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March is here, and I find everyone is asking, where did February go? We had such an eventful month that time passed in the blink of an eye. Seems clocks are moving faster as we move through 2013. Spring is in the air, and before we notice summer will be here! As mother earth begins to shift and transform into a new season of rebirth and transformation, we too are called to grow and expand. Take time to connect, and enjoy this inner and outer transformation; embrace your authentic self. As you observe the shifting of the season remember to give thanks, for the cycle is within us all, embrace it! Blessings & Love, Rebecca L. Allen Are you a writer, photographer or interested in running a column of your own? We are looking for unique, inspired, submissions and welcome you to submit your work for upcoming issues. This comes with unique benefits and a fun avenue to share and grow together! Submit your article, photo, poem, ideas and suggestions to:

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All Submissions due by March 22 Email: 508 508--631 631--7463

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Derived from the Greek words μετά metá, meaning "beyond", "upon" or "after" and φυσικά physiká, meaning "physics". It is the ability to acknowledge things undetectable by the physical sense. Metaphysics includes many subjects within Science, Spirituality, Angels, Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Consciousness, Magick, Spirits, Law of Attraction and many more subcategories containing unexplained, undetectable dimensions within our reality and beyond. In the conscious evolution, metaphysics has taken its place as the most comprehensive and most effective means of gaining knowledge and understanding about the true nature of the physical Universe.

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Turning Mind Clutter to Mind Comfort

Are you ready ? Your Life is waiting for you to become a willing co-creator! Gain insight into your hearts true desire! Get clear about your dreams! Create things you never thought possible! Law of Attraction Mind Coach Ho’ oponopono Practitioner House Blessing / Clearings Business Clearings Water Structure Classes In-Home Reiki for You & Your Pets

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Aloe Vera

“The plant of Immortality”

Over 6,000 years ago Cleopatra applied Aloe gel to her body as part of her beauty regimen. The ancient Greeks used it to cure everything from itches to insomnia . The Native Americans called aloe "Wand of the Heaven". Many of us have an aloe plant in the home, or know someone who does, but we may be overlooking the amazing benefits of this magical plant. We tend to be aware that it is great for burns and skin itch, but that is far from the end of it’s uses!

From the outside: Aloe, when directly applied to skin, can decrease pigmentation and dark spots, treat acne, reverse signs of aging skin and wrinkles, act as an antidote to allergic skin reactions, help eliminate Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, and even remove eye makeup! Of course you can apply it to cuts, sores, burns, boils and other skin infections to take advantage of its antibacterial healing properties. To relieve asthma symptoms, boil the leaves, and breathe in the steam. Rub aloe gel on your scalp before bed and wash in the morning to relieve dry scalp, and use as a conditioner to tame frizz. The benefits of ingesting Aloe Vera are even more impressive than using it topically!

From the inside: Aloe acts as a soothing agent throughout the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and digestive track. It assists in relieving sore throat, heartburn, ulcers, inflammation, stomach upset, sooths IBS and colitis, hemorrhoid symptoms and aids bowel movements when ingested regularly. Aloe oxygenates the blood and helps promote a healthy circulatory system, strengthening the heart and relieving diabetic and peripheral neuropathy. That’s not all! Drinking Aloe juice stabilizes blood sugar, reduces triglycerides, activates white blood cells and promotes the growth of healthy cells. It also helps protect the body’s immune system, destroying bacteria, slowing down the aging process and helps to establish a healthy alkaline pH.

Drinking your Aloe plant is actually very simple        

Take a leaf ( or two) off your plant Cut off a small piece at the bottom Sit it upright in glass jar and allow the yellow resin to drain Filet the top skin of the leaf away, and remove the yellow inner layer Scoop out gel, use enough leaves to make 2 tbsp. (30ml) of aloe gel Place gel in a blender Add 1 cup of juice or fresh fruit and water Blend until smooth and enjoy!

We offer information and opinions and are not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies .

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Down on the earth plane everything grows. There is no living thing which stays stagnant. Even the smallest pebble may affect change in its environment. One’s transformation is an ongoing process; just as seeds in a garden put down roots and push up stems with leaves on them. In the beginning of the world there were just light and surface energies; shadow movements melded with different shades of greenery. Nonsensical sounds made, in unison, by animal-like beings which roamed the earth plane looking for sustenance and warmth. Rain fell from the sky, in sheets, even as bolts of lightning crackled through the air and onto the ground burning everything in its path. Creatures, great and small, gathered to feel its warmth, for they did not know yet how to generate fires on their own. This was the world at large. These were the dark ages, where mankind felt a disconnection from his own kind, and fought for the right to build his own shelters. A world where mankind also felt a disconnection from nature, and no one could do more than eat drink and hide from birds of prey and animals with sharp teeth. To transform is when one has an “ahhah” moment. It means taking steps to change oneself or one’s environment in a dramatic fashion. For the people living in these times, the “eureka” moment took place when men discovered how to make their own sparks to build fires with. This skill drew people together. They learned how to compromise with each other, to turn lean-tos into homes and small villages sprung up around the keepers of the flames. Civilization, as you know it, was reborn by those who learned how to visualize tentative futures and were not afraid to test the boundaries surrounding their lives. *Metatron, can you give us an example from your own life? Once upon a time, I walked the earth plane with two strong legs, a firm jaw and a happy-go-lucky smile on my face. I felt raindrops falling on my body, and accepted

the fact that I might never marry or father a child of my own. In some respects, I lived vicariously through the successes of the other people around me. My path was not set yet. I felt strongly that my life path was to be walking by God’s side. Still, my youthful memories were not unlike others of my generation. We thought of our elder’s comforts first. We genuflected before God’s altar and we felt a kinship to nature, and all of its inhabitants. I felt drawn to Yahweh and the Holy Ghost. Not just one day, but over the course of many lifetimes, until it seemed that my life energies were totally infused with the life force energies of the God of all there is, was and will be. I gave my life-lives to the study and work of being human with all of its accompanying human emotions including laughter, love, pain, awe, joy, inadequacy, enjoyment, boredom. The list goes on and on. How could I help those who sit at the right hand of God to understand the transformative qualities of life on earth without having experienced some of them myself? God delights in mirroring your joys and your sorrows. Actually, they are just two sides of a coin. Without sadness, despair, boredom and meditative periods of time, transformative energies cannot take place. Without expectancy and the desire to influence oneself or ones environment, there can be no transformation. *Metatron, how did you go from being a human to becoming an angel? I was chosen to sit at the right hand of the Father, to be a beacon of change, to allow levity and laughter to happen within the framework of the earth. Mankind is freedom and is constantly changing. I help to humanize the evolution of mankind. With thine own eyes, you can see the possibilities for change in the lives of yourself and others.

