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First Publication: October 1981

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Super Streaks!

Katie Harmon

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Connor Dudley

Kristin Sessler Winter Winter 2013 2013

Caroline Darr


Dear Friends, This letter will be simple but powerful as it contains the footprints to the road map to the future of BHCS. The BHCS Governing Board recently approved the revised mission/vision, belief statements and pillars of success that will be used as the foundation of all we do. The Mission of Bishop Hoffman Catholic School: “To reach and teach the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of each child to bring them closer to God.” This Mission is the animating principle and the “why” of what we do. It is concise, it is faith-driven and it is what sets us apart. We are proud to be Catholic and faith-filled people who care for and about the whole child. We are committed to providing programs and opportunities that challenge and develop intellect, the co-curricular, service to others and the ultimate goal of knowing and growing closer to God in this world and beyond. Belief Statements of Bishop Hoffman Catholic School: We are a community of faith. Those entrusted to us are children of God. We are bold witnesses of Christ. Parents are the first and primary educators. Teaching and learning is an ongoing relationship. All children can learn. Our faith is infused in our course of study. We work in partnership with community stakeholders. Our students impact the world. These Belief Statements represent the core values we hold near and dear and they offer us a challenge when planning to meet these values in our future. Each and every child in our world means the world to someone, and each is valued, respected and supported. We work in collaboration with our parents, guardians, parishioners, community and other stakeholders like you to maintain and grow our school system. We serve those who will serve the world. The Pillars of Success of Bishop Hoffman Catholic School: “SEEK” “PERSIST” “EXCEL” “LOVE” “SERVE” Each pillar is important and “holds up” the work we do, the choices we make and the future we plan. Each pillar is a verb, an action, that compels us to move forward, upward and onward to make our beliefs real. Each pillar is a part of the solid foundation that supports the clear mission/vision we now pursue. We are taking action: Our marketing committee has met and is developing a plan to clearly “tell our story” to those who do not know us yet or misunderstand us or need to come back and give us another try. We are taking action: Our Governing Board is working diligently to improve the structure of how they engage and involve others to help us respect the past, celebrate the present and build the future of BHCS. We are taking action: Our dedicated staff continues to work on our first comprehensive accreditation plan as a whole school system versus the previous stand-alone school buildings. We are taking action: All of us – Governing Board, Staff, Students, Parents/Guardians, Parishes and Community-will be developing a comprehensive Strategic Plan that will incorporate the Mission, Beliefs and Pillars you now have seen. It is my privilege and passion to be the Superintendent of BHCS and Principal of SJCC. I am humbled to know how much you care and support our work. During these troubled times that the world looks for God amidst the troubled waters, I implore you to get involved in our work, to please support us through your generous donations and volunteerism, and to continue to pray for all of us. God bless you! Tim Cullen


Winter 2013


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For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School




The IN Box

Winter 2013


2013 Calendar Drive It’s not too late! Get your 2013 calendar today. This is our 26th calendar drive! The first calendar drive was during the 1987-1988 school year. For $25, you will receive a 2013 calendar AND be entered in our daily ($25), monthly ($250), and yearly ($1000) prizes. Call 419-332-9947 to purchase yours today! Don’t miss your chance to win! Contgratulations to our 2012 Grand Prize Winners! Liz Pietrykowski Annett Duling Zeno & Emma Wasserman Kenneth L. Wagner Harold Workman St. Joseph Central Catholic High School A Bishop Hoffman Catholic School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 419-332-9947 Fax 419-332-4945 www.bishop-hoffman.net Advancement Office 419-332-5124 The Voice is published four times a year for the alumni and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to: The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH 43420 Director of Advancement Angie Ritzman (O’Neal ‘93) Copy Editors: Mary Ellen Leite (Hughes ‘53) Sarah Pietrykowski ‘02 Mary Luc (Mayle ‘63) SJCC Faculty: Amy Ronski (Spieldenner ‘80) Liz Pietrykowski Cori Foos (Bruchs ‘97)

2012 Monthly Calendar Winners January

Carol Steinhauser


Jaime Roberts


Robin Clair


Dennis Ardner


Stacy George


Mary Ann Wensinger


John Werling


John Werling


Chris Opelt


Debra Wilson


Tricia Esker


Jim Denman


Our 19th Annual Fund is starting off strong! In just five weeks, we have been blessed with donations totaling $52,250! As you saw in the Fall 2012 Voice, we value each and every gift in order to continue the tradition of a quality Catholic education for all our youth in Sandusky County. We could not do this without your support!

Annual Fund Donor Recognition Thru December 19, 2012 ++++St. Joseph Society $5,000 and above +++Crimson Charter $1,000 - $4,999 ++Gray Guild $500- $999 +Streak Supporter $100- $499 §Legacy Donor (Annual Fund 18 and 19 Donor) Class of 1934 Mrs. Marguerite Morley (Molyet)§ Class of 1939 Mrs. Betty Sherman (Willis)+ Class of 1940 Mrs. Eileen Gabel (Kusmer)+§ Mr. Fred Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wagner§ Class of 1941 Mrs. Marcella Post (Widman)+ § Class of 1942 Mrs. Ann Vaughan (Hornstock) § Class of 1944 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wagner (Rita Rodenhauser)§ Sr. Rita Mary Wasserman§ Mr. & Mrs. Bill Yeager+++§ Class of 1945 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Decker § (Claribel Wasserman) § Class of 1946 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Freeh (Rosalyn Mosser)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Norman Horn Mr. & Mrs. Donald Snyder (Noreen Setzler) § Class of 1947 Mrs. Kathryn Ash (Kramer) § Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey +§ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Freeh++§ Mr. & Mrs. William Rimelspach (Irene Halm)§ Mr. Earl Ross § Class of 1948 Mr. Jack House+§ Mrs. Audrey Kupka (Zienta)+§ Mr. Edward Leite+§ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miesle§ Class of 1949 Mrs. Marylou Guyer (Gabel)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey (Madelene Mosser)+ § Mrs. Leona Laurer (Bertsch)§ Mrs. Joanne Young (Hawk) Class of 1950 Mrs. Joan Foos (Fisher) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gottron+§ Mr. Neil Hamilton++§ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haynes++§


