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stephanie rose stalker

concept In recent years, the tools for the nomad worker have developed in digital ways. Drawing Inspiration from Japanese traditional tools, figurative beauty is born from the natural interaction with these tools. This beauty continues to stimulate our sense as the world fills up with digital technologies.

nomad    [noh-mad ] noun a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply. noun any wanderer; itinerant. adjective nomadic.

Peripathetic The worker who does not stay tethered to one job but instead moves from place to place and offers services in new locations. Example, the freelance writer may move to different cities throughout the year, finding work on assignment in each new location.

Hunter-Gatherer This worker has a job in which he travel around to obtain information. He is always on the move and chasing information. They usually maintains a home base although they may only live in it a few weeks out of each year

Pastoral This type of nomad worker is someone who has multiple homes that are used throughout the year. For example, the person may have a job in New York where he works during the warm months of the year. In winter, he may move to Los Angeles and telecommute to his job.

nomadic workers

analysis & personas An analysis of several types of nomadic workers revealed many characteristics and needs of workers, but more importantly two distinct types of nomadic workers emerged. • Can-Go-Anywhere worker • Must-Go-Anywhere worker

Can-Go-Anywhere workers are those who have the option to travel and move around for their work. Must-Go-Anywhere workers are those who’s work requires them to move from place to place.




ideation Various functional products were explored based on the needs of nomadic workers, analog functionality & digital technologies.

exploration Printer/Scanner/Folder An all-in-one portable solution for scanning, printing and storing files on the go. Inflatable Packaging An inflatable space saving and reusable packaging system that stores flat to safely pack and ship on the go. Expandable Briefcase A carrying case that can be easily expanded to accommodate more cargo. Multi-Format Organizer An organizing system capable of holding multiple size files both digital and physical. Communication Binder A simple notebook style paper pad with the capability for instant messaging through handwritten entries.

a family of bags

Nomadic workers are constantly acquiring more and more products to aid in their work environment, however, one thing that is missing- is a way to carry all these new innovative products. Shinoma- meaning new nomad, suggests a family of bags that address the needs of today’s nomadic worker while, providing needed functionality and beauty and understanding human sensibility.

FUROSHIKI is a Japanese traditional wrapping fabric. The shape is a simple square. However, there are many ways of folding which enables it to carry practically anything.


inspiration Traditional Japanese tools lend beautiful and functional analog qualities to inspire a family of bags for the nomadic worker.

CHOUCHIN is the Japanese traditional lantern that is used during festivals. It has many pleats that can stretch easily and quickly. It is mad of paper and bamboo rings.


MIURA-ORI is inspired by ORIGAMI. It is a simple method of folding paper. One direction and minimal amount of force is used when expanding. In its compact form, it is thinner than normal folded paper.


materials Fitting with the style of nomadic workers the materials used for Shinoma bags are durable, tactile, versatile, accessible, and easy to clean. The bags are made by the unique layering of industrial materials with purposeful stitching and colors creating rich textures.

• Foam • Reflective Film • Vinyl • Mesh • Canvas

Shinoma bags are made according to human sensibilities as we believe that the nomad worker will never forsake the interest and importance of analog structures that are functional, flexible and beautiful.


Shinoma suggests a new material by AVERY that is re-stickable only to itself when pressure is applied.

• Inspired by FUROSHIKI • Foldable in many ways • Can carry many objects

Shinoma suggests a new material by AVERY that is re-stickable only to itself which is implemented on certain parts of the bag.

• Inspired by Origami • Thin like paper • Folds easily from card case to a tote bag Cards Pockets Expands from this Point Pockets for small items

(Pens, cell phone, business cares)

Stackable containers with attachable strap.

Expandable layers for more storage capacity.

SHINOMA suggests a new material by AVERY that is waterproof and padded.

• Inspired by the Japanese Lantern • Expandable • Stackable • Layered with industrial materials • Use individually • Use stacked • Use as a shipping container

An Avery Dennison sponsored studio in collaboration with students from Tama Art University in Japan. Mizuha Fujinuma • Stephanie Stalker • Rory Craig • Nara Latip • Tom Uken

stephanie rose stalker


A family of bags for nomadic workers