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Enjoy your take-out favourites on-the-go with the Chicken Inn Drive Thru! 2

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NTERIOR DESIGN is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Any design plan includes research, coordination, and management. It is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.

fully geared to serve you and we explain in detail some of the stores design concepts and function.

Join us in this issue as we focus on interior design and bring forth store designs from Village walk Borrowdale, Sam Levy Village and Avondale shopping centres.

The fabulous Café Nush is situated just below the North tower of the Village Walk Mall.It’s the brain child of the very talented Abed Khalatbari who has extensive experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. local designer Celso Ribeiro and Architect Mirko Tucakov also worked hand in hand with the owners on the project. There’s a kind of edgy, urban, industrial chic look in the design. Page 11

Our main feature is the Village Walk Borrowdale. Their phase two expansion is now complete and the Mall was officially opened by President Mnangagwa recently. There are now 32 tenants

Right at the entrance sits Chicken Inn Drive Thru.The Village Walk Drive Thru was designed by architect Pattichides & Partners Architecture & Design and the main contractor for the project was AM Machado Private Limited. The project was overseen by Tich Chamboko who is responsible for projects implementation for Simbisa Brands Zimbabwe. Dig deep into the History of Drive Thru designs. Page 7

Architexture Spatial Design lead by Bruce Rowlands together with Gemma Temlett designed a striking, super-modern interior that fulfills all the specs in the design brief, while at the same time creating an innovative brand image for Solution Centre. Page 19 We also feature Manhattans’ Sam Levy store and the new Lighting World Avondale showroom amongst other great stores. Drop into all these stores, be wowed by their set ups and happy shopping for all your home or office interior design projects. Page 30 All structure and design content and much more is available online structuredesign or SDMagzim Head there now to use our extensive resource of top local projects and products.

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President Mnangagwa officially opened the Village walk Mall on the 23rd of May 2018 and was taken on a tour by Mr John Moxon, the Chairman of Thomas MEIKLES(TM) with Minister Bimha, directors of Mopani Property Development and other dignitaries.

VILLAGE WALK in Borrowdale is still one of the leading shopping malls in Zimbabwe and has recently completed its phase 2 expansion. Designed by South Africanbased, international architectural firm Boogertman and Partners, and developed by Terrace Africa and Mopani Properties, in conjunction with local retail giant TM Pick n Pay, introduced a new concept in shopping for Zimbabweans – the strip mall.


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Anchored by Pick n Pay supermarket, shoppers can also enjoy a host of other great stores and services. There are banks, electronic and hardware specialists Solution Centre and Electrosales. Trendy Interior décor and design shops like Romeo Kitchens, Linden Hope and TV Sales and Homes, Simply Simbi, The Outdoor Shop and print specialists PrintWorks, Fly Africa, Nu way Dry Cleaners, Security shop. Art

Attack for art supplies, sports shops Adidas and Mark Manolios, a pharmacy, a medical centre and an optician are also available. To pamper yourself there’s Matsimela Home Spa, Veldemeers delicious chocolates and pastries and Gelato Crema for Italian ice cream and coffee, great food from Rocomamas, Portos and the drive-thru Chicken Inn take away.

Chicken Inn’s New Village Walk Drive-Thru Text by Michael Nott | Photos by Michele Fortmann



The concept of drive-thru businesses was first started in America in the 1930’s and has since spread to other countries around the world. The first recorded drive-through business was allegedly a banking service provided by Grand National Bank of St Louis, Missouri. Several companies lay claim to the first drive-through restaurant. In-n-Out Burgers claims to have built the first drive-thru restaurant in the world in 1948 in California. Other sources cite Maid-Rite or Jack in the Box as the first major restaurant specifically designed as a drive-through and featuring a two-way intercom. Whatever the history of the drive-through really is, Zimbabwe can now claim four Chicken Inn Drive Thrus – three in Harare and one in Bulawayo – with plans to build more drive-through QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) across Zimbabwe. Chicken Inn opened their first outlet in 1987 in Speke Avenue in Harare. Due to their outstanding success they now boast 67 outlets throughout Africa, including Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi and Nigeria. Their QSR Business has grown to own and franchise outlets in other countries across Africa, including DRC, Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius, Swaziland and Lesotho. Simbisa Brands includes Chicken Inn, Baker’s Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Fish Inn, Haefelis, Nando’s and Steers. Furthermore, Simbisa owns the master license to other successful brands such as Galito’s Africa, and Vida E Caffé. On 5th August 2015 Simbisa was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Innscor. Chicken Inn’s first Drive Thru was opened in Greencroft in January 2016. They have another Drive Thru in Village Walk which was opened in February 2017, one in Bulawayo and now their newest branch at Avondale Drive Thru, which opened April 2017. The idea behind the drive-throughs is to offer Chicken Inn’s famous fried chicken pieces (and a host of other menu items) in the shortest time and with the maximum convenience for customers. Chicken Inn also believe that their Drive Thrus are a great way of moving with the times as more families are pressed for time in today’s fast moving lifestyle. Once customers have received their food orders (the average waiting time is just 5 minutes) they can choose to eat in their cars, 8

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take their food home, or eat at the seating area adjacent to the stand up counter. Food doesn’t just have to be ordered at the drivethru, there’s also a more traditional walk in order counter. Like their other Drive Thrus the Village Walk branch has a vibrant, colourful, family orientated image. The exterior of the building

is made up of a series of geometric cubes clad in bright yellow and glossy red panels set against a neutral dark grey background. There’s a free playground space where children can be safely entertained while waiting for their orders, or while their parents are eating. There are climbing frames and slides for the little ones and even a room of video play stations for the older ones. Future Drive Thrus are planned to incorporate even bigger, more elaborate playgrounds! Inside the Drive Thru – if you choose to walk in or to eat your order at the tables – you’ll find a bright, clean and vibrant space with different coloured wall tiles and brightly coloured comfortable chairs and tables. There’s even a wash basin where you can clean up before eating or wash your hands after your meal. From the counter customers can see through to the kitchen so they can watch their meals being prepared in the hygienic, modern kitchen. The Village Walk Drive Thru was designed by architect Pattichides & Partners Architecture & Design and the main contractor for the project was AM Machado Private Limited. The project was overseen by Tich Chamboko who is responsible for projects implementation for

Simbisa Brands Zimbabwe. All their ingredients are sourced locally with their chickens supplied by Irvine’s and vegetables sourced from local contract farmers, so Chicken Inns help to create a lot of downstream employment. Their ingredients are non-GM so they’re healthier too. Chicken Inn’s staff is recruited locally, so for example, a branch in Masvingo will recruit staff from Masvingo rather than from Harare or Bulawayo. They engage in extensive staff training for their chefs, waiters, cashiers and other staff so they’re helping to promote skilled employment. They also have eco-friendly, bio-degradable packaging which is kinder to the environment. Simbisa promotes ‘sort at source’ waste management and supports EMA (Environmental Management Agency) with their cleanup programmes. As part of their corporate social responsibility programme they support Emerald Hills Children’s Home and other charities, and they sponsor the Chicken Inn Football Club which is aimed at helping disadvantaged or unemployed youth. The Chicken Inn Drive Thru at Village Walk is open 8 to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. 9


Some exciting new stores have recently opened at Village Walk Borrowdale! Freshly Ground, Ria’s Florist, The Party Shack, Juniper and a Jewellery shop have landed and the expansion has seen an additional 65 Parking bays as part of the phase 2 expansion.

