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June 2010

Meeting Minutes President  Don  Searls  called  the  meeting  to   order  with  22  members  and  guests  present.     Minutes  were  read  and  approved.    Don  Searls   gave  the  treasurer  report. Old  Business  -­‐  Don  listed  all  the  Sonic  Cruises   for  the  month. New  Business  -­‐  It  was  approved  to  award  the   club  scholarship  to  both  students  applying.    The   students  are  Justin  Nunn  and  Kelli  Merson.    The   scholarship  for  Justin  will  be  awarded  as  a  legacy   scholarship  from  TSCC.    Kelli  will  receive  her   scholarship  as  a  partnership  of  TSCC  and  A&J   Collision.    Kelli  works  for  A&J.    Jodi,  the  owner  of   A&J  will  be  present  to  award. TSCC  voted  and  agreed  to  help  manage  the   money  and  act  as  the  primary  fundraiser  for  the   booster  club  being  formed  for  the  auto  collision   program  at  Conway  Area  Career  Center. Donations  for  the  auto  museum  and  Toad   Suck  Daze  scholarships  were  discussed.    It  was   agreed  that  we  would  make  a  donation  to  the   museum  and  also  revisit  again  after  the  fall  car   show.    Donation  to  TSC  committee  will  be   revisited  after  the  fall  show  also.

TSCC EVENTS TSCC  Eat  Out  -­‐  June  24,  2010  @  Fish   House.    We  will  meet  at  6:30  pm. TSCC  Meeting  -­‐  July  12,  2010  -­‐  Bob’s   Grill.    Eatin’  starts  at  6pm,  meetin’   starts  at  7pm.

The  date  for  the  PEACE  fundraiser  has  been   set  for  November  5,  2011.    PEACE  Organization  is   working  on  the  venue.    More  information  will  be   shared  as  plans  are  made. Larry  Jones  announced  there  will  be  a  table   setup  at  Petit  Jean  on  June  17  -­‐  19.    there  will  be   fliers  and  information  about  TSCC  and  Christian   Car  Club.    He  asked  for  volunteers  to  help  mann   the  table. Don  Myers  passed  out  fliers  about  a  model   train  show  on    July  17    sponsored  by  the  Central   AR  Model  RR  club.    The  event  will  be  held  at  the   McGee  Center  in  Conway. If  anyone  is  interested  in  cruising  to  the   Archey  Fork  car  show  in  Clinton,  contact  Don   Searls.    The  show  is  on  June  26. The  June  eat-­‐out  will  be  at  the  Fish  House  on   June  24. Meeting  adjourned.

Door Prizes No Door Prizes during May Meeting

50/50 No 50/50 during May Meeting

Sonic Cruise Perryville - 2nd Tuesday, 6pm; Vilonia - 3rd Saturday, 6pm ;Conway - 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 pm;


JUNE 2010

From the president... I  love  being  part  of  a  car  club  that  is  making   If  you  are  interested  in  going  to  Clinton,   a  difference  in  the  lives  of  today’s  youth.    By   holler  at  me  and  we  will  work  out  the  details. providing  the  scholarships  that  we  do,  we  are   Happy  Cruising...  See  you  next  month! making  a  difference  in  someone  that  might  do   Don   some  work  on  one  of  cars  in  the  future.    I  have   talked  to  the  instructor  at  UACCM  about  the   students  we  have  given  these  scholarships  to  in   the  past,  and  he  tells  me  that  these  students  are   proud  of  the  tools  that  we  provide  and  they   take  better  care  of  them  that  most  of  the  other   students. There  are  several  things  going  on  June  26.     There  is  the  the  Archey  Fork  Car  Show  in   Clinton,  Great  AR  Pig  Out  car  show  and  there  is   another  show  in  Morgan  that  supports  the   Mayflower  Cheerleaders.    This  one  takes  place   next  to  Ton’s  Place  on  Hwy  365.

Founded  in  1986,  the  Toad  Suck  Car  Club  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  dedicated  to  the  preservation  and  enjoyment   of  any  an  all  cars  and  trucks.    Old  or  New,  original,  restored,  or  modified,  there’s  room  for  you  and  your  vehicle  in   our  club. Toad Suck Car Club P.O. Box 10177 Conway, AR 72033