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Nov./Dec. 2013 Vol. 1 Issue 4


Hello Love, As we come upon our fourth edition of Connect Spirits the lessons continue. Our message this month, everything in divine time! I believe there will be some major shifting to the Connect Spirits site. As my guides show me the process in which we are moving, I will keep you updated at It is with great honor that we present this magazine to you! Blessings & Love, Rebecca Lee Allen

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Natural Home Remedies

Practitioners Corner

Living 200% of Life



Whether you meditate, or always wanted to, imagine this for a second… You close your eyes, and enter deep, monk-like meditation in a matter of minutes. There’s no mental chatter. No restlessness. No lack of focus. Or mental fatigue. Without any distractions, your spiritual session is blissful, seamless and fulfilling. If you could meditate like this everyday, you’d start enjoying… 

The kind of deep and blissful relaxation that melts away stress and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

A profound mind-body connection that empowers you to take charge of your health and instinctively create healthier habits.

Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that helps you solve any challenge and perform better at work or school.

A deeper understanding of people’s feelings and emotions, leading to stronger bonds with your family, friends, coworkers and soul mate.

Completely uninhibited sexual energy and toe-curling physical and spiritual intimacy with your partner.

An unbreakable abundance mindset and a magnetic attraction to wealth and success.

Endless waves of personal epiphanies, a deeper sense of selfawareness and crystal-clear understanding of your unique purpose.

You are minutes away from experiencing deeper meditation 4

Natural Home Remedies

5 Tips you don’T wanT To avoid If you’re a beginner to natural remedies, you might want to consider a few things before you purchase or concoct different recipes. Alternative medicine, especially when using herbs, can be just as complicated as conventional medicine because it incorporates Eastern and Western concepts of medicine and examines the individual from a holistic point of view. For instance, some holistic health practitioners and N.D.’s use a diagnosis method based on the Chinese principles of yin and yang constitutions. They also examine the individual’s energy levels, whether they have an internal or external condition, an excess or deficiency, etc. The diagnosis and treatment process can become very extensive if you are new or lack the expertise in treating acute and chronic ailments. However; you can empower yourself with a few helpful tips when deciding how to treat common illnesses such as colds, the flu, headaches, and more. 1. Know the condition that you are trying to treat. This is probably the most important tip you should consider because many symptoms can be misdiagnosed for other aliments. This is where you definitely want to consult a professional health care physician to make sure you are treating the right condition. With that said, do not completely disregard any pertinent treatments or medicine the doctor gives to you. Most beginner herbal remedies are used to aid in the body’s natural healing process and should not be the main source of treatment if you are treating something serious like pneumonia or the flu. If you want to choose a holistic approach over a conventional, please consult a Naturopathic Doctor, a registered medical herbalist, or a holistic healthcare provider.

2. Choose herbs that will aid in the individual’s natural healing process. One of the most difficult aspects of natural medicine is choosing the right herbs and right remedies for the condition you’re treating. Write down all of the symptoms you or the individual are experiencing (both internal and external symptoms). This list will help you analyze which herbs you are going to need and how they interact with your body. Another Chinese method you can consider is determining if you or the individual have an excess or deficient condition. An excess or deficient condition can be cold or hot natured. Excessive conditions occur when there is an excessive amounts of foods, attitudes, weather, etc. that brings the body into an imbalance. Deficient conditions usually occur with most chronic conditions (such as anemia, allergies, etc.) and are usually caused by nutrient or organ deficiency. Choose herbs that will complement the body’s natural healing process. Check out the table on the following page for more information:

3. Research the side effects and contraindications before use. Examining the side effects and contraindications is another important procedure before using a herbal remedy. If you are pregnant or taking medications, consult with your healthcare provider before attempting to use a herbal remedy. Some herbs can break down certain medications rendering them ineffective. For example, the herb comfrey should not be used in combination with any

*We offer information and opinions and they are not as a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or health care provider before taking any home remedies. 5

Excessive/ Deficient Excessive Cold Condition

Caused By



Excessive liquid intake, cold weather, too many raw foods like fruits, leafy greens vegetables (not enough raw hardy foods like seeds, nuts, carrots, etc.), drugs that expand the consciousness and emotions such as fear and sympathy tend to harm the functions of the organs and cause them to decrease in activity

Coldness, body aches, low body temperature, bloating, digestive disturbances, darkness under the eyes, sluggishness, cold hands and feet, muscle cramps and spasms, and the desire for warmth, white coating on tongue

Generally treated with cooked foods, broths, warm baths, stimulating and tonifying herbs that have an acrid, aromatic, and sweet flavor. Treatments to treat excessive cold conditions are used to increase body heat and improve circulation, digestion, and elimination in order to facilitate nutrient oxidation and toxin elimination

Excessive Heat Condition

Diet high in meat, salt, tobacco, coffee, and other acid causing foods, hot weather, excessive excitement and grief, pathogens like bacteria, mucus and excessive toxins and lack of nutrients that cause the body to become overactive and stimulated

High fevers, thirst, recurrent sore Raw foods, fruits and vegetable throats, nervousness, painful sores, juices, cool baths, anti-inflammatory red face, red eyes, strong body orders, herbs with a bitter taste, enemas, and a hypertension, gallstones, heart calming environment in order to reduce disease, dry skin, inflammation, body head and eliminate excessive acid burning hands and feet, infections, conditions and desire for cool foods and water, yellow coating on tongue

Cold Deficiency

Low energy and chronic Low resistance to disease, lethargy, Treated with tonic, astringent, conditions, deficient body heat and chills, poor circulation, poor eyesight, stimulating, nutritive, and warming organ activity, injury, not neuralgia, mucus discharge, frequent herbal therapy. More nutrients and recovering from sickness properly, urination, weak bladder control, protein. nutrient deficiency, lack of impotence, lower back pain, exercise, drugs, depression, and diminished hearing, weakness, etc. basically any extreme that tongue generally has no coating and is weakens body, moist with a pale tint

Heat Deficiency

Alternating hot and cold More acute conditions, constipation, conditions with no clear cut dry skin, ringing in ears, sore throats, symptoms like excessive heat skin eruptions, itching and alternating condition. Usually caused by lack chills and fevers, premature aging, of protein, vitamin and mineral anemia, allergies, and loss of vitality. deficiency, poor blood, low calorie intake, and loss of blood.

