Snellville Spirit Spring 2016

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Where Everybody is Proud to Be Somebody! Spring 2016

SNELLVILLE DAYS Saturday, April 30 - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, May 1 - Noon to 5 p.m. T.W. Briscoe Park

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Spring 2016 - Volume 21 Snellville Spirit Magazine is produced by: Snellville Tourism & Trade Association

How I love the Spring! Traditionally, we think of spring as the season between winter and fall when we look forward to the coming summer. A time of new growth. I was thinking about that and how Snellville is really in a “Spring.” Snellville is in a time of new growth and looking forward to the coming season. You see this in the Towne Green construction in the middle of the city, new business and development throughout the city, and all the new activities that are planned for the coming season. STAT has a great schedule of events this year and we are looking forward to being right in the middle of the new Towne Green. I was looking at the definition of spring, I realized that it is not only the season but is also used as a verb. Spring can mean to come up or out of something into existence. Spring implies rapid or sudden emerging. That also sounds like the Spring of Snellville. Snellville is on the move and it is great to see everyone working together on the community activities and business that will make Snellville a stronger and more vibrant community. We’ve got a new “Spring” in our step! You can check out the great schedule of upcoming events on our website at Make sure and mark your calendars. You can also stay connected with the Snellville Commerce Club that meets the first Tuesday each month at City Hall - Where Business Thrives! I would like to thank our Keystone Sponsor for 2016 – Eastside Medical Center! We could not do all that we do without our sponsors and we look forward to partnering with Eastside Medical to make Snellville a place we can all be proud to call home. Enjoy the spring!


Snellville Tourism and Trade Association’s mission is to promote business, tourism and events in the City of Snellville. President Don Britt Vice President Gretchen Schulz Secretary Kathy Emanuel Treasurer Jamey Toney Board Member Alice Snipes Board Member Brian Pendley Board Member Susan Chappelear Board Member Tom Morris Board Member Stephen Brust Executive Director Kelly McAloon Mayor of Snellville Tom Witts City Council Barbara Bender - Mayor Pro Tem,Bobby Howard, Dave Emanuel, Cristy Lenski and Roger Marmol City Website: Magazine Design by Brian Arrington and Perry Cox

Don Britt President Snellville Tourism & Trade

Connecting our Community to Celebrate Snellville 4

P.O. Box 669 • Snellville, GA 30078 Website:

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

Magazine Cover Photo Courtesy of Contributing Writers and Photographers: Kelly McAloon, Eric Van Otteren, Don Britt, Barbara Bender, Brian Arrington, Perry Cox, Tom Witts, Roy Whitehead, Deborah Puette, Gaye Johnson, Gretchen Schulz and Dave Emanuel






MAYOR’S MESSAGE Mayor Tom Witts talks Snellville.



































Feeding the hungry is 24/7/365.

Get ready for Snellville’s premier festival. Take a look at the progress of the Towne Green. The city’s development reach is getting stronger. The annual event kicks off the city’s event season. Area students are showing their flair for business. Upcoming events at T.W. Briscoe Park. Veterans to be remembered in Snellville.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

Snellville Arts Commission to put on fashion show. The summer’s movie schedule.

A look back and forward at sites in the city.

The Snellville Senior Center is always hopping. Which bands are playing STAT’s concert series? You can do more than just walk in T.W. Briscoe Park. A rundown of all of Snellville Tourism and Trade events. The Snellville Farmer’s Market opens June 4. Businesses open or opening in Snellville. 5 5

MAYOR’S MESSAGE By Tom Witts, Mayor of Snellville

Following the election in November, Snellville finally is “united.” We now have a Mayor and Council that has pledged to work together for the betterment of the city. Social media is glowing with praise for this new direction we hope will continue for years to come. As mayor, I know there is a lot of work to do, but we have hit the ground running. The new Towne Green, in front of City Hall, has been redesigned to provide attendees of the many events there, a safer, greener and more attractive experience. A wall, stage, shrubbery

I invite everyone to join our team in a ‘united’ Snellville and enjoy the progress to come.

and signature sundial highlight the new greenspace. Cross Oak Road and you will see Memorial Park with the popular Veterans Memorial, the area’s first labyrinth – a meditative walking path - and new public art. T.W. Briscoe Park has new ballfields, tennis courts and soccer facilities thanks WITTS to Special Local Option Sales Tax funds which will provide expanded recreation opportunities for residents for years to come. Last year, we completed work on our Livable Centers Initiative which provides a walkable streetscape in the downtown area. The new wide sidewalk, lighting and pedestrian amenities will provide an attractive foundation for our long-term goal of creating a vibrant downtown with unique mixed-use projects providing opportunities for commercial developers and potential residents. I invite everyone to join our team in a “united” Snellville and enjoy the progress to come.

POLICE BEAT By Roy Whitehead, Chief of Police In an effort to open lines of communication with our community, the Snellville Police Department is active on social media; particularly, Facebook and Twitter. We encourage everyone to “LIKE” us on Facebook to receive good information on current events, find out what the Department is doing, enjoy the humor and the opportunity to communicate with us. Our department social media efforts have been recognized and used as a model for other agencies. We have over 11,000 followers and want to reach out to as many people as possible. Please take this opportunity to get involved with us.


We offer a program in what to do if confronted with an “active shooter” situation. Over 200 community members have been provided the training known as Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (C.R.A.S.E.). We thank the First Baptist Church of Snellville for partnering with us and offering the use of their facilities for the classes. Lt. Rob Pendleton and Lt. Dean Boone have provided excellent programs that have been extremely well received.

If your organization would like to host one of these classes, please contact me at

The Department proudly recognizes the retirements of K-9 Bart, handled by Sgt. Will Collins, and K-9 Coop, handled by Ofc. Dennis Peters. Both dogs served the city with distinction. Ofc. Peters is also retiring from the K-9 Unit and will continue to serve as a patrol officer. Mayor Tom Witts and City Council have recognized the service, dedication and loyalty of these teams with recent Proclamations in their honor. Sgt. Rain Nieddu recently attended the National Criminal Enforcement Association conference in Reno, Nevada. The annual conference provides extensive training and recognizes those officers who excel in aggressive pursuit of the criminal element. Sgt. Nieddu received recognition as runner-up for the Street Level Interdiction Officer of the year for her successful efforts in 2015. The organization boasts 6,500 members from throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guam and Ghana. This is a major achievement and our city is proud of Sgt. Nieddu’s accomplishment. 66

Snellville Police Chief Roy Whitehead and Sgt. Rain Nieddu who recently attended the National Criminal Enforcement Association conference where she was recognized for her achievements.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody


By Gaye Johnson, Director of Public Works The City of Snellville Public Works Department has a number of different responsibilities. We have a 17-person staff that handles city road and street repairs, stormwater sewer inspections and projects, street sign repair and replacement and landscape maintenance for all city buildings, road medians inside the city limits on Highway 124, city right-of-way areas and the historical cemetery. Litter control and Snellville’s Recycling Center are also the responsibility of the Public Works Department, as are all residential and commercial sanitation and recycling needs. City event set-ups including all Christmas decorations on light poles and installation of the city’s Christmas tree. All maintenance for the city’s equipment and vehicles is also handled by Public Works. Questions about streets are very common, and frequently, we’re asked to repair a street that is not the city’s responsibility. Gwinnett County is in charge of repairs and maintenance on a number of roads including Wisteria Drive, Skyland Drive, Lenora Church Road, Henry Clower Boulevard, most of Oak Road, and Highway 124. The Georgia Department of Transportation handles Highway 78.

