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2 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

Welcome to the 48th Carbondale Mountain Fair!


RAINBOW CONNECTION We are all creatures on this earth, some of us may be more mythical, or braver, or bigger, but ultimately we are human beings. The colors of the rainbow signify that diversity. The rainbow flag has come to represent that diversity within the gay community as a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBTQ social movements. We are at an important time in history when we need to shine a light on this community, as they have had to fight hard for their rights and continue to do so. We are all brothers and sisters. Diversity, though, is a much larger playing field than what this flag has come to represent, and at this years Mountain Fair, in honor of the 40th anniversary release of the original “Muppet Movie”, may we all come together to embrace our differences and celebrate our humanity in this colorful, messy world we call home.


“Someday we’ll find it The rainbow connection... The lovers, the dreamers and me”

The Carbondale Creative District Celebrates Year Three with a KDNK Fundraiser.

August 16, 5-10 pm Join us on August 16th with The Dendrites. The Fourth Street Plaza will be hopping with creatives, craft beers and liquors, local food and live music. The evening will end with the Mountain Fair Slide Show, which will not be seen at the fair due to the early closing.



Thomas Lawley left this earth in 2019 but his spirit remains with us at the fair. Paula Lawley, beloved wife of Thomas has shared an excerpt from his journal:

Check out our web page at This place will help you search the district and find over 250 creatives in the area, find the latest news and happenings and meet the folks that make it happen creatively in the region.

Fair Director - 1985 - 2002

The life and times of Thomas Lawley Wow! Moving to Carbondale was a life changing event for me and my family. Then in 1987 the size small ad in the newspaper for a Mountain Fair Director. It sounded great ! At the job interview, I concluded by saying “you folks don’t know me, but this job was made for me!” A week later I’ve got the job! My first Fair was a blast ! The perfect fit for my character, doing all the things that I love: organizing community events music, artists, performers and having fun while doing it ... Working hard putting, in long hours for, small pay and I loved every day of it ... Meeting new people, making friends, being the Go-to Guy for everything; planning, set up, cleanup. On stage is the MC introducing acts ... I was in my element! Working with so many great people, volunteers, you fun Board of Directors and always making improvements − like creating a backstage ” lounge” for performers and volunteers to rest, hang out and reboot. The fair’s successes grew every year − more people, more revenues, providing more funds for the CCAH’s events like- free music performance in the parks and summer scholarships and artist installations, etc . Looking back on it all I feel so fortunate to be part of an excellent, Community The Mountain Fair and CCAH they are great gifts to us all- and treasures to be taken care of. We would also like to acknowledge John McCormick, who gave so much to this community through the years. He is missed greatly!

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22-23 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 3

Carbondale Arts’ Hot Tips for the Fair and Carbondale Life In General We embrace creativity and inspiration here so the best way to be part of this community is let your colors shine. 1. The fair has costume themes each day and we love those that join in! Friday is Tie Dye. Saturday is Monochrome and Sunday is Creatures of the Rainbow!


2. Carbondale has many nonprofits and organizations and getting involved with any of them can enhance your life. Meet a few of them at The Cantina this weekend and help them raise money! 3. Shop early at the fair! It is cooler and you have more choices! 4. Don’t miss special family entertainment in the Oasis! 5. Stop by the Carbondale Arts Silent Auction Booth for the best deals. 6. Buy your t-shirts early!! 7. Volunteer all year long! Don’t just save it for the fair. 8. Ride your bike as often as you can. 9. Buy your cup and utensils at the T-shirt booth for best practices 10. See live music, dance and art as often as possible. 11. Stay informed and become a member at Photo by Lewis Cooper

Mountain Fair Sustainability • Reuse is the key to reducing our waste and lowering our environmental fair-print! If we love our Mother Earth, it is now time for all of us to take personal responsibility in keeping her healthy. REDUCING and REUSING are important steps toward a zero-waste culture. While composting and recycling help, they are secondary. A BIG THANK-YOU to Pitkin County Landfill for supporting our Green Team efforts.

• Buy a stainless steel cup at the fair, while they last, and reuse it for all your drinking needs. They are great for hot or cold drinks, soups etc.

• How can we all do this at Mountain Fair? Simply by using fewer single-use, disposable cups, plates and utensils. You can accomplish this by being aware of a few Green Team operations:

• Watch Sarah Uhl and local artists paint the sets throughout the fair

• REUSE by bringing your own water bottles, plates, cups and utensils to the fair; wash them and take them home. It’s like camping!

• NEW this year: Bamboo Reusable Utensil Sets. • Composting and recycling are the next best personal steps at the fair. Please be part of this solution, not the problem, by assisting the volunteer-powered Green Team with proper sorting at the waste stations.

• PLEASE REMEMBER: Sort your waste in the well- marked containers at our well-marked waste stations where you will find friendly volunteers. Just about anything you purchase from a food vendor goes in the green compost bins. All food scraps, utensils, plates, bowls, cups and paper products are compostable.

• ALL beer cups are COMPOSTABLE! • We do not sell bottled water at the fair. We have several water stations full of clean mountain water marked with red and white water signs. Please bring your own reusable container and keep it with you. • If you are finished with your program, please promote REUSE by leaving it at the Entrance/Exits for others to use. • We thank our zero-waste community partners: Evergreen Zero Waste, Pitkin County Compost Facility, Town of Carbondale, the Carbondale Environmental Board and YOU for being part of the Green Team! Stop by the Green Team tent to learn more!


4 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.


• Buy your refreshments at the Sopris Cantina and walk around the park (except the Oasis). The Cantina sells locally made Roaring Fork Beer − Mountain Fair Brew, local vodka from Marble Distillery and our famous Stripped mojitos, as well as Big B’s Hard Ciders. Special Marble Marys will be available Saturday and Sunday mornings. • IDs and wristbands are required for persons drinking alcohol. All coolers will be inspected at the entrances of the fair, and we expect all fairgoers to comply with these regulations.


• A misting shower will be set up behind the gazebo at the corner of Seventh and Euclid. Fairgoers are invited to cool off throughout the day.

Mountain Fair Dream Team. Photo by Mark Burrows


Photo by Mark Burrows


• MUST BE PARKED in the bike corrals at the Forest Service parking lot off Weant or the Seventh Street swimming pool area. Failure to comply may result in removal of your bike from the park. Thanks to Aloha Mountain Cyclery!


• Parking and handicapped-accessible restrooms are available at the Forest Service parking lot on Main Street, which allows easy access into the Oasis area. • Park restrooms are also handicapped accessible. • Proper identification must be posted on vehicles or they will be towed.


• The Carbondale Fire District will once again staff the First-Aid Booth, located in front of the pavilion at the Open Space.

• Shade tents are chosen through a lottery process. This process ended on July 20. If you did not get a chance to participate we are very sorry. Lottery winners are still expected to share their space if they are not using it. • Lawn chairs placed in an arc in front of the sound booth must be of the low variety, without a high back.

REMINDERS NO dogs, pets or glass allowed in the park. Citations from the police will be issued.

