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January 2013 Issue # 4

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Happy New Year!!! What an amazing 2012 and already so much to look forward to in 2013! As many of you may know we have something big in the workings. An International Magazine! Not to worry our Local Magazine is near and dear and here to stay! It is wonderful to learn about everything going on in our community and I look forward to every submission we receive! As always the community pulls together even in the busiest season to bring wellness, hope, love, healing and connection! It is a true blessing to live, work and play here! Blessings & Love, Rebecca L. Allen Are you a writer, photographer or interested in running a column of your own? We are looking for unique, inspired, submissions and welcome you to submit your work for upcoming issues. This comes with unique benefits and a fun avenue to share and grow together! Submit you article, photo, poem, idea’s and suggestions to:

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This edition features tools to start your New Year off in alignment with all that you are and all that you are becoming! With the highest intention to a great start! Blessings!


South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics Investigation of the effects laughter has on the workings of the brain and body show both psychological and physiological effects. It not only reduces levels of stress hormones, but lessens depression and improves mood. Even more important, research shows that laughter stimulates an increase in the activity of defensive immune cells, including T-cells, that attack and kill tumor cells and viruses. It also boosts the activity of the antibodies that defend the body against harmful organisms, and it steps up the production of interferon, a hormone that fights viruses and regulates cell growth. These solidly documented findings are being taken so seriously that there is a software program in the- works designed to help doctors create "laughter prescriptions" tailored to specific individuals, (pp. 600-601) Study Date 2000


South Shore & Cape Cod Metaphysics

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There is an angel inside all of us, one that knows our true value. The side dedicated to the perfection of that which you truly are. The source that connects us all. The love that is the fullness of you. It is time to step into your authentic self, the one who is a creator of your perception and your life! So when thinking of a new year, its often made easy by most this season, to connect to that self. So many people take this specific time to get wonderfully dedicated to themselves as best they feel they can. They decide that if they simply give more attention to a desire they would like to fix, this new year will be much better than last. But those who are actively seeking enlightenment know a bit different. They know that much of a world asleep at the wheel, well they spend a great deal of time focused upon holidays as their unique time of celebration and or improvement. But this is really an everyday occurrence for those brave enough to embark upon a truly awake existence.

So how does one connect to the dizziness that some feel, as we enter this new age of understanding? It's simple really, its all within. The guidance, it exists simply within. That voice so weak or strong; however you experience it matters not. It's there for you. As we close out a twelve month cycle of human awareness, I ask of all to simply and purely tune more to your own awareness within. Allow the guidance that's been held there for you in all its glory to shine through the days ahead. As delightful as our co-creations are, the world needs more people connected to that inner self. To the voice of all reason and hope for the future. Turn with an appreciative heart to the knowing of what this change in our world truly brings the inner awareness of the joy the world around us seeks. Let your actions and your words pave the path for others seeking the light. Namaste, Zenjenn

So as we turn the clock one more glorious day upon this beautifully balanced earth, it's the continued awareness that we celebrate. Not really new goals and aspirations. We already know within, every desire is held closely by our source energy. There is so much goodness to be tapped into right where we stand without even adding anymore to it. Intending to be the marvelous ride we agreed to in this human state. We are fresh in 2013 and the awareness levels of those seeking is rapidly approaching the leading edge as is felt around us. Things are moving faster than ever before. T he light within brighter and more clear than history has ever seen. The energy pulsing at speeds of light.

Jennifer "Zenjenn" Taylor

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A beloved author and mentor who has studied metaphysics within the Abraham-Hicks community for over 7 years. She currently is putting the finishing touches upon her debut book series, The Stirring Saga. A metaphysics based YA series. And currently aside from writing full time, enjoys coaching and channeling within the metaphysics community. 5

A body cleanse starts in the mind. The more mentally prepared you are for your detox, the greater your chance of success. Use your detox time to reflect, connect with your inner-self and appreciate the moment.

With the new year comes new changes! Start it off right with an all natural body cleanse! A body cleanse is good for anyone healthy and especially great if you already have health aliments We want to share with you ways to maintain bowel, liver and kidney health the natural way! There are a number of detox programs out there, and not only are some of these ineffective, many are actually dangerous so always do your research!


kale cauliflower

celery cabbage

brussel sprouts

peaches As with any detox diet remember to drink plenty of water


We offer information and opinions and are not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies .

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Foundations for Wellness With Reverend Jodi St Onge