Recycling Center. When available, mulch is free if you load it yourself, and costs $10 for a backhoe scoop. We also sell firewood when we have it on hand. Keep in mind that curbside recycling pick-ups are currently limited to 6 items. Beginning in July there may be more options for curbside recycling due to changes in JOHNSON sanitation and recycling services. One change we know will occur is that glass will no longer be picked up curbside, although it can still be brought to the recycling center. Cardboard will replace glass as a material that can be recycled in the curbside bins. Our office hours at Public Works are Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Our phone number is 770-9853527. The recycling center is open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and its direct number is 770-985-3539. You can also follow us on Facebook at “Snellville Public Works” to keep up with the latest information. We are all very proud to call Snellville Public Works our team family and work home and we look forward to hearing from you.

Residents living within the city limits are welcome to use the award winning Recycling Center - a yard debris drop off area and the junk container. The costs associated with these two services, which are paid for with tax revenues, require us to limit their use to city residents so bring your driver’s license. Please check our website (, then click on “Departments” and then “Public Works”) for the range of materials we accept for recycling, and those items that are hazardous and not accepted. You can also bring “gently used” clothing and household items to the American Kidney Fund drop-off facility located in the Recycling Center. (For more information go to If you’re in the market for mulch or firewood, contact the

BOOTING HUNGER Snellville came out on top over Grayson in the Give Hunger the Boot Challenge this year, after Grayson took the prize during the event’s first year. Snellville residents came up big as they collected more than 6,000 food items and raised $15,187 to benefit the Southeast Gwinnett Co-op. The trophy for the contest now sits in City Hall. A plaque is also on display, which will show the winners of the event annually. From left are Councilman Dave Emanuel, Mayor Tom Witts and Kathy Emanuel. The Emanuels founded Give Hunger the Boot which has a goal to feed the area’s needy.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody




ENTERTAINMENT Peter Hart, Puppeteer - Our “Specialty Puppet” show is filled with music, color, action, and unique puppets. It is a show for everyone in a family audience. There is a degree of humor, sophistication, cleverness and skill presented for grownups to totally enjoy the performance. The show is in a variety format that is perfect for a walk-by audience. All of the puppet routines presented have some form of audience interaction or participation.

Kachunga and the Alligator Show - From deep in the swamps of Florida comes Kachunga, a real American Bushman who dares to step foot into the wet domain of the alligator. Watch in astonishment as he apprehends a ferocious man-eating reptile with his bare hands. Most people have never seen an alligator up close. The mystique of these giant reptiles is in itself a big draw. Now imagine the thrill of watching a man pit his strength and agility against nine feet-300 lbs. of lashing tail and gnashing jaws in a dangerous dance of reflexes and cunning. Kachunga’s struggle with the alligator keeps each member of the audience on the edge of their seat biting their nails and curling their toes. Carrie McQueen Stiltwalker - Not only does she wield them like they are her own legs, she also juggles, dances, and creates an atmosphere of fun and excitement. She is outgoing and interactive – attracting attention with her personality. Carrie started her career in Kansas City, then moved to the Atlanta area in 1997 and has been performing around the country and abroad ever since.

Robinson’s Racing Pigs - This little piggy went to Snellville Days last year and now this little piggy can’t stay home. Come watch these adorable pigs race for OREOS….yes, OREOS. They were a big hit at the 2015 Snellville Days and we welcome them back for more. 8

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody


For all our volunteers, you are the best people in the world.

The city is having its 43rd annual Snellville Days this year and it would have never happened if not for the people who come forward and take the thankless jobs. You make it so seamless that the public never knows how very difficult it is to pull this off. We have sometimes been hampered by bad weather, but the volunteers have already spent thousands of hours all year long to then have the skies open up. It is so amazing that we have only been completely washed out twice. We are shining our spotlight on two volunteers this year who go above and beyond to make this city a place so many people call “home.” You all are family to us. - Snellville Parks and Recreation Marcia Mitchell is a long time resident of Snellville. She worked as an EMT and then worked at Eastside Medical as a Schedule Coordinator for the Operating room. There she met Snellville Days Committee Chairman, Bob Davis. She retired but hopes to get a degree in psychology and become an addiction counselor. Marcia has one son, Phillip; who is the Recreation Manager for Brookhaven Parks. She has special memories of taking her son to watch the Snellville Days Parade when he was 5 months old and walking with him in the Parade when he was a Cub Scout, circa 1994. She started volunteering for Snellville Days in 2010 and never left; the truth is we won’t let her leave. Thanks Marcia for all you do. Debra Pennington has resided in Snellville since 1996. She has two daughters; Angelica is in college to become a nurse and Jessica works for Lowes in Snellville. A couple of years back Debra retired from ATT after 40 years. She decided she wanted to “give back.” She has volunteered for Snellville Days for 11 years and we hope many more. Debra is a longtime member of the Telephone Pioneers and a member of the Snellville Senior Center. She volunteers for both and also for the Grayson Senior Center, the Bethesda Senior Center, the Centerville Community Center, and STAT. She attends Art Commission meetings and is a graduate of the Snellville Citizens Police Academy. If you see her at Snellville Days, you will know her by her smile. Thanks Debra.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody


SNELLVILLE DAYS THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS 43rd Annual Snellville Days Festival Schedule Saturday, April 30 10a-6p FREE Arts and Crafts Festival T.W. Briscoe Park

Sunday, May 1 12p-5p FREE Arts and Crafts Festival T.W. Briscoe Park

10a-6p Kid’s field

12p-5p Kid’s Field

Community Stage 10:00 Metro Jazz Band 11:00 Atlanta Comedy Theater-Christina Bjorn 11:30 J C Magill Elementary Chorus Noon Josiah Siska, live country music 12:30 Canaan Land Music & Dance 1:00 David Leon, live country music 1:30 Atlanta Comedy Theater-Christina Bjorn 2:00 The Groove Movement Band, live R&B 2:45 Charles Minter Tae Kwon Do 3:30 Micah Hudgins, R&B artist 4:30 Alma Mexicana traditional Mexican dance 5 :00 Rock Vault Band, classic rock

