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Encountering the Risen Lord!

Sr. Sania Josephine Chakre Editor

Meeting the Resurrected Jesus personally today and be transformed from within can affect every facet of life. The apostles who were most coward men turned into most courageous men just because they have encountered the Risen Jesus, just because they have seen Jesus alive again and believed in Him. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come . Sometimes lifes challenges can seem scary. Like Mary overcome with grief and hopelessness, like Thomas who struggled with doubts about the truth of Christ's Resurrection, or like Peter who probably experienced the greatest failure of his life when he denied Jesus 3 times. If we slow down our steps and see during this Easter Season, our need may be that of Mary, to encounter the Risen Jesus who filled her with hope and joy in her grieving and discouragement. He is the same and wants to meet us as well. He calls us by name and says; ' you are precious in my eyes and honored in my sight, and I love you. Isaiah 43:4, Let us recognize Him. Or like Thomas, perhaps we find ourselves fighting with doubts in some area of life. At this point of need let us hear Him say, See the wounds and place your hand in my side and encouraging us to believe. On our journey we may often identify ourselves with Peter who experienced great sense of defeat when we no longer find ourselves strong enough to stand by our so called 'conviction' we have when everything seem fine with our life. Here Risen Jesus comes to us in those moments, offering us a second chance. Just as He touched Mary, Thomas and Peter at their particular point of need and had the right answer for each. Jesus comes to us at the right moment of need. Even if our needs are entirely different, Jesus still says, Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with me. Rev 3:20 The Risen Lord is looking for us during this Easter Season to meet our needs. Have a transforming encounter with the Risen Lord.

APRIL 2018 |



International Women's Day "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." Michelle Obama On 8 t h March, the occasion of the International Women's Day, the Vides Club of Little Flower Higher Secondary, D i br u g ar h org an i z e d a b e aut i f u l programme in gratitude to God for the g if t of women in t he world. The programme was blessed by the presence of Sr. Tessy Potteparambil, the Principal, Sisters and teachers. The VIDES and MEDIA CLUBS presented a short musical skit on women's right in the society, poem on women empowerment and a drama on girl's power. Miss Janhani, a member of the Vides Club from class X gave a speech on women's day, which was followed by inspiring words from Sr. Tessy. She spoke about the significance of the day and congratulated the two Clubs for making the day a significant one.

Vides Club had also conducted two inter - house competition on Portrait making on famous women for Classes V to VII and 'Spin a Yarn' for classes VIII to X. When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. Helen Keller Sr. Cecilia Rapunga

Six Living Tabernacles Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father but by me." (John 14:6) Heeding these beautiful words of Jesus, six young girls accepted Jesus in their life and received Baptism on 31st of January. It was their long awaited dream came to reality. After having received Jesus for the first time one could see the joy on their faces. Let us listen to their experiences: After receiving Jesus I felt a kind of relief and inner peace in my heart. Through Baptism I now belong to Christian Community where I belief that the supreme and living God is present and is found, and now I can proudly say I am a child of God . Thank you Jesus. Abom Dui Ester (Class XII) APRIL 2018 |


Before receiving Christ, I never understood the value of the Sacraments. When I received Baptism I experience the love of Christ and I felt that all my burdens were vanished. In my heart I experience peace and joy that I cannot describe . Nang Supasini Margaret - Class XI The moment, I received Jesus in the form of bread; I experience inner peace and joy . Maria Mongchan - Class VII On the day of my first communion I could feel myself like a small Angel and experience the presence of God in my life. Love you Jesus. Always stay with me. Datren Elizabeth - Class VI Sr. Cecilia Rapunga

Monthly 'Campus Beats' Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Dibrugarh has launched its monthly newspaper 'Campus Beats' on March 8, the International Women's Day by the Principal Rev. Sr. Tessy Davis in the presence of the staff and students. Its aim is to harness the students' literary and artistic talents and share the happenings of the school with parents/guardians and anyone who cares to read it. Thanks to the creative faculty of the students and the indomitable spirit of the Media Club Sr. Monica Khangchian fma

