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OKLAHOMA The Resource Book for Designers, Home Furnishings, Builders, Antiques, Products & Service Providers for the State

2010 - 2011


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Design Oklahoma 1

Letter From the Editor

Design Oklahoma

A State-of-the-Art Design Resource

erick gfeller


little change from time to time is healthy for all of us – especially when it comes to the spaces that define our lives. Maybe you’re so tired of that old wallpaper you’re thinking about “accidentally” damaging it beyond repair. Maybe you’ve already decided to start fresh and are constructing from scratch. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your home or office per se, but it’s just not quite perfect. Improving the areas where you invest your time can have real benefits in more than simply aesthetics – a well-designed and thoughtfully appointed office can improve your concentration and productivity, while a home facelift that includes fresh colors and distinctive art can give you a tranquil retreat or revitalized spot for entertaining. A few environmentally conscious upgrades could go at least a little way toward improving the overall health of the planet, as well as saving you some money in the long run. The possibilities are endless, but for such a simple-sounding question, it has the potential to be totally overwhelming: how do you make your space the way you want it? Welcome to Design Oklahoma. In these pages you’ll find the ideas, resources and professionals to make your dream project a reality, regardless of its scope. Some of the state’s foremost builders, developers, designers and craftsmen are included here, along with exceptional home furnishings, fixtures, fine art and accessories and much more. Whether you’re just making a plan, got stuck partway through or need to find a finishing touch, there’s something in this compendium for you. Get inspired, change up your surroundings … and enjoy the results.

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ShowerGuard SatinDeco glass from Guardian. Silky smooth outside. Squeaky clean inside.

ShowerGuard® glass resists corrosion, so soap scum has nothing to hold onto. Which means with just a minimal amount of cleaning, ShowerGuard glass will always look as good as the day you bought it.

standard shower glass

ShowerGuard glass

Illustration of shower glass after extended use.


SPECIALIZING IN THE CUSTOM AND UNIQUE Our shower enclosures, mirrors and specialty glass products create a one-of-a-kind look for your home, office or business. 2010-2011 Design Oklahoma 3

Contents Art 9

Arden & Associates


Focus: Inspired Surroundings


Freestyle Design

builder 8

Tom Wilson & Associates

14 Candelaria Foster Contracting 15

Dave Goodman Homes LLC


Wayne Griffiths Homes


Profile: The Hill at Bricktown

The Hill at Bricktown

IFC, 1 AC Dwellings LLC

designer 18 Focus: What’s in a Name? 20 Cunningham Interiors 21

Profile: Rosalie Long Interior Design Inc.

22 Grant Design 24

Winter House Arrow Hardwood Floors

flooring 25

Profile: Arrow Hardwood Floors


Designer Rugs

28 Focus: Floored With Options 31

Quality Floor Co. Inc.

home furnishings & Décor 7

The Wood Garden


Bruno’s Furniture & Accessories

33 Courtyard Antiques

Haggard’s Fine Furniture

34 Kern’s 35

Profile: Haggard’s Fine Furniture

36 Focus: At-Home Facelift 39 Norwalk Furniture & Design 40 KS Design 41 Rawhide 42 Red Chateau 43

Profile: Sterling’s Home Décor & Gifts


De Vinci Cast Stone Mantels

BC Mister Robert

4 design Oklahoma


Digital Future Home Automation

Marble Designs elegant natural stone


A s today’s choice of natural countertops, GRANITE gives your kitchen timeless performance and beauty. Marble Designs offers… • a large selection of exotic and unusual stones • quality craftsmanship • excellent customer care with competitive pricing Let us show you how to bring Mother Nature’s artwork into your home.

400 NE 150th • Okl ahom a City • 751.2237 • m arbledesigns@coxinet.net 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 5

Contents Home Technology 45

Profile: Digital Future Home Automation

kitchen & bath 5 Marble Designs 46

The Culinary Kitchen


Profile: Southwest Tile & Marble

48 Morrison Plumbing, Appliances, Hardware 49 Metro Appliances & More

Southwest Tile & Marble

landscape & outdoor living 50 Calvert’s Plant Interiors Inc. 51

Profile: Aquascape Pools


Profile: Caviness Landscape & Design

54 Russell Designs 55

Profile: Everything Barbeque

56 Focus: Going Green with Green 59 Signature Custom Pools 60

Profile: Turf Team Outdoor Management Turf Team Outdoor Management

specialty 3 Central Glass & Mirror Inc. 61

Profile: Minick Materials


Bachle’s by the Fire

63 Citizens Bank of Edmond 64 Focus: Energy-Efficient Living 66 Hunzicker Lighting Gallery 66 Raymond James & Associates Inc. 67 Monte Cristo Ironworks LLC 68 Garage Innovations Inc. 69

Minick Materials

Old World Iron

IBC Stillwater National Bank

Windows & Doors 71

Profile: Garage Door Services


Profile: Monticello Cabinets & Doors

Old World Iron

6 design Oklahoma


Wood Garden


Custom & Design Studio Furniture • Draperies • Bedding • Unique Accessories 848.9663 • 7650 N. Western, OKC www.woodgardenonline.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 7

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Professionals Serving Professionals Experience Great Selection

Marriott ~ Charleston, SC Fine Art Originals Giclees (on canvas) Blown Glass Sculptures Bronze Sculptures Mixed Media

9 ft. Metal Sculptures

St. Francis Children’s Hospital ~ Tulsa, OK

Art Consultation & Innovative Art Programs

Natalie Building ~ Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma City, OK ~ Dallas, TX (405)971-1888 2010-2011 Design Oklahoma 9



Inspired Surroundings

K.O. Rinearson

By Kent Anderson

This area of Linda Howell’s gallery space exemplifies the great look that can be accomplished with a mix of traditional and contemporary art.

10 design Oklahoma



ccording to Norman-based painter/printmaker and teacher Betty “B.J.” Wood, “Art is life. Art touches everyone’s life on a daily basis. Art is constant and surrounding everyone as a natural human condition.” “I believe expression is a basic human need,” agrees art therapist Maureen Harvey, president of the Art Therapy Association of Oklahoma. “The art we choose to hang in our homes and our workplaces says something about ourselves, our values, our own expression.” The benefits of art in life’s spaces are many and varied: not just aesthetic, but social, emotional, intellectual, even spiritual. Collecting works of fine art, integrating them into the places one inhabits, pays a dividend far beyond any monetary investment.

K.O. Rinearson

“The art we choose to hang in our homes and our workplaces says something about ourselves, our values, our own expression.”

A mural project by Bob Palmer and his students in the Oklahoma City Farmers’ Market captures history while providing visual interest.