Community Stage 12:00 Grupo Folklorico Aleli, Mexican dance 12:45 Smilin’ Duck Band, oldies & gospel blues 1:30 Brian Alben, Pop & R&B 2:00 Cel and JT, acoustic rock 2:30 Snellville First Baptist Student Choir 3:00 Simply Unique Cloggers 3:30 Brookwood Elementary Chorus 4:00 Arrisa, live Jazz & R&B

Entertainment 10:00 Stilt Walker 10:30 Puppet Show 11:00 Robinson’s Racing Pigs 11:30 Kachunga & the Alligator 11:30 Stilt Walker 11:45 Puppet Show 1:30 Stilt Walker 1:30 Robinson’s Racing Pigs 2:45 Kachunga & the Alligator 2:45 Puppet Show 3:00 Robinsons Racing Pigs 4:00 Stilt Walker 4:30 Kachunga & the Alligator 5:15 Robinsons Racing Pigs


Entertainment 12:00 Puppet show 12:00 Stilt Walker 12:15 Robinson’s Racing Pigs 1:00 Kachunga & the Alligator 1:00 Puppet Show 2:15 Robinson’s Racing Pigs 2:30 Stilt Walker 2:30 Puppet Show 3:00 Kachunga & the Alligator 3:30 Puppet Show 4:00 Stilt Walker 4:00 Robinson’s Racing Pigs 4:30 Kachunga & the Alligator

GOLD SPONSOR SILVER SPONSORS First Baptist Church of Snellville ● Mobile Communications ● The Fresh Market ● Walton EMC Natural Gas ● Webkat Design BRONZE SPONSORS Always Travel with Us ● Arrow Exterminators Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates Atlanta Journal-Constitution ● Bath Fitter ● BioLife Plasma Services ● Champion Window Company Chick-fil-A Main St. & Scenic Hwy. Critter Sittin’ Sisters ● DeKalb Medical ● Dip ’n Dab Endless Summer Promotions, LLC Exceptional Hospitality-Country Inn & Suites Georgia Aquarium ● Gutterdome-Mid Atlantic Harbour Oaks Montessori School Home Craft—Leaf Blaster ● Keller Williams Ladies Workout Express-Snellville ● LeafFilter North, Inc. ● New London School of Driving, Inc. Orangetheory Fitness ● Pacific Dental Services Peachtree Pest Control ● Play-Well TEKnologies Power Home Remodeling ● Premier Tax & Business Solutions ● Primrose School of Five Forks ProSaver, LLC ● Sam’s Club ● Scepter Health and Rehab Taylor Construction ● Thermal Heating and Air ● Waste Pro SUPPORTING SPONSORS Chili’s ● Mellow Mushroom ● Snellville Church of Christ ● Stevi B’s Pizza ● Summit Chase Country Club Summits Wayside Tavern


Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

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Economic Development Spring 2016


By Eric Van Otteren The Towne Green and Memorial Park will soon be complete.

From early planning meetings to the present, the Snellville community has engaged in contributing, knowing and learning about the new Towne Green. As the centerpiece, the compass rose is a fitting signature element illustrating the unity and direction of the city and its leaders.

The project started slowly with many details to align as JHC began working just after October 1. Then immediately after the Christmas Tree lighting they moved focus to the Towne Green from the Memorial park. It seemed like shortly after starting on the Green that the city should have commissioned an ark instead of the Green. The rain delays caused several difficulties, that were each worked through. The work really began in earnest in February. And as I am writing this, we are racing to the finish. The sod was placed the first week of April. It’s seemed like the landscapers kept digging holes and the contractors kept laying brick.

Have you been watching the progress on The Towne Green? For months now the contractors have been diligently at work. They have been digging, cementing, building, planting, and all the other things that must come together in the end. As the person who was delegated as the project manager, I wish to report that the contractor, JHC Corporation, has served the community well.

Now come join the celebration as the Beach Blast opens on May 21 we will officially cut the ribbon on the Snellville Towne Green. I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Come be the first to walk on the sod. The fun. The parties. The Sundial. The Participants. A place …Snellville...Where Everybody is PROUD to be Somebody!

As you read this the Towne Green may be finished, but please do not walk on it until the grand opening on May 21, when the Beach Blast opens. The Towne Green has been a labor of love of the community at large.


They have been focused on a friendly working relationship and working hard until the end.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

DAS URA DDA (Development Authority of Snellville)

(Downtown Development Authority of Snellville)

By Eric Van Otteren A little alphabet soup is good, unless it is made up of acronyms that no one knows. This column is written to let people know of the organizations, their corresponding acronyms and a little about how they serve the city. Let me share the translation first. Then I will share a little about each organization. And finally, I will share additional details about the URA. In a future article we may touch on the DDA and DAS. So, here are the translations: DAS – Development Authority of Snellville DDA – Downtown Development Authority of Snellville URA – Urban Redevelopment Agency of Snellville One may then ask, “What is an authority?” These authorities are local government authorities. Local government authorities are separate entities created by state and local legislative action for a specific public purpose. Local governments create authorities as a means of providing a wide range of services to their citizens and have used them in increasing numbers to deliver services. The City of Snellville has recently reinstated the Development Authority of Snellville. The DAS was created as a joint authority with the Downtown Development Authority. The Development Authority of Snellville/Downtown Development Authority are composed of seven overlapping members who are appointed by the Mayor and Council. The organizations are recognized by the state of Georgia as a public corporation with a specified set of powers and a specific purpose and mission. Development Authority of Snellville: The purpose of the DAS is to develop and promote for the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities and to promote the general welfare within the city of Snellville. Downtown Development Authority: The purpose of the DDA Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

(Urban Redevelopment Agency of Snellville)


Economic Development Spring 2016

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Alphabet Soup in Snellville

is the revitalization and redevelopment of a specific, predefined business district within the city; to develop and promote for the public good and general welfare trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities and to promote the general welfare of the city of Snellville. Urban Redevelopment Agency: An agency is an administrative unit of the local government. The URA functions under rules set out by the state of Georgia. Cities embarking on community revitalization projects utilize powers established in the Urban Redevelopment Act. The Act remains the most powerful, flexible and easy to use legislative tool governing the use of bond financing to support successful public/private revitalization partnerships. URAs can work to retrofit more pedestrian oriented and useintegrated developments, i.e. walkable communities. A URA of Snellville may work alone, or in combination with many of Georgia’s other legislative redevelopment tools (DDA, DAS) to support local comprehensive planning, revitalize faltering commercial corridors, recruit and nurture small businesses, rehabilitate older homes and neighborhoods, ensure architecturally compatible infill development, and generate new adaptive reuses for old industrial and agricultural facilities. The URA offers solid support for innovative and thoughtfully crafted development strategies needed to solve the problems of the designated target areas. They may work to reinvigorate town centers and “village” commercial nodes. The URA of Snellville has a few key goals: •Support development of The Towne Center and impacted businesses; •Assist in expanding parking in The Towne Center; •Recruit additional board members; and •Create a project list of priority activities with a detailed budget. The last key goal is to increase visibility of the URA through articles like this one and through other means. While this “alphabet soup” may seem a tad confusing, understanding these acronyms is important for the future growth of Snellville. 13 13

5th Annual

Come Celebrate

{May 21st} .