Mrs. Jean Howard (Hoffman)+ Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Miller (Coletta Steinbauer)++§ Msgr. Richard Moyer+++§ Class of 1951 Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bintz+++§ Mrs. Janice Heffernan (Hipp)+§ Fr. Richard Wurzel+§ Class of 1952 Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bintz (Marilyn Smith)+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Gay Bowden (Rose Mehling)§ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gottron (Ann Widman)+§ Mr. John P. Kimmet+ Mr. & Mrs. Pete Naderer++ § Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Russell§ Mrs. Jean Wasserman (Mayle)§ Class of 1953 Mr. & Mrs. Gay Bowden§ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Darr (Dorothy Durnwald)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Darr+§ Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klisz (Angela Toeppe)§ Mrs. Janet Overmyer (Mayle)+§ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt (Shirley Gabel)§ Mrs. Jean Schwartz (Kirwen)§ Mr. & Mrs. John Spieldenner+ Ms. Maggie Swint Class of 1954 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bennison (Marianne Ehrman)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boucher (Phyllis Young)§ Mr. Ken Gabel+ § Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hoffman+ Mrs. Sharon Walby (Halbisen) Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm (Darr)+§ Class of 1955 Mrs. Colleen Abranowski (Reardon)§ Mr.&Mrs. Tom Burns+§ Mr.&Mrs. Albert Darr§ Mr. & Mrs. Ron House (Jeannine Bintz)+§ Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner++§ Mrs. Marian Kindred (Haas)§ Mrs. Marilyn Knopp-Siler (Fiegelist)§ Mrs. Irene Pellegrino (Hutchingson)§

Mr.&Mrs. Thomas Russell (Sandra Carte)§ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Spieldenner§ Mr.&Mrs. Jerry Whitney (Kathryn Bowersox)§ Class of 1956 Mr. & Mrs. Tony Ruggiero (Ruthann Collier)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schmersal (Sue Widman)§ Mrs. Pat Spieldenner (Widman)+§ Ms. Judy Weickert (Tight)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Wurzel (Sharon Raubenolt)+§ Class of 1957 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chudzinski++§ Mr. & Mrs. James Lehmann+§ Maj. & Mrs. James McCormack (Mary Ann Haslinger)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Wally Ronski+§ Mr. & Mrs. Dave Winters§ Class of 1958 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred (Joan Busold)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Ken Haslinger++§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Miesle+§ Mrs. Jean Overmyer (Drusback)§ Mr. & Mrs. John Spieldenner (Carolyn Tight)+§ Lt. Col. Kathleen Swint+ Class of 1959 Dr. & Mrs. John Andrews§ Mr. Richard Babione++§ Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Bender§ Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gonya+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Lehmann (Patricia Foster)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Paul Szakovits+§ Mr.& Mrs. James Weller+§ Mr. & Mrs. Ken Zorn (Cynthia Siler)§ Class of 1960 Mr. & Mrs. James Beier+§ Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bowden+§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist+§ Mr. & Mrs. Joe Halbeisen++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rohr+ Mr. & Mrs. William Swartz§ Mr. & Mrs. George Ward (Margaret Barbour)§ Mr. & Mrs. James Weller (Mary Spieldenner)§ Class of 1961 Ms. Mary Catherine Arend§

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bowden (Sharon Tight)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Martin Brown (Diane Burkett) Ms. Karen Gabel+ § Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gonya§ Mr. & Mrs. Howard Grogg (Kathleen Knisely)§ Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Halbisen (Mary Benlein)§ Mr. Jude Haslinger§ Mr. & Mrs. David Smola+ § Class of 1962 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist (Kathleen Widman)+§ Mr. James Lauer+ Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Widman Class of 1963 Mr. & Mrs. James Beier (Marcia Marinis)+§ Reverend Phillip Haslinger+++§ Mr. Eugene Nieset+++§ Mrs. Pam Phillips(Young)§ Mr. & Mrs. Fred Recktenwald (Elaine Denman)+ Mr. & Mrs. Ken Smith (Jane Mayle)§ Class of 1964 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Arend+§ Mr. & Mrs. Franlin Bender (Carol Wagner) Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Haslinger (Cindy Bigalia)++ § Mr. & Mrs. David Kupka (Linda Binsack)§ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lenhart+§ Mr. & Mrs. Fred Recktenwald+ Mr. & Mrs. David Winters (Marsha Waggoner)§ Mrs. Elizabeth Wohlgamuth (Koebel) Class of 1965 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beier+ Mr. James Haas§ Mr. Dale Haslinger+§ Mr. Robert Haslinger§ Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Otte Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald+§ Mr. & Mrs. LaMar Reiter+ Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rhodes§ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Tischler§ Mr. &Mrs. David Young (Mary Ann Foos)+§

