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Volume 27 - July/August 2018

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RED = P (polled) BLUE = p (horned) Watch the animated video at www.polleddairycattle.com! 2 #PolledPlace

Building Polled Pedigrees

Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846-ET VG-86 DOM 5-11 3x 365 41,544 3.9 1647 2.9 1227 2-04 3x 365 32,000 4.8 1520 3.2 1036

Polled bulls and heifers available starting at just under +2700 GTPI for private sale 3476 S 80th Avenue, New Era, MI 49446 Nicholas Mitteer Phone: (231) 578-0618 Email: nick@countrydairy.com www.countrydairy.com www.facebook.com/CountryDairy

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Mr Rollen-Ns Burly PP-ET-RC is featured on the cover of this issue. He is a Miller P son from Ri-Val-Re The Best P-Red VG-87 from Rollen N's Dairy in Rock Stream, New York. Since he is Homozygous Polled, 100% of his calves will be Polled! He will also pass on the A2 beta-casein trait to his offspring. View his genomics on page 11 of this issue. Thank you to the Faus family for their continued support of #PolledPlace as a contract advertiser!

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Ms Supreme La Bambi P-ET VG-88 (Bombero x Satchel P back to the Roxys) Red Homozygous Polled Lucky-PP grand-dtr & Polled Sawyer-RC grand-dtr Schoene-Kuh Tbone Sugar Rush-P NOW EX-92 (Tbone x EX-91 Eclipes-P) Watch for more classification results in the next issue! - - Another Exciting Polled Heifer - Schoene-Kuh Imax Megan P (Imax x Jax-P from the Shottle May family)

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Breeder Perspectives on POLLED

R. Green Acres - Chuck Raethke - Pepin, Wisconsin Background of your farm – location, people involved, facilities, etc. R. Green Acres Inc. is a family run 210 cow registered herd. Housed in a 4 row sand bedded freestall barn, and milked in a double 10 Germania parlor. Herd was started in the early 1960s by Glen and Myrna Raethke with about 25 cows and some old machinery. Another farm was bought and majorly upgraded in 1967, with 3 additions, 5 silos, new sheds, etc. appearing. In 1996, another neighboring farm was purchased, with the current barn constructed in 2002. New calf barn and heifer facilities built since 2010. Jeff, Jon, Chuck (brothers) and Jeff's son Jacob are the current operators. Herd average on 2x is 27,000 milk, 1000 fat, and 800 protein. Cows are classified every 7 months, but no BAA calculated. We have been a Progressive Genetics herd for 25+ years. Approximately 30 to 35 bulls are sold per year to area farmers, and 50 young fresh cows have been marketed in the last 16 months. Approximately 600 acres of crops are grown as a corn/alfalfa rotation. Feed is stored in bags on a blacktop surface. How long have you been breeding for Polled and what inspired you to start? We used a few Polled bulls prior to 1990, including a couple of our own. Like many people, Lawn Boy P changed things. We had a good homebred family that produced an EX Ramos. After flushing her a number of times, she was bred to Lawn Boy P and produced a VG-88 daughter, Pride Lboy Today 829. She was flushed to Numero Uno, producing two Polled RC daughters, Tuesday and Thursday, both ranking in the breed's Top 10 at the time. Thursday was sold to Seagull Bay at the National Convention Sale in Indianapolis. Today 829 is still in the herd today, just fresh and likely to hit 200,000 lifetime milk this lactation. What is your breeding philosophy for Polled? We use the very best Polled bulls, along with the best overall bulls of the breed. We won't use a bull just because he is Polled, but the choices available have obviously exploded. The top ranking genomic Polled bulls are used when available. Most of our breeding age Polled heifers are bred to Polled to increase our numbers of Homozygous Polled animals in the herd. Who was your first Polled cow? Our first Polled cow was Pride Tobias Maybe, an 83 point Hickorymea Tobias daughter.