NO alcohol may be brought into the park or taken out. NO bicycles in the park. NO smoking of any kind in park • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 5

The 48th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair We celebrate inclusion, diversity, kindness and color Friday Dress Theme: Tie Dye

A staple of rainbow colors and fair wear Saturday: Monochrome

Dress head to toe in your favorite rainbow color and be part of our rainbow photo Sunday: Creatures of the Rainbow

Think colorful, think sparkles, think cute, Yes, unicorns, but also ... kitten unicorns!!!!!! Your MCs for the weekend are: Katrina Byars, Matte Curry, Alexis Kendall, Amy Kimberly, Samuel BernalUrbina; Oasis MC - Emmett Garcelon

Photo by Mark Burrows

Interpreters will be providing sign language to the music from 3:00-7:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday thanks to the Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf/Blind. ASL Interpreters - Esther Hartsky, Christine Pendley. If interested in sign language interpreting services, contact the Rural Interpreting Services Project (RISP) pilot. Website:; phone: 720.457.3679; email:

FRIDAY, JULY 26 FAIR OPENS AT NOON FOR ARTISAN BOOTHS A quiet time to shop the amazing array of arts and crafts. Support the artists who help support this fair! HOT TIP: Check out the Carbondale Arts Silent Auction booth for the best deals at the fair while helping arts education in our schools! O 4:00 OASIS CARNIVAL OPENS! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble!

Photo by Mark Burrows

G 4:00 RHYTHM OF THE HEART COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE Bring a drum, percussion instrument or bucket and join Mother of the Fair, Laurie Loeb O 5:00 RISING CRANE MARTIAL ARTS DEMO An integrated platform of self defense, physical training, de-escalation and tactics to build safety and confidence. Come watch these kids perform!

Photo by Mark Burrows




G 5:00 SLEEPY JUSTICE A 5 piece Alternative Rock Band from Carbondale. These boys are entering their last year in high school and will be dispersing their talents throughout the world so you have to catch them while you can!


6 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.


G 5:45 UP AND OVER THE RAINBOW Sopris Soarers Flying High beneath Sopris and the sky in an aerial variety show. Sue Van Horton SILKS, Peyton Ogren LYRA, & Devon Blanke SLING. 5:45 SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS OPENING PARTY A core mission of Carbondale Arts is promoting local artists. Photo by Mark Burrows Please stop by the Locals’ Booth and Silent Auction and see the incredible talent that lives in this valley! Paintings and prints, jewelry and photography, pottery and glass. Artists include: Riley Ames, Andréa Bersson, Becky Chase, Priscilla Colebrook, Brian Colley, Staci Dickerson, Caitlin Dunn, D.D. Gerdin, Linda Halloran, Sarah Meyer, Judy Milne, Ali O'Neal, Mary O’Sullivan, Michael Stout, Catherine Tallmadge, Lea Tyler, Katy VanNostrand, and Ondine Wilson.

1011 Hwy 133 Carbondale 970-963-6663

O 6:00 ROCK + ROLL ACADEMY CONCERT A quick Oasis Opening by the academy’s advanced students led by Chris Harrison. G 6:15 THE DEER From Austin Texas, The Deer weave psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. A favorite wherever they play! 2018 Winners of Austin’s Best Performing Folk Band. G 7:30 UP AND OVER THE RAINBOW Stacy Everson ROPE, Devon Blanke SLING, Sonia Martinez and Mia Compton Aerial DUO CUBE G 7:40 - TUA NUA BELLY DANCE Based in Glenwood Springs, TNBD features dancers that have been part of the fair for many years! Welcome back! G 8:00 PONDER THE ALBATROSS The outfit’s frenetic mandolin and guitar riffs and ferocious fiddle solos, mean you likely won’t be standing still as this eclectic group jams out. Josh Bower on Mando hails from the Roaring Fork Valley so lets really show him the love! Follow and like us on:


SATURDAY, JULY 27 C 7:00 MOUNT SOPRIS RUN-OFF Sponsored by Independence Run and Hike A shorter, easier 4-mile downhill from the top of Prince Creek Road or the longer run over The Crown. The longer race starts at the Emma Schoolhouse with registration starting at 6:30 am. The 4-mile race registration will take place in Sopris Park at 7 am. A bus will transport racers to the top for the 4-mile at 7:15 am. A shuttle will also be available at 11 am to take racers back to their vehicles. The race finishes at the Open Space.

C 11:00 PIE BAKING COMPETITION Bring entries to the Judging Tent, located next to the pavilion between 10:30 and 10:45 am. Slices will be sold following the judging. Categories include Fruit, Cream and Exotic

O 9:00 OASIS CARNIVAL OPENS! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble!

O 11:00 COWBOY CORRAL Carbondale's own singing cowpokes, perform a wide variety of cowboy songs. The genre is anything cowboy. The group comes complete with cowboy outfits, accents and some playful props, including their own horses. While largely a capella, a few songs may be accompanied by ukelele, fiddle, gut bucket, kazoo or horse whip.

O 9:15 ALL MUSIC TOGETHER Music Play for young children and all who are young at heart. Sing, dance, drum and play together with your Favorite Music Together friends and songs!!! Join Annie Flynn and Eric Baumhier both Saturday and Sunday morning.

O NOON YOUTH LIMBO CONTEST On the stage for youth ages 6-16! How low can you go? A parents contest will be held immediately after!

G 10:00 CRYSTAL RIVER BALLET Excerpts from Peter Pan to start the day off right. O 10:30 VOICES A puppet show for ALL AGES about the power of ART! OS 10:30 FLY CASTING COMPETITION Sponsored by Alpine Angling. We love Gill Finn!! KEY:



G 11:00 COMMUNITY CONTRA DANCE WITH FROZE BLOSSOM (SPECIAL CALLER WENDY GRAHAM SETTLE) Locals Dana Wilson, Tory Neu, Grady Harper, and Jo Rochester have been picking, sawing, and stomping out old time tunes on the West Slope together for the past 7 years. Wendy Graham Settle, brings her own brand of fun to traditional dances. C NOON SINGLES HORSESHOE COMPETITION Located in Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday. C COMPETITION

8 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.


G 12:30 HUBBY JENKINS Musician, historian and unique human being, Hubby Jenkins shares his love and knowledge of old-time American music steeped in blues, ragtime, fiddle and banjo and jazz. He has been an integral part of The Carolina Chocolate Drops since 2010. O 1:00 JAS ASPEN JAZZ CAMP Chris Bank has taught kids the fine art of jazz musicianship for many, many years. Get a taste of the future! Part of Jas Aspen programming.

