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Message In all things give thanks….. I began my service of leadership 6 years back with the FIAT of Mary trustfully surrendering myself to God’s loving plan. Today as I stand at this historic juncture of passing on the baton to another team headed by Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal, I find no appropriate way of ending it other than by singing her Magnificat. Therefore, I would like once again to borrow the words and sentiments of Mary and say: “My soul proclaims the greatness of God and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour” for the innumerable blessings and graces I have received and the marvels I have witnessed in the Province during the past 6 years. Yes, I truly experienced the meaning of St. Paul’s words to the Ephesians : “God is able to give us more than what we can ask of him or even think of (Eph 3:20)”.

Indeed my heart overflows with

sentiments of deep gratitude to the good Lord who accompanied me and the journey of the Province in most wonderful and loving ways. We have truly seen that great things can happen when God mixes with people. I feel proud and happy that as a province we have seen God’s prodigies and we will surely see greater wonders if we keep growing and going according to God’s plan. I truly believe that the life and holiness of the province are measured by the life and holiness of each local community. Let us always walk the path the Lord marks out for us and we will not fall short of the amazing signs of God’s love and providence. Let our generous response be: To all that has been….THANKS, to all that will be … YES. Affectionately, Sr. Elizabeth George

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We are well aware of the forthcoming International event of the Church – 'World Meeting of Families' in Dublin, Ireland from 21-26 August 2018 with the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.” This would bring together families from across Sr. Sania Josephine Chakre Editor the world to pray and reflect upon the central importance of marriage and the family as the cornerstone of our lives, of society and of the Church. It is a happy event for all of us as well who would be part of it spiritually and through our Mission. Happy event because it is an occasion to thank God for our family. No matter what family background each of us has, we owe our family everything. Each one of us can say, 'to some degree, what I am today is a product of the family in which we were raised. Yes, the times in which our family lived and the challenges we experienced are certainly different from what is today, but they are just real. The fact that Jesus chose to enter in human history through family life shows how important the family is. The Holy Family of Nazareth is the model for all human families, yet like all families, the Holy Family had its own challenges, knew and experienced hardships and tensions but they remained steadfast in their 'Faith' in God.' Yes, putting Jesus at the centre of our Family/Community life will make all the difference because Jesus came to make all things new and His first act was to renew the human family. With Jesus our Family/Community life can be sanctified and members can find an ample place to grow in holiness. Today, the Family/Community life is being challenged with the influx of modernity. With latest means of communication we enlarge our virtual relationship while we remain cold in our relationship with whom we live under the same roof. We are busy connecting and communicating with people on the other end of the world and having no time to spend with Family/Community. Open and honest communication is vital for a healthy Family/Community life. Family/Community life can get through a lot if every member could communicate freely without fear, if each one becomes sensitive to the physical expressions, gestures of another. I am not sure if we are afraid of even expressing our love and concern for one another because there is coldness, suspicion, distrust … in our Family/Community. Let us begin right now with an affectionate look giving way to trust and warm relationship within Family/Community. Families are falling apart more than ever before. Members in the Family, Society and Church are falling away from each other. Here lies our Mission. As Pope Francis said, “We need to be a Church that goes out to the peripheries of society to those people who don't listen to us at the present moment, to those families who have lost their way or who do not go to Church any more”. We are called to accompany the young especially those from broken families, young people who never knew what parents' love is, husband and wife who no longer find joy and satisfaction in each other “In Family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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MAZZARELLO STUDY HOME, DIMAPUR WORLD GRATITUDE DAY With the Young let the chords of life vibrate, Witnessing to the joy of following Christ The Community of Mazzarello Study Home, Dimapur uniting with the FMA world on 26 April 2018, celebrated the Feast of World Gratitude Day. A month-long preparation helped us to enter into a festal mood. We had a meaningful vigil service with our Hostellers during which we placed five flags around the picture of Mother General symbolising the presence of our Sisters in the five continents. Next morning, Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Yesudas OFM. In his homily, he said that every feast has a message. World Gratitude Day was meant to express our love and gratitude for Mother General, the head of the Institute and for one another. It is also an invitation from God to go back to the roots of our charism lived by the Founders. Faithfulness to our consecrated life is the greatest gratitude we can show to our Superiors. After Mass, we wished one another with a festal song and had the cutting of the cake. The day ended with an hour of adoration in thanksgiving to God for the gift of Mother General, for each Sister and for our Institute.

CELEBRATING MARY MAZZARELLO Mazzarello Study Home was privileged to host the celebrations of the feast of our Co-foundress by the two FMA communities on Saturday, 12 May 2018 at 6.00pm. Sr. Kunnappallil Theresa and Sr. Scaria Maria warmly welcomed the more than 100 guests priests and religious from the communities of Dimapur together with the inmates of Auxilium. Thirteen priests concelebrated the Eucharist with Fr. Sunny Joseph, Rector, Good Shepherd Seminary, Dimapur. The Eucharistic celebration was introduced by a brief history of the life and mission of our Institute and our Province of Mater Ecclesiae by a hosteller of Auxilium. Fr. Sunny Joseph eulogized the life and virtues of St. Mary Mazzarello in his well-prepared homily, highlighting her simplicity and humility and connecting the Fiat of Mary with that of Mary Mazzarello. After Mass, Sr. Zhoposelu Dawhuo Jennifer thanked one and all for their prayers and presence in joining us to honour our Saint. We then gathered together for a fellowship meal preceded by the cutting of the festal cake by the two FMA Animators. We thank God for this beautiful day, so full of joy and communion. We thank God for having given Mary Mazzarello to us as our Mother and Co-foundress. May we continue to live with joy and enthusiasm the mission that our Lord entrusted to her: I entrust them to you .

