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Turning to spindle repairs and rebuilds The 5-Year Plan that worked

over-paying for electromechanical assemblies

February 2015

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Dynabrade’s Air-Powered .4 hp Die Grinders and Disc Sanders ➤ Designed for peak efficiency and longer life! Ideal for rapid material removal, deburring, finishing and polishing. ➤ Straight-Line, Right Angle and 7° Offset models. ➤ Models from 3,200 to 30,000 RPM, front and rear exhaust. ➤ No-obligation demonstrations available – call for details!

1-800-828-7333 DY N A B R A D E . C O M

Dynabrade and the Dynabrade logo are registered trademarks of Dynabrade, Inc.

With over 35 years experience and over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide, Lenzkes is renowned for its high quality work-holding solutions.

MQ 100 Series

MQ 100 Series

• Clamping solutions for all types of machines • Strong clamping pressure for small clamping torque • Highly adjustable through integrated sliding plate

MQ 100 Series

• Fast clamping, short set-up time, quick release action • Step-less adjustability horizontal and vertical • Our MQ series may also be used as an extension to the machine platen

Our Newest PrOducts: Multi QuiCk 106

Multi QuiCk 60 & 100 COMPOnEnt 8

stepless adjustable range


Lenzkes Clamping Tools may be requested free of charge, on a free trial basis, without obligation to purchase. An ideal offer to companies looking for improvements.

Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc.

825 Radford Street, Christiansburg, VA 24073 PO Box 660, Christiansburg, VA 24068 Phone: 540-381-1533, Fax: 540-381-4484 Email: Web:

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Turning to Spindle Repairs and Rebuilds


SKF breathes new life into worn and damaged machine spindles. 22 The 5-Year Plan that Worked Smiths machine battled the recession with major change - and won.

28 Over-Paying

34 IHS identifies

for electromechanical assemblies

technologies to transform the world

Outsourcing EM assemblies saves money and improves quality.

The digital age will transform the factory floor.

36 for every task, the right machine Modular machines provide the right capabilities at the right price.

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SINUMERIK CNC Anything is possible — when you have the right tools for the job.

Machine tool users who have chosen SINUMERIK CNC can tell you why they love them. They have watched their productivity increase and trust SINUMERIK CNC systems to make every workpiece an absolute success — whether individual parts or mass production, simple or complex workpieces. They understand SINUMERIK controls have been setting the standard in the American machine tool industry for more than 50 years and that Siemens continues this innovation. Do you have what it takes to be highly-productive and highly-efficient? Isn’t it time to think about whether or not you have the right tools for the job? Learn how anything is possible with SINUMERIK CNC — scan the QR-code to watch a short video or ask your machine tool dealer for a personal demonstration.


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Why manufacturers are Over-paying for electromechanical assemblies . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

34 Market Trend IHS Identifies Technologies to Transform the World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 For every task, the right machine . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Standards boost business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

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The fastest way back to maximum productivity Whatever your spindle repair needs, SKF Machine Tool Services has the solution. SKF repairs all brands and types of high frequency, belt driven, high speed machining and machining center spindles. Complete in-house manufacturing capabilities allow SKF to manufacture any required replacement parts, providing products of highest quality within a reasonable time period. Since 1960, we have been providing spindle repairs and modifications with the highest degree of accuracy and quality. This is why so many manufacturers choose SKF to repair their spindles.

To learn more, visit or call SKF Solution Factory at 800-589-5563. The Power of Knowledge Engineering ® SKF is a registered trademark of the SKF Group | © SKF Group 2015

Turn to the leader SKF engineering and technical personnel can assist you in all your spindle repair, replacement and upgrade requirements. • • • •

Every component inspected and analyzed Experienced machinists rebuild or reproduce any part Spindles carefully assembled in a clean room Testing verifies speed, vibration, temperature and critical runouts

Return to maximum productivity and turn your “problems” into “profits.”

The Rise of

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Hybrid Manufacturing By Ma x K aplan Comments? Email

A new generation of additive manufacturing technology combines the speed and precision of metal subtraction with the versatility and efficiency of metal deposition.


The first commercially available hybrid manufacturing machine created by Hamuel and Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. This mill/turn style machine is designed to repair turbine fan blades.


he past year has shown great development in the field of additive manufacturing. A car was printed in Chicago, a five story apartment building in China, NASA has turned to 3D printing to make rocket parts, and electron beam-based additive processes are pushing the boundaries of precision. Even so, the manufacturing industry still struggles to find a place for additive manufacturing on the factory floor. But there are good reasons for doubt – the technology, though more than thirty years old, still has a long way to go before it becomes an integral component of the manufacturing environment. However, a new variant of the process, called hybrid manufacturing, may change that. Late in 2007, Jason Jones was teaching high speed machining at De Montfort University in the UK. Marveling at the sophisticated motion system of a newly-acquired machine, a colleague, David Wimpenny posed a simple question, “What do you think about putting a laser cladding head into a milling machine?” Jones, a PhD in 3D printing, would devote himself to answering this question. Armed with some sketches and a £1 million in research grants, Jones and his team were able to develop a working prototype of their revolutionary hybrid machine over the course of four years. The hybrid concept integrates with an existing multiaxis CNC machine and has three major components: a deposition head, a powder and gas delivery system, and a fiber laser unit. When needed, the additive head is loaded into the spindle by the tool changer. The docking system attaches to the head, delivering metal powder and shielding gas, and connecting the head to the laser unit. Parts are grown from a continuous bead of metal as the head welds layers one atop the next. Once a rough shape is built up, the machine switches over to standard milling operations, cutting the part down to its final size. Jones’ team realized early-on that hybrid

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

manufacturing would revolutionize the repair of high value parts, such as turbine blades. Trials revealed that the original CAD files did not match up with the parts in need of repair – heat and stress had altered their shapes to a substantial degree. The machine would need to interact with the part to alter the existing digital model for accurate deposition and cutting. Working with experts at Delcam, Jones developed an adaptive CAM solution which uses a spindle-mounted touch probe to generate a new CAD model for each part and its unique imperfections. The first two production example of hybrid manufacturing machines are both currently in use repairing high-value parts. The prototype machine, a revitalized Bostomatic, repairs Cummins turbocharger impellers. The second machine, and the first commercially available hybrid solution, was designed in conjunction with German machine tool manufacturer Hamuel specifically to repair worn or pitted turbine blades. Since the first machine was delivered in 2012, the hybrid concept has gained significant traction. DMG Mori released their own hybrid solution in 2013, with Optomec, Mazak and Cybaman announcing their own offerings during the past year. There are many variables that must be explored before the industry is ready to adopt the hybrid concept. The cost of metal powder, for example, is about twice that of conventional stock, laser deposition is slow, at best about 1/10 the speed of a milling operation, and most managers are hesitant to invest in a system which only uses a costly laser unit some of the time. The challenge, therefore, is in learning how to use the hybrid concept in order to best overcome these obstacles. Jones’ company, called Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, aims to bring a hybrid kit to the market in 2015. A customer will be able to purchase the kit and install it on-site over the course of a few days, turning a conventional multi-axis machine into a hybrid unit without it leaving the shop. Hybrid manufacturing, says Jones, will change the way we look at repair and mold-making. His concept will extend the life of high value, high complexity parts in many industries. Deep-pocket molds with integral cooling and venting pathways will dramatically increase the productivity and reduce the cost of molding operations. Jones admits that the true value of hybrid manufacturing will reveal itself over time. “A standalone 3D printer is like a computer without the internet,” he’s fond of saying. “It can do amazing things by itself, but to change the world we have to combine it with other technologies, we have to make it practical and accessible.”


• • • •




• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Swing over bed: 12" • Swing over gap: 17" Swing over cross slide: 7" Distance between centers: 36" Bed width: 7 1 ⁄4" • Spindle bore: 1 7 ⁄ 16" Spindle nose taper: MT#5 Spindle nose: D1-4 camlock Cross slide travel: 6 1 ⁄4" Compound travel: 3 1 ⁄4" $ 255 Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3 Tailstock barrel travel: 4" Tailstock barrel diameter: 1 9 ⁄ 16" $

• Range of speeds: 70, 200, 220, 270, 360, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 RPM • Motor: 2 HP, single phase, 220V, 8.5A, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM • Height: without stand–23"; with stand–52" • Approximate shipping weight: 1020 lbs.


lower 48 states

G4003 $2895.00



Swing over bed: 13" • Range of speeds: 70, 115, 190, 300, 460, 755, Swing over gap: 18 3/4" 1255, 2000 RPM Swing over saddle: 7 3/4" • Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 10A Distance between centers: 40" • Size: 71 1/ 2" L x 30" W x Bed width: 7 3/ 8" • Hole thru spindle: 1 7/16" 53 1/ 2" H Spindle nose taper: MT#5 • Approx. Spindle nose: D1-4 camlock shipping Cross slide travel: 6 1/ 8" weight: Compound travel: 2 7/ 8" 1555 lbs. $ Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3 355 Tailstock barrel travel: 3 3/ 8" $ 00 shipping

lower 48 states

G9036 $4795.00





• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

Swing over bed: 14.17" • Motor: 5 HP at 3450 RPM, 2.5 HP at 1725 RPM, 220V, Swing over gap: 20.94" 3-phase • Width of bed: 9" Swing over cross slide: 8.66" • Approximate shipping Distance between centers: 40" weight: 2684 lbs. Spindle bore: 1.653" Spindle nose taper: MT#5 Spindle nose: D1-5 camlock Cross slide travel: 7" • Compound travel: 4" Tailstock barrel taper: MT#3 $ 355 Tailstock barrel travel: 1.968" Spindle speeds: 16, 50–2570 RPM $ 00 shipping

lower 48 states

G0740 $12,995.00



20" X 60" 3-PHASE BIG BORE METAL LATHE • • • • • • • • • • •

Swing over bed: 20" Swing over gap: 29" Swing over saddle: 12" Distance between centers: 60" Spindle bore: 3 1 ⁄ 8" Spindle nose taper: MT#7 Spindle nose: D1-8 camlock Cross slide travel: 12 3 ⁄4" Compound travel: 5" Tailstock barrel taper: MT#5 Tailstock barrel travel: 7" $



• • • • •







G0670 $14,995.00



• Motor: 2 HP, 110V/220V*, single-phase, 17.8A/8.6A, prewired to 220V • Spindle taper: R-8 • Spindle travel: 4 11⁄16" • Swing: 15 1⁄2" • Max. distance spindle to table: 17 5⁄16" • Collars calibrated: 0.001" • T-Slots: 3 @ 2 1⁄2" on centers, 5⁄8" wide • Table size: 8 1⁄4" x 28 3⁄4" • Table travel (longitudinal): 19 11⁄16" • Table travel (cross): 7 1⁄2" $

G0705 G0760

lower 48 states





lower 48 states


Spindle speeds: 12, 25–1600 RPM Motor: 10 HP, 220V, 3-phase • Width of bed: 13 3 ⁄4" Range of threads (inches): 60 @ 2–112 TPI Range of threads (metric): 47 @ 0.2–14 mm Approximate shipping weight: 5758 lbs.

• Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 1725 RPM, 8.6A • Swing: 20" • Max. distance spindle to table: 18" • Table size: 91⁄2" x 311⁄2" • Table travel (longitudinal): 17" • Table travel (cross): 7 7⁄8" • Head travel: 13 3⁄4" MADE IN AN • Spindle travel: 5" ISO 9001 FACTORY! • Spindle speeds: 90, 210, 345, 670, 1180, & 1970 RPM • Spindle taper: R-8 $ 00

Swing over bed: 16.14" • Motor: 5 HP, 220V, 3-phase with inverter, Yasakawa Swing over gap: 22.95" frequency drive • Width of bed: 10.23" Swing over cross slide: 10.39" • Approximate shipping Distance between centers: 40" weight: Spindle bore: 2.06" 3694 lbs. Spindle nose taper: MT#6 Spindle nose: D1-6 camlock Cross slide travel: 8.2" • Compound travel: 5.1" Tailstock barrel taper: MT#4 $ Tailstock barrel travel: 6" 495 Speed range: 20–400, 400–2500 RPM $ 00

Drawbar size: 7⁄16"–20 Face mill capacity: 31⁄8" End mill capacity: 11⁄4" Head tilt: 90° left & 45° right Quill diameter: 3" T-slots: 3 @ 31⁄8" on center, 1⁄2" wide • Overall dimensions: 491⁄2" W x 751⁄4" H x 341⁄2" D • Approximate shipping weight: 1102 lbs.