Your seafood destination OCEAN BASKET BORROWDALE 04 852 189 Store no 7, Entertainment Centre, Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale, Harare

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Café Nush at Village Walk Borrowdale


text: Michael Nott photography: Michele Fortmann

HE fabulous Café Nush is situated just below the North tower of the Village Walk Mall. It’s the sister cafe of the iconic Cafe Nush in Avondale – the trendiest place for people watching and to see and be seen. Like the Avondale Nush the Village Walk branch is perfect for socialising and enjoying great food in a cool, relaxed atmosphere. It’s the ideal place to meet up with friends for a coffee and a decadent slice of cake – or a fresh juice for the more health conscious. There’s a range of pizzas and light meals, as well as a more substantial menu for supper, and its family friendly too with a selection for kids. The kitchen and the pizza oven are visible from the restaurant so you can watch your food being expertly prepared. It’s the brain child of the very talented Abed Khalatbari who has extensive experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Abed has designed a number of residential projects in Cape Town, before designing Cafe Nush Avondale and later expanding its pizzeria, Sandalwood Lodge (especially the interiors) hand to hand with local designer Celso Ribeiro and Cafe Nush at the Village Walk. Mirko Tucakov is a locally based >



architect, trained in Venice, who helped Khalatbari to make his design ideas take on a concrete form. Tucakov says, “The collaboration between us was a fun and exciting one. His confident belief in the vision of the new branch helped me model his ideas into a reality.” Some ideas were carried over from the Avondale branch and further developed and adapted for the Village Walk cafe. There’s a kind of edgy, urban, industrial chic look that is common to both cafes, using straight forward materials like steel and wood and keeping fussy design details to a minimum. At Village Walk structural steel columns, which are an integral part of the way the mall itself is built, help to define the facade. In the interior of the cafe the steel beams have been clad in ebonised timber which makes the rough steel feel a bit warmer, though still strong. 12 structure & design |


The rest of the exterior look is made up of glass set in black aluminium frames which form windows or stacking folding doors, as well as a series of blinds – clear plastic on the two sides facing onto the pavement with additional sun blinds on the west side. These almost transparent exterior walls give diners a sense of being connected to the outside while still being contained within a small piazza or square. It’s a very European look reminiscent of street cafes across the Continent which often extend out to the pavement. The abundance of natural light also helps to keep the interior feeling less formal, unlike older, more traditional restaurants which tend to be rather gloomy and stuffy. The interior is mostly open plan but subtly divided into four distinct areas each with a different ambiance. There’s the forecourt, the raised deck, the raised balcony, and the verandah area on the west side.










The forecourt is on the same level as the outside walkway and although it’s quite busy with the staff moving around the seating tends to feel more intimate than the other areas. The forecourt has glass fronted display cabinets full of mouth-watering cakes and delicacies, and it’s also the closest to the pizza oven, the coffee corner and the open kitchen visible beyond. The counter between the forecourt and the kitchen is clad in vertical pale wood strips which add a touch of warmth and softness. There’s a small bar counter with simple steel and wood stools on the west side which separates the forecourt from the pavement or verandah area. The floor is made up of pale terracotta-coloured ceramic tiles and industrial light fittings hang overhead. Above the counter big black metal half spheres form the lampshades and small unobtrusive spot lights illuminate the menu boards, while above the seating area hangs an industrial looking fitting with exposed cables and uncovered Edison type bulbs. The floor of the verandah section is an extension of the pavements in the mall complex and simple small downlighters are set into the concrete slab ceiling. This section has the most informal furniture with small tables and polypropylene italian outdoor furniture. The raised balcony floor of composite wooden decking and the clear plastic blinds make this section feel the most closely connected to the outside. A sturdy brushed steel banister separates the interior from the exterior making the balcony feel more secure, while still relating to the contemporary design of the complex. The heart of the cafe is the raised central deck which is perfect for people watching. Wooden laminate strip floors and wooden furniture in a simple Danish style make this the section with the warmest, softest look. Simple banisters of teak uprights with steel cables between them define this area and give an almost nautical impression. 14 structure & design |




Rough pine beams form a grid overhead just below concrete slab ceiling. This is a clever solution which conceals air-conditioning ducting and wiring without making the ceiling feel too low. To get every detail just right developing the design took almost as long as the construction process. The result is a stylish, ultra-modern appearance that successfully combines a number of different materials and textures into a coherent, welcoming, trendy look.

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hat makes Belgian chocolate unique, is the quality of the ingredients and an almost fanatical adherence to ‘Old World’ manufacturing techniques. Even in today’s world of automation and mass production, Veldemeers chocolates are still made by hand using original equipment from our factory at Doon Estate in Msasa. Our chocolates are made from pure, imported Belgian chocolate, and fresh local ingredients, and do not contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives. The Veldemeers chocolate range includes a wide variety of milk, dark and white filled Belgian pralines, and you can select your favourites from the chocolates on display in our air-conditioned shops. We also produce a range of sugar-free chocolates for diabetics and Banters. Different sized boxes are available to be filled with your selection, and our well-trained staff then finish off your box with a ribbon of your choice and a quality guarantee label. Our chocolates are very popular with hotels and lodges across Zimbabwe. Veldemeers has been the chocolate supplier to The Victoria Falls Hotel and several other upmarket venues for more than a decade.

We also offer personalised chocolates perfect for corporate gifts, wedding favours and parties/functions. In addition to our fine Belgian chocolates, Veldemeers also specialises in the production of authentic continental pastries, cakes & specialty breads. Every morning our shops are stocked with fresh baked croissants, pain au chocolat, cakes and other bakery items. We can also supply coffee shops, restaurants, B&B’s and home bakers with frozen, unbaked all-butter croissants which can be baked on your premises for the ultimate fresh croissant comparable to that of a Parisienne cafe. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised service.Very little is pre-packed so you can drop in, look around, have a taste, make your selection and let the staff guide you through our chocolate paradise. Chocolates, pastries, breads and other bakery items are sold through our outlets at Arundel Village in Mount Pleasant, Sam Levy’s Village and Village Walk in Borrowdale. Our factory in Doon Estate also stocks the full range of products, plus has a small coffee shop selling fresh coffees, croissants, breads, pastries and sandwiches.

Doon Estate, Msasa: 0242 486 169 Arundel Village: 04 301 989 Sam Levy’s Village: 04 850 393 Village Walk: 042 850 063

Handcrafted Belgian Chocolate



Shop 12, Village Walk, Borrowdale Email: | Phone: (04) 2850022

Solution Centre Village Walk Text by Michael Nott | Renderings and Photos by Architexture Spatial Design Additional photos by Michele Fortmann


OLUTION CENTRE was founded in 1997 with the aim of becoming “the cutting edge destination for the digital generation”. They are the leading Authorised Apple Resellers in Zimbabwe offering sales, support, repairs, maintenance, and training. Solution Centre provides Apple based solutions to Education, Enterprise, Content Creators and home users, providing a wide range of add-ons such software, printers, storage, etc to work with these solutions. They also represent Bose offering the full range of Audio for Video, portable speakers and headphones. Solution Centre has their main branch at 118 Enterprise Road in Highlands.

