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Dark Skies of Lostock

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Bad Girls on Wheels Inside Roller Derby

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free Issue: 1 November 2011

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Tania Dunning

Pilates Fitness For Life

General Fitness Rehabilitation Pre/Post Natal Fully Equipped Belmont Studio 22 Patrick Street, Belmont

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Sandy Saunders share his passion for “life”

a dog’s life


nicole chaffey unique landscapes

bad girl’s on wheels


michael blaxland uncovers still life classes in a pub

thirteen and bulletproof


annalise macLachlan’s exciting modelling career

not so cheap looks


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astro camp


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bow macleod visits a stargazer’s gathering at lostock


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newcastle’s latest band on the rise hit #1

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laura talks about creating a fashion swimwear shoot

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Story & Pics: Tania Dunning Edited by: Steve Dunkley

Alexander Bell Saunders, better known as “Sandy� to his friends leads a very active life. Unwilling to slow down for even a day, he repairs fences, fixes homes, doing jobs that many people find difficult. Sandy does them with a rare blend of enjoyment, humour and his own brand of boundless generosity.

4 social/life


andy’s not one to seek gratitude but loves to make his friends happy.. and he seems to find new friends all the time.

In life, he’s active; an outdoors type. Sandy walks everywhere, and loves getting out on the lake with his kayak... but not satisfied with buying one off the shelf, he’s built his own from timber and fibre glass from a classic 1930’s design. At 70+, he keeps himself busy and has kept himself fairly fit - not just for a fella of his age, but argurably as fit as can be.

to those around him as he jokes and chats all the while he’s at work. To Sandy, these jobs are normal everyday interests and he’s happy to use the handy skills he gained in a lifetime of work to make people happy. Just for fun, he’s building a new kayak from scratch. And this time, the project is just for him. “My old kayak lasted 18 years but it’s time to replace it,” he said, “I’m calling it “If Only” - you

He paddles his kayak and walks everyday loving the lake, bushwalking, everything about the outdoors, “It’s

“If only it had a motor, If only it was bigger, If only... it was a yacht!” know.. if only it was a yacht... if only it was bigger... If only it had a motor,” he jokes. Based on a kayak design from 1932, Sandy personalised the design to suit himself carefully not about getting there, or anywhere,” he says with a lyrical scottish accent, “just doing it is what’s important and there’s nothing better than being out here in the fresh air.” Sandy spends his days doing what he loves, helping neighbours and friends with their household tasks that may include some gardening, fencing, a bit of painting or some odd household repair jobs. He just can’t stop. In fact, he doesn’t want to. To Sandy - It’s pure enjoyment - and it’s so obvious

crafting the contour of the chair to suit his back and building each piece.. he even designed the rudder assembly himself and painstakingly fitted it to his new craft by hand. Surprisingly, from design to “almost finished” has taken only a few short weeks of thoroughly enjoyable work in the yard. Two weeks of design, a month of construction and it’s almost in the water. Sandy is a valued volunteer for “Sailability” for the Disabled at Belmont 16ft Sailing Club.


Sailability can be reached through Maurie Gammidge (Pres) email: Mobile: 0414 572 712 Address: PO Box 595, Belmont NSW 2280 Australia Website: social/life 5


by Graham Dunkley Ph.C; M.A.C.P. Your Social/Life Pharmacist

Sleep less & Weigh

More? Acne &

It’s an unfortunate truth, but depriving yourself of sleep will lead to greater appetite, particularly ‘nibbling’ and ‘grazing’ and condemn you to undesired weight increase. Recent studies have shown that depriving yourself of sleep adversely affects the timing of the release of specific hormones, namely Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin and Leptin collaborate in a “checks and balances” type of bodily process which controls feelings of hunger and fullness.

Ghrelin, which is created in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the feeling that you are hungry, while Leptin, produced by fatty tissue, sends a ‘stop eating now, I’ve had enough’ signal to the brain when you are full.

l l i p the

Although it is reasonably well known that women may develop acne at different times during pregnancy, there is another curious fact that you may not realise. Did you know that the contraceptive pill could come in handy as a treatment for acne? Odd as it may seem, this is absolutely true and you could ultimately find yourself going to your gynaecologist for advice on how to treat your acne. Acne and birth control pills, Really? Well, here is the explanation. The fact is that birth control pills have a number of uses. If you have been miserable with your acne problem and feel that you have exhausted every possible treatment option, there is hope. Birth control pills could come to the rescue, and using them in small quantities for the treatment of acne has actually been approved by the Commonwealth Health Department. Birth control pills are pretty versatile and are effective in suppressing the production of androgen prior to menstruation. That is pretty cool, considering that androgen makes the skin greasy, exposing you to an increased risk of developing acne. Several such products, normally used for birth control are also effective in treating acne, especially if used with topical antibacterial creams. Did you know that they can also help to minimize the adverse effects of oestrogen, such as breast tenderness, nausea and headaches?

Sleep deprivation also means that your Ghrelin levels become elevated. This means that your appetite is stimulated, so you want more food, more often. The evidence shows that not only do you eat more, but you ‘graze’ more between meals. At the same time, when you are regularly short of sleep, your Leptin levels are depressed, so that you don’t feel as satisfied after you have eaten. This collaboration between the two dietary hormones sets you up for regularly eating too much, which in turn, will bring about weight gain if you don’t offset it by more and regular exertion, But we rarely realise that this process is happening and we don’t put in the extra exercise. If you ‘burn the candle’ you are making it harder, much harder, to lose weight… and I’ll bet you don’t drink enough water each day, either. So, in a nutshell, make sure that you get the sleep your body demands if that little voice inside keeps saying ‘I have to lose weight’!

A dream come true for acne problems? All this is probably superb news for you if you suffer from acne. But before you get totally swept up with the notion that you have found the perfect solution to resolve your acne problem, WAIT ! Because, like most things, there is a down side. The fact is that while birth control pills do offer a number of health benefits, in using them to control your acne you could actually expose yourself to other risks. you might compromise your health in other ways. So is this form of treatment really worth it? This seemingly wonderful choice can increase your chances of suffering stroke, heart attack, breast cancer and blood clots. You might also have to cope with side effects that are decidedly unpleasant like vaginal bleeding, depression, fluid retention etc. When using acne treatments beware of side effects. There is a slightly increased chance of a heavy price to pay. So, while you are coping with these such effects, the acne will still be there, improving perhaps, but causing adverse affects with your system because of your choice of treatment. Faced with such critical issues, the best thing you can do is to seek the advice of your dermatologist and your doctor. Both should be able to help you find the best way out of your acne problem. g

Note: Always consult your doctor for the best advice in all health related matters.