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What is considered transformative is in the eye of the beholder. A caterpillar which changes into a butterfly is a remarkable transformation for human observers. However, it may be considered rather ho-hum for other species with wings. It can be a “been there and done that” experience, still, the quality of wonderment and amazement abound in such an experience. You might question how such a thing came about. Remember that to undergo a transformation means to bring about a thorough or dramatic change in appearance or form. Think about this…everyday you walk past an old house going through reconstruction. Windows falling out, glass panes broken, holes in the roof and shingles getting loose from their moorings. You don’t notice as easily, that each day, little steps have been taken to plant flowers outdoors, replace the broken windows and staple down new shingles up on the roof. Still, as the days and nights progress, all of the incremental changes merge and become one unified structure. The house has moved past being an eyesore and has been transformed into a home that is pleasing to everyone’s eyes in the neighborhood, for you must see that transformation or being transformed is a process of learning… Of taking steps, which depending on your situation, can roll either backwards or forwards. In fact, it may take a few backward slides to understand what needs changing in your life before the real transformative experience becomes apparent to all that is. So, don’t give up on your dreams. Backsliding happens to everyone. To transform, one must understand where you have already been, and focus on where/ what you’d like to become. Do you want to lose a lot of weight, start a new business or resurrect an old one or paint your apartment with wild colors? All this and more is possible. So, enjoy the journey and eventually you will realize that like the Ace of Swords card in the Tarot deck, that you have started over, picked yourself up by your bootstraps, and have begun a completely new chapter in your life. -Metatron 3/1/13

*Note from Maryfaith: Sometimes making a tiny change brings about a transformative experience. Two months ago, I heard that a famous Croatian healer named Braco was finally coming to the Boston area. He would be giving sessions every hour, at the Hilton Hotel located near Logan Airport in Boston. Braco for people who have never heard of him, offers help thru the use of his ‘silent gaze’ which has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of people from around the world, and here he was in my neck of the woods! I wanted to go see him, but wasn’t sure that it would be right for me. So grabbing my trusty pendulum, I dowsed and was told that Sunday, March 3rd at 10am was the session for me. As luck would have it, I ended up going on Saturday, March 2nd as well,

and felt a very strong vibration of psychic energies in the ballroom. I noticed that my feet and ankles felt cold but didn’t think much of it. Sunday came and I was again in a big line of people waiting to be seated for our 5 minute gazing session with him. But nothing prepared me for the amazing experience that I had at Sunday’s session! It is so true that God works in mysterious ways…As soon as I walked into the room, I noticed a major change in my body as coldness started flowing up from my feet, along my legs, up my arms and thru my chest. At first I thought that I was sitting under a fan but then noticed that I was the only person wearing a jacket in my row. Also, there were no air vents around me either. The cold feelings persisted and I decided to just accept them as a gift from God that was there to flush all of the old energetic thought forms out of my body! Later on, my friends told me that the room was actually very warm, and that some of them had been sweating due to the high heat. The coldness continued moving up until it had gone from my feet to my neck and into my heart area. I feel that I have undergone a major shift, and with trust in my heart, am looking forward to a sparkling future. This information channeled by :

Maryfaith Goessling owner of Energies from

Source Healing Center in Jamaica Plain, MA. A certified Master Healer and Master Teacher of the modality formally known as Shamballa Basic from the School of Esoteric Sciences. Ms. Goessling has operated her healing practice in Jamaica Plain since 2006. She is clairaudient (clear hearing) and easily connects with angels, spirit guides and other beings of love and light. She specializes in answering specific questions thru the use of tarot cards, channeled readings and/or dowsing rods. For more information please visit her website:

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Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. © 2013

Chapter 1 Our Drive to Bond It is beyond our imagination to conceive of a single form of life that exists alone and independent, unattached to other forms —Lewis Thomas If you’re a survivor of multiple failed relationships, you may wonder why you keep trying. I can assure you that you don’t persist just for the (sometimes short-lived) good times. And you don’t persist because of TV ads featuring loving couples on tropical islands. You persist, despite your track record and despite dismal divorce statistics, because you are designed to bond. Human beings are not meant to live alone. There is a fundamental biological imperative that propels you and every organism on this planet to be in a community, to be in relationship with other organisms. Whether you’re thinking about it consciously or not, your biology is pushing you to bond. In fact, the coming together of individuals in community (starting with two) is a principle force that drives biological evolution, a phenomenon I call spontaneous evolution, which I cover in depth in the book of the same name.1

There are, of course, additional biological imperatives designed to ensure individual and species survival: the drive for food, for sex, for growth, for protection, and the ferocious, inexplicable drive to fight for life. We don’t know where or how the will to live is programmed into cells, but it is a fact that no organism will readily give up its life. Try to kill the most primitive of organisms and that bacterium doesn’t say, “Okay, I’ll wait until you kill me.” Instead, it will take every evasive maneuver in its power to sustain its survival. When our biological drives are not being fulfilled, when our survival is threatened, we get a feeling in the pit of our stomach that something is wrong even before our conscious minds comprehend the danger. That gut feeling is being felt globally right now—many of us are feeling that pit in our stomach as we ponder the survivability of our environmentally damaged planet and of the human beings who have damaged it. Most of this book focuses on how individuals can create or rekindle wonderful relationships, but in the last chapter I’ll explain how the energy created by “Heaven on Earth” relationships can heal the planet and save our species. … The social nature of harmonious animal societies can provide fundamental insights directly applicable to human civilization. One great example is an ant, which, like a human being, is a multicellular social organism; when you take an ant out of its community it will die. In fact, an individual ant is really a suborganism; the true organism is actually represented by the ant colony. Lewis Thomas described ants this way: “Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labor, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch television.”2

Continued on Page 14...

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Body Alive Center for Awareness and Transformation

Director and Psychic,

Michelle Pelletier

Cherish Your Physical and Spiritual Being Inner Alchemy monthly Skype classes  Inner Light Program 2 year training Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Tools: Heal, read, validate your spirit, know your path.

… As for human communities, we can fend for ourselves as individuals longer than a single ant can, but we’re likely to go crazy in the process. I’m reminded of the movie Cast Away in which Tom Hanks plays a man who is marooned on an island in the South Pacific. He uses his own bloody hand to imprint a face on a Wilson Sporting Goods volleyball he calls “Wilson” so he can have someone to talk to. Finally, after four years, he takes the risky step of venturing off the island in a makeshift raft because he’d rather die trying to find someone to communicate with than stay by himself on the island, even though he has figured out how to secure food and drink—that is, how to survive.

 

707-849-7793 Sessions and Training In person and on Skype 248 Main St Harwich, Massachusetts 02645

Silver Thistle Healing Arts, LLC An Integrated Holistic Approach to Wellness Francoise McDougall, RN, BS, LMT, RYT


Lymphatic Drainage Ortho-Bionomy Clinical Aromatherapy Kundalini Yoga

Most people think that the drive to propagate is the most fundamental biological imperative for humans, and there’s no doubt that reproduction of the individual is fundamental to species survival. That’s why for most of us sex is so pleasurable—Nature wanted to ensure that humans have the desire to procreate and sustain the species. But Hanks doesn’t venture off the island to propagate; he ventures off the island to communicate with someone other than a volleyball. For humans, coming together in pairs (biologists call it “pair coupling”) is about more than sex for propagation. … Instead of cursing our bad luck in relationships, we need to recognize that our efforts at bonding are a fundamental drive of Nature and that these bonds can be cooperative and harmonious. We need to heed Rumi’s sage advice: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” When we start living in harmony with Nature (and with ourselves), we can move on to creating The Honeymoon Effect in our lives, where relationships are based on love, cooperation, and communication. In the next chapter, we’ll explore the most fundamental form of communication among organisms: energy vibrations. Continued in, The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth. Available at a local bookstore near you in May, 2013