• • • • • •




lower 48 states



• Drilling capacity: for cast iron–13⁄16"; for steel–1" • Spindle speed range: 140–2436 RPM • Approximate shipping weight: 848 lbs. * Converting to 110V requires purchase of T25515 conversion kit.







lower 48 states




Motor: 2 HP, 220V, 3-phase, 6.2A Swing: 20 1⁄4" Max. distance spindle to table: 18 1⁄8" Table size: 9 1⁄2" x 31 1⁄2" Table travel (X-, Y-Axis): 22", 7 1⁄2" Head travel (Z-Axis): 13 3⁄4" Spindle travel: 4 3⁄4" Spindle speeds: Variable, 75–2500 RPM Spindle taper: R-8 Head tilt: 45° left & right

G0762 $2595.00


• T-slots: 3 @ 31⁄8" on center, 1 ⁄2" wide • Overall size: 49 5⁄8" W x 61" H x 36 5⁄8" D • Base footprint: 17 3⁄4" W x 21 5⁄8" D • Approximate shipping weight: 732 lbs.






lower 48 states

15INDMA TECHNICAL SERVICE: 570-546-9663 • FAX: 800-438-5901 16971



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Hexagon Metrology and TriMet Announce Partnership Fenton, MO-based TriMet, LLC has entered into a strategic partnership with Hexagon Metrology. Based in Rhode Island, Hexagon offers a complete range of products and services for all metrology applications in a variety of industrial sectors. TriMet will become an authorized agent of Hexagon, allowing both companies to more effectively serve the increasingly sophisticated requirements of the aerospace community. “TriMet is in a unique position to service leading aerospace companies in the Wichita to St. Louis corridor,” said Jack Rosignal, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations for Hexagon Metrology, Inc. “By offering comprehensive solutions to the local market that cover all stages from design through manufacture, they truly can offer complete portable metrology solutions to their customers.” TriMet already has extensive experience with the ROMER product line. Along with core competencies in reverse engineering and CAD modeling, TriMet is a strong choice for this strategic alliance. TriMet will also offer contract metrology services for Hexagon’s portable CMM line. For more information on Hexagon Metrology visit , for TriMet, LLC visit

Bell-Everman Earns ISO Certification Bell-Everman, California supplier of precision motion devices has announced that it has received ISA 9001:2008 certification for the design, manufacture and support of its motion systems. The company has maintained a strict se of quality standards since its inception in 1991, “The ISO certification simply formalizes our existing dedication to quality across all of our design and manufacturing processes,” says Tom Maccianti, company president. Bell-Everman’s motion control technologies have been incorporated into a wide variety of automation and metrology systems—including those found in the aerospace, biomedical, semiconductor, electronics assembly, laser and water jet cutting, CNC machining and packaging industries. “With the ISO certification in hand and our ongoing commitment to lean manufacturing principles, we’re now in an even better position to serve customers with the most demanding quality expectations,” Maccianti says. For more information visit

Mazak Distributor for Midwest Moves and Expands Concept Technical Sales Inc., in a move to keep pace with growing demand for consumer demands, has relocated and expanded their operation in Overland Park, KS. Marking its 25th year as an exclusive Mazak distributor, Concept Technical Sales supplies machine tools, training and application support to manufacturers throughout Kansas and Western Missouri. The company’s new home is also in close proximity to several leading aerospace manufacturers as well as key suppliers to that and other area industries. The new facility also includes 1,000 square feet of warehouse space. And according to Paul Domurat, president of Concept Technical Sales, strong sales growth has provided the company with the opportunity to reinvest in its future with the move and expansion. He attributed the company’s success to continued support from its customers and expects the company’s robust sales to hold steady well into the future. Concept’s new location is 6319 W 110th St. Overland Park, KS. For more information call (913) 647-5368 or visit

Hypertherm Named a Best Company to Work For in New Hampshire For the twelfth year running, Hypertherm has earned the “Best Company” honor from Business New Hampshire Magazine, the most of any company in the state. Hypertherm’s selection was made following an extensive evaluation process that included a review of the company’s benefit packages, career development offerings, amenities, and (continues on page 12)


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 | | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD | Visit us at Booth #1649


Industry Updates (continued from page 10) culture. A panel of judges then conducted interviews with Hypertherm associates and managers, and toured the company’s New Hampshire facilities. In ranking Hypertherm third on its large companies list, judges applauded Hypertherm’s “employee-centered, trust-based culture” highlighting the company’s lack of time-clocks, no lay off policy, and open-office concept. Judges also applauded benefit offerings that include 100 percent tuition reimbursement, paid time off to volunteer in the community, generous support for families wanting to adopt a child, and extensive health and fitness options. “We try to emphasize the way all the pieces come together. It’s not just any one thing that we do, but everything we do here that matters,” explains Hypertherm CEO Evan Smith. “As a 100 percent associate owned company, our associates understand the importance of teamwork and how it helps us meet our collective goals.” For more information visit

SPIE Announces 2015 Prism Awards Finalists The Society for Optics and Photonics has announced the finalist for the 2015 Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation. Awards categories include additive manufacturing, biomedical instrumentation, detectors and sensors, imaging and cameras, industrial lasers, materials and coating, optics and optical components and scientific lasers. Winners will be announced on February 11, 2015 during the SPIE Photonics West conference in San Francisco. Entrants are judged by an independent panel of experts including industry executives, leading academic researchers, venture capitalists, and past Prism Award winners. Laurin Publishing CEO Thomas Laurin said of the awards, “From our great vantage point -- on the receiving end of daily research and product launch news -- we see the endless innovation from photonics industry companies. We take pride in supporting these organizations and sharing these advances with the industry and the world,” Laurin said. “On the threshold of the International Year of Light 2015, we are once again proud to collaborate with SPIE to present the Prism Awards, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2015 finalists.” For more information and a complete list of finalists visit or email

Seco Tools Continues to Expand Carbide Recycling Program Since the program’s beginning in 2011, Seco has received over half a million pounds of returned carbide as part of their growing carbide recycling program. During 2014 alone, Seco received 350 shipments of carbide powder, amounting to 144,877 pounds of used carbide tools. Seco has met with broad acclaim for the success of its recycling program. In2014, the National Association of Business Resources named Seco one of “Michigan’s Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies.” This was followed by the organization presenting Seco with its 2014 National Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies®Award. “We are deeply committed to sustainability and being a leader in environmental initiatives,” explained Robert Keenan, president of Seco Tools, LLC. “It’s an important part of our corporate culture that is integrated throughout everything we do. Plus, our customers appreciate the opportunity this program provides to them to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.” For more information call (248) 528-5444 or visit

Sekisui Plastics Announces Expansion to Serve Growing Market Sekisui Plastics USA, Inc. has chosen Kenton, OH for a new $5.2 million manufacturing facility. Citing increased customer demand in the Midwest United States, Sekisui aims to have the new plant operational in July 2015. The plant will initially produce foam products molded mainly from Piocelan® hybrid moldable foam resin, manly for use in automotive applications and protective packaging. Once completed, the 120,000 square foot facility will house manufacturing and office space with a molding capacity of 20-40 metric tons per month, with plans to increase that number to 100 metric tons in the near future. The new facility is projected to eventually provide some 50 area jobs. “Since opening our first U.S. manufacturing plant in Tennessee in 2007, we have experienced tremendous growth, in South/Central U.S., and we are anticipating similar growth in the Northern Midwest,” said Thomas Pontiff, Vice President of SPUS. “Locating our new plant in Kenton, Ohio gives us both the increased molding capacity we need for our expanding customer base plus closer proximity to both our current and targeted OEM customers who require just in time (JIT) delivery.” For more information call (931)379-0300 or visit


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Chevalier FBL-360B MC

Chevalier has introduced a new high-performance, high-value slant-bed CNC lathe. The FANUC 0i-TD controlled machine boasts a 12-station servo turret with live motor, programmable tailstock, a 15” chuck and a work envelope 22.4” in diameter and 80” in length. For more information contact Herbert Hou at (562) 903-129 or email

Walter ZIPWHEEL Cordless Cutter

This new design uses a powerful 18.5V/5.2Ah battery to drive cutting wheels as large as 6” with extended work time between charges. Proprietary DYNAMAX electronics maintain consistent RPM in load conditions. The tool is available in 4.5”/5” and 6” wheel sizes and is designed for use with Walter’s ZIP cutting wheel. For more information contact your local distributor or visit

RF Systems AA Battery Powered Borescope

RF System Lab, makers of video borescopes, has released the VJ-Advance model. Able to run on either 110V AC power or standard AA batteries, the new scope is available in insertion sizes ranging from 2.8mm to no obligation demo program available. For more information call (855) 787-6966 or visit

ESCO MILLHOG Tube Expanders

ESCO Tool has announced a new line of air-driven for automatic control of boiler tube expansion. Precise toque control setting stalls the tool at the desired expansion. Kits are offered for tubes 3/8” to 4 1/2“ and tube sheets up to 5-3/8”. For more information cqll (800) 343-6926 or visit

Spectroline TRITAN 365

New from Spectroline, this compact multi-LED UV lamp is suitable for detecting fluid leaks in conjunction with UV-reactive dyes. The unit is lightweight at only 16 ounces and includes a white spotlight for visual inspection. A battery operated version is also available. For more information call (888) 274-8888 or visit

Advantech 10” Tablet for Field Duty

Advantech has launched a fully-ruggedized 10” tablet for field and shop duty. The fully customizable PWS-870 is available with the latest Intel mobile processors and features Gorilla Glass for durability and multiple wireless communications options for connectivity. For functionality, the device also features a 1D/2D barcode scanner and NFC and RFID compatibility. For more information call (949) 420-2500 or visit


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product showcase

Amacoil-Uhing Jam Proof Linear Drive

The new RS model dive nut delivers jam and backlash free linear motion. Riding on a smooth shaft eliminates the potential for clogged threads and jamming. The drive uses a rolling ring mechanism to deliver consistent performance with minimal maintenance. The RS model is available in travel speeds ranging from .5 ft/sec to 4 ft/sec and axial thrust ratings between 22 lbs and 449lbs. For more information call (610) 485-8300 or visit

Fronius PullMig Welding Torch

Fronius has introduced a new, lightweight MIG welding torch which integrates new technologies into an easy-to-use package. The PullMig has improved thermal management and durability and is very user friendly: threading new wire does not require opening the torch, and feeder synchronization is no longer necessary when used with the TPS/I power source. For more information visit

Lapp Group Cable Bushing

The Lapp Group has announced a new multi-cable bushing for electrical enclosures. The SKINTOP CUBE MULTI is available in two sizes with multiple cofigurations, but all feature a gel insert to maintain a sealed enclosure for electrical and mechanical components and fit in a standard cutout for a 24-pin industrial connector. For more information visit

Osborn Introduces Shell Mill Mount for Disc Brushes

ATB brushes are now available with a molded mount which fits milling machine spindles without the use of extra adapters. The new brushes offer a cost-effective was to save on setup time and costly adapters and works with most existing milling setups. For more information call (216) 361-1900 or visit

Grizzly Cold Cut Saw

Grizzly Industrial has released a new cold cut saw, the Model G0783. The free-standing unit incorporates a 2.7 HP motor and a coolant pump and drives an 11� blade on a 32mm arbor at angles from 45 to 90 degrees. For more information call (800) 523-4777 or visit

Cubus Outperform EV Analytics 7.5

Cubus has released a new version of cubus outperform EV Analytics (cubus EV) a leading Self Service Analysis frontend for Oracle Essbase, Microsoft Analysis Services and IBM Cognos TM1. Cubus 7.5 offers a new user interface along with other improvements. For more information visit


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

Bringing practical solutions to industry worldwide, Grieve has manufactured industrial ovens and furnaces since 1949. Whatever your requirement, a Grieve oven or furnace is likely the best solution. We are committed to continuing the tradition of personal involvement and quality products begun by our fathers. We welcome your inquiry. Douglas V. Grieve, President Frank P. Calabrese, Vice President

Jumbo Walk-In Oven | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


Special Focus

TURNING TO SPINDLE REPAIRS AND REBUILDS The spindle disassembly and failure analysis department at the SKF Solution Factory in Cleveland, OH, which is a dedicated resource for use by operations anywhere in the country.