6 social/life

WhenWords Collide Science Fiction Stories, Novels & Movies - Versions of Vision

By Stephanie Foster - Edited and Illustrated by Steve Dunkley

One of the things I love to discover is different versions of a particular science fiction story. It is fascinating seeing how a short story can transition into a novel or a movie. But my own favorites are the novels. There’s just something magnetic about them that keeps me coming back. It’s common for Authors to sell their works to movie companies. Some are even successful. But the transition is seldom true.. How many times have you hear people say,

It is similar for Asimov’s Nightfall. The subject is a world with five suns that has never known night... except once every couple thousand years. The inhabitants do not believe in night, save for a few religious crackpots, of course, but scientists are discovering evidence that something indeed happens. Again, the short story simple explains the situation and the story progresses in Asimov’s matter-of-fact manner of story-telling. His novel goes into further detail as to the discoveries of the approaching night as well as the aftermath, when much of the world has gone insane from the unfamiliar darkness - as you might expect it would. But I also enjoy finding stories that are not so well known.

“It’s not as good as the book.”? Perhaps it’s because the imagingation is so individual and no-one can see the picture that novels create in your mind like you can. My own favorites are the novels. Two of the best-known stories that went from great short story to brilliant novel are Isaac Asimov’s Nightfall and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. Both were excellent stories in each instance. The fascination comes in being able to see how the short story brings out the situation quickly, then resolves it, while the novel brings out the details, information, and characters that bring the surrounding story to life. There’s simple more room in a novel for the story’s resolution to be so detailed. In Ender’s Game, for example. The short story is about a young boy who goes to Battle School, and saves the world from alien invasion without knowing it. It’s a fairly simple story with scant details - The story more or less romps cleverly from one event to the next. The novel explains how he gets into Battle School, more about his training, and what his family is doing. Much more depth and detail - and not only did this make sequels possible, it allowed for more novels focused on one of the other children from Battle School. A great outcome for Card’s growing fanbase.

Eric Frank Russell’s Plus X and variants thereof, for example. This is an interesting case, because I like the shortest version best. EFR’s strength was definitely in shorter stories. His works are hard to find, appearing rarely in bookstores, but what booklover minds an excuse to haunt the local used bookstore? I like best finding books that have been made into movies, not movies made into books. It’s interesting to see where movie-makers have made changes to conform to how things went in the book, while a book can stay more true to a movie. Frank Herbert’s famous epic, Dune is a prime example. The novel is a brilliant example of univers-creation. His society is so detailed. The movie... depends on which one you like best. Some prefer David Lynch’s version, others the miniseries that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. You can read reviews on each and get extremely different opinions. Star Wars is another version that set standards. It’s a movie that has spawned a myriad of novels for what has become the Star Wars universe. It’s almost a genre of it’s own within Sc-Fi. Regardless of the movie/TV version you like or dislike, most readers of the novel love it. While a book can unite fans, a movie of that story can polarise that fanbase into varied camps with very different views on the result. g social/life 7


Kuta’s smile says it all

Brad Moore’s best friend is arguably JayDee (Just Dog) and once you get to know this unassuming man, you get a real sense of what a great friendship he and Jaydee really have. It’s a friendship that started something wonderful and now influences many lives. “I started the group at the end of August 2009 at my puppy’s 8th birthday party. Up until then we were just a group of people that gathered in Croudace Bay Park to exercise our dogs. We would have the occasional puppy party, play with and walk our dogs and have a chat,” he said,

The group became an incorporated association in October, 2010 and has just celebrated it’s 1st birthday. The anniversary marks the groups growth to almost 200 humans, 248 dogs and puppies of all breeds and still growing.

“We all knew the names of all our dogs, but didn’t know each others names!” he adds laughing.

The group organises play dates, doggie parties and meets every morning at Croudace Bay Park where the dogs can play freely in and out of the water with other dogs.

For several years, a group of dog owners gathered at Croudace Bay Park at Lake Macquarie to let their dogs run and play together. It was one of those comfortable situations where the dogs are the priority and the people take a back seat just making sure everyone plays nice.

Dog owners watch their beloved four-legged friends playing in the wide open spaces with other dogs of all kinds, “It’s a different kind of playing than at home in the yard,” said one Playgroup member.

The gathering continues today but it has become a large group with several hundred members called, Croudace Bay Puppy Playgroup headed by “friend of dogs” Bradley Moore, “It’s was at Jaydee’s 8th birthday party that I brought a book alone and started collecting members names,” Bradley said, “by the end of the party there were 20 members and by the end of the week there were 32.”

8 social/life

Also since Bradley first opened the members book the Playgroup has raised over $8000 for the group as well as the charities it supports including Hunter Animal Rescue, RSPCA, Assistance Dogs Australia, to name a few. “The purpose and goals of the group are simple and are best described on its Facebook introduction page,” said Bradley.

But we don’t want to go home yet...

Max on patrol... look out behind you mate !!!

“A collection of Dogs & Puppies of all sizes, ages & breeds. Gathered together with their loving humans to socialise, play, swim, run, share & laugh. Celebrating our Australian way of life on the shores of our beautiful Lake Macquarie. We oppose cruelty in all its forms to man or beast. Our opposition to back yard breeders is complete. We believe in rescue & adoption of abandoned dogs, and we raise money to help those dogs & their humans, less fortunate than us...... Woof”

What’s your favourite Top 5 ?

... no rules... they could be anything at all...

My little ladies. ladies. Lara and Alana get me through each day - My girls are so bright and vibrant.

Envy, My Dream-ComeTrue Salon. This has been a labour of love - I love to go to work each day...

Malasian, Chinese, Thai... Yum! - Asian cuisine has the best flavours? I love them all !

The Lake, This is family territory. We’ve got it all - the beaches, lake and parks. What could be better than this?

JayDee - The birthday boy.

The Group’s main fund-raising event of the year is “The Dogs Breakfast - Christmas Party,” held on the first Saturday in December. There are competitions, sausage sizzle, costume parade, photos with ‘Santa PAWs,’ free treats & giveaways, raffles and great prizes. “Thanks go to wonderful friends and sponsors, like our favourite Vet, Phil & Jane Wilson of Lake Veterinary Hospitals,” said Bradley, “Who with the co-operation of the people from Advanced Dog Foods, have sponsored and supplied some great prizes for our puppy group. “Also the ‘Love ’em company’ a locally owned and operated pet food producer from the central coast. Generously provides our members with tasty healthy treats for all our occasions and this year will be no exception….woof! (Translation...Yay!)” On Australian Day 2012, the Playgroup will be holding an Affirmation Ceremony for members and friends with dogs. All are welcome to the Puppy Playgroup Christmas Party Saturday 3rd December, Croudace Bay Park at 7.30-11.00am. For more information check us out on Facebook. Email Bradley direct at...