G 5:40 THE AL CAPONES A musical brotherhood that is one part heart and one part madness, inspired by the authentic Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae sound. The Alcapones’ styles continuously inspire your feet on the dance floor. Raise your spirit and celebrate life like a Gangster of Love! G 5:40 LIVE PAINTING BY MARCEL KAHHAK

OS 2:00 ADULT LIMBO CONTEST Located in the Open Space. How Low Can You Go? Hosted by Dr. Limbo and his kind sidekick John Foulkrod. Must be 18 years or older. G 2:45 LET THEM ROAR WITH WHITE WATER RUNOFF Because one band is not enough for these talented locals! LTR members join with others to create White Water Runoff. LTR will also feature their song, I See My Light as part of a season long awareness raising campaign for the Colorado Sanctuary Movement. O 4:00 POETRY SLAM WITH HOST: UCHE OGBUJI Sacrificial Poet: Chris Ryerson; prize giver: Alya Howe. Poets come share your voices in an all ages all styles of poetry event. Poems need to be original and under 3 min. long! Uche Ogbuji, was born in Calabar, Nigeria. His poems, published worldwide, fuse Igbo culture, European classicism, American Mountain West setting, and Hip-Hop. OS 4:30 MEN’S WOODSPLITTING COMPETITION The testosterone is heavy in this popular event in which one man will be crowned king. Hosted by Big Ben Ludlow, Diesel Dan and Lucy Perutz . Sign up early as slots fill quickly! A benefit auction of the wood follows. Photo by Mark Burrows

G 5:00 THE POETRY MARKET Curated by Alya Howe. O 5:15 MUSICAL HAPPENINGS Join Ryan Camp, Richard Camp, Izzy Knaus, and others

Photo by Mark Burrows

OS 5:45 RAINBOW CONNECTION PHOTO All monochrome colors report to the Open Space for a rainbow flavored photo G 7:15 DANCE PARTY Flashmob by Coredination & Bonedale Ballet followed by Ruby’s Familia performing Black Illusion Coordination hosts an annual Thriller Flashmob near Halloween every year, as well as ballet and jazz dance classes throughout the year. Ruby’s Familia is a performing Youth group between ages 10-18 years old from different schools in the valley, Rifle to Basalt. OS 7:30 CRYSTAL CHILDREN Sopris Soarers presents! Look to the sky and see the way our children sparkle and shine. Violet Leniton & Brynlee Graves - silks, Savannah & Isla Blanke & Genvieve Vickers - Lyra Rae & Tillie Vickers - Sling G 8:00 COLORFUL POEMS Poets of the Poetry Market Curated by Alya Howe

G 8:05 JYEMO CLUB Musicians from 4 different countries bring their own flavor to spice up the vibes and create dance music to celebrate life. Latin and Caribbean beats and American funk and rock with singing in English and Spanish. A Saturday night rainbow connection. Busta Music! O 9:00 CARNIVAL CLOSES • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 9


O 10:30 WALDORF SCHOOL FLOWER CROWNS Make flower crowns with Mother Nature’s creations and a bit more. Until 2:30 pm Waldorf teachers and volunteers on hand to assist!

C 8:00 PORCUPINE LOOP BIKE RACE Sponsored by Aloha Mountain Cyclery. Fun is our goal — costumes required. The mountain bike race starts at 8 am. Meet behind the Gazebo and be ready to ride! OS 8:30 TRUE NATURE YOGA WITH DEVA SHANTAY An energizing practice that combines asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation to revive and awaken prana (energy) in this practice. O 9:00 OASIS CARNIVAL OPENS! Tickets are good for: Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Rope Ladder, Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Bean Bag Toss. Don’t miss Tumble Bubble!

Photo by Mark Burrows

O 9:15 ALL MUSIC TOGETHER Music Play for young children and all who are young at heart. Sing, dance, drum and play together with your Favorite Music Together friends and songs!!! Join Annie Flynn and Eric Baumhier both Saturday and Sunday morning. G 10:00 EARTHBEAT CHOIR They are back!! Young faces, sweet harmonies and fun songs make for the perfect way to begin the day.

C 11:00 CAKE BAKING COMPETITION The theme is Outer Space!! Bring entries to the Judging Tent between 10:30 and 10:45pm. Categories include Cake, Exotic and Alternative. Slices will be sold following the judging! G 11:00 ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET FOLKLORICO O 11:0O 2:15 DJEMBE DRUM LESSONS By celebrating this beautiful and ancient art form connection to a cultural history that has existed since the beginning of humanity. Darren Gilley has a Doctorate of Anthropology, specializing in the language of the djembe.

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Sun.-Thurs. 10am-10pm • Fri.-Sat. 10am-11pm

10 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

G 12:00 MINTZE + JEM + JOHN Traditional Irish music to get your toes tapping and body moving! Flute, fiddle, bouzoukie and whistle will all be present. Kilts welcomed. G 1:15 CALLIN’ OLD SOULS Country music lovers unite! Dirty, underground country, sad songs you can dance to. The members of Callin’ Old Souls are proud to call Carbondale their home and love playing for their fans, old and new, all over the valley! Photo by Mark Burrows

C NOON DOUBLES HORSESHOE COMPETITION Located in Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday. KEY:

O 12:00 YUCHALADIES The sweet sounds of the ukelele dominate this fun group!



O 1:30 HOLLY’S STORYTIME AND GENTLE LULLABIES Join Ms. Holly and her friends from the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork for some gentle movement and music followed by a puppet show inspired by Mother Goose and Mother Nature.



“The L Store ittle Every with and Mthing ore.” 23252 Two Rivers Road Basalt, CO 81621 970-927-4705 Locally Owned

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and lots more! • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 11

O 2:45 CARBONDALE RHYTHM COLLECTIVE A group of local African music enthusiasts with participants of all ages and varying levels of musical experience. The African Marimbas are a natural fit for making music as a community. Photo by Lewis Cooper

G 3:00 HYMN FOR HER Injecting juiced-up backwoods country blues with a dose of desert rock psychedelia, H4H has been described as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish,” and “Hillbillies with electronics opening Pandora’s Box”. H4H will wake up the afternoon!

OS 4:30 WOMEN’S WOOD SPLITTING COMPETITION Hottest competition at the fair! Get there early for front row seats. Hosted by Big Ben Ludlow, Diesel Dan and Lucy Perutz.

O 4:00 EMMET’S MAGIC SHOW Mountain Fair and it’s very own Magician: Come all and join the legend this afternoon.

HOT TIP: You need to sign up early at the Info Booth to compete. Costumes welcome! A benefit auction of the wood follows.



G 5:40 THE BURROUGHS Steeped in classic soul standards and outfitted with modern flair, The Burroughs are a nine piece band with a powerhouse sound that has been electrifying audiences across Colorado and beyond. We will be praising the universe for Mountain Fair by the end of the set!

Photo by Mark Burrows









12 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.


BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! | 970.300.4474 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 13

GET RAFFLE TICKETS! CARBONDALE ARTS VALLEY ARTISTS’ Buying raffle tickets is one of the best ways to support Carbondale GALLERY Arts programming!

Imagine zipping around town on your EBike after taking a paddle on Reudi or relaxing at The Limelight after a full day of skiing before taking in a Belly Up show. We have many fantastic packages including festival tickets, yummy restaurants, massages and more. Buy early and often. If you like what Carbondale Arts is doing then this is one of the best ways to support our programming! Grand Prize Raffle Sponsors: High Society Freeride Company, Aloha Mountain Cyclery, Aspen Ski Co. and Belly Up.


