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Volume 5 - November/December 2014

Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

#PolledPromoter Andre Bedard #Polled Breeder Perspectives #PolledPassport Gรถpel Genetik #PolledPastimes Burket Falls #PolledPlace 1

Red & Polled homozygous

LARGE PP-REDaAa 315243 Lawn Boy P x Ludox x Convincer Daughter Proven Super Type & Great Production


LAPTOP PP-REDaAa 324156 Laron P x Mr Sam x Polled Plus Health Trait Specialist High Components



LABEL P-REDaAa 234165

Stronger P x Lypoll P Ladd P x Sunrise x Spencer 2 x Talent Outcross Bloodlines Hottest Polled in Europe +152 RZG High Protein +45kg +.10% (Highest B&W in Europe is +165 RZG) High Productive Life & Low Somatic Cell Extreme Protein +72kg +.32% German Genetics International 2 #PolledPlace

+(49)4471-91740 info@ggi.de www.ggi.de

Ag-Link Genetics (570)836-6593 aglinks@aol.com www.ag-link.com


Andersonville SS GLOVER P*PO

Born: 8/25/13 POLLED SuperSire x GP-83 Mitey P x GP-84 Batton +2093GTPI +601NM$ +708CM$ +1173M +104F +58P **Highest Combined Fat & Protein Polled Bull in the Breed!**


OLL P s i uture The F


Catal e r i S 014 Fall 2

13 22-20line.coom 2 5 5 n 1-8 ybullsoyBullsOnlin@e.cPollmedPlace @dair ook! Dair dbreeder

Andersonville Dairy was featured on the front of the 1st DairyBullsOnline Sire Catalog!

eb lle inikfo n Fac nlin @po e us o llsO L u airyB er @D


60% of Andersonville Dairy is POLLED! 23% of the Cows ~ 100% of the Heifers ~ 100% of the Bulls Mark Rodgers 1966 Andersonville Road West Glover, VT 05875

Phone: 802-673-2072 Email: mr.ag@myfairpoint.net www.facebook.com/AndersonvilleDairy

#PolledPlace 3 Over 245 Polled animals to date with many Polled females projected to be born in 2015!


Your Source for Polled Dairy Cattle!

#PolledPlace is an online and print publication that is published 6x/year by:

Polled Dairy Cattle

PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Phone: (608) 732-2757 Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com www.facebook.com/PolledDairyCattle Twitter @PolledPlace Website: www.polleddairycattle.com EDITOR: Stephanie Stout Calling all POLLED dairy enthusiasts! To

Polled Enthusiasts - THANK YOU for making our first year at World Dairy Expo a SUCCESS!

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#PolledPhoto ”Baby It’s POLLED Outside!” Winter

will soon be here, but this calf won’t need to be dehorned in the bitter cold temperatures. Donald Yoder of Yoder Family Farm in East Dublin, Georgia used this photo in his first #PolledPlace ad. THANK YOU for being a #PolledPromoter and a contract advertiser in 2014!

4 #PolledPlace

receive a FREE online subscription, send your email to: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com. Print subscriptions in the US are $30/year, Canada $35/year and International $50/year. Polled Dairy Cattle does not always share the views expressed in #PolledPlace and is not responsible for information contained in advertisements. No part of this publication may be reproduced without consent of the publisher.


Nov 7-16 Royal Winter Fair Toronto, ON, Canada November 8 57th Pot of Gold Sale Louisville, KY November 9 62nd All-American Sale Louisville, KY November 12 Canadian Logic Breeders Sale Guelph, ON, Canada November 12 Jetstream Global Greatness Sale Toronto, ON, Canada November 13 Sale of Stars at the Royal Winter Fair Toronto, ON, Canada November 17 Hartford Genomic Extravaganza II Rochester, MN November 21 East Coast Breeders Sale Lancaster, PA November 22 Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale Hutchinson, MN November 28 Northwest Stars of the Future Sale Rochester, Victoria, Australia December 1 Holiday Fashions Sale Fond du Lac, WI December 2 USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations December 5 Illini Futures Sale St. Charles, IL December 20 #PolledPlace Deadline Jan 18-22 International Dairy Week Tatura, Victoria, Australia

Our Red and White program integrates polled breeding with a focus on creating fresh, exciting bulls and heifers from sires that can only make polled offspring when mated to a great cow. This allows us to maintain priority focus on the maternal side of the pedigree.

April-Day M REISLING P-ET RC; GP-83 @ 2yrs 2-06 3x 240d 21,641m 4.0% 859f 2.9% 620p inc. REISLING shares the parlor with her dam, VERDEJO and already has one polled Red son in German AI. Her homozygous polled Earnhardt will be released in the U.S. later this year. Her three daughters by Parker P and Sympatico RC are currently being flushed. REISLING is due back in February 2015.

Photo by Nick Sarbacker

D&D Ottawa Beacon CALLIE P-ET RC; GP-83 @ 2yrs 2-05 3x 352d 36,344m 3.4% 1034f 2.9% 878p CALLIE is a unique cow being a polled, RC Beacon daughter. Her Lawn Boy-free, red, polled, high genomic, Relief P RC son was just released by Accelerated Genetics. CALLIE is due back in September 2014. Photo by Nick Sarbacker

April-Day LB Pinot GRIGIO P RC; VG-85 2-02 3x 365d 27,678m 3.6% 1003f 2.8% 793p GRIGIO is the most successful under-dog donor with which we’ve ever worked. With six daughters in our donor program, our confidence is based on her 4 genomic sons at Accelerated Genetics: GALVIN P, GUSTOLPH P RC, GREGORY P and GREMLIN P. GRIGIO just calved back in and looks fantastic! Photo by Nick Sarbacker