Aesthetics and Interior Design “Art helps you create an identity, your own space and environment,” says Dr. Bob Palmer, internationally known muralist and professor of art at the University of Central Oklahoma. “It can be either stimulating or peaceful.” In building one’s physical environment, art should not be an afterthought. In fact, Palmer likes to tell the story of a pair of newlyweds to whom he gave a painting for their first home. Upon reconnecting with them a few years later, he discovered they had developed their entire home’s décor around that single piece of artwork. It’s not an isolated story, and a common theme surfaces when exploring the issue of art in one’s surroundings. “It’s how it makes you feel,” says Linda Howell, who has a singular perspective as both an interior designer

and owner of The Howell Gallery in Nichols Hills. “When someone comes in and wants me to help them pick some pieces, I never pick something that ‘matches.’ You need something that speaks to you. You need art for the sake of art, not just to match a sofa.” As a designer, Howell prefers to avoid “trends,” again focusing on how a piece of art touches an individual. When designing a space, she favors a mixture of both traditional and contemporary motifs and a broad diversity of colors. Palmer, as both artist and educator, observes that many people tend to collect smaller works, intimate images, for their homes. But with art in public places, he sees a wider range of directions, both historical and contemporary. He notes a recent surge of interest 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 11

courtesy The Howell Gallery



in Western art, which has always been a regional favorite in Oklahoma, and a bit of an uptick in abstract art as well.

The Therapeutic Benefits

Nick Berry, “Autumn in Central Park” 22” x 28” oil on canvas

thing they want. Once they have a working image, she has the patients project their thoughts and feelings to the drawing, asking such questions as “What is this person thinking?” or “What is missing?” It often prompts a serious examination and discussion of their own lives. “The drawing acts as a container for many strong emotions that have a hard time being expressed in other ways,” Harvey explains. “I believe art always expresses some emotion, and it never lies.”

“Art is life” courtesy The Howell Gallery

Still, there is more to surrounding oneself with art than simple beauty and enjoyment. Its transformative power extends to the psyche. “I have a different perspective in how I view the world around me,” says Nakita Colbert, one of Betty Wood’s students at Oklahoma City University. “The level of understanding has expanded not only in my view of sunsets and shadows, but also in creating balance and depth in my home.” Perspective… understanding… balance. All are important, fundamental precepts in mental health. Therapist Maureen Harvey has

worked for 13 years with the Inpatient Acute Care Psych Ward and Substance Abuse Unit at Oklahoma City’s VA Medical Center, and she finds that after some initial resistance, her patients are very open to the world of art and its benefits. “Art naturally switches us over to the right side of our brain, helps us process what’s happening in our lives, what has happened, or what is about to happen,” Harvey says. “It provides challenges, teaches us lessons and when we get to the part when we want to give up, but work through it anyway, we learn and grow – a perfect metaphor for life.” Harvey uses art therapy in a variety of patients with issues ranging from depression to addiction to trauma. She gives patients paper and oil pastels and asks them to draw any-

Carole Broughton, “Blue-Eyed Gypsy” 12” x 12” oil 12 design Oklahoma


Art surrounds us. It is in the very air we breathe. It sews itself into the fabric of daily life, whether in the boundless joy one gets from admiring it in the home or workplace, or from its very real therapeutic and wellness components. It helps us to feel whole, it helps us to understand ourselves, our world, the spaces we inhabit. “I recognize art in the little things as well,” says OCU student Haley Stone, “like an old beaten-up pair of Converse tennis shoes, or the way a light hits a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Art is all around us and sometimes we take for granted what a beautiful world this really is.” “There should always be room in a home for art,” Linda Howell concludes. “You’ll see something different in a piece every time you look at it. You see it and it makes you feel like you’re in the moment, that you are there, or that you would like to be there. That’s the power of fine art.”

832.527.2182 www.freestyleartist.com Houston • Austin • Dallas • Oklahoma City • Tulsa 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 13

Forest Creek Estates has created a community with breathtaking views at every turn. Located on Sorghum Mill Road and Midwest Boulevard, this development is simply carved out of nature. With only 44 lots available, you can be assured you will be one of the fortunate few who can experience this premier location. Start planning your dream today, Forest Creek is the perfect place to live it.



14 design Oklahoma


The Art of Custom Homes

Dave Goodman

405.414.7294 davegoodmanhomes.com dave@davegoodmanhomes.com

Exceeding Your Expectations

WG Homes

16 design Oklahoma

405.387.4999 • www.wghomes.com 2010-2011



The Hill at Bricktown


t is at once historic, contemporary and traditional. It is both graceful and luxurious, and embodies elements of both convenience and community. It embraces the hometown feel of a central park and a Town Hall, yet it is situated within one of the fastest growing, most vibrant downtown districts in America. Welcome to Oklahoma City’s new luxury urban neighborhood, The Hill at Bricktown. The Hill is a planned community of elegant townhomes, drawing inspiration from the surrounding Bricktown and Deep Deuce areas, ever mindful

of history, with street names honoring author Ralph Ellison and urban business pioneer Russell Perry. But The Hill is thoroughly modern as well, with its multiple floor plans, lush landscaping and every home’s distinctively individual exterior architecture. Each home is constructed with attention to both aesthetic and functional detail. Amenities include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, Kohler fixtures, solid wood cabinetry, hardwood floors and two-car garages. Geothermal heat and air systems and Kolbe & Kolbe wooden windows are

designed for maximum energy efficiency, keeping utility costs low. The Hill is a concept that stresses community. This is no mere housing development… this is a neighborhood. Experience urban living at its most distinctive and luxurious. There are completed townhomes in five different floor plans ready for immediate sale and occupancy, from $359,000 to $810,000. Come home to The Hill at Bricktown. For additional information contact Matt Marcacci at First Source Real Estate, 405.613.5303. 405.228.1099 www.thehillokc.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 17