Alan - Amazing man, fiance. My greatest supporter and friend.

Denise Thornton is celebrating ENVY HAIR SALON’S first anniversary. She started the salon with just a dream and now provides hair care to hundreds of happy clients from around the lake. Contact Envy Hair Salon on 4959 5713 social/life 9

s l r d i a g B feature

Story: Michael Michael Blaxland Photos: Arron Arron Mansfield

With names like Baroness von Brutal, Defcon Dani and Blood Red Riot, they could be members of the latest League of Superheroes...

... And to thousands of fans of Newcastle Roller Derby League (NRDL), they’re just that. Following its re-emergence in Newcastle about two years ago, roller derby has surged in popularity as the roller skating, “dressed to kill” gals bash, crash and smash their way around their home track at Gateshead Indoor Sportsworld, jam-packed with hundreds of fans. Women’s flat track roller derby is a full-contact sport with skaters wearing helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guards. Not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced, it is played by two teams on roller skates on an oval track. Game play consists of a series of short matchups or “jams” in which both teams designate a scoring player who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams try to help their own jammer while hindering the opposing jammer. Up to seven skating referees patrol the track. Newcastle’s gals come from all walks of life and backgrounds – students, academics, businesswomen, artists, full-time parents – and names and personas taken on the track are part of the fun: Beaver Destruction, Belt’er Goodrem, Fannie-tastic and Babycakes, 10 social/life

The costumes worn by competitors and fans can take in the full range of the bizarre and beautiful from grindcore and goth to pin-up and party frocks, a far cry from the more modest uniforms displayed when the sport began in the 1930’s. After hitting its peak of popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, the sport waned until a revival in the US early this century as a female-organised, allwomen sport. Newcastle hosted its first national bout in September when the Dockyard Dames took on the Adeladies from the City of Churches and notorious murders. The NDRL pulled off a brave move of booking the Newcastle Entertainment Centre when more than 1500 people, singles, families and couples of every description, poured into the centre for about four hours of roller derby mayhem, complete with a Kiss tribute band Dressed To Kill (complete with full Kiss Uniforms and make-up) as half-time entertainment. After a warm-up F3 derby between Newcastle’s Star Riots and the Central Coast Valkeries (won

convincingly by the home team), the main bout was a thriller, with the Dockyard Dames and the Adeladies locked on 119-all at the beginning final jam of the night. The huge crowd broke into a deafening shout of “New-cast-le, New-cast-le” worthy of an NRL game, as skaters made their final dash for the night, exhausted after more than an hour of bruising competition. In the end, Adelaide won by a point, but the success of the night has ensured another “test match” next year. If you think playing’s easy, Newcastle roller derby members train up to four times a week at their Gateshead centre. They’re always on the lookout for new members and supports, with “freshmeat” training for both guys and dolls held every few months. The majority of men’s roles are in the stripped uniform of referees, but plenty of social activities are also part of the fun. To join, watch or find out more, log onto social/life 11


thirteen and bullet-p


Annalise MacLachlan is on her way to becoming famous! At the age of 13 the fresh faced beauty has an extensive portfolio and has already modelled for various large corporate’s in Australia and Asia. Annalise currently lives in Eleebana and attends Warners Bay High School. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Annalise and she gave me an insight to her journey thus far.

What was your first introduction to modelling? My first modelling job at age 10 was filming a television commercial in Malaysia for a Malaysian Tourism promotion. The TVC is still being aired in countries all around the world.

What have you done since? I was also the face of Lake Macquarie’s Bid to host the 2014 International Childrens’ Games. Lake Macquarie was successful in their bid and will be hosting the Games in 2014. In January 2011, I competed in Model For Life entering the 13-17 age group. I won this category and a 3 year contract with Sydney agency, Platform. Since being with Platform I have modelled for Coco Cola’s summer campaign and completed a photoshoot for Dolly Magazine, advertising their new range of Dolly Pyjama’s. I was selected amongst thousands of applicants to model in the nations biggest runway show to celebrate Westfield’s official launch of their online shopping site – www.westfield. Westfield made history as 100 gorgeous girls modelled in front of a crowd of thousands. It was such an adrenaline rush! I also modelled for Frock On Newcastle, I loved the rehearsals and the lead up to the event, it was so much fun we all felt like super models. Cant wait for Frock On 2012.

What made you want to continue with modelling? I love modelling as when I am on stage I am in a world of my own. The excitement that I feel is hard to explain. I love the makeup, the hairstyles and clothing - what girl wouldn’t!

Has there been a moment that has stood out for you? Still to this day, my experience in Malaysia filming the television commercial is my absolute highlight. I spent 17 days in Malaysia flying to different locations for various photoshoots.

Where do you hope your modelling career will take you?

Story: Vanessa Swilks Photos: Anna Turner

Do you find it hard to juggle your modelling career with your schooling? I am coping really well at the moment with school and my modelling. My mum and dad have always told me that my education comes first all the time. I try to keep good grades so that if a modelling chance comes up overseas my school Principal would allow me to take some time off.

Are you parents supportive of your modelling career?

I would love to be flown around the world and model for high end labels. I would learn so much visiting so many different cultures.

I would not have achieved what I have in the last three years if I did not have my mum and dads full support. They are continually taking me to Sydney for castings or photoshoots. To date, my mum has been to every photoshoot and casting.

Who do you look up to in the modelling industry?

Where would you like to be in five years?

I have always admired Jennifer Hawkins. I love the fact that she is a local Newcastle girl and is both intelligent and down to earth. I have been lucky enough to meet Jennifer and she is even more beautiful in person. 12 social/life

Wow! Where would I like to be in 5 years? I had a similar question asked to me at the beginning of the year. I said that by the age of 19 I will be either competing for Miss Universe or have an International modelling contract. Fingers and toes crossed. n

not-so-cheap looks

discover the op-shop gold mine

Fashion Stylist, Vanessa Swilks discovers hidden treasures found in local opportunity shops, proving you don’t have to spend much to look GLAMOROUS. Earrings: Foxy Foe Dress:

$3 - Lifeline, Jesmond $25.95 - Red Treads, Charlestown Square

Model: Tegan Martin Photography: Matt Briggs Hair & Make-Up: Tanya Blundell social/life 13

Grey Bead Earrings: Vanessa Tong Dress:

14 social/life

$15.95 - Red Threads, Charlestown Square $19.95 - Red Cross, Hamilton

Necklace: Ring: Karen Millen Dress: Fur Coat (faux):