With the new year here, it is a wonderful time to create new projects, brainstorm on ideas, or implement new wellness programs that include letting go of past. January’s energies are perfect, and are focus around it being the perfect time to lay down these new foundations for healing and wellness. Some like to call it a New Years Resolution, while others call it a New Beginning. Whenever we create a new years resolution or new beginning, we are stating we want to connect to our authentic self. What's better than honoring and giving ourselves the opportunity to change. When we let go of our old stories or negative patterns, what we are doing is laying down a new foundation for positive growth. Here you will have the opportunity to make changes in your life that you choose. This is about making changes that you desire. When we make positive changes in our life, that our mind, body and soul desires, then we are more likely to stay connected with these changes rather than fall back into old patterns and believe systems. To help support your New Beginning it’s recommended to lay down a new foundation for wellness and light, and clean out the-ole-closet. We first begin by releasing old patterns, hurts, and karma. Each new Beginnings is an opportunity for one to move on from the past. If we want to implement a New Beginning filled with love, trust and or abundance or all of the above, then we must let go of the blocks that prevent us from receiving. That means letting go of those old hurts and pains from the past. When we open ourselves up to healing the past and severing those cords and connections that are no longer useful, or serving our higher self, what we are doing in creating FREEDOM. Freedom for Fear, Freedom from Karma, Freedom from every having to repeat these lessons every again. This FREEDOM has the gift of a New Beginning with it. It is the opportunity for you to begin your new life. Imagine how amazing this can, and will be, for you. To release these old hurts and patterns, one can do this through receiving hands on healing, meditation and other cognitive therapies such as using positive affirmations. One method that works very well is calling on the help from our Angels and Guides, God and the Universe, or your higher self and asking for help. For this sake of this exercise we will call upon the healing energies and guidance of Archangel Michael; but feel free to all upon guidance from anyone you feel connected to, or supported by. For Many Believers, Archangel Michael is the angel to go to when wanting to release karmic ties. You can connect with Archangel Michael through prayer and can create affirmations to help release these old patterns. Affirmations work great because they work on the subconscious mind. It is the Subconscious Mind that stores all our old habits, traumas. Everything you do on a daily basis, that you don’t even think about is stored within your subconscious mind. Everything and anything, from the way you laugh, to the way you brush your teeth or tie your shoes. Everything that you have thought about, even once, becomes ingrained into your subconscious mind. The “Affirmation” works by changing those unconscious patterns or habits that you wish to change, by sending a message from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. This process helps to redirect the undesired thought, pattern, or trauma. Once the affirmation is affirmed over and over, the brain then begins to shift it’s pattern and begins to change. This technique can work on many different patterns or traumas in the very same way. For example. To implement the release of anxiety in the body, one may state an affirmation like: “I love and trust the process of life. I am safe and secure. I love me.” By stating this affirmation over and over it will then

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begin to lay in a new foundation, thus producing less anxiety and more of a positive out look on life. Repetition is the secret to how these affirmations work. It accelerates the process of implanting the new behavior or pattern into the subconscious mind. Since many of these negative patterns or behaviors have been created through trauma in our life, it’s good practice to learn to let go of the past. This healing process is crucial in supporting the healing process and laying down the new soil for a strong new foundation. By releasing this trauma you are freeing yourself from having to hold on to this pain and discomfort. You are giving yourself permission to heal. You can if you choose, let it all go and start living again. As stated before, you can use this holistic approach to release trauma, karma and even physical symptoms someone may be having due to stress, like anxiety. You can release anything from your past that you wish to transform with this affirmation. State the affirmation at least three to ten times daily. Stating that this shift is in accordance with your higher self. You first begin by finding a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes. Give yourself some time to relax and clear your mind. Breath Deeply, allowing your breath to gently release from your being. Close your eyes and meditate for a few moments connecting to Michael the Archangel. Take this time to ask Archangel Michael to remove all cords connected to this situation. Affirm: “I Affirm and Call Upon Archangel Michael and I affirm you Archangel Michael do so, sever and release all karmic ties incarnate and discarnate, in connection with ____ (you fill in the blank), to be released now!!!” This holistic approach may be used several times to allow for healing to take place. It is common for those who are working with Archangel Michael during this process to experience an emotional release during or following the meditation. Especially after severing those cords and karmic ties. It is all very common and a welcomed process. Honor your feelings through this process and allow tears to flow if

needed. If you need to cry do so. What you are feeling is the severing of these connections. To help this process along I recommend receiving some sort of energy healing session, treat yourself to a massage or begin a regimen of yoga or meditation to help release the cells from your being. State this affirmations three to ten times daily. Please note that all affirmations created should be positive and lifting.. As to promote optimal wellness. These shifts and changes should always be in accordance with your higher self, I AM Presence or Divine Will. Never should this approach be used to go against someone's process or Free Will. We always have a choice. To complete this process, it’s important to then begin to lay down your new foundation. This foundation is the best part. This is where you can start implementing all that you desire to come your way. You can create positive affirmations to say daily, ushering in prosperity and abundance or you can create a list or Vision Board filled will all of your goals and wishes on it, that you desire. Filled with positive thoughts and ideas. Where is your journey going to take you? Will you go back to college or finally look for a new job? Try to keep your goals centered around love and promoting positive feelings about yourself and your life. The possibilities are endless. Take time and meditate on all that you wish to have and see it fulfilled. See yourself already achieving all your amazing goals. See you life. Filled with Love of Family, Love of Friendship, Love of Neighbor. See it amazing and prosperous. Have faith in your New Beginning. Know in your heart and mind that you are deserving of all this wonder and more. See yourself you are there, you achieve this all. You are amazing and loved.