2:00 PM -7:00 PM .


























Mayor Tom Witts enjoys some time at the Beach Blast with his niece Ashley and STAT the CAT. .



















Children enjoy the sack races.


We invite everyone to join STAT the CAT in celebrating his second birthday with all of his mascot friends. If you want to bring STAT the CAT a gift please bring canned goods that will be donated to the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-op. STAT the CAT wants to make sure he helps others in the community have food on the table.


May is a month that brings back thoughts of going to the beach. But guess what, you don’t need to drive for hours to get there - the beach is coming to you. That’s right, Snellville’s Fifth Annual Beach Blast is going to transform Oak Road into a Beach with 70 tons of soft white sand that has been donated by E.R. Snell. This will be a fun-filled day packed with activities for the entire family to enjoy.


Celebrating his second birthday will be STAT the CAT with all of his mascot friends at the 5th Annual Snellville Beach Blast! .


. .


. . .




Lots of great food vendors to satisfy any appetite!

{ 5:00 - 7:00 PM } Gold Standard Band


Join us for fun in the sun and enjoy great food, music and the following activities throughout the day: { 2:00 PM } Dedication of the New Towne Green { 2:30 PM } Mascot Parade Around the Green { 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM } Fun and Games with DJ Lee Watermelon Eating Contest Sack Races Hula Hoop Contest for All Ages The Limbo... How “LOW” can you go? Inflatables and Water Slide Bungee Jump Trackless Train Rides { 5:00 - 7:00 PM } Gold Standard Band

We couldn’t do this without our sponsors! . . . .


Keystone Sponsor:






















Silver Sponsor: E.R. Snell Bronze Sponsors: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta The Gwinnett Citizen Friends of Snellville Sponsors: Wild Wing Cafe Securlock Storage Choices To You Summit Chase Country Club

Thank You to E.R. SNELL for donating the sand for our beach!

...................... Snellville Tourism and Trade


OUR FAMILY MEMBERSHIP JUST GOT BIGGER AND BETTER! Be one big happy family at Summit Chase! Ad d y o u r g r a n d c h i l d r e n f o r f r e e ! Ye a r r o u n d g o l f , t e n n i s a n d s w i m m i n g p r o g r a m s f o r t h e e n t i r e f a m i l y. F a m i l y, C o r p o r a t e a n d I n d i v i d u a l Me m b e r s h i p s N O I N I T IAT I O N F E E Give the gift of membership and start building your legac y today! YO U R FA M I LY B E L O N G S H E R E !

35th Annual Summit Chase Four Ball Invitational Golf Tournament June 4th & 5th, 2016

Join us for this premier annual event open to all players.

Entry Fee: $425 per Two-Man Team

Platinum Sponsor Wild Wing Cafe Snellville & Hamilton Mill

For monthly membership special, additional information or to schedule a facility tour, contact Carol Sapp or Charlene Adams.

3197 Classic Drive, Snellville, GA 30078



QUICK & EASY CASH LOANS $25 - $10,000

We are a family-owned, full-service pawn broker/retail merchant, located in downtown Snellville. We first opened our doors in 1994, and have served thousands of Vs cs/T s i n customers. o ectr item N: rcial • El y more O People come from all over Georgia to N an me OA WE L ols /Com s • And m take advantage of our great deals and ood e s • To gton mor Gun orting G • great customer service. s : emin many nd Sp o • E IN nd er • R Diamruments IALIZ H • Rug sson • A & C d E l t s P e N Go cal In WE S ster • F ith & W i a Mus m m S ry • Bush ec • ld Armo t l e k•K gfie WE BUY Gloc l • Sprin a c i t c es Ta Spik


For specials, visit us on Facebook — Hill Top Pawn, Inc. 1882 Athens Highway (Hwy 78) | Snellville | Beside QuikTrip | 770-978-7079

By Eric Van Otteren The Snellville Entrepreneurship Alliance is again assembling local business owners to fund a Shark Tank for youth entrepreneurs from South Gwinnett and Brookwood high schools. The youth business owners will present themselves to the Sharks, local business owners, to pitch for grant funding to launch and/or grow their business. The Shark Tank will take place May 2 and 3 in the Snellville City Hall. For details or to inquire about being a shark, contact Eric Van Otteren at Here is a sneak peek at a few of the youth businesses headed for the Tank. Pure Clothing – Pure Clothing Brand focuses on being true to yourself. Most kids have trouble fitting in school since high school is one of the hardest times in a young adult’s life. Therefore, we simply want to help young adults be true to themselves. Clothing from our brand is a simple, easy way for kids to show their individuality. You can run with crowds, but, at the same time, make sure you are being yourself and free from negative influence. Pure Clothing Brand is owned and operated by Matthew Lescota and Malachi Picart, students at Brookwood High School. You can reach us at for any inquires. Follow us on Instagram @PureClothing.Brand. Nexis Computers – My name is Michael Morrison. My business is Nexis Computers. I am a junior at South Gwinnett High School. I started my company last year to support my dream of being my own boss. Nexis Computers provides PC error correction, hardware setup and virus removal services. Nexis computers is dedicated to providing expert service at a competitive price. I have been working on building my business in my entrepreneurship class at South Gwinnett High School. This class has taught me how to increase my market share and how to improve my service life cycle in the growth planning stages. I love being an entrepreneur because of independence, wealth creation , and helping my community. I look forward to being a part of the Shark Tank competition in Snellville this May. Mattkicksatl – Mattkicksatl is an online company that buys and resells Nike and Adidas sneakers. The sneakers we sell are 100 percent authentic. We provide these sneakers to people that are willing to pay Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

a price of $200 to $1000-plus for our sneakers. Mattkicksatl, sole proprietorship, is run by Matthew Wilson, a Brookwood High School freshman. Wilson is enrolled in the entrepreneurship program at Brookwood High School. Matt’s love for sneakers started off as wearing a different pair every day. Now his love for sneakers has turned it to a successful business and it keeps growing every day. Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries Like us on Facebook at Matt Wilson.