Machine tool spindles in all their designs and sizes serve as highly advanced technology solutions essential to critical operations on the shop floor. They are routinely used to rotate cutting tools, grinding wheels, or parts to be machined in applications ranging from milling, drilling, and boring to grinding, cutting, and sawing. Spindles perform as complex systems integrating dozens of components critical to machine tool performance. As with any asset, however, defects can arise resulting in spindle breakdowns over time–but it is no longer commonplace to automatically purchase a new spindle when one fails. Instead, spindle repairs and rebuilds have become highly practical options over outright replacement wherever possible. SKF USA Inc. has been a pioneer in developing the necessary know-how and technical support to enable damaged spindles to return to full service and productivity. The company has centralized this expertise at its SKF Solution Factory in Cleveland, OH, a dedicated resource for use by operations anywhere in the country. SAVING TIME AND MONEY

Sometimes, replacing a spindle will be unavoidable. But in the majority of cases, repairs or rebuilds can make a more timely and cost-effective fix. “In fact, on average, the lead time for delivery of a new replacement spindle can run as long as six months,” notes Ed Zitney, who is manager of the SKF Solution Factory-Cleveland and has more than 33 years of experience. “By comparison, repairs to a spindle usually can be made in less than two weeks and, in some instances, in just a few days.” Timing is not the only benefit. According to Zitney, the price tag for a new spindle can average as much as triple the cost of a rebuilt unit, in part because a repair or rebuild will only involve the defective components. Even better news: Spindles can be rebuilt many times over without compromising performance in service. SKF’s extensive history of partnering with customers for spindle repair and rebuilds has led to countless success stories. “One of our customers had repeatedly experienced high failure rates for its machine tool spindles,” Zitney


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

recalls. “Their response was simply to replace the spindle bearings every time, because the bearings were noticeably compromised from an ingress of coolant.” But this approach didn’t do the long-term job: Spindle problems continued to persist and units would go down every four to six weeks in a vicious cycle. “When we were consulted,” Zitney explains, “our focus first turned to the coolant issue. The ingress of coolant through a spindle’s seals, labyrinth, or covers must always be avoided, because the coolant can wash out the grease or oil from the bearings and ultimately attack the spindle’s shaft, motor, and electronics.” The lesson for the customer: Simply replacing the bearings and taking no other actions would never resolve the root cause of the spindle failures. “As part of our repair and rebuild process, “ Zitney reports, “we took a careful look at the spindle’s sealing system and then initiated proactive measures for a long-term solution to the coolant problem.” Inadequate seals were removed, an air purge was added, new and properly specified seals were installed front and rear, the rear cap was replaced with one that included a

nO One throws away an Okuma! We guarantee it Will PerfOrm like a new machine with a new machine warranty!

machines rebuilt to new specifications with new machine warranty, guaranteed! Rebuilt using original fixtures and equipment genuine okuma replacement parts all way surfaces reground & re-certified new okuma proprietary spindle bearings new ballscrews and covers on all axes new bearings and seals throughout the machine new drive belts on spindle and axes new safety glass, work light, safety labels electrical system re-certified for funcionality spindle drive motor rebuilt & all axes drives tested new way wipers new gibs on all axes slides

Re bu ilding yo uR ex isting equi p m ent t o lik e n ew co ndition lets y ou R eca p tuR e it s o Rig ina l p Roducti v i ty foR

50-60% oF the cost oF a new machine

new limit switches new conduit & braided cable on all moving components new hydraulic hoses and gauges

rental machines available new OsP available rebuilding america’s manufacturing...One Okuma at a time P: 704-588-4995 • F: 704-588-5268 A member of Okuma’s “Partners in THINC” | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


Special Focus seal diameter, and both the shaft and front cap were reworked to accept the new seals. The outcome: The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for the customer’s spindles dramatically increased from a matter of only weeks (before the rebuild) to 18 months – more than six times longer than before. Another customer encountered a three-fold problem: A spindle’s existing tool interface was not fulfilling required accuracy and repeatability demands for the application, the design was inefficient for tool changes, and coolant contamination was leading to frequent spindle failure, because the spindle was positioned in a nose-up configuration allowing coolant to flood over the top of the spindle. “Our solution,” Zitney says, “was to convert to an HSK toolholder, which provided a highly accurate, quick, and easy tool change to deliver the desired repeatability. We also redesigned the spindle’s front cap and replaced it with a rotating slinger to dispense the coolant away from the spindle and keep it at bay.” The customer ultimately realized much higher quality, greater efficiency, and a five-fold increase in MTBF for maximized uptime. A spindle assembly is prepared to run and “break in” as part of SKF’s spindle repair and rebuild services.



When a spindle is turned over for repairs, an opportunity can open up to consider upgrading or otherwise customizing a unit to realize improved performance, gain greater versatility, and/or accommodate new or changing application requirements. Making an upgrade while a spindle is already down and due for repair inherently makes economical sense. “Some upgrades for spindles can be relatively simple to implement, while others may become more involved,” Zitney observes, “but all can help improve upon spindle performance and operation.” An SKF customer found this out firsthand. The operation logged ongoing incidents of motor coolant clogging and environmentally related problems with an oil mist lubrication system. As a result, spindles were failing repeatedly due to plugged coolant lines, and overheated motors. “Our solution was to totally replace the spindle with an air-cooled grease-packed version,” Zitney says. “This particular air-cooled spindle resolved all the problems plaguing the motor coolant system and eliminated the costs for coolant tank, pump, and air oil supply. Contamination and clogging disappeared, motors no longer overheated due to clogged coolant lines, and spindle uptime increased. “Even more dramatic from a ‘green’ perspective,” he adds, “the new 5½ HP spindles running at 18,000 RPM compared with the old 15 HP spindles were able to achieve documented power savings by matching the spindle to the required job and not overpowering the

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

spindle.” The overall power savings translated to an annual reduction of 7000 kilowatts per spindle per 8-hour shift, which multiplies significantly with four spindles running five days per week at three per shifts every day.


SKF customers typically will pose basic questions to assist them in the decision-making on how best to return a failed spindle to service or otherwise improve performance. Among them: • Are you sure that you can successfully repair my “XYZ” spindle? The thinking behind this inquiry is that a customer effectively wants to know for certain that a particular spindle is a prime candidate for repair over replacement – especially since there are thousands of makes and models of spindles. This question can best be answered with as complete a spindle profile as possible. Helpful information includes the spindle’s manufacturer (not always the same as the machine), the model number, maximum RPM, HP (horse power), tool nose configuration, and drive type (belt, gear, coupled, or integral motor). In addition, does the spindle have manual or automatic tool change? Can the spindle’s bearings be identified from the OEM manual? • How long will it take for a repair? Based on initial information from a customer, a best/worst case delivery timeline can generally be developed. When a customer offers accurate information about the spindle and the equipment appears in reasonably good shape, then a delivery date will likely be more on target. If a customer’s spindle is in bad shape or has unseen damage internally, an evaluation by a repair technician will be necessary in determining a true timeline for return to service. • Can an exchange spindle be provided? With thousands of spindles in the field, it is usually only by chance that an exact replacement spindle will be in stock to match a particular unit. Sometimes, though, an alternative model can make an exchange possible. One of the questions most often asked – and with universal appeal – refers both to failed spindles and those in service: How can I get more life from my spindle? Understanding the way that each spindle is used in daily operation is essential to realizing extended spindle lifetime. More often than not, spindles must perform in harsh environments, often leading to potential internal contamination and subsequent failure. When contaminants are present, modifications to a spindle – especially to the sealing system – can be implemented to mitigate problems and extend service life. In some applications, too, a spindle may be run too hard or forced to operate where it was never intended according to its original design. In these cases, design changes can be made to reconfigure and tailor spindle setup consistent with the specific application. For more information, visit spindle-repair-and-rebuild-services/index.html, email Edward., or call 440-720-1545.


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special focus

The five-year plan THAT

worked Smiths Machine’s plan for stable growth started with its investment in a stable CNC platform: The steady progression of a stable machine / control platform has enabled the company’s similarly growing workforce to build on existing knowledge, rather than learn new and different versions every few years.

Smiths Machine answered the recession with a formula for major change So what’s the secret to their success?

To begin with, the omission of the apostrophe from the company’s name was deliberate. Being different is in the DNA of Smiths Machine. This is a second-generation, family-owned business that found a way to grow its workforce by 70 people during the last five years That’s a 300% employment surge that mostly happened during the recession, a time when many machine shops (and for that matter, many businesses), were struggling just to hang on. Ahead of the recession, Smiths Machine did what many machine shops were doing at the time. They were riding the wave of automotive parts production and doing seemingly fine, until the massive downturn came. The bankruptcies of the tier one automotive companies suddenly left many machine shops vulnerable to volumebased supply from overseas competition; and a once well-oiled machine tool business model now seemed unstable and uncertain. Equally uncertain was the idea of moving the business in an entirely different direction.

To be or not to be — different

Defense and aerospace part manufacturing require a different business approach altogether, says Tim Smith, vice president of Smiths Machine. “It is specialized work that requires special approvals, log-down processes and complicated procedures,” Smith says. “The complexity is challenging. And it all starts with a different way of thinking, more of an engineering approach than a production approach.”


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

Smith says his company needed to build a new business model and the operations to support it. The defense and aerospace machining market is characterized by small lot counts, generally lower margins, and a very low tolerance for errors. Scrap rates thought to be nominal in the past would now be out of the question. “You can’t make a $6,000 part and have a 30% scrap rate or even a 10% scrap rate,” explains Smith. “The emphasis is not on throughput, but on the high quality, highly precise manufacturing of very complex parts.” Based on these three inseparable machining requirements — quality, precision and complexity — Smiths Machine set out to reach its greater potential in the machine tool market, not as a production machine shop, but as company focused on complex part manufacturing. Having achieved some early success in this new direction, the way forward for the company soon could be summed up more simply: “The more complex the part, the more competitive we are,” says Smith. To protect and grow this competitive advantage, the company’s leadership knew that their internal processes and technology needed to match up with the unique requirements of the defense and aerospace industries. Major investments in large, complex, five-axis machines would need to be enhanced by equally complex control capabilities. Smith recounts how a decision made previously by the company would now come into play in a profound way.

the pinnacle of cutting performance Cosen Band saw advantages:

• US availability of parts • Local service • Fast ROI • Model choices & Pricing • User friendly features

proDuctivity cnc-800Dm programmable Double miter banDsaw

• • • • •

over 100 models aCross 7 produCt lines

16” X 31” Capacity Double Miters +45° to - 60° Programmable up to 100 Jobs 10° Blade Cant 2” Blade

new new

reliability mvc-670Dm vertical tilt-frame banDsaw

• • • • •

19.1” x 26.4” Capacity 5 HP Blade Drive 60° Degree Miter in both directions Adjustable 5° Blade Cant 1-1/4’’ Blade

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versatility c-510mnc mitering

programmable banDsaw • • • • •

14’’ Round Capacity 13” x 20” Rectangular Capacity Miters up to 60 Degrees Automatic Machine Index For Production Sawing or Fabricating

quality banDsaws featureD at houstex 1-877-sawing-1

special focus

Manufacturing complex parts for the aerospace and defense industry, demands consistency, high-quality and precision—achieved only with Siemens CNC

The graphically-guided Sinumerik Operate HMI from Siemens has enabled the easy, company-wide adoption of the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC, a control that is otherwise known for its powerfully complex capabilities. Across the company, visually-guided teaching and learning methods have fostered rapid learning and operational proficiency.

A backbone for change

Traditionally a milling and turning company, Smiths Machine first teamed up with DMG and Siemens in the year 2000 to establish their singular machine tool platform. This brought about a synergistic approach to complex milling and turning; an advantage that took on greater significance when the company decided to focus on the defense and aerospace markets later in the decade. “Siemens controls were available on DMG milling and turning machines, and that was a natural fit for us,” Smith recalls. The DMG / Siemens platform has enabled Smiths Machine to establish and maintain a high level of operational proficiency. The central advantage here, Smith says, has been the ability to invest, train and keep his people moving forward based on a stable technology platform. “The technology and the people using it are the backbone of our organization,” Smith asserts. “Even with 25 machines, we can share knowledge between the milling and the turning machines. The common control is a Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl. Our technology purchases

are based on where we want to be in ten years, not on a workforce that is fractionally trained and a platform that can rapidly deteriorate due to a change in market condition or a change in employment condition.” Smith says an example of this singular platform advantage is the control’s similarity across milling and turning operations. “All controls are customized to a certain extent,” Smith acknowledges. “But unlike Siemens, many other control series are individually customized so that the keyboard layout will be different from machine to machine. The Sinumerik 840D sl CNC is consistent. So when you train your operators, you can say, here’s the jog button, here’s the axes button, here’s your alarm button and your offset button. And this level of consistency extends to a graphical interface that really complements how we teach and learn.” Teaching and learning are closely held values within an organization that uses a breadth of visual techniques to foster education, efficient information sharing, and quality control. “We are a very visual company,” Smith says. “We use a lot of colors and we buy a lot of printer toner. Our parts inventory uses color-coded tags and the same is true across our production. We use yellows and blues and reds for consistent instruction. And the Siemens 840D sl control uses the same approach. You are guided visually for such things as axis direction, approach point, final depth and other variables inside a cycle. And this is true from control to control, for milling and turning.” Smith says visually guided information flow is characteristic of today’s complex range of nextgeneration electronic communications, because this speeds understanding and information sharing. Whether for a smart phone or a CNC, graphically guided interfaces enable rapid learning and proficiency, a fact that has been well leveraged by the 840D control interface design. | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


Special Focus

New angles on programming

Gerhard Hetzler, engineering manager at Smiths Machine, has experienced firsthand how the company’s singular platform approach has brought continuity to such manufacturing functions as post, machine simulation, NC code, and control functionality. While the Siemens 840D sl control has evolved in significant ways over the years, Hetzler says these changes have served only to accelerate the performance of the programmers and operators, rather than impede them with new and different procedures. The control platform has also given Smiths Machine the freedom to create custom cycles that can be copied and shared from

The Cycle 800 function within Siemens NX supports the programming of 2-1/2 axis and 3D milling throughout the rotation of all X-Y-Z planes, while maintaining a zero offset. Functions include automatic shifting of zero offset, tool length and radius compensation in rotated planes, compensation of machine geometry, and all machining cycles can be used.


control-to-control, and so machine-to-machine. “I’ll give you an example,” says Hetzler. “To catch occasional entry errors on the tool management side, we created a cycle that checks the length of the tool and within a specific tolerance. So within in a matter of milliseconds, the control compares that value to what was entered in the tool management side, and if the tolerance is exceeded by 2mm, the control immediately stops the machine.” Hetzler says another advantage resulting out of the DMG and Siemens relationship is the continued simplification of complex cutting operations, especially in the area of angular milling heads. “Siemens has come a very long way to improve the cycles and support related to milling heads,” Hetzler says. “Aerospace requires a lot more use of angular milling. Even a five-axis approach can’t do it. You need an angular milling head. I would put this on the top of my

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

list of the advantages DMG and Siemens have developed. And this relates to another important development, Siemens NX.”

