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JULY 2012

THE EAGLE THE LAST REPUBLIC NEWSLETTER We believe that the success of The Last Republic depends on the success of each member.

Message from the President Special points of interest:

Narwhal Sig Contest Winners

Alliance Stats

Award Winners

Spotlight on a Department


Spotlight on an Ally

And so much more!

It is important that we all work together and help each other if we are going to keep The Last Republic strong and safe. In order to do that we need everyone to do their duty. Some TLR members seem to be complacent to just be a member and they do very little to pay back the alliance for the real protection that comes with belonging to this awesome alliance. It is a place to belong, but as with any society, it's not a free ride There are many opportunities and things you can do to help the alliance be successful. Go check out the positions list

in the forum Employment Office and also the department employment ads. Opportunities exist in all departments. If you are interested in something just ask a Council member and they can point you in the right direction. Once you have graduated and have some experience it time to pass that knowledge on, so sign up to be a mentor and assist new nations in growing and learning. wiki/The_Last_Republic since the beginning of time and here are some recent numbers from his stat sheet.

We all need to work hard and give back. It doesn't matter how you serve because time there is truly something for everyone to do. I personally encourage each and every one of you to get involved. You will be glad you did!

The Last Republic isn't a parking place for your nation. Our alliance offers protection from attack, a venue to receive reparations when you've been attacked, and it offers you

Stats Fun with Ber nhard Klein BK has been keeping stats and updating the wiki page

many friends and extended family members. There are also many programs that, as TLR members, you are entitled to participate in.

We began July at 992,292 alliance nation strength and as of July 29 we have grown to 1,039,961 NS which is an increase of 10%. Recruiting has been slow as we took time to work on our internal structures. August we will begin our recruitment push.

by s o j o u rn e r

Tech sales have been steady starting the month at 52,865 and ending at 56,133 an increase of about 10%. Tech sales depend on all members contacting sellers/buyers and completing deals on time. On the forum in the Treasury section are useful guides and requests.


Awa r d Wi n n e r s A p r i l 2 0 1 2 Carte Carter0912 Determination Award:

The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it. Voltaire

one of the highest honors offered . It is given to those who through their determination and efforts have made our alliance successful. Brataslavia Recruitment : 25 new members

1 year Anniversary

Military Commendation Award

tuktu Lord Markus The Order of the Narwhal Bartlet Legionaire Vnatham Military Achievement Award members who have proven themselves in war Kkoliver Carter0912

members who have been promoted as an Officer in The Republican Guard Edward Reed Bartlet Warvick Brataslavia Angelsrage


A p r i l A c a d e my G r a d u at i o ns


Congratulations to all our graduating students: AngelsRage22

Sec. of Development Bartlet

Congratulations to our ACE graduates! mpetes kkoliver Carter0912

Headmaster Vnatham

Deputy Carter0912

The newly redesigned Department of Development and its great new staff are working to make the cadet experience an even better one.

Mentors NEEDED!

S t o c k H un t e r g o t p u p p i e s ! Can I hear a AWWWWW‌.

Magnus and Aina


JULY 2012

S po t l i g h t o n a De pa r t m e n t : M i l c o m One of the most important aspects of any alliance is an effective and efficient military. TLR is very pleased to have two great leaders who will help us be prepared to defend and protect TLR: General Feibelman and Colonel Bernhard Klein have reorganized the new department into these squads. Squad Commander - Alpha *NightHawk (0 to 4K NS) Squad Commander - Bravo *carter0912 (4K to 10K NS) Squad Commander - Charlie *Stock Hunter (10K to 24K NS)

http:// viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2982

War Guide located here

Squad Commander - Delta *Black Arrow (>24K NS) There will be a monthly check in for all nations. This is mandatory for all nations. Those who do not check in on the forum will receive a 20% WARN.

Feibelman Âť June 18th, 2012, 8:38 pm TLR HAS ENTERED ORANGE THREAT LEVEL ORANGE: Elevated Alert. The threats to TLR have been increased to a dangerous level and/or an alliance war could possibly involve us in the near future. War machinery takes precedence over all other matters. You should have max nukes and required warchest.