Economic Development Spring 2016


Animated FX – Animated FX, an innovative local business, which focuses on designing distinguishable, high quality logos for small, startup businesses at a fairprice. Our goal as a business is to improve the quality of logos, therefore leading us to be easily recognizable for our creative and vivid range of art. Anthony Gorney, a freshman in the entrepreneurship program at Brookwood High School, is the sole proprietor of Animated FX. As my business has advanced in the market I have faced many obstacles with the distribution and finances of graphic design. I have received a variety of thought and opinion from local entrepreneurs who helped me pursue my passion for graphic design in a small business. Please contact us if you have any questions at New Definition - New Definition, a rare business in the fashion industry, molds to the needs and wants of every customer by selling personally hand-crafted clothing with a combination of your design aesthetic and the owner’s design ability and fashion knowledge. Our desire is to create a more personalized look for people who want to stand out in a crowd. Our mission is to be creative, new, and distinct to provide innovative ways for you to express yourself. They aim for originality because New Definition wants to increase the amount of uniqueness in a remake wonderland where businesses copy other designers. New Definition does not want to only make modern clothes; they want to inspire people to be themselves. With our clothing our customer can feel more freedom to express themselves. Kaliena Bowen is the sole proprietor of New Definition and is currently a 9th grade student progressing through the Embedded Credit Entrepreneurship class held at Brookwood High School. This program has helped her and many other students learn more about the business world and prepare for their future. Through this class New Definition has grown into what it is today. You can reach New Definition through email at kalienajb@gmail. com. You can visit our website at: Like and follow us on Facebook at New Definition. Also find us on Instagram. 17

Parks & Recreation Spring 2016 T.W. Briscoe Park ~ 2500 Sawyer Parkway ~ Park Office (770) 985-3535 Park office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information on registration and classes, check out the Parks & Recreation Department on Snellville’s website (on the left hand side, choose Departments and then Parks & Recreation) or visit our Facebook page at

Briscoe Park is open daily 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (770) 985-3535 (on the left hand side choose Departments, then Parks & Recreation)

YOUTH ACTIVITIES CAMP LEARNING HIVE SUMMER CAMP Serving children ages 3 and up Contact: 770-822-4001; SOCCER CAMP June 27 – July 1 @ Briscoe Park Sign up before May 13 to receive a free jersey Contact: Ross Lawrence – 678-540-1587 RISING STAR KICKERS Through June Ages 8-10, 11-13, 14-18 Contact: LaShawn Jones 678-472-9767 YOUTH SOCCER Recreational soccer for boys and girls ages 3 – 17; registering again starting in August. Games Saturdays, practices weeknights For more info: or 770-466-7177 UNDER 10 QUICK START TENNIS Contact: Coach Jones - 404-642-8393

ADULT ACTIVITIES BOOT CAMP Monday-Thursday and Saturday at the Park Office Five week sessions, various hours available Contact: Alvin Hill - 678-920-4136; gimmiesomesports@ OUTDOOR TENNIS & BASKETBALL COURTS Available on a first-come-first-served basis without lights (daily, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) Tennis courts can be reserved with lights, call the office or see our website. 18

ADULT KICKBALL AND SOFTBALL LEAGUES Registering for summer starting in May: Tuesday - Men’s Softball Wednesday - Kickball Thursday - Co-ed softball Friday - Co-ed softball Prices and registration forms on the website. INTERNATIONAL ADULT SOCCER LEAGUE Sunday afternoon women’s. League director - 678-629-6755 Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

Parks & Recreation Spring 2016 T.W. Briscoe Park ~ 2500 Sawyer Parkway ~ Park Office (770) 985-3535

SPECIAL EVENTS BRISCOE PARK COMMUNITY YARD SALE Please check our website for upcoming dates PIZZA PARTY Friday, June 17 & July 15, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Briscoe Park Pool, $1 admission, $1 pizza slice, $1 soda BREWS, BBQ & BRAVES! Father’s Day weekend, June 18, 8:15pm & Aug. 6, 7:15pm Watch the Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets/St Louis Cardinals BBQ, Beer and Braves on a Big Screen TV SPRINKLER DAYS FREE, June 25 and July 30, 10 a.m. to noon

PARK RENTALS PARK RENTALS (REQUIRE 14 DAYS NOTICE) We now rent facilities, except the Betty McMichael Room, on all holidays. OUTDOOR PAVILION RENTALS (Includes picnic tables and benches) We have four outdoor open air covered pavilions holding 35 to 50 people & one gazebo holding 10. Rental times: 8 to 10 a.m.,10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1 to 3 p.m., 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Price per two-hour block: NON PROFIT OR INDIVIDUALS Snellville City Limit - $40 (M to T) / $45 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $55 (M to T) / $60 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $65 (M to T) / $70 (F to S) BUSINESS/FOR PROFIT Snellville City Limit - $75 (M to T) / $80 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $90 (M to T) / $95 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $100 (M to T) / $105 (F to S) INDOOR RENTALS (air conditioned and heated) Rent any four-hour time period from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; all fees including deposits are due up front. Deposit is refunded after the rental if all conditions of the rental are met.

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

COURTLAND WILLIAMS PAVILION - HOLDS 35 PRICES PER FOUR-HOUR BLOCK, $100 refundable deposit plus: NON PROFIT OR INDIVIDUALS Snellville City Limit - $90 (M to T) / $100 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $120 (M to T) / $130 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $130 (M to T) / $140 (F to S) BUSINESS/FOR PROFIT Snellville City Limit - $140 (M to T) / $150 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $165 (M to T) / $175 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $175 (M to T) / $185 (F to S) Includes six 6-foot rectangular tables and 35 chairs; microwave; refrigerator and sink BETTY MCMICHAEL ROOM/ PARK OFFICE-HOLDS 100 NON PROFIT OR INDIVIDUALS Snellville City Limit - $205 (M to T) / $220 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $265 (M to T) / $280 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $275 (M to T) / $290 (F to S) BUSINESS/FOR PROFIT Snellville City Limit - $340 (M to T) / $355 (F to S) Gwinnett County - $400 (M to T) / $415 (F to S) Outside Gwinnett County - $410 (M to T) / $425 (F to S) Includes 12 8-foot rectangular tables and 100 chairs; microwave; refrigerator and sink For room/pavilion rentals call the park office at 770-9853535; field rentals Jillian Bouchard 770-985-3533. We accept cash, check, money order, Visa, or MC.


rd 3 Annual Mem May 28th H 5 PM –9 PM Towne Green

Join us for a patriotic fun-filled day to celebrate veterans from across the region! 5:00 PM Veterans Program Begins 5:30 PM Live Music 6:30 PM “The Return” A Beatles Tribute Band IN CONCERT ALL ERAS SHOW Presented by:

Pre-purchased “Beer Tickets” on-line $20 snellville-memorial-celebration

Fueled by Lincoln Fill Station

Veterans Memorial Craft Beer Garden H $25 Entry Fee H

H Commemorative Glass H H Unlimited Tastings H H LIVE Entertainment H

For more information on Event, Beer Tickets, Concert Table purchase for 8, and purchase of Flags for Wreath visit

H 5 tickets for Silent Auction H Proceeds benefit the Veterans Memorial

H Veterans $20 H (Please provide military ID)

Visit Wild Wing Cafe in the month of May for the “Beer of the Month” Special to benefit the Snellville Veterans Memorial.

