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Styles for Spring/Summer

Stunning styles for Spring and Summer are all about colour and shape. Jodi Fowke of Evolution and her amazing team create these slightly retro but breathtaking styles. Models, Lauren, Jessica and Josette look stunning, ready for the season ahead.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”

~ Napoleon Hill

I caught myself taking communication for granted... That is... I assumed that friends had Facebook accounts and could be reached there... If there is a real place at all... But a fellow I was talking to said off-handedly, “Oh I don’t use Facebook.” I wonder if there is a name for the brain-lock sensation that stops everything with the realisation that there is actually someone out there, in fact, staring right at me, who has not chosen the digital path like so many of us. It was... interesting. I stammered, “Err... why is that? Do you have a computer?” He did.. In fact, he’s a computer technician with his own business and a really nice bloke too. Maybe he was surrounded by the computer stuff all day and wanted the down-time to himself and his family. Maybe he just wanted to be like John Connor and stay off the grid... be annonomous, and invisible... He laughed it off and said he’d just never got around to it.. Too busy keeping everyone else’s machines running. Before the computer revolution took over our lives and made mass communication all too easy, I had heard of people dropping out, heading off into the never-never... And never heard of again... Some legend, some just gone... A kind of social self-exile... Like they said in the 60’s, “Tune in, turn off, drop out.” And some did.. and some people still do. Only you can vanish digitally too. I sometimes catch up with old friends online. Some, I still haven’t re-met in person. One school friend contacted me recently and it was really nice to have a laugh and catch up. I’m still wondering where everyone went... but it’s funny, they are wondering that too... I hope that I’ll find some of the old faces soon. School friends, musicians I used to jam with and holiday pals I haven’t seen since the 70’s but used to write to... I think we’ll all eventually meet again online... Ah Interwebs.. Is there nothing you cannot do? - ED web: © Copyright 2012 social life magazine. Unauthorised copying or use of any material contained herein prohibited. All contents remain the property of social/life magazine. Reproduction or use without permission prohibited. Disclaimer: Social Life Magazine is published in Newcastle, NSW. Submissions or advertising, thirdparties, contractors or contributors do not necessarily express the views of the publishers, staff and associates. No responsibility is offered or implied by social life magazine for views expressed herein.

Here’s something you CAN do...

Purchase these eco-friendly drink bottles to help raise much-needed funds to support the Sea Shepherd Project on it’s continuing mission to protect whales in the Southern Ocean. Visit: for more information. 2 social/life

An Exhibition of Airbrushed Metal Art by

Denise Stephenson

with artworks by local artists & jewellery in the underwater theme Open: Thurs: 9-3pm / Fri: 12-6pm / Sat+Sun: 9-2pm 236 Watkins Rd, Wangi Wangi - Phone: 0409153115


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getting to know iconic interior designer, brian bird

springtime picnic delights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 8 elle’s wonderful spring yummies

caribbean cruise . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 12 ABC radio’s andrew dunkley shares his U.S. story - part 2

climb for kids . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 16 locals prepare for a mt killimanjaro challenge to help kids

the game of life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 17 alison brown shares her own australian transplant games story

have you ever had a dream? . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 18 kathy evans realises her dream of a european holiday

with a little help from my friends . . . . . . . page 22 wildlife rescue service works to help native animals

hair today

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jodi fawlk presents some dazzling styles for spring and summer

what do you turn to for comfort . . . . . . . . page 27 tegan hughes explores our love of the “familiar”

alive and kicking in the real NRL . . . . . . . page 29 NRL chairman John Fahey talks about the state of play

simply the best . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 30 aclaimed carter roser brings chisel and barnes to newcastle send in your social snaps from events around the area for next edition - name each pic with a caption and email - easy.

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Tania Dunning

Pilates FitnessFor Life

Enjoy fitness & good health with Newcastle’s original APMA Accredited Pilates practitioner hpersonal instruction hfully equipped studio hpre & post natal hgeneral fitness hresistance training hrehabilitation hsportspeople & dancers hchronic pain management hmen & women of all ages and fitness levels

Belmont North studio: 0404 037 622 social/life 3

that certain something getting to know interior designer BRIAN BIRD - Villa Clone, Newcastle

An iconic store in the heart of Newcastle, Villa Clone offers a treasure trove of eclectic homewares, personal accessories and apparel. With owner and manager, Brian Bird’s distinctive style Villa Clone presents an exciting gallery of visual experiences. The products are collected from around the world from hand crafted ‘one off’ pieces to jewellery, leather goods and homewares. What do you love most about décor? It is forever changing. There is new product being found continually... New colours, different textures, more inventive ways of creating an exciting decor. At the present, the continuing advances in lighting is quite amazing. This is all being driven by our need to become much more efficient with our energy expenditure.

Do you have a favourite style? Not really. I really love an eclectic mix of product. If you love a piece then I will always work - Why?, Because you really like it. If anything, I do like an earthy style and I love strong, earthy colours. I also have a weakness for primitive fabrics.

4 social/life

social/life 5

It has always seems to be that the areas of the world that are dry and arid produce the most incredible colours

Where in the world offers inspiration to you? I have spent some time in North Africa. Morocco is amazing and has an incredible mix of cultures that over the centuries has created a real melting pot or cultures and product. I am fond of Turkey because it too is a mix of cultures that emerged over hundreds of years. Being on the main silk route of the world for many years, it has a wealth of product in all types of fields. India, particularly the Rajastahn, cities like Jodhpur and Udaipur, the city of romance, are incredible places with the most amazing colours. It has always seems to be that the areas of the world that are dry and arid produce the most incredible colours not only in what they wear but also in the decor of their homes and buildings.

What has been your all-time favourite piece? A painting by Paul Hyfliker painted for the 1958 Blake exhibition titled “Crown of Thorns� and a small colourfully painted peacock from Rajasthan. 6 social/life

What makes a room great? Space, light and balance of the items used in the space.

What’s trending strongly at the moment? I don’t believe there is any strong trend at the present. I am not really into socalled trends. I have seen many none last long. Good design and well-made will always win the day.