Following on the success of their Arundel branch Solution Centre has recently opened their new flagship branch at Village Walk in Borrowdale. And a very smart retail and support centre it is too! The shop is actually two shops combined into one in an unusual L-shape so that they have frontage facing onto the parking area as well as onto the walkway leading to Pick n Pay. Apart from the retail merchandising space they also needed a sales desk, a tech desk, a back of house area for receiving and dispatch, and a workshop area for repairing customers’ machines, so it was a fairly complicated design brief. All of these specifications needed to be adequately addressed and the L-shape

layout presented some particular design challenges as the staff needed to be able to see the whole shop at the same time. Director of Solution Centre Paul Georgeou approached well known local firm, Architexture Spatial Design, to come up with a comprehensive design solution. The team at Architexture Spatial Design was lead by Bruce Rowlands who defined and refined the overall concept, together with Gemma Temlett who was responsible for detailing. The design and drawings took around two weeks to complete and the shop fitting was completed in about two months with Woodfactory as the main shopfitter. 19


20 structure & design |


Rowlands designed a striking, super-modern interior that fulfils all the specs in the design brief, while at the same time creating an innovative brand image for Solution Centre. Rowlands chose to incorporate black walls, with an oxide tinted skim finish, to highlight the products on display, which are, for the most part, white. The suspended ceiling has a high gloss black finish which reflects light onto the shop floor and at the same time almost seems to disappear. Because the ceilings are quite high, and punctuated with white spotlights and white air conditioning vents, it feels spacious and not in the least oppressive. The black shell also gives the shop a kind of Star Trek space ship feel. The focal point of the shop is a large disc which reaches from floor to ceiling painted white in the centre with magenta and black border lines. Seen from the parking space entrance the disc is set slightly off centre so customers can immediately see that the space flows around the corner. The disc also serves to conceal the back workshop space and defines the overall look of the shop. The circular motif is repeated in the concave ‘fins’ which support the shelving displays, and in the layout of the floor tiles. The fins are deeper on the ends and shallower in the centre and the floor tiles follow the circular layout – pale wood grain porcelain tiles for the main floor space with a curved black section following the profile of the shelving. The fins also help to conceal the sides of the products on display – usually not a particularly attractive view – so the merchandise is always seen face on. The shelving racks provide a flexible and neat display system. 21


The main sales desk is a simple white slab, constructed of timber, with a high gloss spray finish, that almost seems to float in place. It’s set at a convenient chest height so the staff and customers can comfortably stand next to it without having to sit or crouch over. The desk is positioned so that staff can see both sides of the shop at the same time. There’s a smaller ‘Tech Desk’ set back and to the side of the main sales desk, in the Pick n Pay leg of the L-shape, where customers can consult with the Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians for specialised advice and assistance. There’s a third white desk or table with Apple products on display in the main body of the shop. It’s minimalist in design with simple square legs and a deep slab top. The table is designed to meet Apple’s specs for displaying merchandise. Although Solution Centre is a licensed Apple retailer it’s not an Apple shop – Apple has really detailed design specifications for their dedicated retail outlets, and non Apple owned stores are forbidden by Apple from trying to appear as Apple Stores. They are encouraged to reflect the individual identity of the Apple Authorised Reseller, in this case Solution Centre. Again the hollow structure of the desk means cables and power supplies can be hidden from view. The overall look of the shop is somewhat of a development from the design of the Arundel shop, also designed by Architexture Spatial Design. While it’s primarily very functional, aesthetically it creates brand awareness and a unique identity for the client. 22 structure & design |




24 structure & design |



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Shop 32 Borrowdale Retail Centre, Village Walk, Borrowdale 26 structure & design |


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proud supplier of Matetsi Victoria Falls

Blinds and Designs is a proudly Zimbabwean company that specialises in window dressings for residential, comercial and industrial properties. From designer fabric, to custom curtains and blinds,we do it all and offer services taking you from the design phase through to the final installation

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bd e lc ionr d s designs curtains

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blinds Shop 5, Ballantyne Park Shops Wellburn Rd Ballantyne Park.





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Michele Fortmann Photography


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Manhattan Interiors. Quality. Style. Comfort. Text By Michael Nott | Photography By Michele Fortmann


ANHATTAN INTERIORS is the retail arm of well known local furniture designers and manufacturers J W Wilson International. A family business founded in 1958 so they’re celebrating 60 years in the furniture trade this year. J W Wilson is currently run by brothers Jim and Allan Wilson, with Tracy Wilson overseeing the Manhattan Interiors shop. Initially J W Wilson manufactured furniture solely for the export market but in recent years they have begun supplying the local market through Manhattan Interiors. The company continues to export their top quality products across the region and beyond. From a small family business they have grown into a major manufacturing and retailing company employing a staff contingent of around 350 people at the factory and 13 in the shop. Manhattan Interiors first opened at Sam Levy’s Village about 10 years ago – thanks to customers’ requests they now have plans to expand further, opening a second shop later this year. The current shop faces onto the main pedestrian walkway in the Village and has large windows with eye-catching and appealing furniture displays. The displays are constantly refreshed and up-dated to display their extensive range of furniture and accessories. Tracy Wilson, an artist, creates attractive set-ups in the windows (and in the shop) which present well co-ordinated and elegant decor solutions for every room in the home.

30 structure & design |


The displays are loosely based on the concept made popular by the American furniture store chain Rooms to Go. So, for example, customers could see a lounge space set up with a suite of sofas and chairs, centre table and side tables, colour co-ordinated cushions, curtains, lamps and accessories. The idea is to provide customers with all the decor and design details to create beautiful rooms in their own homes, saving them time and money and loads of little design decisions and headaches, without sacrificing quality and style. Manhattan Interiors has incorporated this design philosophy creating stylish little room tableaus for bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms and delightful children’ rooms. They supply superior bed linen made from top quality Egyptian linen of 200 thread count and above. They also provide specially selected mattresses from local suppliers Restapedic and Bowline. Curtains and scatter cushions are made locally by Tsitsi, while Tanya provides children’s accessories and Honest helps create the children’s range following Tracy’s designs. Art works are also created by Tracy and other local painters like Barry Kamberami. Some accessories and furniture items in teak are supplied by Revolta’s Roots who are based in Ruwa. Generally customers can purchase the complete room as seen in the decor set ups, or they can select individual items and mix and match as they choose. They can also request some custom made options, for example, they can select different upholstery finishes from Manhattan’s in store range. Although they mainly provide beautiful furnishing options for private residential decor, Manhattan also supplies up-market lodges, guest houses and hotels. They have recently provided furnishings for some rooms for Holiday Inns in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare. Manhattan Interiors stock a wide range of furnishings and accessories including table lamps, throws, cushions, vases, mirrors, ornaments and artworks. While their style is eclectic and adaptable it could best be described as a fusion of contemporary and classical with a few touches of industrial chic. There are frequently new designs and new ranges to choose from.