H Buy a flag for your military hero for only $3.00 and add it to the flag wreat

morial Celebration H HFREEDOM


Relighting the eternal flame was something Vietnam veteran and Mayor Tom Witts was very passionate about. He wanted to make sure all veterans were remembered on Memorial Day. It is a special day set aside to remind us of the sacrifices that men and women who have valiantly and selflessly devoted themselves to defending and protecting our freedom that so many Americans take for granted. Memorial Day was created to honor those who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom. We hope you take the opportunity on May 28 from 5 to 9 PM on the Towne Green.

Button Gwinnett Chapter Militia

th that will be placed in front of the Veterans Memorial on Memorial Day. H

The Snellville Arts Commission Presents

The Art of Fashion Charity Fashion Show

3 p.m. - Sunday, May 15th Snellville City Hall, Community Room 2342 Oak Road, Snellville, GA 30078 Tickets are $10 with half the proceeds going to “Give Hunger the Boot.” Visit for details and tickets

COMING SOON Sip and Paint on the Green - Summer Jazz Soiree and Live Auction – Fall/Winter

Free Outdoor Movies! Many Thanks to Keystone Sponsor: Briscoe Park • 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

July 23rd Kung Fu Panda 3

August 13th Minions

September 10th The Peanuts Movie

Home of Snellville’s Hot Wings, Cold Beer & Good Times

Weekly Specials MONDAY $5.99 Burgers with 2 Toppings

THURSDAY Great Food, Fun & Acoustics!

11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

TUESDAY FRIDAY Two For Tuesdays Great Food, Fun & Entertainment Buy 8 Wings, Get 8 Wings FREE Live Band from 10 p.m. - 1 p.m. Karaoke on Tuesdays SATURDAY from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Great Food, Fun & Entertainment Live Band from 10 p.m. - 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY $5.99 Salads SUNDAY from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Funday! Wednesday Trivia Night

Seniors Eat

15% Off Monday-Thursday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. For 55 and over.

from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

1250 Scenic Hwy, Lawrenceville • The Shoppes at Webb Gin • 678.822.9464 •

770-809-5241 1573 Athens Hwy Grayson, Ga

Heated and Cooled Units

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Reserve/Pay/Manage Account on Line

Military/Fire/Police Discounts

Teacher/Faculty Discounts

Free Truck with Move In

Don’t miss our April Small Box Sale Our most popular box for 25¢ each. Limit is 25 per transaction so don't miss this opportunity to stock up at a great price! It only happens once per Year!

Mention this ad for 25% off your first full months rent

Then & Now Snellville

Story and New Photos by Brian Arrington • Historic Photos Courtesy of Snellville Historical Society

(Left) The intersection of highways 124 and 78 facing north in 1952 and today. (Above) It’s where Snellville began and it wasn’t uncommon to see Officer Francis Bobb AKA Sam Ketchum patrolling the intersection. Now, his modern day counterpart, Neal Carter is the one patrolling city streets on his motorcycle.

By Brian Arrington

incorporated and E.R. Snell Contractor was founded.

There isn’t much of Snellville’s history evident in the buildings that still exist here. They have been torn down in the name of progress decades ago. Thanks to a photo collection belonging to the Snellville Historical Society, much of Snellville from the good ol’ days can be recounted.

Then came the prevalence of the Interstate and people could work in Atlanta, according to Tom Ewing of the Snellville Historical Society. This new freedom turned Snellville from a rural community, into a suburban one.

It was a simpler time back then according to Chris Snell, whose family bears the name of the town, horses and gokarts were a more common sight on Highway 78 than the thousands of vehicles which travel the busy road each day now. “In the 1950s, there weren’t but a few people who owned land,” said Snell, whose family has owned and operated E.R. Snell Contractor Inc. since 1923. The year is significant because it was the year the city was 24

“It was just boom, boom, boom from then on,” Snell said. During the housing boom of the 2000s, Snell said a lot of houses were being built that didn’t necessarily add to the character city. “There was such rapid growth - small-lot houses probably a lot less quality houses then too,” he said, adding things are looking up these days. “I think the city is heading in the right direction. I think there needs to be a positive attitude which there already seems to be.”

The intersection of highways 124 and 78 facing south. The Sawyer Store, which was owned and operated by James Sawyer was the center of town.

The G.F. Snell House, located across the street from Krystal, is now the location of Snellville Plaza on Highway 78 near Highway 124 across from Civic Drive.

Looking north along North Road from Pinehurst Road. Sidney Williams’ barn is on the right and his home is in the distance.

Wendel Martin’s service station on Highway 78 across from South Gwinnett High School. It has been replaced with a shopping center which has a Subway.

This was Snellville Methodist Church from 1886-1952. Currently, the church has many different buildings on the original site on Highway 78.

Workers build a water tower on Nob Hill, a neighborhood west of Highway 124 between Oak Road and Highway 78. Currently the tower is painted to blend in with a blue sky.

Where You Are News

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Spotlight on Snellville Seniors Snellville Senior Center ~ 2350 Oak Road ~ Snellville, Georgia 30078 ~ (770) 985-3580 The Snellville Senior center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

CLASSES AEROBICS – FREE with Membership Mondays & Thursdays 9:15 a.m. & 10:15 a.m. PILATES – $3 per class Tuesdays & Fridays 10 a.m. ZUMBA - $5 per class “GET MOVIN” - $5 per class (learn various dances, moves, etc.) Tuesdays 11 a.m. PAINTING CLASSES $25/4 Classes Thursdays - 1 - 3 p.m. (Instructor can provide supplies for additional $25) CROCHET & KNITTING GROUP Tuesdays at Noon – FREE with Membership SPANISH Mondays and Thursdays - $25/Month Intermediate - 9 a.m.; Advanced - 11:15 a.m. Tuesdays – Beginner Spanish – 10 a.m. Must have some Spanish for these classes.


The Senior Center welcomes members to come try out the pool table. We have pool sticks onsite for your use or you can bring your own.


First Friday of each month. FREE! Bring a snack to share and join in the fun.


