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2 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Welcome Directors Note: We live in a complex world and much has changed since the Brothers Grimm collected the stories and fables of their time or Hans Christian Andersen put pen to paper, but our fascination with fairy tales lives on. Fairy tales are full of darkness and light and clearly define good and evil. In this day and age, definitions are blurred. The line between truth and lie has become hazy and what was once considered evil holds goodness for some. The concept of “happily ever after” grows fainter as issues such as climate change, racism, and divisiveness capture our times. In the end, there may not be a fairy tale ending for us, but our human resilience and capacity to make change will keep us moving forward. Fairy tales were written as lies, metaphors and fictional stories that ultimately show us the truth. May that truth prevail in the 21st century. The dreamer awakes The shadow goes by The tale I have told you That tale is a lie But listen to me Fair maiden, proud youth The tale is a lie What it tells is the truth! ~Unknown

Photo by Draper White

The Faboo Designer Challenge A total of $1,000 in prize money will be awarded by Faboo. Green is the New Black designer lines are assessed by a panel of judges for the following awards: $500 for Best Overall Collection, $250 for Most Fashionable and $250 for Most Original. We want to thank all of our fabulous judges. Faboo is a woman’s clothing store located in Basalt and dedicated to high fashion and community. Faboo has supported this show for six years and believes that we all are beautiful creatures who deserve well-made, unique clothing to cover us!  faboofashion.com Photo by Mark Burrows 3 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

What is Happening Carbondale Arts Our new mission is Carbondale Arts builds an inclusive and vibrant community through the arts, supporting Carbondale’s identity as a place that fosters creativity, collaboration, innovation, and artistic exploration. We believe that expression plays an important role in a healthy community. CA has been an intrinsic part of the Carbondale community for close to half a century and we are deeply involved in issues such as affordable housing, economic development, and education in our schools. 2020 projects include the Youth Art Park, several murals, a Highway 82 and Highway 133 Gateway to

Carbondale, and our Expressive Arts Programming. Our home is The Launchpad, located in the core of the Carbondale Creative District. We share our space with Dance Initiative, The R2 Gallery, The Artique, and the Betty Jane Schuss Memorial Community Gardens. Stay connected with us throughout the year by signing up for our newsletter or becoming a member at carbondalearts.com. Use #carbondalearts and #carbondalecreativedistrict on social media.

to ensure arts programming be sustained year round. In 2020, we are committed to our new Expressive Arts Programming on Rosybelle, which is inspiring artists and therapists to explore deeper ways of utilizing art as healing. All the money raised from this show keeps Rosybelle and her programming going strong.

The Education Effect Education is a strong focus for Carbondale Arts. In fact, this show was created to raise funds

Photo by Brent Moss

4 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

CoMotion Creates CoMotion is a collaborative dance company, supported by Dance Initiative, that develops content-driven and placebased modern dance while exploring creative boundaries. Founded in 2013 by community dancers, CoMotion believes in the transformative power of movement to create narratives drawn from contemporary questions.

In addition to Mirror Mirror, CoMotion will be performing in 2020, in an outdoor Moving Installation at True Nature Healing Arts on August 28 and September 4, and will present New & Repertory Works

November 13th - 14th at the Launchpad. Learn more about CoMotion, our modern technique classes, and upcoming performances at CoMotionDanceCompany.com.  

CoMotion's modern technique classes are held at the Launchpad in Carbondale and are open to the public. Choreographing and performing in the Carbondale Arts GITNB Fashion Show is an honor and great fun for CoMotion dancers every year!

