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e l i F r o T C X FA October 2010 The mission of St. Xavier Catholic School is to educate the whole person—body, mind and spirit— in Christian values in accordance with our Catholic faith tradition.

REMINDER: Yearbooks are up for sale right now! You can buy one for $20.00 until November 23, 2010 so buy yours today! This years yearbook will be a full color soft back book. Also, something new that we are adding this year is our full-time pre -schoolers.

2010 Annual Carnival Preschool Silly Bands


Preschool Fish Pond


Preschool Coffee


Preschool Play House


Kindergarten Cake Walk


1st Face Paint


2nd Bean Bag Toss


3rd & 4th Moon Walk


5th Pop-A-Shot


6th Dodge ball


7th Ring Toss


8th Grab bag & Jelly Bean


9th Dunk Tank


10th Haunted House


11th Plinko & Hairspray


12th Mini Golf


Toilet Paper Toss


Lollipop Pull


Yearbook Raffle




Carnival Fun

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ATTN: Businesses and Parents

Consider YEARBOOK ADVERTISEMENT Be sure to advertise in the upcoming yearbook! Fill out the information below and return it with payment and desired advertisement to: St Xavier School 200 N. Washington Junction City, KS 66441 Name: ____________________________ Phone #: __________________________ Ad size: (check one) 1/8th of a page ($20) 1/4th of a page ($40) ½ of a page ($75) Full page ($150) Please indicate if you desire a design for your ad or if you will attach an ad copy for us to use. ________________________________________________ **NOTE: The yearbook is in full color, so the ads will be color.** Make checks payable to: St Xavier Yearbook Examples of sizes are on the back.

/8th of a Page (4.25 x 2.75”)

$20 1/4th of a Page (5.5 x 4.25”)


1/2 of a Page (8.50 x 5.50”)


October 2010

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Cute Halloween Sayings and Jokes Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road? — It had no guts

If you want a tasty treat be sure to holler Trick-or-Treat! What doesn‟t a vampire order at a restaurant? — A stake sandwich

Why can‟t skeletons play church music? — Because they have no organs Why is a haunted handkerchief so scary? — Because it has „boo-gers‟

What do you give a vampire with a bad cold? — Coffin Drops

Why do vampires need mouth wash? — Because they Have a bootiful Halloween. have bat breath Fangs for the memories and nightmares!

Soldier Prayers in Heritage The Rosary Group and Living Water Ministry invite you to join the community on Saturday, October 16 in Heritage Park, 6th & Washington, Junction City, for America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally. This is an event that will be taking place at noon all over the United States. At the first apparition at Fatima, Our Lady asked that we pray the rosary every day to obtain peace in the world. Our soldiers need our prayers! Please join us, spread the word about this event, bring a friend or a soldier. Bring a chair, a blanket and

a kneeling pad. Don‟t forget your rosary! Bring rain gear in casedGod wants to bless us with heavenly showers. You many bring flowers as well. For more information contact Colleen Henney at 785-238-2618 or visit

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New Rules By: Victoria McCoy

This year we have new rules that many students/teachers don’t agree with. Some people would think, “Why write an article about school rules?”, but it’s about getting to know how others feel about the way the rules are changing in the school. So just to see how others feel; I decided to ask some fellow students about the new rules and how they feel about the changes. I’ve decided not to use the students names to hide their identity. This was mainly to see how people feel about the decisions that are being made every school year.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Rule 1: No electronic devices when you enter the building. If seen, they will be confiscated. Leave them in your locker! Response: “It was obviously coming but we shouldn't have to put them up until 7:40 a.m. and we should be able to take them out at 2:30 p.m.” Anonymous Rule 2: No flip-flops, crocs, or shoes with open-toe. Response: “That is a dumb rule. I don't care if it’s for safety; if we hurt ourselves then its our fault.” Anonymous Rule 3: Food, gum, or drinks (besides water) are not permitted outside of the cafeteria, before and/or after school. Response: “I understand that people make messes and don't clean up after themselves and we don't have personal maids, just the janitor and she might not want to either. Anonymous

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New Faculty Mrs. Fowler Subject: Computers/ Forensics Years Teaching: three From: Wakefield, KS Family: husband, one son, one daughter Hobbies: play with computers Favorites:  Color: pink  Food: coconut shrimp  Music: Christian rock & pop  Movie: Mr. Bean’s Holiday  Animal: humming bird  Book: Cat in the Hat  TV show: Psyche  Restaurant: Red Lobster & Olive Garden

Ms. Smith Subject: Math Years Teaching: five From: Alabama Family: parents, big brother, two little sisters Hobbies: watching movies, bowling, watching football Favorites:  Color: purple  Food: brownies  Music: The Beatles  Movie: Moulin Rouge  Animal: monkey  Book: The Last Lecture  TV show: The Office  Restaurant: anything Japanese

Mr. Workman Subject: band/ music/choir Years Teaching: 32 From: Nebraska Family: wife, son Hobbies: camping, reading, gardening

Favorites:  Color: blue  Food: pizza  Music: Vivaldi  Movie: Westerns  Animal: cat  Book: The Pillars of the Earth  TV show: CSI  Restaurant: Olive Garden

Ms. Havemeier Subject: 3rd Grade Years Teaching: one From: Naples, FL Family: parents, brother, sister, fiancé Hobbies: walking, wake boarding Favorites:  Color: pink  Food: pasta  Music: Country  Movie: 27 Dresses  Animal: dogs  Book: Rainbow Fish  TV show: Say Yes to the Dress  Restaurant: Olive Garden