Treated with tonic, cooling (antipyretic), and astringent herbs. Avoid using astringent herbs during dry conditions like dry coughs, dry skin, mouth, and throat because they contain tannic acid that is drying to the tissues. Also avoid stimulation because it will only worsen the problem when trying to tone and build the body


Natural Home Remedies

medications that might cause liver damage. Comfrey itself might cause liver damage if taken in large amounts because it contains chemicals called pyrrolizidine alkaloids or PAs. It can also increase the risk of liver damage if taken with other medications that may harm the liver. Individuals with high blood pressure should avoid herbs that stimulate the heart and restrict the blood capillaries and arteries, like licorice root or ephedra. Make sure you are aware of any chronic illnesses that might counteract with your herbal remedy. WebMD is a great resource to find out more about herbal side effects and interactions. 4. Determine the proper dosage. Research the proper dosage for each herb you plan to use. You should also consider the age, gender, and disposition of the individual using the remedy. People who are older might require a smaller dosage than younger people. Women usually require smaller dosages than men due to their average weight, as well as people who are highly nervous. 5. Consider the proper preparation for different herbs. Some herbal remedies call for tea made from several herbs. According to The Doctor’s Book of Herbal Home Remedies, mix the herbs first before making the tea. If you are using the root (rhizome), bark, or hard parts of the herb, you will want to decoct the herb first and then steep the flower, leaves, and soft parts. A simple decoction involves simmering the hard parts of the herb in water for at least 5 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, use the decoction to steep (also called an infusion) the dried leaves or flowers.

You can also buy tinctures of different herbs that are used for most acute ailments. Tinctures are alcohol-based derivatives of plants and herbs. Alcohol is a great extractor of an herb’s natural healing properties and are usually more potent than teas. You can find these at your local health food store or pharmacy.

These are some very basic concepts to consider when searching for your herbal remedy. There are many other factors that come into play like the time of day, the primary and secondary symptoms, the individual’s diet, and more, but these tips will point you into the right direction when using herbal remedies for acute conditions. If you have any questions or are looking for a more intensive herbal remedy, be sure to contact a qualified healthcare professional or registered herbalist. Resources: Santillo, H. (1984). Natural healing with herbs. Prescott: Hohm Press The Doctors Book of Herbal Home Remedies, Forward by Varro E. Tyler Courtney Chapman is the founder and contributor of Holistic Ebony. Holistic Ebony is a website dedicated toward spreading awareness about holistic health, meditation, cultural issues, and more.


These bottle labels transforms the structure of water to the 528Hz frequency of Pure Love.

When producing labels I am in a meditative state and enhance the label with Reiki and expose it to the binaural frequency of 528Hz. These labels can be placed on your containers, to go cups and water bottles to enhance the structure of your water. These are also awesome for healing Practitioners give Pure Love Water to your clients before or after your sessions to leave them feeling the Love and Light for days to come. 8

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4 Powerful Action Steps to Connect You With Abundance Now You know that abundance is all around you. You know there is no such thing as lack in the Universe, yet sometimes this feels challenging to remember. Sometimes it feels hard to tap into Universal abundance. Here are four powerful steps you can take that will open your energy, emotions, mind and body to abundance - right now!

1. Talk to Your Soul The ability to connect with and talk to your soul is an amazing tool to have in your abundance tool-belt. Do this exercise now, and any time you need a boost: Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Determine your most important question at the present time. Ask your soul. Receive your answer. And take action!

Connecting with the soul expedites your path to growth, learning, expansion and fulfillment.

Art by Carol Cavalaris

You feel better when connected with your soul. You feel fully grounded in your body - and that is quite a pleasurable sensation!

2. Love Your Self Loving your Self - everything about you, as it is, right now - is absolutely 10

key in opening to abundance, and building your gratitude (and gratitude attracts wonderful things!). Take a moment and connect with three things you love about yourself in this moment. Write them down. Read them back to yourself several times. Allow this selflove energy to flow throughout your body, soul and energy field. Once you are entirely full of love, then love has nowhere left to flow, but out! In this way, you spread only love to the rest of the world through the simple act of loving your Self for what, who and where you are Now.

3. Bring in Joy Joy is an amazing experience of bliss that happens when you're connected with your soul and overflowing with love. Know that you have the ability to feel joy no matter what else is happening, as well as no matter how else you are feeling.

For instance, are you processing anger or frustration towards someone who you feel has wronged you in some way? Or are you going through a time of grief or sadness?

prosperity is not only helpful to ourselves, but it allows us to be of more services to others. So often we've held on to beliefs around money that are fear-based, thereby blocking our abundance, success and fulfillment. In some cases, this may be because we have been taught that wanting or having money is rooted in greed, or we may have been taught that we cannot be spiritual and wealthy at the same time. These things could not be further from the truth. Allowing prosperous flow benefits all. Allowing ourselves permission to receive and experience all we desire including love, joy and money - teaches others that this is also okay for them. That they also can let go of lack and give themselves permission to open to abundance. Remember - the more we have, the more we can share! Astra Spider is the Abundance Shaman, Soul Liaison and CEO of Abundant Souls. She works with Soulful Entrepreneurs who are spiritual seekers, connecting you with your soul, your abundance and your fulfillment in biz and life.