What’s in a Name? By Lauren Hammack

18 design Oklahoma


K.O. Rinearson

K.O. Rinearson


o-may-to, to-mah-to. Designer, decorator. Isn’t it all the same? When it comes to the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator,” often used interchangeably, the answer is unequivocally no. Knowing the distinction is the first step to determining which professional to consult when it’s time to begin your next project. Both designers and decorators are capable of coordinating a homeowner’s projects to transform the appearance or function of a space. Depending upon the scope of the project, however, each professional brings a different set of “tools” to the job site. A decorator is often skilled in bringing the aesthetic elements of a project to life – the “icing on the cake” – i.e., color, fabric selection, furniture placement, paints, finishes and floor coverings. Decorators can offer their clients a full spectrum of insight on these and many other topics, but are not subject to any formal requirements for education or licensing. Interior designers, on the other hand, combine the aesthetic savvy of a decorator with the critical knowledge of space planning, building codes, ADA accessibility codes, fire ratings for fabric and furniture and a wide range of structural and functional concerns. In addition to creating a visually appealing environment for their clients, designers are qualified to plan spaces that increase productivity and protect the health and safety of the occupants. For this expertise in combining art with science, a designer must fulfill specific educational requirements, including a four-year bachelor’s degree and a twoyear internship in interior design before passing the industry’s qualifying exam (NCIDQ). To stay up-to-date on industry changes and regulations, professional organizations such as ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and IIDA (International Interior Design Association) require certified designers to complete continuing education courses regularly. Sandy Collins, of SCI Design, Inc., currently serves as president of the Oklahoma Chapter of the ASID. Collins says that when a project calls for the expertise of a designer, homeowners can be confident that a registered ASID designer has the credentials necessary for even the most complex projects. In Oklahoma, other professional organizations, such as IIDA, also work to regulate requirements for the professionalism of the interior design industry.

Keven Carl, ASID, chose handsome furnishings to give this First Fidelity branch a more at-home than institutional look.

K.O. Rinearson

“A registered interior designer brings an invaluable depth of knowledge to the client.”

Jan Farha Klopp, ASID, created an elegant great room in this Edmond home, using creative placement of furnishings to separate the areas while maintaining the flow of the overall space.

“A registered ASID or IIDA designer has the foundational education, the professional continuing education and is NCIDQ-certified,” Collins says, adding, “A registered interior designer brings an invaluable depth of knowledge to the client.” The ASID defines an interior designer as someone who “is professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment. Qualified through education, experience and examination, a professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy, safe and comfortable physical environment.”

Oklahoma registered designer and professional member of ASID Jan Farha Klopp, of Jan Farha Interiors, acknowledges that interior design is a profession that is always evolving. As we’ve become more environmentally aware and technologically advanced, that evolution has accelerated at an astounding pace. “It’s more important than ever for the consumer to understand each professional’s credentials before embarking on a design project to ensure that the person who is ultimately consulted on a job has the most current knowledge for that project,” Farha Klopp explains. 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 19

Design • Creativity • Style • Texture • Scale • Balance • Lighting • Color

Cunningham Interiors 2107 West Britton Road (NW Corner of Casady Square, behind the new cvs)

751.9051 • www.cunninghamsokc.com • Designers WElcome

20 design Oklahoma




Rosalie Long Interior Design Inc.


osalie Long’s award-winning approach to interior design isn’t to decide what look should go into your space; it’s to create a look that’s perfect for you. Each client has unique needs that require different approaches and design concepts, so she concentrates on individual solutions rather than broad trends that might only partially match your tastes. That approach requires familiarity with a broad array of stylistic influences, thorough and careful communication with clients and meticulous attention to detail – all areas in which Rosalie excels, with a friendly professionalism that encourages creativity. And since she’s ASID accredited, FIDER registered and NCIDQ certified, her expertise speaks for itself. Perhaps most impressive is her ability to design progressively and proactively, so that as life changes over the next five, 10 or 15 years, your home can still be your optimal space, even as your family is growing, your children are moving out or you’re beginning to feel less active. Commercial or residential work, new spaces or remodels, traditional, contemporary or eclectic aesthetics – Rosalie has over 30 years of experience at making them reflect her clients’ personalities and lifestyles. For a personal consultation, give her a call at 405.340.3730. 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 21

I offer an impeccable design service including florals, drapery, bedding, upholstery, acces


Fine Interior DECORATING, locally and nationally, for 22 design Oklahoma


ssorizing, seasonal decorating, staging for resale and redesign all customized to your home.

over a DECADE

Grant Mathiews

Designer 405.473.9978 2010-2011 Design Oklahoma


Winter House Home Furnishings and Interior Design

Doing Things Differently

Leads to Something Exceptional

Oklahoma City • www.winterhouseinteriors.com • 405.751.2800

24 design Oklahoma


OK Registration #02312



Arrow Hardwood Floors


ori Colclasure of Arrow Hardwood Floors has built a reputation on customer service, on following through and on an attention to detail that is unique to the marketplace. With a decade in business and a brand-new showroom unveiled this spring, Arrow specializes in high-end new construction and renovation projects, and works with builders, decorators and directly with homeowners. Arrow’s glittering new showroom at 1133 N.W. 92nd offers a bit of everything, impressing clients from the moment they step in the door. The selection is remarkable: classic hand-scraped floors; unfinished engineered floors that can be glued directly onto a home’s slab; nail-down products with a sub-floor beneath; even reclaimed, refinished woods for a rustic look. There are exotic woods, such as the African wenge floor, as well as many American woods like pine, maple, red oak, white oak, pecan, hickory and mesquite. Chevron patterns, herringbone, medallions, borders – they’re all here. It’s part of the attention to detail on which Arrow Hardwood Floors takes pride: all projects are done by hand – scraping, distressing, finishing – with the client’s needs foremost in mind. A variety of floor finishes is available as well: oil, satin matte or water-borne finish. Best of all, Arrow Hardwood Floors is one of very few flooring companies to invest in a dust-containment system for remodel projects. The sanding machines feed into a vacuum system that takes all the dust outside… instead of spreading it around the house. Stepping into the showroom of Arrow Hardwood Floors, one gets a feeling of stability, permanence and absolute, unwavering dedication to quality. Lori Colclasure wouldn’t have it any other way, going the extra distance for her customers, attending to those details, building on her well-earned reputation for service.

1133 N.W. 92nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 405.843.1310 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 25


ner rugs Designer



gner ru

gs de


er rugs


It’s Like Walking on Art

exclusively at

Couture Pillows Also available at Oklahoma’s Finest Area Rug & Carpet Store

333 W. Wilshire

Oklahoma City




Floored With Options


By John Parker

K.O. Rinearson

ou’re not going to get far with flooring without fussing over function. If you mix up designs and purposes, a mud room tromps into mud hell if it’s laden with shag. A game room isn’t meeting the ideal of comfy and inviting if your teenager’s gang is constantly shifting its collective butt on a torturous tile floor. With that in mind, flooring trends for this year are best viewed as a house tour. Room by room.

