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Volume 1, Issue

November 2010

The Eagle THE

LAST O u r

f i r s t

We came into existence at 6:30 pm EST on October 14, 2010. We did not know what our future would hold, but we set out to form an alliance based on friendliness, fairness and fun. We left behind the old and looked ahead to the future.

FROM Stockhunter General of the Republican Guard

We have a clear vision of what we expect to accomplish and with the help of our friends and Protectors, The Legion, we see a bright future. We have recruited steadily and our future is now filled with promise as our new members learn


d a y s

and grow. We are proud to have been chosen by these new members and hope to bring them growth and success. We have also ventured out into the diplomatic scene and have chosen a path for ourselves that will bring us new friends and allies. We look forward to a bright future. We need all of you to do your part to make our new alliance be a successful and interesting place to be.. We salute our new members and all the talent they bring to us:

Welcome to The Last Republic

Bastille Hades Brutus Johanson infinum

“no one is allowed to enter into an offensive war without my personal approval.�

Dan the Great JustSpeechless reaper143 LEGENDA Strongbow

Anima de Aquila


Please sign up and use Skype‌... This is an important communication tool and we need to have everyone participate . Skype is where we discuss business, teach and strategize. FYI we do not use he phone feature just chat. application=download&return_url=http://

Technology Deals Technology deals will be assigned as follows: with TLR

Purchase tech as follows: 4.5,10, 10, 5, 0.5,10 Tech is less expensive when using this sequence to purchase it.

nations Second... sign up on the forum Deals will be 3 million for 100 tech to be sent in bundles of 50, 10 days apart. Remember tech deals require a 30 day commitment on your part, and we trust you will complete each deal as promised.

Your first tech deal will be started after you follow the initial instructions you will receive from your mentor. Once you have completed the initial steps you will be ready to begin farming tech.




On The Last Republic Forum Helpful links

We would like for everyone to have access to all the information needed to

Nation Advice This is a place to post your nation and have advice given to you by our experienced staff nation-advice-f62/ Guides Here is a information about the game for you to read -bookshelf-f20/

W e

n e e d

There are many things that have to be done to keep an alliance growing and prospering. There are many departments that need help to complete the daily tasks that are needed for the daily business to occur. We need all of you to think about helping in one of the departments. We need :

make your nations grow strong and for you to enjoy your CyberNations experience. We have tried to assemble some of the best methods of learning as possible. One thing is a must: you need to get on the forum and use everything at your disposal. We also need you to meet us on Skype to discuss strategies and new information. So let’s get you growing!

e v e ryo n e ’ s

To name a few. Contact a Council member and ask what you can do for your alliance, not what your alliance can do for you.

Sojourner Alderman Razgriz90 MoIA Mr Havok MoFA

Recruiters Ghostbusters Trade Workers Tech Farms

h e l p

Jharius MoEA Stockhunter General

May you have the strength Of eagles' wings, The faith and courage to Fly to new heights, And the wisdom Of the universe

The Eagle November 2010  


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