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COVER IMAGE: Isle of wight festival. picture courtesy of ‘photography collective’ the isle of wight festival.

Baboo Ji’s Plant-Based Goodness; FRESH • DELICIOUS • EASY GOING Our Chef Goyal combines the heritage and traditional flavours from the Indian sub-continent in a modern menu, using

organic ingredients where possible to create inspiring vegetarian and vegan food that everyone can enjoy. Our intimate 35 cover restaurant and bar - built from re-purposed materials - will serve you vegetarian social (sharing) plates and signature dishes that are loving rather than mean, sharing our passion with you of the limitless possibilities of plant-based food. But we're not preachy! We just want to bring you a delicious vegetarian option.

Plant-Based Passion! We source small businesses’ for all our supplies. Always opting for green, sustainable products (even our restaurant was built from re-purposed timber). We work alongside the Green Earth Appeal.

Baboo Ji 273 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2LD Tel: 023 8058 3229 | Opening Hours: Tue, Weds, Thurs - 5:30pm to 10pm Fri & Sat - 5:30pm to 10:30pm | Sun & Mon - CLOSED

A Baboo (Babu) Ji is the wise village elder (and statesman) who knows everyone and everything that’s going on! He is treated well and cared for by his village, as he ensures village life is harmonious and just. He likes to fuss and be pampered in return!

or to-


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AT iture N S n

DO m Fur A o L AVI Bathro


“Considering a new bathroom? Want to freshen up your existing one? Perhaps just some new taps, a shower head or cabinet? Then drop in and see me. FREE ... no strings attached, informed, impartial advice guaranteed!” Steve Rogers

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Bathrooms Plus 72 The Avenue (Stag Gates) Southampton | SO17 1XS

023 8033 4477


“Hello AND Land! It’s our 6th Birthday and ... I forgot! But ... thank you, thank you!” “You’re Martin aren’t you?” she said pointing her finger. Always the brave one, I answered gingerly… “might be?”

First off, I’ve got to say a massive thank you to the 2.5 thousand of you that picked up our paper last issue at Sainsbury’s Hedge End. I was actually topping them up twice a week at one time ... even at the end of January. Even with Santa on the front!

“I want to thank you” she said.

there. Hopefully as clearly and as entertaining as possible, that you can get involved with and enjoy if you wish. AND if you just decide to stay at home and read our paper … well that works for us too.

“Really?”, I said, taken back.

But that story does bring me nicely to my second signing (just like buses). Following said editorial, I was sent an invite from the newly elected MP for Eastleigh Paul Holmes to attend his celebration Relieved I wasn’t getting my ear bent party at the Conservative club. I’ve never been to a political anything again for sending someone to a gig before. I’ve been to Conservative on the wrong night, she added, “the clubs but usually to play the guitar, thing I liked most is that you didn’t If it was your first experience tell me which way to vote. Just this time though it was to receive a of our little comic, I hope you which way you were voting and why. surprise and very public hug from my MP and a request to sign a copy I also liked that you asked everyone weren’t disappointed and of that editorial for him. to vote, so that whatever the outhopefully are now reading this A little abashed, I thought he come it would truly reflect the counwith a sense of excitement! should be signing a copy for me. In tries opinion and put an end to all the end we settled on signing a copy the arguments and bad feeling”. Okay excitement might be overdoing I must admit I was a little chuffed. each. Must say what a pleasant chap he is. He didn’t even pull me up when it. Although in fairness I did have to This paper is a guide, just a guide. I told him I wasn’t a Conservative sign a few copies last issue. Yes We hope you love it of course, but and my vote would always depend on really! One was for a lovely lady who it’s only a guide. We’re not in the who I thought could do the best job caught me as I was doing one of my business of telling you what to do. at the time. Fingers crossed then! aforementioned top ups. It’s up to you. We just put stuff out


“Yes. You helped me make up my mind at the Election. I’de been so confused by the television and papers, that your bit in the front, simplified it up for me.”

Anyway this issue:


No Ex Saints this time, sorry folks. They don’t venture out a lot during the winter. They are more a warm weather and shorts kind of gang now. But hopefully they will be back once the place heats up.


Also missing, presumably, again waiting for sunnier days, are the

travelling Milburys cricket club. Don’t stress though, at the moment I’m assured they are heavily involved in training (cough) in preparation for another successful season (cough’s again) which hopefully we will be including from next issue. My apologies too for leaving out the environment column this issue. I just didn’t have the space. Unfortunately, or ... fortunately rather ... I sold too much advertising and I couldn’t squeeze it in. AND to think the Echo told me six years ago (oh it’s our birthday by the way), that newspapers are dead. Perhaps it’s just their newspaper? Finally have you checked out AND RADIO yet? My year-long test has now finished and I’m delighted to say the concept is a winner! It seems the idea of just playing fantastic music, with no advertising, just a little humour and the very best local tracks, is as popular as I hoped it would be. You can download your free apps on the App Store and Google Play. Let me know what you think? So until next time … take good care and enjoy yourselves! It’s still a fab world out there, particularly our bit. Thanks again for supporting the paper. It’s put together with love and affection by: Paul Ridge, Barry Upton, Matt Black, Russell Cook, Martin Boorman, Charlie Crowther, Stuart Davis, Tony Wright, Cliff Bryant, Tony Long, Louise Beach Steel, Keith Curtis, BA, Rob Worley, Sam Allen, Charlie Perry, my much missed spiritual advisors Ken Bundy, Annie Philpott and Steve Ellis and my long suffering wife Tracey. Contributions from James Foad, Jasmine Hodge, Katie Belo dos Santos, Nigel Philpott, Jezz Phipp. Richard Harper, SLAM, Friends of The Earth, WWF and Greenpeace & all kept running smoothly by Mac guru Mark Burr.

In association with: CASIO Hybrid Digital Pianos and Keyboards WEEK DAYS Breakfast Show Mornings Dance Out Loud Lunch Afternoon The Eklectik Hour Drive Monday - The Covers Show Tuesday - Americana Wednesday - Local Muisc Thursday - Live & Lounge Friday - Soul Train Evening Little hours

5-9am Asset Management 9-11am 11-12pm Colin Phillips Magic 12-2pm Blue Funnel Cruises 2-4pm Creation Flooring 4-5pm Lakeside Cafe 5-7pm The 1865 7-9pm The Concorde 7-9pm The Music Shop 7-9pm The Saints Pub 7-9pm The Brook 7-9pm The Navigator 9-12am Crammed Inn 12-7am Panday & Co

WEEKENDS Morning Show Legends Lunch Eklectic Saturday Lazy Sunday Acoustic Bliss - Sat & Sun Black On Track - Saturday AND Country - Sunday The Rock Show - Saturday Mixeology - Sunday The Jazz Lounge - Sunday Midnight @ The Weekend

5-9am 11-12pm Guitar Store 12-2pm MAC Removals 2-4pm 2-4pm Soton Ambassadors 4-5pm Robin Hood Durley 5-7pm Hangover Hill 5-7pm Bathrooms Plus 7-9pm Firehouse 7-9pm Absolute Music 9-11pm The Concorde 12-7am Hutfields

FEATURES Culture Shock - The O2 Southampton Guildhall New Music - Britannia Security Shutters /theandguide

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PLAYING HERE A family business since 1972, we bespoke your move to suit you, treating your goods as if they were our own. If you’re happy we're happy!



Southampton 02380 663 783 Bournemouth 01202 929 318 1865 Venue - Feb 11

BLACK MIDI “the best band in London”, TO PLAY 1865 They are young; they are critically acclaimed; they were 2019 Mercury Award Nominees and they are determined to make their recorded music “impossible to do live”. The enigmatic quartet, Black Midi (stylised ‘black midi’) come to Southampton In lieu of any recorded music, the young experimental rock group crafted a buzz around themselves by whispers and word of mouth in 2018 and 2019 in response to their engaging live shows followed by online videos of their performances. No fancy PR was needed; verbal support caused their well-deserved buzz. Fast forward to present day and their sound can still be described as experimental, intense and harbours an ability to evoke totally different reactions and emotions dependant on the consumer. Dubbed as “the best band in London” by fellow alternative rock band Shame who fall into the

same periscope as black midi, the curiosity continues to submerge this progressive four-piece. Taking their name from the Japanese musical genre consisting of compositions using MIDI files containing large numbers of notes (sometimes millions), their debut album Schlagenheim possesses an ability to mutate and is full of everchanging traps. It’s amplified with synthesisers and pianos (to name a few) in order to give the listener a ‘different’ experience in comparison to the live shows and to exclude any chance of boredom amongst fans. Whilst reflecting an early math-rock era, the band simultaneously manage to slight nod towards a Butthole Surfers sound (more specifically, track ‘Who Was In My Room Last Night?’) and in just over a year, they have gone from crawling the pub circuit to being big stage, unconventional youngsters taking the experimental rock world by storm. Black Midi bring with them a velocity that refuses to be complacent with any pigeon holes. The magnetism they possess make them one of my most exciting bands to watch and fortunately, you can catch them at The 1865 February 11th. See you there. For more information and to buy tickets visit

BOTLEY’S only trading standards approved & Which Trusted Trader garage. • MOT’s and Servicing on all types of vehicles • Brake disc skimming • Dealer level diagnostic testing & programming • State of the art equipment including laser tracking

• Dedicated Tyre Bay Fast-fit prices from a trusted local garage • Transponder keys supplied cut & programmed at a fraction of dealer price

• WHICH Trusted Trader • Seized - broken injector extraction specialist • Courtesy cars & Vehicle recovery • Air conditioning servicing • Windscreen chip repairs

Hutfields of Botley, Unit19c, High Street, Botley Southampton SO30 2EA

Tel: 01489 783117 Fax: 01489 799747 Email:

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Meet the Southampton Ambassadors OUR PATRONS

Martin Perry OUR MEMBERS

Launched in 2012, Southampton Ambassadors is my project to encourage the city’s elite, big and small, to join together for mutual benefit and the good of the Southampton area. AND its working! So ... we left the EU. What now? Well whatever side of the argument you were, it’s happened. Time to stop the blaming and campaigning and get on with it. Make a cup of tea. There’;s no changing it, certainly not for the forseeable future. So sleeves up, deep breath and onward! I heard many profits of gloom about what would happen if we left. Many pretty scary. But almost all of those predictions relied on businesses and the government carrying on exactly the same as when we were in the EU? As if the smart ones wouldn’t adapt at all and would simply sit by while the cards folded. They won’t. We won’t. How am I so sure? Well I’m not the greatest businessman that ever lived but even I made plans. I knew things could be tight come post Brexit. In particular selling advertising, which is always the first thing to get cut. Ironic when you think that at the moment businesses need more than ever to get their products and services in front of people. What did I do?

Well I knew the more I had to offer the better, so I started a radio station. As many of you will know AND RADIO trialled last year to rapturous applause. Just great tunes, old and new, the very best of local talent a dust of humour and no adverts just could be one of my best ideas yet with 5 stars with both Apple and Google. A massive thank you to the many of you that support and listen to it. Not got your free App yet? What’s stopping you? It’s free. No catch. Bet you like it too! My point is that if little old me can see it coming and make plans, I’m absolutely sure that millions of other businesses, certainly our bigger businesses across the Kingdom did too. So worry ye not. We are a resourceful bunch us Brit’s. So lets work hard and all support each other and it will all work out fab I’m sure. We can start by using some of the great businesses I have assembled in the Southampton Ambassadors network. All people, businesses and organisations I recommend.


David Hughes

Some of the causes, talents, projects and charities we support.

southampton ambassador adventures with Southampton Ambassador patron - Olympic Bronze Medalist rower - James Foad

Update on Hampshire firefighters Adam and Stu, as they prepare for their Atlantic rowing challenge It’s getting closer! Regular AND Guide readers will know all about our two gallant Hampshire firefighters Adam Bundle and Stu Vince and their preparations for one of the planet’s most demanding challenges. Here’s the latest … Since the last time we featured the Minds Matters team, the boys have progressed significantly. Patience, their Adkins pairs class ocean rowing boat, has undergone a major overhaul due to numerous issues within the boats structure. Stu and Adam are now in the process of fitting out the boat with new, and improved, equipment along with a new full vinyl wrap in the colours of their platinum sponsor - Southampton’s hyperspeed broadband provider toob . The team have also taken part in a twenty-four-hour row carried out at The River and Rowing Museum in Henley on Thames. Stu and Adam were joined by fifteen other teams from the Talisker Atlantic Ocean race 2020. The guys rowed two hours on followed by two hours off for the duration of the twenty-four hours. This arduous endurance event was just a taste of how life will be at sea. It gave them a chance to see how their body’s will perform whilst carrying out this routine, along with the logistics of eating, sleeping and hydrating.

During the event, the guys were able to sleep for around ninety minutes before pulling on their wet kit and getting back on the rowing machine for the next two-hour session. They rowed a total of 179 miles in the 24-hour period with a weight loss of nearly a stone between them. This event has just bolstered the guys drive to show that the mind can push the body through all kinds of pain, and will hopefully continue to add value to their ultimate drive of diminishing the stigma associated with poor mental health in today’s society.

You can continue to follow Adam and Stu’s progress right here as The AND Guide will be with them bringing you all the news every step of the way. (By that we mean metaphorically. I will defo not be venturing across The Atlantic with them! Ed) To donate please visit: (AND every penny counts!) Team/MindsMatter

TOP: Stu Vince & Adam Bundle meeting HRH Duke of Cambridge at the recent opening of the Firefighters Charity’s new mental health facilities at Harcombe House, Devon. THIS: Adam rowing, with Stu and daughter Freya, and supportive GB rowers Karen Bennett & Maddie Arlett. Bottom: Stu and Adam with toob CEO Nick Parbutt.

AND a Bedtime Story Z z z z Wow... last issue’s inclusion of a children’s story for Christmas brought fabulous feedback! So guess what? I’ve decided to make it a regular feature. Below is the next of an enchanting series of stories, written way back in 1968 by a mum for a 10 year old son seriously ill in hospital. A charmingly simple writer, with a background of dancing and touring in repertoire theater, Valery Perry went on to pen stories for Ribena and Hospital Broadcasting. Remember the Berry stories? These are the forgotten stories about a little boy and a magic fish, delightfully illustrated by Southampton’s legendary mural artist, Slam (Tony) Daniels. All the stories will be published as a book by AND Publishing later this year, with a donation from each sale to Countess Mounbatten Hospice. If you would like details to reserve a copy at it’s Early Bird price email:

THE SILVER FIN John was waiting for Quipple at the usual place on the river bank, when he heard a shout for help. He rang along the bank to where the call, was coming from. John looked down into the water, and saw three tiny fish caught in a net. He quickly set them free. One had a damaged tail, and could not swim. “Oh, Quipple, please do come”. “I’m here!” said Quipple, “you carry the baby fish, and we will take it to the hospital.” Into the water went John, and off they swam (John could swim underwater because Quipple was a magic silver fish). “Oh! I do hope we are in time?” said John.

They went into the hospital. The Doctor took the baby fish from John, and said he thought it would be very tricky, but would they please wait. Oh! what a long time the doctor was. John and Quipple were getting very worried. What were they going to say to his mother? Especially when Quipple said, that the young fish, were told “never to go to the bank”. Certainly not that far from home. “Oh. Please hurry up,” said Quipple. Just then, the Doctor came out. He told them that the baby fish would be alright. Oh, how pleased they were. To their surprise, the Mayor was outside to meet them. Everyone was there. John and Quipple were heroes. The two other fish, that John had rescued, had told the Mayor. Who had managed to get the River Hall to hold a ceremony, to thank John and Quipple for their wonderful deed. The Major gave John a medal. It was a Silver Fin. The highest award any one could have. Now John would be able to go to the riverbed when ever he wanted to. As John lay in bed that night, he thought about all that had happened that day. “In the morning, I will tell Grandma,” but just for the moment, he wanted to keep it all to himself…

Meet You At The Boathouse! In this picture postcard little spot we offer you the very best of: ACCOMMODATION RESTAURANT CUISINE CAFE STYLE DAY DISHES FULL BAR FACILITIES & Special Events (Look for details on Facebook & in The AND Guide) Book now for a tasteful:

Valentines Day Mothering Sunday Easter Sunday 3rd April - PLUS ONE playing live - not to be missed! To reserve any of the above … just phone us. If you’d like a copy of our menu, we can email it or you can see it on our website and Facebook page. Come along and join us! WE HAVE A CAR PARK & BOAT MOORING. Breakfast until 11am, Lunch until 3pm Then our famous restaurant from 6.30pm


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Katie Belo Dos Santos See Southampton is a not for profit organisation operated by a group of independent tour guides and volunteers who run historic and fun walking tours in the city, provide speakers on local history topics and manage a welcome desk for cruise ship passengers. See Southampton works very closely with other heritage providers in the City and can offer discounted entry to museums and heritage attractions for people joining our walks. Public tours, around the old town, onto the medieval walls and into the wine vaults, are run every Saturday and Sunday at 1.30PM throughout the year, and in addition, every Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 AM, and every Thursday at 1.30 PM, from April to September. Tailor-made walks for groups can be quickly arranged. These include Southampton and the Titanic, Southampton at War, Maritime Southampton, Southampton and Jane Austen, the Story of the Spitfire, wine vaults & wine-tasting and more. Unless otherwise stated all the walks start by the Lions at the Bargate.

ST VALENTINE’S COCKTAIL MASTERCLASS 15 February, 2020 SeeSouthampton and Nuffield Southampton Theatres present

St Valentine’s Cocktail Masterclass Sat 15 Feb 2020 4pm at NST City Celebrate love and friendship with a St Valentine's cocktail masterclass for singles and couples. Enjoy: •Making your own cocktail. • Discovering the art of mixology. • Learning from expert mixologist Chris Larsen.

All attendees get 10% discounts on tickets to ‘Pride and Prejudic e* (*sort of) ’. From 17 Mar - 4 Apr 2020 at NST City.

