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April 2011

The Eagle The Last Republic Numbers are Down, But TLR is Looking Up by Colonel Bernhard Klein Hello Last Republicans! The alliance has weathered its first major trial (the war against GOONs)– indeed, the night of 28 January will go down in the books as the night on which the Republic made its decisive dÊbut on the global stage of Planet Bob. Afterwards we spent several weeks engaged in battle. GOONs and TLR slung all that they had at each other, and a formidable fight it was. At just over fourhundred members, the Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism should have, under any circumstances, made short work of the Last Republic, however, we fought fiercely. The Republic and a hodgepodge coalition of allies were able to help fend them off. This coalition

reduced them to half of their pre-war strength in the defense of the New Pacific Order.

undertaking will proceed and be completed efficiently.

Of course, after several weeks spent fighting an alliance such as GOONS we did pay the price. After reaching our alliance peak of 435,000 NS, the Republic valiantly sacrificed 44% of its strength in the campaign to aid the Legion, our protector, in the fight. But these statistics do not tell the entire story: the loss of nearly 60,000 NS (roughly onethird of all TLR losses) came as a result of defecting members. Two of our highest leaders left during the conflict.

More good news is The Last Repulic will recover this ground relatively easily, especially with the help of such great alliances as GLOF and Colossus who have stepped up to help and without whom our rebuild would be much more difficult. As of this time and the cessation of hostilities, TLR has regained 1/18 of its losses. For many this may not seem like a large amount, but such growth is sure to continue as recruitment and tech deals recommence.

And now there is the issue of 100 million we owe the GOONs for reps. This undertaking and the quick efficient payment has been organized by Jharius II our Consul of Economics. With the help of Stockhunter this

With the help and effort of everyone in the TLR family, the Republic can rise once more to its former glory. The Last Republic is here to stay.

The Eagle TLR Rebuilding Begins By KittyKat

Lets do this! Jarius II, Consul of Economics, was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions about The Last Republic’s post war rebuilding plan . How much did TLR lose during the war with GOONS? We took a big hit when it came to economics. Due to GOONS being in the Doomhouse Bloc, they were seeded a lot of money from Mushroom Kingdom. We are lucky that we had three big nations in peace mode to assist us with the rebuilding phase. How long do you think it will take to rebuild? The rebuilding process is already under way. It should not take long for us to get back to where we were. We are also lucky we have friends in other alliances (GLoF and Colossus) that are willing to help us out by agreeing to 3/50 technology deals. What has the cost of rebuilding been so far? SH and A9 have both helped out the cause by each giving out 18mil in rebuilding aid to the alliance members.

36mil is not a lot at all. We lost more than this in the war but due to the fact that we are a small alliance with a small upper tier, this is all we can do at the time. Do you think next time we are at war we will be able to minimize damages after the war with GOONS? When we go to war in the future I would like everyone to have their squad warchest level. Not only does a warchest assist in conflicts but it is also good in an economic standpoint for post-war rebuilds. Who is your favourite person in TLR? Mr Havok because he is my cousin. Who do you think is the most warmongering member? I believe the biggest Warmongers have left in the recent past. What's your favourite Rock 'n' Roll track? Iron Maiden - Run for the Hills I wanted to find out some juicy gossip but all I got was Jharius II is married. Boring! Here is the link you need to sign up:

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General Rustikus Speaks Out by KittyKat General Rustikus shared his thoughts and feelings surrounding being the general. I was very interested to see how the general felt about his position and being involved in the recent conflict, especially since he was elected to the post during the war.

It's good to know he is uber human since he is "the general"!

How did you feel when the membership voted and you were made General? Honored and proud to have been trusted with this important job in TLR. I was the deputy of the previous General and not much happened without my involvement, so not much changed for me. The only real change was to now have the last word on all military affairs and the responsibility for all of MilCom decisions. So how does being General really feel? It feels fine, not much different how it was to be Colonel. It is a great honor to be trusted with the top job in the Republican Guard and to be on the Council.