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Hosting workshops and events to support and educate the community.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist, and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award. In 1982, Dr. Lipton began examining the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. His research at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, between 1987 and 1992, revealed that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas. Also the author of The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth, and the bestselling The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way To Get There From Here)

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Jodi Rehm Fusion Body Work Weight Loss Life Coach Yoga Instructor

Fusion is an integration of Polarity, Reiki, RYSE, Fascia, Breath Work, Therapeutic & Thai Massage

166 Schoosett St. Pembroke, Ma. 617-823-2372 Links open in new page


Yesterday, I Cried: Celebrating the Lessons of Living and Loving, By Iyanla Vanzant "What

is the lesson in abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection? What is the lesson when you lose someone you really love? Best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant has had an amazing and difficult life - one of great challenges that unmasked her wonderful gifts and led to wisdom gained. She uses her own personal experiences to show how life's hardships can be re-visioned to become lessons that teach us to grow, heal, and learn to love. The pain of the past does not have to be today's reality. Iyanla Vanzant in an example of how yesterday's tears become the seeds of today's hope. Renewal, and strength.

PROOF OF HEAVEN, By Eben Alexander Thousands of people have had near-death experiences, but scientists have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those scientists. A highly trained neurosurgeon, Alexander knew that NDEs feel real, but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. When Dr. Alexander’s own brain was attacked by a rare illness. The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion— and in essence makes us human—shut down completely. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine source of the universe itself. Alexander’s story is not a fantasy. Before he underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition. This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to. That it happened to Dr. Alexander makes it revolutionary. No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it. Reading it will change your life.

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Recommended Books and Movies Continued on Page 31... DEEP TRUTH Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate by GREGG BRADEN New York Times best-selling author of FRACTAL TIME, THE GOD CODE and THE DIVINE MATRIX and as seen on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the SyFy Channel, and NBC

Deep Truth reveals new discoveries that change the way we think about everything from our personal relationships to civilization itself. When the facts become clear, our choices become obvious. We must think of ourselves and our relations to one another differently than we have ever before.

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Tom a gifted psychic and medium with over 12 years experience. Nancy a noted astrologer and psychic with over 14 years experience. Together they are Cienna Moon. It’s HE SAID / SHE SAID where the advice is always free and the answers “divine”.


Question from D. I am excited about my ventures as a writer, yet as a human always wonder what the stars will say about my ride as a self published author and my book “ The work from Home Muse”. All advice and visions welcome. Thank you, .I love reading your column.

Tom and Nancy Foley


HE SAID: Well I see flashes of you all over different places and times. It feels like you have some very creative flows in some very differing disciplines grooving for you now. Some of this is hidden from you right now almost like watching a sponge absorb to it's fullest potential and cycle through around and around. You are going to be writing in many varied genre or at least the opportunity is there for it. I also see that different locations may enable you to tap into the many pools of creativity that are there for you. I also see a scene around you that appears to be a yard filled with old cars from a old era left behind. To most people they would see it as a junkyard but you see it as a rich memory bank or hidden jewels. There is a man in spirit there (not too tall silvery hair, moustache and glasses, wearing dress pants and a white tee shirt, it's Sunday) he shows me his car and it's from the mid-50's very dark green, I think it may be a Pontiac. He says you have such a rich history don't be afraid of it, it's all how you view it.

To submit your question to be answered in next months issue please visit

From a psychic perspective I get four months then a branching off the path or choice as to which way to go next. Astrologically when I cast the chart Jupiter was the ruling planet. Jupiter just went direct back on January 31st so it is beginning to pick up speed now. I get the sense that challenges will appear in the month of March. See what 3/25 and 3/26 mean for you especially around funding and return on investment. Right now focus on getting your systems in place and network with others. Come 3/26 you may find the value in joining forces with a business partner or helpful ally. You need to have a deeper connection to the spiritual people you have come to serve. Perhaps you will find an audience through a new connection such as the Hay house or one of the other giants in the spiritual world. You are on the right path but have a big wave of integration and deeper penetration heading your way. Changes to where you spend your time may come up as a result with the potential for increased travel come May/June. The Sabian symbol for the chart cast is “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body”. This speaks to physical enlightenment or the wisdom of the body. Listen to your gut!

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Last month we discussed the Aquarius-Virgo cycle of being creative with restructuring your life…this was like the shedding of the old, just in time for the new to come in. Aquarius gave us the open-mindedness and perspective to see where we may have needed restructuring. Virgo helped us de -clutter our minds, homes and lives. Anywhere that productivity was suffering was the focus, and we New Moon in Pisces were able to see new, creative solutions. Roughly, the first two weeks Monday, March 11th of March are still about clearing and releasing. All those old issues Full Moon in Libra that may have come up during Mercury retrograde in a Virgo full Wednesday, March 27th moon, are things that we are finally releasing. A friend recently said to me, “Sometimes old issues come to the surface to let you know they are being released.” This is very true…old issues can be like an onion, of course, layer after layer, until you are free. Mercury retrograde always brings up things from the past, whether “good” or “bad”, they are all tools in moving you forward (which means they are all good). Moments of contrast are always moments of growth. Step back, give yourself some perspective, and you see how far you’ve come since then! You’re pretty amazing! Just think…if the past few years are, in any way, indicative of the next 10, then you are golden! Kudos for all your work paying off! You are moving at the speed of light, and in that light, the gifts of the universe are given and received freely and abundantly. The universe is opening in a way that manifestations, and intentions are falling into place, and becoming more powerful. You can see this, now, on a day-to-day basis. Trust, believe, and you will have the world at your fingertips!

I am that I am, the Mahatma in love. Namaste

The new moon in Pisces will be an added boost for your romantic and imaginative side. Spend some time actively imagining your awesome future this month… Visualization is a powerful tool in this new era that we are living in. Use it! Pisces is mutable, water sign that brings up a lot of emotions, an ocean of emotions, as a matter of fact. It brings out a lot of love and compassion for those in your life, and even those you don’t know…give some to yourself as well, you deserve it. The new moon in Pisces will also bring out your psychic, intuitive side. If you do psychic or healing work, you will find that your abilities to tap in are much greater at this time, and the readings you give are very on point. Pisces is the ultimate sign of love, compassion and psychic abilities, so even if you don’t do healing or psychic work, you may find that you are aware of things before they happen…Don’t be too surprised…Pisces will do that. This mystical sign is ruled by Neptune… the planet of intuition, psychic ability and dreaming. Pay attention to your dreams…they may be indicative of more than you know. Pisces doesn’t really factor in time. With all the love, emotions and psychic undercurrents, time is of no concern. Be careful not to lose track too much because we have to remember that we still live in this 3D reality too. Libra will help bring balance to this area as well.