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AUXILIUM COLLEGE HOSTEL, ITANAGAR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY The Community of Auxilium College Hostel observed World Environment Day on 5 June 2018. Sr. Scolastica Kerketta, the hostel warden a n i m at e d a s h or t on e - m i nut e s p e e c h programmeon the theme: - Beat plastic pollution . There were 8 participants among whom Nonon Gansa II yr. was awarded the prize. Sr. Rosa Xaviour, the animator gave a short speech quoting a powerful phrase, If you can t reuse it, refuse it. After the programme, the hostellers accompanied by Sisters went around picking plastics and garbage on the road side and cleaned the surroundings. Snacks were served to all. Sr. Kethozeno Catherine fma

SNEHA BHAVAN, IMPHAL ‘IT'S MY STORY' Hello brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. I, David Marzah with a heart full of gratitude, would like to thank the Almighty God for helping me in my life through PERSONS whom He has called to serve Him in a very special way. I lost my Dad in 2005 leaving behind 4 siblings (2 boys & 2 girls with a loving mother but sickly and heartbroken. Where and how should we go about to be someone in the society with proper education? Yes, I should say sincerely 'all hope of education was lost' because even at that young age I knew very well the condition of my family and of all my relatives. But today I am very happy to say that I have finished Class 12 with best quality education. But how? Yes, it is strange for a boy who has only a sickly, uneducated mother of four children to reach this stage of education and more, all the other three children are studying in prestigious Schools. Let me narrate my story briefly. In 2006, we found a home in 'Sneha Bhavan'- 'A Home Of Love' run by the Salesian Sisters of Imphal, under the motherly care of Sr. Teresa Karot and many other Sisters who come and go leaving behind the scars of love in the hearts of all the children in 'The Home Of Love'. In the first year, I was with the Sisters learning all the basic education. In 2007, I was admitted in St Joseph's School, Sangaiprou, Imphal in the Second Standard and cleared my HSLC examination from there. Now I have finished my Class 12 from Don Bosco, Guwahati, Assam.

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My batch with the sisters after our class XII result It's my story, and likewise every child at 'The Home Of Love' will have a beautiful story to tell of their life and the love of God they experience through the Salesian Sisters. Every year a batch of Class 10 passes out getting the best quality education. As of my batch, we are 11 of us (8girls and 3 boys). All of us have now passed our Class 12 examination from different Higher Secondary Schools. We are from different districts of Manipur belonging to different Tribes bound together with the experiences of the love of God in our lives. Now, we will be moving ahead boldly to achieve our Goals in Life. Once again THANK YOU 'SNEHA BHAVAN' - 'A HOME OF LOVE . Thank you for listening to my story. Now that you have come to know what SNEHA BHAVAN is doing for people like me, please do remember SNEHA BHAVAN' and it's inmates in your daily prayers. THANK YOU 'SNEHA BHAVAN' A HOME OF LOVE David Marzah

ST. MARY'S, MALIGAON WORLD COMMUNICATION DAY The 52nd World Communication Day was celebrated at St. Mary's Maligaon on 13May, 2018 with the theme: The truth will set you free (Jn 8:32) Fake news and Journalism for peace. The celebration proceeded with an animated reflection on the Holy Father's message. To mark the day the adoration service was animated by Sr. Ruangmei Cecilia together with the Marian group based on the command of our Lord to his disciples before His ascension Go throughout the AUGUST 2018 |


whole world and proclaim the gospel to all mankind (Mk 16:15). All the means of communication were placed before the Lord as a reminder and symbolic gesture of the need to pray for all people involved in the communication world and those who use and communicate to all mankind. After the meal the community gathered together for a short programme on the Ascension of our Lord and on Mother Mazzarello who was a good communicator of truth, love and peace to her dear Sisters. Jirita and Eloni (Postulants)

FEAST OF ST. MARY DOMENICA MAZZARELLO Joining with the rest of the FMA in the world, the community of St. Mary's, Maligaon celebrated the solemnity of our Mother and Co-foundress St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello on 15 May 2018 preceeded by a tridium service animated by different groups. We began the celebration with a solemn vigil service and a short and meaningful programme. On the 15 morning prayer was animated by Sr. Kaini Julia and the Mazzarello group. The Holy Eucharistic was solemnized by Fr. Bhaskar Raj Chinthamalla, Rector and Parish Priest of Don Bosco community and concelebrated by Fr. Joseph and Fr. Subash from the Minor seminary of St. Jerome Institute. The celebrant in his homily stressed on the preciousness of the Salesian vocation and the greatness of Mother Mazzarello through her simple and humble ways. He invited all of us to follow her example. The presence of our neighbours added joy to the celebration. The day ended with a fellowship meal and a common goodnight by Sr. Bridget Puthenpurakel, the Animator. Rachael Rangla and Bishantis Myrthong (Postulants)

