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Spirit says “have fun”… but spirit I am just a few days away from publishing, how will I get my work done? Spirit ..“Have Fun”, but isn’t that my issue I was so busy having fun and now I have all this work! Spirit ..” You are suppose to have fun, when you work there is no fun, but if you have fun the work is already done! This message was a tough one for me to understand this week, but thank you spirit for always being right, when work gets hard just have fun! When you are so busy having fun you forget you are working!! Are you a writer, photographer or This month let’s have fun! interested in running a column of your own? We are looking for unique, inspired, Blessings & Love, Rebecca L. Allen Cover Photo ‘s By: Icy K. Bradley

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submissions and welcome you to submit your work for upcoming issues. This comes with unique benefits and a fun avenue to share and grow together! Submit your article, photo, poem, ideas and suggestions to:

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Photo submitted by Janine Ouellette Sullivan taken at Elephant Rock Beach Westport, Ma.

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Derived from the Greek words μετά metá, meaning "beyond", "upon" or "after" and φυσικά physiká, meaning "physics". It is the ability to acknowledge things undetectable by the physical sense. Metaphysics includes many subjects within Science, Spirituality, Angels, Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Consciousness, Magick, Spirits, Law of Attraction and many more subcategories containing unexplained, undetectable dimensions within our reality and beyond. In the conscious evolution, metaphysics has taken its place as the most comprehensive and most effective means of gaining knowledge and understanding about the true nature of the physical Universe.

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If your eating organic, taking herbs instead of pills and still using heavy store bought cleaners in your home, this article is just for you, and anyone else who would like a clean home with no toxic residue and a savings on their cleaning supplies! Just when I was bring my son home from the hospital, I saw a commercial where a mom used a chemical wipe on the baby’s food tray. Of course they said it was safe… but really it made me stop and think for a minute. Really how safe could it be, it isn’t all natural, it does have chemicals and this new product wants my family to be the test subject! No way, if you haven’t figured it out just yet, many “safe” things end up being pulled from shelves regularly, after the effects are truly shown. So why put your family at risk when you have a kitchen full of natural cleaners! Where touching on the big three to help you start your spring the Natural way! Please keep in mind, as with any cleaner, you should test spot surfaces before using cleaners. Lemon is wonderful for your health but it is just as wonderful for your chores! A natural disinfectant, deodorizer and stain remover, lemon may just become one of your favorite cleaning tools. Throw your used lemons in the Garbage disposal, get rid of the odor and disinfect. Though I personally do not condone the use of microwaves you can clean yours naturally. Clean and remove odors, place a cup 3/4 full of water with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice in the microwave. Heat to boiling. Leave door closed for more 10 minutes. Now just wipe away foods, stains and leave a fresh scent behind. Clean mineral buildup on tea kettle and coffee pots by boiling lemon slices in the pots. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour or two, and then rinse and dry. Clean windows and mirrors by putting a few tablespoons of lemon juice and water into a spray bottle. Bleach wooden chopping boards and remove stains from countertops by rubbing them with undiluted lemon juice. Let sit for a while (a few hours for really bad stains) and wipe clean. But don’t use this method on marble and granite surfaces, lemon is too corrosive. Mix one part olive oil to one part lemon juice to clean and shine your wood surfaces. The same mix will also give sparkle to your wooden floors. Add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to your laundry rinse cycle when washing whites. You’ll notice the difference!

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Vinegar cleans much like an allpurpose cleaner. All you need is to mix a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and you have a solution that will clean most areas of your home. Vinegar is a great natural cleaning product as well as a disinfectant and deodorizer. It's always best to test any cleaner on a hidden area first to make sure no color change or damage occurs. Be aware that improperly diluted vinegar is acidic and can eat away at tile grout. Vinegar isn't a good idea to use on marble surfaces, either. And, don't worry about your home smelling like vinegar. The smell disappears when it dries. Some common uses for vinegar in the rooms of your house are‌

Lemons can be used to remove fabric stains, including those from blood, grass and rust. Dab salt and lemon juice onto the mark, leave for a while, then rinse well and wash as normal. Baking soda can be used to scrub surfaces in much the same way as commercial non-abrasive cleansers. Baking soda is great as a deodorizer. Baking soda makes a great addition in the laundry room, and a quarter cup to your next wash cycle for cleaner laundry and deodorize your washing machine.

Clean the bathtub, toilet, sink, and counter-tops. Use pure vinegar in the toilet bowl to get rid of unsightly rings. Flush the toilet to allow the water level to go down before pouring the undiluted vinegar around the inside of the rim. Scrub down the bowl. Vinegar will also eat away the soap scum and hard water stains on your fixtures and tile leaving them shiny and beautiful. Clean the top of the stove with equal parts vinegar and water. Most appliances can be cleaned with this same all purpose mix of vinegar and water and counter-top surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected same way. Unclog your drain with a mixture of baking soda followed by lemon juice. The foaming action will clear minor clogs Messes on stovetops and in ovens are no match for this mixture: Make a paste of lemon juice, water, and baking soda. Banish black spots caused by mildew and mold by making a paste of one part lemon juice to one part baking powder. Leave the paste on for two hours, then rinse off. Clean walls by sprinkle a bit of baking soda onto a damp sponge and apply directly to walls, it even works to get out crayon.

Use vinegar to clean floors and be amazed at the fresh shiny results. You can use vinegar as a natural fabric softener. This can be helpful for families with sensitive skin issues. Add ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle. Vinegar has the added benefit of breaking down laundry detergent more effectively. I like to use vinegar to clean my washing machine as well. If you would like to try something other than just lemon for your windows and mirror try 1 liter water, 1/4 cup of vinegar and 2 Tbsp. of lemon juice in a spray bottle. Shake well and use as you would store-bought window cleaner.

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What if the reason we have been told to take time to give thanks for our food, was to change it’s water structure for a healthy assimilation into our body. What if every time we take a moment to send Love, Thanks, and Gratitude to our water and food it actually restructures the physical molecules within. What if you just tried it few a few days? What if you noticed a difference? Before you drink your water take a breath and relax. Bring up a memory of something you truly love, that natural makes you smile. Pure Love water stickers perfect for on the go blessings. Put them on your disposable cups. Who made your coffee today? Where they in a great space? Great for your toss away water bottles and cups. Great for clients drinks during and after sessions!

Now focus your attention on your beverage or food. Give thanks & love to it. Image your positive energy infusing with your water and you may even imagine it glowing with white light. This also is great for adding more love to your cooking, baths, showers, and while swimming. Just take a moment, more if you can, to send out the highest vibration you can reach. This simple act, used daily, with transform your water and your life! To Learn More read Novembers issue of South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics or Look up Dr. Emoto!

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12 Steps to a Simple Spring Detox


Look at those household cleaners

and detergents. What many people don’t realize is how toxic their home environment really is, and that their With Lara Amaral, CHHC, AADP household products could be making them fat! Get “clean” even when it comes to your household cleaners, look for Founder, Authentically You products that are free of harsh chemicals and watch those Wellness, LLC pounds melt away! Integrative Food as Medicine, Holistic Healing Therapies & 5. Get rid of all plastic containers containing BPA Lifestyle Advice, for an even Healthier, more Energized Version and certainly don’t use them to reheat foods & beverages in your microwave! of YOU! Nearly everyone in our society accumulates material 6. Consider investing in a cast iron skillet things, and over the years stuff has a way of piling up. This ultimately leads to mental clutter, whether we 7. Don’t forget to spring clean your heart. realize it or not. Whether we’re over-preparing or Eliminate those pesky negative thoughts and holding onto things for sentimental reasons, most people habits you’ve been harboring, which no longer just don’t like to part with their material possessions. serves you. A clean, open heart will allow you to These possessions can have a way of weighing one receive all the good that awaits you each and every day. down. As you move into spring, after a blustery cold winter or if you are feeling a bit weighed down, try some 8. Get rid of those toxic relationships spring cleaning; not just in the sense of those that leave you feeling drained & depleted. Simply house cleaning. Try really purging yourself choose to release them. Ask yourself, what isn’t serving of things that are becoming toxic to you. you any longer, who is weighing you down, emotionally 1. Give away some of those material things to Goodwill; release some of your past and open yourself up, literally, to amazingly new, vibrant energy!

2. Spring-cleaning for our physical bodies. Just as we accumulate “stuff” in the form of keepsakes in the home, so do our bodies accumulate residues and toxins that need to be cleaned out at the cellular level.

3. Give yourself a break from rich, complicated foods by either cleansing or fasting for a short period of time. Cleansing means paring down your food to just simple fruits and vegetables, lots of water and perhaps whole grains. Make those ancient whole grains. Fasting means limiting most foods and drinking lots of water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, teas and soups. Cleansing and fasting can sharpen your concentration, and super importantly, if you are looking for true joy in your life, you will awaken to great clarity and insight, which inevitably promotes spiritual awareness. It will also bring you improved immune function as well as greater, more efficient digestion. What that means to you is elimination of toxins more rapidly, which means a healthier, more energized, radiant YOU!

speaking. What doesn’t need to be in your life anymorethen let it all go. 9.

