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Builders PLAY BALL! El Paso goes for the home run After significant debate, threats of legal action, and anger from segments of the population the El Paso City Council voted 4 to 3 for the demolition of City Hall in order to place a new Triple A baseball park on the land. The contentious meeting where the action was taken pitted 114 speakers touting the pros and cons of the council’s actions. Opponents said that tearing down the 10 story building was a violation of trust and the destruction of a perfectly good building. Proponents argued that the property was the only location that could handle the placement of the ball field without going through lengthy and costly processes of acquiring privately held land. In the end the vote caused Mayor John Cook to consider a veto of council’s action, and he held the collective breath of both camps until two days later. Cook announced that he would not enact his veto and the ballpark location was secured. Major League Baseball and the Pacific Coast League had told the council that delaying the land site vote could have put the approval of the sale of the Tucson Padres in jeopardy. With the Mayor refusing to cast a veto the leagues

moved forward on the sale to Mountain Star Sports, Inc., the local partnership purchasing the Padres. Mountain Star Sports Group is a partnership between the Woody Hunt family and Paul Foster family with Josh Hunt and Alejandra De La Vega-Foster rounding out the partnership. Mountain Star Sports Group came together to look for a major league franchise to bring to El

utlook Paso and help anchor the downtown redevelopment that both Foster and Hunt have interests in. The City of El Paso in its downtown redevelopment plan had an arena or ballpark in the plan, hoping to use those venues as a catalyst for the project. In August the Foster Family had the grand opening for the Mills Building, a reported $60million redo of the historic Mills Building that once housed the White House Department store among other local businesses. The newly completed building houses Western Refining corporate offices and the El Paso Community Foundation headquarters among others. Foster is also in the middle of remodeling the Plaza Hotel building, now gutted and reportedly set to house retail and condos. All of the action downtown is designed to invigorate that area and make it a tourist destination along with enticing businesses to open and creating a revitalized hip location for apartment living. The ball park and the decision of city leaders to tear down city hall left citizens seemingly split on whether or not to secure the site and demolish the 30 year old building. “I can’t vote for this action knowing that we have left so many out of the process, and tearing down this building is ridiculous since it’s a perfectly good building, clear of any debt,” Northeast Representative Carl Robinson said during the debate. “I am angry that Cohen Stadium and the Tiguas haven’t been taken into consideration, and frankly my constituents are upset with this deal,” he


continued. “It’s time for council to take the lead and move this city forward,” said City Rep Courtney Niland, a proponent for the demolition and Padre buyout. “We have a chance today to move this city forward, or to squander the opportunity,” Niland said before the council vote on the issue. The vote was 4 reps in favor and 3 against, with Robinson, Eddie Holguin and Emma Acosta voting no, and with City Rep Steve Ortega absent. That placed the issue in front of Mayor John Cook to either veto the vote or do nothing and let the vote stand. The mayor chose not to veto and so the ball park action moves forward. The issue now is where is the city going to move to and when. City departments were ordered to pack and prepare for the move out of the building but with no instructions as to where to move. “I can only say that I’ve got a lot to pack and nowhere to go,” said one city employee on the condition of anonymity. The trick move will have to go pretty much without a hitch in order to accomplish what is being called “the great migration to nowhere” by some. “It’s hard to imagine that this will be as orderly as it is proposed. Can you imagine moving people, furniture, systems all in a rush to leave before demolition starts?” said another. Time will tell if this move was worth the expense, frustration and confusion that it will cause. While the city mulls those things one thing is for certain: El Paso has made the decision to play ball. -Ray Adauto, EPAB

INSIDE > THE CHANGING FACE OF OUR CITY As El Paso experiences record development, we highlight the new projects and businesses that will help shape our future

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Builders Outlook



Builders Outlook

President’s Message | My term as President winds down. With the seasons changing so will the leadership at the association and I Frank am looking forward to Mundo’s Arroyos personally leadership. He will be a fine President and should bring some energy and President, El Paso Association enthusiasm to the board. As Ray told me of Builders a few years back every person who takes the presidency changes for the better. I can attest to that as I come to my terms end. There is a real challenge in leading this group that only those who’ve done it can understand. I appreciate the help and the suggestions that have come my way. I can only tell you that I really appreciate the work that my executive team has done. There is no way to pay them back for all the time and effort they put forward for you. We are blessed to have leaders who care. By now the question of baseball or no baseball downtown has been answered. As I write this column I can only say that El Paso’s future plans seem to be settled as far as downtown is concerned. I think that as you read the articles prepared by Ray about other improvements around El Paso that you will agree that momentum is starting to pick up and El Paso won’t be sleeping much longer. It’s exciting and challenging as we move into 2013 and beyond. I know that we as an association welcome changes and challenges and movement to make El Paso a more livable place. It’s really more than buildings and houses; it’s the people. El Paso and especially this association have great people in it. Get ready for an exciting 2013, one I hope is blessed and productive for you.