Contact information:

Ed Peck


E: adredcows@gmail.com

#PolledPlace 5

• Facebook: April-Day

RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.dairybullsonline.com! 6 #PolledPlace

“From the Experts”

Monica (left) holding the dehorner and Morie (right) holding the Polled calf Check out the big “thumbs up” for the POLLED calf here and the big “thumbs down” for the dehorner in the box! These girls got the idea. Why in the world would you fool with a dehorner when you can have calves born like this? Definitely a reasonable question! The calf pictured here is a Ladd P out of a VG-88 Advent from an EX-90 Talent then EX-94 x VG-88 x EX-91 x EX-91 x VG-87 x EX-90 x EX-90 x EX-93 x EX-96 x EX-90. POLLED, LONG PEDIGREE & PRETTY! P.S. How about a big “thumbs up” to these girls for being #PolledPromoters! Donald & Joan Yoder & Family

2655 Buckeye Road East Dublin, GA 31027 Phone: (478)278-2084 Email: donald@yoderfamilyfarm.com www.holsteinworld.com/yoderfamilyfarm

#PolledPlace 7


Andre Bedard - Promoting Polled on Facebook by Stephanie Stout Social media has quickly become the #1 source for information around the world. It has also become a great way to promote Polled! Andre Bedard of Mooers, New York is a true #PolledPromoter and he shares his passion for Polled with others by using social media.

dairy business could have some items made up with unique and pro- the DairyBullsOnline.com logo to help vides breeders promote Polled. They agreed and as a with options. result, the DairyBullsOnline.com hats When asked and sunglasses made their debut on what advice he Facebook. Andre shares that he had would give to these made to show his appreciation others in regards to the DairyBullsOnline.com crew for to using social answering the many questions he had media, Andre regarding Polled and he adds...”there adds, “My ad- were a lot!” vice would be to Andre contributed to making a check out how fashion statement at this year’s Deother breeders signer Dairy World Dairy Expo by are promoting sending hats and sunglasses to the Polled and try DairyBullsOnline.com booth...and a to be positive.” fashion statement they made! “The How do you in- future of Polled is so bright...we gotta crease your social wear shades!” They were a hit for all media following? ages! #PolledPromoter Andre Bedard shares his passion for “If I notice Polled on Facebook with #PolledFelfies of his calves that someone works with Andre Bedard farms in Mooers, cows, it’s an opportunity to spread New York with his father. They have the word.” The key to maintaining your 65 Holsteins milking with a growing presence of Red & Whites. They have following on Facebook is unique been breeding for Polled since 2010 posts and posts that others are and Andre shares that they “just fell interested in. Andre modestly into it.” They purchased Fortify P and shares that, “I wouldn’t say they’re Raspberry P semen to start since they unique, but I just try to keep them were Red & Whites and were hooked down to earth.” Andre does in fact share unique posts that capture an once the hornless calves arrived. “I use Facebook and have used it audience. Have you seen the vidto show off Polled since we’ve had our eo with the Red & Bright Polled Future with first Polled calf,” adds Andre. There are White cow talking DairyBullsOnline.com & many benefits of utilizing Facebook. “I about her nice, Sierra Desert Breeders can see what other breeders are work- round Polled head? Andre also promotes Polled ing with and what AI companies are Andre is behind that. How about by advertising on Craigslist coming out with in the near future.” and in his local milk co-op’s Using social media is not all “ros- the posts with the DairyBullsOnline. newsletter. He predicts that the es” and has some challenges. “A chalnext 5 years will be interesting lenge I’ve noticed with social media is com hats or sunand encourages breeders to the common negativity from those that glasses? Andre is keep up the work on breeding want to bash you for doing something behind these as well! Andre asked for Polled. “You’ll be one step different just because they’re skeptiup on the naysayers!” cal,” explains Bedard. Not everyone Bryan and Roy DairyBull- Future #PolledPromoter agrees with the breeding decisions of with Wyatt Schirm everyone and that is what makes the sOnline.com if he

The Future of Polled is Getting Brighter!

8 #PolledPlace



Colt 45-P*RC x Cherry Crest Black Heat*RC EX-91 1* 2nd Dam: Cherry Crest Sizzling Red Hot EX-91 3*

WESTDAMA GOLDEN ROYALTY-P-IMP-ET*RC Golden PP x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-92-2E 2nd Dam: Astrahoe LJ Rosa Rebel EX-92-2E Next 12 Dams are ALL EXCELLENT!

Polled isn’t just Black & White 6 EMBRYOS BY TROUT RUN JEFF-PP FROM THE SNOW STORMS WESTDAMA WONDERMENT SHANIA-IMP-ET Sire: Top Acres C Wonderment Dam: Terra Rose Shania EX-91-2E 2nd Dam: Kulp-Gen Starbuck Shania EX-94-3E Next 5 Generations are ALL EXCELLENT!

