machine. The use of a highly rigid robotic hand helps to reduce cycle time and decrease installation space. The world’s first MAX 245 MPa ultrahigh-pressure water jet enables deburring of steel materials that had previously been difficult to clean up.
Common rails, brake parts, engine parts, mission parts, hydraulic manifold and other parts that are difficult to deburr
Saves energy by combining the processes in which the equipment was previously separated for deburring and cleaning into one processshortening of cycle time.
CNC robot hand type ultra high pressure water parts washer Specification Deburring Process + Cleaning Process Deburring and Cleaning Process Deburring with 245MPa ultra-high pressure water jet Deburring around cross-holes in cast iron and stainless steel parts, removal of tough edge burrs due to milling, and removal of oxidation scale after hardening. INCONEL TITANIUM SUS316 SS400 SUS630 Before Deburring Pressure 50MPa Pressure 120MPa Pressure 245MPa
model is capable of both submerged and open air parts cleaning.
part geometry and workpiece specifications.
Horn Nozzle design creates cavitation
performance submerged washing. Image of Water Flow State of Chip Discharge CNC Turret Type Submerged Parts Washer
The synergistic effect of vortex flow due to cleaning pressure and minute vibration due to cavitation generation completely removes chips inside workpieces with complicated shapes such as water jackets. This
The optimal
can be selected based on the
horn nozzle Sugino’s original
for high

Air Wash

Water is pressurized to a maximum of 245MPa and utilizes CNC control for focused positioning. The impact force of the high pressure water jet reliably remove burrs and chips generated on various parts using only water.

We offer a variety of options to fit your deburring, parts cleaning, and drying needs. 1 and 2 station setups allow for muliple processes for faster cycle times.

Submerged Cleaning Turnkey Compatible

Submerged cleaning is critical for internal passages of a workpiece. The synergistic effect of the U-Jet high pressure jets and cavitation creates a vortex, completely removing residual chips from hard to reach places within a part. Even workpieces with complex geometry can be effectively cleaned.

When high- pressure water is sprayed underwater, cavitation (fine bubbles) is generated. When these bubbles collapse, an impact pressure of several GPa is generated, and the power is used for cleaning.

Underwater Cleaning

We offer consistent proposals from cleaning / drying to transportation. Machining center, drilling / screwing unit, etc. for our products. We also have a lineup of transfer robots, and it is possible to configure the line with all Sugino Machine equipment. We will propose the most suitable transportation method and system for your production plan.

Combination of Washer and Dryer with Gantry Loader

It is a combination of a washer and a dryer with a gantry loader.

By increasing the number of JCCs, it is possible to handle line tacts of less than 30 seconds.

It is a combination of an articulated robot and a washer / vacuum dryer.


An integrated line for processing and cleaning with Sugino

Uses our own column robot for transportation, machining center, drilling / screwing unit, washing machine It is a combined consistent line.