Details on:


023 8071 0652

What’s On @ The London FEBRUARY Tues 4 Quiz Night - Wessex Wyverns Thurs 6 Karaoke Cabaret - Cherry Liquor Fri 7 DJ Claire and Drag Cabaret, Marsha Mallow Sat 8th DJ Lucinda and Guest Vocalist, Sam Solace Thu 13 Karaoke Cabaret - Dolly Rocker Fri 14 DJ Neil Sackley and Drag Cabaret, Vicki Vivacious Sat 15 DJ Neil Sun 16 The Drag With No Name Thu 20 Karaoke Cabaret - Cherry Liquor Fri 21 DJ Claire - Drag - Mary Golds Its Claire’s Birthday Warm up Sat 22 DJ Lucinda Lashes Sun 23 Cabaret with PoppyCock Fri 28 DJ Neil and Drag Cabaret, Tiara Thunderpussy Sat 29 DJ Lucinda and Guest Vocalist, Eva Iglesias MARCH Sun 1 Martha D’arthur and It’s Her Hen Night! Tues 3 Quiz Night - Wessex Wyverns Thur 5 Karaoke Cabaret - Cherry Liquor

Fri 6 Sat 7 Sun 8 Thur 12 Fri 13 Sat 14 Sun 15 Thur 19 Fri 20 Sat 21 Sun 22 Thur 26 Fri 27 Sat 28 Sun 29

DJ Claire and Drag Cabaret Miss Jason DJ Stuart J Drag with Miss Penny Cherry Liquor DJ Neil and Drag Rose Garden DJ Claire Drag Cabaret with Charlie Hides (Ru Pauls Drag Race) Karaoke - Cherry Liquor DJ Claire, Drag Fanny Burns Guilty Pleasures with DJ Neil Drag Cabaret with Minnie Bar Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor DJ Neil & Drag with Sally Vate DJ Lucinda Lashes Drag Cabaret with Lola Lasagne

Poetry Strip I SENT 3 QUID... I sent three quid to some distant Zoo ‘Cus the man on the tele asked me to Another cheque went to a homeless guy Asleep in a puddle, don’t know why A Christmas lunch cost nineteen quid ‘Cus the Sally Army won the bid The clouded leopard broke my heart So he had a fiver, for a start. I’ve adopted a Jumbo out in Chad His times look tough, he’s times look bad Some scrawny donkeys caught my eye Men beat them so, cant think why The R.S.P.C.A are short I’ve posted a tenner, being a sport Cats and dogs all plead for dough Where they all come from, I don’t know A little lad drinks stagnant brew I’ll help to buy a tap for you A recent earthquake wrecked Iran I like to help out when I can To help the world, I must donate Now there’s nothing on my plate So now dear public, hear my plea Can you spare three quid for me?

by Steve White (Kestrels & Castletown) DRIVING ME MAD I’ve driven a lot of miles, In cars of varying styles, Quick, slow, to and fro, To All corners of these Isles Up and down, left and right, Slow and slower, or even worse, Nocturnal roadworks, can’t drive at night, My car can go fast but now like a hears Pot holes, pot luck, hit traffic, get stuck, Wrong turn, never learn, will be late, no luck, Traffic troubles, back doubles, sat nav bail me out, Road rage, petrol gauge, need a garage, there’s no doubt Highways, byways, carriageways, motorways, Cats eyes, lay-bys, clockwise, parking bays, Dead end, cul de sac, tight bend, racing track, Open road, Highway Code, who knows what time I’m getting back Dual carriageway or single file, You concentrate for mile and mile, For if you don’t and make a mistake, A camera flashes, too late to brake, That yellow box, you failed to see, Your licence reads ... points 3 Clear roads, seat recline, Signposts and white line, Fixed at 90, cruise control, My favourite road..... the M6 toll


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duabus rotis Tony Long

Oeufs en Chaussettes! Martin, that’s him on the intro page, posted an image of his fried eggs on well buttered toast, which set me thinking about bikes and eating. Before I ever rode a bike I dreamed of the open road. I loved camping, I’d hiked over Dartmoor a couple of times, and a bike would allow me to see more places. In 1971, I clocked up 16 years and father drove me to Dorchester to collect my provisional license, I was off on my motorcycling career. Skip the following five years during which I learnt about working on a motorcycle and eventually managed to perform routine maintenance without paying a mechanic to fix the bike I’d worked on. In 1976 I finally achieved ‘Touring Motorcyclist’ status by riding around the West Country for ten days with my girlfriend. I’d bought some 1960s bike magazines and read about motorcycle touring - we had all the proper kit - two ex-army mess tins, a single burner gas stove and a couple of knife, fork, & spoon sets that clipped together, and two plastic mugs. Cooking was sub basic, tinned stuff and instant mash, my companion was none too impressed, so we ate out. Chips become tedious over five days and alternating between sausages and Cornish pasties doesn’t help. We’d have eaten in restaurants. But anything above greasy spoons weren’t welcoming to leather and denim, anyway we were young and rebellious. On that trip I followed a tip and stored eggs rolled up in socks, I bought new socks and fresh eggs in Looe. Not a great tip. Years later a group of us broke a trip to camp near Warminster. After an evening making friends at a country pub we sat around our tents and barbecued fresh chicken, veg kebabs and Pitta breads what a difference from that first trip! I would fit a large Hibatchi BBQ in one of my panniers and we never wanted for flavorsome grub again. Learnt a valuable lesson too, don’t judge if chicken is cooked using just the glow from a BBQ. I considered my mistake next day as I sat in a café watching my friends eat while I tried to keep water down. With age comes wisdom. We stop at supermarket cafes, tea rooms and little eateries now. One of my mates is still a sucker for roadside burgers and bacon rolls and that always reminds me of Al when we dined après pub at a certain wheeled establishment in Bitterne. When Al ordered a chilli burger he was asked how hot he wanted it, he replied “how hot can you make it”? Give him his due, he sat and ate all of it, even though it took 30 sweaty minutes. Ah! Just remembered the fried breakfast we had in Brighton, seemed that the cook just lowered the plate with raw food into the deep fryer - could have lubed a chain with what the grub was floating in.

eat it. And, egg, your jaw trying to is you'd dislocate aches, this guy e ubl ust Tro mo g. bar hin dle ryt h eve for han handlebar mirrors ourite, a burger wit e fav hav old we y the wh ve, t's mo Food on the h facial hair, tha not a good look wit cheese and sauce it. hab e ang str ven was clean sha

By contrast, TeaCups in Romsey serves a superb breakfast, good Assam tea and their homemade cakes are delicious. It always pays to keep eyes open when you stop somewhere on a trip; in a rain swept small village somewhere between Up North and here I pulled into a car park in the hope of drying out and warming up. The only café looked uninspiring but I wouldn’t have cared if they just serve hot water, I was that wet and bitterly regretting my Mate and I spread a flysheet between our bikes in middle of France. We trust in the weather forecast and not takwere headed home but overenjoyed ourselves at a local festival near St Trop and had to get some rest about 2.30 am. Police stopped a couple of times to ing waterproofs. The couple who ran the tell us we were at risk of being robbed by bandits. eatery were welcoming and suggested some central heating. I thought I’d be getting a shot of Bourbon but was served cauliflower cheese with leeks, topped off with toasted breadcrumbs and a side dish of sausages. Non-meat eaters please don’t be offended but that was a meal to remember! I even left the tomato sauce off. Doc Brown and Marty McFly went back to the future, again, over Christmas. I have an affinity for the series because the time travelers went back to my birth year 1955 and, like the Doc I wanted to be a cowboy. I even took part in an early computerized test to decide my course of career. I sat pushing a knitting needle through a stencil to select from pages of questions and three weeks My first Guzzi, a 1974 Eldo rado V7 850GT. Didn't like the colour, so I sprayed it white and dressed it up later the answer to my future aras a California. rived, I was best suited to be a cowboy on a desert island. Honest. I had a trip back in time recently, in the loft I uncovered a hoard of early 1970s magazines, custom bikes and lifestyle stuff mostly, and also 1983 issue of Bike magazine with an article about computers being used for selling used bikes. PCs were relatively new in ’83, the year that saw the first issue of PC World Magazine, and I was in production control. We had computers installed to aid us in our struggles to keep production running and as I recall we found out which shortages were holding the lines up, which we already knew. Oddly enough, that was the year a Another way to get a good breakfast is have someone drive up with food Conservative PM won a landslide vicand a cooker. Rick and Al enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of a vagabond. tory over the opposition - seems history does repeat just like TV.

Lionel Richie, Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol, The Chemical Brothers & Duran Duran to headline IOW Festival The Isle of Wight Festival makes its triumphant return for 2020 with a huge line-up of music icons and hot talent appearing over 11th - 14th June. Headliners Lionel Richie, Lewis Capaldi, Snow Patrol, The Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran (in a UK festival exclusive) and special guests Pete Tong Presents Ibiza Classics will mark the first major festival of the summer at the legendary event. The UK’s oldest festival - first held in 1968 - secured its place in pop culture history thanks to performances from Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, Joni Mitchell and more. Hendrix’s legendary 1970 headline performance was his last in the UK and the 1970 festival was the last on the island until it was resurrected in 2002. The festival continues to build upon this musical heritage, consistently attracting some of the biggest names in music to the island. Festival goers can expect an exceptional weekend of live music and onsite entertainment in 2020, with fan favourites Cirque de la Quirk, Kashmir Cafe and the KidZone providing endless entertainment for all ages. The festival offers a variety of

camping options including exclusive glamping experiences in the Harvest Moon Boutique Village - where they can pick from Pink Moon Camping, Eve’s Tipis, Podpads or Kushti cabins - plus the always popular Family Camping area. With a unique locale and an island microclimate, the festival is just two hours from London yet allows festival goers to feel a sense of escapism, with the island the perfect backdrop for this musical celebration.

For tickets and travel go to Images courtesy of The Isle of Wight Festival

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“WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING” he said! Well that narrows it down? I think I’ll write about er ... me. Hi, I'm Matt Black, Some of you may have heard my name (and some will have seen it on the side of a pot of paint!), but most will have not. I am a pianist/ comedian/ songwriter/record producer/radio host / columnist ... (see below).

Pro's, Con's and Morons... This article is brought to you not by Matt Black but by his wing woman Mel as we thought we'd give you a little insight into what being a PA to a busy musician is all about. I've been Matt's PA for just over 2 years now and after previously working with primary school children I fell into this role very easily, the only real difference being that children grow up whereas musicians... not so much! Firstly you have to be super organised when managing the daily diaries and timings of who needs to be where, at what time and why. This is a complete job in itself as Matt currently has 3 different diaries for me to take charge of and when added to the diaries of other musicians that I work with I have a something that appears to be a multi coloured but apparently effective rainbow! Secondly you have to be really good at communicating and knowing what people want, even when they don't entirely know themselves. Working with a range of different venues, event organisers, other musicians and members of the public (and editors … cough. Ed), you also need to be able to adapt your thinking quickly to get the details right (it's rather like having a personality disorder), to deliver exactly what people need in the way that they want it and importantly, in the right timeframe. Lastly you have to be fantastic at time management as generally there are 97 things that different people want all at the same time and that doesn't include the 3 jobs you were already trying to do, so this really is key to keeping sane! It's taken me a long time to work out how to do this properly as every job is important to someone. Sometimes you just have to take a breath and put things on hold, while you prioritise what needs to happen first. That said I absolutely love my job. I get to work with some really interesting and exceptionally talented artists, some emerging and others who are already established. I get to hear a song develop from an idea into a full blown masterpiece in the recording studio and I'm able to be creative and be involved with promotion and marketing and putting together events. Nope you can keep your 9 to 5. (Ah Mel you missed out the morons bit. I was looking forward to that, hoping I wasn’t going to get a mention! Ed)

chest. He then announced to the fly heart doctor, "Your fly is open." What is the name of the famous magician that got too handsy with his assistants? David Cop-a-feel. Donald Trump asks his aides how the press has rated his performance yesterday. His assistant opens the newspaper to a headline: A complete ****show! Thinking fast the assistant declares “Four stars, Mr. President!” God’s personal assistant asks him: “I finished the animal you wanted me to do.” He replies: “Great Work! Let’s call it the human. Oh, and one last thing. Add a little toe.” “Why?”says the assistant. “It’s for the furniture.” “For the what?” “Trust me. This is going to be funny.”

AND TALKING OF ASSISTANTS... My father used to be Princess Margaret's assistant He eventually quit when he realized it was a dead end job. Work as hard as he could, no one was going to actually promote him to being Princess Margaret. I asked an Ikea assistant to get out of my way. He said, “You’re going to have to make me.” In the world of flies, a young fly needed a heart transplant. After being taken to surgery, the fly anesthesiologist put the young fly to sleep. The fly doctor's assistant cut open the young fly’s

DOWNLOADED YOUR ‘FREE’ MUSIC APP YET? Available on Google Play and the App Store now. Proudly sponsored by The AND Guide

HANGER FARM ARTS Hanger Farm is a relaxed and friendly arts centre in a beautiful 18th century converted barn on the edge of Totton and the New Forest. With a licensed bar and plenty of free parking, the venue makes for a hassle-free enjoyable evening out. The Arts Café is from 9:30am until 4:45pm Mondays to Fridays and on Saturday mornings serving light lunches and delicious cakes – and you can even bring your dog along too! A selection for Feb & March ROB AUTON – THE TIME SHOW Friday 7 February, 7.30pm Tickets £12 “As precious as time is, this show is well worth an hour of yours.” Theatre Weekly Following on from his critically acclaimed shows “the Fringe's comedian laureate” (British Comedy Guide) now turns his attention to time. LOVINGLY WHITNEY HOUSTON & SIMPLY TINA TURNER. Saturday 8 February, 7:30pm Tickets £15 / £13 Gloria Miller has been a huge fan of Tina and Houston for as long as she can remember, and this highenergy double-bill tribute show is full of everyone’s favourite songs. ‘LET ME BE FRANK’ A Frank Sinatra Tribute Thursday 13 Feb, 7:30pm Tickets £14 / £12 Experience Sinatra’s biggest songs including ‘New York, New York,’ ‘My Way,’ and ‘Come Fly With Me’. THE STRAWBS 50 Years On a 50th anniversary concert Friday 14 February, 7:30pm Tickets £16 advance/£18 door “Hearing the brilliant Strawbs was like a tutorial in UK folk music from the past 40 years”. (Edmonton Sun) From the exciting British Folk Movement of the mid 60s alongside other such luminaries as Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Al Stewart and Roy Harper. GOOD TIMES - A Tribute to Nile Rodgers & Chic Saturday 29 Feb, 2020, 8:30pm. Tickets £14 / £13 A nine-piece Tribute Band that performs completely live the music of Nile Rodgers and The Chic Organisation. With a full set of Chic classics including Nile Rodgers’ & Bernard Edwards’ Produced hits. CHOICE GRENFELL Wednesday 4 March, 7:30pm Tickets £13 / £11 “Tremendously funny and totally on the ball” The Telegraph

Kick In The Head are proud to present a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the loss of the great, unremittingly genteel, comedienne and monologist, Joyce Grenfell. A wonderful tribute featuring some of the best of Joyce’s hilarious songs and monologues accompanied by her trusted pianist William Blezard. Barb Jungr: Bob, Brel & Me Saturday 7 March, 7:30pm Tickets £16 / £14 ”the alchemist among jazz singers… electrifying… the top rank of jazz singers… she is truly a marvel, who should not be missed” (Telegraph) “one of the best interpreters of Jacques Brel and Bob Dylan anywhere on this angst-ridden planet today” (Village Voice). QUEEN - REAL MAGIC Thursday 12 Mar, 8pm Tickets £16 / £14 Hey, they’re gonna get you too... the UK’s favourite Queen concert show Real Magic hits town on its nationwide Another One Bites the Dust 40th Anniversary tour. This all-action production perfectly recreates the stadium spectaculars and the more intimate triumphs.

DJ’s from 1pm, Live Bands from 2pm, late finish. FREE ENTRY with donations to Golden Ring Boxing Club. The Saints Pub, Kendal Ave, Millbrook SO16 9LP Hours: 11am–12am | Phone: 023 8077 4215

A St Patrick’s Day Celebration with ‘The Flying Toads’ Monday 17 Mar, 7:30pm Tickets £14 / £12 ‘Traditional Celtic music at its best!’ – Catherine Tully, Celtic Music Magazine! THE MAN WHO LEFT IS NOT THE MAN WHO CAME HOME Presented by Farnham Maltings. Wednesday 18 Mar, 7:30pm. Tickets £13 / £11 / £9 Armed Forces & Veterans (14+) A story of resilience, of hope, of change - and what it’s like when the man you love is going to war and might not come back. Kevin Dyer’s new play, performed by Stephanie Greer and Sam C Wilson with Sam Trussler, a military wife, will be followed by an open conversation about the themes of the play, and the country we live in. KNIGHT & SPIERS Thursday 19 Mar, 7:30pm Tickets £16 / £14 The pairing of violin and melodeon is not a new one, but in the hands of Knight and Spiers, Improvisation and invention meet the listener at every turn. EVENING PERFORMANCE OF MEDIUMSHIP with Nikki Kitt Friday 20 Mar, 7:30pm Tickets £12 As a Medium Nikki Kitt aims to provide evidence of life after life by getting links from loved ones.

Box Office: 023 8066 7683

SOUTHAMPTON’S PREMIER ROCK/METAL BAR! Upstairs bar open & £2 Jägerbombs every Fri/Sat night! 3 POOL TABLES (50P PLAY) & THE LOUDEST JUKEBOX IN THE CITY!



BITFROST 15th February

Sat 1st Hybrid Fantastic old skool metal covers band! Fri 7th Black Rose A tribute to the music of Thin Lizzy! Sat 8th Jumpman + Statue Kings + Dialectic Sledgehammer Original rock and metal showcase! £3 OTD Sat 15th Bifrost Superb 3 piece hard Rock covers band! Sat 22nd Recluse Renowned classic rock covers group! Sat 29th Audio X No nonsense quality rock to dance to! MARCH

SUBDUED 21st March

Sat 7th Morass Of Molasses + Trevor's Head A strong lineup of stoner rock/metal! £3 OTD Sat 14th Unhinged Playing a quality mix of rock favourites! Sat 21st Subdued A superb blend of alternative rock originals and classic covers! Fri 27th The Bite London based classic rock trio! Sat 28th Black Shot Rose An awesome mix of heavy metal favourites!

FIREHOUSE, VINCENTS WALK, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 1JY Bar Telephone: 07938 019 123 Bar Email: Bookings Email: OPEN: Mon - Thu: 12pm - Late / Fri & Sat: 12pm - Late / Sun: 12pm - 12am ( Firehouse is a strictly 18+ venue after 6pm! )

COMING UP IN APRIL & MAY: Kamikaze Test Pilots, Black Roze, Blink Daze, Fury, Dakesis, Carnage + LOADS MORE!