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The wonderful thing that happened with these moon cycles, of February and March, is that the Pisces new moon fell after the Virgo full moon. This helped to restructure and declutter before starting the dreaming, intuitive imagination process. This is wonderful because you are able to fill some of that space you cleared from the Virgo full moon with the creative, loving, nurturing dreams Pisces brings in. You may find yourself daydreaming, or just plain “zoning out” this month, but don’t forget that all of these ideas will soon be put into action. Hard work? Didn’t we just do that with Virgo full moon? The truth is, yes, but we still have so much more to do! Virgo put us to the test with restructuring ourselves while releasing old patterns and pains so that we are able to bring in all that love and light from the rest of the universe. We needed to let go of all those past issues, so when Mercury retrograde just happened to sit on the Virgo full moon, we really saw the past for what it was…a collaboration of love, pain, laughter and tears…joy and contrast…all to shape and mold us into the beautiful creatures we are…Only after that, could we then take in even more love and light…We can only do that once we are finally grateful for every moment. The full moon in Libra will bring your attention to the balance between living in the mystical dream world of your imagination versus the reality of putting those ideas into action, the balance

celebrate all the new connections you’ve made? Remind yourself to have fun.

between your work-life and home-life, as well as the balance between you and your partner. Libra is ruled by Venus, the feminine planet of love, music and balance, so it will really bring your focus onto the areas in which you need balance the most. Are you balancing your inner and outer selves? Are your dreams balancing with your reality? Perspective and some time with Pisces will bring a lot of subtleties, undercurrents and answers to the surface. You will know what to do, if you listen to your inner voice… your higher self. Just remember that you can always turn inward, and the answers are there. The Libra full moon will also bring out the socialite in you. It’s time for a little fun… springtime is upon us, and the sun is shining a little brighter than before. The snow is melting, and so are your frustrations from any hiccups or communication problems that may have come up with Mercury retrograde. Since you’ve been thinking about all those old friends and relationships, why not throw a party or have a night out to

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When you think of the blizzard of 2013, you will think of that whole month of February as a giant “cleanup” of your life and goals in order to move forward with bringing in an abundant amount of love, light and endless possibilities. This was a necessary cycle of clearing out the old, to make room for the new. Here we go! Visualize, dream and revel in the beautiful person you are…Appreciate the beautiful people in your life, and show them how much you love them…Whether it be the season of Spring upon us, the new moon in the loving sign of Pisces followed by the loving, balanced sign of Libra, or the fact that the snow is melting…Appreciate yourself and those around you out loud, by that I mean…show it!…Give yourself some love, and actively spend some time with your dreams and imagination. You will be delightfully surprised at what comes up, and you will love and appreciate every moment so very much!

I am that I am, the Mahatma in love. Namaste, Johanna Delaney

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Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation Welcomes Spring! ~ March ~ Greetings and Love,

We would like to welcome you to our upcoming events, meditations and classes that we are offering in March! Make sure to check out the new issue of South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics. Sacred Roots is a proud supporter of this online Metaphysical magazine, and encourage you to check it out! We have a monthly column, The Lunar Effect, that gives details on what the new moon in Pisces on March 11th will bring in, and what could manifest for the full moon in Libra on March 27th.

Sending you all much love for this lovely month of Spring! Enjoy the thaw! Love 

Join us at Carver Holistic Center for a New Moon Meditation and Manifestation Circle on Sunday, March 10th, 2pm-3:30pm This New Moon meditation is to release old patterns, then draw in the Mahatma, unconditional love energy, along with creating our own New Moon manifestations. These intentions are then strengthened in a pyramid of light and love. Light refreshments served. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat, blankets/pillows this will ensure the most comfortable, relaxing experience.

This is a FREE event! Donations are appreciated...In gratitude 

Understanding Astrology

Ascension Meditation

Ever read your horoscope, and find that it’s just not you? Well this workshop will give you more of an insight as to what influences each planet has on you and your life, and how it’s more than just your sun sign that makes the difference. It will give you more information on aspects, houses, planets and what they symbolize. You will leave with your very own personalized birth chart, an informational astrology booklet, and a better understanding.

This is an advanced meditation that takes you through your chakras...cleansing and preparing each center for ascension. This will raise your vibration and activate the love and light in your life. Prepare to ascend… We’re going to raise it up, that’s for sure.

Wednesday, March 20th 7-8:15pm This event is $30 Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat and/or your own blanket

It’s time to Ascend  Please make sure to check face book for any updates! Coming in April...New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Basic Master Workshop!

Sunday, March 17th 1 - 4pm This event is $55 and you must pre-register to sign up. Love and Light 

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Transform Holistic ~ Reiki One Certification ~ March 10th 10am- 5pm Reiki is a system of natural healing which focuses on moving and redistributing energy throughout the body to increase health, balance, and well-being. The therapist will channel energy through the recipient to allow healing to take place on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Investment $200 Class being offered at the Sanctuary in Plymouth 617-823-2372 Please register with the Sanctuary for this event Sounding Still Wellness ~ Rising Star Healing Initiation & Training ~ April 7, 2013 10:30-4:30 You will experience: Rising Star Training Overview, Learn the origin of the Rising Star and its lineage, Receive full instruction on how to perform a Rising Star healing - in person and remotely, preform Rising Star Healing Sessions with classmates, Master the So Hum meditation and Receive Initiation into the Rising Star Healing System. 646-345-5484 For more info visit: Shanti Shala Yoga - An interactive & fun way to connect with your root chakra March 10th 11am - 1pm This series of 7 classes will meet on Sundays You can attend all 7 classes or join in on any class at any time. Understand what and know where your Chakras or “Energy centers� are located, how to tune into them and bring them into alignment. Workshop includes a snack associated with the chakra, a gemstone and a sacred chakra spray 857-526-2200 Blue Angel Healing Reiki II Certification ~ March 10th 11am-7pm Second level of training in a line of tradition. Passing down the information of long distance healing, application for Reiki first aid application and knowledge of sacred specific symbols meant to increase the power and add versatility to the system of Reiki. Must be Reiki I Trained. Must RSVP Tuition $250 Attunement Night with the Masters ~ March 14th 6:30pm - 9pm Join us for a fun night as we review and practice all level attunements, including healing attunement. Review techniques. Learn New Techniques & more. Must be Reiki Master Trained. Great opportunity for New Reiki Masters who are looking for an opportunity to practice Please RSVP $20 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606

Please let our Sponsors know you found them here!

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Simply Simply the the Light Light Source Source What is the greatest gift one can give themselves? Most would say, love. I would not disagree; love is the fuel for all we are, but I have come to see that love is defined as something even more specific. I've learned that the greatest gift you give yourself is your awareness of who you really are. It is a tool you were born into this world with, free of charge. It's been with you from day one, a tool that can become clouded and distorted over time by the observation of day-to-day life. Many often come to understand this on their own. The human experience lends to it, without question, with all the conditioning we receive throughout life.