NX as in next

Siemens NX software integrates CAD, CAE and CAM for faster part manufacturing, encompassing all areas of tooling, machining and quality inspection. NX has become integral to Smiths Machine’s CNC platform, because it supports part planning through manufacturing, with the prevention of errors and related costs. “Our ability to develop all of our own postprocessors in house is supported by Siemens NX,” Hetzler explains. “We setup our angular milling heads in NX, so we can post the G-code before we even send it out to the machine.” An early introduction to the power of NX came when the company found that it needed to write code to produce an especially challenging aerospace landing gear. The code took six-weeks to manually program. This was before the company learned that it could do the same task in nine days using NX. “Siemens knows fiveaxis machining and NX is a Siemens product that leverages five-axis,” Hetzler says. “As an example, we can do three-plus-two axes work in NX. There is a cycle for that called Cycle 800. So when NX outputs the NC code, the machine then also understands it. Other control brands will have a cycle that can be made to work, but they are a lot more problematic. We are talking about managing the change of plane, a concept that has been around for a long time and was always problematic to do. Now Cycle 800 in NX does it all for you.” Hetzler says Cycle 800 makes programming the change of plane easier, faster, and with higher accuracy than traditionally calculated methods. “We would normally round off after the third or fourth decimal,” he recalls. “Now the control calculates to nine decimals. When you start talking microns, especially in the aerospace industry, it makes a huge difference. And this difference has been fully implemented by DMG. They have invested a lot of time and money to make sure from their side that Siemens NX and Cycle 800 work 100% of the time.” For more information, please contact: john.meyer@ xor visit


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CLEANING is more than just getting the science right. For over 20 years our clients have seen the difference that care makes in all of our cleaning solutions. Because if we don’t thoroughly know and understand you first, how can we create the most effective PARTS WASHING technologies for your specific needs? When science and care converge, exceptional cleaning results. WORLDWIDE ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES

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Special Focus

Why Manufacturers are

Over-Paying Electromechanical



When in-house work is outside an OEM’s core competency, too costly or cumbersome, strategic domestic outsourcing can cut cost, improve quality, and even speed delivery


or OEMs making and inventorying electromechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, or even box-builds in-house, holding too tightly to every aspect of production can be a costly mistake. The intended benefits of doing all the work in-house must be measured against its costs: higher facility overhead, including additional required inventory, manufacturing space, equipment, trained labor, as well as engineering and purchasing resources. Too often, such in-house work is not actually the OEM’s area of expertise, but instead a low margin activity that can consume precious corporate resources to little effect. When the in-house work performed is outside an OEM’s core competency, too costly or cumbersome, strategic domestic outsourcing can cut cost, improve quality, and even speed delivery.


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

For instance, to focus on its core competency of system design, Evoqua Water Technologies domestically outsourced a junction box electromechanical assembly and wire harness to power its line of industrial water purification modules, according to Rahoul Bhagat, Engineering and Quality Assurance Manager at its Lowell, Mass. facility. The company is a wastewater treatment products, systems and service provider for industrial and municipal customers. “With lower required overhead, inventory, equipment, manufacturing space and labor training compared to doing all the junction box work in-house, we realized about a 20% overall cost savings and gained the ability to go straight from the sub-assembly to the finished product,” says Bhagat. “The streamlined process helped us to meet demand for the product line, which grew over 50% last year.”

Special Focus Overcoming In-House Challenges When an OEM considers which areas are actually core to its business, and which should be outsourced, producing and inventorying every component down to the smallest electrical wire or electromechanical assembly does not always make the list. “We didn’t have the in-house infrastructure to build every component and sub-assembly from scratch,” says Bhagat. “We would’ve had to expand our existing facility or add an offsite location, buy additional production equipment, as well as hire and train specialized labor. Building all that extra in-house infrastructure would have been too costly and inefficient.”

Technical electrical expertise can be a barrier to doing such work in-house. In fact, it has been shown that 44 percent of electronic failures are the result of poor quality control. Electronic failures due to faulty solder joints, improper wire crimps, nicked or cut wire strands, wrong wire gauges, or unauthorized material substitutions can not only impact the final assembly’s quality, reliability, and durability but also cause delay, taint reputation, and even create serious liability. “Quality and durability in the field was critical, says Bhagat. “If the wire were the wrong size, too thin, improperly rated, or had a poorly rated terminal block, it could compromise the junction box assembly, which is unacceptable.” Evoqua Water Technologies domestically outsourced the junction box electromechanical assembly and wire harness to power its line of industrial water purification modules to Wareham, Mass.-based Electro-Prep a turn-key and consignment contract manufacturer of wire harnesses, cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, and box-builds. In looking for a capable supplier of electrical


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

components, it is important not only to choose one that maintains industry standard internal quality assurance and auditing programs but also is subject to regular onsite inspections and outside audits. “A key element in ensuring quality is assuring the supplier has their ISO 9001:2008 certification (quality and strong process controls),” says Skip Sullivan, President of Electro-Prep. “Combine this with IPC/ WHMA-A-620 training and certification (industry assembly standards), as well as J-STD-001 training and certification (soldering certification), and you have a good idea that your supplier is a true professional that takes their partnership with you seriously.” Sullivan adds that UL listing in the U.S., CSA certification in Canada, as well as RoHS (and non-RoHS) capabilities are also increasingly vital designations for electrical components. According to Bhagat, “When used as intended, we’ve had no junction box failures on our industrial water purification module since we put it in the field six years ago.” Bhagat credits his supplier for cooperating with Evoqua Water Technologies to produce an improved design. “Electro-Prep offered a number of ideas for improvement that we incorporated into our design. For instance, they helped to secure a din rail in the terminal block, preventing a potential quality issue during assembly. This helped with quality control and manufacturability.” According to Bhagat, his domestic contract manufacturer has a significant delivery advantage over offshore outsourcers. By working with them, he avoids the long shipping lead times of typical overseas outsourcing. He also resolves any issues more quickly, with easier logistics and coordination within the same time zone, language, and culture. For OEMs looking to expedite delivery on outsourced electromechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, or even box-builds, working with a flexible partner can be important. Sullivan, for instance, suggests that OEMs work with a supplier that offers flexible delivery options such as JIT, rush deliveries, third party drop ships, Kanban (for very short turnaround for ongoing requirements), as well as pullins or push outs (without the hassle of unnecessary, additional charges). “While Electro-Prep typically turns product around for us in four to five weeks, they will rush us product if needed and can supply on a JIT basis,” says Bhagat. “We’re not relying on JIT delivery now, but it could be useful if we have a further surge in demand or want to further expedite our delivery. We’ve never run out of parts they’ve supplied us.” Bhagat says that ultimately, “Domestic outsourcing to a trusted partner helps us stay in control of our process. By focusing on system design and working on modules rather than many individual components, we leverage our core competency and outsource what’s not core.” For more info, call 800-478-4578; email info@electroprep. com; visit; or write to Electro-Prep, Inc. at 14 Kendrick Rd., Unit 3, Wareham, MA 02571.


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more than the world’s best notchers…

Boschert: CNC Punching, Copper bar processing, manually gauged punching, notching Watch the Multipunch Video!

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market trend

IHS Identifies Technologies to the over Next Five Years



Billions of Units

ustin, Texas (Jan. 12, 2014)—The Internet of Everything, cloud computing/big data and 3-D printing are the three technologies most likely to transform the world during the next five years, according to IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS). “We know that technology has the capability to change the world: from the Gutenberg printing press to the steam engine to the microchip,” said Ian Weightman, vice president, research & operations, IHS Technology. “But how can we determine which technologies are likely to have the greatest potential to transform the future of the human race? What is the process to distinguish among the innovations that will have limited impact and those that Forecast of  the  Global  Installed  Base  of  Internet  Connectable  Devices  (Billions  of  Units) will be remembered as milestones on the path of progress? 2014 2019 2024 How can you tell the difference between the VHS and Billions of Units 19.7 46.6 85.8 Betamax of tomorrow’s technologies?” “To answer these questions, IHS Forecast  of  the  Global  Installed  Base  of  Internet  Connectable  Devices  (Billions  of  Units)   Technology gathered its leading experts representing the technology supply chain from 100.0   90.0   electronic components to finished products 80.0   70.0   across applications markets ranging from 60.0   50.0   consumer, media, and telecom; to industrial, 40.0   30.0   medical, and power. These experts were 20.0   10.0   asked to nominate and vote for their top 10 0.0   most impactful technologies over the next 2014   2019   2024   five years.” The top three technologies were: 3-D printing in third place; cloud computing/big data at No. 2; and the Internet of Everything coming out on top. © 2014 IHS

Manufacturing moves to next dimension with 3-D printing

Also called additive manufacturing, 3-D printing encourages design innovation by facilitating the creation of new structures and shapes, and allows limitless product complexity without additional production costs. It also greatly speeds up time to market by making the idea-toprototype cycle much shorter. Total revenue for the 3-D printing industry is forecast to grow by nearly 40 percent annually through 2020, when the aggregated market size is expected to exceed $35.0 billion, up from $5.6 billion in 2014.

Cloud computing/big data brings metamorphosis to computing and consumer markets The cloud has become a ubiquitous description for on-demand provisioning of data, storage, computing power and services that are touching nearly every consumer and enterprise across the globe. Together with data analytics and mobile broadband, the cloud and big data are poised to reshape almost every facet of the consumer digital lifestyle experience and dramatically impact enterprise information


technology (IT) strategies, while creating new opportunities and challenges for the various nodes in the entire information, communications and technology (ICT) value chain. The cloud is transformational in the business landscape, changing the way enterprises interact with their suppliers, customers and developers. The big data and data analytics segment is a separate but related transformational technology that harnesses the power of the cloud to analyze data for disparate sources to uncover hidden patterns, enable predictive analysis and achieve huge efficiencies in performance. IHS forecasts that global enterprise IT spending on cloud-based architectures will double to approximately $230 billion in 2017, up from about $115 billion in 2012.