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Ballpark is catalyst; 1967 comes rushing back to me Ray Adauto, Executive Vice President EPAB

Downtown as a kid was a neat place. There was plenty of activity in San Jacinto Plaza: the alligators, the buses full of people, the bustling stores that lined the plaza. Stores like Kress were my haunting grounds. The Plaza Theater hosted Saturday matinees where kids paid with a canned good and the organist was pelted with popcorn. That was then. It’s a memory now. But if what I saw in Oklahoma City is any indication of what can be then downtown could once again create great memories for future generations. It all sounds like a picture book ending where in the end, we all live happily ever after. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s think about the price of progress. The concern over the ballpark seems to me to be not so much about the stadium as it was about city hall. I’ve always wondered why the city hall front door faced Mexico, and if you believe some folks it was built that way to show the back end to the citizens of this city while presenting a grin to the folks across the border fence. Others tell me it was built to house a hotel that went belly

up and the building needed a tenant. Presto, City Hall. Former Ray Salazar said on KVIA’s Sunday night thriller that it was HIS building and nobody should touch HIS building. People lined up to speak about whether or not the building should stay or make way for the ballpark. Speaker after speaker rose to the podium, all passionate about the issue one way or the other. After all the hoopla the representatives postured and hemmed and hawed. “My fellow citizens, I’m protecting YOU from this and that, and I will vote to DO this or that,” was the cry from behind the microphones. One rep was on a honeymoon, three of them had repeatedly said No to the vote, and four were squarely for it. That was the way it was on Saturday and that’s the way it ended on Tuesday at 6 p.m., just in time for the six o’clock news. What timing. But wait more drama. Now the Mayor would be the one to endorse the vote or kick it out. All the while driving to his daughter’s wedding in Austin. Probably stopped to get some brisket at Coopers in Junction and then made the call. No veto! Hiz honor said. Long live baseball, down with city hall. Meanwhile the world moved on, spinning on its axis. The vote after all is just a catalyst to what may be a future El Paso downtown. It was more

a vote on the psyche of El Paso than a vote on where we’re going as a city. A hurdle of sorts was jumped and if you like the idea of the stadium you’re a happy camper; if not then time to decide what to do next. I remembered a saying from another time and place: Lead, follow or get out the way. That’s what we’re looking at. You decide which one you’re doing. I have flown hundreds of thousands of miles in my lifetime but nothing prepared me for what happened on the flight from DFW to Oklahoma City. I was sitting across the aisle from Conrad Conde, talking about this or that and pretty much anxious to get to OKC. We had passed songstress Amy Grant as we humbly moved passed first class, kind of neat we thought. The Captain came on over the speaker and advised us that we’d be asked to hold off on deplaning when we landed because we were carrying a fallen soldier. The mood inside the cabin immediately changed. No one was talking loud or carrying on. No one. I looked at Conrad and told him this was a first for me and he said same for him. Our thoughts turned to the family waiting at Will Rogers airport and what we might see. Flashes of pictures seen online of passengers peering out of the window as a flag draped coffin was carried out filled my head. The plane touched

down in the rain, smooth, like butter. The plane inched along as a procession of police cars, a hearse, a bus and other cars made their way to the ramp. The plane stopped and silence gripped the aluminum tube. Those of us on the right side had to stretch over to see out the left windows, curious, anxious. The family waited under umbrellas held for them by airmen and we knew immediately the body we escorted was that of an Air Force airman. The onboard escort was now visible with a box in his hand, about a foot square. Conrad and I looked at each other curious as to why such a small box. Cremated or is that all they found? Either way that box contained the remains of a fallen airman and we felt a little pain knowing it pained the family. It wasn’t until the next day that we found out the airman was from the Viet Nam War, a casualty in “neutral” Laos and only now was being brought home to his family. He was killed in 1967. For that brief moment I recalled what I did in 1967, and how ironic it was that I was now remotely linked to this airman. That forty five minute flight seemed to last forever. Not as forever for that brave airman who gave all so that me and Conrad could be on a flight some 47 years later.



Builders Outlook


A new downtown bank building is going up where once there was a drive through bank and parking garage. United Bank of El Paso del Norte is redoing an existing building downtown near the El Paso Times building, in an effort to have a new banking center. The project is currently adding steel to the structure and has necessitated the closure of one southbound lane heading south. The structure will be built to mimic the Spanish Colonial style of architecture and is located at 401 N. Main. Completion for the project is unknown at this time.