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What cow families are you breeding Polled into? What do you have for Polled animals? We have Polled animals in the herd from the Dellias, Honeycrest Patron Tanya, plus the Lawn Boy Today family. What Polled bulls are represented in your herd? Lawn Boy P, Golden-PP, Dolo P, Powerball P, Tecumseh (homebred Eliminator P son), Loyola P, Lucky PP and Remark P. What Polled bulls are you currently using? Luster P, Drastic P, Webster P, Whisk P, Emmitt-PP, Lucky-PP, Hulk P, Simplicity P, Yoder Time (homebred Yoder son)Ammo P. We have also used Answer-P fairly heavily. What are your thoughts on the availability of Polled bulls? Never better and will improve even more! What would you like to see available in the future? Certainly more high ranking Homozygous bulls will make it even easier. Where do you see the future of Polled in your breed? With the top Polled animals in the breed within 100 points of their horned counterparts, there has never been a better time to be breeding Polled cattle. Local bull customers love buying Polled bulls, getting repeat customers because of it. My response isn't why breed Polled, the real question is why not? Opens up new doors and new possibilities! Additional comments We haven't tested a lot of our Polled females, but we're continuously expanding their numbers. Our Powerball P 2-year-olds are a really nice group with three of them peaking around 110 pounds of milk. The group of Polled young bulls available today makes it pretty exciting, and I am really confident it will pull the Polled Holstein gene even more in the spotlight. We just had three Polled Frazzled females born from an 82 point 2-year-old Montross with 33,000 pounds of milk at 2 years, followed by Uno Tuesday, then Lawn Boy Today 829. Very excited to genomic test them, and flush the best ones! Something to smile about in today's agriculture climate!

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Briar-Dream Maverick P-Red Sired by Lucky PP +2440GTPI +694NM$ +1423M +53F +59P Dam: Briar-Dream PB O'Magic P-ET*RC 2nd Dam: Venture Bookem Magician P*RC VG-85 3rd Dam: West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red VG-86 (pictured) 2-11 365d 34,219 4.9% 1688 3.1% 1054 4th Dam: West Port Arron Doon May P-Red VG-88

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A Focus on International POLLED

Charles Dancause - Canada I am the herd manager of the Des Hauts Pres herd. The farm is located in L’Islet in Eastern Quebec. The farm is owned by my parents Daniel and Jacynthe. We milk 70 purebred Holstein cows in tie-stalls and raise about 50 replacement heifers. The herd average production is 23,000 lbs milk, 900 lbs fat, 775 lbs protein. The herd is made of 5 Excellent cows, 31 Very Good and 35 Good Plus. I studied farm management at ITA La Pocatière and graduated in 2017. I have been interested in farming and genetics ever since I have been involved on the farm. I started breeding for Polled genetics in 2014. At the time, we were offered to flush one of our best young heifers for genomics, Des Hauts Pres Cabriolet Colby, with a Polled bull named Yahtzee-P at Genex. I was really excited about the idea of breeding something different than the usual high genomic horned bulls, and I was also a fan of not having to dehorn calves and the animal welfare associated with it. Unfortunately, this flush only resulted in 2 horned heifers, one of them being one of our best first lactation cows in the herd, Des Hauts Pres Yahtzee Cachuca. The first Polled cow in the herd was Nemesis Elude Mitraille P *RC, a Polled Elude daughter of the famous West Port Arron Doon Mit P-Red. We had the opportunity to buy her as a yearling heifer in the Expo-Poc Sale back in 2016. She has now completed her first lactation with 21,100 lbs of milk at 4.2% fat 3.4% protein and classified GP-82 with a GP-84 MS. Our first homebred Polled cow is just fresh a couple weeks, a Piranha-P daughter who is Polled and red carrier from the Dulet James Carlass family. She’s one of the most exciting young cows we’ve calved in in the last few years. We have bred Polled in most of our best cow families, including the Dulet James Carlass family who represents more than 60% of the herd. At the moment, we have Polled daughters of Piranha-P, Performer-P and Hayloft-P in the heifer pens. One of our best genomic heifers is a Piranha-P daughter from a VG Freddie dam. The Piranha scores at 3075 DGV LPI with


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extreme udders figures and high health and fitness traits. The group of Polled bulls we are currently using or have used in the last few months includes: Drastic-P (Bandares x Powerball-P), Luster-P (Zipit-P x Kingboy), Webster-P *RC (Franchise x Delta), Stetson-P (Superman x McCutchen), Yoda-P *RC (Jedi x Mardi Gras). I used Drastic-P quite heavily all around the best animals in the herd as I really like the combination of very high PRO$ and his pedigree backed by the great Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra EX-94 and Pen-Col Commotion Deanna EX-91. My philosophy when breeding for Polled animals is that they need to be just as good as any other animal on the farm. We try to avoid single-trait selection, a Polled bull has to fit all of the same criteria’s than any horned bull: high LPI and PRO$ with extreme production and fitness traits and balanced type traits, especially for udder attachments and mobility. I also put an emphasis on feed efficiency, trying to breed a cow that can make a superior amount of milk solids with less haylage and grain intake than the average cow. Cow families are also important in my breeding program, all of the youngstock comes from several generations of Very Good or Excellent cows. The extreme quality of Polled bulls, especially young genomic bulls, makes it possible now more than ever to select a herd of high quality cattle without having to sacrifice any genetic potential, no matter if you select for high production, show cattle or only a good all-around barn cow. More Polled bulls are available in AI every year, making it easier for everyone to select for naturally hornless cattle. Polled genetics is not a niche market anymore, it is becoming more of a mainstream way to breed healthy and profitable cattle for farmers without the useless and unpleasant task of dehorning calves. I believe within a few years, Polled bulls are going to be chart toppers on both the proven and genomics lists, making the Polled gene pool spread even faster in the upcoming years.