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THANKSGIVING DAY The 19 July 2018 was kept as a 'Thanksgiving Day', by the postulants to the community of St.Mary's Maligaon. The day began with the animated Morning Prayer and the Holy Eucharist which is the highest form of all prayers and supreme act of thanksgiving. The Postulants further expressed their gratitude with well prepared lunch for the Community. The day fittingly concluded with Eucharistic adoration, where every member of the Community was offered at the feet of the Eucharistic Lord with a symbolic gesture which was followed by a short thanksgiving ceremony. The gratitude of a good and noble heart is expressed in two short words, THANK YOU , because it knows when the hearts are full, words are few. There is so much we owe the Sisters for forming us and preparing us to take the next step in the Religious formation. Postulants (2017-18)

ST. MARY'S MALIGAON TURNS GOLDEN 30 June 2018 was indeed a red letter day in the annals of St. Mary's Maligaon, Guwahati, the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the house. Fifty years have gone by since the pioneers opened the chapter of our presence at Maligaon. The Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Fr.Januarius Sangma, SDB, Provincial of Guwahati and con-celebrated by Priests from far and near, followed by a brief power point presentation of the house's history, a short felicitation programme and the Golden Jubilee memento was given to all who came for the celebrations. The celebration came to an end with a family meal served for everyone present. Helena Haokip and Silvia Topno (Postulants)

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LITTLE FLOWER, DIBRUGARH SPRING FEST Spring: the music of open windows. Terri Guillemets After a week of preparation, Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Dibrugarh celebrated 'Spring Fest' from 9 to 11 April. There was excitement and fun for the whole school. Various Competitions were conducted by the teachers in charge. The Spring Fest had a fitting, grand and exciting conclusion with Food fest, Lucky Dip, Games etc. The parents of the primary students were invited to join the food fest, to which many responded and appreciated the initiative of involving them. The hard work of the Sisters and teachers were crowned with success.

CONFIRMATION The feast of St. Mary Dominic Mazzarello on 13 May was marked by the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation by 18 young girls administered by Most Rev. Aind Joseph SDB DD, Bishop of Dibrugarh. They were well prepared by Sr. Catherine Ekka. In his homily, Bishop Joseph exhorted the 18 young girls to remain faithful to their faith and to become strong witnesses of Jesus to their friends.

INAUGURATION OF AUXILIUM ORATORY The long awaited dream of Little Flower Community, Dibrugarh to begin Auxilium Oratory became a reality on 24 May. To mark this historical event, a short prayer service was conducted at the inauguration, followed by the solemn and official declaration of Auxilium Oratory open by

8 | AUGUST 2018

Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, the Animator. The Salesian Cooperators came forward to collaborate in this new venture and added joy and enthusiasm with their presence. The historical event became even more meaningful with a significant number 24 children present, the first oratorians of Auxilium Oratory. Sr. Alphonsa, in her talk highlighted the beginning of Don Bosco's mission with the young in his Oratories, which had four crucial elements such as- Home, school, church and playground and said that the 'Oratory is the window to Spirituality'. The beautiful day came to an end with refreshments for all. The children went home with smiling faces. Sr. Cecilia Rapunga


The 52nd World Communications Day was observed in Little Flower, Dibrugarh on 13 May. Sr. Monica Khangchian, the Local Media Coordinator briefed the boarders about the significance of the day and explained the message of Pope Francis. An animated adoration was held in the Chapel decorated in sync with the occasion. On the 14 May, an on the spot essay competition on the topic Journalism for truth and justice was organized by the Media Club. The best three essayists walked away with trophies and certificates arranged by the Club. Sr. Monica Khangchian FMA

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YOUTH PROGRAMME Pope Francis to Youth: Face your fears with discernment, courage Heeding to the voice of our Holy Father Pope Francis, on 17 June, Little Flower, Dibrugarh organized a beautiful programme for our youth on the theme: young people, the Faith and Vocational Discernment Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, the Animator took the initiative to invite the youth. We had the joy of having representatives from Africa, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and from the Dibrugarh University. The day began with solemn Holy Mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Hemrom Albert, Rector, St. Joseph Seminary, Dibrugarh. During the homily Fr. Albert mentioned three main points to be kept in mind in order to make their Christian life more meaningful and faithful. 1. To do ordinary things in extra ordinary ways. 2. To find strength in weakness 3. To be rooted in small things. He further elaborated with examples. Soon after the Mass, a short programme was held in the School auditorium. Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, the Animator introduced the purpose of the day's gathering and gave a warm welcome to all the youth and to Fr. Albert, the resource person with Assamese gamucha sang a melodious song by the Hostellers. Fr. Albert spoke on the theme young people, the Faith and Vocational Discernment . He highlighted the four vocations of the Church.  Religious life and  Married life  Single life  Priesthood Having explained the differences, Fr. Albert exhorted them to have strong faith in their life as they are the pillars of the Church and society. He made the session come alive with interesting questions to the youth. For many, it was a maiden experience coming in contact with the Sisters. Yet, they were very spontaneous and expressed their gratitude for organizing such a programme and looked forward for the same in the future. This kind of programme and gathering help us to come together as a Family, where we experience the love of God and our closeness to one another , said one of the participants.