Simply Soothing Sanctuary

Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Kriya & Shiatsu Massage, Spirit Song circles, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Labyrinth Walks, Rituals, Classes & Workshops 84 Summer St. Kingston, Ma. 02364 (781) 582-3912 or (617) 962-9775

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These thoughts pondered, cause me to reevaluate my thoughts on expansion. In my own journey this past month, through some life-giving expansion, I was regularly filled with wonder. The wonder, once again, of the discovery of how my gift of awareness can and will always be expanding greatly. It lead me to an even greater conclusion that I felt lead to share with all of you today. When people ask me, “What do you think the meaning of life is, Zenjenn”? It has become, as of late, a really easy answer for me. Enlightenment is my reply. This can be a loaded word to some, some even fear it, as if they cannot or will not ever achieve it in their lifespan. So let's explore this term together. We know that it already has so many spiritual assignments in our society today. The term is used in almost every form of religion or tradition to some degree. With it, sometimes, even comes dogma itself. While every tradition aims to assist with ones own knowledge of self within the divine, we could agree, the term is most used to describe a person who is far into their spiritual awareness journey. One who could be called a teacher…a mentor…a guru. Nearly every person here today, regardless of background or upbringing, is living a form of it every single day. It's not an experience that can be acquired simply from the Links open in new page


following of others around you. It is not something and open awareness to all that comes to me‌ To be you can purchase with enough money, or a degree you prepared to weather any storm of contrast I attract. place upon your wall forever more. The intent that, as a beautiful being, I know my place within it. Enlightenment, simply, is the journey to the ever expanding YOU. We look around and observe Your power will always, always lie in who those who seem most enlightened. The teachers, the you know yourself to be, within any created place in gurus, the mentors are aplenty in this day in age. We your life, and for that reason alone, you are the look to define it as a condition, a condition that one magnificent, deliberate, powerful, celebrated creator must strive and work to achieve. Some even assign that you are. Your journey to enlightenment has suffering, as Buddha or Jesus experienced. We see been with you since your first breath, and will the contrast of their lives, and condition our thinking, reside long with you, after your last. Your internal at times, that without pain there must be no gain. We nature is pure, radiant, and beaming from within easily label our contrast, painful. And it's a disservice always. to one’s own self to call the life-giving energy of difference and preference in ones life, pain and You can never lose your way. You can only suffering. find your way within the way you have already been continually and delightfully carving out day-to-day. The living of life will teach you there are no Thus, the teaching of..."live in the now", comes into perfect and singular paths appropriated to achieving focus. Enlightenment IS the journey itself. It's a state of pure awareness and alignment. There is living, as well as one can, within the now. only the path you choose. And how you define that path, emotionally, leads you down either the road to I encourage you, my friends, to appreciate awareness in joy or awareness in pain. yourself more from where you stand, to accept yourself more from where you've come, and most Your awareness, though law of attraction, may importantly, stay intent upon where you are be mired in contrast, or flooded with joy at times, but wanting to go. the choice is always yours. The true nature of a person living the example of real enlightenment, is The greatest teachers are not the people who often not the one you think it to be. It's best described never stumble or fall. They are the ones who as the one that has chosen to accept and embrace the stumble and fall, but enjoy the process of contrast in their life-giving. walking again. It's not a concept we, within the metaphysics Nameste my friends, with appreciation and love, community, accept well. I often hear things like‌ we Zenjenn got into this stuff to make our life better, to manifest our dreams, and to achieve everlasting happiness. While I would never disagree that we, Jennifer "Zenjenn" Taylor who are stirring and awakened within, deliberately creating our lives - seek joy, there is also joy possible A beloved author and in the contrast of life. It's also an evolutionary process mentor who has studied we can come to accept with open arms. That brings metaphysics within the with it, the joy of the gap to close, to assist us with Abraham-Hicks lining up even greater joy. community for over 7 It is only when you are standing in a place of lack of your own awareness, that the forest, for the trees, blinds your path. This past month of pure expansive contrast that I've encountered, reminded me of the joy of ALL of the journey. I don't seek to always be in a state of pure bliss. I, instead, desire to be in a place of pure

years. She currently is putting the finishing touches upon her debut book series, The Stirring Saga. A metaphysics based YA series. And currently aside from writing full time, enjoys coaching and channeling within the metaphysics community.

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ReCircle Free Removal on many small items!

Careful, conscientious removal, recycling and re-purposing of unwanted items.

We assist in removing left overs from Estate sales, spring cleaning, moving, business closings, yard & garage sales. Serving Upper Cape, South Coast, & South Shore Ma. Set your appointment today Call Cyrus 508-759-5883

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Guide by

As I work upon my inspiring oracle card deck, I found myself illustrating a profound, mystical creature we can see with our naked eye that truly inspires me, the koi fish. Many centuries ago a school of koi fish went against the stream to strengthen their bodies. After swimming together for such a long time the massive school of koi found themselves under an enormous water fall. The koi tried and tried to swim against the up scaling current, their beautiful bodies glistening against the water, and sunlight caressing each sparkling fish in that school. The rich site created a nearby audience that cheered, drawing the attention of some envious demons who became determined never to let the koi school make it to the top of the waterfall by playing with the heights. A massive part of the school decided it just wasn’t worth it, and went on their way. A smaller group of 360 koi stayed strong, swimming even more vigorous to making these new heights. They would not let up, becoming even stronger against the never seizing water and malicious trickery. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime of attempts, loss of time, and energy one koi made it to the very top, jumped and splashed. The universe seeing how determined, how much faith, this single koi had, transformed this golden fish into a heavenly dragon. Legend has it, even today, these determined koi that reach the top of the dragon’s gate, what this mystical waterfall is now called, receive their magical transformation into beautiful, mystical dragons that fly over the heavens.

my side

I feel that transformation isn’t at one point within our lives, it is a daily dose we intake. We are growing creatures of the Divine, forever transforming. It is how we choose, that either takes us to bliss, or turmoil. As I have been growing… from deep cuts and little scrapes… from climbing big stairs only to find myself on the first level again and again… I can say, I choose to see what worked, and what wasn’t so positive. Changing my course from my childhood days into my middle age written within journals I have acquired throughout my years. Truth is, what really sparked me was my spiritual guide Esmeralda, who I still lovingly speak to this very day.

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Even when I was to go back to school, I was truly afraid, though fear wasn’t part of me it did creep up and lingered within. Who was going to be my teacher? Would I have to repeat the first grade? All these thoughts ate away in the heart of a child who was nearly eight, yet Esmeralda whispered sweet words into my ear, “It will be fine, you will be okay”. Throughout the summer that lasted nearly a day or so, that is how it felt, all my learning was within the chambers of my brain because I really couldn’t write. My eye site wasn’t getting any better, and I had to have surgery within that week before school was to start. I would be late. I didn’t know what was scarier… surgery or school. My thoughts made worry lines on my forehead. Esmeralda tried to sooth them away with magic spells we eagerly created inside my very own castle, that was nothing more than some old wood my father discarded, and I with the lovingly help of my two younger brothers built into a fort. A magic fort that held jars of numerous spells: love, healing, magic water, healing love, and scariness stopper, that one was my favorite. I was always sprinkling some of those healing salts around my home to keep the mean energies away. Today, I understand we sometimes, unwillingly, bring those negative energies into our homes without even knowing. I still have jars of healing, and loving magic within an alter in my happy, positive home. Still sprinkle some healing salts around the windows and doors to keep my home protected, as Esmeralda showed.

say about my pirate’s eye… into a tall, proud and beautiful soul that has lasted throughout the following years. “Daisy, “she said, “it will all be fine, just wait”. Esmeralda promised to accompany me on my surgeryvacation. The doctors called surgery: a vacation where I would be able to watch all the television I wanted without patching up my good eye. All I cared was Esmeralda was coming along with me, and I knew things would turn out just fine. Yes, I have fallen many of times, but it doesn’t last long. Esmeralda always comes back either physically or from within; her words are sewn into the core of my beautiful soul. Can you say that? Can you say I am unique, I am beautiful, and I am in love with me? Imagine yourself trying over and over to reach the top of an enormous waterfall, falling back, tersely; doing this over and over, yet never being able to quite get there. Know this, you are not alone; learn from your patterns and your flaws. What are your strong points? Call upon your guides, your angels. I become stronger, and when I do, find myself falling over my feet. I get up quicker, and with fewer scratches. If one koi made this tricked waterfall, and the Divine transformed him into a mystical creature of the heavens, then I can do it too, and so can you!