The Internet of Things becomes the Internet of Everything

The world is in the early stages of the Internet of Things (IoT)—a technological evolution that is based on the way that Internet-connected devices can be used to enhance communication, automate complex industrial processes and generate a wealth of information. To provide some context on the magnitude of this evolution, more than 80 billion Internet-connected devices are projected to be in use in 2024, up from less than 20 billion in 2014, as presented in the attached figure. While the IoT concept is still relatively new, it is already transforming into a broader model: the Internet of Everything (IoE). The metamorphosis covers not just the number of devices but envisages a complete departure from the way these devices have used the Internet in the past. Most of the connected devices in place today largely require direct human interaction and are used for the consumption of content and entertainment. The majority of the more than 80 billion future connections will be employed to monitor and control systems, machines and objects—including lights, thermostats, window locks and under-the-hood automotive electronics. Other transformative technologies identified by IHS Technology analysts were: Artificial intelligence Biometrics Flexible displays Sensors Advanced user interfaces Graphene Energy storage and advanced battery technologies For a complimentary copy of an IHS white paper providing detailed information on all 10 transformational technologies identified by our analysts call 408-654-1714 or visit

for every task, the right

market trend

Large-volume workpieces or long sections that are processed by machining from multiple sides often fit poorly or not at all, in standard machines. If, additionally, a high output is required, the construction of a special machine makes economic sense.


or such workpiece scenarios, the usual fixtures are no longer sufficient and extraordinary solutions are necessary. To fix safely and accurately a long profile or bulky workpiece over its entire length without deforming, every application is a challenge for the designer. In the illustrated system, the operations are done simultaneously from two sides. The modular system of SUHNER enables the creation of special machines for various applications of profile machining. The illustrated machine produces precision rail guides and was designed and built by the SUHNER division for special machines. The rapid transfer of the pieces was as important as the precise and rapid loading, unloading and fixturing. The geometry of the fixture device allows simultaneous drilling in steps, on the holes in tool steel. The highpressure internal cooling of the carbide tools allows an excellent drilling performance. The installation consists of two spindles that perform, in less than three minutes, 140 drilling operations, loading and unloading included. The positioning of the spindle and the actual drilling operation takes place in about two seconds. The automatic loading and unloading allows predictable autonomy. Stacks and checking the position and the feeding of bulky work pieces must be adapted individually to the workpieces. Assembly profiles, profiles for windows and doors, plus steel profiles of any kind are often cut for further cost optimization from bar stock. In such projects, additional considerations for the optimal utilization of the raw material and the handling of the remaining piece in the machine cycle are necessary. installation of a unique concept in metal-forming at Eberspaecher North America has improved their production by 20%. Eberspaecher N.A., based in Novi, Michigan, is a Tier-One supplier of complete exhaust systems. They manufacture stainless steel catalytic converters and exhaust products required by its impressive list


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |


of automotive customers, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz. Founded in 1865 and in the automotive exhaust business since 1931, this German-based company has operated facilities in the USA and Canada since 2000. It currently manufactures in Brighton, Michigan, as well as Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Brampton, Ontario. For their new catalytic converter production line, Eberspaecher N.A. elected to install a laser-welding short-tube production cell. At the heart of this system is a “Twinmaster” roll-forming and laser-welding production system supplied by Weil Engineering North America of Troy, Michigan, which is a subsidiary of Weil Engineering GmbH. of Muellheim, Germany. Currently, Weil Engineering has over 60 tube forming and welding systems in operation in North America, most of them using lasers for welding application. Sixty percent of Weil Engineering’s business activities are in the automotive fields, followed by HVAC, chimney, household appliances and motor shell applications. The “Twinmaster” combines two major functions in one machine: roll-forming and welding. Secondary processes such as blank feeding and post-welding expansion of tubes for perfect roundness are directly linked to the “Twinmaster”, creating one complete production center. The control functions for the entire system are supplied by SIEMENS, using a SINUMERIK 840D for CNC controls and a SIMATIC OP170 operator panel for dialog functions. The HMI is configured by Weil Engineering in “ProTool” for the particular performance requirements of this unique production system. The production capabilities of this short-tube manufacturing system are: • Min. and max tube diameter: . . . . . . . . 3” to 8” • Min. and max. tube length: . . . . . . . . 8” to 50” • Tube shapes: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Round or oval • Wall thickness range: . . . . . . 0.020” to 0.080” • Materials: . . . . . . . . . Mild and stainless steels • Output: . . . . . . . . . . . . . up to 500 parts/hour • Welding speed (3.2 kW laser) . 4-5 meters/min For more information visit

Hydraulic SHearS: 1/8” (10GA), 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/4”

Hydraulic PreSS BrakeS: 20-Ton to 1000-Ton

c-frame PreSSeS: 40-Ton to 200-Ton

cuStom deSignS: for Custom Applications

retrofit BackgaugeS:

for Shears and Press Brakes. Made to fit most machines with minimum modifications.

PreciSion knife SHarPening

call for a free catalog! 319-435-2378 Fax: 319-435-2262

pass/fail dot marking machines sprinter machines…

• Provide reliable, low cost, ink code marking. • May be mounted in any orientation. • The sealed ink system allows discontinuous operations with immediate start-up of comparable previous impressions.

form your own inserts

Sprinter Model 22

Sprinter Marking supplies all the basic, optional, and auxiliary equipment as well as operating supplies for normal code-marking operations.

Formdrill’s form sturdy bushings that can be threaded to produce your own inserts. These built-in inserts are as strong or stronger as the same-diameter welded nuts. Process works in steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum up to ½” thicknesses. Standard UNC, UNF, NPT and Metric sizes are available up to 1.5” in diameter. It can easily be used in most Drill Presses, Milling Machines and CNC systems.


Formdrill USA Inc


nOw a part Of rOckfOrd-ettcO prOcunier Our Bench, Horizontal, Floor and Automated Machines are used throughout the Stamping, Die Casting, Screw Machine, and CNC Parts Manufacturing Industries. Available with Quick Change Tooling or Multiple Spindle Configurations, SPEEDYCUT will convert secondary operations into PRIMARY PROFITS! Over 8,000 Machines sOld DISTRIBUTOR • NO PUSH or PULL INQUIRIES • Precision Loaded Gear Lead System INVITED! • No Part Lift Up • Easy, Quick Fixturing & Set Up • Largest Worldwide Inventory of Parts, Gears & Tooling • Low Maintenance for Years of Dependable Production • Tap Range #000 to 3"

call 800-781-tapp (8277) for a catalog! 1422 NW Commerce Centre Drive • Port St. Lucie, FL 34986 Fax: 772-461-6362 • Email:

www.speedycut.cOM Or www.rOckfOrd-ettcO.cOM 38

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

The problems facing U.s. small manUfacTUring are noT jUsT in one secTor or in one region of The coUnTry. owners and managers in all The U.s. mUsT work TogeTher To solve Their common problems: — — — —

Do you need skilled workers to fill your needs now and in the near future? Do you want to meet potential new customers? Do you want to be in the loop about global issues that will affect your company? Do you want your company to keep up with State and Federal regulatory information on Human Resources, Safety and Environmental issues? — Would you like to hear how your peers from around the country are succeeding today? — Would you like to be part of a national group that is having success in DC getting decision-makers to listen to what is going on in the real world? — Do you want to lower business costs and save on taxes you pay?

join The naTional Tooling and machining associaTion Today and sTarT geTTing The help yoU need. since 1943, The nTma has been leading The way helping members To solve common problems and geT more oUT of Their bUsiness. contact us today by going to and filling out an online application. manUfacTUring america’s fUTUre

Tormach PCNC Mills Looking to fulfill your need for an additional piece of equipment without blowing your budget? With unprecedented affordability and high quality, a new Tormach PCNC 1100 Series 3 is the best value in the CNC market. Tormach PCNC mills are perfect for small shops, custom manufacturing, hobbyists and R&D. But they aren’t just for the little guys...

starting at

$8480 (plus shipping)

Don’t let a dirty job like electrode machining take time and life out of your equipment - a PCNC can do the same job at a fraction of the cost. Or set up a PCNC for secondary operations like CNC drilling to free up your other machines for increased productivity. Sure, you could buy used, but why? With a rock-bottom cost of ownership and no-cost tech support by email or phone, a PCNC mill is an easy choice and avoids the hidden pitfalls of used equipment. Every PCNC 1100 Series 3 features: • Table size 34” x 9.5” • R8 Spindle 1.5 hp variable speed 5000 RPM and 90 IPM axes motion • Computer controlled spindle speed and direction • Standard G code compatibility • Composition bonded slideways (similar to Turcite®) When compared to the risk and headaches of used equipment, the decision is easy.

Product information and online ordering at

The Tormach PCNC 1100 offers professional grade accessories like quick change tooling and optional Automatic Tool Changer.

Shown here with optional stand, LCD monitor, machine arms, 4th axis, and accessories.

Tormach_Jan2013IMD.indd 1

12/3/2012 11:51:21 AM

Visit us at Booth #1709 | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


market trend

By S. Joe Bhatia President and CEO American National Standards Institute


Boost Business T

here is a powerful business tool that can help U.S. industry to fuel business performance and drive growth. This tool can help tap into new and expanding technologies. It can help businesses out-innovate competitors in the global market. And it can help you cut costs and boost your bottom line. I’m talking about standardization (i.e., standards, codes, conformance activities) – and there has never been a more crucial time for American businesses to leverage standards and conformance to gain a powerful advantage in the global marketplace. Standards have the power to turbo-charge innovation and fuel business growth. From design and manufacturing to distribution and marketing, all products and services are affected at some point by standardization – and this is especially true for the metalworking industry. But speaking even more broadly, standards and conformance also impact the strength of the American workforce, inform the direction of innovation, and underpin global commerce.

Put simply, standards boost business.

U.S Department of Commerce – default/files/documents/2012/ january/competes_010511_0.pdf


U.S Department of Commerce –



Consider this: the United States reigned supreme as the innovation leader of the 20th Century. And while we still possess the talent, drive, and resources that fuel continual innovation, translating that promise into business growth has become our greatest challenge. According to a 2012 Department of Commerce report, there is now concern “…that the scientific and technological building blocks critical to our economic leadership have been eroding at a time when many other nations are actively laying strong foundations in these same areas.”1 This is a dangerous shift, and U.S. business and industry simply cannot afford to allow it to continue. We need effective tools to turn our nation’s limitless ingenuity into the innovation and business strength

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

that will drive U.S. competitiveness for the 21st Century. And strategic standardization is one of those tools.

Dollars and Sense

Standards and conformity assessment play a critical role in removing barriers to trade, enforcing free trade agreements, and expanding foreign markets for U.S. goods and services. They impact more than 80% of global commodity trade2 – in 2013, an estimated 14 trillion dollars. And they are a key to the acceptance and success of U.S. products, personnel, and services overseas. With 95 percent of the world’s consumers outside the U.S., we need to grow our exports to grow our economy. But many American companies and manufacturers are missing the boat. Their leadership is often uninformed or misinformed about the value of standards and conformance as strategic business tools. Few of those who don’t work directly in standardization have a true understanding of its impact and potential power. Together, our community must commit to changing this perception. Ask a CEO whether his or her company really needs to engage in standardization and most would probably tell you it’s not a priority. But that’s only because they don’t truly understand what standards do and how powerfully they can impact the bottom line. It’s an expensive misperception, and one that threatens the future of U.S. competitiveness. The fact is, without globally relevant standards and effective conformity assessment, U.S. businesses would stand to lose market access and be faced with increased and disparate regulatory environments. And without effective utilization of standards and conformance within their own operations, U.S. companies and organizations give up an invaluable opportunity to influence future product lines and market requirements around the world. These are advantages our corporate leaders

designers and builders of hydraulic products and custom assemblies power units… As designers and builders

of custom hydraulic assemblies, MacMillin offers solutions for both your system and physical requirements. Wide range of capacities and components to suit every application. Both horizontal and vertical configurations.

circuit-block manifolds… With MacMillin






“Circuit Blocks”, numerous valves and controls can be plugged in to a single space-saving manifold. Eliminates troublesome plumbing problems, such as leaking or broken hose and pipe connections, that can cause system failure.

Do-it-yourself, In-house, In minutes


pump motor mounts… Strong lightweight aluminum alloy castings completely enclose motor shaft and coupling, providing greater safety and quieter operation. Assures accurate alignment without bedplates, brackets or shims. Fractional to 200 hp motors.


7355 N. Lawndale Ave., PO Box 6, Skokie, IL 60076

Phone: 847-676-2910 Fax: 847-676-0365 Toll Free: 1-866-878-8886 Email: | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


market trend

cannot afford to be without, especially in a sector as competitive as yours. We need to help C-suite executives and senior public policy officials understand that standards and conformance activities are powerful business tools at their disposal. They can help individual businesses out-innovate competitors in the global market and tap into new and expanding technologies, and help U.S. government and industry to fuel overall business growth. Executives must understand that if they don’t position their organization to take a seat at the table and be part of the standardization process, they will be letting their competitors dictate the way they do business.

don’t truly understand what standards “do[managers] and how powerfully they can impact the bottom line. It’s an expensive misperception, and one that threatens the future of U.S. competitiveness.