Matt Seeliger

594 Kennedy Road, Glencoe West, South Australia Phone: 01417887168 Email: westdama@westdama.com.au

#PolledPlace 9


Breeder Perspectives on POLLED This magazine was developed for those passionate about Polled! In the #PolledPanel feature of #PolledPlace, breeders have the opportunity to share their perspective on Polled. Thank you to these breeders for sharing their Polled story and views on the future of Polled in their respective breeds! POLLED HOLSTEINS, JERSEYS & CROSSBREDS Mesa Dairy Wisconsin, USA


Carrie Mess I farm with my husband and his parents on Mesa Dairy, a 100 cow dairy near Lake Mills, Wisconsin. We have been seriously breeding for Polled for the past two years. My breeding philosophy is focused on healthy, fertile cows. I am extremely particular in which bulls we use on our farm. Anything Polled that fits our parameters goes to the top of the list. We jumped head first and started using Polled on lots of cows! Right now, we are milking some Eclipse P and Lawn Boy P daughters and we’ll start calving in some heifers from the DairyBullsOnline.com line-up soon. We’re currently using Oliver P, Eclipse P, RD Gorm P for Jerseys and we’re using Ladd P, King P, Midas P, Eliminator P, Ohio Style P, Dolo P and Transformer P for Holsteins. I love how quickly the availability of Polled bulls is growing. I think Bryan and Roy from DairyBullsOnline. com really started getting a lot of people thinking about Polled when they started their business and the big AI companies took notice. In the future, I would like to see more calving ease Polled bulls. We currently use Polled semen on 25-30% of our herd. I’d like that to be 50% in the next two years.

Cory Salzl & Kristen Heitke My fiancé, Kristen Heitke, and I operate a 30-acre farm near Litchfield, Minnesota. We own about 35 head of primarily Milking Shorthorns with a few Guernseys and Red & Whites. We milk the show cows, raise our own heifers and keep a few recipients at our farm. The remaining milking cows are housed at a few friends’ farms. We first started using Polled in our Milking Shorthorns about three years ago when we were intrigued with the pedigree on a young bull from Gold Mine Farms, GE Gold Mine Dimond Deuce P. He was a Mitey-P son from a strong Milking Shorthorn family. We liked the idea of mixing the Polled gene along with Goldwyn genetics into our Milking Shorthorn herd. Since then we have tried a few other Polled Milking Shorthorn bulls as there seemed to be a growing interest in the breed. The primary focus of our breeding program is on type. We have bred Polled into some of our top type individuals so we could try to add Polled without sacrificing type. We have used Polled on two of our top families - we have some descendants of the Horizon-Tudor Margarita family that we have Polled offspring from as well as from North Stars Mega Peanut EXP ET. We have also used some on our Red & Whites. We currently have Polled daughters from GE Gold Mine Dimond Deuce P, Rovin Othello Ali Aladdan P and Ro-

10 #PolledPlace

vin Mega All Abner P. We are currently using GE Gold Mine Dimond Deuce P, Ocenabrae Ironman P and Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red. There are limited Polled bulls available in the Milking Shorthorn breed. I think Milking Shorthorns have an advantage with the ability to infuse some Red & White Polled genetics into their breeding program. There is a good mix of bulls available for the Red & Whites and it is very limited on the Guernseys. I see the future of Polled continuing to grow. There is a demand for Polled bulls on the commercial market, so we need solid cow families to produce these bulls. We need to continue to develop Polled bloodlines that do not sacrifice type or production or any other traits breeders are looking for to maintain profitability on their operations. POLLED HOLSTEINS, SWEDISH RED & MONTBELIARDE Seagull Bay Dairy Idaho, USA

Greg & Gwen Andersen & family Seagull Bay Dairy in American Falls, Idaho is owned by Alan and Norma Andersen, Ben and Robbie Andersen, and Greg and Gwen Andersen. Alan and Norma started the farm in 1980 with 100 cows on 40 acres. Today, our family owns 2 dairies with 2100 mature cows and 1700 heifers. Andersen Dairy in Declo, Idaho is the larger of our two dairies with 1400 milk cows. We have about 100 head of registered Holsteins while the majority of the herd are crossbreds from the Holstein, Montbeliarde, and Swedish Red breeds. Continued on page 12

Jessica’s 1st Excellent & She’s Polled!

Else P (Rocco P x Hardwood P) EX-90 EX-92-MS *Polled Daughters by Illegal P, Lou P & Perry P Other Polled Classification Highlights... Maggie P (Rocco P x VG-87 EX-MS Kite) VG-88 VG-MS *Grand-Dtr of West Port Storm Moira*RC EX Ariana P (Mitey P x EX-90 Radius) VG-85 *Polled Alchemy Daughter & Polled Epic Save Grand-Dtr Simi P (Boxer x VG-87 EX-MS Lypoll P) VG-85 VG-88-MS-3Y *Homozygous Polled Ohio Style bull available Reba P (Observer x EX-91 Debonair) GP-83 VG-85-MS-3Y *Flush-age Homozygous Polled Relief Daughter Linny P (Gold Chip x September Storm) GP-83-2Y *Just fresh with an Ohio Style heifer! *Simi P, Reba P & Linny P are owned by B&B Genetics

Brian & Sue Crull and family

N2552 Balls Mill Road, Monroe, WI 53566 Brian: 815-601-3673  Sue: 815-988-4007 crullbrian@yahoo.com  crullsue@gmail.com www.facebook.com/BriarHolsteins

#PolledPlace More classification photos available on our Facebook page!11

#PolledPanel Continued from Page 10 We used Earnhardt-P a couple of years ago on a few of our top females because he was a Polled sire with high production traits. In fact, the #1 Earnhardt son for gTPI is our bull 7HO12389 Seagull-Bay Sheriff (+2481 GTPI), but he isn’t Polled. Although with +81 PTAP, he is still being used some as a mating sire. We are just now really getting a significant number of Polled calves on our farm beginning in the Spring of 2014. This winter there will be some polled donors with our prefix entering our flush program. Our breeding goals include marketing several bulls each year to the AI market. Including Polled in our program at some level gives us another important trait that could help in marketing some of our sires. Our main breeding philosophy for Polled has been to purchase high NM$ Polled females and then breed them to the highest NM$ horned sires with an emphasis on production and fitness. Of note would be MD-Valleyvue Nuno Kim-ET (+738 NM$) from the same family as the #1 Red proven sire Carson-Red, as well as Bryhill SS Sateen-P (+849 NM$) from the Goldwyn Soup family. Kim has polled Supersire and Mogul sons and daughters over +800 NM$ with Balisto calves also now awaiting genomic results. Sateen has calves from Kingboy and Balisto awaiting genomic results while calves