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Stu’s GIG highlights to GET YOU TO SPRING Stuart Davis BITFROST


JAH WOBBLE In the midst of the Royal scandals, Middle East tension and Brexit furore we have inconspicuously entered a new decade. Each decade has had its own landmark events and its own fads and trends; it will be interesting to see what the 2020s bring to the table. One constant has remained however and that is the popularity of a rich and diverse live music scene, as prevalent today as it ever has been. We are privileged to be blessed with a wealth of wonderful live establishments locally and there are oodles of exhilarating forthcoming enticements in February and March for you to savour. Reeling out all of your favourite numbers at THE 1865 will be Celtic punk buccaneers ‘The Rumjacks’, reformed hip hop warriors ‘Kosheen’, high grade reggae connoisseurs ‘Gentleman’s Dub club’, American chart toppers ‘The Calling’, Finnish Folk metallers ‘Kopiklaani’, ex Eternal songstress ‘Louise Redknapp’ and the experimental ‘Black Midi’. You can also immerse yourself in French marvels ‘Lazuli’s’ fascinating blending of prog folk electronica and tribal rock, ‘Far Meadows’ stirring display of musical textures and the super smoky voice of ‘Elles Bailey’. You may also enjoy wigging out to the reverberations of metal muthas ‘Anvil’ and beholding ‘The David Cross band’ reignite fire into the belly of prog rock. THE O2 GUILDHALL SOUTHAMPTON opens its expansive doors to Grammy nominated ‘Beth Hart’, pop starlet ‘Mabel’ and the soulful ‘Michael Kiwanuka’ while ‘Elvis Costello and the Imposters’ will be pumping it up at THE MAYFLOWER (Live music back at The Mayflower? Fab! About time! Ed). THE TURNER SIMS stages the endearing ‘Fergus McReadie Trio’, Georgian pianist ‘Luka Okros’ and classical guitar magician ‘Sean Shibe’. ‘The London Klezmer Quartet’ will transport you on a musical journey from the Baltic Sea and

LAZULI beyond and ‘Jorglaresa’ will escort you on a glorious musical romp through the Middle Ages. It’s all about the bass at THE BROOK where ‘Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart’ will be creating major ripples along with veteran utopian musical force ‘The Groundhogs’, new wave troupers ‘The Rezillos’, Northern funk fusionists ‘Smoove and Turrell’ and a night of urban jams with Croydon MC ‘Ziezie’ (who, I’m guessing, didn’t take his name from an Italian food chain) and ‘Tyrone and Warbz’. The inspirational ‘Cut Capers’ will be putting a wiggle in your walk (along with the equally inspiring ‘Still Moving Djs)’, ex Starsailor man ‘James Walsh’ embarks on a lone voyage and ‘Jon Coughlan’s Quo’ aim to give you whatever you want. There are also some ‘squint your eyes and it could almost be the real thing’ homages to Bob Marley, Metallica, The Style Council, Deep Purple, U2 and Oasis. The supercharged dynamos are wheeled out at the ENGINE ROOMS, including elementary rockers ‘The Sherlocks’, one man harmonica beat box ‘Son of Dave’, rough and tumble storytellers ‘The Menzinghers’, slick majestic rapper ‘M Huncho’ and pristine troubadour ‘Julian Cope’. Grime rebel ‘Ghetts’ will have you rejoicing in the Ghetto gospel and ‘The Giants of Rock’ will transport you back to the heady days of hair metal with tributes to Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses. ‘The Lottery Winners’ are just one of the prize draws at THE JOINERS along with garage psychedelics ‘Thee Hypnotics’, the intensely joyful ‘Nervus’, likeable Liverpudlians ‘Loathe’, the humorously compelling ‘Lauren Hibberd’ and the unrelentingly energetic ‘Pkew Pkew Pkew’. ‘The Plain White T’s’ make a return to the land of the living, ‘Those Damn Crows’ will be strutting their stuff and ‘The Dutty Moonshine big band’ will be fusing heavy bass grime and jazz. The players at HEARTBREAKERS include alternative cats ‘Indoor Pets’, friendly folk dark lord ‘Amigo the Devil’, chiming country duo ‘Belles’, smartly dressed dudes ‘Gaffa Tape Sandy’, robust Guildford quartet ‘Blackwaters’ and ‘Martha Gunn’ who apparently took their name from an 18th century folk heroine from the land of heroes, Brighton! Up in THE

LOFT you’ll discover Canadian Hard-core crew ‘Counterparts’ and productive emo trio’ Turnover’ and setting the firehouse alight will be tech metal crew ‘Jumpland’ and the PLATFORM TAVERN hosts ‘The Stingrays’, ‘Dawg and Bonez’ and classic rock covers combo ‘Cuckooland’. THE CONCORDE takes ex Overtones man ‘Lockie Chapman’, soothing jazz duo ‘John Etheridge and Vimala Rowe’, moonlight dancers ‘Toploader’ and the finely bearded ‘Dublin Legends’ under its wing, whilst also delivering a fine variety of tributes with homages to George Michael, Take That, Buddy Holly, The Temptations, The Carpenters, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Blondie, U2 and Pink. A first for their Moldy Fig wine bar sees sax genius Tony Wright together with our own Martin Perry on harmonica. When was the last time you heard standards melodically played on harmonica? No? This would be your chance then. CRAMMED INN host Southampton’s awesome acoustic trio PS Perrystone Hill for an intimate gig, while THE LONDON, BROWNS, THE HINTONBURY FARMHOUSE, THE ORANGE ROOMS, THE STABLE, THE FROG AND FRIGATE, METTRICKS, THE HOP INN, THE ALEXANDRA, THE ART HOUSE, THE HOBBIT and MANGO NO 5. THE WINDSOR CASTLE, THE CHALET (Eastleigh), THE STEAM TOWN BAR (Eastleigh), THE CRICKETERS (Eastleigh), THE BOATHOUSE (Hythe), THE HORSE AND JOCKEY (Curbridge), and THE OLD GEORGE (Fair Oak). THE NAVIGATOR (Swanwick), THE DOLPHIN (St Denys), THE BREWERY BAR (Botley), THE CLOCKWORK BAR (Shirley), THE WHEATSHEAF (Shedfield) and THE KINGS HEAD (Wickham). THE BIRD IN HAND (Fareham), THE RED LION (Stubbington), ARTY’S, THE WHITE HART, THE GYPSY QUEEN, (all Gosport) and JAGGS AT 119, The ROYAL ALBERT, THATCHERS, THE JOLLY SAILOR, EDGE OF THE WEDGE, THE GOLDEN EAGLE, THE WINE VAULTS and THE BARLEY MOW (Portsmouth) are all worth investigating if you prefer your live music in more intimate confines. Stationed at THE RAILWAY in Winchester will be riffmeisters ‘Fuzzwalker’, retro metallers ‘Hummune’, Southampton’s ‘Sleazy Shoes’, Levellers front man

DUB PISTOLS ‘Mark Chadwick’ and the female Ramones ‘The Ramonas’. ‘Jesse Malins’ will plug his vivid songs with killer tunes and snooker loopy ‘Steve Davis’ will be on the old ones and twos in a dj set. Back down the motorway in Portsmouth ‘I prevail’ will looking for a triumph at the Pyramids where you can also satiate your musical palate with ‘The Subways’ and have shining lights ‘Ash’ brighten up your evening. Meanwhile the lures at the Portsmouth Guildhall include anthemic glowing beacons ‘The Lighthouse Family’, dynamic Ivory tinkler ‘Jamie Cullum’, ‘The Bournemouth Symphony orchestra’ and ‘The Dead South’s’ old school bluegrass filtered through a punk sensibility.

MABEL be creating euphoric chaos alongside drum and bass dj ‘Andy C’. You can be serenaded by your nans favourite death metallers ‘Napalm Death’ at THE OLD FIRESTATION and also throw some shapes to the raw and funky ‘Hot 8 Brassband’, foot stomping folk rockers ‘Blackwater Country’, turbo charged high flyers ‘Twin Atlantic’ and post rave collective ‘Dreadzone’. Chart topping Mancunians ‘The 1975’ and dependable Welsh giants ‘The Stereophonics’ are just some of the magnetisms at THE BIC where ‘David Gray’ will be stepping up and performing his million selling White Ladder and Irish alt pop favourites ‘The Script’ will be plugging their new opus Sunsets and Full Moons.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD STANDARDS MELODICALLY PLAYED ON HARMONICA? NO? THIS WOULD BE YOUR CHANCE THEN. The wonderful WEDGEWOOD ROOMS what’s on list comprises the sonic riffs and thumping percussion of Brighton duo ‘Skinny Milk’, Detroit Blues rockers ‘The Malone Sibun Band’, Balkan fusionists ‘Dubioza Kolektiv’, the fiery ‘Dub Pistols’, the unmentionably powerful rhythms and twinkling tones of ‘The Taboos’, the riotous ‘Riot Club’, the powerfully vulnerable Psychedelia of’ Wax Machine’ and ‘Steve Knightley’, who has been declared by Radio 2’s Mike Harding as ‘one of England’s greatest singer songwriters’. THE KINGS THEATRE introduces the big band sounds of ‘Chris Dean and Syd Lawrence’ Orchestra’ and invites you to lay all your love on ‘Abba Forever’. THE NEW THEATRE recommends you slip on your blue suede shoes for ‘The World Famous Elvis showcase’ and practice your air guitar poses for their ‘Monsters of Rock extravaganza’. ‘Madison Heights’ will lift you to new peaks at THE RIFLE CLUB and over at the Gaeity bar ‘Sean Ward’ pretends to be Elvis and ‘Karl Lewis’ is almost Olly Murs. In Bournemouth, Britpop survivors Shed Seven, the ever blossoming ‘Blossoms’, king of club bangers’ Example’ and producer and multi instrumentalist’ Jax Jones' will be treading the boards at The 02 Academy where’ Bedlam’ will

‘Joe Brown’ celebrates 60 years in the Business at THE PAVILION THEATRE, Clannad’ will captivate you with their beautifully unique and ethereal sounds and can relive the heady days of Beatlemania with ‘The Bootleg Beatles’. ‘We Afro Tallawah’s’ eclectic mix of African and reggae vibes will bring the sunshine to you at CHAPLIN’S and CELLAR BAR, who also welcome 357 String Band man ‘Jayke Orvis’, vigorous ska reggae tribe ‘Dreamcatcher’, rootsy fiddlesome five piece ‘State of Undress’, swinging retro beatniks ‘The FB Pocket Orchestra’ and party starters ‘The Bomo Swing’. Legendary plank spanker ‘Albert Lee’, Irish Folkies The Fureys and sixties marvels ‘The Foundations’ grace the TIVOLI THEATRE in Wimborne and finally THE LIGHTHOUSE in Poole’s names in lights include ultra talented voice of Ultravox ‘Midge Ure’, classical guitarist ‘Alex Roche’, the beguiling ‘Far Flung Collective’ and ex Mike and the Mechanics man ‘Paul Carrack’. So, as we begin our journey in the 2020’s, there is a multitude of treasures to choose from. But this will only be the case if we continue to get out and support our local venues and make the most of the rich and diverse live scene that we have on our doorstep… If you don’t use them you will lose them. Keep it live people. Email me at:

Guide to boosting retirement income, Part 3 of 3. AND GUIDE FINANCIAL with Asset Management Financial Advisers (AMFA) Ltd.

How annuities and equity release can be used in retirement Gone are the days when buying an annuity appeared like the best way to maximise retirement portfolios. In recent years, a raft of innovation in the sector has given rise to other products such as lifetime mortgages, to name a few. So is there any value left in purchasing annuities, or is it less worthwhile than purchasing equity release products?


Retirement planning is one of the most central parts of a financial adviser's remit. Building a pension pot that will allow our clients to retire with enough to live on, to have the lifestyle that they want in retirement is one of the most valuable parts of financial planning an adviser can do.

Annuities, which provide an absolute guarantee of income for the rest of your life offer considerable benefits to people who like to know how much they are going to receive each month and want reassurance that this will continue for life. Annuities tend to suit older people as the need for certainty tends to increase with age as it is mostly at this stage that declining health may start to impact on lifestyle. As a result, spending may become more predictable and annuity rates may also improve as a result of individual underwriting. For this reason, we often suggest to clients it’s not whether to buy an annuity but when to buy one. The main drawback of annuities are that you lose access to your capital in return for an

written by Gordon Craig income for life and your heirs may not receive anything if you die outside of any guaranteed period or if no protection or spouses pension is purchased at outset. Also, as the shape of annuities are “set in stone”, an annuity provider would not be able to increase the annuity already in payment should a holder require changes, for example, due to health, he explains. EQUITY RELEASE

Equity release products, meanwhile, play a slightly different role. They enable people (usually retirees) to access equity/capital that is locked up in their properties. This could be useful to help you with making adaptions to their homes, and/or to continue funding their retirement lifestyle, if they have exhausted their illiquid assets. Mr Garg says: “If you are over 55, equity release is one of the most common products to use today as they allow users to access some of the money tied up in the value of their home without having to go through the hassle and costs of moving.” It is tax-free and can be done via a loan or selling part of it to secure a steady stream of income and can help towards making any outstanding payments. Mr Chan says the most common equity release product is the lifetime mortgage, which rolls up the interest payments. He adds: “The risk is higher for those who live longer than expected and/or those who took out a lifetime mortgage when they were relatively young."

CALL your nearest office now for a free and confidential, no-obligation, one hour meeting, to evaluate your financial circumstances.

Mr Garg warns that equity release products can often mean a family is left with a little before death. “High interest bills, could exceed the value of your home if not paid off and could leave your family with little left after death. In addition, you will also not be allowed to take out the sum all in one go and if you are in good health, you may find yourself restricted to a release of 35 per cent,” he adds. So should clients opt for an annuity, equity release or both to fund their late life needs? Mr Garg points out that equity release products can also impact pension and universal credit benefits because the lump sum is tax free. He adds: “This could be a huge loss and outweigh the factors of taking out an equity on your property in the long-term.” Martin Jarvis, associate consultant at Mattioli Woods, says: “Annuities guarantee an income for life which may suit certain clients, although in this low rate environment the amount may be insufficient to meet their needs.” He adds: “There is an argument therefore that if a client has a longer term investment timeframe it may mean drawdown and investment risk may be more palatable than the annuity rates on offer.”

For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION REVIEW of your wealth and potential inheritance tax liability, why not call Gordon Craig now on 023 8042 0606? At Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd., we are here to help businesses and individuals receive professional advice on all aspects of financial planning.

BOOKS red & rit Happy 2020 AND bibliophiles! Here we are in not just a New Year but a new decade. I have no doubt that in breaks during the recent festive period from reading the books as recommended by yours truly in the half dozen columns from 2019’s splendid listings magazine (yes, this one!) that the celebrations have been worth it and the repercussions of over indulging have been treated with respectfully prepared fry ups to satisfy and ease the sore heads of the many.

Let’s move from a sore head to an airhead which is not a word anyone would use to describe the journalist and broadcaster Emily Maitlis. In Airhead: The imperfect Art of Making News (Penguin £9.99) the reader is taken behind the camera as Emily explores and discusses the preparation that went into some of her most memorable encounters with the great, the good and Donald Trump. When focussing on a particular person or subject, Emily provides a back story to how and why the interview came about which also gives a good insight as to how a journalist and the dedicated behind the scenes team produce the goods after often encountering a cross section of obstacles and red tape designed to frustrate and annoy. The results and the insights are fascinating and of particular note are the meetings with those associated with the current president of the USA, Anthony Scaramucci and James Comey. You learn more about the American political process and the power that those who potentially pull the strings have. Enthralling. Equally enthralling is Catch and Kill (Fleet £20.00) in which investigative reporter Ronan Farrow delivers a

breathtaking and engrossing account of the, for many a decade, successful cover up of Harvey Weinstein’s predatory sexual misconduct. This is an account par excellence, page turning in the best tradition of a spy thriller but has the added dramatic impact of being true, equal with Watergate for the depth of investigative reporting and for all the right reasons far more important and far more tragic. The story of a man who thought he was untouchable, a man so influential that his spider like influence and control extended into the worlds of politics, all media, especially the film industry. A web of abuse, coercion and bullying in its worst form. As Ronan uncovered the dark secrets that surrounded and engulfed Harvey Weinstein he began to suspect he too was being watched both by those he worked with and those unknown, hollow shady footsteps of the powerful elite wanting to protect and

shelter their own. To cover up the truth at any cost. Ronan goes into battle and this book is the result. Just the tip of the iceberg? Time will tell. Okay stuck record time, more on the late Clive James. The writer Ian Shircore who a few years ago wrote Loose Canon which is a potted history of the songs of Clive and Pete Aitkin; has produced So Brightly to the Last: Clive James and the Passion for Poetry ( Red Door £ 18.99). The book surprises from the beginning, Ian discloses that shortly after Clive was diagnosed with the illness that eventually killed him, he was locked up for ten weeks in a secure psychiatric unit at Addenbrooke’s hospital after experiencing a major psychotic episode following an extreme reaction to the new drugs he was taking. ‘I was bouncing off the walls’ Clive confessed later and it’s an image that does raise a smile despite the circumstances. In this book

Ian dissects Clive’s long career as a poet, and puts it into context with other aspects of his working life most notably his three decades as a TV presenter. The most poignant part of this engrossing and reflective story is the analysis of the poetry produced during his decade of illness and the richness of poems such as Japanese Maple and the epic The River in the Sky. Clive did burn brightly to the last. Time to catch up on the escapades of Blotto and his sister Twinks, the heroes of Simon Brett’s whimsical series of amateur detective adventures. This time it is the plumbing at Tawcester Towers that is the big family issue and the infamous Dowager Duchess needs some funds pronto. She surprises her son Blotto by agreeing to let him take part in the Great Road Race as long as he wins! The prize money will clearly put an end to any socially unacceptable

plumbing issues. These comic capers are always a delight; there are plenty of in jokes to keep the chuckles echoing in between numerous cups of tea, with cucumber sandwiches of course! Join Blotto, Twinks fresh from painting watercolours in the Highlands, chauffeur Corky Froggett and a blond attractive American mechanic with the curious name of Ronald as they race through France and across the Alps. Some of their competitors are out to perform dastardly deeds of deception especially the cheesy Italian Enrico Parmigiano-Reggiano and it is up to the brother and sister duo using all their guile and cunning to outwit all attempts at fiendish sabotage. Blotto, Twinks and the Great Road Race (Constable £20.99). Simon Brett at his most comic. Russell’s Blog Brave New World is at www.

Young Writers ... take another bow! The AND Guide is a newspaper of many guises and always keen to promote local issues and interests. When, last year, we heard a local school in Harestock, Winchester were really encouraging children to develop an interest in creative writing, I sent Russell Cook, fresh from reviewing yet another pile of books, along to investigate.

Anyway ... in no particular order, please enjoy the second of Harestock Primary School’s marvellous short stories: The others will follow in coming editions. Ed.

The Mystery Man By Evie and Katie What was it?

Russell duly spent a morning with enthusiastic pupils from two classes of Year 5 and 6 (ages 9-11). Capturing the children’s interest with stories of how he developed his desire to write from his school days, encouraged by a particular teacher to read certain books. To inspire the children further, Russell offered the opportunity for them to have some of their own writing printed up in “The AND Guide”. The children decided upon writing short stories linked to their “The Vikings Law Breakers or Law Makers?” topic. The pupils carefully planned and wrote their stories, reflecting on their work - editing and improving as they went along. Bit dark most of them, reflecting on the Viking stories that had clearly caught their imagination, with the promise of having some of their work published certainly improving motivation to write with a sense of purpose. The result, a fabulously imaginative and very well written collection of tales, I am sure will be enjoyed by adults and children alike. In fact, I liked them so much that instead of choosing a winner, we are going to publish all 10 of the stories the kids voted the best in class. Interesting too to see that some of the stories are collaborations of writers. Never a bad idea to start working together. Perhaps you could have a word with our grown-up politicians! All in all, very well done kids. I am delighted to have your stories in my paper. Tell your teacher the Editor says you can have Friday afternoon off (did that work the last time I put it in?). Hats off to Russell for taking the time to inspire, motivate and for having the patience to answer the many questions our eager young writers asked.

Why was it happening? Screams tore through the village. He ran as fast as his 13 year old legs could through Valkery village. He desperately wanted to get home. Jacka finally caught his breath. He tried to open the wooden door to the longhouse but something was blocking his way in. He pushed the door with all his strength and was able to squeeze through the gap. That’s when he stepped in it….a pool of blood. The long house was dead silent: all Jacka could hear was his heart pounding.

Recognizing the man’s face everything, went, black...

“How do you know my name?” Jacka was confused

Waking up in what felt like a cage, Jacka unzipped the bag. There were lots of intimidating raiders that he recognised from a previous raid. A loud powering voice boomed through the village “We are taking you to our chief were he will torture you until you tell him about your dad and how he can get his Dawn Splitter back.”

“I know every ones name I’m Od-” “I have to go, the raiders from Brackadan village found me!!!!” Jacka cried “No stay with me I want to take you somewhere” the old man said

His anger grew.

“What? that was the name of the sword in my father’s back!” Jacka exclaimed

Clenching each other’s hands the man and Jacka appeared in a wonderful world. “Why have you taken me here?” asked Jacka

His father was face down with a sword in his back...