Stone, tile and hardwood. They’re classic for kitchens and still popular. This year trends toward lighter colors with both materials. The kitchen is a place for family gathering and talking. In kitchens that typically brim with windows, brightness with blond woods and light-toned stone will flood the space with sunshiny happiness. Working with all material options, some manufacturers have crossed into the realm of art and ultimate customization for kitchen flooring. One example is the British company Barefoot (www.barefoot.co.uk) which offers “floor art.” Their “barefoot masterpieces” blend a museum vibe with non-slip, easy-to-clean materials. 28 design Oklahoma


K.O. Rinearson


©builddirect 2010

Living Room

©builddirect 2010

Aiming to stay on the cutting edge, flooring manufacturers have created the most options ever for eco-friendly flooring made from recyclable and natural materials. While it’s possible to fashion flooring from old tires and soda bottles, who can really warm up to inviting guests onto a blanket of black Firestone treads? Although humble in origin, cork and bamboo combine old-style durability with high-end looks. We’re not talking ’70s-style basic corkboard here. Designed effectively, banks and Class-A office buildings have used them for years in entryways as a prestige statement. Custom staining and integrated patterns in chessboard and parquetry can create looks as stunning as oak.


Bathroom Heated tile or stone flooring is still hot for luxury, but the latest way to make your bathroom distinctive is mosaic tile. Designs range from artful production patterns by top manufacturers to Oklahoma-grown artists. Materials and their styles – whether Mediterranean or contemporary art – must fit any powder room’s overall design, but look for exotic tile options to stand out from the rest. Think steel, copper and brushed nickel. Metal patterns interlaced with stone or onyx marble are stunning, but rare, so they’re great conversation starters in guest baths.


Design Oklahoma 29


K.O. Rinearson


This is the place where the masters of the household recline in ultimate comfort and isolation after an excruciating day, right? Maybe, maybe not. Behind the kitchen, this can be one of the main family gathering places, where children pompously invade and romp willy-nilly on adult notions of peace and tranquility, but nonetheless where high-level family bonding negotiations happily begin. Heavily padded carpeting is the perfect complement to a luxurious king-size bed and high-thread-count accessories. As a part-time family room, noise-reducing elements are the top feature of today’s design. Sculpted and custom, artistically designed carpets are on the rise as statements of individualism over fad. Comfort for little feet and Monday-morning treks to the shower mean a heavy cushion base for laid carpet, which also distributes heat in the home more effectively with insulation optimization. If you’re on a second floor and looking to reduce noise from below, soundboard is another must for quieting. 30 design Oklahoma


K.O. Rinearson


A new approach to traditional flooring

elegance ... defined by quality


Quality Floor Company’s featured products offer most wear layer, smooth transitions to tile, and/ or carpet for existing renovations of new construction without recessing of the slab.

Fine quality antique & traditional new wooden flooring

Quality Floor Co. Inc. 8636 N. Classen Blvd. • (405) 848.9324 www.qualityfloorcompanyinc.com

Since 1950 Timeless wooden flooring for you and future generations.

To be sure you get what you want.


Combining the classic beauty of period antique flooring with form & function of today's lifestyles.

Hand-crafted antique reproduction

Design Oklahoma 31

Shop Better...Live Better

Family Owned for 58 Years www.brunosfurniture.com NW 36th and Western • 524.1488 32 design Oklahoma


Open Monday-Saturday 9-6 • Sunday 1-6

Courtyard Antiques Importers of European Antiques

Timeless Accessories • Fine Art • Fortunata • Antique Chandeliers • Elegant Lamps Mon-Sat 10-5 33 3314 S. Broadway Edmond (33rd & Broadway Ext.) • 359-2719 • Open 2010-2011 Design Oklahoma



3224 S Broadway, Ste 148 • Edmond • 405.285.2374 2001 W Main, Ste 123 • Norman • 405.366.1881 34 design Oklahoma


Profile home furnishings & DÉcor

Haggard’s Fine Furniture

Create Your Design

1. Choose your base


Turned Leg

Tapered Leg



2. Choose your arm


3. Choose your back


Loose Pillow

The price of your furniture is the same for any design combination. Stanley – Hooker – American Drew – Charles Schneider – LaCrosse


or five generations and nearly a century, the Haggard family has served Oklahomans with quality furniture, affordable prices and excellent service. Haggard’s Fine Furniture is the oldest family-owned and operated furniture store in the state, and that pride shows in all aspects of the business. Delivery is still free – as it has been since 1916 – and Haggard’s offers an exceptional selection of exquisitely crafted American-made home furnishings. Haggard’s “Your Home, Your Design” concept sets it apart from other furniture dealers, featuring quality-crafted solid wood lines including Smith Brothers, Simply Amish, Valley View and Millcraft. This allows homeowners and designers to choose their own design – base, arms and back – for chairs and sofas. In addition, Haggard’s constantly seeks new ways to create value for their customers, with Amish wood lines priced at “40 + 10% off.” The furniture industry has changed in many ways since 1916, and the Haggard family has kept up with the times, always striving to serve their customers with the highest quality merchandise on the market. But some things at Haggard’s have not changed – value, service, expertise, respect for the individual needs of every customer’s home and family. This is the difference… this is the experience of shopping at Haggard’s Fine Furniture. 3415 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 405.942.1985 www.haggardsfinefurniture.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 35

FOCUS home furnishings & DÉcor

At-Home Facelift


By Lauren Hammack Photos by K.O. Rinearson

e honest: you haven’t written the great American novel. You haven’t invented a better mousetrap. You haven’t fled to Santorini after your massive lottery win. The truth is, if you haven’t already built your mansion on the hill, you may be one of the majority who will be staying in your house on the block, at least for the foreseeable future. And that’s not such a bad thing. Oklahoma City interior designer Sherry Brandt offers several suggestions for renewing your home vows and learning to love it again.

Clutter-free is the way to be.

Less Is More.

Get Immediate Gratification.

If you’ve ever felt a rush of gratitude that the “Hoarders” camera crew hasn’t rung your doorbell… yet, you may be operating under the mistaken assumption that “more is more.” “The biggest mistake I see in many homes,” observes Brandt, “is too much furniture and too many bad tchotchkes.” The cure? “Remove half. Think positively about uncrowded spaces,” Brandt advises.

The quickest (and least expensive) way to transform an interior? Paint. Brandt recommends buying several shades and putting them all up in some test areas where they’ll eventually go (in order from dark to light), and then giving yourself a few days to live with the colors before choosing one. “If they’re all disappointing,” Brandt says, “then hey, it’s only paint.”