Breeder Perspectives on POLLED

by Delta, Silver and Powerball will be born in the coming months. We have not used many Polled sires on our Polled donors up to this point with the exception of using Ohare-P in 2013 and early 2014 as well as using Powerball-P this past summer. We have Polled offspring from both the Shauna’s and the SeagullBay Manat Mirage families. Shauna’s Polled Earnhardt son (Premier P) is at Accelerated Genetics and her grandson by Earnhardt (Siren-P) is at International Protein Sires. We are excited to soon begin flushing Seagull-Bay Mirage-P who is an Ohare-P daughter of Roorda Obsvr Majic 15272-ET VG-86 X VG Shottle X EX Seagull-Bay Manat Mirage. Mirage-P is +739 NM$ with +63 PTAP and +6.0 PL. The best Polled sires are nice for use as mating sires, but may not get a lot of widespread use because only 50% of their offspring will be Polled. The Holstein breed needs more elite True Polled sires to see more use in the general population. In the future, I would like to see Homozygous Polled sires with over +60 PTAP, low SCE and NM$ in the 90th percentile. There is great potential for breeding Polled into the Holstein breed. We are still in the infancy stage right now. Because Polled is a dominant trait, we can make very fast progress with both Polled males and females. I believe it will still be sever-

al years before we see the majority of the breed Polled, but we will certainly see the use of Polled sires increase significantly each year. Every AI stud now has a few polled sires featured in their line-up. There will be more rapid use of Polled genetics in some of the European countries because of the increasing cost of dehorning due to strict regulations imposed by some governments on animal agriculture. I am an advocate for both improving the availability of Polled genetics as well as for increasing their popularity. However, I make certain not to imply that dehorning is a cruel animal care practice. When done properly, dehorning is quick and effective and causes minimal distress to the calf. It is very important to promote Polled genetics without shining a negative light on current animal care methods. Once there is a large selection of True Polled sires with genetic values close to the best horned sires in each respective breed, then will every dairy farmer gladly choose Polled over horned. In the meantime, it is not advisable to give up $200-$350 Net Merit dollars for genetically hornless calves. Hopefully, with more Holstein breeders strategically breeding for Polled, we will soon close the genetic merit gap between the horned and the Polled cattle.

Visit the Polled Dairy Cattle Website!

#PolledPlace ONLINE A place for people interested in the promotion and education of Polled Dairy Cattle.


www.polleddairycattle.com 12 #PolledPlace

Got Polled Ayrshires?

3rd Dam: Lemajru-N BW Marshall Gazelle EX-90-2E

Elite-Hawk Jessamine P EX-92-2E

GAZELLE’S POLLED GREAT GRAND-DAUGHTER Lemajru-N Shamrock Glee P *PO Glee P calved in September with a POLLED Defender bull!

6-11 365d 32,409m 3.6 1152f 3.2 1043p Embryos starting at $300/embryo+shipping Currently flushing to Maple-Dell Burdette Dempsey Several may be available after November 1st!

Her sons: Lemajru-N International P-ET*PO +2289GTPI +760NM$ Lemajru-N Ohare Passport P-ET*PO +2067GTPI +620NM$ Lemajru-N Ohare Ticket PP-ET*PP +2049GPTI +575NM$ Lemajru-N Ohare Chicago P-ET*PO +1978GTPI +575NM$ Her ONLY daughter: Lemajru-N Ohare Scarlet P-ET*PO +2012GTPI +552NM$

Let us know your POLLED AYRSHIRE needs!

Charles & Julie Nelkie  Michael & Abigail O-Farrell 1595 W. State Road, West Branch, MI 48661 Phone: 989-345-2255 Email: lemajru@gmail.com Find us on Facebook!

Charles, Henry, Shirley, Diane, Mark, Mary, Grace & Jonathan Sayles Perry, Michigan Email: ayrhawk2@gmail.com POLLED Dairy Cattle - Ayrshires, Holsteins, Red & Whites and a Jersey

Lemajru Dairy Farm LLC

We have POLLED BULLS for sale - give us a call!

Hawksfield Farms

#POLLEDPOWER Polled Pasture Genetics CHAMP P*RC +2358GTPI OUTLINE P +2275GTPI MONEYBALL P +2206GTPI OUTCOME P +2196GTPI DOGMA P*RC +2186GTPI OHIO STYLE P +2182GTPI EFFECT P-RED +2097GTPI APPL JAX P-RED +2068GTPI THOR PP +2032GTPI DOLO P*RC +2022GTPI *Additional bulls available! Delivery to farms in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois & Eastern Iowa Contact: Justin Crull (815) 299-3673 justin.crull@yahoo.com

Ahead of the Field! POLLED the humane choice POLLED nature’s dehorner POLLED the future is now!