$7.50 - Red Threads, Charlestown Square $15 - Lifeline, Jesmond $30 - Lifeline, Jesmond $60 - Lifeline, Cardiff

social/life 15

16 social/life

Bracelet: Pink Top: Grey Skirt: Necklaces: Shoes:

$11.25 - Red Treads, Charlestown Square $9.95 - Red Treads, Hamilton $19.95 - Red Treads, Charlestown Square start at $7.50 - Red Treads, Charlestown Square Model’s Own

Earrings: Bracelets: Black Dress: Ring : Shoes :

$7.95 - Red Threads, Charlestown Square $11.25 each - Red Threads, Charlestown Square $7 - Lifeline, Jesmond $10 - Lifeline, Cardiff Model’s Own

social/life 17



starg azing in the hunter


hen astronomers talk, they discuss the last time they found really good dark skies in much the same was as surfers talk about where the best breaks can be found. Recently Ice In Space, an online astronomy community went looking for their dark skies at Lostock in the Upper Hunter. Although the weather was not exactly perfect for star-gazing, there were enough “gaps” in the cloud cover to make the Ice in Space Astro Camp (I.I.S.A.C.) weekend a highlight of the club’s calendar. Founded seven years ago, Ice In Space is the brainchild of avid amateur astronomer, Mike Salway. Stemming from his web site where he was known as Iceman, Ice In Space has grown into the biggest astronomy website in the Southern Hemisphere, with thousands of members across the country. “The web site was my home on the internet where people could come and talk about astronomy - It just kept growing from there,” said Mike at the Lostock gathering. He explains that astronomy groups hold star parties like any like-minded collection of people, “We have to go to places like this because we can’t see the stars in the cities where the city lights are too bright,” he said. The successful Lostock event was the sixth camp out in as many years. “We alway encourage “newbies to come along to our events but we notice when the media grabs hold of an event like an eclipse or a planetary conjunction there’s always a spike in numbers.” Mike worries about young people who develop an initial interest in astronomy and

buy a cheap telescope off eBay and end up having a bad experience because their equipment just can’t do the job. “We want to make sure people get the right advice, get a good telescope that they can have for life and enjoy exploring space with the rest of us,” he said. “We have people in the club that are very happy with their eight-inch telescopes but with astronomy, bigger can be better because the bigger the mirror, the more light is collected from the sky making the image much clearer,” explained Mike. Mike’s message to anyone interested in astronomy is to come along and benefit from their advice so that you can experience what it’s like to see planets, nebulae, stars and galaxies first hand. Mike said that even though the commonly held cliché that astronomy is the domain of retired gents is basically true but quickly adds that many younger people are discovering the art of galactic photography and can use their digital cameras to get great results. “Many telescopes have optical and digital interfaces to allow cameras to be connected,” said Mike. One attendee at the Lostock camp claimed to have captured his Right Of Passage Image which was a picture of the famous horsehead nebular.

Story & Pics: Bow Macleod Edited: Steve Dunkley

movements can cause calendar alterations as well, “Next year there is a total solar eclipse in November so we are postponing the camp until March 2013,” he said. Another event that has the camp talking is the up-coming transit of Venus next year which will likely attract some media because it’s the last time anyone alive now will see it as it only happens every 117 years. Its been a really good decade for astronomical events. “A couple of years ago we had Comet McNaught in January 2007 and we were here at Lostock, explained Mike, “The three nights of the star party were the three brightest nights of the comet, so we had 130 people here, having dinner like we did tonight and straight afterward we went up to the ridge of that mountain over there called Mount Disappointment (laughs) viewing Comet McNaught with it’s tail spreading across the sky, it was just absolutely magnificent.” “I couldn’t see it in my telescope, it was too big!” said another stargazer. “The first time someone sees Saturn in a telescope they are blown away. We have people say “Is that a picture? It can’t be real... They don’t expect to see that with their own eyes in a telescope.”

“We have this event every year, said Mike, “We’ve done it since 2005 and we’ve moved it from January to October because January is really hot here in Lostock, about 42 degrees every day.”

The club is not strictly dedicated to visual astronomy. Mike is into astrophotography, but there are people that do both and some that just specialise in looking through eyepieces, because they want to avoid the extra hassle of setting up additional pieces of equipment.

In addition to the weather, some galactic

“It takes more patience and it can be very

... so we had 130 people here, having dinner like we did tonight and straight after dinner we went up to the ridge of that mountain over there called Mount Disappointment viewing Comet McNaught with it’s tail spreading across the sky, it was just absolutely magnificent.

18 social/life

LEFT: Preparing for the night ahead - An amateur astronomer assembles his telescope BELOW: Space Camp, a stargazer’s camp site. MAIN-L: The darkening Lostock sky promises a good night’s stargazing. MAIN-R: Campers work with the aid of red globes that don’t adversely effect their night vision.


under, M

ike Salway


the gather

ing at Lo


frustrating. You’ve not just got the telescope to worry about, you’ve got the camera and they both have to work properly,” said Mike, “It is generally more expensive to get into the photography side of it, but we’ve got both visual observers and astrophotographers - Australia’s best astrophotographers are members of Ice In Space and they win awards every year for their photography,” said Mike. “We’ve got deep-space photographers that take images of galaxies and nebulas, and we’ve got planetary photographers that take high resolution images of Saturn and Jupiter and the Moon. “Most people who do Astrophotography have an interest in photography as well. That’s generally how they start into it start taking pictures, and then they start astrophotography because they want to show their family what they see in the telescope. “I started by holding my compact camera up to the eyepiece and snapping photos,” said Mike. n Visit: for more information Next Lostock Ice In Space Star Party: March 2013.

Just some of the enthusiastic 6th Annual IISAC Attendees 2011

Now your muscles can multitask,too.

Try 1 Week


Our 30-minute circuit works every major muscle group, two muscles at a time, so you can burn up to 2000 kilojoules... All with a trainer to teach and motivate. Curves Newcastle - Belford Street, Broadmeadow (Near “Nine Ways”) Phone: 02 4962 4131 *Free week may be redeemed on first visit or exchanged for special membership discount. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations. © 2009 Curves International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Strengthening Women SL117766

social/life 19

a true country entertainment experience Set on a 120 acre property featuring camp-oven dining, bush poetry, music, performances & the famous Singing Dogs bus tours & functions 0412 761936

groups of 40 plus

After years of (sign-post ignorance) it was time to seek, find and be curious. What we have discovered is an endless array of fact, sights, experiences and (real) people. We have been sharing this for some years on our Hunter Mini-Bus Jaunts (Thanks Peaks) ... but the time has come to unveil (drum-roll) the Hunter’s Hidden Secrets - The Quest for the Holy Trail (Part 1)

he Country From Town to t hour... in less than an o is the place t el t Ho r va in ch Lo e... nter Adventur start your Hu

n & Accomodatio Great meals r he nc ue -q st ir Stop-over th ... and Llamas !!!