10 | AUGUST 2018

PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND JERUSALEM Sr. Alphonsa Kurisignal FMA You have touched me Lord, and I have grown . With a heart full of joy and gratitude to God, to the Institute and in a particular to dear Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial who gave me this unique grace to visit Jerusalem, the city of Our Lord from 26 Feb 6 April 2018. I spent 40 days with the Lord walking miles, meditating and pondering the Word of God, admiring and marveling at the places where Jesus was born, lived, preached, taught, healed, suffered, died for, and rose from the dead. Now, when I read the Gospel and hear the Word of God, it becomes fully alive to me. The places mentioned in the Gospel are no more strange to me now. The Holy Week experience was something unique and tangible in the company of Jesus. The whole nature spoke of the Holy Week spirit. On Good Friday in spite of the heavy rain, the fervor of the faithful and pilgrims making the way of the Cross was something uplifting. Holy Saturday was simply dark and a gloomy day but there was bright and sunshine on Easter Sunday. It was something unbelievable. I only bow my head and say, 'Lord, increase my faith'. Yes, God is alive, revealing Himself to us in different ways. The Holy Sepulchre was packed with thousands of pilgrims, an amazing sight. On Easter Monday we went for an outing to Emmaus and had the Emmaus experience. Meditation on the Emmaus Gospel passage and visiting difference places simply increased our fervour and enthusiasm. From 3 6 April we had a Seminar on Prophets and Prophetesses for the different Congregation Sisters and Fathers residing in Jerusalem, organized by the Franciscan Fathers. On the concluding day there was an excursion to Samaria where we had the chance of visiting the tomb of John the Baptist, of Silo, the Ark of the Covenant, the tomb of Samuel, Jacob's well etc. At 12 pm in the hot sun we had the Thanksgiving Mass for the wonderful experiences during our pilgrimage. It is impossible to put down in words the experiences I had, but, in short, it was a unique and tangible Spiritual experience. If was not the grace of God, I would not have managed the long walks climbing the mountains even to 249 km high humanly speaking it was impossible for me, since I had the problem of swelling of my legs Yes, it was a miracle of Jesus.

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My heartfelt gratitude to the three FMA professors - Sr. Maria Ko , Sr. Mimica and Sr. Mercedes Martin who played a major role in our experience with biblical and historical explanations of the places we visited. As a team, they planned meticulously to give us this beautiful experience. A big THANK YOU to the Community of the pilgrimage centre - Sr. Bernadette, the Animator and the Sisters. I will never forget my 21 companions, though we came from different countries but we felt we were one. Amazing help and support extended to one another to climb the places. I prayed for each one of you, for good health and holiness of life.


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of Jesus’


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AUXILIUM REACH OUT (ARO), GUWAHATI ORIENTATION COURSE - NIPCCD The National Institute of Public Corporation and Child Development (NIPCCD) headquarters, New Delhi organized an Orientation Course on Management of Malnutrition for functionaries of ICDS/NHM/Civil Society of organizations from 23 to 27 April 2018 at the Regional Center, Guwahati. Sr. Bridgit Toppo and Sr. Arati Rabha were among 31 participants who were Doctors, CDPO and ICDS Project Officers and NGOs hailing from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Odhisa, West Bengal, Sikhim, Shillong, Jaintia Hills and Manipur. The Objective of the programme was to give the participants an overview of the current nutrition scenario, especially in North East Region of India and issues relating to mother and child under nutrition.

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Some of the topics covered were:  Triple burden of malnutrition in India: causes, consequences, nutrition requirements and management of malnutrition.  Assessment of nutritional status of children: Anthropometric measurements in Indentifying at-risk cases of malnutrition  Introduction and steps to growth monitoring followed by exercises  Anganwadi services under umbrella ICDS  Infant and young child feeding practices and its importance in combating malnutrition  Water and sanitation Hygiene and its impact on malnutrition (Swatch Bharat Mission, Bal Swatch Mission)  Food fortification, food safety and food standards in combating malnutrition  Participatory Learning and Action Exercise for Identification of Children with Malnutrition  Advocacy for eliciting community participation in combating malnutrition etc. The resources persons were Smt. Purnima Thakur faculty, NIPCCD Headquarters, New Delhi. Dr. Ritu Goswami, Mushir Alam, Smt. K. Sunita, Leena Kumari, Asstt. Director of NIPCCD, Regional Center Guwahati. The programme concluded with moments of evaluation and distribution of certificates, CD and training materials by Dr. D.K. Saikia, Director of NIPCCD, Regional Center Guwahati. Sr. Arati Rabha

20 | AUGUST 2018

ST. JOSEPH'S CONVENT, TEZPUR WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION Trees are the earth's Endless effort to speak to listening heaven Rabindra Nath Tagore The environment has nourished us since years and years like a new born child. However, men have great environmental problems, unintentionally placing their whole life in danger. In order to create environmental awareness, UN in 1974 declared that every year 5th June will be observed as 'World Environment Day' a day when men shall officially recall all the gifts received from nature and pay a tribute to them. Every year World Environment Day has a different host country, where the official celebrations take place. The focus on the host country helps to highlight the environmental challenges it faces and support the effort to address then. This year host country is India who's theme is 'Beat Plastic Pollution'. It is indeed every citizen's duty to take the initiative to core for their own environment and stop the usage of plastics. As an act of responsible citizenship the management of St. Joseph's Convent Higher Secondary School organized tree plantation programme on 5 June. It was conducted by the members and moderators of the Eco-club around 12 30pm. Three varieties of saplings were planted within the school premises by Add. Deputy Commissioner of Sonitpur District Sri Parag Kr Kakoti along with the Inspector of schools, Sonitpur Prabat Das, the School Authority and student representatives. The plants were carefully watered and the students along with the School management promised to look after and maintain the freshly planted saplings. They have also helped and contributed towards the National Theme by motivating the students to avoid the use of plastics and pollution, encouraging them to be part of the nature's building process. Aditi Deka