Fixed Nozzle Block JCC 103 WIDE JCC 403 U-JET JCC 303 TT (Turn Table) JCC 421 UT(U-jet Turntable)
of underwater cleaning with U-Jet High-pressure water has a high flow velocity, so chips are reliably removed in an instant. Fixed Nozzle Block Method CNC Shooting Method Line Up Strengths and Features of the JCC Series
Pressure Targeted Cleaning
(1) Simple drying Work rotation + fixed blow (2) Separate drying device EVADRY (vacuum drying) Number of Stations Drying Option 1 Station (Washing) 2 Stations (Washing and Drying) (1) Simple drying Work rotation + fixed blow (2) Vacuum drying option (3) By robot Aiming air blow
vortex cleans the entire inside of the
High cleaning effect in and around the area where high-pressure water collides
Ideal for parts with many taps For
crossed holes and deep oil passage holes
Transmission case, gearbox case Ideal
removing chips
sand from complex-shaped parts
Construction machinery / hydraulic parts, cylinder head / block
can flexibly respond to changes in production
or changing layouts
of washer and vacuum dryer with articulated robot SYSTEM Example 2 High-Pressure Submerged Cleaning Flexible Energy Saving Effective ❶ ❷ ❸ Features High-Pressure Open Air Cleaning ▶ See Page 15 for Details The combination of the right nozzles and targeted positioning saves time, energy and cost. The cleaning conditions can be freely changed through CNC programming, allowing for quick response to changes.
plans, such as changing models
due to relocation. Combination
▶ See Page 12 for Details ▶ See Page 8 and 12 for Details SYSTEM Example 1 SYSTEM Example 3 2 3
12 13 Oil gap (standard equipment) 3-way cylinder valve (standard equipment) Direct Nozzle C leaning Nozzle Attachment: Standard, 3 pieces, Option: 3 pieces CNC Index Table 180 Degree Turntable Robot Transfer JPSP22 (option) Basket Filter (standard equipment (option) Target Products:JCC 104 WIDE JCC 303 TT JCC 403 U-JET JCC 421 UT Liquid level gauge (standard equipment JCC 104 WIDE JCC 303 TT JCC 421 UT JCC 403 U-JET Tooling Standard: 3 Option: 3 Table CNC Index Table 180° turntable ● ● ● ○ ○ ○ ○ ● ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ● ○ ○ ● ○ ○ Mist Collector Vacuum Drying A ir Blow Unit Fixed Type Simple Air Blo w Nozzle Mobile Air Blow Robot Air Blow Automatic Oiling Equipment Sliding Door Area Sensor Automatic Ceiling Door Jig and Clamp Device Automatic Loader Device Model Detection Designated Paint Color Beacon, Signal Light In-Flight Lighting Air Gun Coolant Gun Machine Body Sugino Pump � S elect from 3 models as standar d Low Pressure Cleaning Pump Filter Pump 3-Way Cylinder Valve 2 Tanks 3-Tanks Primary Filter Basket Filter Rotary Filter Magnet Separator Secondary Filter Bag Filter Cartridge Filter Cyclone Filter Oil Skimmer Liquid Level Meter Heater for Cleaning Liquid Cleaning Liquid Cooling Chiller Standard Equipment Optional Equipment JCC 104 WIDE JCC 303 TT JCC 421 UT JCC 403 U-JET Equipment List ○ ● ● ● ○ ● ○ ○ ●          ○ ○ ● ● ○ ○ Regular use 1 book _ Reserve 1 book Exterior dimensions vary according to mounting options. Please contact your sales representative for details. Flat Nozzle Lance Nozzle L-Shaped Nozzle Multi-Nozzle Twin Nozzle Sideways Twin Nozzle Offset Nozzle Horn Nozzle (Submerged/Underwater Only) Deburring Too l Drill/Specia Deburring Tool Brush Dry (Optional) Ta ble (Optional) Primary Filte r Secondary Filte r Sugino Pump Tr ansport System (Option) Vacuum Drying Robot Air Blow Machine Body Pump Statio n Pump Statio n

Fluid Cleaner and Separator


Requires only air power for easy installation and immediate operation. All you have to do is connect two hoses (dirty water

Work material: Transmission-related parts made by ADC Problem: Cleanliness deteriorates due to contamination ofcleaning liquid

Work material: cast iron parts Problem: Chips and abrasion dust from brushes enter the high-pressure pump, Reduced pump packing/plunger life