The Plot: The discovery of the back roads from Lochinvar to Singleton


Timeframe: From one hour to all-day


Sights: The tiger moths of Luskintyre, historic bridges and river flats,


People: Stop at any of the farms, meet, greet and share their life experiences


The Character - Neil Jones on his hidden, 120 acre entertainment mecca “Drover’s Camp.”

Find the Hunter’s Hidden Secrets with


12, 14, 17, 22 and 25 seat vehicles for hire.

chinvar, 114 New England Hwy Lo

Phone (02) 4930 7216

0 BONUS $2re5 dit c rd a o b on per cabin!

Servicing the Hunter Region

Phone: (02) 4932 9895

Looking For Fun Adventure & Entertainment?

Join Greg and Sue Watt on this fabulous escorted entertainment cruise

Your Ultimate Service to Choosing the Right Cruise

Leaving Newcastle on February 9th, 2012 on the Pacific Sun for ten nights. Your ship will be visiting the magical island locations of Vila, Isle of Pines, Lifou, Noumea and Mystery Island. The best of adventure, culture, snorkling in crystal waters plus Greg and Sue’s secret grotto! On board you can sing and dance the night away - join the themes, games and activities for a holiday you’ll be talking about for years !!! Contact Danielle at CTC on 4935 9900 for these last-minute deals.

CALL NOW 4935 9900 www. cru i s e tr a v e l c e ntre . c om. a u SHOP 2036

20 social/life



Cruise Fare per person quad share Inside: $879 per person Outside: $949 per person Suite: $1886 per person Includes accommodation, entertainment and all meals (excluding some specialty food outlets.)

Greg and Sue have been arranging and excorting entertainment cruises since 2005 featuring local singers, dancers and performers in their on-board variety and karaoke shows. *Conditions Apply - Prices are ‘from prices’ and are per person based on quad share for twin share prices please contact the Cruise Travel Centre on 02 49359900. All Pricing and availability is subject to change without notice. Onboard credit available on a per cabin basis only. These offers apply to new bookings only. Some ports may be at anchor. Agents may charge service fees and/or fees for credit card payments which vary, see in store for details. For real time pricing and availability please call us 7 days per week on 1300-788 225 or 49359900. Cruise Travel centre Ltd ABN 68 125 985 Travel Agents Lic No 2TA5931.

Gallipoli Legion Club


Relaxed pub dining experience bands Karaoke Trivia


The Experience - Cranky Corner (Rock pools, waterfalls, treks and trails)


The Winery - Tranquil Vale

Members’ Deals


The Stop-ins - Lochinvar and Percy Hotels for great meals, thirst quenchers, entertainment and accommodation.

Steve’s Famous Benissimo Italian pizzas & Cuisine

Share these experiences with Greg and Sue, call 0412 761936. Visit:


Your Home On Your Hunter Adventure

p: 4950 0979 Cnr Metcalf & Cowper Sts, Wallsend

Karaoke Night SATURDAY DEC10th - 7pm

The Leadbellies Sunday 18th Dec 2pm


3-5 Beaumont Street Hamilton

ph: 49612430




G&S Lifestyle is 7 Years Young

For entertainment, event & party creation, tours planning & organisation & trivia (see advertisement, Page 11)

Celebrity Karaoke

RMYC Toronto - 7pm (Families welcome) Wed 30/11, Wed 14/12, Wed 28/12 Gunyah Hotel - Belmont Every Thursday 7pm Colliery Inn - Wallsend Every Friday 7:30pm

Home of the $7 Lunch The Big Beer Garden Renovated Accommodation ... ask about the Percy Package 65 George St, Singleton, NSW, 2330 Phone: (02) 6572 1132

Lake Macquarie Tavern - Mt Hutton Saturday 3/12, Saturday 17/12 Gallipoli Legion Club Hamilton Saturday 10/12 - 7pm Windale Gateshead Bowling Club Sunday 18/12 - 3:30pm

Funtime Trivia

Gunyah Hotel - Belmont Tuesdays 7pm until 13/12

Lake Macquarie Tavern - Mt Hutton Wednesdays 7pm

Lambton New Lambton RSL Bowling Club Wednesdays 7pm (with Dan) Colliery Inn - Wallsend Thursdays 7pm (After raffles and members’ draw)

Other dates and times are available for your venue, your business or for yourself. Phone Greg on 0412 761936

Royal Motor Yacht Club - Toronto Located in historic “Lake Homle”, the former lakeside retreat of biscuit baron, William Arnott. The Royal Motor Yacht Club offers a unique blend of historic ambience, modern facilities, contemporary cuisine and uninterrupted views of Lake Macquarie. The Club regularly features some of the Hunters best live performers as well as being a family friendly venue where children are always welcome.

kids Christmas

Lake Macquarie Tavern

Party Family Fun Day

Sunday December 4th 11am Phone 4959 2051 • Fax 4959 9552 Address 6 Arnott Avenue, Toronto 2283 Email Website

social/life 21

Many people start planning their Christmas gifts well in advance, others, leaving to the last moment. Considering the meaning of Christmas in the Western culture especially, the mayhem and bustle of the Christmas shopping spree is often thought of as ironic or contrary to the true meaning and origin of the season. Regardless, social trends place huge expectations on giving at this time and the pressure to spend, spend, spend is enormous.

you to give to a family burdened by the effects of the poverty that engulfs them. It’s an innovative and positive idea.

These pressures can lead to remorse at the very least, and huge financial burdens that effect the family, and indeed, whole communities.

For $16 you can purchase the gift of a chicken which means a source of income, manure for the veggie garden and an ongoing supply of eggs for an entire family.

In 2010, research revealed that Australian parents spent an average of $235.18 on each child at Christmas - up from 2009 where the figure was only $227.72. Overall average gift-giving per Australian was $662 to purchase 12.7 gifts, totalling $8.5 billion spent on Christmas gifts in Australia. And yet, ebay reports millions of dollars worth of unwanted gifts being re-sold after Christmas. If the last few years are anything to judge by, the trend looks like it will continue. Data like this might make one reflect on gift-giving. One may make the decision to extend their personal need to give to a wider field - perhaps even to other parts of the world. The choice may become one between this year’s must-have trendy gift or something more meaningful and life-changing. Indeed, many “giftgivers like to give because it in turn give them a personal sense of happiness. Perhaps “giving” is really it’s own reward after all... Many not-for-profit organisations produce catalogues at Christmas that allow you the opportunity to purchase a gift which will translate into much needed purchases for families in countries all over the world.