Annual Sports, Auxilium School, Kokrajhar

APRIL 2018 |


AUXILIUM PROVINCIAL HOUSE Faith Exposure Every experience is like a wave that lingers and echoes in our heart The 10th Faith Exposure Program was organized from 7-13, January by the Arch Diocese of Guwahati at St. Francis of Assisi church, Rangjuli Parish. 750 young religious and candidates from the formation houses across North East participated. It began with the Holy Eucharistic celebration followed by a colourful cultural Inaugural function. His Grace Most. Rev. John Moolachira, the Archbishop of Guwahati Diocese, His Grace Emeritus Most. Rev. Thomas Menamparampil sdb, Fr. Varghese Kirukkavalil, the Vicar General of Guwahati Diocese, Fr. Sojan, the Parish priest of Rangjuli parish were present for the Inaugural function. His Grace Rt. Rev. John Moolachira welcomed the gathering and wished God's blessings for the coming days. His Grace Emeritus Rt. Rev. Thomas Menamparampil sdb shared the dream he had 11 years back on his journey to Guwahati from Arunachal Pradesh. He thanked Fr. Varghese Kirukkavalil for his meticulous organization in making his dream a reality. The participants were then divided into 63 groups consists of 10/11 members. Like the Disciples of Christ, the participants were sent out to different villages with instructions and guidance from His Grace Emeritus Most. Rev. Thomas Menamparampil, to listen to the people, share and witness their life struggles, teach catechism, pray together with them. It was inspiring to listen to several Bishops, Priests and Religious' mission experiences. It awakened the missionary spirit in us. The one week program was well organized and kept alive everyone. It offered us firsthand experience of missionary life. Sr. Udaya Kumari INK & Sr. Gonmei Salome ING

APRIL 2018 |


Here are some of the personal experiences of our sisters after having lived and witnessed the lives of the people in the Villages. I am impressed by the simplicity of people in the villages. They are poor financially yet rich at heart. It has strengthened my missionary vocation'. Sr. kuotsu Philomina INC I am impressed by the people in the village. They live a simple life style but have profound faith in God. I learned that I need to have more faith in God and be a person of conviction in giving Jesus to others. It helped me to realize the need to deepen my knowledge and experience of God because this is what people expect from me and not material things of the world . Sr. Gangmei Martha ING It helped me to realize the need for reevangelization in Christian communities. It also increased my faith and courage to speak about Christ to the non-Christian communities . Sr. Maria Louis Suzan INC

I am enriched by this programme, it aroused my desire to be with the people, work and serve the people specially the poor and the down trodden. It helped me to be more dedicated and committed to the mission and strengthened in me the missionary zeal and enthusiasm . Sr.Rongrin Rishailin INS It strengthened my faith and deepened my call to proclaim Christ. I came to know the practical realities of mission and the need to make Christ known to those who are ignorant of Christ . Sr.Pushparaj Ashe Latha INK It strengthened my vocation. I became more aware of the tremendous power of prayer in my mission . Sr. Dias KavitaJanifer INB

Birthday Of The Province 24th February, the birth day of the Province of Mater Ecclesiae, a day very dear and written in gold in the heart of the Province of Guwahati. Don Bosco Yes I assure you that Institute will have great future if you remain simple poor and mortified . A day of rejoicing and thanksgiving, an occasion to recall the marvelous deeds of the Lord, a moment to acknowledged Mary's maternal guidance and accompaniment in the life of APRIL 2018 |


our province. A small shoot that sprout out 18 years ago has today spread its branches to four states, eight diocese giving life to 35 communities, through which the charism of the Institute is germinating and reaching out to those in need especially the young people. We were immensely blessed to have Sr. Ozhukayil Lucy Rose, visiting councilor, (the pioneering Provincial), Sr. Teresa Puthempurakal, (the second Provincial) on this great day.

Capacity Building Workshop Capacity Building Workshop for FMA-India was held at Wadala, Mumbai from 17th to 21st of March for 22 Vocational Training Centre's Facilitators of 6 Provinces. Sr. Magdaline Konnully, Sr. Agatha Athisa and Sr. Sania Josephine participated from our Province. Topics like; Social Media, Placement Strategies, Human Resource Policy, Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Life Skills, Business Etiquette etc. were dealt by efficient resource persons. The Participants returned to their respective Province with well-planned project to implement in their own Provinces what they have heard and learned.

Visit of Mr. Sebastian Schuster 22 women received Diploma Certificate from the hands of Mr. Sebastian Schuster Don Bosco Mondo Germany, on 25th February after having completed successfully one year Skill Training at Auxilium Provincial House. Sr. Annie Inchenat, Director of Auxilium Reach Out (ARO) along with the Team were present for the programme. The 22 young women were grateful for the opportunity offered to them. Sr.Lissy Rose Matthew, the animator proposed vote of thanks to Mr. Sebastian Shcuster for his generosity in reaching out in empowering the needy and less privileged women.