Class of 1966 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Burkett+ § Mr. & Mrs. Rich Eshleman (Elizabeth Dumminger)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Nieset+ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Recten wald (Linda Wagner)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Reichert (Janet Rimelspach) Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Tischler (Kathleen Shimer)§ Ms. Judy Wagner§ Mr. Michael Wehring § Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Wright (Vickie Koppleman)+ Class of 1967 Mr. & Mrs. William Babione § Ms. Janet Celek (Fisher)+ Mr. & Mrs. David Keiser Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lenhart (Arlene Burkett)+ § Mr. Thomas J. Picciuto § Class of 1968 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbour+§ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bork++ § Ms. Marsha R. Cook+§ Mr. David Darr+§ Mrs. Judy Givens (Weaver)+ Mr. & Mrs. James Klos (Rosemary Wagner) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Knisely§ Mr. & Mrs. Jack Lange (Susan Bundschuh)§ Mr. & Mrs. Marc Schulz (Patti Carnahan)+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. & Mrs. William Turley (Sandra Hoffman)§ Class of 1969 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbour (Kathy Miller)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith (Margaret Snyder) Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagner (Sally Holsinger) § Class of 1970 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beier+§ Mr. John Faist§ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Gonya+ Mrs. Christine Kramer (Steinbauer)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reineck Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Stanley (Mary Anne Babione)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wise (Sandra Lee)§ Mr. & Mrs. Jim Yeager+++§

Winter 2013

2013 Senior Success! Lindsay Darr received first place in the high school division of the Joint Solid Waste Management District calendar contest!

Grace Magro’s academic success made her a National Merit Scholarship qualifier!

Lindsay Darr

Grace Magro

Connor Dudley Connor Dudley signed his acceptance letter to play golf at Butler University in Indiana! Class of 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Rod Cutcher (Patricia Barbour)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Durnwald§ Mr. & Mrs. John Fatica (Mary Zyski)+§ Ms. Linda Gegorski§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haaser§ Mr. & Mrs. William Herb (Rosemary Smola)+§ Mr. Stephen Yellstrom§ Class of 1972 Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Beier (Mary Chudzinski)+§ Ms. Cyndi Devore (Luc) Mr. Mark E. Hoffman+ Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lee (Connie Sancer)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pumphrey (Sue Hawk)+§ Class of 1973 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fisher (Elaine Stover)+ § Mr. & Mrs. Roger Rhoad+§ Mr. & Mrs. Norman Selvey (Catherine Darr)§ Mr. David Snyder+ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Yeager+++§ Class of 1974 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fisher+ § Mr. John Halm++§ Mr. Robert A. Heckters§ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kwiatkowski+§ Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Yeager (Sandra Hershey)+++ § Class of 1975 Ms. Nanette Celek§ Ms. Teresa Roth (Mosser)§ Class of 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaminski+++ Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Wendt (Cheryl Poseler)+

Winter 2013

Class of 1977 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Carmack (Mary Jean Reineck)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Stang (Brenda Foos) Mrs. Jeanine P. VanDerLaar (Faist)§ Mr. John Yeager+§ Class of 1978 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabel§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hill (Cheryl McKinney) Dr. & Mrs. Tim Sauber (Deb Miller)+++§ Mr. and Mrs. Gene Snyder§ Ms. Shari Snyder§ Class of 1979 Mr.& Mrs. Bob Gillmor (Kathy Naderer) Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gottron++§ Ms. Sandra L. Mosser+§ Mr. Kent Weickert++ Class of 1980 Mr. Christopher Cook+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Ronski (Amy Spieldenner)+§ Class of 1981 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Cook§ Mr. & Mrs. Tim Cullen+ § Mr. & Mrs. Roger Darr+++ Mr. James Fisher+ Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hrupcho§ Mr. & Mrs. Ken Mosser+ § Class of 1982 Mr. Timothy Foos+§ Mr. Dave Rhineberger§ Class of 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Gene Snyder (Kelly Ross)§ Mr. & Mrs. George Weissinger (Karen Cook)§ Class of 1985 Mr. & Mrs. David Batey, Jr.+§

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kupka (Martha House) Class of 1986 Mr. & Mrs. Todd Jett (Sandy Wagner)§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kupka Dr. & Mrs. James Nieman (Lisa Gonya)++ § Class of 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Tony Foos+§ Mr. & Mrs. Mike Militello+ § Class of 1988 Mr. & Mrs. John Baier (Joy Swint)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hotz (Michelle Reiter) Mr. Jeff Overmyer+§ Class of 1989 Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Arizpe (Carrie Guyer) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bender § Mr. & Mrs. Michael Militello (Lori Peiffer)+§ Class of 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hotz Mr. & Mrs. Jeff House+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Paterak (Susan Dohanos)§ Mr. & Mrs. Ray Rellinger+§ Class of 1992 Mr. Aaron Klos Mr. & Mrs. Tim Reardon+§ Class of 1993 Mr. & Mrs. Victor Hines (Pam Spader) § Mr. & Mrs. Steve Holbrook (Angie Halbeisen)+§ Class of 1994 Mr. Eric Hartenstein+§ Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Smith (Cathy Mayle)+ § Class of 1996 Mr. & Mrs. Cory Lewis (Rochelle Haaser)+§