Focus more on what you do want, and what

you want your life to look like. Ask yourself, who do you want in your life, what positive people do I need to attract into my life? Being around positive, supportive people not only keep you on the path of attracting positivity, it’s also been proven that your Immune function is greatly improved as well!

10. Do more of what you want, and less of what you don’t! Learn how to say “no”, take small steps and you will soon be establishing boundaries that will only help you excel in getting more of what you are meant to receive out of Life!

11. Slow down your pace; eliminate the excessive activities & engagements that leave you feeling stressed and harried—this is quite often the main culprit which leads one to out of control, unexpected stress eating, and ultimately leads to disease.

Take more time for Self. Nourish yourself with relationships, spirituality, nature & nutrient dense foods. You will be hear so much more surrounding liver support & nutrient density in the months and years to come 12.

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Careful, conscientious removal, recycling, and re-purposing of unwanted items from spring cleaning, estate sales, moving, business closings/ moving, yard & garage sales.

Set your Serving Upper Cape, appointment South Coast, & today South Shore, Ma. Call Cyrus Ma. 508-789-5883

Simply Soothing Sanctuary

Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Kriya & Shiatsu Massage, Spirit Song circles, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Labyrinth Walks, Rituals, Classes & Workshops 84 Summer St. Kingston, Ma. 02364 (781) 582-3912 or (617) 962-9775

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Good Evening to all of my Angels and Spiritual Teachers. Would you please share with all of us a little something on the subject of laughter and having fun? -Little one, there are so many topics intertwined with your question. Laughter is a state of being. It is like the light which surrounds everyone. Sometimes being seen by all and sometimes hidden within. Laughter can bring people together and at the same time blow them wide apart. But today we will only be dealing with the joyful aspects of laughter and the ways that it helps to open us all up to feeling one with the human experience. We may not all have been human before but we have watched millions of you in your daily interactions and can safely say that we are now experts in reacting to the positive ways in which you all have fun. Fun is really what you make of it. It involves being able to think imaginatively and perhaps being a little bit surprised that interactions which involve learning and/or observing, can still delight and surprise you in positive ways. Laughter bubbles up from your core and attaches at the heart level moving quickly with the oxygen in the bloodstream of the body. Hmmm, sounds interesting...I looked online to find some other words that mean fun and they include the following: amusement, antic, blast, drollery, enjoyment, entertainment, festivities, frolicking, gaiety, glee, hilarity, horseplay, jest, joking, pleasure, relaxation, tomfoolery and my personal favorite, waggishness! What do you think of them? -Oh the list could go on and on...Laughter and joy bubble up from within. Each of the above words brings an element of surprise coupled with positive thought forms. We are all wide-eyed about having fun! So many types of fun and outlets for having it within and/or without; without walls or judgments as to what is considered fun.

Fun depending on your background and your needs can be carried in a shirt pocket, the back of a pair of pants or hanging off of a light socket. One man's toy is another woman's vacuum cleaner. One child's plaything is another's cooking utensil. Fun can be circular as in a below ground pool, it can be hard like the back seat of a new car, sleek as a seal and tiny as a gumball in the mouth of a young child who is chomping, chewing and attempting to blow big bubbles. We see laughter and growth, we recognize that having fun involves fair play, sharing, observing and being one with your experience. Enough so that you are able to let the good feelings associated with the experience to carry you along. Who else in this universe feels compelled to talk with me about joyfulness and having fun? -We in the Nature Kingdom, those who inhabit the trees, plants and mushrooms. We are intimately blessed in knowing how to have fun for we play hide and seek, we live under an umbrella and we know how to climb trees faster than any of you ever will! Skipping stones, planting seed pods, expelling sensory experiences such as touching a new cow's lips to make it sneeze, dancing on top of dragonfly larvae and being at the very beginnings of flower, tree, bush, leaf lives. Oh, the joy of new beginnings and in watching growth in all of nature's children! Most of our fun comes from interacting and experiencing the simplest of activities: It is pleasurable to watch a spider building it's web; seeing the sheen coming off of new dew lying in the early morning sun. We enjoy watching all of you as well. We never tire of doing this and get such a kick out of our interactions with select groups of you as well because it is a learning experience on both sides. Each of us has our own particular talents, foibles and learning curves. Thank you!

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-Archangel Michael here, To sleep and to dream of twilight and of colors so lush and radiant. To be one with all worlds is fun for me. -Metatron: Sometimes it is important to ease yourself into a good belly laugh. Don't let it completely take you over without recognizing that you are going to feel 100% better afterwards. Belly laughs come from the heart and allow you to release endorphins which can make you feel good all over. So don't be afraid to lose control in this manner, like a good cry, a belly laugh can bring you closer to others even while you are releasing the waves of laughter. -Gabriel: To me, it is all about the smile factor. Smiling from ear to ear helps crinkle one's eyes and can open you up to allowing new relationships to come in. Smiling at someone with an open heart. Yes, a smile; shy, noble, tiny or broad in combination with a look from one's eyes can bring about a wonderful vibration. A sense of oneness and being a part of life! A sense that yes-we are all a part of this world together so lets enjoy it! - Mother Mary: To me it is all about new babies, watching and being a part of their growth. It is also fun to lift up my skirts and dance to the music from my day. Chanting, lilting voices, using drums and bell tones to join others together to sing and love life. -Buddha: There is laughter in a grain of sand which has joined with thousands of others to form a beach on which many stretch out upon on towels. They have shovels and buckets to mold this same sand and to dig into it and run upon it. Fun can be found inside all of us as well as outside of our beings. Sometimes it is man-made, animal-made, naturemade, god/dess made. Sometimes it can be un-made: sloppy, slippery, gooshy, seasonal, you name it and laughter has been there. Both inside and outside of the box. In other words, laughter is what you make of it! Again we have come full circle...Let it wax and wane, listen to it breath in and out, in and out. Feel your heart beating in time to the like and love that encircles you when you share laughter and fun with others! -Jesus: To walk beside you all. To be there when you dream, breath and think. To laugh with the knowledge that you were created in my own image and yet you don't ever act succinctly like me. Each of you is different yet each is you still mirrors a few pieces of me. Watching you all makes me proud to be a parent. I created all of you in my image and it is exciting to watch you all grow up! That is my fun! -Deva of Healing: We enjoy watching all of nature erupting, growing, sensing its plot of land and how to maneuver within it. The rich colors of earth , sultry skin within a flower's bud and when it opens, and we see this new creation that my friends is fun. -Joseph: It is so simple. Like addition and subtraction there are rules. In this case, the main rule with having fun is to do no harm. As a father and a friend to many young boys, I have recognized that bend in the road where sometimes laughter can turn ugly and cause friends to part ways. So remember that having fun should not happen at the expense of another

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person's feelings. And if one does accidently cause harm, fess up immediately and apologize. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As for myself, I enjoy sanding a sturdy walking stick and taking its measure.

This information channeled by :

Maryfaith Goessling

owner of Energies from Source -Sandelphon: Here we stand at the Healing zenith of your world. Right in the Center in middle of an emotional tidal pool; seahorses, land creatures, mixtures Jamaica Plain, MA. A of culture and ethnicity, warmth and mayhem; light with the certified darkness and the night time seething with a vibrancy and Master Healer consecutiveness that holds no boundaries to new beginnings or and Master growth. Teacher of the modality formally known as Shamballa Basic from the School of Esoteric So what do you do for fun Sandelphon? Sciences. Ms. Goessling has operated her -We float frisbees in the night and sail them high up in the air! We healing practice in Jamaica Plain since 2006. She is clairaudient (clear hearing) and easily listen to the music that emanates between worlds. Endless chatter sounding like birds, like monkeys, gazelles, cheetahs...Oh how these connects with angels, spirit guides and other sounds make us smile! Does it sound silly that we could be like beings of love and light. She specializes in you? We are just a mirror world. A snapshot image of your own. answering specific questions thru the use of tarot cards, channeled readings and/or My thanks to all of you who spoke today. Please continue to trigger dowsing rods. For more information please the love, light and laughter in every aspect of your lives. visit her website:

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Simply Soothing Sanctuary Free One Hour Session with Dee Davidson you choice of Massage, Reiki, Yoga or a walk in the Labyrinth and Discussion.

when you mention this ad in South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics Magazine while booking your appointment !

Johanna Delaney 10% off all offered Services Valid through Feb. 2013

Tammy Murray-Cousins $20 off a one hour Human Design Reading or 20% off any other offered service or product.