APRIL 2018 |


AUXILIUM GOALPARA Farewell To Class-XII Students st

The 1 batch students of Auxilium Junior College, Goalpara were given a fitting farewell on the 10th of February. The staffs and students of Cl-XI organized a short programme for the 28 out-going students with the theme "Arise and Shine". The Cl- XI students have expressed their love and appreciation to their seniors through various items. With words of love and appreciation, Sr. Lucy Nedumala, the Principal thanked and wished the outgoing students, imploring God's choicest blessings upon them. In her speech she held that the out-going students will be always part of Salesian Family and the door of Auxilium Junior College is always open for them. The outgoing students too expressed their gratitude to the Sisters and Staff for the many opportunities they have received for their growth. The programme concluded with a symbolic gesture of inviting the outgoing students to be a light which lighten the life of many whom they will be encountering and were given a lighted candle each.

Trip to Shri Suryapahar The community of Auxilium Junior College, Goalpara went for a picnic to Shri Suriyapahar, Archeological Museum Goalpara on February 18. One could imagine the joy, the young enthusiastic Auxilians felt as they climb the rocky hills, enjoying the beautiful sight. The rocky hills with trees between the huge rocks, the beautiful flowers in the valley beneath the hills, beautifully maintained surroundings and the historical monuments that capture the eyes of everyone who come there and we were not exempted from it. There were many people from different places who had come to enjoy the beautiful sight of Shri Suriyapahar. We had a sumptuous lunch under the beautiful Banyan Tree and had animated games. The hostel boys and girls expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Sr. Lucy Nedumala, the animator and Sisters for the enjoyable and exciting day. APRIL 2018 |



Health Seminar For Candidates The Candidates of St. Mary's Maligaon had a half day Health Seminar on 12th Februar y animated by Sr. Inchenat Annie. She spoke on the need of good health which is not merely the absence of disease but a complete state of physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing, the three aspects of health care viz. preventive, promotive and curative. The candidates were made aware about simple and natural means of health care using the most commonly found herbs and promote a holistic health. Nikita Saikia (Postulant)

International Women's Day The International Women's Day was celebrated in St. Mary's Maligaon on 8th March with the neighboring women numbering about 100 of them. Ms. Chandana Bhuyan, Psychologist and psychotherapy specialist was the chief guest for the occasion. The program began with words of welcome by Sr. Agnes Iswarary and welcome song by the candidates, followed by the talk from the chief guest on women empowerment . She stressed on the importance of women in the society, the need of women education, discrimination of women and women in today's world. After the program, various games, competition were animated for them and concluded with prize distribution and snacks. Nikita Saikia and Gaipuilu Mary (Postulants)

APRIL 2018 |


The 19th of March, marked a memorable day for Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima as it paved a way to the world of books for all the young avid readers by introducing the 'Book Festival', the first of its kind in the School. The foundation was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mr.T. DiliKhekho (Proprietor D/CAFÉ, Kohima Nagaland), accompanied by Sr. Lydia Komuhra (Superior), Sr. Lucy Gangmei (Principal), Sr. Regina Ruulavino (Vice Principal) and the teachers' representative, Mrs. Arenla Imchen. The sole purpose of launching into this initiative is to encourage students to read books rather than wasting time in Virtual entertainment. The Fest also aims at inculcating in the young, a healthy reading culture which will enhance their vocabulary in communication skills, develop writing skills etc


Book Festival in Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima

The Chief Guest in his speech highlighted that what exercise is to the body, so what I read is to the mind. Readers are Leaders. If you want to be somebody better than yesterday and today read books. The best way for relaxation is to read books. The success of this Fest, carved an interest for the students to read books and to enlighten themselves. The week long 'Book Fest' will certainly go a long way to create keen interest in students to read and enable them to discover the treasures of knowledge for their wholesome growth and development. Ms. Sarimenla Imchen

Captains' Orientation Programme A day captains' orientation programme was held on 9th March, in the School Hall. The School Captains and Captains of class es 5 to 10, 46 in numb er participated. Sr. Regina conducted the first session through PowerPoint presentation on the 'Qualities of a Leader'. That a leader is someone who has the Capacity and Will to rally men and women to a common purpose and has the character which inspires confidence. That a leader must have t h e q u a l i t i e s o f c o m m i t m e nt , comp etence, courage, fo cused, APRIL 2018 |


generosity, self-discipline, servanthood and vision. Thus a leaders' vision meets others' needs. The second session was animated by Sr. Sania Rosemary on 'Teamwork'. That a team does not consist of only one person, it includes different people working together. She strengthened her topic by explaining the 7 habits of high performing teams that is; excellent leadership, a unified purpose, effective communication, accountability, combined focus, innovation and responsibility. It ended with different activities and games through which the students learned the importance of co-operation and unified purpose in a team. The third session of the day was conducted by Sr. Lucy Gangmei on various tips for practical life with video clips showing the importance of teamwork and determination. She talked on how to respect others and emphasized on how communication is important in a team. The day ended with games and activities putting the focus on listening and communicating.