The Fountains at Farah, El Paso’s new shopping mall is progressing well. The center is shaping out as columns for the parking area have been constructed and concrete is laid out for the promenade. Centergy Retail of Dallas, the firm that is developing the center is hopeful for a fall 2013 opening. The site is located at I-10 and Hawkins, and is where the former Farah factory was. The 600,000 square foot retail center will house new stores along with relocated stores. Best Buy and Barnes and Noble will relocate their Viscount locations to the Fountains at Farah, while anticipated stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods will open El Paso locations for the first time. Reports indicate that national retailer Nordstrom’s Rack will also occupy 35,000 sq. ft of space at the center. More announcements are coming in the next few months according to sources.


CVS announces first El Paso location. CVS Pharmacy will be opening their first El Paso location downtown at 201 N. Mesa. According to the CVS Caremark website “As one of the country's largest pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), we provide access to a network of more than 65,000 pharmacies, including more than 7,300 CVS/pharmacy® stores that provide unparalleled service and capabilities.” CVS will be bringing at least four more locations to the market mostly on the eastside of El Paso according to sources.


Cinemark Announces Plans to Construct a New 14-Screen All-Digital Movie Theatre in El Paso, TX New multiplex will feature Cinemark's NextGen Cinema Design Concept and a Cinemark XD auditorium, Plano, Texas Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), the world's highest attended motion picture exhibitor, today announced plans to construct a 14-screen, all-digital movie theatre that will feature the company's new Cinemark NextGendesign concept in the northeast area of El Paso. Currently, Cinemark operates three existing movie theatres located throughout the city of El Paso. This new multi-screen complex will be constructed at the southeast corner of Highway 62/Montana Ave. and Rich Beem Blvd,

near Fort Bliss. The property location is under development by Southwest Land and Development. Long recognized as a pioneer in the theatrical exhibition industry, Cinemark is taking the cinema entertainment experience to the next level. The new Cinemark NextGen theatre will offer the latest technology, cutting edge amenities and customer-preferred options all under one roof. Cinemark's NextGen amenities will include: • State-of-the-art viewing environment with wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screens available in all auditoriums • 4K digital projection powered by Barco projectors; RealD 3D capability • Enhanced, sound systems that will enable customers to hear the movie as the filmmakers intended • Cinemark's innovative self-serve concession stand - offering freshlypopped popcorn, Coca-Cola fountain beverages and favorite candy brands • Cinemark XD:Extreme Digital Cinemaauditorium


An IMAX is expected to be added to Premiere Cinema's Bassett Place theater complex next year. Construction of an IMAX theater auditorium, with a six-story, 75-foot-wide screen and about 420 seats, is projected to begin by early next year, and it could be in operation by next summer, said Gary Moore, Premiere CEO. Premiere and IMAX last year announced an agreement that allows Premiere to put IMAX systems in four Texas markets, including El Paso. "El Paso has been on IMAX's radar for a number of years. It's one of the largest markets in the United States without an IMAX theater," Moore said from his Big Spring, Texas, office. "Anyone can build a bigger box and hang a bigger screen, but no one else digitally remasters content from Hollywood like IMAX," with its proprietary technology, Moore said. "People understand the difference between IMAX and other (big-screen) experiences. It will be a big draw to the mall" at Interstate 10 and Geronimo in East Central El Paso, he said. Premiere will probably replace two auditoriums in its 18-screen Bassett theater and add the IMAX auditorium, which also will require a higher roof to accommodate IMAX's huge screen, Moore said. The company is in the process of securing city approvals for the project, he said. Premiere will show IMAX's signature documentary films as well as IMAXremastered Hollywood blockbusters, Moore said. Premiere's first IMAX auditorium is in a new, 16-screen theater complex expected to open next month at the South Plains Mall in Lubbock. -El Paso Timess, Vic Kolenc


SAM’s Club rumored to be set to move to Northeast El Paso. The next Sam’s Club appears to be headed to the corner

What’s in store for El Paso of Diana and Gateway North, across from the giant American Flag location. While not confirmed the site has been the site most talked about in meetings held by City Representative Carl Robinson. “I can only tell you that we are hopeful that SAM’s comes to the area because we need to have additional retail,” Robinson said. Reports on KFOX-TV also mentioned this location as did a presentation by Centergy Retail of Dallas when talking about competition around the city for the Fountains at Farah. SAM’s would be just south of Walmart and Cohen Stadium if the location is secured. More later on this developing story. Carmike to Bring New Critically Acclaimed “BIGD” Experience to El Paso, Texas Area Movie-Goers with Development of the Carmike 13 Entertainment Complex


Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (CKEC), a leading DIGITAL cinema and 3D motion picture exhibitor, today announced that construction will begin shortly on a new Carmike Cinemas entertainment complex in El Paso, TX. The Carmike 13 will be an anchor tenant of a 230 acre multi-use planned development to be constructed at the northeast corner of Montana Avenue (US 62) and Loop 375 in one of El Paso’s fastest growing areas. The planned development is located directly across the street from a new Lowe’s Home Improvement Center and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Jay Anthony, Principal of Dallas, TXbased Anthony Properties, developers of the project, stated, “New construction at

Fort Bliss, proximity to the planned Army Medical Campus and the future El Paso Community College Campus make this a prime site that will attract additional toptier retail, restaurant and commercial tenants to the area.” The new theatre will feature 13 screens with total seating for over 2,800 guests and will be highlighted by a stateof-the-art “BIGD” auditorium, Carmike’s acclaimed premium theatre environment. The new facility will be equipped with auditoriums featuring stadium style seating, with comfortable high back rocking luxury seats, in addition to retractable armrests and convenient cup holders. The Carmike 13 will also contain large, wall-to-wall screens, as well as DLP DIGITAL projection and DIGITAL sound. The new theatre will have an upscale lobby and multiple concession areas featuring Coca Cola Freestyle drink centers. One-stop ticketing and concessions stations are a unique design feature of the Carmike 13. Filmgoers can escape the elements, purchase their tickets and favorite concessions and quickly move into their comfortable seats. The new complex will also feature special services for the visual and hearing impaired.






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Builders Outlook

Pace of New-Home Sales Holds Steady in August

Following a substantial gain in July, the pace of new-home sales held virtually unchanged at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 373,000 units in August, according to newly released figures from HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau. “New-home sales in August effectively tied the pace they set in the previous month, when they were the strongest we’ve seen in more than two years -- so this is really a continuation of the good news we’ve been getting on the housing front,” said Barry Rutenberg, chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a home builder from Gainesville, Fla. “Looking at the big picture, sales have been trending gradually upward since the middle of last year as favorable interest rates and prices have driven more consumers to get back in the market for a newly built home.” “This latest report indicates that newhome sales continue to run at a steady

pace that’s well ahead of what we were seeing this time last year, and at this rate, the third quarter of 2012 is going to be well ahead of the second quarter,” noted NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. “That said, the razor-thin inventory of new homes for sale is very concerning because it indicates that builders aren’t able to access the credit they need to build new homes as demand for them improves.” Crowe also observed that the share of new homes sold in the higher price ranges ($400,000 and above) rose significantly in August. “This reflects the fact that people who are able to buy homes right now are those in higherincome ranges who have cash and equity on hand, while first-time buyers are having a tougher time getting qualified for a mortgage,” he said. Regionally, new-home sales gained in all but one area of the country this August, with the Northeast, Midwest and West posting increases of 20 percent, 1.8 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively. The South was the only region to post a decline, of 4.9 percent. Meanwhile, the inventory of new homes for sale held at an historic low of just 141,000 units in August, which is a 4.5-month supply at the current sales pace.



7 Texas Association Of Builders Announces 2013 Officers Builders Outlook

September 20, 2012 – The Texas Association of Builders (TAB), in conjunction with the Sunbelt Builders Show™, recently installed its slate of officers for 2013 at their Excellence in Leadership Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. The event was held on September 14, 2012. Texas Association of Builders 2013 Officers Eddie Martin, President, Tilson Home Corp., Austin, Texas Edward Earl Martin, Jr. was born in Pecos, Texas in 1956. Eddie graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BBA in Accounting and later graduated with a J.D. from University of Houston Law School and began his business career as a tax CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co. After leaving Andersen, he went into commercial real estate until joining Tilson Home Corporation where he now serves as president and CEO. Tilson Home has been family owned and operated since 1932 and has become one of the largest “Built On Your Lot” custom home builders across Texas. A member since 1993, Eddie has given generously of his time to his local home builders associations, the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) and the