Harmony Network Chiropractic & Yoga Dr. Debra Babcock offering a Complimentary Wellness Consultation, Exam and Follow-up Visit.

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As grand and earth-shattering as the discoveries have been in this new-found Part One discipline, it has almost exclusively been a revolution of the microscopic. When it comes to such big picture concepts like time, gravity and objects as huge as planets and stars, Quantum Theory is no where to By Harry Haller be found. That world is ruled by the something which pissed Einstein Theories of Special Relativity and General he first time I truly encountered Quantum off to no end. He called it Relativity. This does not mean Quantum Mechanics was when I "spooky action at a distance", a Mechanics is a petty science. Quite the polite way of saying "I think it's a contrary. Quantum Mechanics is the Fred signed up for a class at load of bull s%#t", but... it's true. Astaire to Relativity's Ginger Rogers. It is university entitled "The The entire physical world is Philosophical Problems of the infinity you find between zero and one. absolutely, inextricably, Quantum Physics". The Just like the journey of a million miles must professor was a voracious chain unconditionally connected, always start with one small step. Our -smoker who commuted every something Taoist monks and universe, as massive as it is, would never be Persian mystics have been saying fully understood without the attention day from Cambridge, Mass., around seventy-five miles away. for eons, and finally, in the early Quantum Theory has placed on the He also said "okay" an average years of the 20th century, smallest of the small; not to mention, of five times a minute. I know something modern science was everything else you may have heard or read beginning to prove. because I timed him. about - String Theory, M-Theory, Holographic Theory - all of these are Now, how is this of any “it's a wild and crazy world down there, a place mere hybrid proposals built on the use to you? What does shoulders of Quantum Mechanics where you can be dead and alive at the same timeâ€? and Relativity. There have been this have to do with anything? Well, in the valiant attempts to fuse these two The only other shining gem you behemoths of scientific thought into one world we live our lives and perform our daily tasks in, this really need to know about the single concept. Even though Quantum Quantum World is the one that information is absolutely Mechanics cannot explain everything, it useless unless you're collecting top experts in the field have all can arguably be said that it's the key to anecdotes of my college years, iterated in some form or another, understanding "half of everything". Plus, and that is that absolutely no one it's a wild and crazy world down there, a which I doubt you are. On a quantum level, however, what I truly understands Quantum place where you can be dead and alive at just shared is as relevant to you Mechanics, and those who claim the same time, where you can travel they do, understand it the least. and who you are as your very through walls, and even change the past. own heart-beat is. You see, as Which should lift any worries Interested? Good. See you next month when we you may have if you care to dive visit the wise-men who started this whole we divide our world down to further into this subject because, wonderful insanity. the smallest of orts - as we go beyond the reaches of even the at the very worst, if you're totally most powerful of microscopes - confused and nothing makes any Born in Malta to the son of a diplomat, Harry spent his sense, then you're right on track. life traveling from one side of the world to the as we enter "the quantum other. After attending Brown University and Oxford Sort of fool-proof, isn't it? world" one fact grows louder where his studies primarily focused on philosophy with and clearer with every step. a slight bend towards science, Harry lived in Geneva Before you jump down this rabbit Everything in the entire working as a researcher then an assistant professor and universe is connected. There is hole, however, it is vital to put later as an advisor to the U.N. Although Harry's things into perspective. For no finite clearly defined primary job for the past few years is as an AttachĂŠ at starters, even though Quantum separation between any two D.N.T.'s Asian branch, he spends a lot of his time consulting for fiction writers on Marxism, Mechanics has turned things. Even when electrons Existentialism, and post-Newtonian physics. Harry now split away from each other and Newtonian Physics and divides his time between Asia and his family home on Euclidean Geometry on their travel to opposite ends of the Cape Cod. To ask Harry a question or to make galaxy, they still communicate heads, it has not replaced them, comments email as many people want to claim. with one other instantly,

Into the Magic Theatre


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Turning Mind Clutter to Mind Comfort

Are you ready ? Your Life is waiting for you to become a willing co-creator! Gain insight into your hearts true desire! Get clear about your dreams! Create things you never thought possible! Law of Attraction Mind Coach Ho’ oponopono Practitioner House Blessing / Clearings Business Clearings Water Structure Classes In-Home Reiki for You & Your Pets Visit:

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with Tom and Nancy Foley

Tom a gifted psychic and medium with over 12 years experience. Nancy a noted astrologer and psychic with over 14 years experience. Together they are Cienna Moon. It’s HE SAID / SHE SAID where the advice is always free and the answers “divine”. R.N. writes, I am feeling really overpowered by life now. No matter what I want things seem to be going in the opposite direction. What can you tell me?



As I close my eyes to meditate on your question I see a lot red color filling up the scene. As the scene unfolds there is a noticeable yellow mist wisping around and through the red and then dispersing back to solid red then back again in a repeating cycle pattern. This fades back and I see you walking down a street, you seem to be alone but you keep turning around to see if someone is coming up behind you in an almost paranoid fashion. Then I see you moving forward and gaining some distance but there Is a shadow side of yourself that keeps splitting away from you to check the path behind you. Then the scene changes and there is a sense of being alone waiting for someone to show up but you don't believe they will. As you start to look around you see that the person you were waiting for is not who you think it is.

Casting a chart for the day and time of your question I see a lot of fire energy in the 12th house. You are creating a lot of steam but it’s taking you no where at present. Part of the reason for this is you are learning you can’t do it all on your own. You can’t disregard your need for intimacy or greater bonding but also you can’t sacrifice yourself to connect with others. These energies are requiring you to make some necessary adjustments in life. Coercion does not create cohesion, we must find a way to align ourselves with another based on mutual passion or shared intimacies. Something greater than self must be the focus in your life in order to make this happen. A crisis could bring you closer to some one at this time or farther apart.

If it sounds a little confusing it should from what I feel about this. I believe the red and yellow color relates to the root and solar plexus chakras so you may be dealing with foundational stuff and how your "will" influences those issues. The sense of fear around those behind you and waiting for that saving person or energy to come to your aid is you thinking you can't get what you really desire but that is because what you are trying to bring in isn't what you need at this point there is something more important coming. As you begin to pull back from trying to make things happen I feel you will see that the right thing will come to you if you ask the Universe for what you really need. You're current actions are polarizing you and at this point I feel you have to get clear and see what come toward you as you pull back.

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The other thing I see is a need for you to confront your insecurities. Somewhere in your life right now you are talking the talk but not walking the walk. Maybe you are afraid of being vulnerable in relationship? Hey, it’s ok we all need people in our lives. Those who truly know you understand and those who don’t won’t. So let your guard down a bit and try being a bit more approachable. It may be just what is called for now. Email your questions to Please include your birth sign Links open in new page


Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation - New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation Master Healer Basic Workshop April 20th and 21st 10am - 6:30pm both days ~ You will receive an official certificate issued by the School of Esoteric Sciences ~ This workshop will teach the philosophy of new paradigm MDT, theory of disease and the emotional body, theory of channeling energy, grounding, brain balancing, activations, hands on practice, self mastery and personal transformation. Invest of $300 and you must pre-register with a $90 deposit by April 12th This class is a minimum of 16 hours for your certification. Please do not make plans for this weekend for those evenings, as you are in such a high vibration you will need your re-cooperation time and make sure you are nutritionally balanced as well. Namaste ♥Carver Holistic Center 66 Main St, Carver, Ma. 781-243-9548 Cienna Moon - Astrology 101 - Every Sunday for 3 weeks starting April 14th Three week class starting Sunday April 14-Sunday April 28, 2013. This class opens the door to astrology through the energy of each sign and how it affects your life. It's all about the energy in your life and how you can identify the forces you came here to work with. Great foundation for future astrological education. Three consecutive Sundays $75. for the entire package. All materials included! Cienna Moon - Astrology 101 -Every Tuesday for 3 Weeks Starting April 16th Three week class starting Sunday April 14-Sunday April 28, 2013. This class opens the door to astrology through the energy of each sign and how it affects your life. It's all about the energy in your life and how you can identify the forces you came here to work with. Great foundation for future astrological education. Three consecutive Sundays $75. for the entire package. All materials included! Transform Holistic -Health Rhythms®, for kids April 17th 1pm 2:13pm Looking for something safe, creative, fun and engaging to do with your children? Healthy Ways of Expressing is based on Health Rhythms®, an evidence-based, active music making program shown to reduce stress, improve moods & enhance communication and creativity. Cost: $30 for a parent and 1 child*, $10 each additional child or adult *For children aged 7-12. Drums and fun percussion instruments provided. You can bring your own noisy things too! 166 Schoosett Street, Ste1AC, Pembroke, Ma. 617-823-2372 Shanti Shala - Yoga Kundalini Yoga Meditation in the Teepee & Drumming March 10th 7pm - 8:15pm We will be warm and cozy with the wood stove and blankets. Our time together will begin with a gentle warm-up A Kundalini Yoga Meditation Ending with the incredible vibration of drumming followed by a gong meditation. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played. - Yogi Bhajan Cost: $10 857-526-2200