A core mission of Carbondale Arts is promoting local artists. Please stop by the Locals’ Gallery and see the incredible talent that lives in this valley! Paintings and prints, jewelry and photography, pottery and glass. Artists include: Riley Ames, Andréa Bersson, Becky Chase, Priscilla Colebrook, Brian Colley, Staci Dickerson, Caitlin Dunn, D.D. Gerdin, Linda Halloran, Sarah Meyer, Judy Milne, Ali O’Neal, Mary O’Sullivan, Michael Stout, Catherine Tallmadge, Lea Tyler, Katy VanNostrand, Ondine Wilson

Don’t miss the Valley Artists’ Booth Opening Party at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, July 26th! Light refreshments provided!

SILENT AUCTION The Silent Auction is a labor of love by many of our arts and crafts vendors, as well as local businesses, who believe in arts programming year round. Many of the items in the auction are donated by Mountain Fair vendors. This is a great place to check out the array of talent we have at the fair, as well as find wonderful deals and help Carbondale Arts. If you see any of the participating vendors, thank them. We couldn’t do this fair without them!

HOTTER TIP ... Mountain Fair Slideshow

Come watch the slideshow on August 16 at 9:45 pm on the 4th Street Plaza immediately following the free Dendrites concert put on by KDNK!


DOCTOR’S GARDEN CARBONDALE (970) 963-9323 580 Main Street Unit #300 Carbondale, CO 21+ Recreational



GLENWOOD SPRINGS 970-384-2034 716 Grand Avenue Glenwood Springs, CO 21+ Medical 21+ Recreational


SATURDAY, JULY 27 C 7:00 Mount Sopris Run-Off O 9:15 All Music Together G 10:00 Crystal River Ballet O 10:30 Voices Puppet Show Photo by Mark Burrows

FRIDAY, JULY 26 Fair opens at noon for artisan booths G 4:00 Opening Blessing with Roland McCook, Ute Elder G 4:00 Rhythm of the Heart Community Drum Circle

OS 10:30 Fly Casting Competition

Photo by Mark Burrows

O 11:00 Cowboy Corral


C 11:00 Pie Baking Competition

C 8:00 Porcupine Loop Bike Race

O NOON Youth Limbo Contest G 11:00 Community Contra Dance with Froze Blossom Special C NOON Singles Horseshoe Competition

OS 8:30 True Nature Yoga with Deva Shantay O 9:15 All Music Together G 10:00 Earthbeat Choir

G 12:30 Hubby Jenkins

O 10:30 Waldorf School Flower Crowns

O 5:00 Rising Crane Martial Arts Demo

O 1:00 JAS Aspen Jazz Camp

C 11:00 Cake Baking Competition

G 5:00 Sleepy Justice

OS 2:00 Limbo Contest

G 11:00 Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklorico

G 2:45 Let Them Roar with White

O 11:0O 2:15 Djembe Drum Lessons

G 5:45 Sopris Soarers O 6:00 Rock + Roll Academy Concert G 6:15 The Deer G 7:30 Sopris Soarers G 7:40 Tua Nua Belly Dance G 8:00 Ponder the Albatross

Water Runoff OS 4:30 Men’s Woodsplitting Competition

O 12:00 Yuchaladies

O 4:00 Poetry Slam with host: Uche Ogbuji

G 12:00 MinTze+ Jem+ John

G 5:00 The Poetry Market

G 1:15 Callin’ Old Souls

O 5:15 Musical Happenings

O 1:30 Holly’s Storytime and Gentle

G 5:40 The Al Capones


OS 5:45 Rainbow Connection Photo

O 2:45 Marimba Performances

G 7:15 Coredination & Bonedale

G 3:00 Hymn For Her

Ballet followed by Ruby’s Familia OS 7:30 Sopris Soarers G 8:00 Colorful Poems G 8:05 Jyemo Club Photo by Lewis Cooper



C NOON Doubles Horseshoe Competition


O 4:00 Emmet’s Magic Show OS 4:30 Women’s Woodsplitting Competition G 5:40 The Burroughs




142 SWEETLETTERPRESS Letterpress stationery & art

86/87 WALLS THAT ROCK Stone sculpture “Mountainscapes”

143 MEG HARPER Originals/prints/1of1 purses

93 LILY’S BONSAI Bonsai, Lucky Bamboo, hanging airplants/cactus

38 HENNA SISTERS Henna body art

29 SKY VINE BUTTERFLIES Exotic insects are unique mixed media presentation

94/95 REX BURNINGHAM Fine wood art & functional wooden ware

30 ROCKY MOUNTAIN POSTERS Posters of the Rocky Mountains

100 LISA HOHERTZ Mixed media assemblages with found objects

34 NOREENART Wildlife silkscreens

110 BEE HAPPY CANDLES Candles using 100% pure beeswax Photo by Renee Ramge

42 ARISE WITHIN Recycled Beehive signs/ paintings 55 JESSICA MAHAN Nature and wildlife in acrylic 101 BRIANNA HILL Mixed media 2-D art featuring botanical designs, animals and abstract pieces

115 ELEVATED STRAWS Hand blown glass art

3-D ART 26 THE ETHNIC GYPSY Fluid art 28 THE ECLECTIZ EDGE Wind chimes, mosaics, jewelry 36 NINA REA Hand-spun & hand-woven garments

118 ASPEN NATIVE GLASS Local hand blown glass 129 GORGEOUS STORM Woodcut printmaking 135 HEARTWOOD ARTIST Original Tree Art

44 BUD BIRDHOUSES Birdhouses made from recycled materials 63 GRASSY CREEK HANDCRAFTED BROOMS Handcrafted brooms,copper dust pans,and walking staffs Photo by Renee Ramge

102 ROKOKO Whimsical mix media wall works

67 SHOOTING STAR Fire painted copper art & copper & glass illusion art

108/109 WALDEN WATERCOLORS Watercolor originals and prints on paper and apparel

68/69/90 NIEVEK METAL Hand cut metal

119 ERIN DAVIS ART Colorful & whimsical illustrations

77/78 TREESTUMP WOODCRAFT Furniture utensils bowls cutting boards

125 MAKAIO DESIGN Bright & bold works blend of painting, illustration & photography

138 LINDSAY SUTTON ART Contemporary Folk Art on glass

ACCESSORIES 32 HARVEST LEATHER Leather accessories 48 5028,LLC Artisan shoes, tees and clutches 50 BAG MAKER OF TAOS Handmade leather bags

127 MOLLY ARMS HENNA Henna body art 128 PAULA FONG Ecological watercolors

Photo by Renee Ramge

Photo by Mark Burrows

51 SHERER CUSTOM SADDLES, INC. Handmade leather goods

18 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.


Follow us @HighQRockies



Daily specials on organic bud, edibles, concentrates, topicals & CBD products!