Luxury Casual Artisan & Upcycled Shoes Visit us at weare5028.com TM

Exclusive Style. Reinvented. Popping up at Coventure March 13th 4-6:30pm

Call 805-705-6600 to schedule a private fitting

Aspen, Avon, Carbondale, Crested Butte, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Rifle

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Carbondale office 225 Main Street Suite 306 Carbondale, CO 81623 (970) 425-8119

Visit us at www.garfieldhecht.com 5 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Thank You Special Thanks

Alta Otto Aspen Public Radio Bonfire Coffee Brian Colley Brian R. McIsaac Cool Brick Studios Dance Initiative Darin Binion Dos Gringos Drinker Durrance Graphics Ellie Davis Eric Brendlinger Evan Cree Faboo Gina Cucina Jessi Rochel Maciej Mrotek Marble Distillery and Inn Pan and Fork Catering Peppino’s Pizza Peter Gilbert Pete Rich Rebecca Binion Roaring Fork Beer Company Shawn Tonozzi SoL Theatre Sopris Liquor & Wine Sopris Theatre Stacy Everson Sue Drinker Theatre Aspen

The Sopris Sun The Third Street Center The Town of Carbondale Wagner Rents

Gift Bag Sponsors

Carbondale Clay Center Cocoa Tree Chocolates Down River Divas High Q Isa Catto Studio Pollinator Chocolate Mellie Test NeuroSpa Osmia True Nature Healing Arts Two Leaves and a Bud Tea

Lighting Design Loren Wilder

Dessert Reception Sponsors

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who supplied us with sweetness! D’Elissious Cakes Izakaya Landmark Cafe Patina Sunshine and Moons Sweet Rubies The Beat Village Smithy Whole Foods

The Lovely Cocktail Servers

Photo by Brent Moss

Mavis Fitzgerald Missy Elzey Savannah Bliss

Anna Rosenberg Anne Van Druten Claudia Pawl Dalene Barton Delia Bolster April Crow Spaulding Gwen Garcelon Heather Ardley Joy White Linda Geiss Kennan Kristin Kimberly Pederson Kristen Mattera Maria Sabljak Maria Wimmer

Photo by Brent Moss

Carbondale Arts Staff Amy Kimberly Brian Colley Kat Rich Kellyn Wardell Laura Stover Sarah Overbeck Staci Dickerson

Carbondale Arts Board Brian Golden Brooke Brockleman Elizabeth Hanke Janice Barker Joe Scofield Katy Parr Leah Swan Nic Degross Nicholas Difrank Raychl Keeling Sarah Murray Seth Goddard

Thank you to anyone we inadvertently left off this list. We appreciate your help with putting on this incredible event.

6 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow






7 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Production Credits This production takes a village to bring to life. We thank all those who have dedicated so many long hours and incredible creativity to the project.


Projection Mapping: Evan Gaspar

Set Logistics:

James Gorman


Amy Kimberly

DJ Benny

Model Choreographers: Amy Kimberly Josie Castaldo

Director of Dance: Meagan Shapiro

Wardrobe Mistresses: Kether Axelrod Laura Meyers Summer Trembley


Projection Design and Stylist:

Josie Castaldo Maggie Seldeen

Model Coordinator/Stage Manager: Hair Stylists:

Jessi Hinker Joy Rosenberg Luis Garcia Mikela Bealka Molly Douglas Nicole Wilcox Peter Wampler Sam Fjeld

Audio Visual:

Alchemy AVSC

Makeup Stylists:

Brittany Sutherland Corina Jones Katie Alderson Lindsay Cherry-Olivas Nicole Nelson Zyanni VanDoren

Laura Stover

Pam Williams

Photo by Caito Foster

Videography (On-Site):

Drinker Durrance Graphics

Box Office Coordinators: Alta Otto Kellyn Wardell

Libations Managers: Rebecca Binion Shawn Tonozzi

Designer Challenge Judges: Melanie Finan Monica Viall Shelly Marolt

Cocktail Server Coordinators:

Photo by Olive and West

Maria Wimmer Missy Elzey

Lighting Design: Loren Wilder

Designer Liaison:

Lighting Tech:

Cody Kosinski

Kellyn Wardell Photo by Mark Burrows

8 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

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Therefore we’d like to thank you our advertisers for making The Sopris Sun possible each week! We would not be here without you.

As a nonprofit the Sopris Sun helps build community by offering the most affordable advertising rates in the Valley. We enjoy working with new and existing businesses to come up with an affordable plan to get them the visibility they need to succeed.

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3710 Hwy 82 Glenwood Springs, CO


Open - Tue-Fri 9-4 • Sat 9-1 • Closed Sun/Mon Gypsum location accepts large steel quantites please see our Gypsum location by Costco

Guaranteed best prices in the mountains!