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). He has served on the TAB board since 2004 and the NAHB board since 2005. He is a Capitol Club donor to both HOMEPAC and BUILDPAC, the political action committees of TAB and NAHB. At TAB he has served on the Executive Committee, Legal Affairs Committee, Government Relations Committee, Finance Committee, Building Standards Task Force, and Volume Builders Council. He represented the interests of the Texas home builders associations as TAB’s Texas State Representative to the NAHB Executive Board. He served as Government Relations Committee chairman during the 2011 Texas Legislative Session. Eddie was installed as TAB’s president on September 14, 2012. As a philanthropist, this gentleman supports HomeAid Houston, Boy Scouts of America, Bay Area Builders Association (BABA) Support Our Troops/Operation Finally Home, MS 150, Houston Police Relay Bike Ride benefiting the Leukemia Society, Vanguard Urologic Research

Foundation and Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ. Eddie and his wife, Brenda, have been married for 33 years. They have one son, Brandon, a CPA who works for Tilson Home in Houston, and is married to Rebecca. Eddie and Brenda have one grandchild, Kate, who was born in September 2012. The family enjoys golf, scuba diving and snow skiing. Eddie and Brenda are active members of the Brentwood Oaks Church of Christ in Austin. Joe Carlyle, First Vice President Carlyle Homes, Inc., Tyler, Texas Joe Carlyle is the president of Carlyle Homes, Inc., founded in January 1990. His company specializes in construction of custom homes throughout Tyler and the surrounding area. In 1998, Joe served as president and was honored as "Builder of the Year" of the Tyler Area Builders Association. In 1997, he was chairman of the Parade of Homes™. Joe has also served as area

Building El Paso Since 1950

Visit our website for home floorplans, communities, financing information, and much more. Tropicana Homes is the only builder in town that has been in business since 1950, and we're the only builder in town to be named “Builder of the Year” four times. Our Commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and pride in customer satisfaction are unparalleled in the industry. Tropicana's strategy is not to be the cheapest, or even the biggest, but instead the BEST! If you want the best in your new home, make Tropicana your choice! Northeast-Sandstone Ranch Angela Feathers 915-588-9133 East-Mesquite Trails Sylvia Sandoval 915-494-7104 East-Americas Estates Laura Cortez 915-203-3698 East-Tres Suenos Maida Quinones 915-549-9090 Horizon-Emerald Park Lorena Torres 915-433-6910 West-Sunset Terrace Denise May 915-549-1037


Texas Builder of the Year 2004

Texas Industry Leader 1988, 1997, 2005, 2011

El Paso Builder of the Year 2009 Texas Developer of the year The ONLY homebuilder in El Paso to receive 2 Star Awards by the

Texas Association of Builders for 2011 915-821-3550/fax 915-821-7002

vice president for the Texas Association of Builders and director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Joe has an Associate of Arts degree from Tyler Junior College and studied marketing at the University of Texas in Austin. He has served his community as a director and president of the Troup Chamber of Commerce, founding president of the Troup Kiwanis Club, EMT paramedic, volunteer firefighter, and commodore of the Tyler Yacht Club. He serves on the Troup City Council Place 2. He and his wife of 26 years, Debbie, live in Troup and enjoy attending First United Methodist Church in Troup. They have three children: Elizabeth (a graduate of the University of North Texas) and Rebecca and Drew (both graduates of UT Austin). Steve Sorrells, Vice President/Secretary Sorrells & Gunn, LLC, Waco,TX A native of Waco with 23 years of real estate experience, Steve and his wife Becky opened Sorrells Development Company in 1998. Sorrells & Gunn, LLC was created with the addition of Keith Gunn in 1999. Steve was installed as TAB’s vice president/secretary on September 14, 2012. Steve is actively involved in the building community. He previously served as Area Vice President and Storm WaterTask Force Chairman for the Texas Association of Builders. He also chairs TAB’s Government Relations Committee. He is a past president of the Heart of Texas Builders Association. He served on several committees and task forces for the City of Waco/City of Woodway. He was also the Traditional Neighborhood Development Committee Chair for the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. As a Waco Symphony Homebuilder in 2005 and 2008, he built homes that were sold with the proceeds benefiting the Waco Symphony. The Sorrells are the proud parents of three children ages 17, 14 and 10. Rick McGuire, Treasurer McGuire Builders, Inc., Lubbock, Texas Rick has been building homes in Lubbock since 1982. Very much a family business, McGuire Builders, Inc. specializes in building custom homes in all price ranges, apartment construction, light commercial work and property management. A member of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) since 1984, Rick serves as a life director for the organization. He has served on numerous committees at TAB since 1997 and has previously chaired the Finance and the Audit Committees. He is a director and past president of the West Texas Home Builders Association and has served as a director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) since 2010. Rick previously sat on the state board responsible for maintaining the performance standards that addressed warranty issues required by the Texas Residential Construction Commission. In that capacity Rick stayed abreast of industry standards that affect all facets of home construction and continues to do so through his involvement in TAB and NAHB. He was named Texas Association of Builders’ “Builder of the Year” in 2009. Prior to beginning his building career, Rick worked as a Certified Public Accountant and audit manager for a large, international accounting firm. His clients included Fortune 500 manufacturing companies and bank holding companies. Rick resides in Lubbock with his wife, Marian.