Class of 1997 Mr. & Mrs. Tony Foos (Cori Bruchs)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Good§ Class of 1999 Mr. Doug Haaser§ Mr. Rustun K. Schack+§ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Setzler+§ Class of 2000 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Cahill (Tracy Snyder)§ Class of 2001 Mrs. Molly O’Farrell (Halm)§ Class of 2003 Mr. Jacob Barbour Friends of BHCS Advantage Ford Mrs. Mary Barrington+§ Mr. & Mrs. David Batey, Sr.+§ Mrs. Eileen Bauer § Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Billow+§ Bobby’s Truck & Auto Repair+ § Reverend Daniel Borgelt+§ Reverend David Bruning Mr. & Mrs. Craig Chlosta+§ Mr. & Mrs. Albert Cook+§ Mr. & Mrs. George Crews Mr. Tom Dudley+§ Mr. Roger Dick & Mrs. Donna Durst§ Fr. Tom Extejt+§ Mr. & Mrs. Chris Fox+ § Mr. Otto F. Gonzalez & Dr. Iracema Arevalo Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Good§ Mr. Francis Halbisen+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Hall+ Mrs. Ruth Hakes Mr. & Mrs. Kwong Hang+§ Mr. & Mrs. Tim Harmon+ § Mrs. June A. Hart+§

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hartenstein+§ Ms. Jan Hazen§ Mrs. Mary Hertzer+ Mr. & Mrs. George Hintze, Jr. +§ Mr. Thomas Hopp+§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ingles+ Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Jenkins+ § Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kline§ Mrs. Elly Kramb Mrs. Anne Marquis+§ Mr. & Mrs. Peter Miller+§ Mrs. Irene Naderer§ Mr. Bernard Nause§ Mr. Tom Ochs§ Mr. & Mrs. James Palomo+§ Mrs. Pat Picciuto++§ Mr. Gerald Porczak+§ Pump Landscaping & Garden Center Mrs. Sara Rich§ Rev. Dennis Schroeder§ Mr. & Mrs. Dale Smith Mr. & Mrs. Vince Snyder+§ Dr. & Mrs. James Stierwalt+++§ Dr. & Mrs. Howard Stierwalt++++§ Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Waggoner+§ Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wasson++§ Mr. Ken Weickert+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woolf+§ Matching Gift Companies H.J. Heinz Co. Abbott Laboratories Brush Wellman, Inc. ProQuest Company


Memor ial s SCHOLARSHIPS Rob & Kathy Boukissen In Memory of Norbert “Butch” Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Rob Boukissen In Memory of Claudia McFann Mr. & Mrs. Rob Boukissen In Memory of James Mayle Mr. & Mrs. Rob Boukissen In Memory of Richard Hoffman Mr & Mrs. Rob Boukissen Tom & Ellen Leite In Memory of Bill Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Tom Leite In Memory of James Mayle Mr. & Mrs. Tom Leite In Memory of Richard Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Tom Leite Weickert Family In Memory of Bill Snyder Ms. Judith Weickert In Memory of Norbert “Butch” Hoffman Ms. Judith Weickert Bernadine & Earl Loeffler In Memory of Phyllis (Loeffler) Lecure Mr. & Mrs. James Winton Tuition Assistance In Memory of Gerard Shondell Mrs. Loraine L. Ameling Mr. & Mrs. Leo Bundschuh Mr. Edward G. Celek Mr.& Mrs. James Celek Mr. & Mrs. Richard Celek Mrs. Mary E. Chudzinski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chudzinski Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Darr Ms. Ludmila Darr Mr. & Mrs. William Darr Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Esker Mr. Paul C. Fisher Mr. James Gillis Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gundy Mr. & Mrs. David Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey

Mrs. Dorothy Hoelzle Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Laurer Mrs. Leona M. Laurer Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Lemay Mrs. Janet M. Magrum Ms. Fran Miesle Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peiffer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Seiler Mr. & Mrs. John Seilhamer Ms. Therese Sides Ms. Phyllis Slauterbeck Mrs. Lois T. Spino Mrs. Joanne Young Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Darr Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller Music Department In Memory of Pam Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Ron Autullo In Memory of John Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmidt Windows In Memory of Christopher Corthell Ms. Betty Autullo Mr. & Mrs. William Babione Ms. Marlene M. Bartson Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Berryman Ms. Sue Borkovich Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mr. Thomas L. Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Darr Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fisher Mr. Howard Fought Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Frampton Mrs. Alice Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Freeh Mr. Jerry Fry Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gonya Mr. Otto F. Gonzalez & Dr. Iracema Arevalo Reverend Jacob Gordon Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mrs. June A. Hart Mr. & Mrs. David Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hetrick Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hoyda

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Kimmel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Klingman Mr. Lawrence F. Koppelman Mrs. Elly Kramb Mrs. Doris R. Krienke Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lenhart Mr. Tony Lochotzki Mr. & Mrs. John Lonsway Ms. Jeanne Luther Mrs. Shirley McCarthy Ms. Linda Mierke Mr. & Mrs. August Miller Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Miller Mr. & Mrs. John Molyet Mr. & Mrs. Gary Morykwas Mrs. Mary Ann Mosser Mr. & Mrs. Wen Myles Mrs. Norma R. Ochs Our Lady of the Pines Mrs. Joyce S. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald Mr. & Mrs. James Ronski Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schaaf Mr. & Mrs. Ed Schwab Mrs. Anna E. Shetzer Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Smith Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Solander Mr. & Mrs. Don Stein Dr. & Mrs. Howard Stierwalt Dr. & Mrs. James Stierwalt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swint Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Van Zile Mr. & Mrs. Al Voggenthaler Ms. Amy C. Weickert Mr. & Mrs. Fred Weickert Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Wendt Mr. & Mrs. Donald Widman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Winters Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wood Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Yeckley Mrs. Joanne Young Undesignated In Memory of Robert Chudzinski Mr. & Mrs. Allan O’Neal In Memory of John Gabel