There was no answer.

“Your father is here in Valhalla the home of Gods!!”

The engraved runes in the sword, read Dawn Splitter.

Finally reaching the chief’s house, they prepared the torturing station. “Brunhauld, the rope and boiling water is ready for Jacka!!!!” roared one of the raiders.

Walking up the bridge, in the distance Jacka saw a glimpse of his FATHER.

That’s when he saw it. His heart broke.

Desperately trying to find Freya his mum, the boy heard a faint voice. “You’re coming with me.” Jacka didn’t know who it was or why they were here. He carried on … … SUDDENLY ice cold fingers wrapped around his wrists with a tight grip. Being pinned down all Jacka could see was an obscure vision of a man with a mask covering his face.

There it was again the deep voice “Jacka get here now” there was no reply Brunhauld and the villagers looked everywhere but Jacka was gone… Sprinting through the woods Jacka came across a tall mysterious man with a staff and an eye patch. He stopped… “Jacka why are you running?” said the unknown man

Running to try and get him, he was gone. “Your time here is up boy, remember your dad will always be in there” pointing to Jacka’s heart. Being taken back home with him, Jacka wanted to ask the man one last question “I never caught your name” there was silence he was gone....

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according to


THE entertainment BIZ Barry Upton

Our resident pop guru Barry is a multi international hit songwriter/producer/performer. Initially a front singer with Brotherhood Of Man he’s worked with a multitude of household names including being creator of the lovable pop outfit STEPS, penning their massive hit 5678 and with his mate and editor of this ‘ere paper, previously co-hosting the AND Magazine Show on Radio Hampshire. He’s currently a TV & radio presenter and producer in Thailand, still performing and a double #1 Chart buster in 2018 ... twice!

MUSIC FESTIVALS Some of us aging ‘hippies’ grew up on the joyous act of attending music festivals, however small and have witnessed the development of said genre over many decades. Initially, some of the earliest rock festivals were built on the foundation of pre-existing jazz and blues festivals, but quickly evolved to reflect the rapidly changing musical tastes of the time. For example, the United Kingdom's National Jazz Festival was launched in Richmond during 1961. The first three of these annual outdoor festivals featured only jazz music, but by the fourth "Jazz & Blues Festival" in 1964, a shift had begun that incorporated some blues and pop artists into the lineup. In 1965, for the first time the event included more blues, pop and rock acts than jazz, and by 1966, when the event moved to the town of Windsor, the rock and pop acts clearly dominated the jazz artists.

In the United States, rock festivals seemed to spring up with a more self-defined musical identity. Preceded by several precursor events in the San Francisco area, the first two rock festivals in the US were staged in northern California on consecutive weekends in the summer of 1967: the KFRC Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain Music Festival on Mount Tamalpais and the Monterey International Pop Festival. The concept caught fire and spread quickly as rock festivals took on a unique identity and attracted significant media attention around the world. By 1969, promoters were staging dozens of them. According to Bill Mankin, in their dawning age rock festivals were important sociocultural milestones. It would not be an exaggeration to say that, over a few short years, rock festivals played a unique, significant – and underappreciated – role in fueling the countercultural shift that swept not only America but many other countries during the 1960s. It seems fitting that one of the most enduring labels for the entire generation of that era was derived from a rock festival: the ‘Woodstock Generation’. Reflecting their musical diversity and the then-common term ‘pop music’, for the first few years, particularly in the US, many rock festivals were called ‘pop festivals’. This also served to distinguish them among the ticket-buying public from other, pre-existing types of music festivals such as jazz and folk festivals. By the end of 1972, the term ‘pop festival’ had virtually disappeared as festival promoters adopted more creative, unique and location-specific names to identify and advertise their events. Today, most music festivals are a big commercial commodity and years of experience have been utilized to try to give the festival goer the best experience possible such as the upcoming 50th anniversary Glastonbury. Every music fan will be familiar with Glastonbury Festival, but did you know that it was originally called the Pilton Pop, Folk & Blues

Festival? Back in 1970, organiser Michael Eavis decided to host an al fresco concert himself after seeing Led Zeppelin headlining at an openair festival. Inspired by this outdoor concert, the Pilton Pop, Folk & Blues Festival was held at Worthy Farm on 19 September 1970, with an audience of 1,500 people. The Kinks were scheduled to headline, but later pulled out, and so the headline act was Tyrannosaurus Rex, later known as T. Rex. The price for a ticket was only £1; entry to the sought-after event today costs around £250 for the whole weekend. In 1971 the show became the Glastonbury Free Festival. That’s right, free. The event was paid for by sponsors, meaning that keen festival goers were treated to acts such as the late, great David Bowie without having to pay a penny. It was also the first year that the Pyramid Stage appeared. Designed to replicate the Great Pyramid of Giza, the stage was one-tenth the size of the original and was built using scaffolding and metal sheeting. It would be impossible to summarise Glastonbury’s greatest or even worst acts – the festival has played host to hundreds of the biggest names in music, from T. Rex in 1970 and David Bowie in 1971, right through to Stormzy, Katy Perry and Radiohead in 2017. Other highlights over the years have included perform-

ances by everyone from REM to Coldplay, Shirley Bassey to The Who, Kylie to the E.L.O. and Oasis to Adele. This year Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift will be headlining, plus, there is a strong rumour that rockers Aerosmith might be making an appearance. Good luck getting a ticket and don’t forget your wellies. The Burapa bikers festival in the Pattaya area of Thailand, is not only the biggest meeting of it’s kind in S.E. Asia, but unique in it’s ability to be a free event with fun for all the family. The upcoming 23rd event in mid February will be, once again, be self policed with many retailer stalls and original art on show all over the arena. It’s probably the nearest to the ‘Woodstock’ experience that you will ever be able to attend with a carefully planned roster of Rock music acts on two stages over the course of the three days to entertain the usual 40,000 plus attendees all basking in the sunshine with peace and love in the air. Additionally, there are so many different types of motor bikes on show plus many other attractions

such as Native American horses, sometimes uniquely racing long nosed motor bikes around the main arena (only place in the world where you will see this). We are blessed and so lucky to have the opportunity to go back to those hippie days of the late 60s and have our own ‘Woodstock’ here in the Pattaya area. I personally always look forward to contributing by appearing on one of the stages, which I have done for the last seven years, especially when I was invited two years running to play second guitar to Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (above), formerly of the iconic band ‘Guns & Roses’. This year, I have been asked to be in a ‘Doors’ tribute band. The music festival is still, not just a great way to see a bunch of bands or acts on the same bill, but a beautiful coming together of like minded people rejoicing in togetherness as one … a wonderful thing.


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It's hard to believe that 1980 is now forty years ago, isn't it ? In my head, the second world war ended forty years ago and we were all still enjoying Glenn Miller and Vera Lynn. 1980 was all about the pocket calculator, Atari home video games and that futuristic synthesiser music played by awkward men performing without moving generally right in front of the smoke machine on Top Of The Pops. Well, it's as if nothing's changed because this issue I've been inundated with electronica .. and I'm still waiting for my jet-pack to arrive.

We’ve borrowed it from our children. If we get together, then we can start to heal some of the scars that we’ve inflicted”. In a way, nothing really has changed for Cerrone, and I'm happy to say that includes the quality of his music. DNA is both instantly familiar, calling to mind the likes of Jarre, late-era Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, but also resolutely modern. The production is flawless and there's no filler - every track is beautifully crafted and, maybe because there are hardly any lyrics on what's mostly an instrumental album, very evocative, allowing the listener to drift off wherever the mood takes them .. It's both a record to sit down and enjoy in its own right and also a great driving soundtrack, like a lot of electronica : there's something about those sweeping synthesisers that seem to help eat up the miles. Stand-out tracks to try include The Impact and the highly Germanic-sounding I've Got A Rocket.

NICOLAS GODIN Concrete And Glass CERRONE DNA Sadly, another thing that's not changed much across four decades is man's attitude to climate change, the environment and earth itself. Cerrone is a contemporary of Giorgio Moroder and Jean-Michel Jarre, having been a synth pioneer in the late seventies. During his long career he's performed, produced, played, created and collaborated all around the music world, from his native provincial France where he started out as a prog rock fan, through the disco years at Studio 54 in New York, to festivals all across his beloved planet. Now 67, his biggest hit was Supernature, released in 1977. It reached #8 in the UK charts and sold over 8m copies worldwide. Cerrone himself is the mostsampled French artist of all time, which is all the more impressive given the back catalogues of Johnny Hallyday and Serge Gainsbourg. But the thing about Supernature isn't the sales figures, but what the song itself stood for : it centred on the theme of the man-made destruction of the planet, a prescient prediction considering the exponential threat of climate change in recent decades. Opening track, The Impact, also has a stark climate change-awareness message. It sees Cerrone sample a speech from famous ethnologist Jane Goodall, who has worked with chimpanzees all her life and changed the way that humans interact with animals: “Every single day we make some impact on the planet. We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents,

Staying with French synth artists, next up is Nicolas Godin of Air fame. You know them, the supercool duo who had hits such as Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch The Stars, while their track Alpha Beta Gaga, with its catchy whistled refrain, was used in a long-running ad campaign for a phone network. Concrete And Glass is Godin's second solo outing, following 2015's experimental Contrepoint which had Bach as it's theme. This time round, architecture is the focus, with minimalism of production, precision in creativity and the usual panache and verve you might expect from a French artist in any field. The concept of the album is best explained by Godin himself : "In 1995, I’d just finished university where I’d studied architecture, and was recording a track in my home studio in Paris as a sort of tribute to the much admired and world-renowned architect, Le Corbusier. This first single was called Modular Mix and would go on to be released a few months later under the band name AIR. A second track soon followed, and then an album, and then 10 more up until this present day. 20 years later ... I was rather intrigued when artist Xavier Veilhan presented me with a list of the following names: “Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Mies van der Rohe, Claude Parent, Constantin Melnikov, Pierre Koenig and... Le Corbusier.” To sum it up, Xavier explained to me how he intended to create pieces in tribute to each of these architects, and then display them in situ alongside some of their most iconic buildings across the world. When he asked me to join him on this adventure, I suggested the idea of creating a theme for each house, putting some of his planned exhibitions to music as a sort of soundtrack or a performance. And so that was the starting point for the album Concrete and Glass."

It was on his return to France that he realised he had unfinished business with this theme. Rather than releasing the mood music produced for the installations, Godin found himself obsessing over a long-player with new material, continuing the story to its natural conclusion and thus Concrete And Glass was born. Like Air's best-selling albums - Moon Safari and Talkie Walkie - the record is a mix of sparse but melodic instrumentals and soothing electronic pop sung in English by female vocalists. In many ways, the release is like the second coming of Air, so strong is the musical resemblance, never more so than on the gorgeous Back To Your Heart, featuring Russian artist, Kate NV, on lead vocals. Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor guests on the dream-like Catch Yourself Falling, while Oxnard singer and activist Cola Boyy brings soul to the righteously engaged The Foundation, chock-full of moody synths and a slow-burning groove, which allows those minimal arrangements the space to breathe. Psychedelic soul singer Kadhja Bonet channels her inner-Kate Bush over gentle, falling-rain synths on We Forgot Love. Seriously, she is such a soundalike I found myself reaching for the press pack to check if it was actually Ms Bush herself. Stand-out tracks to try include Back To Your Heart and the moody title track, Concrete And Glass.

CUBICOLOR Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night Next up on the 80s-style synth conveyor belt comes Cubicolor, a trio comprising Amsterdam-based producers Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek, along with British singer-songwriter Tim DigbyBell. The album was actually recorded on a house boat in the Dutch city with every single sample being originated by the band themselves rather than from other records or loop libraries. In what must have been a painstaking process over a four year period since the release of their 2016 debut, Brainsugar, this is officially their second album but in reality its their third following the dumping of a previous set of recordings in 2018. As DigbyBell recalls: “We got home and listened to it, then got on the phone with each other and decided to drop the whole thing. The next week we went back into the studio and started again. We didn't keep anything, we shut ourselves on the boat in Amsterdam where we work and didn't stop until we made the record we wanted to make.” With over 40m streams, Cubicolor are

something of a force on the under-

ground electronica scene, generating plenty of interest from the specialist media, including Mixmag and DJ Mag, drawing comparisons with the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet. The theme of the album is time, its cyclical nature and the sense of impermanance it can bring and Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night can be seen as a culmination of moments in the lives of the band members since their last outing. Poignant lead single Points Beyond reflects on the loss of a close friend of Digby-Bell, whilst second single Wake Me Up explores our transient sense of identity. Instrumental numbers such as Prelude and Pale Blue Dot evoke the sense of uncertainty that the band felt as they put the record together. DigbyBell continues : “There were a lot of moments when we weren't sure we'd ever find what it was we were looking for. On the way we lost friends, lost loves, battled health issues, lost an album, lost each other and came back together again. Looking back now it was pretty crazy but the world keeps spinning and I guess we just didn't want to put out anything that wasn't true to ourselves as a band, and the very best we can do as musicians, no matter how long it took.” Stand-out tracks to try include album opener, Prelude, and the singles, Points Beyond and Wake Me Up.

ON-THE-GO Unsaid And now for something completely different : a Russian indie band. On-The-Go are an eclectic mix of folk, electronica and straight-up pop with some unusual time signatures and lots of layers, which makes for rewarding repeat listening : I've played Unsaid half a dozen times now and it's definitely a grower. The quintet have produced a collection of carefully crafted numbers and tell us that they "wanted to make sure that each song is based on specific ideas and lyrics with the rhythm and melody forming around the subject.” The topics in question include looking for balance in relationships in an ever-changing and unpredictable world, the conflicting emotions around raising children within a political climate of fear and hatred, as well as the changing nature of memories as our current experiences increasingly conflict with the beliefs we held in the past. So not your typical love songs, then .. Upbeat title track, Unsaid, deals with the regret surrounding the things we wish we were able to tell the people we care about but were never able to. It's a real foot-tapper with a catchy chugging acoustic guitar refrain, while lead vocalist Yura Makarychev's rather unique voice is front and central, with its slightly tremulous quality well to the fore. I've not heard such an earnest young man in a long while as he implores his father for forgiveness for sins best left unsaid. In describing the song that way - and by extention the album itself - I may have given the impression it's a rather dour experience, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Unsaid, the song, is strangely uplifting and

has a touch of The Foo Fighters at their most melodic. Another highlight is the lilting duet Happy, with a beautifully harmonised vocal from Makarychev and one Kate NV (who also featured on the Nicolas Godin album featured above) all set to acoustic guitar. It's a stunning song which gives another facet to a richly varied record. Perhaps the most mainstream song on Unsaid is the very definitely Foo Fighteresque, It's Weird, But It's Alright. Listening to it, something finally dawned on me about Makarychev's voice. Throughout the album it had sounded eerily familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it till I got to this particular track and it's the fact he sounds a lot like Rush vocalist Geddy Lee when he's singing with his normal range, not the high-pitched, strangled rock monster bits, but when he's in those quieter moments, on the downlow. The Foo Fighter thing comes both from the instrumentation and backing vocalist (and brother) Maxim Makarychev's voice, which is uncannily Grohlian. The range of the band is highly evident throughout Unsaid, with the folkrock of Alone, the danceable High, the moodily 80s vibe of Capture You and on the majestic album closer, Lucky, a plaintive piano ballad which makes for a fitting end to a superb long-player. Stand-out tracks to try include Happy, It's Weird, But It's Alright and Lucky.

DAVID KEENAN A Beginner's Guide To Bravery David Keenan is a singer-songwriter from Ireland and the Dundalk-born story-teller has developed a loyal following over the last couple of years with a series of self-released EPs, building his own world of songs and characters all the while shaping his debut album, the originally titled A Beginner's Guide To Bravery. Here at And Towers we receive countless offerings from earnest troubadours with acoustic guitars and while the majority of them are perfectly decent efforts by talented artists pouring their hearts and souls into the recordings, it can be a bit like eating the same meal every day, week after week. But once in a while something makes you sit up, prick up your ears and say "Who is this now ?" Enter, David Keenan .. The record opens with a rambling number, James Dean, that feels a bit like the opening of an intimate gig in a tight venue, the singer nodding at people around the room, muttering a few words into the mic as he starts strumming and then you realise he's actually started .. and I'm pretty sure that's what happened in the studio, but I like that. It shows a certain amount of trust both from the artist himself - in effect saying, this is it, this is what I do but also from the label, in this case Rubyworks, an indie from Dublin. What comes next is an astonishing

song called Unholy Ghosts, which instantly showcases the man's poetry as well as his ear for a melody. He's not in this game half-heartedly : he wants to stretch himself, to push the envelope and see where his art can take him. He thinks big, very big, having grown up on a musical diet of Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and Tim Buckley. In his own words : “I've always understood that music, language, prose and poetry transcend modernity or any kind of time. I don't attach myself to this period, or any past, present or future. Through the relationship with art and language I grew closer to my true self. The album is an embodiment of all that. Just trying to, through creative catharsis, self-educate and sculpt an inner world that become your outer world.” Nine years ago, when Keenan was 17 and on the dole after doing a computer course, he packed up and left Dundalk and went to Liverpool. He disappeared – it was two weeks before he went to a phone booth and called his mother and told her he was alive and he was in Liverpool and she wasn’t to worry – and he was on the trail of the disappeared. He had gone to Liverpool to find Lee Mavers, the elusive singer of The La’s. Though he never found the man himself, he did meet other members of the band and finally ended up supporting one of them at gigs, literally living hand-tomouth in the process. He explains : “The La's opened up a new world of tuning your guitar to the hum of an electric fridge. It was like holy music, holistic. I stumbled upon them. I found this blog called Diaries of a Rock’n’Dole Star. That's all that I needed. This guy went to Liverpool and spent his grant money on tracking down The Stairs and Shack. And I had to go. I had never been out of Dundalk before. But I'd read all the books. I'd read Kerouac and I needed to escape." When he returned to Ireland, the newly confident Keenan began sending demos off, and people began to take notice, especially after meeting a taxi driver who liked to film his passengers. Drunkenly performing El Paso for the man he had paid to take him home led to a whole new audience as the clip subsequently went viral. There's many more steps on the journey and he's only just starting out, given this is his debut album, but if he ever writes a biography just like that trip in the cab it should be one hell of a ride. The album is a classic melting pot of acoustic guitar, jaunty drums, melancholy strings, soulful piano, a dash of electric guitar and the kind of spare, open production that lends it that live feeling. Then there's the lyrics and finally that hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck voice with the thickest Irish brogue this side of Craggy Island. First and foremost, Keenan is a storyteller and for that, he needs an audience. I suggest you seek him out. Now. Stand-out tracks to try include Tin Pan Alley, Unholy Ghosts and Love In A Snug.



THE SESHEN Don’t Answer

This issue I've reviewed three electronica albums, a Russian indie band and an Irish singer-songwriter.

Don't Answer is an ethereal single showcasing the softer side of The Seshen, and is the second single to be taken from their new album Cyan. The San Francisco band are garnering lots of praise and airplay from Lauren Laverne and you may have heard them on her BBC 6Music show.