A spokespeson for Compassion reflected on some queries that they face as a charitible organisation. “The prospect of giving a gift of charity to family and friends often raises eyebrows and questions... Is it my place to say where a charitable donation should go to on someone else’s behalf?” “...The opportunity to give a family ongoing income generation or resources that allow children to attend school, is a far greater cause no matter which organisation facilitates the gift,” they said. According to Compassion, Aussies don’t have to dedicate their entire budget to charitable gift-giving, in fact if one third of a family’s gift-giving budget was to go to a gift of charity this year thousands of families lives would be changed forever. An amazing impact. Charitable gifts are both simple to purchase and inexpensive. It gives the gift-giver the knowledge that the gift they are buying is desperately needed and appreciated beyond measure, and the gift-recipient will receive a gift that they can be truly grateful for ...It may even save them the hassle of return cues and ebay sales come January. Visit:

Child development and child advocacy agency Compassion has just launched its 2011 Gifts of Compassion Catalogue. The Gifts of Compassion catalogue offers practical gifts like mosquito nets, chickens, tools and toilets for


22 social/life

lake views fine food great live entertainment

Family Dining n Light Meals n Great Coffee n Gourmet Dinning n Seafood Restaurant n Fine Wine Selections

The Gunyah Hotel: 644 Pacific Highway, Belmont, NSW 2280 : Phone: 02 4945 4603 w:


Source: NewsUSA

social/life 23

TACKY TRACKY ... a fashion no-no ?


Art Network’s 9th annual Art Bazaar for Civic Park

Fashion, Stylist Vanessa Swilks puts to rest the question about whether gym-wear is fashion... ... it’s a defininte NO-WAY ladies. Today, I’m writing about the tracksuit, more commonly known as “tracky dacks”. defines the tracksuit as: a loose-fitting jacket and pants worn by athletes and exercisers usually before and after workouts. As far as I’m aware, meeting friends for a coffee or lunch is not considered a sport in Australia or perhaps for some it is, but either way I’m sorry ladies but “tracky dacks” are simply not appropriate to wear in those circumstances.

...a tracksuit and thongs AT THE SAME TIME. Grounds for divorce? Maybe Marc Anthony thought so... Grocery shopping - whilst I understand there is a little bit of walking involved, has not been added as an Olympic event and is not actually a sport, so again the “tracky dacks” are simply not called for. As some of you know, Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo has her own tracksuit line – there have been recent pictures of her on wearing a tracksuit and thongs AT THE SAME TIME. Grounds for divorce? Maybe Marc Anthony thought so. Wearing a tracksuit and thongs? I think it’s a crime against fashion. Here is a question I found on a Vogue Magazine forum this year... yes this year! Question: I am wondering if it is ever acceptable to wear tracksuit pants out and if so, how can I dress them up? Answer: It is never ever acceptable to wear tracksuits out and no, you can’t dress them up. Ladies, my motto is that you have to get up each morning and put some clothes on. It takes no more effort to put on a pair of pants and a top or a dress than it does to put on your “tracky dacks”. I know some of you are quite attached to your beloved “tracky dacks”, but seriously they are a staple garment for the gym or sporting ONLY. So this is a call for all women of the world to PLEASE stop wearing who you are! - Vanessa.

24 social/life

Market goers peruse a display of artworks by BRIDIE WATT


n its 9th year, Art Bazaar is Newcastle’s dedicated artisan market now with over 100 artists showcasing their works in a vibrant market atmosphere set in the glorious surrounds of Civic Park, “Art Bazaar continues to grow and has both experienced and emerging artists,” said Hunter Art Network President (HAN), Leah Fawthrop, “All participants need to go through a formal application process assessed by a panel of Art Professionals in order to participate - this way HAN can guarantee a very high standard,” she said. “We are now looking forward to December 3rd at Civic Park for another fantastic offering by Hunter Artists and Designers. It is the premier opportunity for Hunter arts, craft and design practitioners and arts-related organisations to showcase their work,” said Leah. HAN artists practice in a wide range of mediums that include: painting, photography, printmaking, textiles, mosaics, jewellery, glass and many more. TAFE students from the School of Fine Art, Design, and Fashion also participate giving them great experience in the commercial realities of the art world. Leah explained that Art Bazaar attracted over 8,000 people last year, “it demonstrates what a healthy artist’s community we have in the Hunter AND it provides a perfect opportunity to buy unique gifts, especially for Christmas.” Art Bazaar has become a highly anticipated event for both the public and the participating stallholders. It stimulates the arts community by increasing public awareness of the Hunter’s diverse artistic culture, successfully displaying art organisations, businesses and many individual artists. Art Bazaar will go ahead rain, hail or shine!

Diary Note pencil this in...

ART B AZ Civic

AAR Park

Satu rday, 9am-December 3rd co 3


ntact leah fawth rop on or p reside nthun terart snetwo

0408 653

6 05

Waldorf Salad Elle’s easy

Recipe Elle Sheedy Photos Sarah-Jane Campbell

ere h w e c a l s e he P t t a r b e l e eC l t s a c w e N

A favorite at Aussie barbeques is the classic Waldorf Salad.

With the freshness of apples and tender chicken, the Walfdorf has its place at many tables as a timeless “must have” for picnics, family celebrations and even corporate luncheons.

The old saying, “you can’t make friends with salad” holds no water with this recipe - It’s easy and tasty as a side dish or even a main.

Ingredients: 2 green apples 2 red apples 3 sticks of celery 200g green grapes 150g currants 100g walnuts halved zest and juice from ½ lemon zest and juice from ½ lime zest and juice from ½ orange 400ml sour cream 2 teaspoons chopped fresh dill 1 head green oak or frilly lettuce ½ head iceberg lettuce Can of whipped cream

Method: n

Cut apples into cubes


Slice celery


Cut grapes in half lengthways


Gently tear the lettuce leaves and rinse with cold water


Mix zests, juices, sour cream and dill in a bowl, spray a small amount of whipped cream into the mixture and fold gently


Put all dried ingredients into a salad bowl and mix together


Gently cover ingredients with the sour cream dressing


I always like to add chicken breast poached in chicken stock and freshly chopped thyme, but it is optional... Elle

Beaumont Street Hamilton Bookings: 02 49611985 Website: Find us on facebook:


d n a B k e e Viper Cr

kin’ Country fellas... oc R e es th r fo g in s all happen Charts by Storm, it’ Taking the Country

The Viper Creek Band formed in early 2011 when Narrabri native, Damien Baguley gathered some mates together as a platform for his songwriting. The lads started jamming and working on material that would eventually become their debut EP Crazy Tonight. Known as elite drummer for Troy Cassar Daley, Mik McCartin was recruited to produce the EP at his Rockettown Studios in Dora Creek. Mik has worked with some of the biggest names in country music both in Australia and the USA and is still a current member

of Cassar Daley’s band. The recording only took six days bearing witness to the vitality of this tight group. Michael Muchow (Kasey Chambers,Catherine Britt) played Banjo and Mandolin on a few of the tracks and it was Mastered by Jeff McCormack (Kasey Chambers) at the Music Cellar. While Damien writes most of the material and takes it to the band to work on, arrangements and individual parts are a matter for their collective experience during the creation process. Since it’s release, Crazy Tonight has caused a bit of a

The Viper Creek Band EP Crazy Tonight reaches #1. - Available from iTunes


26 social/life

stir having reached the Number one spot on the iTunes Country Albums Chart knocking Lady Antebellum from the top postition. “Crazy Tonight was written to be our good time party anthem and every country band needs a song about drinking..” said Damien. The EP is available on iTunes.