Even in cases like these, you can choose to feel joy about the fact that you have the ability to process your emotions - and celebrate the fact that once they are processed, you can release them and create space for yet more joy!

4. Release Money Blocks There is a part of us that knows the truth:


ARE YOUR VIBRATIONS HELPING OR HURTING YOU? Your personal vibration frequency could be the ONE thing holding you back from abundance, happiness and success. Discover how to raise it, so you can finally start living from the vibration of Love or Above. Just like how seismographs are used to measure earthquakes, recent breakthroughs have allowed researchers to measure a person’s energetic frequency on a specific Vibrations Scale. How does the scale work? Well imagine you have a scale of 1 to 1,000, with 1,000 being the highest state a human being can attain. If you reach this level you would be an Enlightened Master. At the lowest end of the spectrum is someone who is not thriving at all. Researchers use muscle testing and kinesiology to determine where people are on this scale. As you can see, heavy emotions like sadness, guilt or humiliation vibrate at low frequencies, while feelings like love, bliss and enlightenment vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies. Many clients have reported experiencing:

Dramatic improvements in their relationships and love lives, with stronger feelings of empathy and trust, and the elimination of unnecessary guilt and shame.

Enhanced wealth and abundance by developing a healthy wealth mindset, a stronger intuition for saving and investing, and a stronger natural attraction of wealth.

Promotions and raises at work as a result of knowing exactly what career is in line with their life purpose, connecting better with colleagues, and using their creativity to get better ideas.

Improved physical and mental wellbeing by learning how to understand the signs their bodies give them, and developing a habit of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Free Energetic Breakthrough Kit Sign up here to download now

Start raising your energetic frequency today. 12

Taurus is also the bull, so whatever you charge at…you will charge, full force; determination is a key quality of this moon. You may be feeling a little extra Full moon in Taurus Saturday, November 17th romantic around the full moon; spend some time with 10:16 am EST Sun -Sagittarius Thursday, November 21st 10:48 pm someone you love. Show those you love that you love them. It is always appreciated. Spend some time in EST nature this month as well. Soak in a beautiful scene at New Moon in Sagittarius Monday, December 2nd, 7:22 a local brook or nature path. Breathe in this serene, pm EST pure love from nature, and send your own love and Full Moon in Gemini Tuesday, December 17th, appreciation back. Venus will help you appreciate how 4:28am EST beautiful this world really is. This will put you in a Sun -Capricorn Saturday, December 21st 12:11am state of appreciation and gratitude, which in turn EDT ~ Winter Solstice ~ always leads to more gifts. This is a great habit to start New Moon in Capricorn Wednesday, January 1st 7:14 in a Taurus moon; the habit of gratitude. What a great am EST thing to do right before Thanksgiving!

Suns and Moons

We just had a full moon November 17th, in Taurus. The full moon in Taurus brings Venus right back into the picture. This is the planet of ultimate femininity, love, compassion, peace, and music. Taurus also teaches us to slow down, and nurture ourselves. This full moon will bring your attention not only to your love life, but also your financial stability. Taurus longs to be secure and stable in these two areas, and will bring any aspect of those that are not in balance to your attention. This is a great full moon to set strong financial and abundance goals for yourself. This is also a great moon for starting a good routine or habit. It will set a strong tone to follow through with what you start. Anything started in a Taurus moon will stick and secure itself in your life, so be careful what you intend, and what you start. Taurus is a fixed, earth sign so be careful not to be too stubborn with anything this month.

This year, maybe you could actively make the choice to be grateful, not only on Thanksgiving, but every day of the year. Such a fantastic start the holiday season! By Thanksgiving, Mercury is direct and we’re past the intense water moon of Scorpio, and onto the expansive month of December! Can’t wait to come out on the other side of this month ~ transformation! This holiday season is going to bring in beautiful transformations for all! Looking forward to a wonderful 2013 Holiday season, and here we go! Put some magic into all of it! Sagittarius comes into the picture on November 21st when the Sun moves into this fiery sign. Sagittarius is all about expansion, as it is ruled by Jupiter. This sign really makes any intentions set in the Taurus full moon skyrocket. Expanding, expanding,


“When you want something, all the universe

conspires in helping you achieve it.” –Paulo Coelho expanding, growing, growing, growing…beyond your wildest dreams! This is why it’s so important to continue to trust and show gratitude for everything that comes your way. The more trust, the more expansion possible! The new moon in Sagittarius on December 2nd follows the sun sign shift, and brings in even more expansion energy. This fiery adventurer will bring out the fun, holiday sprite in us all. Get ready for some holiday fun! Just don’t go overboard with the spending. Sagittarius is very generous, and loves expansion. Just don’t expand too far past your means.

expansions Sagittarius will bring into our lives. It is definitely the sign of making dreams come true with your higher connection and trust in your own expansion. Use your imagination… no limits…Sagittarius is the sign of unlimited possibilities, so dream big! Expansion is here. Let’s see what our dreams with unlimited potential can do!