2016 Senior Center Annual Memberships (January- 2016 Senior Center Annual Memberships (January- December) Snellville City Limit Residents $15, Gwinnett County Residents $25; Out-of-County $30. 28

Join after July 1 the cost for the remainder of the year is $9 for City Residents; $15 for County Residents; and $18 for Out-of-County Residents Additional persons from the same household receive a $5 discount


The Senior Center offers day and overnight trips as well as special events. Information is updated bi-monthly in our Spotlight Newsletter which includes a current calendar of events. Newsletters can be picked up at the center, found on our website at or mailed to your home once you join. Contact the Senior Center at 770-985-3580 to register and for additional information. Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody



Presented by:


MAY 28th ‘The Return - A Beatles Tribute Band’ “They are known as one of the best Beatles cover bands in the country for a reason, and it was evident from our fans’ reaction to hearing them play.” — Scott Cunningham, Director of Entertainment, Atlanta Braves “They were great! Their energy and enthusiasm jumps off the stage. It was quite fun to watch them and imagine what it must have been like at an actual Beatles concert!” — Tony Perkins, Good Morning America “Seeing the Return is like traveling back to Liverpool in the early 1960s...The Beatles live thanks to the Return!” — Jim Weiss, Senior VP of PR, Turner Broadcasting

All Eras Show

July 16th ‘The Ultimate Eagles Tribute - On the Border’ ON THE BORDER - The Ultimate Eagles Tribute from Charlotte, NC, continues to be touted as the most authentic sounding Eagles Tribute band in the country and as of 2015, crowned “The Greatest EAGLES Tribute Band in the World” by AXSTV and Katie Daryl.

Performing over 40 shows a year all over the U.S. at Major Festivals, Music Venues, Casinos, Theaters, Corporate and Private events. Their passion, showmanship and precise attention to replicating the details of The Eagles Music, has earned them critical acclaim, name recognition and a loyal following. Together, they reproduce the recordings of the Eagles catalog with stunning guitar work, lead vocals and the harmonies have been said to capture the feeling of being at an actual Eagles concert!

August 20th ‘Rhythm Nation’

With more than 17 years of traveling and entertaining music lovers of all ages and thousands of client accolades acknowledged, the award winning and internationally performing band Rhythm Nation makes it their mission to create an unforgettable event every time they step on stage! Rhythm Nation performances blend elements of popular, timeless and recognizable musical genres which create spirited events that are enjoyed by all and happily remembered long after the event has concluded.

Check for information about our September 24th concert as it becomes available. Keystone Sponsor:


T.W. BRISCOE PARK More Than Just a Place to Walk By Brian Arrington Known for its walking trails which wind around a picturesque lake and fountain, T.W. Briscoe Park is now a weekend destination for those who crave more than just a brisk walk. Since joining the staff at the Department of Parks and Recreation, Jillian Bouchard has been charged with increasing weekend events at the park. Mission accomplished. From Pizza Parties to events for dogs and their canineloving masters, the park is now a go to locale for weekend fun. It started last year with pool parties, the dog party dubbed the Canine Carnival and Guns & Hoses, a softball matchup between the Snellville Police Department and the Gwinnett County Fire Department. “We want to get people to come to the park,” Bouchard said. “We want them to get used to coming to the park, checking Facebook and checking the website and saying, ‘Hey, what’s going on at Briscoe this weekend?’” This spring, the park will be home to PAWFest, an animal friendly event to benefit the Gwinnett Humane Society on May 14, a Lego Camp June 6-10 and Sprinkler Day June 25. But the big event of the year will come in the form of BBQ, Brews and Braves the first of which is on Father’s Day Weekend. It’s an event which invites dads to come to the park, enjoy BBQ, beer and the Braves on a big screen TV outdoors. The event is set for 8:15 p.m. June 18 and at 7:15 p.m. Aug. 6. Vendor applications are still being accepted for the event which will feature participation by Atlanta Sports Radio Station 680 the Fan. Follow the park on Facebook for more event information and see pages 18 and 19 for a list of events.


Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

May 21 - 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. Towne Green

2016 EVENTS Presented by Keystone Sponsor

LIVE! ON THE LAWN Presented by

POPCORN IN THE PARK Free Outdoor Movies Games & Activities Before Movie Saturday Evenings in the Summer July 23 - Kung Fu Panda 3 August 13 - The Minions September 10 - The Peanuts Movie Briscoe Park - 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Concert Series - 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. May 28 - The Return (Beatles Tribute) ALL ERAS SHOW July 16 - The Ultimate Eagles Tribute - On the Border August 20 - Rhythm Nation September 24 - TBA Towne Green Food, Beer and Wine will be available for purchase!


October 22 - 2 - 7 p.m. Towne Green Presented by

CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING November 26 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Parade - 5:30 p.m. Lighting of the Tree - 7 p.m. Towne Green

FARMERS’ MARKET Saturdays - 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. June 4 - September 24 Towne Green


STAR SPANGLED SNELLVILLE July 4th - 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Towne Green


September 17 - 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Towne Green

Events Subject to Change. For updates, visit

Award Winning

SNELLVILLE FARMERS’ MARKET Opens June 4 • 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Fresh and Delicious • Shop Local • Buy Local • Eat Local Chick-fil-A will be at the market early every morning selling their famous chicken biscuits! By Gretchen Schulz Hey Snellville! Mark your calendar for June 4th and get your market tote ready! The Snellville Farmers’ Market will open for its seventh season that day and will continue every Saturday through September 24th. Market hours are 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Our opening day will begin with the national anthem at 8:30 am, sung by Snellville’s own Kriss Johnson, who is the reigning Ms. Senior Georgia. The market is located on the Towne Green in front of City Hall, at the intersection of Hwy 78 and Oak Road. Market volunteers are very excited about the improvements to the Towne Green that have been made over the past few months. A knee-high brick wall now surrounds the Green, which will provide a barrier to help prevent children or dogs (the market is very dog friendly!) from running into traffic. The wall will also provide seating for customers who wish to sit down to eat or just take a break from shopping. Additional trees have been planted along the wall to provide shade and a new entrance to the Green provides an attractive gateway to the space. Over the winter months, market volunteers have been busy signing up many longtime vendors as well as courting some new ones. Some new products you can expect to see are: •

Chick-fil-A (Hwy 78): Chick-fil-A will offer a breakfast menu, including their popular chicken biscuits, for the first couple hours of the market. They will then switch to a lunch menu, including Chickfil-A sandwiches. Two of our longtime vendors are now licensed to sell meats at the market and will bring a variety of cuts of pork and sausage: Richard Presley of Presley’s Farm and Garden in Maysville, GA and Clinton and Jesse Pace of Southern Berkshire Farm (formerly Pace Produce) of Westminster, SC. Richard will also continue to sell produce while the Pace family is only growing vegetables now to feed their pigs. Johnston Family Farm: Russell and Kerry Johnston of Newborn, GA will bring several varieties of milk to the market, including whole, 2% and buttermilk. They raise and milk Jersey-Holstein, HolsteinNorwegian Red and Holstein-Jersey-Norwegian Red crossbreeds. All milk is processed on their farm. All

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

• •

cows are pastured and primarily grass fed and are not medicated or given anitbiotics. The Johnstons will also offer butter, Cheddar curds and Feta cheese. We have some baked goods vendors who have been working on recipes for yeast breads over the past few months. We are expanding our craft offerings a little this year. Sam Roper, who bills himself as the Chief Drawing Dude for Rope A Dope Toons, will be at the market drawing caricatures. And two local women, Kerry Hetherington and Lynn Lawton, will each attend four markets. Kerry does calligraphy on canvas, paper and wood and Lynn (Letters by Lynn) offers architectural photos that are assembled to spell words and names.