Ardachie POLLED Jerseys Marton, New Zealand

Email: ardachie@xtra.co.nz #PolledPlace 13


Focus on POLLED sale highlights

Polled Sale Consignments

57th Pot of Gold Sale

Jetstream Global Greatness Sale

November 8 - Louisville, Kentucky

November 12 - Toronto, Ontario

 POLLED JERSEY SELLS! - Suess Coamerica Savanah-P EX-92


62nd All American Sale

Sale of Stars at Royal Winter Fair

 SEVERAL POLLED JERSEYS SELL! - 1st Choice Nikon P x Hillview Headline Keylime-P - #1 CM$ Polled Heifer sells - Faria Brothers Magnum Di Maria-P


Canadian Logic Breeders Sale

November 9 - Louisville, Kentucky

November 12 - Guelph, Ontario

 POLLED EMBRYOS SELL! - Powerball P x Alchemy x Apple - Eraser P x Clerinda Myre Mitey Balti - Colt P x Blue Horizon Pic Pearl-Red

November 13 - Toronto, Ontario

Northwest Stars of the Future Sale

Hartford Genomic Extravaganza II Sale

 POLLED ADEEN SELLS! Sired by Golden PP.

 MANY HIGH GENOMIC POLLED ANIMALS SELL! Polled from the Silks and many other great cow families sell.

December 1 - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

November 17 - Rochester, Minnesota

 POLLED FROM PRETTY P SELLS! - Dtrs by Alchemy & Colt 45 - Grand-dtrs by Dolo, Effect & Overtime - Embryos by Cash Coin  POLLED FROM PARADE P SELLS! - Dtrs by Flame & Colt 45  HOMOZYGOUS POLLED COLT 45 X ROXYS SELLS!

Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale

November 22 - Hutchinson, MN

East Coast Breeders Sale

November 21 - Lancaster, PA

 POLLED RED ROXY SELLS! Ladd P dtr of Kulp-Dale Advent Renn-P-Red EX

November 28 - Rochester, Victoria

Holiday Fashions at the Northern

 CHASSITY’S POLLED EARNHARDT SELLS! +2006GTPI, bred to Mogul.  POLLED RUDY MISSY! Toubib x VG85 O-Man x Rudy Missy sells.  FULL SISTER TO LONG P! Several sell from Ms Rollen-Ns Cam Lexie P VG.

Do you have sale results or upcoming sale highlights to include in this section? Send them to polledplace@polleddairycattle.com by December 20th to be included in the January/February issue.

#PolledPlace Subscription Form

Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________ FREE Online Subscription $30 Print Subscription* *US - add $5 for Canada; add $20 for International e Plac d e l l #Po ished in bl is pu & online print er year 6x p

14 #PolledPlace

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Name on Card: _____________________________________________ Credit Card #: ______________________________________________ Expiration Date: ______________ CSC: _________ Mail or email to the contact information listed below

Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace, PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Phone: (608) 732-2757  Fax: (608) 237-2310 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com Website: www.polleddairycattle.com

Jersey Polled Genetics - Let Your Imagination Go Wild!

POLLED JERSEYS Unlock Your Potential!

Taughboyne Jerseys ~ Victoria, Australia ~ taughboyne@bigpond.com

#PolledPlacings POLLED Sire Rankings

COMING SOON! USDA/CDCB Proof Evaluations will be released on December 2nd!

Included in the next issue will be the listings of available Polled sires and top rankings of Polled cows/heifers in all breeds. Do you have available Polled sires to include? Do you have high-ranking Polled cows/heifers? Send them to polledplace@polleddairycattle. com by December 15th for the January/February issue of #PolledPlace.


Polled Testing

There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.


#PolledPlace 15


About Göpel Genetik Göpel Genetik is located in Herleshausen in the middle of Germany. About 100 miles north of Frankfurt am Main and two miles to the former border to East Germany. The AI center was founded in 2002 by the breeder and farmer Karl-Heinrich Göpel and his family. Karl-Heinrich and his wife Ute started to build up a Polled herd in the early 1980s, because Karl-Heinrich felt dehorning was worse than to visit a dentist. He knew that Polled was a dominant trait and thought about using Polled Swedish Red or Norwegian Red breeds to get the Polled gene into his Holstein herd. Then he heard that some units of Burket-Falls Solomon P had been imported into Germany and he bought all 36 units that were available to start his own Polled herd. One or two years later, he used semen of Burket-Falls Polled Tony P. In the late 1990s, Karl-Heinrich and Ute visited Burket Falls Farm and Hickorymea Polled Holsteins and tried to sell polled embryos in Germany, but then there was no market for that. At that time no Herdbook and none of the AI centers in Germany has been interested in Polled breeding. Göpel even had to argue for some time until Polled cattle was labeled with P or PP. The Göpel family then decided to found the first private AI station in Germany to collect and sell Polled bulls. Because it is not allowed to have cows next to an AI station, Karl-Heinrich had to sell his milking herd. Since the beginning, there are now more than 100 Polled Holstein Sires that have been collected or imported and their semen has been made available for breeders. With a

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Focus on International POLLED

In 2002, Karl-Heinrich Göpel, his wife Ute and son Micha founded Göpel Genetik, the 1st private German AI company to collect & sell Polled bulls. new German breeding law in 2006, it the business during his university time became very difficult for a private AI became official shareholder and this center to make bulls available. In that made Göpel Genetik a complete family year, WWS Germany and WWS Ltd. run business again. became shareholders of Göpel GeneIn 2012, Karl-Heinrich was one of tik. In that time, Göpel collected semen the members of a group with scientists of the former #1 bull Snowman, ALH from the University of Munich publishDuke and ALH Dakota. With genomic ing an article about the location of the testing in 2010 it became easier, even celtic and friesian Polled genes. This though up to today breeders and pri- group also developed on the basis of a vate AI stations are not able to have collection by Göpel of semen by Polled bulls genomic tested in Germany on bulls a very successful Polled test. their own. That is a strong handicap Since the beginning, Göpel Genefor breeding development, especially tik also imported interesting Polled if it is not mainstream breeding, like bulls from the United States and othfocusing on Polled breeding. In 2011, er parts of the world. Bulls in the Göpel decided to buy back the shares early days included Taurus bullsand son Micha who has accompanied Burket-Falls Polled Plus P, Burket-