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New Moon in ARIES Wednesday, April 10 5:35 am Full moon in Scorpio Thursday April 25 3:57 pm

I am that I am, the Mahatma in love. Namaste

March brought with it the Pisces-Libra cycle of balance between living in the mystical dream world of your imagination versus the reality of putting those ideas into action, the balance between your work-life and home-life, as well as the balance between you and your partner. To put a new spin on that age old saying of the lion and the lamb…it could be said that March came in like a fish, and then went out like an angel of justice, her sword in one hand and her scales in other, passing judgment on any imbalances, and cutting off any dead weight. The Pisces new moon last month brought out our intuitive and psychic side, especially in the dream world. Have any of those dreams or psychic warnings come into the picture yet? They may be foreshadowing things to come. The Libra full moon highlighted anywhere in our lives that needed rebalancing. This may have been a bumpy ride if there were any major imbalances. The first nine days of April are about rebalancing, restructuring, and letting go of that which no longer serves our highest and best. Libra energy tends to “trim the fat” and “weed the garden” all just in time for spring! It takes that which is toxic, or unnecessarily complicated and simplifies it by showing us a new way or what we do not need in our lives. Libra is very good at being unbiased, and when it comes to what is good for us, sometimes, for one reason or another, we can be subconsciously drawn toward the very things that inhibit us. So now it’s clean up time! Isn’t that what this season is all about anyways? Now, with this new moon in Aries we can start fresh, and restructure that which was out of balance. Aries simplifies things, and maybe the answers were just far too simple; you looked right past them. Now you can see how simple things can truly be. This new moon will bring back the joy and laughter. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is very symbolic of new beginnings. This fiery, cardinal sign brings in laughter, playfulness, passion and will spark a lot of new ideas. Take some time to have fun, and appreciate those you care for in your life. Aries is about fun, so live it up! Have a bonfire in celebration of new beginnings, renewal and growth. Aries reminds us that we all have to take some time for ourselves. Libra had us take a closer look at all the things that were out of balance a few weeks ago, and Aries can help us follow through with what is best for us, individually. Aries will give us that extra push to pursue what we want for our lives; it does not matter what others think; Aries’ motto is I AM. Hold your ground with who you are, and what you stand for. Aries tells you to express yourself, and have fun while doing it! Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves too, so don’t take yourself too seriously. The darker qualities of Aries could bring out your selfish, pushy or demanding side; be aware of this energy in the air, and you will avoid conflicts easily. Enjoy the Click page to zoom in

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company of friends and family, and think of new ways you can react to old things.You will be amazed at how smoothly things will go when you follow through with keeping out those toxins that Libra, angel of justice, cut out. Aries is ruled by Mars, and therefore has fiery qualities of drive and action. Mars makes things happen; it’s a planet of doing. After that long period of internal thoughts and psychic clues, now is the time for action. Aries may be just what you need to demand more balance from a relationship that is out of whack, or it may be just what is needed to bring in that well deserved, lighthearted, playful passion that makes us feel younger, and lighter than air. The full moon in Scorpio brings some even more intense energy to the table. Scorpio is a deep ocean of emotions and was once, too, ruled by Mars. Now ruled by Pluto, its focus is toward the darker side of things. The darker side is not a bad side. It is just the side that is absent from the light; the side we may not choose to show to the world. It is our internal, personal side and subconscious desires. Scorpio carries with it, a lot of sensual, deep and emotional desires. After that light and fiery passion Aries has given us all month, now it’s Scorpio’s turn to show us what passion really is. This is a much deeper, emotional kind of passion. Scorpio brings in a lot of creativity as well, so use this creative flow to build a foundation for all those awesome ideas Aries gave you. Scorpio is very psychic, and you may receive messages from your guides or other ethereal beings. If you wish, just affirm that you want to receive a message from the

stages of transformation. Just know that it is all for our highest and best. If you ever need help, just ask…the universe always answers; keep your energy light, your heart laughing and your truths singing. There’s humor in everything, and a miracle around every corner. Appreciate the simple universe, and it will be done. things, laugh at the things Scorpio teaches us that that used to frustrate you, transformation can come in and be overjoyed at the any form, and it will not miracles life has to offer. always be an external force You will most certainly that causes great changes in appreciate every moment us. We have all been in and of it. Transformation is through many stages of here, so enjoy that new change and transformation spring growth! since 2012, but this month will really jump start all that regeneration and growth. The Libra full moon was I am that I am, the needed to clear out that Mahatma in love. remaining sludge and those blockages that were Namaste, preventing any further growth. Scorpio is symbolic Johanna Delaney of death and regeneration; it is the dormancy of winter followed by the rebirth and renewal of spring. Scorpio shows us that sometimes all we need to do is turn inwards to get to the root of things. This Scorpio full moon is one of ultimate transformation and rebirth. Prepare yourself… transformation is not always easy, but if you go with the flow of Scorpio, and keep the light-hearted energy of that Aries new moon it will be easier. This Aries-Scorpio lunar cycle certainly keeps us guessing with all the drastic energy changes and Click page to zoom in

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Cape Cod Laughter Yoga Falmouth Laughter Yoga Circle Every Monday (except holidays) Begins promptly at 9:27am-10:07am Gus Canty Community Center 790 Main Street, Falmouth, Ma. 800-990-8290 Blue Angel Healing - Reiki Clinic - Every Tuesday 12pm - 2pm Come in and enjoy the benefits of Reiki, first come first serve basis sessions are 30mins with one of Blue Angels Healing Team members Donations Appreciated but not required 40 North Main Street. Suite 2, Landmark Center Carver, Ma. 781-964-6606 Cape Cod Zen - Every Tuesday 8am - 9:30am Newcomers welcome at Informal Meditation sessions at the Unitarian Church Barnstable Village Plymouth Zen - Zen meditation Every Wednesday 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Everyone is always welcome to join us, Newcomers, please arrive 10-15 minutes before starting time for a brief orientation. 26 North Street, Plymouth Ma. Go up cobblestone drive to left of house, enter door at back, go to 2nd floor. Open Doors in Braintree - Volunteer Reiki and Energy Healers offer their services free of charge. Tuesdays 7-9pm (Please call Monday after 10am to schedule.) Thursdays 12-2pm (Please call Wednesday after 10am to schedule.) For more information or appointments call 781-843-8224 Open Doors in Braintree - Open Healing Circle - Saturdays 9-10am Come together with Open Doors Volunteers and unite in a common spiritual intention to heal self and others. Participants experience profound relaxation, well-being, and lifted spirits. 781-843-8224 The Sanctuary - Reiki Share - April 1st 7pm - 9pm Join us for Reiki Share first Monday each month. Stop by and give or receive a short session of healing Reiki energy. No Charge, Donations Welcome. Call Amy to Register 17 D Trinity Place, Rt 28 Mashpee, Ma. 508-477-8880 Masjah Studio - Healing Arts Festival - April 6th 10am - 4pm Local practitioners local practitioners are coming to share their services. Come meet Gillian Drake, medical intuitive and author of " The truth about Food", Cape Cod Henna, Myofascial Release massage demos, Reiki, Aura photography, Tarot Readings, Nutrition supplements and detox information, Angel Readings, Dreamweaver healing sessions inside a Dodecahedron, refreshments and prizes! 181 Route 137, East Harwich, Ma. Shanti Shala Yoga - Free Trot Card Play Time - April 11th 11am - 1pm Like doing reading and have not practiced in a while COME & PLAY find some people to practice on. For those who don't read come by to get a mini reading from an enthusiastic reader who is ready and willing to provide free mini Tarot readings in exchange for good, constructive feedback. 857-526-2200