9 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Program Characters & Runway Credits

Hansel & Gretel

Dancer Costumes:

“Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Delia Bolster Laura Stover Amy Kimberly Fabric dyer Sue VanHorton Emperor fat suit & Jack Rachel Schultz Wolf head Leah Swan Queen crown & Rapunzel’s hair Karen & Steve Barbee Tailor costumes

Choreography: Kevin Yu Haley Westmoreland

Hansel & Gretel: Kevin Yu Haley Westmoreland

Music: Peter Piper by Run DMC, A Retrospective by KRS-One, Edited by Meagan Shapiro

Video Editing: Laura Stover

Photo by Olive and West

Hand Videography:

Little Red Riding Hood

Michael Stevens Ethan Harrison

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Evil Hands:


— Tolkien

Katie Alderson

Emily Fifer in collaboration with Jen Campbell and Dancers

Shadow Forest:


Laura Stover Brian Colley Shawn Tonozzi Paul McQueeney

Emily Fifer - Little Red Jen Campbell - Wolf Dana Ellis Megan Janssen Aja McAdams Meagan Shapiro

Forest Painting Animation: Brian Colley

Music: Sound Score by Meagan Shapiro Featuring PHILDEL and Peter Gundry

Jack & The Beanstalk “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” — Socrates

Choreography: Carrie Vickers Meagan Shapiro

Jack: Carrie Vickers

Beanstalk Animations: Laura Stover Wylie Chenoweth

Giant Animation: Meghan Gillespie Brian Colley

Music: Sound Score by Meagan Shapiro Featuring Holdrejtek and Ran Bagno

Photo by Olive and West 10 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

The Emperor’s New Clothes Rumpelstiltskin  “Vanity is the quicksand of reason.” — George Sand 

Choreography: Dana Ellis

Emperor: Brian Colley

Aerialists (Tailors): Devon Blanke Sue VanHorton Carrie Vickers

Dancers: Emily Bennett Jen Campbell Dana Ellis Emily Fifer Aja McAdams Tessarae Mercer Leeza Monge Meagan Shapiro Mellie Test Brooke Warren

Model Dancers: Georgia Ackerman Dave Blackburn Francisco Elias Kristen Foote Natalie Rae Fuller Bill Laemmel Claire de l’Arbre Ciara Morrison Taylor Rogers Marina Skiles Patti Sunderman

Music: The Grand Bizarre by Beats Antique; Edited by Meagan Shapiro

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Choreography & Set Design: Meagan Shapiro Megan Janssen Jen Campbell

Music: Say it Once Not Twice part iii by Ran Bagno; Edited by Meagan Shapiro

Snow White “In many cases, it is very hard to fix the bounds of Good and Evil, because these part, as Day and Night, which are separated by Twilight.” — Benjamin Whichcote

Rumpelstiltskin: Megan Janssen

Miller’s Daughter: Meagan Shapiro

Puppeteers: Jen Campbell Dana Ellis

Music: The Death Waltz by Tobias Lilja & Christian Vasselbring; 7 La Si Fo by Ran Bagno; Edited by Meagan Shapiro

Rapunzel “Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”

Photo by Mark Burrows


— Anonymous

Meagan Shapiro

Choreography & Set Design:


Meagan Shapiro

Rapunzel: Devon Blanke

Dancers: Jen Campbell Dana Ellis Emily Fifer Megan Janssen Aja McAdams Meagan Shapiro

Dana Ellis - Evil Queen Megan Janssen - Snow White Emily Fifer - Little Red Jen Campbell - Wolf Meagan Shapiro - Miller’s Daughter

Music: Mana part IV by Ran Bagno; Vertigo 20 - Bonus - Sholder by Ran Bagno; Edited by Meagan Shapiro

11 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Designer Highlight Green Is the New Black (GITNB) is in its 12th year, but the show continues to stay fresh by drawing in new and unique designers every year. This year features two first-time GITNB designers, Yoli LaGuerre, world-renowned floral designer, and AJ Machete and Liana Kachmar, two bespoke tailoring designers whose designs have been featured on the Hollywood red carpet. five years ago. Yoli says, “The Roaring Fork Valley is the one place that has made me want to stay put because the community has fully embraced me.”