Gif t s Tuition Assistance Mr. & Mrs. Dale Smith Ms. Sue Borkovich Pickett- StoutDumminger Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett Chapel Chairs Rev. Edward Schleter Trophy Fund Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Gonya


CEDF Mrs. Mary Barrington Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haaser Mrs. Roselyn Shondell Mrs. Virginia Valle Mr. George Widman Music Department Mr. Andrew Luc

Natatorium Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boukissen Unrestricted In Honor of Lee & Sharon Bowden’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woolf

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gabel Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mr. &Mrs. August Miller Mr. George Miller Private Donations Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan Mrs. Judith C. Sevitts Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mrs. Sharon Wirkner In Memory of Rita Grove Mr. & Mrs. Chad Collins Mr. Dick Ross In Memory of Walter Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Peter Naderer Mrs. Maureen Parman In Memory of Norbert “Butch” Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Autullo Mrs. Rita Hershey Mrs. Rody Reineck In Memory of Richard Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Ron Autullo Mrs. Marylou Guyer Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miesle Private Donations In Memory of Agnes Kwiatkowski Mr. Edward Leite Col. John Leite Mrs. Margaret Mosser In Memory of James Mayle Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carmack Mr. & Mrs. Chad Collins Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haynes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. & Mrs. Peter Naderer Mrs. Rody Reineck Mr. Dick Ross Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Snyder Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm In Memory of Bernadine Meyer

Mrs. Roberta Esker In Memory of Ronald Mosser Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bertsch Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Blohm Brush Wellman Inc. Mr & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Foos Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Freeh Mr. & Mrs. Mark Golamb Mrs. Patricia A. Golamb Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kline Mr. Mike Miller Mr. & Mrs. Steve Mylander Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ransom Mr. Donald Reinbolt Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ruggiero Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Saller Mr. & Mrs. John Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Wurzel In Memory of Fr. Don Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Peter Miller In Memory of Fr. Omer Rethinger Mr. & Mrs. John Fatica In Memory of Helen Rusch Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hensley In Memory of Mary Smith Mr. George Thiedman In Memory of Bill Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bowden In Memory of Donald Steinberger Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Halbeisen Mrs. Connie Steinberger In Memory of Genevieve Thomsen Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Ron House Mrs. Nathalie Walter Mrs. Margaret Ward In Memory of Pam Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Tom Carmack Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pumphrey

Walter Haynes ‘36 Bernadine Meyer ‘38 Eileen (McGrady)Ginley ‘40 Rita (Ross) Grove ‘42 Dorothy (Winke) Dickman’43 Harold Laurer ‘44 Richard Hoffman ‘47 Marie (Wammes) Wagner ‘48

James Mayle ‘50 John Gabel ‘56 Ronald Mosser ‘56 John McGinnis ‘57 Norbert “Butch” Hoffman ‘59 Thomas Arnold ‘67

In Memor iam Winter 2013

Athletic Boosters The SJCC Booster Club will be holding their Annual Pancake Breakfast on Superbowl Sunday, February 3, in the SJCC Cafeteria. Breakfast is served from 8:00-1pm. 200 Club Membership Interested in joining the 200 Club? For only $50, you will receive a Booster Club Membership as well as a ticket for our annual 200 Club dinner and raffle to be held on April 1 at the Fremont VFW. To purchase a ticket, Contact John Lauer @ (419) 332-0178.

In Thanks Soup Stop Donations: Kim Cope, Judy Good, Lilly & Tim Walters Soup Stop Cash Donations: Dave & Kim Batey, Gay & Rose Bowden, Richard Kahler, Norb & Martha Wethington, St. Bernadine Home SJCC Playoff Game Hospitality Suite: Fricker’s, Bob Evans, Lee’s Famous Recipe, Kroger Potter Village, Ken Dumminger, Patty Dumminger, Subway, Root’s Poultry, Burger King, Papa Murphy’s. Homecoming for Junior Class: Rimelspach’s Farm Market, Eshleman’s, Corso’s, and Green Bay Packaging Sacred Heart Campus pictures: Dion & LeaAnn Wilson SJCC Christmas Tree Decorating: Flossie Swint, Wally & Carol Ronski Winter Sports Photographs: Ken Dumminger ‘64 Golabki Dinner Sponsors: In Memory of Frances Reiter, Mike Rhodes, Croghan Colonial Bank, Diversified Insurance-Lee Bowden, Judge Brad Smith, Dick Ross & Family, Blue Lakes Charters, Tom Haslinger, Tony & Diana Chudzinski, Al & Karen O’Neal, Chud’s Grille, John & Alison Lauer, Angie Ritzman & Tyler Halbeisen, Roth Insurance-Sarah Pietrykowski, Foster Auto Body OHSAA Foundation Game: Special thanks to Fricker’s for sponsoring our entrance fee for this year’s game!

In Our Prayers Esther Barbour Norman Fisher Jerry Freeh

Winter 2013

Maggie Hershey Anne Marquis Tom Lochotzki

Disco Fever! Put on your dancing shoes! Saturday April 20th will be a night to remember.