Other tracks on the EP reflect Damien’s expreriences and memories, “My Hometown is about Narrabri where I was born,” he said. “We shot the filmclip for Crazy Tonight on a property about 40km out of Newcastle..

“We got about 50 extras and threw a massive backyard party…” said Damien, “Everyone walked away singing the song for days after so we thought that was a good sign.” At the moment The Viper Creek Band are making plans. The lads will perform ten shows at Tamworth Country Music Festival and plan a tour for, possibly, February/March 2012. Of course, with this kind of momentum, they’re eager to start Recording album around April,2012 and hopefully put another great Newcastle act in the history books. g

profile People often ask me - what’s it like being a fashion photographer? Is it really like you see on TV? Television shows like America’s Next Top Model give the industry the appearance of glitz and glamour. It can be glamorous, and exciting, but it’s also a lot of hard work. Coordinating a major shoot with designers, makeup artists, and models is a big job that requires a lot of forethought and planning. You don’t just show up on the day and take ‘pretty pictures’ - weeks or sometimes months of planning go into putting it all together before you even shoot a single frame.

shoot was difficult, but ultimately behind all of the hard work, it was great fun.

through the


Unlike the television show, there were no ‘diva-offs’, no ‘attitudes’ and no theatrics. Looking at the images after the shoot, I was pleased that all of my planning had paid off, and resulted in my achieving both the feel and styling that I desired in the images, and also the lighting that I’d been planning for.


Choosing a location is one of the most crucial aspects, and as such carries with it a lot of different considerations - lighting especially, and along with it considerations of the time of day that a shoot will take place to make use of the light that you wish to manipulate. The message that you’re trying to portray and the styling and feel of the final image you wish to achieve are also key factors in location selection. Model selection is paramount also to fulfilling a brief for a client, or portraying a particular message in a piece for a magazine. The model has to fit into the

Jasmine wears Royal Blue BootyHuggers by ClintonCharlie, Scarf by Larlu Swimwear

Amber wears Snake Ife Top and Baako Bottoms by Larlu Swimwear

Amber wears Black Slinkys BootyHuggers by ClintonCharlie, Scarf by Larlu Swimwear, Jasmine wears Royal Blue BootyHuggers by ClintonCharlie, Scarf by Larlu Swimwear, Kayla wears Dress by Larlu Swimwear, Carly wears Skybaby Shorts by ClintonCharlie

“The overall feel of the images from the shoot is a little quirky... a little funky...”

The overall feel of the images from the shoot is a little quirky, a little funky and edgy, - a bit of a signature style in my work, which is often designed to shock or woo an audience, depending on the theme. The images showcase some amazing designs from some very talented designers in a really fun way. I wanted to create images that didn’t feel static or stale, but rather more like a conversation with the viewer, making them feel like they had connected not only with the models, but with the clothes that they were wearing. n

- LH

requirements of the shoot and what is being portrayed. If using clothing from designers, the sizes of the samples being sent is also important to consider, and models must be cast to add personality to the designer’s clothing.

Jasmine wears Giraffe Asha top by Larlu Swimwear

One of my most recent pieces, seen here in Social/Life Magazine involved nine models, two makeup artists (Tracy Becken - Sydney, Yvonne - Bombshell Makeup and Beauty - Newcastle), and three clothing designers (Larlu Swim wear - Sydney, JF Designs - Newcastle and ClintonCharlie Sydney). To coordinate such an enormous Models wear Swimsuits by JF Designs

social/life 27

Songwriters Sessions Hippo Espresso - Warners Bay “A very successful night,” was how Wade from Hippo Espresso described the first of a series of evenings dedicated to original music. The night was the first showcase for original singer-songwriters to be hosted at Hippo Espresso and featured Central Coast songstress Katrina Burgoyne and Local artist, Jess Belle. The girls each performed their own material as well as a few well-chosen covers before a receptive audience. Hippo Espresso owner, Wade was pleased that the full house had enjoyed the food, the music and the atmosphere, “This is just the first. We’re looking forward to many more nights like this over Summer,“ he said. Venue Photography: Steve Dunkley




Jess performs with her bass player, Ben Conicella

Jessica B

elle Katrina Burgoyne in action on the night.

Katrina performs “Ghost”

Studio Sessions for Jess Belle Working with Music Legend, Bill Chambers. Singer/Songwriter, Jessica Belle has entered the studio to work on new material for a CD she hopes will be ready for release in early 2012. “I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with country music legend, Bill Chambers and he’s producing the new CD. “The songs are a collection of tunes that I’ve written over the last few months and have a really up-vibe positive sound,” said Jessica, “I wanted to make something that feels good to listed to over and over.”

Jess in the studio

Bill Chambers is well-known for his work with many country artists. Bill brings a vast experience to the recording process and offers plenty of advice for up-coming artists, “He’s great to work with...” she said.

Bill and Ben with BJ Barker (centre)

“He let’s me make the music and he nurtures the personality out. Voices and guitars are sounding their best already and we’ve only just started creating tracks,” she said.