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Take time to slow down, take care of yourself, and connect with the energy that is the source of you. Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation - New Moon Meditation and Manifestation Circle - April 14th 3-4:15pm This New Moon meditation is to release old patterns, then draw in the Mahatma, unconditional love energy, along with creating our own New Moon manifestations. These intentions are then strengthened in a pyramid of light and love. Light refreshments served. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat, blankets/pillows. Donations are appreciated...In gratitude Carver Holistic Center 66 Main St, Carver, Ma. 781-243-9548 Harmony Network Chiropractic and Yoga - Free Breakfast for Champions April 17th 8:30am Join Dr. Babcock for breakfast! The only requirement is that you RSVP in advance so we can confirm your attendance. You are welcome to bring up to 4 adult guests. After a brief presentation by Dr. Babcock, you will enjoy a free breakfast with friends, family and other guests. That’s all there is to it. While you eat, we share our message of hope and healing and invite you to visit our office. There is no obligation other than that you enjoy yourself. If you would like to learn more or register for our special breakfast, call 508-4197070. Panera Bread, Mashpee Commons Mashpee, Ma. The Sanctuary - Free Movie Night - April 26th 7pm - 9pm Join us for our monthly Movie Night! Showing “The Moses Code” This code, if finally applied by humanity, has the power to transform the planet, as well as add the richest blessings to all of us. Some of the best-known spiritual teachers in the world join James in this film, and offer tools that show us how we can apply the Moses Code to our lives. This is a free event. Reservations Required, seating is limited. Donations welcome. Call Amy Register 17 D Trinity Place, Rt 28 Mashpee, Ma. 508-477-8880 Council on Aging, Breathing...Your Life Depends on It! April 8th, 1:00 pm Come and participate in this FREE one hour long program. This class will help improve your health by learning how to breath more deeply and fully. As we age, we get less oxygen into our blood which can contribute to feeling tired as well as confused and muddled thinking. This program will help get it back. This group is for everyone no matter what your limitations are. Please call the COA to register 44 Nook Rd, Plymouth, Ma. - 508-830-4230

Free events are a wonderful way to meet new people, connect with the community, and spend quality time on yourself. Visit a local free event and let them know you found it here! If your looking for an event in your area let us know! Email Practitioners and Wellness advocates we have readers looking for these free events, do you hold one? Share it with us at

Full Moon Circle - Plymouth Area Drumming Circle - Falmouth/Mashpee Area Meditation - Hyannis

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The Audible Life Stream, Ancient Secret of Dying While Living By Alistair Conwell The secret to unlocking your purpose in life is solving the mystery of death while still living. The Audible Life Stream, or Primordial Sound Current, is the all-pervasive universal consciousness within everyone. Few realize there is credible evidence indicating that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so on, all perfected the meditative technique of turning their attention inwards, thereby merging with the Audible Life Stream, to become adepts of dying while living. The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living is the first book to provide convincing evidence of the Audible Life Stream and emphasize the importance of it to every human being, since none of us can escape the clutches of the Lord of Death. This unique book provides evidence of the Audible Life Stream from a variety of sources, including, independent testimonials of near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences from people in USA, UK and Australia; excerpts from major religious texts; simply explained quantum physics principles; and independent anecdotes from the increasingly popular field of sound/ music therapy.

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Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life By Karen Armstrong One of the most original thinkers on the role of religion in the modern world— author of such acclaimed books as A History of God, Islam, and Buddha—now gives us an impassioned and practical book that can help us make the world a more compassionate place. Karen Armstrong believes that while compassion is intrinsic in all human beings, each of us needs to work diligently to cultivate and expand our capacity for compassion. Here, in this straightforward, thoughtful, and thought-provoking book, she sets out a program that can lead us toward a more compassionate life. The twelve steps Armstrong suggests begin with “Learn About Compassion” and close with “Love Your Enemies.” In between, she takes up “compassion for yourself,” mindfulness, suffering, sympathetic joy, the limits of our knowledge of others, and “concern for everybody.” She suggests concrete ways of enhancing our compassion and putting it into action in our everyday lives, and provides, as well, a reading list to encourage us to “hear one another’s narratives.” Throughout, Armstrong makes clear that a compassionate life is not a matter of only heart or mind but a deliberate and often life-altering commingling of the two.

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RESONANCE is a sensational eye opening documentary which reveals the harm we are doing by existing in an ocean of man made wireless frequencies. Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in. By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend. Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing. Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn’t exist for more than a second. This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically. Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth’s natural resonance. To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the affects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

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Body Alive Center for Awareness and Transformation

Director and Psychic,

Michelle Pelletier

Cherish Your Physical and Spiritual Being Inner Alchemy monthly Skype classes  Inner Light Program 2 year training Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Tools: Heal, read, validate your spirit, know your path.

 

707-849-7793 Sessions and Training In person and on Skype 248 Main St Harwich, Massachusetts 02645

Simply the Light Source Greetings My Friends,

We enter, once again, into the spring-like mode this month with the emergence of that which has been dormant, to that which is renewed. When I pondered what to share with my friends here this month, a few things actually came to mind. With all the changes and shifts occurring on our planet over these last few months, the word contrast comes forth, once again. These shifts are universal in nature. We see them both shifting towards and away from contrast alike, within our community. Bear in mind, contrast, at any pace, in a person's life, whether deliberately created or created by default, means that we are improving upon our vibrational stance upon this planet; the field with which we operate here on earth, gives us the perfect opportunity to become more than which has ever existed before.

With laying that foundation of remembrance of the role of expansion, once again, let's look at how we can use to our advantage, this time and space reality more effectively. Clearly, the use of metaphysics and law of attraction are a way of guiding us to the known energy that we exist as. It's all a teaching tool to show us farther who we really are, law of attraction being a practical and universal law in and of itself, impartial to the sympathy of outcome. The stream of well being, however, maintains the source of ultimate balance. It's the collective inner Silver Thistle Healing Arts, LLC consciousness that walks with us momentarily, while we are upon this journey. The anchor to An Integrated Holistic Approach to Wellness the joy we seek, while weathering this ride of a Francoise McDougall, RN, BS, LMT, RYT lifetime.


Lymphatic Drainage Ortho-Bionomy Clinical Aromatherapy Kundalini Yoga & Yoga Therapy

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In recent months, I have experienced the joy and duality, the challenge of expansion through contrast. I've enjoyed, easily, some contrasting moments. I inherently know and observe the underlying changes I've Links open in new page


brought forth as beneficial. In listening to others around me, I can feel an even larger shift to go inward once again. As people today are realizing, only issues and problems can be corrected, truly, from within. A recent conversation with a great friend and mentor yielded a wonderful quote from me.

"Do not become comfortable in the uncomfortable." This quote is the foundation of the understanding of deliberate creation. Because the time with which you spend mulling over the contrast and moving towards a solution is vital to flow and continuity of life, it determines your ability to move from an uncomfortable place of choosing preference, to the actual place of living that newborn preference. In part, the ability to recognize in your awareness that a belief structure is under construction is in the moment you observe or feel something off balance from the voice within you. It is the foundation of the transition of creating a potential of lifetime thought pathways and connections. To put it simply, it is the opportunity to quickly observe what is unwanted and move towards what is wanted. We all want that ability to master this upon every level. To master our thoughts, not just monitor them. I asked myself further, what I could share about our ability to be aware, early on, in the beginning of a contrasting experience. Most are familiar, within the scope of metaphysics, the role our emotional status plays. They feel the connection deeply. Over the last few specific months, I have found an actual physical response coming forth to contrast and thought patterns. For the first time in my own personal journey, I have experienced the joy of deep breathing as awareness. In fact, most find this simple practice, within traditional teachings, such as yoga and/or meditation. Both with which, I too, have

experience, but as of late my inner guidance has come forth even more with this breathing practice on a daily basis. Come forth in the form of an inclination to take a deep breath of solitude. As I embark upon new mental internal pathways, my own thoughts of this new and exciting awareness within me was the joy of ultimate guidance from my source. The key life force within me, literally cueing me up as to how and when to proceed. What a loving way our physical body and our emotional body assist us in our daily awareness. A tool we can all tune ourselves easily towards in the moment is the simple, pureness of breathing. It is the rudimentary foundation of our existence, and possibly the first physical sign our wonderful bodies use as signals to create early awareness for us. In closing, I wanted to remind you of that which you already deeply and intrinsically know. Listen to your body cues alongside your emotional cues, this month as you embark upon your life experience. Furthermore, trust yourself, breathe deeply, and love the process daily. Love and Light, Zenjenn And friends, if you would like to share your stories, thoughts, suggestions or opinions. Please feels free, to share via my email here at the magazine: I truly adore your feedback and connecting light ~Namaste Jennifer "Zenjenn" Taylor

A beloved author and mentor who has studied metaphysics within the Abraham-Hicks community for over 7 years. She currently is putting the finishing touches upon her debut book series, The Stirring Saga. A metaphysics based YA series. And currently aside from writing full time, enjoys coaching and channeling within the metaphysics community.

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put the glass down

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Binaural Beats Binaural beats are scientifically proven audios designed to entrain our brainwaves to reach the most powerful frequencies of the human mind. They are able to influence the way that our brain resonates. Everything we experience is based on how our brain resonates, known as our brainwave frequencies. We are able to use these audios to induce all states of mind.