The BHCS Annual Dinner Auction will be held in the SJCC Margo Reilly Performing Arts Center.

The committee is now accepting donations. Contact SJCC 332-9947 to donate or be added to the invitation list.

Get ready to “shake your groove thing”

CEDF Reverse Raffle Results The 2012 CEDF Reverse Raffle was held Friday, Nov.9, at Ole Zim’s Wagon Shed. The profit this year was over $17,000! The CEDF Board would especially like to thank everyone who attended or bought a ticket and those who made a cash or prize donation. The sideboard sponsors this year were: FFCU, Bassett’s and Grund Drug Company Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s raffle a huge success, especially John Lauer, Kelly Hrupcho and Marcia Cleveland. The following were the cash prize winners: Grand Prize Winner $6,000.00: Larry Kosakowski $1,000.00: Mike & Wendy Mowry $300.00: Bill & Mary Yeager $200.00: Craig Chlosta $175.00: Bob McCartney $150.00: Fran Miesle $125.00: Crown Battery Mfg. $100.00: Albert & Ethella Cook, Crown Battery Mfg., Co., Inc., Ken & Lauretta Swint $25.00: Sara Gutschalk, Paula Daniel, Dave Wonderly, David Darr, Terra View Landscaping, Laura Barnett, Tom & Michelle Keating, Pat & Heather Militello, Peter and Theresa Miller $250.00 First Number Out: Herb Turner

The 2013 Raffle will be held Friday, November 8, 2013


The Meaning of Peggy Christmas (Courtney) Rodriguez ‘88 The Christmas of 1998 was a Christmas that I will never forget…and one that I don’t ever want to forget, in spite of the heartache and pain that I carried with me that year. Not only was that the year of my greatest suffering and challenge, it was a time in my life when I felt the glow of compassion, the warmth of caring actions, the power of prayer and the miracle of God’s unwavering love. It was the week before Christmas. As I dropped my 2 ½ year old daughter and my eight week old baby off at the babysitter’s house before heading to work, my mind raced with everything that still needed to be done before the big holiday. Cookies still needed to be made and Christmas cards mailed. So much to do, so little time! A few minutes after 9 a.m. on that fateful day, the phone rang. Something was wrong, terribly wrong. I could hear it in my sitter’s panic-stricken voice. Little did I know that my life was about to plummet into hell. I raced to the hospital and then waited. The emergency room doctor came out and briefly explained what was happening and then I again waited. The family began to arrive and we waited together. Another brief talk with the doctor and then more waiting…plenty of painful, heart wrenching, prayerful, endless waiting. And then…well, what happened next was surreal. What was inconceivable an hour earlier became frightfully possible as the dire words dangled from the doctor’s mouth and became my unbearable truth. My infant daughter, the baby that I had loved from the moment I realized she was growing in my womb, my beautiful girl that hadn’t even been with us for two whole months was gone! Just like that, she was gone. SIDS was the preliminary cause of death. Like a thief in the night, my daughter’s life was stolen. My heart literally broke into a million pieces and I didn’t have the strength to collect those pieces. I didn’t even have the strength to pick myself up off the cold hospital floor. Welcome to my world; this was now my reality. Much of the week that followed was a blur. Our house was full of people…so many people! Some worked on preparing meals while others did laundry and cleaning. Family members took care of our older daughter while my parents helped us make funeral arrangements. There was so much activity, but still hours and days that I can’t begin to remember. I suppose that is the body’s way of numbing us and shielding us from the devastation that waits in the wings to swallow us. After the funeral, we had to get out of town. My little family, which now consisted of three, couldn’t face the thought of going through the motions of our traditional Christmas. A trip to Georgia to spend Christmas with my family was just what we needed. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had invited us to stay with them, and we graciously accepted. The drive south was terrible as we encountered treacherous ice in Kentucky. The traffic crawled along the highway at a snail’s pace. A trip that usually took about twelve hours took over sixteen! By the time we arrived at our destination, it was the early hours of Christmas Eve morning. After carrying in our luggage, we all collapsed into our beds, hoping for some kind of reprieve from the stress of our new life. Rest did not come easily, though, and my body tossed and turned with exhaustion and despair. We finally got up sometime in the afternoon, showered and headed to church. The congregation welcomed us with open arms, embraced us, and prayed with us. People we didn’t know became comforters and life-savers. God’s love was all around! That Christmas Eve night was spent with cousins and extended family. As everyone opened presents and celebrated the birth of Jesus, I sat on the love seat and tried to force a smile, even though I was painfully aware of my raw despair and my own baby who was missing. I observed the enthusiasm of all the children as the magic of Christmas unfolded before my eyes. Somehow, I was drawn into the excitement and was actually able to enjoy bits and pieces. And then, under that gleaming tree that reached to the ceiling, there was a present for me. How could this be? I wasn’t supposed to be in Georgia for that holiday! What was this small gift and who was it from? Carefully, I unwrapped the festive paper to reveal a small book, Everything I Need to Know About Christmas I Learned from Jesus, published by HB Honor Books. This gift of inspirational sayings, this small token given by a cousin, brought tears to my weary eyes. I held that mauve colored book close to my heart for a few moments, thankful that this relative had gone out of her way to make me feel so loved and included! From across the room, the cousin’s eyes met mine. We raced toward each other and united in a tender embrace. As we cried in each other’s arms, I thanked her for her heart-felt gift. After a few moments, I sat back down and began to glance through the small book. While thumbing through the pages, I came across an especially profound passage, “I am not alone at all, I thought. I was never alone at all. And that, of course, is the message of Christmas. We are never alone. Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent. For this is still the time God chooses.” On that Christmas Eve night in Georgia, far from my home and my holiday traditions, in the midst of indescribable grief and loneliness, I felt the unconditional love of extended family, the gift of the many caring souls that surrounded me and the power of God’s great love as my baby girl celebrated this most holy of nights in the glory of heaven above! I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God was carrying me through this valley and that he would never leave me alone! Christmas of 1998, although not what I would have chosen, became a Christmas that I will forever cherish!