utlook on the scene |

Oklahoma City, OK, Really! The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce intercity visit to Oklahoma City took place September 20-22 and EPAB Executive Officer Ray Adauto was among the 30 city business leaders and officials who made the trip. Leaving out of El Paso on American Airlines the group changed planes at DFW, arriving in OKC just after 12:30. The flight to Oklahoma City carried the remains of a fallen military officer killed during the Vietnam War in 1967. The Air Force Colonel’s remains were ceremoniously escorted to waiting family and military entourage under rainy skies. The mood on the plane was somber and normally hurried passengers watched out tiny windows as the box containing his bones was moved to a waiting hearse. When the ceremony ended we deplaned and boarded our waiting bus to tour the home of the OKC Redhawks, AT&T Ball Park located at OKC’s Bricktown. We were welcomed to the park with large outdoor signs announcing our visit. For the visitors this was a spectacular welcome and one that immediately engraved itself to the brain. Former OKC mayor Kirk Humphreys and chairman of The Humphreys Company welcomed the delegation and gave the first presentation on the culture and history of the city. Humphreys was the mayor when the ballpark was built. His presentation offered the delegation an insight into the OKC MAPS program, the Metropolitan Area Projects which was used to transform OKC institutions. A tour of the ballpark was then given by Redhawks official Chris Hart. A group picture was taken on the field. The delegation then went to the historic Colcord Hotel, built in 1914 and completely renovated just a few years ago. This was the delegations headquarters for the stay. A tour of the OKC Museum of Art followed and the delegation was given tours of the large Chihuly Glass Collection on permanent display as well as a private tour of the traveling exhibit of Golf paintings including those of Dutch masters, Rembrandt, as well as Warhol. The museum was bustling with a corporate event moved indoors due to rain. The evening was concluded with dinner at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse and a welcome by OKC Chamber CEO Roy Williams. Friday began with a tour of the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, a 300 acre medical facility and research campus. Dr. Joseph Ferretti, Provost of the UOHSC led us on a bus tour ending up at the Children’s Hospital where the group was welcomed by Dr. Stephen Prescott, President of the Oklahoma Health Foundation and J.R. Caton of Presbyterian Health Foundation, a partner at the OU Medical Center. A visit to the pediatric Cancer clinic ended the visit. The delegation then moved to Myriad Gardens, an OKC botanical garden and amphitheater complex located down-

town. El Pasoan’s Adam Frank and Gerald Rubin treated the delegation to lunch while Mick Cornett, the current mayor of OKC, Russell Claus, Director of Planning, and Catherine O’Connor, president of the Alliance for Economic Development of OKC gave us a status report on the continuing MAPS initiatives and accomplishments. A tour of the new downtown library followed as well as a tour of the residential development taking place downtown was given. The day ended at Chesapeake Arena home to the Oklahoma Thunder of the NBA. We were hosted by Gary Desjardins, regional general manager for the OKC Convention Center-SMG. The delegations last visit Saturday morning was to hear Mike Knopp, Executive Director, Chesapeake Boathouse and Frank Merrick, Chair of the OKC Museum of Art talk about OKC quality of life. The Chesapeake Boathouse is home to the United States Olympic Center for Rowing and Kayaking, situated on the reconstructed OKC River, once famous as the river that got mowed three times a year. The area is now not only home to the world’s best rowing facility but has become a favorite spot for concerts and corporate events as well as world renowned rowing and kayaking events. Knopp, a former attorney, is considered the “father” of this facility and for bringing rowing to OKC. He also coaches the OU Rowing team as well as heading up the US Olympic Rowing and Kayaking delegation. Among the delegation were current and former members of the El Paso Association of Builders including Conrad Conde, Conde Engineering; Ruben Chavez, CEA Engineering; May Kipp and Marybeth Stevens with El Paso Electric; Dr. Ernst Roberts of the EP Community College and Ed McCormick, McCormick Architecture. Mayor Walter Miller of Horizon City, Jerry Rubin, Adam Frank and Rich Williams from River Oaks Properties joined Bob Ayoub from MIMCO in the visit. The common theme that was heard was “leadership” and commitment to finish what was promised. The method used by the OKC leadership was to have a vision, change thinking and invest in themselves. The city overcame some very large hurdles to get to where they are now, and challenges still exist. The delegation, which included an embedded El Paso Times reporter Cindy Ramirez, left OKC confident in the prospect of change and its potential good and bad points. What was seen was twenty years in the making and with at least twenty more years to go. OKC is the example of what can be done when all parties to the change work together. The OKC experience is one piece of a large puzzle that has transformed that city. The challenge is to see what piece is needed in El Paso.