What are customers looking for? That is the question we would all like to know !! I do know that in today’s busy lifestyle, knowledge of your product and personal service is so important. If you can provide that then people feel confident to let others know what we are also doing at a shop level. People like to spend time where they feel like they are engaged in their retail


Are there essential items that make a space exceptional? The most important thing is that the person who lives in the space feel that it is exceptional. The space should always reflect what you are comfortable with - no matter what anyone else thinks.

You’ve recently renovated the shop? Yes, Major renovations due to flooding. A pigeon had blocked one of the main rain heads at the front of the building.

Have you forgiven the pigeons in the roof yet? Yes... I have forgiven the pigeons. It really forces us into the renovation situation. I am really delighted with the new image we have. It was time to do it.


Villa Clone ~ 140 King Street, Newcastle.

Phone: 4926 2769  n  Email:  Opening Hours: 9am-5pm: Monday-Friday  n  10am-4pm: Saturday  n  11am-3pm: Sunday.

Brian Bird


Villa Clone is locate at 140 King Street, Newcastle p: 02 4926 2769 or visit website: email:

Even a backyard picnic can be like a big social event - with a little imagination and some simple ideas in the kitchen, your cup cakes and fun food can make it special.

Buzzy Bees

Serves 20

From the shops • 35g (1 cup) Kellogg’s rice bubbles • 25g butter • 40g (1/2 cup) white marshmallows • Vegetable oil, to grease • 50g dark choc melts • 40 flaked almonds

In The Kitchen • Place the rice bubbles in a large bowl. Place the butter and marshmallows in a small saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring constantly, for 2-3 minutes or until the butter melts and the mixture is smooth. • Add the butter mixture to the rice bubbles and stir until well combined. Set aside for 5 minutes to cool. • Line a baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Rub your hands with oil to lightly grease. Use your hands to roll heaped teaspoonfuls of the rice bubble mixture into oval shapes. Place on the lined tray. Use a small sharp knife to score the rice bubble shapes lengthways. • Place the choc melts in a sealable plastic bag. Place the bag in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until the chocolate melts. Cut a small hole in 1 corner of the bag and drizzle the chocolate over the rice bubble shapes. Arrange 2 flaked almonds in the indentation on each rice bubble shape to make wings. Set aside for 15 minutes or until set. 8 social/life

Social Life Resident chef, Elle Sheedy has whipped up some tasty morsels for our lovely ladies to share. Everyone loves the Strawberry Jelly Cakes and Luscious Iced Tea ~ Enjoy... Photographer: Models: Recipes: Kitchen: Art Director:

Tania Dunning Brook Lilly Forbes (12) Indigo Rose Beiboer (9) Breanna Holly Beiboer (9) Lani Jasmine Beiboer (6) Elle Sheedy The Colliery Restaurant, The Burwood Inn Steve Dunkley`

Strawberry Jelly Cakes

Serves 10

From the shops • 6 eggs • 2/3 cup (150g) caster sugar • 1/3 cup (50g) cornflour • ½ cup (75g) plain flour • 1/3 cup (50g) self-raising flour • 80g packet strawberry jelly crystals • 2 cups (160g) desiccated coconut • 300ml thickened cream, whipped

In the kitchen • Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease 20cm x 30cm lamington pan; line base and long sides with baking paper, extending paper 5cm over sides. • Beat eggs with electric mixer for about 10 minutes or until thick and creamy; gradually add sugar, beating until dissolved between additions. Sift flours; fold into egg mixture. • Spread mixture into pan; bake about 35 minutes. Turn cake immediately onto baking-paper-covered wire rack to cool. • Meanwhile, make jelly as per packet instructions; refrigerate until set to the consistency of unbeaten egg white.- Trim all sides of cake. Cut cake into 15 squares; dip squares into jelly, drain off excess. Place coconut into medium bowl; toss squares in coconut. Refrigerate 30 minutes. Halve cakes horizontally; sandwich cakes with whipped cream. social/life 9

Refreshing Lemon Iced Tea

Serves 6

From the shops • 3 black tea teabags • 1.5 litre Boiling water • 1/4 cup White or brown sugar (1/2 cup if you prefer sweet) • Juice and rind of 2 lemons, Ice cubes to serve

In the kitchen • Grate or peel the rind off the lemons into a medium saucepan or pot. Set aside peeled lemons for juicing later. • Add the sugar over the rind. • Boil water in a kettle and pour into the saucepan. Bring it to a rolling boil (won’t take too long) on the stovetop and simmer with rind for 5 minutes, stirring until sugar is disolved. • Remove pot from heat. Tie the teabag strings to the handle of the pan. Hang teabags so that the water level covers them completely. • Put on lowest heat for 30 minutes. Whilst waiting, juice lemons. It should give around 1/2 cup of juice. • Remove saucepan from heat and add in the juice and stir. • Strain tea liquid into glass jugs with a mesh strainer. Cool to room temperature, then refrigerate until cold. Serve with ice. 10 social/life

Strawberry Marshmallow Trifles From the shops • 85g packet strawberry jelly crystals • 1 cup boiling water • 1 cup mini marshmallows • 1/4 cup granulated nuts • 2 (110g each) choc-chip muffins, cut into 1.5cm cubes (see note) • 1 3/4 cups thick vanilla custard • sprinkles, to decorate

In the kitchen • Place jelly crystals in a heatproof bowl. Add boiling water. Stir to dissolve. Stir in 200ml cold water. Refrigerate for 1 hour 30 minutes or until just set (it should be thick and syrupy). • Fold in marshmallows and nuts. • Arrange muffin pieces in six glasses. Top with jelly mixture. Top with custard. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Top with sprinkles. social/life 11


a aribbean ruise Story & Photos: Andrew Dunkley

Part 2 of Andrew and Judy Dunkley’s trip to parts of the USA. In the first part (Social Life Magazine - June 2012) they visited Orlando Florida. In this story, Andrew shares some experiences with cruising, millionaire movie stars, talking fish and man-made beaches...

L: Traffic control in Nassau, The Bahamas. Above: Caribbean Cruise.