Yoli LaGuerre

Yoli LaGuerre is an award winning, professionally trained floral designer and native New Yorker. Yoli started young like most creatives and has been a crafter since she can remember. Yoli discovered her love for flowers thanks to her maternal grandmother who used to take her on walks around the Bronx stopping in floral shops, picking out flowers, and then taking them home to arrange them. When she was 12, she started sneaking out of the house to go to the Floral Market on 12th

Street in Manhattan. She would beg the vendors for work or mentorship, so much so that she used to get kicked out of the market for soliciting. That was until everyone working the market fell in love with her spirit and determination. Finally, one designer took Yoli under her wing and Yoli’s floral design career officially began. Yoli has lived in many places and traveled the world doing floral design. She always felt like the world was her home, until she came to Aspen for a job about


Come “Spring Into Wellness”

Offering programs, workshops, presentations and movies that support Human Flourishing – NOW!!


Complete CompleteInterior Interior and and ExteriorWash wash package. Exterior Package

First Friday April 3rd in Carbondale

501(c)3 serving Carbondale and the RFV since 2003

Yoli is also a loving mother of two boys, a carpenter, a knitter, a salsa dancer, and a believer in giving back to the community you live in. Thank you Yoli for coming to the Valley and sharing your beautiful craft.

maattee W i Wa ash t m i i sh CLEAN lUtl Cleans Inside

We Love All Things GREEN!!!

Davi Nikent Center for Human Flourishing

Yoli is excited to continue connecting with the local community through the GITNB Fashion Show. Her line demonstrates her love for blending her passions: floral design, wearable, art, and nature. One of Yoli’s pieces in the show is a dress made out of wood that she collected from the river banks in the Roaring Fork Valley. She is thrilled about this piece because it represents a sustainable effort to reuse the beautiful materials that surround us.

Car Car Wash Wash Detailing Detailing Oil changes Oil Tires Changes


Weather Insurance Insurance Weather

If it rains or snows bring the vehicle back within If it rains48orhours snowsand bringweback vehicle will the rewash it. within

48 hours and we will rewash it.

970-963-8800 745970-963-8800 Buggy Circle in Carbondale www.sunburstcarcare.com 745 Buggy Circle in Carbondale

www.sunburstcarcare.com Open Mon.-Sat. 8am-5:00pm and on Sundays from 9am-4pm for washes only Open Monday - Saturday 8am to 5:30pm and on Sunday from 9am to 4pm for washes only.

12 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Fashion Yourself and your world ANEW!

NEAR NEW 302 Main Street, Carbondale

Open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and EXPANDING our hours from 4 to 7 p.m. on Fridays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays beginning in APRIL. Carbondale’s Near New is a project of the Seven Star Rebekah Lodge, volunteer run to respond to needs of our community.

May our stars grow brighter in years to come. 13 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Designer Highlight AJ & Lianna AJ Machete and Lianna Kachmar also started their career in design in New York City. They met at the Pratt Institute School of Design, Lianna studied fashion design and AJ studied architecture and sculpture. AJ went on to get his BA from Columbia and his Master’s from Harvard where he had an aha moment that made him realize the happiness that creating with your hands can provide, verses a more theoretical existence which he was living in while studying philosophy at Harvard. AJ and Lianna decided to leave New York and move to Denver where they had family and could afford a decent sized home verses their 300-squarefoot studio apartment in the Big Apple. Shortly thereafter, Machete & Sons, AJ and Lianna’s bespoke tailoring company, came to life. Bespoke clothing is traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for a particular client, unlike ready-to-wear factory made clothing which is only available in standard sizes. When their line hits the runway, you will feel it's one-of-a-kindness immediately. Machete & Sons aesthetic is partly inspired by the couple’s love for history, historical fashion in particular. Lianna and AJ are both avid readers and have a library of over 6,000 books in their home. They are particularly inspired by the longevity that clothing used to have. AJ shared, “When someone in the 19th century used to have a coat