Blessed Be Your New Beginning, Reverend Jodi St Onge

Art by: Reverend Jodi St Onge

Blue Angel Healing Helping to Heal the World One Person at a Time… See Our Ad Page 10

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The Lunar Effect: New Foundations of Love New Moon in Capricorn Jan 11th 2013 2:45 pm EST

Full Moon in Leo Jan 26th 2013 11:40pm EST

Last month we discussed expansion on all levels. The Sagittarius-Cancer combination provided huge growth that was well needed after letting go of so much in November. You may have a whole new sense of what matters to you with your goals, family and home life. The first 10 days of January is the end of that Sagittarius-Cancer cycle of really figuring out what is important to you and your loved ones. You’re still feeling nostalgic and loving even past the holidays. Everything is in a much better perspective after all the transformations and shifts we’ve gone through. All of these new ideas and goals of expanding are now here for us to build on. January is about building strong foundations, and putting ideas into action. It’s about taking what’s important for our families and ourselves and putting those big plans into action. What is it that you want for your life and the lives of your family? What are you about, and what do you want to pass down? What will you leave behind for your children? Will you have a lasting legacy of love and strength? Your focus is geared towards the needs of your children and loved ones, and you have so many grand plans for everything, just remember to include everyone in the plan (especially those ones involving money)…your partner may have some good ideas as well! Work on making those habits you have been intending to form come to fruition. This is a great time to start new resolutions; isn’t it funny how every year we go through the New Year’s resolution list, and don’t attribute it at all to the new moon in Capricorn? New moon in Capricorn’s influence is parallel to what we all go through every January 1 st… What will I build for this year? What did I accomplish last year, and how can I make myself better? Spend the first ten days of January in reflection and gratitude. You will then be able to come up with strong goals for the Capricorn new moon on the 11th. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th is ambitious, stable, productive and responsible. Now is the time for setting goals for yourself. Dream big. Everything starts from somewhere. Go with it, and make steady goals for yourself to fulfill. Setting incremental goals until you reach the main purpose is key. One step at a time, and you will have a sturdy foundation. No need to rush something. Plan your steps accordingly. You already know the answers to the questions you had in the past. Now you can make your move! A new Capricorn moon is a good time to commit to a goal; it’s responsible and productive. Put your ideas and goals into action. Capricorn’s industrious nature also brings hard work. Your aim is high, and it may take quite a bit of work to get to, but you can do it. Capricorn may bring more resources your way, in turn, making you busier than ever. You may find yourself being pulled in many directions because the ideas are flowing continuously, but pick a few at first to start. Start small, and it will be easy to grow… Self control and discipline are also parts of Capricorn’s nature, and you may also need to exhibit those qualities this month for success. In other words…you may be forced to show a little self-control. Maybe you would like to start a new exercise routine early-a.m. style, or maybe you’ve been itching to quit a bad habit. Either way, do it. Both your heart and soul are tugging you in the direction of your soul’s purpose. You just have to listen to it. Didn’t you learn a lot about yourself over the past few months? You are stronger than you thought. Even though you may have big goals, and seemingly impossible obstacles to surpass, just go with your heart, and you will thrive. Appreciate everything, and you will always be happy. Start a habit of saying thank-you,

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everyday, to Creator, for at least one thing. Even if it’s a small thing to be grateful for, this habit will keep the gratitude in your life active and flowing. This will also show you where you’re headed. Your soul is driven towards completeness and happiness, so if you do what makes you happy, you are living your soul’s purpose. Capricorn is strong, and ambitious so let your dreams soar. Let those ideas go wild, and go with them! This new moon in Capricorn sets a sturdy stage for the Leo full moon to stand on. The Full Moon in Leo on January 26th brings in fun and creativity to those stable ideas. This will add some flavor to all those wonderful concoctions you’ve been cooking up. That plan of doing more things as a family...find a creative way of doing it! The last week of January will be full of energy…creative… fun… sexual… all of these are Leo qualities. Watch out for the proud aspect though, as a word of caution, it could spring some feelings of jealousy or self obsession. Leo, the romantic, can put your love life into a sensual whirlwind of sexuality and fun. Enjoy it’s playful nature. This full moon is also a natural time of fertility. With the Cancer Full Moon last month, especially if you don’t have children, you may have a strong urge to conceive. Well, what a great follow-up to that, for a fertility full moon! A full moon in Leo will bring in all the right energy and all the right lust for some ultimate baby making. Careful...if that’s not the goal though. Leo also loves to be the star of the show, so be aware that this is impacting everyone. Everyone wants a piece of the spotlight. Share… it’s good to, and have fun! With last month’s Cancer full moon of emotional clearing followed by the new moon in Capricorn things may have felt a bit heavy. Maybe winter is already feeling a little too long. Everything comes in cycles though, and with this serious, solemn winter piece comes the wonderful, fiery and passionate Leo full moon. Leo loves friends, family, parties, and celebrations, take some time to have fun with those you love. After all that hard work this month, you’ll need it! It’s a great month to work hard, and then play hard. We need structure too, and that is what is so beautiful about this Capricorn-Leo moon combination is the structure followed by explosions of passion and unstructured creativity. It is also a time for risk-taking. Those dreams you’ve been keeping in are ready to come out. Don’t let fear rule your decisions or your life. Let go of the fear, and take the risk. The fear of failure can be strong, but let it go. It doesn’t do any good for anyone, especially YOU. Follow your heart, not your fear filled brain. Your brain analyzes and comes up with all the dreadful “what ifs.” Don’t listen or feed into those “what if” fears. Remember that your brain is just for processing not making decisions with. Your heart is the best tool you

have to work things out with. Listen to your heart. If you’ve been waiting for “the right time” with something because some things may not seem stable enough for you….now is the time to stop dragging your heels. Do it! Take the leap, and you will be rewarded. Live the life you dream of. There are no exceptions, you can live however you want to, and pursue your dreams. There’s no time like today! Start now, and you could be living your dream tomorrow. Put all those beautiful, creative ideas into action! You’ll never succeed if you don’t try. So go for it!