Göpel Genetik - Germany

by Stephanie Stout

Beautiful view from Göpel Genetik Falls Priority PP-Red, Burket-Falls Fortify P-Red or Wille Perplex P-Red from KI Samen in the Netherlands. Many of the more recent Göpel Genetik bulls trace back to Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red, West Port Arron Doon Mitey P and the WS Mabelpoll P family. Currently, they have imported Lirr Option PP and Pine-Tree Ohio Style P from DairyBullsOnline.com. A new Polled sire that has just started production is Baltimore PP (+1992 GTPI), the #1 GTPI PP in Germany and possibly the #1 GTPI PP in Europe. Even though there is an emphasis on Holsteins, Göpel Genetik tries to find Polled bulls in every breed. In doing this, Göpel Genetik is able to offer the largest scale of Polled dairy and beef breeds in Europe. Like Valc PP (#2 Fleckvieh PP bull in Europe), Linus PP (former #1 Jersey PP bull), Vasient P (#1 Brown Swiss Polled bull in Europe). They also offer several beef breeds with Homozygous Polled Blonde d’Aquitaine or Dexter bulls. For more than 10 years now, Karl-Heinrich has been giving speeches to groups of farmers, technicians, veterinarians and university students about Polled breeding. Even though Polled is much better known by now and Polled cattle reach high prices at

auctions, there are still many people, that don’t know about the great effect of Polled breeding and that Polled animals have not been genetically manipulated. Now as Polled bulls become more and more available by several AI companies, Göpel Genetik emphasizes

to bring less used Polled blood lines into the breed to create outcross and increase their quality, which will also be an important task for future Polled breeding. Visit www.goepelgenetik.de or www.hornlos.de for more information.

HGG Santa Fe P*RC from Göpel Genetik

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#PolledPastimes Dave Burket has always been passionate about Polled, and for 50 years he has tried to make Polled spread. He always claimed it was easy to do because Polled is a dominant trait. He believed it was something we would need in the future. Polled is “The solution to your horny problems” he said, but for 50 years the experts tried to convince us that Dave Burket was wasting his time. Not good enough they said. Polled is related to beef they said. (Not True) More important things to do they said. Regardless of their claims, Dave continued to breed for Polled, not because it was popular, fashionable, or because he thought they were superior. He simply bred them because he liked them. They gave him pleasure. He liked that they were hornless. He liked that he didn’t have to do that job. He liked that they were different. He believed it was a good idea. He spent hours and hours doing free consulting, and talking about Polled. Although not everybody cared, there were enough people that did. With Dave Burket’s passion alone, the Polled gene spread. Once formulas and indexes were designed for the masses, it became very difficult for anyone breeding anything outside of the box to rank. It wasn’t just Polled breeders that suffered, those breeding show cows, Red & Whites or

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outcross struggled too, as a system designed for the masses undervalued the unique. Despite the critics, Dave and his son John persisted. Burkets have bred an amazing herd with different lines with generations of VG and EX. Burket Falls Farm have collected bulls over the years to market to those that liked what they had. They have built a small business supplying them with semen. Slowly but surely the Polled gene spread. Even though the Polled population was small, making it hard to break through, Ed Johnson finally bred a Polled bull that made the top ranks. Number 16 on the TPI list was cause for celebration, those breeding Polled now knew their genetics could compare. Unfortunately the stigma on Polled meant Hickorymea Oswald P was not a bull they could sell to everyone. He is just a fluke they said. Not good enough yet they said. More important things to breed for they said. However there were enough breeders who cared, and believed he was worth it that Oswald P helped the Polled gene spread. Next came a Polled bull who was bred by Robert Feldwisch. A bull no stud wanted. Why Red and Polled they said. That stuff just isn’t good enough. We can’t sell that to everybody, we can only sell it to a few. Well Robert didn’t care what they said, and although it took a lot of work from him, and a few others Aggravation Lawn Boy P Red finally did make it, and one more bull helped the Polled gene spread. (Read Fred Hendricks Lawn Boy Story in the July/August issue of #PolledPlace) Despite the critics and the warnings Dave and Ed persisted, and then one day along came a daughter of Burket-Falls Perk P-Red. With seven EX dams from the Roxy’s behind her, she was special right from the start, but unfortunately it was her numbers that

Burket Falls Farm - Dave Burket by Roy MacGregor

mattered. Thankfully Gary and Nate Janssen of Golden Oaks Farm had a passion for breeding and the good sense to see that she had a trait for the future that breeders may need. So regardless of her rank they, like Dave and Ed before them created ‘Art’ and very special cow named Golden-Oaks Perk Rae P-Red helped spread the Polled gene around the world. For Dave Burket and others, Polled was their reason to get up in the morning. These breeders were willing to trade in the numbers and the fools gold for a gene they felt had real value. It turns out they were right all along. Almost every single Polled female on earth traces back to a bull from the Burket Falls herd. Without their effort, without that work, Polled would have been lost forever. Now after 50 years of ignoring Polled, because it wasn’t good enough DNA proof shows less then one generation is all that separates the Polled minority from the main stream (less than 9 months). Genomics is playing a huge role in why Polled is now spreading, and Polled is now bred into many world famous families. We now even see Polled coming from million dollar cows! There are still those today that stigmatize Polled. Regardless of their efforts, like it or not, its no longer a question of when, or if, but how long will it be, before the ‘Art’ this humble breeder created touches every single one of us? Thanks Dave Burket!

