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The art of pastry making, meets high performance vehicles, in this 21st Century Car Museum and

Patisserie. A full sensory experience, showcasing artistry & craftsmanship of two distinct kinds. Located on the world famous Sunset strip, Zip is a must see destination. Hand crafted pastries and decedent sweets, bring in a crowd of all ages, while car lovers also flock to this location. The power and speed of the vehicles, along with their highly crafted design and extreme attention to detail are a perfect match for the elegant and delicious specialty pastries and sweets. Cakes and pastries become art pieces of their own, at Zip, and are rarely overshadowed by the powerful automobiles. In fact, each unique car is an inspiration for a specialty cake and the two are showcased together. Taking design cues from the record holder for speed in the insect world. The extremely fine-tuned and uniquely elegant Dragonfly lends Zip a few distinct qualities to derive the complete experience.

Inspiration The high performance dragonfly lends a few key characteristics to the Zip car museum & patissarie. From space volumes and product placement to circulation and building layout the unique qualities of the dragonfly help to transform the complete Zip experience.

Dragonflies Record holders of two titles. First for their speed, dragonflies are the fastest flying insects in the world, they can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour! Second for their bulging eyes, dragonflies possess such large eyes that they have a field of vision nearly 360 degrees! The name Dragonfly comes from their fierce jaws, used to catch flies, mosquitoes and other winged insects. There are 5000 described species of Dragonflies in the world.

Eyes Dragonflies have one of the most elaborate eyes of any insect, capable of pinpointing the motion of a small prey insect several meters away, even his while the dragonfly is traveling fast. Their two large eyes are made up of 30,000 of six-sided units.

Wings Dragonfly wings are smart and complex structures consisting of a network of various sized veins. • Wings only carry tensile loading • The leading edge is made of a stiff structure • Flight muscles adjust independently for each wing • Veins provide the primary structural support • Membrane is a thin aerodynamic structure

Spatial Planning 3rd Floor Sweet Shop 6500 sqft 2nd Floor Car Exhibit 3500 sqft

Retail 2000 sqft 1st Floor

Case Studies Charm City Cakes


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Location: Los Angles, California

Charm City Cakes is motivated by constantly trying to outdo themselves, making cakes that are beautiful, challenging, & as out-of-the-ordinary as possible. Inspired by art, fabric, furniture, science, architecture, landscapes & music. Each cake they create is individually designed to match the customer, their personality and the occasion. Charm City Cakes follows only one rule- whatever they do, they have fun!

Built as temple to honor sweets in all their forms, this modern pâtisserie is set apart from others by the superior confections and equally as stylish décor. Serving handmade products from the Boulé pastry team the menu includes flaky French pastries, cakes, tarts, ice creams, sorbets, coffee and tea. It’s a sweet spot where style and substance meet.

Target Customers Michelle Age: 32 Location: Los Angeles The Senior Marketing Director for Matteo, spends time with her two daughters and their dog Ollie. They enjoy visiting museums, parks, shopping trips & going out to lunch. Some of her favorite things include;

• Origins & Soolip stores • Strawberry Lemonade

Ryan Age: 37 Location: Los Angeles A senior consultant for The World Bank Group, the father of two boys travels on a regular basis, enjoys spending time playing with his boys, and taking his wife out. In their free time the family enjoys cooking together and playing with their dog, Rufus.

• Entertains guests on Sunset Strip • Collects model cars • Rides Bikes

• Tarts & Cupcakes • Spending time with Family • Watching the sunset

Methods of Display The placement of cars and cakes is an important component of the Zip experience. Both large and small objects complement each other, remain visible and allow for interaction from the visitor. Analysis of display methods for both small and large objects, ways of viewing the items and the relationship they can have to each other, influenced the placement of products within the Zip space.

Dragonfly Analysis Wing Pattern Strength

Understanding specific qualities of the dragonfly and paring the characteristics with customer interaction, circulation, and product placement generated form studies, and resulted in a set of rules to help inform and be implemented throughout the design.

Back of Wing

6 Sided Shapes (Hexagonal)

Middle of Wing

5 Sided Shapes (Pentagonal)

Leading Edge

4 Sided Shapes (Rectangular)

Customer Interactions Car Exhibit

Car Exhibit & Lounge


Car Exhibit & Bakery


Car Exhibit & Sweet Shop & Retail

M ar M tha ich ell e Ry an


Product Hierarchy Car Exhibit Retail Merchandise Lounge Area Bakery & Cafe

Car Exhibit & Lounge Car Exhibit & Bakery Car Exhibit & Sweet Shop & Retail

Sight Resolution Angular & Smaller Facets


Lower Resolution

Flatter & Larger Facets


Higher Resolution

Form Analysis Customer Interaction & Wing Pattern Strength More Interaction = Higher Strength

Expense of Products & Eye Resolution More Expensive = Higher Resolution

Form Analysis- High Performance Dragonfly

Form Studies & Exploration

Color & Style The displayed cars and specialty cakes help determine the look and feel of the interior space. A curious and whimsical environment houses these two works of art paired perfectly with each other.

Each pairing of cake and car is housed in an environment suitable only to itself. The cakes and cars provide enough artistry, luxury and beauty on their own, therefore, the space is kept simple and crisp to truly showcase their craftsmanship, artistry and detail. The cakes and cars become works of art.

Layout & Circulation The layout of the Zip museum and patisserie optimizes customer interaction and spatial use.

Cars are displayed on all three floors- in unique configurations, in conjunction with specialty pastries. For convenience the main bakery/cafe is located on the lower floor, however, finer treats and additional

Zip Experience Curiosity • Creativity • Exploration • Intrigue

Navigating through the sloping & angular walls, discovering the unique displays of cakes and cars & tasting heavenly treats while admiring the craftsmanship of high performance cars, creates an truly unique experience.


A full sensory experience showcasing artistry & craftsmanship of two distinct kinds.


cakes + cars

stephanie rose stalker


Cakes + Cars

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