As an additional service for customers’ convenience Manhattan Interiors can arrange delivery within the Harare area. Our website is fully operational with prices and pictures and you can now sit in the comfort of your own home and purchase your product directly from the website. For more information visit their showroom at shop 108 Sam Levy’s Village. Mon – Fri: 9.00 to 5.30. Sat: 9.00 to 3.00. Telephone: (04) 852850 / 51 Mobile: 0772158325 Email: Web site: Facebook:

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Lighting World opens

their new Avondale showroom Text by Michael Nott | Photography by Michele Fortmann

IGHTING WORLD opened their brand new showroom in Avondale in May this year, where the old Mugg and Bean used to be, and they are planning another new shop in Bulawayo later in the year. Their main branch, which opened in 2011, is situated along Mutare Road in Msasa. Lighting World is a locally grown company that offers the best selection of light fittings, table lamps, wall lamps and standard lamps, bulbs, switches, sockets and circuit breakers all under one roof. The outstanding success of their main branch has prompted them to continue growing and expanding to meet the increasing demand for the best lighting and lighting accessories for homes, offices, shops, and hotels and lodges – in fact anywhere where top quality lighting is required. Around three years ago Lighting World spearheaded the campaign to stop the importation of the old incandescent light bulbs which are now banned in most parts of the world. Incandescent bulbs use much more electricity than the current CFL and LED bulbs and a lot of the energy that they use is wasted as it is transferred into heat rather than light. Lighting World has a ‘going green’ policy and has carefully selected their suppliers to ensure that they all conform

to current world standards for low energy consumption and the restriction of hazardous materials used in the manufacturing process. In addition Lighting World is the agent for some solar powered lighting systems, in particular for solar powered street lights, flood lights and traffic lights. They stock a unique all-in-one solar street light design with the solar panel, the battery and the light contained in a single casing, making them much less vulnerable to theft or vandalism. They’re ideal for street lighting, highway lighting or for lighting up driveways or parking areas. Because they have an enormous amount of stock in their showrooms, retail warehouse, and bonded warehouse they are able to offer customers the best selection at the most competitive prices. Lighting World offers convenience as customers no longer need to buy or order lighting from catalogues from South Africa or Europe, saving them time and money. In addition, Lighting World offers warranties for most of their products – a great advantage for customers. Customers who have purchased their own light fittings and lighting accessories from outside the country are seldom able to claim back on defective products. Lighting World acts as distributors for a

number of top quality lighting manufacturers from Europe and the Far East. They are the sole distributors for world-renowned companies Eglo Lighting, Luxram Lighting, Bree Lighting and Leadsun Lighting. They are also agents for other leading brands such as Schneider, and Legrand. So you’re guaranteed to find the widest selection of lighting options available in Zimbabwe. Drop into the new Avondale showroom to see all their light fittings set up in the shop. It’s much easier to visualise what your new lights will look like when you see them properly displayed and lit up. The shop is beautifully designed with dark walls and ceilings to make the light fittings stand out and display units to show off the fittings to their best advantage. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, or what you need, their trained and friendly staff can give you helpful advice. And if you’re planning your new home Lighting World offers free consultations to get you started. They even recommend trusted electricians to help you install your new fittings and light switches. Of particular interest for home owners is their range of light fittings specially designed for children’s rooms, their range of ceiling fans and the under counter strip lights which are perfect for the kitchen to light up work surfaces or for use inside dark cabinets. 33

34 structure & design |


The Avondale branch has the advantage of being situated within the vibrant Avondale Shopping Centre so you can drop in when you’re doing your groceries or normal household shopping or visiting the adjacent flea market. The parking area is secure and there is a selection of coffee shops and restaurants within the centre so you can relax or meet up with friends after a hard day’s shopping! The Avondale showroom is open: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and Saturdays 8:00am to 1:00pm Contact: +263 8677 109 255 Email: Web: Facebook: Lighting World 35

36 structure & design |



national gallery of zimbabwe exibitsPPC IMAGINARIUM Text by Frank Mandeya Photography by Pxel Photography for TBWA


he PPC Imaginarium Awards were established in 2014. The Awards were set up to encourage the use of concrete in the execution of Art. Different disciplines have, since then, been called to participate in order to create works in concrete. The response to the call was overwhelming, particularly from sculptors and fashion designers. In future editions, there is hope that the architectural design, jewelery design, industrial design and short film disciplines respond emphatically. A new medium has thus been engaged, as the Zimbabwean art scene had previously gravitated towards installations created from a multitude of substances, rarely incorporating cement. The PPC Imaginarium Awards have thus kindled a new fire on the Zimbabwean plateau, one that will be based in a medium that is largely viewed for its functionality; so often gilded in plaster and paint to provide a need as opposed to an embrace of aesthetic value. PPC Zimbabwe was highly involved in the organization of the International Conference on African Cultures at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 2017, the event serving as a Launchpad for this growing Competition.

38 structure & design |


The partnership between the two organizations grew from then as over the course of time, the facilitation of outreach activities in preparation of the PPC Imaginarium, were underway.

The PPC Imaginarium Awards have a running exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe; culminated from a series of workshops in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

The workshops were highly enlightening to the participants as experts were flown in to brief them on the various techniques that can be utilized to create works across the disciplines. The workshops eventually led to a two month period which allowed the artists to develop concepts and execute their desired projects, utilizing a brand that was designed to build from strength in the process. As the submission date approached, the hopes laden on the nominal PPC Imaginarium Awards presented adept and dexterous artworks that were highly desirable. A judging process followed, separating the best from the rest. After a long and cogitating view of the artworks, there was the consensual selection of the vanquishers of the works that had been ring fenced therein. The thematic and formal values of the works; the use of medium and dimensional compatibility of the works led to X and X walking away as the first winners of the PPC Imaginarium Awards. The 2019 Call for Participation has officially released and individuals working in sculpture, architectural design, jewelery design, industrial design, fashion design and short film; are invited to create works in, or inspired by concrete. Information on this Open Call can be obtained by visiting



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Locally Manufactured in Zimbabwe!!!

We specialise in 1.2m high, 1.5m high, 1.8m high and 2m high palisade fencing. We make other heights as per client request. Standard panel sizes range between 2m spans and 2.5m spans. Customer requests are also considered.

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Colour and paint trends to transform your home

COLOUR FORECAST 2018 Colour and paint trends to transform your home

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EXOTIC EUPHORIA colour story two

SOFT COMPOSITION colour story three


CRAFT SPIRIT colour story four


By taking global trends and then filtering them to suit our local tastes and lifestyle, the Plascon Colour Forecast makes it easy to tackle your next décor project with confidence. Discover the latest colour trends and find the ones that are just right for you. Colour can change your mood and uplift your space, celebrating your life’s milestones.


colour story one

EXOTIC EUPHORIA The distinction between natural and artificial is starting to blur as scientists, designers and artists combine the best of both in their work. The result is a new kind of visual expression where colours are supercharged and a little wild. In this palette, city nightscapes and phosphorescent jungle life inspire a range of blazing brights, which are complemented by a selection of lush natural hues.

CLASSIC AND TIMELESS The freedom to enjoy beauty within your home unrestrained. Double Velvet appears as a luxurious velvet sheen finish with a unique Stain Barrier ™ so that it can be wiped down again and again and still look great.

The colours of foliage inspire a delightful use of this trend’s greens, especially when complemented by the spicy accent of Tangerine Tango.


The saturated colours of this palette bring an electric energy to living spaces, as seen in this combination of Fuscia Fizz and Eye of the Storm.





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Fucsia Fizz is a great choice for feature walls. It helps to make a bold statement and create distinctive spaces.

Printed colours may vary from the actual paint colour.




colour story two



Soft Composition is about editing spaces and styles to create room for contemplation. It draws on the forms and colours of the past but updates them to create a calming yet grounded experience. With a purposeful palette of muted colours and bold retro accents, Soft Composition feels familiar yet contemporary. It is a modern, warm minimalism for the way we live today.