After spending some time in Orlando, Florida Judy and I went on the next leg of our journey. Now it might surprise you to learn that Orlando Florida, while being home to Disney theme parks, Seaworld and the Kennedy Space Centre is also the base of operations for a staggering number of cruise lines.

of Florida. Our ship, the Disney Dream is the newest and largest of the fleet. Port Canaveral is like a bus terminal for shipping, such is the level of activity. With so many companies and ships on the move, there are always a few in port.

expect. The ship has fourteen deck levels and carries around four thousand passengers with over twelve hundred rooms, multiple themed restaurants, pools, spas, picture theatre, night clubs and a water slide tube! Our stateroom was amidships and had a deck overlooking the starboard side on deck 7.

These ships come and go daily from Port Canaveral, plying the waters of the Caribbean.

There were three readying for departure the day we arrived. After going through the security process we boarded on a typically tropical day where we were greeted and announced to all and sundry with much ceremony.

We chose a Disney cruise. Yes! Disney has a cruise line. In fact they have four huge ships, two of them operating out

The ship blew us away. The attention to detail was typically Disney and it was perfectly clean as you would

We were advised to take a room in the middle of the ship as the effects of any swell would be minimised. It wasn’t

12 social/life

It was a perfect location but, as we discovered, spending time in your room on a short cruise is a waste of time.

Main: The incredible Atlantis Resort. Right: Condos line the waterways

an issue as the seas were calm for the entire trip. We set sail at 6.30pm to the strains of familiar Disney tunes booming from the ships horn. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed as we looked out over Cocoa Beach at the sunbakers and surfers as “It’s a Small World” played. We found a nice spot to sit and take in the cruise out of the harbour and settled into a few cocktails. That was followed by a mandatory safety drill but once that was done we set about exploring. It’s easy to get lost on a ship and we managed that quite a few times. They

held a launch party with the familiar Disney characters on board and I accidentally ran into Mickey Mouse in his Captains uniform as he made his way to the bridge. It was certainly geared towards kids! Meals were all part of the deal and our first experience was quite odd... The restaurant was themed around the movie, Finding Nemo with big TV screens showing the various characters swimming from table to table. What really freaked a few people out was when the animated characters started asking questions and interacting

with the passengers. Very clever! We journeyed overnight to Nassau in the Bahamas where we booked a harbour cruise. I was hoping to play a game of golf there, but at $475 for a round I decided to give it a miss. It was only later I learned that Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon both have homes on the course. Celebrities have made Nassau a holiday destination and many have bought homes on an island that can only be reached by boat. We saw the homes of Mick Jagger, Nicholas Cage, Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise who was social/life 13

apparently home at the time according to our guide. No, we didn’t see him but his boat was awesome! There was much discussion about who gets what in the divorce settlement.

The country thrives on tourism and banking which was clearly evident. Just about every second shop was a diamond dealership. We only learned later that we should avoid quiet corners and enclosed alleys due to the crime...oops!

On shore in Nassau is like any third world city, dirty with lots of activity and lousy drivers. They actually drive on the left hand side of the road like Australians but, because they import their cars from the US, the driver is on the left too...weird!

Another night of clubbing and eating and we arrived at Castaway Cay, a small Disney-owned island designed for water sports. We hired snorkel gear and took a dive into the Caribbean Sea but we should

have done out homework. Disney seems to have imported the whitest sand and literally built the beaches, so there was nothing to see but sand, and an old wheel hub they must have missed! We got lucky later when a stingray wandered by but that was about it. Castaway Cay is perfectly geared for families with a definite focus on the children. It’s a picturesque setting, clean and well maintained - again, very Disney. The food was excellent of course and

Lifestyles of the rich and famous... The homes of Celebrities can be found in the Nassau area many accessabile only over water. Top: Oprah’s House. Right: Tom Cruise’s House.

new colour

new you!


new style

73a King Street, Warners Bay

p: 49482370 for appointments

the place was pristine.

e r e h w e c a s e he Pl t t a r b e l e C e l t s a c w Ne

The return journey to Port Canaveral was a celebration and we decided to spend a bit extra ($40) on an elite restaurant experience on deck 13 overlooking the sea as we passed Freeport; truly magnificent and worth that little bit extra indeed. Getting back to port and offloading was a fairly simple task and, despite my fear of seasickness I have to say it was the most relaxed I’d been in a long time. Next installment... New York City. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Originally from Maitland, Andrew Dunkley is the Regional Manager of ABC Radio, Western Plains. He now lives in Dubbo NSW with his wife, Judy and is “On Air” daily for breakfast.

Castaway Cay is an island destination resort built by Disney for watersports complete with imported white sand.

Beaumont Street Hamilton Bookings: 02 49611985 Website: www.theexchangehotel.c om Find us on facebook:

b m i l C r ds fo Ki Climbing one of the world’s most famous mountains to raise awareness and money for Camp Quality is the plan for dedicated Novocastrians showing a little Loft Love... Loft Love is a YOGA loft initiative to support the local community and provide a breath of fresh care to people in need.

Climber, Kim-Cherie Davidson tells her inspiring story and explains why they are taking on the challenge.

Using a donation system, anyone can attend a free 60 minute class taught by their teachers in training.

What is the value of a life? What is the value of 10 lives? What is the value of 100 lives?

These teachers are fully qualified and give of their time voluntarily to improve their practice and give back to local charities. The classes are suitable for all levels.

Our small team believes that climbing the highest free-standing mountain known to man values the lives of those we climb for.

Each month, YOGA loft in Newcastle will choose a particular charity or community group to donate to. Students of the YOGA loft can submit their chosen charity and a different one is chosen every few months. Loft Love Charity: July – Sept 2012 CAMP QUALITY – WE CLIMB FOR KIDS On September 7, seven extraordinary Novacastrians including Kim-Cherie Davidson and David Corin will take on an amazing challenge to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise much needed funds for Camp Quality. YOGA loft are encouraging as many people as possible to make a donation either in person at the loft or online at... kimcheriedavidson

On September 7 we all take on an extraordinary and amazing challenge to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and in the process raise much needed funds for Camp Quality - “We Climb 4 Kids”. Our motivation lies in the belief that by challenging ourselves to the absolute limits we will inspire you to help us get to our goal target of $10,000. Just think about it Can you give up a coffee or a meal out for one week of your life and put your money instead into an amazing cause helping children and their families cope with the most damaging disease on the planet. Ever since watching a movie with my grandfather as a kid I wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. When the flyer started going around last year, I thought maybe. Then when I spoke to a friend, Keiran and asked why she was doing it I said YES!