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INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY - 21 JUNE 2018 The 4th International Yoga Day was observed at Nehru Maidan, Tezpur which was organized by Sonitpur District Administration and Patanjali Unit of Tezpur. Many people, youth, administrators as well as members of different organizations took part in the program. Different schools and college students of Tezpur also took part, gaining Knowledge regarding benefits of Yoga, Pranayam and Rajyoga meditation. Sri. Keshab Mahanta, Minister of Water Resource Information Technology of Assam Government graced the occasion. About 30 Class XII students represented the School.


Success Stories KRISHNA GHASI, a 14 year old boy, the last child in a family from Harijan colony, Ananda Nagar near GMC Road Guwahati lost his father in 2011. Since then, his mother who does menial jobs in GMC Hospital shouldered the responsibility of providing for the daily needs of the children. The pathetic situation of the family made Krishna to leave School in 2013. Luckily, he was brought to Auxilium CFG Centre where he was motivated to continue his studies and helped to get back into the same School - Aryan Academy English Medium High School in Class VII. Since then, with good will he regularly comes to Auxilium Centre for tuition making effort to do well in his studies. This year 2018 he passed his HSLC Examination in the first division with letter marks in Computer Science. He has a very good, is a good dancer and is ambitious for his future.

22 | AUGUST 2018

Rahul Basfor, a student of Aryan Academy English Medium High School, who was helped by Auxilium Centre, successfully got through his HSLC examination this year 2018 in the second division.

Tarun Das, an evening tuition student studying in Gorchakov Hindi Medium High School passed the HSLC in the second division. Sr. Komolina Kondpan

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SHOWERS OF PETALS You endowed showers of petals Specially on the ING Province, Charmed every Sister and Formee Celebrate its sweetness and fragrance. In prayer, we empty our hearts With a unison blow of Alphabets And configurate them in twin words: “THANK YOU.” Found purest and dearest. Thank you for the shower of gentlest breeze That bears petals of unfatal fragrance, That contains ample love and calmness, That draws millions to Christ whom you serve. We esteem your broad mindedness Open to the urgent novelty and freshness Not losing the Spirit and Charism of the Origin You did help to climb the hill of perfection. We marvel your unfathomable sacrifices As we count the pearls of success in your tenure You showered petals of blessings indeed Your feet in the shoe of Don Bosco: '...for you I work...' You're a woman rooted in faith Mantled with the attitude of Mother Mazzarello In you, we breathe the spirit of Mornese We feel refreshed in your motherly presence Your going pains us, for few years though However, let God's will be fulfilled. May God accomplish His purpose through you May our Lady's mantle shelter you As you continue to radiate perfumes of Mornese Distance never too far in the network of prayer. GRAZIE! - Akho Manyahrii Marina (1st Year Novice)

24 | AUGUST 2018

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral Parish, Kohima conducted a three-day Summer Camp 29 June to 1 July 2018 for Catholic children at St. Mary's Cathedral Hr. Sec. School with the theme: You are precious. There were around 207 campers with Ruopfuzhano Whiso, Miss SUMMER BREAK WELL SPENT! India Nagaland 2018 as the Chief Guest on the Inaugural day. Sr. Sania Rosemary FMA, along with 6 Novices, 4 Brothers from Oriens' Theological College, Shillong, Mr. Kaisii Stephen from Tadubi Parish and Jesus Youth from Jakhama College had the priviledge of animating the vibrant and youthful children- the hope of the Church. We began the day with praise and worship where the children took an active part followed by a meaningful Eucharistic Celebration. The campers were divided into two categories, Juniors and Seniors and they were given sessions on different topics. The main aim of the camp was to deepen in the children the Catholic faith and to appreciate the beauty of belonging to the true faith. Bible quiz, Declamation, Gospel group songs, Solos, animated games were the highlights of the programme. On the 2nd day we had candle-light Rosary Procession followed by a talent night where the children were given the opportunity to showcase their talents. The camp concluded with a solemn thanksgiving Mass and distribution of prizes by Rev. Fr. Neisalhou Carolus Kuotsu, Vicar General, Diocese of Kohima. The animators were also acknowledged for their great contribution. Kera Vilakonuo Angela and Kajiri Bibiana (Novices)

AUXILIUM COLLEGE, UDALGURI FELICITATION PROGRAMME The H.S. 2nd Year students who brought laurels to the college with their good performance in the H.S Final Exam were felicitated on 8 June 2018. S h r i D i l i p Ku m a r D a s , A C S , D e p u t y Commissioner of Udalguri graced the occasion as Chief Guest. He expressed his immense pleasure to see so many young people, bubbling with life. Speaking on the trust one should have in oneself to excel, the DC said, Sooner or later the successful man is the one who thinks he can.