I am that I am, the Mahatma in love. Namaste, Johanna Delaney

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with Tom and Nancy Foley HE SAID: I'm picking up a night scene and I see a squat full moon above person in a "Witch's Hat" looking toward me afraid to turn around to see what is there. I'm aware that it is for both of you and it relates to Scorpio energy (everyone has this to various degrees). There are the Scorpio energies that feel very deeply and sometimes they see the best in others (the untapped potential) whether that person is ready for it to or not. They have a part that wants to nurture but sometimes smothers it's a fine balance where illusion and reality blend or clash. There are some emotional issues to see and work though,, not ignore, this is the time to work though them. Then the scene blurs and is replaced with a cold moment of isolation and the realization that things have come to a sudden stop. The feeling I get for this stop or pause is it's the moment to make an adjustment, take a pulse or check in. Take that look behind and don't be afraid of what might be there. The Capricorn energy you both have gives a comforting and grounding floor to you both. Your partner's Cap energy feels hard and tight and I see some zigzagging patterns for him in his daily life. I also feel a growth spurt type of energy for him that comes in like a career change or infusion going from the colt/foal stage to mature horse. So the tension is there to help the next steps to come. I keep hearing 25 & 27 feels like age but the numbers overlap over many things to varying significances. I see some maturing events coming for both of you in somewhat different ways so pay attention to how you both deal with the events and outcomes it is a telling experience of how you futures intermingle or clash. I also sense a cold feet panic of sorts because of the commitment ahead and I do feel this is normal but pay attention to it and talk it out there is learning and opportunities in this. I see you two in cars at a racetrack going around and around in separate cars, then in the same car but still round and around. There almost is a sense that someone outside of your relationship isn't giving the space that you need to process though things and they need to stop butting in. You will find a nice way to point out they are overstepping, try not to sting unless it's really necessary.

Tom a gifted psychic and medium with over 12 years experience. Nancy a noted astrologer and psychic with over 14 years experience. Together they are Cienna Moon. It’s HE SAID / SHE SAID where the advice is always free and the answers “divine”. This month’s question comes from T. They ask, “In awareness that my fiancée and I create our own realities, I am wondering is our union still in the highest and best interest for both of us?” SHE SAID: In casting a chart for this question I see the pressure of Jupiter influencing this for both parties. First with Jupiter going direct on the 30th I feel your answer will come around that time. The sense I get is someone isn’t quite mature enough to take the relationship to the next level. They would be the moody one of the couple who NEEDS instead of wants. Pay attention to what the New Moon pulls up on the 11th.In order to be in a committed relationship, the relationship must be the shared focus. This means teamwork and mutual support. The energy of this question suggests that true intimacy has not been established at this point in time. Perhaps it’s time to seek advice or guidance from a marriage counselor or therapist. Somebody feels to be dealing with Mother issues and somebody else feels to be dealing with lone wolf tendencies. There is something significant about the range of distance/closeness for each of you. Perhaps one person is more traditional and one is less traditional in their perspective on relationship. Remember there is no I in team, cohesion comes from keeping your eye on the goals. You need to discuss this and grow together from shared knowledge of self/other. To submit your question to be answered in next months issue please visit www.southshoreandcapecod and fill out our short question form. Click on screen to zoom in


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Blue Angel Healing ~ Attunement Night with the Masters Thurs. Jan 10th 6:30pm - 9pm Join us for a fun night as we review and practice all level attunements, including healing attunement. Review techniques. Learn New Techniques & more. Must be Reiki Master Trained. Great opportunity for New Reiki Masters who are looking for an opportunity to practice Please RSVP $20 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606 Betty Sarmento Healer~ Reiki II Saturday January 12 10am - 4pm All those who have taken Reiki I, whether they are a student of mine or not are eligible for Reiki II. This is a fun, informative and interactive class. You will learn the Reiki symbols as well as many other Reiki techniques. Cost $225 please RSVP 508-759-5113 Transform Holistic ~ Healthy Rhythms Drumming Sunday January 13th 11 am - 1:30 pm Drums will be supplied Yet please feel free to bring a drum if you have one Facilitated by Monique Morimoto & Stephen E. Whitney cost $45.00 166 Schoosett Street, Suite 1AC, Pembroke, MA 02359 617-823-2372 Blue Angel Healing ~ Reiki One Certification Sun. Jan. 20thLearn the basics of Reiki, history, application of Reiki, How to facilitate Reiki on others and more. $150. Must RSVP 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606 Blue Angel Healing ~ Cutting cords with Archangel Michael Thurs. Jan 24th 6:30pm -10pm Join us as we connect with the Healing energies of Archangel Michael to release and remove old connections and hurts that no longer serve us. It's a great way to release Karma and create freedom for yourself, thus giving you the opportunity to lay down strong foundations for a new beginning. Must RSVP $44 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606 Transform Holistic ~ Reiki One Certification January 27th at the Sanctuary in Plymouth Class explains how to touch, where to place your hands, history of Reiki, what these new channels of energy bring to your life, Reiki level 1 attunement, demonstration of self healing, client healing, charging water, plants and animals. 617-823-2372 Please register with the Sanctuary for this event Transform Holistic ~ Sound Bath Session - Presented by SoundScapers January 29th starting at 6:30pm Promotes Deep relaxation, Improved sleep, Pain relief, Calmed nervous system, Boost in selfconfidence, Disease prevention, Regulate the heart beat, Quiets the mind, Deepened sense of self appreciation, Release of emotional blocks Cost $25166 Schoosett Street, Suite 1AC, Pembroke, MA 02359 617-823-2372