The full moon in Gemini comes to us just before Christmas, on December 17th. Gemini brings in a lot of focus to the areas of speaking, networking and ideas. Use those creative ideas and they may spark some new Sagittarius also brings our focus to philosophy, connections with the full moon in Gemini. If you find that religion and our higher mind. It is a mutable, fire sign you are having trouble understanding any of the messages which means it has to potential to change and fluctuate you received, or don’t think you’ve received any, spend quickly, in any direction possible, so be prepared for an some time with your higher-self and Creator. Use that amazing ride! If you find that you are having trouble Gemini communicative energy to communicate with your trusting in this positive expansion, spend some time with Guides, Higher-Self and Creator. Ask those questions that your higher-self and Creator. Your connection with your may be holding you back. Dive into the world of trusting higher-self is your connection with Creator. Feel that your Guides; you will not be let down. A little trust goes unconditional love, and trust that the universe will a long way, and the first place to start is with yourself. provide you with exactly what you need to fulfill your Trust yourself! Gemini will definitely get your thoughts life’s purpose. Sit quietly for a bit to see if any messages flowing, it is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought, come through. Pay attention to what these messages say. intellect, communication and travel. I Trust and believe they are leading you on the perfect path of your life’s purpose and dream; you will surely This is a wonderful moon for writing. If you feel succeed. This beautiful Sagittarius energy also sends out like you’re having trouble organizing your thoughts, try an adventure call to all of us. It will bring out our writing. See where it takes you. You may even want to adventurous spirit and playful nature. Enjoy it! Nothing start a morning journaling routine or some form of raises your vibration like play and laughter, so embrace creative writing. This will give you a deeper connection them. with yourself and your subconscious. It’s also the perfect time to take a trip or to have a debate. Another thing Looking forward to seeing all the amazing about Gemini is that it’s excellent for a social gathering,


and one-on-one communication. You can have the best of both worlds here. Gemini moons produce stimulating conversations, and often endless possibilities as it loves spontaneity. It’s the perfect full moon just before Christmas. You’ll have a great time at all those family and social gatherings. The Sun moves into Capricorn on the same day as the Winter Solstice, December 21st. The winter solstice is the day of the year when there are fewest hours of sunlight. The Winter Solstice is the time of year when you curl up under the warmth and comfort in the dark of the night. You spend some time hibernating yourself. This is the time when you begin to turn inward, to seek the answers to all the questions you’ve stumbled upon the past few months. Turn inside, and use that Capricorn energy to set the stage for a beautiful 2014. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, and it being an earth sign, it has the potential to really put all those creative ideas into action. Everything starts from somewhere. Go with it, and make steady goals for yourself to fulfill. One step at a time, and you will have a sturdy foundation. No need to rush anything. Plan your steps accordingly. You already know the answers to the questions you had in the past. Now you can make your move! Capricorn energy may bring more resources your way, in turn, making you busier than ever. You may find yourself being pulled in many directions because the ideas are flowing continuously too, but pick a few at first to start. Start small, and it will be easy to grow… Self control and discipline are also parts of Capricorn’s nature, and you may be called to exhibit those qualities. Saturn always

shows you where your limits are, so even after the last full Sagittarius limitless moon you may be shown a boundary or two. This will lead you right into the new moon in Capricorn on the first day of 2014. What a beautiful day for new beginnings! This wonderful transition will set the stage for the most fantastic 2014! Here we go! Use this beautiful energy to start something amazing! Astrology, the study of the celestial bodies and their influence on us, always teaches us the balance between having fun and being responsible, between inner and outer and between retrospection and forward motion. This is the beautiful cycle of life. We are grateful for such a collaboration of amazing experiences, and so thankful for this ever continuing adventure. In Love, Light and Gratitude, Namaste, Johanna Delaney

Johanna Delaney is an ordained Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She is a New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation Master Healer Teacher, trained at the Esoteric School of Sciences, and does private healing sessions using Reiki and Shamballa Energy in addition to Crystal and Sound Therapy.She has studied Astrology for over 15 years, and offers classes and workshops. She offers basic healer workshops and holds meditations open to the public at Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation Center out of Carver Holistic Center in Carver, MA. She hopes to, one day, expand and open a completely self-sustainable transformational center, and to continue to spread love and happiness while inspiring personal transformation everywhere she goes. 15

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Starting my first business In 2005 I decided to use my natural skills to start my first business. After listening to Guru’s and studying business management for years I was finally ready, or so I thought! My first business hinged on my double virgoness, Organize It—Turning clutter to comfort was born. I decided to use my natural ability to organize everything into a service, how could it go wrong? My first client was a referral from my aunt, she needed assistance organizing her home, which turned into another referral when her friend saw her organized home and just had to have me. Things started off with a bang and with no overhead I was sure it was already a success. When my first and second projects came to an end so did my income. I was not a marketer, I had no idea how to get another client and with the recession hitting hard I was overwhelmed. I started marketing and found the only people responding were other companies wanting to sell me things or desperate for employment, even though I had never mentioned anything of hiring. With the first year not even over the doors closed and Organize It was gone. But not all was lost, I had learnt many things about myself and doing business. I went back to taking care of elderly and working for someone else, but I knew it would be temporary!My journey to a new 16

Social Media Do’s & Don'ts Offered by Rebecca L. Allen




As the years passed and expansion happened I realized an actual income was important. But this came back to some basics that I had learnt about in my first business.