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10 TAB Presents Awards, Mike Santamaria gets Presidential Award The Texas Association of Builders (TAB) bestowed the 2012 “Of the Year” Awards at their Excellence in Leadership Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, TX on September 14. The awards are given annually to recognize exemplary service and leadership contributions to the home building industry by its members. 2012 OF THE YEAR RECIPIENTS: J.B. Sandlin Builder of the Year: Ron Rohrbacher Perry Homes – Houston Ted Schlossman Lifetime Achievement Award: Tommy Ford Tommy Ford Construction, Dallas Philanthropist of the Year: Tilson Home Corporation Remodeler of the Year: Adam Bakir, Incredible Renovations, Houston Developer of the Year: Dan Markson NPR Group, LLC San Antonio, TX Associate of the Year: StrucSure Home Warranty Local Association Accomplishment of the Year: Tyler Area Builders Association Presidential Distinguished Service Awards Mitchell Anderson Anderson Fine Homes, Lubbock T.W. Bailey Bailey Family Builders, Frisco, TX Ed Kopal Kopal Building & Design, Tyler Sue Ann Pinger Tilson Home Corporation, Austin Mike Santamaria Mountain Vista Builders, El Paso Kay Vinzant, Heart of Texas Builders Assoc., Waco Chad Waller Hi-Fidelity of Lubbock, Lubbock Gary Wilkerson Gary L. Wilkerson Custom Homes Canyon Lake Robert Wood Custom Homes by Robert Wood Lubbock, TX Dave Yelovich Tilson Home Corporation, Houston Founded in 1946, the Texas Association of Builders is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 30 local home builders associations across Texas. Representing almost 10,000 members, 315,000 jobs and $21 billion of the Texas economy, the state and local associations play a crucial role in providing housing for Texans. For more information about the Texas Association of Builders, visit

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Builders Outlook

Guest Column

Working to Save and Strengthen Medicare

Francisco Canseco Texas Congressman

Medicare is a critical program that millions of American seniors rely on, but it’s headed towards bankruptcy. According to the latest report from the Medicare trustees, Medicare will become insolvent in 2024. Allowing this to happen would irresponsibly jeopardize the health care of Medicare beneficiaries, and would mean that by the time my three children become eligible for Medicare benefits this vital program would be a thing of the past.  This is a serious issue that requires serious solutions from our nation’s leaders.  Unfortunately, Obamacare recklessly cuts $716 billion from Medicare in order to fund a new entitlement program, and with its costly mandates and regulations has made doctors less likely to accept Medicare patients.

If we pause and remember why Medicare exists, it is to provide our nation’s seniors and disabled with access to health care coverage. In fact, Texas alone currently has over 3 million seniors that rely on Medicare for accessible and affordable care.  I regularly meet with constituents throughout the 23rd District of Texas who tell me of their concern that their Medicare benefits will be negatively impacted, or that their parents will no longer be able to find a doctor who accepts Medicare because of Obamacare’s Medicare cuts, new rules, and onerous regulations. As a nation, we have a choice when it comes to Medicare.  We can pretend that Medicare is not in trouble and do nothing, which is the only plan that truly ends Medicare as we know it.  Or, we can reform and save Medicare so that we preserve its promise for current and future seniors.  I know how important Medicare is and I will not stand by and let its promise to seniors be broken.  That’s why I supported the House of Representatives’ budget, which outlines a plan to save Medicare

that makes no changes for those Americans who are 55 and older, while allowing those 55 and younger the ability to choose from a variety of Medicare-approved options – including staying in fee-for-service Medicare that exists today – for receiving Medicare benefits. The reforms envisioned in the House of Representatives’ budget will ensure our nation keeps the promises made to

ome Your New H eva

seniors both today and tomorrow. We must take decisive action now to save Medicare. Support for the status quo is the only option that truly ends Medicare as we know it.  As the representative of the 23rd District of Texas, I remain committed to saving Medicare to ensure that seniors today and in the future will have access to the care Medicare was established to provide.