AUGUST 2018 |


HOLY CHILD SCHOOL, GUWAHATI WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY Tarumitra meaning 'Friends of Trees' in Hindi and Sanskrit is a student's movement to protect and promote a healthy environment on the earth. The aims of the Tarumitra Club are:  To spread ecological sensitivity.  To equip its members with skills in handling local environment problems,  To organize campaigns for the preservation of bio-diversity and  To promote spirituality and a world view that is earth friendly. On the 5 June 2018, the Tarumitra club celebrated World Environment Day in its own unique way at the school premises. This worldwide event has been the United Nations principlevehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. The first World Environment Day occurred in 1973, a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues. World Environment day has grown to become a global platform for public outreach with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, World Environment day has a new theme which is adapted by various organizations worldwide to advocate environmental causes. We felt greatly honoured when it was announced that India was the host of the global World environment Day 2018. The theme for this year was BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION as the world came together to combat single use plastic pollution. To signify this day the Tarumitra club of Holy Child School Guwahati, organized a poster painting and t-shirt painting competition on various environmental themes for classes 7 to 12. Around 200 students participated for the t-shirt competition and 50 students participated for poster painting competition. It was exceptionally pleasant to witness an active participation of the students. We

26 | AUGUST 2018

also felt greatly delighted to notify that t-shirts which were painted by the students as a part of the competition were donated to Ashalaya and to the other underprivileged children of the mission centers of the Province. Thus, it was not only a humble step towards our environment but also towards humanity. The Guides friends of class 7B also contributed to the program by planting saplings in pots. In addition to that we organized a rally for classes 5 to 10 to spread an awareness of plastic pollution in our locality. The students holding placards and shouting slogans went round the neighbouring streets campaigning for plastic pollution free environment. The Tarumitra Club members hoped that the small yet meaningful efforts made on this World Environment Day to create awareness in the minds of the citizens to be more environment conscious will bear fruits. Tarumitra Club


The VIDES members of Holy Child School observed May Day 2018 for 60 workers of BhaskarNagar and Bamunimaidan Slum area in Bamunimaidan Railway colony. The programme was initiated by Sr. Annie Joseph, Principal, Holy Child School and organized by Sr. Khijurina Tirkey, local delegate of VIDES Holy Child Unit and Mrs. Hasina Begum, President, of VIDES Guwahati with the help of Mr. Sultan, a teacher and social worker. The programme commenced with a song for the workers by the student volunteers. Mrs. Hasina, in her welcome speech highlighted the importance of May Day and the theme for 2018 Uniting workers for Social and Economic advancement. She thanked the workers for their hard work and said that no work is big or small. We are all equal and important, contributors of our society and must continue to work hard in unity and peace. Later, the workers were gifted an umbrella each and the programme concluded with packed snacks for all. AUGUST 2018 |



Hello! My sweet name is Giovanna I've just turned 18 this year on the 24th of February Teenage lass adored by an admirable mother! I'm the princess of my MOM... Today, I grab my opportunity to express the deepest feelings I have for this great MOM of mine My MOM, my QUEEN; gentle as she is Would leave everyone at peace with her encounter. I was amazed to see how gently She took my hand and led me through life for the past six turbulent years Gentle yet firm was her hand and steady as well! More firm when my path was roughOne cannot imagine how wisely She would convince me and teach me the right way. My greatest pride was, is and will be my MOM! Cause her strong will power could even enable her Move gigantic unshakable mountains. Forgetful of self yet thoughtful of others like me ... Took me out in the wild face of life Concerned of the future, led me through hard life That I may not give into my tender imagination, fantasy of life, in her absence. Together made many adventurous journeys Climbed steeped and dangerous cliffs Walked through unbeaten paths but unshakable was her faith. The most courageous woman I've ever known... Braver than the bravest woman I've ever heard of Silent, she would be in the midst of confusions Admirable are the ways through which she solves all my problems Accompanies me all the way A loving gaze of hers settles all my anxieties. I can count on her for any time for anything...

28 | AUGUST 2018

Then one fine day my MOM got a 'Call for a mission' This time not with me... My heart - sunk deep with sorrow, thinking only of my self A voice in within me says, don't be selfish Give her space to be a source of peace, hope and joy to my neighbouring kingdom Where she is commissioned to lead! The FMA Sisters of Shillong Province - INS Adieu MOM! I sALutE yOu MOM! I'LL MIss yOu! WITH LOVE, Your beloved daughter, Giovanna (Mater Ecclesiae) AUGUST 2018 |


Science Exhibition 2018 at LFHSS, Kohima Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima observed Science Exhibition Day on 27 July 2018 under the theme 'Science and Technology for Sustainable Development'. The occasion was graced by Shri.TemjenImna Along Longkumer, Minister of Higher Education and Technical Education, Nagaland, as the Guest Speaker and Shri. Dr. Neikiesalie Nicky Kire, Advisor Rural Development, Govt. of Nagaland as the Special Guest. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Sr. Mabel Gothorp, Vice Provincial, Priests from neighbouring Parishes graced the event with their warm presence. The Exhibition was flagged off with a short programme, where the students displayed their talents through various items. The Guest Speaker Shri. TemjenImna Along Longkumer gave an insightful yet inspiring speech, on how the young minds can transform the Nation's future for the better. He was quite impressed with the confidence in which the students carried themselves. In his speech, the Guest Speaker urged that everyone should make full use of modern technology available today, citing the examples of setting up Bio-Metric devices and CCTVs in every offices and institutions. In his speech, he encouraged the School to expand its wings and go for a college particularly for women. The Exhibition was a grand success providing a suitable platform for the Students. Students from 26 Schools came to witness the event.