Annual Sports Week

The School Annual Sports week was held from 21st 23rd February. Shri. Colonel Debaraj Battacharya, the 3rd commandant, Assam Rifles (Naga Hills) was the Chief Guest for the Inaugural day on 21st. Sr. Lucy Gangmei, Principal extended a hearty welcome to the Chief Guest and everyone present. Different items were displayed; pipe-band, welcome song and dances were performed by the students. On this day Captains of classes 5 to 10, along with the School captains took the pledge for the year to carry out their duties and responsibilities with dedication and commitment as captains. The Chief Guest, Shri. Colonel Debaraj Battacharya, then gave a speech, highlighting the importance of hard-work. Preparing for life starts from when you are young. Don't keep on pending your decisions and wait till you are eighteen. Be determined to succeed, be determined to work hard. He concluded his speech saying, If you want something you never had, do something you never did. APRIL 2018 |


International Women's Day Celebration The School celebrated International Women's Day along with the rest of the world organised by the VIDES Club. Miss Neingutonuo Kulnu, Counsellor, Childline, Kohima, was the resource person for the celebration. Mhalo of Class 7 in her introductory speech welcome everyone present for the occasion. And delivered a talk on 'Change'. What is change? What is necessary in a change? How can you bring change in your life? were the questions she emphasized on. She said that change will be uncomfortable but it is important. She gave four points on how to bring change: (i)

Identifying oneself - One must identify the emotions, when and why we feel what we are feeling. We should define ourselves physically, not others. She also said that mental strength means to bear the negativity and still be able to go forward confidently.

(ii) Accepting oneself - Acceptance comes when you are true to yourself . She said that we should accept ourselves as we are; physically, mentally and spiritually. Negative judgment about oneself is not good. (iii) Loving oneself - No one else will love us like we love ourselves. Loving ourselves is just one simple thing, think about oneself and be happy. I am imperfect but I am perfect for myself . (iv) Learning and growing with oneself - We have to evaluate ourselves, 'are we doing good or bad'. When you make a resolution, it lasts for a few months but when you really learn about and accept yourself, it is for life . She gave an example of Mother Teresa, saying that before being what she is known for today, she accepted herself, loved herself and shared that love with others. She said that there will be people who might not accept us, but there will be more people who will love us. If we search for ourselves, we will find ourselves. The secret of change is not to focus on your past but to focus on building yourself . APRIL 2018 |



AMRAT On 28th February, Asian Movement Religious Against Human Trafficking (AMRAT), Regional meeting was held at Jesuit House, Governor Road, Ujan Bazaar, Guwahati, called by AMRAT Regional coordinator, Sr. Prema C. from Holy Cross Kharguly, Guwahati. Ms. Bharati Das, Counselor from Child line, Guwahati was the resource person for the programme. She spoke mainly on child labour, human trafficking, how the agency rescue and counsel the affected children. There were 14 participants from different organization of Guwahati and Shillong. Mr. Shaji Fernandes, project general coordinator and Sr. Arati Rabha, project coordinator from Auxilium Reach Out participated. There were also two third genders, who took part in the programme known as Transgender who shared about their life and experience of the third gender.

State Level Workshop State level workshop was conducted by Centre for Development Initiative (CDI) Guwahati, on 1st March, supported by Don Bosco Mondo Germany, at Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Centre Development (OKDISCD), Guwahati. It was on Rights, Dignity and Solidarity for Domestic Workers in North East India. Mr. Sebastian Schuster, Project Manager and quality Evaluator from DB Mondo, Germany and different NGOs & CGOs, Domestic Workers and coordinators representative from different states of North East, numbering about 70 were present. Sr. Annie Inchenat, Director and Sr. Arati Rabha from Auxilium Reach Out, Guwahati took part in it. Sr. Rabha Arati

APRIL 2018 |


AUXILIUM KHOUPUM Media Literacy Programme A four days Media Literacy Programme was held at Auxilium convent, Khoupum Manipur from 16th 19th February for the Children's club members animated by Sr. Sania Josephine, Media Coordinator of the Province. Sr. Deonisia Tirkey, animator introduced the resource person and was warmly welcomed by the students with songs. Sr. Deonisia then invoked God's blessings for the success of the programme. It was an eye opening experience for the children since it was the first time of this type animation conducted for them. They were taught how media should be used responsibly and made aware of the impact of Social Media in the life of young people and Society. Mr. Innocent Kamei

The International Women's Day was celebrated at Boko on 11th March. The celebration began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Albinus Dhanwar SDB, the Asst. Parish Priest. At the introduction to the Holy Mass, Sr. Barjo Sara, animator spoke on the theme of the day and it's significant. The Holy Mass was solemnized with the entranced procession and entrance dance by the women. Fr. Albinus during the homily explained the theme Press for Progress and brought out the history of women's Day celebration.