IRC and Skype We would like to invite all members to join us on IRC and Skype. There is a guide to joining IRC in the guide section on the forum. Those of us who are on IRC: Please beware who is in a channel that you talk on. Loose lips sink ships.

That said, IRC is a great way to meet people from other alliances. Be sure your ruler name is your IRC name with TLR in brackets at the end. This way everyone will know who you are and what alliance you are in.

Skype is another meeting place for our alliance. We have 30 members there and it is a fun way to get to know members, ask questions, and just have fun. Look me up: sojournercn

Join us on Skype or your support PAGE 3



Mp e t e s . . T h e C a na d i a n Co r ne r The Nuclear Proliferation League is an aqua team alliance. It was founded by King Wally, KemMo, Centurion Adamus, All the Wright Moves, Matese on May 27, 2011. They are part of the Super Friends bloc‌ Wiki page is:

This is mpetes at the Canadian Corner given you the scoop!

I will be interviewing Kem from Nuclear Proliferation League. I have recently gotten to know them through my FA work for TLR and now its time for everyone to get the scoop on this great alliance. What makes NPL, NPL? Our love for nukes, comradeship, and our loyalty to our allies. Who do you think is the hardest working member in your alliance? I wouldn't say any of are harder working, we're a team and we all play a role. Who would you say is NPL's spam master? King Wally, he's got the highest post count Do you guys play any other games together outside of CN? There's a group of us who play MW3 on the PS3 Who would you say is the funniest in the alliance? Myself, Smurth, and Wally are all really spicing at times. I like to say I am, but it's debatable. We all are quite crude and witty. Now who would you say is the most strict disciplined one? Definitely Smurth. He doesn't take any shit! Should a zombie apocalypse happen what 3 items would you have with you? .50 cal DE, a shovel, and ak-47 Who would you say you are closest to in the alliance? Eh, I'm extremely close with a lot. Wally and Smurth because we serve together on our FA team. That concluded our interview I would like go give a special thanks to Kem and NPL for this opportunity to interview them. This is mpetes at the Canadian Corner given you the scoop! o/ TLR


JULY 2012

N a r wh a l S i g C o n t e s t Wi n n e r f o r May : S wo r d May 2012 sig contest ended in a tie between sojourner and Mike1587. Mike and sojourner decided to donate the winnings to Carter0912. Thanks to our judges mpetes, Feibelman, Gary the 74th and Ed Reed. Look forward to Mike’s choice of topics for June...



N a r wh a l S i g C o n t e s t Wi n n e r f o r Ju n e : S u m m e r







October 14, 2012 will be The Last Republic’s 2nd Birthday! We are planning a week long celebration including arcade games and tournaments, writing contest, sig contests, and more. Please offer to help by giving some time to this exciting celebration. Contact sojourner and offer your talents to help! I need writers, graphics guys and game judges.

Charter Article X- The WARN System Please look at this new section of the charter as it explains various duties of members and how failure to comply with certain necessary activities will be handled. It also will identify behaviors expected of members. This will assure that everyone is given equal treatment and expectations are clearly stated. New Charter We have a new charter which was ratified by a Council unanimous vote on July 7, 2012. The new charter is located here:

Council Members Elections were held and new council members selected: President sojourner General Feibelman Sec. of Development Bartlet Sec. of Econ ACiDNiNE Sec. of Foreign Affairs mpetes PAGE 6




Employment “Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of 'crackpot' than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.” Chauncey Depew

“A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.” anonymous

Diplomats needed… must be diplomatic see mpetes for details

H e l p NE E DE D i n o ur E c o n De p a r t m en t

P e o p l e ne e d ed t o he l p g e t t h e s el l er s a n d b u y er s t o g e t h er ! He l p us gr o w… . A C i DN i N E or N i gh t h a w k ca n g i ve y o u t h e i n fo . E x p er i e nc e wi t h t he us e of S pr ea ds h e et s h e l p f u l

Ask Bartlet or Carter if interested in being a mentor

Mentors needed: Don’t let the new generation of members be without mentors and have them just do PAGE 7

The Eagle July 2012  

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