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July 2010

Meeting Minutes President  Don  Searls  called  the  meeting  to  order   with  34  members  and  guests  present.    Minutes  and   treasurers  report  were  read  and  approved. Presentation  of  Scholarship  -­‐  Before  the   presentation  of  the  scholarship,  Don  explained  that   he  was  just  informed  that  one  of  the  recipients,  Kelli   Emerson,  had  decided  to  change  her  collage  major.   She  would  not  accept  the  car  club  scholarship.  She   gave  the  $1,000.00  check  back  to  Jody  and  he  gave   the  check  back  to  the  club.  A  motion  was  made  and   seconded  that  the  $1,000.00,  the  toolbox  and   anything  bought  for  Kelli,  be  used  for  next  year’s   scholarship  winner. Justin  Nunn  was  presented  his  scholarship  along   with  a  toolbox  and  tools.  He  is  the  grandson  of  Jerry   and  Doris  Nunn,  long  time  members  of  Toad  Suck  car   club.  Justin  thanked  the  club  for  everything  that  the   club  has  done  for  him.

New  Business  -­‐  Don  would  like  the  club  to  have   an  events  coordinator.  This  position  would  help  plan   for  different  club  events.  This  would  include  the  eat   out,  Saturday  cruises,  and  other  club  related  events.   The  coordinator  would  not  plan  the  car  shows  for   our  club.  We  need  to  fill  this  position  as  soon  as   possible.  There  can  be  several  people  that  will  work   together  for  this  position. There  will  be  a  car  show  in  Clinton  on  August  28,   2010.    It  is  the  Make-­‐A-­‐Wish  foundation  car  show.  It   will  be  held  in  the  Clinton  city  park. The  July  eat  out  will  be  combined  with  a  cruise  at  the   Sonic  in  Conway.  The  date  will  be  on  Tuesday  July  20,   2010. Meeting  adjourned.

Old  Business  -­‐  Don  reminded  everyone  that  the   Pickles  Gap  car  show  will  be  on  August  21,  2010.   Everyone  needs  to  be  thinking  about  how  they  can   help  that  day  before  the  next  meeting.  There  will  be   help  needed  for  registration,  parking  cars,  judging   and  welcoming  people  to  the  show.  Don  also  talked   about  the  different  Sonic  car  cruises  for  July.

TSCC EVENTS TSCC  Eat  Out  -­‐  July  20,  2010  @   Sonic  Drive  Inn.    We  will  meet  at  6:30   pm. TSCC  Meeting  -­‐  August  9,  2010  -­‐   Bob’s  Grill.    Eatin’  starts  at  6pm,   meetin’  starts  at  7pm.

Door Prizes Congratulations to the door prize winners

50/50 Steve Watson

Sonic Cruise Perryville - 2nd Tuesday, 6pm; Vilonia - 3rd Saturday, 6pm ;Conway - 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 pm;


JULY 2010

From the president... Hope  everyone  is  finding  a  way  to  stay  cool   in  this  heat.    It  make  it  tough  to  be  outside  to   enjoy  these  old  cars  when  it  is  so  hot. The  June  meeting  this  year  was  one  of  the   best  ones  because  we  got  to  make  a  difference   in  a  young  man’s  life.    Justin  was  very  thankful   for  the  scholarship  that  the  car  club  presented   to  him.    I  really  believe  that  he  will  use  those   tools  to  make  the  car  club  proud.    Toad  Suck  Car   Club  should  be  very  proud  of  the  direction  we   have    all  taken  it.

Next  month  we  will  need  to  talk  about  the   upcoming  car  show.    August  21  will  be  here   before  we  know  it.     See  you  next  month...   Don  

I  have  sent  Jody  from  A  &  J  Collision  an  email   thanking  him  for  his  generous  contribution.    This   could  be  the  start  of  great  partnership.

Founded  in  1986,  the  Toad  Suck  Car  Club  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  dedicated  to  the  preservation  and  enjoyment   of  any  an  all  cars  and  trucks.    Old  or  New,  original,  restored,  or  modified,  there’s  room  for  you  and  your  vehicle  in   our  club. Toad Suck Car Club P.O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033