International Women's Day Celebration

The women were honoured and facilitated through short programme and animation. It began with a prayer by Fr. Albinus followed by lighting of the lamp by the chief Guest Sr. Inchenat Anna fma, Director of Auxilium Reach Out, Guwahati. The Boarders then felicitated everyone with a badge each and greeted them with their festal songs and dances. The day was animated by Sr. Anna Inchenat fma, Sr. Arati Rabha fma, Sr. Bastina FC, Mrs. Manju Thakuria , a women's Social Worker of Kamrup district Rural Zone. APRIL 2018 |



They spoke on various topic related to women and girl child. Sr. Annie and Sr. Arati spoke on human trafficking, importance of women's role in the family, society and the world, role of today's women, etc. Sr. Bastina FC dealt with the courage of the Biblical women especially Mother Mary. Mrs. Manju Thakuria, Women's Social Worker spoke on women for unity, women as the best creation of God and challenges that the women face. The women then pledge to move hand in hand for the betterment of women in the society.

Student's orientation programme Orientation programme was conducted on 20th January for the students of class VI to X animated by Sr. Jacinta Marak, the animator. It was organized in order to ensure better atmosphere for learning and cooperation between teachers and students so as to make learning easier. Sr. Jacinta dealt on the Strenna of Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandes 'Sir, Give Me This Water', which enlightened and encouraged the students to cooperate with the teachers

Honour to Blessed Laura Vicuna The Students of classes II to V honoured Blessed Laura Vicuna on 20th January. Sr. Sudem Basumatary briefed the simple life style of Blessed Laura Vicuna and her love for Jesus. The Statue of Mother Help of Christians was solemnly put up on the Auxilium School Kokrajhar building by Rev, Fr. Damian Basumatary sdb, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco School Kokrajhar on 25th of January.

Captain's Orientation Programme Orientation Programme for the School and class captains and vice-captains' was conducted on 23rd of January by Sr. Jacinta Marak, the animator to prepare them to take up their role as leaders in the School. She encouraged them to develop leadership skills in order to support fellow students and build their own sense of themselves as leaders. APRIL 2018 |


Pledge Taking Ceremony The deserving young talents of Auxilium School Kokrajhar were bestowed with the responsibility of leading the School on 30th January. The chief guest of the investiture ceremony was Shri J.P Brahma, AES, Inspector of schools, K.D.C Kokrajhar and guest of honour was Mr. M.O Jacob, a managing member of the school and parent. They were escorted to the stage by the scouts and guides along with Sr. Jacinta Marak, the animator. Sr. Hathorky Goyari, Headmistress, addressed and welcomed the guests. The chief guest in his address appreciated the efforts of the Sisters in providing opportunities to the students. He also encouraged the teachers to take up their duties sincerely. The young Auxilian boys thrilled the viewers with their beautiful and lively steps,followed by the vote of thanks by Sr. Grace Pemmila, Assistant Headmistress after which the whole gathering stood up and sang the School Anthem.

Teacher's Orientation Programme Auxilium School Kokrajhar organized an eventful and enriching orientation programme for the teachers from 20th to 23rd Dec.conducted by Sr. Jacinta Marak, animator.The four days long programme included discussions on various topics like classroom management, early childhood education programme, characteristics of an effective teacher etc. The teachers were kept involved through group activities. The programme has helped the teachers to begin the academic session with greater enthusiasm.

Run To Win The Race The Annual sports of Auxilium School Kokrajhar kick off on 9th which lasted till 13th of March. Shri Dinesh Boro, Join Secretary BTC Assam, was the chief Guest for inaugural function. The presence of the parents of the students added grandeur to the celebration. The chief guest, in his short speech appreciated the student for their performance and APRIL 2018 |


encouraged them to make good use of the infrastructure and every opportunity offered. He also exhorted the parents to send their children to good schools. With much enthusiasm the children took part actively in all the events that was conducted during the sports.