SOPHISTICATED & CONTEMPORARY The answer to an elegant transformation for the inside of your home. Cashmere comes in a plush matt finish which is designed to maintain its matt appearance over time even with regular wiping and hides imperfections on your walls.

Plascon Velvaglo Water Based Enamel provides a smooth, luxurious finish to your wood, metal, and wall surfaces. Being water based, it is easier to use than regular solvent based enamels. It offers superior protection with high washability and durability.

Combined Combined with more with more classical classical décor,décor, the retro-inspired the retro-inspired StormStorm CloudCloud adds adds a welcome a welcome depthdepth to thistospace this space – grabbing – grabbing just enough just enough attention attention without without beingbeing overwhelming. overwhelming. Combined with more classical décor, the retro-inspired Storm Cloud adds a welcome depth to this space – grabbing just enough attention without being overwhelming.



UsingUsing neutrals neutrals with warm with warm undertones undertones from from Soft Composition, Soft Composition, we have we have created created a grounded a grounded minimal minimal look in look thisinspace. this space. warm undertones from Soft Composition, we have created a grounded space.










Printed colours may vary from the actual paint colour.

Julianne Julianne Jade Jade and Merry and Merry Go Round Go Round balance balance each each otherother out beautifully, out beautifully, with with an overall an overall effecteffect that isthat warm, is warm, contemporary contemporary and definitely and definitely easy on easy theoneye. the eye. Julianne Jade and Merry Go Round balance each other out beautifully, with an overall effect that is warm, contemporary and definitely easy on the eye.

Printed colours may vary the actual paint paint colour. Printed colours may from vary from the actual colour.









colour story three




in a world of infinite inspiration through connection, but the e explore our world the more we find common colours are colour three that bind. Craft Spirit pays tribute tostory this rich global mix with ded and pigmented palette of warm burnished hues, fruity and watery blues. We all have a link back to a crafted past and vering and remixing that is key today.

CRAFT colour SPIRIT story three CRAFT SPIRIT

We live in a world of infinite inspiration through connection, but the more we explore our world the more we find common colours are the ties that bind. Craft Spirit pays tribute to this rich global mix with a grounded and pigmented palette of warm burnished hues, fruity accents and watery blues. We all have a link back to a crafted past and rediscovering and remixing that is key today. We live in a world of infinite inspiration through connection, but the more we explore our world the more we find common colours are the ties that bind. Craft Spirit pays tribute to this rich global mix with a grounded and pigmented palette of warm burnished hues, fruity accents and watery blues. We all have a link back to a crafted past and rediscovering and remixing that is key today.


W e mor the a gr acce r edi

DÉCOR MADE EASY DÉCOR MADE EASY Bringing classic beauty to any home, Plascon Easy Living Wall Bringing classic beauty to any Master Matt is easy to apply home, Plascon Easyand Living Wall Matt is easy to apply and durable. Its Master matt finish makes durable. Its matt finish makes it ideal for interior walls and it idealDÉCOR for interiorMADE walls andEASY ceilings and it can also ceilings and it be can used also be used Bringing classic beauty to any exterior It provides on exterior on walls. It walls. provides Plascon Easy Living Wall amazing colour andhome, a flawlessly amazing colour and a flawlessly Master Matt is easy to apply and smooth, invincible finish. smooth, invincible finish. durable. Its matt finish makes it ideal for interior walls and ceilings and it can also be used on exterior walls. It provides amazing colour and a flawlessly smooth, invincible finish.

See the warm side of Craft Spirit in this medley of Rooibos and Belle Aurore. It’s a blend that updates the pigmented colour of ancient cultures for contemporary living spaces. See the warm side of Craft Spirit in this medley of Rooibos and Belle Aurore. It’s a blend that updates the pigmented colour of ancient cultures for contemporary living spaces.



This palette’s earthy colours are great for creating grounded spaces. This rich mix of Rooibos and African Mud creates a bold backdrop for eclectic décor. This palette’s earthy colours are great for creating grounded spaces. This rich mix of Rooibos and African Mud creates a bold backdrop for eclectic décor.







Indigoes and blues are very on trend for the coming year. Get Indigoes and blues arewith verythis on the look in your home trend the coming year. Get ombréfor treatment using Inuendo the look in your home with this and Ocean Melody. ombré treatment using Inuendo and Ocean Melody.



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Printed Printed colours colours may vary mayfrom vary from the actual the actual paint paint colour. colour.







story four colourcolour story four

HI-GLO HI-GLO More and more, our identities are about pushing boundaries. People long for spaces where they can with their expression. More and more, ourplay identities arepersonal about pushing boundaries. People This rule-breaking spirit, plus a less serious interiors long for spaces where they can approach play withtotheir personal expression. leads to quirky colour choices and the exploration of fun, digitallyThis rule-breaking spirit, plus a less serious approach to interiors inspired design. We’ve captured this all in a palette of sorbet tones of leads quirky choicesprimaries and theandexploration lemon, lime and to pink, pairedcolour with mid-tone grounding of fun, digitallyinspired design. We’ve captured this all in a palette of sorbet tones of earthy colours.

lemon, lime and pink, paired with mid-tone primaries and grounding earthy colours.



FIND YOUR TRUE COLOUR Plascon True Colour Brilliant Sheen is designed to refresh and transform your living space into something that reflects your true colours. It’s easy to use and clean, has excellent spreadability, Plascon and the waterTrue Colour Brilliant beading effect makes it dirt Sheen is designed to refresh resistant.


and transform your living space into something that reflects your true colours. It’s easy to use and clean, has excellent spreadability, and the waterbeading effect makes it dirt resistant.

ergy of Dylan’s Blue and Hot-n-Spicy is contrasted with Antique Petal and Citrus h and uncomplicated take on this living space.

These playful decorative geometrics are given a depth with Genevieve Song and Dylan’s Blue with a grounding thanks to the contrast of Madonna City.


These playful decorative geometrics are given a depth with Genevieve Song and Dylan’s Blue with a grounding thanks to the contrast of Madonna City.



The pure primary energy of Dylan’s Blue and Hot-n-Spicy is contrasted with Antique Petal and Citrus Breeze to give a fresh and uncomplicated take on this living space.





This structural treatment in Dylan’s Blue, Madonna City and Antique Petal shows calm and collected side of this palette, great for contemporary living spaces. This structuralthe treatment in Dylan’s Blue, Madonna City and Antique Petal shows the calm and collected side of this palette, great for contemporary living spaces.

Printed colours may vary actualpaint paint colour. * Please this colour requires a base coat. Printed colours may varyfrom from the the actual colour. * Please notenote this colour requires a base coat.











Bathroom Renovations B


Following are some basic bathroom renovation tips to aid you with your remodel:

8 9

ATHROOMS are the number one place that homeowners love to renovate, even more than kitchens. One reason why bathrooms get renovated more often than kitchens is simply because the space is smaller and you will typically spend less for a bathroom renovation project for less money than a kitchen project. Your day starts in the Bathroom so make it great and have a wonderful, clear and energetic feeling to take you through the day.

1 2

RECESS IT - For an older look, consider built-ins as such as recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and even toilet roll holders.

FLOORING - Wood floors are not the best type of flooring material for bathrooms, from a practical standpoint, but they do infuse bathrooms with great character. Properly sealed and stained wood floors are durable enough for normal bathroom use.