844-420-DANK(3265) | • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 19

137 KELLY HORRIGAN Leather jewelry, accessories & wall totems 92 CHEWS ON BELAY DOG TOYS Handmade dog toys Photo by Mark Burrows

64/65 BLOWFISH DESIGNS One of a kind stitched hats and sewn accessories for the whole family 74/75 WILD WEST DESIGNS Tapestry purses & hanging chairs 79 TWO + TWO Chic reusable bags that are food-safe

BATH & BODY 49 THE GOATS GOODS Goat milk body products 139 MOUNTAIN TIME SOAP Hand crafted soap 147/148 AUTHENTIC HEMP CO Local handcrafted hemp products

CLOTHING 24 AKOMPLICE Men’s clothing

120 H.E.C. STUDIOS Handmade & one-of-kind hats

37 SMALL+MIGHTY HANDMADE Tea towels, onesies, journals, jewelry

126 DYING BREEDS Funky leather goods and unique prints 132 FESTIVE FASCINATORS Festive headbands, clips, hat-bands

Photo by Mark Burrows

40 UPCYCLED GYPSY Upcycled vintage textiles made into OOAK wearable art

Take a break from Mountain Fair at

MANA FOODS Loca l a nd Orga n i c

Open 7 days a week - 10 am to 6 pm 1310 Highway 133 (next to Laundry)



Photo by Mark Burrows

• A special live concert with

Let Them Roar

• •20 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

116 ELISABETHAN Pieced clothing & accessories made entirely from recycled fabrics

41 COLORADO DAISY Hats and waterproof blankets

131 SIDESHOW REDESIGNS Enhanced garments 133 JULY FIVE Functionally elegant women’s clothing line 144/145 DYE-NAMICS Tie dye clothing

Photo by Lewis Cooper

53 CYNDE LOVE DESIGNS Fine children’s clothing

146 THIRD WOLF Hand-painted bamboo clothing

54 COLORS ARTWEAR Hand dyed wearable art

Photo by Mark Burrows

57 NINA PAUL Vibrant batik apparel, sweaters!

81/82 GODDESS GEAR Women’s organic and natural fiber clothing

58/59 AUTUMNTENEYL Upcycled feminine clothes

105/106 GREBE BATIK Batik designs on custom sewn cotton clothing

66 S.C. DESIGNS Handmade womens clothing and hats

111/112 CYNDI BUCK Hand dyed & cashmere clothing

Pion Pioneer eering ing

Photo by Mark Burrows


ir Fa



Photo by Mark Burrows

ly Ju

Get Involved Honoring Elders

Fostering Diverse Educational

Senior Advocacy Qigong, TaiChi Alzheimer Help Tax Assistance Art, Brain Train Bridge, Bookclub Medicare Assistance Watercolor Bud’s, Ping Pong Podiatrist, Sno Cones to Cow Kids Room 33, Third St. Center Carbondale

Dr. Tim Kruse, MD Dr. Tim Kruse, MD Lauren FNP and Dr. Kruse,Gueriera, MD andTim Lauren Gueriera, FNP and Lauren Gueriera, FNP

Introducing Direct Care, where family medicine providers offer Introducing Direct Care, where family medicine providers offer Introducing Direct care Care,services where family medicine offer for a set monthlyproviders fee, like a complete complete primary primary care services for a set monthly fee, like a complete primary for aalternative set monthly like a health membership. It’s a care fresh,services affordable tofee, traditional membership. It’s a fresh, affordable alternative to traditional health membership. It’s out a fresh, alternative toinitial traditional health care plans. Find moreaffordable with a complimentary consultation. care plans. Find out more with a complimentary initial consultation. care plans. Find out more with a complimentary initial consultation.

Convenient, unrushed appointments | No co-pays or insurance billing Convenient, unrushed appointments | No co-pays or insurance billing Convenient, unrushed appointments | No co-pays or insurance billing | 970-927-8563 | 970-927-8563 711 East Valley Road, Suite 202C, Basalt ||Above Alpine Bank in Willits 970-927-8563 711 East Valley Road, Suite 202C, Basalt | Above Alpine Bank in Willits 711 East Valley Road, Suite 202C, Basalt | Above Alpine Bank in Willits | • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 21

3 MOLLY’S CRAPES Sweet and savory crepes coffees, lattes, smoothies, fraps 4 SLOW GROOVIN BBQ BBQ


Photo by Mark Burrows

62 ARUBYMOON Flags, cards, prints and banners 88 BEX HAMMOCKS Hammocks meant for all survival situations 97 CREATIVE EFFECTS Contemporary jewelry & digital art sculpture 124 LUCKY TREE STUDIO Sustainable, handmade bamboo accessories & decor 136 HOLLYS MEADOW Wool felt animals & ornaments, cotton & denim hats 140 JEN G STUDIOS Fine art, handmade kitchen towels, t-shirts, greeting cards

5 COWGIRL LEMONADE Classic maple lemonade, organic black iced tea flavor options

153 ASPEN INTUITIVES Astrology readings and tarot readings

9 OLD TYME KETTLE KORN Kettle corn popcorn 10 THE BISCUIT TRUCK Fried chicken, chipotle butter, avocado, and bacon biscuit ham, grilled onions, cheddar, bacon and chipotle butter biscuit, BLT biscuit with honey butter. All served with roasted garlic cheddar grits 11 ASPEN MINI DONUTS Mini donuts & coffee

13 COLORADO BURGER Hamburgers, hot dogs and chili

99 ROARING FORK SPICE COMPANY Hand blended, organic sugar based spice blends.

14 FUNNELLICIOUS Funnel cakes, Philly cheese steak, corn dogs, soft pretzels, sweet potato fries, apple fries

2 LA FOGATA Pupusas plate, fresh cantaloupe juice, pineapple juice, horchata

149/150/151 MASSAGE Providing massage therapy with 10 therapists

7 SEÑOR TACO SHOW Burritos, veggie bowls, tacos

76 NUTZ ABOUT NUTS Packaged glazed nuts

1 LANDSHARK CATERING Elk sausage, buffalo bratwurst, wild boar sliders, Parmesan truffle fries, jalapeño bacon mac n cheese

33 HAPPY HAIR BRAIDING French hair braiding styles






12 NOODLE BOWL Stir fry vegetable and noodle bowls with choice of protein tofu, chicken or tuna served with choice of sauces teriyaki, peanut or curry

141 BEECHAMA HONEY Raw varietal honey bee pollen comb honey


15 JEFFREEZZ Gelato 16 INDIA GOURMET Indian cuisine 17 RFHS-FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER Authentic Greek falafel & gyros 18 THE LITTLE PINK TRUCK Sandwiches and Wraps

Photo by Renee Ramge

HOUSEWARES 42 THE CRACKED POT Hand built gas fired functional pottery for the home 43 SUZI’S BASKETS Hand woven baskets, both decorative and functional. 72 LUNAR DESIGNS Kitchen towels, aprons, greeting cards, mixed media art 107 BEAUTIFULLY SERVED BY JILL Hand forged serving pieces out of copper stainless steel and bronze 117 SPOONWRITE Handmade kitchen utensils made from salvaged wood

JEWELRY 27 ORCHID TREASURE Real flowers in resin 31 ALISON BLAIR STUDIOS Saw cut and etched sterling silver jewelry

22 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

70 SWEETHEART COWBOY Jewelry inspired by cowgirls of the American West 80 GOOD CARMA JEWELRY Old car metal & stainless steel resin enamel jewelry