Has being General made you feel like an uber human? I have always been uber human (It's good to know he is uber human since he is "the general"!) What are your views on the current situation with GOONS? The war and especially how our involvement in it ended has made my opinion of them better. Do not get me wrong I do not have high opinion of them, but they did end the war with us in a positive way. What was it like going into your first war as a General? I went into the war as Colonel and took over as General in the second half of the war. When we entered the war I knew we would do good, but the work of our members in the war exceeded my expectation. We now have a group of experienced fighters, which the military leadership can count on. Who did you fight against in the war? I think I fought 12 wars against GOONS, but do not remember who

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Continued from page 4 they were. I do however remember well one of them, Booster, as there was some good banter between us. It was fun to fight him and he gave me few nukes to light up my nation. Too many of my enemies in the war did not really fight back and the beginning of the war was not very fun as I attacked 3 GOONS and only one showed some effort to fight back.

Not getting SDI prior to the war is my only regret so far.

Do you think things could have worked out better with them? Our relationship to them prior to the war was non-existent. We fought them well and I think all of us had fun fighting them. I don't really think we could have done much better in the war. There are many lessons we can draw from this war and they will filter into future military planning. The end to the war was, in my view, good for us and I am quite happy with how the GOONS acted with regards to the reps we will have to pay. We will have to see if and what form of relationship we will have with them in the future. How do you think the war has made us appear to others? It has at least shown the world that we can fight, fight well and for a long time. We are a small alliance that was able to fund the war inter-

nally and keep going for 6 weeks. We caused great damage to the GOONS and did so with honour and pride. When I look at how we fought the war then I am proud of every single TLR warrior. We all did well. How do you think the war with GOONS will affect us in the long term? It has shown the world our fighting skills and stamina. We also have a good base of TLR nations with experience of large scale alliance war. We are therefore in a great position to move forward. What are your thoughts on getting more chicks into the alliance? The more good members that we have, the better. Gender is not important. Are there any decisions you made you regret? Not getting SDI prior to the war is my only regret so far. What's your favorite Rock 'n' Roll tune? We are the Champions with Queen Well you can draw your own conclusions, but for me this discussion with General Rustikus has sure made me feel we got the right man for the job.

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Welcome to all of The Last Republics newest members. We are glad to have you join us at this exciting time. With the war behind us, we are moving into the rep paying phase. After this we will be starting our growth phase. We have a goal for the alliance to reach 500,000 nation strength by July. There is a reps and rebuild plan underway and I urge all of our members to sign up on the forums today.

The Story of The Last Republic By sojourner

And they said it would never last! On April 14, 2011 The Last Republic will be celebrating its 6 month anniversary. Seems so much longer considering all that has happened in those few months... Here is chapter ONE of the story of TLR: Chapter 1 This all started on October 14, 2010 when a small band of nations left the alliance most had called home for over 2 years to seek a different way of doing things. The departure was premature and spurred on by threats and harassment. The initial leaders were sojourner, Stockhunter, Mr. Havok, Jharius II, Rustikus, AcidNine, ScoutX, Johnathan Chaos, Razgriz90. It was quite the departure. There were those who would call me “the leader” and “traitor” for recruiting members while still in their alliance. This was not true but none-the-less, tempers flared and we were threatened with destruction. I was the first to go, and posted my short and respectful resignation. Stockhunter was not quite as discreet, and his resignation included this video: There were other who had worked with us on the formation of the alliance who chose to go in other directions. One was stargatesg1 who chose to join Fark. DVDCCHN who left right before me chose to stay with RnR.

Narsis Ausian stayed behind deciding not to leave at all. Interesting fact was he had started the whole idea back in September. RnR allowed us refuge until we could find a protector. Initially, we asked Fark, but they never came to a decision and since we needed things done quickly we turned to The Legion. Mr Havok had strong relations with Legion as their former diplomat, and they were quick to step up and protect our small group. Hastily we completed the Charter and Flag and wrote our DoE. Legion followed with the Protectorate agreement and we posted it on the OWF. The document started with this statement: “We have formed a brotherhood based on the philosophy that openness and persistence will prevail. Our ability to work together, to embrace change and to enjoy the process of building our future has revived our minds and spirits. There is a new day starting for us as we move ahead together, bound by similar values, aspirations and goals.� The documents can be found here: =ferrum&fromsearch=1&#entry2484745 Luckily work had already begun on a forum; Jharius II had been working on it for a few weeks. We had already posted some information. Our first forum diplomat was katashimon13 from RnR. Then came stargatesg1, MeltedLazerz (Legion), MildlyInsane (RnR). Our first member to join was JustSpeechless on Oct. 19 2010. We were on our way: to be continued

The Eagle April 2011  
The Eagle April 2011  

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