Year’s passed and as much as I wanted a business of my own I just didn’t have any idea’s flowing and had been hung up on Organize It. I thought I would reopen one day and held on to that idea for a very long As much as we would love time. to just do what we love, there is a lot more to In 2009 with the birth of my business than just writing son came a life of change and our blog, or talking to a bunch of hurdles. To find my clients. own balance I began a simple website where I wrote daily Running your business is and added favorite videos I had more important than what watched. I used a free website you are offering in your builder and enjoyed talking business! about spirituality in forums. From that simple act came No matter what you do for “followers” people who really a business you must wanted to hear more about become a savvy business what I was saying, so much so marketer! If you fail at this that they even donated to me you don’t actually have a getting a website of my own. viable business. Marketing is more than printing a I had no idea where this was business card and can be going but I was on my way! done with a minimal budget, but it is time

consuming. You will often be marketing when you would rather be doing that thing your business is about. Knowing what conversion is, making accounting records and becoming a bill collector are all a part of running your business as well and being comfortable in these arena's will be important. 9 to 5 is DEAD Once you are in business for yourself punching out is not an option. At least not in the first year or so. The appealing idea of running your own schedule often lures people into starting their own business and yes to some degree you do have more control in when you take time off, but the truth remains you work more than 40hrs a week. You will find yourself laying awake with 17

idea’s or worry floating in your mind. You always take your work home with you and you become the Queen (or king) of multitasking to get everything done! If you can’t image yourself working more than a 9 - 5 than being in business for yourself is going to be a tough start up.

stuff, and people who want your services. Your job is to quickly discern who’s who and respond in the most appropriate way. To your customer, acknowledge their situation, request, or problem and invite them to a 20-minute call. Include your available dates, times, and a phone number you can be reached. To the none customer, Not all collaboration are acknowledge their created equal! situation, request, or problem and direct them to Once you’re in business, other resources, whether it is failing or not, practitioners, blogs, or others are going to come articles that would be a at you. They will want to splendid fit for them. collaborate, be hired, sell you their services and Your Time is priceless! more! You need to be very cautious in deciding what Soon it becomes obvious you will say yes to! The that TV time is less second half of this is make valuable than a great sure you have an escape webinar or article. A night route, even if your working out to the movies may not with your best friend! be in your budget anymore Idea’s have a way of and a new email campaign turning into something is just what you need to else all together and if you improve that budget. set early agreements on Taking a long drive every what need to be made and Sunday might take a back what your agreeing to then seat to organizing your you have a way of walking schedule for the week away or buying others out ahead. But don’t over do if things aren’t going on it! Taking time for you is a the agreed upon path. very important part of this journey as well! No matter Your Inbox and Voice mail how passionate you are for will deceive you! your business if you don’t schedule some down time, As your inbox’s fills up at least once a week, you your task will be to learn will find yourself burnt out when and where to spend much faster! This self your time! Your inbox will neglect can also create explode. You care about some heavier negative everyone, but you can’t thoughts one’s that help everyone. Not ultimately can close your everyone is your customer. businesses doors so value Your inbox will be a your time and use the down jumble of people who time for high quality want to say thank you, rejuvenation. people who want free

Hitting Zero is a Milestone No matter how much savings you have built up, no matter how much budgeting and rebudgeting you do, there comes a point when $0 is your bank account balance. This is not a breaking point, but a building point. This is a place not only I have visited but thousands of entrepreneurs everywhere know that hitting zero is a privilege. Though when it happens it still can feel like a gut check that you have failed in some way. The truth is you are just a real business person, working the kinks out of your system, finding what marketing is best for you, learning what pieces of service you offer that are most valued by your clients and customers. If hitting zero is to much to bare just know you are not alone. Getting a part time income doing something else is not failure, it is funding your dream! If you can’t think of splitting yourself between your business and a second income then it is time to ask for help. It doesn't have to be direct. You can set up a new sale, offer an extra freebie for a purchase or plan a fundraiser. Hitting zero is not failure, it is letting you know you are all in and ready for the success that is yours! All in good time! Your business may not work just the way you planned or as fast as you had hoped but with trust and faith, keep moving. Your passion, your drive and your attitude will bring everything to you if you keep it up! Written By: Rebecca Lee Allen 18


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is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency Medicine doctor turned UFO/ New Energy researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and with the cover-up. In the course of his research Dr. Greer is asked to look at an amazing find: a humanoid specimen, 6 inches long from the Atacama Desert. Not until 2012 was he given permission to take bone samples and DNA from the specimen. At that same time a pre-eminent geneticist, hearing of this find, offered to do DNA testing. He enlisted an MD from the same university,- world renowned for his work with skeletal anomalies, to view the x-rays and CT scans. Their expertise along with Dr. Greer’s expansive knowledge of the subject bring more questions than answers. Where did this “Atacama Humanoid” come from? Are there others like it? What does it say about the origin of the human species? While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

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If you feel lost, disappointed,

hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you

will discover

yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy

pond, beautiful and strong.�

Masaru Emoto, The Secret Life of Water


You have the ideas, self discipline and the drive to be your own boss, well suited for self employment opportunities, as working with yourself allows you more freedom to work with your intuitive abilities and guidance. The Angels that work with you all the time are with you ensuring your success, and guiding you along your pathway. Acceptance of your Divine self, seeing yourself through the vision the divine does. Through the perfection that you are, as you are and have always been; created in the image of the Divine creator... Carried with you, that Light that Illuminates and shines all that is divine in this universe, as you are one with all of creation. You don't need to control or change anything, as it is all Divinely as it is meant to be. Look in your heart, and you know the truth of this situation. It is safe to admit the truth, as you are always supported. Lean upon your guides and Angelic team for courage and support. They know you have spent so much time hiding your true self and your Rainbow of Light from others, including yourself. Possibly afraid that if you admitted how you honestly felt, you would maybe feel overwhelmed by the changes that would come forward as you did. Truly this only brings forward positive changes filled with blessings as you focus on your Light that has always been with you. The situations before you will improve as you face them with Honesty, and Trust in your own feelings. Others may not agree with you, however you don't need to give away your power to anyone, nor do you need to hide from it.

right path. Continually keep your vision focused positively, and target your intention, as you see yourself helping others or working on other issues that are dear to your heart. Any desire you have, is possible as long as you stay focused upon it. There is nothing in this world that is not possible. The path to making your intentions reality may differ slightly from any expectation you have, but the outcome is very likely to exceed what you imagined. Keep the Faith.. Keep going...(if you need help with visualizing your intention.. create a dream board filled with words, phrases and photos of all that you dreams, visions and everything you desire to achieve. Place a recent photo of yourself in the center. Put this on Yellow paper, or outline the paper when you are finished with Yellow, as this color enhances the energy of your dream board). Reflect upon this daily, and put it somewhere where you will take notice of it, reminding yourself of all of these. Then step back, and watch the dream board come to life.