30 | AUGUST 2018

INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS SR. SANGMA SANTINA FMA 1. What is your greatest joy as you look back to the 50 years of religious life? As I look back to the 50 years of my religious life, I am thankful to God the gift of my Salesian Vocation and for having sustained me all through these years. Today, I experience great joy and happiness. Some of the things that have helped me to have this experience is the Word of God - The Word of God has guided me, inspired me to be faithful to my religious life. I am very happy to be a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, our saintly Founder and Co- Foundress. All these years, I asked Jesus for peace and joy so that I may speak soothing words, extend a kind greeting, a smile to all whom I meet. I asked Him to give me the grace to accept everyone. There were moments of ups and downs, but I did not get disheartened for my Saviour was there. If I had to suffer, I offered it to Jesus and prayed to Jesus to give me the grace to forgive those who made me suffer. I felt very happy to work in the villages as a touring Sister. I spent 25 years in direct evangelization in different mission centres with the poor people. I tried my best to help them live as better human beings, giving them Jesus and helping them to come closer to HIM. Mission life was not always a smooth sailing one. Difficulties were there. But I surrendered them all to Jesus who turned them into blessings for me and for His people. My prayer is: Lord may I do everything for love of you. May I bring joy and happiness to all. Give me the grace to experience more of your love, peace and joy so that I may be your channel of love, peace and joy to all whom I meet. Make me strong in faith and love so that I may give your message of love and peace to people whom I will meet in villages during my touring. Make me more like you dear Jesus. 2. What sustained you all through these 50 years? What sustained me all these 50 years are: The Word of God, Sacraments especially the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation, Holy Rosary, Holy Rules of our Congregation, Devotion to St. Joseph, Community life, Personal Prayer.

AUGUST 2018 |


INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 3. What are the treasures you value most? The treasures I values most are: Community life, The Holy Eucharist, Personal prayer. 4. What message would you like to give to the younger generations? To the younger generation. I would like to give this message: 'Be grateful to God and the Congregation and be faithful to your Salesian vocation. Do not neglect personal prayer and frequent the reception of the Sacraments.' Interviewed by Sr. Rosemary Kazhiia

SR. TERESA PUTHENPURAKEL 1. How do you feel after these 50 years of your religious life? As I look back to the last 50 years of my religious life, my heart is filled with gratitude to my beloved Jesus, who never left me alone but supported and sustained me at every moment of my life along with Mother Mary. Today, I am ready to sing 'Alleluia' to the Lord with a joyful heart along with my Sisters and the young people who are connected with our mission here at Udalguri. 2. Who/ what inspired you to become a religious? In 1954, when I received my first communion, the Lord inspired me to ask for any grace and I asked Him to make me a missionary and a teacher. In 1955, my sister, Bridget left for Assam along with Sr. Rina Colussi FMA. In 1956, Sr. Rina came back to our Parish and there she met me along with my Parish Priest and told me that I would be with her after 10 years. My Parish Priest told me to say Si and I said it with great joy. In 1964, as I just completed my HSLC, the thought of the mission came back to my mind. By God's special providence, after 10 years my sister Bridget came back home from Assam for 10 days home leave. With much prayer and pleading with my parents I prepared myself and left for Assam along with my sister in January 1965.

32 | AUGUST 2018

INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 3. What inspired you to come to the North East? From an early age my heart was longing to be a Sister and a missionary. Assam was always first in the list, since the other North Eastern states were not yet existing. Besides my sister used to share about the situation in the North East and how the Lord of the harvest is inviting labourers for His vineyard in the field of evangelization and education. 4. What are the good things you see in the North East? As a whole North East is blessed specially by the Creator with its diversity of rich culture, language, traditions and simplicity of life. The people are God-fearing and open minded. The cultural heritage of the North East region will continue to be an asset for the growth of the entire region. 5. What are your best experiences as a religious? ď‚&#x; My years of formation at various stages that has formed me with conviction to offer

my life to Jesus and for His mission. ď‚&#x; Openness, simplicity, trust and co-operation of the young people and Sisters in

particular, when I carried out my mission as Community Animator in various Communities and also as Provincial at the Province level. 6. What are the challenges you faced? No major challenges, except periodic breakdown of relationship with some persons and the struggle to rebuild it for the betterment of the mission. 7. What is the secret of your happiness? The secret of my happiness and a joyful Community life is my attachment to Jesus and detachment from all worldly things and persons. Jesus and Mother Mary are my daily support and inspiration and I shall continue to be with them till my last breath, when they will open the door to eternal life with them. 8. Which is your favourite Bible quotation and your favourite song? My favourite Bible quotation is Jn 15:5, I am the vine; you are the branches. My favourite song is 'The Galilee Song' 'Deep within my heart I feel, voices whispering to me,' (Sing to the Lord - No. 367)