36 design Oklahoma


Be Particular. Many homeowners, terrified of “blank space” somewhere in their homes, rush out to buy fillers. Brandt touches on a truth we all know deep down. “Timeless pieces are always the best investments,” she notes. “Take your time. Select a few. Spend more to get something great that you’ll keep forever.” If you’ve confused “timeless investment pieces” with a mauve, overstuffed pit group, Brandt clarifies, “Mirrors, chairs, armoires and dining tables are the types of pieces you can build a room around.” Anchor rooms with heirloom-quality pieces you plan to keep for decades… or a lifetime. 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 37

FOCUS home furnishings & DÉcor Let Design Reflect Your Life. One of the designer’s best gifts is an ability to envision a finished room. Most people can’t do that, so they resort to tearing a page out of a magazine before embarking on a design scavenger hunt to create an exact replica of the photo in their hand. Two things come to mind for Brandt: 1.) A home shouldn’t mirror a magazine image; it should reflect the people who live there. 2.) When you’ve got that magazine photo clutched in your hand, clutch a phone in the other. It’s time to consult a designer. “Design that stays completely true to a particular style is boring,” Brandt says. “The most interesting homes reflect the owners’ lifestyle by bringing in elements that are often unexpected, such as personal or family mementos that hold a special significance.”

Adhering rigorously to a genre is less important than having pieces you treasure and a look that genuinely reflects you. 38 design Oklahoma


Fu r n it u r e & De sign

Custom Order Furniture in 35 Days or Less Free Design Consultation 122nd & May • 748.5774 NorwalkFurnitureOKC.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 39

FOCUS home furnishings & DÉcor Create Movement and Change.

Placing furniture in small, free-floating groups encourages conversation and movement, but leaves room for foot traffic.

Everything for the well appointed home fine linens home decor bath and body lounge wear

ks.design 4207 N. Western 405.524.7868 ksdesignokc.com

40 design Oklahoma


Brandt recommends experimenting with less conventional furniture placements. “Don’t marry yourself to one arrangement,” she suggests. “Think outside the box – the furniture isn’t bolted to the floor!” Brandt says it’s especially important, whether you’re considering a remodel or just rearranging furniture, to consider all possibilities for an arrangement you can live with, as well as one that creates a comfortable flow for accommodating guests. Brandt also identifies several design trends homeowners are likely to encounter in their upcoming projects. • Surrealist furniture and accessories • A strong influx of color, probably dictated by our col lective need to “cheer up,” as well as less fear of mixing disparate colors • Asian influences • Handmade objects, such as lighting pieces and furni ture, made prevalent by the “green” trend in design • Funky, tactile textiles


New Location:


1007 N. Broadway/OKC



2010-2011 Design Oklahoma 41 www.ShopRawhide.com

Fine Furniture • Bedding Lighting • Art

9205 N. Penn • Casady Square • (405) 842-2262 • www.redchateau.net

42 design Oklahoma


Profile home furnishings & DÉcor

Sterling’s Home Décor & Gifts


t Sterling’s Home Décor & Gifts in downtown Edmond, there is none of the quick in-quick sale-quick out that is so prevalent in today’s retail marketplace. Rather, there is an environment that allows one to spend a little time, to come aside for a while, to explore, to truly experience the fine art of shopping. Sterling’s has gone to great lengths to create a place that is comfortable, warm and inviting. There’s complimentary coffee in the winter and cold drinks in the summer. Most of all, there is a sense of time at Sterling’s – time to slow down and look around, to take in all the sensory delights: not just visual, but the aromas and the textures of fine furnishings and accessories. For Sterling’s, every piece in the shop is personal, and there isn’t anything the owners wouldn’t consider having in their own home. There are two floors of space to explore, with an array of distinctive merchandise, from large furniture pieces to the smallest accents and gifts. There are flights of fancy – images of deer and roosters in various media among them – but also stately country French pieces. The owners confess a weakness for kitchen and tabletop items, so there are many of them here. There is a balance between the masculine and feminine, and above all, there are choices... a lot of them. Sterling’s Home Décor & Gifts is not just about the sale, offering such additional services as free gift wraping, bridal registries and in-home décor consultations. At Sterling’s, the philosophy is not just about selling “things.” It is about nurturing the feeling of people coming in – and remembering their names. It’s a place to step aside, to spend some time, to find just the right item for the home. The approach is personal, focused on nurturing a relationship with customers – with friends. 105 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK 405.844.7465 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 43

44 design Oklahoma


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Digital Future Home Automation Your Smarthome Delivered!


home represents a significant purchase, and every homeowner seeks ways to increase the value of their investment. At the same time, a home is – or should be – a refuge, a place that both absorbs and reflects the lifestyle of those who dwell within it. Digital Future Home Automation gives homeowners the freedom to live their lives, while their home adapts to their needs and wants at any given moment. Systems that have traditionally been separate and independent can now communicate with each other: security systems, HVAC, audio/video, sprinkler systems and lighting control, to name a few. The drawn-out process of “shutting down the house for the night” is no more. With optional control from your iPhone or smartphone, the home automatically ensures that garage doors are closed, night lights are dimmed, home audio is silenced, the security system is armed for night mode and all the thermostats are set for optimum efficiency.

Digital Future has taken a modular approach to home automation, putting whole home control within the reach of everyone. Their solutions allow a homeowner to start small and then add additional functionality as budget permits. For remodels and retrofits, many of their offerings are either wireless or use existing electrical wire, so forget about major wallboard teardowns. Their solutions focus on: • Lighting and HVAC control • Whole home audio and video distribution • Home theater and media rooms • Room-to-room intercom systems • Energy-saving “green home” solutions Digital Future Home Automation is based in Edmond.

Automate. Control. Simplify.

405.562.8720 www.digitalfuturehome.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 45

Glass Countertops

Where High Performance Products Meet High Style 405.418.4884 • 7302 N. Western • OKC 46 design Oklahoma


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Southwest Tile & Marble


xpansions, renovations, new construction… regardless of the project’s scope, one of the most important ingredients in making your space truly your own is inspiration – which means one of your most important destinations should be Southwest Tile & Marble. Their massive marble shop and design center offers an array of virtually limitless choices, bringing everything under the sun indoors so you can browse to your heart’s content in any weather, and their top-caliber staff has the training and experience to guide you through the sea of possibilities to finding the perfect materials for realizing your vision. Choosing those materials is the hardest part, because Southwest Tile & Marble can take it from there until the project’s done. Their on-site fabrication shop filled with state-of-the-art equipment removes the need for outsourcing, giving them more quality assurance and control over the timeline of the work, and the expertise and painstaking attention to detail of their installers ensure that your job isn’t just done; it’s done with craftsmanship and with care. 1969 saw the start of Young Brothers, Inc., a small tile installation company which evolved into the sister company Southwest Tile & Marble. Their excellence is a family affair: proprietor and president Dean Young is the third generation of family ownership, and his son Drew is currently vice president, poised to carry on the legacy. Their commitment has kept standards high from the company’s founding over 40 years ago through its vast expansion since, so that you can be sure you’re getting quality products and exceptional service from beginning to end. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, floors and more – whatever your dream project entails, Southwest Tile & Marble can help make it happen.

