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May 2011

Government of The Last Republic PRESIDENT sojourner Vice President Stockhunter CONSUL of INTERNAL AFFAIRS Ed Reed CONSUL of FOREIGN AFFAIRS Mr Havok CONSUL of ECONOMICS Jharius II GENERAL of the REPUBLICAN GUARD General Rustikus Colonel Bernhard Klein

TLR Motto: “Anima de Aquila” May you have the strength Of eagles' wings, The faith and courage to Fly to new heights, And the wisdom Of the universe To carry you there. PREAMBLE We the nations of The Last Republic are united in purpose and brotherhood. We believe that the success of The Last Republic depends on the success of each member. Our pledge is to support each members’ growth so our alliance prospers and achieves its goals. Together we are strong.

The Eagle The Last Republic Newspaper TLRs First Summer Approaches by Colonel Bernhard Klein

As we approach May and TLR’s first summer, I am glad to say that things on the growth front have been indeed very promising. One month after exiting the global war it seemed that the Republic was on the road to a leisurely, albeit comfortable, recovery. But our reconstruction has continued to surpass expectations: as of the 28th of April, only 8,000 units of infrastructure would be needed to return to prewar levels. To put it in perspective, after a loss of just over 49% of the alliance’s infra, only 10% remains to be rebuilt – after a loss of 44% of the alliance’s overall strength, only 17% remains to be made up. Things are indeed looking up in the economic domain for TLR! As for the Republican Guard, the ground forces, once depleted to a low of 164,000 troops, has returned to a formidable force of 270,000. In addition, the Navy of the Republic has expanded significantly from its pre-war force of a mere six ships to a fledgling fleet of 32. Though we have lost several members in the past month, new cadets (and comrades too) take to the ranks of the Republic and offer us a future of hope – a future of promise.

TLR Members Speak Out By KittyKat KittyKat sent a message out to get feedback on how membership feels.

up, I might say something involving The Eagle (aka writing).

How affective do you think the government is at helping members who are having trouble?

I guess I'm willing to help in the aid apartment. I'm not a warmonger, I believe in achieving economic power over military power. To this extent I'm happy to make free aid donations to weaker members for nothing. So as long the money is used well for good intentions.

As the government of the TLR I guess I have the expectation that you protect weaker members from raids. Unless they provoked the attack themselves, Check up on them once in a while to see how are they doing., trades, links to higher powers, setting a foot on the place in which to support other members.

So if you want committed members of the TLR you have to state you expect them to try to strive for that extra mile. I know some will try others will lazy around, that's life you know.

Do you think members are friendly and eager enough to the extra mile whatever may be asked of them?

We do want to hear from you...what can we do to help you and what can you do to help TLR.

I still recall my first week in TLR - I think every council member (and SH was deputy I think) helped me at some point. If any new member ever asks a question of me (which is unfortunately rare) I try to help them out the best I can. From what I've seen on IRC and skype, they seem to make every effort to help when asked to help. I guess the key is to ask questions when you need something clarified.

We need a team of active members willing to use their talents to help make TLR into a strong, meaningful and fun group. The political climate right now is changing dramatically and it is important that we stand strong and grow. Many smaller alliances have disbanded or merged recently, but we are committed to never allowing this to happen to TLR. Council is always open to suggestions and questions. We are here to help everyone be strong individually as then we are strong together. SPEAK UP...............................

How willing are you to help within the alliance and why? Milcom and FA stuff. That's the stuff I find interesting, though if I had to triple

TLRs New Home by zouzou

A lot of changes have been happening in The Last Republic these couple of months and the best is without a doubt the launching of the alliance’s new forum. Even though there was an old forum this was an important event. The old forum had several flaws in it which made it impractical and even annoying to some who used it. Since it was being hosted on a free server it was limited to whatever that host made available. With the new forum the alliance can now hope for unlimited extra features such as the potential to make your own blog and fully customizing the look of the forum to name a couple. On the 31st of March, Stockhunter the Forum Administrator purchased the new domain name: and began working on the project that will certainly impact the alliance in many positive ways. It took 14 days and 3 to 4 hours daily to achieve the initial transfer of topics and initial forum set-up. Some of the first problems he faced was the fact that the new forum software and database needed to be installed on the hosting server before anything could be done. Thankfully there was an option for easily implementing forum software on the domain. Yet after the first step toward completion problems continued to arise, but they were no match for Stockhunter who dismissed them one after the other. After the finishing touches were added, all the old data from the old forum was transferred into the new one: work could once again resume in the heart of the alliance’s new workplace. At the time of the writing of this article there is more than 25 masks (ranks) to try to achieve and over 80 forums and sub-forums where the alliance can work in. Thank You to Stockhunter for making this possible.

New Members April by Edward Reed

Welcome to all of The Last Republics newest members. The TLR recruitment team had great success in getting members to sign on with us this month. I would like to welcome all of those who have joined us since our last edition of "The Eagle" vekta32 ebolavirus coltonpayne21 Andrew Jakon daggerblade leensen Bruce Trellis HaDeL Bartlet pickleboyavenger Warvick zouzou janowski Jerome Chan

April 02, 2011 April 08, 2011 April 10, 2011 April 09, 2011 April 12, 2011 April 15th, 2011 April 18th, 2011 April 19th, 2011 April 22nd, 2011 April 19th, 2011 April 26th, 2011 April 18th, 2011 April 25th, 2011 April 22nd, 2011

Keep up the hard work recruitment team!

Meeting Places Please visit the forum to get all the most recent information Our New Home We have an IRC channel #lastrepublic Skype chat query



Resource 1 Resource 2 number of trade slots used: harbor y/n

rustikus mr havok ryan delaney vekta32 Mikhail Kutuzov brataslavia jhariusII edward reed benthebozer josip32 kittykat janowski lortaco bernhardklein kingdwight94 erwinrommel andrew jakon tuktu riamudimentis

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wheat lumber uranium sugar uranium gems wine marble uranium lumber uranium coal lumber spices water spices pigs pigs cattle

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curtiswt saleen mclauren lard markus dallas the fox leensen warvick arielle 327 coltonpayne21 bruse trellis hadel mogenar bartlet pickleboyavenger sargcullen1 bastille hades stockhunter acidnine jerome chan almighty dave sojourner zouzou

uranium marble aluminum oil uranium rubber lumber cattle aluminum furs cattle silver coal oil fish cattle pigs lumber gold oil cattle

wheat sugar sugar rubber wheat silver rubber water wine gems marble wine wine water rubber marble water oil silver silver gems

5y 4y 5y 4n 3n 0n 2n 2n 1n 3n 2n 2n 0n 1n 2y 5y 5y 5y 5y 5y 3y

Trade Circles By sojourner (information provided by zouzou)

The Internal Affairs Building On the previous page you will find a list of TLR members and some very important information. This list shows the resources, trades slots filled and whether the nation has a harbor. (thanks zouzou for the list) One of the most important things to do when building your nation is to join a trade circle which will allow you to gain valuable bonus resources. Joining in your team color adds even more. Take time to look on the forum at the guides and trade circle openings, check the list here, and contact IA staff or Council with questions.... Help yourself, Help The Last Republic.

The Eagle May 2011  
The Eagle May 2011  

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