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New Faculty cont. Mrs. Mohler Subject: Library/ counselor Years Teaching: 33 From: Wakefield, KS Family: husband, one son, one daughter Hobbies: work out, read books Favorites:  Color: plum, green  Food: vegetables/fruit  Music: everything except twang  Movie: everything  Animal: horses, dogs, cats  Book: many books  TV show: anything that‟s on Restaurant: Habachi Hut

Mrs. Zimmer Occupation: Secretary Years in Management: 20 From: Chicago Family: husband, six kids Hobbies: outdoor recreation, reading Favorites:  Color: yellow  Food: chocolate anything  Music: nothing  Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life  Animal: family dog  Book: Bible  TV show: American Pickers  Restaurant: Hereford House (KC) or Jack Stack

Mrs. Quire Subject: Preschool (all day) Years Teaching: one From: Kentucky Family: husband, three daughters Hobbies: singing, baking Favorites:  Color: pink  Food: pizza  Music: Country-western (old)  Movie: You’ve Got Mail  Animal: dogs  Book: Wuthering Heights  TV show: CSI  Restaurant: Olive Garden 

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Meet The Yearbook Staff ! Name: Victoria McCoy Grade: 11th Age: 16 From: Oberlin, Louisiana Favorites: Color: Green Food: Seafood; Nachos Music: Rap; hip-hop; R&B Movie: The Lion King Subject: English Book: Kill for Me by Karen Rose T.V. Show: Jersey Shore; Manswers; Spongebob

Name: Kellie Powers Grade: 11th Age: 16 From: Sonoma, California Favorites: Color: Black; Blue Food: Mexican Food Music: Rock n’ Roll Movie: Harry Potter series Subject: Lunch Book: 1-800-WHERE-R-U series T.V. Show: Farscape; X-Files; Supernatural; Family Guy

Name: Ethan Fryday Grade: 11th Age: 16 From: El Paso, Texas Favorites: Color: Red Food: Pizza Music: Rock Movie: None Subject: Math Book: Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling T.V. Show: None

Name: Adam Whitaker Grade: 11th Age: 16 From: Junction City, Kansas Favorites: Color: Red Food: Mexican Food Music: Rap; hip-hop; something lyrical with a good meaning Movie: Anything Subject: Science Book: Pokey Little Puppy T.V. Show: Family Guy Name: Lené Keating Grade: 11th Age: 17 From: Junction City, Kansas Favorites: Color: Bright colors Food: Flaming Cheetos; mashed potatoes; kosher dill pickles Music: Anything but rap Movie: All Subject: English Book: Maximum Ride series T.V. Show: Supernatural; Pretty Little Liars

Name: Monique Nesbitt Grade: 12th Age: 17 From: Guam Favorites: Color: Green Food: Brownie and Marshmallow Concrete from Freddy’s Music: Anything Movie: Horton Hears A Who Subject: Choir Book: Desperation by Stephen King T.V. Show: Invader Zim; Making Fiends

Name: Jefferson Flores Grade: 12th Age: 20 From: Philippines Favorites: Color: Black; white; grey; blue Food: Filipino foods Music: R&B; hip-hop Movie: Action and adventure movies Subject: Math Book: None T.V. Show: Wowowee; Ano Ka Hilo; Agua Bendita

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d avis an : Alex D Winner . endoza Ellie M



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X Fact or Files

Setting Things Into Place As we continue into this volleyball season we see the team‟s improvement not only as a team but each individually with communication and sportsmanship. These girls are exceeding expectations of many fans. Each time the girls and ladies play a game, they astound the fans. Even I was shocked after witnessing each match. Our Lady Rams

Junior High Volleyball In the previous Jr. High volleyball game the girls did an excellent job. They played Prairie Heights and both A team and B team fought hard. Starting off the game A team scored 16-25 resulting in a loss, but they pulled their act together and raised the score tremendously. Unfortunately for us Prairie Heights had won the game be-

really put forth a great deal of effort. So if you‟ve got the time come out and see a volleyball game and cheer them to victory!

Go Rams! cause of a power outage. A score of twenty-seven to twenty-nine. The girls showed good sportsmanship, however, and the B team was on their way. The B team, in their first set, fought for a score of twenty to twenty five, and in the second set twenty-one to twenty-five. The loss wasn‟t a complete loss, as you watch the girls go from game to game you can see that they are improving with each game. Keep it up girls!

High School Volleyball As we continue through the season we have much to look forward too. We congratulate our ladies for doing a good job this year. Our girls are one in two. Two losses were against Cair Paravel, in which they did a good job and gave them a run for their money. The second loss was against Beloit

and Southern Cloud. They had won vs. Flint Hills Christian. They did excellent if I might say so myself. They won within an hour, and they played a game of best three out of five sets. Needless to say they won three in a row. Way to go LADIES!!!! Way to make us proud!

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October 2010 Sun



























21 NO SCHOOL Parent Teacher Conferences

22 NO SCHOOL Parent Teacher Conferences









Annual School Carnival


Halloween Candy Sales! This year the St. Xavier STUCO is selling candy bags which are all a little over 3 lbs. All of the candy is “snack size” and a perfect for Halloween. Each bag is $15.00 and that‟s a great deal! All order forms must e turned in no later than Friday October 22, 2010. To get an order form please go to the office or see Mrs. Smith. Some of the candies include skittles, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Nerds, Kit-Kat and much more! Order your bag today!

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