Get Involved

To lead that effort, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has worked in partnership with 30 other organizations to launch the Standards Boost Business (SBB) awareness campaign. SBB aims to inform and educate C-suite executives and senior public policy officials about the ways in which standards and conformance activities can boost business performance and innovation, lower costs, and help U.S. industry to be more competitive in the global marketplace. SBB is also a call to action for corporate America to devote more resources – time, money, and manpower – to standardization activities. Through case studies and video testimonials, the website provides real-world demonstrations of how U.S. businesses are leveraging standards to their advantage. Executives at firms like Eaton Corporation, Hubbell Incorporated, and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) offer first-hand accounts of how they streamline processes, trim costs, and gain market access with the help of standardization. Both by using standards and conformity assessment in their day-to-day operations, and by actively participating in the development of the documents that shape their industry and govern their markets, business leaders are gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors – both foreign and domestic. Take Deere & Company, for example. They produce large equipment for consumers the world over – and they are very actively engaged in standardization, both here in the U.S. and internationally. Here’s what a Deere executive had to say:


“While our products feature unique components that differentiate us from our competitors, we also rely on enabling components like fittings and fasteners that can be produced to standards and be available ‘off the shelf.’ Contributing our knowledge to develop these standards made

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

good sense. The more standardized components we can use to deliver reliable functionality, the less we, and our customers, have to pay.” To help executives reap the rewards of standardization, here are four important steps they can take: 1) Participate in standards development activities, both domestic and international. Active participation enables a company to exert influence on technical content and align its products and services with changing market demand. It provides insiders’ knowledge and early access to information on emerging issues, and helps reduce redundancy, minimize errors, and shorten time to market. 2) Rely on standards to design your products and services, and turn to recognized conformity assessment systems to test, inspect, certify, and accredit them. Demonstrating compliance to standards helps a company’s products, services, and personnel to cross borders. Standards also make cross-border interoperability possible, ensuring that products manufactured in one country can be sold and used in another. 3) Treat standardization as a strategic business tool. Standards and conformance are a marathon, not a sprint. As critical business tools, standards and conformance should be managed right alongside an organization’s quality, safety, and environmental policies. They are just as important to the long-term health of a business. 4) Make a resource commitment – of time, money, and manpower - to the U.S. standardization system. In difficult economic times, many companies feel the need to downsize or even eliminate their participation in standards development. But the resources needed to re-start the process later on can be much more expensive and difficult than maintaining a well-functioning system for the long run. As coordinator of the U.S. standardization system, ANSI is proud of this highly successful, community-wide effort; but we need even more support to keep the momentum going. I urge you to visit the website, www., and take advantage of the great resources available. And I hope you will click on our partnership page, and join the growing list of organizations that are already involved. We truly need your engagement. At a time when the public and private sectors are looking to foster economic growth and create good jobs for the future, it is more important than ever that U.S. companies understand the value of standards and conformance. With a foundation based on responsiveness and collaboration, our nation’s standardization system can help to ensure America’s strength in the innovation age while driving business growth and advancing U.S. competitiveness on the global stage.

the best tool cabinet you’ll ever buy guaranteed for 55 years

100% made in the usa in every way!



Made by aMerican craftsMen in the Usa | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


European Quality Lathes Heavy Duty



Providing the industry with european quality lathes at affordable prices for over 35 years!

4" SPindle Bore 20" 20" 20" 20"

x x x x

60" 80" 120" 157"

23” 23” 23” 23”

x x x x

60" 80" 120" 157"

4" SPindle Bore 25" 25" 25" 25"

x x x x

60" 80" 120" 157"

30” 30” 30” 30” 30”

x x x x x

60" 80" 120" 157" 196"

6" SPindle Bore 32" 32" 32" 32"

x x x x

120" 157" 196" 236"

40" 40" 40" 40"

x x x x

120" 157" 196" 236"

Heavy duty clutched headstock with hardened gears and shafts. Precision spindle with SKF bearings. Cuts inch and metric threads without change of gear. 4-way rapid traverse and 2-speed tailstocks standard. Heavy duty monoblock bed construction with extra wide bedways and heavy machine weights.

Call For PriCing!

International Machinery Co.



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industry leader since 1969








Prevents Lifting Injuries Sky Hook Weight Starts at 23 lbs. Capable of Precision Positioning Rotates 360° and operates with one hand Portable and Lightweight Replaces Overhead Cranes Operates in Tight Working Conditions No Maintenance Needed Meets OSHA Requirements Can be customized to fit your specific application Environmentally-Friendly! No Air, No Electricity, No Hydraulics!

Lifts up to 500 lbs! 800-4-SKY-HOOK (800-475-9466)





Our mission is not to sell a product, but to sell a solution. We can design a custom Sky Hook with capabilities that no off-the-shelf product in the world can offer. Going far beyond dimensional changes with options like clutch brake, cable unit, stainless, cleanroom package and more, we are confident that we have the tools to meet your exact needs!

ATTCO, Inc. DBA Syclone ATTCO Service • 8395 W. Idaho Blvd., Letha, ID 83636 • Phone: 208-365-5770 • Fax:| 208-365-5771 FEBRUARY 2015

| IMD |


iso 9001: 2008 Registered firm

Hydra Service, Inc luid Mov Specialist in F em ent Wastewater Pumps, Grinder Stations, Process Equipment, Generators, Motors & Panels, ABS, Godwin, Toyo, Yamada, Aeration Industries, AMWELL, IronBrook Partners

Warrior, AL, 800-749-3569 • Pelehatchie, MS, 888-258-1892 Robertsdale, AL, 800-847-5006 • Debary, FL, 800-323-1731

YouR souRce foR sAfe And eAsY lifting solutions


Mold Handler™ Swivel & Pivot Hoist Rings

Forged Street Plate™ Swivel Hoist Rings

Side Load Hoist Rings

Hoist Ring Kits


All In One

Industrial Supply Chain Solutions

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Circuit Breakers

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Repair Surplus Brand New Buy Back Engineering Field Service

Radwell International, Inc. 111 Mount Holly Bypass - Lumberton, NJ 08048 Call: 800.332.4336 Email: Round Base Swivel & Pivot Hoist Rings

Forged Swivel Hoist Rings


0° 18 ts vo

Drop Forged Hoist Rings

Swivels 360°

Hoist Rings ARe:

200% Proof Load Tested Each Ring Has Serial Numbers Orders Shipped Same Day Rated load 400 lbs - 250,000 lbs

cAll foR fAx foR A fRee cAtAlog 1110 Fullerton Rd, City of Industry, CA 91748 Phone: 800-752-7229 or 626-581-3424 Fax: 626-581-3423 Email:


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Essex Provides: Essex Essex Provides: Provides:

•• Pre-Engineered Buildings Built To Withstand The Buildings Built • Pre-Engineered Pre-Engineered Buildings Built To To Withstand Withstand The The Rugged Northeast Winters. Rugged Rugged Northeast Northeast Winters. Winters. • • Commercial, Commercial, Industrial Industrial & & Agricultural Agricultural Buildings Buildings Built Built • Commercial, Industrial &Needs. Agricultural Buildings Built To Satisfy Your Building To Satisfy Your Building Needs. To Satisfy Your Building Needs. • Steel Structure Sub-Structure, & Sheeting • • Steel Steel Structure Structure Sub-Structure, Sub-Structure, & & Sheeting Sheeting

Call For A Quote On Your Next Project Call Call For For A A Quote Quote On On Your Your Next Next Project Project

STRUCTURAL STEEL CO., INC. STRUCTURAL STEEL CO., INC. STRUCTURAL STEEL CO., INC. 607 Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045 607 Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045 607 Route 800-323-7739 13, Cortland, NY 13045 National: National: 800-323-7739 National: 800-323-7739 607-753-9384 • FAX: 607-753-6272 607-753-9384 • FAX: 607-753-6272 607-753-9384 •• FAX: 607-753-9384 FAX: 607-753-6272 607-753-6272 607 Route 13, Cortland, NY 13045

american versatility powerful, “on/off” rare earth permanent lift magnet horizontal and vertical lift capability rfid enabled for tracking purposes built-in “test lift” feature conforms to asme b30.20 standards usa m.a.d.e™ (manufactured, assembled, designed & engineered)

versalift™ magnet

The VersaLift™ Lift magnet offers both horizontal and vertical lifting ability, is one of the only lift magnets on the market to feature a RFID chip for tracking and has a built-in lift capacity “test” function to assist the user in determining whether or not a load is safe to lift. Powerful, yet compact, the USA manufactured VersaLift™ supports extremely high lifting values in relation to its lightweight design and features a sleek, industrial grade, stainless steel housing.

For more information: Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Call: 888.582.0823 Surf: Scan: QR code with your smart device | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |





Welding/Diesel Smoke Coolant Mist Manufacturing Dust/Dirt

Model M-30UV: Industrial Air Cleaner Most Advanced 5 Stage Filtration Using Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology

Destroys: Heavy Odors Toxic Gases Chemical Fumes Mold Viruses Bacteria


• 3000 CFM (size) • 24x24x72 (dimensions) • 200lbs (weight) • Hang from ceiling or mount on wall • Plugs into 115v (10’ foot cord)

UV technology


Call 800-234-2473 or Rob at 319-231-4711. 48

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5 year parts warranty






GEAR EXPO 2015 brings together the full range of experts — design, manufacturing, application engineering — all in the same place — Cobo Center, Detroit, October 20–22. From a single gear to complex drives, GEAR EXPO covers it all… • More exhibitors — from gear making machines to systems integrators. • More education sessions — from metallurgy and geometry to maximizing power density.

GEAR EXPO 2015 is the place to be. • Make powerful connections. • See the latest technology in action. • Get the inspiration you need to take your products to the next level. Improved drive technology is critical to achieving higher efficiencies and longerservice life. All the information and answers you need will be at GEAR EXPO 2015.

• More attendees — buyers and makers from automotive, construction, mining, agriculture — wherever high-performance drives are critical. • More solutions — meet the experts and evaluate your capabilities.

Registration opens in spring 2015 at

t u r n - k e y s o lu t i o n s s i n c e 19 8 9

rotor rebuilding lamination refurbish/replacement servo Motor repair core loss testing

Ac Motor repair Dc Motor repair Dynamic Balancing Field services

3021 Standridge rd. • anderSon, SC 29625 • email: imSinfo@induStrialmotorServiCe.Com

864-226-2893 • 864-232-0216 51 | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |

Ind Machinery 2015 12H.pdf




9:24 AM

| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

AmCon Design & Contract Manufacturing Expos See Manufacturing’s latest cutting-edge technologies at any of our upcoming shows

Spring Schedule Seattle (Bellevue), WA March 24-25 Orlando, FL April 7-8 Denver, CO April 28-29 Kansas City, KS May 12-13 Phoenix, AZ June 2-3 FREE ADMISSION • FREE PARKING • FREE SEMINARS • Design • Engineering • Prototyping • Machining • Cutting • Grinding• 3D Printing • Forming • Fabricating • Rubber • Plastics • Components • Castings • Molds • Tools • Dies • Patterns • Finishing • Assembly • Fixtures • Electronics...and much much more. Register Today at, or just call 800-829-7467 | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


surplus buying & selling

we want to buy your surplus or underutilized machinery! We buy single machines or entire plants and are always looking for: • Late Model CNC Machines • Hardinge Machines • Fabricating Equipment • Toolroom Machinery

Email or call us today!