Namaste, Daisy Fabelo

Deep inside I wanted to believe Esmeralda, truth was, only I could really see her. What if Esmeralda was nothing more than a childhood imagination? After all that’s what the doctors told my mom, she’s just an imaginary friend. It wasn’t until Esmeralda’s knowing what was going on decided to clear the ego, and let my baby brother in on a little secret. Now I know Alex doesn’t quite remember, though sometimes he says he does. Esmeralda revealed her beautiful uniqueness to his awed filled eyes, and from that moment on, I never listened to anyone that said it was just a child’s imagination. It was then, at that moment that I was clear, clearer than I will ever be, but the seed was planted well, deep down. Weird was to be my middle name, and there was no shame. I went from a scared-of-surgery little girl, scared of what others would

Daisy Fabelo is an online spiritual advisor (psychic), and author of “The work from Home Muse”. If you are

growing up spiritually and find yourself in need of some advice from your angels and guides feel the freedom to ask any and as many questions you may have. I will personally ask your angels and guides in my sacred place outside within my sacred gardens where I still engage in spiritual guidance from my guides. You will receive a thorough inspirational message. Also ask me questions as I continue to reveal my growing up spiritually piece by piece each month in this inspirational magazine!

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Unity on Cape Cod - First Friday Spiritual Movies presents - March 1, 7:00-8:45pm The Letter Writer, a movie that shows the power of a kind word and how thinking of others helps you with your own problems. Unity on Cape Cod 147 Walton Ave, Hyannis, Ma. 508-775-8400 Blue Angel Healing - Reiki Clinic - Every Tuesday 12pm - 2pm Come in and enjoy the benefits of Reiki, first come first serve basis sessions are 30mins with one of Blue Angels Healing Team members Donations Appreciated but not required 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 781-964-6606 Cape Cod Laughter Yoga Falmouth Laughter Yoga Circle Every Monday (except holidays) Begins promptly at 9:27am-10:07am Gus Canty Community Center 790 Main Street, Falmouth, Ma. 800-990-8290 The Sanctuary - Reiki Share - March 4th 7pm - 9pm Join us for Reiki Share one Tuesday each month. Stop by and give or receive a short session of healing Reiki energy. No Charge, Donations Welcome. Call Amy Register 17 D Trinity Place, Rt 28 Mashpee, Ma. 508-477-8880 Shanti Shala Yoga - Free Trot Card Play Time - March 16th 3pm - 6pm Like doing reading and have not practiced in a while COME & PLAY find some people to practice on. For those who don't read come by to get a mini reading from an enthusiastic reader who is ready and willing to provide free mini Tarot readings in exchange for good, constructive feedback. 857-526-2200 Reiki Blossoms - Reiki Clinic - March 22cond 6pm - 8pm Reiki is a natural way to manage stress and relax, a holistic method of healing the mind body and spirit. Come and enjoy a wonderful sense of relaxation while also, helping to heal whatever ails you. Donations Appreciated. Located at The cranberry building 2016 ocean street Marshfield, Ma. 617-512-9696 Andromeda's Alley - Spring Open House - March 23, 11 am. - Tarot and Rune readings, Astrological Readings, Henna, Aura Photography, light refreshments, etc. 78 No. Washington street North Attleboro Transform Holistic ~ Free Movie Night ~ March 23rd 7pm Once a month join us here at Transform Holistic for movies that Amaze, Inspire, Awwww, Educate and make you question your existence. Cozy up with pillows and blankets or pull up chair. Just stay for the movie or stay and have discussion post film. Please bring your own snacks or snacks to share, Waters and Tea provided. 166 Schoosett Street, Ste1AC, Pembroke, Ma. 617-823-2372 The Sanctuary - Free Movie Night - March 29th 7pm - 9pm Join us for our monthly Movie Night! Showing “The Shift� Wayne Dyer This is a free event. Reservations Required, seating is limited. Donations welcome. Call Amy Register 17 D Trinity Place, Rt 28 Mashpee, Ma. 508-477-8880

Submit your free events to

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Knowing your Human Design can change your Life Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, The Judaic Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, Quantum Physics and Modern Mathematics. Human Design is a new, unique, and powerful system of knowledge that will help you discover exactly how to make the right decisions consistently under any circumstances. Your unique Human Design chart is calculated using your natal birth date, time and place. Your Human Design Chart represents your unique energetic blueprint. You are uniquely designed with your own energy type and decision making strategy. Knowing your Human Design can help you find your unique path to financial and relationship success. The Human Design Chart has many parts. To best understand how it works as a whole you have to understand the sections. The actual chart is the body graph you see in the mandala above. It is made up of 9 centers and 32 channels connecting those centers, the channels are made up of 64 gates. The centers, channels, gates will either contain color or be white. If there is color it is called fixed and means that you process energy in fixed ways, if they are white it means the processing of energy is inconsistent. It is said that where you are open you have a deeper ability to become wise about that energy. Let’s look at the head center, this is located at the top of the body graph and is the triangle pointing upwards. If you have a white triangle you have what is referred to an open head, this means that you take in the inspiration of others and are inspired to act upon that inspiration. It also means that you can read people’s minds. People with definition in the head center broadcast inspirations and thought 24/7. They

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do not always know they are doing it. The thoughts and inspiration are picked up by an open head and because the head is a pressure center, the open head feels compelled to run with that inspiration. The challenge is; knowing what is yours and what is not, what inspirations you should keep and what you should release. The Spleen, which is the triangle furthest to the left, when open will make a person stay in relationships that are toxic because the energy of a defined spleen feels very good. People with open spleens have a very hard time letting go of things. Moving to the gates, these areas when defined give a real meaning to why you or others may behave in a certain fashion. For example there is a gate that when defined will send out an energy that makes people feel compelled and comfortable to tell you their deepest darkest secrets. Based on the type of your definition, conscious or non conscious you will be aware of your energy and accept your role, or wonder why people keep spilling their guts to you. The definition you have in your body graph will also indicate the other three parts of your chart. 1. Your Type: This is the most important aspect of Human Design. There are five Types, knowing your type will provide the basis for living in alignment with your true nature. Each Type has its own specific Strategy for navigating smoothly through everyday life. 2. Your Authority: Human Design will provide you with an accurate and reliable decision making Authority. Now, instead of feeling pressured and anxious, you can make decisions with confidence and clarity. 3.

Your Profile: Your Profile will describe your learning style and the ways you interact with others. Knowing your Human Design Profile, will unlock the secrets of relating effectively with others and the world around you.