45 DANCING ELK DESIGNS Fine antler jewelry 56 THE POINTED ARROW Handmade Jewelry 60/61 BOHEMI Bohemian jewelry & ceramics

O1 GRANDMA’S GLITTER Application of glitter tattoos O2 MARSHMELLOW Children’s face paint

85 LA GRANDE JEWELRY Crocheted jewelry & leather handbags

O3 FLOWER GIRLS Handmade flower crowns & hair clips

91 DENISE ALGUESEVA Mixed media jewelry

O4 ORCHARD KIDS CRAFTS Kids art projects

98 BUTTERFLY WING JEWELRY Butterfly wing jewelry Photo by Mark Burrows


103 STONE CREEK DESIGNS Mixed metal & stone jewelry 114 DMH DESIGNS Handmade up-cycled jewelry

O5 NURSING TENT Cool quite place to for nursing, diaper changes O6 RISING CRANE First school in Carbondale to teach Cuong Nhu, a mixed martial art with a traditional feel

122 KAREN EDGE STUDIO Organic classic jewelry

O7 ASCENDIGO Come decorate, pot plants, and have fun with Ascendigo

130 JANE E ROBERTI Jewelry & accessories for the modern western man & woman

O8 HANDS OF WAX Hands of wax and sand art projects

Celebrate the Carbondale Mountain Fair

LET RFTA DO THE DRIVING Don’t worry about drinking, driving, or parking! The Carbondale Circulator operates from 5:02am to 8:41pm. When the Carbondale Circulator is not running outside of the normal operating hours local buses will continue into downtown Carbondale.

Visit for LOCAL, BRT and Carbondale Circulator schedules. Call us at 970.925.8484

RFTA_MtnFair2019.indd 1 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 23 7/10/2019 9:32:18 AM

O9 KIDS BOOTH Come see what local kids are making. Support young entrepreneurs and artists

PHOTOGRAPHY 46 MARK SIMPKINS Local wildlife and landscape photos 121 THE SPOTTED PONY Fine art photography 123 JOHN H BICKEL FINE ART Photography/astrophotography 134 D. B. MAES WORLD IMAGES Fine art photography

POTTERY 35 CLUB MUD Our pottery is beautiful & functional 47 WISHING STAR POTTERY Handmade ceramics with inspirational words and quotes. 52 PAZ CLAY & FIBER Thrown functional and art stoneware ceramics 71 BLUEHAVEN PORCELAIN Handmade & hand-painted porcelain 83/84 CARBONDALE CLAY CENTER One of a kind ceramic work made by local potters. 96 COLORADO MUD LOVE High-fired stoneware plates, and wall hangings. 104 KIOTE CLAY POTTERY Handmade ceramics 113 REDHEAD CERAMICS One of kind art vessels with firing techniques that include horse hair raku

Photo by Mark Burrows

Cantina Power Mountain Fair locally sources our beverages. We are proud of our makers in Colorado. ROARING FORK BEER CO. ― Carbondale MARBLE DISTILLERY ― Carbondale MONTANYA RUM ― Crested Butte BIG B’S HARD CIDER ― Paonia STRIPPED MIXERS ― Snowmass Village The Mountain Fair Cantina raises money for many nonprofits every year. Not only does this help them, but, they really help us. You can be part of this awesome circle of life by putting a few more dollars in their tip jars and showing them some love because they help make our town great.

Big thanks to this years Cantina teams! KDNK Carbondale Clay Center Carbondale Middle School Mt Sopris Montessori Carbondale Comm School CRES Gay4Good The Sopris Sun Roaring Fork Leadership Marble Charter School

24 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

Congratulations Graduates WSRF Class of 2019

WSRF Class of 2015

High School Class of 2019

Luke Baetz

Lily Johnson

Malia Brinson

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

CRMS to University of Colorado

Dylan Barski

Finn Keleher

Roaring Fork High School

Roaring Fork High School

RFHS to Colorado State University

True Bure

Maya Menconi

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Hannah Cole Kelton Gilman GSHS to Montana State University

Jackson Holmbeck AHS to DU, Daniels College of Business

India Butchart

Jade Meyer

Basalt High School

Idyllwild Performing Arts High School

River Byrne

Mayan Schmidt

Roaring Fork High School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Ari Chacos

Callista Smith

Roaring Fork High School

University of Nebraska High School

Kendra Costello

Chloe Smith

Roaring Fork High School

Aspen High School

Phin Elliot

Riley Wheeless

Basalt High School

Roaring Fork High School

16543 Highway 82

Carbondale, CO 81623

Laela Janssen IND to Colorado Mountain College

Grace Palomino RFHS to University of Colorado

Cole Pietsch CRMS to Colorado College

Giselle Rusnak CRMS to Occidental College

Rosemary Rianoshek SMWS to Santa Clara University

Dawson Struempler CRMS to Gap Year & Western State Colorado University

970.963.1960 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 25

Contests & Competitions Our competitions are fun and easy to participate in. Enjoy our version of county fair favorites! Registration for all games is at the Info Booth or right before event.



Sponsored by Independence Run & Hike

The 41st annual foot race from Basalt to the Mountain Fair starts at the Emma Schoolhouse at 7:15 a.m. on Saturday morning, July 27, and finishes in the Open Space at Sopris Park. Also being held again this year is the four-mile FAIR RUN race that starts on Prince Creek Road and runs downhill to the finish in the Open Space at Sopris Park. Come out and welcome the runners home. A shuttle will take runners from Sopris Park to the start of the four-mile race on Prince Creek Road at 7:15 a.m., and a shuttle will be available after the 14-mile race to return runners to their vehicles in Basalt. You can sign up for all races on or at Independence Run & Hike. The cost is $30. For more information, call 704-0909.

FLY-CASTING COMPETITION Run by the infamous Gill Finn, a Roaring Fork Valley fly fishing legend, the competition takes place at 10 a.m. on Saturday at the Open Space area of the park. Prizes donated by Alpine Angling. Registration at the Info Booth.

PIE AND CAKE BAKING The Pie Judging takes place at 11 a.m. Saturday. Cake Judging is at 11 a.m. on Sunday in the Judging Canopy near the pavilion. Categories include Fruit, Cream and Exotic for pies; Cake, Exotic and Alternative for cakes.

HORSESHOE TOURNAMENTS The Singles Tourney takes place at high noon on Saturday. The Doubles Tourney is on Sunday, also at high noon. Both events take place at Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant Boulevard. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday.

Not to be missed! The Men’s competition takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. The Women’s is held at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday; both are followed by a benefit firewood auction. Both competitions are in the Open Space. Registration begins on Friday. All entrants must wear safety shoes. Steel-toed protectors are available at the competition. Winners receive a new woodsplitting maul.