610.691.6677 a leading distributor of Quality machine tools & fabricating eQuipment 2320 highland ave., bethlehem, pa 18020 (ph.) 610-691-6677 (fax) 610-694-0944


| IMD | FEBRUARY 2015 |

Charleston Annex Corporation Metalworking Machinery • plants • bought, sold & liquidated 301 Post Office Drive, Suite D • Indian Trail (Charlotte) NC 28079 Phone: 704-821-7370 • Fax: 704-821-7392 • email:









Charleston annex wants to turn your surplus metalworking maChinery into Cash!!! one maChine or an entire plant! CNC HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS


6’ GRAY CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Allen Bradley 9/260 CNC Controls, 120” Vertical Travel, 240” Horizontal, Model 660FC (#1628) 8’ INGERSOLL Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model Infeeding Column, Pendant Controls, 5-Axis Digital Readout System (1629) 6’ GIDDINGS & LEWIS NC Floor Type Boring Mill, Model G60FX with 108” Vertical Travel, 288” Horizontal, (2) Rotabs, 2002 CNC Control (#1621) 6” GIDDINGS & LEWIS MC-60 CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Spindle Diameter 6”, Taper in Spindle #50 ANSI, Built in Rotary Table, Giddings & Lewis 8000-C CNC Hand Held Pendant, CH-8 Davis Facing Head with Auto Coupling System, Single Point Treading, Chip Conveyor with Elevator, Inspect in Plant Under Power, sn:450-297-03 (1787)

MAZAK Powermaster N Universal 4000 CNC Flat Bed Lathe with Mazatrol Fusion 640T CNC Control, Tail Stock, Spindle Bore 4.6”, 34” Max Swing Over Bed X 162.5” CC, 24”-4 Jaw Chuck, Mfg. 2002, Very Good Condition, Under Power to be Inspected at Plant REDUCED PRICE (1688) MONARCH Heavy Duty CNC Flat Bed Lathe, Model 40/25, 24” Chuck, Swing Over Bed 48”, Swing Over Cross Slide 33.5”, CC 168”, 4.12” Spindle Hole, New Motor 50 HP, 6 Position Indexable Turret, with Fagor 8055 CNC Pendant Control (2006 Retrofit), Extra Tooling, Chucks, Turrets, Steady Rests, Manual and Documentation, Very Good Condition, sn:50287 REDUCED PRICE (1806) TIME MASTER 33” x 160” CNC Flat Bed Lathe, Model M33223x160LP, Swing Over Bed 33”, Max. Distance to Tailstock 160”, 24” 4-Jaw Chuck, 30 HP, 6” Spindle Bore, 950 RPM, 30 HP, Chip Conveyor, Extra 20” 3-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, Coolant, Tool Post, Fagor 850T CNC Control (1875)

HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS 4” GIDDINGS & LEWIS Manual Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Model 70ADP4-T, Table Size 36” x 74” (with (7) 13/16” Tee Slots & (3) ¾” Key Slots, Approx. 72” Table Travel, Approx. 60” Saddle Travel, 55” Head Vertical Travel, 28” Spindle Travel, Spindle Taper #50 with Power Draw Bolt, Main Motor 20 HP (1790) WOTAN 4-5/8” Manual Horizontal Boring Mill, Model B105M, Travels 68” x 57” x 53”, #50 Taper, Built In Rotary Table size 55-1/4” x 44-1/4”, DRO, Full Pendant Control (1840)



(10) 90” x 215” x 19” Cast Iron T-SLOTTED FLOOR PLATES, matched to bolt together (1630)

FARREL Manual Vertical Boring Mill, Model 120” VBM-ADJ RAIL, 75HP DC Main Drive Motor, 120” Table Size, 90” Distance Under Rail, 82” Ram Stroke, 16 Speed Changes, 127” Maximum Swing, Full Pendant Controls, REDUCED PRICE (1768) KING Hi-Column Vertical Boring Mill, Table Main Drive Power 75 HP, 3 Heads, Maximum Swing 56”, Table Size 52” 4-Jaw, Height Under Rail 72”, Variable Table Speeds 2.7-100 RPM, 7 Speed Changes, sn:20112, upfit in 2013 (1727) KING 56” Vertical Turret Lathe, Chuck Diameter 56” 4-Jaw, Max. Swing 64”, Turret Station 4, Height Under Rail 42”, Table Speed Rage 2.7-100 RPM, mfg. approx.. 1960 SPECIAL PRICE BEFORE REMOVAL (1884)

CNC HORIZONTAL MACHINING CeNTeRS KITAMURA HX 630I CNC 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center, X-Axis 39.4”, Y-Axis 31.5”, Z-Axis 32.236”, B-Axis .001 N/C Rotary, Spindle Speeds 12,000 RPM, Pallets 2, Pallet Size 24.75” x 24.75”, Full Contouring B-Axis 360,000 Degrees, Excellent Condition, mfg. 2011 LOW HOURS (1837) 2001 ANAYAK Large Capacity 4-Axis Horizontal Machining Center, Model HVM-H3300, X-Axis 106”, Y-Axis 78”, Z-Axis 47”, 31” Tsudakoma 4th Axis Rotary Table, Table Size 134” x 36”, Sub-Table 120” x 36”, Cat #50 Taper Spindle, 6,000 RPM’s, 200 IPM, 40 Pocket ATC, Fanuc 16i-MA CNC Pendant Control (1905)

CNC LATHeS CINCINNATI Hawk TC-150 CNC Turning Center, Turning Diameter 9.44”, Swing Over Bed 15.74”, Chuck Size 6” 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Turning Length 17.32”, X-Axis 8.45”, Z-Axis 17.32”, To 5,500 RPM’s, 10 HP, Bar Chuck Capacity 2”, 12 Position Turret, Acramatic 2100 CNC Control, Installed new in Technical School in 2000 (1889)

GEKA CNC Plate Duplicator/Punch, Model Paxy 2000 (Puma 220/PD) Capacity (W&L) 30” x 80”, Max. Thickness 1-9/16”, Throat Depth 36”, Punching Capacity Squares 1-1/8” x 1-1/8”, Rounds 1-1/2”, Large Assortment Punches & Dies, Ball Work Table, Fagor Paxy 2000 CNC Controls, Foot Actuator, sn:312 (1851)

FLOOR PLATeS CNC PLATe PUNCHeS CONTROLLED AUTOMATION 175 Ton CNC Plate Punch, Model 2AT-175, 30” x 60” Max. Plate Size, 1 ½” Max. Material Thickness, Max. Hole Size 2 5/16”, Max. Angle Size 8” x 8” x 1-1/8”, mfg. 1996 (1801)

BeNDING ROLLS HAEUSLER 6” x 6” x ¾” Horizontal Angle Bending Roll, Model HPR330-H, 40 HP, 23 FPM Roller Speed, Mfg. 1998, sn:97-1785 (1672) CRAIG AND DONALD 5” X 5” X ¾” Angle Bending Roll, Model #4, Angle Bending Cap. (Leg Out) 6” x 6” x ½”, Main Motor (440 Volt) 15 HP, sn:8/50 (1799)

BeNDeRS HAEUSLER 3-Roll Hydraulic Heavy Duty Section Bender, Model BB13.7/550, 29” Diameter of Top Roll, 26” Diameter of Bottom Roll, 550 Tons Bending Force of Top Roller, 200 Tons Force of Draw Gear Unit, Working Speed 13’ /Minute, Automatic Speed, Mfg. 1998, Very Good Condition. (1674)

TUBe BeNDeRS PINES #3 Hydraulic Rotary Tube and Pipe Bender, Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor, Mandrel Lube, Right Hand Machine (clock wise rotation), Extended Base, 20 HP, Digital Dial-A-Bend Controls, Very Good Condition (1808)

ROTARy TABLeS WOTAN Motorized Infeeding Rotary Table, 67” x 60” Capacity with Control (1725) GIDDINGS & LEWIS 48” X 72” Hydrostatic Rotary Table, 25,000 Load Capacity, 6 T-Slots, Overall Height 15 ½”, M fg. 1998 (1720)

36” X 36” CINCINNATI GILBERT Air Lift Rotary Table, Overall Table Height 11.25”, 4 T-Slots, Width of Top T-Slots .75”, Width of Bottom T-Slot 1.5”, Depth of T-Slot 1.5”, Distance Between T-Slots 8.5”(1773)

eNGINe LATHeS SUMMIT 39.5” x 134” Hollow Spindle Engine Lathe Model 38-12XRO, 12.5” Spindle Bore, Taper Attachment, Rapid Traverse, Power Tailstock, Inch/Metric Threading, Steady Rest, sn:49503001 REDUCED PRICE (1833) POREBA 53” x 236” Manual Engine Lathe, Model TR135B1x6M, 53.14” Swing Over Bed, Over Cross Slide 40.15”, Swing in Gap 66.92”, 4.72” Bore, Distance Between Centers 236.22”, Inch/ Metric, 31.5” 4-Jaw Chuck, 49” 4-Jaw Chuck, Tool Post, Taper Attachment, Power Rapid, Tail Stock, Steady Rests (1877) LEBLOND 36” x 228” Engine Lathe, Model NK, Max. Swing 36”, Max. Distance Between Centers 228”, Bore 2-1/4”, 24” 4-Jaw Chuck, 30 HP, Threading, Steady Rest, Rapid Traverse, Trak 2-Axis DRO (1874)

CNC LATHeS DAEWOO LYNX 200B CNC Lathe, Model 200B, 8” Chuck, Swing Over Bed 18.11”, X-Travel 6.3”, Z-Travel 13”, Fanuc 21-T, Tool Presetter, Auto Gantry Load/Off Loader, Chip Conveyor, sn:L2000824 (1844)

PReSS BRAKeS PACIFIC 300 Ton x 30’ Hydraulic Press Brake, Model K300-30, Overall Bed Length 30’, Distance BH28 5-1/2”,Bending Cap. ¼” x 24’, 12” Stroke, Open Height 20”, Closed Height 8”, Throat Depth 10”, Tonnage Control, 3 Speed Unit, Excellent Condition REDUCED PRICE (1848) CINCINNATI 400 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake, 20’ Overall Bed, 18’6” Distance Between Housings, 12” Stroke, 40 HP, Open Height 20”, Closed Height 8”, Pedestal with Palm Button Controls (1842)

SHeARS CINCINNATI 16’ x 3/8” Mechanical Plate Shear, Model 4316, Cap. 16’ x 3/8”, 48” Front Operated Power Back Gauge, Hold Downs 17, Left Hand Squaring Arm, Palm Buttons (1847) CINCINNATI 12’ x ¼” CNC Hydraulic Plate Shear, Model 2500CH x 12’, Front & Rear Gauging, Probing, Left Hand Squaring Arm w/ Gauging, (3) 79” Sheet Support Arms, Rear Discharge Conveyor, Bushman Mod. 5600 10 T Adjustable Sheet Lifter, Spare Blades, Cutting Length 12’, Cutting Thickness ¼”, 48 “ Programmable Back Gauge Travel, 25 HP (1888)

ANGLe PUNCH LINe FRANKLIN Angle Shear, 90 Ton, 6’ x 6’ x 5/8” (1582)

GRINDeRS CINCINNATI 12” x 36” Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Max. Swing Over Bed 12”, Distance Between Centers 36”, Variable Speed Workhead with Tailstock, Universal Grinding Head, Swing Down Internal Grind Motor (no spindle), Coolant System, Assorted Centers (1867) MATTISON 42” Rotary Surface Grinder, 42” Diameter Table, 5/8” Approx. Chuck Life, Max. Swing Inside Guards 56”, (6) Table Rotation Speeds 2-28 RPM, 75 HP, Magnalux Variable Power Controller, Head Rebuilt in 2001 (Very Good) (1872)

SANDeRS CEMCO 36” Pass Thru Belt Sander, Variable Thickness, Wet Type

Filter, 36” Belt Size, Single Head, Stainless Steel Doors, New Lower Drum (1732)

WeLDING HOBART/PANDJIRIS Welding Manipulator & Vertical Seam Welder, 8’V x 8’H Arm Travels, Mfg. 1986 (1477) KOIKE ARONSON Plasma Burning Machiner, 8’ x 8’ x 43”, Beveling Head, Mfg. 1996 (1588)


JORNS CNC Hydraulic Folding Machine, Super-Line 300-soMB4000-12.2, 16 Gauge, 32’ Forming Length, 6 Bend Cylinders (1613)

GeAR MACHINeS (2) NATIONAL Broach Red Ring Gear Shavers (1495-1496) NILES Model ZSTV-06 Gear Grinder, 31.49” Gear Dia. (1600) STAR Model 4HS Hob Shaper, 10’ Work Diameter (1606) HOFLER Gear Tester, Model HFR-2000, Mfg. 1981, Index Testing, Lead Testing, External Gears (1664) SCHIESS Vertical Gear Hobber, Model RF-35/40, Max. Workpiece dia. 170”, Axial and Helix Travels and Angles, Main Motor 32 HP, Change Gears and much more (1809) PFAUTER Vertical Gear Hobber, Model P3000B, 120” Max. Workpiece Dia., Main Motor 20 HP, Equipped with Universal Hob Head with Auto Hob Shift, Chip Conveyor, Change Gears, Differential Mechanism and much more (1810) SCHIESS Vertical Gear Hobber, Model RF30E, Max. Workpiece Dia. 128”, Main Motor 32 HP, Change Gears and much more (1811)

PReSSeS GREENERD 30 Ton, HP-30-38-30 Hydraulic C-Frame Press, Bed Area 17” x 22”, Throat Depth 11-1/2, Adj. Stroke Approx. 20” (1754)

MeCHANICAL PReSSeS L&J 100 TON Single Geared OBI, 9” stroke, A/C, A/B (916) NIAGARA 100 Ton OBI, 10” Stroke, AC&B (1199)

STRAIGHTeNeRS, FeeDeRS, UNReeLeRS, STRIP WeLDeR AMERICAN Steel Line 20,000# x 24” x .250 Uncoiler & Straightener (1224) AMERICAN Steel Line 30,000# x 72” Motorized Coil Reel (1247) COOPER WEYMOUTH 5,000 lb x 12’ x .090” Cradle/Straightener (599) ROWE 30” x .065, 30” Wide (925)

MISC. GRINDeRS, TOOL & CUTTeR GRINDeRS (4) GIDDINGS & LEWIS (Winslow) Drill, Pointers Mod. Winslowmatic HC & HC 101 (701, 703, 705) ROYAL MASTER Centerless Grinder (1586)

DeBURRING 36” AEM Belt Grinder and Deburring Machine, Model OF2-M2-900, Width of Belt 36”, Height Under Belt 3/16” to 6” (adjustable), Feed Belt Motor ¾ HP, Deburr Brush Size 6”, Grinding Belt Motor 15HP, sn:WB6859 (1802) | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


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www .jor Visit us TO V dancraig at IEW A CO machine r MPL ETE LIST

Machinery Dealers National Association


4000 WATT AMADA FO3015NT M2 LASER W/6 ShELF AS LUL 300 AUTOMATIC, MFG: 2012 (Mach 10161)




187 TON X 167” AMADA hFE 1704S/7 “DOWN-ACTING” hYDRAULIC CNC PRESS BRAKE, MFG: 2000 (Mach 10135)

6000 WATT AMADA LC-3015F1NT LASER CUTTING SYSTEM, MFG: 2011 (Mach 10114)


25 TON TRUMPF TC5000R-1600 CNC PUNChING MAChINE, MFG: 2005 (Mach 10159)

4000 WATT AMADA GEMINI F0-3015 CNC LASER CUTTER W/hIGh SPEED hS2003 hEAD, MFG: 2002 (Mach 10156)



Jordan Craig Machinery Int’l LLC 151 N. Main St. Ste 203 • P.O. Box 737 • New City, NY 10956 Tel: 845-398-0073 • Fax: 845-398-0074 •


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for specifications & photos on over 1000 machines in our inventory!