What's going on ? Normally, I'm on a soulful, jazzy, worldly kinda vibe .. well, how about some J-Felix as normal service is resumed ? Mind Up is a juicy slice of retro superfunk, so phat you could eat it. There's strong elements of George Clinton's Parliament at play here and I'd challenge anyone to listen to the song without at least tapping their foot. By the end of it, if you're not dancing you're probably dead. The bassline is chunky, the vocals - from Andrew Ashong - are strong without being overbearing, almost adding another layer of instrumentation to the track, as proven when listening to the instrumental : it still sounds brilliant, just a little different. I'm looking forward to the next album from talented producer and multi-instrumentalist, J-Felix.

Set against a glistening string arrangement inspired by the likes of Nick Drake, the song is about trying to combat depression, in particular the battle to win against the sleeplessness and monotony that so often accompanies the condition. Again, the instrumental version is arguably better, especially as it has a dreamlike quality evoking the aimless drift of the mind as it tries to shut down for the night .. Speaking of her own experiences, vocalist and lyricist Lalin St. Juste explains: “I was inspired by the reality of not being able to get out of bed. Depression can grab a hold of you and it tries to stop you from breathing... but each day comes and each day I choose this life, I choose my truth, I choose to push through”. It's like George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were right all along - choose life!

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SOUTHAMPTON’S first and only street food restaurant, offering an authentic taste of India

Talking pastry with Veronique After training as a chef at award winning 5 Flies Restaurant in Cape Town, Eastleigh’s Veronique Viljoen, looked to broaden her experience with a move to the UK; working her way up to head pastry chef at Portsmouth’s Langstone Hotel which gained two Rosettes, with further recognition at Garage Lounge which became an award winning independent café while she was head baker.

Passionate about pastries, many of us will already know her cakes at Portsmouth’s famous Tenth Hole. Now as owner of her own café at Lakeside Steam Railway, she’s looking forward to bringing her love of the sweeter things to Eastleigh and Southampton. After all ... as Veronique says, “Calories ... should be as yummy as possible!” AND with yummy in mind, why not try her gorgeous Cupcake recipe below? Easy to make, or for the culinary challenged, on sale at her Lakeside Cafe.

Mums are amazing arent they! I’m a mum myself and I have to admit we do have super powers! Not only do we cook and clean for everything to be thrown onto the floor, for us to pick up again for all of infinity (or until your precious bundle of joy moves out). But we also take the time in making sure everyone is happy while trying to take pride in making ourselves feel and look good, after only 4 hours sleep or a screaming match trying to get them ready for school. Sometimes I think of myself as the Momster! But all in all Motherhood is the most greatest gift in life even our own mothers can be proud of the mums they made us to be. So with that, in celebration of Mother’s Day I share my recipe with you. I hope all you mothers have a fabulous day. Now I’m going to continue helping my son search for his chocolate that I ate last night (wicked super power that Momster! Ed). Enjoy the cupcakes!

Vanilla Cupcakes

CURRY NIGHT Tuesday to Thursday £9.95 per person for chicken curry & rice £7.95 for vegetarian option DHABA CAFE: Open 11-3pm Tuesday - Saturday

59 Oxford Street, Southampton SO14 3DL 023 8017 1810

Makes 12-16

YOU WILL NEED: 85g butter 285g sugar

Book now for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day & Easter!

245g flour 1tbsp baking powder 245ml whole milk 2 eggs

METHOD: Place all dry ingredients into a bowl and mix until resembles breadcrumbs Add your wet ingredients Spoon the batter into the cupcake cases, up to about two thirds full Pop into the oven and bake for 18-20min until the sponges feel springy. Allow to cool

Vanilla Frosting 600g icing sugar 160g butter 60ml milk Beat your butter until smooth and light in colour, add the icing sugar once all mixed together add the milk slowly until a smooth buttercream is formed here you can have lots of fun by adding different colours and sprinkles.

Lakeside Cafe, Wide Lane, Eastleigh SO50 5PE Tel: 07805 390261 Call now for buffets, boardroom teas and parties. Opening Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Mon - Sun

A family owned country pub with a huge garden, offering fantastic food, well kept ales, great wines and a very warm welcome! The Robin Hood, Durley Street, Durley Southampton SO32 2AA Tel: 01489 860229

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02382 357940 pagejune 21 and

The AND Guide to: Finding a GREAT BREAKFAST!

To make sure you’re in the next one email me at:

Apparrently our most talked about feature ... STILL! Which makes me wonder if I should sack everybody? This started as a moan. Me whinging about not knowing more than a couple of decent places to get a decent breakfast... at breakfast time! In time I hope to include everywhere locally that serves a decent breakfast. But if you’re not here my apologies, its down to one of 7 things: it’s a beer, you didn’t tell me, I don’t know about you, I don’t think its any good, I forgot, or you won’t give me a breakfast in exchange (research) Ed :), or it doesn’t stock The AND Guide. SOUTHAMPTON


UPTONS OF BASSETT 351 Winchester Rd, Southampton SO16 7DJ 023 8039 3959 STAKKS PANCAKE HOUSE Marlands Centre (Upstairs), Southampton SO14 7SJ 023 8178 3660 CAFE CREME 31 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DG 023 8023 6616 ROMANOS 4 Canute Road, Southampton SO14 3FH 023 8033 7644


GENTING CLUB (12AM - 3AM) Terminus Terrace, Southampton SO14 3FE 023 8058 1872 KATE'S CAFE LOUNGE 227 Portswood Road, Southampton SO15 2NF 023 8058 1872 OZZY CAFE Harley Davidson, Heritage House, Second Avenue Southampton SO15 0LP RIVERSIDE DINER 13 Manor Farm Rd, Southampton SO18 1NN 023 8067 7569 SCHOLARS ARMS 130-132 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DU Tel: 02380 225 464



THE HEATH Beaulieu Rd, Dibden Purlieu, Southampton SO45 5PW 023 8084 2275 NICE NOSH 50 Rumbridge Street, Totton SO40 9DS 023 8087 0242 THE PILGRIM INN Hythe Road, Southampton SO40 4WU 023 8086 7752 THE HIDEAWAY 183 Hampton Lane, Blackfield 074 2907 86617 CAFE PARISIAN 64 High St, Lyndhurst SO43 7BJ 023 8028 4546 HOCKEY’S FARM SHOP CAFE South Gorley, Fordingbridge SP6 2PW (8am - 6pm) 01425 652542 EAST THE FORUM DELI Solent Busines park, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7AD BAKERY Whiteley Shopping, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7PD 01489 564 445 THE ALMA (from 9am) Alma Lane, Upham SO32 1HE COFFEE HOUSE High street, Bishops Waltham SO32 1AA 01489 896990 VINEYS WHOLESOME FOOD 6 High Street, Botley SO30 2EA 01489 797781

JACKPOT CAFE Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2TD 023 8032 2079

RETRO CAFE 34 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DG 0782 890 8382

WOOLSTON CAFE 40 Portsmouth Road, Woolston SO19 9AD 023 8044 0918

KAT’S KAFE 5 High St, Eastleigh SO50 5LB 023 8178 1211

THE DOLPHIN (FROM 10AM) High Street, Botley 01489 782014

METTRICKS GUILDHALL From 7:30 Mon-Fri, 9am Sat/Sun 1 Guildhall Place, Guildhall Square, Southampton SO14 7DU Tel: 02380 710583

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN 13-14 Terminus Terrace, Southampton SO14 3DT 023 8033 5069

PIGGYS 26 Victoria Road, Woolston SO19 9DX 023 8178 2059

THE COFFEE CORNER Boyatt Shopping Centre, Eastleigh SO50 4QP 023 8061 4654

THE BOAT HOUSE CAFE Swanwick Marina, Swanwick SO31 1ZL 01489 885745

SAUCE 27-29 Queensway, Southampton SO14 3BL 07450 265944

ANNIES CAFE 14 Portsmouth Road, Woolston SO19 9AA 023 8042 1200

THE WAGON WORKS 28 Southampton Road, Eastleigh SO50 9F 023 8062 2670

PARKLIFE CAFE 133 Church St, Southampton SO15 5LW 023 8077 9763

CENTRAL COFFEE Central Hall, St Mary Street, Southampton SO14 1NF

ASDA Bournemouth Road, Eastleigh SO53 3YJ

THE VILLAGE BAKERY & TEA ROOM 48 Warsash Road, Warsash SO31 9JA 01489 574747

WHITE SWAN Mansbridge Road, West End, Southampton SO18 3HW 023 8047 3322

CONCORDE CLUB, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh SO50 9HQ 023 8061 3989



METTRICKS WOOLSTON 8 Centenery Plaza, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9UE 023 8084 6176 SWEET CORNER CAFE 19-23 Commercial Road, Southampton SO15 1GF 023 8082 9189 SIDEWALK SOUTH 24 High Street, Southampton SO14 2DF 023 8022 2323

HALLADAYS TEA ROOMS 6 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DB 023 8078 6921

MARCO’S Nelson Gate, Frobisher House, Southampton SO15 1GX 023 8023 8181

THE RETRO DINER 281 Shirley Road, Southampton SO15 3HT 023 8078 6921

LAKESIDE CAFE Lakeside Railway Country Park, Eastleigh SO50 5PE 023 8061 2020

ADMIRAL SIR LUCIUS CURTIS Canutes Pavilion, City Centre, Southampton SO14 3JS 023 8038 8940

CAFE REFLECTIONS 25 Shirley High Street, Southampton SO15 3NL 023 8077 8878

HAM FARM HARVESTER Twyford Rd, Eastleigh 023 8061 9181

CAFFE MOMENTO Unit 2 Guildhall Square, Southampton SO14 7FP 023 8023 3717

GEORGE'S CAFE & RESTAURANT 9 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton SO15 5LG

SPEEDY’S BURGER BAR School Lane, Chandlers Ford SO53 4DG 07830 118402

CAFE FUMEE 73 High Street, Southampton S014 2NW 023 8033 8333 THE SQUARE ARTISAN CAFÉ 157-187 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7NN 023 8031 9007 WHITE STAR TAVERN, Oxford Street Southampton SO14 3DJ0 023 8082 1990

SAINSBURYS HEDGE END Tollbar Way, Hedge End SO30 2Uh SAINSBURYS SHIRLEY 1 Redcar Street, Southampton SO15 5LL

PETER GREEN COFFEE SHOP School Lane, Chandlers Ford SO53 4DG 023 8026 9011

SAINSBURY'S PORTSWOOD 224 Portswood Road, Southampton SO17 2LB

BAY LEAVES LARDER 87-91 Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers Ford SO53 5NQ 023 8025 2310

THE YELLOW WELLY Shamrock Quay, SO14 5QL 023 8022 3535

HURSLEY CAFE 4 Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford, SO53 2FU 023 8025 2550

CAFE FRESH 9 Market Place Romsey SO51 8NB 01794 522602 THAT LITTLE TEA SHOP 48a The Hundred, Romsey SO51 8BX 01794 519852 THE CROMWELL ARMS PUB & HOTEL Mainstone, Romsey SO51 8HG 01794 519515 NICOLA'S TEA SHOP 8 Latimer Street, Romsey SO51 8DG 01794 523009 WEST THE BOATHOUSE 29 Shamrock Way, Hythe Marina Village 023 8084 4066 BIG BLUE CAFE New Forest Enterprise Centre, Chapel Lane, Totton SO40 9LA 023 8066 6608

BERT & ERNIE’S CAFE & TEAROOM Unit 8, Shedfield Nursery & Equestrian, Botley Road, Shedfield SO32 2HN THE NAVIGATOR 286 Bridge Road, Lower Swanwick SO31 7EB 01489 572123 JENNY’S CAFE High Street, Hamble-le-Rice SO31 4HA 023 8045 5771 THE BUS STOP CAFE Hound Farm Hound Road, Netley Abbey SO31 5FS TESCO Hamble Lane, Bursledon, Southampton SO31 8GN LILLY'S TEA & COFFEE HOUSE The Square, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5JQ 01329 830305 WESTLANDS FARM SHOP Westlands Farm, Pricketts Hill, Shedfield SO32 2JW 01329 833832 COAST TO COAST (FROM 9AM) Unit 4, Shopping, Whitely, Fareham PO15 7PD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD 164a Southampton Road, Fareham, PO14 4PP 01489 589056

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Saints legend FRANcis BENALI opens new £2.2 million urology centre Cancer Research fundrasing legend Francis Benali joined staff and patients at Southampton University Hospital in January to open a new £2.2 million urology centre. The development at University Hospital Southampton reached completion at the end of last year and represents the first purpose-built location for the service. Among the facilities are new clinic and treatment rooms which enable the team to carry out more procedures and tests promptly without the need to admit patients. The centre also includes a reception area and dedicated waiting rooms, advanced technology including a lithotripsy suite to treat kidney stones using shock waves and a staff room with additional offices. Among the new equipment is a novel £16k diagnostic chair, funded by Prostate Cancer South Support

Charity Organisation, which prevents the need for patients to go to theatre for prostate cancer investigations and diagnoses. Members of the clinical team, including doctors, nurses, support staff and management, were involved throughout the project and assisted with all stages of planning and building - and even produced some of the artwork on display for patients and visitors. The urology department at UHS sees patients from across southern England and the Channel Islands for a range of issues including benign and malignant prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular disorders, renal stones, reconstructive surgery and complex urinary incontinence. “We have had multiple locations across the organisation over many

years - sometimes with parts of the service based at different sites which made it difficult to set down roots and build the service we wanted for our patients,” said Clare Tull, senior sister in urology. “Despite that, the dedication from staff to provide the best service they can has been exemplary and that commitment has paid off with the trust investing in the creation of the centre. “As a result, we now have the space and facilities to provide excellent urology care into the future as we develop and expand expertise in both our medical and nursing teams with our infrastructure now in place.” She added: “In addition to funding from UHS, Prostate Cancer South Support Charity Organisation and the fundraising efforts of our staff, we would also like to thank our partners

including Cancer Research UK, Fight Bladder Cancer and Prostate Cancer UK for their ongoing support.” Mark Harris, a consultant urological surgeon, said: “Our new diagnostic and treatment rooms enable us to carry out more procedures and tests in an outpatient setting without the need for admission, giving us more opportunity to provide a “one-stop” service. “Additionally, the space and our services being co-located will enable us to deliver more innovative tests and procedures which reduce the need for anaesthetic and mean we can further improve the experience our patients receive.” Franny (pictured above with menbers of the Urology team), who received an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List for his services to char-

ity after raising more than £1 million for Cancer Research UK, said: “I am honoured to be invited to celebrate this very special occasion with the urology team at UHS. “I have already heard lots about the new centre, what it will enable the team to achieve and how it will improve patient care and experience so I am looking forward to seeing it all in operation.” Paula Head, chief executive of UHS, said: “This is a fantastic development for urology services and it demonstrates our commitment as an organisation to keep developing services and facilities to meet the challenges of today and the future.” To donate or to get involved withSouthampton Hospital Charity visit


VISIT Southampton website. the GO! place for your online listings Visit Southampton, the city’s official destination website, is the go-to place for online what’s on listings in the area, with as many as 1,000 events listed at any one time. You’ll find everything from theatre shows to live music, art exhibitions to comedy nights, craft workshops to sports and participation events and much more. The website also includes sections for things to see and do and places to eat and drink, as well as a series of blogs and itinerary suggestions, shopping information and local offers, all powered by a comprehensive local business directory. So, whether you live or work in Southampton, or are visiting the area, head to today to discover more. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Organising or hosting an event in Southampton? Upload it to Visit Southampton’s listings for free in a few simple steps - see our website for details.

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St Patricks Weekender 13/14/15 March Featuring all the action from Cheltenham’s last day on the 13th March, live music all weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun), huge range of Irish drinks and piping hot Irish stew! So get your green on, for a full weekend of shenanigans!

St Patrick’s day Tuesday 17th March Open from 12 noon, music all day, live bands, musicians, Irish food and of course our amazing range of Irish drinks, the best black stuff in the South! Book a table at: SIC LIVE MU day rs u h every T & y a Frid y! Saturda

Craic Agus Ceol do gach duine ag Shenanigans! 1 CARLTON PLACE, SOUTHAMPTON SO15 2DZ Call: 07917 777596

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it: vis e or St r ita Gu e Th by d re so ! Spon gician ... a DJ? Look here

r, ma Looking for a band, singe

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FIREHOUSE, SOTON Fantastic Old Skool Metal covers Band! EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Woking - H




NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Wind In The Willows Heist The Bird Show TRW Raymond Briggs’ The Bear CONCORDE CLUB Soul & Reggae Party with Madison Heights and RU40 HANGER FARM A Taste of Spain ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Planet 80 ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Julian Cope THE HOBBIT Fuzzwalker/King Kuna/The Dead Revival THE JOINERS Nervus At Surburbia STE ALL DAYER THE BROOK Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart 1865, SOTON Pearl Jamm THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Salon with Jayne & Caroline HEARTBREAKERS Indoor Pets THE RAILWAY, W’CH Hummune C/F CENTRAL CL Somethin’ Else DOLPHIN, P’WOOD The Piranha Brothers SCHOLARS ARMS Live Music KINGS HEAD, W’HAM Under the Covers WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The White Lakes / Orange Street KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Ultimate Classic Rock Show GUILDHALL, POMPEY Guildhall Games Fest S’BURY PLAYHOUSE You’re Not as Funny as your Father S’BURY ARTS CENTRE The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jayke Orvis & The Bullshit Brothers PLATFORM TAVERN The Stingrays SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BOLD FORESTER, SOBERTON Chicago 9 CHURCHILLS CLUB, EASTLEIGH The Kestrels

FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT COMEDY SHOWS NIGHTCLUBS JUST CHILDREN ANTIQUES & FAYRES MARKETS & CAR BOOTS OTHER EVENTS PLEASE NOTE. We have tried to ensure entries are correct, but If we’ve got the odd one wrong, sorry... The AND Guide cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies. Some require tickets in advance. We advise telephoning the appropriate venue beforehand on all occasions.