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utlook on the scene | Sunbelt Show The annual Sunbelt Builders Show was combined with a National Association of Builders meeting in Austin this September. The Sunbelt is produced by the Texas Association of Builders. The EPAB was represented by President Frank Arroyos, Vice President Edmundo Dena, NAHB representative delegate Bobby Bowling IV, and TAB representative Randy Bowling. The TAB show was held in conjunction with the NAHB Fall Board meeting and was designed to help the Sunbelt Show attendance. The overall consensus was that this worked and the show was deemed a success by the organizers. The El Paso delegates attended the TAB meetings and went to several training sessions. “I have to admit that I am amazed by the amount of information I’ve been able to get by attending the trainings,” said Edmundo Dena. “The ability to network with other TAB members is invaluable and helps me every time I come,” he continued. “I would encourage more members to attend and see what your State Association does for you,” said President Arroyos. “Get ready to Rally this coming February as we join our fellow TAB members at the Capitol,” he concluded.



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BUILDERS Membership News years

B U I L D I N G E L PA S O ’ S F U T U R E S I N C E 19 4 6

UPCOMING EVENTS | October 10 Board Meeting 11:00 General Meeting 12 Noon El Paso Club Chase Bank Bldg. (Downtown)

November 12 IMG CuP Sun Country Pro-Am Golf Tournament Painted Dunes Golf Course


December 6 EPAB Gala Installation And Awards Banquet El Paso Country Club

Thanks to our sEpTEMBER sODA  spONsOR: Bella Homes

RENEWALS | 84 Lumber Cemex Dempsey Appraisal Service E. F. Building Materials Henderson & Ellis, CPA, PC

MA Homes New Horizon Builders Scott Contracting/HD Mechanical Solar Smart Living

Southwest Décor El Paso Corporation

Trim Team Tropicana Building Corp.

Southwest Securities Bank, FSB Southwestern Home Products Stewart Title Of El Paso

NEW MEMBERS | Longhorn Remodeling & Roofing Contact: Hector Adame, Jr. 4401 Turf Rd., Bldg. E El Paso, Tx 79938 915-474-3814


Ajp Development, LLc Contact: Art Paterson 7229 Ticonderoga NE Albuquerque, Nm 87109 505-804-1402

Decasa UsA, Inc. Contact: Ana Cristina Lujan 1310 Lomaland Dr. El Paso, Tx 79935 915-633-1313

Condolences to Charles Gaddy, Jr. on the loss of his father Dr. Charles M. Gaddy

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Associates Council

Sam Shallenberger Western Wholesale Supply

Greetings to our Associate Members. This past few months have been interesting for the associates as we had planned on a really cool outdoor event that just didn’t make. Unfortunately we had to postpone the event for now but plan on doing it in the spring time. I would like to personally thank associates Chuck Gabriel with Carpets West; John Dorney with Dorney Security; and Ben Tryzna with Barnett and Bennett Construction for their hard work in the planning for the postponed tent sale. John and Ben are new members and they jumped in with both feet. Chuck has always been a

stalwart contributor and he really did a great job heading this group up. Please plan on joining us for the event sometime in March or April. I’d like to also announce a very good golf tournament for experienced golfers this coming November 12. Our first IMG Trophy Pro Am will be held at Painted Dunes and will feature golf pros from the Sun Country Golf Association, meaning those golf pros at clubs around New Mexico and West Texas. The pro-am will be 3 players with a pro, and we expect that those teams will invite their local pros to join them. Players must have

registered handicap in order to play. Should be a fun and challenging time. Finally as the year winds down I will be entering my final year as Associates Chairman. I’ve committed myself to Edmundo for his term but I will be looking to pass the torch on to someone else. I have learned a lot as your chair and ask that you participate in all of our upcoming events, especially attend the installation December 6. Rally Day next February 20 will be fun. Until I see you soon have a good month and go sell something.

BOD Meeting

September Board of Directors Meeting The Board of Directors met on September 19 and tried out something new in the way of food for the meeting. A gourmet food truck that was going to participate in the big tent sale was invited to cook for the meeting. The overwhelming reaction was very positive. “The pulled pork is by far one of the best I’ve ever had,” Sam Shallenberger said. Juanita Garcia gave

the truck a thumbs up as well. “interesting choice of food for us, and different but really good,” she said. While the truck was a hit the board was presented reports on the Sunbelt Show and TAB meetings as well as a report from Bobby Bowling IV on the NAHB fall board meetings held in conjunction with Sunbelt. Regular business was discussed and approved. The next board meeting is October 10 at the El Paso Club, at 11 am.

Showroom: 2131 Missouri 915 • 533 • 6045

fax • 533• 6096

Thomas R. Brown, Owner








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Builders Outlook 2012.9  

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