You Must use Headphones for the effect to take place



For Sleep

Alpha For Study

For Meditation



For Energy For Focus

Humans are not capable of hearing any sounds below 20Hz. The most powerful brainwave frequencies are all below this range. Binaural beats work by playing two separate tones with a specific frequency in each ear. The frequency range between these two tones creates a third ‘binaural tone’ which is perceived in the mind. This perceived tone is what our brain resonates to. It has actually been proven that consistently using these audios improves the way we think. One example is that it promotes whole-brain functioning – where both hemispheres of the brain synchronize and work together. Also practicing meditation with these audios for prolonged amounts of time allows your brainwaves to stay easily in the state of mind of the frequency you are meditating with. > 40 HZ


Problem Solving, Fear, High Mental activity, Consciousness

13 -39 HZ


Active, busy or anxious thinking, Concentration, Cognition

7-13 HZ


State of awake Relaxation, Pre-Sleep, Pre-wake

4-7 HZ


Heightened Learning, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Dreams



Deep Sleep, Loss of Body Awareness, Astral Projection

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Off the Cushion; Working Zen

I’ve only been practicing Zen for seven years, which seems like an eternity during long retreats, but in reality it’s probably a very short time. Just recently I had my first experience where I reached into the Zen medicine bag to pull out a bit of practice during working hours. You would think that because Zen is about this life, this moment, when sitting only sit, when working only work, when driving only drive, when eating only eat, that I would have made the connection much sooner. Perhaps the sayings, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or “ Old habits die hard” could apply? Old habits do seem to die-hard. I am a printer by trade for the last thirty-seven years. I used to run a large four-color printing press, which was pretty old and on the finicky side. Many parts are worn to the point of needing replacement, but in these economic times it’s very hard to convince the powers that be to spend the money. We have to make due with the equipment just as it is. Sometimes a glob of gum or a strip of duct tape will hold the troublesome equipment part steady while the press runs. Most times this printing press runs fairly smooth, but on occasion it seems to have a mind of its own. Of course, it just will not cooperate when the boss tells me that the job I’m running must be perfect, and it must be done today, or all life on this planet will cease!

Judy Lief, “Is Meditation Enough?” On most occasions I accept the challenge, however every so often the equipment will just not handle the job assigned. I struggle, fight, talk badly to the press, and, yes, sometimes I’ve been known to kick and scream at a printing press as if it that might convince it to cooperate. I can feel the frustration surging within me! I am suddenly sure that this press is doing this on purpose! I know it’s being uncooperative only to keep me late, only to make sure I drive home in bumper-to-bumper traffic. It knows I have a yoga class I want to attend this evening, and it’s laughing at me! Oh, I can hear it talking, and it’s telling me to be prepared to settle in at work for an extra four hours at least. This press, this Stephen King-ish hunk of metal has grabbed my mind, my body and my soul, and it’s not going to release me until it is good and ready! Maybe never! One day last week my metallic friend was treating me badly, very badly. The old frustrations arose starting in my gut, and began to seize control of me. It was an hour to quitting time, and I just did not want to wrestle with this “thing,” but this time something surfaced in my mind. Call it a quiet spot, a slice of

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sanity or a Zen moment. I stepped back from the machine, and just looked at it. I did a quiet standing half bow to the machine and the gods of printing. I took a deep breath, and began chanting Kwan seum bosal silently to myself. I chanted for perhaps a few minutes, and then approached the devil machine once more with a calmness I experienced only in my practice or on retreats. I put my hands on the machine, started it up, and with clear mind I watched it begin its troublesome course once again. I realized that the trouble was within me. I realized that I needed to simply, calmly and respectfully observe what was happening right now, right this moment. As I breathed deeply, still chanting Kwan seum bosal, I noticed a small piece of the machine was ever so slightly nicking the paper as it entered the press thereby causing the press to shut itself down. I made an adjustment to the problem area and the press ran. I finished the job on time and with no further disturbances, and made it to yoga.

Meditation Needs Context The practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation does not take place in a vacuum. It happens within a certain context and point of view. In the Buddhist tradition, meditation is often presented in the context of view, meditation and action. Each of these three is essential, as a system of checks and balances. If we do not understand the view, the practice of meditation can be more of a trap than a means of freeing ourselves from deception. Rather than loosening our ego-clinging, it could further perpetuate our ignorance and grasping. Rather then connecting us to our world, it could draw us away from it. Meditation in and of itself is no magical cure-all. Proper understanding and proper motivation are important. The view informs the practice. Judy Lief, “Is Meditation Enough?” I’ve heard people who aren’t familiar with Zen practice tell me that they don’t like the idea of sitting on a cushion for extended periods of time practicing

squashing your emotions, hiding from real life, and learning to suppress your thoughts and feelings. These people believe we will eventually be walking ZenZombies, devoid, expressionless and empty refusing to face life. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you sit in Zen meditation you are having a head on collision with yourself. You have no choice but to face your demons and your angels, your light and darkness. Every thought, idea, problem, situation comes to the surface. Yes, you can somehow suppress whatever comes up, but I’ve never been successful at doing that. It’s like trying to squash an oncoming freight train. When you’re sitting there is nothing else moving, only your mind, so what comes up grabs your mind like a vice and won’t let go until you come to terms with it, or go insane. You know if you don’t face it right here, right now, then whatever demons surface will, as Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “I’ll be back”. The practice begins with correct view. Why and who are you sitting for? Are you sitting for only yourself, to get a good feeling, to get calmer, to get something? Then, as Judy Lief says, you are only perpetuating your grasping.

The first of the four great vows: Sentient beings are numberless; we vow to save them all. Meditation is the door to helping all beings from suffering. We keep that view always. By sitting Zen and letting go of “I” “My” “Me” we step into One universe…I am you, you are me and we are one; helping each other. This Zen practice can be right at my fingertips to use in any situation. The more I practice, hopefully, it will not only be at my fingertips, but ‘be’ my fingertips and my mind to guide me through this life, and help all beings from suffering. Fred Miller To connect with Fred, ask questions and make comments, please email

No Meditation, No Life Know Meditation, Know Life ~ Rumi

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The Future of Medicine -The Movie Never again do you have to fear an illness or accept a diagnosis. You have options and there is hope! You can be healthy and happy, just step into the future of medicine with this empowering documentary about natural health and healing. Take control of your health now and become empowered to make good decisions. How ready are you for complete wellness? Shift into the new paradigm of health with us and find out!

Behind The Scenes: The Future of Medicine One day, I woke up with an overwhelming inspiration to make a movie. As I opened my eyes, I turned to my husband and said with great excitement ”I’m going to make a movie!” I’m not sure that my declaration completely registered with him at that moment, but everyone soon found out how committed I was to this very new idea. I knew I was going to do it, and I was so excited about it. The fact that I had no previous film making experience, no connections, and no funding didn’t even cross my mind… All I could think about was making this movie.

Making The Future of Medicine Documentary Was Easy My busy BodyTalk practice conveniently slowed down as my focus completely turned to making The Future of Medicine, and things fell into place very quickly. Within a month, I had funding, equipment and a crew. Within two months, my movie was over half filmed. And, within three months, I had over 80 hours of footage and was ready for editing. Since I couldn’t find an editor that was able to create what I wanted from ALL the footage I had captured, I did what any ”normal” person would do… I signed myself up for a 3-day intensive Final Cut Pro course, bought a Mac and edited the film myself. This all happened so quickly and easily and was so much fun… I know I was in my flow.

In Health and Happiness, Candice T. Aguirre

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the nick of time.

“Living a life of inspiration is living in balance with your spirit. If you live in-spirit you are living inspired.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


ave you ever been inspired to take action, or had an emotion that lovingly nudges every cell within your sacred being? I have, and once you feel this, it becomes invigorating; a true desire you always want to be a part of. Before my second round at first grade, I had surgery scheduled. Any other child would be afraid - I was relaxed - laughing and enjoying the conversations with the nurses, doctors, and friendly visitors. I knew Esmeralda was with me; I knew she would be by my side. When I was under anesthesia she would be there, seeing me through and through. I overcame that operation, and four others that came later on. Starting school late is never easy for any child. It was especially worse because I was older, odd, had huge glasses and a broken smile (teeth were missing). This time all was different; this time I met an angel. Let me introduce you to someone you could only find in books like Harry Potter , Mary Poppins, even Nanny Mcphee… her name is Mrs. MacManus, and she was my first grade teacher. As a child, looking up to her came easy because she shined like a beautiful sparkling star that showed up in

First grade might have been a fearful attempt, especially on a second round, but I was blessed. This mystical teacher changed me. Esmeralda has been my guide, and Mrs. MacManus taught me a love that only she could teach. You know that cute phrase that says teachers are angels? It fit Mrs. MacManus well. Her teachings, along with my guides, and Esmeralda put me on this very purposeful path; the same path I am on this very day. Many of my clients today want to know if they are on their paths, or if they are living a life of purpose, always doubting themselves, feeling less than or maybe a bit lost. We are human, and we all hold a bit of doubt; it’s just part of our humanly growth. I can tell you something with the upmost honesty, if you are doing what you love, awaken wanting and looking forward , you are on your path; If it’s less than what you have always dreamed, then it’s time for a shift. Jack Canfield says that he told his kids to do what brought joy to their lives; if it wasn’t fun then they shouldn’t do it. That rung like an old fashion telephone… you must do what brings you up, not any other way. Mrs. MacManus taught me the art of storytelling, the magic within the written word, how books are worlds that ought to be discovered. I was eager to learn about every one of them, so I thought. I didn’t know there are hundreds of thousands of books. While my days were spent reading and sounding out words, the inspiration to know what lay within those beautiful paintings, mysteries, bindings treasures, was enough to inspire a beetle. My evenings were spent sprayed over my mother’s linens on the grass between hibiscus and Esmeralda, who loved the new stories we discovered daily. Our favorite was Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit; he was my hero, though he didn’t listen to his momma, and decided to see what was in Mr. McGregor’s garden. He learned a great deal of lessons. In one short picture book I was inundated with life lessons. Reading all of Miss Potter’s books was fun.