3 4

SIZING WITH COLOUR - To make a small bathroom look bigger, make sure that your colour palette stays in the whiteto-cream colour spectrum.

THINK LIGHTING - It is ironic that, in a room where people need to visually inspect their hair and faces, lighting is usually very dim and concentrated only in one spot—namely, from a ceiling fixture. At the very least, consider having added lighting around the bathroom mirror in the form of sconces.


FIXTURES AND COLOUR - Use white or cream coloured fixtures (i.e., toilet and bathtub) is that coloured fixtures tend to look very dated after only a few years. And while it is possible to switch out the toilet with very little effort, you will have a considerable demolition and cost issues involved with switching out a shower or bathtub.


DIM LIGHTING FOR MOOD - A very simple device that can add mood to your bathroom is a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch is perfect for late night relaxing baths.

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EXTRA PIECES - If space permits, many home decorators recommend having one freestanding piece such as a decorative chair or cupboard as a design element. To compensate for that space, you can recess other practical elements such as close hampers or simply move the hamper to another room. This “decorative” piece, of course, can also serve a practical use as a place to store towels, soaps, or other small items.

MORE PLACES TO HANG THINGS - Hooks are the easiest way to add “surface area” to a bathroom without actually adding real countertop surface area. Hooks can be used for everything from clothes to bathrobes to towels. TOILET POSITION - One feng shui tip: never have a toilet positioned so that it is facing the door. Even though I have not found this to ever be an issue, I repeatedly hear experts recommend that the toilet be positioned ninety degrees to the door or at least several feet away from the door.


MIRRORS - Most people think of mirrors in bathrooms only for the purpose of checking makeup or primping hair. But it’s also important to think of mirrors in bathrooms as design elements which expand the room visually and add light to the room. Many homeowners like to add a second mirror, in addition to the primary near located above the bathroom sink.


WALL PROTECTION AND BEAUTIFICATION Beadboard has two great functions. First, it creates an antique look and it is so easy to install. Secondly, beadboard performs the very valuable function of protecting the lower section of the walls from inevitable splashes of water that occur in bathrooms from the tub or shower. A good coat of oil-based paint ensures that the beadboard will be practically impervious to moisture.

Burnley Branch: 8 Burnley Rd, Workington, Harare Tel: +263 4 754 880/1 Cell: 0739340579-80 Email:

Msasa Branch: 196 Mutare Rd, Msasa (Old Jaggers), Harare Tel: +263 4 446667-9 Cell: 078570660-61 Email:



Why Concrete Is 2018’s Next Big Thing in Interior Design (and How to Try the Trend)


o far 2018 has brought us quite a few polarizing design trends. We’ve already talked about how to harness the power of bold colors, but now, it’s time to talk about a trend on the other end of the aesthetic spectrum. The concrete look is here and it’s ready to bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to your interiors. If you need some convincing, this article is for you. We’ve broken down why concrete works so well and why it’s set to become a fixture in the design landscape. Read on and, before you know it, you’ll be ready to give concrete a shot.

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Concrete creates an industrial edge It almost goes without saying that concrete and industrial design go hand in hand. You don’t have to work hard to conjure images of former industrial warehouses turned sun-drenched lofts or reclaimed bits of machinery that have been transformed into chic accent pieces. If you’re going to go this route, we suggest going big to really drive home your design inspiration. Concrete floors are a natural choice. They work particularly well in open

concept applications and, when compared to many of the rustic-finished woods that also fit this aesthetic, they’re an affordable alternative. If concrete floors aren’t your thing, concrete walls are also a great way to make a style statement. However, you’ll probably want to stick to a singular accent wall. In this case, while one wall will probably add a bold punch of texture and visual interest, multiple walls run the risk of feeling too stark and overwhelming.

It’s easy to maintain More and more people are choosing to incorporate concrete in their interiors because it’s a particularly easy material to maintain. In fact, the bulk of your work takes place when you first purchase the item. Whatever application you choose for your concrete — whether it’s a fireplace, countertop, or coffee table — it should be properly stained, sealed and polished. Be sure to ask the manufacturer how to maintain your specific items. As a general rule, simply sweeping away general debris and washing it with a non-abrasive cleaner is the way to go.

It’s an instant focal point Every room in your home needs a focal point. Since concrete is such a heavy material to work with, when it’s used in design, it lends a ton of visual weight to the room. This means it will instantly draw the eye and ground the space. All told, these factors make concrete an excellent choice to become a focal point in your home.

It adds texture

Take the picture above as an example. The fireplace has such a commanding presence that your eye is pulled to it. If you’re willing to go this bold, an architectural element definitely fits the bill. It’s also possible to go more subtle. A concrete island instantly becomes a conversation piece in your kitchen and a coffee table easily grounds a seating area.

We’ve talked before about how texture can help bring untold amounts of visual interest to your space. Remember, in an interior design context, texture refers to the way an element looks like it feels. Everyone knows the feeling of running their hands over concrete, so including one of these items in your design fosters an instant connection with the viewer. When you’re looking to highlight texture, the key is to create contrast. In particular, concrete does best when it’s juxtaposed against something natural, such as wood. You should also pay attention to the colors in your concrete and be sure to choose contrasting shades for the rest of the room. 53


Concrete is a bit different than some of this year’s other design trends. While others are focused on bold patterns and bright, in-your-face colors, concrete is subtler. That said, we understand some people may need convincing. To that end, this post is dedicated to how concrete can ultimately benefit a room. Read it over and we’re sure you’ll be ready to give this once-commercial material a place of honor in your home. What do you think of the concrete interior design trend? Will you be trying it out in your own home anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts.

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8 ISSUE 12


The accommodation will be under large shady Mahogany trees.

View of the Zambezi River in Mana pools with Zambia in the background

Staff accommodation will be screened off from the main camp area by a grove of Croton shrubs. Vetiveria grass in the foreground.

General camp area taken from southern side looking towards the Zambezi.


NEW LUXURY, semi-permanent tented safari camp is being planned by African Bush Camps in the iconic and unique Mana Pools National Park in north Zimbabwe. . The park is located within an area of conservation importance and is protected through national legislation and several international conventions. Under the Environmental Management Act and the accompanying Environmental Impact Assessment and Ecosystems Protection Regulations the project must have a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) undertaken. African Bush Camps commissioned Black Crystal Consulting to undertake the EIA. The article describes how the EIA process was undertaken and how the findings of the study influenced the project design. - - - - - -

By Sharon Waterworth

New green tourism accommodation in Mana Pools Project description Site designations Site location Project team Work undertaken

- - - -

Public consultation process Study findings Recommendations made The benefits of Environmental Impact Assessments

The project clearly demonstrates just how important EIA’s are. The EIA for African Bush Camps improved the project siting, ensured an informed decision-making process that led to more environmentally sensitive decisions, increased accountability and transparency during the development process, improved the integration of the project into its environmental and social setting and reduced environmental damage. The proposed project made a positive contribution towards achieving green tourism.  