MORI SEIKI #SL65A CNC Turning Center, Fanuc 16T, 4.1" Sp. Bore, Chuck, Tailstock, Chip Conv., 50 HP, 1996

#273A CINCINNATI HEALD Internal Grinder, Ext. Bed, 3 Red Hd. Sp., Chuck, Tooling, 5 HP, 1977

104" X 3/4" AKYAPAK Hydr. 4 Roll Plate Bending Roll, #AHS16/20, PLC Touch Screen, Hydr. Drop End, 20 HP, 2004

13.8" x 40" STUDER CNC Cylindrical Grinder, #S35R, Fanuc 16T CNC, 20" x 3-1/4" Wheel, Cool/Filtr., 10 HP, 1988, Retro. & Rebuilt by Studer 2000

138 Ton AMADA CNC Press Brake #FBD1253NT, Upacting, Hydr. Amada AMNCB 7 Axis CNC, 118" O.A., 106" B.H., 5.9" Stk., 15 HP, 1999

OKUMA #ES-L8 CNC Turning Center, OSP-U10L CNC, 8" Ck., Tailatock, Chip Conv., 10 HP, 2000

88 Ton AMADA CNC Press Brake #FBD8025NT, Hydr., Upacting, Amada AMNCB 7 Axis CNC, 98" O.A., 85" B.H., 5.9" Stk., 10 HP, 2000

MAZAK #FJV35/80 Bridge Type CNC Vert. Machining Center, 78.7"X, 31.5"Y, 23"Z, Cat.50, Mazatrol M Plus, 40 ATC, 6K RPM, Tooling, 1998

10" x 10" AMADA #HA250W Automatic Horiz. Band Saw, 1-1/4" Blade, Hydr. Vises, Chip Auger, 5 HP, 1993

40/52" x 80" SUMMIT Hvy. Duty Lathe #40DC, 5-1/2" Sp. Bore,

12' X 1" ACCURSHEAR #8100012, Hydr., 48" B.G., Sq. Arm, 4 Fr. Arms, Extra Blades, 75 HP, 1989

5.1" TOSHIBA Tbl. Type Horiz. Boring Mill #BFT-13W2, 48" x 98" Tbl., 98" Cr., 71" Vert. #50 Tpr, P.D.B., D.R.O., Way Bed, Pendant, 1975


56" BULLARD Dynatrol CNC VTL, Fanuc 11TT, Turret & Side Hds., 48" Vert., 3 Jaw, 50 HP 56" BULLARD Dynatrol Vert. Boring Mill, Ram & Side Hds., 60" Under Rail, 3 Jaw Ck w/4 Jaws, 60 HP, 1968, Excellent

42" BLANCHARD Rot. Surf. Grinder #22C, Mag. Chuck, Dresser, Conv. Base, Coolant, 50 HP, 1976 OKK #MCV820 CNC Vert. Machining Center, 70"X, 32"Y, 28"Z, Cat.50, OKK GMC CNC, 30 ATC, 25 HP, 1995 7.8"x11.8" TSCHUDIN CNC Cyl. Grinder #PL24, Usach Open Arch. CNC, Marposs P5 Gauging, SBS Balancing Sys., 10 HP, 2001, CNC Upgrade 2014, From Medical Device Mfg. 6" MITSUBISHI CNC Floor Type Boring Mill, Ram Type, 393"X, 78"Y, 27.5"Z, Fanuc 18i CNC, 60 ATC, 1988, Retro. 2001 HAAS #HL2 CNC Turning Center, 8" Ck., 12 St. Turret, Progr. Tailstock, Chip Conv., 15 HP, 1995

8' X 19" OOYA Radial Drill #RE3-2500, #5 MT, 2150 RPM, Coolant, Box Tbl., 15 HP, 1976

OKUMA #MX-45VAE CNC Vertical Machining Center, 30"X, 18"Y, 17.7"Z, 7K RPM, OSP700M CNC, 20 ATC, 2000

FADAL #VMC6535-50 CNC Vert. Machining Center, 65"X, 35"Y, 34"Z, 50 Tpr., Siemens 810D CNC, 7500 RPM, 32 ATC, 45 HP, 2005 FRYER CNC Bed Type Vert. Mill, #MB14, 3 Axis CNC, 40"X, 20"Y, 25"Z, 40 Tpr., Anilam 1400 CNC, 5 HP, 1998 (3) | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


surplus buying & selling

Buy, Sell, Rent New & Used We make it easy to sell your surplus equipment. Send us a picture. We will promptly call you back with our best offer.





WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION Billing Address: P.O. Box 3255 • Spring, Texas 77838 Shipping Address: 321 North Loop East • Houston, Texas 77022

email: P: (713) 694-1790 • F: (713) 694-1791 • C: (281) 380-9607


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Call, Email or go onlinE for morE dEtails and a full invEntory list

2023 BlaCk BridgE road york, Pa 17402 fax: 717-845-9497


SOLD 66” Bullard cnc VTl, Rebuilt & Retrofit 1999, Fanuc 16T CNC

62” dorrIes scHarMan VTl, Manual w/ 2008 Fagor CNC Control

5” unIon Floor Type HBM,

BFP 130/6, 18’ x 8’Y, New 1980

5” TosHIBa HBM, 98” TaBle, 72” Y, New 1978, Have 2

5” g&l HBM, 70-5d-T,

86” Table, 60” Y, New 1965

SOLD Toyoda HMc, Fa-450II,

17” Pallets, Fanuc 15M, New 1997

WaHlI dIxI HMc, 4 axIs,

12” Pallets, Fanuc 15MB, New 1995

KITaMura MycenTer 2xI sparK cHanger,

Haas VF5, 23” x 52” TaBle, Cat 50, New 1998

14” x 22”, New 2001

BrIdgeporT VMc 1000xp2,

22” x 45”, 8K rpm, Fanuc 18iMB, New 2004

We are actively buying good used machines of all types. turn your idle machines into cash | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


surplus buying & selling

ONLINE ONLY AUCTION SALE! Surplus to the Needs of

MATT-CON SERVICES CORP 335 New South Road, Hicksville, New York 11801

Online Bidding Ends: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 2:00 P.M. (EST) Inspection: Monday, February 16 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


THE PERFECT LITTLE TOOL ROOM FURNACE • Extremely Uniform • Easy Lift Door Only $3950 • Program Control Model GS1714 • 17"W x 14"D x 12"H

20 Kent Rd • POB 2129 • Aston PA 19014

877.846.7628 •

Check it out! Register to bid live on-line thru: View our website for brochure, terms & conditions. Buyers premium will apply.

Phone: 631-454-1766 •

melmor melmor Associates, inc. Associates, inc.

“World’s Largest Material Handling Distributor” “World’s Largest Material Handling Distributor”

     

Wire Baskets Wire Baskets Hoists Hoists Pallet Racking Pallet Racking Conveyor Conveyor Rolling Ladders Rolling Ladders

Since 1963 Since 1963      

Steel Containers Steel Containers Self Dumping Hoppers Self Dumping Hoppers Shop Pans Shop Pans Warehouse Carts Warehouse Carts Plastic Containers Plastic Containers

Melmor Associates, Inc. Melmor Inc. OH 44446 840 Ann Avenue - POAssociates, Box 511 - Niles, 840 Ann Avenue - PO Box-511 - Niles, OHfax 44446 330-652-1784 phone 330-652-1667 330-652-1784 phone - 330-652-1667 fax


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EEL specializes in large and hard to find fittings. Stocking through 6” in most items.

EEL is a master distributor of Penn Union Corp. with the most extensive inventory on the East Coast.

Recyclers of Surplus Electrical Supplies

Buyers & Sellers of Electrical Supplies

Your source for hard to find electrical supplies and every day items at bargain prices! CIRCUIT BREAKERS (NEW) GE - THQP, THQL, THQB, TEY, TED & MISC SIEMENS - BL, BQD, BQ, QJ, ED, FD, FXD, JD, JXD, HJD, PUSHMATIC & MISC CUTLER HAMMER - BAB, QBHW, GHB, ED, EHD, FDB, FD, HFD, HMCP & MISC SQUARE D - QO, QOB, EDB, EHB, FA, KA, LA, MA & MISC


Phone: 215-236-1160 Fax: 215-235-5339 800-523-3818 CONDUIT BODIES





















1755 E. Maple Road, Troy, MI 48083-4201 248-585-8330 or toll-free 800-424-3690 — Fax: 248-585-4040

New & RemaNufactuRed electRical equipmeNt We buy, recondition, remanufacture, and sell industrial electrical equipment. A full line of electrical power distribution products is available including: • Switch Boards • Panel Boards • Load Centers • Transformers • Motor Control • Fuses • Generators • Instrumentation • Capacitors • Circuit Breakers • Disconnect Switches • Bus Duct • Bus Plugs • Bus Drop • Surge Suppression • Safety Switches

Authorized Distributor of Continental, Murray Siemens, Eaton (Cutler-Hammer) and many others

We buy surplus industriAl electricAl equipment | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


surplus buying & selling

Manufacturing Equipment Repair Manufacturing Equipment Repair Metalworking Machinery Service Specialists Factory level troubleshooting and maintenance. Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic Specialists. Saws

Plasma Equipment



Tube Benders

CNC Machinery



Drills/Radial Drills

Surface Grinders


Custom Machinery




Service is our first name Satisfaction is our promise Call for service today!

877-337-6875 62

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Industrial Electrical Sales

MCC BuCkets & Motor Control Centers Custom Built mCC BuCkets • largest inventory in the midwest!

we Can retrofit any make and model of mCC BuCket with all new Components inCluding vfd’s! soft starters nema & ieC starters

888-459-5191 • | FEBRUARY 2015 | IMD |


classifieds classifieds


Keyless Access--Monitoring * * * *

For vehicles + equipment Use code or RFID card Control + record access USB - event logging

With our user-friendly website, users can easily find the type of auction they are looking for, regardless of size or location. The site has the latest technology to make it simple for users to engage with an auction of interest.

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Welding & Gases Equipment

We buy & sell Wire mesh, steel & plastic

Fire Equipment

Industrial Tools Safety Equipment

containers m h containers Phone: 440-951-4900 Fax: 440-951-2711

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Custom metal buildings for break rooms, tool rooms, cafeterias and storage. Welding huts, outdoor equipment covers, car ports or any special operations. Assembled on site!


CALL 256-412-9657 FOR MORe INFORMATION! 64

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METAL IS OUR SPECIALTY. SERVICE IS OUR STRENGTH. Diverse inventory, global presence, and just-in-time delivery have made Reliance the biggest metals service center company in North America. But it’s our people who have made us the best in the business.

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Experience for yourself what our customers already know.

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Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Lebanon Junction, KY Permit # 756 3590-B Hwy 31 South PMB #233 Pelham, AL 35124

ImpressIve performances. revolutIonary prIces. More than 47 years of experience building state of the art fabricating equipment make us a leading manufacturer of fabricating machinery worldwide. We offer a solution for every metal fabricating need with our complete line of machine tools.




Haco-Atlantic, Inc. 11629 N. Houston Rosslyn Rd. Houston, TX 77086



IMD February 2015  

Issue Focus: Material Handling, Grinding, Milling, Retrofit / Rebuilding

IMD February 2015  

Issue Focus: Material Handling, Grinding, Milling, Retrofit / Rebuilding