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H2GO is a water transporting and filtering device that utilizes the playful interaction of kids. The cart, propelled by a modified see-saw, sits up to six kids who are able to bring home fresh and ready to use water.

Providing KIDS with freshwater through interaction & fun.

The burden of fetching water, invariably over long distances by cumbersome and far too often, unhygienic means, is all too evident in rural Africa. Sadly, this burden falls on the women and children taking time away from their daily life.

Every 15 seconds a child dies from water-borne disease.

Why Kids? The global water crisis is portrayed in a negative tone and should understood as serious. We feel the outlook can be view as hopeful, playful, and not so doomed. Kids are impressionable, love to learn and play. Educating them early on and empowering them to take action ensures longevity of awareness and practice.

The following solution was inspired by a successful manufacture of mobile water containers, and their mission to provide fresh water for under developed countries.

Inspired by Q-Drum Inspired by Q-Drum’s design & mission, H2GO would become a subsidiary and design a mobile unit that transcends Q-Drum’s product in a fun and innovative fashion.

The idea of the Q-Drum originated in response to the needs of rural people for clean and potable water, as well as easing the burden of conveying it. The Q-Drum addresses these needs by providing a simplistic, cost effective and durable solution.

The Q-drum is user friendly & the unique longitudinal shaft permits the drum to be pulled using a rope run through the hole.

A water transporting and filtering device that utilizes the playful interaction of kids. The cart, propelled by a modified see-saw, sits up to six kids who are able to bring home fresh and ready to use water.

What is the

made of?

• 3 Q-Drum Wheels • Water bearing chassis • Modified see-saw • Peristaltic Pump & Filter • Sturdy Frame & Mechanics

The simple parts and construction of the cart make it an ideal device for many parts of the world. H2GO provides hours of fun and greater access clean water while being easy to assemble and maintain.

Q-Drum can withstand loads up to 3,000 pounds.

Kids can pull up to 110 pounds in one Q-Drum.

In one trip the can carry enough water to meet the daily need of two families. H2GO can carry up to 820 pounds of water, making the total weight of the unit around 900 pounds. At full capacity, six kids would be able to successfully transport the cart. Two kids could easily transport the water needed to fill the three Q-Drum wheels.

Minimum number of kids needed to work the H2GO = 2 Maximum number of kids that can fit on H2GO = 8

Free Wheel


Wheel Propels Forward

Fresh Water Output Filter

Peristaltic Pump Water Intake

Making the

Wheels are propelled forward by the motion of

the see-saw. Sprockets and free wheels are attached to the two axles by chain in a configuration that allows for a forward motion on the downstroke of either side of the see-saw.

The Pump and Filter work by borrowing from

the wheel propelling action. Attaching to the lower axel, the peristaltic pump uses suction to intake water, push it through an attached filter and them out to fill up the Q-Drums, the water carrying chassis and other containers.

, go...

Stopping and steering the

The Breaks slows the cart down by friction. Applying downward pressure on a pedal, the cart slows to a stop.

The Handle Bar moves smoothly from side to side to control direction of the cart, and also up and down, in sync with the See-Saw motion.

Humans need at least 13 gallons of water a day.

With the six kids could successfully transport and filter 98 gallons of water, in one trip. Giving them more than their needed daily supply.

It’s Big and Safe! The H2G0 is 9 feet long by 4 feet wide, held up by 3 sturdy Q-Drum wheels. The Chassis sits about one foot above the ground, making it safe for kids to use the see-saw (reaching a maximum height while in use to 3 feet above the ground).

Current Daily Water Usage • Kenya = 3 Gallons • UK = 30 Gallons • USA = 150 Gallons Water Capacity of H2GO • 3 Q-Drums @ 13.2 Gallons each • Chassis @ 58 Gallons

98 Gallons @ Full Capacity

What does it cost?

Q-Drum 3 @ $45 New frame material $445 Peristaltic Pump (1.3 gal/min) $500 Chassis/Marine Fuel Tank (PET) $450 Industrial Hose $45 FreeWheel 2 @ $20 Chain 2 @ $15 Filter $60

Estimated Total Without Donated Parts


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Global Awareness A two tiered platform carried out by sponsors, kids and communities. 1st Tier: Sponsorship

H2GO would seek out appropriate sponsorship to manufacture the carts. Those who sponsor in turn get to display their support by advertising on the cart.

2nd Tier: KID to Kid Campaign H2GO would put together educational kits that instruct children about the current water issues and how to assemble their prospective filter unit. Those in the US would receive the see-saw kit while those in Africa receive the mobile cart. The kits are sent to their sponsored manufacturer to include with the units. The manufacturers will ship them out to the participating schools and communities in the US and Africa. The schools and communities that participate in H2GO’s campaign will receive their appropriate filter units and begin their exchange of culture, education, and information sharing.

Allowing kids the opportunity for play, creating global relationships and providing a much needed resource to the most important people of our future- kids!

Encouraging everyone to


H2GO was developed as an answer to the 2008-2009 international Aspen Design Challenge, an outgrowth of the Aspen Design Summit challenge to develop actionable design solutions that will raise awareness of the emerging global water crisis. Project Team: Howard Brawidjaya, Kamil Markowski Chris O’Donnell & Stephanie Stalker

stephanie rose stalker


A water transporting & filtering device

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