Choice PP*RC

94HO17725 21 Genetics

HO CAN 108502640

DOB: 7/18/2013

aAa: 342

DMS: 234,123

Earnhardt P x Colt P-Red x SHOTTLE x Champion

Bred by: 21 Century Genetics, Frenchfort, PE

Homozygous Polled & RC +1941GTPI +370NM$ +961M +46F +41P +2.15T +1.83UDC +1.33FLC

From the Chassity cow family Goldwyn-free pedigree Great cross on Apple bloodlines


Da-So-Burn MOM Earnhardt P


Ms Chassity Colt Caser P*RC


Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 GMD DOM 3-10 365d 42,280m 4.3% 1798f 2.7% 1150p Holstein Int’l Global Cow of the Year 2011

3rd Dam

Choice PP’s Dam

Regancrest Cinderella EX-92-2E GMD DOM 5-00 365d 34,220m 4.1% 1418f 2.9% 1009p

4th Dam

Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM 2-06 365d 31,690m 3.9% 1237f 3.1% 990p HM All-American Junior 3-Year-Old

5th Dam

Regancrest Juror Brina EX-92 DOM 4-04 365d 40,640m 3.6% 1478f 3.0% 1217p

6th Dam

Regancrest Aerostar Bert EX-90 GMD DOM

7th Dam

Regancrest Mark Chairman Bea 2E-91 GMD DOM

8th Dam

Regancrest Board Chairman Bea EX-90


Polled Jersey Breeders Recognized at World Dairy Expo 2014

WORLD DAIRY EXPO DAIRYMAN OF THE YEAR James Huffard Virginia, USA James S. Huffard III of Crockett, Virginia received the World Dairy Expo Dairyman of the Year award at the annual Dinner With The Stars on Wednesday evening, October 1st. Recognized for the effective breeding program he has directed at Huffard Dairy Farms since completing his B.S. degree in dairy science at Virginia Tech in 1975 and taking on a management role in his family’s operation, he is noted as the breeder of Schultz Legal Critic-P, the most influential polled genomic young sire in Jersey breed history. His partnership with Dr. Joe Lineweaver in the Fairway Jerseys syndicate also brought the widespread influence of Adonis Dally of Ash-Go-P into the breed as an AI bull mother. Earlier bulls of breedwide impact from the Huffard herd include Schultz Performing Legend and Schultz Brook Hallmark. Having served in every leadership role available from state to national levels in the Jersey breed, Huffard is presently the Vice-President of National All-Jersey (NAJ), having earlier served as President of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA). In recent years he has expanded his family’s dairy enterprise by establishing Duchess Dairy, a partnership with two other nearby Registered Jersey™ breeders, where milk from these three herds is processed, to provide area families with milk and dairy products under the All-Jersey Queen of Quality® label. NATIONAL DAIRY SHRINE DISTINGUISHED DAIRY CATTLE BREEDER Dutch Hollow Farm LLC New York, USA Dutch Hollow Farm LLC, Schodack Landing, New York – owned and operated by Paul and Melanie Chittenden and their sons Brian, Alan and Nathan – received the National Dairy Shrine

Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder award during that organization’s annual awards banquet on Thursday evening, October 2nd. Building on the legacy of breeding polled Registered Jerseys™ that began with Paul’s parents Stanley & Jane Chittenden at Fair Weather Farms in New Lebanon, New York, today the Dutch Hollow prefix is readily recognized as a leader in providing polled Registered Jersey™ genetics, nationally and internationally. From the outset of founding Dutch Hollow in 1976, the family philosophy for a profitable dairy operation has been that “A cow was put on this earth for one reason – to produce milk. She doesn’t have to be ugly to do it and it is better if she is born without horns.” Those who study Jersey pedigrees and track influential cow families recognize that the maternal sisters Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET and Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P were pivotal cows in propagating the polled influence breed-wide, with “Lester Mischief-PET” being the dam of several influential polled bulls in AI service, as well as having daughters and maternal granddaughters who became successful AI bull mothers, while a daughter of “S Joe Mistress-P” – Dutch Hollow Barber Milady-P-ET – became the founding matriarch for the polled influence at Den-Kel Jerseys, from which numerous prominent polled Registered Jersey™ bulls have appeared on the Active AI list. The Chittenden family has long been active in leadership roles within the US dairy industry and the Jersey breed, starting with Stanley (Paul’s father) serving as AJCC Director and President. Paul also served in both roles, and Alan (the third generation) is now serving his first term on the AJCA Board of Directors. The latest dairy industry innovation pioneered at Dutch Hollow is the Dutch Hollow Education Center, established in 2011. Building on her background as a teacher, Beth (Brian’s wife) manages this operation, where pre-school and elementary

school students take part in hands-on activities that were developed to support the New York state education curriculum standards in science and math.

NATIONAL DAIRY SHRINE PROGRESSIVE DAIRY MANAGER GRANT (under 300 cows) Amanda Stiles Lutz South Carolina, USA Amanda Stiles Lutz, Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, South Carolina was recognized during the National Dairy Shrine Awards Banquet as the small herd size (under 300 cows) recipient of the Progressive Dairy Manager grant, an educational travel award designed to encourage young dairy producers to attend structured events that will broaden their outlook in pursuing opportunities for developing more profitable dairy operations. Establishing their herd by combining the animals that Amanda and her husband had each accumulated during their respective years of participation in Jersey Youth activities, she manages and operates the herd while he is employed full-time in the AI industry on the national level. The most influential polled Registered Jersey™ bull bred to date in this herd is Her-Man Eclipes Master-P, available as a genomic young sire and being used as a “sire father” for AI sons. As a direct maternal descendant of the iconic Tenn Haug E Maid, his dam came to the Her-Man herd as an investment in genetic merchandising, and was bred to a prominent polled bull to capitalize on the interest in polled genetics, producing “Master-P”. Amanda’s track record of involvement in state and national Jersey and general agricultural organization activities was also cited in her selection for this award, noting that she is President of the South Carolina Jersey Cattle Association, is active in the South Carolina Young Farmers organization, and has chaired the AJCA National Jersey Jug Futurity Committee.