100 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 405.235.3393 www.swtile.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 47

Experience Oklahoma City’s Best-Kept Secret

Jan Johnston, Wanda Killgo, Lisa McDowell, Megan Brown, Sue Largess, and Angel Fairless

501 NE 122nd St. Suite C 48 design Oklahoma


Oklahoma City, OK




5308 N Classen Blvd OKC • 405.848.6642 www.calverts.com

50 design Oklahoma


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Aquascape Pools


veryone’s dream for turning their backyard into a paradise is a little bit different; to capture your dreams perfectly, trust Antonio Aparicio and Aquascape Pools. Their attention to detail, innovative designs and superb reliability will ensure your perfect outdoor getaway. Utilizing advanced, user-friendly technology and capitalizing on their years of experience, their staff are experts at combining the right components to reflect your tastes and aspirations.   For a natural approach to backyard beauty, consider the possibilities among water gardens, pondless waterfalls, outdoor fireplaces and creative landscaping. Their imaginative, well-crafted water features are eye-catching, low-maintenance additions to your home, and the soothing sound of cascading water will help you relax and reconnect with nature. Aquascape Pools creates watershapes and outdoor living designs that correctly flow with the surrounding environment, emphasizing water and energy conservation and ensuring efficient equipment operation through advanced hydraulic planning. Aquascape Pools is dedicated to building lasting relationships with integrity, passion and service. Call today and let them create your beautiful and functional backyard paradise! 2001 E. Britton Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 405.359.0140 www.aquascapeokc.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 51

Profile Landscape & outdoor living

52 design Oklahoma


Caviness Landscape & Design A Resort In Your Own Backyard


icture an unremarkable stretch of grass and earth with a tree or two here and there, maybe a solitary bird feeder and clump of flowers… if you found yourself thinking of your own backyard, you should know that your blank canvas can become a lavish, resort-like work of living art; all you need is Caviness Landscape & Design. Caviness can transform your space – and your life – by custom-designing and constructing swimming pools, dry-laid stonework, landscaping and incredible water features like waterfalls, a hot tub that cascades into a pool, a beach entry, a hidden grotto with a swim-through entrance or a swimup bar or outdoor kitchen and living space. Augmented by cutting-edge technology like Color Kinetic lighting and outdoor plasma screens, your new backyard can make every trip outside feel like a vacation getaway. These miraculous transformations are made possible by the creativity and expertise of Kelly Caviness and his team. For over 27 years, Caviness has met and exceeded customers’ expectations with meticulous planning, inspired design, dependable execution and uncompromising integrity. And metro residents aren’t the only ones impressed by his work: in the last three years, Caviness has received a total of five International Awards of Excellence from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the most prestigious accolades in the world for swimming pool designers. Caviness Landscape & Design really does provide the total package: top-quality work done within your budget, aesthetic and functional value added to your home and – most importantly – the soothing satisfaction of your own backyard oasis. Caviness Landscape & Design 405.330.2844 www.cavinesslandscape.com


Design Oklahoma 53

Let us create your outdoor escape…

• Landscaping • Custom Pools & Watershapes • Cabanas/Pool Houses & Pergolas • Outdoor Kitchens & Living Spaces • Custom Stonework & Masonry Services


Speci a lizi ng 54 design Oklahoma


i n

O utdoo r

Complete design & build services

Livi ng


Profile landscape & outdoor living

Everything Barbeque


ometimes, just getting started is the hard part. You know you love to entertain, you know your backyard has the potential to be the perfect family retreat. You just don’t know quite where to begin. The experts at Everything Barbeque help you visualize your backyard in ways you never imagined. Experienced designers can show your backyard’s full potential with blueprints and graphic designs so you are 100% comfortable with the ideas before the professional construction team begins turning the plans into beautiful reality. Choosing the right equipment can also be overwhelming. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Everything Barbeque will walk you through all their wonderful choices of professional-quality outdoor kitchen equipment – grills, refrigerators, sinks, beverage

stations, storage and more. You’ll be grilling like a master chef in no time on your choice of professional quality grills from trusted manufacturers like Lynx, Twin Eagles, Alfresco, Hasty-Bake and Luxor.

Outdoor cooking aficionados, rejoice! Whether you prefer your outdoor entertaining experience surrounded by your close-knit family, a cozy group of friends or the whole neighborhood, Everything Barbeque can create the space you desire to pursue and share your passion. And don’t forget, Everything Barbeque is the home of the Big Green Egg. “Eggcept” no substitutes!

13833 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 405.463.3227 www.everythingbbq.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 55

Focus Landscape & outdoor living

Going Green With Green

By Susan Grossman Photos by K.O. Rinearson


f all the green components related to sustainable homebuilding and construction, perhaps the greenest of all is right outside the front door: nature. While on the inside, careful attention is paid to maximizing energy efficiency with design and materials, reducing the consumption of resources and capitalizing on incorporating the use of natural ones, much can also be done on the outside to further reduce the impact on the environment. When the first president of the University of Oklahoma famously embarked on transforming his barren campus with trees more than a century ago, he was on to something. Today, the hearty trees of central Norman offer breaks from the prairie wind and shade during the blazing summer. “People are beginning to realize that trees are a resource and their presence can actually make land more valuable,” said Valerie Moore, who owns Little River Trees along with her husband, Steve Davies. “Trees can be a great resource in heating and cooling a home. We have a lot of requests for trees to be planted on the southwest side of buildings to block the sun or planted in lines as windbreaks.” Little River Trees moves large trees up to 10 inches in diameter. According to Moore, many people are not aware this is possible. “Many times, you can move a tree more inexpensively than you can buy one,” she said, “especially if they already grow on your property.” Developers are becoming savvier about re-landscaping and preserving trees, she said, and some towns and cities are creating zoning for large established trees, requiring people to incorporate them into the landscaping plan, particularly in more mature neighborhoods. When building a new home, decisions about lot development are fundamental, and this is where green begins for Ed Hilliard, now visiting associate professor of architecture at the University of Oklahoma. He developed the 56 design Oklahoma


landscape architecture program at OU during his original tenure there during the mid-’80s. “In site design, the ultimate goal is to put back what used to be there,” he said. “When subdivisions are being developed, the soil has been stripped off, the drainage pattern has been changed and the trees cut down. Being green incorporates the way we develop land and the way it is designed.” It is important, he said, to understand the site you are working on to preserve its natural character. Then, once a house is established, maintaining its natural environment is essential. “Another key to the idea of environmental sustainability is to establish natural habitats as much as possible,” Hilliard said. Consider vast lawns of carpet-like grass that require large amounts of water and copious fertilizers to keep them looking good. Or, incorporating a lot of exotic plants into Oklahoma landscaping, which can mean using more water and chemicals to help them thrive out of their native habitat. Asia Scudder, owner of Zahori Landscaping in Norman, is guided by three principles in “green” planting. The first is to use plants that are adapted to the harsh Oklahoma climate of high heat and full sun. Plants and shrubs that can perform well without much water, keep their foliage during the winter and are disease-resistant are ideal. The second is to cultivate healthy soil, especially without chemicals. “This is so important because soil is like a sponge, it really holds water and then releases it when the plants need it,” Scudder said. “Soil in Oklahoma is clay-based and it takes some work to cultivate good soil with compost and soil activators so roots can drag what they need out of it.” Third is good site design for landscaping and gardening to include a foundation for water flow.