THE PORCUPINE LOOP BIKE RACE Sponsored by Aloha Mountain Cyclery

In its 15th year, this race is casual and sure to be a good time. Aloha Mountain Cyclery and Stomparillaz Creative Cycling Collective keep the fun factor high by requiring costumes and creating obstacles. Race Day is Sunday, July 28, pre-registration is available on Saturday all day and from 7-7:45 a.m. on Sunday at the Bike Valet at Sopris Park. Entry fee is $20 with all proceeds going to Carbondale Arts. There will be a riders meeting at the Bike Valet (Euclid & 7th St.) at 7:45 a.m. and the race will commence immediately following. The race begins at the driveway of Joy Blong and Dick Hunter on Prince Creek Road, goes up the Porcupine Loop Trail and other Prince Creek Road single tracks and ends in Sopris Park.

MOJITO MINT CONTEST Is mint taking over your garden? Help us help you: Bring your best, locally grown mint to the Cantina on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mint will be judged on flavor, appearance and quantity. Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Cantina.

LIMBO CONTESTS Get down with Dr. Limbo at 2:00 p.m. Saturday in the Open Space area. Open to folks 18 and older. A youth Limbo Contest will be held at noon. in the Oasis. Prizes are donated by Alpine Angling and Dr. Limbo.

26 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

Features INTRODUCING THE RAINBOW LOUNGE The Rainbow Lounge, located behind the pavilion in the Mystic Mile is a ‘safe’ space to chill, enjoy and learn about the organizations that work with our LGBTQ communities and the awesome people that make it happen. Costumes, watermelon, information and more can be found here. Open to ALL people of ANY age, color and persuasion!

GAY4GOOD The Rocky Mountains chapter of Gay For Good is celebrating one year of promoting positivity and diversity through service projects across the Roaring Fork Valley. In the first year, Gay For Good - Rocky Mountains partnered with 10 organizations including Basalt High School, the Town of Carbondale, Extended Table/Lift Up, Aspen Gay Ski Week, the Independence Pass Foundation, Wilderness Workshop, and others. Volunteers with Gay For Good collected 170 pounds of trash throughout the Town of Carbondale; repaired a riparian dam and planted native vegetation on National Forest land with Wilderness Workshop; and landscaped a peace garden at Basalt High School that was created by a student as a bully-free zone. The leaders of Gay For Good Rocky Mountains formed the chapter to bring more visibility to the vibrant local LGBTQ+ community and provide assistance to non-profits in need of additional volunteer help. Another goal in creating the local organization, says chapter leader Steve Mills, is to connect people in a divided atmosphere. “There’s so much negativity in the world these days,” says Mills, “We wanted to bring people together in a very divided country. What can we do in our own valley that’s giving back during a turbulent time?”


AspenOUT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the Roaring Fork Valley that promotes tolerance, understanding, and diversity through local and national programming, fundraising, and grants for the LGBTQ+ community, their families, and allies, with a focus on youth, education, and community action. They provide activities and outreach throughout the valley with monthly soaks at local hotsprings, Gay Ski Week, sponsorship of valley schools’ Gay-Straight Alliances and more. We thank them for providing the beautiful rainbow flags that grace the fair.

ONE COLORADO One Colorado is the state’s leading advocacy organization dedicated to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Coloradans and their families. We effectively advocate for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families by lobbying the General Assembly, executive branch, and local governments on issues like safe schools, transgender equality, relationship recognition, and LGBTQ health and human services.

JANET GORDON A Licensed Professional Counselor who lives and works in Carbondale Colorado. Over the course of her career Janet has specialized in working with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma, and grief and loss. Six years ago in response to the lack of services available to the LGBTQAI+ community in the Valley, Janet began offering counseling specifically geared to LGBTQAI+ youth, individuals, and their families. Additionally through the generous support of AspenOUT Janet facilitates support groups for LGBTQAI+ youth at schools throughout the valley.

If you’re an individual or family interested in volunteering or an organization interested in partnering with Gay For Good - Rocky Mountains, contact Steve Mills at rockymountains@ If you’re a member of the press, contact Steve Mills at rockymountains@ • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 27

Need cash for Mountain Fair? Our Alpine Bank Mobile ATM will be placed right in Sopris Park, or stop by the Alpine Bank ATM across Main Street from Carbondale's CrystalTheatre. ATM Fees may Apply.

INDEPENDENCE • COMMUNITIES • COMPASSION • INTEGRIT Y • LOYALT Y | Member FDIC 28 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

Carbondale Arts Upcoming Events AUGUST 9TH Opening reception for “Post Frontier Landscapes” and “Loom.” Featuring Julia Crocetto and Catherine Tallmadge & Andrew Roberts-Gray AUGUST 14 DeRail Park Pickin Party Libations and food for those that come pick a few weeds! SEPTEMBER 7 Mountain Fair Volunteer Party and chili cook off SEPTEMBER 12 Opening Reception for Etar’s “Fashionable Life” and a “Retrospective of Jack Brendlinger”, two of Aspen’s Pioneers in their fields!

OCTOBER 5 Rio Grande ARTway Celebration Join RFTA, Carbondale Arts, True Nature Healing Arts and the Carbondale Clay Center for performance, art & interaction! OCTOBER 12 Art Heist: The Wild, Wild West A fundraiser for The Launchpad is not to be missed! Steal artwork right off the gallery walls in a thrilling night of high jinx and thievery OCTOBER 18 Opening Reception of “A Carefully Curated Life” by Katie Vuletich & Sarah Espinoza

Photo by Renee Ramge

Please remember your membership helps us provide this FREE Fair, as well as so many great events and education. Please donate at Please upload all your fun photos to Instagram #mountainfair • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • 29

What would we do without you?! The Carbondale Mountain Fair depends on the time, kindness, energy and support of many people and businesses, including more than 350 volunteers to run the fair. If we could kiss you all, we would! If we forgot anyone we promise we will make it up to you in great programming all year round. PRODUCTION Mark Taylor James Gorman Kevin Lundy Pete Rich Hamilton Pevec Jeff Britt Steve Lavelle Emmet Hood Garcelon Jason Albert Charlie Noone Alison Cryns Dan Whitney Pete Thompson Josh Paigen Darin Binion Blake McDonald Ken Keister Ryan Jervis James Piccone Jason Segal Forest Faulker ELECTRICIANS Bill Laemmel/ Carbondale Light and Power Lance Dement PARKING CZAR Patty Nadon VENDOR COORDINATION Alta Otto SOUND AND LIGHTS Bill Flanigan Diamond Ben GREEN TEAM Jason White Mark Weinhold Annie Worley Liz Mauro Missy Elzey Julia Tallmadge Alyssa Reindel Dave Reindel Kristin Mattera Robert Weinhold Sarah Johnson

Lynsey Powell Adam Phillips Brett Meredith Megan Ravenscraft Mark Wolfe Jay Engstrom Erica Borum Brad Snyder Diana Alcantara WATER Richard Vottero Scott Levine POSTER DESIGN Brian Colley PROGRAM The Sopris Sun PHOTOGRAPHERS Mark Burrows Jim Ryan Jane Bachrach Renee Ramge Lewis Cooper Jessica Hedges Andrea Bersson STAGE DESIGN Valerie Rose BACKSTAGE DESIGN Josie Castaldo FLOWER DESIGN Eagle Crest Nursery OASIS Marge Dye Holly Richardson LIVE BROADCAST KDNK Community Radio HEALING TOUCH John Ackerman Massage Back Country Chiropractic