14 JCC Series
17th / 2020 ""Super" Monodzukuri Parts Award" Machine / Robot Parts Award Received Effect of removing foreign matter and oil in the liquid ② Cleanliness of workpieces/improved processing accuracy ③ Longer service life of high-pressure pumps and coolant pumps Quality improvement Reduced maintenance costs Better work environment How it works Patent No. 6912630 Micro Bubbles Diameter less than 100 m DIRTY LIQUID IN Contamination (Dirt, Oil) Floatation/Separation (Out) Coalescer CLEA N LIQUID OUT Liquid Flow Micro Bubbles Generated Contamination (Dirt, Oil) OUT Patent No. 6912630 OUT Dirty Liquid IN Coalescer (Removable) Reprocessing Microbubbles clean and recycle cleaning liquid and cutting fluid! No filter required!
dirt can be separated
and cleanly!
oil in the liquid with the power of microbubbles. The only power required is air, and the unit can be widely used on a variety of substances from cleaning liquids to cutting oils.
purify the sewage. With its unique internal structure,
path structureseparates contaminants, prevents re-contamination, and reduces the amount of
waste. Also, the internal structure isremovable for easy cleaning. Requires only shop air to operate!
Fluid change cycle is extended by 3 times! 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 02 04 06 08 0 100
Fluid change due to deterioration of cleanliness Wo rk
Change in high-pressure pump frequency (change in pressure 45 50 55 60 65 0 369 12 High pressure pump frequency (Hz)
Four times
Specification Format Item 13L/min 40L/min 70dB(A)or less(equivalent noise) Max.50℃ 550 × 390 × 370mm 35kg 25L Compressed Air Water supply/drain Hose cart (optional) JCC-HM2 Dimensions  Treatment tank  Water supply hose  Residual pressure release valve  Filter Regulator  Drain valve for separation tank  Drainage valve for treatment tank  Drain hose 364 542 (516) 387 ➁ ➄ ➃ ➂ ➅ ➀ *Both processing capacity and air consumption are values at supply air pressure of 0.15 MPa.
Case Study 1 Case Study 2
Cleaning solution usage days (days)
cleanliness (mg/work
Before Using JCC-HM After Using JCC-HM
Operating Months
maintenance (pressure drop) Maintenance Before Using JCC-HM After Using JCC-HM
the maintenance cycle of the high-pressure pump

Vacuum drying reduces power consumption

Compressed air is responsible for high power consumption in factories. The most common use of compressed air is air blow off for drying parts.

By replacing air blow off with vacuum drying - where applicable - power consumption is significantly reduced. For JCC turntable models, a vacuum drying unit can be mounted on the front station (as an option). The vacuum dryer is also sold as a standalone unit.

By replacing the air blow off, less energy is used.

By replacing the air blow drying process with vacuum drying, power consumption is greatly reduced. If you manually blow the air, you can also reduce labor costs, so we will strongly promote cost reduction.

Comparison of annual cost and

By creating a vacuum, the moisture remaining on the part is thoroughly dried.

When the air pressure drops, water boils at temperatures below 100 ° C. By using this principle and lowering the air pressure inside the machine to a vacuum, even the moisture remaining in the deep part of the parts. Thoroughly evaporate and dry. It also evaporates water droplets that collect in the back of tap holes and water droplets inside parts with complicated shapes.

Our new standard JCC-eSmart energy-saving package reduces CO2 emissions 50% or more compared to the previous models.

Energy saving package JCC eSmart

Optimized cleaning conditions and stop/start technology employ less water, and require less energy for clean ing and deburring. This energy-saving package (Patent No. 6285880) is now standard on all JCC models. The high-pressure water generation pump typically consumes the most power - with eSmart, pressure is changed programmatically with a new control method, whichoptimizes power and reduces energy consumption significantly.

Energy Saving

according to the required cleanliness and deburring quality, energy use is minimized. With stop/start technology, the pump can be stopped during non-cleaning activity such as part transfer, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.