Like most people, my life has been deeply touched by cancer, in the last couple of years I have lost several near and dear to me. I dedicate this climb to them and the people they have left behind, who find it a struggle without them. The money I raise from Climb for Kids will go directly to Camp Quality and the fabulous work it does helping kids deal with cancer, whether a patient or loved one. All donations are given directly to Camp Quality. I am scared but my fear is nothing compared to those who face cancer and the journey their loved ones are forced to make. When the trek gets hard, it will be this mission and the memories of those who have battled cancer that will keep me going. To those who give to Climb for Kids – Kilimanjaro, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Donations can be made direct at this link: kimcheriedavidson or make a donation in person at the YOGA loft, Newcastle. n

Please come into YOGA Loft to make your donation or visit


luxury eco yoga studio and day spa with stunning ocean views 02 4927 1010




Open 7 Days a Week


Level 5/50 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW 2300

the Game My name is Alison Brown, I’m a a proud mother of Alexander 15 and Oliver 12. I’m married to the worlds most supportive and loyal husband, Bobby Brown. This rock solid man took his vows “in sickness and health”, very seriously as you will understand as you read on. Back in 2000 I delivered a tiny 8 week premature Oliver. Soon after I was told the harrowing news that my kidneys were in serious trouble. A biopsy was done and the news I would need either dialysis or a transplant to avoid death, sunk in. During my months on dialysis I developed heart failure as a complication of my body being under such stress. It was decided my best chance of survival was to support my heart with medications and transplant me as soon as possible. With a clever team of transplant Surgeons, Physicians and Nurses at the John Hunter Hospital and the generous gift of a 6 out of 6 matching kidney from my brother, my life was restored through a transplant. I attended my first Transplant Games back in 2002 on the Gold Coast in Queensland and the inspiration and comradery that I experienced here feed a passion to help promote the organ donor awareness message. It’s also a wonderful feeling to win gold,

silver or bronze medals that you’ve trained hard for. The best moment was when I was able to present my very first gold medal to my brother with an inscription “without you this wasn’t possible, thank you”.

of life reader’s story

My second gold medal went to the young son of a close friend who didn’t get the lungs she desperately needed. I inscribed it “for bravery and courage”... It seemed fitting. My hope is that one day we just don’t lose people on the waiting list. My hope is the Games in Newcastle, will encourage people to talk to their families about organ donation. Now a little information about an exciting new research program under the HMRI that I’m passionate about helping to establish here in the Hunter, The Hibberd Centre for Research in Transplant Immunology. This centre will allow growth and development of the research and data collection that began 25 years ago and continues today by the Newcastle Transplant Program at the John Hunter Hospital. The first objective of the Hunter Transplant Research Foundation, the fundraising arm, is to appoint a research professor in transplant immunology.

They will be appointed both to Newcastle University and to the local health district. It will be a wonderful addition to the school of medicine at Newcastle University. The research the professor will do will then be translated into clinical practice and benefit people just like me. After almost 12 years of transplantation, I have seen some amazing developments in this fascinating medical practice. I’m pretty excited at what will be developed for the future and even more so, here in our own city of Newcastle. n Top Right: Kelly Ashley and Alison Brown - World Transplant Games opening ceremony at Gothenburg Sweden. Top: Alison’s Silver winner round.

Visit: for information about the 13th Australian Transplant Games in Newcastle from September 29 to October 6, 2012.

Enjoy Our Sunday Roast $20 Free glass of Wine or Tap Beer. ...a small bar, you could say petite, working with local producers and boutique wineries & you can enjoy with friends in a homely & intimate setting... You’re Welcome... p:

02 4929 3033



Shop 5, The Royal

5 King Street, Newcastle




breweries to provide good, honest produce

STORY and PHOTOS: Kathy Evans

Have you ever had a dream? Or thought to yourself “one day I’d like to go there” or “One day I’m going to do ... something amazing?” As a high school teenager I listened to my history teachers with great interest as they taught us about Roman history and medieval times in England...

Mr Gorgeous wanders along the Thames, London.

I dreamt of one day going to those places my teachers spoke about. My German teacher spoke about different towns and special events that happened in Germany. I dreamt of being in those places I decided that one day I would go and see all these interesting places, especially Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle King Ludwig had built on side of mountain near the town of Oberammergau. I also had short term goals, every young girl has like get a job, find a gorgeous husband, 18 social/life

buy a house, get married have children and enjoy life. Well these short terms certainly came true, but the buy a house and have children was a costly affair, so my dreams had to be set back for a few, well actually many years – 35 years actually. In that time though as others came back from overseas with their fantastic adventure stories - I never lost hope and knew that one day my gorgeous husband, Graeme, and I would get to travel to England and Europe.

Woo Hoo!... Finally at the castle !! Main Image: Neuschwanstein Castle

After a few set backs in planning, 2 years ago I thought “this is it, nothing else is going to put us off again”. Graeme and I decided we would go in 2012 to celebrate his 50th birthday, our 28th Wedding Anniversary and celebrate the fact that 30 years ago he took my hand on a Sydney Harbour ferry and we’ve been a couple ever since. I still had people giving me reasons why we shouldn’t go this year... the dollar’s down, the Olympics will make it very busy

& expensive in England, the trip will cost of lot of money, etc. None of these things were going to stop us this time. After many months of researching where to go around England, deciding on coach tour company to go on our exciting trip around Europe, including Neuschwanstein Castle, it was booked and arranged. We even had a couple of friends join in on the coach tour around Europe. Eventually the day arrived for us to take off on our adventure. I’d quietly

wondered if the day would ever come, but felt so blessed as we took off in beautiful sunny skies, despite all the rain we’d had that week. We reached England and yes we did go through a lot of cloud over England before we saw the land, but my first glimpse of England was peeking through the clouds and seeing a grand country home with a ferris wheel and other carnival rides set up in their grounds. I remember thinking ‘Wow – I’m finally here. This is

incredible’. Later that day, and as we travelled around England and Europe in the coming weeks, we found ourself saying ‘Wow’ many times or pinching ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming. Trying to grasp that after all this time of hoping, wishing, waiting, planning and saving our dollars we were finally in these places that we’d heard and dreamt about so much.

workmanship that went into the buildings built way back in 1300 – 1800’s is just magnificent.