An example of conditioning is many of us are taught that we have to “work hard to make things happen in our lives.” But, 30% of the population are not designed to “work”. If you are one of these people, trying to work in traditional work may leave you exhausted, burned-out and even bitter. A valuable lesson that Human Design teaches is that energy is not personal. If there is someone in your life who is critical they most likely have criticism and correction in their charts, usually they are trying to hurt you they are trying to correct patterns in behavior that they have knowingness about. Is it always done in the right way? NO correction is projected energy and should only be given when asked for. Does this mean the person cannot become aware and change the way they communicate criticism? NO awareness brings change!

Human Design delves into your inherent nature — your “personal DNA” — in a way that other disciplines are not equipped to do. Human Design will show you your individual strategy for navigating your life journey. At the same time Human Design reveals dimensions of your underlying nature, such as your decision making, action taking Authority, that no other personality profiling system can provide. Human Design is truly a breakthrough in selfacceptance and self-understanding. Tammy Murray-Cousins, 617-827-5897 For more information Visit:

There is also conditioning. It is believed that we are being conditioned up to 3 months prior to birth. In Human Design it is said to take 7 years to shed your conditioning completely.

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The butterfly teaches us to take it easy, and learn to tread lightly in life. It brings us joy and love, and teaches us that change, even if challenging, should be embraced. Like all Besides being considered one of the most beautiful insects in all the butterflies, when going through it's own world, butterflies are one of the metamorphosis from most powerful symbols within myth and religion. To the ancient caterpillar to butterfly, it must go through a struggle Greeks, the butterfly represented during this process of being aspects of the soul. When seen, the butterfly was looked at, as the reborn. It is the struggle of the butterfly that is so souls of our friends and families important, which is why they that had crossed over into the represent embracing the afterlife. The early Christians change; without their looked to the butterfly as a representation of the Resurrection struggle, their wings would and rebirth of Jesus Christ, and it not be strong enough to carry them through flight. has long been symbol of transformation within the Catholic Church. It represents the transition Take time to connect with Mother Nature. She is of human life into everlasting life through the process of death, and amazing in every way. She will nurture you, and help often represents the soul itself. you in ways that no other can. As you develop a strong The color of the butterfly is also bond with her, your senses significant; those butterflies containing blue represent signs of will enhance. As you become love and joy. In China, butterflies one with her, so do you have long been seen as symbols of become one with all of her inhabitants. Animals, insects, bliss and joy, while the Native Americans called upon the butterfly humans and all of nature. Breathe in her love and light, for guidance during times of and allow her energy to drive change. you through your journey in The butterfly is a delightful insect light and love. whose beauty often captures the eyes of those that they encounter. If the butterfly shows up in your life, look to areas of your life that are in need of a change. Ask yourself questions like are you in need of a change? Do you find you are in transition? Is there struggle in your life? Are you bringing in enough joy into your life? The Butterfly Symbol of Change and Transformation Also a symbol of Love and Friendship, Freedom and Beauty

Messages from Nature As we grow spiritually, and become more in tune with Mother Nature, we can learn to capture the hidden messages within Nature, and access them to bring about positive change within our lives. For many early cultures would look towards nature as a way to connect with and receive messages from creator or spirit. By connecting with nature they became very in tune with her and the messages delivered with it. As we grow spiritually, and learn to connect as they did, we too can become more in tune to nature. Animals and insects are like direct connections, and often creator will use animals and nature as way to deliver various messages to us about our lives that require change. It is learning to recognize these symbols within nature that can be the tough part; in time it becomes easier to recognize these messages, and soon you will find it becomes second nature. These messages can bring us awareness of a situation or lend advice to areas of our life that need assistance. If you are going through a tough time, and seek help, look to mother nature to help you. Look to the sky and the Earth. Connect with Mother Nature’s energy, and ask for guidance. Ask to become more aware of your surroundings, and to have the sight to see the hidden messages within. As you look to the animals, pay attention to who or what you are being sent. Perhaps you will see a bird, like a blue jay or hawk; or maybe you will catch a glimpse of a turtle, or a deer may run past. Each of these animals represent different aspects of life and the self. If you are looking for a change and seek transformation, look to the butterfly.

Blue Angel Healing Helping to Heal the World One Person at a Time…

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""THRIVE is more than a documentary relevant to the times. It is more than a well-researched and alarming insight into who really controls how the world works. It is a recipe and blueprint for One of the most informative and how we can, each and every one of us, thrive in the way that the interesting documentaries I've watched!!! rest of nature does – easily, naturally and with expansive grace. You will not be sorry to view this. It For this last point alone, it is more than worth the time to see."gives a very knowledgeable insight into Odyssey Magazine quantum physics and then moves into how our government and a few select "Thrive is so full of detail about so much of life that I have seen it people have so much control over what 4 times and get something new out of it each time."-N.R. happens with our money, our health, the health of our planet and our awareness "This is the most earth shattering myth breaking visionary movie of that information... Very eye I've ever seen..."-P.P. opening!!!" -Renee

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When I was little I wanted to be a priest. I used to give my sister M&M communion in the bathroom. I grew up Catholic, after all, and always felt I was supposed to “work for God”, so I guess priest made the most sense at that time. I certainly didn’t want to be a nun, because to my little girl eyes, nuns seemed unhappy and disempowered, and I definitely wanted power. Given where the Catholic Church is now, I am grateful that wasn’t my path in this lifetime. Nuns, for the record, are some of the most amazing beings on this planet. Life went on, I was a jock, did drama club and played my violin, but this sense that I was supposed to “work for God” never left me. At age 8, I had a journal in which I wrote songs. Writing these songs became my way to process the world around me and the way it felt inside. My desire to be a priest shifted to wanting to be Cat Stevens. Remember him? “Peace train, sounding louder, ride on the peace train!” He goes by Yusuf Islam now, and continues to inspire me as a songwriter and human being. Songs began to come through me from then on, and now here I am 30 years later, just beginning to understand what it really means to “work for God.” Like many of us that find ourselves serving others, our desire to serve comes from a significant life experience. For me, it was the life and passing of my mother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 (right after I had moved to NY), and went on to live for nine years. The experience of watching her live, learn, heal, and ultimately pass in 2007 was what helped awaken in me the power of energy healing, sacred singing, and the courage to step up and truly walk my path as a leader and owner of Sounding Still Wellness. If you want to feel a little of our journey, you can listen to the song

“Birds in Barnstable” from my recent album 2012:Isn’t it Amazing? or the earlier song “Thy Will be done” from Winds of Sinai (2008), which I wrote just three days after she passed. The music I write now holds the vibration of the Rising Star Energy I practice and offers healing and awakening to those who are open to receive. It was in 2007 that I finally realized my dream to “work for God”. Just 3 weeks after my mother passed, I was initiated as a Teacher into the Rising Star energy in Ireland by Derek and Linda O’Neill, and I can tell you that, in that moment, I felt what my heart had longed for my whole life; I felt as if my so-called priesthood was now here. This energy of the Rising Star is simple, powerful and truly transformative. Like Reiki or other energy healing session, it has helped people quit smoking, lose weight, awaken to their true life path, and heal past traumas or dis-ease. It works on all body systems – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, and requires no belief or special practice from the client in order to work. It is my favorite thing to do, along with singing songs and I am so grateful to be living right her on Cape Cod offering this energy to all who resonate with it. May all your dreams come true and May you love all, serve all. Alicia Mathewson

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Simply Soothing Sanctuary Free One Hour Session with Dee Davidson you choice of Massage, Reiki, Yoga or a walk in the Labyrinth and Discussion.

when you mention South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics Magazine while booking your appointment !