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SUNDAY 2ND MAYFLOWER TH’RE Birmingham Royal Ballet - Swan Lake Dreams NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Bird Show St Valentine’s Fayre and Jane Austen Talk TRW Raymond Briggs’ The Bear CONCORDE CLUB Bob Dwyer Bix & Pieces ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING New Age - Mod and Rock Band THE BROOK Martyn Joseph 1865, SOTON David Cross Band + Viriditas HEARTBREAKERS The Pretty Visitors BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM James Oliver Band DOLPHIN, P’WOOD Big Blue SCHOLARS ARMS Open Mic night Superbowl 2020 WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Skinny Milk + Tundra Love KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Peter Panties - Adult panto GUILDHALL, POMPEY Guildhall Games Fest S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Gojo Big Band PLATFORM TAVERN Cinnamon Jazz / Jack Grace Band CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with Ian Ellis & Friends MONDAY 3RD NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Writers in Conversation - Brian Dillon The Last Temptaton of Boris Johnson TRW Alexei Salyle THE JOINERS Web + Sublunary KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air TUESDAY 4TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Band of Gold NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw

TRW Alexei Salyle HANGER FARM Flats & Sharps ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night THE HOBBIT Comedy Night THE RAILWAY, W’CH Kacy & Clayton WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Portsmouth College Showcase KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black THE LONDON, SOTON Quiz Night with the Wessex Wyverns CHAPLINS, B’MTH Carls Comedy Club WEDNESDAY 5TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Band of Gold HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Lecture lunch: 200 yrs of the Gurkha Regiment NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Sir Ranulph Fiennes : Living Dangerously TRW Lolo Williams: Life Before the lens CONCORDE CLUB Southampton University Jazz Orchestra ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz THE LOFT, SOTON Beans on Toast THE PHOENIX, R’SY Nina West THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Tom Clements NEW TH’RE ROYAL POMPEY Fame! KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black GUILDHALL, POMPEY Beats of The Streets S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Yesterday / Pain and Glory CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic NST CITY The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson NST CAMPUS Sir Ranulph Fiennes SWITCH, SOTON Ben Snow THURSDAY 6TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Band of Gold NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TURNER SIMS Luka Okros

BERRY TH’RE Judy TRW Skin Reimagined CONCORDE CLUB Lockie Chapman ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON The Menzingers NEW THEATRE P’MTH Fame! KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Flats and Sharps THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor CHAPLINS, B’MTH HammerHead Rock Night PLATFORM TAVERN Gaslight Sessions SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES Jack Dale FRIDAY 7TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Band of Gold NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TRW Oh! What a Night O2 GUILDHALL Roy Orbison & The Traveling Wilburys Experience CONCORDE CLUB Get Ready HANGER FARM Rob Auton AGEAS BOWL Network club / Tony Bellew ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Chili - Function Band ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Genesis Visible Touch THE HOBBIT The Scheme THE BROOK Legend - Bob’s 75th birthday celebration 1865, SOTON The Miami Sunshine Band HEARTBREAKERS Wife Swap USA THE RAILWAY, W’CH Gaz Brookfield BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Mista Messy ROMSEY ABBEY Five Choirs Concert PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Story of Guitar Heroes THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Curveball

NEW TH’RE ROYAL POMPEY Fame! / Knees up! WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Malone Sibun Band KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black GUILDHALL, POMPEY BSO: Pastoral Beethoven / Charged Up S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Tom Stade: You Ain’t seen Nothing Yet STRAWBERRY FIELD TAV Toast THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Clair & Drag Cabaret, Marsha Mallow CHAPLINS, B’MTH RS Ext Play PLATFORM TAVERN Tim Paynes Platform Posse SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music ST MARYS STADIUM An Evening to Remember with Tony Bellew THE SAINTS PUB, SOTON ‘Special Live’ Decatonics HARBOUR HOUSE 432Hz Concept FIREHOUSE, SOTON Black Rose SATURDAY 8TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Band of Gold NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Charmane / Alfie Brown : Imagination TURNER SIMS Fergus McCredie Trio BERRY TH’RE Shaun The Sheep Movie TRW Sarah and Duck’s Big Top Birthday Philly Philly Wang Wang CONCORDE CLUB Rob Lamberti as George Michael The Blackadder Comedy Dinner Show HANGER FARM Lovingly Whitney Houston & Simply Tina Turner ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Rhythm City Pop, Rock’n’Roll, Soul ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON AC/DC UK THE HOBBIT Confronted/target Earth/Vichama/Barriers THE JOINERS Man & The Echo THE BROOK The Rezillos THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Lunatraktors & Foot/Long HEARTBREAKERS Blackwaters PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Anton & Erin


Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Tom Stade WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The GoGo Cult Portsmouth Pride KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Woman in Black Chinese New Year Extravaganza GUILDHALL, POMPEY Melana At The Movies S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Live Lunch: Eric Walker THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Lucinda & vocalist Sam Solace CHAPLINS, B’MTH We Afro Tallawah PLATFORM TAVERN Daeg ‘N’ Bonez SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music C/F CENTRAL CL Chicago 9 WORTHIES CL, W’CH Cellarats THE STAR PD Band THE BUGLE, T’FIELD Steve’s Solo GUILDHALL SQ Lantern Festival NST CITY The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson FIREHOUSE, SOTON Jumpmand ++ PORTMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Tranmere Rovers - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Harrogate Town - A SUNDAY 9TH NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TURNER SIMS In The Alps, With Juliet Fraser TRW Sarah and Duck’s Big Top Birthday Spitfire Solo O2 GUILDHALL Mabel ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Lost Star Souls THE JOINERS John 1865, SOTON The Calling BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Hybrid C/F CENTRAL CL Chicago 9 THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) If She Hadn’t Lied WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Riot Club S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with The Fox & The Owl PLATFORM TAVERN Sharon Thyme & Her Investment AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Sheffield Utd - A MONDAY 10TH NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Special (451 City) PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl HANGER FARM Movie Night: Blinded by The Light THE JOINERS Those Damn Crows THE BROOK Oh Wonder x Vinilo 1865, SOTON Southampton Ukulele Jam THE LOFT, SOTON Counterparts TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Home Education Day

KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita GUILDHALL, POMPEY Dance Live! S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air THE SOCIAL CLUB, SOTON Counterparts - Rush tribute band TUESDAY 11TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival / Holes / Wet TURNER SIMS Chiaroscuro Quartet PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl TRW Cafe Bar Jazz Night: Louisa Revolta CONCORDE CLUB Quiz & Curry in Aid of Blue Cross ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night / Phek, Phek, Phek 1865, SOTON Black Midi THE CHALET, E’LEIGH Quiz Night THE PHOENIX, R’SY Stand Up in The Basement Comedy PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Hive Society KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita GUILDHALL, POMPEY Dance Live! S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding CHAPLINS, B’MTH She Grrrowls PLATFORM TAVERN English Tunes Sessions PORTMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Coventry City - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs AFC Fylde - H WEDNESDAY 12TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival / Holes / Wet PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl TRW An Evening of Marvin Gaye O2 GUILDHALL Fred Goaters Tea Dance CONCORDE CLUB Nat Steele Quartet ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub QuiZ PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever/Pavilion Tea Dance THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Hugh Budden & Andy Stone KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita GUILDHALL, POMPEY Dance Live! S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE The Italian Job CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic THURSDAY 13TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival / Holes Charity Quiz of the Decade TURNER SIMS London Klezmer Quartet

PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl TRW Once Upon a Time CONCORDE CLUB Ladies Lunch/Rule The World as Take That HANGER FARM Let Me Be Frank - Tribute THE JOINERS Loathe + Phoxjaw + God Complex HEARTBREAKERS Amigo The Devil PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Joe Brown in Concert NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The Problem with Plastic WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Dubioza Kolektiv KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita GUILDHALL, POMPEY Dance Live! S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke with Dolly Rocker JAGS, P’MTH Dlugokecki CHAPLINS, B’MTH Rubber Soul PLATFORM TAVERN Port Erin SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES Davie Baines CENTRAL HALL, ST MARY Seth Lakeman FRIDAY 14TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival / Holes PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl TRW Ardal O’Hanlon: The Showing off Must Go On O2 GUILDHALL The Musical Box - A Genesis Extravaganza CONCORDE CLUB West End Jerseys as The Jersey Boys HANGER FARM The Strawbs 50 years on ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING The Spoils THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Jason Buck: Dark Heart HEARTBREAKERS Back Spasm THE RAILWAY, W’CH Toreador BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Peppermint Soul THE CHALET, E’LEIGH When Harri Met Alli PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) One Night of Elvis THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Fluke WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Comedy Club KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita GUILDHALL, POMPEY Dance Live! S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding NST CITY Cinnamon Jazz THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil Sackley and drag Vicki Vivacious CHAPLINS, B’MTH State Of Undress PLATFORM TAVERN Riverside Blues Band SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music DUKE OF WELLINGTON Bob & The Bobcats



13 Pioneers + The Pretty Visitors + Strangeways

01 Pearl Jamm + Alice in Chains UK

15 Lazuli

02 David Cross [ex-King Crimson] + Viriditas

18 Korpiklaani + Burning Witches 20 Anvil + Ragdoll Sunday + Electus

07 The Sunshine Band [KC&TheSunshineBand Tribute] + DJ Paul Mico

21 March of the Mods

08 Alex Band's The Calling + Psycho Village

22 Franck Carducci + Emerald Dawn + I Am The Manic Whale

11 Black MIDI + Ill Japania

24 The Vivienne & Baga Chipz Show

15 The Goldhawks's present Quadrophenia 16 Bram Stoker 19 New Years Day 21 Gentleman's Dub Club + Gardna

25 The Billy Walton Band 26 Nordic Giants + A.A. Williams 28 Southampton Record Fair 28 Uptown Top Rankin; 70's Disco & 80's Dance

22 Decades: Late 80's & 90's Dance

29 Elles Bailey

23 Revolution Pro Wrestling


25 The Far Meadow + The Dame

01 Comedy with Craig Campbell & Sean Collins

29 The Lounge Kittens

04 Macka B

MARCH 01 The Rumjacks + Mick O'Toole + The Gallow Gate Murders

05 Live Dead '69 07 The Blackheart Orchestra + Red Bazar 09 The Night Cafe 10 Hands Off Gretel

05 Comedy with Phil Kay & Stephen Carlin

12 Revolution Pro Wrestling

06 Kosheen

17 Henge

07 SAS Boxing: March to Glory

18 Look-A-Like Tribute Festival

08 Lifesigns

24 The Undercover Hippy

12 Louise Redknapp

25 Calum Lintott

• High quality d&b audio PA system

• Chamsys controlled lighting rig

• Stage, dance floor & balcony area

• Two licensed bars

Louise Redknapp MARCH 12 Louise has announced her first new music in 16 years, a brand new album 'Heavy Love' released via ADA/Warners on 17th January 2020. Recorded in Sweden, London and LA, 'Heavy Love' is Louise's first album in 18 years. She has worked on the album with a sensational collection of music luminaries including Clean Bandit, Jojo, RAYE, Eg White, Sinead Harnett and Karen Poole. Louise rose to fame as one quarter of pop supergroup Eternal, the first girl band ever to sell over 1 million copies of an album with their 1993 debut ‘Always & Forever’. As a solo artist Louise has had 18 consecutive top solo 20 singles, 6 with Eternal and 12 Solo. In 2018 she returned to music with her 'Intimate and Live' comeback tour with the entire run of dates selling out in 3 minutes! See her in the UK in March 2020.

ULTRA 90S PLUS GUEST DJ JODIE YANG COOPER SATURDAY 7 MARCH 2020 Book online: Stoneham Lane ST MARYS STADIUM Champion of Champions Darts HOTEL MERCURE DOLPHIN Michael Buble tribute night SATURDAY 15TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival / Holes The Boy Who Cried Wolf Count Arthur Strong TURNER SIMS Southampton Concert Orchestra: From Russia with Love BERRY TH’RE Let Me Entertain You PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Revion Girl TRW The Adventures of Pinocchio CONCORDE CLUB Lost in Music HANGER FARM Saturday Morning Movie: Incredibles 2 ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Izettas THE JOINERS Lauran Hibberd 1865, SOTON The Goldhawks Perform; Quadrophenia THE RAILWAY, W’CH Rachael Dadd MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles C/F CENTRAL CL Take Cover THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Grovemeister NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The World Famous Elvis show WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Annual St Valentines Day Massacre KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Educating Rita S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Ensemble Bash TOTTON REC CLUB Toast THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Bomo Swing PLATFORM TAVERN MJ Whipround SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music WHEATSHEAF, SHEDFIELD Harris & Son CENTRAL HALL, ST MARYS One Night of Elvis HOTEL MERCURE DOLPHIN Witchcraft, Tourture & Execution Tour FIREHOUSE, SOTON Bifrost SAINTS FC Saints vs Burnley - H PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Shrewsbury Town - H

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Dover Athletic - H SUNDAY 16TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Boy Who Cried Wolf Count Arthur Stong TRW Sunday Smooth Jazz Brunch CONCORDE CLUB Andy Dicken’s Hot Gumbo Jazz ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Absolute Zero HEARTBREAKERS October Drift MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Nagging Annie THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) S.O.B’S NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The Sea Show - Nelson - The Sailors’ Story WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Reel Indie - Film Festival S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cararet with The Drag with No Name CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with Scared of Jazz PLATFORM TAVERN Hugh Budden & Andy Stone HOTEL MERCURE DOLPHIN Wedding Fair 1865 Genesis Legacy JOINERS, SOTON Wave Chase MONDAY 17TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Bushcraft Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw/Make It So Festival Writers in Conversation: Courttia Newland BERRY TH’RE Shark In The Park MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Film - Carousel GUILDHALL, POMPEY Away With Words S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding / Beastly Belle CHAPLINS, B’MTH Outlandish ++ TUESDAY 18TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

VICTORIA C/P Family Fun Day MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Archaeology Activity - Stone Age Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea The Three Musketeers : A Comedy Adventure TURNER SIMS Vasteras Sinfonietta BERRY TH’RE Shark in The Park PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Spring Into Science CONCORDE CLUB Buddy Holly & The Cricketers ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night THE JOINERS Thank you Scientist THE BROOK ZieZie, Tyrone & Warbz MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Wizard School WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Murder Capital S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding / Midnight PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Exeter City - H WEDNESDAY 19TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail VICTORIA C/P Wellie Walk MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm LEPE C/P Seashore Safari HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea The Three Musketeers : A Comedy Adventure Ripe CONCORDE CLUB John Etheridge and Vimala Rowe ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz 1865, SOTON New Years Day HEARTBREAKERS Happy 2000 MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Off With Their Heads BIC, B’MTH The 1975 NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Chinese New Year Extravaganza S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding / Vinland S’BURY ARTS CENTRE The Lion King / Birds of Passage MOORS VALLEY Torchlight Safari

CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic PLATFORM TAVERN Stan’s Blues Jam THURSDAY 20TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail VICTORIA C/P Family Fun Day MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm LEPE C/P Nature Detectives HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea The Three Musketeers : A Comedy Adventure BERRY TH’RE Cyrano De Bergerac TRW Hot Mikado CONCORDE CLUB Spencer James and 60s Explosion THE JOINERS Maligin & More! MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peter Pan THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Neverman/Hooli WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Taboos KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Crusaders GUILDHALL, POMPEY Revolution Pro Wrestling S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke with Cherry Liquor CHAPLINS, B’MTH Rubber Soul: Blue Spirit ++ PLATFORM TAVERN Old Time Rags SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES Pete Robson FRIDAY 21ST MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm LEPE C/P Family Bushcraft HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Outdoor Adventure Holiday Club NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea The Three Musketeers : A Comedy Adventure BERRY TH’RE Frozen 11 CONCORDE CLUB Masterpiece - Tribute to the Temptations & Motown ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Hattie Jacques Playlist THE HOBBIT Tenacious G THE BROOK John Coglan’s Quo 1865, SOTON Gentlemans Dub Club JOINERS, SOTON The Reytons THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Mighty Weiners Pop Up HEARTBREAKERS Isle of Wight New Blood 2020 - quarter final THE RAILWAY, W’CH John Otway MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Go Ahead Heart PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peter Pan / Superslam Wrestling THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Drunken Education NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Monsters of Rock WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Rifles KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Crusaders S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Clair and Drag Mary Golds CHAPLINS, B’MTH Krist Green & Her Band PLATFORM TAVERN Pete Harris Blues Band SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music SIMONS BAR, SOTON Savage Brickwork THE NAVIGATOR Castletown SATURDAY 22ND MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm TURNER SIMS Sean Shibe NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea The Three Musketeers : A Comedy Adventure Jamali Maddix BERRY TH’RE Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY The Spandau Ballet Experience CONCORDE CLUB Toploader with support ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Trojan Beats THE HOBBIT APDA: Junk Whale 1865, SOTON Decades THE LOFT, SOTON Share the Sound Festival HEARTBREAKERS Social Contract ENGINE ROOMS Sausage & Cider Fest THE RAILWAY, W’CH Fuzzwalker

WOOLSTON SOCIAL CL Something Else Band MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles C/F CENTRAL CL Haywire BIC, B’MTH Bride: The Wedding Show PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peter Pan THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Richie Quain Band NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Sailing the Centuries WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Dad Hair KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH The Showstoppers’ Kids Show Showstopper! The Improvised Musical GUILDHALL, POMPEY Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club David Baddiel S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Blood Wedding S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Salisbury Ukulele Band - live lunch Joz Norris: Things Old and New ST JAMES TAV, W’CH Cinnamon Jazz THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Lucinda Lashes CHAPLINS, B’MTH Dreamcatcher PLATFORM TAVERN Broken Levee SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music TUDOR ROSE, R’SEY The Scurvy Brothers THE DUCK, LAVERSTOCK Cellarats CRAMMED INN, SOTON PS Perrystone Hill NURSLING CLUB The Soulcatchers BELGIUM AND BLUES The Swamp Stomp String Band WELLINGTON ARMS, SOTON The Kestrels THE SOCIAL CLUB, SOTON Share The Sound Festival SURBURBIA, SOTON Last One Home FIREHOUSE, SOTON Recluse SAINTS FC Saints vs Aston Villa - H PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Fleetwood Town - A AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Burnley - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Harrogate Town - A NURSLING & R’HAMS S/C The Soulcatchers SUNDAY 23RD MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Who’s Beak? February Trail MANOR FARM C/P Horrid History of Manor Farm NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Tiger who came to tea


Book online: Stoneham Lane TRW Fairport Convention CONCORDE CLUB The Connell Brothers Plus Special Guests ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING My Sweet Fraud THE JOINERS Rings of Saturn 1865, SOTON RevPro Wrestling MOTTISFONT ABBEY Daft Doodles TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Tour & Tea BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Frontliners BIC, B’MTH Bride: The Wedding Show PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Peter Pan THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) The Uptown Collective GUILDHALL, POMPEY Money for Nothing THE LONDON, SOTON Drag with Poppy Cock CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with The FB Pocket Orchestra PLATFORM TAVERN Pete Harris & guest: Fundamentals MONDAY 24TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Forest Therapy NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival TRW Stand Up and Be Graded 2020 O2 GUILDHALL Beth Hart 1865, SOTON Southampton Ukulele Jam BIC, B’MTH The Script GUILDHALL, POMPEY Portsmouth Chamber Series - Trio Martinu CHAPLINS, B’MTH Forbidden Planet Experiment Night TUESDAY 25TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival Blkdog TRW Round the Horne CONCORDE CLUB Charity Quiz & Curry Night ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night 1865, SOTON Far Meadow + Dame HEARTBREAKERS Solitaris PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Queen Symphonic S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell CHAPLINS, B’MTH Rab HOTEL MERCURE DOLPHIN Pancake Day! CAFE PARFAIT Gucci Gang - Trap Night

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs MK Dons - H WEDNESDAY 26TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! Lecture Lunch _ The Porthole Murder NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival TRW The Ronnie Scott’s All Stars No Wood - Jazz Brunch CONCORDE CLUB Back to Basie ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Hannah Robinson KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever GUILDHALL, POMPEY The Dead South S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Sometimes Always Never Once Upon a Time in…….Hollywood CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic THURSDAY 27TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival Janey Godley’s Soup Pot Tour TURNER SIMS Sean Shibe BERRY TH’RE Round The Horne PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY An Evening of Mediumship TRW Jo Brand - Work In Progress HANGER FARM Hamlet THE BROOK Stray + The Groundhogs HEARTBREAKERS Sorcha Richardson PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Orpheus in the Underworld WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Zangwills KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever GUILDHALL, POMPEY BSO: Power and Passion S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Ted Salisbury CHAPLINS, B’MTH Random Jams PLATFORM TAVERN Fireflies SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES The CharlIe Cole Duo