made, it was created for generations, not only for that person's whole life but for their children’s as well.” One of the couple’s goals through their business is to create fashion that is of value and that will last for a long time. For example, Lianna still wears a jacket that she and AJ made 12 years ago out of harris tweed. AJ says, “Somehow it looks better now than it does when we first made it.” AJ and Lianna have found a unique niche in the fashion world and

as time goes by their craft and expertise gets better and better. They’ve spent years fitting and figuring out the process and it shows in their work. From the red carpet in Hollywood to Carbondale, CO, Machete & Sons knows how to make an impression. So sit back and enjoy AJ, Lianna, Yoli, and all of the amazing designers in the 12th Annual Green Is the New Black Fashion Show: Mirror Mirror.

14 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

"Every decade is consequential in its own way, but the twenty-twenties will be consequential in a more or less permanent way" ~ Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker

We are staring down our last chance to stop the climate crisis. If we fail in the next 10 years to intervene and to keep temperatures from rising, we will continue to experience wildfires — like Lake Christine in Basalt, as well as floods, mass extinction, and human suffering on a catastrophic scale.

Please consider what is at stake and remember to VOTE!

JOHN FROST MERRIOT www.sierraclub.org

Certified Public Accountant Sierra Club Member since 1977 FrostyCPA.com

15 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow



Denotes Trunk Sale Designer

Little Red

Sideshow Redesigns by Heather Narwid T

Victory Mae x Summers Moore by Amanda Simmons

Garments enhanced with rogue whimsy to create psychedelic regalia for the streets and stage of life’s rich pageant. @sideshow411vintage sideshowdolores@gmail.com

We use photography to create vibrant natural & botanical scenes on eco-printed fabric. We anchor these visuals on classic silhouettes and upcycled vintage capes. victorymae.com amanda@fullcupcreative.com photomoore.com summers2@mac.com

Sewitseamed by Meghan Gillespie sewitseamed.com meghanagillespie@gmail.com

RELIC by Savanna LaBauve & Josie Castaldo Designs-by-M Through contrast and texture, by Michelle Hale RELIC brings together the traditions of the sculptor and the seamstress using bastard porcelain and hemp fabric from Envirotextiles. savannalabauve.com savannalabauve@gmail.com

Hansel | Jack Photo by Caito Foster


DESIGNS by M is a Boulder based company bringing you uniquely handcrafted clothing for men and women all made in the USA. designs-by-m.com beautyspotboulder@gmail.com

Mandel Clothing


Mandel is a sustainable clothing brand. Raw materials guide us to unique garments which combine style with sustainability. facebook.com/mandelclothing mandelclothing@gmail.com

Thomas Mack x Katie Anne Ephemera T

Second hand clothes given a second life. thomasmackdesigns@gmail.com

MDFashions - Aspen “Statement Peace” by MDFashions - Aspen centralizes around the idea that we should embrace our cultural differences, while stressing the importance of our common humanity. mdfashions-aspen.com michelle-lee-dunn@outlook.com

Kendra Lizotte Local designer Kendra Lizotte makes women wear reclaimed and sustainable fabrics. This year’s line is a play on women’s studio/maker wear. treeline.space.com klizotte777@gmail.com Photo by Draper White

Photo by Brent Moss

16 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Swooning Cedar by Jenna Bradford



I-70 West by Caroline Iles Inspired by the Midwest, gas stations, Christian guilt, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Reno strippers, cowboys, poetry, billboards, and free WiFi.

Allison Wegner Allison is local to Carbondale and has designed, patterned, and sewn her collection entirely herself. Allison combined unique fabrics with post-consumer plastics. allisonwegnerdesigns.weebly.com allisonwegner95@gmail.com

The Emperor DON’T BE SO INTENTS :) by Laura Stover The designs in this collection are made almost entirely out of decommissioned tents. Thank you Big Agnes! laurastover.design@gmail.com

Soar by Carly DeBeque My design is made almost entirely of cotton t-shirts and jeans dating as far back as the 80’s. I cleaned out my closet! helenmcqueeney@gmail.com 970-948-2082

Irish Faery Tales by Morgan Walsh Inspired by WB Yeats faeries and poem, The Stolen Child. Recycled silk saris and cheesecloth from stage sets, hand-dyed and hand-sewn by Morgan Walsh. Photo by Olive and West