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Streak of Genius Tom Kashmer ‘64

In a figurative way, Tom Kashmer ’62 is a forester whose work will live and grow for generations. But the fruits of his labor are not trees; rather they are scores of young people in whom he has cultivated an interest and passion for nature, land stewardship, and conservation. In the last 30 or so years their numbers have really added up – more than 500, all of them members of the Green Creek Wildlife Society, which Kashmer founded while teaching social studies during a 28-year career at Gibsonburg High School. That, however, is getting ahead of the story. It starts more or less when Kashmer, now 68, was a Fremont kid who lived to canoe, fish, hunt, trap, and generally mess around with his buddies in the marshes along the lower Sandusky River and upper Sandusky Bay. Even today, when Kashmer leads monthly summertime full-moon canoe trips down Green Creek – this for the Sandusky County Park District -- he recounts reflections of his youthful adventures on, in, and along the Bay. The tales, told in a Huckleberry Finn style in Kashmer’s quiet voice, and frequently accented with a huge, easy, ear-to-ear smile, make you wish you had been there. After graduating from SJHS, Kashmer went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education at Bowling Green State University in 1967. He taught a year at St. Ann’s School in Fremont, a year at Old Fort Elementary, and then settled into his career at Gibsonburg. He nurtured a lifelong interest in birds and birding, turning it into a serious avocational occupation. With partners Kashmer has conducted valuable research into bank swallows, working in two Sandusky County quarries, and on rails, which are certain species of marsh birds, at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. He also has built and maintains a network of bluebird “trails” throughout the county and into neighboring Ottawa County. Some 750 nesting boxes on those trails, supported by donations from friends and fellow conservationists, have produced some 9,200 bluebirds and 14,000 tree swallows since 1984. If that were not enough, Kashmer is one of a mere handful of individuals nationally who has banded more than 100,000 birds, this as part of his field work. He works under a federal research permit, as attested to by the magnetic signs he posts on the doors of his car; the signs help explain and perhaps reassure passersby as to why his vehicle is parked, seemingly abandoned at the gray dawn or dusky edge of the day, in remote sites here and there. (Banding is an important field tool, helping tell ornithologists about the comings and goings of individual birds. It is harmless to the birds involved.) Kashmer reached the lofty 100,000 plateau in 2010, banding a tufted titmouse, an attractive little songbird, at Creek Bend Farm, the county’s heritage showplace at Lindsey, the gift of the late Bob and Fran Roush. Among those on hand for the occasion was one of his more notable Greek Creek Wildlife Society protégés, Sara Siekierski, then a specialist with Ottawa Refuge. “It’s invaluable to the refuge to have people like Tom, who has so much experience that contributes to research and which ultimately affects the management of Ottawa,” said Siekierski at the time. She now is assistant manager of the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge along Ohio’s border with West Virginia, and Kentucky. Siekierski recalls, “Tom was my teacher in seventh grade. My whole career is pretty much because of Tom.” “You do research because you want to make a difference,” said Kashmer, who is research director for the park district. And it appears his work indeed has made a difference. Ottawa refuge, for example, changed its plan to flood a sedge meadow unit after Kashmer banded 17 king rails there and demonstrated it to be the primary remaining rail habitat on the refuge complex’s 10,000 acres. “It makes it worthwhile.” Nothing is more important to him, though, than his work with young people. Other notables among Green Creekers over the years have been Steve Gruner, who helped develop and is long-time director of the renowned Sandusky County Park District , and Dave Kohler, now wildlife biology programs director for the Ohio Division of Wildlife in Columbus. Among the 500 or so Green Creek members, 122 have accompanied Kashmer on annual outdoors adventures that began with the Grand Canyon in 1987 and continued in 2012 with the River of No Return wilderness i n Idaho. In between were such remote, wild destinations as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the North Slope of Alaska (2004), the Great Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and Florida (1988), islands in the Caribbean, and many more. Kashmer maintains a list of all his students who traveled with him, canoeing, rafting, hiking, horse-packing, snorkeling, and whale watching. He married Sandy Myslinski ’65, 44 years ago, and she, also a veteran and now retired teacher, vicariously has enjoyed his research and travels. They have two daughters, Kristi Urig, Columbus, and Kerri Kashmer, Fremont, and three granddaughters. His favorite pastimes – no surprise -- are canoeing and kayaking. And dreaming up at least one more good adventure for the Green Creek Wildlife Society.