Johanna Delaney 10% off all offered Services Valid through March 2013

Tammy Murray-Cousins $20 off a one hour Human Design Reading or 20% off any other offered service or product.

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Harmony Network Chiropractic & Yoga Dr. Debra Babcock offering a Complimentary Wellness Consultation, Exam and Follow-up Visit.

Reiki Blossoms $10 off a Reiki Session Valid through March 2013

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Aries: This month is your turn to wait in the wings. Though it may seem impossible to just do nothing remember you are doing something it’s just behind the scenes for now. This is the time to renew your courage, sense of resolve and self-assertion. Old enemies or competitors may reappear in your life, if only to show just how far you have come or how far you have yet to go. Do battle with the ghosts of the past so you can be ready to take on the world a bit later this month. You will find a burst of strength on the 12th, a greater need for attention on or after the 20th and new desires to pursue come March 21st and after.

Taurus: Time to connect your spiritual or creative energy with a group that supports your fine taste and sense of value. Perhaps a renewal to your museum membership or trip to the symphony is on the agenda. People count on you for your support and steadfastness. Your goals and visions are practical. One of the secrets to your ability to accumulate wealth and resources is the company you keep. Very often you invoke the aid of your wealthy friends to finance your carefully worked-out plans and dreams for the future.

Gemini: This month brings a certain challenge around career or reputation. You may have too many irons in the fire or have a hard time juggling the workload. The Mercury retrograde may delay results or take things out of your grasp until mid- month. Keep a backup plan and double check your work product before signing your name or staking your reputation. The 19th brings a roadblock and a need for a fresh outlook or additional information. The 29th is a difficult day this month. Your false bravado disguises some deep distrust of your own foundations. When you come to terms with your own weaknesses and see them as not so profound or bad, you will simultaneously become more minded and accepting of other people's values and points of view. Finding the middle ground allows to use your vast insight and vision in a positive manner.

Cancer: This month brings a new opportunity or new goals for the future. Your dreams are bigger and instinctive beliefs carry you farther than at other times of the year, especially around the New Moon on the 11th. Good time to understand how your beliefs and new experiences affect you deeply. There is a certain prophetic sense to what you are feeling this month. If you acknowledge that, you can help to protect the members of your tribe and lead them safely to home port. The only danger is letting your emotions cloud your judgment especially during the retrograde from 2/23-3/16. By the Full Moon the 27th you may need to compromise in order to move forward. However don’t side step an issue around the 31st it’s too important to ignore.

Leo: You want to be the one who handles the crisis, balances the checkbook and others call their hero. Remember the king has dominion but may not have devotees! You must find a way to check your ego when it comes to intimacy and romance. In order to merge successfully with another you must be willing to let go and lose yourself in another’s arms. So for this month take care of business, ask for more financial support and keep watch over joint finances to maintain your wonderful self-esteem. Just come down off the throne at the end of the day to mingle with the little people; be part of the flow.

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Virgo: Are you servant to your relationships or just helpful and resourceful? This is the question of the month. Of course, you may have to wait till the month’s halfway through before you have your answer. Mercury retrograde has you criticizing (or did I mean analyzing) the shared work in relationships. Others may depend on you to keep things together and you are happy to serve as long as you feel necessary. However if you are not receiving the loving support you desire the romantic relationships may take on a business like tone. So how can you work together to improve the situation? Suspect some challenges around 3/23 and 3/29 as your critical mind tries to work out the details. You may also be looking at renegotiating some work or health matters around the full moon on the 27th.

Libra: Now is the time of year where adjustments in your schedule may have to take place. Feels like your confused or misunderstanding your place on the team. Confusion is a result of your own mistaken impression around the task at hand; the best approach to getting the job done. Perhaps you over estimated your ability or the time it takes. You could be sending out mixed signals asking for one thing doing another. As you show genuine self-acceptance (including your limitations) your range of love expression increases.

Scorpio: Your insights and magnetism have a hypnotic appeal to those around you. They desire to know you better, maybe even gain a little of the intense energy and happiness you are radiating now. It maybe a little confusing for you as others seek you out and the spotlight shines your way for you are also painfully aware of your vulnerabilities and want to keep a protective barrier. After all, when they find out you are only human too they are bound to be disappointed. Better to step away from the pedestal rather than get knocked off at a later date. The more you pull away the more irresistible you are! By month’s end and intense energy pattern may have you lashing out at those who push your buttons.

Sagittarius: Family, the past, roots and foundation are what you exploring this month. Before April begins some old belief or judgment must be surrendered. Don’t be a sore loser you know life is filled with ups and downs. Your sign is one to usually get more than your fair share of good luck! Enjoy the happiness at home and with the family. Try to avoid over extending yourself though as you may not have all the information or overlook the increasing costs involved when you begin the project. Cash in your chips now so you can place a bet on something new in April! A fortunate period is just ahead. There are three very important dates for you this month the 3rd, 23rd, and 29th.

Capricorn: This is the time of year when you get serious and create the long-term plan for the remaining year. Your reputation is built on the way express yourself this month. You may have important discussions with siblings, neighbors or close friends. Listen to what they have to say, take their thoughts seriously and reconsider your approach to those around you. After a discouraging period around the 23rd you rally and set off in the right direction. Deal with any conflicts now so they don’t flare up again at month’s end. Otherwise you might be forced into making an unwanted adjustment or compromise.

Aquarius: Time to establish your finances and recreate value in your life. There is gold in them there hills if you are just willing to look at things from an innovative approach. Good time to seek out financial favors or garner recognition for your unique talents and skills. Stand up for yourself and others will support your efforts. Brainstorms may come midmonth and rewards could follow close behind if you are willing to put those ideas into action. New interests, exciting connections and higher mind folks may gather around the end of the month. It’s time to celebrate your new found “wealth” and universal connections.

Pisces: Time to tune into what lies ahead. Mercury retrograde in your sign from 2/23-3/16 has you considering a new plan of action. Early in the month you may have inspiring dreams that will help to lift you up and set you on a new path. This month’s New Moon on the 11th illuminates the stage so you can take on the part meant for you NOW. After midmonth you will be able read the rave reviews and cash in on your natural talents. Take a risk or gamble on the 28th when strike it rich energy enters your life. Thought others might get jealous, they can’t deny you are deserving of the good luck that has now entered your life. Your story gives others a certain sense of hope and faith for the future.

Written By: Nancy Foley

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Under African Skies Looking up at an unfamiliar sky, My eyes attempt to take in all of these foreign constellations. This unfamiliarity fills me with a sense of wonder, and a hunger to explore the unknown. These stars seem to shine a little brighter; twinkle a little stronger. The wispy clouds of the milky way galaxy intertwine with the Thousands of stars lighting up the black sky. The blackness seems to expand on forever, spotted by the countless stars which seem to have been tossed there haphazardly in great numbers by some great cosmic force. But were they all placed without thought? Or were the stars designed intentionally? The universe is filled with questions waiting to be answered.

~Katrina Delaney Written in Arusha, Tanzania 20 12


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