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The Celestine Prophecy By James Redfield In the rain forests of Peru, an ancient manuscript has been discovered. Within its pages are 9 key insights into life itself, insights each human being is predicted to grasp sequentially; one insight, then another, as we move toward a completely spiritual culture on Earth. Drawing on ancient wisdom, it tells you how to make connections among the events happening in your life right now and lets you see what is going to happen to you in the years to come. The story it tells is a gripping one of adventure and discovery, but it is also a guidebook that has the power to crystallize your perceptions of why you are where you are in life and to direct your steps with a new energy and optimism as you head into tomorrow.

Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras By Joy Gardner Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is exposed to physical or emotional stress. Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras provides the most up-todate information on the use of vibrational tools such as crystals, aromas, sounds, bodywork, and homeopathy to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance. Explore how to use vibrations to release old dysfunctional patterns in the body-mind and replace them with new patterns that resonate with the body'ÂŹ?s own healthy frequencies. An in-depth resource guide to using vibrational tools at the chakra points to heal the body and mind. Includes a detailed explanation of chakras and the human energy field and how to heal with a variety of tools including colors, crystals, aromatherapy, and light.

Recommended Books

The Indigo Children By Lee Carroll and Jan Tober This book is a must for the parents of unusually bright and active children. Indigo children are those who display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and show a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. In this groundbreaking book on the Indigo Child, international authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober report the information of this increasingly documented and world-wide phenomenon and tell you how to identify this behavioral pattern and guide you on how you, as a parent or teacher of these children, can help them realize their amazing potential not forgetting their spiritual needs or specific health issues.

Submit your recommendations to:

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Resolve to care for thy Self!

As the New Year is upon us and we are resolving to do things and not to do things, establishing strict rules to adhere to. Consider your SELF and work to keep ego in its place. It is perfectly okay to resolve to be healthier as you ring in the New Year; how about releasing ego and allowing Self to just be? Glide into the new year with the intent to simply nourish and love Self; this might be taking a yoga class, bundling up for a nice walk in the woods (which will help keep you grounded), get plenty of restorative sleep, grab a nap, and focus on the Abundance in your Life! You might consider doing a bit of a cleanse or a detox, knowing you’ve perhaps indulged in heavier, more rich, dense foods that you normally don't consume. Focus on detoxifying that beautiful liver of yours! There are many ways to support your liver and kidneys as they work to flush out those toxins; consider milk thistle or a simple greens smoothie with cucumber, parsley, kale, lemon & chia seeds! And my personal favorite, an Epsom salt bath with a bit of lavender oil! The Epsom salts provide the healing benefits of magnesium as your Body works gently absorbing this miracle mineral! You’ve got to soak for at least twelve minutes with two cups Epsom Salts in your tub in order for your skin to absorb this mineral. This is an excellent way for you to detoxify! The lovely scent of lavender will help soothe and relax you. I'll also be leading a group cleanse in January, let me know if you’re interested in joining. You can simply dial in from the comfort of your home, gain knowledge & support via our call and be on your merry way with your cleansing & detoxification info, right at your finger tips! Another really nice and easy, free thing to practice. The recommendation is to actually keep a journal. A journal that you can write, say, three happy things that happened for you that day. Or perhaps writing five things you are grateful for, that occurred that day. I find that I don't have time to write another thing down, come restoration time. What I do, and I sincerely believe that it works, because on the mornings that I know I set this into practice the evening prior, I seem to awake with such a spring and liveliness, such a truly happy feeling, right in my solar plexus! I believe ALL of us have the capacity of experiencing this, we just need to train our subconscious thoughts with the Power of Positivity! And a simple way to achieve this is the following.

Before meditation, simply focus your thoughts on what the positive things were that happened for you on that day and think of each and every thing that occurred for which you are grateful Then move into your meditation, which can be as simple as deep inhales in through your nose and gentle exhalations through your mouth. A simple way for you to balance your system and manage stress (without really having to even do much!) is to take your right hand up to your nose and with your right thumb, gently press shut your right nostril, inhaling in through the left nostril, hold breath for a few seconds and then release fingers away from nostril and take right middle & ring fingers to left nostril, gently press closed and exhale through right nostril. Continue alternating for 5 - 10 minutes. This will help you manage stress and balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It is when these two are out of balance that your body releases stress hormones, which wreak havoc on our systems when this occurs. So, this is a simple way to help you stay balanced. Remember as you navigate into the New Year, to be gentle and loving with yourself, do take care of yourself. Practice self care when you can. Even the smallest of things really do help! And Eat Healthy. Even if you find yourself indulging at Holiday parties, try to add in some green veggies into every meal. This will make an enormous difference for you as well! And lastly, remember to LOVE. Love yourself, love everyone around you and get lots of HUGS!! They really are SO important!