Design Oklahoma 57

Focus Landscape & outdoor living

“It really is possible to maintain outdoor environments with little to no irrigation by using things like French drains, dry stream beds and rain barrels,” she said. “This further reduces the need for excessive watering.” Scudder has observed a trend toward lower maintenance and natural designs because people are busy and don’t have the time for upkeep. “It is possible to be sustainable in home landscaping and create something with minimal maintenance,” she said. “It takes about three years to reach maturity with a new garden or landscaping design. The first year is the hardest, but the second year is easier and by the third year, the soil is balanced and the plants are thriving.” For Jude Waltman, a green gardening hobbyist with degrees in environmental design and architecture, buying locally grown plants is important, as well as using plants native to the region. “You reduce the carbon footprint because local plants do not have to be trucked in,” he said. “When landscaping in Oklahoma, you want things that are drought tolerant. This conserves water because these plants will not require a lot of watering in summer.” 58 design Oklahoma


He uses native grasses in his landscaping as much as possible, such as bluestem grasses and switch grass, native to a prairie climate and accustomed to Oklahoma heat. Waltman is a fan of knockout roses that are easy to grow and require little maintenance once they are established, and herbs like rosemary and thyme, nandina shrubs, candy tuft, Echinacea, lilies, irises, daisies and bulbs for spring flowers. “It is a good idea to incorporate perennials so you are not repurchasing flowers every year,” he said. “And you can also start your own plants from seeds rather than buy them from large manufacturers.” Waltman also makes his own mulch from leaves to cut down on water usage fertilizers. “More and more local governments are requesting green landscaping,” he said. “The idea is to preserve as much as you can in new construction and use what you have for more developed areas. That said, there is no such thing as a ‘no maintenance’ yard, but there is such a thing as ‘low maintenance.’”

Summer Fun! Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity is developing the future of Oklahoma by putting its people in quality affordable homes, one family at a time. Our newest neighborhood, Hope Crossing, will be a healthy, sustainable home environment for 240 hard-working limited income families, with energy-efficient brick homes, peaceful green spaces, and an active park! Help develop our state’s great potential by partnering with Central Oklahoma Habitat in Hope Crossing. We can break the cycle of poverty for hundreds of Oklahomans and unlock endless possibilities for individuals and our state. Call Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity at 232-4828 and invest in Oklahoma today!

We build new pools or we can refurbish your old pool to a brand-new look! • Individually Custom Designed Pools • Locally Owned • Fully Insured • VGB Compliance Work www.SignatureCustomPools.com 2010-2011

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Turf Team Outdoor Management


or top-quality professional landscaping design, building and maintenance, turn to Turf Team. Enhance your surroundings with the use of their talented landscape designers, who can install hardscape, seasonal bursts of color and exquisite lighting and topiary. Their experienced maintenance crews can handle mowing, edging and trimming, as well as sprinkler installation, mulching, aerating, the removal of leaves and debris and more.

Turf Team has a certified arborist on staff for consultation on trees both native and ornamental, a multi-step fertilizer and disease eradication process and advanced chemical treatments to control weeds and pests and keep all your plant life lush and healthy without endangering the environment. Enjoy first-class service and commitment – call Turf Team and take the first step toward making a masterpiece for your family’s outdoor living. 3500 E. Wilshire Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 405.478.9990 www.turfteamok.com

60 design Oklahoma




Minick Materials


t its heart, every home construction or renovation project is about ideas. The ideas, the creative relationship, is what drives the process. The vision must be solid before the reality can be brought into existence. For over 52 years, homeowners, architects, landscape designers and builders have relied on Minick Materials for exciting and fresh ideas for their projects. Minick Materials offers a large array of landscape and building materials: soils, pavers, mulches and over 300 kinds of stone.

New and innovative selections – and the ideas to back them up – are the norm at Minick Materials. Minick features stone from right here in Oklahoma, or imported from around the world. The soils at Minick are second to none, whether “Rich Mix” for the yard or “Garden Ready” for flower beds. Now Minick also offers selections of flower pots, and the soils to use in them. And of course, support is always available to customers who wish to install their purchases themselves. The combination of experience, knowledge, selection and a deep and abiding devotion to customer satisfaction puts Minick Materials in a unique position to bring a wealth of ideas to any project. Whether a simple, beautiful flower bed or an inspired backyard oasis, Minick Materials understands and has the vision to create.


326 N. Council Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 14141 N. Santa Fe, Edmond, OK 405.789.2068 www.minickmaterials.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 61

Outdoor Furniture Gas Logs Fireballs & Fireglass Fireplace Doors Screens Iron Wall Art Tools & Accessories

Fireplace Furnishings & Outdoor Living Charter at May Shopping Center May & Britton • (405) 842.8872 www.bachlesbythefire.com 62 design Oklahoma Locally2010-2011 Owned

& Operated with Professional & Personal Service Since 1906

C.H. Wyatt, Jr. President & CEO

Please join us in congratulating C.H. Wyatt, Jr. who has been selected as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Citizens Bank of Edmond. C.H. has been in the banking industry for 36 years. Prior to joining the bank he served as President, CEO, and a Director of InterBank in Western Oklahoma for 18 years. In addition to those responsibilities he served the past three years as an Executive Vice President and a Director of Union Bank. C.H. and his wife Janie have one daughter and two granddaughters.


www.citizensedmond.com 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 63



Energy-Efficient Living


By John Parker


ankless water heater. Got that. Electric fireplace to cut smog and hassle. Got that. Swirly CFL bulbs. Got ’em. That’s about it for the modern luxury home, right? Not at all. Real green living while saving green with the latest technology is the ultimate in cutting-edge lifestyles.

Solar panel awnings provide energy efficiency while maintaining this home’s particular aesthetic.