Bill, Jess and Ben Conicella

Jess hasn’t settled on a title for the CD yet saying it’s too early to see what songs speak the loudest ideas during the sessions, “That will be where the title comes from. You gave to let the musics lead you,” said Jess. 28 social/life

Bill Chambers at work


Celebrate the

24 Strings

Newcastle’s very own supergroup 24 Strings are preparing for a rare performance in December. Featuring the amazing talents of Dave Carter, Bob Corbett, Paul Elliott and Ngariki, these guys only play together as 24 Strings a few times a year and every show is a full house, so get there early. Catch the boys, and their 4 guitars (hence the name) at Warners At The Bay on Sunday, December 18.

with liVE music

from the Hunter’s Award-Winning Entertainment Agency the levymen

Super Cool Grooves

Harrigans Hotel 8:00pm

Former frontperson with local showstoppers Fruitcake, Mel McGregor has teamed up with guitarist Peter Hibbert to bring the duo MamaTone to our stages. The pair have achieved enormous success performing in Macau, Bangkok and Dubai and now bring their delicious grooves back home before a stint in China. To catch one of the few shows in town, download the free gig guide from

The Big New Years Bash

Hugely talented, award-winning, local singer/songwriter Mark Wells has decided to see out 2011 with a bang, putting together a stellar line up of musicians for a one-off show as The Mark Wells Variety Big Band. Mark has recruited guitar wizard Daniel March, the soulful Alicia Mitchell, Matt Gaudry on keys and the eminent Jason Bone to form the core of the Big Band. Mark said “with a band like this we can jump around from Stevie Wonder to Keith Urban to AC/DC in a heartbeat. We put together this band so we could put our NYE party on stage... Leave your serious pants at the door, this is just about fun and celebrating with your mates.” Catch the Mark Wells Variety Big Band at Souths Merewether this New Years Eve.

Well, That’s A Good Reason . . .

The Mark Hotel 8:30pm

mark well s Vari


Souths Leagues Club 8:30pm

Warners At The Bay 8:30pm

ety Big Band

ve ears E New Y



TONIGHT 8.30pm Crowne Plaza (Hunter Valley) 8:30pm

Windsor Castle Hotel 8:30pm

duo ma



Belmont 16s 8:30pm

Nelson Bay Diggers (RSL) 8:30pm

Very popular duo Two Good Reasons are back on the road after 10 months maternity leave. These guys are a hit at every show so make sure you catch them live soon. Get the free gig guide from

Sue & Mikey


Love The Stag!

With the appeal of the city’s nightlife somewhat declining, several suburban hotels are becoming the place to be! None more so than The Stag in Mayfield – a great vibe with their new live music line-up every Friday and Saturday night. Check out the Stag.


West Leagues Clubs 9:30pm

Blackbutt Hotel 8:45pm

EAO Entertainment wishes all Novocastrians a healthy & happy 2012



te, niona gregate, i p o , n ! te o Upda estrate, c , celebrate h e orc unicat comm


aceb F n o s

Like u


o facebo



ewca .com/n







Specialists in entertainment for: • Weddings • Hotels • Celebrations • Clubs • Corporate Events • Cafes • Charity Balls • Conferences

the leading entertainment agency

p 4962 1855 | w |





nly be o e Th ce to ! pla is NYE th

The Lake’s Premier Venue The Pippis atmosphere is always friendly and relaxing. A fully air conditioned bar offers 15 beers on tap, an extensive Australian and New Zealand wine list with all wines available by the glass and an exciting cocktail list.

at the

Entertainment - Enjoy free pool on Tuesday nights, pool comp with cash prizes on Thursday night. Pippis also have Trivia on Wednesday with a cash jackpot and Karaoke on Thursday for the keen amateur vocalist. Friday, Saturday and Sunday enjoy live entertainment. Check out the official Pippis Facebook page to see what’s on! Pippis at the Point offers full Tab facilities including a self serve terminal, sports betting and Trackside. Enjoy Saturday afternoon racing with a chance to win a $50 betting voucher.

Cnr The Esplanade & Main Road, Speers Point. P 02 4958 1022


Tickets available from and the venue




Newcastle’s Iconic Location It’s no surprise Queens Wharf Brewery is one of Newcastle’s favourite destinations. With fabulous views across the harbour, a dynamic vibe and a legendary calendar of live bands, parties, promotions and special events, you’re always guaranteed a great time. Whether you want to let your hair down and party, enjoy a delicious meal or just have a quiet drink with friends, The Brewery is the place to head for.

150 Wharf Road Newcastle

+ booking fee

P 02 4929 6333


New Year’s Eve Starter...

Doors open 6:00pm Tickets $50 (G/A) + bf $150 (VIP@Nor’East) + bf www.oztix.comau

Nor’East’s uncompromising commitment to using freshest seasonal produce means their menu is never the same for more than a few days. The intregrity of the ingredients is nurtured from the source to your plate - Book today for NYE.

150 Wharf Rd, Newcastle 150 Wharf Rd, Newcastle, NSW | (02) 4929 6333


P 02 4929 6444


It’ll blow your

baubles off...




Christmas events with Genr8 Entertainment have become legendary events where the fun never stops and you don’t want to miss out on the thrilling entertainment! Get in early to book Newcastle’s best musical talent for your Christmas party that’s guaranteed to have you and your colleagues dancing all night long! P 02 4955 9450 | E bookings@genr8ent | 30 social/life

Girl’s Night In - Curves Newcastle South’s Leagues Club, Merewether. What a wonderful night the Girls Night In turned out to be!! The organisers of Curves Newcastle’s “Girls Night In” for Cancer Research have a lot of people to thank. A night of fun, music and fashion has raised donations in the vicinity of $5000 for cancer research. ppy

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“Girls Night In” is an annual event conducted nationally by the Cancer Council and started as a relatively small initiative where friends got together at home and donated what they could for their research, prevention and support programs. This small initiative has grown since then and Girls Night In now raises over $four million each year, as many women embrace it as a great excuse to catch up with their girlfriends and reconnect in the name of a good cause. Curves owners Tracy Transton, Jude Kyle and Tracey Edwards would like to thank Alison and the girls from Sugar Suite on Honeysuckle Drive for the beautiful hair styling for our catwalk models and the “new looks” given to ladies on the night. Sincere thanks also to Anita and Rachelle who put together a lovely fashion parade from Cavé Collections at The Junction. A special vote of thanks goes to Souths Leagues Club for supplying the venue - without this generosity, the night would not have been the great success it was. “To all the stall holders, Curves staff, Curves members and their families and friends thank you for participating and making our event so successful. We look forward to doing it all again next year”

Maria (centre) celebrates 1000 workouts with Curves owners Tracy and Jude.

Well done ladies ! Photography: Richard Bartlett:

Hair stylists from Sugar Suite

A Sea of pink

Trace gets her hair done by Allison from Sugar Suite

Our models on stage all curves members

Girls get behind breast cancer fundraiser

Claire Reed and Quinton Bryson Merewether Beach, October 8, 2011 A wedding for Claire and Quinton, a surprise for friends and guests. The couple invited guests to what they thought was an engagement party but were surprised to find themselves at an actual wedding as Claire and Quinton exchanged vows at Merewether Beach, Newcastle. The wedding, held at twilight, was followed by a reception at Merewether Surf Club. Photography: J Photography - Julie Wilkins

social/life magazine - edition 2 - December 2011  

Social Life Magazine - Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

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