Lara Amaral, CHHC, AADP Founder, Authentically You! Wellness, LLC Integrative Food as Medicine, Holistic Healing Therapies & Lifestyle advice. Studied at: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City Accredited by Cornell University Professional Training and Certification Program Emmanuel College, Boston, MA B.S. Education 1.508.813.9741 Email: Click on screen to zoom in


Blue Angel Healing - Reiki Clinic - Thursday January 4th from 6 pm - 9 pm Come in and enjoy the benefits of Reiki, first come first serve basis sessions are 30mins with one of Blue Angels Healing Team members Donations Appreciated but not required 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606 Blue Angel Healing - Reiki Clinic - Every Tuesday from 12 pm - 2pm Come in and enjoy the benefits of Reiki, first come first serve basis sessions are 30mins with one of Blue Angels Healing Team members Donations Appreciated but not required 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 02330 781-964-6606 Shanti Shala Yoga - Free Multidimensional Healing Circle January 4th 7:30pm - 9:30pm All are welcome to come for a healing and all modalities encouraged to share. This Share is a free gathering. Participants are more than welcome to make a love offering to the studio if desired. 857-526-2200 Shanti Shala Yoga - Free Trot Card Play Time January 12th 1pm - 3pm Like doing reading and have not practiced in a while COME & PLAY find some people to practice on. For those who don't read come by to get a mini reading from an enthusiastic reader who is ready and willing to provide free mini Tarot readings in exchange for good, constructive feedback. 857-526-2200 Cape Cod Laughter Yoga Falmouth Laughter Yoga Circle Every Monday (except holidays) Begins promptly at 9:27am-10:07am Gus Canty Community Center 790 Main Street, Falmouth, Ma. 800-990-8290 Ongoing ~ CommUnity Yoga every 4th Friday of the month from 7:30-8:30pm Begin your weekend with a peaceful all levels yoga class. Join the Santosha Yoga Studio CommUnity for a FREE yoga class. (401) 780.9809. Located at 14 Bartlett Ave. Cranston, RI 02905 This event is free to attend.

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January 22 6:30pm Transform We will also talk briefly Holistic about online marketing 166 Schoosett St and advertising through Ste 1, Pembroke, SS and CC Metaphysics Massachusetts

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Aries: This month you are back in action with perhaps a more creative or inventive approach to career or ambitions. The 4th should bring you greater opportunities so make the most of the energy at your disposal. Frustration comes in the form of roadblocks on the 7th and 31st. Try to do things on your own and away from the boss or other authorities during those times. This is the month where you let go of what is no longer secure or reliable so you can make room for new things coming into your life in April. Taurus: This month brings new goals and possibilities in your life. It’s a great time to travel, study, or otherwise expand your outlook. Perhaps now is the time to find love in a foreign world. Enjoy what you can but don’t over indulge in the reverie. Sometimes things are just not so great and that is ok too. The dark, dirty, and mysterious are part of life too. The 10th can bring a “holy love” into your life. The 12th changes your values and sense of worth. On the 14th, watch your spending patterns. The 16th brings a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment and the next day a commitment to a relationship. The month ends with a question around where to take things next. Gemini: There is lots of anxiety this month as you are confronted with long term possibilities and the deeper significance. You need to dig deeper and see what it all means. To be understood you must first attempt to understand your own motivations and obsessions. Can you finally confront you as the paradox? If you can’t let go of what you think then you can’t become what is beyond your present mindset. It’s time to relinquish the white lies and see the reality in your deepest experiences. Key dates are 1/1, 3, 5, 6, 114, for tension and mental processing. Positive experiences or conclusions maybe drawn around 1/18, 22 just before Jupiter turns direct on the 30th. You are about to approach life from a different perspective based on the “healing” forces of January. The final challenge to this energy now is experienced on the 25th with a reality test. Your thoughts have long term affects and you need to treat them seriously as you are the breath of life. Cancer: This is the time of year where relationships are your prime focus. Who needs to be nurtured and who needs to grow up? The New Moon on the 11th has you focusing on responsibilities and karmic connections. Your sensitivity to the others in your life has you looking for that safe place that protects you from the emotional waves. Your adaptive nature may have you bending over backwards without giving you the support you seek. Allow others to have their moments without taking on their stuff, you need to be reflective not receptive. Most challenging days are 4, 5, 6 and 16, 17, 18 for this month. Leo: Health, work, habits and duty are the focus this month. Love is an act of service and you may be more generous with your time or energy now. The thing is no one can continue at that pace for long so it might be hard for you to sustain your efforts long term. This month may feel like hard work with little appreciation or reward. If a dramatic outburst pops up in the workplace pay attention to what is setting you off. It is time to integrate or adapt your energies and get things in good working energy. Now is a good time to get a checkup and begin healthy new patterns in your life. Best days the 24th and 25th. Most challenging days are the 6th, 21st, and 30th.