There are situations before you right now that you have become so tangled in, that you can' t see it objectively. The Divine asks and requests that you take time to step back to see the grand picture. Detach from your emotional attachment to it, asking your Guide and Angelic team to help you do so. You don't need to take this situation personally, although it is happening in your world. You don't need to take how others are acting personally, for it isn't personal at all. By doing this you keep yourself from having a You are being guided as to the path of your life's negative reaction to the experience. Give purpose.... Can you feel that rush of excitement yourself permission to take the time you need within you as you read that? Whenever you think about that dream‌ that desire that stirs within you. away from the people tangled in this situation. There is that rush when you are active within it, and Also, so that you can step back and gain some clarity. You don't have to know the solution right right now this is your signal, that you are on the now; you only need to clear yourself away from 23

the drama. There are changes that are coming forward, and you’re having a change of heart in regards to a few things. Know it is alright, and normal, as you find yourself just not interested in the Old ways you have been living. There are relationships, and situations that are coming to an end; making way and openings for new ones to come forward. A New phase of your journey is coming forward, and even though things may not make sense right now, soon enough, you will uncover the blessings behind them all. All of this is all Divinely orchestrated, and the wheels are in motion. New people will be coming into your life; pay attention, for there are reasons these new people are being sent in your direction. You may sense them as familiar, as if you have known them before; most likely you have in other incarnations. The soul remains the same, it is only the body that changes from incarnation to incarnation. You don't need to go looking for these people, as they will be guided to you. Just when you meet them, be open to your divine guidance; that is going to guide you with them. You are going to be guided to look for more avenues for your creativity to be expressed in your life. Your life purpose is guided through this creative expression allowing you to work through your sensitivities and emotions with them. You follow your guidance and the path before you. Your life purpose is one that serves you in a way that brings you and others great joy, and what you are doing right now, also is part of your life's purpose, as you are always on the right path. Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings, Lizabeth Spencer


The Spirit if Things By Carol Mann Spirit can guide us in many ways, whether through our dreams or a one-on-one encounter. These true stories and pictures will show that spirits are all around us, either in human or animal form. They help guide us and strengthen our beliefs, even for us “ordinary people.�

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Love's Way: Reflections and Practices By Kathryn Deputat Excerpted; What do you call that force which gives rise to flower and tree, butterfly and bee, that

source of all sources: all powerful,

knowing? I call that force Love, capital L. And it has been clearer to me than

ever, since picking up my first digital camera, that this Life Force which I call Love utterly knows what It is doing.

You might think of this book as an invitation in 25 parts, or a concerto in 25

movements. In either case, come close, listen deeply. You will hear the voice of Love Itself. You will recognize that all It wants is your consent. A simple, true Yes gains entry to Its lavish, perfect, providential kingdom..

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I Am -

I Am is a 2010 American documentary film written, narrated, and directed by Tom Shadyac. Tom is known for directing movies such as Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, and The Nutty Professor, Though you may find the humor within this documentary Tom truly is looking for real answers this time around. The documentary explores Shadyac's personal journey after a 2007 bicycle accident, "the nature of humanity". Tom interviews some of the leading minds to ask two questions. “What is wrong with the world?” and “What can we do about it?” What he is given for answers will include the latest in scientific studies on the subject. Do you know you are personally connected to the yogurt you are eating? Would you think it actually can feel what you feel? Learn how we are effecting our world with each thought, feeling and action we take.

Watch Now The Illusion of Time Featured on Nova Time. We waste it, save it, kill it, make it. The world runs on it. Yet ask

physicists what time actually is, and

the answer might shock you: They have no idea. Even more surprising, the deep sense we have of time passing from

present to past may be nothing more

than an illusion. How can our understanding of something so familiar be so wrong? In search of

answers, Brian Greene takes us on the ultimate time-traveling adventure, hurtling 50 years into the future before stepping into a wormhole to travel back to the past. Along the way, he will reveal a

new way of thinking about time in which moments past, present, and future—from the reign of T.

rex to the birth of your great-great-grandchildren—exist all at once. This journey will bring us all the way back to the Big Bang, where physicists think the ultimate secrets of time may be hidden. You'll never look at your wristwatch the same way again.

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The Transcendental Meditation® program:

Living 200% of Life with Janet Hoffman In order to appreciate how meditation can give us access to deeper and more fulfilling aspects of life, we first need to consider exactly what the full range of life looks like. Life is multilayered. What appears on the surface of life does not fully reveal the totality of all the forces and influences that gives rise to that particular phenomenon or moment in time and space. This is illustrated by an analogy: A wave rising up on the surface of the ocean can be identified as a singular, unique wave in time and space. However the wave is essentially nothing other than the ocean in movement. Similarly, our own individuality and the matter of our world are experienced to be both real and unique, but are actually unified in the unbounded ocean of silent Being that is their source, substance, and ultimate reality. Each of us is like that wave. We have our individuality with our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and actions. Deep within us, as within all manifest creation, there lies a field of infinite pure unbounded silence. Is it possible to simultaneously know and enjoy our full boundless status while maintaining our independence and uniqueness? The answer is yes. It is possible to live the full range of life once we have learned to bring our attention within by transcending the boundaries of our perception, enlivening the level of omnipresent silent Being in our awareness. Both from the point of view of the most advanced understanding of physics, the Unified Field theory, and from the ancient understanding of life from Vedanta, we learn that nature has two values: the silent field of pure existence on the one hand, and the dynamic manifest field of action and matter on the other.