The closing ceremony day was another exciting day. Shri Ravi Sankar Borgoyary, Director of Education BTC Kokrajhar was the Chief Guest for the day. The champion trophy was secured by the Red House. Sr. Grace Pemmila

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY The Vides unit of Holy Child School, Guwahati, celebrated International Women's Day in the School on 8th March. The Chief Guest of the day was Mrs.Banamallika Choudhury, Women's Rights Activist and Social Entrepreneur. The presence of RJ Mandy an executive producer of REDFM Radio, Sr. Annie Joseph, Principal, Sr. Khijurina Tirkey, the local delegate of Vides, Sisters, teachers, Vides Volunteers and studentsmade the occasion blessed.

The programme began with a prayer to invoke God's blessings on women in particular.Mrs. Hasina B. Brooks, president of Vides Guwahati and teacher gave welcome speech which was followed by felicitation of the guests with traditional Assamese gamocha and bouquets of flowers by Vides volunteers. The Chief Guest in her message highlighted the importance of Women's Day and the need for hard work to achieve success. She also told the students how precious a woman is and to feel proud to be women. The principal in her message asked the students to reflect on the inspiring thoughts shared by the guests and to be positive in lifeand stressed on the theme 'Press for Progress'. The programme concluded with a message on women entitled You are Awesome. Sr. Khijurina Tirkey

APRIL 2018 |


The Annual Sports Day was organized in St. Joseph's Convent Hr. Sec. School by the sports committee from 7th to 9th February. Fr. Joy was the chief guest for the inaugural function; he gave a motivating speech on the importance of sports in a student's life. He was then requested to ignite the torch and handed over to the house captains of all the four houses and declared the sports day open . The Annual Sports event came to an end on 9th of Feb. with singing of the School Anthem and lowering of the school Flag which was solemnly handed over to Sr. Emilia Chopfohra, the Principal by the school Head girl and the captains of the different houses.


Annual Sports Day

International Women's Day

International Women's Day was celebrated at Bindukuri village on 8th March in the presence of Ms. Christina from Germany and Mr. Hermon, Sr. Annie Inchennat, Director of ARO, Sr. Kaini Maria, the animator, Sr. Jacinta Topno, animator of Tezu and other Sisters. The village people Welcomed the Chief Guest Ms. Christina with traditional welcome of washing hands and others with badges and Assamese Gamucha. On this day 13 most senior women of the village were honouredwith Assamese Gamucha.The women and youth had prepared few dances and skit on Samaritan Women, Action song on women and sloganslike 'long live women', 'Betibachao', 'betiparao', 'Unatikidaur me Mahila Age', 'Mahila Shakti jindabad'. The celebration came to an end with communitarian dance with everyone. The prizes of the Bible Quiz conducted on 26th January were given out by Sr. Kaini Maria.

APRIL 2018 |


Spiritual Retreat


2 days Spiritual Retreat was organized for the people of Bindukuri village animated by Fr. Thadeus Kujur SDB on 24th and 25th February. His reflective talks were based on Word of God, Sin and Repentance. During the healing session many experience Physical and inner healings. People enjoyed his insightful talks and said they were not tire or hungry nor thirsty. The retreat had a very prayerful conclusion with the solemn Holy Eucharistic celebration. Participants said that it was a very good experienceand wished for more days. Mr. Simon Kandulna thanked Fr. Thadeus for his availability to come and offer them this God experience. Sr. Sangma Ersilia

International Women's Day International Women's Day was celebrated at Dotma Parish on 8th March for about 700 participants of which about 450 were women. Rt. Rev. Thomas Pulloppillil DD, Bishop of Bongaigaon, the Chief Guest of the day was welcomed in Bodo traditional Dance. The celebration began with the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rt. Rev. Thomas Pulloppillil DD, in his homily, he spoke about the rights and duties of women in the family, Church and Society, and exhorted them to be faithful to their duties as women.

Women were honoured through cultural programme. Fr. T.O. Jose, the Parish Priest extended his warm welcome to the chief guest and everyone present.Besides the APRIL 2018 |


entertaining items put up by the Boarders, Pre-Novices, they women were enlightened through speeches from Sr. Rachel Ishorary who spoke on our Lady and the role of the women, challenging them to be like Her in everything. Bishop expressed his appreciation for the work women do at home, in the church and the Society and said, 'We should be proud of our mothers'. Mrs. Joymoti, the president proposed the vote of thanks and concluded the day's celebration with meal served for everyone. Women Day celebration had brought together all different communities of the Parish where everyone enjoyed the company of each other.

The Annual Sports 2018 which was held on 22nd and 23rd March, memorable days for the little ones of Auxilium Senapati. The great event began with the hoisting of the School Flag by Sr. Ronai Maria Goretti, the animator of the community. It was followed by March Past competitions between the four different houses. The Students took active part in all the games. C h i l d r e n a n d Te a c h e r s w e r e a l l competitive and there was a great excitement and sportsmanship. The football match between the Sisters and Cl. 1 versus Teachers surprised everyone with contentment. The successful Annual Sports concluded with the red house as winner for the year. Unity in diversity was seen in every one.