AUGUST 2018 |


INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 9. What is your vision for the young Sisters of today? I hope and pray that the young Sisters may build up closeness to Jesus and Mother Mary and live their consecrated life and mission with joy and conviction, thus becoming channels of God's grace to the young and even in the Community. 10. As a Provincial, you have travelled the length and breadth of the Province. What is your dream for our Province? I wish and pray that the Province may continue to grow all round, especially in moulding the Sisters to a deeper Salesian spirit and mission. For this focus has to be on formation, prayer life and Community sisterly spirit of openness and acceptance of each other. This will help to attract more vocations and the possibility of moving out to more mission centres for the poor and the marginalized young people. May the Lord and Mother Mary continue to be the centre of our life and mission. Interviewed by Sr. Athisa Roselyne fma

SR. ELIZABETH GEORGE 1. What is the greatest joy feel as you look back to the 50 years (Half a century) of your Salesian religious life? Some of the things that give me deep Joy and satisfaction as I look back to the 50 years of my religious life are:  The fact of having found the treasure of my vocation and of having preserved this treasure  The accompanying presence of God in my life I was never alone.  The thought of having given my best wherever I was placed and whatever responsibility I was assigned  The supportive communities which I enjoyed almost everywhere 2. Can you remember a specific moment when you made up your mind to become a religious. My religious vocation was not something that happened on the spur of the moment. My vocation was gradually awakened and nurtured through my family right from my childhood. My parents were highly respectful of priests and religious. They were religious minded and God fearing and particularly my Mother used to pray loudly to have at least one in the family as a priest or religious. (God heard her prayers and out of the 9 children, 6 were called to priesthood and religious life) Though I never studied in a Convent nor had much

34 | AUGUST 2018

INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS contact with the sisters I nurtured the dream of being a religious right from my childhood, though my idea of religious life then was something different sisters wearing long gowns, praying most of the time etc. Our priests in the Church too used to speak of vocations and encouraged missionary vocations. As a member of the Marian Sodality I cherished a tender love for Mary. And my aim after class X was to go the convent somewhere far away and God permitted and paved the way for me to enter the Institute of the FMA . In other words the home climate and the type of spiritual accompaniment the parish Priests gave in those days to young people supported the nurturing of my vocation. 3. What are the things that keep you ever youthful and alive as an FMA? I believe that youthfulness is a state of the mind. One can be old at 30 years or young and 80 years. Being with the young, listening to them, even to the young Sisters kept me young at heart. Other things that prevented mental aging are trying to think positive thoughts, keeping my mind active and busy with mental exercises. 4. How would you define the young of today after having worked with them and for them for 50 years? The young people of today are:  Wonderful human beings, improved version of God's creation.  They have great dreams and aspirations, at times unrealistic as they lack experience  They have tremendous capacity, they are restless to bring about a positive change in the world  They live with contradictions strong yet fragile and brittle, courageous yet fearful and insecure etc  They long for freedom yet look for direction and guidance  If handled with care and genuine love, they will prove to be the wonderful people God meant them to be. 5. What are the treasures you value in your religious life?  The first treasure I value is the treasure which prompted me to follow religious life that is Jesus himself, the treasure par excellence, for without him my life is meaningless.  The rich harvest and the opportunities for a generous giving of my self  A happy and supportive community life that energized me for the mission. 6. What do you think is the most challenging part of being FMA?  To be relevant to the times  To be authentic always and on all fronts  To maintain a healthy balance between action and contemplation.

AUGUST 2018 |


INTERVIEW WITH GOLDEN JUBILARIANS 7. You have efficiently led the province for 6 years. What is your experience of the Sisters and the young people during these 6 years as Provincial?  My experience has been by and large very positive  I had no hidden agenda and because of that I could be upright in my dealings.  The Sisters have given me their support beyond my expectations.  I tried to love the Sisters whom God gave me and the young people always made me feel young with them. I loved their innocence and their spontaneity. 8. As you complete your tenure of office as Provincial, how would you like to see the Province after 10 years? I like the quotation of St. Paul : I planted the seed, Apollos watered the plant, but it was God who made the plant grow. (1 Cor 3:6). Having made my share of contribution to the best of my ability during the past 6 years, it is my wish and prayer that the Province will grow steadily in number and quality. That we will continue to be:  A province where the Primacy of God is lived and where there is genuine love for one another.  A province with convinced, competent and committed Sisters, prepared and available for any service  A province able to reach out with relevant and quality services especially for the poor youth.  A Province with great passion for Jesus and His people 9. What do you see as the greatest concern in the Province today? We could face the danger of being satisfied with what we do and contented with a limited dream So there is need to prepare Sisters who are convinced of their call to holiness, who are mature and competent in many areas, and ready to launch out to the unknown with the passion of the Da Mihi Animas .. 10. What message would you like to give the younger generation who come after you? The future belongs to you younger generation, particularly the future of the Institute and of the Province. You have the capacity to create a future brighter and better than the past and the present. But you need to dream big and work hard. Therefore, know the past, live the present, build the future. Interviewed by Sr. Sania Josephine

36 | AUGUST 2018