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1940’s Don ‘46 and Noreen (Setzler ‘46) Snyder celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary October 18. 1960’s Sharon (Tight ‘61) and Lee Bowden ‘60 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 6, Bill Schabel ‘68 was named Consultant/Adjunct Professor for his Business Education Certificate Programs at Georgia Highlands College in Cartersville, GA. 1980’s Eric Steinberger (‘88) was recognized by Ohio Magazine as one of their 2012 Excellence in Education Honorees. Eric is an instructor at Terra State Community College. Melissa (Wehring ‘88) and Brian Flahiff adopted twin daughters, Ashely Sue and Stephanie Lynn (age 4) on October 29, 2012. 1990’s Nicole (O’Neal ‘95) and Ryan Branon were married November 17, 2012. Abby (Reineck ‘95) and Geofry Sinner were married in October 2012. Andrea (Wammes ‘98) and Michael Widman welcomed daughter Averie Bernadette Widman April 28, 2012. Jaime (Bauer ‘99) and Robb Ritzman welcomed daughter Isabelle Grace Ritzman October 7, 2012. 2000’s Tracy (Snyder ‘00) and Kevin Cahill welcomed son James Alan Cahill November 8, 2012. Beth and Aaron Autullo ‘01 welcomed son Blake Christopher Autullo April 21, 2012. Erin (Quackenbush ‘01) and Davy Schroeder welcomed daughter Trinity Ann Schroeder September 21, 2012. Matthew (‘02) and Brittni (Eicher ‘04) Faist welcomed son, Noam Lee Faist, November 1, 2012. Ross ‘02 and Ali (Davis ‘02) Reineck welcomed son Jace Kelly Reineck December 2, 2012. Patricia (Kreilick ‘02) and Andy Skinner were married July 28, 2012. Erin (Gabel ‘05) and Mark Shannon were married October 27, 2012. Ashley Carroll ‘10 was recently initiated into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Chapter at Wright State University where she is a junior majoring in psychology. 2010’s Paul Wendt (‘11) has been recognized for the Academic Excellence Team at Hillsdale College.

Heritage Award The SJCC Alumni & Friends Association is proud to announce our 2013 Heritage Award Inductees: Charles Gonya ‘61 James (‘70) & Mary Yeager Elaine (Stover) Fisher ‘73 The induction ceremony will be held Saturday, May 5, 2013 at SJCC. Watch the next issue of the Voice for more details and to read their accomplishments.


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1944 69th Reunion, July 10, 2013,Fremont Elks Club, Noon. 1952 61st Reunion brunch, Aug. 4, 2013,Fremont Country Club 1953 60th Reunion brunch, July14, 2013,Fremont Country Club. 1956 57th Reunion on July 9, 2013, Noon,Fremont Moose 1957 Meets the third Tuesday monthly, 1pm at Hoch’s 818 Club. 1961 Meets the second Tuesday monthly, Noon Fremont Moose. 1966 Meets first Monday monthly, nombl@yahoo.com 1973 40th Reunion Aug. 10, 2013 Fremont Yacht Club. 1978 35th Reunion Aug. 17, 2013 Fremont Yacht Club.

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Fall Sports Wrap-up

Volleyball With a new coach, Jennifer Mullholand, the volleyball team was determined to have their best season ever. Returning eight letter winners and a few newcomers, the team was finished with a 16-6 record. Replacing seniors Amanda Binder, Cassidy Frank, Jensen LeJeune, Brennan Reardon and Kristen Sessler will present a challenge next year. The underclassmen are ready for the challenge and look forward to another great year! Golf With three returning letter winners from last year’s State qualifying team, there were a lot of expectations this year. A couple of strong golfers were also added to the varsity team. The boys eased through the MAL in route to their third consecutive MAL title. Senior Connor Dudley also won his fourth individual title, becoming only the second person in MAL history to win the title all four years. They placed third at Sectionals but failed to qualify at Districts. However, Dudley qualified for State for the fourth year where he finished 16th. Seniors Dudley, Brett Michael, Adam Swint and Derek Zavela will be greatly missed next year. Cheerleading Eight was the magic number for the 2012 football cheerleaders. The seven returning members plus an incoming freshman composed the small team of energetic spirit-boosters. Fun games, zombies and free jeans days made the pep rallies exciting. Seniors Allison Batey, Leah Darr, Lindsay Darr, and Grace Magro will be missed next season. Cross Country The boys’ and girls’ cross country teams were led by lone senior Katie Harmon. The team trained vigorously to improve their times throughout the season. Newcomers Brooke Foster and Chloe Liebold turned in solid performances for the Lady Streaks. The boys’ team gained valuable experience for next season. Tennis With many new players stepping up to the varsity level this year, the girls’ tennis team had many expectations. While returning players from last year and adding some new faces, the girls’ record of 6-7 was a huge improvement from recent years. The team was well balanced with seniors Katie Blohm, Caroline Darr, Kendra Molyet, and Cara Tiell. Football To say this football season was great is an understatement! The team was led by six seniors who all had varsity experience. Two-time letter winners Luke Stierwalt, Jordan Sessler, and Zack Yeckley were elected senior captains. Seniors Alex Veleba, Jacob Wurzel and Logan Hartley led by example throughout the season. The boys lost their first game to State semifinalist Liberty Benton but then rattled off nine straight wins to finish the regular season 9-1. They were crowned MAL Champions and looked forward to the post season. The Streaks defeated Ottawa Hills in their first home playoff game. The following week they traveled to BGSU to face a tough Delphos St. John’s team. In spite of a valiant effort they lost the game. It was a tough loss but they had an unforgettable season and certainly represented SJCC well.

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