WELCOME AND THANK YOU DEAR MOTHER PROVINCIAL 27th& 28th February was a remarkable day for Auxilium, Senapati. The Sisters, Teachers and Students gave a fitting warm welcome to our dear Mother Provincial, Sr. Elizabeth George. She was felicitated with the traditional muffler and lively song at the entrance. Meaningful and lively stage programme was put up by the Students and Teachers to express their gratitude to her. Mother Provincial was felicitated with words of gratitude and gifts such as traditional lungi and muffler during the programme. The following morning the new Scholastic Year2018 was officially opened by Mother Provincial. Pledge taking ceremony was taken by the Staff and Students after which Mot he r Prov i nc i a l g ave a t hou g ht provoking exhortation and congratulated the Teachers and Students for their smartness. - Sr. Agatha Karaila APRIL 2018 |


Annual Sports




Media Literacy Programme and Workshop 3 days Media Literacy Programme was conducted for 60 Students of Children's Club members at Auxilium Shajouba from 10th 13th of March, animated by S r. S a n i a J o s e p h i n e , t h e S o c i a l Communication Coordinator of the Province. They were divided into groups and led them to the world of Media which took to their feet for Street play on the last day. The students creatively performed the Street Play on different issues faced in their villages. They were helped to understand the power of Media in creating awareness and bring about change in the society.

Passion Celebration Happiness comes after sufferings. The community of Auxilium Khoupum took part in the passion celebration animating the people in the villages. The glorious entry of Jesus to Jerusalem was relived as the people came in procession from Gaidimjang village to the parish shouting 'Hosanna to the King of kings'. The church was packed to its capacity by the faithful. On Thursday evening 3 Sisters and 6 girls left for different villages with the Fathers and spent 3 days in the villages for Easter. Moving from village to village, 22 villages were able to receive sacraments and celebrate Holy Eucharist and during the Holy Week. The faithful in the villages expressed their gratitude for enabling them to receive the Risen Lord. We did experience the true spirit of Easter joy and Alleluia! Sr. Veronica Pongringmei

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The Parent Teacher Meeting


The Parents' Meet headed by the school authorities is an important event conducted by St. Mary's Higher Secondary, Guwahati every year, class-wise, either once or twice a year. Unlike conventional norms, this year's Meet was held section-wise. The meeting was held every day from 8 am to 9 am. The main aim behind the thought was that small groups bring better cohesion and interaction. Besides providing a chance to meet the parents, these Meets give information to the parents regarding trivial and significant matters which pertain to their children's life. The one hour Meet started with a prayer and welcome address by the students. In order to facilitate communication, the entire English version was also translated into Assamese. This helped to create an environment of comfort for those parents who find difficulty to understand English. Sr. Grace Ottalankal, the animator addressed the gathering stressing on the importance of the Meet. She enunciated that a child's growth and development is obvious with such collaborative meetings and small group meetings are more effective to discuss veritable matters of children. She further added that school life is, genuinely, an opportune moment for children's fallacy correction as they are in their nascent stage of physical and mental growth. Sr. Molly Kaniampadickal, the Principal, started the plenary session with an inspiring video clip presentation. In the awe-inspiring video, parents were asked as to whom they would prefer to go with for a dinner and they unanimously replied the names of celebrities of their choice. Surprisingly, when children were asked the same question, they all voiced words such as 'parents', 'family', 'Mum and Dad'. The video was an eye-opener for everyone present. She then introduced the Strenna of the year to the parents 'The art of listening and accompaniment' of the young. She animated the parents on the theme, how to listen to the young and how to walk along with them in their struggles and challenging situations citing examples appropriate to each group. A few important points were then discussed with regard to the all round development of a child. Sr. Molly pointed out that children are lovelorn; they need to be loved and never compared with anyone. How apt was Sr. Molly when she said; marks, achievement or nature, comparison is never an encouraging factor in a child's life. Each child is unique and they are not a duplicate of someone else. Sr. Molly also stressed on the fact that children should never be deprived of co-curricular activities. Games and sports are great concentration leveler and they refresh the mind. Social media is a bane for the teenagers and should be shrugged off life. Healthy food intake should be inculcated and junk foods need to be avoided. She emphasized on the need to work together as partners to develop each and every child keeping in mind the diverse APRIL 2018 |


environment from where the students come. She invited the parents to meet the Sisters and teachers often and when they like or if they have any concerns in their mind. The session proceeded with opinions from parents where they expressed their gratitude towards the school for organizing such a meet and most of them thanked for all the care and support given by the Sisters and teachers. They also appreciated the Youth Fest, 2018 because it taught the students leadership skills. The institution envisages the concept of one God and this was deemed so high by the parents that they could not stop mentioning it .The entire meeting brought the parents to better relationship with the school management. They appreciated the Meet and expressed their desire to work together to build a bright future of the young people and children. The Meet ended with an apt thought from Sr. Molly who said; Have trust in us as we have trust in you . As the Meet concluded, high hopes piled up in the minds of all that such frequent meets would definitely bring fruitful results. Ms. Anannya Acharjee