CARBONDALE ARTS ARTISTS’ GALLERY Brian Colley Staci Dickerson T-SHIRT COORDINATION Laura Stover Regna Jones Alex Griffin Natalyn Cummings Zane Kessler Lucy Kessler Kelsey Kirkwood VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS Rachael Manning Sarah Murray Pam Williams Randall Lavelle Bryan Golden RAFFLE Rebecca Binion Regina Piccone Cortney McDougall Jill Napiwocki Kellyn Wardell GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE SPONSORS High Society Freeride Company Aloha Mountain Cyclery Aspen Ski Co. Belly Up SILENT AUCTION Katy Parr Elizabeth Hanke BACKSTAGE + HOSPITALITY Kristen Levey Genvieve Villamizar Lindsay Gurley Shane Spyker

BACKSTAGE FOOD Bonfire Coffee Village Smithy Peppinos Sweet Coloradough Dos Gringos Mi Casita Carbondale Beerworks Sustainable Settings The Creamery Louis Swiss Bakery La Roca Mings INFO BOOTH Kat Rich Bob Schultz Jean Marie Hegarty Leslie Johnson CANTINA Evan Cree Ben Bohmfalk Jeff Dickenson Jeff Lauckhart STAGE MANAGEMENT Jeff Britt PEACE PATROL Jim Neu Michael Gorman George Wear Josh Paigen Dallas Erwin Thomas Fagen Chris Ford RAINBOW LOUNGE COORDINATORS Steve Mills Alex Griffin Natalyn Cumings Janet Gordon

30 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

CONTESTS AND COMPETITIONS PIE CONTEST Alta Otto Carly deBequeJager Heidi Hendricks Amber VanBerlo CAKE CONTEST April CrowSpaulding Erin Galbreath LIMBO CONTEST Dr. Limbo John Foulkrod WOOD SPLITTING CONTEST Dru Handy Lucy Perutz “Big” Ben Ludlow Diesel Dan Giese Brenden Peterson Aspen Tree MT. SOPRIS RUNOFF Brion After, Independence Run and Hike PORCUPINE LOOP Nic Degross Darren Broome Aloha Mountain Cyclery FLY-CASTING Gill Finn COULDN’T DO THIS WITHOUT KDNK Carbondale Public Works Gene Schilling Kevin Schorzman Eric Brendlinger Town of Carbondale Rob Goodwin Carbondale EMTs Carbondale Fire

Carbondale Police Carbondale Parks and Recreation Department The Carbondale Trustees Carbondale Swimming Pool Days Inn of Carbondale RE-1 School District Gay4Good Aspen Out CARBONDALE ARTS SPONSORS COMMUNITY SUSTAINERS True Nature Healing Arts Town of Carbondale Thrift Shop of Aspen FirstBank Colorado Creative Industries Boettcher Foundation Alpine Bank Rotary Club of Carbondale Embrey Family Foundation Jim & Connie Calaway Alchemy Audio Visual Susan Gurrentz Fund for the Arts Jim & Mary Griffith KPCO Rose Community Foundation Arts in Society/ Redline Colorado Health Foundation Marlane Miller Fund Umbrella Roofing RA Nelson GRAND CURATORS Arches Foundation RCG Fund Blue Tent Marketing High Q Kristen & Wallace Graham Roaring Fork Beer Company Pajwell Foundation

Scofield Family Fund Thendara Foundation DeVos Foundation ART LOVERS 2757 Design Aspen Community Foundation Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund BKS Charitable Foundation Laurie Bernhard Amy & John Charters Larry Cohen Cool Brick Studios David and Louise Gitlitz Dos Gringos Distinguished Board and Beams Jane and Dick Hart John Hoffman KPCO Karl Lauby Lead With Love Martens Foundation Marble Distillery & Inn The Pittsburgh Foundation The Shapiro Family The Vickers Collection Sopris Liquor and Wine Sue Van Horten 13 Moons Loren Wilder MUSICAL NOTES Alleghany Meadows Gina Cucina Colorado Mountain Graphics Dance Initiative 777 Investment Corp. Drinker Durrance Graphics Evergreen Events Faboo Boutique Mona Lisa Boutique The Fourth Dimension Jill Soffer Family Foundation John + Ruth Ward

Osmia Organics Marcia Flaks Mark Taylor Mona Lisa Boutique Peppinos Pizza Anne Rickenbaugh RJ Paddywacks Solarflair Thermal Systems Subaru Lee Beck & John Stickney Liz & Michael Thele Wise Bar Sue Edelstein & Bill Spence Habitat For Humanity 20/20 Eye Care BUSINESS PARTNERS A4 Architects Carbondale Clay Center Carbondale Light & Power Crystal Glass Studio Dave Durrance Genius I.A.V Granetta Panini Land + Shelter Harmony Scott Main Street Gallery & The Framer Mark Harris Modern West Floral Ragged Mountain Sports Redstone Art Center Robert Schultz Consulting Solar Flair Thermal Systems Sopris Marketing Group Sue Eldelstein Terralink Structures FAIR FRIENDS Roaring Fork Beer Company Ace Hardware Days Inn Montanya Distillers Marble Distillers Big B’s Fabulous Juices Alpine Angling Sustainable Settings The Roaring Fork

Co-op Aloha Mountain Cyclery Independence Run & Hike Carbondale Rec U.S. Forest Service RE-1 School District Eagle Crest Nursery Joe Scofield Evergreen Events Stripped Mixers The Sopris Sun Mountain High Appliance Bethel Party Rents Lynn Williams THE MOUNTAIN FAIR DREAM TEAM Mark Taylor Bill Laemmel James Gorman Jim Neu Tory Neu Mark Burrows Jeff Britt Alta Otto Jason White Evan Cree Kat Rich Michael Gorman Kristen Levy Sarah Murray Laura Stover Staci Dickerson Brian Colley Sue Drinker Katrina Byers Rebecca Murray

FINANCIAL WIZARD Linda Hoffman GALLERY MANAGER Brian Colley VENDOR LIAISON Alta Otto THE CARBONDALE ARTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Regna Jones Seth Goddard Janice Barker Elizabeth Hanke Katy Parr Sarah Murray Alex Griffin Kellyn Wardell Nic Degross Brian Golden


We help people. That’s our business. EXPERIENCE INTEGRITY KNOWLEDGE TRUST

Amoré Realty Residential | Commercial | Ranch | L d

32 • 2019 MOUNTAIN FAIR • Published by The Sopris Sun • #MOUNTAINFAIR on social media.

Lynn M Kirchner 970.379.4766

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Carbondale Arts Director: Amy Kimberly Design & Marketing Director: Laura Stover Publisher: The Sopris Sun for Carbondale Arts Printed by: C...

Mountain Fair 2019  

Carbondale Arts Director: Amy Kimberly Design & Marketing Director: Laura Stover Publisher: The Sopris Sun for Carbondale Arts Printed by: C...

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