New Tourism Development in an Ecologically Sensitive Area

The new safari camp is being constructed in Mana Pools National Park. The park is a protected area within the Zambezi Valley with a backdrop of the Zambezi Escarpment, the Zambezi River, and open vistas of the river floodplain coupled with abundant wildlife. It

has a unique combination of scenic beauty, vegetation/habitat types and excellent game viewing. It is also unique in that people are permitted to walk freely on the flood plain and river banks enabling close encounters with the wild animals and great photographic opportunities. It is a Trans-frontier Conservation Area, has UNESCO World Heritage Status and part of Man and the Biosphere Programme. It is an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and an international RAMSAR wetland site. Therefore, in such a highly sensitive and important ecological area the developer, Ledgeback Safaris, working in collaboration with Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA), was required under the Environmental Management Act to undertake a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed project. Ledgeback Safaris operating as African Bush Camps ( are a small and independently owned Zimbabweanbased safari company founded by one of Africa’s top safari guides and current CEO, Mr Beks Ndlovu. The company and camps are licensed and registered with the ZPWMA and 57


the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. They achieved a ‘Green Tourism Gold Award’ and won the ‘We Are Africa Innovation Awards’ in 2016. They run several Safari camps in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean camps are located in Hwange National Park, Kariba and Mana Pools National Park. The new proposed camp at Mana pools will form part of the company’s safari package aimed at international and regional clients. Their aim is to provide their guests with an authentic African bush experience combining wildlife encounters, under the care of trained professional guides, with well appointed, comfortable safari camps. African Bush Camps commissioned Black Crystal Consulting, one of Zimbabwe’s leading reputable companies offering a quality service in environmental, socio-economic and cultural heritage consultancy services to undertake the EIA. Their company vision is to ensure that their clients, with their assistance, manage the environment beyond today to ensure that biodiversity is maintained and that natural resources are not depleted for the next generation. All their team members have a personal commitment to the principles of sustainable development and are committed to the improvement of the environment. The role of an EIA is to provide guidance to the proponent (developer) and regulatory authorities so that the project is undertaken in a responsible manner. Impact assessments ensure that possible adverse environmental and social impacts are identified and avoided or minimised. As a key influence in the decision making process an EIA is not to stop development or propose every possible mitigation or compensatory measure, but, by using high quality evidence make balanced judgements as to what is warranted and thus ensuring

environmental factors are considered in the decision-making process. The Zambezi River is the focal point for most tourists to Mana Pools but the long term impacts of developments on the river have to be weighed against the loss of aesthetic wilderness appeal and environmental constraints. The proposed development will consist of an upmarket 24 bed semipermanent safari camp. The layout plan is a series of safari style khaki coloured 2 bed tents with en suite ablutions on raised, sustainably harvested exotic wooden decks. The tents will be positioned under shady trees, each with a view of the river and with individual privacy. Lounge/dining and entertainment areas will also be on wooden decking to facilitate views of the river and allow the movement of smaller animals underneath the rooms. The kitchen, storeroom, workshop and staff accommodation will be of prefabricated structures (to limit the use of cement where possible), and set back and out of sight from the river (to reduce visual impact). The camp will not have a perimeter fence and wildlife will be free to move through the area, although staff quarters and solar farm will be protected by an electric fence. There will be licensed professional guides present to protect guests and staff. Currently, there is no infrastructural development at the site. The site is accessed via a dirt track from ZPWMA head quarters at Nyamepi, which makes for a dusty trip in the dry season and a muddy one in the wet season. African Bush Camps, working closely with ZPWMA will have to install the necessary services including a jetty from which to launch boats during the rainy season. In line with their environmental policy African Bush Camps have >

Proposed Mahogany Site Plan

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Solar panels


purposefully chosen environmentally friendlier infrastructure such as drawing water from the Zambezi River using solar power and observing a strict water budget instead of using pumps powered by a noisy diesel generator. Rather than installing septic tanks and traditional soakaways, the effluent from the septic tanks will be treated through an approved biological digester system (BioRock) before being released into a small natural wetland near the camp which will encourage wildlife and birds. The bio-digester units work without any electrical or mechanical aerators – they simply require natural air draft for aeration. The camp will be 100% solar powered utilizing a solar farm generating 60KW of power with sufficient battery back up to power the camp for 2-3 days during overcast weather. The panels will be hidden from view. Cooking in the main kitchens and staff quarters will be on gas stoves and hot water will be solar powered with the use of heat reclaim through the solar powered air conditioning systems. During their site visits the Black Crystal team assessed the floral and faunal sensitivity of species within of the area of influence, with an emphasis on direct impacts from the proposed construction activities and later operational activities. The current state of the identified habitats was determined based on levels of transformation, alien species presence, faunal (wildlife) and floral (vegetation) species diversity and species of importance. Water and soil samples were collected for analysis from various locations around the proposed site. A Cultural Heritage assessment was undertaken of the Tangible (physical remains), Intangible Cultural Heritage (places valued by people) and Palaeontological (fossils) remains. The survey revealed an archaeological site of academic interest: a Historical Farming Community Site so a separate archaeology report was submitted to the National Museums and Monuments for their records and approval. Black Crystal held consultations with the public and a wide range of stakeholders including the Mana Pools Area Manager, some of the other tour operators in the park, government authorities, various professional associations and several international, regional and national conservation NGOs.


The EIA report concluded that the project had many advantages, including being a potential source of revenue for the Park, providing much needed employment and raising the profile of Zimbabwe’s tourism within the region. African Bush Camps are a well-known and reputable safari operator with a proven record of > 59


commitment to ‘green tourism’ and an active corporate social responsibility programme through the African Bush Camps Foundation. The impact analysis indicated that most of the negative impacts could be mitigated against and there are opportunities for enhancing the positive impacts. However, the choice of the original allocated site for the project raised ecological and social concerns which needed to be considered carefully before the lease agreement was concluded. The EIA report recommended that other sites be considered and evaluated for the camp before making the final decision. Both African Bush Camps and ZPWMA took cognisance of the EIA and ZPWMA consequently offered an alternative site to African Bush Camps. Black Crystal was commissioned to undertake an ecological and archaeological assessment of the alternative site.

The conclusion of the second EIA (addendum to the first) was that the alternative site addressed all the concerns raised in the original EIA and therefore was the preferred location. The subsequent field visit showed no evidence of cultural heritage and that the camp would have low visual impact and unlikely to be visible from the Zambian side or from other camps. The new location also ensured that tourists had access to the original site and to Mana Mouth. African Bush Camps were successfully granted an EIA certificate for an alternative site called Mahogany Camp and it is expected that the facility will be open for business later this year. The proposed development clearly demonstrates just how important an EIA is by allowing people to examine the underlying need for a project, giving people the opportunity to identify problems, helping developers to design a more publicly

acceptable projects and the exploration of alternatives that can help identify cost-saving and other beneficial changes. The EIA for African Bush Camps improved the project siting, ensured an informed decision-making process that led to more environmentally sensitive decisions, increased accountability and transparency during the development process, improved the integration of the project into its environmental and social setting and reduced environmental damage. Black Crystal lived up to their reputation and provided innovative and sustainable solutions for environmental management and assisted African Bush Camps in the wise use of natural resources and how to manage environmental, archaeological resources and social risks. Overall, the proposed project made a positive contribution towards achieving green tourism.

r u o l co THE




1544 Soutte Road New Ardbennie Harare Tel: 667621-7,66160, Fax 667629 Email : 077 5 632 746, 077 7 275 397 071 2 722 310, 077 4 540 937 11 Falcon st Bulawayo ,Tel 09465642/3, Email, 077 7 153 587, 071 5 764 561

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CITYPIN APP Developed by Kurbkings. We specialize in creative solutions for everyday problems Citypin…………………………Citypride


Ideas for why companies should advertise

CityPin is an app developed by Kurb Kings CityPin: Allows citizens to post/pin notice of a wide range of issues affecting them e.g. potholes, non-working traffic lights, accidents, power cuts, burst water and sewage pipes, noncollected rubbish etc. The pins appear on a map that can be see by everyone including the related government departments.