Pure silent existence is the basis of all that exists in the manifest world. It is unbounded, meaning that it permeates everything. It is the home of all the laws of nature that structure the field of manifestation— all impulses of creative intelligence arise from this pure field of infinite potential, and those impulses create and maintain the ever-expanding universe in the field of dynamic life. The whole manifest creation comes out of the silent field of Being, which nonetheless remains eternally itself, un-manifest and pure. Investigation reveals that the unified field is fundamentally a field of consciousness. The fundamental qualities of the unified field— intelligence, dynamism, and self-awareness—are defining characteristics of consciousness. Extensive published research and countless personal anecdotes demonstrate that one can directly experience the unified field in the inner transcendental state of pure consciousness. When we systematically transcend from more concrete states of activity in the mind to subtler states, and then open our awareness to the silent field of pure consciousness, we will then begin to enjoy wholeness in the boundaries, however, pure Being cannot be lived on the basis of trying to be conscious of it on the thinking level. Self-realization is not only a psychological state—the whole physiology is involved. Every nervous system reflects the same omnipresent field of pure silence to the extent that it is capable of reflecting. During the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, the program for the development of consciousness founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the mind identifies with subtler states of thought—more expanded silent states of 27

consciousness. At the same time, the body settles to a state of deep rest during which deeply rooted stresses are dissolved. When the nervous system—the reflector of Being— has been purified through the physical release of stress, individual consciousness gains the unbounded invincible quality of infinite silent Being. Living without pure consciousness is a boundless source of energy and creativity, enlivened at the basis of each thought and action is tiring. When we transcend the field of activity and become identified with our silent unbounded nature, then dynamism and change and individuality become the means to enliven and stabilize the unbounded. An analogy for this process is that of dying a cloth the traditional way: The cloth must alternately be allowed to absorb the dye, and then put in the sun to bleach out the dye; each time a little more color is retained. After alternating these two opposing processes several times, the cloth becomes colorfast. The fading of the color in the sunshine is necessary in this alternating process in order to retain the dye permanently This is skill in living—transforming the dynamic field of change into a means of enlivening immortality. Eternity dances in to the waves of relativity. TM is a skillful procedure for opening our awareness to that infinite value of Creativity and Intelligence and to start to incorporate it in our daily lives. Regularly alternating the process with our activity allows us to retain more and more of our unbounded silent nature over time. When that value is infused and always available to our awareness, then the goal of all action—complete fulfillment— is achieved. By handling consciousness, the basis of action, all aspects of action are handled automatically, including thinking, the senses and the organs of action. Seated in pure consciousness, all impulses arising from that will favor all creation. As a result, our every thought and action is supported by all the laws of nature and will be harmonious with all creation. There are two fruits of fulfillment of action: physical and non-physical or spiritual. The value of action is to infuse the silent spiritual into the realm of physical—raising the value of physical and unfolding total spiritual—200% of life. We recognize that spiritual and physical (or silence

and dynamism) are two contrary phenomenon, but can be integrated together; this means that the two extreme values grow together producing stability and activity in infinite value. The range of fullness of life is both unchanging silence and dynamic change—both together. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was a modern day sage who expounded the full knowledge of the range of life and the mechanics whereby the two extremes can be lived simultaneously. He then encouraged the scientific community to scrutinize the benefits of this integration of life that results from his simple natural procedure of transcending— Transcendental Meditation. Five decades of published scientific research on the TM technique show that the development of consciousness and integration of the two fields of life glorify all experience, thought, perception, and action. Further information on the Transcendental Meditation program: For women, visit or Janet Hoffman has more than 40 years experience working on the international, national, regional, and local levels of the Transcendental Meditation program in leadership, organizational, creative development, and teaching positions. Janet is a member of the National Board of Directors of the Global Mother Divine Organization-USA, the TM Program for Women in the U.S. She is currently nationwide Director of the TM program for women professionals. Janet has appeared on both television and radio and introduced the TM program in business, government, educational institutions, and to the public. She learned the TM technique in 1968 and was personally trained as a certified teacher by the founder of the TM program, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