I loved all the beautiful ornate buildings around England and Europe, the detail and

The scale of the churches and palaces that were built then is so much grander than anything

A lot the pictures I took were of incredibly beautiful decorative parts of buildings, ... parts of a side entry door and doorway into Westminster Abbey were so incredibly ornate - I could imagine them looking magnificent on a canvas on my loungeroom wall, even being sold at some ritzy home wares store.

built today. Also thinking about the methods used to build them (without scaffolding and safety gear we have today) is very scary. It was astounding to see buildings, like the Doges Palace in Venice, that are 1,000 years old and churches or buildings around England and the rest of Europe, like the Jewel Tower in England, were built in the 1300’s and are still standing. What tales these building could tell. The guides in all the places we visited had so many interesting tales to tell it was

Roman Baths Westminster Columns

Eiffle Tower, Paris social/life 19

The Beatles Tribute Show at The Cavern Club, Liverpool

hard to remember at times what story went with which place, but we loved hearing all that they had to say. Graeme, (gorgeous husband,) is a big Beatles fan so when we went to Abbey Road, saw the Beatles Tribute show at the Cavern Club and took the Magical Mystery Tour he was blown away that he was actually there. To be out the front of one

20 social/life

of Paul McCartney’s childhood home, and see the church where John & Paul met was more than he’d ever dreamed of ever being able to do. When we finally reached Neuschwanstein Castle on our coach tour, I was beside myself with excitement and I could hardly believe we were there. It was everything I had dreamed it could be and to be able to touch

it, walk around inside it, see the magnificent decorative interior, see all these things so close and know I was walking where King Ludwig had walked around and ruled his country from (for a short term of his reign) was just mind blowing for me. As we travelled around there were things that I’d decided we needed to do in certain places. They were: have a meal in an

old English Pub – had a number of them; eat scones with jam & cream – did that in Nottingham; have a real pizza in Italy – had a marguerite pizza while sitting right next to the canal in Venice, eat snails in France – had them in Paris, but found them very over rated (not that extraordinary at all); do jumps of joy at Neuschwanstein Castle – did many of them; take a

Beautiful Venice with Mr Gorgeous

A leafy pathway in London

gondola ride with Mr Gorgeous around the canals of Venice and then give him a great big kiss on the Eiffel Tower. The only thing I didn’t get to do was try frogs legs in Paris. However, when we go back again I will find a restaurant that serves them. We met lots of new people on our coach tour and some great friendships were established on that coach tour, so it’s given


us even more motivation to go travelling and visit them. The travel bug is infectious. If you’ve ever had a dream that you think it is just so out there it’s just seems impossible to do, don’t give up on it. If you can’t achieve it right now because of life circumstance, try to set yourself a goal to achieve it in years to come when it will be achievable.

Goldola in Venice

Beautiful Lights at The Houses of Paliament, London

If it’s a matter of not knowing how to achieve it, ask questions of those you know who have already achieved it, how did they go about it, ask them to give you tips on achieving your dream. If it seems out of reach financially, try saving as little as $1 a week or $3 a week, or more if you can afford it, maybe put loose change in a moneybox that is hard to open.

Keep saving for years if you have to. You’ll feel like you are getting closer to your dream as you see those saving rise. Never give up, hold onto you dream and even fight for it in those hard times. It will be worth it in the end. Who knows, maybe in years to come you’ll be able to help others chase their dream too! n

Ornate Lights

social/life 21

with a little help from my friends... STORY: Steve Dunkley PICS: Kath Dalton / Bow Macleod, Steve Dunkley

Proper diet makes all the difference.

The Native Animal Trust Fund’s Wildlife Rescue Service is an organisation of volunteers who care for our injured fauna. Wildlife Rescuer and Rehabilitator, Kath Dalton explains there are a variety of background volunteers and workers in the organisation, “We have people who can knit pouches, build possum boxes or even farm native foods needed to feed the various kinds of animals.” The roles within the Service also include manning the phones for the Service, making vet pick-ups to deliver animals from vets to carers, fund-raising and people can actually sponsor an animal to help provide on-going care. “Some animals need long-term care which requires medication, surgery and various foods,” Kath said. “When an animal is sponsored, the sponsor’s name is recorded along with a photograph of the animal on the Service’s website gallery where sponsors can keep up to date with their animal’s progress. “We currently have a wombat that is sponsored by several local people and a junior baseball team in Newcastle,” said Kath, “Another of our guests, a Koala, needed an 22 social/life

A sugar glider in care

expensive operation on his eyes and was recently released into the Clarencetown area where he came from. According to locals he is doing well. This could never have happened without sponsorship.” Animals get into trouble for a variety of reasons. Recently storms in the area have caused many animals to end up in the care of humans. Domestic pets, cats and dogs are by far the main reason native animals need help. Road accidents and poisons, electrocution on power lines are all too common reasons animals need help. “A surprising number of animals suffer from concussion after colliding with windows, walls and trees which can cause swelling, temporary blindness and disorientation,” said Kath. It is a sad fact that our native fauna regularly become victims after a brush with humans. In July, a barn owl was shot with a slug gun and another member of the public called Wildlife Rescue for help. “Unfortunately, that owl was unable to be saved even though some wing injuries can be healed, this one was suffering from a

Above: A brushtail is released after recovery. Left: “Wanda” Is warm in a volunteer-knitted pouch

An echidna in recovery

shattered shoulder preventing him from ever being able to hunt or fly again.” In the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area, there is a wide variety of native wildlife that includes birds, sea turtles, tree-dewellers and ground animals. “My partner, Bow and I were involved in the rescue of an Antarctic Giant Petrel that was rehabilitated at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and eventually released in the open sea where they are most comfortable.” “It’s important to have some knowledge about the animals, what their proper environments are like and what their normal lives are like. That Petrel didn’t like being near the land or around people. We had to treat it with extreme care the whole time he was healing,” said Kath. “A family near the Lake had been keeping a feathertail glider in a domestic cage at home and were feeding it milk and foods that would normally be given to a pet mouse. The problem was, they thought the glider was an infant because it was very small despite actually being a full-grown male. Mice and Feathertail gliders have very different diets. “By the time they called the Wildlife Rescue, the glider was very ill, almost dead.


elanie Plan STORY: M wcastle lde Legal - Ne Wi

A Boobook damaged his eye in a window collision.