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Like I could speak to and see Esmeralda, Miss Potter’s painting came to life, and spoke to her. In between all the lines, because of being in-spirit at the young age of nine, I was at my strongest. The very age I knew what my path was, and 29 years later I am still upon it. The Mrs. MacManus’ pay their miraculous visits every now and then, like Angelic Spirit (face book); others are friends I have encountered over the years like Rebecca, from South Shore and Cape Cod metaphysics, that show up precisely the right moment with uplifting words and thoughtfulness. Simply grounding myself in my sacred garden, next to beautiful flowers and greenery where Esmeralda still makes her appearance and speaks sweet words in my ear guides me on what I should be working on, and how I will see all the manifestations aligned before my very eyes. All I have to do is feel the feeling, the rest is up to the Divine, by allowing; magic crosses my purposeful path with guiding knowledge. By allowing Esmeralda into my life, though teased and misunderstood for my difference, today I understand fear holds no place within my being. Miss Potter’s words lifted my spirits yesterday and forever. “There’s something delicious about writing the first words of a book, you never know where they might lead you, and mine lead me here”.

Hosting workshops and events to support and educate the community. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Jodi Rehm Fusion Body Work

She was in sitting on a beautiful field, overlooking the endless green of land in Ireland, which, even today, is Miss Potter’s preserved land.

Weight Loss Life Coach


Yoga Instructor

Daisy Fabelo Daisy Fabelo is an online spiritual advisor (psychic), and author of “The work from Home Muse”. If you are

growing up spiritually and find yourself in need of some advice from your angels and guides feel the freedom to ask any and as many questions you may have. I will personally ask your angels and guides in my sacred place outside within my sacred gardens where I still engage in spiritual guidance from my guides. You will receive a thorough inspirational message. Also ask me questions as I continue to reveal my growing up spiritually piece by piece each month in this inspirational magazine!

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Fusion is an integration of Polarity, Reiki, RYSE, Fascia, Breath Work, Therapeutic & Thai Massage

166 Schoosett St. Pembroke, Ma. 617-823-2372 Links open in new page


Important update of the energies ahead The best of times, worst of times Dickens wrote about is the energy of Uranus and Pluto joining forces. Pluto and Uranus last paired up in the mid 60’s bringing the extremes of Civil rights marches and the Hippies. It involves youth and the social process. It also introduces new technology into the mix as it did with the early 80’s computer market. Those who hold this signature in their charts are a voice for this energy. So those born in the mid 60’s become a part of the social movement now. Those born in the mid 80’s represent a voice for change and upheaval. Those who have personal planets being impacted by this energy pattern currently experience shocks or traumatic events that transform them at the core level. This year Uranus square Pluto takes places on 5/20/13 and 11/1/13. The first square is at 11 degrees Aries/Capricorn meaning anyone who has the cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn) at 8-14 degrees is going to feel this on a personal level. The second square this year is at 9 degrees in the same sign so it affects pretty much the same people once again. It would also be an important year for those born on the following dates: 12/30-1/1, 3/29-4/1, 5/19-5/21, 6/30-7/3, 10/2-10/6, and 10/31-11/2. Those folks born on these dates could experience an energy that is like,” throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” as reaction or overreaction could create unnecessary or unexpected change. Cardinal signs especially would be provoked into doing something as they are the action signs in astrology. As early as tomorrow when Sun goes into Aries a tension or crackle of electricity begins to pulse through society. Change is on the horizon…what do we make of it all? If this is something you feel is important to you please pass it along to friends. Awareness and greater understanding helps us to manage the change ahead. Denial or refusal to acknowledge the situation can bring crisis instead. How we handle change in our life determines fate or free will.

Aries: Time to get moving as this is the month you wait for all year long. It’s your time and you don’t really want to share it with anyone else. Your assertive powers began to churn and burn beginning March 12, 2013 and they continue that way until April 20th. Now is the time for pioneering new projects and starting new enterprises. You are good to go. Important dates for you this month are: 4/1, 4/7, New Moon on 4/10, 4/17 and 4/20. Difficult date, time for necessary adjustments, is 4/12. Taurus: Now is the time you wait in the wings. So go ahead spend time at a retreat or get that massage and relax. April is the time of year for seeking solace or inspiration; your charitable and sympathetic nature is aroused now. You find secluded places help you to recharge. You feel your calling coming from the unconsciousness need to serve others and spread the love or good will. Charity towards the unfortunate ones is a theme now, just don’t sacrifice your self-worth for those who are undeserving or attempt to take advantage of your sensitive nature. Key dates for you: 4/7 4/15, 4/18, 4/19, 4/20, Lunar Eclipse 4/25, and 4/22. Gemini: This is the month to focus on your future goals and group support to help you get there. Your mind is open to receive new visions and progressive knowledge. Like-minded connections help you to see what is ahead for you and the group over the year ahead. Write your thoughts down as the information is bound to come from many sources and in many ways. This is the one in 12 year cycle for you to expand your reach and outlook. What you gather through others now can be successfully used in the next three months. Key dates for you: 4/1, 4/14, 4/19, 4/20, and 4/21. Cancer: The spotlight is on you this month as you take your place on top of the wheel. You may seek a prominent position at this time or be placed in the public eye. This is a good time to deal with the public as you are sensitive to what is going on in society. You are focused on your reputation and ambitions now. You may feel like you are in a fishbowl existence at this time, privacy maybe limited as popularity increases. You may find accolades or scandal in your life based on what has taken place in your life in the previous year. This is the time of year where you must release any outworn roles or immature ambitions. Key dates: New Moon 4/10, 4/18, 4/22, and 4/25 Lunar Eclipse. Leo: Time to go after the brass ring and see just where the journey will take you. It’s all about opening your mind to bigger opportunities and greater self-esteem. You find yourself through travel, teaching, preaching or seeking. You grow stronger through setting goals and achieving them. You are confident and optimistic. The worst thing that could happen at this time, is coming on too strong or demanding too much. So keep focus on the power of love rather than the love of power! Enjoy the high energy this journey is generating. Key dates: 4/10 New Moon, 4/17, 4/19 and Lunar eclipse 4/25.

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Virgo: Time to heal psychological issues that impede intimacy or sharing resources. By investgating the hidden meaning appropriate solutions can be found. Your intuition and gut feelings are pretty strong providing accurate guidance for handling financial or business matters. You seek a deeper connection by solving the riddles in other people’s lives. You may also need to deal with your long held grudges or insecurities if you want to move ahead in life next month. Being overly critical can get in the way of healing old wounds. Key dates: 4/10 New Moon, 4/14, 4/19, and 4/20. Libra: At the half way point of your year, the focus is on balancing relationships. You seek harmony and fairness through sharing your thoughts with another. After the past 2.5 years you may now find that the boundaries have changed in your current connections. What is working well should work even better this month. If you find residual resentments cropping up, you will deal with them by the 13th when an adjustment is called for. Overall this is a good time for sealing the deal, entertaining, and the social scene. Key dates: 4/7, New Moon 4/10, 4/15, 4/18, 4/22 and 4/25. Scorpio: The focus is on health, habit, and daily routine this month. You may find that you are trying too hard or pushing yourself farther than your body is willing to go. If this happens slow down. Perhaps you need to research the subject before taking action or just hold up a bit to see what comes next. If you start to experience headaches or fevers it’s because you are meant to slow down. You need to adjust your energy; moderation and good habits are your allies this month. It’s time to transform your routine and do what is most important for those you chose to serve. Key dates: 4/11, 4/12, 4/21 and Lunar Eclipse 4/25. Sagittarius: A lucky time for you Sagittarius. Between 4/1-4/14 you are on a winning streak. Now is when you want to do things in a grand way or make bold gestures of love. Whatever you set out to create this month has lots of energy behind it and great potential. The challenge to this upbeat time will come in three months through the partners in your life. So try not to stomp all over their good times as you experience your own; with all this enthusiasm at your disposal it might be hard to rein it in or be gracious. A more difficult energy comes into your life after midmonth after three planets move into earth and things get a little more real. Key dates: 4/1, New Moon 4/10, 4/18 and Lunar Eclipse 4/25/13. Capricorn: This is the challenge period of your year. You may have to deal with responsibilities in your home or with your family. It may be hard to leave behind the past as you prepare to take the necessary next steps in your life. What you are clinging to no longer represents security; it is actually impeding your progress and holding you back. The struggle you face this month is based on a sense of inadequacy or insecurity around what the future holds. You are a success in the making. The first step to a more secure future is overcoming this battle with your past. Your reward comes through inner stability and independence. Key dates: 4/3, New Moon 4/10, 4/12, 4/13, 4/18, 4/19 and 4/22 Aquarius: The first half of this month may be exceptional. You are relating to the environment around you in whole new ways. Your eyes have been opened and you see what can be. You are awakening to new ideas and concepts whose time has come. You may invent something or act as a catalyst for breakthroughs in communications. What you are learning now should be expressed through writing or group discussions especially before mid-month. Later in the month the energy might challenge what you are putting forward or you may need to focus on more mundane pursuits. Key dates: New Moon 4/10, 4/12, 4/20, and Lunar Eclipse 4/25. Pisces: It’s all about what you earn and your individual assets this month. You have the opportunity to expand your potential worth if you can find the right advisor or analyst. You suffer from bad financial judgment at this time of year, if you are not careful. Cash can tend to flow through your fingers. The assets you are easily connected to are your spiritual or mediumistic talents and the source energies. If you devote yourself to the spiritual work now a more practical type can handle the paperwork for you. Make sure you consult an expert with any complicated financial questions. Get everything in writing and don’t overlook the facts or you could be swindled. Key dates: New Moon 4/10, 4/15, 4/18 and Lunar Eclipse 4/25.