Thus the app reconnects people by using the power of mobile technology to allow concerned citizens to make each other aware of issues and problems in the place they are living, working and cultivating. More importantly it allows interested stakeholders to get up to date relevant information, in a cost effective manner.

This is low cost and low impact. This is a global app so the advertising reach for companies is immense; the app is free to download. Companies and government get accurate and informative feedback on the issues that they have the tools to solve. Infrastructure and technology companies can use the data and target areas that they may be suited to solve/deal with. Any android phone and computer can be used to monitor new pins.

PUBLIC IMAGE AND MARKETING. HOW IT WORKS Citizens download the app free. When citizens find an issue they launch the app. Then select from a variety of pins. The submit the relevant pin(s) and those pins appear automatically on a map either using their phones geolocation software or at an address that they enter. Current Pins are as follows: • No Electricity/Power • No Water • Fallen/Faulty Powerline • Faulty Street lights • Burst Water Pipes/ Leakage • Fire • Hazard • Burst Sewage • Abandoned: (vehicle, building, furniture) • Faulty Traffic lights Accident • Dangerous Potholes • Uncollected Rubbish • Traffic Congestion

Through an aggressive marketing campaign citizens will be made aware of the platform and its uses. They will be able to download CityPin from the android store (IOS coming soon) and pin issues affecting their community. Citizens will have peace of mind knowing government and private sector are aware of their concerns. Instead of dealing with disgruntled and frustrated citizens, instead of either party spending a lot of money on telephone bills the public and private sector will now have a platform they can both use to share information. The long term benefits will be immense for government. Citizens want an outlet and government wants to solve these issues. CityPin is the perfect bridge.

OUR OBJECTIVES Kurb Kings aims Is to develop long lasting solutions that can help interested stakeholders. CityPin is that first step. We will be continuously making changes and upgrades to the app. We also hope to come upon with long term solutions in conjunction with the app. 61

WEIGHING EQUIPMENT SERVICE, REPAIR AND SUPPLY 0242-485681 / 0772216643 Email: AC C U R AC Y - Q U A L I T Y - VA R I E T Y - E X P E R T I S E

Why Scales Are a Crucial Part of the Construction Industry


HE construction industry has one of the most dynamic operational environments. Therefore, the use of industry appropriate systems and tools are especially important, as they directly affect the output and profitability of the organization. Among the multiple systems used at construction sites, the measurement and weighing systems are the most crucial aspect during operations. The following are the most popularly used weighing systems used by the construction industry:

Onboard Truck Scales Once configured accordingly, these scales are compatible with any loading system. They’re designed to handle various weights and material types in varied weather conditions. They are used to read precise measurements, allowing you to ensure that the trucks are carrying the correct load for greater efficiency.

Portable Truck Scales Also known as wheel weighers, portable truck scales are extremely mobile and sturdy, making them easy to use in any type 62 structure & design |


of terrain. They can also be customized to suit the nature of activities carried out and meet all related requirements.

Load Volume Scanners These scales are designed to maximize the overall haulage of assets. Such scales use a laser technology to precisely scan building materials to generate accurate measurements of the weight that can be carried by a specific truck, all in real-time.

Rail Scales There are essentially two types of rail scales; static scales and in-motion scales. As the names suggest, the static rail scales are immobile and are commonly used to measure the weight of stationary train cars. Whereas the in-motion scales can be moved along the rails and measure the loads of moving train cars, they’re usually equipped with smart software that ensures accuracy.

Considering the nature of the application of these scales in the construction industry, it becomes even more important to ensure their presence on-site. Take a look at some of the advantages of using truck scales to optimize construction operations as well as the waste disposal efforts, as follows:

Increase Credibility Truck scales allow you to measure and monitor the amount of incoming raw materials, the exact output and the overall wastage. This allows you to precisely calculate everything from the amount of resources required for the next order, to the weight of the trucks, thereby allowing you to foresee the amount of taxes and waste disposal fees that may be levied. After all, precision in terms of operations and data recording establishes credibility, not only in the project but in your organization as a whole.

Enhance Efficiency Save Time and Money Being able to avail precise measurement of the resources required, the quantity used as well as the wastage, allows you to carefully analyze every aspect of operations. This will highlight the key result areas, areas of improvement and those needing further monitoring. This also allows you to control the scale of operations by giving you an insight in the amount of raw materials used, allowing you to place future orders on the same basis.

You can save time having a weighing system in place, by avoiding unnecessary trips to local weighing stations in order to ensure that your trucks are in compliance with state and road laws. This also has a cost advantage, as it can tell you exactly how much you will be able to load onto a truck for any type of route, removing the need for estimation through guesswork. This will also allow you to precisely calculate the

amount of taxes that will be levied. This type of accuracy in measurements also lets you use all your resources to their greatest capacities.

Truck Scales at Your Construction Site Truck scales are designed to adapt to any kind of environment, they can also be customized in case of extreme environments. They’re designed to be extremely durable and handle weights of any type of configuration.

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Expansion Of Hwange Power Station by Peter Banda


he Chinese Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank) will extend a loan facility of almost US$1billion to the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) this year for the expansion of Hwange Power Station. The scope of the project will involve construction of two additional thermal units at the plant. Zimbabwe’s Hwange Power Station plant currently generates and supplies about 920 megawatts to the national grid from 6 units. In a recent press statement, Acting Managing Director Joshua Chirikutsi said upon completion, the US$1billion project will see units 7 & 8 adding 600 megawatts to become Zimbabwe’s biggest power plant. Chinese company Sino-Hyrdo will manage construction of the plant. ZPC, a unit of power utility Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) and Sino-hydro Corp. will own 64 percent and 36 percent respectively of the proposed Hwange units. The two will provide counterpart funding for the project and construction is scheduled to take 45 months. Zimbabwe’s consumption of power at peak at the moment is about 2,200-megawatt but ZESA can only generate 70% of that while the deficit of electricity requirements is met through imports from neighbouring countries. At peak demand, the nation imports about 350 megawatts a month. The existing 6 units at Hwange have fallen into disrepair. “The project will now commence and we will be

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drawing down $199 million from Exim Bank this April,” Chirikutsi said. ZESA recently commissioned the expansion of Kariba hydro-power Station project which is now generating an additional 300 megawatts of power from 750 megawatts. Sino-hydro also constructed the Kariba hydro plant at a cost of US$533 million. Kariba is now producing 1,050 megawatts from 750 megawatts. Completion of the Kariba and Hwange Power projects will save the country over $70 million annually in power imports. Zimbabwe State President Emmerson Mnangagwa was recently in China during the first week of April 2018 on a state visit where he clinched several investment deals for the country worth over US$4billion including the Hwange Power project. Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ – Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe) is Zimbabwe’s largest Association of Project Managers, with a membership base of over 1000. The institute has a mandate of policing the elevation of project management standards nationally through mentorship and membership services programmes. For information, visit or email: Source: Project Management Zimbabwe

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