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From POLLED Breeders

What Polled bulls are you currently using in your herd? Donny McNish - Zimmerview Dairy - Marietta, Ohio Jackpot PP-Red, Zeke P-Red, Lucky PP-Red, Simplicity P-RC, Rush PP-RC, Answer P, Gold PP-Red, Loyola P-RC Tammy VanHaitsma - SunQuest Holsteins - Dorr, Michigan Simplicity P, Yoda P, Bighit P, Barcuda PP-Red Laurie Miner - R.E. Hemond Farm - Minot, Maine King P, Science P, Labyrinth P, Splendid P, Bagphee, P, Summer P, Webster P Chuck Raethke - R. Green Acres - Pepin, Wisconsin Luster P, Drastic P, Webster P, Whisk P, Emmitt PP, Lucky PP, Hulk P, Simplicity P, Yoder Time, Answer P View more about R. Green Acres in this issue's #PolledPanel on page 6 Charles Dancause - Des Hauts Pres - L'Islet, Quebec, Canada Drastic P, Luster P, Webster P, Stetson P, Yoda P View more about Dancause in this issue's #PolledPassport on page 8

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Polled: The Next Frontier Is Polled the next frontier or the final frontier? Is Polled just a fad or is Polled here to stay? You be the judge. As the 2018 World Dairy Expo with the theme "The Next Frontier" is quickly approaching, what are your predictions? Last year, the Junior Champion Red & White was Polled and the winning Milking Shorthorn Jr. 2-year-old was also Polled! Congratulations to their breeders, Richard M. Green, Sr. of Delaware and Corstar Farm of Minnesota, on these great achievements! I hope to see many more Polled animals in the show-ring this year, and hopefully in several breeds. Will you be attending World Dairy Expo this year? Be sure to stop by and visit Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace in the lower level of the coliseum in booth AL131 to see what's new in the Polled world! Promote Your Polled Genetics It's the best time of year to advertise your Polled genetics! There are two great opportunities for you to share what you have with others at World Dairy Expo - the September/October issue of #PolledPlace is also the World Dairy Expo issue and will include NEW August proof information. Be sure to send in your #Polled Placings for the August lists! The other great opportunity is the #PolledPromoters Directory - this will be one of the featured items at the Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace booth. This directory is separated by state and includes a listing on the Polled map and/or a full page ad in the booklet. Ad reservations for both publications are due by August 25th.

Polled Testing There are 2 independent origins of polled, one found in Holstein-Friesian and Jersey breeds (Pf), the other in many European breeds of Celtic origin (Pc) such as Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine, Dexter, Limousin, Charolais, and Hereford, among others. Polledness is dominant; a polled animal can have one or two copies of the gene. All offspring of a bull with 2 copies of polled (homozygous) will be polled. Genetic testing is a cost-effective means to determine if a polled animal has 1 or 2 copies of the gene. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory offers a test for the polled gene to assist breeders in selecting cattle that have 2 copies of Polled gene. H/H HORNED. No copies of either Polled molecular marker are present. Pf/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pf/Pf POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Friesian molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/H POLLED. One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled. Pc/Pc POLLED. Two copies of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker are present. All offspring will be polled. Pc/Pf POLLED. One copy of Polled-Celtic and 1 copy of Polled-Friesian molecular markers are present. All offspring will be polled.

Phone: (530) 752-2211 www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Polled.php

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120HO3112 Reg#73756235 aAa 543621

Ri-Val-Re The Best P-Red VG-87 Photo © Lea Jordan

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Miller P x Effect P x MacGuiness +2305GTPI +525NM$ +1.43PTAT +1.91UDC +1.93FLC +687M +28P +29P +5.8PL 2.70SCS +0.7DPR +3.5 Livability "Burly PP is an impressive, masculine bull with outstanding width and depth throughout. His deep chest and sturdy stance make him an excellent mating on tall, narrow cattle needing substance and width for greater balance and overall health." #PolledPlace 11 Michael McCaffrey, aAa Analyzer

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