FABOO (is ALL about U!) by Monika Oginski Blanchard FABOO is a European style unique fashion boutique located in downtown Basalt. Our mantra; Dress 4 Success! Offering flattering comfortable high quality fashion for every body focusing on exceptional honest service and expertise. faboofashion.com monika@faboofashion.com

Photo by Olive and West

Helen McQueeney

Africana Village of Peace Project by Rochelle Norwood T Africana Village of Peace Project is a passion project for the orphans, schools and communities of Ghana celebrating culture through the arts, fashion, & drum and dance. We have a nine-acre village for the future generations, a place to share experiences with the world. Visit our website to donate. africanadanceensemble.org rochellenorwood@hotmail.com

Thimble Fox by Ali O’Neal Designs drawn by hand, handprinted onto fabric and hand-sewn into various styles. Life is not always fair, but fabric and fashion certainly can be.

Rumpelstiltskin Glitz & Litter by Natalie Rae Fuller Classy Trashy looks, emphasizing the waste and plastic fetish industrial fashion worships and produces, while looking fierce and fabulous. @sexyactivism

Machete & Sons by AJ Machete & Lianna Kachmar Machete & Sons is the bespoke menswear line designed by AJ Machete and Lianna Kachmar, and made by hand in Denver, CO. denverbespoke.com aj@denverbespoke.com

17 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Continued from page 16.

BOX ELEVEN by Katie Browne


Carbondale native Katie Browne designs and sews small batch wearables under the label BOX ELEVEN. etsy.com/shop/BoxEleven boxeleven@hotmail.com

Living and Dyeing by Michelle Ridley

Denotes Trunk Sale Designer Rachael Gillespie collaborating with Kenichi Woodworking T

Onyx Moon by Sarah Peterson Original upcycled designs by Kathryn Griest and Sarah Peterson of Onyx Moon with graphics by Monica Basile. Featuring hats from True West Hats. onyxmoonapparel@gmail.com

J. Hilburn T

Intuitively driven, creating clothing with several slow-cloth hand techniques to sculpt natural fiber artwear. Different Vintage textiles meld within each garment, simmered with plants for a transformative process to naturally dye the handmade textile. The language of cloth unfolds into a story, reflecting nature within these soul-filled designs. livinganddyeing.com michelle@livinganddyeing.com

Akomplice by Patrick McCarney This collection uses clothing as a medium to bring awareness to issues facing the fashion industry and to the environmental genocide that’s happening today. akomplicebrand.com info@akomplice-clothing.com

Custom Men’s Wear summertrembley.jhilburn.com summer.trembley@jhilburnpartner.com

No Refuse by Nikki & Rob Miller


This is our 7th year in the GITNB and we are so proud to be part of such a wonderful show. norefuse.com

Foxy Moron × Onboard Balloon Designer Robin Paz is the upcycled textile artist otherwise known as Foxy Moron. Lee Willis, a.k.a. Onboard Balloon, is a cattle rancher in western Colorado, who shoots guns and spray paints found objects. Together, they create one-of-a-kind wearable art.

(Rachael Gillespie) Creator/ designer using reclaimed upholstery fabric, hand embroidery, and scraps of different kinds. Collaborating with Kenichi Woodworking (David Kodana) a designer/ maker of bespoke furniture, and custom cabinetry. Also including jewelry by Crested Butte designer Anna-Marie Davidson. rcgillespiephoto@gmail.com

Yoli LaGuerre Floral Artistry Yoli LaGuerre is an award winning international Floral Artist and Teacher. Devoting her lifelong career to inspiring all to think out of the Vase! www.yolilaguerre.com yoli@yolilaguerre.com

Snow White

Rapunzel Ironic Dilemma Designs by Molly Briggs & Madalyn Buchanan Leather designs made with the environment in mind, right here in Carbondale. Custom work available upon request. ironicdilemma.com ironicdilemma@gmail.com

Photo by Draper White

18 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow




LandfillRules.com 970-429-2880

Solar System or Electric Bill? Which Would You Choose? Contact SoL Energy to Learn More:

970-963-1060 / www.SoL-Energy.Us 199 Main Street CARBONDALE 970.963.7190 info@harmonyscott.com www.HarmonyScott.com

You Can Have a Solar System With No $ Down

19 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Thank You Laura

While she may have moved her office out of The Launchpad and into the Dinkle Building, Laura Stover will forever remain a part of Carbondale Arts. Her vision, design work, and beautiful smile will always be part of the Carbondale Arts heart and soul. Laura helped us launch the Carbondale Creative District, took the Fashion Show to new heights with her projection mapping and design artistry, and helped create the high

quality R2 Gallery. Her incredible work on the poster and t-shirt design at Mountain Fair has helped break sales records and her attention to detail makes us all better people. While we are not fortunate enough to have her on staff forever, we are truly excited to watch where she goes on her own. Her passion is fashion design and we can’t wait to wear Laura Stover originals in the near future.

She will continue her freelance design work while she dives deeper into clothing creation. We now call her new studio Carbondale Arts North because she is still deeply involved in many things Carbondale Arts. Good luck, Laura Stover!! We love you. To get in touch with Laura: laurastover.design@gmail.com

20 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

Building an inclusive and vibrant community through the arts, supporting Carbondale’s identity as a place that fosters creativity, collaboration, innovation, and artistic exploration.

Photo by Michelle Smith

The Carbondale Creative District is overseen by Carbondale Arts. A committee of non-profit, business and creative leaders governs the district. Over 200 creative businesses can be found in Carbondale. Learn about our creatives and all the exciting enterprises and events happening in the district at CarbondaleCreativeDistrict.com

21 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

MODELS Thank you to all our amaiing volunteer models! Adam Lavendar Alex Achterlioff Andrew Ferwitz Anna Jasmine Abdelaal Barbara Frota Bill Laemmel Brooke Warren Carrie Vickers Casey Siers Ciara Morrison Chris Harrison Claire de l’Arbre Crystal Colantino Cyndi Heckman Dakota Morrison Daniel Benevent Dave Blackburn Elissa Rodman Emily Bennett Emma Martin Francisco Elias Georgia Ackerman

Gina Perkins Janisa Humberson Jay Engstrom Jenna Bradford Jennifer Lane Jessica Owings Jill Napiwocki Joey Staron John Ackerman Juliane Duarte Kat Rich Katy Parr Kristen Foote Laura Stover Laurie Darling Leah Swan Linnea Fong Lisa Weiss Madalyn Buchanan Marina Skiles Matte Curry Michael Gorman

Michelle Lundin Morgan Walsh Naima Johansson Vestin Natalie Rae Fuller Nick Forbes Nikki Miller Omar Velazquez Patti Sunderman Paul McQueeney Rachael Schultz Savanna LaBauve Stephanie DiBacco Summer Trembley Tanell Lavendar Taylor Rogers Tessarae Mercer Timara Tisch Valerie Martell Vallee Noone Wes Boyd


You’re proud to call Colorado home. So are we. And we're also proud to sponsor the 12th Green Is The New Black Fashion Show: Mirror Mirror. Since 1973, when we started out in Carbondale, we've been giving back to the Colorado communities where we live, work and play. We’re Alpine Bank.

I N D E P E N D E N C E • CO M M U N I T I E S • CO M PA S S I O N • I N T E G R I T Y • LO YA LT Y alpinebank.com | Member FDIC

22 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

23 • 2020 Carbondale Arts — Green is the New Black Fashion Extravaganza • Published by The Sopris Sun • #CarbondaleFashionShow

PSST! When you shop with us, you’ll see why people make us their first stop—before they hit the big box, or other thrift, stores—for gently-used treasures like furniture, appliances, building materials, and more. You’ll not only save green, you’ll also help us build homes with local families in need of affordable housing. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Discount valid on a single item up to a total savings of $250. Does not apply to custom order WeBuild Cabinets. Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons. One coupon per household, please. Valid through March 31, 2020.

53 Calaway Court, Glenwood Springs

For more info & hours: HabitatRFV.org

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Green is the New Black 2020 Program  

Green is the New Black 2020 Program  

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