On 9 July 2012 the English High Court ruled that Samsung had not copied Apple’s iPad with its Galaxy tablet because, amongst other things, it was not as ‘cool’ as the iPad. While it might seem to be a bit of a bizarre decision, it illustrates a salient point: when you buy an iPhone, you are buying coolness rather than pure functionality. Experts estimate Apple’s brand value at $183 billion dollars. This impressive ‘coolness’ has arrived on the back of a clever, consistent branding strategy that makes people love Apple, as well as powerful usage of intellectual property laws.

Possum release box.

Thankfully it was not too late and the glider recovered after several weeks of care,” said Kath. If found... And injured or distressed animal should be left alone and the Native Wildlife Rescue Service called. Small animals should be placed in a well-ventilated box covered by a towel and kept in a warm, quite place until a rescuer arrives... “It’s important to leave the animal in peace. Fussing over the animal can actually cause stress and even death,” Kath explained, “Even well-meant patting or nursing can be bad for a wild creature that is not used to being around humans.” Releasing an animal back into it’s habitat is truely rewarding. “It’s a fantastic feeling to know you’ve helped heal a living creature,” said Kath. More information visit: www. or call: 0418 628 483 n

sounds or looks like it. Assuming someone else hasn’t already registered it, all you need is a jpeg version of your logo, a credit card and half an hour to come into our office and we will walk you through it. In exchange, we would be honoured to feature your logo on our “Great brands of Newcastle” webpage still in development. For more information please call Melanie or Emma at Wilde Legal on 02 49 050 101 or check us out at n

In Australia, ‘Intellectual property’ includes trade marks, copyright, patents and designs. Trade marks are the words and logos that identify a particular supplier. Copyright applies to original artistic, musical, dramatic or literary works. Patents and Designs are for inventions, innovations and technical creations. We’ve been thinking about this issue for some time and Wilde Legal wants to tackle it properly for local business owners. It takes time and effort to build a brand in a competitive marketplace no matter if you’re Apple, Samsung or One Penny Black – and if you’ve done the hard yards to create a business identity that people can trust, you should give it the protection it deserves… You can protect your brand and trade-mark by registering it. … And we’ll do the legal work for free. Registering a Trade Mark with IP Australia means that in your particular ‘class’ of goods or services, no one else can use your name, logo or anything that social/life 23

A little bit retro with colour and pizazz makes for an exciting spring...

The looks this season are glistening wet slicked styles, twists, braids and buns are featured as are blunt fringes, bold colour, pink hues, streaks of bright colours, soft waves and big volumized do’s.

Our gorgeous model Lauren (Left) channelling Chanel, shows how dynamic a bold colour and blunt fringe with a sleek twisted bun can look. The bun is a combination of glossy twists of natural hair and extensions. The sleek polished finish is created by finishing the hair with a heated styling tool.

There’s a distinct retro feel to some of the styling.

Jessica‘s (Centre) sultry voluminous hairstyle was inspired by her namesake “Jessica

Spring Summer trends for 2012 were the inspiration for our shoot with Social life magazine.

rabbit””and created with full volume blowdry and then finished in a tissue set and dressed out to polish the beautiful waves. Our stunning high fashion model Josette is showing off a retro french roll with a very modern feel combining accentuated height length, volume and texture.


This look was created by crimping the hair and then moulding the fabulous shape and adding extensions. n

we only stock the best hair and make up products

nn g Mitch Wy IntroducinHair Director Creative

0249 278 176 shop 7a, marketown shopping centre steel street newcastle west book online.. like us..

24 social/life

Evolution Hair & Make Up Experts Stylists: Jodi Fawlk Mitchell Wynn Jaiden Smith Dean Blakey Models: Lauren Bowden Josette Roumi Jessica Laing Photos: Steve Dunkley


social/life 25

Asparagus Salad

Elle’s easy recipe

it’s all about you,


2 bunches asparagus, woody ends trimmed, halved


1/3 cup good-quality whole-egg mayonnaise


1/4 cup buttermilk


1 x 55g can green peppercorns, rinsed, drained, coarsely chopped


1 tbs white wine vinegar


1 tbs finely chopped fresh dill


Salt & freshly ground black pepper


1 x 80g pkt baby rocket leaves


½ cup slivered almonds

In The Kitchen n

Cook the asparagus in a medium saucepan of salted boiling water for 2-3 minutes or until bright green and tender crisp. Refresh under cold running water until cool. Drain well.


Unique Portraiture 0413 962 913

Use a fork to whisk together the mayonnaise, buttermilk, peppercorns, vinegar and dill in a bowl until well combined. Taste and season with salt and pepper.


Place asparagus, almonds and rocket in a large serving bowl and gently toss until just combined. Drizzle with the mayonnaise


mixture and serve immediately.



social/life magazine p: 02 4013 1240

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Recipe Elle Sheedy Photo Peta Wood

What do you turn to for comfort ? ... minus the calories ?