Case Example


16 JCC Series
Blow Vacuum dryer Annual Cost Annual CO2 Emmissions 22,799
12,239 kg 82,286 kg *1**2 CO2 Emissions 85.1% Reduction
C02 emissions Air
Automating with vacuum drying requires less manual labor.
Start Vacuum Drying Boiling Point Drop Boiling and Evaporation Vacuum Pressure Boiling Temperature -98kPa 20℃ Completely Dry *1 All are measured values by in-house tests. The reduction rate varies depending on the usage environment. **2 << Calculation conditions >> CO2 emissionfactor: 0.434kg-CO2 / kWh Operating time: 1 hour 30 cycles, 20 hours x 300 days Electric power charge: 17.5 yen / kWh Both are optional functions.
Pressure specifications can be set in the CNC program, along with the nozzle choice within the turret - with eSmart the pressure can be programmed for each part of the workpiece. By optimizing the
Current (A) Time (t) with eSmart without eSmart CO2 Emissions 56.7% Reduction Deburring Cross Holes Lubricant Circuit Cleaning Tapping Hole (Blind) Exterior Cleaning Exterior Cleaning 50 50 50 50 50 50 20 20 2 2 No Cleaning Contents Without eSmar (MPa) With eSmart (MPa) Without eSmart With eSmart Annual Cost Annual CO2 Emissions $9,615 $4,164 27,420kg 11,874kg ■Comparison of annual cost and CO2 emissions *1 JCC eSmart System Diagram JCC-eSmart Secondary Tank To high pressure washing nozzle To low pressure cleaning nozzle Pressure Sensor Pressure Sensor Level Sensor Filter Pump Low Pressure Cleaning Pump Washing Machine InverterI nverter Servo Amplifier Water Treatment Control System CNC Safety Valve Servo Motor Drive High Pressure Jet Pump High Pressure Cleaning Valve Primary Tank Low Pressure Cleaning Valve
with the nozzle choice
cleaning conditions
cleanliness and deburring
can be
during non-cleaning activity
Pressure specifications
be set in the CNC program, along
within the turret -
pressure can be programmed for each part of the workpiece. By optimizing the
according to
quality, energy use is minimized. With stop/ start technology, the pump
such as part
eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.


Washing Pressure Max.50MPa Flow Rate Max.29L/min

Stroke X-Axis 750mm Y-Axis 500mm Z-Axis 500mm Rapid traverse rate (X, Y, Z axes) 60m/min


JCC 104 WIDE( JCC-W6750E

Operation panel

Electrical control panel

Primary tank

Secondary tank

Mist collector

High pressure pump

The layout of the pump station can be changed according to the customer’s installation environment. Please contact a sales representative for details. It can also be changed for JCC 303 TT, JCC 403 U-JET, and JCC 421 UT.

JCC 303 TT( JCC-W6750T E )

Sliding door

Operation panel

Electrical control panel

Primary tank

Oil gap

Secondary tank

Mist collector

High pressure pump

JCC 403 U-JET( JCC-W6750UE )

Sliding door

Operation panel

Electrical control panel

Primary tank

Oil gap

Secondary tank

Mist collector

High pressure pump

JCC 421 UT( JCC-W6750UTE )


Operation panel

Electrical control panel

Primary tank

Oil gap

Secondary tank

Mist collector

High pressure pump

18 19 JCC Series
Specifications Format Item JCC 104 WIDE JCC 403 U-JET JCC 303 TT JCC 421 UT
Spindle Speed Max.1,000min-1 Positioning Accuracy 0.08mm (full stroke) Repeatability ±0.05mm Number of Tools Max. 6 Tool Indexing Time 0.5s (random shortcut by CNC control) Machine dimensions (W x D x H) Mechanical mass (equipment body) 4,300kg 4,800kg 5,300kg 5,800kg Control Device FANUC 0i-MF Plus 65kVA 72kVA
➀ ➁ ➇ ➄ ➃➅ ➂ ➆ ➈
Sliding door
Oil gap
➀➁ ➄ ➇ ➃ ➂ ➅ ➆ ➈
➀➁ ➄ ➃ ➈ ➇ ➂ ➅➆
➀➁ ➄ ➃ ➈ ➇ ➂ ➅➆

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JCC Series
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