64 design Oklahoma

A Bright New Sunshine The temperature of solar power started to rise in the 1970s. Dimmed by its minimal largescale potential in the ’80s and ’90s, however, it was soon eclipsed by traditional power sources, except for a small cadre of die-hard advocates. Come 2010, however, alternative energy sources are backed by the largest tax credits ever. Combine that with the latest advances in solar efficiency, and homeowners who have the financial resources to update their energy sources can capitalize on long-term lower costs and soar ahead as social leaders. The highest solar energy efficiency is based on monocrystalline cells. One leading manufacturer is SunPower (us.sunpowercorp.com). Solar power, however, is only one part of energy efficiency. 2010-2011


What’s Old is New Again The Oklahoma Sustainability Network (www.oksustainability.org) is the gathering place for all sorts of eco-friendly options for home energy. The trend that combines our parents’ generation with modern life is green roofs. Whether they’re used for personal victory gardens or filtering the chemicals we shed on streets that lead to our rivers, they’re also just plain fun. They make you stand out and do good for Oklahoma. Metro and state resources for getting rid of plain old roofs include Oklahoma City Roofing Help website (www.oklahomacityroofinghelp.com/ ok-green-roof.asp) and the Oklahoma Sustainability Resource Network (www.oksustainability.org/guide/architectureanddesignservices.php).

Grassroots Power Underground geothermal energy has been around as an option for a while, but Oklahoma is one of the ground zero locations for its rise. The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association was formed in Stillwater in 1987. The organization’s goal is to act as “the ideal bridge between the latest technology and the people who benefit from these developments.” Its residential remedies include recommendations for saving up to 50 percent on heating costs, quiet operation and up to 50-year warranties. The association’s website (www.dsireusa.org) even has a map to figure out your rebates and financial incentives in Oklahoma for investing in green energy.

A green roof makes this small design house blend nicely into the rest of the garden.

The Green, Green Grass of Oklahoma Architectural Record magazine recently named Oklahoma City’s LWPB Architecture (www.lwpb.com) as one of the top 100 green design firms of 2009. They ranked among companies that generated $2.85 billion in revenue in 2008 from projects registered with such green design programs as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an increase of 63.9 percent over $1.74 billion in 2007. A big deal. The Engineering News Record named Oklahoma City-based Benham Cos., which boasts an interior design section, as its 27th highest firm for green design nationwide. 2010-2011

Design Oklahoma 65

66 design Oklahoma


Functional Organization at Surprisingly Low Prices

Organizational Solutions

for a Beautiful Garage 7704 N. May Ave. • 405-286-3637 • mycustomgarage.com

Simply Storage

Liquid Granite Floor Coating

Signature Line

• Custom Design Services • Professional Installation • Over 1,000 Systems Installed • Outstanding Customer Service • Fully Insured • Cabinet Systems Starting at $1,300 Installed Gladiator™

• Flooring Solutions

Call Today2010-2011 for Your FREE In-Home Consultation 405-286-3637

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us help you remodel your old, wooden staircase into one of ours!

Curved/Spiral Stairs Are Our Specialty • Juliet Balconies • Balcony R ailings • Wine Room Doors Exterior Yard & Walk Gates • Fireplace Screens & Tools • Drapery Fixtures • Corbels • Trellises Full Design Services • Custom Finishes & Exotic Finishes • Historic Restoration • Hand Forging

Old World Iron Stairs, Gates & Balconies for Fine Homes

Todd Miller

8405 Mantle Avenue • Oklahoma City, OK 405.722.0008 • www.owiokc.com

Timeless Elegance • Heirloom Quality Custom Iron Works Hundreds

of references from home builders, designers, decorators and homeowners… just ask us!


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S:7 in

S:10 in




Every decision we make has consequences. We choose what we put into our lakes and rivers. We choose what we release into the air we breathe. We choose what we put into our bodies, and where we let our children run and play. We choose the world we live in, so make the right choices. Learn what you can do to care for our water, our air, our land and yourself at earthshare.org. Earth Share supports more than 400 environmental and conservation organizations that impact you every day.

Visit us at earthshare.org

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Garage Door Services Enhancing Your Home’s Visual Appeal


t’s a simple business philosophy: If you can dream it, Garage Door Services can build it. You’ve invested so much of yourself in your home, and you want to take every opportunity to preserve and even enhance your investment. Curb appeal makes a difference. It increases the value of your property, and it just makes you feel better about the place you call home.

Garage doors, much like landscaping or window treatments, can do wonders for that visual appeal. Garage Door Services of Oklahoma City is on a mission to give you options when it comes to your garage door, from specialized designs to custom installation. Garage Door Services utilizes only the finest quality materials, crafted from wood or steel, and carriage house doors as well. The garage door is an entry to your home, and like an appetizer before a fine meal, it sets the tone for the entire experience. Let Garage Door Services bring their ideas and experience to your home. You dream it. They will build it. 3501-A Melcat Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 405.942.1101 www.gdsofusa.com


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windows & doors

Monticello Cabinets & Doors


ike most businesspeople or craftsmen, Mark Gardner of Monticello Cabinets & Doors has goals. He has a sense of what he wants to achieve and of how to go about doing it. The difference with Gardner, that extra “something special” that makes his business stand out, is that the goals change. To Gardner, each project and each customer is different. Every piece he creates is unique, designed and constructed to fit the needs of an individual. It is, indeed, a distinction worthy of note. With three decades of experience, Gardner helps builders and homeowners find the perfect balance between a timeless “old world” look, and modern functionality. Every one-of-a-kind Monticello cabinet is designed and built with true old world craftsmanship from hand-selected antique lumber, then coupled with modern functional capabilities. Be it a kitchen, furniture, vanities or entry doors, whether a traditional or contemporary design, every single Monticello piece is tailored to the individual client and handfinished to bring out the natural patina of the antique woods. In a fine example of Gardner’s mixture of old and new, he is also involved in “green” construction, utilizing materials that qualify for LEED points. The client’s goals become Gardner’s goals, and he is happy to talk one-on-one to understand what the customer envisions. The cabinet shop showroom is loaded with ideas and possibilities. Designers are always welcome, and Gardner is pleased to provide detailed drawings of each project.

72 design Oklahoma


Every client is unique. Therefore, every project is a unique, singular work of art and craft, of design and function, of imagination and skill. This is the distinction of Monticello Cabinets & Doors. 512 S.W. 3rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 405.228.4900 www.monticellocabinets.com

Mister Robert

52 Y e a r s of Awa r d -W i nn i ng In t er ior De sign

109 East Main • Norman • 405.321.1818

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Design Oklahoma 2010-2011  


Design Oklahoma 2010-2011  


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