Written By: Nancy Foley


Virgo: Now is the time to do the things that make you feel important and help you to find recognition for your efforts. Do you start selling those wonderful handmade items or start a part-time business as the efficiency expert? This is when others could take work seriously and see you as the expert or authority. Time to try something new on the 3rd. You might find it is life changing and profoundly important on the 6th. On the 18th put your heart into and find happiness in serving yourself and others with your handiwork. You could receive opportunities or greater interest in what you are doing around the 22nd. The 25th will be the test on your level of commitment and personal investment, in the things you love to do. Libra: This is when home looks the best. You are either entertaining at home or spending time with your family now. You are happiest when everyone is getting along and sharing the love. You might be redecorating or getting your nest ready for a new arrival, this month home is where your heart is. Just don’t expect everyone to feel the same. If someone feels like an outsider they may do their best to break away or make others feel alienated at this time. There is a lone wolf in every pack. Expect the 4th, 12th and 14th to be a little difficult. The 10th brings lots of beauty while the 16th and 17th bring certainty and greater fulfillment. This is the time of year where you relinquish old commitments or social contracts. Scorpio: A very social time with lots of communications and people in your life. You may feel a bit overwhelmed with all of these people in your energy field so make sure to get away from it all or suffer the consequences. You do your best processing when you are alone with your thoughts and we all know what a deep thinker you can be. You may have a hard time dealing with the social chit chat so expect to feel a bit out of your comfort zone for some of this month. Some who need your good advice or insights may be seeking you out for a counseling session. Best days 1/6, 16, 29. Difficult days this month are the 2nd, 21st, 24th and 26th. Sagittarius: This is the month you have been waiting for as your planetary ruler goes direct on the January 30. Jupiter has been retrograde since October 3, 2012. During that time we have all been reconsidering our approach to communication. For you, this approach ties to your assets, self- worth and values. You are a natural optimist and gambler by heart but with Pluto moving out of your sign in 2008 things have been a little less possible and way more serious than you like. Now is the time for you to look at how you distribute and share your wealth. With limited resources you may now need to be a bit more cautious or serious in your approach to finances. You can no longer rest on your laurels it’s time to get back out there and prove yourself once again. Look to your relationships for some helpful advice or guidance, just this once let someone else’s good idea be heard! Best day are the 4th, 22, 25th. Difficult dates are the 5th,11th,14th and 16. Capricorn: This is your time of the year! You are born to be the ruler, authority, and set the rules. You see the seriousness of the situation, no matter how hard things become you succeed at the task. Of course it might be nice if you could trust others and allow them to play their part but that is what Aquarius will show you next month. So for right now write the contracts, establish order, and get the job done. Just remember rules are meant to be broken…only just not now. You are going to act on your authority. Best days 1/6, 1/17, 1/31. Difficult days are the 4th, 7th, 25th, and 30th. Aquarius: It’s time to wait in the wings as Capricorn takes charge. Perhaps it’s a good thing that you are in a place of retreat as the electrical currents are on high velocity. So many images and thoughts flood your mind with what is pending in the months ahead. Brilliant ideas come from the spirit world and provide insight to be used at a later date. You are anxious to be free of the old, to purge the outworn and will probably do so by month’s end. You can be your own worst enemy in your pursuit of freedom at any price. Watch that you don’t discard anything in haste or in a burst of rebellion; there are necessary steps that you must complete. You need to keep things secret for just a bit longer until others are ready to hear what you have to say regarding you struggle with self-sacrifice or self- defeat. Best days 1/22, 24. Difficult days are 1/3, 12, 20, 31. Pisces: Focus on group support and dreams of the future. Those who feel distant may be drawn together through your compassionate outreach. You are the one who can adapt to all the individuals and bring connection on a spiritual level. Though you make act as an angelic presence to others make sure you are allowing your more human side to appear. Don’t fall victim to other’s illusions placed upon you, speak up for yourself. You may bring subtle energy into the world that provides unity and salvation yet you may also be the one who ends up being the sacrificial lamb. Stand in your own reality don’t be a stand in for someone else’s dream. Good energy days 1/1, 10, 20, 21. Difficult days are 1/6, 10, 22.

Written By: Nancy Foley


Our Live Directory to Wellness Care Cape Cod Centers Harmony Network Chiropractic & Yoga ~ Spinal Analysis, Somato Respiratory Integration, Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Wellness Workshops, Acupressure and More ~ 681 Falmouth Rd. Unit C16 Mashpee, Ma. 02649 (508) 419-7070

Bourne All 4 Healing Wellness Center

Centerville Kind Yoga School

Dennis Cape Cod Body & Soul Day Spa

Retail Shops Sativa - Harwich Port, MA Thyme After Thyme - South Chatham, MA Cape Cod Lavender Farm - Harwich, MA Cape Cod Organic Farm - Barnstable, MA