Story: Tegan Hughes

Is it that movie, book or album you turn to, over and over again, whenever you feel uninspired, lost, alone or maybe you’ve just had a bad day? After reading and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s so many times, I have lost count. There is something about the hopelessness of the main character, Holly I can relate to in my moments of uncertainty. Somehow, I know everything will be all right when Holly Golightly, in her apartment, is reclining in a chic sawn-in-half bathtub of a lounge, explains exactly how I feel: “You’re afraid but you don’t know what you’re afraid of.” “What I’ve found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany’s... It calms me down right away,” she concludes, and this explains exactly how I feel, watching the movie or reading the book. It is not only the elegance and proud look of the film that takes me away from life’s complications; it is the moments of clarity, when I finally feel someone understands. I didn’t realise my reliance on the film until a friend told me during a conversation, The Alchemist was to her, what Breakfast at Tiffany’s is to me, and this got me thinking

The best

We Find & Produce the finest meats for you


about my obsession. Now, The Alchemist is a little more inspiring and soul searching than my clichéd classic, but both seem to offer something reassuring in uncertain times. Music, films or books can be a form of escape from the reality. Through the sound, words or images you are transported into another world, a short distance away from reality. It is comforting and somewhere familiar; you know you’re going to like it, you know it will not disappoint. It’s nostalgic. Happy Days is what my brother turns to when he has had a bad day and another friend who at times listens over and over again to the Dawson’s Creek theme song describing it as, “somewhere old and familiar.” These albums, films and books are always warm and welcoming. Similar to calling an old friend, someone who always is always there and listens, you know there is something always there, to make you feel better. Is it such a bad thing to indulge in these forms? Can it be any worse than reaching for the ice cream or a glass of wine? Instead it is comfort for the soul. n

The choicest


The loveliest


We supply more than 50 leading restaurants, pub & clubs with the best produce available. WHERE: Find us at our store in Mayfield East, the Newcastle Farmers Markets every Sunday & The Entrance Markets on 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month. DELIVERY: Home delivery is available throughought Newcastle & The Hunter Valley. Please call for delivery details in your area. With 4 generations of experience, we can bring the best meats and products to your table.

scan to visit our website via mobile.

p: 4967 7733 : e a: Unit 2/56 Industrial Drive, Mayfield East.

... and so much more


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GOMEZ QUINCEANERA TOUR Celebrating 15 years of touring

the return of


Josh Pyke is one of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters. Known for his ability to weave intelligent lyrics with warm melodies and quirky song structures, Pyke is a modern-day storyteller whose unique and evocative use of both words and music places him in a league of his own. Pyke’s breakthrough single was Middle of the Hill, a paean to suburban childhood that struck a chord and catapulted him into the limelight. He enjoyed moderate airplay with the ever-popular Memories and Dust, a whimsical commentary of the early struggles of youth. After a year long sabbatical, Josh Pyke is back on the road in 2012 to celebrate the release of his eagerly awaited third album, Only Sparrows. Josh will be appearing at all 3 Lizotte’s venues during October and tickets will sell fast so get in quickly. Saturday 20th October at Lizotte’s Newcastle - Tickets are on sale 22 August from the venue or or call 02 4956 2066 for tickets and information. n

GOMEZ are an English indie rock band form Southport UK. The band is distinguished in having three singers and four songwriters, employing traditional and electronic instruments. Their sound is versatile and evades typical music genres falling into blues, indie, alternative, rock, folk, psychedelic and experimental. QUINCEANERA - Celebrating 15 Years of Live Performances Literal meaning One who is fifteen The tour will be an extensive East Coast jaunt after kicking the party off in the Top End of Darwin, then rolling down the Coast from Cairns to Townsville, Brisbane to the Gold Coast, Newcastle to Sydney and ending with a 2 night stand at The Corner in Melbourne. Of course GOMEZ have a very long and strong relationship with Australia. They first toured in 2000 and have been back many times to celebrate new releases, play festivals from Falls, Bluesfest and Splendour and knocking out incredible shows for their very loyal and loving fans. Each night is indeed a celebration, and this time even more personal as you get to have a say on the band’s setlist. Gomez is celebrating 15 years of touring with their Quinceañera Party. They’re asking you to help choose the setlist for their upcoming concert at Newcastle Panthers. Visit the “Setlist Request” link below and choose the five songs you would most like to hear Gomez perform. The most popular choices will be delivered on the night - GOMEZ – THE QUINCEANERA TOUR Supported by Eagle and the Worm, Thursday 18 October 2012 Panthers Newcastle. n country’s finest performers.

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues”

Remember Heroes, Space Oddity, Life on Mars, Young Americans, Starman, Fame, Ashes to Ashes, Under Pressure, Ziggy Stardust, Let’s Dance ...and many, many more!

The undeniable influence of David Bowie as a larger than life character comes to life through the talents of three of Australia’s most electrifying performers, Jeff Duff, Steve Balbi and Brydon Stace, performing the songs of David Bowie at The Studio at Lizottes.

The cast features Jeff Duff - the acclaimed recording and rock vocalist whose international career has seen the release of 28 albums (including the current album Fragile Spaceman) and who first brought Ziggy to the stage in the nineties; Steve Balbi -of Noiseworks and Electric Hippies fame and Brydon Stace career has included a stint INXS and the lead role in the Sydney Opera House production of Berlioz’s Requiem.

It’s a theatrical and musical journy exploring the creative genius of David Bowie’s songs executed by an electrifying emsemble of the

See it all September 22, Lizottes Newcastle. Visit: or call 4956 2066 for details. n

- David Bowie, Let’s Dance

28 social/life

Things are Alive & Kicking in the Real NRL Story: John Fahey Photos:: Lauren Sparke (CRL)

It is often suggested that the game of rugby league is dying before our very eyes. In the case of the Newcastle Rugby League, nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst there are many challenges to be faced, the product that is produced by the Newcastle Rugby League is second to none in Country Rugby League.

With ten District Clubs competing for the Tooheys Cup, all areas of Newcastle and the Hunter Region are covered representation wise. As in any semi-professional scenario, there will always be the haves and have nots amongst the Clubs. However, the introduction of a Player Points System has seen the talent evened out to a certain extent. This has proven to be an effective measure as it is something that can truly be policed and cannot be tampered with in any way.

Above: Captain of Cessnock, Newcastle Rebels and the touring Country side Sam Wooden on the move. Left: Flying Cessnock, Newcastle Rebels and Country winger Chris Pyne. Below: 1976 Grand Final South Newcastle v Western Suburbs.

some 3,400 registered players, this is a critical area of our structure. One of the on-going problems in all sport is the inability to keep kids playing sport when there are so many different choices presented to the modern teenager. In 2013, the Newcastle Rugby League will be incorporating all Under 18’s so the 1st Division competition will be played under the banner

Here is the unsolvable issue – should we withdraw the Sharks and allow First Division football to die in an area with more than 1,900 players? Or should we persist given the success of the Junior Sharks. For the age groups Under 16 to 18’s, a combined one Club Port Stephens Sharks approach was adopted. With two round remaining in the regular season, they are a real chance of playing Finals footy in all three Age Groups. If we persist, the strength of the player base will come through and the sense of mateship will actually be centred around being a Sharks player within a few years.