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Our Live Directory to Wellness Care Meet Our Sponsors Live Your Truth University Do you have an inner longing that can no longer be

ignored? Are you sick of working on yourself and getting nowhere? And are you ready to get serious about living a life that is satisfying to your head and your heart? And wake up every day truly happy to be alive? 917.887.6607 Body Alive ~ Michelle Pelletier ~ Director and Physic, Inner Alchemy monthly Skype classes, Inner Light Program 2 year training, Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Tools, Sessions and Training In person and on Skype , 248 Main St. Harwich, Ma. (707) 7849-7793 Shanti Shala Yoga ~ Darnell Nestor ~ Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner. Also offer workshops and retreats. Celebrate the transformative power of yoga! 55 Pleasant St. Plympton, Ma. (857) 526-2200 Simply Soothing Sanctuary ~ Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Kriya & Shiatsu Massage, Spirit Song circles, Spiritual Cinema Circle, Labyrinth Walks, Rituals , Classes & Workshops ~ 84 Summer St., Kingston, Ma. 02364 (781) 582-3912 or (617) 962-9775 Cienna Moon ~ Tom & Nancy Foley - Astrological and Psychic Consultations Online, by phone and in person. Astrology Workshops and More ~ 249 Spring Street Hanson, Ma. 02341 (781) 447-3993 Sacred Roots Healing and Personal Transformation ~ New Paradigm for MDHT, Crystal Therapy, Angel Readings, Energy Awareness Coaching, Workshops ~ By appointment only ~ 66 Main St, Rte. 58 Carver, MA (781) 243-9548

Transform Holistic ~ Jodi Rehm ~Fusion Body Work, Weight Loss Life Coaching, Yoga Instructor. Fusion is an integration of Polarity, Reiki, RYSE, Fascia, Breath Work. Therapeutic and Thai Massage ~ 166 Schoosett St. Suite #1, Pembroke, Ma. (617) 823-2372 Love the Process ~ Rebecca L. Allen ~ In-Home Reiki Therapy, Animal Reiki, Home and Business Clearings & Blessings, Law of Attraction Mind Coaching, Water Structure Classes ~ Serving Upper Cape to Kingston (508) 269-5338

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Cape Cod Centers Nancy Canning ~ Hypnotherapist, author, teacher, and clairvoyant who, for the past 32 years, has specialized in helping people transform their limiting subconscious belief systems. She also has led over 2500 people into their past lives, and 1000 people into the afterlife, where they experience their Soul Essence, who they are and what they do in the spirit world between lives on earth. Offices in Sandwich and So. Dennis, MA (508) 360-9346 Heavenly Healing LLC ~ Patricia Butler ~ Spiritual Healer and Angel Intuitive who had an Angel Encounter. Channels the Archangels. Offers Spiritual Healings, Angelic Readings, Ask the Angels and Dream Interpretations. Individual and Group Healing Sessions ~ Long distance available. Marstons Mills, MA & Port St. Lucie, FL 508-364-1923 or 772-359-3843



Sound Still Wellness

Hyannis Community Acupuncture



All 4 Healing Wellness Center

The Sanctuary


Harmony Network Chiropractic & Yoga

Kind Yoga School

Body Work Cape Cod



Therapeutic Bodywork

Dharma Connection

Dennis Cape Cod Body & Soul Day Spa

Services offered in more than one Location

Yoga Center of Cape Cod

Cape Cod African Dance and Drum

Joe's Place-True Pilates

Nancy Canning ~ Hypnotherapist


Love the Process

The Masjah Center

Kalein Crystal Bowl Therapy

Silver Thistle Healing Arts Body Alive

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South Shore Centers Braintree


Body Benefit Massage Therapy

Presence Wellness


Dancing Crow Yoga

Uplifting Connections

South Shore Holistic Health

The Center Forge Pond

Acupuncture & Homeopathy of Hingham



Blue Angel Healing Carver Holistic Center

New Day - Hypnosis & Healing


Featherstones Massage Therapy

JLJ Healing, LLC

The Acupuncture & Herbal Center

Duxbury South Shore Healing Center

Foxboro The Healing Moon Wellness Center

Marshfield Reiki and Angels

Milford Women's Center for Wholeness



Nutrapy Willow Rock Natural Healing Center

Yoga with Tara S.


Heart of Reiki

Psychic Medium and Spirit Artist


Mind Well ~ Beth Tierney, LMHC

Cienna Moon

Simply Soothing Sanctuary

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Transform Holistic

Sisters Of Solace - Holistic Healing


Reflection of the Soul - Aura Photography

Shanti Shala



Whitman Wellness Center

Live in Full Bloom Betty Sarmento Healer

Services offered in In Home or more than one Location

PEACE ohm MIND Hypnosis

Love the Process

Open Doors Yoga Studios

Sharon Healing Hearts


Tammy Murray-Cousins

Real Life Yoga

Authentically You! Wellness

Wholebody Solutions

Robin Curtin, Spiritual Astrologer


Other Centers in MA & RI

The Barefoot Zone

Sage Crystal Singer ~ Sage Crow - Franklin, MA


Healing Essence Center Concord, MA

Healing Touch Therapies


WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program Amherst, MA

Tree of Life Wellness Center

Wholistic Fitness and Nutrition



Back Pain Counseling

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Wareham Natural Evolutions Divine Time

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Retail Shops

Laura-Ann Peterson

South Shore Organics Sativa - Harwich Port, MA

Dawn Moore Lizabeth Spencer

Thyme After Thyme - South Chatham, MA Cape Cod Lavender Farm - Harwich, MA Cape Cod Organic Farm - Barnstable, MA The Sanctuary Healing Gifts - Mashpee Windemere - Plymouth, MA

South Shore & Cape Cod Metaphysics

Lily's Apothecary - Plymouth, MA Laughing Moon - Plymouth, MA The Mystic Room - Middleboro, MA The Robin's Nest - Bellingham, MA Molly's Apothecary - Medway, MA Andromeda's Alley - N. Attleborough, MA South Shore Organics - Duxbury

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South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics Directory to connect with us; Do you have a question for the publisher? You can connect with me any time by emailing Our Editor is available to answer questions about your edits and for comments. Email Do you have a photo, piece of artwork, idea, or would like to submit your article or poem? We look forward to receiving it! Please pass all work in by the 17th of each month to be considered for our next months issue! Email Do you have an upcoming event youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d love to tell our reads about? All Free events are free to submit! Submit your events by emailing If your interested in advertising with us contact For all general questions and comments email

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In a crowd All alone Screaming Silently Loved but Lonely Smiling I cry In from the distance came a light it reminded me how to shine bright and the night it fell away giving birth to a new day The blessing of dawn recharged my light so that I could see through the night and when the sun shines bright again I know my blessings come from within That little light they tried to dim didn't give up didn't give in The words just helped fan the flame to light the path of my bright new day In a crowd All alone Shining Silently Love but Humbled Smiling I Cry ~ Rebecca L. Allen

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South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics  

Shining through with Love and Blessings to Enlighten your Journey, South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics offers you a green avenue of connect...

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