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e l i F r o T C A F X May 2011 The mission of St. Xavier Catholic School is to educate the whole person—body, mind and spirit—in Christian values in accordance with our Catholic faith tradition.

GRADUATION TIME! Senior class of 2011 Graduation High School graduation is the biggest day most people look forward to and sometimes, is the reason kids only make it through high school. The class of 2011 in St. Xavier is graduating on May 22,2011 at 3pm in the church. This year from St. Xavier Catholic School there are seven graduates: Alex Davis, James Kang, Jeong woo Kim, Haley Lundblad, Elisa Mendoza-Morales, and Monique Nesbitt. Most of the seven students have been together since freshmen year plus or minus a few people along the way. Last year the graduating class was only two people. Please come join us in this event to send off all of this year’s graduates.

Eight Grade Graduation This year there are fourteen 8th graders who are potentially going to start their first year of high school next school year. On May 25, 2011 there is a potluck at 6pm then at 7pm the ceremony will begin. Bring a dish and keep the party going and tell these young students “Congratulations” fro finishing junior high and best wishes in high school.

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May 2011

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Auction Results The results for this year’s class bas- This year’s auction was “Cheers to kets at the 2011 school annual auc- 25 years.” Celebrating the twentytion are as follows: fifth annual auction. The auction has always been the main money Preschool: KU-$1700 KSU-$1750 making fund raiser for the school. Kindergarten- $100 This year’s was a huge success 1st- $250 bringing in a total of $113,000. 2nd, 3rd, 4th- $250 Hopefully next year’s auction will 5th- $400 be just as, if not more, successful! Basket Total: 6th- $500 $6,675 7th- $250 8th- $500 9th- $200 10th- $200 11th- $375 12th- $200

Concerts The St. Xavier music program has had a few concerts this month. The Band and Choir put on an amazing performance on May 16 at 7:00p.m. Grades 5th though 12th played in the band. And we also enjoyed hearing the wonderful voices our middle school and high school students have. Awards were handed out to fellow students for Outstanding improvement and participation. There was another Concert held at Junction City Middle School on May 11 by our Orchestra. We would like to give a big thanks to Mr. Workman, Mrs. Corlett and Mrs. McConnell for helping all of these students bring out their talents.

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Sports Awards Banquet Thursday, May 5th, was St. Xavier’s Sports Awards Banquet. The banquet was held for those participating on sports teams, followed by a pot luck. The sports presented were Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Scholars Bowl and Forensics, for Junior High and High School. Congratulations to all players who were given an award or medal for their participation.

Prom. Somehow, four short letters add up to one of the biggest occasions in an adolescent’s life. For St. Xavier, Prom is not just looked forward to by Juniors and Seniors, but by Freshmen and Sophomores as well, due to the allowance of 9th and 10th graders at our Prom, because of our small number of students. This year’s Prom, which occurred on May 14, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, is probably the most memorable in years, not because of

the theme A Night In Venice, but because of the return of Prom King and Queen. All of St. Xavier’s High School students voted for the 2011 Prom King

and Queen. The seniors in the running were Jefferson Flores, Alex Davis, James Kang, Jeong Woo Kim, Monique Nesbitt, Ellie Mendoza, and Haley Lundblad. St. Xavier’s 2011 Prom King and Queen winners were Jefferson Flores and Monique Nesbitt. Prom was huge! We hope it is just as successful with the years to come. Congratulations Jeff and Monique!


all students of St. Xavier High School we will

have a School Barbeque outside the school. Seniors’

Graduation will be held at St. Xavier

Catholic Church at 3:00 pm. Pre-school are having a field trip this coming May 23-24. On

Thursday May 26, which is last day of school for students; Lunch will provide by PTO. Gr.

K-6 Mass; Field Day (out of uniform), lunch, year book signing, 2:30 is the dismissal. Gr. 7-12 mass; Finish Finals, lunch, yearbook signing and 2:30 pm will be the dismissal.

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RAM TRACK The Track Season is coming to a close. Both the Junior High Track Team and the High School Track Team did exceedingly well. Both teams prospered with the two new Coaches; David Kuhnert the

Junior High Coach, and Daniel Fowler the High School Coach. The coaches distributed awards for the participants at the awards ceremony on may 5.

Go Rams!

Junior High Track The Junior High Track Team, coached by David Kuhnert, had fun. Some of the track members commented: “We had fun, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves” and “We may not have won many, but we did get close to placing. It

was a good experience for us and we really enjoyed being out in the sun.” So according to these happy trackers, they had a good season. Lets congratulate them for their hard work and participation. We also encourage, them to return next year!

High School Track With the High School Track season coming to an end we congratulate the Track team for doing an amazing job. Everyone on the track team gave one hundred percent in every event. A couple of the team member won medals to prove their

feats. Killian Wood, a Junior, won several gold and silver medals in Shot-Put and Discus. Adam Whitaker, another Junior won a silver medal in Triple Jump. We congratulate Killian Wood for making it to regionals. We look forward to the Track Season next year and hope for more participants.

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Mrs. Millard “She will be missed” Mrs. Rhonda Millard has been working here at St. Xavier high school and elementary school for 18 years. She has decided to retire this year 2011. She will always be remembered for her kindness and strictness. She was understanding and knew just how to handle everything. The staff threw her a retirement party on May, 1, 2011 at 2:00pm. Some comments made were: “It was great, wish she could stay longer” “I had fun; Rosie did a lot for her” I asked some fellow students what their favorite memory with Mrs. Millard was: “As much trouble as all of us get into she still knows how to handle us and never gets truly angry” -Monique N. “When I was in 1st grade. She told everyone that no one uses the restroom. But I took it literally and at recess I was sitting on the stairs holding it in. And she called the class to line up. And I peed my pants, in front of the class. When she asked “why didn’t you ask to go use the bathroom?” I said “because you said no one uses the bathroom.” -Madison M. “My favorite thing about Mrs. Millard was that she was nice and that she was fair. She could be the nicest person in the world, you just had to listen to her and respect her otherwise you didn’t want to feel her wrath. She was always nice until someone did something bad then as everyone knows at recess you stood at the wall for wall time.” -Yvonne E. Mrs. Millard will be missed! We all hope the best for her and want her to know that we enjoyed having her as a teacher, co-worker, and principal but most importantly, a friend. God bless you!!

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