Expansion and development has been and remains an important part of the vision of the Newcastle Rugby League. Whilst we have seen the Northern Blues, Raymond Terrace and Waratah- Mayfield fall away from the competition in the last 10 years, we have picked up Wyong from the Central Coast and Port Stephens Sharks has been created to maintain a 10 team competition. The strength of the competition has been shown again in 2012, with six sides remaining realistic semi-final chances with three Rounds remaining. This does not include the very strong Wyong side who will not appear in the Finals for only the second time in their thirteen year history with the Real NRL. The Newcastle and Hunter Rugby League provides the second Tier competition for the area, with sides from the Central Coast to Singleton and Gloucester involved. For 2012, there were thirty four teams who made up four different competitions and over 1100 players participated. There is an interesting scenario to play out around a second Tier competition being created on the Central Coast for 2013, with the prospect of a few fringe Newcastle sides geographically joining to help bolster that competition. This is an important process as there are just too many senior players lost to the game on the Coast as there is no second Tier structure. The Hunter Valley Junior Rugby League covers the game at Junior International level, so in our case Under 13 to 18’s inclusive. With

fewer than 8 Senior affiliate Clubs playing in the N&HRL, and the ability to generate support for a combined Port Stephens Sharks was never going to be an easy process. The decision was made to allow each to stand on their own for 2012 to avoid further issues. This has led to a situation where the Sharks have not fielded an Open Grade side and have actually forfeited Reserve Grade on several occasions.

of the 10 district Clubs. This will give the Senior Clubs the true opportunity to take some ownership of these young men on their path to senior football. Should a proposal to remove the Under 17’s competition come to fruition, the Clubs will actually have two years to assess the abilities of an individual. The lower divisions of Under 18’s will see affiliate Clubs with the opportunity to participate in their own right up to the end of a players Junior career. The relationships between Senior NRL, the N&HRL Clubs and all Junior Clubs are vital to the games survival. What we cannot afford around this is a “we’re all right Jack” approach. Port Stephens Sharks are the classic example around this. Seniors wise, there have been serious fractures north of Stockton Bridge for many years. These were really highlighted in the lead up to 2012 when the Sharks were created on the demise of the Northern Blues. The Blues had no

There is no question there are many issues in all forms of sport. The quality of volunteers is also crucial to success, and rugby league is blessed with some of the best people around in this regard. By listening to all points of view and being prepared to make decisions, we can ensure the game of rugby league remains as the premier winter sport for years to come. This year the “Real NRL’ are further promoting the fine game in the local area with first class entertainment prior to the main game at the 24th Sept grand final at No 1 sports ground. We are having the “Marching Koalas” perform along with Australia’s leading Cold Chisel/Jimmy Barnes tribute act singing a number of popular tunes “Working Class Man” and “Simply the Best”etc.Carter Roser the band lead singer usually attracts 1000+ patrons at the Brisbane/ Ipswich/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast venues and we are privileged to have him at our Grand Final singing the songs we all remember. n social/life 29

Simply the Best for the

Newcastle Rugby League The Newcastle Rugby League Final Series will kick off on September the 9th with the Grand Final being held at Number 1 sports ground Newcastle on Sunday September 24th... and how better to do it than with a little bit of Barnsey !! As special guests top Australian Cold Chisel tribute band Cold Chisel Revived with lead singer Carter Roser will warm up the crowd with a couple of well known hits including “Working Class Man” and “Simply the Best” (with a Tina Turner tribute performer). They will then be back for a full show at the Newcastle Rugby League Club on Saturday October 13th. Cold Chisel is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most loved pub and club bands of all time.. Now there is a voice that can 30 social/life

match that of Jimmy Barnes.

guitarist, Nathan Cavaleri.

Chisel Revived Frontman, Carter Roser is currently the leading act in the Queensland in the large pub/club circuit regularly attracting up to 1100 patrons (850 At the

He is in demand to perform at May Day Labour Festivals regularly attracting crowds of 30,000+ in Brisbane and in fact, he performed at the last 5 festivals.

Ipswich Racehorse 14/7/2012).

He has a voice according to many of his fans extremely similar to Barnes. He has a 10 year opera training background,has actually performed on stage with Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss, The Choir Boys, Killing Heidi, 1927 and many others and he spent a year as lead singer with renown

It’s no surprise that he has had a recording contract with Sony and WMA for original work. Roser performs at venues as far away as Cairns, Adelaide and Perth often performing up front with a local band. Cold Chisel fans will not be disappointed.

Roser has high standards and his performances have been top-notch to date even featuring on YouTube as Chisel devotes post their phone-recorded videos from Roser’s shows. As one fan stated, “They sound like the real deal. It’s incredible - Like being at a Chisel gig.” Chisel Revived deliver all the faves including all the singles that made Cold Chisel the force they continue to be in Australia.

ph: 02



Enjoy activities in the pristine Myall Lakes National Park and surrounds such as bushwalking, bird watching, surfing, sailing, windsurfing and boating on the extensive waterways of the Myall Lakes and rivers. . . Fishing, golf, kayaking, snorkeling dolphin watching and cycling are just a few more of the wonderful experiences awaiting you in Hawks Nest. Or just bring a book and enjoy the serenity, peace and quiet at the Hawks Nest Motel.


In addition, Roser performs the work of Jimmy Barnes and features his songs essentially giving the complete picture of the Chisel/Barnes story. n

Standard Rooms n One Bed Units n Family Accommodation n Spa Suites n

ED I T T S 22 M E 376 L I C K 4040 TICALL: 0


kids with cancer foundation (australia) & the daniel foundation (india)

September 22nd, 2012 7pm-11:30pm

Azzurri Club, Highfields Formal (Black Tie)

to Incogni


ve The Ste



Social/Life Magazine


Tania Dunning-Pilates-Fitness for Life


BMR Automotive, Belmont



Social Life Magazine Edition 11 Sept 2012  

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