East Harwich

Windemere - Plymouth, MA

The Masjah Center

Lily's Apothecary - Plymouth, MA


Laughing Moon - Plymouth, MA

Hyannis Community Acupuncture

The Mystic Room - Middleboro, MA


The Robin's Nest - Bellingham, MA

The Sanctuary

Molly's Apothecary - Medway, MA


Andromeda's Alley - N. Attleborough, MA

Dharma Connection

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South Shore Centers Nutrapy ~ Massage, Acupuncture, Polarity, Healing Stones, Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Herbs, Organic Skin & Nail Care, and More ~ 90 Rockland St. #7, Hanover Ma. 02339 (781) 829.WELL (9355) Cienna Moon ~ Tom & Nancy Foley - Astrological and Psychic Consultations Online, by phone and in person. Astrology Workshops and More ~ 249 Spring Street Hanson, Ma. 02341 (781) 447-3993 Simply Soothing Sanctuary ~ Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Kriya & Shiatsu Massage, Spirit Song circles, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Labyrinth Walks, Rituals , Classes & Workshops ~ 84 Summer St., Kingston, Ma. 02364 (781) 582-3912 or (617) 962-9775 Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation ~ New Paradigm for MDHT, Crystal Therapy, Angel Readings, Energy Awareness Coaching, Workshops~ By appointment only ~ 66 Main St, Rte. 58 Carver, MA (781) 243-9548 Sharon Healing Hearts ~ Sharon Colvin ~ Reflexology, Reiki, Shamballa, Energy and Crystal treatments, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Labyrinth walks (508) 728-2639 Authentically You! Wellness ~ Lara D. Amaral, CHHC, AADP ~ Integrative Food as Medicine & Holistic Healing Therapies and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Creator of Powersnacks (508) 813.9741 Tammy Murray-Cousins ~ Energy Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Human Design Specialist, Intuitive, and Angel Communication Specialist ~ Reiki Sessions Held at Hope Floats, Kingston MA and Long Pond Physical Therapy, Plymouth MA. (617) 827-5897 Love the Process ~ Rebecca L. Allen ~ In-Home Reiki Therapy, Animal Reiki, Home and Business Clearings & Blessings, Law of Attraction Coaching, Water Structure Classes ~ Serving Upper Cape to Kingston (508) 269-5338 Transform Holistic ~ Jodi Rehm ~Fusion Belly Work, Weight Loss Life Coaching, Yoga Instructor. Fusion is an integration of Polarity, Rikie, RYSE, Fascia, Breath Work. Therapeutic and Thai Massage ~ 166 Schoosett St. Suite #1, Pembroke, Ma. (617) 823-2372

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Blue Angel Healing ~ Jodi St. Onge ~ Reiki, Karuna, New Paradigm for MDHT, Crystal Therapy, Angel/Spirit Readings, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Art, Belly Dancing, Life Coaching, Polarity Sessions, Private & Group Yoga ~ 40 North Main St. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma.02330 (781) 964-6606 Live in Full Bloom ~ Gale A. Barton ~ Empowering you to Live in Full Bloom Workshops, Retreats, Herbs, Teas, Intuitive Life Guide, Private Sessions by Appointment ~ Plymouth, Ma. 02360 (508) 224-1525



Body Benefit Massage Therapy

Presence Wellness


Dancing Crow Yoga

Uplifting Connections The Center Forge Pond

South Shore Holistic Health Acupuncture & Homeopathy of Hingham

Carver Blue Angel Healing Carver Holistic Center

Duxbury South Shore Healing Center

Foxboro The Healing Moon Wellness Center

Hanover Nutrapy Willow Rock Natural Healing Center Heart of Reiki

Hanson Cienna Moon

Kingston Simply Soothing Sanctuary New Day - Hypnosis & Healing Featherstones Massage Therapy

Milford Women's Center for Wholeness

Milton Yoga with Tara S.

Norwell Psychic Medium and Spirit Artist Mind Well ~ Beth Tierney, LMHC Infinite Health & Wellness

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Transform Holistic

Whitman Wellness Center


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Shanti Shala

Plymouth Live in Full Bloom Betty Sarmento Healer PEACE ohm MIND Hypnosis Open Doors Yoga Studios

Love the Process Sharon Healing Hearts Tammy Murray-Cousins Authentically You! Wellness

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Sage Crystal Singer ~ Sage Crow - Franklin, MA

Real Life Yoga

Healing Essence Center ~ Katherine Glass Concord, MA


WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program Amherst, MA

The Barefoot Zone

Scituate Healing Touch Therapies

Wareham Natural Evolutions Divine Time

Wholistic Fitness and Nutrition Soundscapers ~ Joseph Hayes & Josh Fonshaker

Online Providers Laura-Ann Peterson Dawn Moore Lizabeth Spencer

Westport Sisters Of Solace - Holistic Healing JLJ Healing, LLC

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Winter Clarity Overhead, across the sky, lies the Winter, clear and silent. Ever brighter shine the stars, shimmering in stark darkness. Baring witness is the Moon, to the Sun that shines its starlight ever farther from the Earth. May we embrace this Winter's birth. Let it remind us once again that we are not constant and indeed need changes. New ways to see the world give us that chance. As the cold lets the air feel thinner, and the lights seem clearer, we can feel ourselves become ready for a change. One that brings us closer to a new beginning. So as this Winter will end, so begins the Spring. Blessed is this Winter's beginning.

Written by: Dennis Morani Jr.

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