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MOLDY FIG, CONCORDE Tony Wright & Martin Perry’s Sax & Harmonica Dinner Set FRIDAY 28TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Winter Walk NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival Bee Gees Story TRW Poetry and Flash Fiction THE BLACK VEIL O2 GUILDHALL Milton Jones in Milton : Impossible CONCORDE CLUB Both Side of Phil Collins HANGER FARM Hamlet ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING The Modules THE HOBBIT Cold Silver and Special Guests THE STAGE DOOR Manford’s Comedy Club THE RAILWAY, W’CH The Ramonas BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Sykick Surfers ROMSEY ABBEY Fashion show in aid of George’s Trust THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Big Nite Out NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Orpheus in the Underworld WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Comedy Club KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Abba Forever S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Barnstormers Comedy THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil and drag Tiara Thunderpussy CHAPLINS, B’MTH RS Ext Play with Marble Tides ++ PLATFORM TAVERN Cuckooland SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music QUDOS, SALISBURY Cellarats INCOGNITO, W’CH No Woods CENTRAL HALL, ST MARYS Thank Abba for the Music SATURDAY 29TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Mamma Mia! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Make It So Festival The Night Sky Show TURNER SIMS Portico Quartet PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Romsey Male Voice Choir

TRW The Black Veil O2 GUILDHALL Ultra 90’s Dance Anthems Live CONCORDE CLUB The Rock of Ages Experience HANGER FARM Good Times - A Tribute to Nile Rodgers & Chic ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Rat Race ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Giants of Rock 2020 THE JOINERS Desolated THE BROOK Metallica Reloaded HEARTBREAKERS Belles THE RAILWAY, W’CH Polly Paulusma & Annie Dressner C/F CENTRAL CL Rhythm Ditty BIC, B’MTH Jimmy Carr: Terribly Funny PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Open Day THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Dakota NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Orpheus in the Underworld

WEDGEWOOD ROOMS, PORTSMOUTH Bushfires Benefit Gig PREGOBLIN GUILDHALL, POMPEY Lighthouse Family The Tale of the Cockatrice ABC Baby Concerts S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Met Opera Live: Agrippina THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Lucinda & Vocalist Eva Inglesias BURFEST, BURSLEDON Dlugokecki CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Outlaw Orchestra PLATFORM TAVERN Stompin Dave SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM & BLUES Johnny Boxcars SARISBURY GREEN CL PD Band WORTHIES CL, W’CH The Kestrels STEAM TOWN, E’LEIGH Mo Thomas & Graham Bushell CENTRAL HALL, ST MARYS Little Mix Magic SOTON UNI STUDENTS UNION The Rose Garden Concert FROG & FRIGATE Girlfriend from Hell: Milking It FIREHOUSE, SOTON Audio X SAINTS FC Saints vs West Ham - A PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Rochdale - H AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Chelsea - H EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Halifax Town - H

MARCH 2020 SUNDAY 1ST MAYFLOWER TH’RE Elvis Costello & The Imposters NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TRW Sholomo’s Beatbox Adventure for Kids CONCORDE CLUB Sunday Lunch with The Princes of Motown Golden Eagle Jazz Band ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Soulcatchers 1865, SOTON The Rumjacks JOINERS, SOTON Hotel Lux HEARTBREAKERS Dry Cleaning BIRD IN HAND, F’HAM Lewis Creaven Band PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) BSO: Power and Passion THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Chris Collins Blues Band WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Fugitive Orchestra KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Ben Gogle - Tales from the Wilderness S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Gojo Big Band THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cabaret with Martha D’Arthur CHAPLINS, B’MTH Jazz with Ian Ellis & Friends ROBIN HOOD, SOTON The Soulcatchers MONDAY 2ND NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw O2 GUILDHALL Michael Kiwanuka S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air TUESDAY 3RD MAYFLOWER TH’RE Acosta Danza - Evolution NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw / The Gift ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night 1865, SOTON Adam Bomb ++ HEARTBREAKERS Julia Bardo BIC, B’MTH Sterophonics S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell THE LONDON, SOTON Quiz Night with the Wessex Wyverns CHAPLINS, B’MTH Carls Comedy Club PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Arsenal - H

EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Chorley FC - A WEDNESDAY 4TH NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw / The Gift TRW Teacups and Tiaras CONCORDE CLUB The Gareth Hughes Sextet Plays Art Blakey HANGER FARM Choice Grenfell ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz THE JOINERS Archie Faulks 1865, SOTON Susan Santos HEARTBREAKERS Rosalie Cunningham BIC, B’MTH Michael Ball & Alfie Boe THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Phil Dewhurst GUILDHALL, POMPEY What’s Love Got to Do With It S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Blinded by The Light / Film: Joker CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic THURSDAY 5TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE A Musical Odyssey NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw /The Gift TURNER SIMS RJ Mitchell Lecture BERRY TH’RE A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood TRW Madam Butterfly CONCORDE CLUB Creedence Clearwater Revival by The Fortunate Sons ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON The Sherlocks + Crystal Tides Son of Dave THE JOINERS Tankus The Henge THE BROOK The Best of Sofar Sounds / Dlugokecki 1865, SOTON Comedy with Phil Kay BIC, B’MTH Whitney Houston Hologram Tour PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Boyzlife NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Made in Dagenham WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Four Folds Law KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Lady Chatterley’s Lover S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Flo & Joan: Before the Screaming Starts THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor CHAPLINS, B’MTH HammerHead Rock Night SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES Harry Skinner

TRW Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever CONCORDE CLUB John Maddocks Jazzmen HANGER FARM Best of Me ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Blurstones THE HOBBIT Slabdragger/Mountain Caller/No Worth of... THE JOINERS The Jacques 1865, SOTON Lifesigns TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON Tudor Women PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Dick and Angel Dare to Do It THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Rich Baxter WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Steve Knightley KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Artistry Festival of Dance THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cabaret with Miss Penny MONDAY 9TH NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Invisible Women TRW Jon Boden 1865, SOTON Southampton Ukulele Jam KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Easter Parade CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air TUESDAY 10TH

WATERSTONES, SOTON Tudor Hampshire History Evening PLATFORM TAVERN Gaslight Sessions FRIDAY 6TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE A Musical Odyssey NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw / The Gift Jessica Fostekew TURNER SIMS Suswo Easter Concert TRW Cafe Bar Jazz Night: Marvin Muoneke CONCORDE CLUB Carpenters Gold AGEA BOWL Network Club ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Moonlighters THE JOINERS Employed to Serve ENGINE ROOMS The Sherlocks + Crystal Tides THE BROOK The Style Councillors 1865, SOTON Kosheen THE LOFT, SOTON Turnover THE BUGLE, BOTLEY Retro Rocket’ its Live THE RAILWAY, W’CH Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) B Town Soul Cats NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Made in Dagenham / Knees Up! WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Dub Pistols KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Lady Chatterley’s Lover GUILDHALL, POMPEY Boyzlife / Alex Edelman

S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Tooob / Cyrano De Bergerac / Scratch Night THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Claire and Drag Miss Jason CHAPLINS, B’MTH The Guns of Navarone + SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music ST MARYS STADIUM Wallace Brothers Sportsmans Dinner PLATFORM TAVERN Platform Posse SATURDAY 7TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE One Sound: Magic NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw / The Gift We’re Not All The Same, But We’re All Human TURNER SIMS City of Southampton Orchestra 2020 TRW Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever Winchester Comedy Festival: Spring Gala CONCORDE CLUB Ultra 90s Plus Guest DJ Jodie Yang Cooper The Absolutely Fabulous Dinner Show HANGER FARM Barb Jungr: Bob, Brel & Me ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Mighty Fly ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Resurrection + Oas-is-co-Headline Tour THE HOBBIT D’SKA Assassins THE JOINERS Kerrang! Radio Fresh Blood Tour - Pengshui + Kid Brooke THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON TwoManTing HEARTBREAKERS Daphney BLUE FUNNEL CRUISES 3 River Cruise

C/F CENTRAL CL RU40 - tribute night PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) JLDA Live at the Movies THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Brass Monkeys NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Made in Dagenham WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Awards Night: The Day Pompey Stood Still KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Lady Chatterley’s Lover S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell COSHAM SOCIAL CL Toast THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Stuart J SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music SWITCH, SOTON My Nu Leng & M8s PLATFORM TAVERN Alesund FIREHOUSE, SOTON Morass of Molasses SAINTS FC Saints vs Newcastle United - H PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Peterborough United - A AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Liverpool - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Wrexham - A SUNDAY 8TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Rhod Gilbert: The Book of John NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Phenomenal Women! Cyrano De Bergerac Just for us TURNER SIMS Joglaresa/Boogie Knights

MAYFLOWER TH’RE Million Dollar Quartet NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TURNER SIMS Felicity Aston/Polar Exposure TRW Climate 4 Change 2020

CONCORDE CLUB The Concorde Factor talent contest! Have you entered? HANGER FARM Hanger Farm Movies: Judy ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night THE JOINERS Hunt The Woods THE CHALET, E’LEIGH Quiz Night BIC, B’MTH Riverdance NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Chotto Xenos GUILDHALL, POMPEY Mapdance S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Dial M for Murder PLATFORM TAVERN English Tunes Sessions PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Fleetwood Town - H WEDNESDAY 11TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Million Dollar Quartet NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw/Madam Butterfly TRW An Evening with John Illsley CONCORDE CLUB Joe Stilgoe Trio ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Ghetts + Special Guests BIC, B’MTH Riverdance

PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Pavilion Tea Dance / Fascinating Aida THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Adam Sweet NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Chotto Xenos WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Ben Watt S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Dial M for Murder S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Downton Abbey / Film: The Mustang CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic

CHAPLINS, B’MTH Skimmity Hitchers SHENANIGANS, SOTON Shamrock Keys St Patricks Weekender CENTRAL HALL Detroit Express and Motown show PLATFORM TAVERN Pete G & The Magnetones

THE BOATHOUSE HYTHE MARINA Tony Wright & Martin Perry’s Sax & Harmonica Dinner Set

THURSDAY 12TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Million Dollar Quartet NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw TRW Revenge CONCORDE CLUB Wish We Were Pink Floyd HANGER FARM Queen - Real Magic 1865, SOTON Louse Redknapp HEARTBREAKERS Kid Kapichi THE RAILWAY, W’CH Jesse Malin THE PHOENIX, R’SY 121 Festival BIC, B’MTH Riverdance PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Russian State Ballet of Siberia - Coppelia NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Dracula: The Bloody Truth KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Harpy GUILDHALL, POMPEY BSO: Hollywood Head to Head / Adam Hess S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Dial M for Murder / Augmented S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Jen Brister: Under Privilege THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music PLATFORM TAVERN Chicago 9 FRIDAY 13TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Million Dollar Quartet NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw BERRY TH’RE Sam Avery : Toddlergeddon TRW Revenge CONCORDE CLUB London Astrobeat Orchestra ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Skamageddon THE BROOK Deeper Purple 1865, SOTON Pioneers THE RAILWAY, W’CH Dlugokecki WOOLSTON SOCIAL CL 80’s Disco ROMSEY ABBEY Romsey Town Mayor’s Charity Concert PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Russian State Ballet of Siberia - Coppelia THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Mr Wiseguy NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Dracula: The Bloody Truth WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Comedy Club /Harpy S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Dial M for Murder Augmented NST CITY, SOTON Cinnamon Jazz THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil and Drag Rose Garden

SATURDAY 14TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Million Dollar Quartet HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Special Plant Walk NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw / Little Monster Tommy Tiernan TURNER SIMS Son With David Owen Norris TRW Revenge O2 GUILDHALL SUSO Centenary Concert CONCORDE CLUB The Revolvers HANGER FARM Saturday Morning Movie: Toy Story 4

LAKESIDE RAILWAY Spring Diesel Gala ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Maybe Oasis THE BROOK Cut Capers, Still - Moving DJs THE JOINERS SlotFace THE STAGE DOOR Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Hunting Hearts & Brasher HEARTBREAKERS Any Joy WOOLSTON SOCIAL CL Solo Singer - Sarah Saville C/F CENTRAL CL Big Al & The Q Tones PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Russian State Ballet of Siberia. Coppelia THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Sixteen String Jack NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Dracula: The Bloody Truth KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Friends! The Musical Parody S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Dial M for Murder / Augmented S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Live Lunch: Jim Chorley THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Claire CHAPLINS, B’MTH Peace of Film Festival / HammerHead Rock Night - The Swamp Stomp SHENANIGANS, SOTON St Patricks Weekender SARISBURY S/CLUB The Vinyl Beats THE STAR PD Band BITTERNE CON CLUB Shamrock Keys BELGIUM AND BLUES The Jim Hammond Duo KINGS HEAD, W’HAM The Kestrels ST MARYS STADIUM An Evening To Remember with Kevin Nash PLATFORM TAVERN MOD Town UK FIREHOUSE, SOTON Unhinged SAINTS FC Saints vs Norwich City - A

VICKY JACKSON is ‘PINK’ WITH HER LIVE BAND SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2020 Book online: Stoneham Lane PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Accrington Stanley - H AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace - H EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Notts County - A SUNDAY 15TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Anton & Erin NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Little Monster / Arabella Weir TURNER SIMS Son with James Mayhew TRW Morgan and West: Unbelievable Science CONCORDE CLUB Solent City Jazzmen ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Ghost Notes ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Palace + Special Guests 1865, SOTON Lazuli THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) The Joelle Family Band WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Lou Sanders GUILDHALL, POMPEY Susan Boyle THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cabaret with Charlie Hides SHENANIGANS, SOTON St Patricks Weekender DOLPHIN, SOTON Pete Harris Blues Band MONDAY 16TH NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw CONCORDE CLUB Barton Peveril Jazz & Soul Evening THE JOINERS David Keenan HEARTBREAKERS Lice PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Clannad NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Jane Eyre GUILDHALL, POMPEY AJ Live CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air TUESDAY 17TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE St Patrick’s Day Irish Band and Dining Event NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Last of the Pelican Daughters Pride & Prejudice TURNER SIMS Joseph Moog PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Silly Cow TRW Return to Heaven CONCORDE CLUB Quiz & Curry night HANGER FARM A St Patrick’s Day Celebration - The Flying Toads ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night THE JOINERS Plain White T’s

Eastleigh SO50 9HQ

THE LOFT, SOTON Rising Merch Faces of Death THE PYRAMIDS, P’MTH I Prevail NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Jane Eyre S’BURY PLAYHOUSE The Kite Runner S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Der Fliegende Holland SHENANIGANS, SOTON St Patricks Day - music all day, live bands GEORGE INN, P’MTH Chicago 9 THE GRIFFIN, SOTON Shamrock Keys HOTEL MERCURE DOLPHIN St Patrick’s Day Party PORTMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Doncaster Rovers - H WEDNESDAY 18TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Marriage of Figaro / Carmen NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Last of the Pelican Daughters Pride & Prejudice PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Silly Cow TRW Return to Heaven CONCORDE CLUB Bix, Benny & Billy HANGER FARM The Man Who Left is Not The Man Who Came Home ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz 1865, SOTON Korpiklaani + HEARTBREAKERS Gaffa Tape Sandy THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Chris Payne NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Jane Eyre GUILDHALL, POMPEY The Boys Are Back - IVE/a1/Damage/911 S’BURY PLAYHOUSE The Kite Runner S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Mrs Lowry & Son / Film: The Kingmaker CHAPLINS, B’MTH Open Mic PLATFORM TAVERN Stan’s Blues Jam THURSDAY 19TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Marriage of Figaro NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Last of the Pelican Daughters Pride & Prejudice TURNER SIMS Olcay Bayir PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Silly Cow TRW Jane Eyre CONCORDE CLUB The Dublin Legends (The Dubliners) HANGER FARM Knight & Spiers THE JOINERS Dutty Moonshine Big Band

Te l : 0 2 3 8 0 6 1 3 9 8 9

HEARTBREAKERS LongDayLate NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The Menopause the Musical 2 KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Rodgers & Hammerstein Songbook S’BURY PLAYHOUSE The Kite Runner /A Girl in School Uniform THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music PLATFORM TAVERN The Jonah Band FRIDAY 20TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Marriage of Figaro NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Last of the Pelican Daughters Pride & Prejudice TURNER SIMS Theo Croker PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Silly Cow TRW Jane Eyre CONCORDE CLUB Call Me Blondie HANGER FARM Mediumship with Nikki Kitt ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING South Coast Collective THE JOINERS The Rambling Club THE STAGE DOOR Comedy Drag Bingo THE BROOK U2 2 - Joshua Tree Album Tour 1865, SOTON Anvil THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Chimes + Guests THE RAILWAY, W’CH The Estevans PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) AJ Pritchard’s THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Headland GUILDHALL, POMPEY Riverdance S’BURY PLAYHOUSE The Kite Runner /A Girl in School Uniform S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Clair and Drag Fanny Burns SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music THE NEW INN, TOTTON The Kestrels WESTQUAY Street Sleep Southampton PLATFORM TAVERN Prairie Dogs SATURDAY 21ST MAYFLOWER TH’RE Les Vepres Siciliennes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Last of the Pelican Daughters Pride & Prejudice Eggs On Legs BERRY TH’RE Spies in Disguise PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Silly Cow

TRW Jane Eyre O2 GUILDHALL The Boys are Back! CONCORDE CLUB U2UK HANGER FARM Witches ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Boss Hogg ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Swiftogeddon: The Taylor Swift Club Night THE BROOK James Walsh HEARTBREAKERS Peroxid C/F CENTRAL CL Atom Disco PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Chicago Blues Brothers THE PYRAMIDS, P’MTH The Subways THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Skyfall NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Kim Ellen School of Dance Showtime WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) The Total Stone Roses GUILDHALL, POMPEY Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club/Riverdance S’BURY PLAYHOUSE The Kite Runner /A Girl In School Uniform S’BURY ARTS CENTRE James Wilton Dance: The Storm B/WALTHAM SOCIAL CL Toast THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music HIDDEN TAP, BOTLEY Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan PLATFORM TAVERN MJs Whipround THE SWAN, SOTON The Soulcatchers EASTLEIGH WM CLUB Shamrock Keys THE ROEBUCK, M’WOOD The Kestrels PLATFORM TAVERN MJ Whipround FIREHOUSE, SOTON Subdued PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Ipswich Town - A AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Wolves - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Yeovil Town - H SWAN, WOOLSTON The Soulcatchers SUNDAY 22ND NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice Eggs On Legs TRW Beyond The Barriade CONCORDE CLUB For The Love of Luthur - Mothers Day Chocolate Themed Tea with Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas GUILDHALL SQUARE SO: Music City Festival ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Drunk Education

www.theconcordecl ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON M Huncho 1865, SOTON Frank Carducci ++ PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Karen Hauer & Gorka Marquez - FIREDANCE THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Ray Foster & The Soul Classics NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The Russian State Opera presents Aida WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Wax Machine GUILDHALL, POMPEY Riverdance THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cabaret with Minnie Bar THE TUDOR ROSE PD Band SAINTS FC Saints vs Arsenal - H MONDAY 23RD NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice GUILDHALL SQUARE SO: Music City Festival THE JOINERS Danny Worksnop 1865, SOTON Southampton Ukulele Jam PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Circus of Horrors KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Romesh Ranganathan GUILDHALL, POMPEY Portsmouth Chamber Series - Prazak Quartet CHAPLINS, B’MTH Solid Air TUESDAY 24TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Red Shoes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice Cirque Berserk! CONCORDE CLUB An Evening with Lime Entertainment HANGER FARM Totton Festival of Drama 2020 GUILDHALL SQUARE SO: Music City Festival ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night THE JOINERS Thee Hypnotics 1865, SOTON The Vivienne and Baga Chipz Show HEARTBREAKERS Yowl BIC, B’MTH David Gray WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Beach Riot KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Romesh Ranganathan Gioanni Pernice GUILDHALL, POMPEY The Man Who Left Is Not The Man Who Came Home WEDNESDAY 25TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Red Shoes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice Cirque Berserk!