Information provided by Polled Jerseys - www.polledjerseys.com 20 #PolledPlace

Sateen P


+849NM$ +905CM$ +2440GTPI +5.5PL 2.62SCS +2.90PTAT Supersire x VG-87 Shottbolt Sizzle x 84 Goldwyn Soup

COMING SOON! Genomics on her 2 Polled Daughters Sateen P is sure to have a HUGE impact on the breed! With ELITE NM$ and a Lawn Boy P-free pedigree, Sateen P has both Polled and horned offspring that are in HIGH DEMAND!

Halogen Dtr +2570GTPI +913NM$ Halogen Son +2477GTPI (both horned)

Š Lea McCullough

Alan & Norma Andersen Ben & Robbie Andersen Greg & Gwen Andersen www.seagullbaydairy.com Like us on Facebook!

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The Power of Polled Promotion Hard to believe this is the last issue of 2014! I would like to say THANK YOU to those that advertised in the first year of #PolledPlace! Your support of my dream of promoting Polled certainly does not go unnoticed. Special THANK YOU to those that were contract advertisers in 2014 - Andersonville Dairy, April Day, Ardachie Polled Jerseys, Briar Holsteins/B&B Genetics, DairyBullsOnline.com, GGI/AgLink, Lemajru Dairy Farm, Rollen N’s Dairy, Taughboyne Jerseys, Warrencrest Holsteins, Westdama/ Pole Position Genetics and Yoder Family Farm/GA-IL Holsteins! I enjoyed seeing so many Polled breeders at World Dairy Expo! It’s always nice to put a face to the person on the other end of the phone or email conversation. My highlight this year was having not one, but two Polled breeders tell me that they will be LIFETIME ADVERTISERS in #PolledPlace! These breeders have a strong belief that the future of the dairy industry WILL BE POLLED! Don’t miss out on the first issue of 2015! New year, new feature, new #PolledPlacings rankings! Ad reservation deadline is December 20th.

Ed Smith

Animal Analysis Associate

Animal Analysis Since 1950

Phone: 847-395-5976 Cell: 847.372.0602 Email: ed.pat@att.net www.aAaWeeks.com

#PolledPlace On the Road Watch for #PolledPlace at these events in November and December! November 17 - Hartford Genomic Extravaganza II Sale - Rochester, MN November 19 - Northeast Iowa Community College - Calmar, IA November 22 - Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale - Hutchinson, MN November 23 - Meeker County Holstein Meeting - Eden Valley, MN December 4&5 - Illinois Senior Holstein Convention - St. Charles, IL Interested in Polled Holstein, Jersey and/or Brown Swiss semen? DairyBullsOnline.com bulls will be available at these events!

List Your Farm or Business Here Reserve your space today! Cost is $50/listing (608) 732-2757 polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

#PolledPredictions for 2015 As 2014 is coming to a close, now is the time to look forward to the new year! Do you make new year’s resolutions? What is your new year’s resolution for Polled? What do you predict for Polled in 2015? Would you like to promote your Polled genetics in 2015? In the first issue of 2015, there will be a NEW section of #PolledPlace! #PolledPredictions is YOUR place to share thoughts and opinions on Polled. Ring in the New Year with POLLED!

Stephanie Stout Editor

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aAa®Weeks® Andersonville AprilDay-FRD Ardachie Jerseys Briar Holsteins Crull, Justin DairyBullsOnline

22 3 5 13 11 13 24

GGI/AgLink 2 Hawksfield 13 Lemajru Dairy 13 Rollen N’s Dairy 23 Seagull Bay Dairy 21 St.Jacobs ABC/ABS 19 SunQuest 22

Taughboyne 15 Twisted Genes 22 Warrencrest 21 Westdama 9 Yoder Family Farm 7

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20% Discount on Contract Ads in 2015 22 #PolledPlace

A Look Around Rollen N’s Dairy We are a family farm established in 1985 in the Finger Lakes region of New York

100% of our animals are Red or Red Carrier & over 90% of our milking herd is Red Over 50% of our herd is now Polled including a growing number of Homozygous Polled females, which will increase our Polled percent in the next few years. THe Faus Family Nate Faus 607-426-4094 6190 Reading Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878 Email: rollenns@gmail.com We’re on Facebook at Rollen N’s Dairy

O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good, for his mercy endureth forever. Psalm 107:1

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100% Polled Calves Guaranteed

Rokeyroad RASCAL PP-RC +2053GTPI Andersonville 241 PP-RED +2033GTPI Tom-Anna THOR PP +2032GTPI Mr Rollen Ns LUMBER PP-RC +1957GTPI Tom-Anna STAMP PP +1934GTPI Lirr OPTION PP +1934GTPI Our Top 6 PP Bulls Average: +1991GTPI

+437NM$ +569NM$ +473NM$ +357NM$ +461NM$ +434NM$ +455NM$

+1054M +1621M +1037M +1014M +1386M +649M +1127M

+96CFP +69CFP +95CFP +83CFP +92CFP +73CFP +85CFP

+2.73PTAT +1.44PTAT +2.29PTAT +2.42PTAT +1.51PTAT +2.22PTAT +2.10PTAT

Thanks for visiting us at World Dairy Expo!

© Briar Designs Photos by Sue

1-855-222-2013 24 #PolledPlace


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