Welcome to Free Nordic Healing! We want to invite you to free group healing sessions on Sundays every 2nd week. We are a group of healers from the Nordic countries which comes together to unite our energies. The healing will help you to find your way back to your original energies and will promote your spiritual development. Visit our group page on Facebook and sign up for the next event. Welcome! Learn more & Sign up here Welcome to Free Twin Soul Healing The next event will be Tuesday Nov. 19th and every Tuesday thereafter. Twin Soul Healing is performed as Distance Healing, which means that you can be wherever you are. Through the effect of the healing energies, we may become more aware of who we are and what we want in our lives and retrieve the knowledge that is stored in our DNA, our cellular structure and soul memory. Let's join together and raise our vibrations. Learn more & Sign up here Merging & Healing With Gaia in Global Meditation 11 :11 am CST , 3:11 pm CST pm and 6:11 pm CST every Sunday. A meditation will be generated in Austin, Texas with immense love and dedication, globally connecting our hearts to sing one beautiful harmony of love communing with the "Infinite I am " becoming one with Source. Sit quiet in a your favorite place and let go of your thoughts, relinquish your inner dialog, stay in that stage as long as you can be there, usually dreams happen and you are awake while this is taking place but in total relaxation, Meditation is very healthy and helps our brain to be rewired absorbing cosmic energy that repairs every fiber in your body. Let's meditate and merge with Gaia and one another. Hugs and love. Learn more & Sign up here THE 108th GLOBAL BRAIN PROJECT WEEKLY WORLDWIDE MEDITATION EVENT every Saturday 11:00 am and 5:30 pm (UK time -- and the corresponding time in your own time zone) Supporting the Worldwide Revolution through raising consciousness globally. We believe that the only way to effect real change in the world is to change global consciousness and the Global Brain Project, which organizes these events, was formed to try to do just that. The Global Brain Project provides a focus for these events and defines a new attitude to consciousness -- a peace-filled militancy of love. We will be focusing the power of collective consciousness through regular weekly meditation events and through additional events designed to bring increased coherence to the global brain. Learn more & Sign up here


Take time to slow down, take care of yourself, and connect with the energy that is the source of you.

Energetic Well Being Process on Sunday, September 22nd Experience increased wellness by joining a free call-in wellness event featuring LeRoy Malouf. Experience how quickly we can eliminate root causes of pain and symptoms, and restore our body, mind, and spirit to vitality and wellness. Go to http:// and select Sept. 22nd, 2013 for information on joining the call! Online Introduction to Pranic Healing in us for these free bi-monthly online intro on Pranic Healing with Master Co, right from the comfort of your home! The 2 hour intro will include the following topics: What is Pranic Healing, How Prana/ Life force affects various aspects of your life, How to harness this energy for healing, Demonstration on Pranic Healing being applied, Participate in experiments to feel the energy and much more.. Learn more & Sign up here Free Healing Sessions That Heal Obstacles and Activate Your Life Energy -- Open to anyone and available via Live Webcast, Teleconference or Skype. A free healing session with Divine Mother is a rich, peaceful, and enlivening experience. You will be immersed in the great abundance of Divine Mother’s guidance, healing, and love. Using vibrational healing tools, Connie Huebner will guide you on a profound inner journey into Divine Mother’s presence. You will be dipped in and out of the Infinite Source of creation to heal and dissolve blocks that inhibit the flow of your life energy. Learn more & Sign up here Free Energy Healing What is Energy? Energy is life-force, power. This vital force comes from one Original Source, and is found in every particle of matter, no matter how small. Energy Healing is healing using the natural flow of energy within all things. This ancient form of healing is natural, safe and very powerful. The Healer does not exchange energy with anyone, but rather acts as a channel for positive and loving healing energy to flow from the Universe. This stimulates the person's own internal healing energies to complete the healing process. Learn more & Sign up here

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One of Nate’s core teachings for Planet Earth is on the Law of Compensation. The Law of Compensation says that we reap what we sow. It states that we, as human beings with a spirit, have the capacity to create change in our lives by looking at what we are sowing or creating with our own thoughts.

Most people are dissatisfied with their lives because of what they haven't got. Nate's teachings suggest that it doesn't take that much of an effort to change that, and to start to receive more. There is no physical work involved to start your change. By using your thoughts in a new way, to attract what you want, you will see great change happen.

Take a look at your outward circumstances and you will see exactly where your thoughts are taking you. You are reaping what you are thinking. This Law will never change. It's the same everywhere. It's you that has to change - change The good news is that that you can change your the thought, and you change the circumstances thinking on anything, including wealth and having of your life. those nice material things that you have always wanted. You know that your thoughts can scatter sometimes, and this is where some discipline Some people are inclined to think that having comes in. You want to get back to thinking of abundance of material things means that you are what you desire - with an expectation that it will materialistic, but we know that is not the case, turn up. don't we?! They key, with anything that you desire, is to Everything you own is made of a material understand what you are thinking first, then substance, and that doesn't make you a bad person. visualizing it in your life, and finally expecting it So why not have the good things that you desire? to show up. It will turn up in your life, if you You can have them. Whatever you desire can be think it so. yours. You just need to change your thinking. Thinking and the laws of the universe go hand in -Brett Clauson & Nate hand because without your thoughts how would the universe know what you want and then get that to you? 31

Meet Our Sponsors Love the Process Rebecca L. Allen ~ Law of Attraction Mind Coaching, Business Coaching, Social Media Coaching, Basic website setup. Ho’oponopono Clearings and Healings, Intuitive Life Services, available by Phone, Skype or Email. (508) 269-5338 Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation Johanna Delaney ~ New Paradigm for MDHT, Crystal Therapy, Angel Readings, Energy Awareness Coaching, Workshops~ By appointment only ~ 66 Main St, Rte. 58 Carver, MA (781) 243-9548

Create Fate Enterprises Renae Sauter, a long-time Psychology Instructor, Clinician and Therapist and now Business Owner. I offer a holistic, individualized approach and will cater my Coaching with your specific needs, these tools are helpful in getting at some of the deeper issues that may be blocking you from having the abundance that you deserve. Join me in creating the life that you *really* want. Create Fate website

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Connect Spirits Nov./Dec. 2013  

Enjoy 5 things you don't want to avoid, in natural home remedies. Live 200% of Life with TM Coach Janet Hoffman. Explore the Celestial Effe...

Connect Spirits Nov./Dec. 2013  

Enjoy 5 things you don't want to avoid, in natural home remedies. Live 200% of Life with TM Coach Janet Hoffman. Explore the Celestial Effe...