We look forward to seeing you at the market, THE place to be on Saturday morning in Snellville!


COMMUNITY GARDEN @SNELLVILLE Greenhouse Erected By Gretchen Schulz

If you have made a trip to the city’s Recycling Center recently and glanced over at the Community Garden across the street, you’ve probably noticed the garden’s new greenhouse. It’s hard to miss the 20’ x 40’ structure, which teams of volunteers have worked to erect over the past several months. A donation in 2013 allowed the Community Garden to purchase the used greenhouse and equipment. Garden volunteers had to disassemble the structure, move all the parts to the Community Garden in Briscoe Park, and then reassemble it. Work has continued over a period of months to get it erected.

The greenhouse will provide a protected space to begin sowing seeds and propagating plants and conduct spring and fall plant sales to raise funds to support the garden. The greenhouse will also be available for the Gwinnett County Extension Service and master gardeners for classes and demonstrations. The greenhouse will be managed by a committee led by Master Gardeners Ileen Meggison and Wes Nettleton. The committee is now working to establish policies for greenhouse use to ensure the structure is well cared for. The garden is especially grateful to the Gwinnett County Master Gardeners Association which recently awarded the garden a $518 grant to use for start-up supplies, including soil and fertilizer.


34 34

■ Affordable nightly, weekly and monthly rates ■ Average suite features over 300 square feet of comfortable living area ■ Each room includes a separate living area, ample work space with desk, remote control cable tv with HBO or Showtime, iron and ironing board, and in-room hi-speed Internet access ■ Apartment size kitchen with refrigerator, two-burner stovetop, full size microwave, in-room coffee maker, in-room toaster, dishes, cookware & utensils, and a well-lit kitchen table/work area ■ Interior corridors with key card access for added security and always clean & friendly service

Crestwood Suites of Snellville

■ Clean, well-lit property with beautiful grounds and plenty of free parking ■ Exclusive in-lobby coffee bar

1784 Presidential Circle ■ Snellville, Georgia 30078


WHAT’S COMING TO TOWN? Snellville will be home to several new storefronts in the coming months. From 12Stone Church on Scenic Highway to the new Dogwood Station on Dogwood Road and Scenic Highway, the city will have its fair share of new occupants. Scenic Promenade, which recently saw the opening of The Fresh Market and Home Goods, also has a new Best Buy. The Park Place Retail Center will also house Aspen Dental, Cracker Barrel, Zaxby’s and a Freddy’s Frozen Custard.

Occupant: Cook Out Location: Dogwood Station, Dogwood Road and Scenic Hwy. Size: 2,852 square feet Occupant: Taco Bell Location: Dogwood Station, Dogwood Road and Scenic Hwy. Size: 2,123 square feet

Occupant: 12 Stone Church Location: 1709 Scenic Highway, Snellville (formerly Best Buy) Size: 46,000 square feet

Occupant: Cracker Barrel Location: Park Place Retail Center, 1740 Scenic Highway Size: 10,396 square feet

Occupant: Zaxby’s Restaurant Location: Park Place Retail Center, 1780 Scenic Highway Size: 4,156 square feet

Occupant: Best Buy Location: 1679 Scenic Highway Size: 30,000 square feet 36

Occupant: Freddy’s Frozen Custard Location: Park Place Retail Center, 1770 Scenic Highway Size: 3,010 square feet

Occupant: Aspen Dental Location: Park Place Retail Center, 1790 Scenic Highway Size: 6,822 square feet

Occupant: Kroger Grocery Store Location: 1000 Athens Highway Size: 113,531 square feet Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody


Join the Snellville Commerce Club (the commerce arm of Snellville Tourism & Trade)

WHERE BUSINESS THRIVES We meet the first Tuesday of every month at noon at Snellville City Hall

Membership includes Lunch

Great Speakers • Great Networking • Great Connections Great Food • Great Friends For more information visit

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From some of our favorite cooks!

Spring Favorites



1 15-ounce of Hormel Corned Beef Hash

1 cup graham cracker crumbs

8 to 9 inch frying pan

3 T powdered sugar

3 strips of lean bacon

3 T butter (melted)

1/2 medium onion - diced

6 egg yolks

1 large clove of garlic - diced

2 (14 oz.) cans sweetened condensed milk 1 cup fresh lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon of Hungarian paprika

1 cup whipping cream

2 tablespoons of butter

2 T powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoon of RJ’s BBQ Rub

Garnishes: lemon slices, fresh mint leaves

Directions Fry three strips of bacon until crisp, then crumble into small pieces.


Remove bacon from pan and add onion and garlic. Cook until onion is clear.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Stir together first 2 ingredients; add butter, stirring until blended. Press mixture on bottom and up sides of a 9-inch deep-dish pie plate. Bake 10 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack (about 30 minutes).

Add hash and bacon pieces and mix well over medium heat for 2 to 3 minutes.

Whisk together egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and lemon juice. Pour into prepared crust.

Reduce temperature to low and let simmer 10-15 minutes.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack (about 1 hour). Cover and chill 4 hours.

While on low add butter to top of hash in small pieces. When melted, sprinkle top with paprika and RJ’s BBQ Rub. Enjoy! - Dick Ackerman, Facilities Coordinator, Snellville City Hall 38 38


Beat whipping cream at high speed with an electric mixer until foamy; gradually add powdered sugar, beating until soft peaks form; dollop over chilled pie. Garnish, if desired. -Kathy Wilson, Woodberry Subdivision

Snellville, Where Everybody’s Proud to be Somebody

When it’s urgent care, you can still get Children’s care.

Minor illnesses and injuries can happen anytime. When they do, you don’t have to settle for anything less than our doctors and nurses, who are specially trained to care for your child. And with our online scheduling, you can get in line for check-in before you leave home. Learn more at

©2016 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All rights reserved.




Snellville Tourism & Trade P.O. Box 669 Snellville, GA 30078

Snellville, Where Everybody is Proud to be Somebody


Join Us Sundays 9 AM or 11 AM Brookwood High School 1255 Dogwood Road

Coming Fall 2016 NEW Location 1679 Scenic Hwy N Snellville, GA 30078


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