Pledge Taking Ceremony The Pledge-Taking Ceremony of the year 2018 of St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Guwahati was observed on 5th February. The pledge-taking ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic year. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. In order to inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of leaders and a sense of responsibility, the new Prefectorial Body is formed every year. The ceremony began with the submission of the offerings to the Supreme Divine to bless the students and each and every member of this institution. The function was presided over by the respected Principal, Sr. Molly Kaniampadikcal. In her speech she encouraged the students to be committed to important issues and to always remember that leadership comes with integrity. The Pledge-Taking Ceremony formally began with swearing-in of the School Captain, School Vice-Captain, School Secretary, School Vice-Secretary, respective House Presidents and House Vice-Presidents. All the students also took their pledge because each student will be entrusted leadership at some point of the year. The Sisters and Teachers also took pledge to do their duties impartially and give their utmost to provide knowledge to the students.

APRIL 2018 |


The 30th issue of the school magazine 'Panorama' was released on this day. Sr. Grace Ottalankal, the animator spoke on the occasion and motivated all the students to be just and fair leaders. The function concluded with the singing of the school anthem. Ms. Bhaswati Das

Youth Fest, 2018 St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Guwahati organized a Youth Fest for the first time from 21st to 24th of February. It was a week's amalgamation of different literary, cultural and sports activities. Every day different person were invited as Chief Guest, the beauty of it was that all were Past Pupils of the School. On the first day, Ms. ParomitaKakoti, Principal of Girls' Polytechnic and Head of Department of Architecture of English, Institute of Chandmari,came and spoke about life values and the importance of prayers in our lives. She encouraged the students to grab opportunities and to have an aim in life and to believe in themselves. The second day's Chief Guest was Ms. Pragya Paromita, the official host of the Government of Assam, who advised the young buds to spread their wings and be who they are but to be the best version of themselves. On the third day, we were graced by the presence of Dr. Pranami Mazumdar, psychologist of Tezpur Medical College, who spoke about discipline. She emphasized to inculcate the virtue of humility and not to let success get onto their head. On the fourth day, we had the pleasure of getting the accompaniment of Dr. Mythili Hazarika, Clinical Psychologist of GMCH. She expressed that excelling in academics alone is not enough but an all-round development is essential for a student in order to achieve success. The Youth Fest provided unlimited number of opportunities to the students to showcase their talents as well as to discover the hidden ones. It gave them a chance to explore their strong points and to explore the area- literary, cultural or sports- they are most likely to succeed in. The Youth Fest also tested the students' ability to cope up with stress and their willingness to accept defeat gracefully. It encouraged teamwork skills and the student's ability to push themselves to their best. Each and every student got a chance to take part in an event which they like, be it a creative field or in athletics. Each day of the Youth Fest was a fun mixture of different literary, cultural and sports events.

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There were many events where the students could indulge in their artistic talents like Essay Writing, Freelance Writing, Poem Writing, Story Writing, Story Weaving, Extempore Speech, Elocution, News Reading, Comic Writing, Banner Making, Ad Making, and Poster Making. Each of these competitions helped the students to work under pressure and make up things on the spot. These competitions also helped the students to overcome their stage fear and to be confident enough to make public speeches, expand their vocabulary and improve in their communication skill.


Opportunities were provided to explore their culture through various dance, drama and singing competitions. A number of sports competitions were organized for the Primary wing, the Middle wing and the High school. Among the different competitions held, a fashion designing competition was also organized. The Youth Fest 2018 will be forever cherished by every student. Noyonika Choudhury XA & Prateeksha Mazumdar XC

Media Animation Three days Media Animation was held at Auxilium Dimapur for the Sisters from 3nd to 5th March animated by Sr. Sania Josephine, Social Communication Coordinator. The participants were given to hands on Visual, Print Media and Social Media. It was conducted to ensure better documentation and report writing of the community's apostolate, better accompaniment of the young who are often disoriented due to excessive, irresponsible use of social media.

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