BERRY TH’RE Hairspray O2 GUILDHALL Ed Byrne: If I’m Honest…. CONCORDE CLUB Swing Unlimited Big Band HANGER FARM Totton Festival of Drama 2020 ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Pub Quiz 1865, SOTON The Billy Walton Band HEARTBREAKERS Tungz PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Bootleg Beatles in Concert THE PYRAMIDS, P’MTH Ash THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Kev Jackson KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Romesh Ranganathan S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Official Secrets / Film: Only You THURSDAY 26TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Red Shoes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice Cirque Berserk! Witches Can’t be Burned TURNER SIMS La Serenissima BERRY TH’RE Hairspray PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY A Shared Breath TRW Youth Theatre Easter Showcase CONCORDE CLUB Psychic Sally HANGER FARM Totton Festival of Drama 2020 1865, SOTON Nordic Giants + A A Williams Chloe Josaphine Band HEARTBREAKERS Andy Crofts THE PYRAMIDS, P’MTH Stiff Little Fingers NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY High School Musical KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Aljaz & Janette GUILDHALL, POMPEY BSO: Arabian Nights S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Amsterdam THE LONDON, SOTON Karaoke Cabaret with Cherry Liquor SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music PLATFORM TAVERN Jack Francis & Friends FRIDAY 27TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Red Shoes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice Cirque Berserk! Witches Can’t be Burned BERRY TH’RE Hairspray TRW Youth Theatre Easter Showcase

CONCORDE CLUB Sounds of the 70s With Johnnie Walker HANGER FARM Totton Festival of Drama 2020 ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Davy Jones Locker ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Jo Whiley’s 90s Anthems THE JOINERS Rews THE BROOK Noasis RODDINGTON FORGE Groovejuice PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Remembering the Oscars The Gin to My Tonic Festival THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Something Blu NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY High School Musical GUILDHALL, POMPEY Jamie Cullum S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Amsterdam S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Barnstormers Comedy / We’ve Got Each Other THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Neil and Drag Sally Vate SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music THE AGEAS BOWL Venturefest South CENTRAL HALL, SOTON Strong Enough - Tribute to Cher PLATFORM TAVERN Angelina Band FIREHOUSE, SOTON The Bite SATURDAY 28TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Red Shoes NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice/Cirque Berserk! Witches Can’t be Burned BERRY TH’RE Hairspray TRW Youth Theatre Easter Showcase CONCORDE CLUB Vicky Jackson is Pink HANGER FARM Totton Festival of Drama 2020 ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Mafia ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Whitesnake UK & Total Thunder THE JOINERS The Lottery Winners THE BROOK Smoove & Turrell 1865, SOTON Southampton CD & Record Fair

Uptown TopRankin 70s & 80s Disco Dance THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON Samuel Moore - Flamenco Guitar HEARTBREAKERS Rae WOOLSTON SOCIAL CL The Skore Band C/F CENTRAL CL Yardley Road BIC, B’MTH The Joe and Dianne Show PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Gin to My Tonic Festival BSO: Hollywood Head to Head THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Old Skool Disco NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY High School Musical WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Edge All Dayer KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Madam Butterfly GUILDHALL, POMPEY MMA: Shock N’ Awe 31 ABC Families First Gig: Feat Dlugokecki S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Amsterdam ST JAMES TAV, W’CH Cinnamon Jazz THE LONDON, SOTON DJ Lucinda Lashes DISCOVERY CTRE, W’CH Dlugokecki CHAPLINS, B’MTH Off The Bond #12 The Electric Shakes SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music BELGIUM AND BLUES Dan Sowerby THE WYVERN, LEE-ON-SOLENT The Kestrels SWITCH, SOTON The National Drum & Bass Awards 2020 PLATFORM TAVERN Cuckooland FIREHOUSE, SOTON Black Shot Rose PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Oxford Utd - A EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Sutton Utd - A SUNDAY 29TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Fascinating Aida NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice TURNER SIMS The Inside out Piano TRW Clive Anderson CONCORDE CLUB Cuff Billet’s New Europa Jazz Band ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING The UnHinged

THE JOINERS Leif Erikson 1865, SOTON Elles Bailey + Phil King PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) The Simon and Garfunkel story THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Riverside Blues Band WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Luke Jackson KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Sooty’s Magic Show GUILDHALL, POMPEY Arthurs’ Dream Boat Mini Ravers - Zoo Festival THE LONDON, SOTON Drag Cabaret with Lola Lasagne PLATFORM TAVERN The Fundamentals THE GROVE CLUB PD Band PLATFORM TAVERN Fundamentals MONDAY 30TH ITCHEN VALLEY C/P Forest Therapy NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice TRW An Itch and a Scratch HEARTBREAKERS MarthaGunn S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? CHAPLINS, B’MTH Work In Progress TUESDAY 31ST MAYFLOWER TH’RE On Your Feet! ITCHEN VALLEY C/P A Herbal Remedy making workshop & walk HAROLD HILLIER GDNS EAster Baby Bunny - Family Photoshoot NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice/I Think We Are Alone PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Chicago - the musical TRW Giselle ROBIN HOOD, SHOLING Karaoke Night NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY In Loco Parentis KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Live and Swinging S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

APRIL 2020 WEDNESDAY 1ST MAYFLOWER TH’RE On Your Feet! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice / I Think We Are Alone PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Chicago - the musical 1865,SOTON House of Comedy - Craig Campbell & Sean Collins HANGER FARM Dad’s Army Radio Show THE RAILWAY, W’CH Jeffrey Foucault KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Comedy at the Kings GUILDHALL, POMPEY The Joe and Dianne Show S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Around the World in 80 Days CENTRAL HALL, SOTON McGuinness & Whitham On Tour THURSDAY 2ND MAYFLOWER TH’RE On Your Feet! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice I Think We Are Alone PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Chicago - the musical TRW Wessex Dance Academy CONCORDE CLUB Navi as Michael Jackson THE JOINERS Broken Witt Rebels HEARTBREAKERS Junodream THE RAILWAY, W’CH Roddy Woomble PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Milton Jones NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Dad’s Army Radio Show Film Festival - Red S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music FRIDAY 3RD MAYFLOWER TH’RE On Your Feet! NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice / I Think We Are Alone PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Chicago - the musical

TRW John Shuttleworth CONCORDE CLUB Tom Petty Tribute band HANGER FARM Shazia Mirza AGEAS BOWL Network Club ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Magnum + Special Guests THE HOBBIT Ritual King/Six Sins Til Sunday THE JOINERS Flowvers THE BROOK Hayseed Dixie THE ARTHOUSE, SOTON An Evening with Sophie Labelle HEARTBREAKERS False Heads PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) La Boheme THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Dorsal Fin NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY The Roy Orbison Story / Knees Up! KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH You Can’t Hurry Love GUILDHALL, POMPEY Milton Jones S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Polly: The Heartbreak Opera S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Diaspora Exhibition The Buster Keaton Picture show SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music SUBURBIA, SOTON Marisa and the Moths SWITCH, SOTON Hybrid Minds SATURDAY 4TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE On Your Feet! HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Photoshoot NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw Pride & Prejudice / I Think We Are Alone TURNER SIMS Seed Ensemble PLAZA THEATRE, ROMSEY Chicago - the musical CONCORDE CLUB Coldplace as Coldplay HANGER FARM Per Piacere Chamber Orchestra ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Motley Crude + Poizon THE JOINERS Crystal Tides THE BROOK The Kopycat Killers 1865, SOTON Macka.B HEARTBREAKERS Football FC THE RAILWAY, W’CH David Ford TUDOR HOUSE, SOTON World War 2 Ciphers and Sirens PAVILION THEATRE (B’MOUTH) Madama Butterfly THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Groovemeister NEW THEATRE ROYAL POMPEY Spotlight Ellipsis Academy of Musical Arts WEDGEWOOD ROOMS (POMPEY) Urban Voodoo Machine KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Burn The Floor GUILDHALL, POMPEY Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Polly: The Heartbreak Opera S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Diaspora Exhibition SHENANIGANS, SOTON Live Music

BRICKLAYERS ARMS, SOTON Terriatrics MOTTISFONT ABBEY, ROMSEY Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt SAINTS FC Saints vs Watford - A PORTSMOUTH FC Portsmouth vs Bristol Rovers - H AFC BOURNEMOUTH Bournemouth vs Newcastle Utd - H EASTLEIGH FC Eastleigh vs Barrow AFC - H SUNDAY 5TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE The Joe & Dianne Show HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Photoshoot NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Slightly Annoying Elephant O2 GUILDHALL BSO & BSO Voices: Silver Screen Showstoppers CONCORDE CLUB Sussex Jazz Kings 1865, SOTON Live Dean ‘69 THOMAS TRIPP (B’MOUTH) Virgo S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Diaspora Exhibition JAGS, P’MTH Dlugokecki MOTTISFONT ABBEY, ROMSEY Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt MONDAY 6TH HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Family Bushcraft - cook your own lunch NUFFIELD THEATRES Bridal Gown Prize Draw The Slightly Annoying Elephant TRW Jack and the Beanstalk 1865, SOTON Southampton Ukulele Jam KINGS TH’RE, P’MTH Peter Pan S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Oh No George! S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Diaspora Exhibition MOTTISFONT ABBEY, ROMSEY Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt TUESDAY 7TH MAYFLOWER TH’RE Curtains HAROLD HILLIER GDNS Pond Dipping TRW Puss in Books/Charlie Pyne Quartet - Jazz night HANGER FARM Tom Brace ENGINE ROOMS, SOTON Lowkey 1865, SOTON The Blackheart Orchestra S’BURY PLAYHOUSE Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? S’BURY ARTS CENTRE Diaspora Exhibition CHAPLINS, B’MTH Carls Comedy Club MOTTISFONT ABBEY, ROMSEY Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

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17 - 18th August - Art Exhibition & Sale for Dot Adams

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HAROLD HILLIER GARDENS 5th-18th August - Artlook 20th August - 15th Sept 50/50 Painting & Photography exhibition 17th - 25th Sept - A Passionate Nature 27th Sept - 7th Oct Creative Fusion 2d3dSouth

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BRIGADIER GERARD, (HORTON HEATH) Wednesday 8:30 Quiz FOX & HOUNDS, FAIR OAK Thursday Quiz 8:00 KING & QUEEN HAMBLE Live Music Sundays LANGLEY TAVERN Quiz Night - Every Wednesday ELEPHANT & CASTLE 1st & last Saturday live music 2nd Saturday Karaoke

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OLD FARMHOUSE TOTTON Saturdays - Live Music THE NEW FOREST Live Music Fridays THE CRICKETERS (EASTLEIGH) Every Tuesday - Quiz BERRY THEATRE 1 Sept - 8th Dec - Playwriting Competition

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Hey Saints ... What the “Dickens” is going on? Mr Tein

Red & White Through Michael Kurn & Through Well that certainly felt like the longest January in history ... but, the new year is now in full swing and 2020 brings some exciting challenges. This year will see me focus on a few more projects much closer to home. This city has given me so much and it’s time to start giving back even more and no better way than to the fans of the club I grew up loving. I have three projects on the radar for 2020 and beyond and at this early stage I would like to thank the Saints Archive for their support along with Mike Thew. In May you will see the first one come to fruition and there will be plenty more details in the next And Guide. But a little hint it’s a book called “Life Of A Saint”. I have been busy speaking with plenty of former player’s and I am really please that the book is also going to be supporting some very worthy local causes. As I said full details about the book and the launch event will be in the next edition but can find out more by following @Lifeofasaints85 on social media. Part two of this project will culminate in 2021 and all I can say at this stage is that it has a lot do with our heroes of 1976. 2021 will mark 45 years since we won the cup and it’s time we recognise these boy’s properly. So keep your eye out for more information later this year. Talking of Southampton what a way to end 2019! After a difficult start to the season it was great to see Southampton pick up the points and move to a much more comfortable position in the league. I remember back in late November in the Talk Sport studio everyone else was putting Saints in their list of three to be relegated, but I kept the faith and proudly said “Let’s see where we are in January shall we.” Thankful my confidence was well placed and Ralph and the team put together a fantastic run of results. Form I hope continues toward the later stages of the season. On a sad note January saw us say goodbye to Cedric and Maya Yoshida. Two players who I am sad to see go. Maya has been a fantastic servant to the club and gave such huge support not only to the Saints Foundation but also the local community. For Cedric I know fans have a mixed view but for me I always remember that he was brought in at a time when we were pushing for Europe and the season under Koeman he was incredible. It must have been tough then seeing that team you were part of sold around you and the vision of the club alter. So, for me despite the ups and downs I thank Cedric for being a Saint. January also saw this current Southampton woman’s squad take to the field at St Marys. There tremendous support on the day for them. Marianne Spacey-Cale and her team are doing an amazing job with the woman’s team so if you can get down to AFC Totten to support them for the rest of the season please do and hopefully we will see them back at St Mary’s very soon. It a real pleasure to be pitch side on match days at St Mary’s and its been awesome getting to know so many more fellow fans so if you see me come and say hello. At half time we have been interview many ex legends and I just to thank the fans for the love and support they give to these players. You can hear a pin drop when they are speaking and I can’t tell you how much it means to them. This city really is amazing and I'm proud to be part of it. Wishing you a great couple of months and see you next time.

Michael Social Media @michaelkurn

‘It was the best of times; it was the worst of times’. That line from Charles Dickens’ Novel a Tale of Two Cities, sums up not only the difference in the first and second halves of the Wolves game ... but also the 2019 bit of our season. WE certainly fell on HARD TIMES during the Leicester and Everton games and also in that out of the blue second half against wolves and before Christmas St Mary’s had become a BLEAK HOUSE but now as fans we have the hope of maybe a sneaky trip to Europe next season. So the question is where did it all go right. In recent years our victories have been small (and our defeats rather larger!) but at every turn the solution seemed to be sack the manager, and therefore it is so refreshing that during Ralph’s slump, the club decided not to sack him and then see that faith repaid by him turning the team around since the end of November. Although, The Club, the Manager, the players (except Ings) and the fans, had all lost their mojo after the Leicester and Everton home games, there is no doubt for me the turning point was the away game at Chelsea. Having grabbed a draw from the jaws of victory at Arsenal a few weeks earlier, when we went to Stamford bridge we managed to steal a great victory. More importantly, Ralph demonstrated to the fans two of the key elements of his game plan. The quick press and turnover of

the opposition defender with a six second timescale to create a goal scoring opportunity - working perfectly for Obafemi’s goal. Then, from a throw in, level with the oppositions penalty box, we took the ball through 9 outfield players and 15 passes, even playing the ball back to our own half and to both centre backs, in the build up to the second goal. This was the moment we all realised there was no need to boo the team for passing the ball back into our own half - a common occurrence at St Marys. It’s key to remember however our team sets-up. When we have the ball, all outfield players are attackers! And in case you’re wondering, the one outfield player who didn’t touch the ball in the build up was Che Adams. But, at the key moment not intercepting the ball, left it free for Redmond to score. A bit more trivia for you. The win at Palace was a record 4th consecutive away win in a row. And Ralph was quoted as saying …

“ WHEN WE JUMP IN OUR YELLOW TROUSERS FOR AWAY GAMES, WE ARE VERY BRAVE AND NOT SCARED OF ANYTHING.” Even more trivia: before that game Palace had not conceded a goal from a shot outside of the penalty box – we got two. You want more trivia? Okay, only the top 4 clubs have won more games than Southampton - but only 4 clubs have lost more games than us. See ... it’s the best of times and the worst of times.

The turnaround though is not just down to Ralph. Here are three other factors.


Yes we have always known he is good. But no manager, and many have tried, has ever found a position where he can be effective until now. Moving to a back four and away from a 3 man midfield, meant James could create a two man defensive pivot with Hojbjerg and with his strength in the tackle as good as Romeu, coupled with his running and passing, means he can turnover opposition attacks and create offensive attacking opportunities in a way Oriel never could. Then there are his set pieces. So far he has scored 5 goals direct from free kicks, putting him only two behind Matt Le Tissier’s record. But if anything marks out his transformation and his new “tougher” image, it’s the way he had Zaha in his pocket at Palace. How did he not get a red card for that eye poke?


Way back in the early days of the season and until very recently there was a feeling that Jack Stephens was not a lucky talisman for Saint's defence and him playing was a portent of an upcoming defeat. But since the renaissance of the team, young Jack has been outstanding. What does he bring to the side? His ability to read the opposition and block shots for one. He has blocked 11% of all shots fired at Southampton’s goal

The Best of the Decade Well as we move into the twenties it doesn’t hurt to remember the decade we just left. Overall it was a good one for Saints. To the right are my highlights. AND left ... a bit of fun. Can you name the Saints players going for the ball? AND why are they on the back of a record? Answers page 3 in Bathrooms Plus ad.

this season - the best by far at the club and also the best record in the EPL. He is also good at stopping opposing attackers dribbles and has a very low foul rate. When he gets the ball he is both comfortable on it and has good passing ability. Of all the benefits that he brings to the team though, one that stands out. His match chat. He is constantly talking and guiding the defence and is a crucial driver of what the whole back line does. While on the subject of our centre halves another piece of trivia from the Crystal Place game. Since the arrival of Ralph Hasenhuttl, that was the first Premier League game that Jan Bednarik didn’t start ... having played every minute of every EPL game until then.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ... SHANE LONG Yes we know he runs a lot. We know his prowess in front of goal can leave a lot to be desired but have you noticed how good he is in the air? We often bemoan not having a target man like Ricky or Pele but in spite of his height being under six foot, his ability to out jump his marker and get flick-ons is a key part of our attacking play. Surprisingly he is top of the EPL for ariel wins and wins over 50% of his headed duals. Oh and he plays guitar and sings too. Remember? (Well I never, yeah I thought that, well I never and well I never. Ed)


Markus Leibher as our owner and father figure.


Winning the Johnson Paints trophy at Wembley. And the smile on the face of Marcus


Rickey Lambert and 3 golden boots in 4 seasons and never missing a penalty.


Nigel Adkins and back to back promotions.


Winning 13 games on the trot on the way to getting promotion from the Championship (a club record).


Mane scoring a hat trick in 176 seconds - a record ( that’s unlikely ever be beaten). And my mate who got the kick off time wrong and turned up at half time.


Our highest ever Premier League finish - 6th.


Getting to the EFL Final (where was VAR when we needed it?)


Beating Inter Milan at St Mary’s. The only time ever it was permissible to get a half and half scarf.

10. Shane long scoring the fastest ever EPL goal.

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